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#it runs in the family

Rewatching The Great Muppet Caper to honour Dame Diana Rigg and have just noticed a delightful wardrobe detail I never saw on any earlier viewing: when the three villanous fashion models Darla, Marla and Carla are waiting for the lift and Darla asks the others, “What are you wearing for the robbery?” they’re all wearing berets and each one sports a hatpin with a big D, M or C on it in gold.

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Last night my mom and were vibing together, both talking/working on our hyperfixations(hers is her crafting stuff like crosstitch, mine is good omens and this year’s halloween costume (I know its august)) and it’s just really nice to be able to talk to someone else about 1 topic for a long time and not be judged

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After an entire hour of listening to Come Home With Me & Wedding Song from the Hadestown soundtrack, it’s finally hit me why I love those two two songs so much.

The musical arrangements is INCREDIBLY similar to some of the music from the Spring Awakening soundtrack.

And let me tell you–when Spring Awakening hit Broadway and Totally Fucked was performed at the Tony’s, I had that soundtrack on repeat for MONTHS.

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i need to at least post the summary of my lu ten joining the gaang verse bc you know as soon as he found out the avatar was alive he went looking for him

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me: wow, it’s kind of weird how my Tia thinks I’m legitimately in danger bc she had a nightmare abt me in a graveyard! lol wonder where that irl anxiety comes from…..

also me: (isolates myself from my friends bc I had a dream where they said they didn’t like me and that’s it)

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