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#it sounds like splatoon
tixij · 23 days ago
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cuppajj · a month ago
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Cybertronian music?
Hi!! I feel like sharing a headcanon of mine that I've had for a long time, that gives a lil worldbuilding to Cybertron. We've seen examples of Cybertronians enjoying earth music, but what does Cybertronian music sound like?
Personally, I like to think that as a technological race, Cybertronian music primarily consists of electronic music. Techno, EDM, Disco, House, Bass, anything that heavily uses electric instruments or sounds. Cybertronian music doesn't sound exactly like human music, either, with its different language and patterns! However there are still some similarities with composition and all of that stuff.
This is just a silly thought of mine, but I like to think that Cybertronian music, at least the popular ones, sound like Splatoon music!
If you haven't heard of the game/listened to its OST, and/or you don't know the lore behind it, I'll give a brief explanation to why I think it's like that. Splatoon's music isn't made by humans in-universe, but creatures that might as well be considered alien to them. While they share a lot of similarities with human music, they have their own style too, including a bigger emphasis on electronic music. They have vocals, but humans can't understand them because it's in another language. The Splatoon OST is also very diverse, with different artists and bands having different styles! Not all music sounds the same, which is also what I think fits for Cybertronians!
Here are some examples of what I think fits Cybertronian music:
Blitz It - How I would imagine a lot of popular band music would sound like. It would be big among younger Cybertronians especially! Picture big venues swarmed with fans.
Chopscrewey and Undertow - Another, more alternative variant of popular music, with less pure electronics and more emphasis on remixing and string instruments.
Shark Bytes and Fly Octo Fly - I'd equate this to what Earth Pop music would sound like on Cybertron. The musicians/idols who sing these are celebrities, due to their influence and extremely good songs! You'll always hear songs like these along with the above three songs, topping the charts and being played on big radio stations all the time.
Shooting Starfish - Not all Cybertronian music would be as fast paced as the ones above, and I think this would be a great example of a slower track that's still big among the crowd.
#8 Regret - The definitive Lo-Fi song. I think Lo-Fi would be pretty big on Cybertron compared to how niche it is here.
Frantic Aspic, Salmon Run Tutorial, and Fins and Fiddles - These songs would be expected to be heard among Cybertron's indie/underground scene. While some of them have electronics in them, they're way less dependent on them. These kinds of songs won't appeal to most Cybertronians; you have to have a specific taste in order to enjoy them.
Other honorable mentions:
#14 Crush
Everything by Wet Floor and Chirpy Chips
Almost everything by Turquoise October (especially Girl from Inkopolis, Cephaloparade, and Tentacular Circus), and Dedf1sh
Frankly, there are a lot more I could add, but I've already plugged so many songs in! This isn't me trying to get people to listen to the Splatoon 2 ost, I just think a lot of the songs are really cool and really fitting for Cybertronians.
I don't think all Cybertronian music sounds like this, I just think that this would be among the more popular types, especially with the younger side of Cybertron. Not all Cybertronians will find these kinds of things appealing, and everyone has their own tastes! Not all electronic music would sound like this either; I can also see a lot of the genres I initially listed being popular too.
I encourage you (if you want) to add to this with your own personal headcanons! :D
There isn't a lot of worldbuilding related to Cybertronian culture / pop culture, so that's why we gotta do it ourselves. Anyway thank you for coming to my ted talk
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oomles · 6 days ago
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Alright my fellow Stone Ocean Sluts who else is losing their mind right now
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lenasai · a year ago
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betamaxing · 15 days ago
before anyone gets jumpscared
tknylon -> betamaxing
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girlpog · 9 months ago
Ok look, I know we’re all excited about Splatoon 3 but can we give a little attention to Neon White?!?!
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It’s a first person shooter card game??? Where you’re a demon who fights other demons in heaven for a chance to escape hell???
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And the main character is voiced by SPIKE SPIEGAL?!?!
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This is amazing!!! I literally know next to nothing about this game and I’m already losing my mind, I can’t wait for it to come out.
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superbellsubways · 6 months ago
jack stauber: dhbsksbdvkfbajkwvde
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seffien · 4 months ago
more melobytes, this time with my one of my favorite splatfest art pieces
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lord-evell · a month ago
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Splatober day 16
Gösta (illustrated here with one visible eye, normally his glasses hides his eyes completely) is a barkeeper and cousin to Gabriella . He is usually jokingly referred to as "Barkeeper-kun".
Back in the school days, he found himself crushing on a very tomboyish girl who always kept the bullies away, Pia . He took help from his cousin to learn to be the perfect boyfriend material and succeeded to become the guy who got the most love letters from woman and men alike! But his crush didn't notice him at all. He was able to befriend her (and instead got asked out by her little brother instead, but turned him down as he did to everybody else).
He decided to profit on his new smoothness and started the bar "Heartbreak bar". Most believe the name is after all the hearts he keeps breaking, never dating anyone. The truth is, it's named after his own broken heart, still trying to get his crush's attention.
The bar is hidden in an alleyway but is a popular place for mending your heart as Gösta will listen to anyone's troubles. Gabriella doesn't really approve of him serving things like wasabi drinks that attracts odd strangers. She had actually tried to convince him to start a café instead of a murky bar! Nowadays she avoids him, salty that he doesn't understand SHE made him as popular as he is today.
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xoolti · 6 months ago
since sanitized octoling’s voices sounds gargly/echo-like it sounds like they either have an autotuned voicebox or their vocal chords are damaged by that/etc
because of the affects of all of that + esp the fact that sanitized octolings are dead i feel like many of them go through a time period of losing their voices and/or having harder time speaking than others; most likely after/during recovery 
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