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fucking-greywater · a year ago
flashing lights — bill denbrough
pairing: bill denbrough x fem! reader
warning(s): smut, eighteen! bill denbrough, is it choking if he doesn’t squeeze?, fingering, piv sex, cursing, ig kinda degrading idk tho judge for yourself, unedited
summary: bill, the star baseball player of derry, and you, from another high school, meet in the locker room and get to know each other. 
words: 3.1k
note: don’t say i never gave you anything i am a woman of my word
Tumblr media
sitting here in the bleachers adjacent to the baseball field, with the setting sun in your gaze and the feeling of newly spring wind on your skin, you had high hopes that your schools baseball team would win. out of all the schools in lieu with your own, bangor high school, derry’s team was the most anticipated of in the season. where most high schools in the nation favored the fall sport of football, the central part of maine where you lived actually liked baseball more, so when the first sprouts of spring showed, everyone was excited for the next season. 
you were a senior, almost finished with school and personally tasked yourself and your group of friends with trying to go to every single baseball game that you all could make it to - whether they were at home or away. 
“look, he’s up to bat,” your friend marcella said, catching your attention by lightly tapping your shoulder and motioning to the field. there you saw your close friend owen, who was the star player of your school’s team and one of your friends since you were a little kid. he was the person who introduced you to the group that you were here with now, here specifically to cheer him on. 
you saw him walk to home plate, bat in hand and getting into position to swing. your eyes took you across from him to the pitcher of the other team, who you didn’t know but could see the name displayed on the back of his shirt. denbrough. you raised your eyebrow at the last name, it didn’t ring a bell. 
the crowd started to cheer for your friend, waiting for denbrough to throw the first pitch. everything became silent, and the ball was thrown with stellar accuracy. whoever this denbrough boy was, he was seemingly a really good pitcher. when the second ball was thrown and owen missed yet again, your hand ran through your hair nervously. you could hear people whispering all around you, wondering if he was going to strike out. 
just as if someone of the heavens was listening to the anxious worries of your fellow classmates, denbrough went to throw the ball and owen swung and the ball went flying, going straight for the outfield as owen ran with all his might to first base. you cheered with your friends, yelling words of encouragement and praise towards your team. 
the game, from that point, was in your high schools favor. it was seemingly decided almost halfway through that bangor high school had it in the bag, which did nothing for any person in your crowds ego. just as the last inning was finished, your school came out victorious. 
“hopefully this means that we’re going to the championships this year,” you heard people say. “and maybe we can host it at our school so we don’t have to drive all the way out here again.” 
you were anxious to see your friend, running down the stairs of the bleachers and shouting his name, but owen didn’t hear you. sighing, you turned to your group to say, “should we get back home?” the team would have to come back by bus anyways, which sucked, because you wanted to congratulate your friend on such a good win. 
“yeah, probably before it gets too late, you know how bad those backroads are,” jake stated. “do you want to catch a ride with me? im sure marcella can take your car back.” 
half of you wanted to go with them and just see owen later, but to you, it felt like poor taste to make him wait that long. plus, maybe you could catch him before he left. you shook your head, “no, i’ll stay. i want to see the team. go without me, I'll see you tomorrow.” 
jake laughed. “okay, just don’t get lost.” he wiggled his eyebrows in a teasing manner and walked away, taking your friends with him and leaving you alone in the front of derry high school. 
you had been here once before, just for a short while and after a baseball game like right now. but that was all the way back during freshman year when you were trying to find the bathroom, you really had no idea where the locker rooms were. 
opening the large door, you started along the main hallway, looking at the posters that aligned the wall that reminded you of your own school. derry was really similar in layout, so perhaps it wouldn’t be that hard. turning the corner, you saw a sign that pointed to the gym and the locker rooms. in no time you were there, but there was no one coming out of the doors. had they already left and you missed them? it was silent. 
you put your ear to the door and listened, hearing some rustling. you knocked, but there was no answer, making you raise your eyebrow. and you don’t exactly know what prompted you to open the wooden door and make your way inside, but you did, and along the array of closed lockers, your eyes took you to the one person who was in there. 
it was the denbrough pitcher. 
you got a good look of him now, with his honeyed locks that fell messy on his forehead, standing taller than you. his back was slightly turned to you and through his jersey you could see his toned back muscles, making you lose yourself for a moment and send you almost stumbling over your feet. you knew that he was attractive from the moment you set your eyes on him but you didn’t know that he was this attractive. 
he turned around now and immediately those dazzling cerulean blue eyes landed on you, making your face heat up in realizing that this was not the visitors locker room like you had intended on trying to find. 
“sorry,” you fumbled out after a moment of shameless staring. “I was looking for my friend.” denbrough tilted his head to the side and you watched him take out a bag and push his locker door closed. instead of walking out like you should’ve, you just stood there watching him. it was in poor taste, since the longer you looked at him, you could see clearly that he was angry. 
a tiny grin came to his face. “it’s fine, no one’s in here except me anyways.” a silent moment passed and then a quizzical look came to his face, eyes falling back on you. “wait . . . weren’t you cheering on the other team?” he had noticed you, just as you were now noticing him. the room seemed a lot smaller than it had earlier and you ignored the fluttering feeling in your stomach the longer he stared at you. you didn’t even know his name. 
“yeah, it was a good game,” you shrugged your shoulders. 
“we should’ve won that game.” 
a cocky grin splayed on your features. “well, im sure you’ll get another shot next time.” you would have to play them again to secure a spot in the championships, it was still rather early in the season anyways. 
“will you be at the next game?” denbrough asked, he walked closer to you now, and there was a look in his eyes that was not easy to mistake. he was looking at you like you were a full course meal and he was the hungriest man on earth. and you liked the way that he looked at you, this gorgeous boy that you had barely met, and you wanted him to keep looking at you like that. well, you would rather him be doing other things. “maybe we could go do something together afterwards.” now you were certain of his likeness for you. 
you gave him a smirk. “well, i don’t know about that, i wouldn’t want to get involved with the opposing team.” when he noticed you were directly giving back the same energy he was giving, his feet stopped so he was just inches away from you. it took everything in you to keep yourself from grabbing him by those large muscles and - 
in a moment of weakness or just pure idiocy, you did exactly as you thought, lunging yourself forward, hands reaching for his face and pulling him into a searing kiss. when he reciprocated your movements, you had to stop another smirk from rising to your face, pushing it down and focusing on your hands that made it’s way to his soft hair. 
your kiss was unexpected by denbrough, though seemingly not unwelcome since his hands found their place exploring your sides, not being exactly gentle with his touches which you didn’t mind. this was so unlike you, doing something like this with someone you didn’t know. and to be honest, it was unlike him, too. 
but both of you were giving each other the ‘fuck me’ eyes and well, you only live once, right? 
as the kiss became more sloppy and he broke it to press kisses to your jawline and trailing down your neck, you breathed out and closed your eyes. “I don’t even know your name.” you sighed into his touches though, not really caring what his name was but knowing that it would probably be useful sometime soon. 
denbrough came back up to meet your gaze. “it’s bill,” he gave you a grin. “pleasure to meet you.” there was a sense of teasing in his tone, which you would’ve laughed at if his hands weren't reaching for where your shirt met your pants. 
“y/n,” you said weakly, already feeling your legs start to give out by the way that he was looking at you. you reached out to bill, wanting to feel his body pressed against yours again. he chuckled at your eagerness, giving you what you wanted by slowly pushing you against the lockers behind you. you felt the cool metal through your shirt and instantly realized how hot it was getting in this locker room, your skin was already on fire. 
bill reattached his lips to your skin and you spent the time trying to undo the belt that was around his pants that nicely accentuated everything that you wanted from him. thank god for baseball pants. 
tentatively, you pressed your hips against his and you heard a groan leave his throat, his lips stalling for a moment and then going back to his earlier movements. you were well aware of how excited he was, taking a moment to note that you could feel that he was absolutely fucking enormous. 
of course he was. 
as if he had enough of this teasing, his hand reached down and went straight under the band of your pants, being met with the wetness that was gathering in your panties. you bucked your hips forward into his hand and he smirked at how compliant you seemed to be with him. his other hand was gripping your side, keeping you close to him while the other pushed your panties to the side and the pad of his pointer finger came into contact with your slit. 
you moaned out and bill covered your mouth with his own, not kissing you but keeping it there. “so tell me,” he said, breath hot against you, finger tracing a line from your slick folds to your clit, making you almost keel over if it hadn’t been for his hand keeping you up and body pressing you farther into the locker. “this friend of yours, he was on your team wasn’t he?” 
you nodded, not trusting your voice. but he didn’t seem to like that, his hand stalling and not moving no matter how much you tried to gain friction. 
“answer me with words,” the hand on your side coming up to the bottom of your throat so you were forced to look at him in the face, those blue eyes on him seemingly had become darker. 
you took in a sharp breath. “yes,” you answered. his movements started again, but this time he took one finger and pushed it inside you till he was knuckle deep in, a large moan falling off of your tongue, eyes rolling to the back of your skull. 
“and how do you think he would feel seeing you like this for me? the star player of the other team?” bill’s tone was condescending and you wondered if he was normally like this, or he was just angry about the outcome of the game. his finger sped up, soon being joined with another one that slipped in with ease. you were so wet for him already. “but you wouldn’t care, would you?” 
it was seemingly rhetorical, because he didn’t wait for you to answer and instead attached his lips to your throat, teeth grazing a point that had you gasping, hand coming and tugging on those locks of his, the other falling to his neck. 
“bill,” you muttered. “please just-” you were cut off by a moan, gripping him close as his thumb came into contact with your clit and rubbed tight circles against it. 
he looked up at you from the mess he was creating on your neck. “please what?” 
“just fuck me.” 
you were really in no position to be making such requests since bill seemed to be in control (which really, you didn’t mind if it meant that he was making you feel good in the process), but at this point you were too strung out to care what he thought of the rather forward request. you knew that you needed him and you needed him now. 
bill pulled away from you and you took in his now ragged features, noticing the tint of red in his cheeks and the freckles that dotted them, and the goldenness that he seems to radiate. in some ways you hoped that this wouldn’t be your only encounter with the denbrough boy, but that was something to worry about later, since his hands were undoing the rest of his belt and you knew that was your cue to do the same with your own pants. 
soon enough you were back in the same position, one of his hands next to your head on the locker behind you as he moved to position his cock at your entrance, eyes meeting with yours as he pushed in to look at your reaction. and it was everything that he hoped to see, your mouth opening into an ‘o’ shape, lips parted and eyes never leaving his own. 
once he bottomed out, he already started a fast rhythm, giving you little to no time to adjust. but you were so needy you didn’t care, not one bit because he was making you feel so good that you wished for this moment to last forever. and you were already so wet and willing, bill couldn’t wait a second longer. 
your hands gripped onto his forearms, steadying yourself, but it was hard to keep your legs from giving out. bill must've noticed your struggle and leaned down, grabbing you by the back of your thighs and hoisting you up in his arms, using the leverage of the locker to fuck into you. 
the change in position made you quiver in his arms like putty, arms wrapping around his neck and caging him close to you. incoherent words fell from your mouth that wouldn’t close no matter how hard you tried, while his pace became fast, rough, and unrelenting. you didn’t know bill well but you could tell that he was adamant about making you feel good, which fueled the fire inside of you even more. 
if he was tired from playing the game, he didn’t even show it. bill fucked into you with such a frenzy that it was almost animalistic, which made you wonder how much energy this boy possibly had. what you didn’t know was it was your moans what were spurring him on, your moans that kept him going. bill had already been to point of exhaustion from the game but you were able to give him a second wind and he was not fucking up this one like he had fucked up in the game. his determination both of the field and in this moment caught up with him and well, he was bringing all of his emotion out. 
and you loved it so much that you couldn’t think straight. all you could do was try and keep yourself still, words stringing together into barely put together sentences of oh fuck yes and that feels so good. 
it was a moment of pure bliss that you didn’t even feel yourself start to clench around him, noticing it finally when you felt every inch of him scrape against your willing walls, bringing you closer to that cliff into a sea of pleasure that only he could give you. what finally made you break was the groans that he was making, which were hot and heavy and like heaven to your ears that you knew you would be playing on repeat before you went to sleep tonight. 
and then his hand slipped between your legs, pressing up against your swollen clit and that was it. you were sent into a state of pure, fucked out bliss as you came around him, your moans everything but silent. luckily there seemed to be no one around to hear, and if they did they didn’t bother with stopping it.
a few thrusts afterwards and with an insistent command from you to cum inside you because you were on the pill, bill came undone and it was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen in his life. as if this boy couldn’t get more perfect, haven been basically sent to you on a gift from god himself. he pulled out and you could feel the evidence slightly dripping out of you and onto your thighs. 
there was a moment of cleaning up, where he actually grabbed a towel from his locker and helped you wipe away everything and eventually sit down onto the bench between the sides of lockers. where you thought would be awkwardness, there wasn’t, a few words passed between the two of you and then you told him that you should go, you had to drive home. 
surprisingly, he asked if you needed help and then you remembered you barely knew him and shook your head. it was late anyways, he probably had things to do. 
and when you got control of your limbs again (which bill cheekily smirked at), you walked out of the high school, him trailing behind you. you gave him one last look before parting ways, and in the heat of the moment, you told him your number and to call him if he ever wanted to get together again. 
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canislupus-exe · 2 months ago
Prescribed Hand Holding | Stanley Uris
Tumblr media
fandom | It: Chapter One
character | Stanley Uris
reader | no pronouns used
requested | Anonymous
warnings | small blood mention, slight angst
word count | 519
keys | (Y/n) = Your name
summary | I request a Stanley uiris xreader where the reader has ezama and won't stop scratching and Stanley has top basically hold their hands. Basically a headcanonne angest with fuffl at the end
editor | @feliscatus-exe
>> linktree <<
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You sighed and propped your chin on your knee, watching your friends splash around in the water. It was always so shockingly clear for the terrible track record Derry had. It gave it a sort of magical feeling. Like it was a slice of perfection hidden for you and your friends only. None of the horrors outside of these trees could reach you here.
The sun moved to a position that directed its rays right into your eyes, causing you to cover your eyes. The heat of the sun in addition to the water from the quarry was causing your eczema to flare up. You frowned and began to scratch the backs of your hands, which is where it affected you the most.
Your scratches were slow and small at first. Only every few minutes. But soon enough, your skin began to flake, crack, and redden with irritation. It came to a point where you couldn’t stop itching. You watched as past scabs began to rip off and bleed. It wasn’t a lot, just a couple of drops, but damn it hurt like hell.
You stopped scratching to search for your hand cream, praying you’d grabbed it before you left. You unzipped every pocket of your backpack, scouring every corner, even emptying it in its entirety, but to no avail. You left your damn hand cream at home.
“Everything alright? You’re digging through your bag like crazy.” Stanley asked as he took a seat next to you. You looked over your shoulder and sighed, beginning to shove everything back inside. 
“Y-Yeah… I was just looking for something.” You replied as you pushed your backpack away. You sighed and propped your head on your knees, beginning to scratch your hands once again. You tried to keep it minimal, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
“Oh (Y/n), are you alright? Your hands look pretty beat up.” Stan asked innocently. You frowned, immediately becoming self-conscious of your skin condition.
“Um yeah. I have eczema.” You replied, dropping your hands in your lap and averting eye contact. Even still, in such an embarrassing state you couldn’t help but scratch.
“It looks painful… Does this happen a lot?” He asked. You shrugged.
“Often enough, yeah.” You mumbled. You could feel his eyes on you as you continued scratching your skin. After a few seconds, he reached over and grabbed your hand, preventing you from scratching. Your cheeks turned red as his hand remained in yours.
“What are you doing?” You asked. He shifted and began to look through his bag. 
“Grabbing something.” He replied. 
“Yeah but your hand. You’re-”
“Found it!” He cut you off, handing you a travel-sized bottle of Jergen’s lotion. You were a bit surprised, and in your hesitation to respond he continued.
“My skin gets irritated so it’s unscented. Will it help?” He asked. Your heart began to jump in your chest. It was so simple but so sweet. You nodded happily, grabbing the lotion with your free hand.
“Yeah… Thanks, Stanley.” You replied and grabbed the bottle, but kept your hand interlocked with his. You were glad he didn’t mind.
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moonlit-imagines · a year ago
Henry Bowers x sibling!reader
prompt: anonymous: “Hello! Could I please request dialogue prompt 33. “You’re not that scary.” from the Halloween prompt list with Henry Bowers and sibling!reader?”
Tumblr media
Henry was always trying to scare you, it was getting quite old. His pranks were shameful to say the least, especially when he needed his friends to help him.
“Y/N! Y/N, help!” He’d scream from the kitchen, dark red liquids spilling all around the floor where his friends would lie. Of course you’d rush down as quickly as you possibly could as your socks slid across the tile. You’d almost die just trying to check on your brother.
“What?! What is it?” You peeked around the counter to see his Vic and Patrick laying down in pools of cheap fake blood and sighed. “Again, Henry? Really? At least come up with someone creative.” You sighed and stepped over his friends, who were choking back their laughter as not to piss off their “intimidating” leader. You didn’t even avoid the wet liquid, you just walked through it to grab a snack and left them to be what they were: cowards. “You ought to clean all that up before dad gets home. Hope it doesn’t stain.” And with that, you caly headed back to your room. You were only a little unnerved from the instant fear your brother inflicted just by screaming across the house, maybe one day he’d learn.
“Hey, can you ask Belch if he can drive me to work later? It’s gonna rain soon.” You walked into the living room without looking up from your belongings. When Henry didn’t answer you, you finally looked up to prove you weren’t crazy and that he was standing there like you’d thought. Unfortunate, you proved yourself right. “Fake blood? When will you give it up?” You questioned while ignoring him and setting your things down.
“Not fake this time.” Henry tried to explain, but you’d heard that before.
“Henry, you’re not that scary.” You shook your head and looked up to see your dad appearing to be sound asleep, but something was definitely off.
“Are you sure?” He crookedly asked, giving you a chill up your spine. You cautiously tiptoed near your brother, but only looked over his shoulder to see the damage he had caused.
“What did you do, Henry?” You’re hand covered your mouth as you stepped as far back from him as possible, flinching as you hit the refrigerator.
“I set us free.”
taglist: @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @captainshazamerica // @ravenmoore14 // @thisetaernallove //
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bowieandqueen11 · a year ago
I’m An Idiot / Richie Tozier Fluff
Tumblr media
Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could have a Richie x reader (18 years old) where he has had a crush on the reader since the whole IT situation but never acted on it until he hears they are moving to go and attend college and it’s a whole sweet thing where he is outside her house practicing what to say and she hears it through her window or something? Idk if that’s clear or not. Thank you! Also I LOVE your writings! Hope you have a wonderful day/night! 💕 
It’s been so long since I’ve written for Richie holy moly but this is so cute!!
Warning, some strong language!
Reblogs and comments much appreciated!
Richie Tozier couldn’t stop hopping.
When he woke up, shoving his duvet on the floor and grabbing the first Hawaiian shirt laying askew on his desk chair, he was shaking. When he shoved Eddie’s face out of the way as he tripped over him on the way to his door, he was trembling, although Eddie only snorted and rolled over in his sleeping bag to go back to snoring. If he knew that he was actually doing this, if Bill knew, although he was still sprawled out and half falling off the beanbag, that he was finally going to muster up the courage to confess to you before you left the Losers, he would never hear the end of it. When he shut the front door, squeezing his lips together so as not to wake his parents, he was beginning to jump from foot to foot.
