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#it took me d a y s y’all d. a. y. s.
xx-ashes-xx · 5 days ago
Hi, I recently followed you and i rlly love your blogs. Could you please do enhypen reaction wherein they unexpectedly come over while their s/o is babysitting a friend’s baby (around 7months or 1yr old)??? Idk if you got what i mean but yeaaah 😭😭. Thank you smmm!!
Of course! I tried to keep it gender-neutral but some of the members will be having a girlfriend. I actually didn't realize that most of my fics are gender-neutral since I used to mostly write female!reader.
Enhypen reacting to you babysitting
Word Count:
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None but still be wary
Disclaimer: This is pure fiction, made out of my imagination. If you do not like this type of writing or my style of writing then please block!
"Is that our child?!"
You were surprised that he thought that
"Hee, it's my friend's baby. I'm looking after him while she's going on a date."
He wanted to hold the baby as well
You let him hold the baby for a bit to take care of other things
When you came back
The baby puked on him
"Y/N what do I do?"
He handed you the baby and went to change shirts
He might even shower
While you cleaned the baby's mouth
And changed his diaper
After that, Heeseung was a bit hesitant about holding the baby
But you convinced him to hold the baby while you took pictures for your friend
After a while, Heeseung eased up a bit
He was having fun playing with the baby while you were cleaning up a bit
When your friend came over, the baby didn't want to let go of Heeseung
He cried and screamed
"Since he likes Heeseung so much, maybe you could watch him a bit more often."
And that's how you started babysitting with Heeseung
He would always text you before he's coming over
But today was he wanted to surprise you with your favorite food
When he rang your doorbell
He didn't expect you to answer with your friend's baby in your arms
"What is Bora doing here?"
He met your friend before with his baby.
But he didn't expect to see the baby here.
“Oh Jihoon has been taking care of Bora nonstop so I offered to watch her while he had a day off.”
Offered to help babysit
He was a bit awkward with Bora at first
But then he warmed up to her
“Maybe Jihoon should have more days off, I wanna babysit Bora more often.”
He would be sitting on the ground
Watching Bora as she played with those hanging toys
Absolutely wanted a child after that
After your friend came to pick up Bora, Jay offered to babysit Bora
With you of course
“Who’s baby is that?”
He got a heart attack
“Babe I’m just kidding!!”
Was pouty for a bit
“Who’s baby is that then??”
“My friend’s, she’s out shopping.”
You let him play with the baby for a bit to clean up the house
He absolutely loved the baby
You took pictures of them playing and sent it to your friend
Y’all both found it adorable
When you told Jake, he was a bit embarrassed
“Baby it was cute tho D:”
“Yeah but I’m still a bit embarrassed”
He still wanted the videos though
“Can I have the videos.”
“I thought they were embarrassing?”
“But they’re still cute.”
After your friend picked up her baby
Jake became pouty
“Do you think we can have a baby in the near future?”
And that’s how Jake became baby obsessed
Was surprised at first
But then completely fell in love
He treated the baby as if it was Yeji
(Yeji is his little sister)
He was so smilely
And so loving as well
You would stare at them from time to time
Absolutely loving what you’re seeing
It made you wonder what life would be like if you and Sunghoon had a child
Seeing him with a baby made you fall in love with him all over again
After your friend came to pick up his baby
Sunghoon was a bit sad
“What’s wrong??”
“I kinda miss having Yeji around, she would love you.”
“You sound more like her father than her brother.”
“I know.”
Whenever you babysit your friend’s baby again, Sunghoon would always want to help
He was so happy
Honestly so adorable with the baby
You could hear their giggles while you clean up or prepare the baby’s milk
He would play with the baby all day long
And would even take care of the baby while you watch from afar
So smiley as well
So precious
When your friend came to pick their baby up
Sunoo was so sad
He told you his feelings
“I really wanted to spend more time with the baby :(“
“It’s alright Sunoo, we’ll get to babysit him again soon.”
Sunoo then got an idea
“Sunoo no-”
Very shocked
He would be very cute along with the baby
I mean what would you expect from baby meets baby
You would watch him play with the baby
And it would be so precious 🥺
The baby would touch Jungwon’s cheeks
And would pinch them
And in return, Jungwon would do the same to the baby
And AHHH it’s so cute
Little giggles from both as they pinch each other’s cheeks
Honestly it would be very amusing to watch
“A baby!?”
“Yes, it’s a baby.”
A lot of screaming and squealing
He would treat the baby as if they were the same age as him
Would probably try to see if it knows how to use a controller yet
“Ni-ki, they’re too young..”
“Never hurts to try.”
I see a lot of peekaboos happening
It amuses the baby and Ni-ki
The baby with Ni-ki appearing and disappearing
Ni-ki seeing the baby’s assumed, cute face
After the baby went home, you two continued your day
With Ni-ki mentioning the baby once or twice
Oh my gawd. This took forever to make. I am busy right now so sorry for the HUGE delay and sorry to anon for the wait. I hope you enjoyed it!
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gubler-me-up · 6 months ago
Wheel of Fortune
Tumblr media
Request: Hi there, if you're taking requests, the reader is a single mother that joins the BAU and Spencer falls for her? A little angst but happy ending? Smut if you'd like! It's all up to you, you're an amazing writer!! Thank you! <3
A/N: Thanks for the request, anon! This is my first fic request with kids, so that was exciting to write! This whole request was unique tbh and it came pretty easily to me. I didn’t intend for it to be this long but I know y’all ain’t complaining 🤷🏾‍♀️Happy reading 😌✨
Couple: Spencer Reid/Single mother Fem!reader
Category: A lil bit of sluff (i mistyped fluff but this is def gonna be my way of saying smut+fluff it is what it is) and a sprinkle of angst 
Content warning: Protected sex, fingering, penetrative sex, swearing, oral sex (female receiving) 
Word count: 6.7k
NOTE: Y/D/N = Your daughter’s name Y/S/N = Your son’s name
You knocked on Hotch’s door two times to request access to come in. You weren’t initially nervous when you walked towards his office to ask your question but as soon as he said you could come in, your heart started to pound. You opened the door and sheepishly walked in with a gentle smile to mask your nerves.
He looked up from his paperwork to look at you. No smile, of course since that was just how you learned to accept he was. Even with this knowledge you still wished he gave you a little flash smile at the least to calm your nerves. He was your unit chief after all, so you had no doubt he could tell you were practically shaking in your boots in front of him.
“Y/L/N, what can I help you with?” He asked.
“Well…” you trailed off.
He raised an eyebrow at you, waiting for you to continue. You paused to search for the right way you wanted to ask him your question. You felt as if you were inconveniencing him the longer you stood there trying to find your words. However, he remained calm as he waited for you to find your wording. What came next was just a mouth full of word vomit from you.
“Well, you see, my son has had this flu for a few days now and my babysitter thinks she’s coming down with the flu, so she wants to go home because she doesn’t feel well and on top of that she doesn’t want the chances of my daughter catching the flu even though it’s bound to happen anyway really and it’s just hard finding a babysitter now, especially ones willing to take care of twin toddlers, and I know I’ve only been here for eight mon-”
“Yes, you can go home,” he said.
You paused. “Really?”
“Yes. Your kids need you right now and case files can always be done at home. Have a good weekend and I hope your son feels better soon,” he said.
A smile instantly blossomed on your face. You should have known he would have a soft spot for children considering he had one and other members on the team had children but you thought he would be harder on you. You were fairly new to the team with less than a year under your belt, so you thought he would think of you as a burden for having these random crises. Maybe you were just too hard on yourself for being the new member and wanting to belong.
“Thank you so much, sir. It truly means a lot,” you said.
“No problem. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to let me know,” he said.
You nodded. “Of course. Have a great weekend, sir.”
You turned around to exit his office before you embarrassed yourself any further. But you turned right around when you heard Hotch’s voice call you like he hadn’t before.
“Y/N,” he said.
“Yes, sir?” You asked.
“You can call me Hotch, you know?” He said.
“Of course, si-Hotch,” you said.
He gave you a nod and went back to looking down at the papers in front of him. You assumed that was his nod of approval and also your cue to get home to take care of your kids. It would be a long evening ahead of you filled with one sick kid, one overactive kid, and loads of case files to finish.
You walked over to your desk to get your stuff together. You gathered up the case files you had to bring home with you for the weekend. You stuffed them into your purse and then picked up your jacket from the back of your chair. You thew it on before picking up your purse to be on your way.
“Leaving so soon?”
You looked beside you to see Spencer staring at you from his seat at his desk. You smiled and nodded as you walked over to his desk. You wrapped your arm around his shoulder to pull him in close. You scrubbed up his hair as he rested his head on your waist.
“The duty of motherhood calls, hun,” you said.
He looked up at you with a lot of sympathy and understanding in his eyes. Whenever you talked to him it was as if he knew you were going through even though he had no children. I guess he understood what it was like to take care of a family member who couldn’t fully help themselves. Whenever he talked about how it was like growing up with his mother you looked at him the same way.
“Y/S/N’s still sick, huh?” He asked.
“Yup and so is the babysitter now, so I have to take over,” you said.
“I can come by and drop off some soup for him later,” he offered.
You shook your head as you gave him a pat on the head. You took your arm from around him and zipped up your coat. You looked at him with a gracious smile to know you appreciated his offer.
“Thanks, Spence, but I can’t have a third person being sick on my watch. I need you here Monday morning,” you said.
“Are you going to be here on Monday?” He asked.
“Of course. When you’re a mother you just have a different type of immune system,” you joked.
“I could give you an explanation about why that’s not exactly true but I’m assuming you have to run now,” he said.
“I do but save it for Monday. I’d love to hear it. Until then, you have a wonderful weekend, sugar,” you said.
You leaned down and gave him a hug. He wrapped his arms around you to hold you tight to him before you had to go. If you didn’t have to run home, you would let him hold you longer. His hugs were always so gentle and so tight you could feel the care radiating from his body. It was a bonus he always smelled magnificent.
You rubbed his back one last time before pulling away from him. He smiled at you as his hands dragged off your body slowly. In your soul, you were glad he didn’t want to let go of you so soon. The more you two talked and hung out with each other, the more you realized he began to be more touchy. If he wanted to touch you longer, he would just have to wait until Monday even though you wished you could linger in his arms longer.
“See you Monday. I hope Y/S/N feels better soon,” he said.
“Thank you,” you said.
You gave him one last smile and he returned it back. You turned around to make your exit to go home. As soon as you exited the bullpen, your mind went instantly started thinking of what to make for dinner and how you would manage to spread your time to get everything done for the weekend. You also had to go grocery shopping which you were going to do quickly after work but you wouldn’t have time. You would somehow have to stretch out what you had at home for the weekend.
You pressed the elevator button as you sighed to yourself. Y/S/N had been sick for three days now but you hoped he’d start to feel better over the weekend, so you didn’t have to sacrifice a day of work. You loved your children more than words could ever express but bills and extracurriculars had to be paid for. They both turned four recently and both avidly wanted to explore their horizons.
You stepped into the elevator as soon as the doors opened. You were surprised it was empty since it was prime time for the office to hustling and bustling with agents. You wished you had someone to talk to, so you could distract yourself. Whenever you were by yourself you started to think of how many things you had to do by yourself with the minimal amount of help from your ex. He gave you child support but other than that he hasn’t done anything for the kids since their first year of life.
The elevator dinged you out of your thoughts as the doors opened to the parking garage. You walked towards your car to start your shift as mommy nurse. You hopped into your car, locked your door, started the ignition, and felt tears immediately stream down your face. You gripped the gear shift to back out but you couldn’t find yourself to put it in reverse.
You took your hand off the gear shift to go into your purse to grab a napkin to wipe your eyes. You hadn’t cried about him for the longest time because you wanted to let it go. You cried enough about the end of your relationship with Chris and having to move on with your life with your twins. It was just the way it had to be and you kept it moving because you had no choice but to.
You breathed in and out deeply to compose yourself, wiped the tears away from your eyes, and took one last deep breath. You just had to keep it moving. Your kids needed you more than you needed you. You plugged in your phone and selected your playlist you created to specifically keep you uplifted. You put your car in reverse and went on your way to play supermom.
You held your Y/S/N in your arms, resting him on your hip as you bounced him up and down. You were also multitasking by counting how many times your daughter jumped rope in the living room. You thought after dinner they would both want to relax and watch some tv before bed but obviously you should have known your kids wouldn’t go down so easily.
Y/D/N begged you to help her count to a thousand skips after dinner. You promised you would but told her for tonight to keep it to only a hundred. She wasn’t too happy about it since she was such a go-getter but you don’t think she fully understood how much a thousand actually was.
Y/S/N on the other hand was pretty drowsy after dinner and you thought he would knock right out after his bath. However, since you were home earlier than usual, he wanted all your love and affection. Every night he would want two goodnight hugs, once before storytime, and once after storytime. He asked for an “up hug” from you and then you got stuck in this position for about ten minutes.
On skip number twenty, Y/D/N stepped on her rope. That was about her third attempt at trying to reach a hundred. It was her highest count yet but her face made you think it was her worst. She crossed her arms with the poutiest lip on. She threw her jump rope to the ground as she huffed and puffed which you knew meant she was on the verge of tears.
“Oh, babes, there’s no need to be upset,” you said.
“I’ll never get to a hundred,” she whined.
“You can do it, Y/D/N,” Y/S/N said.
“You wouldn’t know anything, Y/S/N. You have sick brain,” she said.
“That’s not nice,” he said with a sniffle.
“Y/S/N’s right, Y/D/N. You’re being a little mean. Your brother’s trying to encourage you,” you said.
“But I can’t do it,” she whined.
Then the tears started to stream down her face. You walked over to her to bring her close to your leg and rubbed her head to calm her down. She cried into your yoga pants, full-on waterworks with sniffles to join.
“Y/D/N it’s okay, baby. You have all weekend to perfect your skipping,” you assured her.
“But I want to be good now,” she cried.
“I know, I know but sometimes it takes time to reach your goals. You jumped to twenty and you counted it all by yourself too. That’s so amazing, baby. I’m so, so proud of you,” you said.
She looked up at you with big, tear-filled eyes as she held her little arms around your leg tightly. You smiled down at her with the most enthusiastic smile you could offer her. You saw a little smile starting to blossom on her small face before she buried it in your leg.
You giggled at her silly behaviour before bending down to pick her up. You scooped her up in your free arm to hold her tight to you. There was no need to lift weights when you had twins to always carry around. The number one thing they had the most in common was their love of being close to you.
“Can we jump rope tomorrow morning?” She asked.
“Can we watch cartoons tomorrow morning?” He asked.
“How about we do both? We’ll watch Saturday morning cartoons when we wake up and after we watch the good ones we can jump rope?” You suggested.
“Yes,” they both said.
You sighed in relief. You were expecting at least a little bickering between the two of them in your ears but you guessed they were all worn out. One was getting over the flu and the other one was purely frustrated to tears. You walked out of the living room to walk them upstairs to their bedrooms. As soon as you reached the top of the stairs, you placed them both on the ground and they ran to their rooms.
You already knew the routine of the night. You had to go to Y/D/N’s room to read the next chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You told her it was one of your favourite books when you grew up when she asked you what your favourite books were. She was immediately curious about it, so you took it upon yourself to introduce her to the book. She’s been invested ever since.
After reading another chapter to her, you would have to tuck her in, kiss her on the forehead and wish her goodnight before running to Y/S/N’s room. The first thing you would have to do was give him a pre-goodnight hug. Then you would go over to his toy box and take out action figures and Barbie dolls. He loved when you two put on a live-action story with them as you played out characters you two made up. It was his favourite thing to do with you. Once you two were done, you would give him a goodnight hug and tuck him in for the night.
You started to walk towards Y/D/N’s room but your attention soon turned to downstairs when you heard the doorbell ring. You pivoted and made your way downstairs to open the door. You turned on the outside light and before you opened the door, you looked out the blinds to see who was outside. Your eyes widened when you saw Spencer standing there with two grocery bags in his hands.
You closed the blinds and opened the door. As soon as he saw you, he smiled at you as you looked at him confused. His smile started to fade the longer you looked at him as if you weren’t happy to see him. Your confused look changed into a welcoming smile as soon as you saw that. You didn’t want to ruin his enthusiasm with your confusion.
“Hey, come in,” you said as you stepped aside.
“Thanks. I’m sorry I’m coming by so late but the team wanted to go out after work,” he explained as he walked in.
“And you decided to bring me something back from the hangout?” You questioned as you locked the door.
“Well, not exactly. I actually bought some foods that would be good for Y/S/N to have to make him feel better faster,” he explained.
You raised an eyebrow. “You what?”
“I bought vegetable soup because I know you said how much he loved vegetable-based soups while Y/D/N prefers chicken. I bought one for her too, so she wouldn’t feel left out. I also bought oranges, strawberries, and oranges since they contain vitamin C to help boost his immune system. I bought oatmeal as well because it’s a natural source of vitamin E,” he explained.
You didn’t even know how to reply to that. You had told him your kid’s preferences in passing but you never assumed he paid attention to it. You also didn’t think he would go out of his way to buy a few groceries for your sick son. You could feel the verge of tears coming to your eyes as you couldn’t believe he would think let alone go out of his actual way to do this for your son.
