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#it seems well designed

My sister picked up Pokemon Shield a while ago. Went ahead and bought it, no intent to return it, so I decided to swallow my pride and play it after swearing it off.

I don’t… Hate it.

I still have problems with it. I can still tell it’s underbaked, underloved, that the higher ups pushed for speed over creativity, polishing, quality, etc. and however else you might say that same idea; it’s just underproduced.

But I don’t hate it.

It’s got problems. I’d argue it’s the worst Pokemon game, in my humble opinion, but it’s not, like, unenjoyable. Or wrong to love it.

So. I was being a big, rude dummy over this, and I was wrong. And I’m sorry.

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Yess!! I’ve been seeing so much content that you reblog and share that I just thought “yep, gotta play this one” and now I can’t stop thinking about it!! It seems so cool……

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🥺dude I love them they’re so cute !! I’m glad you enjoyed pierced Yancy that much omg :’) Pierced Yancy got me feelin some kinda way yknow 🤍

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this doesn’t seem like it should be a hard decision but it really is

#echo spambles#I'm contemplating changing a character's design#the only issue is that it's a character I've had since I was *12*#She's my oldest original character I've had her for almost seven years#Probably more than that to be honest sixth grade is just the first written proof I have of her existing#and there's details about her designs that have stayed the same since her conception#her hair her eyes her outfit none of it has changed#but now I'm contemplating sealing a plot hole by changing a small detail of her design- her eye colour#and this doesn't seem like it should be a hard decision but#she's had the same green eyes for *seven years* and changing that feels almost painful#like I'm tearing away a part of her essence#I'm scared that if I change too much of her the final result won't be true to her origins at all#and I don't want to stray too far from that because she's my fucking origin story#she's the start of my passions the reason i write the core of nearly EVERYTHING I've created#and I'm scared to change her too much because if I do that my brain will see her as an entirely different person#my brain is terrible with character designs so if I change a name or enough details it sees it as a whole new character#I once tried to change only her name and ended up with a separate character entirely like my brain just can't change things too much#and i don't want to risk ruining this wonderful dynamic character i've created#she's the most dynamic most well rounded character I have and I don't want to throw that away#man this whole ramble about just an eye colour change. but really this is how it feels to me#changing green to gold is so hard i'm having a midlife crisis over it#ugh i'm gonna go build my minecraft barn while i think about this
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okay i may have to watch a lil like. just for the various species. jackals do not give one fucks about plot it will see aliens and go 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

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We had like a century plus where western europe and north america had a violent hardon for graeco-roman culture i think we can be done society has progressed beyond the need for greek mythology

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