‘Come on, Tozier, you fought a child eating clown. You’ve got the high score on every game in the Arcade. Heck, you’ve even made Eddie Spaghetti laugh out loud and spit his milkshake all over Ben’s face. You’re hilarious, you’re a fantastic catch-’
Kicking a can off of the road, he sighed to himself as he passed Derry library, his breath fogging up his glasses in the early modern light.
‘Who are you kidding, you’re just a Loser. She’s totally going to reject you. Shit!’
Crunching over the grass by the school, he finally hopes on his breaking down, creaking bike, and fills the empty streets with the sound of his wheels spinning and his heart thumping with each cycle. The dew shines in the first rays of the rising sun, brightening his sneakers with a glint as his tracks leave their own footprints on the grass - the only path to show that had been there.
He didn’t mean to reach you at sunrise, but he had found himself sleepless last night. He had expected you round at the Losers’ sleepover last night, but you had to phone up late and inform him that you had to start packing. Mike had been the one to find him, just leaning his head against the wall with the phone still hanging limply in his hand. He had to place his hands firmly around his shoulders to pull Richie away, leading him back into the others with a tight grip, but Richie was gone, far away, as if he was disappearing in his grip like a ghost. Eddie was about to say something later that night, but the look of fear, and dejection on Richie’s face when he slipped under his covers and just turned his back to the others, made him stop and just settle down in his freshly pressed sleeping bag.
The morning, thankfully, wasn’t as grey, but soothing lavender and brilliant lander started to break out from behind the clouds, merging behind his raven hair into neon pinks and peaches.
Finally arriving at your house, he dumped his bike on your lawn and ran around to face your bedroom. Little did he know, that you were also awake, still thinking about your phone call last night. Placing your hand on your windowsill, you sigh as you just stop for a moment, ignoring the boxes in the corner of your eye and instead just leaning by your net curtains. 
Behind the glass, and the fabric, was the ever changing art of the sky, and the boy you couldn’t see yet below it, who was desperately trying to put into words the ever exploding feelings in his heart. There was such a feeling of nervousness, of joy, of electricity in the air, a sense that secrets were about to be whispered into the transitory and eternal air, changing and constant and not able to be swallowed in again.
Stopping suddenly, you start to hear a squeaking voice warble out from down below.
‘Y/n, these feelings I have for you are embedded in my - come on, are you five, that sounds so dirty. Even when a clown was trying to turn into a werewolf and eat my fear or whatever, or when we went into that crack house, I was never afraid, because you were with me. I’m scared, that if you go, I’ll vanish as well.’
You reach out towards your curtains and draw them aside softly. You have to blink away the sun for a moment as it comes in and bathes through the square of light in bright gold, warming the wood by your toes and bathing your face. You nearly choke with laughter at the sight of Richie Tozier pacing your garden, gesticulating wildly to himself as he swings about. He stops, nearly skidding as he throws his hands down in defeat.
‘We are two halves, but we make a whole- that’s so cheesy, you sound like Benny boy now.’
‘You’re my real family. You’re the only person who really actually gets me and I-I, shit man, you can’t do a Bill now. I love you. It’s just as simple as that. I love you, and I’m terrified. Damn, Trashmouth, that's not half bad.’
He nearly jumps out of his skin when you slide your window open and shout down at him.
‘Trashmouth, are you trying to wake the whole neighbourhood up?’
‘Why the hell are you up? I thought only creeps and nerds were up this early!’
‘Is that why you’re here?’
‘I thought I’d try out my new material on the best clown I know!’
A muscle twitches involuntarily at the corner of his right eye, his mouth forming a rigid grimace as he looks up at your raised eyebrows and slight smirk.
‘How much, exactly, did you hear of my musing?’
He folds his arms over his Freese’s shirt and flowing Hawaiian as he begins to hop from foot to foot again. Never one to keep still, he tries to keep his mind off your answer as you think above him. He tears his head away from your head, as it pops out the side of the window and dangles down at him like an angel floating in a halo of silver above his head, trying not to focus on the way your words would either see the dawn of his hope, or snap his dreams right in two. 
Instead he nudges his glasses a little higher on his nose, as if the thought the midnight rims should pay attention too - silently focusing together. 
‘If it makes you feel any better, I feel the same way too.’
‘Would you just get up here before my parents wake up?’
Richie doesn’t waste any time to grab a hold of the ivy climbing on the crumbling bricks, his feet slipping and sliding to try and keep up with his scrabbling as he tears up the side of your house. He’s so quick, you don’t know where he is until his nose bumps against yours, and he nearly collides straight against your mouth, the only thing barring the two of you being his glasses.
‘What did you just say?’
His expression is uncharacteristically serious, and yours is so bright in response. He wonders if you know how much that drives him crazy, how it makes him want to reach out and feel every curve of your skin, but instead he stays hovering a few inches away from your face, waiting for some miracle that his hearing quite hadn’t caught up with.
‘I said, I love you too, you idiot. What a time to tell me.’
‘Y-you love me?’
‘Would you hurry up and kiss me before you fall? Gosh knows you’ve waited about ten years too long.’
He rolls his eyes in that way he does when he's really happy but feeling too macho to show it, before he slightly wets his lips and lets himself fall forwards into your grasp. He melts into you, clumsily, and a little messily, but he manages to steady himself and reach up to cup your cheeks, lips desperate as they capture yours again and again, warm and tasting slightly like cherry, but so needy for you.
‘You’re right, I am an idiot.’ 
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broadwayandnetflix · 2 years ago
Domesticity pt. 2- Richie Tozier x Reader
Warnings: Langauge
Theme: ANGST, with lots of extra fluff.
Summary: The Loser’s Club slowly resides back into normal after the aftermath of Neilbolt. You and Richie finally get to see your son again.
Word Count: 2.0k
A/N: god, I’m so sorry you had to wait centuries for this sequel. I wrote a shit ton of this fic a long time ago, and tumblr didn’t save it. I lost so much inspiration for writing, and here I am manning up and writing again. thanks for asking me to write a sequel, god it means the world to me. I’m sorry I had to make you wait forever. First Part: Domescity.
For: @knpgituloh​
Tumblr media
Despite the sun’s scorching beams, the water still bit at your toes with a chilling touch. Yet there you floated, ignoring the chills that ran throughout your body, eyes closed, and mind running through everything you had just witnessed.
Desperately trying to ignore those around you, the muffled laughter of each and every one of them forced up their throats. It was hard enough processing what had just happened, but you couldn’t seem to conjure up a smile.
Ripples of current nipping at your sides, letting the tears stream down your cheek slowly and then all at once. The sun’s rays beating down on you harsher than prior, prompting you to lower yourself deeper into the Quarry.
The water enclosing around you, your fallen tears dissolving away as you let yourself sink down to the bottom.
Maybe if you just stayed down here, you wouldn’t have to go back to real life.
It was a troubling thought that floated within you, eyes wide open and stinging as you watched your air bubbles rise to the surface.
That was until you caught something out of the peripheral of your eye, a single pair of glasses sinking to the bottom.
A gasp escaped your lips, a burst of bubbles erupting from your lips before you were promptly jolted out of the water.
1985, Derry, Maine
“Why do you always swim like that?” a voice called out, interrupting your thoughts.
One eye squinted shut, you opened the other slowly to get a gist of who was disrupting your peaceful moment.
A small smile slowly growing on your lips at the sight of scraggly dampened locks, and huge lenses staring back at you.
“It’s peaceful, gives me time to think.” you murmured calmly, before letting out a sigh and closing your eyes once more.
“I can’t imagine just being so still like that, let alone peaceful! How do you do it?” he exclaims, splashing you for added effect.
“Richie!” you yelped, giving him the best glare that you could muster, which didn’t last very long.
His eyes crinkled warmly at the sight in front of him, fighting back a grin, and trying to ‘play it cool’ he shrugged it off nonchalantly.
“What? I didn’t do anything.” he teases all nonchalant like.
“Oh, you totally splashed me!” you cried before splashing him back, sprays of water droplets smudging his lenses.
“Fuck, now I can’t see!” he chirped before lunging himself at you, splashing more water at you as you did so in return.
Each of you a giggling mess, your little rendezvous escalating until Richie’s glasses fell off his face. The two of you watched in awe as they sunk further into the lake.
“I’ll go get them!” you gape before quickly diving underneath the murky waters, eyes burning and stretched open.
His glasses lay perched upon a seaweed bed, the depth of the water now making your ears pop, and stomach tightens and twists under the lake’s pressure.
It didn’t long for you to latch onto the pair, before popping yourself back out of the water, allowing yourself to gasp for air, glasses victoriously raised within your left hand.
Present Day 2016.
Gasping, you reached the air heaving and sputtering whatever water you had forced down. You swallowed heavily, wincing at the soreness that now coated your throat.
A chill going down your spine and tickling at your legs that now dangled underneath the water, your body being squeezed tightly under the securing hold of two arms.
You sobbed softly at the touch of your husband, shrinking into his hold, so you could properly adjust your body into his bulkier frame.
“I can’t afford to lose you too.” he croaked, your ears almost having to strain to hear him clearly.
Eddie. Oh fuck, how were you going to move on without him? Better yet, how was Richie going to move on?
You closed your eyes, shivering as images of Neibolt collapsing into itself replayed over and over within your mind. Richie’s distraught screams echoing in your ears, your arms bruised from dragging him out of the house.
Neibolt is forever gone, just like Eddie.
Richie sighed, shaking his head, prompting you to open your eyes once more. The water rippled as he slipped away from your hold, smiling at you weakly before enclosing his hands in yours.
He looked tired, you thought as you glanced up at him. Those blue eyes that you now had grown to adore, now tinted with exhaustion. Richie’s shoulders now permanently sagged it seemed, and his figure skinnier than you remembered. It baffled you to see how much time could change a person, especially under the circumstances the two of you had just faced.
He ran his finger over your knuckle soothingly, never taking his eyes off of you. A constant, those blue eyes were, always observant, full of emotion, hesitant and unexpected. Yet what never seemed to waiver within them, was the love and adoration he stored for you.
“Come on, let’s go home,” he murmured softly, catching your attention.
Home, you thought. A world outside of Derry painting itself in your mind is where killer clowns didn’t exist.
You could see your apartment clear as day, the grey walls that you and Richie had painted one summer afternoon. The half-off priced jeans that you had bought from Old Navy are now forever stained. The paint that had clung to your hair washing off quickly in the shower that the two of you had shared later.
The rather large television that Richie had once bought on a whim, which now adorned your living room. Visions of you curled up most weeknights on your couch watching reruns of Cheers and Saturday Night Live.
The master bath suite was attached to your bedroom, where the two of you had found out. Richie perched upon the edge of the bathtub, head in his hands, while you paced back and forth against the tile. Those crucial two minutes seeming to stretch on for what had felt like two years. Or the little baby blue nursery that slowly over time took over your tiny guest room.
The place where you had begun to raise your child together, you smile sweetly at the thought.
“Mason,” you murmured absentmindedly to yourself. Richie looking down at you perplexedly until it hit the two of you at full force.
“Shit,” he cursed, looking at you with widened eyes, glancing over towards the shore where the rest of your friends remained.
His hand slipping from yours, looking down at you with a panicked expression, gesturing for you to follow before he dove under. The water rippled before you from his departure, you crouched down from the sandbar and followed suit.
As a kid, you could distinctly remember the challenges that you would often put upon yourselves. Games of who could reach the shore first from the sandbar, who could hold their breath the longest etc.
Except now, it had become apparent that age had caught up with you, making your once effortless challenge become quite the struggle. The sandbar seemed farther than ever, but nevertheless, you pushed yourself further, until you reached the shore.
Richie’s arms reaching out to help pull you towards him and onto your feet. The bitter wind entangling with the leftover drops of water that clung to your body. You shivered before walking over to a cluster of rocks resided, soaked in the sunbeams, where Beverly and Ben sat atop of.
Beverly’s hands reached out to squeeze yours, as Richie dug into the pile of clothes that the lot of you had left onshore. You smiled as you leaned into her figure, which was already warm from the heat radiating above you.
“Got it!” Richie announced, more so to himself than the lot of you. His phone resting between his fingers, which were still wet from the water, dialing a number and pressing the phone up to his ear.
Everyone watched with interest as Richie paced back and forth along the bank, mumbling a series of fast-paced words that even you couldn’t decipher.
“Alright yeah, thanks, we’ll head up soon, tomorrow work for you? Thanks, love you, yeah, no, bye.” He stiffened slightly, before turning his attention towards the lot of you, tears pouring down his cheeks.
You stood instantly, his figure staggeringly collapsing into your arms. It took Beverly’s hand to hold your foot steady from toppling over with his more towering figure. His arms snaking around you once more, lifting you off the ground, his tears melting into your skin.
“Mason’s okay, baby,” he whispered so only you could hear, shaking until the sobs of relief racked his body.
It took everything in you to stay healthy, not fall apart yourself until you felt a series of hands tangle around you. Everyone that remained of your little group cradled the two of you ever so tightly. Holding the two of you just as close as you did each other, everyone’s wet clothes meshing together. It didn’t matter though; it was everything you needed. It was what you all needed.
“Let’s go home.” Richie murmured softly, a collection of mixed voices followed in agreement.
2 Months Later.
The two of you laid sprawled out upon your bed, sinking into the memory foam. Which, come to think of it, that memory foam has gone through a lot of sex. Richie’s legs enveloped between yours, hands lazily playing with your hair, peppering kisses over any part of you that he could reach.
Sunlight streaming into the room, signaling that you should really start your day, you thought to yourself. Or at least let Richie brew the coffee while you put on cartoons for Mason. Except, something about this seemed so much more delightful.
“Mm,” he mumbles aloud to himself, you hum in response, “I love you darling, and god do I want those gorgeous lips of yours upon mine, but god do you have nasty morning breath. I swear Neilbolt smells more pleasant than your morning breath-hey!!” you whack him in the face with your palm.
So much for a lazy morning, oh well. You sit upright, escaping Richie’s warm and oh so comfortable embrace. He looks at you with a pout upon his lips, claiming he was only joking, that it is how he expresses his love and affection.
He’s not wrong, that’s what you love about him the most. Or maybe not the most, he has his moments.
“That’s not how you expressed it last night,” you wink for an extra measure before trudging towards the nursery, leaving a good “Trashmouth.” for good measure.
Something about seeing your husband in the morning with his scraggly locks in a fritz, glasses-less, clad in only sweats and a tank top, makes you wanna squeeze your knees together. But alas, you aren’t ready to create another child, not quite yet.
You putter about in the kitchen, digging around for things to start breakfast. Opening cabinets and placing ingredients out for breakfast, you have to stand on your tiptoes to reach specific components. That is until you feel two arms wrap gently around your waist, and someone’s head resting on top of yours.
“I’ve got it from here babe, do chocolate chip pancakes sound good?” Richie murmurs sweetly before kissing the top of your head.
You nod before slipping from his hold and head off into the nursery. Mason playing around with his toys, god were you in heaven right about now.
Derry seems like a faint dream in the back of your mind, you and your little family safe from IT’s clutches. You were lucky enough to stay in touch with the gang, maintaining a group chat, and making plans every now and then.
Mason cooed before crawling over to you, a toy hanging out of his mouth, his hair all scraggly like his fathers, and eyes bright with wonder. You smile down before scooping him up in your arms and carry him off to the living room.
“Wanna watch Paw Patrol today, Mase?” you exclaim as he giggles instantly, nodding his head.
“Did I just hear you say Paw Patrol?” Richie calls out from the kitchen, causing you to lookup. A spatula in one hand, and his face resting in disappointment.
“Yep, no complaints. It’s Mason’s favorite; you should know this by now.” you hum before turning on the children’s television show.
A groan coming directly from the kitchen, you giggled softly before cuddling up with your son.
Yeah, you could get used to this.
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justauthoring · 2 years ago
We Had No Idea [Richie Tozier]
Request: Hi! Could you do a Richie Tozier x Reader in which they are dating (maybe in secret?) and they’re kissing in the club Ben made and the losers come in and see them? Thanks!
Pairing: Richie Tozier x Reader
Word Count: 325
Please don’t plagiarize my work!
Tumblr media
At the sound of nearing footsteps, the two of you jump apart.
And for a calming, peaceful moment, you think you’re okay. That you haven’t been caught. But then you catch the smirk on Beverly’s lips and the glint in Stan’s eyes as the six of them (of course it had to be all of them) come clambering down the ladder into the Clubhouse; wide, shit-eating grins on all of their faces.
Your face is red, that much you can tell. Surprisingly, when you look back at Richie, he isn’t all that embarrassed. But you? Yeah, you’re embarrassed.
“We’re sorry,” Beverly grins widely, her voice sickly sweet, “we didn’t mean to interrupt.”
Pressing a hand against your lips, you shake your head adamantly. “No, no, you weren’t--”
“I thought you idiots said you weren’t coming to the Clubhouse today?” Richie interrupts you, pulling your wide eyes on him. But nothing is quite like when he wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you against him. The cocky fucker. “Y/N and I wanted some alone time.”
“Seems like you got plenty enough already,” Eddie snickers.
Burying your head into your hands, you let out a cry of shame.
“Oh, don’t worry, sweet-cheeks,” Richie speaks up, pulling your eyes on him as he smirks down at you. “This just means we don’t have to hide our relationship anymore.”
Your eyes widen.
“Relationship?” Ben calls out in surprise.
Richie simply blinks back at him. “Yeah? What did you guys think? That we were just kissing cause we’re best friends?”
“No-No,” Bill admits, shrugging. “We juh-just thought you g-g-guys would try to hi-hide it mor-more.”
Richie brushes him off. “Nah, I wanna be able to show my girlfriend off to the world!”
“Richie!” You call astonished, slapping him sharply on the arm.
He turns to you, holding the offended spot with a frown. “Ow! What?”
With a sigh, you shake your head, curling into yourself while the others laugh.
I don’t know what this is.
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wukindly · 2 years ago
Play and Tease | Bill Denbrough X Reader
English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.
Request: hey!! I’ve been following your writing for a while, thought I’d put in a request! specifically a bill x reader, except te reader was in the school play instead of bev and they kissed? and the other losers keep on teasing billy boy about it? thanks a ton, I adore your imagines!!
Characters: Bill/fem!reader, Eddie, Stan and Richie.
Word Count: 2383 words.
Tumblr media
If there's one thing that's good about a school day on Friday, it's when it's finally over - there's a lot students that can agree with that. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom when you are walking with your friends to the exit of the building, knowing that you will only return to that place after the weekend.
Bill Denbrough, also known as Stuttering-Bill, was definitely enjoying that feeling. That Friday had been good enough for him - most of the classes he'd taken that day were classes he actually liked, and he had busied himself scribbling in his notebook in classes he did not enjoy that much. And finally, the end of the school day had come, taking Bill and his closest friends into the halls. At that moment, the four of them were standing in front of Stan's locker, since the Uris boy claimed that he had to get something there before he could go home.
The Denbrough couldn't help but think that his group of friends was certainly... Something. They could all just be waiting for Stan to finish what he needed to do, but instead, Richie and Eddie were bickering about something stupid - Bill wasn't even sure what they were bickering about, that happened so often that he lost interest on what was going on there - while Stan rolled his eyes and Bill just watched unamused, sure that they would keep going with that till they went their separate ways to their homes. Stan, however, decided to change that once he closed his locker and turned around - his grumpy expression soon disappearing when he saw who was across the hall.