“Mommy, Charlie, please,” Y/D/N yelled.
“Mommy, don’t forget about storytime,” Y/S/N yelled.
Them calling you took you out of your own feelings. You looked at Spencer with a soft smile as you pointed towards the stairs with your thumb. He chuckled at how enthusiastic your kids were to spend a little more time with you before bed.
“Mommy duty calls. I can take those from you and you can head on your way. I don’t want you waiting around while I entertain two four-year-olds for an hour,” you said as you reached for the bags.
“I can help you put them to bed if you’d be comfortable with that. I don’t mind,” he said.
“Really?” You asked as you grabbed the bags.
“Yeah, of course. Whenever I babysit Henry, bedtime is the best time because we get to read together. It’s nice, so I don’t mind helping you out,” he said.
“Well, uh, okay. I’ll put these away and we can start off with reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Y/D/N,” you said.
He smiled. “That’s your favourite childhood book. She has your taste in books.”
You giggled. “You could say that. Now I’ll be right back.”
You walked past him to go plop the groceries onto the kitchen counter. You still were in disbelief he bought some groceries for your kids. You were in even more disbelief that he wanted to stay for your kid’s bedtime rituals. You knew how much he loved being a Godparent to JJ’s son, Henry, and you had never seen a man so good with kids in years. Even the father of your children wasn’t that good. It made your heart become enormously soft.
You walked back into the lobby area to see him there waiting patiently for you to come back. Once he saw you again, a smile appeared on his face. You smiled back at him as you approached him closer.
“We have to go read and tuck Y/D/N in first because she’s a little impatient but the bright side is it’s easier to get her to bed, so that’s why she’s first,” you explained as you lead the way up the stairs.
“Makes perfect sense. Y/S/N is more patient I’m assuming,” he said.
“No, but he is more understanding of the concept of time,” you said.
He chuckled as you both reached the top of the stairs. As you walked towards your daughter’s room, you started to become a little nervous. Her and Y/S/N had never met Spencer before, nor have you ever introduced another man to them before. What if they didn’t like him or felt uncomfortable? You knew you didn’t get those vibes from him at all but they could have a different reaction.
You peeked into her room with a smile before you stepped in with Spencer trailing behind you. She had a smile on her face but her eyes wandered over to Spencer. You turned to look at Spencer to see his reaction and his smile was still warm as he looked at her before looking at you. You turned to look back at Y/D/N whose smile hadn’t faded.
“Y/D/N, this is my friend from work, Spencer. I told him about us reading Charlie tonight and he was so kind to volunteer his time to help read it with us,” you said as you sat on her bed.
She looked at Spencer. “You like Charlie too?”
“Like? I love Charlie. Who’s your favourite character?” He asked as he picked up the book from her nightstand.
“The Oompa Loompa’s because they’re silly,” she said.
“They are. You know how their song goes?” He asked.
She immediately started to sing it as he took a seat next to you on the bed. He opened the book to the page you stuck the bookmark in as he sang along with her. As soon as he started reading, she was mesmerized by the way he narrated the story. You think he did a better narration job than you ever could. He even brought the story to life for you. You were completely drawn into his narration as well.
After he was done reading, you both wished Y/D/N a goodnight. You tucked her in, kissed her goodnight, and she was polite enough to tell Spencer goodnight with a smile. She was the easier twin to warm up to people but the way she warmed up to Spencer could melt butter. It was a cute sight to see her look comfortable with someone she just met. You two walked out and you closed the door to her room. You looked at Spencer with a bright smile.
“I think she likes you,” you said.
“I think she was just really happy to hear an exaggerated reading of Charlie,” he chuckled.
“Maybe. The true test is with Y/S/N because he’s a little more shy,” you said as you lead the way to his room.
“This is going to be quite an interrogation huh?” He asked.
“You can say so,” you giggled.
You knocked on the door frame of Y/S/N’s room before peeking in with a smile. He looked at you with a smile as you walked in. His eyes instantly shifted to Spencer when he entered the room. His cheerful face turned into a confused look.
“Hey, buddy. This is my friend from work, Spencer. He’s here to have story time with us. Is that okay?” You asked.
He shrugged. “I guess. Does he know how it works though?”
“I’m a fast learner,” Spencer said.
“How fast?” He asked.
“Super-duper fast,” Spencer said.
“How about we put him to the test?” You said as you walked over to his toy box.
“Yes,” he enthusiastically said.
You smiled as you grabbed two Barbies and a Captain America action figure. You walked over to the bed. You gave him his pre-goodnight hug and then kneeled next to him. Spencer followed suit and kneeled next to you.
“Which one do you want?” You asked Y/S/N.
“Hmm, the Barbie,” he said.
“Good choice. Which one should Spencer play?” You asked as you passed him a Barbie.
“The other Barbie,” he said.
“Great. Here you go,” you said as you passed Spencer the other Barbie.
“Mommy gets Captain America because she sounds funny,” he giggled.
“It’s true. I do,” you said in a manly voice.
Spencer chuckled at your mediocre at best impression. You giggled before looking towards Y/S/N’s direction for instructions. He always had a wild imagination, so you didn’t have to do much work trying to create scenarios  every night. He didn’t waste any time picking the scene he wanted to set.
“We’re going on a rock climbing adventure on a mountain,” he declared.
“I love a good adventure,” Spencer said in his best female voice.
Y/S/N giggled. “Me too.”
“Me three,” you said in your manly voice.
He giggled uncontrollably and clapped at your performance. You smiled at his reaction before looking over at Spencer. Spencer looked at you with a toothy grin as he lightly chuckled himself. Things between the two of them were going better than you anticipated it to be and you felt your mind go into a state of ease. It felt amazing to have a little help for once putting them to bed. It felt amazing to help at all to be honest. You didn’t know how much of a difference your night felt having someone so caring by your side.
After storytime was over, you gave him a goodnight hug and tucked him in. You wished him a goodnight and so did Spencer. He wished you goodnight and then wished Spencer a goodnight in a shy, soft tone. You closed the door behind you as you two walked out. Before you two walked any further, you grabbed Spencer’s hand to stop him from moving. He looked behind to look at you.
“You’re absolutely amazing with kids,” you praised.
“It’s nothing really,” he said.
“No, it is something. A lot of men aren’t like that even in their thirties,” you said.
“I guess you just have to like kids. It does help a lot that your kids are great. They’re super fun and remind me a lot of you in different aspects,” he said.
You giggled. “Yeah, they both picked what they liked most about me and decided to make a personality.”
He chuckled. “Sounds about right.”
You smiled as you let his hand go and started walking again. He followed next to you as you two walked down the stairs. When you reached the bottom of the stairs, you looked back at him.
“Did you want anything to drink? Anything to eat?” You offered.
“No, I’m good. Did plenty of that with the team,” he said.
“Fair enough. Did you wanna sit and talk for a bit? My mommy duty ends now and mommy time starts now if you want to be a part of it,” you said.
“I’d love to,” he said.
You lead the way into the living room. The more you walked in, the more you realized it was littered with unfinished arts and crafts and toys. You felt a little ashamed of the state of your living room. If you knew he was stopping by you would have cleaned up a little bit. You looked back to see how he reacted to the mess but he seemed unbothered by it. You felt compelled to apologize about the mess regardless.
“Sorry for the mess,” you said as you took a seat on the couch.
“No worries, it’s not messy at all,” he said as he took a seat next to you.
“You know, you don’t realize how messy your kids actually are until you’re relaxing and your need to clean is instantly activated,” you said.
“It’s a little endearing in a way though. I can tell from this that your kids are creative, energetic, and happy,” he said.
“Yeah, you’re right about that,” you said.
“I still can’t believe their dad isn’t in their lives to witness how amazing they are,” he said.
You looked at him with a faint smile. You had told him that Chris wasn’t actively involved in their lives but you never really dived into why. You didn’t exactly want to risk having a breakdown in the middle of work. You shrugged as you tried to find the right way to explain the story in the shortest, concise way possible.
“Well, when you fall in love with a chef with aspiring dreams to travel the world and you have a dream to join the FBI, you end up not lasting. Then the universe or God or whatever thought it was funny for you to be the 9% to get pregnant while on birth control. To top it off, make it double. Doesn’t help that he may or may not have cheated on you after you gave birth to his twins and may or may not be with that same girl now but that doesn’t matter anymore. Guess it just wasn’t my time for true love,” you said.
You could tell on his face he didn’t want to make you feel any worse about your situation. He was trying to find the balance between optimism and sympathy. It was a classic go-to whenever you told someone what happened that lead you to be a single mom. It wasn’t a tragic story, it wasn’t even a sad story. To you, it was honestly stupid. It was stupid of you to know the outcome of how your paths would separate down the road yet you stayed with him willingly thinking he would change his mind and settle down. Even when you were pregnant it didn’t convince him to change his mind.
He placed his hand on your knee. He finally decided to settle with a smile. You had never gotten that reaction before and for some reason it brought tears to your eyes. You quickly wiped them away before they fell. You placed your hand over his and held it tight.
“I’ve never gotten a smile before in response,” you said.
“I feel sorry that your ex-boyfriend couldn’t be a father to your kids but I’m glad that you haven’t let that affect the way you raise them. Some single parents have this tendency to let the absent partner hold them back but you keep moving. That’s admirable, Y/N,” he said.
You bit your bottom lip as you felt the tears well up in your eyes again. Your kids were your whole world. Nothing about the way your relationship with Chris ended would ever interfere with that. Usually, people would ask if it was hard or lonely. They never accepted your response of being content with your life with your kids. It was as if they were looking for an emptiness inside. The only emptiness you ever felt was maybe from feeling that you could never fall head over heels for another guy again. Spencer made that harder day by day though.
He noticed a tear escape your eyes and took it upon himself to use his free hand to wipe it away. You felt your heart pound against your chest again at his touch. You couldn’t help but smile like an excited school girl being alone with her crush for the first time. You gripped his hand even tighter as you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He seemed to not be able to take his eyes off you either.
“Thank you, it means a lot. What means even more to me is how well you got along with the dynamic twins. I’ve never had a guy over before, so I was worried how they’d react but it went well,” you said.
“You haven’t been with anyone since your ex?” He asked.
You shook your head. “No. Not only is it hard to find a mature guy in this day and age but also a mature guy who can handle being with a single mom with not one but two kids. It’s very rare.”
“Maybe it’s not as rare as you think it is. You just haven’t been looking in the right places,” he said.
You removed your hand from his hand and placed it on his chest. He didn’t move away from your touch. You had a feeling he had been waiting for this moment as long as you have been. You were glad there wasn’t any sense of rejection from him. Only acceptance.
“And what are the right places?” You asked.
“Right here,” he said.
He didn’t skip a beat as he leaned into you. You met him halfway, so your lips could collide in the middle. You placed your hand on his neck to keep him close to you. He followed your lead by moving his hand from your knee and placed it on your lower back. You were feeling a little greedy though. It had been years since you had been intimate with a man and for it to be a man like Spencer Reid, you wanted to see how far you two could go.
You moved your hand from his neck and reached for the hand he had placed on your lower back. You slowly moved it towards the front of your yoga pants. He softly chuckled through the kiss and you knew he got your hint immediately. He placed his hand down your pants. He found your clit in no time and gently massaged it. You knew you had to be quiet for the kids but it felt incredible.
You broke the kiss to let out a few moans filled with enormous pleasure. He quietly shushed you as he placed his lips back on yours to keep you silent. He picked up the pace to make you feel an even greater feeling of gratification and you moaned in his mouth as a response to his touch.
“Did you want to go further?” He asked through the kiss.
You responded by opening up your legs wider and keeping the pace of your kisses up. He accepted your invitation to explore you a little further. You breathed heavily as you felt his hands trace down your folds. He took the time to rub your folds to increase your wetness. You gripped onto his shirt as you tried to continue kissing him. But when you felt him stick his two fingers in you, you nearly lost your mind.
You tilted your head back as you softly moaned at the feeling of him pumping his fingers in and out of you. He leaned in and started kissing your neck. He kissed you as if he needed his lips to be latched onto you at all times. It like a dream.
“Oh my God,” you moaned.
“Let me know if I’m doing too much,” he said.
“I…I want you t-to do more,” you moaned.
“Oh?” He said.
You grabbed his hand and jerked it back to signal him to stop. He obliged and took his fingers out of you. You leaned your head up to look at him looking at you, waiting for your next move. You kissed him one last time before you got up to walk over to the coat closet in the hallway. You opened it and reached for your jacket pocket to pull out a condom.
You didn’t bother closing it back because you wanted to rush back to him. You hadn’t felt such a rush of lust in years. It was as if you were on cloud nine. You didn’t even know you could feel that way again in your life but Spencer did it for you.
You walked up to him to hand him the condom. He gladly took it with no hesitation. You smiled as you took a seat next to him, watching him as he undid his pants.
“You walk around with condoms?” He asked.
You shrugged. “They’re free at the gynaecologist’s office, so I take some just in case. I love kids but I don’t want anymore any time soon.”
He chuckled as he got up to pull down his pants along with his underwear. You licked your lips as soon as you saw the sight of his hard dick pop out. Your hands started to sweat and you found yourself feeling soaked in-between your thighs as you watched him roll the condom on. He leaned in and gently pushed you down on the couch to lay down.
He then went on top of you to pull off your yoga pants along with your underwear. You lifted your legs to make it easier for him to pull them off in one swift motion. Once they were off, he placed it on the floor and crawled down your body until his face was in-between your legs.
You gasped and tilted your head back as soon as you felt him run his tongue in-between your folds. You grabbed the top of his head as you relished in the feeling his tongue was giving you. He made sure his tongue explored every region of you. He didn’t dare miss a corner.
You had to cover your mouth to prevent yourself from screaming when his tongue reached your clit. He flicked it rapidly with the tip of his tongue, leaving your legs tense and back arched. If he could work his tongue like that, you wanted to feel the real deal. You yearned for him more than ever at that moment.
“I need you,” you moaned.
He stopped teasing you with his tongue and he lifted his head up. You let go of his hair so he could crawl his way back up to you. A smile grew on his face before he leaned down to kiss you. You could taste yourself all over his mouth and it sparked a true fire in you.
“I need you too,” he said.
“Show me,” you said.
He smiled before nuzzling his face in your neck to cover it with kisses as he stuck his dick into you. You let out a strong gasp which caused him to move his kisses from your neck to your mouth to quiet you down. It was for the best since you didn’t need your kids walking in on you and Spencer in the living room.
It had been a long time since you had sex and it felt like a totally different experience. You felt as if he actually took the time to give you pleasure without seeking anything in return. To continuously kiss you with ease and sensuality as if you were the whole world. It didn’t hurt that his dick felt amazing in you either.
He parted his mouth from yours as he started to let out little moans himself. You tried your ultimate best to be as low volume as he was but it was definitely hard to accomplish with the pace he was going at. His medium speed pleasured you to no end as you wrapped your legs around him to feel how deep he could go. And did he ever go deep.
You dug your nails into his back as he quickened his pace. He was lucky his shirt was still on or else his back might have been covered in deep, red scratches. He went back to kissing the side of your neck to keep himself quiet and you went back to covering your mouth to shield your loud moans.
“You feel so good,” he moaned into your ear.
You moved your hand away from your mouth. “And you fuck so good.”
He chuckled as he continued fucking you as you wanted. The longer you two went the harder it was to contain your moans. You couldn’t get over the feeling he was giving you. You wanted to stay in that space forever and you assumed he felt the same way.
You then heard him let out a few grunts as he slowed down his pace. You let out a pleased sigh as you felt him pull out of you after his orgasm. Even though you didn’t orgasm yourself, you were satisfied with the feeling he gave you. The feeling of being over the moon.
You grabbed him by the face. “This was amazing.”
He sheepishly smiled. “I feel bad you didn’t orgasm.”
“Doesn’t matter. Besides, there’s always next time. Right?” You asked.
“Definitely,” he said.
You dropped your hands as he leaned down to kiss you. You could feel the yearning need he had for you on his lips still and is excited you to know it was going to continue after that moment. It meant Spencer and you could actually be something. With the kid’s approval, of course, but you had a feeling they loved him already.
You pushed him back slightly. “What are you doing tomorrow morning?”
“Nothing. Why?” He asked.
“Want to come over and watch cartoons and then count skips?” You asked.
He chuckled. “I couldn’t ask for a better first date.”
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babymilkawa · 7 months ago
valentine’s day headcanons with:
levi ackerman, armin arlert, eren jaeger
gn!reader :)
Tumblr media
levi ackerman
a w k w a r d
he has 0 knowledge on this and only acts on instincts
he’ll know nothing about the usual valentine gifts (which is actually good) and get you something he knows you’ll like
I mean he knows he has to get u sthing mans not that dense 🙄
when u wake up and whisper happy valentine’s day
he freaks for a sec then remembers that ur gift is under the bed
he kisses you and oof soft morning cuddles until the “kids start running everywhere”
he gives you ur gift and is a little scared u won’t like it
but u do U BETTER COS ITS LEVI and he can breathe again
as for affection, he doesn’t change on this day
he still tries to give you his attention and shows you how much he appreciates you
the other corps are gushing about the two of you like “cmon...we know you wanna get a room..shfjsdh”
y'all just roll ur eyes and continue training
when ur not with him though, hange goes up to him and is like *nudge nudge* “so did you prepare anything for tonight?”
he goes huh??
