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Random useless story:

Okay so I am putting things away in my room and I get this random memory in my head.  It’s one that makes me laugh so I am now sitting here laughing.  Anyway the story is, back in college they did this like big midnight madness breakfast thing right before finals started.  It was fun they served tons of food, blasted music etc.  It was like the big party thing before the stress of finals.  Well my best friend Jenn, one of our roommates Christine, and I were sitting at a table eating and there were a few beach balls being tossed around the cafeteria.  People were just like hitting them everywhere.  We figured eventually one of them would come around to us, well out of nowhere one just comes and hits Christine smack on the side of her head.  It was like kind of hard too for a beach ball.  Of course Jenn and I start to laugh.  Christine didn’t really laugh and I was kind of annoyed.  Whatever she ended up being a little snot anyway.  So I’ll laugh all I want to haha.

 LOL in person it was much funnier than what I am typing because the noise and the face Christine made when the beach ball hit her were priceless.  OMG I am like crying just thinking about it.  Ugh good times.  I can’t believe that was like almost ten years ago.  

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