"Oh look who it is." a noticeable smirk appeared on his face. "Your girlfriend is right there, Bill."
Bill didn't even need to turn around to know exactly who he was talking about, knowing that he had spotted (Y/N) (Y/L/N) somewhere in the hallway. The Denbrough boy took a quick glance at the direction Stan was looking, seeing the girl standing in front of her open locker, searching for something.
"Can you juh-just stop, please?" he turned back to Stan, not wanting him to make a fuss about it - he couldn't deny, however, that knowing she was so close made his heart skip a beat.
Bill should have realized by that time that asking his friends to stop just made them want to tease him even more. Seeing how flustered Bill was getting, Trashmouth Tozier obviously had to make his own comment about the situation.
A grin widened on Richie's face before he started singing loudly. "(Y/N) and Bill sitting in the tree K-I-S-S-"
"S-shut up, Richie!" Bill was quick to cover his friend's mouth, just to have his hand slapped away the next second but he didn't mind that. He took another glance at (Y/N) to make sure she wasn't aware of what was happening. "She will hear you."
"Wouldn't it be good if she did?" Richie wiggled his eyebrows at him. "She could give another big smooch on your lips."
Eddie - the only one that didn't understand why teasing Billy was so funny - frowned, a clear look of disgust in his eyes. "Why would he want that? That's gross!"
Richie shook his head at him. "It is not but you wouldn't know since you hadn't kissed anyone yet." he walked to Eddie smoothly, wrapping his arm around the smaller one's shoulders. "I can help you with that."
Eddie rolled his eyes but the redness of his cheeks were noticeable. "Oh, fuck off." he got out of Richie's embrace, taking a few steps to get a bit of distance between them. "I'm still glad my mom didn't let me go to the school play so that I missed all... That." he gestured from Bill to (Y/N).
Oh. The school play. It had happened a few months before. Bill still could remember how his mother had encouraged him to audition to that play - she thought it would help him with his confidence and that maybe, in that way, Bill would make more friends. Well, none of that actually happened, but she'd meant well.
He was pretty sure that he wouldn't get any role in that play since he had a stutter - and was surely surprised when he saw he would be playing one of the main characters. He kind of understood why after he read the whole thing. He was playing a commoner, someone who had to be a complete opposite of a prince - a bit of an outcast with no special talent. His character, Erik or something, had to look average to the public so everyone would be stunned when he saved the princess. No, not a prince, a commoner. And Bill's stutter made it more believable that Erik was someone no one would pay attention in the village. That play was not Bill's cup of tea but he decided to go through it - for his mom, mainly.
Of course that he felt way more motivated when he found out that the princess was being played by (Y/N), a real nice girl from his grade that he always had a crush on. They hadn't talked that much - mostly because Bill's stutter worsened every time she tried to start a conversation with him - but they were always friendly towards each other and he couldn't help but feel attracted to her. And, well, now she was the princess he was supposed to save. And the one that was going to give him a kiss as a reward.
After months getting prepared for it, the show day arrived and Bill was so nervous knowing that he would get a kiss from (Y/N) - specially because the kiss wasn't included in the rehearsals and he had no idea how that would play out. Even if he felt anxious about all of it, he tried not to focus on that, only remembering of it when that scene finally came.
"What is your name, oh brave knight?" (Y/N) spoke loudly, her vibrant voice sounding through the whole room. She looked just... Beautiful. Bill always thought that she was pretty, but the costume made her look even more stunning.
He was kneeling in front of her, completely aware that he was being watched by a lot of people. "I'm nuh-no knight, Your Guh-grace." Bill flinched a bit, hearing himself stutter. His eyes, however, found (Y/N)'s gentle ones, encouraging him to keep going. "I'm juh-just a commoner."
She smiled sweetly at him and Bill swore he could have melted right there. "And what is your name, my dear commoner?"
"Well, Mr. Erik..." she offered her hands to Bill, helping him to get up and stand in front of her. "I will be forever grateful for your actions."
"It was my puh-pleasure." he bowed his head, a small smile appearing on his lips.
"You're so brave." she squeezed his hands and Bill understood that as a sign to look at her, knowing exactly what was going to happen. "And bravery should always be rewarded."
Bill felt his heart beating faster as their eyes met one more time, he could see that (Y/N) was just as nervous as him and that comforted him a bit. So he wasn't the only one wondering how that experience would be. He copied her movements when she closed her eyes, and the next thing he felt was (Y/N)'s lips on his for a brief second. It wasn't much, just a peck really, but it was enough to make Bill feel warm and happy. And when he opened his eyes, he was glad to see that she seemed to be pretty contented too.
It was a great day to him - the thing was that Stan and Richie went to watch that damn play and, since then, they had been teasing Bill in every opportunity they got. Eddie was the only one who hadn't been there that day, but neither Richie nor Stan hesitated to tell him every detail of what happened.
"I thought Bill was about to explode in that stage." Stan said humorously but Bill just glared at him. "You looked really happy."
"Of course he was happy, he got the girl!" Richie's voice seemed to be getting louder by the minute.
"Oh, my prince, thanks for saving me!" Richie said in high pitched voice, closing his eyes and puckering his lips. "Let me kiss you to show you my gratitude."
Bill shook his head disapprovingly, opening his mouth to tell him to shut up once again but then he heard a voice. "He wasn't a prince."
The Denbrough quickly turned to the direction of the voice, seeing that (Y/N) was looking amusingly at them from her locker. Great, Richie had managed to get her attention.
"Nice going." Eddie muttered under his breath, seeming oddly anxious.
Richie spared a glance at Eddie before looking at the girl. "What?"
(Y/N) closed her locker. "He wasn't a prince, he was a commoner." she walked up to them, a friendly smile on her face. "Hey Bill." she looked directly at him before looking at the others. "Hi, boys."
"H-hi, (Y/N)." Bill said, cursing himself for stuttering already. He tried to ignore his friends eyes on him, knowing that his face was getting red.
"So I see people are still talking about that play. We must have made quite the impression, uh?"
Richie saw the perfect opportunity to make a move, well, for Bill. "You certainly did on Billy boy's heart."
Bill's eyes widened, wishing that he could disappear from there. "Duh-don't mind him, puh-please." (Y/N) could see the plead in his face for a moment before he turned to Richie, his pleading eyes turning into a glare . "He duh-doesn't know what he is talking about."
Richie nodded. "Yeah, I'm sorry." he bowed his head. "I can't remember things right, I must be going crazy."
"You did remember the kiss, though." Stan commented, earning a weak bump from Bill.
Richie shook his head. "What kiss? I don't remember no kissing, mister."
(Y/N) allowed a smirk to widen in her face, getting into the game. "When the commoner saved the princess, she kissed him in return."
"Did she really?" Richie asked, seeming to be really interested in the subject. "I must have taken my glasses off when that happened, oh fuck." he sighed but then snapped his fingers, showing that he had an idea. "Maybe you should reenact that part so I can finally see it."
It was Bill's turn to sigh. Honestly, he had already given up on trying to fix the situation. "Puh-please, don't-"
"Mind what he is saying?" (Y/N) grinned at him.
Bill nodded, smiling at her bashfully before turning his gaze to the Tozier boy once again. "He is being embuh-barrassing."
(Y/N) giggled. "Yeah, he is. But it's quite entertaining."
"Hey!" Richie put his hand over his heart, pretending to be offended. "But thanks."
She nodded to him, her grin still on her face. "Alright. Um, Bill." her eyes met his and she let out a chuckle. "I was actually meaning to talk to you for a while now."
Bill felt his heart skip a beat at those words, not knowing exactly how to react. Did she mean that she wanted to talk to him about something specific? Or did she just want to talk to him and... Get to know him? "Y-y-you wuh-were?"
"Yeah, I..." she took a glance at his friends, full aware that they were hearing everything, before turning to the Denbrough boy again. "I wanted to know if you wanted to go get some ice cream with me sometime." Bill's eyes widened once again. "I don't think we've ever hung out together outside school." she looked into his eyes, emphasizing the next word. "Alone."
It would be an understatement to say that Bill was shocked to hear those words, and his own body was acting weirder than ever as a reaction to what she had said. He could feel his heart beating fast and his hands getting sweaty - and his stomach, oh my God, he felt like he was about to get sick... But in a good way.
While Bill stood there thinking about all those things, Richie decided to take the action for him. "Ma'am, you got yourself a yes."
That seemed to bring Bill back to the moment, noticing that she was still waiting for an answer. "I wuh-wuh-would-" as always, his stutter seemed to get worse around her. He took a deep breath before trying again. "I wuh-would love tw-to."
A huge smile widened on (Y/N)'s face. "Monday after school, then?"
He nodded enthusiastically. "Muh-monday after sh-school."
"Great!" Bill couldn't help but smile at seeing how excited she looked. "Well, I gotta go." she seemed to be about to say something else but decided against to. She shook her head slightly before giving them a small wave. "Bye Bill, bye boys."
After the boys said their goodbyes, they kept looking at the girl as she walked through the hall until she was out of school, her steps looking extremely relaxed and light.
"Bill, you look like you're about to explode again." Stan's voice caught the Denbrough boy's attention, but he didn't look at his direction, still looking at the place (Y/N) was a few seconds before.
What Stan said was certainly true. Bill could tell by himself that he had a stupid grin on his face - he couldn't help himself, he was feeling giddy and happy.
"He can't do that before the date! You got it, Billy boy!" he also felt Richie's hands on his shoulders, shaking him proudly.
A date. He actually got a date with (Y/N) (Y/L/N). He felt so many emotions, happiness and nervousness being the most dominant ones. He was thankful for that play - for establishing a connection between them. And maybe, just maybe, he was thankful for all the teasing he'd been getting from his friends - that caught enough of (Y/N)'s attention to make her go talk to him that day. Because of that, he had a date with her on Monday. Oh, Monday - Bill couldn't wish more that the weekend would pass as fast as it could.
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sunnyinderry · 2 years ago
imagine the losers going to a fair together and getting on one of those spinning swing rides just when the sun starts to go down. ben has pink cotton candy in his hand while both of his hands are in the air. richie is craning his neck back to look at how much fun eddie is having in the seat behind him. bill has the most precious smile on his face, beverly does too. mike is gripping onto the chains that hold the swing up, and he’s yelling “woo!” as pure joy and adrenaline pump through him. and even though stan is scared, he’s still smiling and enjoying the ride because he’s with his best friends.
Tumblr media
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har-rison-s · 2 years ago
tears for fears
request: Okay but,, reader cradling stanley and comforting him after that flute lady from chapter one takes a big ol chomp on his face in the neilbolt house.. like,, baby.... could i PUHLEASE get a fic like that? thanks love, have an amazing day/night💞 (based off chapter one as children if possible)
A/N: I've been thinking about writing this the whole day, not kidding. Thought of the different approaches and I hope I've finally settled on one. Haha. Hope this is what you wanted! It's quite short. Perhaps because I can't write about sad Stan for too long. Happy reading!
warnings: angst, it's quite sad and tearful.
IT masterlist
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Gif credit goes to owner!
“Stanley! Stanley!” 
All the Losers rushed over to their fearstruck and horribly frightened friend, who started thrashing around and screaming and crying once he realised his surroundings. Y/N gets to him the first, the closest, immediately reaching around his shoulders, trying to hold him.
“No! No! No! I hate you, I hate you all!” Stan continues screaming, crying. The liquid pouring down his cheeks the mixture of tears and blood and sweat. “You're not my friends! You abandoned me! You made me go into Neibolt! You're not my friends!”
His friends offer him many protests and arguments against his screams and anguish, but it doesn't work. He's convinced he hates them, that they left him alone on purpose, that they didn't care. They're all crying, hunched around him, holding him any place they can, offering a soothing touch.
Y/N is in complete shock and panic, holding her best friend from behind his back. Her arms are tightly secured around his shoulders. 
“Stan, we'd never let anything happen to you!” They tell him, hearts broken and eyes full of tears, voices shaking and breaking. Stan cries hysterically, his voice run down and hoarse.
Eddie notices Bill wandering off into the other end of the hallway and stands up, although his hand is still on Stan's shoulder. “Bill!” The young boy calls out and Richie immediately looks where he is looking. So do the rest.
They left Stanley alone and look what happened to him. They can't risk it with Bill, either. They all stand up, except Stanley and Y/N, who is bound to stay with her best friend until he's totally okay. They wait for them, despite all of them being in deep fear and anxiety.
She wraps her arms around Stan and pulls his soft, little face into her neck, holding him ever so close to her. He cries and he sobs and he searches for breaths, for air to breathe. And something to hold onto. Her upper arms, as he continues to let out the experienced horrors. 
“Stan. Stan, Stan,” she starts to call out to him, through his crying. He doesn't respond, so she cradles both his wet cheeks between her hands, bringing his face up to look at hers, “hey, lovely.” She whispers and looks into his tear-filled, scared eyes.
Stan still sobs, but he's maintaining eye contact with Y/N, somehow. Hiccups start and she can't help but smile at their entrance.
“Just look at me, okay?” She asks him, her own eyes full of fear and tears. Stanley doesn't respond, he doesn't nod or shake his head, he doesn't say anything, but his sobs and cries have died down just a tad. 
Her hands gently touch his cheeks. The wounds are fresh and even her gentle presses extract pained cries and whincing from him. She cleans of the dripping blood, she wipes away the tears. 
She rids his soft skin of the substances, hoping she's not hurting him too much. Her fingers are so soft and careful and graceful, taking up every little drop of blood and tears in them, soaking them into her digits. So that he doesn't have to.
“Tell me what hurts.” She asks of him, begging with her eyes to hear an answer from him. He blinks a few times and clears his throat, also gets rid of his cute hiccups.
“My cheeks hurt. My throat.” He tells her, his voice a mere squeak. She immediately pulls him into her again, petting his hair soothingly. Y/N's hand reaches out to his hand to hold, another soothing gesture to him. 
“It's from the screaming.” She says. “You're alright now.” She coos and though tears are still streaming down his face and fear is making his heart beat rapidly, Stanley doesn't make a sound and lays cradled in her loving arms. “We all love you. And we'll never leave you. We'll never do a thing to hurt you.”
Stanley listens to her words and takes them to head and heart. He trusts her most of all, and he believes her.
“Grannies, we gotta go find Bill!” Richie yells at the two and they both close their eyes in quite the level of annoyance. It still blows Y/N's mind that Richie can be such an insensitive prick most times. 
She slowly rises with Stan, both wobbly standing on their feet. Stan doesn't want to let go of her hand. Fearing she might be taken away. Fearing something might take away him. Fearing that if they're not holding onto each other, they'll be gone from each other in a flash.
So he doesn't let go of her hand as they catch up to the rest of the Losers. And she runs small circles into his skin with her thumb. And they don't let go of each other's hand when they enter IT's residence, or when they see all the floating kids and their toys, or when they find Bill. They're too afraid.
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Stanley Uris tag-list: @nightbu-g
A/N: I am wondering why Wyatt hasn't gotten an award for this part. He is such an excellent actor. I love him. He's so incredible and talented. This scene touched me from the very first time I saw it, touched me very deeply. That's not something a lot of actors can do, at least for me. Where's the recognition my boy deserves ???????/
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Beware, the living dead. (It Chapter Two: A Ben Hanscom x Reader Fanfic) Part Two.
Part One: https://enigmaofthedead.tumblr.com/post/188144995785/beware-the-living-dead-it-chapter-two-a-ben
Enjoy part two!
Tumblr media
You felt yourself gasping as an older Bowers' hands were clenched around your throat, choking you once again in a familiar bathroom. The bathroom was closing in on you, causing you to feel like a fish trapped in a bowl much too small.
Your chest was heavy and working against you. Your back felt as if it were on fire. You were lying on the cold floor, an unknown liquid pooling around you.
Your head felt like it could explode any second now. There was no timer. Just the inevitable explosion as your struggle to breathe took advantage of you.
"Y/N!" It sounded like Eddie who was screaming for you.
The lack of oxygen caused your vision your dim, and tears to leak out of your protruding, bloodshot eyes as your body quickly slipped out of your control.
Is this death?
"It says it's your time, Y/N," Bowers snarled, squeezing even more tightly. Your hands were clawing at the thick flesh of his arms at first, slowing in aggression as you felt it all fading. The icy temperature sank into you as you felt everything slipping away. There was no fight left for you as you felt your body give out.
Fuck it. Better that I die instead of the Losers, you thought.
"Y/N," you heard a gentle voice in your ear.
Ben? You thought, your frozen body sinking into the floor.
"Y/N, it's not real."
Large, warm hands intertwined with yours, causing you to gasp, jolting awake to the familiarity of the townhouse room you rented. You could tell you had been crying in your sleep, given the wetness of your eyes. You noticed both your hands and Ben's cradling your throat - you must have been grabbing at it in your sleep.
Your heavy panting was the only audible thing in the room. You could feel the worry vibrating off of Ben, his worried expression peering down at you as you tried to play off the fear embedded in you.
You shut your eyes again, not realizing how violently you were trembling until his body molded into yours from behind, acting as a shield, a blanket.
You gripped the warm hands tightly as you gave yourself a few minutes to get your breathing steady again.
"It was just a nightmare," Ben's calm voice spoke into your ear. You felt yourself drifting, not bothering to respond as you were out cold again.
Your eyes slowly blinked open, and you became aware of your intertwined grip on someone's hands, their body pressed to yours from behind. Blinking a few times, you realized it was Ben with you. You gave his large hands a squeeze to let him know you were awake.
A small smile spread across your face as his natural scent hit your nose. He smelled wonderful.
"What time is it?" You asked, turning to face Ben.
He smiled slightly at you, taking in your features and scanning you for anything unusual with scrunched eyebrows.
“Early,” Ben responded, “We’ve got to go. Mike needs us to get up and running.”
You nodded, sitting up carefully as you scanned your room with your eyes, taking a deep breath when the image flashed in your mind, “It’s the Barrens. That’s where we’re going.”
You hopped out of the bed, making your way over to the bathroom connected to the room. Your eyes were bloodshot and swollen from shitty sleep patterns and consistent drinking. Your face was sickly pale. 
Get your shit together, you thought, brushing your teeth and splashing cold water on your face multiple times. You felt yourself wanting to close off and hide again. After last night, almost all of your secrets were out for the Losers to know. The only couple of secrets you had left for yourself were the most difficult to release.
As you stepped out of the bathroom, Ben stood by the door to the room, waiting for you with an outstretched hand. You instantly grabbed it, letting him guide the two of you out.
The sun was beginning to rise as the seven of you made the journey over to the Barrens. Mike and Bill took the lead, followed by Beverly, you, Ben, Eddie, and Richie.
"The Barrens," Ben said, amazed as he took in the scenery. You smiled, watching as he, Bill, Richie, Eddie, and Beverly held recognition on their faces. They were remembering. A faint smile played at your lips as you overheard the commotion between Bill and Beverly as he caught her mid fall.
"It's where we came after the rock fight," Mike announced. You looked over at Ben, who was looking around at the ground.
You smiled, realizing what he was looking for, "a couple feet ahead, Hanscom." You nearly screamed when Ben found the clubhouse door, falling through it.
"Found it. I'm okay! Come down!" He shouted beneath the six of you. You let everyone go ahead of you - you remembered exactly what the clubhouse looked like, the memories swirling through your psyche. You didn't want to take away from the moment your friends were having.