“what is there to prepare”
hange straight up face palms
“you have to decorate the bed with rose petals! light up candles! make her dinner!”
he’s stressed now
he thought it was over?? he thought he would just cuddle you like he does every night, maybe add some spice??
where the hell was he supposed to get roses huh
nevertheless, he tries his best
he doesn’t get roses and doesn’t litter them on the bed because that’s,,messy,,,
but he puts them in a nice vase
the room is lighted with only a few candles and you already ate so he didn’t cook dinner
when u come in he goes “I know it’s not much...”
but you hug him and thank him anyways 
then u cuddle and spice it up like planned 😏
Tumblr media
armin arlert
OK SO this guy is the sweetest ok
he’s got all the sunshines and rainbows for u (yk what I mean)
he writes u a wholeass poem where he confesses his undying love for u again, bakes u sweets and packs em in a box with the words “will you be my valentine?” on the very bottom
like you’re already his s/o he don’t need to ask jdfhgjfh 😫🤚🏻
I mean was he scared you’d say no to the box? maybe...
the poem was actually very well written and you can tell he took a lot of time on it
the sweets were delicious and Sasha may or may not have stolen a few
I mean u needed to get to the bottom of the box sooo 👀
he’ll sneak kisses to you throughout the day
jean sees every one of them and glances over at mikasa, sweating his balls off HHHAhhahaha
hange will be gushing at young love and Levi will just turn away
erwin tries to get everyone’s attention again
Eren’ll prolly tell you how many crumpled papers there are in his room from the night that Armin finally decided to sit down and write the poem
Eren prolly exaggerated a WHOLE lot saying how Armin was on the verge of crying because he didn’t know what to write
I mean he WAS scratching his hair out because it has to be perfect for you
now armin is j tryna shut that damn Eren up, blushing furiously
eren is threatening to show you the crumpled drafts hahahejh
when the night comes, soft hours are on
you guys sit in his room and honestly just have some wholesome talks
you reflect on your relationship, he tells you how much you mean to him
sigh 😌
Tumblr media
eren jaeger
he’ll go to armin instead of mikasa for help
then when armin mentions that mikasa is a girl and that she’ll prolly know better, he’s like Ron in Harry Potter when they’re asking ppl to the ball
like “mikasa, you’re a girl, right?”
*suffocates him with her scarf*
anyways, this green eyed dude will give you your gift with shaking, sweaty hands, stuttering all over the place
you end up just kissing him so he’ll shut up
then he’s got a list of your plans for the day, not being subtle AT ALL
like he prolly wrote all this on the toilet
so he’s pulling out his toilet paper from his pocket like “d-do you wanna g-go o-on a hike f-first or-”
“let's go on a picnic!” you suggest
instantly paniks cos this Wasn’T on tHE List MIkaSAAAAAA
when you guys are packing the food, Sasha offers to help but really just secretly eats it all
you end up checking the bottom of the basket to see if there’s a hole hahAha
Eren takes you to a decent place though, where the wind blows and it’s quiet and peaceful
he wants to hold your hand and just goes for it
like snATCHES it
after he gets over his nerves,,,y’all,,,make out <3
then your laying on his lap, he’s making a flower crown awww
you make one for him too cos y not
he tells you a couple of things about the nature around you
like “oh this plant was everywhere in my hometown, you would never not see it in our soup”
you watch the sunset together with your flower crowns on
when you get back from the hill everyone’s there and clapping lMAO LIKE “ABOUT TIME”
no one bothers to save dinner for y'all cos u already ate anyways
Sasha said that
when he goes back to his room Levi is standing there reading to whoop his ass for the mess but when he sees Eren walking in and smiling he lets him go
Eren doesn’t even SEE LEVI HAHAH he just plops face down on his bed and has this happy sigh
Levi just rolls his eyes and tells u ur loverboy is in there 🥰💕💘
Tumblr media
a/n: this made me 🥺
attack on titan masterlist
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meltingpotimagines · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
this mans
is not husband material
for the right girl? he may be willing to play the part
listen, mans may not be a simp but he is cHARMING okay? he got potential
besides he’s lowkey a simp for the right girl but whatever
was very romantic when he proposed
managed to rent out an entire park perks of being the #2 hero
decked out a gazebo with fairy lights, candles, and rose petals
considered making a heart with the rose petals but decided just scattering them around would be classier and less cheesy
set up a picnic with a basket f u l l of food
sandwiches, cheese, fruit, desserts, the works
and ofc a bottle of champagne bc tonight you two would be celebrating
or so he hoped
you wouldn’t say no right?
i mean who could say no to that gorgeous face pHEW
pulled out the ring box right as you swallowed the last of the macaron you’d been nibbling on
his heart sped up as your eyes widened, a breathless ‘keigo’ escaping your lips
“i know you might not be ready, but the more i get to know you, the more i realize that i don’t want to live the rest of my life without you. you’re the girl of my dreams, and i never want to wake up. would you marry me?”
“are you s t u p i d? ofc i will!”
his grin has never been as bright as it was at that moment
slipped the ring onto your finger and immediately pulled you into his arms and took off into the air
slowed your assent as you two soared above the clouds and spun around, unable to contain his joy
gazed at your face with those golden eyes, taking in your beauty, before giving you the sweetest, most tender kiss you’ve ever felt
oh boy the wedding
when i tell you this was an e v e n t i mean anyone who was anyone wanted to go to this wedding
but only those that were close to the two of you were invited
haha suckerrrs
somehow got all might to officiate
who knew all might could officiate weddings? 
certainly neither of you
no one really knows how that decision came to be but i mean no one was complaining either so
he let you make all the decisions except for one
the flowers
he h a d to be involved in the flowers
he appreciates pretty flora and if the bouquets and floral arrangements at his wedding weren’t the prettiest possible he would n o t be satisfied
teared up as you walked down the aisle (which he will neither confirm nor deny)
not that he wasn’t lookin’ mighty fine too
just imagine: tan suit with a black button up and a gold tie, gold cufflinks with a ruby set in each
i know those are his costume colors but he looks good in them so y’all can fight me
dipped you for your first kiss as husband and wife to everyone’s amusement
best believe a few different cameras caught that
the timing of the wedding was planned out so the reception was held at night
semi-sheer white tents and custom black ten-feet tall candelabras
the soft glow from the candles combined with the moonlight made for the perfect dreamy vibe 
he managed to find a florist that could dye white roses black and cover them them with a thin layer of gold glitter
was it necessary? no
did it look good? heck yeah
the gold glitter shined beautifully against the black roses
the way your eyes sparkled as you danced with him was far more captivating
you two had flown up into the sky to dance your first dance together
your silhouettes against the bright moon made for a perfect picture
the only reason you ended up coming down was because neither of you had eaten much that day and a guy’s gotta eat
he gonna need stamina later *winky face*
you cannot convince me the man wouldn’t insist on fried chicken
like a whole buffet table of different flavors
but i mean fried chicken is good so can’t blame him
everyone expected him to smear some cake on your face when he fed you that first piece
instead wiped off the frosting that got on your lips with his thumb and licked it off
your best friend caught t h a t one on camera and will never stop teasing you about how flustered you got
he kept up a great image of a polite host but on the inside he was ready to g o
it had been a long day and he was ready love on his wife
he likes the sound of that
peppers your face with kisses on the ride home
yeah yeah i know h o n e y m o o n but where y’all were goin’ was forever away and mans just wants to shower you with affection as soon as possible (esp considering he had to keep his hands off you all day since you two never had a moment alone)
scoops you up the second you’re out of the car and carries you over the threshold
gives you a soft kiss before putting you down
and that’s the last soft kiss you’re gonna get for the night lolllll
definitely the type to make you breakfast in the morning
also the type to cook in nothing but an apron and boxers but anyway
you better be up in time to see that sight bc if not, you’re getting breakfast in bed not that i’d complain
he’s not the best cook but mans can manage some bacon and eggs
plus some fresh fruit bc it makes it more visually appealing and less like he doesn’t really know how to cook
he set the tray on your lap and climbs back into bed, pulling you into his side so your head can rest on his chest as you two munch on breakfast
there’s something so soothing about the sound of his heartbeat
a soft little rhythm that nearly puts you back the sleep
didn’t help that he was unconsciously running his fingertips along your arm, drawing random squiggles and shapes
will tilt your head up by the chin every so often to give you a little peck on the lips
if you do fall asleep, he’ll just gaze at you softly while lightly tracing your features
still can’t process that you’re married
someone actually loved him enough to marry him
there was someone that didn’t just admire or use him bc of his quirk
didn’t give him attention purely bc he’s the number 2 hero
you saw all his flaws and shortcomings and insecurities and loved him regardless
if he’s dreaming, please don’t wake him up
you cleaning him wings for him is something he loves so much
it’s such an intimate task that makes him feel cared for
how much time you take in cleaning them and how tenderly you handle each wing
it’s one of his favorite ways to spend time with you
it’s nice being taken care of for once, esp when he’s always taking care of others
absolutely loves taking you on night flights
will take you in his arms and just soar above the clouds
with the clouds below you and the stars above, it feels like you two are the only people that exist
definitely dances with you during some of those flights
wraps one arm more tightly around your waist and take your hand in his and just… slowly spins in the air
it doesn’t look like much but when you’re just looking into each other’s eyes, it feels like the most romantic and intimate moment you could ask for
your life is quite literally in his hands but you’ve never felt safer
even more so when you wrap your arms around his neck and bury your face in the crook
his arms wound securely around your waist, the comforting smell of his scent, the kisses he presses to your temple every so often
it feels like home
likes startling/scaring you a lot
will sneak into the house after work just so he can tap on your shoulder from behind 
the gasp you let out as you freak out for half a second never fails to amuse him the jerk
will always make it up to you with long, deep kiss
if he gets home late after a long day he’ll just crawl into bed and pull you into his arms before burying his face into your hair
no talking, just breathes in your scent before he crashes
he sleeps really well like that, but, although he won’t admit it, he sleeps best when you hold him, his face buried in your chest
he feels warm and safe, like it’s okay to be vulnerable for once
absolutely flirts with you while at work
probably definitely sends you a few spicy pics or texts
it gives him such smug satisfaction knowing the affect he has on you when he’s not even physically there
picks up take-out when he knows your too tired to or would rather not cook
like to back hug you and wrap you up with his wings
9/10 times will bury his face in your neck and nuzzle
sometimes if he spots you while on patrol, he’ll fly over and flirt with you
“how you doin’, gorgeous? the name’s hawks. what’s a pretty lil’ thing like you doin’ in a neighborhood like this?”
sir, this is one of the safest areas in the city pLS-
but if you actually a r e in danger? oh boy
no one, and i mean no one, touches his girl
honestly i’d rather fight bakugo one on one than deal with keigo’s wrath
he’s one of the chillest people you will ever meet, but when he’s that mad? s c a r y
will keep a close watch on you for a while after that
asks you to always let him know where you’ll be and to text him when you get home
definitely considered installing a tracking app on your phones
he’ll calm down eventually, but for the moment he’s extremely anxious
although he certainly tried his best to hide it
he didn’t want to stress you out too, especially if you had any anxieties from it yourself
he was just afraid to lose you
he doesn’t know what he’d do without you
after all, you’re the most precious thing in the world to him and he loves you more than he could ever put into words
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savnofilter · 6 months ago
Kinkuary Day 22
octopus!t. amajiki
☠️ warning(s): 𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕔𝕝𝕖𝕤, semi-public.
☠️ genre: smut, holiday special.
☠️ words: 1.9k words [7 minutes, 45 seconds].
☠️ read more: kinktober(uary) | part one | flf
☠️ summary: tamaki had a request he was sure you would be more than willing to fill out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tamaki was excited to see you again. He had successfully fulfilled his mother’s wishes she wanted from him and he was destined to come up to see you again. His heart pounded as he could feel himself shift once again, keeping in all the oxygen he needed before he would eventually turn into his proper form. It didn't take long for him to finally reach the surface of the water, taking a long awaited deep breath when he reached the surface. He was pleased to see that you were sitting near the shore line like you always did, the cute blush he always gained came up to his cheeks as he swam to the sand and eventually walked up. 
"Tama, you made it!" You threw your hands up as he got closer, smiling up at him as he pulled you up and into his arms. 
"Of course. I'd never miss a time to visit you…" Amajiki smiles softly, giving your waist a squeeze before pulling away and giving you a look over. "You've already been in the water?" He asks leaning back to look before realizing he didn't think about him possibly getting you wet. 
"Yeah! It's kinda hot today so I went for a small swim before you came up." You pull away to walk over to the pile of equipment you had brought along, beginning to get the change of clothes you always bought for him when he’d have his visits. His eyes follow your movements as you move. He couldn't help his eyes wander as you bent over to get them, biting his lip as he contemplated his next words. 
"Here you go! Saw you eyeing these the last time you came up so I saved up some money and got them." You turn to hand it to him, met with his anxious nature starting to creep up again. "What's wrong?" You ask with the furrow of your brows, pouting a bit. 
"D-Do you think we can try my tentacles again?" Tamaki blurts out, catching you off guard. To understand, Amajiki was never one to be confident enough to relay his lust in a direct manner. Giving you bouts of spontaneity that would get you every time It caught you a second to register before you were getting flustered yourself. You tried to think of something to say, looking away from him as you fiddled with your fingers. 
"I haven't thought of it before…." 
That was a lie. You had never admitted it, but after the first night you two had slept together, you had thought about them as well. Tamaki coming on to you like this was something you were not used to. Most times out of ten you were the one to initiate it. Ten times out of ten when it was him, it wasn't something as lewd as his request was now. You looked up at him and noticed that he was watching you expectantly. Your eyes couldn’t help but stare at his nudity while your mind started to race with it’s own thoughts. Your body felt tingly as you started to consider the possibilities, slowly nodding your head before clearing your throat to speak. “There’s a changing booth not too far from this spot, we have some time before the rest comes and the beach gets crowded.” 
You stand up and dust yourself off, whilst still holding the spare clothes you had for him. You grabbed him with your free hand as you guided him to the location, leaving your other stuff behind for your friends to find. Luckily, the stall is still open for use. Tamaki let you enter first, letting you hang up your stuff on the hooks that were set up. The box was big enough to fit you two in it and hopefully the extra appendages that were going to accompany y’all as well. Your cheeks felt hot as you glanced back at Tamaki, trying not to give a good run down at his toned and tanned body. He sat down on the bench that was opposite to the mirror, his stance open as if the only thing stopping him from continuing was your hesitance.
The booth wasn't the most spacious, and seeing yourself reflected back in its mirror made you nervous if this quickie would go well. While you removed your clothes, you ignored the pitter-patter of the school girl as you got excited. You yelped at the force when he pulled you to stand between his legs and stood between his knees. Yet again you did not say a thing. All of your thoughts and comments evaporated, and you were more focused on adjusting to your surroundings. You moved to sit in his lap, his soft but firm hand stopping you as he looked up at you finally.
“I-I want you to face the mirror.” Although his words were timid, his gaze was stern as ever. If your body and cheeks didn’t feel hot before, it sure as hell did now. "A-Are you sure about this?" Tamaki asked with a nervous bite to his lip, his tentacles holding your legs up along with your wrists. You nodded as you looked back at him through the mirror. You weren’t shy to activities like these. But this felt different although you had tried them before. You watched his aquatic limbs hold you up, slowly nodding your head as you gathered your courage.
“I’m ready.” You respond when you snap out of your gaze, looking up at him with a determined stare. 
He nodded and looked down to where his dick pressed against your skin, his tentacles using their mighty strength to lift you onto his tip. You moved your gaze from the mirror feeling him carefully slide his length into you. Your breath shook as he was precise with his insertion, going until he fully bottomed out inside you. Your walls wrapped tightly around his cock from the angle he held you open, perfectly presenting you to the mirror that sat in front of you. 
"I want you to look at me." Tamaki mumbles in your ear. His expression darkened once you didn’t comply, giving you a sharp thrust to demonstrate he meant business. You choked on a moan as his length poked deeper inside of you, his tentacles tightening their grips on your limbs. 
You timidly looked up at your reflection as requested, a small whimper coming from your lips as you recognized at how lewd the sight really was. Your breath hitched once he started to move, your body not prepared for the sensation. His appendages held you wide open, his posture perfect and his feet anchored into the floor to thrust up into you. You were too entranced in watching as his cock slid in and out of you to notice that his other limbs wanted to keep active too. The cool but oddly warm tentacles came up to experimentally latch onto your nipples, the suction on the bottom of the limbs stuck and sucked at your sensitive buds. A moan left your lips as he started to pick up his speed, the sound of your cunt taking his cock ever so slightly clashing with the distant swishing of the waves of the beach at shore.
