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me: always slumping over my homework, watcheing tv on my bed, never stretches properly after lifting, probably has terrible posture

also me: complains of back pain

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All gays are Tumblr users, but not all Tumblr users are gay. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

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Aw thank you for tagging me @epistemologys

Favorite Movie: Hmmm… Rear Window? I think about it a lot.

Least Favorite Movie: A Christmas Story. My family has forced me to watch it multiple times and I just… don’t really like Christmas in general? That movie is the hardest thing for me to sit though.

Favorite Bands: I end up with Caravan Palace being my most listened to just cus its easy and fun but I really like Lower Dens, The Dø, Foals, and Metric.

Favorite Decade: I would be dead in literally any other decade but 40s/50s are a real good aesthetic if you can ignore the horrible human rights.

Day or Night: Night. The sun is too bright.

Nicknames: My bf calls me Bird, beyond that I don’t have many.

Zodiac: Pisces.

Favorite Vehicle: Ummm I like trains. They’re cool, does that count?

Pets: I have two parakeets named Scout and Leia, they scream a lot.

I tag the lovely @icosagens and @niullum

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