You were the last to enter the clubhouse, taking in its condition nearly thirty years later. It wasn't too bad considering the amount of time that has passed - a little cleaning and some extra reinforcement on Ben's part and it'd be good as new.
"It's the clubhouse you built for us," Bev grinned, the look of remembrance on her face. You smiled faintly as Bill, Ben, Richie, and Eddie had similar facial expressions. Mike was also a part of the moment even though his memories were perfectly intact, but you felt like you didn't belong there. You knew too much, you were so in tune with everything and everyone's vibrations that this moment wasn't yours to embrace.
I'm a ghost here, you thought.
"Hey Losers. Time to float!" You rolled your eyes at Richie's impersonations of Pennywise. Had everyone not been so scared shitless, you would have laughed as Richie did the Pennywise dance, as fucked up as it was.
"Fuck, Richie!"
"Are you really going to be like the entire time we're home?" Eddie asked seriously.
"Just trying to add some levity to this shit, I guess I'll go fuck myself," Richie shrugged.
But you knew better. There was a reason why all of you were here.
You were suddenly anchored by the heavy emotions your friends were emitting as Bill found Stan's stash of shower caps. Stan wasn't here to see this. Tears stung your eyes as the Losers talked about how wise he was as a kid.
"He was ahead of his time," Ben commented.
"I wonder what he was like all grown up," Bev chimed.
"Like he was as a kid. The best," Richie said sadly. You swallowed nervously, tensing your neck and taking a deep breath as you successfully managed to keep the tears from falling out of your eyes. Nobody needed a repeat.
Mike went on to explain the sacrifice the seven of you would have to make. You could only nod your head, disassociating and feeling as if you were escaping your own body as your gifts overpowered you, allowing you to simply know and register what your friends were about to experience.
"Sacrifice? I nominate Eddie," Richie said quickly, causing Eddie to react.
"My height is average in most countries," he defended.
"Yeah, but you're small enough to fit on a barbecue," Richie countered quietly.
You came back to the present moment when Mike announced that everyone's journey to finding their tokens would be alone.
"Statistically, it wouldn't work out if we split up," Eddie spoke up.
"Yeah man, I gotta be honest. All due respect, this is fucking stupid, alright?" Richie agreed. You could only stay quiet and observe.
Ben's eyes were on you, watching you like a hawk as you observed everyone. He was much more afraid now that he had witnessed you enduring one of many nightmares - he didn't want to let you out of his sight.
Stepping closer to him, you whispered, "I'm fine. Just be careful." 
You gave him a small smile, causing him to grab your hand and give it a squeeze. Worry furrowed your eyebrows as you looked everyone over.
You could feel the horrid depths of haunting sights and memories coming for them, and you wanted to tell them what you knew, but couldn't. You could already feel the pull as everyone made their separate ways, with you heading up to the quarry.
You climbed over the gate and sat at the edge of the quarry cliff, smiling as you could see your younger self diving off the cliff in your bra and underwear.
You were a bit of a rebel back then - the Losers protested when you decided you would defy the dumbass 'No Diving' sign, arguing that it was too dangerous, but you were so carefree and fearless back then.
After your first dive off the cliff, your friends stuck to jumping, calling you crazy as they met you down in the quarry. You were so carefree and liberated after the dive that Ben's behavior was something you failed to catch. His intensely flushed cheeks gave away that he had been staring at every exposed curve and crevice of you for too long, almost long enough to catch the Losers' attention. He was amazed, lusting, and surprised by you.
You sighed, realizing the major difference in who you were then in comparison to the present moment. You felt almost like a shell of the fiery teenager who held the world on her shoulders - not only were you dealing with IT, but you had your abusive mother on your ass, dead father, and growing addiction to alcohol on your conscience. You knew how to mask everything and show the Losers whatever you wanted.
That is, until Bowers did what he did to you.
"FUCK!" you roared, "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"
You pound your fists into the dirt, scattering it all over your black outfit as tears cascaded down your face. Your heart felt like it wanted to burn. The pit of your stomach clenched and writhed in deep anguish as twenty seven year's worth of lingering trauma wracked your body and morphed it into heaving, disgusting sobs.
This was what you had been trying to avoid - letting all of it go. You had tried, with and without the whiskey, with and without the artwork, and it was painful every God damn time. You knew the only way out was through, but the pain of it always held you back. It was painful when Henry did what he did, and it was painful years later. You weren't ready to relive it, but here you were.
Your clenched fists were wound up so tightly that your nails clawed into the palms of your hands, drawing blood. A scream erupted from the depths of your body, lasting too long to feel human. You were practically a banshee.
Not giving a shit, you curled up into a ball in the dirt, rocking yourself back and forth as your lack of energy caused you to drift into numbing state of mind.
"Come back here, bitch!"
You blinked and sat up instantly, darting your head around as you jumped to your feet. You weren't sure how long it had been, but you could tell it had been at least an hour or so as the sun appeared to have dimmed and lowered a little.
"It's not real. Bowers is dead," you whispered.
"You're too fucking beautiful to leave untouched, bitch. I AM real."
"Shut up," you snapped, involuntarily grabbing the sides of your head as you took deep breaths. The fear in you was coming back.
"You're giving me what I came for!"
Bowers' voice went silent, causing you to sigh in relief. It's over, you thought, Maybe I just needed to let it all out. I already have my token, maybe I just needed to grieve.
You dug into your leather jacket pocket, retrieving Ben's anonymous postcard to you. Rereading it, a sigh of relief and comfort washed over you. I hope he’s okay, you thought, holding the old postcard up to your chest. Your heart beat unevenly as you read and reread his beautiful poem to you.
Realization crossed you.
Of course. Of course you were in love with Ben Hanscom. After all these years of meaningless relationships with men and empty, unfulfilling physical intimacy, you were back here. You love him and have been in love with him since the start and never told him everything you knew.
"Y/N." The voice caused you to whirl around quickly. Less than ten feet away from you was teen Bowers, staring at you with his knife in his hand. Your breathing came out in gasps as your heart rate sped up.
"Time to float again!" Your eyes widened as his eyes turned a sickly, bright yellow.
“NO!” You screamed, shoving the postcard in your jacket as your instincts took over. You dove off the cliff, remembering to slowly straighten your legs and keep your arms outstretched as you smoothed out of the crouched position.
Hitting the water felt as if you landed on concrete. You knew you fucked up the dive, but you had evaded IT. You surfaced sloppily, coughing as the harsh impact had caused you to inhale at the wrong time, and gulp down quarry water.
You quickly swam back to shore, checking your pocket for the postcard. It was wet, but still there.
Not bothering to take the risk, you sprinted out of the quarry, hoping the consistency of your run would help you dry off. For a brief moment, the townhouse felt like a safe haven as you made your way back.
You stumbled as you loudly entered the townhouse, catching Bill and Beverly off guard. From what you could see, they were in the middle of a kiss, remembering their childhood one after the blood oath.
"Thank fuck you two remembered and made up, I was starting to lose hope," you wheezed, placing your hands on your knees for support. You hadn’t stopped running.
They both turned towards you, Bill being the first to speak, "Are you alright, Y/N?"
"You're really pale and soaked," Bev commented, eyes full of worry.
"I'm peachy, I was due for a bath in the quarry," you shrugged, shutting up when the skateboard clattered down the steps.
"Should we be running?" Bev asked.
"It's Derry, I'm getting used to it," Bill answered, backing up without taking his eyes off the board, which finally clattered to the floor in front of the three of you.
“Dean’s skateboard,” you whispered, turning towards the two of them, “that kid from Jade of the Orient that Richie screamed at.”
"He lives at my old house," Bill informed the two of you, "he was headed for the festival." His face scrunched in worry, and you could see the pain and survivor's guilt - he was having flashes of Georgie, his younger brother.
The skateboard flipped to its side, revealing a message to Bill in blood. He turned to the townhouse door and was ready to run.
“Bill!” you yelled, “Stay! We can wait for everyone to get back!”
Bev agreed, “We can get Richie, a-and Ben-”
Bill wasn’t having it, cutting the two of you off, “No. I have to go help him!”
“What happened before wasn’t your fault,” Bev protested, grabbing onto Bill. The look on his face revealed shame and guilt. In the same moment, Dean’s tiny figure flashed in your mind, followed by Pennywise and too much blood. You did your best not to react, and stopped fighting. Dean needed help.
“I wish that were true,” Bill said quietly before running out of the townhouse.
“God damn it!” you snapped, "Who else made it back?"
"Ben's upstairs trying to convince Richie to stay," Bev answered. Her old apartment door flashed in your mind. You could see the old woman, the inhuman old woman. You turned to her, finding the lingering fear in her eyes. She was terrorized by IT.
"Mrs. Kersh wasn't real," you stated, lightly grabbing the tops of her shoulders and looking her dead in the eyes, "you did everything you could do despite the way your dad was. And those welts on your arms from your piece of shit husband, that's not happening again, got it?"
Her wide eyes only widened more as she nodded, tears pooling and falling in the same moment as she brought you into a hug. The two of you turned quickly as Ben came running down the stairs.
"Bev? Bill?" He called.
"Bill's gone," you informed him as he reached you, taking you into his arms.
"Why? What happened?"
"He took off, I couldn't stop him," Bev said, worried.
Ben's eyes went hard as he peered at the townhouse door, "It's okay. It’s Bill, he'll be back." He turned to look at you, moving wet strands of your hair behind your ears.
Your foresight caught what Ben remembered - the dark entity IT created out of you. IT was a shadowy figure, disguised as you hiding in the dark while young Ben woke up from his summer class. You could hear snippets of a casual conversation, then a string of disgusting things said to Ben - those were things you couldn’t imagine telling Ben, ever.
You could see your figure turned into a dark, shadowy entity, with black eyes and razor sharp teeth as it chased Ben throughout the school.
He looked you up and down, searching for injuries until you shook your head, “I’m fine.” Your worried eyes bore into his, causing his eyebrows to furrow, and his forehead to wrinkle.
“Then why are you looking at me like that?” he asked.
“What IT showed you in the school,” you whispered, “that wasn’t me, Ben.” He was surprised by you, breath catching in his throat for a second. His breath was shaky as he nodded, clenching his jaw as he embraced you tightly. You could feel his heart hammering against your head.
“Shhh, it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s over,” you soothed.
He pulled away to look at you and Beverly, “at least I got Richie to stay."
You quickly pulled yourself out of his embrace as Richie popped up into your head. You ran up the stairs, ignoring Ben and Bev's protests as you found Richie outside, in the back area of the townhouse.
You heard a quiet, “Fuck!” as you approached him, ready to tackle him if that was what it took to get him to stay.
"Hey, asshole!" You snapped, catching his attention as he turned to you, bags ready to go, "where the fuck are you going!?"
"Home, Y/N."
You sighed, picking up on everything he was feeling, "Rich, you know I love you, right?" He nodded, a confused expression on his face.
"You love whoever you want to love. Don't go, please. Eddie needs you. We need you. Please don't go," you pleaded, holding his clenched hands. His face held sadness and regret as he peered down at you.
As Richie took a deep breath, he shook his head at you, "I love you too, Y/N. But I'm not staying. I can't do this shit again." He wasted no time in hauling ass out of there, exiting where no one would find him.
You ran back inside and came into contact with Eddie, who was hauling ass to his room with a black sludgy substance coating him.
"Shit Eds, you look like a sewer puked on you," you commented, entering the room with him as you followed him into the bathroom, "let me help you clean up."
He grumbled at you, “Yeah yeah, Y/N. I look like a sewer. I’d rather get into gray water than this.”
“What happened?” You asked, turning on the water to a lukewarm temperature. Eddie got to work as did you, retrieving a bottle of shampoo.
"That fucking leper got me in the fucking pharmacy," he whined, rinsing his face repeatedly as you washed off the sludge with some shampoo. It took you some time, and a bit of snapping at Eddie to keep his eyes shut, but as you rinsed and repeated, his hair was fairly cleaned of gross substance the leper puked on him.
“Fucking lepers,” you sighed, gently towel drying Eddie’s hair and using his comb to smooth it back into place.
Your body went extremely cold as you suddenly picked up on a presence behind you. This sudden drop in temperature was worse than with teen Bowers. This was much, much worse.
Your breaths were quick and uneven as you tried to stay calm. You could feel your chest burning, and part of your face go numb as you kept your eyes on Eddie’s hair. You needed to run.
Eddie could now hear you panicking, eyes still closed, "Y/N? You okay?"
“E-eds,” you whispered, trembling violently as you let out a sob of fear. You didn’t want to know, didn’t want to look, but there was no other way out of the bathroom.
“What is it? What's wrong?" He swiped at his face and straightened up from the sink, opening his eyes. You hadn't dared to look in the mirror until he did.
In the mirror, was an older Henry Bowers - you knew because of that shitty mullet he hadn’t cut. He stared at the two of you, a genuinely evil smile playing at the corners of his mouth… And his knife in the other.
You felt your heart stop for a couple of seconds - this asshole hurt you, raped you, and here he was, twenty-seven years later. You all thought he was dead. How he survived, you had no idea.
“IT says it’s your time, Losers,” he said raspily, swinging the knife faster than you and Eddie could react. You were on the floor in seconds, a burning, white hot heat scorching your upper back as you groaned. The knife was ripped out of you quickly, causing you to scream as you struggled to get up. Bowers swung the knife into Eddie’s cheek, causing him to react in pain and surprise as he started backing up.
“W-w-why did you do that!?” Eddie slurred.
“Because IT says it’s your time!” Bowers laughed. He laughed at inflicting pain on your friend like he was having the time of his life at a comedy show. Scoping out his clothes, you spotted it - he’s been in a mental institution the entire time.
He was distracted. You needed to get up as quickly and as quietly as you could and kill him.
“Who says it’s my time!?” Eddie backed into the shower, buying you some more time.
You held your breath as you managed to get back on your knees, using the balls of your feet to navigate the floor quietly. You scanned the bathroom for weapons, but none of them were accessible to you without you being spotted.
All or nothing, you thought, feeling the blood trickling down your back.
“You know, Eddie. You know who. You both know! Time to float!” Bowers quickly turned to you as you took the two second window, charging at him and gripping his head as you slammed it into the sink. Catching him off guard, you slammed his head into the sink multiple times, wounding his head.
He's down!
"Eddie, get the fuck out, now!" You screeched, attempting to move around Bowers. You just needed to get out of Eddie's room safely and warn the others. This was all Pennywise's doing.
Before you could successfully make the escape, Bowers stood up and grabbed your arms, charging towards the window with you in tow.
You thought you were about to fall towards your death, but what Bowers did was worse.
Slamming you into the glass window the first time, you groaned at how the force of the impact struck your back, especially the stab wound. He pulled you back to him, as if he were pulling you in for a hug, then shoved you into the shards of glass that were still intact from the bottom of the window.
The shards sliced into the skin of your back like it was butter, drawing out a loud, blood curdling scream from you as the pain on your back was too much for you to handle. You could feel chunks of glass inside the stab wound, along with several other large wounds with the glass invading them. The blood felt like it was coating you as Bowers yanked you off the window, and threw you to the bathroom floor, on your back.
The pain was the only thing keeping you from feeling as cold as you did in that moment. The burning sensation was so overwhelming that the cold coursing through you was now in the back of your mind as you fought the hands grabbing your throat.
Your screams echoed in the bathroom as you fought, knowing damn well that you were losing energy fast.
You felt yourself gasping as Bowers' hands got the upper hand and wrapped around your throat, choking you in the bathroom. The bathroom was closing in on you, causing you to feel like a fish trapped in a bowl much too small. Your chest was heavy and working against you. Your back felt as if it were on fire. You were lying on the cold floor, the blood spreading, and pooling around you, coating the exposed skin of your neck and parts of your hair.
Your head felt like it could explode any second now. There was no timer. Just the inevitable explosion as your struggle to breathe took advantage of you.
"Y/N!" Eddie screamed for you.
The lack of oxygen caused your vision your dim, and tears to leak out of your eyes as your body quickly slipped out of your control.
"It says it's your time, Y/N. Time to float," Bowers snarled, squeezing even more tightly. Your hands were clawing at the thick flesh of his arms at first, slowing in aggression as you felt it all fading. The icy temperature sank into you and made itself known again as you felt everything slipping away.
Fuck it. Better that I die instead of the Losers, you thought. Henry’s cold, dead eyes stared into yours - this would be the last thing you saw.
It took you too long to realize you had a nightmare, a premonition about your own death as you closed your eyes.
You opened your eyes as Henry suddenly grunted in pain - his knife was lodged into his chest. He was genuinely confused as he looked behind him. It was Eddie!
Eddie rushed over to your coughing form, pulling you up and supporting you as the two of you made your way out.
"You should cut that fucking mullet, man. It's been like thirty years," Eddie spat as the two of you rushed out of the room. You held onto Eddie, trying to feign a cool, calm, and collected mask as Ben and Beverly came running up the stairs.
"Eds, Y/N -" Bev looked up and saw Eddie's face, screaming in shock as she and Ben approached the two of you.
"Bowers is in my room," Eddie said casually, causing Ben to charge inside.
"Ben, that piece of shit has a knife in his chest!" You rasped, feeling your knees buckle and give out as you slid down the wall, holding in a groan and falling on your ass.
"Is it bad?" Eddie asked Bev, who used her thumb and index finger to hold the wound together. It would definitely need stitches.
Ben ran back to the three of you, towels in his hands, "Bowers got out through the window. We'll have to keep alert in case he tries to come back." He handed Eddie a towel, "Put pressure on that."
He then turned to you, worried eyes scanning you for injuries and finding the handprint bruises piling on top of the old ones on your neck, "Are you okay?"
"I've been better," you shrugged tiredly. Ben stopped, eyes widened as he looked at the wall a few inches above you. His hand touched the wall, shaky breaths almost reaching hyperventilation as his hand moved closer to your face. It was your blood.
"Y/N," Ben said shakily, carefully grabbing your hands as he pulled you to him, and brushed his fingers against your back to look for wounds. Given that the majority of your upper back was wounded, a deep groan rumbled, trickling up the pit of your belly and escaping your throat through gritted teeth as the fire of the pain blindsided you, causing you to breathe unevenly. You leaned your head into Ben's chest as you began to feel lightheaded.
"Let me see," he ordered, carefully peeling your leather jacket off your body like a rose petal. You could feel the sudden panic rush into your body - whatever Ben just saw wasn't good.
"Bev, we need to go to the hospital."
"Fuck the hospital," you protested, placing your hand against the wall past Ben for support as you stood up. You winced at the sensation of a couple pieces of glass shifting in your wounds, "Help me get cleaned up so we can kill that motherfucker."
"I said no," you argued towards Ben, your voice much more gentle as you carefully walked to your room, "There's not much time.”
Bev and Eddie walked in behind you, while Ben took a couple of minutes to find a couple of first aid kits. You stripped your black tank off, and laid down on the bed on your stomach as you waited.
It wasn’t long before Ben’s large hands touched your upper back, making you wince at the sensation. You knew it was bad.
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fucking-greywater · 7 months ago
sour - introduction
Tumblr media
❝ 𝙞 𝙗𝙚𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣 𝙩𝙚𝙡𝙡 𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙝𝙤𝙬 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙝𝙚𝙧 . . . ❞
❝ . . . 𝙞𝙣 𝙗𝙚𝙩𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙪𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙚 ❞
Exactly three blocks away from Neibolt street lay Peach Tree Lane, a longer road that twisted and turned into a small cul de sac, where four houses were built. In one of those four houses, specifically the dark blue colored one with white shutters on the windows, was occupied by men moving boxes inside the house, moving in the family who were gone for exactly a year and fifteen days.