Your toes clenched as you tried to keep yourself up, your back pressed against his front as he worked at pleasuring himself as well. Tamaki moved to nuzzle your neck, his lips pressing against your skin and peppers light kisses and bites to mark up your skin. You moved to reach down to relieve yourself from the build up of arousal only being stopped from the thing that wrapped around your wrist. The bundle of nerves between your legs ached as it needed stimulation for you to get your proper work. Your hips bucked at wanting to touch yourself, tilting your head back onto his free shoulder to speak to him.
“T-Tama…” You looked up at him as he looked down at you, your eyes pleadingly searching for sympathy for him to hear you out. “Tama rub my clit.” You were going to speak up again but stopped yourself when voices grew louder and populated outside. The possibility of the inappropriate noises alerting those outside caused you to panic, and your gaze snapped back to look at how terrible this situation was if anyone were to come inside. 
Tamaki couldn't help but smile as he observed the adrenaline rushing through your body as you dedicated yourself to it. For that you deserved to be rewarded. One of the tips slithered down as asked and did exactly as told without wasting any time. His cocked twitched at your expression falling into one of ecstasy, but as always, he wanted to see more. He dropped your legs and stood up carefully, holding your back close to his front and increasing his thrusts pace. His hips were precise in their ramming, hips angled properly to hit up at your g-spot that always made you weak.
Your legs trembled as his tip continuously prodded against it. Your head felt light and you had forgotten about the people outside as quickly as you had realized they were out there. You bowed your head as you took his unrelenting thrusts, enjoying way too much at the fact that any and everyone could hear you. There was no room for any coherent thoughts as he fucked you inside the small box, only regiesting the pleasured sensations of his cock sliding inside of your cunt. Your fluids dripped down your legs as you had slicked up that much to the point it was too easy for him to move. The tentacle at that pressed and sucked at your clit made you see stars, tensing up as you came closer to impending orgasm. 
“Nghhh~” You clenched your jaw and squeezed your eyes shut, an unrestrained whine leaving your mouth as he dragged on your climax. Your body shook as he didn’t stop playing with your clit and gyrated his hips into yours to find the release he was chasing as well. 
“Y-Y/N…!” He gasped, pressing his pelvis against your ass and came inside of you. His tentacles tightened to keep you close not letting any of his cum escape from you. You groaned as his warm semen filled you up, some spilling out by the sheer amount of itself. You hadn't before when he finished, his tentacles did too. The white substance coated your beautiful skin, giving you no decency to leave the changing boother. You softly painted to catch your breath, missing his hot body against yours when he leans away and admires how your reflection looks in front of you. He clears his throat as he hesitantly pulls away, still holding you up in his arms. 
“Everyone is here now, we should get going.” He doesn’t mind the stickiness of your body, smiling softly down at you as he uses the spare towel you bring in case of emergencies to clean you down. You gently nod at his suggestion, still trying to recuperate from the pounding you just received. You held onto him as you got dressed, waiting for him to finish. He grabs the beach bag when he’s sure both of you are set, gripping your hand and leaving as if nothing had happened. You could feel cheeks get hot as you avoided people stares, choosing to stay close to him the whole trip.
Oddly enough, you had hoped you two would try more risky things soon.
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spookydrreid · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
The tease.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x BAU fem!Reader
CW: cursing, teasing, smut, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, creampie, oral sex – female receiving, degradation, praise, choking, D/S dynamic (slight), daddy kink, innocence kink, hair pulling, overstimulation, after care (if I missed anything please let me know)
Word count: 2323
(let me know if this is your gif. I got it on google and there was no source.) 
A/N: This isn't my first time writing smut, but it's my first time posting it on here! I hope y’all enjoy it! 
It was safe to say that one of your favorite past times was teasing your husband, Spencer Reid.
He just made it so easy.
You woke up that morning with his chest pressed tight against your back, his arms wrapped around you so tight it was hard to move. You loved mornings like this, especially when you were waking up in your shared bed.
You and Spencer had a very healthy sex life, but lately its been a quickie here and there. And that was if you both didn’t fall asleep as soon as your heads hit the pillow. Work was exhausting these past few months and you both have been pulled from place to place offering your assistance on catching killers.
You were fed up. But lets get something straight, sex with spencer was euphoric no matter if it was quick or he was taking his time. He always made sure you got off before he did, but you wanted more than just a quick little fuck. No, you wanted Spencer to demolish you, and you knew just a way to get him to do that.
You wiggled you ass against his crotch, feeling him grow slightly hard beneath you. You felt Spencer inhale sharply before pulling you closer and kissing your cheek. You smiled, turning your face to his so he could give you a proper kiss, which he happily did.
“Good morning, princess.” He purred as he kissed along your jaw. But he wasn’t about to get you that easy.
“Good morning, daddy.” You smiled as you spoke, feeling him twitch beneath you. Spencer’s kisses became more urgent, but he wasn’t going to win. As bad as you wanted it, you also wanted to be a little tease.
You started to wiggle, trying desperately to get out of his grasp so you could get ready for the day, but he just held tighter as his hands continued to roam your body.
“Spence, baby, we don’t have time.” You tried hard to sound disappointed, but Spencer knew better.
You watched as he checked the clock, realizing that you both really – truly – did not have time. He sighed, loosening his grip, but not before giving you a long, passionate kiss.
Spencer Reid has a raging innocence kink, something you liked to toy with from time to time. So, while Spencer was in the shower, you dug through your draw of lingerie until you found what you were looking for. It was a set you had secretly boughten but was saving for a special occasion. And today seemed like the perfect time to pull it out.
It was a beautiful white lace set that looked like it had little lace roses all over it. The bra pushed up your tits, making them look like a dream. The panties covered… not much, but you knew it would drive Spencer wild. You pulled on some white thigh high socks, clipping them to the garter that was sitting around your waist. You looked good and you knew it.
You heard Spencer pad his way into your bedroom, so pretended to busy yourself by looking for something to wear. “Hey babe? Are we going to have time to-“ Spencer trailed off as his eyes slowly scanned your figure. You watched him gulp as his brown orbs, now blow with lust, met yours.
You cocked your head to the side as you pulled on the skimpiest skirt you could get away with, leaving you in just a bra. “Are we going to have time to what?” You asked, feigning innocence.
The doctor was speechless and you mentally high fived yourself. Your plan was working.
As you pulled on your blouse, fingers working slowly to button it, Spencer stalked towards you until his hand was wrapped around your throat. He squeezed the sides, just barely cutting off the blood flow.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He spat. He was right up in your face and you could smell the mint from his toothpaste. You stared back at him, a playful smirk playing on your face as you tried to ignore the throbbing between your legs.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, daddy,” you feigned innocence. “I am just getting ready for work.”
Spencer got even closer, his lips brushing over yours as he spoke, “it looks to me like you’re being a fucking little tease. No?”
“Don’t I look so pretty?” You pushed.
“You look like a fucking little slut.” His voice dripping in lust.
You let out a small giggle, which only made him tighten his grip on your throat, “but I’m your slut, daddy.”
Spencer seemed content with that answer, opting to press a rough kiss to your lips before letting you go.
By lunch time you were almost positive you’d sealed your fate for the night. Your desk was directly across from Spencer’s which made it easy for you to put on a show. Leaning over to ‘grab’ something, ‘dropping’ files that you’d have to bend down to pick up. The whole nine yards.
Spencer kept shooting your glares from his own spot, no doubt catching onto your little game. But you kept on as if you knew nothing. So, when everyone started leaving for lunch, you sauntered over to your husband. You perched yourself a-top his desk, placing a hand on his arm.
“Can we go get lunch?” You whined at him.
Spencer shot you an annoyed look, “stop whining.”
“What’s your issue?” Okay, to be fair, you knew exactly what his issue was. And if he would follow along, he just might get what he wants.
Because truth was, Spencer looked like a dream all day, every day. By lunch he had taken off his suit jacket, rolled up his sleeves, and put his glasses on. He looked delicious to say the very least and you wanted a bite now.
Spencer stood without a word, pulling on his satchel before pulling you by the wrist to the elevator. Once inside, he wrapped his beautiful hand around your throat, pushing you against the wall of the elevator.
“My ‘issue’ is the way you think it’s okay to act like a little whore in front of our friends. You aren’t as slick as you think you are.” He spat, his face so close you could feel his breath fan over your lips. It took everything in you to not kiss him. But that would just get you in more trouble.
“So, we’re going to go home, and you’re going to be a good little bitch while I fuck you into the mattress. And there will be no complaints unless it’s a safe word. Am I clear?” Spencer tightened his grip just slightly as he waited for an answer.
“Yes, daddy. I understand.” He let you go, moving to stand beside you.
You barely had time to shut the door before Spencer was on you. His kiss rough and hurried as his hands roamed his body. You pulled his shirt from his pants before your shaky hands moved to unbutton it. Spencer did the same, pushing your blouse off your body before you even got halfway done with his buttons.
You finally got his undone not long after, pushing it off of him and throwing it somewhere in the room. Spencer’s hands moved to the back of your thighs and you knew what that meant. You jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his bare torso.
He kissed his way along your jaw line and down your neck, nipping and sucking as he went. He was no doubt leaving marks, but that was an issue for future y/n. Right now, all you cared about was getting him to fuck you.
Once in the bedroom, Spencer carefully laid you on top of your soft comforter, his hips still between your legs.  Spencer’s hands unzipped your skirt, pulling it off and throwing it somewhere in the room. He sat back, admiring the underwear you’d put on that morning. He ran a hand over the delicate lace at your chest, squeezing just slightly. You let out a soft moan at the small amount of contact he was giving.
“So pretty in white, baby. Makes you look so, so innocent.” His eyes raked down your figure, his hands following just slightly behind. They stopped at your core, feeling the wet patch that sat between your legs, “but you aren’t innocent. Huh?”
His fingers started making lazy circles on your cloth covered clit, making it hard to answer him.
“I believe I asked you a question.” He sped up his motions, knowing how blank your mind goes at times like these.
“N-no. ‘M not innocent. B-but only for you,” you rushed out, panting.
Spencer pulled off your panties, moving to kiss around your belly. He made his way down, but chose to avoid where you wanted him the most. Instead, he moved down your thigh, to your ankle before swapping sides and repeating.
“P-please, daddy.” You whined.
Spencer’s thumb drew lazy circles around your clit once more, not barely enough to satisfy you, “tell me what you want, baby.” You could hear the fucking smirk on his perfect face.
“Need you t-to touch me. Please, please, please!” You begged him. And he listened. He surged forward, licking a fat stripe up your dripping pussy. You let out a loud moan and prayed your neighbors weren’t home.
Spencer suckled on your clit as he plunged a finger inside you, curling it up to hit your sweet spot. “Such a responsive princess. Do you like that, little slut?” He inserted another finger, speeding up his ministrations while you tried to answer him.
“Love it. L-love it. Please, so close.” If he was good at anything, it was making you cum quickly. He said nothing as he sped up his fingers and moved back to your clit. He felt like heaven. And before you knew it, you were falling over the edge, calling out his name. Spencer nursed your orgasm, drawing it out while you moaned and clenched around him.
“Such a good girl, princess. Always so good for daddy.” He praised.
When he knew you were done, he slipped his finger out, bringing them to his lips and sucking them clean. He kissed his way back up your body, his lips connecting with yours. Your tongues danced together, the taste of you on his tongue making you dizzy.
Spencer pulled back before saying, “hand and knees, baby. Daddy wants to ruin you now.” Your heart skipped a beat, your pussy clenching around nothing as you moved to follow his orders. You pressed your chest to the mattress, not trusting your arms to hold you up, and your ass in the air waiting for Spencer.
You heard the clinking of his buckle, followed by the soft rustling of his pants hitting the floor. Your heart accelerated, you loved when he fucked you into the mattress, and based off of his pervious statement, that’s what you were about to get.
Spencer lined himself up at your entrance before pushing into you to the hilt. You both let out long moans at the feeling of each other. He filled you up nicely, as if he was made for you. He gave you a second to adjust before setting a bruising rhythm.
His hands dug into your hips as he pushed and pulled you to meet his thrusts. The sounds of your moans and skin hitting skin filled the otherwise silent room. His cock twitching every time you clenched around him.
“Think you’re so fucking cute teasing daddy at work huh? Little slut just can’t help herself can she?” He asked as he sped up, hitting all the best spots deep inside you. The knot in your stomach growing tighter and tighter with each thrust.
“M’ sorry, daddy. Please.” You cried, tears falling down your face from the sensitivity of your first orgasm. You buried your face into the fluffy pillows, but Spencer wasn’t having it. He wrapped your hair around his hand, pulling you up so your back was to his chest. His other hand wrapping around your waist.
“Such a needy little thing. Insatiable puppy I have.” You were so close, riding the edge of your high as he grunted in your ear. He was intoxicating. You weren’t sure how it was possible that he felt like he was touching you everywhere at once.
“Yes, yes. I’m needy. But only for you.” You whined. His hand that was in your hair slithered between your legs, circling you clit once more to help you along.
“Mine. All fucking mine. Cum for me baby.” He barely had to ask before you were leaping into the sea of euphoria once more. Your pussy clenching around his cock, begging him to follow you and you repeated, “yours. Yours.” Over and over again.
A few more sloppy thrust later, spencer was spilling his warm seed inside you. His fingers digging into your skin so hard you were sure there would be bruising later on. But you didn’t care. No one existed at that moment except for you and him.
He let you go, carefully guiding you back on the bed before pulling out and laying beside you. He wrapped you up in his arms, pulling you into him while he kissed your temple. His hand running through you hair while he whispered sweet praises in your ear.
“Such a good girl, baby. You did so good for daddy.” You smiled at his words, kissing whatever skin you could reach while nuzzled into him. “What if we just take the rest of the day off? I think we deserve a little break.”
You looked up at him, smiling brightly before whispering, “that’s a great idea. I love you, Spence.”
Spencer leaned down, kissing you gently before saying, “I love you more, princess. Come on. Bath time.”
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ohayopoko · 7 months ago
Eren with blackfem!S/O Pt 4 (NSFW)
Note: I had to get this outta my head and the love and support y’all give me Everytime is amazing I TOTES FUCK W YALL PURRRR
Part 1 2 3
Tumblr media
-Girl you can start singing any Pop Smoke song and Eren will finish it for you 🥳
-Hit baby boy w the “Babe, she said what you know ‘bout love?”
-And If Eren’s close to you he’ll grab your hips and pull you close “I got what you need, walk up in the store and get what you want” Eren gives you a slow sloppy kiss, biting your lip before whispering “You get what you please...”
-Bitch you hit Eren w the gluck-gluck-spit and swirl 5000 and all his kids are gonna have a play date in your throat 👫👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏻👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼
-The way you hum in back of ur throat and roll your lips up and down his dick while swirling ur tongue and jacking him off got baby boy seein stars “Fucckkk, where did you learn this you fucking slut?”🤒🥴
-Spit in Baby Boy’s mouth after you swallow them kids plz, he loves that shit 🤤
-Eren will choke you and slowly let it all fall off of his tongue into your mouth and your pussy screams when you look into those eyes
-of course you swallow it all and y’all Kiss again before he fucks your face until your eyes roll back
-Yes girl, we gobble balls over here so don’t be acting stush when you see them ✨Jaeger Jewels✨
-S/O makes Eren help her with her wig installation
-Eren watches in awe as you lay that wig on some ghost bond and swoop on them baby hairs Erens a softie for some baby hairs, just makes the whole look come together for him
-Eren tried to do baby hairs on himself but his didn’t come out at pretty as yours did, so he pouts at S/O while holding out your edge control and edge brush
-“Nigga you over here wasting my edge control?” is S/O’s immediate reaction but when you see his edges you laugh and take the edge control from him “Sit down baby let me do it for you”
-You swoop Eren some nice ass baby hairs and he’s so happy it looks good w his man bun
-“Wow I look sexy” Eren can’t help but take some pictures
-Speaking of hair Eren likes to snuggle up between your thighs and let you braid his hair and you take good care of him (Eren loves how you’re so gentle on his head)
-“What the fuck is this? My forehead looks so fucking big!”
-“You look nice with cornrows babeee, giving me Carl Gallagher vibes right now”
-“My forehead!”
-“Okay let’s do some baby hairs,”
-Sweet boy is all smiles when you slap them baby hairs on em, thinks he’s the baddest bitch on the block (Not on your block tho, his block fasho tho)
-Eren loves how you spread those ass cheeks to show him that pretty fat pussy and yummy asshole before you back it up on his dick when it falls out while you ride
-He lowkey gotta “Woosah” cause he doesn’t wanna bust before fucks you to tears
-S/O loves when Eren fingers her ass while she rides for dear life, he does this things where he rubs his dick through the walls in ur ass on god that shit makes you squeal like a pig
“Relax pretty girl, I got you,”
-Eren knows that he’s really dicking you down good when you rip off your wig or bonnet mid stroke (baby boy is proud he’s giving you that WORK)
-This nigga be calling your momma after he fucks you to tears and cramps in the mirror for talking to him crazy so he can “discuss” your behavior with her
-Your momma dont know that her daughter’s been fucked to pieces by this man, so she always soothes Eren cause she thinks he’s an A N G E L
-“Eren you know how she gets, just give her some space she loves you”
-“Yeah Ma, I love her too.” (Sweet boy calls ur Momma ‘Ma’ and she loves it) 😍
-When y’all go to parties with the gang, Eren never lets you dance alone he wants u to enjoy urself 🤓
-S/O will be throwin that ass to some City Girls and Eren’s there to catch that ass cause he will really murk the poor guy who thinks he’s touching you
-Is the type of boyfriend to hype you up and record you while you throw that ass on him to post on his Snapchat story “Yeahhhh Y/N, purrrr baby!”🤪
-Feel so proud when you hit him with that slow whine and waistline reverse 🤩 wants to put your sexy ass in mating press e x p e d i t i o u s l y
-Eren doesnt like to drink but he smokes a lot so y’all will usually finish a 8th in one night
-You can’t roll because of your long nails so Eren usually rolls and you wouldn’t have it any other way cause he rolls demons
-Eren laughs at you when you start coughing cause u took a really big pull and you tell him “suck my dick” with a middle finger
-Little devil fucks your face later on that night with cotton mouth and all “You had all that mouth right? C’mere open up, slut.”
-Eren totally wanted to start a YouTube channel with you but he doesn’t like people in y’all business now so he definitely won’t like it when complete strangers start asking questions y’all have to answer
-So he makes lots of TikTok videos with you anything from dancing to memes and one time he made you do his edges for TikTok
-Eren loves to lay on you and suck your titties whenever he’s bored
-Baby boy will suck and kiss and nibble your nipples just cause
-He’ll slurp up your pussy when hes tired of your tittes, not enough to make you cum but just enough to make you mad when he randomly stops
-“Wha- baby keep going-! Please...”
-“Nah I’m going to play gta with Armin,”
-Sweet boy likes to be in your presence whenever he can, like y’all don’t even gotta talk as long as y’all do ur own things and enjoy each other’s presence Eren’s happy af
-One time y’all was chilling together doin ur own thing and you had to go to the beauty supply so Eren stops his game to follow u cause he wanted to be with you ^.^
-Eren holds the little basket and follows you up and down each aisle without complaining cause he knows Everytime y’all go ain’t no budget
-“Oh baby look they got new mink lashes! Which ones should I get? Bubbly or Party Girl?”
-“Party girl? It looks feathery?”
-You know those lipglosses at the counter in all the different flavors that cost $1? Eren rolls his eyes when you get a handful of them but he knows you need it cause you wear so much lipgloss
-S/O was walkin around with a lil attitude and ignored Eren when he was talking to u and Eren snatched her ass up by her collar
-“You didn’t hear me talking to you?”
-When she tries to give him the silent treatment he put her ass in mating press and fucks the words out of her
-You really try to give him the silent treatment cause ur so stubborn but when Eren puts that dick in your belly ur begging for forgiveness
-“So-hah-Sorry baby please p-please”
-Eren’s balls slap your asshole when he grinds his dick against your womb and he smirks when s/o starts screaming
-“Shut up, slut I thought you weren’t talking to me”
-Eren buries load after load into her pussy until her legs start to burn and her pussy turns red and sore and she starts to push on his tummy so he can’t fuck her so deep
-“Baby I c-can’t take no more, please”
-“That’s to bad slut maybe you should have better manners, move your fucking hand.”
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devildomqueen · 4 months ago
Obey Me As Tumblr #32
Tumblr media
Mammon: My homework isn’t done, but I sure am
Leviathan: Do you want to avoid people? Drink water. Not only will you be hydrated, you don’t have to talk to people while drinking water, then later you’ll have to pee, which means you get to avoid people even more
Belphegor: THIS
Solomon: are you worried?
Mammon: About what? But yeah
Lucifer: I T S T H E M I D D L E O F J U N E
Diavolo: I T I S H A L L O W E E N T I M E T O G E T S P O O K Y
Satan: ok who the fuck got this on my dash, it’s still June
Barbatos: Get spooky
Simeon: How does this appear every June?
Two fair men lie in water warm and slow,
As brothers they are joined heart to heart;
But Cupid hath not struck them with his bow,
Lest that be thought, they sit five feet apart.
Lucifer: Fuck you
MC: If I were a nun I would wear heelies and glide everywhere just to fuck with people
Luke: Glass headstones
Simeon: Imagine a graveyard full of these on a sunny day, it would be so beautiful
Lucifer: I would position mine so that every day when the sun was in the right position it would set fire to the roof of someone I hated, thus achieving revenge from beyond the grave every single day.
Solomon: There are two kinds of people
Me before having sex with my beautiful girlfriend
Me: *removes my clown nose*
Me: *removes my clown wig*
Me: *removes me silk handkerchief*
Me: *removes me silk handkerchief*
Me: *removes me silk ha—
Leviathan: I keep getting accused of being a clown fucker in the notes of my clown themed sex post
Lucifer: Levi, I’d love for you to reread the words you just typed and sent
MC: Why are men always spitting all of the sidewalk? Do men create more saliva than women and need to get rid of it? Are they marking their territory? What’s going on?
Solomon: They can’t swallow because that’s gay
Leviathan: What you got made fun of it school for?
Mammon: I went to a human public school for 6th grade and I pierced someone’s scrotum with a fencing foil that was missing the rubber safety tip on the end by accident in gym and it was middle school so I was promptly nicknamed “The Nut Slayer” and I cried until my parents let me move back home and live with my grandparents
Belphegor: Nutslayer is a powerful title
Satan: Can you imagine a foreign person coming to your school for one year, stabbing you in the ball sac, then promptly fucking back off to wherever they came from immediately afterwards. Can you imagine being the bloke with the stitch in their scrote because of some mysterious foreign spherepuncturer
Mammon: Why get a job when you can get hit by cars and sue the drivers
Beelzebub: And then you get injured and possibly die? I don’t think so.
Mammon: Get rich or die tryin don’t you know the fuckin motto
Belphegor: Humans are so loud and for what?
IT IS 4:30 AM
MC: #everyone is American on the 4th of July
Mammon: Being gay before the invention of lube must have been a pain in the ass
Satan: According to my history professor this is actually a huge contributing factor to the popularity of olive oil in Ancient Greece
Asmodeus: This is the best possible thing that I will ever learn and I thank you for that
Solomon: The people of Ancient Greece loved that ancient grease
Solomon: No, it’s sweet tea you drink it cold
Asmodeus: Why do people think bisexuality is confusing? It’s not.
You know what is confusing? Bi annual. Does it mean every two years or twice a year? No one knows
Mammon: The great thing about coffee: it cures exhaustion at 11 PM and enables you to write a bomb ass paper
The bad thing about coffee: it’s now 3 AM and the only thing I want to do is cha cha real smooth
Barbatos: Your future self is watching you right now through memories
Mammon: Not if I drink enough alcohol! Take that you prying creep
Solomon: Do you think you’d actually notice if someone didn’t cast a shadow? Or if their limbs were just slightly too long? Or if they had just a little too many teeth? Like how many times have you passed something on the street and you just didn’t notice it?
MC: Stay woke monsterfuckers ur love is out there!!!!!
Solomon: Y’know what? Not my point at all in any way whatsoever, but I’m glad I could be an inspiration
Belphegor: Y’all ever sleep from 1700-2200 and call it a nap bc
Mammon: I thought this was about years. But yes
Satan: Nothing says self care like a 500 year long nap
Solomon: My favorite college experience is when I had a 7 am class and the kid next to me literally poured a monster energy drink into his coffee and said “I’m going to die” and drank the whole thing
MC: I knew a guy who brewed his instant coffee with monster instead of water. Three cups in two hours. I think he ascended to the astral realm
Diavolo: The survivability of the human race never ceases to amaze me
Satan: The first ever “champion” of a pie eating contest was an unnamed six year old boy. In 1916, he managed to scoff a 10-inch pie in 15 seconds.
Barbatos: Legend
Beelzebub: Why didn’t his parents name him
MC: I touched a dick once and it was the scariest thing in my life because it had a really cold head and I don’t know it wasn’t fun
MC: Sometimes the ‘I’ and ‘u’ shouldn’t be so close on the keyboard
Asmodeus: Legendary typo
Mammon: I was in my car and by a stoplight when I looked over at this guy looking at me smiling with a thumbs up. So I smiled back and gave him a thumbs up and drove off and it took about 15 minutes of driving before I realized that he was a hitchhiker
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dumplingwritings · 5 months ago
Bokuto and Hinata Dating hcs
W: Anxiety, stress, crying, PDA, sharing food, kissing, jealous? Hinata
Hinata Shoyo 
You and Hinata had seen each other around school of course, but the first time you spoke was in Ukai’s store. 
You were lucky enough to snatch the last bag of pork buns right before he entered.
But since the poor tangerine was hungry, you shared a few with him. 
It was a pretty big bag anyway.
“You’re Hinata, right?”
“Yeah, and you’re (Y/n)?”
“Yep, from English.”
The next day... He found himself waiting for you at the door of the English classroom.
You started eating lunch together and sharing your favorite foods.
He even asked you to come to practice after a while.
“Really? You want me to come?”
“I-If you’re not busy, and I d-don’t think it’ll be a problem for the coaches.”
“Well then, sure! I would love to come watch you play.”
But then... His heart would start to pound when you were near.
His palms would get sweaty.
He would turn from a tangerine to a bright red cherry whenever you cheered for him at practice.
Asking out:
Of course, the team caught on quickly.
It took a lot of encouragement from Daichi and Sugawara to finally get him over his nerves enough to ask you out. But he pulled through! Sort of...
You actually ended up beating him to it.
“Hey, Hinata, do you think you would like to go out with me some time?”
“Wait really? You’re asking me? Y-Yes! I would love to! T-There’s this great cafe down the street, s-should we go there?”
“It sounds nice, yeah. This weekend then?”
“Yeah! I-I’ll see you then!”
The date was amazing. It was a beautiful warm Saturday evening, and the cafe was colorful and welcoming. 
The drinks were tasty and Hinata was the best company. 
It was perfect. How come you hadn’t visited this place before?
Hinata even walked you home after, right up to your door.
Hinata is definitely the affectionate type. He would want to be with you whenever he could. 
Your lunches together and watching practice obviously continued.
But now you would walk home together.
You would visit each other’s houses almost every weekend. 
The two of you would hang out in the local park whenever you got a chance. 
And you would still visit that nice cafe at least once a week.
Hinata’s not possessive, but if he catches someone staring at you for a bit too long, he’ll tell them what’s what.
“H-Hey! Stop staring! T-That one’s mine!”
Despite being an over-enthusiastic, high energy, absolute nut of a tornado, Hinata definitely has his moments where he’ll need you.
He’s easily stressed with his English and Math classes because he doesn’t to fall behind or fail.
Hold his hand and breathe with him. Your presence already puts him at ease. Just take deep breathes and hold him.
Hinata has trouble with doubts and negative thoughts. Memories and words from others will float around in his head, making him question himself.
Just reassure him he’s doing good.
After a long day of practice, he’ll be aching all over. 
Tired legs, achy back, and bruised arms.
Relax with him. Watch a nice movie with some cold drinks.
Try and rub the knots out of his shoulders and neck. 
Hinata see’s nothing wrong with it. As long as your comfortable, he’s willing to show his affection anywhere.
Hand holding on walks or in the park.
An arm wrapped around the other’s waist or shoulder.
Quick cheek kisses and occasional hugs.
He calls you Baby, Sweety, or Sweetheart.
You call him your Clementine.           
You like trying out new cafes and restaurants together.
You’ll sit in his lap/ he’ll sit in your lap and you’ll study together.
The team definitely likes you.
Tsukishima is really cool with you because you made his job easier.
Kageyama now wants you to help him too.
You’re like a second sibling to Natsu.
She loves to mess with your hair, long or short.
Hinata adores when he sees you spend time with his sister. It makes a strong sense of pride stir in his chest and all he can do is smile.
Hinata is easily flustered and calls you a “Dummy” when you mess with him/ make him blush.
He absolutely loves cuddling. 
You will forever share pork buns.
Tumblr media
Bokuto Koutarou 
Bokuto met you through Akaashi.
Akaashi came to practice one day with this cute little first year right by his side.
Bokuto was immediately intrigued with their presence.
“Akaashi, who is that you brought with you?”
“Ask them yourself, Bokuto-san. They came for you.”
The cutie came to see him?
“Hey, hey, hey, who’s this little kohai, hm?” 
“Oh hello, my name is (L/n) (Y/n). Nice to meet you.”
“(L/n) aye? I... Think I really like that name.”
Love at first sight, baby.
He was immediately head over heels for you.
His palms would get all clammy and sweaty around you.
He tried to learn as much about you as possible.
He was constantly checking in and asking how your day was.
On one special day, he shared his favorite lunch with you when you forgot yours. 
He goes out of his way to ask you to come to practice again.
He is the biggest showoff ever when you’re there to watch.
Immediate emo mode on days you can’t come and you have to promise to go the next day just to cheer him up again.
He gets in trouble with the team because he’ll get distracted by you cheering for him.
Every day, he’ll walk you home after practice, just so you can spend extra time together.
Asking out:
It was on one of those evenings when he was walking you home, that he finally worked up enough courage to gently take your hand in his.
He thought you would shove him away at first...
But then... You flushed and gently squeezed his hand back.
“S-So, do you think you’d like to go... O-Out with me?”
“L-Like a date, Bokuto-san?”
“If you want it to be, y-yeah I’m asking you on a date.”
“Of course. I would love to.”
He took you to an amusement park.
He went on every single ride with you, even if he got motion sick.
You would chase each other around, or try and race to the next ride.
You bought little sweets for each other from the various little candy-stands set up around the park.
Koutarou blushed bright red when you held his hand on the ferris wheel.
Then you scooted closer, legs touching legs.
It was a cool evening with a dark blue sky and a few small stars.
So romantic, and your touch was so intimate.
His heart couldn’t handle it.
“Thank you for bringing me here, Bokuto-san.”
Y’all share lunches all the time now.
He calls you constantly.
You send goofy pictures to each other daily. 
Sometimes he’ll try to help you with homework but then gets stumped himself.
“Aren’t you a third year? I thought you learned this already?”
You are now obliged to come to volleyball practice at least once a week.
You bet he tries to teach you basic hits and receives. 
He is now super protective of you. Not only are you his S/o, you’re still his kohai too. 
Sleepovers almost every weekend with mass amounts of kissing.
Bokuto has more emotional breakdowns than you first realized.
In fact, you didn’t think he had them at all.
Don’t forget, he’s still the ace and captain of a powerhouse team. And being one of the top five spikers in Japan is a lot of pressure. What if he loses his place? What if someone’s skills surpass his own?
The stress builds up, and even if at the time he doesn’t know why, he’ll start to cry and hyperventilate, because he can’t keep the anxiety inside any longer.
Hold him while wrapped in a giant cocoon of blankets. 
Kiss his face and play with his hair.
Rub his back and let him sob into your chest. He’s not so prideful that he can’t admit when he needs to cry. 
Oh my god, this man and PDA is a truly lovely mix.
He’ll constantly hug you from behind/ wrap his arms around your waist.
He’ll hold your hand and swing your arms as you walk.
Even in school, he’s not afraid to show affection in the highest of degrees.
Sometimes when you eat lunch together, he’ll sit you in his lap just for the warmth and closeness. 
He calls you his Baby Owl, or his Most Precious Kohai.
Yes, he goes all out with names for you.
It makes him sleepy when you play with his hair, but he loves it all the same.
He LOVES when you put it in weird or funny styles.
Loves to sit you in his lap and watch old detective movies with you.
“He did it! It was him!”
“Because he looks super evil! He’s all brooding and stuff in the background there!”
His favorite date of all time? The beach. On a nice sunny morning, or a romantic evening, he loves laying in the sand with you.
After a long day, he’ll lay his head in your lap and ask you to sing for him. Even if you’re not much of a singer. You can just talk if you want. Your voice is all he needs.
He lends you his special Fukurodani jacket on the rainy walks home.
You are now who the volleyball team comes to for Bokuto’s emo mode.
His mom invites you to dinner.
One super cute thing Bokuto will do is tie four leaf clovers loosely around your fingers whenever he can find them.
That’s how he started occasionally calling you his Lucky Charm too.
You have dozens of owl pins and keychains on your school bag, all gifts from Bokuto.
Fun fact? Fun fact. Bokuto is deathly afraid of frogs and toads.
Tumblr media
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angelashido · 5 months ago
i’m home, darling
Tumblr media
pairing: bounty hunter!shinsou hitoshi x sorceress!reader
request: Hello, could you do shinsou smut, where it's the fantasy au with a cubby librarian S/O? Any kink is fine💖 also it's a REALLY big library.
a/n: hiiii, i really hope this is what you were thinking of because this took me,,,,,and embarrassing amount of tries to write this request lol and it somehow became just pure self-indulgent filth so....enjoy!
synopsis:  your partner shinsou comes back from a long mission and you make up for lost time
tags/warnings:  nsfw, fem! reader, shinsou calling reader darling, heavy breeding kink, dom/sub themes, creampie, overstimulation, use of the word cunny,  spanking, spitting, choking, squirting this fic is just pure sin y’all just prepare yourselves
word count: 3.4k
His name slipped from your lips like a prayer, a nervous smile tugging at your lips before you could launch yourself into the arms of your tall, soaking wet partner.  The sound of a chuckle rumbled through him, his muscular biceps engulfing you into his warm chest, both of you completely ignoring the pouring rain that easily drenched you.