The town of Derry, Maine didn’t seem to change a bit, you thought to yourself, inching towards the window of your room on the second floor, looking out at the movers and hoping that they would be done soon so that you could finally have some type of peace. Today had already been stressful enough, with having to travel back to Derry from San Francisco and help your parents with telling all the men where certain boxes were supposed to go in the home that you had missed so much. Your room wasn’t decorated anymore, except for a few pictures that hung right above your white dresser. In them were your friends, one specifically pictured Stan, Eddie, and you opening up Christmas presents for a secret santa two years ago. Although you were only gone for a year, you still missed them greatly. They were your best friends after all, and leaving them was one of the hardest things you ever had to do. They begged and pleaded with you not to go, but you didn’t have a choice, since your father decided to take a job all the way across the country.
The first thing that you did when you got into your room was set up your phone, hoping that there would be a call from one of them sometime soon asking to hang out. There were so many moving trucks that it was almost impossible not to see them, so everyone should know that you’re back.
Just like clockwork, you heard your phone ring.
“Y/N! We were placing bets as to when you would show up,” Richie Tozier on the other end greeted, you could hear his large grin through the tone of his voice. “Stanley owes me five bucks now.”
You laughed, leaning against your desk and seeing that the time was nearing six thirty in the afternoon. “Nice to hear your voice, Rich, do you wanna do something?”
“Yeah! That’s actually what I was calling you about. Everyone is going to head to this party that’s being hosted by some football player, do you wanna meet up with us and go?”
“Of course I do, what time?” You asked, already opening up your boxes to try to find an outfit that would suit you. Just as you remembered, it was hot as hell in Derry this time of year, and although you were used to the California heat from the past year, you were almost breaking a sweat at this point.
There was a pause on the other side of the phone and you had half a thought to ask if something was wrong, but right as you opened your mouth to say something, Richie said, “I’ll come over and then we can head out around seven, cool?”
“Sure, see you then.”
In the small town of Derry, Maine, there was only one street that Bill Denbrough, the fearless leader, avoided at all costs. There was one street where the moment he realized he would have to turn down, he rerouted his entire movement and purposely went around it. It was a wonder that, regardless of how much shit he would take from others about his complete and utter avoidance of Neibolt St, he would still never walk, drive, or ride his bike on it. For almost every single person, they would believe it was just from the only building built on the road. It’s a dilapidated house, crushing under the weight of the mere years it’s been living and the gravity of the earth, with broken windows and shutters that creaked on an especially windy day. And those people were technically right, it was because of the house, but it wasn’t because he was scared of it by any means, it was the memories he got, things that he would do anything to forget.
And directly three blocks away from that, laid Peach Tree Lane, another street with a significant amount of history for the Denbrough boy.
“Bill, are you even listening to me?”
The boy turned to look at his friend, the voice impeding every inch of his thoughts and gripping him back to reality. When his vision came back, he saw his friend, Richie Tozier, sitting across from him.
“Wha-What?” Bill responded, ignoring the way that his friends were all looking at him, wondering what the hell had been on his mind before.
The lanky, scraggly black haired Richie laughed out loud, right in his face and said, “Jesus, Big Bill, what have you all tied up in your mind?” Bill replied by shaking his head, looking down at the ground and waiting for the conversation that he had been missing out to continue.
“… Anyways, back to what I was saying before: Y/N said that she would come to the party tonight, she’s finally going to be back from her year in San Francisco.”
That was enough to get Bill back in the conversation, his heartbeat picking up and a tint of red coming to his features. Y/N was coming back? Soft memories flashed through his mind of his very close friend, ones that were filled with a hue of love.
“That means that she’s going to meet Nancy, Bill, so get ready for whatever you need to do for that,” Richie finished, patting his friend on the shoulder.
Oh fuck. As if this summer couldn’t get even more brutal.
“I said that I would come over there and help her get more situated then take her to the party.”
“Don’t tuh-tell her,” Bill told Richie, shaking his head. “She doesn’t need to know right now.”
“Seriously, you’re going to let this happen at the party, in front of everyone?”
No. He didn’t want to tell her then, because how was he supposed to explain it? Bill had just spent the past year trying to get over Y/N, and now she was back here and it felt like everything was crashing back down on him.
You were putting the final amount of clothes in your drawer before you heard the news. Richie was on the other side of your room, helping you by putting up the copious amounts of posters you brought back from California onto your wall, all the faces of all the bands you loved staring back at you. Pushing the drawer in, you turned around to face Richie, laughing as the paper fell and hit him back in the face, him muttering a small fuck and going back to pinning the poster against the wall.
“So, what’s-”
“Bill has a girlfriend.” He sputtered out.
It wasn’t the best way to break the news, he had to admit, but how was he supposed to tell you anyways? It was going to come out sooner than later and it was easier for you to just know this way.
You were too stunned to speak, feeling as though everything you had thought about what would happen tonight was thrown out the window. A part of you, a small part albeit, was hoping that the second you saw Bill, you both would run into each other’s arms and you would be together, like everyone thought that you would be a year ago. And back then it was getting to that point, but you got the news that you were moving away and you couldn’t think of being in a long distance relationship and possibly ruining everything even more.
Richie seemed to be scanning your face, looking for some type of reaction. In all honesty, you didn’t know how to feel. Part of you wanted to feel happy for your friend that he has found someone, and the other was already starting to get winded up in jealousy. “When did that happen?” You asked him, pursing your lips together and walking over to your closet, opening it and looking at the outfit you had pulled out earlier for the party. It also gave you a moment to compose yourself and facial expressions away from him. “And who?”
You heard him sigh. “Nancy, her from film class sophomore year? And it was a few months ago. We were pretty shocked, considering . . . you know.” Richie trailed off.
‘You know’ is code for Bill’s supposed feelings for you. Which you thought for these months had stayed but apparently not. Of course you remembered who Nancy was. The last time you saw her, she was wearing headbands every single day of school to push back the unruly amount of blonde curly hair she had. She also used to hang out with the film nerds and musical kids, you wondered if she changed.
“That’s great. I’m glad Bill is happy.”
“Well, I didn’t say that.”
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canislupus-exe · a year ago
Mystery Boy | richie tozier
Tumblr media
>> gif credit to @/ahorrorstorycircle on tumblr <<
fandom | It: Chapter One
character | Richie Tozier
reader | (witch) he/him (she ver.)(they ver.)
requested | Anonymous, @beepbeeprichtozier
warnings | Swearing
word count | 1,003
keys | (Y/n) = Your name, (f/n/i) = full name initials (Kyle Lee Smith = KLS)
summary | Hi can i request richie x reader  The reader is a new guy in town  And the losers found out hes a witch Thanks 🙏
>> linktree <<
Keep reading
“Oh my god, Richie!” Eddie squealed as he watched him toss the fallen piece of ham into his mouth. Richie glanced at him before laughing.
“What’s up, Ed’s?” He replied. Eddie looked from his mouth to his face in pure disgust.
“You did not just eat that off of the table.” Eddie persisted, sounding as if he was going to throw up. Richie rolled his eyes.
“They sanitize them.” He said with a shrug.
“Really? You’re joking, right? Even a sanitized table has over-“ Eddie was interrupted by a loud clatter.
“You douchebag!” Someone shouted. Richie glanced over his shoulder with raised eyebrows. In front of him was a scene that made him grimace.
Greta Keene, the infamous bitch of Derry, had her hands thrown up in distress as she looked from your face to the spilled tray on the floor. You, on the other hand, looked quite unamused.
“It was an accident. Just grab another plate, Jesus.” You said as you walked around the mess. She growled and yanked your jacket, pulling you back.
“You have no idea who you’re talking to, do you?” She said. You rolled your eyes and pushed her off of you.
“No, but I’m starting to get an idea. Does the word bitch ring a bell? How about asshole? Feel free to stop me when you find the best that applies.” You replied sarcastically. By now, everyone was staring at you two, waiting for the inevitable fight that was sure to come.
She growled in frustration as you walked away. Greta was not about to let you leave without a bruise. She went to grab you by the collar of your sweater but as soon as she did, it was like a force pulled her to the floor. You laughed as you glanced over your shoulder, staring down at her very confused and angry face.
“You know what? You made me lose my appetite. Here, take my lunch.” You said. Her eyes widened as you dropped your tray on her, spilling your opened milk all over her tacky clothes.
“Bye-bye now.” You said, making your way out of the doors of the cafeteria. Richie watched in awe as you opened them.
“I’m not the only one who saw that right? Like, please tell me I’m not on drugs or some shit and that actually happened!” He said, turning to the Losers frantically. They too had looks of shock and amusement adorning their faces as they nodded.
“Holy shit. Holy shit! We- We have to talk to him guys!” He shouted, standing up from the table.
“Don’t be ridiculous Richie! He just stood up to Greta Keene. We already have a target on our back by being Losers, we’d only make it bigger by talking to him. And besides, it’s not like he’d talk to us, even if we talked to him.” Stan replied, mindlessly picking at his food. Richie glared at him.
“Way to fucking burst my bubble, asshole.” He sneered. Stan rolled his eyes, looking back at the book he was reading. Richie huffed and sat back down. Maybe he’d talk to you some other day.
>> timeskip <<
Richie sighed, staring at the bulky arcade game screen as he focused on nothing but saving Princess Daphne. He watched carefully and tapped the buttons when they needed to be. This game was all about quick reflexes and if you were even a millisecond off, you could screw everything up.
He watched as the dragon puffed out his chest and, without a second thought, he smashed the attack button. That’s it. Right? That was the end of the game! He cheered victoriously and threw his fist in the air. He couldn’t even count up the time and money he spent to beat this stupid arcade game. This deserved a celebratory slushie, but his smile dropped when he heard the familiar game over music. He slowly turned around, watching as Dirk’s flesh melted off his bone.
“No. No! No no no no no no! There was another scene? There was another scene! You piece of money stealing shit!” He screamed, angrily kicking the machine.
“Aye kid, you break it you buy it!” One of the employees shouted.
“Fuck you!” Richie shouted back. He groaned in frustration and let his head drop onto the control panel.
“You okay, kid?” A familiar voice asked him.
“Well I don’t fucking know, does it look like I’m okay? Does it look-“ He started angrily but his voice faltered as he looked up. He immediately straightened his posture and pushed his glasses up he saw you. You arched an eyebrow before slightly pushing him to the side.
“Let me have a try.” You said, pulling two quarters from your pocket. He sighed as he watched you push them into the slot.
“Your funeral.” He replied. You glanced over your shoulder and looked back at the screen, a smirk now adorning your face. As Richie watched you play, it was like you were willing the characters to move with just your eyes. Perhaps it was just his mind playing tricks on him, but it looked like you were barely even pushing the buttons.
It seemed like just as soon as it started, it ended. You beat the entire game in a mere 11 minutes and 49 seconds, with no deaths. Richie could barely believe his eyes as you punched the initials (f/n/i) into the scoreboard.
“You’re fucking kidding me right? How the fuck did you do that? What are you, some kind of witch?” He asked, still in shock. You gave a small laugh.
“Something like that.” You replied with a shrug.
“You have to teach me how to do that. Like seriously, I’ve been playing this game for I don’t know how long and I’ve never been able to do that. Is it the way you push the buttons? Is there some kind of cheat code I should know about? Come on (Y/n), there’s gotta be… (Y/n)?” He began but trailed off as he saw that you were no longer standing there. He looked around but upon seeing nothing, simply stared back at the pixelated letters of your initials. What a mysterious dude.
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moonlit-imagines · a year ago
Headcanons for being Patrick Hocksetter’s Older Sister and being in the Bower’s Gang
Bower’s Gang x Hocksetter!reader
warnings: i mean, it’s the bower’s gang so like, blood and guns and knives and shit, alcohol too
a/n: i don’t typically write for them but i wanted to give it a shot! reminder to everyone to check out this post before requesting! i actually changed it to older sister though, hope you dont mind!
prompt: @jinxed1398: “Hey, i was wondering if you write for the bowers gang(it)? If so can you make a headcanon where you are Patrick's older twin sister who is in the gang? If not then you could totally just ignore me”
Tumblr media
you were friends with henry first, way back in second grade
you introduced patrick to him and after that, you, pat, henry, vic, and “belch” were good friends
the boys grew up a bit violent, you were one of the only sensible people on board
“patrick, give me the lighter”
“no, you’re not the boss of me”
“if you don’t give it to me, i’ll take it”
*gives you lighter*
they feared you just as much as they feared henry, which led to some rivalry down the road
and a lot of arguments
“y/n, back off or i’ll gut you!”
“i’d like to see you try, henry! sure your daddy won’t drag you away?”
patrick being scared you’re gonna snitch to your mom when he does something stupid
“are you kidding me, pat? i’d be in just as much trouble as you since im ‘the older one’”
getting the gang to call him “patty cakes”
he HATES it but he wont do anything about it
belch....burping in your face
and you smacking him
because he burped......in your face
“do it again, i dare ya”
tell me that patrick hasnt stolen your hairspray. that’s right, you cant.
“patrick, if i look under your goddamn bed and find my missing cans of hairspray its OVER FOR YOU”
“wait, don’t go in my room!”
going to henry’s house to hang out
his dad thinks youre...okay
not great, but not the worst
but he didn’t suspect a THING when you were stealing beers and whiskey from him
shaking your head when they terrorized those kids, but not really stepping in
“dont you guys have better things to do than bully a bunch of kids?”
“what, like braid each other’s hair? is that what you have in mind?”
patrick RARELY every stood up for you unless henry was trying to do something that crossed lines
“henry, cut it out”
“patrick, i can handle myself”
the rough week after school ended when patrick went missing
the boys were a little nicer, but not really
“he’ll turn up, y/n. he’s probably just trying to get away from you”
“im gonna bash your skull in, bowers”
vic backing you up and IMMEDIATELY regretting it once bowers snaps on him
but he thought he’d be less likely to be stabbed if he was on your side which didn’t work out too well in the long run
bowers sneaking off with the boys to terrorize kids again
“you’ve gotta be fuckin kidding me, you guys act like children”
“we don’t answer to you, y/n”
“well, maybe if you did, we’d know where patrick was”
fist fight with henry
the boys had to pull you off of each other
henry stealing his dad’s gun
and his dad getting a bit pissed about it
but he let you do the honors and take the shot that proved that henry was weak
“you would’ve froze up too if you had a bullet shot at you!”
“well, i wouldn’t have made the mistake that led to getting shot in the first place, dumbass”
your mom made you stay home the day that vic and belch got killed because she was worried about losing another kid
and thank god for mother’s intuition because you’d have been murdered if you’d gone with bowers
you did think about that day often, though. maybe you could’ve stopped bowers and still had your friends
idk if you’d care for this headcanon but i feel like y/n would get some sort of redemption after she lost all her friends and became an outcast. maybe the losers club would take her in? just a thought. the end.
taglist: @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 //
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bowieandqueen11 · a year ago
Losers Club Halloween Headcanons
Tumblr media
Request: Tumbler is new to me but I’ve found you’re writing and I love it! Do you think you could do losers club head cannons for Halloween ? Thank you 💕
This is such a sweet ask so I’m sorry these are so bad!! <3
Comments are always appreciated! 
After Pennywise, nothing really just seems that scary anymore to the Losers. Therefore, while the Club doesn't go to the extremes since things are still quite recent on their mind, they do celebrate properly.
They all decide to kind of pair up/ do little group matching outfits within the group. Mike, Bill and Stanley, after a very hectic sleepover, decide to go as Bender, Brian and Andrew from the Breakfast Club.
Richie spends the whole month begging, pleading, getting down on his knees, wrapping his arms around Bev’s waist, trying to convince her to go as Molly Ringwald but she still refused.
This is mainly because Ben and Beverly had gone, a few months ago, to go see the Princess Bride on their anniversary date when it had finally arrived back in the Derry theatre. They knew straight away that they had to go as Westley and Buttercup for Halloween.
Every time Ben lay in bed, sleepless, glancing up at the ceiling and thinking about his fairytale relationship with Beverly, and how she is his one true love, he has to wiggle out of the duvet because his cheeks become too warm with his blush.
Richie and Eddie go as Marty McFly and Doc from Back to the Future, but somehow managed to mess it up and they both arrive at ben’s house dressed in a checked button up shirt and red vest. Eddie spends the next hour complaining, while Richie tries to play it off and say they were doing a Back to the Future 2 type thing.
The Losers spend the day getting ready at Ben's house. The place is a MESS by the time they’re all finished. Richie spends the whole time throwing popcorn at the back of Eddie’s head to get his attention, Beverly stands in Ben’s bedroom, trying to help him tie the mask around his eyes, but as Ben reaches up to help their fingers keep intertwining and they keep giggling. Bill and Mike end up having a clothes fight, where they keep throwing their fake wigs at each other, while Stanley just stands with his arms crossed and a frown on his face in between them.
His house smells like warm vanilla and cinnamon, with a hint of pumpkin spice and vibrant orange frosting as ben's aunt lays out some pumpkin cookies on the living room table for the lot of them to tuck into.
She lets the lot of them decorate the skeleton cupcakes she had made that afternoon for the school’s Halloween fair - Stan’s is very neat and precise, Bill and Mike try their best, Ben ends up with most of the icing leaking out onto his fingers, and the rest of them just about pass as decorations, but Richie won't shut up telling stupid skeleton puns so Eddie smashes his into Richie’s face.
Before they go out trick or treating, they bike down to the nearest store and run down the aisles, being told off by some of the town residents as they grab popcorn, chips, fizzy drinks (which Eddie tries to convince them to put back because his mother had told him sugar would rot his teeth and he couldn’t the high blood pressure from the sugar with his asthma and-) for their movie night later.
They rush out with their bags full of goods only to emerge in the middle of Derry’s Halloween parade marching down Main Street. Ben and Beverly get distracted by the fancy costumes, while Bill and Stanley wander off down the street with the streaming crowd towards the bandstand, following the huge fake halloween decorations. Mike follows the music played by the high school students with a smile, but Richie gets distracted by the free candy cane and chocolate apples they were handing out.
Eddie gets really scared by being separated from everyone, so he starts shouting for Richie and ends up running straight into the back of Greta Bowie. 
Pumpkin carving when they get back, of course, ends up with everyone covered in seeds and string (which makes a poor already shaken up Eddie start gagging). Stanley hands everyone either a mop of or a sponge and makes them clean it up from the kitchen walls.
Biking around the neighbourhood in the dark, with the jack-o’-lanterns lining the streets with a flickering glow - they honestly don’t feel the chill in the air, or notice the shadows that mount up from the yard decorations on the house’s walls, as they’re just so happy to see all the kids out and about having fun, not being worried about the curfew because they had already stopped IT.
They all just dump their sweets out onto Ben’s living room floor, surrounded by their sleeping bags at the end of the day and just share them all out.
Stanley turns out to be incredible at telling ghost stories - it’s all in the voice. He makes Bill turn all the lights off, the seven of them all lying in a circle around Stanley, and the sole flashlight he holds underneath his chin. The tone of his voice as he leaned towards Mike with raised eyebrows was enough to raise goosebumps on the back of all their necks.
The Losers all jump when Richie starts screaming really loudly. Eddie hits him in the face as a matter of reflex, managing to break his glasses.
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broadwayandnetflix · 2 years ago
Domesticity - Richie Tozier x Reader
Warnings: Language (it’s IT)
Theme: Fluff, Angst
Summary: After getting the call from Mike, you and Richie head down to Derry twenty-seven years later. Only this time the two of you are married and have a kid. 
Word Count: 3.3k
A/N: I wrote this fic for @80s90steen​ so I sure hope that this request does you justice! I wrote this with a small imagine in mind and am quite pleased with how this turned out. 
Tumblr media
A dopey grin firmly planted on your lips, you swayed around your shared apartment with a glass of over-filled red wine in one hand, and a Bluetooth speaker in the other.
Finally, for the first time in weeks, you had some free time, and how did you choose to spend it?
Getting absolutely wasted on boxed wine, while listening to Rihanna’s latest album, wearing your husband’s oversized t-shirt and sweats.
Being a temporary single parent had started to take its toll on you, with your husband being on his comedy tour for the past couple of months. You had assumed that you could keep it together, maintaining your job, enrolling Mason in daycare, and safely keeping your sanity in check.
Except one thing lead to another, and you found yourself crying at your neighbor, Abigail’s door asking her if she could watch your son for the night. Her eyes had glossed over with concern and sympathy while she gladly accepted, leading your son into her house to indulge in a sleepover with her own kids.
So here you were home alone and drunk off your ass on boxed wine, while reruns of Friends played in the background. It was pure bliss.
That was until you got a phone call, glancing towards the television’s digital clock you assumed that it would be Richie. The two of you often checked up on each other after he finished a show, updating each other on either his venues or how Mason was doing.
Except it wasn’t from Richie to your disappointment, yet from a caller ID in Maine. A frown tugging at your lips, you pressed accept, letting the click of the call to go through.
“Y/N?” a voice asked with a familiarity clinging to it that you couldn’t quite place. “It’s Mike.”
Time seemed to stop all at once, Mike’s voice starting to slur and jumble within your conscious, your wine glass now escaping your grasp and smashing to the floor.
Not even noticing Richie slip into the house, bag dropping to the ground, and rushing to wrap his arms around you.
“Shhh, you’re okay, okay?” he cooed quickly, reaching down to pick up your phone and putting it to his ear.
“Mike, it’s Richie, yeah I know this is her phone. Listen, I’ll explain later, yeah, thanks, see ya.” Richie explains quickly into your phone, eyes never leaving your figure while he massaged circles soothingly on your back.
“I forgot,” you whispered shakingly as everything came crashing back.
Richie looking down at you with an expression that you couldn’t quite decipher only nodded in response to your comment before helping you up.
“What does he want, Rich?” you ask quietly already full well knowing the answer.
“He’s back Y/N, Mike never seemed to leave Derry and with reports popping up and the calendar’s lining up. I think we all forgot, except for Mike,” he informs his voice wavering and shoulders sagging immensely.
It had been so long since the two of you had seen each other, and you had dreamed of the day that he’d come back home. Except you didn’t quite see it panning out to be like this.
“Fuck, Richie, it’s been way too long.” you murmur before wrapping yourself tightly into his arms.
“I know, babe, fuck, I’ve missed you so much.”
His taller figure entangling itself with your smaller frame, as he kisses the top of your head, pulling you closer to him.
“Where’s Mason?” it starts off as a faded question until he pulls himself away from you, looking around your living room.
“At Abigail’s,” you reply, eyeing the front door and then back towards him.
His eyes widen in confusion. “I needed some time off, it’s not easy without you here,” you admit.
His gaze softening, mouth gaping open to reply before you cut him off with a quick kiss, pulling away just as quickly.
“We leave when exactly?” you ask quietly.
“Tomorrow night,” he clears his throat, “I called my parents so they can look after Mason for us.”
You simply nod before pulling him back into your arms, the two of you trying to savor the moment as long as you possibly could.
“Oh, how I’ve missed you! Yes, I did, yes I did!” Richie’s voice exclaims, as he playfully lifts your son up into the air. Mason giggling at the endeavor, flashing his father a big tooth-less grin.
Moments like these almost made you forget how shitty this whole situation was, as the three of you endured the eight-hour drive to your hometown.
Of course, driving with a two-year-old had its ups and downs, but for the current moment, Mason was quite the angel. (Knock on wood)
You could tell that Richie had been harboring a sense of guilt from his absence in the family. The regret and insecurities that he so desperately tried to hide from you practically hung around him like a cloak. No matter what you said to change his mind wasn’t going to cut it, his stubborn personality had never left him since childhood.
You gripped the steering wheel and refocused your gaze on the road, blocking out the random 90’s songs in the background and your husband’s whispers and coddles. Ultimately focusing on how this whole phenomenon started up again, how you and Richie managed to tangle up into each other’s lives again.
2011, New York City
How you ended up in a comedy bar in Manhattan past eleven was beyond you. You and a couple of your friends had initially planned to spend the night at a new restaurant that had just opened up. Instead, half tipsy, and giddy the four of you had stumbled into a nearby comedy club.
You surprisingly were soberer than most as you were the single one of the bunch. No guy ever seems to meet your expectations or fulfill what you had longed to find for so long. All of your friends wedded and knocked up with litters of little ones that often became a recurring subject during your times together.
Caroline, one of your closest friends, led the lot of you into a row of empty chairs, as you all plopped yourselves down. At the current moment, you were watching a woman who seemed to be finishing her act. Her stand up appeared to be funny, but you had entered too late to really get any gist of her persona.
A quick vibrate of your phone got your attention as you quickly looked down, not noticing the next performer that would take the stand.
“Hi, I’m Richie Tozier-“you looked up, not even paying attention to the words that were spilling out of his mouth.
All you could focus on was him. The boy, (or now man you guess) that you had spent practically your entire adolescence crushing on. The same boy who would make the shittiest jokes and tease you mercilessly. The boy who made your heart twirl and whirl, the boy who would sneak you back into the hidden shed and kiss you until you couldn’t breathe. Or the boy that you left behind for college, the boy who broke your heart with his sweet words and gentle goodbyes.
You forgot, you genuinely forgot him, and you couldn’t breathe, he was right there in front of you. Of course, he became a comedian, of fucking course he did, which prompted you to giggle like a fool.
“What’s so funny?” Georgia smirks as she leans over to get a better look at you.
“Nothing,” you reply back nonchalantly, trying to hide the growing grin upon your expression.
After the show finished and your friends were calling cabs home something inside you made you stay put. It didn’t take long for him to make an appearance; his figure now slumped over a barstool drinking some exotic drink.
You couldn’t stop yourself from trailing over to him, trying to keep a straight face. A god damn fool, that’s what you were, but just like back then, he looked so tempting.
“Is this seat taken?” you ask quietly, he shook his head his gaze not seeming to leave his glass. A sigh escapes your lips, you wave a bartender over asking for a glass of wine.
The glass sliding across the countertop seeming to gather his attention, his eyes now on you. They squint at first, taking you all in. He shakes his head in disbelief, looking back down before looking back up again. You can’t help but grin at his little display of remembrance, he was just as you left him if you excuse the grown part.
“Y/L/N?” he whispers in awe, eyes widening once you nod. “You just saw that? Holy fucking shit, is that really you? You look fucking gorgeous, I don’t even-“He practically shouts instantly, gaining the attention of everyone else left within the joint.
You chuckle softly, smiling ever so brightly towards his antics, looking down briefly to hide your blush.
“Hey, Rich,” you whisper softly before leaning forward to wrap your arms around him. “We’ve got some catching up to do.”
Present Day, 2016
“Whatcha thinking about?” Richie asks, breaking you of your thoughts.
You glance over at him quickly to see Mason fast asleep within his car seat, and Richie, map in hand, peering over at you.
“Us.” you murmur with a faraway smile.
“Uh oh,” he teases, raising his eyes brows towards you suggestively.
“Oh, stop!” you giggle before looking back down at your maps app on your phone. Derry getting closer and closer, now only two hours away.
“You know what I just realized?” Richie mentions abruptly, map down on his lap and hands nervously playing with his seatbelt.
You hum in acknowledgment for him to continue.
“That none of the others know that we got married and have a kid,” he quips. “I mean, that’s like news, right?”
You guffaw at the realization and glance in your mirror to see your son still curled up sleeping soundly.
This was going to be interesting.
Derry, Maine 2016
After a slight compromise between the two of you, you had decided to bring Mason with you to the restaurant. Only for a short amount of time so you could safely reach the Tozier’s house and get a reasonable hour of sleep.
You stood outside the restaurant with Mason in Richie’s arms, and a bag full of his necessities within yours.
How the hell were you going to introduce a two-year-old to the raunchiest group of people that you know?
“Babe, we’ve been through much worse. I’m pretty sure we can handle the Loser’s Club.” Richie teases before nudging you in the side affectionately, walking forward to the door to let the night fully begin.
Despite your insanely early arrival, you guys surprisingly weren’t the first ones there. Mike occupying the reserved table set out for you, instantly standing up to greet you.
You could see the realization hit him slowly at first and then all at once. His gaze flickering between you and Richie and then dead centering on Mason. A small smile growing by the second once he understood.
“Don’t tell me that you two actually stuck it out together?!” Mike exclaims in realization. “I mean holy shit, Tozier really got the girl.” he murmurs with disbelief.
“What you don’t think I’ve got the charm? I certainly captured Y/N’s attention when we’re kids, hell, she was practically drooling over me.” he teases with a playful glint in his eyes, only to have it wiped away after a quick swipe to the side.
“Nah, he’s just the same old same old, Mike, he’s just surprisingly a good father.” you stare while you place your stuff down before taking Mason from Richie’s arms.
“She says as she proceeds to take the child out of my arms,” he smirks, mouthing something to Mike that you couldn’t decipher.
“Oh yeah, how rude am I? I completely forgot to introduce you guys,” you stammer turn towards Mike. “This is our son Mason, he just turned two a couple weeks ago actually.”
“I figured,” he glimmers with a newfound sense of adoration towards Mason, “He really does look just like you guys, it’s crazy how time flies.”
Mason now scooped up within your arms, eyes big as saucers towards Mike. His whole body softening at the sight of him, bending down to Mason’s level to make funny faces.
Your heart practically melting at the scene, maybe this night wouldn’t be so bad after all.
“Oh no, don’t tell me Y/L/N got knocked up!” An all too familiar voice rings out from behind you.
You spoke too soon.
Eddie Kasprack. Rivaling your husband, easily one of the biggest clowns you have ever met. You can’t even fight the grin that is beaming upon your expression, which is practically mirroring his. That is until he completely drops his attention down towards your son.
“Okay, like babies are not my thing, but if this isn’t the cutest little guy in the whole world.” He cooed sweetly, instantly warming your heart.
“I’m going to take that as a compliment, you heard it here first guys,” Richie announces further, causing Eddie’s eyes to widen even more than you thought they could.
“Who invited this asshole-oh shit? I can’t curse in front of the child,” Eddie blurts out, causing both of you and Richie to crack up instantly.
“Wait, am I seeing this correctly?” his gaze flickering back and forth between the three of you. “Are you two like a thing, and is this like your thing?” Eddie asks, deadpanning at the realization. “Mike, oh hey Mike, did you know about this?” his speech going like thirty miles a minute.
“Like three minutes before you did,”
“Damn.” he mouths silently.
“How are you still a train wreck, you had like twenty-seven years to mature?” Richie blurts out, gathering the focus of everyone in the group.
“Okay, if it weren’t for your child like an inch in front of us, it would over for you bucko,” Eddie taunts before focusing on something behind you.
“This is going to be such a long night, and I literally just got here.” Beverly groans as she walks into the room, Ben trailing at her heels.
After everyone got situated, including a very late Bill, the rhythm of the dinner began to flow very nicely. Of course, your little family being one of the main topic’s it was still nice getting to catch up.
Getting intel on how everyone’s lives turned out, learning about how Bill became a bestselling author, Beverly’s and Eddie’s side businesses, and how Ben became an architect. Each profession seeming to fit each person’s persona like a puzzle piece, something that seemed just right for each one.
It was remarkable at how calm your child could be at times; Mason was, if anything, one of the most low maintenance toddlers that you had ever met. That didn’t escape the whole ‘terrible two’s’ facade that you most definitely endured, which definitely was not fun. The patience, however, that the other’s gave you and Richie when needed with Mason was so emotionally reassuring.
In fact, Mason practically brought a whole different side to everyone. When your son babbled on with incoherent sentences during dinner, Eddie would be quick to join in and converse with him. When your son needed a diaper change, Beverly quickly swept in without much thought and offered. Or when you feared slightly that your son would get emotional, Ben played little games to distract him across the table.
The whole ordeal made you two ridiculously happy, you’d often find Richie’s hand intertwining with yours under the table at certain times. More often than not, you’d catch him glancing down at you with a loving smile.
You and Richie listening intently to each story that was shared between the lot of you, and how everyone had gotten hitched. You could tell that not everyone was entirely pleased with their spouses, but after a few glasses of wine, more stories had been shared.
“So when exactly did you two tie the knot?” Bill asks curiously from across the table as he bites into a piece of chicken.
Richie taking a drink of his water, pausing to look over at you, practically beaming at the memory.
“Well, this one found me one night in a comedy bar in like 2011 was it?” you nodded, “Yeah, I’d say we hit it off pretty quickly, but we didn’t get married until two years later,” he remarks.
“He definitely proposed in the worst way possible, dumbass put the ring in a cake, and I practically choked on it,” you add in quickly with a smirk.
“I thought it was romantic! I didn’t know you were going to almost swallow it!” Richie argues back just as fast.
“I really guess nothing has changed, Tozier didn’t have charm back then, and he most certainly doesn’t have it now.” Eddie comments, earning a collective chuckle from the group, including you.
“Wow, I guess I’ll see myself out. My own wife against me, Y/N, I expected more from you.” Richie feigns, smiling widely when he causes you to break out in a fit of giggles.
“You guys might be absolute dorks, but you do know how to create absolutely adorable children,” Beverly admits in response to your son as he plays with the Cheerios that you had brought for him.
“Why thank you,” you gleam in response, your gaze never leaving your son. “I do think; however, we should get going soon; it is past this little guy’s bedtime,” you admit.
Richie nods quickly in agreement, “Listen, he may seem cute now, but you guys do not want to deal with him when he’s sleepy.” he murmurs, followed by an exhausted look for added effect.
After a collective goodbye from the group that you’d meet up with later tonight at the townhouse, the three of you head out towards Richie’s parent’s house.
Richie now driving as you sit with Mason on the passenger side, not ready to part with him just yet. This whole trip to Derry and the underlying meanings of while you were all here, it pained you to leave your son somewhere you couldn’t see him.
So much so that you had become a little bit of emotional mess on the ride there, hugging your son just a little bit too tightly.
“I love you, babe, but please don’t suffocate our child to death.” Richie teases, causing you yelp loosening your hold on Mason.
“I’m glad though that everyone was so understanding towards Mason,” Richie hums, turning on his turn single before pulling into the development. “I think we made the smart decision in taking him here. They’d be too distracted by our child,” he states quietly.
Nodding in agreement, you wordlessly hand your son’s bag of necessities over to him. His eyes never leaving yours, softening at the sight of seeing you upset.
The two of you saying your goodbye’s to your son for the time being, and thanking Richie’s parents profusely. You and Richie making your way back to the car, Richie sliding into the driver’s side and you into the passenger’s once more.
The silence stretches out between the two of you, the only noise filling the car is the air conditioner and staticky music. You let yourself lay your head on Richie’s shoulder, tears streaming down your cheeks. His arms enveloping around yours, pulling you closer to him, whispering reassuring comments in your ear.
“We’ll get through this love, we always do.” a quick kiss to the forward he stays there until you pull away.
“Okay.” you sniffle as the two of you drive off in sight of a long journey ahead of you.
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justauthoring · 2 years ago
Feeling’s Never Lost [R.T.]
Request: Hey 💞 I was wondering if I can please request an older! Richie fic where he and the reader reunite in Derry and they’re just really shy and fluffy?
Requested by: @ciniluv
Please don’t plagiarize my work! Word Count: 768
Tumblr media
You couldn’t quite describe the feeling.
It was unlike any other you’ve ever felt. There was no word for it. Maybe it was because it wasn’t everyday that people forgot their entire childhood and as a result, forgot the first boy she’d ever kissed, the boy who’d flooded all her thoughts as a young girl. The boy who, despite forgetting him, never left her thoughts.
And the boy she never stopped loving.
Here he was. No longer a boy, but instead, a fully grown man with the same stupid glasses. Maybe they weren’t the same, but boy, did they sure look the same. Oh, he also still had the same terrible fashion sense. But, he was the same. Just taller, older, and... well, that was it. Despite having not seen him for twenty-seven years, this was still Richie Tozier. Her Richie Tozier.
For a startlingly moment, as you two set eyes upon each other for the first time in a long time, you’re both too blown away to say anything. One gander into his gaze and you seem to remember all (or at least, most) of everything you’d ever shared with your old (more-than) friend. Memories came to you like crashing waves and you had to blink to still remind yourself that you were there, stood outside the Jade of the Orient, seconds away from reuniting with the rest of the Losers’.
Yet, you only really seemed to care about Richie.
About the boy you’d loved with your whole entire heart at the young age of thirteen. The boy who used to make flirts and sexual teasing’s your way, but you always just laughed at them. The boy who convinced that even if he knew he liked you, he didn’t know if he just liked the girls. The boy who’d smashed his lips against yours messily one day after school on the bleachers, and his glasses had fogged up and practically slid up his face and boy, had your face been red. But you’d both loved every minute of it.
You wanted to kiss him again.
The need became great, too great to ignore. Minutes after just meeting him against for the first time in twenty-seven years and you already want to kiss him. More than kiss him. You want to feel him, his touch and everything you’d missed and everything you never got to experience when you were younger.
You wanted to--
Oh, God. You already were.
You pull back, blinking, cheeks flaming. You hadn’t even realized your feet had moved of their own accord before it was too late and you’d thoroughly embarrassed yourself by smashing your lips (similar as to how he had all those years ago) against Richie’s lips.
But, you’d loved every second of it.
You just hadn’t known if he had.
Before you can step back completely, Richie’s arms come up, almost out of instinct, and wrap around your waist, pulling you close. You stumble against his chest with a gasp, blinking up at him with parted lips as he stares down at you with a dazed look.
Then, he grins; “good to know I see have my charm.”
And that seems to just make any awkward tension disappear in a second.  “Oh, hush up, Rich.”
“Rich, huh?” Richie muses, “no one’s called me that in years, Y/N/N.”
“No one’s called me in Y/N/N in years,” you counter, quirking a brow up at him.
Silence echoes after that. The two of you just gaze at one another.
Richie manages the courage to question; “so was that kiss because you were happy to see me or... you just didn’t know what to say?”
“Both,” you shrug, smilingly up at him; “but mainly because I was happy to see you. It’s hard to believe that it’s been twenty-seven years and thought I--”
“Forgot about me?” You frown as Richie’s eyes lower. “Yeah, I can’t believe it either.”
Biting your lip, you grip the front of Richie’s jacket; “the kiss was also because, well, you know...” Your cheeks burn even more (if that was possible) and you scarcely avoid Richie’s heavy gaze on your own.
“Yeah,” Richie smiles fondly, “I know.”
At that, you glance up at him. “Twenty-seven years, and I never found someone less annoying then you.” 
Parting his lips, Richie teasingly sets his hand against his chest in mock hurt; “i’m wounded!”
You snort, letting out a laugh. “But... i’m glad.” 