“I’m home, darling.”
You giggled and pulled him into the lobby of your large library, the one you’d inherited from your parents at such a young age, and the building that had been housing you and the indigo-eyed hero for the past six years.
Hitoshi was a bounty hunter, a well-known sleuth who’d captured and reeled in S-Class villains like Shigaraki Tomura and a man by the name of Overhaul, among others.  He was often requested in investigations by police, despite the controversy of having someone who arrested criminals through usually illegal means.
This meant that he was gone for days, sometimes weeks at a time, but this particular mission had him sent away from you for six months, only able to send you the occasional letter to reassure you that he was safe, albeit a bit scratched and bruised, but safe.  And now he was back, scarred and tired and handsome as ever.
“I was beginning to get worried, I hadn’t received a letter in almost a week.”
Various items floated around you as you held his hand, dragging him farther into the mansion-sized archive.  Shinsou loved how passive you were about your magical abilities, a light glint of amusement swimming in his irises at the sight of a teaspoon, a tea kettle and a small box of medical supplies flying through the air. 
You sat him on the plush leather couches that sat in the middle of one of the numerous common areas of the library, your heart thrumming in your ears due to the fact that you couldn’t seem to keep yourself in one place for long.  You went from sitting next to your partner, to hovering near a shelf to stack books, to leaning against a desk while you magically heated up the kettle.  You were only broken from your thoughts at the raspy chuckle that sounded across from you, a light blush dusting the end of your nose at the sight of Shinsou’s handsome grin.
“Settle down, darling, come sit with me.”
His arms opened to invite you into his embrace, his grin widening at the sight of your adorable smile gracing your features as you skipped towards him.  You happily plopped yourself into his lap, squeaking a bit at the pained grunt that left him.
“No it’s alright, just still a bit sore.”
You nodded, carefully nuzzling yourself into the crook of his neck, enjoying the feeling of his fingers carding through your hair.  You both sat there for a moment in comfortable silence, only pulling away at the squealing of the kettle that you’d forgotten to release your spell on.
Placing a soft kiss to Shinsou’s cheek you stood up, conjuring up two teacups and a bag of loose tea before preparing the hot drink for yourselves.  You were so caught up in the swirl of the tinted water that you didn’t notice your lover stand, yelping in surprise when he reached out opposite you and tilted your head to look up at him.
“I missed you, darling.”
He smiled at the cute blush that adorned your cheeks, only releasing you to allow you to finish preparing the tea.  All you could do is nod, fumbling with the sugar before passing his cup to him. 
“I-I missed you to, ‘Toshi…ah by the way!  You haven’t said anything about the mission yet!”
You were finally able to let your nerves subside a bit with a small sip of tea, the hot liquid warming your veins and allowing you to relax.  You watched as Shinsou dug in his satchel a moment, hearing the clinking of various trinkets and tools before a sly smirk appeared on his face at the feeling of the smooth material bag he’d been looking for. With a loud clunk he placed the hefty leather pocket-purse onto the desk between the two of you, your eyes widening at the sheer size of it.  You looked at Shinsou in disbelief, mouth opening and closing with confusion and shock.
“I-Is that…?”
He nodded, leaning forward onto his forearms so his nose was nearly touching yours.  You could see the mischief and pride that swam in his lilac irises, that handsome smirk of his never failing to have your stomach swimming with butterflies.
“The reward from the mission, and it’s all ours, darling.”
You looked at him with wide doe eyes, trying to blink your uncertainty and discombobulation away, but all you could muster was a nod.  Shinsou laughed, rounding the desk to stand in front of you and wrap his arms around your waist.
“W-What are we supposed to do with money like that?”
“Well, for one…”
His voice trailed off as he dipped to your jaw, lips lightly nipping at the sensitive skin there.  You sighed contently, hands coming up to grip his shoulders gently while you titled your head back to give him more access.
“We could start that family you were talking about…”
You gasped at the feeling of your feet being forced off of the ground, shivering at the feeling of the cold wood of the desk pressing against your bum from Shinsou sitting you on the platform and shifting your dress in the process.
“Y-You actually want to have a family with me…?”
Your voice was quiet, unsure and wavering.  It had been so long since you’d felt Shinsou’s touch, enjoyed the warmth of his lips against your skin and the way his muscular body pressed up against yours, but the proposition of having adorable, baby bounty hunters with the timid male had your heart swelling.
Shinsou cupped your face in his hands, leaning down slightly to bring you into a loving kiss that you’d missed so much.  You couldn’t resist the urge to fist the material of his shirt in your hands, sighing lightly when he pulled away to answer you.
“I went on that mission for a reason, darling.  With this kind of money we can properly settle down and have as many snot-nosed gremlins as you want.”
You giggled cutely at his choice of words, leaning into his hands a bit more and nodding.  Shinsou smiled at your content expression, bringing you back into a pleasant kiss that made your head fog with adoration.  It was slow and sweet, the hunter’s hand slipping to the back of your head and tangling into your hair to keep you close to him.  His gentle nip at your bottom lip made you moan, the deep chuckle that followed sending shivers do your spine.
“Guess we should get started then, hey darling?”
Your smile shifted to one that was laced with mischief, running your hands over his chest and up his shoulders as sensually as you could before wrapping your arms around his neck.  You tilted your head slightly to rub the end of your nose against his, tucking your bottom lip between your teeth.
“Alright love, let’s make you a daddy~”
A shocked yet amusing squeal left you at the sudden lift of your body, Shinsou roughly throwing you over his shoulder and giving your ass a harsh smack as he carried you back to the leather couch.  You winced slightly as he put you down and bent you over the arm of the loveseat, hissing at the feeling of your ass being exposed to the cold air.  You couldn’t help but heat up at the intense stare Shinsou directed towards the damp spot on your panties, squirming a bit against the material of the couch to rub your thighs together.  You whined loudly at the feeling of his hand coming down on your ass again, biting the inside of your cheek to hold back your sounds when he smoothed his hand over the reddened skin.
“Shit, I missed you so much…”
Shinsou leaned over your, one hand massaging the slope of your ass while the other slid forward to lace your fingers with his, his tongue licking a pleasantly wet stripe behind your ear to coax another sweet moan from you.
“You’re already so wet for me darling, did you touch yourself while I was gone?”
Soft whimpers tumbled past your lips at the feeling of his blunt fingers rubbing you over the damp spot of your underwear, nodding quickly to his question.  He watched the way your eyes glazed over so easily, tongue pressed against your lower lip to force a slight pout and your hand gripping the leather of the arm you were bent over.
“Y-Yes missed you so much…d-didn’t feel as good w-without you daddy…”
You could barely breathe out your words with how well Shinsou was teasing your clothed hole, lightly rocking your hips back for the tiniest bit of extra friction.  Another deep chuckle left him, vibrating against your back while he continued to nibble at your ears and the side of your jaw.
“I bet darling.  You must have felt so empty without daddy’s fingers to stuff your cute little cunny.”
Your eyes rolled back slightly, whining and moaning thanks to the delightful waves of heat Shinsou’s lewd words sent to your weeping pussy.  You were able to ground yourself enough to look back at him, the sinful look in your eyes enticing the muscular man to lean forward and capture your lips with his.  He loved the way you looked so obedient beneath him, begging for his touch and wiggling your adorably plump ass into his growing erection.
“So good for me darling.  Want daddy to make you feel good?  Would you like that?”
You nodded desperately, crying out when Shinsou tugged your panties to the side to allow his fingers to invade your tight little cunt.  Your legs shook with the relentless thrusts of the hunter’s expert digits, Shinsou grunting at the feeling of your sweet walls clamping down around him. The sound of your pussy squelching with the force of his fingers echoed loudly in the more than spaceous library, an evil grin spreading across his features.
“Hear that darling?  You’re making such lewd sounds, I bet you’d sound even better with my cock fucking your pretty little pussy~”
You all but drooled over his suggestion, only able to babble your pleads to him while he continued to use his fingers to work you to your high.  Shinsou felt the way your velvety cunt clenched around his digits, unintentionally rutting his hips in time so his clothed cock rubbed against the cheek of your ass.
“L-Let me cum daddy p-please feels so good!”
You sobbed, your nails leaving soft crescent shapes in the leather of the couch and your knuckles turning white, doing your best to hold off the orgasm he’d so quickly built up inside you.  Shinsou thrusted his fingers into your dripping cunt as deep as possible, stilling his movements save for the light press of his fingertips against the sweet spongy spot inside you that had you seeing stars.
“It’s alright darling, go ahead, cum nice and hard around daddy’s fingers.”
With a gentle kiss to your temple your obeyed, feet tensing to stand on your tiptoes in an attempt to wiggle away from his skillful fingers as they fucked you through your orgasm.  Shinsou watched hungrily at the sweet nectar that spilled from you onto his fingers, groaning next to your ear and gently pulling his digits from your already spent pussy.  He lightly swiped at the excess arousal that pooled at your clit, bring his hand up to suck on your release that dribbled down his knuckles.
“You did so good darling, feeling okay?”
You nodded, panting lightly while you settled from your high, leaning your forehead onto the arm of the couch while Shinsou lightly rubbed your hips and the front of your thighs.  Carefully tugging at your weak form, Shinsou pulled you to his body, gently lifting you to sit you back on the desk.
“Think you got one more left for me, darling?”
The hunter continued to lightly run his hands over your thighs, nudging your nose with his while his lips hovered over yours.  His gentle smile returned to his face at your tired nod, hands moving up to weave into your hair and pull him into a kiss.
It was gentle and loving, your body warming up and revitalizing as if he was swapping energy with you, pulling at the fabric of his shirt needily.  With an amused snicker he removed his shirt, giving you the perfect view of his pale torso littered with scars and a flitter of indigo chest-hair.  Your hands greedily traced over his muscles, memorizing every beautiful flaw that your fingers grazed over.  Shinsou grinned cockily, letting you soak in his figure before he leaned forward, hands on either side of your body and caging you around him.
“You gonna keep staring at me darling?  Or should we move on?”
His voice was deep and sultry, every word that dripped from his lips sparking fire between your thighs.  He loved the way you quivered beneath him, deciding to pull you in a bit further by bringing his hand up and running his thumb over your bottom lip.  You opened your mouth obediently, moaning at the feeling of the pad of his thumb pressing against your tongue and gathering your saliva on his skin.
“You’re such a good girl, darling, you’ll do anything for daddy, won’t you?”
You nodded, giving in to your temptation and closing your lips around his digit, hands coming up to hold his wrist as you lightly sucked and licked at the rough skin.  Shinsou used his other hand to trail down his pants, fumbling with his belt buckle while he watched you suck off his thumb.  You were gifted with the heavy sound of metal clinking against the floor, jumping a bit considering you were too enthralled with his damn thumb to realize he was even undressing himself in the first place.
You allowed your gaze to fall in between the two of you, whimpering at the sight of Shinsou’s cock flushed red and slick with precum.  You released his finger with a soft pop, strings of saliva connecting your lips to the digit as you moved your hands to grip the base of his impressive member.  He hissed slightly at the feeling, leaning his hips forward slightly to allow you stroke him a few times.
“Alright darling, think you’re ready?”
You nodded, smiling shyly and wrapping your arms around his neck as he brought his body closer to yours. Your lips connected eagerly, the both of you swallowing the others moans as Shinsou gripped the base of his cock and slid it through your folds.  A loud whine escaped you when the head bumped against your clit, folding your legs around him to link at the ankles.
“P-Please daddy, want your cock…”
“Of course, darling.”
Shinsou pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, using his hands to spread your legs slightly.  With a light rut of his hips, the head of his cock slipped into your tight cunt, the slight stretch and burn of his girth making your head loll back.  Using his grip to keep you upright, Shinsou grunted as he slowly filled you, head buried in the crook of your neck and whispering affirmations.
“So good, darling.  Look at you, all filled up with daddy’s cock and you haven’t even cried yet…”
You babbled some form of confirmation, lips forced into a pout when Shinsou’s hand came up to lightly grip your cheeks, relishing in the way your eyes swam with unconditional adoration for him.  He lightly tapped your cheek with his finger to signal you to open your mouth, which you happily obliged, parting your lips to slip your tongue out for his view.  He smirked at the beautiful expression you made when he rocked his hips forward suddenly, his cock gliding over your cervix and causing you to choke out a moan.
“That’s a good girl, make that face for daddy while he fills you up with his cum.”
All you could do was nod, already too fucked out and needy for his cock to give any semblance of a shit to the idea of him pumping you full with his seed.  A light whine crawled up the back of your throat at the light ptou that came from Shinsou, a slick string of saliva hitting your tongue.
You could barely focus on the rough bucks of his hips as you dumbly swallowed his spit, your nails digging into the back of his neck in an attempt to ground yourself. 
“D-Daddy harder p-please!  Too s-slow, wanna cum!”
Shinsou laughed darkly, slowly pulling himself out to the tip as he leaned down to press his forehead against yours.
“You asked for it, darling.”
All the air was promptly bucked out of you, Shinsou roughly fucking into you with a strength you didn’t think he possessed.  The veins of his cock rippled deliciously against your soft walls, the hunter grunting deeply at the way you clenched around his cock.
“Can’t believe I survived – fuck – survived six fucking months without your sweet little pussy.  Gonna fuck you ‘till you’re – shit – all pretty and round with my baby.”
You finally cried out, sobbing out moans and choking on your whimpers at the desperate thrust of his cock deep in your hole.  You could feel every twitch of his member, every bump of his tip as it attempted to invade your womb, and it was so fucking good.  You were coming up on your orgasm quickly, already sensitive thanks to your previous release, but you knew Shinsou could get you this riled up this quickly if he simply asked you.
“You’ll take it, right, darling?  Take every last drop of daddy’s seed, don’t let it spill, yes darling?”
“Y-Yes daddy want it all!  Want a-all of daddy’s c-cum!”
You sobbed, toes curling, your nails leaving harsh scratches to the top of his shoulders and his back while you clamped down around his cock like a vice.  Shinsou could feel your orgasm, hell, he controlled it, the glint in his eyes evil as he brought his hand down to mess with your clit.  Shock waves rolled through your body, legs trembling and unintentionally locking your ankles tighter to force Shinsou deeper inside.
“N-No daddy s’too much!  C-Can’t-“
“You can and you will, darling.”
You hiccupped in Shinsou’s grasp his hand pressed to your throat and fingers pressed against your windpipe dangerously.  You nodded ever so slightly, whimpering at the intense pleasure he was granting you with both his cock and his fingers.
“So f-fucking perfect darling, taking my cock like a good girl.  You can cum, come on, cum for daddy.”
That was the only permission you needed, his thumb pressing painfully against your clit while he continued to slam his cock into your sensitive little cunt, wave after wave of your earth-shattering orgasm forcing you to scream and cry in pleasure and echo in the expansive library.  You felt another harsh tug in your abdomen, whining and roughly gripping Shinsou’s wrist as your release surged further than you meant it, squirting beautifully all over his abs and pelvis.
“’M s-sorry daddy…”
You whimpered, only to be surprised with Shinsou’s lips as he kissed you sloppily. 
“So fucking hot darling – fuck- gonna make daddy cum!”
With a powerful thrust that had his cock pressed against your womb, Shinsou groaned loudly, gaze focused on his cock buried deep inside your dripping pussy while he unloaded his warm seed into you.  A sly grin slipped over his features at the sight of his cum coming back to pool around the base of his member, giving you a few careful thrusts to make sure every drop stayed inside you.
“How you feeling, darling?”
Shinsou’s hands came back up to gently cup your face, keeping you grounded as he slowly pulled his softening member from your walls, placing ever-loving kisses to your sweaty forehead and glistening cheeks.  You smiled at the gesture, panting softly and nodding, humming a bit at the gentle press of his lips to yours.
“I’m good, thank you love.”
He lightly drew his fingers through your hair a few times, making sure you were properly settled from the intense activities before carefully lifting you up, holding you close to his body as if you were a child.
“Let’s get cleaned up and ready for bed, then we can try again tomorrow.”
“Try again?!”
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mizunetzu · 10 months ago
bonjour! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ i was wondering if you could write some headcanons of iwaizumi, oikawa or bokuto reacting to their s/o (he/him pronouns) who dyed his hair like a pastel pink :)) if you don’t have the time or energy to write about this, pls don’t force urself :( also i’m convinced bokuto would start calling his s/o strawberry the moment his s/o dyed his hair pink ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
have a nice rest of your day/night :)))
Salut, mon ami! Comment ça và? Idk if I said that right, ‘s been a while since I took French HAHA BUT THATS ACTUALLY SO CUTE -
(Since I’m in a trip and and don’t have my computer, it’ll take me a while to cut the post and add it to my masterlist) (sorry LMAO) (at least u get content right hehe)
Headcannons - Iwaizumi, Oikawa, and Bokuto with an s/o who dyed his hair pink
⚠️Warnings - none !!
Pronouns - male, he/him
Tumblr media
As big dick tough as this guy might try to seem
you walked into the club room with pink hair, and immediately Oikawa was tryna touch it and shit
“Wow! It’s as soft as it looks, (Y/n)-chan!”
He was petting ur head
He wanted to be the first one to compliment u 💔🥺🥺
He pretty much threw Oikawa off and was doing the thing where he leaned on the wall and tried to look cool n casual n whatnot HAHAHAHA
“Y-you look nicE.”
He wanted to FUCJFING DIE
“Thank you, Hajime-kun! I did it myself!”
U fluffed out ur light pink hair
It looked like pink clouds sitting on ur head ugh
Iwaizumi wanted to just sit down and nuzzle ur hair for ages
But they had practice, huh
“*grumbles* Stupid practice...cockblocking me from my boyfriend... *grumbles*”
But nothing was stopping him from cuddling you later, at his or your house and just letting your hair for ages while y’all did homework, right?
You bet your pink ass there isn’t
It’s not like you had a choice anyways he was going to drag you to his house for his cuddles no matter what
Tumblr media
Ok unlike iwa-chan’s one you didn’t dye yours willingly
It was the result of you losing a bet to Matsukawa and Hanamaki those bitches
Smth where the loser had to dye their hair pink for like, a week at most (and then they can dye it back if they wanted to)
Yah no you were definitely gonna dye it back like u were so embarrassed
You pulled up to practice, and you could practically already hear Makki and Mattsun fucking dying
Everyone there either just ogled at you for a sec then went back to what they were doing, or saying sum like “don’t mind” or “nice hair, man”
Ok but like then Oikawa pulls up
“Hey, everyone, sorry I’m laaa...”
Oikawa fuckin stops dead in his tracks
He sees his boyfriend, with the most embarrassed, flushed look on his face, gripping his shirt tightly and to top it all off, with BABY PINK FUCKING HAIR
Little bit of background Oikawa literally begged you for weeks on end 2 months ago to dye your hair pink because “you’d look so cuuute!”, but you never entertained the idea
“Dear heavenly mother...thank you...”
“D-don’t start praying! I...I didn’t do this for you or anything it-it-I lost a bet, that’s all!”
He would not stop praising and giving you affection all practice
You kind of liked all the attention ngl
“You’re soooooo cute, (y/n)-chan! My cherry! My cherry slushee (y/n)-chan!”
“S-s-stop it...!”
Would not stop fluffing out your hair when he was around you
Actually he wouldn’t take his hands off your fuckin head everytime he was next to you HAHA
You were eating up all this attention don’t try and hide it you tsundere-
Ok, maybe keeping the pink hair for a while wasnt such a bad idea...
You later found out that the bet Hanamaki and Matsukawa proposed to you was rigged in order for you to dye your hair, and Oikawa paid them each 3 pork buns for their services
Tumblr media
This bitch
Like Oikawa, he begged you to let him dye ur hair
Except this man didn’t Stop like Oikawa did
“But (L/nnnnnnn)! You’d look so good with pink hair!”
“But I don’t wanna dye my hair.”
Mans would be all emo n shit everytime u rejected him
dw that wouldn't last longer than like 1-2 hours at most
ok but like one day you just got fed up with it
“Fine! Ok! If I dye my hair pink, will you stop asking?!”
Bokuto nodded as fast as humanly possible
he wanted to dye it with you
by that i mean watch as you dyed it yourself bc this man would Ruin It if he tried to help
“Im gonna wash off the dye now.”
“Dude can you like get out real quick i’m gonna step in the shower-”
when u rinsed it off and blow dryed ur hair doe
Bokuto went Speechless 
“D-don’t give me weird nicknames-!”
Despite how much you protest and say you don’t like it, you practically melt each time he calls you Strawberry
its such a cute nickname hhdjhkdfs
the others at Fukorudani teased the hell out of you though
“finally got tired of Bokuto’s whining?”
“shut up, Konoha.”
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torilovestowrite · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
title: romance in struggle
pair: zeke yeager x reader
words: 3k+
content warning: n/sfw themes, ROYAL AU, ZEKE IS A KING HERE Y’ALL, READER IS A MARLEYAN PRINCESS, female-bodied reader/afab! reader, reader uses she/her pronouns, mentions of pregnancy, angst, mentions of blood, age difference (reader is 18 while zeke is 24) conservative mindset, mentions of blood, FORBIDDEN LOVE TROUPE, S/MUT, BREEDING KINK, CREAMPIE
synopsis: in which y/n l/n, a princess of the marleyan kingdom, ends up having an affair with zeke yeager— the kingdom’s traitor who caused a huge terror for nobles in marley.
Tumblr media
“my little ymir, don’t you think it’s a lovely day today?” y/n rubbed blonde child’s back as both of them watched the sunrise under a huge oak tree after hanging some laundry in their backyard. “look how fresh the air is.”
“yes! but you know what’s prettier, mama?” ymir responded happily as she held her mother’s hand, placing a small yellow daffodil on her ear, almost like an accessory. “of course, it’s you!”
y/n looked sadly at her daughter— her eyes glimmered in the midst of the dawn; staring at her mother who had a brooding look in her eyes. all the young girl wants is to make her mother smile. even though she would let out soft giggles from her lips and smile few times ever since she was born, ymir could still see a glint of loneliness in her eyes.
“you have the prettiest eyes, ymir.” y/n kissed her forehead as she continued to mutter under her breath, “it’s just like his eyes.”
her daughter’s eyes beamed as she asked, “like father?”
y/n smiled at her young child. yes, she is only five— but she’s perceptive as ever. unlike other children, ymir was sensitive towards how others are feeling around her. seems that she got her mama’s personality, huh? but there are no doubts— that ymir, her daughter, is his’; for her long blonde hair and her deep grey eyes could speak in behalf of her.
“yes,” y/n almost cried before she could even mention him. just the sound of his name makes her guts feel uneasy. “just like your father.”
her eyes looked upon the sky as she recalled her memories— a bittersweet tragedy that took place five years ago; right before her little ymir was born.
Tumblr media
“are you really going?” y/n asked the blond man as she held his wrist back in an attempt to stop him from leaving. her eyes gaze upon him— yearning for his affection; for his love— to make him admit that he would come back sooner.
zeke yeager— an untouchable man who’s willing to use all the means in order to achieve his goals. It’s almost like the eldian man— whose kingdom has been enslaved by the marleyans for almost 20 years; has no heart.
y/n l/n— the princess of the marleyan empire, has fallen in love with zeke yeager. she once met him while she ran away from the palace, getting lost in the middle of a dark prairie. being 18 during those days, the younger woman could still remember the cold stare that he held as she was crying in front of the lake after hearing her father’s decision. her clan wanted to marry her off to a man named willy tybur; another royalty— and to become one of his concubines in order to combine the powers of their clans— to sustain a supreme empire.
as she was having her laments, zeke caught y/n and spoke to her; and she found a friend in him with his words filled with sarcastic jokes— yet unbelievable truths. during her free time, she would come visit the forestries in order to share her feelings, laments... and he would entertain it. slowly, y/n began having feelings for the man, craving more than of his attention— but also, his affection; his kisses and hugs.
gladly, zeke felt the same. the two became a couple and secretly met during the night inside his tiny cabin filled with secrets. y/n could still recall the first time they kissed. it was her first, and she was glad that it was her first love for his lips felt warm on her. it was everything to a maiden like her— oh, how she wishes they could stay that way for the rest of her life! y/n loved the older male more than anything. she loved with a love that is stronger than love itself.
Little did she know, zeke spelled danger for the marleyans, as he was one of the last yeagers— the royal clan of eldia— who were killed and burned by her own clan. aside from that, the 24-year old man was deemed as a ruthless man for robbing from the marleyan nobles and even to the point of burning their lands, just like how they have dealt with eldia two decades ago.
but the young lady knows him well— zeke explained that he wouldn’t do those incidents simply for himself; but rather, he did it for his own people. the stolen goods that he was able to obtain were distributed among the poor eldians who were enslaved, starved, and abused by their marleyan lords who were only concerned with their own wealth and earthly riches. their desire for power made zeke disgusted. as a royalty who is in line to inherit the crown— if the marleyans did not kill his own family and abducted his brother, eren; he knows that power is needed to preserve sovereignty in a nation. but unlike them, zeke knows how to gain the respect of the people— and that is through giving back the services that they deserve.
“i need to leave. you know how the circumstances are for me right now, y/n.” zeke sighed as he kissed the young lady’s forehead— pulling her closer and kissing her tears away.
apparently, the romantic nights have ended for the couple— slapping them both of the harsh reality; that their clans are born to become enemies. and that they were born to be star-crossed lovers— only meant to meet; but not to end up together no matter how strong their feelings are.
“d-don’t do this to me, zeke. please. don’t leave me just like this.” y/n sobbed as she kneeled in front of zeke— begging him not to leave; gripping his hand tightly. her hands were shaking and her cries were getting louder. the older male did not want to see his little doll depressed over this. he helped her stand from the wooden floor of his cabin; giving her a kiss on the lips.
y/n felt like melting under his touch— his calloused hands which were much bigger than hers’ were warm; his lips and the way their tongue danced together felt warm too. the younger lady could feel his touch all over her body; as if the burning passion around their souls were bringing them together.
zeke lifted her from the ground, holding and carrying her towards the bed that was inside his room. the blond male wanted to leave a mark before he goes to an important mission— to find his brother, eren, and to start a war against the marleyans in order to free the eldian empire and to bring back the supremacy of the yeager clan.
he started slowly undressing y/n— their hands intertwined together as he bruised her body with his mouth; from her neck down to her belly. zeke was about to go feral at the sight of the young princess being completely submissive and compliant under his touch— it was a different kind of power to him; almost like an achievement.
“do you want me, y/n?” he asked as y/n helped in stripping him off his fabric— unbuttoning his polo and letting the clothing fall down from his torso. he placed his hands on her now naked thighs, positioning himself in the middle of her legs as he rubbed his erected member on her glistening bud. “do you want me to deflower you, my pretty lady?”
y/n pulled him closer, placing her hands on his back and feeling his touch as she responded, “yes, i would like to feel closer to you, zeke.”
and he sheathed his enraged member inside her moist insides— her walls tightly clenching around his member— causing her to claw on his back as she began to adjust according to his size. zeke could see a small trickle of blood coming out from her whole where his long rod of warmth rested. to make her more comfortable, he rubbed her tiny clit with his thumb, trying to soothe the pain that she was feeling.
as he started to do this, y/n felt herself get excited; her nipples began to stand erect— and as soon as zeke saw this, he didn’t miss the chance to put her right breast in his mouth— sucking her chest like a newborn infant.
“y-you can move now.” y/n gave him a peck on the lips as he started to move— causing the young woman to moan because of the friction between their bodies. they were sweating everywhere— but both of them care less; they wanted to be closer together— to live in the moment; fucking as if it’s their last time. i mean, who knows? knowing what could happen the next day, what if he actually disappears from her life forever?
his pacing began to become faster and his acts became even more merciless. his huge hands were gripping her jaw tightly as his thrusts were harsh— as if her insides were bruising. but the pain it gave her did not surpass the pleasure that she was feeling. his hands travelled down to her hips as he whispered to her ears as his breathing became erratic. “d-do you want me to breed you, my pretty woman? y-you want my seed, huh?”
y/n frantically nodded as he gripped her hips tightly, groaning loudly while he came inside her— totally filling her insides. as he was riding his orgasm, she began to call his name loudly, letting out her juices while clenching both of her fists on the bed sheet.
shortly after, y/n fell asleep beside him— and zeke had no choice but to look at her dearly. in his eyes, the young princess was the most beautiful woman. the blond man wished that one day, if he would be given the chance to meet her again, freedom would be granted upon them— the freedom to love and to choose the person you desire. yet he has no choice but to lament for there were shackles separating their beings no matter how much their hearts yearn from one another.
“i’m sorry, y/n.” zeke did not realize how a tear fell from his eye. “i’m sorry that this had to happen.”
Tumblr media
y/n felt a strong slap on her cheek as her own father, the king of marleyans, stared at her in disgust. her mother was sobbing uncontrollably as she watched his daughter being tormented and judged by her own husband. the younger female just touched her cheek as a response to his anger.
“you ungrateful imbecile! i didn’t know you were whoring around while—“ the king held the temples of his head in frustration, feeling a strong pain as he scolded his daughter. “what have you done, y/n?! you have brought nothing but shame to the family!”
it’s been a month since the last time she saw zeke. after they spent the night together, y/n was left with a saddening letter— a letter of goodbye coming from the only man she loved. and she felt nothing— but only devastation for it was written:
dear my pretty y/n,
i just want you to know that i dearly love you and i treasure you so much. i believe that amongst all the women who have tried to reach out to me, you are the most memorable— for i have loved you greatly. i love you so much. but i’m afraid that i’ll have to drift apart from you because of our huge differences.
you are a marleyan while i’m an eldian. the grudge that our ancestors have casted upon each other is what separated us. but in my heart, you are always there.
i wish we weren’t suffering like this— that we were free enough to express our love.
your beloved,
zeke yeager
after that night, y/n faced the consequences of being attached to him— while alone, she cried intensely during the nights; yearning for her dear lover’s presence— to see him; to feel his touch, and to speak with him again.
a month later, there were changes in y/n’s body. she always felt sick and even gained a bit of weight even when trying to eat less. her father, the king, decided to let the palace doctors examine her body— only to find out that she was carrying a child. the news made her father furious— throwing expensive ornaments around the palace while shouting as his wife could do nothing but to weep and to calm him down.
y/n wasn’t even speaking. she just stood there— weeping; it’s not because of the pain of being slapped; but the pain of disappointing your parents hits different to her— because she was known as a goody-two-shoes; as someone who have always obeyed them. and it’s her first time letting them down.
“who is the father of that filthy child?!” her father asked while still blazing in anger. y/n touched her belly as she began to swallow before speaking nervously. her response earned her another slap from her father— but this time, it was stronger than the first one— obviously filled with an intense rage.
“the father of my child... is an eldian.”
Tumblr media
that was the queue for her to leave the palace. after that night, y/n l/n’s name was erased from the list of the royal family members. her furious father wanted to kill her— but her dear mother begged for her life. as a result, she was exiled to a far away country where she lived alone and gave birth to her daughter, ymir. she was named ymir because zeke has always expressed his admiration towards his ancestor— an iconic woman for eldians; for she helped so much in developing and enhancing their empire.
ymir was a loud child who always cried loudly for her needs— but y/n still loved her dearly despite all the hardships and all the judgements she received for being an unmarried mother. with her daughter being born, y/n began to protect both of themselves from the society— avoiding any news about the eldia and marleyan war— which broke out few months after ymir was born. when y/n heard of this, a spark of hope came across her body— what if zeke came out alive? what if he managed to seize his land back and is still alive?
yet among all these years, there were nothing. nothing tried to reach out towards them— it has been always her and ymir; just the two of them. and so, the young woman, now at the age of 23, considered him dead. if he was alive, he would have been probably 29 by now— and if he managed to claim eldia once again, he would have been the king, right? then if that’s the case, he could have made an effort to find them. but nothing came up all these years. therefore, y/n concluded that zeke died during his mission at some point.
until she heard that name again. after hanging their laundry, y/n and ymir would go to the supermarket, buying all their food and essentials. the young mother heard of his name— zeke yeager; the older women were talking about him— the king who managed to retrieve the eldian empire and took over the whole country after claiming freedom from the marleyans. apparently, the economy of marley failed after that war; as they were isolated from creating trades outside of the country as a sanction for enslaving over millions of people. the sympathy fell upon the eldian race— a now free country loved by the people around the world; and the yeager clan was known as a marvelous family for protecting and freeing their own people.
“the king of eldia? zeke yeager? visiting a small country like ours? oh, how flattering!” the older woman chattered as she giggled at her friend while selling some freshly-ripe fruits in their stall. “i heard that he’s in search for a wife, right? my, my... only if i was a little younger!”
at first, y/n took the news lightly. it could be a hoax, right? also, despite this country being small, there’s a very small probability of them crossing paths. zeke won’t be able to find them, she thought— until she saw a huge carriage outside of their tiny home in the middle of grasslands. y/n peeked from their house’s small window to see a tall blonde man coming out of the huge vehicle. his shoulders were broad and he has a bit of facial hair. the young lady’s eyes widened as she saw who followed. he looked healthy compared to the last time they saw each other.
“z-zeke...” y/n cried as she looked at her 5-year-old child playing with her tiny dolls in the living room while sitting on top of the floor.
y/n’s cries became louder as the blond man knocked on the door— waited for their response; in which ymir opened the door. zeke’s eyes widened as he gazed upon ymir. the moment his eyes landed on the young girl, he knew— he knew that the 5-year-old girl was his daughter— a piece of his and y/n’s flesh and blood. zeke hugged the young child as he cried, “i-i finally found you...” ymir, the 5-year-old girl, was left confused and speechless— but the moment she saw her mother’s face, she realized who he was— zeke yeager, the last of the yeager clan— is her father.
few days after their small yet joyful reunification, y/n moved in along with zeke inside the eldian palace. as soon as the news spread like wildfire, the people were enraged that zeke have chosen a woman who was once a descendant of the enemy— but he loved her greatly. the whole five years that he has been fighting, y/n has left a whole in his heart— a huge hole that only her love and presence could heal. therefore, he couldn’t help himself but to find her no matter where it takes him— whether it takes him to the corners of this lonely and dangerous world or to the hands of the grim reaper.
think of it, romance and war struggles are both different— and when it is mixed, it could hurt people. but there’s nothing better than the feeling of having your loved ones by your side after years of battle scars, armed struggles, and bloodshed with enemies.