Richie quirks a brow.
“Because, there’s never been anyone else but you, Rich.”
And he just smiles, all soft and fondly, because yeah, there’s never been anyone else but you, Y/N/N.
Let me know what you thought?
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wukindly · 2 years ago
The Visit | Richie Tozier X Reader
Tumblr media
let’s start by saying that the second Richie arrived in Derry after the summer he spent with you, he wished he could have the power to go back in time to relive that vacation all over again - but since he couldn’t, he’d decided that another way to not let you fade away into his mind was to think and talk about you at any opportunity he had
at any given opportunity
the losers who suffered the most from that, because Richie made sure of telling them every day all about how he met this beautiful girl on the beach and how they had a beautiful summer affair that unfortunately had to end
and he told them all the details
surprisingly, he didn’t do any of that to annoy his friends - he just felt like he was reliving his memories every time he told such things in detail
his group of friends took it patiently at first - honestly, none of them did exciting things during the summer, so the fact that Richie had come back with news kind of cheered everyone up
but it got a little annoying over the days
he showed them so many times those pictures that you had taken together that they were sure that if they saw you on the streets, they would definitely recognize you
and he constantly hummed Grease’s songs - Bev and Ben didn’t seem bothered by it, they both loved that movie and got caught singing along when Richie started humming a few times
Summer Nights however was a song he had never dared to sing to the losers - it was kind of your guys song and he didn’t want to do this duet with anyone else
before that summer, Richie had already been with other people in Derry and he’d already had a crush here or there, but it was clear to the losers that even if the boy had just spent a summer with you, you had affected him in a different way
seriously, they had never seen Richie acting the way he was
well, needless to say, Richie missed you so much in the first few weeks apart from you - part of him was pretty sad that he couldn’t communicate with you at all, while the other was looking forward to seeing you next summer
he was really looking forward to the next summer
he didn’t know if his parents would want to go back to the same place the following year, so he got a part-time job to start saving money - so if his parents didn’t want to, he could pay for his stay there himself
it was still a year away, it shouldn’t be so hard to get the money
over the weeks Richie’s thoughts drifted farther and farther away from you - once classes were back and he had other things to worry about
not that he had forgotten you, but the thoughts about that summer started showing up less and less in his mind
he could never have forgotten you, he still kept one of your pictures in his wallet and he always allowed himself to smile when he saw you two holding each other and laughing in that picture
and then the months went by
and as the summer got close, thoughts of you started becoming more frequent in Rich’s mind
and that was when he realized that he had saved enough money only to get him out of Derry, but not to stay in that hotel
and believe it, Richie tried to convince his parents that they should go back to that place but it didn’t work
as the summer got even closer, Richie felt disappointed in himself - even the losers noticed that he seemed a little less talkative in the last weeks before summer, but they couldn’t point out what could have caused it
everything was about to change on one of the last nights of spring, however, when the phone in the Tozier residence rang loudly in the living room
the Tozier boy was too busy reading his comics to go to it, but had to get up anyway when his dad picked up and called for him, saying that someone wanted to talk to him
Richie leaned back against the wall beside the phone casually before taking it from his father’s hand, thinking it would probably be one of the losers… Well, probably Stanley calling to complain about something - yet he cordially greeted the person on the other end of the line. “Buona sera. This is Richie.” The boy was then surprised by a laugh that clearly came from a girl. “My boy, Ricardo, is that you?” Richie frowned at those words. For a few seconds it took him a while to realize who it was - that way of talking, that voice, it all seemed familiar to him, but he couldn’t tell where he knew it from. And then your figure came to his mind, making him lose his breath slightly. “Wait, is this…?” “The prettiest girl you’ve ever seen?” you cut him off and he could clearly imagine the smirk you should have on your face at that moment. Oh, how he missed it. Richie had almost forgotten the way you could keep up with his jokes. Almost. He cleared his throat before allowing a grin to appear on his own lips. “The hottest chick in town?” “The summer queen?” “The owner of my heart?” The familiar laugh was heard again. "Hey, Richie.” “(Y/N).” he said, remembering how that name tasted good on his lips when he spoke it. “Fuck, it’s, uh- it’s really good to hear from you.” “Oh, trust me, it wasn’t easy. It took me a lot of time and persuasion to get your number.” you chuckled. “Sorry I didn’t call earlier.” “I guess I can forgive you for that.” Richie felt very agitated in his place, not being able to stay still leaning on the wall anymore. “Sorry I couldn’t make it this year.” “Yeah, actually I’m calling to talk about that. I couldn’t make it either.” Richie felt relief wash over his body, knowing he hadn’t left you waiting in that place alone. “I’m still about to turn eighteen and my parents don’t trust me enough to let me stay somewhere without any adults to keep an eye on me.” “So your parents didn’t want to go back either.” “Yeah.” a second of silence passed - which was kind of rare considering you were always talking to each other when you were together… But, well, that was a year before. “So, I don’t know if you still want to see me… I mean, it’s been a year-” “I do.” Richie was quick to say. “I- well, I-” he cleaned his throat once again. “I miss you.” “I miss you too, Rich.” you said after a few seconds with a soft voice. “I still have that shirt you lent me.” Richie grinned. “Oh, I remember how hot you looked wearing it.” "I’m always hot.” you chuckled again. “You said you lived in Maine, right?” “Yeah, Derry.” “Derry, right.” Richie got the idea that suddenly you sounded a bit nervous, which wasn’t that usual for you. “Is it, by any chance, near a town called Hampden?” He frowned. “Yes? It’s pretty close.” “Oh!” the joy was noticeable in your voice but you went quiet after that, causing Richie to feel a little anxious - you were clearly thinking of something and he was dying to know what it was. “(Y/N)?” “Okay, so, it happens that I have some relatives in Hampden that my mom wants to visit.” you let out a nervous laugh. “And I was thinking that maybe-” “You can stay here if you want.” he was quick to reply. “Like, with you?” you asked, sounding really confused - and, once again, Richie could just imagine you frowning at the phone. That image made him smile a bit. “Yeah, I mean, my parents are always around so there would be adults to keep an eye on you.” “A-are you serious?” Richie nodded eagerly, even though he knew you wouldn’t see it. “Fuck yeah! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.” there was chance that you would, in fact, see each other that summer like you hoped you would the year before - he wouldn’t miss the chance. “We can, I don’t know, pick you up at Hampden and if your mom wants to meet my parents-” “It would be perfect, Rich!” you almost yelled into the phone. “I was only going to suggest for us to meet like one day, but if I have the chance to hang with you all summer then I’m gonna fucking take it!” Yeah, Richie wouldn’t trade that chance for anything - he was going to fucking take it too!
Richie went to talk to his parents in the next day, praying that they would let you stay there for a few weeks - and his dad didn’t seem surprised at all with his request, seeming to have already caught on that all that drama Richie was doing in the last few days to go to that hotel had something to do with a girl, with you
his parents agreed that it was way easier to let you stay there than to pay to him to go to freaking California, so yes, you were allowed to stay with them
it is easy to imagine how excited Richie got - and how eager he was the day they went to pick you up at your relative’s place
Wentworth and Maggie had to tell him a few times to quiet down on the backseat - he just couldn’t stay still, he was too nervous for that
he had been waiting for that moment for an entire year, and now he was about to see you again - but he felt a little anxious that maybe it wouldn’t be the same at last year… Derry didn’t have beaches, well, actually Derry hadn’t much stuff to doand all that nervousness only got worse as they got close to their destination
The first thing Richie saw when he got to the address given to him was you sitting outside the house, leaning against the wall - you were shaking your legs to ease the nervousness a little. The movements stopped when you saw the car parking, however, watching closely who was about to get out of it. Richie was the first to step out, his eyes soon finding yours. You didn’t hesitate for a second to get up from your place, running to meet the boy, who was also hurrying to you. “Ricardo!” You exclaimed as soon as you reached him, being pulled into a tight hug. You wouldn’t lie, you missed that - the Trashmouth beside you. “(F/N/N)!” he laughed before pulling away from you, looking you up and down. You had changed a little since you last saw each other, but you still looked beautiful. “Fuck, you got even hotter.” You laughed, also giving yourself time to check how Richie looked. He was wearing the same Hawaiian style of clothing you remembered. “And you still dress like this.” A grin widened on his face. “You love it.” Well, she couldn’t deny that those clothes made Richie more… Richie. And she adored it. “I do.”
being near you again made him feel way calmer than he was feeling before - at the same time, made his heart beat like crazy
your mom had a really long conversation with Richie’s parents to make sure that they weren’t mean intended people that wanted to kidnap or something
she also had a short conversation with Richie - and he thought he was going to pass out when she called him; he tried to be as polite as possible to make a good impression on her so she would let you stay with them for a while
at the end, she did let you - not before telling you multiple times that if you wanted to go home, you just had to call her that she would pick you up from there
you were sure you wouldn’t need to do that but thanked her anyway
the drive back to Derry was a bit tense
you thought that when you saw Richie again, you would be all over each other, but you both seemed a bit shy - making sure to have some distance between you in the backseat
his parents also made you all sort of questions, wanting to know what kind of girl you were
Richie couldn’t be more embarrassed but you understood that they wanted to know you better
that whole first day was a bit tense to you, to be honest, since you still had to adapt to the new place
as soon as the day started coming to an end, Richie’s parents made perfectly clear that you were to sleep in the living room and Richie in his bedroom - however, Richie offered his room to you, saying that he would be fine with sleeping on the couch
“Ma'am, you are our guest. Please, accept the offer and go make yourself comfortable in my room.” Richie said in a ridiculous accent, making you chuckle.
as soon as you got to his bedroom, you saw some of those pictures you had taken last summer on his desk - you could feel your cheeks getting warmer... He still had those photos.
well, even if he did offer his bedroom and his parents made sure to tell you both that you shouldn’t sleep in the same place together, Richie still showed up in his bedroom after his parents went to sleep
“What are you doing?” you whispered to him as soon as he closed the door. He smirked at you, shrugging. “Spending some time with you.”
you were glad that you had the chance to spend some time with Richie alone, but you were also afraid that his parents would show up at any minute - you were a guest there and you wouldn’t make such a good impression if you were already breaking the rules
but turned out that night date you were having was exactly what you needed to connect with each other once again - during the following hour you and Richie talked about everything that happened in those months you weren’t together
he told you about the losers and how they had to keep up with him talking about you when he came back from the trip
you felt a little sorry, but you couldn’t deny that you heart skipped a bit, now knowing that you had made quite an impact in Richie’s life
in one moment, Richie suddenly stopped talking, caughting your attention 
he just needed you to turn to him and that was what you did - the next thing you felt was Richie lips on yours. You had almost forgotten how much of a good kisser the boy was and was certainly glad that he’d taken the first step
“Oh, I’ve missed that.” Richie said rather softly and you figured that he truly did miss being with you like that. Your answer was a small smile before pulling him for another kiss.
after those few hours you spent together, you both felt like you were as close as the summer before
Richie ended up falling asleep on the bed with you but, fortunately, he managed to wake up early in the morning, hurrying himself out of the room and returning to the living room, finding sleep again on the couch
that did not just happen in the first night - in fact, every night Richie showed up in his bedroom to spend some time with you, getting out of there only when the sun was already shining in the sky
his parents never found out about it though
in the first days of your stay in Derry, you spent your time in the Tozier’s house - getting to know his parents, joining in the family night, reading comic books with Richie in his room (and of course, his door had to stay open) and, obviously, prank calling some Derry residents
and there were two people you pranked that got your attention: Stan Urine (I mean, was that really his name?), Henry Bowers (his reaction was priceless and Richie laughed so hard that he could barely breath when you hung up the phone) 
although Derry was a small town, Richie did make sure to give you a tour to the places he most liked - which weren’t that many
during that tour, however, you ended up in the quarry, where Richie found his group of friends
You spotted the other six losers talking to each other, clearly enjoying themselves as they laughed at something one of them said. Richie grinned, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you closer to him before he speaking loudly. “Guys, I want you to meet the hottest babe that stole my heart.” All the losers stopped what they were doing once they heard Richie’s voice, turning to your direction. You could see the confusion in their eyes clearly but then, one by one, they seemed to recognize who you were. You grinned just like Richie before saying something. “You must be the losers I’ve been hearing so much about.” The whole gang still was just staring at you like they’ve seen a ghost or something supernatural in front of them. But then the shortest one of them all seemed to get out of that trance and finally said in a high pitched voice. “She’s real?!”
the losers were oftenly seen with you guys after that day 
in all honest, they grown to like you - specially Beverly, who was happy to have another girl around - appreciating the good influence you seemed to have on the Trashmouth
you could say that Bev and Ben were the ones that liked you the most
maybe they had taken a liking to you after you and Richie sung Summer Nights together
double dates with Benverly a few times during the week were also a thing
but you all hung out a lot, sometimes going to the movies together or then playing games in the arcade
okay, but Richie got so proud everytime you beat one of his friends in any game
“That’s my girl.” he always said, pulling you close to him with a grin on his face.
sometimes Beverly tried to steal you away when you were all together so you could have some girl talk - Richie did get a bit apprehensive about that but he just let it go
it was in those girl talks that both of you felt comfortable enough to talk about your feelings toward the people you liked
of course that your situation was different from hers - Beverly was already dating Ben and she was sure of what he felt for her
in those talks, you opened up to Bev, talking about how it was fun to be with Richie and how you... Really liked him but wasn’t sure if what he felt was real or just a summer thing
Beverly, of course, made her opinion really clear, saying that since she met Richie, she had never seen act the way he did with you - and that gave you enough hope to think that maybe Richie did feel something for you
one another person that seemed to love to steal you away was Maggie Tozier - she kind of always wanted to have a daughter and having you there was the chance she needed to experience how it would be to have a girl around the house
she oftenly invited you to do things with her and, in that way, you ended up getting to know each other better - and, let me tell you, she honestly adored you with all her heart
Richie couldn’t help but be happy that you two got along so well, the fact that his family liked you made him feel a bit of hope
he wasn’t sure at first of what that hope was about - but as the days started passing by and the end of your stay got closer by the minute, Richie became aware of lots of things, specially his feelings and what he wanted and hoped that would happen
however, the boy didn’t know how you felt and had no idea on how to approach you about that, so he kept ignoring the subject
he kept ignoring until he couldn’t anymore - on your last night in his house
Richie wasn’t sure of what he was going to do but he needed to do something. He had a lot in his mind, his thoughts racing through his head while you were laying on his chest, both of you in silence in Richie’s bed
he loved that feeling, having you so close to him
that feeling, something that he didn’t want to lose
he was sure of that, he wanted to have you close to him for a long while
“Stay.” Richie broke the silence after a few minutes, startling you a bit. Firstly because you were about to fall asleep and you did not expect him to say anything - and also because of what he had said, that definitely wasn’t something you thought he was going to tell you. You raised your head from his chest. Your eyes met his and you saw something in them that you had never seen before - fear. “Rich-” “I know you can’t. I just-” he closed his eyes, clearly frustrated. “Fuck, I’m going to miss you.” You felt a soft smile slowly widening on your lips, taking one of his hands in yours, squeezing it slightly. You knew that feeling too, you didn’t want to lose Richie once again either. “I’m going to miss you too, you know that.” Richie sighed, squeezing your hand in return. His eyes opened again as he fully turned to look at you. “I was thinking about next year. You know, college and all that shit.” you furrowed your brows a bit, confused by the change of the subject. However, you could tell that Richie wanted to open up to you - truly open up - so you nodded, encouraging him to continue. “Mom wanted me to go to University of Maine, it’s closer and-” You laid your head on the pillow, also turning your body to him. “Do you want to go there?” “I don’t know what I want.” he shook his head, a bitter smile on his face. “But if I do go to college next year, I don’t want to go here.” “Rich, you don’t have to know these things right now, you still have a year.” you let go of his hand, taking yours to his hair, getting some of his hair off his forehead. You placed your hand on his cheek then, caressing it lightly. “And, you know, you don’t have to go from high school straight to college, you can take some time to think about it.” “I want to be with you next year.” he said as soon as you were done speaking, confidence clear in his voice. “And if you want to go to (D/C), I wanna be around.” he put his hand on top of yours. “If you want me to.” Saying that you were shocked and speechless was an understatement. For some time you weren’t sure if Richie would ever want something serious with you, and now there he was, saying that he wanted to be with you even after summer ended. “Richie-” He chuckled nervously. “Would I sound crazy if I asked you to live with me?” You snorted, nodding. “Yeah.” Richie flinched at that but relaxed when he saw the widen grin that appeared on your lips. “You’re lucky I love crazy.” He let out a laugh, shaking his head. “You already know it but fuck, I’m in love with you.” You nodded, saying one last thing before closing the gap between you and pulling him into a kiss. “I’m in love with you too, Ricardo.”
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alloftheimaginess · 2 years ago
I got you
Tumblr media
Word count: 1180
Warnings: swearing, one sided love, homophobia, underage drinking
The losers are obviously aged up so I guess technically it's an au because they are all still close at this point.
I walk up to prom feeling super self conscious about being in a dress but I suck it up because I know that Richie needs me. I hand my ticket in and I wait by the door and Richie runs up, looking good, his hair is gel'd back and he's in a suit and the tie matches the pink and teal of my dress and I smile at him and he smiles back super huge.
"You look beautiful" he says and I smile at him bowing.
"I would hope so it took three people to put this together" I say gesturing to my whole body and he laughs.
"No but you look extremely handsome" I say and he holds his arm out and I wrap mine around his and we walk all the way to find our friends and they are sitting at the table so I pull him over and I sit next to Bill and he jumps.
"(Y/n) h-holy shit" he says and I laugh and Richie sits down beside me.
"Wait you two came together?" Mike asks and we both nod at the same time.
"He asked me as soon as we found out the day of the prom and I of course said yes" I say smiling at him and squeezing his hand.
"You look nice rich" Eddie says sitting down with his prom date and I can feel Richie internationally scream.
"Thanks Ed's. Not looking too bad yourself" he says and I turn to him because what the fuck kind of comeback was that, he turns to me before nodding to the drink table.
"I'm going to go get a drink. Anyone want something?" I ask.
"If you don't mind" Mike says resting his foot up on his dates lap.
"Athena?" I ask.
"Yes please. Thank you" she says and I smile at her.
"I'll help" Richie says and I nod as I stand up and he stands up leading the way and I stop filling up a couple cups and Richie stands with his back to me looking at everyone.
"Okay Rich you absolutely suck at playing it off" I say laughing.
"Shut up" he says and I start laughing harder.
"He has you thrown all off your game" I say.
"Hey (Y/n). I love this dress, you look so beautiful" I hear behind me and I turn around to see Astrid smiling at me.
"Thanks. Same" I say realizing how stupid that sounded and so hear Richie laugh behind me.
"What I meant was uh I like your dress too" I say but it comes out more as a question.
"Uh Thanks" She says giving me a huge smile before refilling her drink and walking away and Richie is wheezing from how hard he's laughing.
"Shut the fuck up" I say shoving him some cups and I pick up the other cups and I walk back over to the table, flopping down in the seat and handing Mike his drink.
"What happened?" Ben asks and I shake my head.
"She's just flustered" Richie says chuckling when he hands Athena her drink.
"Shut up" I say going into my purse and pulling out the flask and I start drinking it and Richie reaches for it so I hand it to him.
"Let's go dance" I say pulling him up and everyone gets up and I pull him to the dance floor, everyone around me.
"Go do it. He won't find it weird, just ask for one dance" I say as me and Richie slow dance together.
"It doesn't even have to be a slow song just as long as you can groove together" I say and he laughs pulling me closer.
"You're such a loser" he says and I shake my head.
"I would be offended if it wasn't true" I say giggling.
"Okay I'll ask Eddie if you ask Astrid" he says and I shake my head.
"No, you just go do it" I say and he shakes his head.
"We both do it or we don't" he says and I take in a shaky breath.
"Okay" I say pulling away when the song ends and I go over to Astrid and I tap her shoulder and she turns around smiling at me.
"Hey I was just wondering if you wanted to dance?" I ask and before she can say anything the group she's with starts cracking up.
"Holy shit, that explains it. (Y/n) is a lesbian" Aubrey says and they all start laughing.
"Astrid has a boyfriend" Stacey says.
"Yeah I know that but she's been my friend and I just wanted to see if she wanted to dance" I say covering it up.
"We all know why you really want to dance with her, you know it's a sin to be gay right?" Amanda asks.
"You better hope no one finds out because it won't be good for you" Aubrey says and Astrid just steps back, her face full of disgust and my eyes start watering.
"Sorry to bother you" I say and I take off running, needing to go home because I can't be here anymore.
I feel someone grab me and I turn around to see Richie and I start sobbing and he grabs me.
“I got you” he whispers holding me I fall to the ground, him going down with me.
"Why am I like this?" I ask.
"What's wrong with me? What is wrong with us?" I sob and he rubs my back.
"Nothing is wrong with us" he says and I laugh shaking my head.
"Then why the fuck do we have to hide Richie?" I ask.
"If Nothing was wrong with us why do we have to secretly pin after the people we love? And why did we have to be each other's prom dates? If we came with who we really liked it would be a huge problem so obviously something is wrong with us and I just want to get drunk" I say and he pulls out his flask and I pull out mine and we share them.
He pulls me back into the building and I pull him over to the dance floor and the song changes and I start laughing dancing and he dances with me pretending to play the keyboard.
"Looking in your eyes I see a paradise. This world that I've found is too good to be true. Standing here beside you, want so much to give you this love in my heart that I'm feeling for you" he sings holding his hand out to me.
"Let 'em say we're crazy, I don't care about that. Put your hand in my hand baby don't ever look back. Let the world around us just fall apart. Baby we can make it if we're heart to heart" I sing grabbing his hand.
"And we can build this thing together. Stand this storm forever. Nothings gonna stop us now. And if this world runs out of lovers we'll still have each other. Nothing's gonna stop us. Nothing's gonna stop us now ohh" we sing together dancing like complete idiots.
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har-rison-s · 2 years ago
request: Hi (: could you do a stan x fem reader where the reader is just like a piece of shit flirt @ stan and hes just like. shit. i like them. and then just some cute ass fluff 😌 idk im not very good at explaining ): but it would b cute, thanks!! 🥰🥰
A/N: Hello. Lovely request, could very much be about me. Although, I must admit, at age thirteen I didn't know such a thing as flirting or relationships. Lmao. I hope I do this request, Stan, me and all the shit-at-flirting community justice. Try not to cringe too much. Btw, my profile pic reminds me of this request, only roles reversed. This is a sort of funny and an emotional piece, as well. Happy reading!
PSA: Please don't think I'm discriminating the other Losers. This is just what I had in mind!
IT masterlist
main masterlist
warnings: slight mention of bullying, being underwater ? bad pick-up lines, that's all :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Of course they decided to go to the Quarry again. It's summer and they want to cool off and spend time together at some place. Besides, the Losers club feel more grown up as they're all now turned fourteen-fifteen years old. Real teenagers now, as they liked to say.
Sadly, the group were beaten to a half of them going to the Quarry. Richie and Ben are supposed to be visiting their relatives. Mike was held back by his grandfather. The man has an opinion that Mike's spending too little time at the farm. And Beverly... Well, she's in Portland. 
Not even Bill knows how long she'll be there or when she's planning on coming back to Derry. His friends try not to talk about her in front of him and the Denbrough boy tries not to think about her leaving too much. Bill immediately gets sad and the whole mood of the conversation switches.
For a sort of mood lifter, Eddie brought a girl with him to the Quarry. He met her at a family reunion last month and they clicked off the second they started talking. Eddie's sure she's a relative of his, since it was a family reunion, and that doesn't bother him in the least of ways. He's delighted he met a new person when everything's been the same in his life.
“Are you sure they won't mind?” She questions for the hundredth time and Eddie rolls his eyes. “I mean, I'm a complete stranger.”
“Y/N, stop worrying about it when you should be worried about getting salmonella from that chicken you ate earlier today.” He responds. Y/N scoffs.
“I cooked it to the max, okay? I'm not gonna get Simon-Wella or whoever.” Eddie has to laugh at her incorrect pronounciation of the stomach desease. He no longer corrects her on it, knowing well enough that she won't remember it for next time.
“There's only three of us today, sadly.” He begins to say. “And, you know, we could do with a girl after Beverly left. Don't bring it up in front of Bill, though.”
“I'm so lucky to be your substitute of sexual desires, thank you, Eddie.” She responds quite sarcastically. Eddie sighs, his head hanging low.
“I didn't mean it like that.” He says. “You could be a new member of our club and lift up the spirits of everybody. You'll be fine.” He tells her and she silently agrees, though she still feels sort of weird about what he's saying. 
“How long till we get there?” She asks. Eddie glances down at his wrist watch.
“Approximately—three minutes.” He tells her. 
Unfortunately, the girl couldn't bring her bike for her stay in Derry since her family already had a lot to take with them and couldn't make enough space for her bike in the trunk. So she hangs onto Eddie as they're both on his bike. 
Eddie doesn't speak it out loud, but the reason he really wants to bring Y/N along with him to the Quarry is because he misses Richie. She reminds him of Richie a lot. Her humor, her semi-covered up anxiety and fears. But she doesn't have glasses and carries herself a bit differently, and also is more sensitive than Eddie's best friend.
Y/N gasps when she sees the place they've arrived to. It's so beautiful and quiet. She's never been in a place like this, middle of nowhere, in the woods, no one in sight. And a beautiful lake, just for their use.
“Are we early?” She asks Eddie once they've got off his bike and put their bags down. 
“No.” Eddie sternly says. “Stan and Bill are just late.” He adds. Y/N huffs and looks around.
“I'm pretty sure we're early.” She decides, and she is right. Eddie's constant stress about every little detail of his life leads him to always show up to school, to parties, to any event, at least ten minutes prior. “Boy, is that high.” Y/N states. She's standing at the edge of the cliff and looks down, her hands on her hips, and squints at the green water below the cliff and her feet.
“Don't get too close!” Eddie calls out and jogs up to the girl. “We don't want an accidental death here. We've had too many already. Six times the national average, have you heard?”
“Judging from the height, it could be a certain death, not an accidental one, for all of us.” Y/N points out.
“Nah, we've been coming here since we're ten and have always jumped from here.” Eddie shakes his head. “Not the cleanest water on earth, though...”
“Eddie!” Two voices call out from behind them, in an almost-unison. Y/N and Eddie whip around to see who it is and Eddie grins. Bill and Stanley. They're coming towards the already arrived two, pushing their bikes. Both have backpacks on their shoulders and smiles on their faces.
Y/N slides her sunglasses lower on her nose to really take a look at the two boys. She smiles, realising she'll be meeting two new people today, perhaps two new friends. But her smile and face instantly freeze upon seeing the boy with a blue button-up and acorn curls. He immediately catches her attention, her heart and her mind. Will she know how to act properly now?
“Bill! Stan!” Eddie runs to his friends and embraces them both. The three boys are all smiling, so glad to see each other. They know it's been a few days, but they can't help but cherish every moment they spend together. Who knows how long the moments will last? “Hey, guys.” The boy says with the biggest smile still on his lips once pulling apart from his friends.
“Who's this?” Stanley asks about Y/N standing a few feet from them. She waves and walks a bit closer. Bill looks at her, too.
“Oh, this is Y/N.” Eddie says and stands next to the girl. “We met at a family reunion, so we're probably cousins by some degree, and she's visiting for a few weeks and I thought I'd bring her along since there's only three of us and... yeah.” Eddie seems proud about what he's done, standing there with that exact smile and eyes. 
“N-N-Nice to me-meet you, Y/N.” Bill says and stretches out his hand for Y/N to shake. She smiles at the boy.
“Hi. Bill, right?” She clarifies and although she tries to keep her focus on the boy, her eyes flicker to the one next to him for mere milliseconds. Bill nods. They retract hands, still smiling, when Stanley speaks up.
“I'm Stanley.” He says. “But everyone calls me Stan, so you can do that, too.” His hand is out-stretched, as well, and Y/N shakes it with her own already shaky hand. She hasn't felt shaky hands and a stomach full of butterflies in forever. She also can't stop looking at him, and Stan feels the polite handshake has been dragging on for too long. 
“Hi.” Y/N coos. “Oh my, there must be something in my eye.” She sighs and takes her hand from Stanley's grasp to rub her eyes with them. Eddie immediately goes over to her, trying to look at her face. 
“Why? A crumb? A piece of dirt?” The hypochondriac asks.
“Does it hurt?” Stanley asks, and Bill joins into the inquiry, leaning closer to Stan to look at Y/N. What if there is something in her eye?
“I just can't take them off of you.” Y/N finally says, looking at Stan. There's a mischievous grin on her face as she does and she notices Stan blushing, although he might have wanted her not to see that. Bill and Eddie try to mask their laughter, but giggle like younger boys do. 
“Well...” Stan takes a big breath, not escaping the pressing urge to smile, “thanks.” He finally says, exhaling. Y/N smiles wider, and immediately turns around to get her backpack, for her swimsuit's in there and she wants to change in the woods, not choosing the simple option to undress and swim in her underwear. 
She leaves the boys to themselves, having grown quite shy. After some more laughing and teasing in-between, the boys undress, as well. Y/N can't stop thinking about the way Stan reacted to her comment and his little smile, and she tries to get him out of her mind by shaking her head, but that doesn't work. Only makes her head spin a little.
Once she's done changing into her swimsuit--a pink one-piece that looks more like a short dress than a swimsuit--she rejoins the guys. They've all got their tidy-whities, which makes them look very cute, in her mind and in their mothers' minds, and she smiles, squinting at the sun. She doesn't need sunglasses for jumping into water. 
Stanley can't help but blush once he sees the girl. It's easily-explainable teenage hormones that have got his cheeks turning crimson, he thinks. Bill's heart is set on one girl and one girl only. So he and Eddie both don't really see her attractive in that way. Well, firstly, she's a relative and there's someone else Eddie's realised that he likes. 
Y/N looks at Stanley for a second before she looks at Eddie. 
“So, how do we jump? All together, one by one, in pairs?” He asks, a bit scared, looking down at the green water. He still is that way with many jumps into the water already on his resumé.
“W-we can jump in puh-pairs.” Bill suggests and Y/N nods at him. 
“Let's jump together, then.” She tells Eddie with a wicked grin and takes his hand, walking closer to the edge. 
“On three, please.” The boy says. Y/N laughs, and Stan can't help the smile forming on his lips as he watches her do so. “Nice going with making Stan blush, by the way. He's so easily embarrassed.” Eddie whispers to his new friend with a smile. She gives him the stern eye, but says nothing.
Her composure is so steady, so elegant for a young woman. Her swimsuit-dress plays a part in it, too. What with flares and even crochet details here and there. A trend Stan's never seen before, actually.
Her skin, the parts that are visible, is quite tanned. She must live somewhere in the South. The pink tone of her swimsuit-dress perfectly contrasts with her golden-brown skin.
Y/N put her hair in a little bun while she was changing. It's not quite perfectly done, but that's how she likes it. At least she secured it tight, so no big strands should fall out and bother her vision or anything else. It's a perfect mix between ginger and blonde hair. Almost like it's a golden tone, but golden like a sunset. Or is it bronze... He can't figure out.
“One...” Y/N starts counting, looking at Eddie with big and excited eyes, “two...” they take two more steps and are practically hanging on their heels on the cliff's edge, “three!” The kids yell together and, holding hands, jump into the water. 
The water was cold at first. And Y/N and Eddie both screamed when they felt it against their skins, but those were happy screams. Well, for Y/N, at least, she's not so sure about Eddie. The boy's usually screaming in inconvenient and stressful situations. 
Stan and Bill joined them in the water not longer than a minute later, both screaming like little girls, but laughing, too. They decided to hold hands, too, just for the kicks, but let go of each other the second they reached the water.
Y/N showed the boys her swimming and water tricks - how she could swim in butterfly style, for example, which she was taught in swimming lessons in her school. She could also do flips underwater and hold her breath for a long time, which both surprised and scared the boys.
“That's two minutes and half, Y/N, please get out so you don't drown!” Eddie had begged, clearly seeing it for the first time and stressing about his new friend having having an... inconvience.
Y/N got out half a minute later, wanting to torture Eddie a bit. She emerged already laughing. “I can hold it much longer, Eddie. That won't be my cause of death.” She shakes her head and slides all the hair in her face back. Her bun did fall apart, after all. 
“How did you learn that?” Stan asks. “That was three minutes.”
She grins and her eyes flicker wickedly, she looks at Stanley. He actually really wants an answer. “Looking at you, three minutes is the least time I could spend without breathing.” Y/N says. Stanley gets flustered again, looking away from her eyes. She grows a bit shy, too.
“Okay, you two, get a room.” Eddie says, but then leans closer to Y/N's ear. “Where do you find such corny pick-up lines, though?” He asks her and laughs afterwards. Y/N splashes water on Eddie, which makes him splutter and swim further away from her. 
She notices Bill saying something to Stan, which makes both boys smile. Then Bill joins Eddie in slowly getting out of the water. Y/N averts her eyes from Stan, but then shyly looks at him through her eyelashes. Only because she felt him looking at her. 
“I actually wanna know. That was really impressive.” He tells her and dares to come a bit closer to the girl. She bites her lip, trying to form words in front of the most handsome person she's ever seen in her life. It's like her brain took a spontanious vacation and trusted all tasks to herself.
“It wasn't anything pleasant.” She admits. “I was held underwater for a very long time by a girl who, I guess, really didn't like me. I think she was jealous. And I just somehow got through it without fainting, tried to survive.”
“That's horrible.” Stan says, touched by her story. Who could ever be mean to a wonderful, but shit-flirter person like her? “How long was it? Did someone save you?”
“The teacher did. I don't care about the incident anymore. But it's given me a great skill.” She says, a nervous smile on her lips. She feels like Stan is longing after the answer to his question. “It was fifteen minutes.” 
“You could've died.” He says, eyes laced with worry and confusion. 
“I'm alright, Stanley.” Y/N tries to convince him. She really is fine. “Show me something you can do! There must be a party trick you have.”
Stanley smiles for a second, but then frowns as he tries to think of what he can do in water that'd seem cool or out-of-the-ordinary. He can do the basic swimming styles, he can... Stanley looks over at Bill and Eddie, who are already starting to climb the cliff. They could tell him what he can do. Right!
“Oh!” He cheers, recalling his water skill. “I can stand on my hands underwater.” He says, a proud smile shining Y/N's direction.
“That's so cool!” She claps her hands. “Show me, show me!” Stanley nods and rubs his hands over his face, then stretching a little. Y/N takes a step so that he'd have more space if he'd need it. 
Stan takes a deep breath and goes underwater. Y/N waits for a bit, and it takes him at least ten seconds to stand fully on his hands. His feet come out above the water, making Y/N giggle. She takes a deep breath, too, and goes underwater to see him standing on his hands.
The water bites her eyes a little, but she holds them open and they widen when she sees that Stanley has kept his word true. His hands are digging into the sand below and he's standing with a straight back, on his hands. She reaches out her hand to touch his arm, signalling that she's seen it and that he can stand normally if he wishes. 
Stanley changes into a squatting position under the water, as slow as the water lets him, and looks at Y/N with a big smile. She gives him a thumbs-up with both hands, a big smile on her face, too. Stanley's smile fades a little, but he's not sad. He's just looking at this very pretty girl. 
He hesitantly extends his hands towards her, his fingers stretched out a little. In the sort of motion he'd do if he was putting them against a glass. Y/N glances between him and his hands and then does the same. Their hands slowly inch closer together until his fingers feel her little ones against them. 
Y/N compares Stanley's finger length to her own, deciding that they're a centimeter longer than hers. But Stanley's only looking at her. He'd like to spend the whole day doing it, but he is running short on air. And the air in his lungs ends. His eyes widen and he clashes through the water's surface like a torpedo. Y/N joins him soon after.
“You okay?” She asks. She lingers on the moment they were having under the water, she would have wanted it to last longer. But the boy couldn't breathe. Stanley takes a few deep breaths and coughs. His hair is messed up because of his burst out of the water and he tries to put it into order.
“I'm fine. Ran out of air.” Stanley responds quite shortly. He's thinking of their short moment, too. “Maybe you could teach me how to hold my breath underwater. Longer than I can.” So we could stretch the moment we had next time.
“Sure! It'll take time, though, so don't hope it'll happen all at once.” She reminds him and Stanley nods. 
“Wanna head up, maybe?” He asks her and now she nods. Stan has grown a bit cold and longs for his towel on the cliff. Y/N doesn't know it, but her lips have started to turn a bit blue. They've been in the water for a long time. 
The two get out of the water and instantly shudder. The air is still hot, but they're not that used to it anymore. While they make their way up the cliff side, Stanley looks at her. She's holding her arms by her sides and he wishes he could give her something to warm up with. 
“H-how long are you staying here?” Stan questions, his own shuddering making him stutter. 
“This is the first week out of three.” She tells him. “We can use that time for the underwater breathing 'lessons'.” She points out and Stanley nods, although very shyly. “I would maybe like to stay longer, but mom's the one who decides that. She doesn't fancy staying here or spending time with Eddie's mom.”
"Hardly anyone does.” Stanley states. 
“That woman's a nightmare. And I'm not trying to be rude.” Y/N says, eyes wide and shaking her head. Stan laughs. She looks at his gorgeous smile and smiles herself. How can someone be so pretty?
Her daydreams slow her down a little, Stan walking in front of her now, in a quicker pace.
“Hey,” she calls out softly. Stanley looks at her over his shoulder and sees Y/N has stopped walking. He stops, too, and turns around to face at her.
“What?” He asks. 
“Cupid called.” Y/N says, squinting at both Stanley and the sun (though they're the same thing in her eyes), since it's right behind him. “He says to tell you to give my heart back.” She finishes. Her confidence in her horrible flirting remains strong as she looks at Stanley, waiting for his response. He's only blushing.
“I have no idea how to respond to that.” Stanley admits, laughing and shaking his head. Y/N blushes and looks down at her feet. On one hand, she loves that she makes him blush and feel a bit flustered. He looks cute. “But maybe I'll give it back one day.” Stan then says, which makes Y/N look at him with eyes full of hope and also embarrassment. Stanley laughs and turns back around. “Come on, let's go.” He ushers and resumes walking towards where Bill and Eddie are. Y/N shakes her head, completely head over heels for the boy, and jogs after him.
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There will be a part two.
A/N: I really loved writing platonic/family members eddie x reader. Wish I had him as my little brother, honestly haha. Hope you liked this.
Edit: I'm such a dumbass. Gave her two hair colors, jfc. Now I fixed it, so no one gets confused. I made some major editing now, lmao. I'm the worst.
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