Tumblr media
also, maybe after this, i’ll make a reiner smau. what do u guys think ^___^
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dobidreamz · 6 months ago
treasure reaction !? their s/o waking up from a nightmare . . 📨⊹◞✿
author’s note : requested !! 🛵💨 hehe, well, i usually have nightmares when i’m extremely sleep deprived and stuff so NAKAKF i based almost all of them on that, sorry </3 this one is . . well, really bad. but i do hope some of y’all will like it! 🥐 ?!
it wasn’t rare that you two spent the night together, may it be at your place or his
he was so used to it, to the point he wouldn’t be able to sleep without you tbh . .
this day wasn’t unusual, you two watched a movie together, cuddled a lot and then fell asleep sooner or a later
but when you woke up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat & trembling
you knew it was different this time
you weren’t really used to nightmares so it scared you, to say the least
at first, you didn’t want to wake hyunsuk up but after spending twenty minutes with struggling to fall back asleep, you did it
he was all worried as he realized what had happened
he tried to give as much comfort as he could but honestly, he didn’t know how to act either since it was all new for him as well
“shh, baby, it was all a dream. i’m here now. it’s all good, right?”
he invited you over to spend the afternoon together
yk as a date at home — cooking together, having fun & stuff
and you were supposed to go home by 10pm or something but a really big storm prevented you from that
so jihoon suggested to stay for the night AND WHO WERE YOU TO TURN DOWN HIS OFFER ?!
you were generally quite scared of storms but you thought you would feel okay with jihoon
and you actually managed to fall asleep in his arms !!
but you had a really bad nightmare which woke you up
he was quite confused but tried to calm you down immediately
“it’s okay baby, it’s okay. come back into my arms, i will warm you up!”
he would be the sweetest ngl
after your cute picnic date, you two went over to his place
he was SO ROMANTIC like he put lights on, he bought candles and EVEN BAKED some stuff for you
it was a literal dream
well, when it came to sleeping
it was your first time sleeping together so ??! you felt nervous
although you were head over heels for him, it took you so long to fall asleep
and you felt quite guilty
but when you woke up after a nightmare ??! it got even worse
you started to cry which woke yoshi up who was really worried
he tried so hard to calm you down, he gave you kisses reassuring that it was only a dream etc.
“i’m so sorry you had to go through this. i love you, y/n. it was just a dream!”
so you guys were quite used to fall asleep RANDOMLY, it happened so naturally
you were casually reading, your head in kyu’s lap, while he was gaming on his phone
but you soon fell asleep
junkyu noticed it and felt like his heart would literally burst at your sight
he went back to his game though
well, until you woke up, crying — this scared him so much, he thought he did something wrong so he attacked you with QUESTIONS
which you could only answer with a quiet “i had a nightmare”
with a small pout, he brought you closer to give you a hug & peppered your face with kisses
“y/n, you’re okay now, right? do you need anything? what can i do?”
you two were hanging out at your place, gossipping, eating and just casually being together
and you suggested that he should stay for the night
he felt so good he wanted to cuddle you all night long
which happened btw like, he couldn’t let go of you even for a bit
the previous day had been really hectic for you so you fell asleep really quickly
but this big amount of stress you had faced REALLY affected you
having nightmares in these periods of your life was pretty usual so when you suddenly woke up
you weren’t that scared or anything
but mashi? he wanted to make up for it, he hugged you tightly and whispered sweet words in your ear
“try to calm down, angel. oh wait, are you okay? well, i don’t care, lemme cuddle you!”
the first time you two spent all night together was really meaningful
it was on your anniversary date !! ^>^ he had planned it all, he made a god damn schedule so you two can fit every activity in the day
anyways, you two were quite exhausted by the end of the day
all you wanted was to rest tbh
so you just .. changed into pajamas and then plopped down on his bed, dragging him with you
his room was really cozy and all, plus he was literally HOLDING you but .. you still weren’t really familiar with the place
plus your tiredness came along as well so you had a minor nightmare [i mean, it wasn’t That bad I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN THIS LNSNAD]
you were panicking that you might have woken him up
but he reassured you that it’s okay, he doesn’t mind. he was there for you and looked out for your every need
he was just being his usual self, aka he was a whole ass angel
“no problem, y/n, it happens to all of us. don’t worry. should i make you a warm tea? or something?”
his studio always felt like your second home, you were so used to all of the sensations you witnessed there
you thought nothing wrong will happen, you didn’t even EXPECT anything yk
you were accompanying asahi, while he was making music,
which had a really .. spooky ?! atmosphere so dozing off to that ... well, you can imagine
you were in his lap so he instantly noticed how you flinched and then he heard you mumble some words
which he recognized as “i had a nightmare”
he became so worried that he stopped the music but ... he didn’t know what to do so you two just sat in silence for a while ABANDM
until he actually got his thoughts together
“you need to get proper sleep, sunshine. we’ll go home and tuck you in a real bed!”
staying at the dorm can be really fun, you admitted
but telling scary stories was a whole another experience
the maknae line went CRAZY like .. they literally couldn’t stop with these stories ??!
and since yedam didn’t want to leave, you had to actually listen to their bullshit
well, until you told yedam you were sleepy
he grabbed your hand and guided you to his room, letting you take place on his bed
you thought he would go back to the boys but he actually went to sleep with you
and tried to talk to you about anything to erase these silly stories out of your mind ‘cause he knew you were quite sensitive of these
and he felt guilty for not stopping the others
he was apologizing nonstop because you had to go through all of these
“sorry, y/n, i didn’t want this to happen! let me... let me make it up for you!”
doing school projects with doyoung were fun! you loved to do them together
well, this topic wasn’t the best one you’d ever got so...
it took you two a lot of time to finish it
you two were up ‘til 2am just to get everything done
you two were EXTREMELY TIRED ??? he told you not to go home so ...
after calling your parents and getting permission
you two started to get ready to SLEEP
it was your first time to stay over at his place so you were nervous [and super tired and stressed as well]
it took you quite long to doze off and the quality of your sleep wasn’t good either
having a nightmare felt so embarrassing, you tried to keep it REALLY quiet and all
but the tears rolled down your cheek so fast you couldn’t stop yourself from making a noise
he woke up and he was all confused but when he saw your trembling figure, he understood your behaviour
“y/n, are you okay? promise me you won’t exhaust yourself this much next time, okay?”
haru convinced you to go with him to a haunted house
and knowing haruto ??? you were quite surprised ngl
on the way he told you he wanted to “man up” and show he’s Able to survive in a haunted house
well, it was a cute little idea
until you both left the house crying
you tried to forget about the afternoon and this experience but ... you couldn’t move one, you were frightened and still felt like crying
even after haruto fell asleep next to you
you forced yourself to sleep as well but it... wasn’t the best idea
it was the worst nightmare you’d ever had and witnessing it Right next to your boyfriend
felt so awkward
but he was just worried about you, he felt like he shouldn’t have dragged you to that haunted house just for the sake of his ego
“what if i sing something cute for you?! i’m sure it will help!”
this shithead wanted to watch a horror film with you
but still didn’t let you LIVE ‘til you agreed
he’s such a childish mf
but anyways, you two watched a hitchcock movie together [taste]
it wasn’t that bad after all, i mean, you two were screaming nonstop but other than that
it was bearable
or like, that’s what YOU thought but this quickly changed as you had a nightmare
it had been so long since the last time you had one, you didn’t even know what to do
you were sweating, you couldn’t control your breath and ... jeongwoo noticed it
he woke up as well, to get a glass of water and when he saw you trembling on your side of the bed, he got closer and gave you a hug, softly caressing your arms
“sorry, y/n, we won’t watch that movie EVER again! pinky promise?!”
of COURSE YOU ACCEPTED HIS INVITATION, you loved pajama parties and having one with your bf ?!
literal heaven ngl
anyways !! :D it was the first occassion you got together after a veeeery long time, so you wanted to cherish the moment
but having been through a long ass week didn’t exactly help, you were overly tired to do anything
although hwanie had plans :-(
he didn’t mind it though !! he got some cuddles so he was pretty okay
you fell asleep around 8pm which was considered REALLY REALLY early for him, so he stayed up watching a random movie
with you in his arms
eventhough his warmth literally embraced you, you still managed to have a nightmare due to the lack of rest you got in the past few days
junghwan was still awake so he noticed this instantly,
he wiped your stray tears aways and looked at you with a pouty face
“y/n! here, have a kiss, i hope it will make you feel and sleep better!!”
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yunhofingers-writes · 7 months ago
Movie Night-
Note♥︎- I wanted to post this for my birthday buuuuut now is fine haha
Genre♡︎- pure filth
Warnings/Tags♥︎- Spitting, d!ck slapping, oral (all) double penetration, anal, fingering, Dom! Yeo, Dom! Hwa, Sub! f reader, grinding Guess star!!!
Word count♡︎- 2.7k
Tumblr media
❥- When you heard “movie night” you thought of actually watching a movie with just you and your boyfriends. You didn’t know they were bringing the whole crew with them.
You were sitting in the living room with all of the snacks, waiting on your boyfriends to come back from getting more things to snack on. While you were waiting, you decided to clean up a little around the house. You didn’t really have a lot to clean since Seonghwa likes to clean up a lot.
A little bit after you were done cleaning, you decided to go take a shower. Running upstairs to go and find something to wear,you grabbed a towel and ran to the bathroom. You washed your hair and sat down on the little seat you have in the tub. You couldn’t help but think about last night’s adventures,the way Yeosang’s strong hands gripped at your hair, the way Seonghwa filled you up so good, how Yeosang growled when you were teasing him. Your hand fiddled with your nipples, slowly dragging down passed your stomach to your clit. Your index finger rubbing your clit lightly until you felt your legs trying close on you. Small, light moans left your lips. You thought about Yeosang pounding you into the bed yesterday with Seonghwa’s dick in your mouth.
When you felt how close you were, you heard knocking on your door. Sighing, you angrily got up to get a towel.
“i’m going to kill them two fuckers” you mumbled to yourself running down the stairs “both of you better have a good explanation as to wh-“ When you opened the door, you didn’t expect to see all 8 of them at the door. “why you two left your keys” you finished awkwardly. The rest of the boys’ eyes were wide open.
Seonghwa smiled sheepishly “We’re sorry, baby. Yeosang ran out without the key even though I specifically told him to bring it.” He kissed your cheek and walked past you with everyone following him, except Yeosang.
“babe, sorry about that.” He kissed your cheek as well and leaned into your ear “you’re still in your towel.” He lightly bit your ear and backed away, leaving you embarrassed.
You quickly ran upstairs to put some decent clothes on.. well Pj’s and ran back downstairs.
Yunho, Wooyoung, Yeosang, Hongjoong, and Jongho were sitting on the couch waiting for Seonghwa to pick a movie, San and Mingi were laying on the floor with some chips in their hands. You sat on the other couch that was a bit smaller than the other one. Yeosang saw you, with a small smile, he got up and sat next to you while the boys bicker.
“So what did you do while we were gone?” The smile continues to stay on. He had a genuine question but yet you still took it as him teasing you. “u-uhm i cleaned, watched TV, and took a shower.” You looked away from him.
At first, Yeosang thought you were upset about something, but the way you looked away gave yourself away. “was that all you did?” Yeosang asked with a hint of playfulness in his voice. “were you thinking of me?” He asked in a sing-song voice
Clearly, he was joking but your mind was telling you that he knew exactly what you did. “I was. Was thinking a lot about you., the both of you”
Yeosang was taken back from your answer, but he quickly fixed himself with a smirk, letting his hand come in contact with your thigh. You jumped, pressing your lips shut to not let out a sound. “Wanna tell me what you were thinking about, hmm?”
Before you even opened your mouth, Seonghwa shouted out about how he finally found a movie. He happily went over towards the couch you were at with Yeosang, sitting on the left side of you.
San got up to turn the lights off and got the bags full of snacks. You saw Yeosang pull his phone out, taping on Seonghwa’s name. “what are you doing?” You whispered to him. He just looked at you and went back to typing. You huffed, giving your attention to the movie, noticing Seonghwa’s phone lit up.
A little into the movie, you felt Seonghwa grab you to sit on his lap. “heard you were thinking of me” He whispered in your ear “in how many ways?” Lightly grinding up into you. You felt his half hard cock through his sweatpants, biting your lip as your hand reached out to Yeosang’s thigh who was observing the whole thing.
“was thinking about yesterday.” You said a bit loud with a grind down, feeling satisfied when you heard him grunt.
You noticed Jongho was looking in your direction. You held eye contact and moved your hips again, feeling Seonghwa’s hand hold onto your hips.
“don’t make no noise,baby” Yeosang rushed out before letting his hands go in your silky shorts.
You didn’t have on any underwear so it was easier for him to access what he wanted. “I see you have no panties on” he smirked. You looked at jongho again, noticing he was still looking.
Yeosang’s fingers began to rub at your clit softly. You let out a tiny moan. Seonghwa bit his lip at how loud you were and pushed two fingers inside of your mouth. “Baby you have to be quiet or we’re going to be caught.” You didn’t even have to turn around to know that he was smirking as well.
At that moment, Yeosang pushed a finger inside of your wet hole. Your body tensed when he curled his finger inside of you. You tried to push your hips up to meet his fingers, but Seonghwa held you down. “stop” He sternly told you. “or Yeosang will stop.” Yeosang nodded in agreement and you whined around his fingers.
Yeosang added another finger and sped his fingers up as Seonghwa grinded his hips into yours.
You drooled all over his fingers, squeezing your eyes shut as you felt your stomach clenching. Yeosang added another finger and at the same Seonghwa’s finger slipped in, rubbing your clit.
you screamed, forgetting that the boys are all in there, whining when you felt the boys let your body go.
You opened your eyes and saw the rest of the boys staring at all 3 of you with wide opened eyes. You just wanted a hole to open up and swallow you.
“I guess we were caught.” Yeosang shrugged along with Seonghwa. “That’s what you wanted, right?” Seonghwa licked his lips.
You didn’t understand why they were so okay with being caught. “y’all are freaky” You heard San say with a huff.
You looked at Yeosang who was sucking your juices off of his fingers. You suddenly feel shy with all the eyes on you.
“Don’t get shy on us now, baby. Look..Jongho’s hard and all because of you.” Seonghwa brought all the attention to poor Jongho. Jongho blushed but seized from covering himself. “S-she was staring at me half the whole time” He shyly looked away.
“Oh?” Seonghwa sounded interested “Whore.” Yeosang spat out. The rest of the boys are still staring. “you were letting Jongho see how easy it was for you to break apart. Letting him see how you cried out for us.”
“Bet you want everyone to see how fucking good you are for us. Want them to see how much of a slut you are for us, right?” Yeosang grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him. “y-yes” You looked away. “look at them and tell them.” He let go of your chin and you looked at the rest of the boys. “I want you t-to see how good they ruin me a-and mark me.” You fiddled with your fingers and looked at Seonghwa.
First we need to know if you guys are comfortable?” Seonghwa asked them with a serious tone. Once everyone agreed, you were sitting in the middle of the floor, all eyes on you.
Yeosang and Seonghwa were standing in front of you. “You know what to do, baby” Yeosang told you. You pulled down Yeosang’s pants, flinching when his hard cock smacked you in the face.
You started with kitten licks at the crown of his cock, licking around while looking up at him through your eyelashes. He growled,impatiently pushing your head on his cock making you choke and come up.
You felt Seonghwa tap your lower back twice, telling you to get on all fours. Once you did that, he took your shorts off.
You took a look around the room noticing everyone looking at you with hard ons, except San. He wasn’t just looking, he was rubbing his covered crotch with his eyes on the scene in front of him.
You put Yeosang’s cock back in your mouth, covering the parts you couldn’t get with your hands. “fuck- just like that” he threw his head back, hand in your hair.
Meanwhile Seonghwa is spreading your asscheeks, showing everyone. “so fucking wet, baby. Are you wet because you know you can make the whole room have blue balls, baby? Or are you wet because you’re spreaded out in front of everyone like the fucking slut you are?” Seonghwa didn’t expect an answer of any kind so he just smacked your ass.
You jumped slightly, almost choking on Yeosang’s cock again. “hm'' Your muffled moan was covered by Yeosang’s cock on your tongue. “Come on, baby. Get my dick wet for me.”
Seonghwa added a finger inside and leaned in, lapping it over your gaping hole. He took his other hand and brought it around your waist to let his thumb rub at your clit.
You pushed your body back on him wanting more, craving more, needing more. Taking Yeosang’s cock out of your mouth to moan out loud. “More..mmhm- more please.” your body jumped when you felt a slap to your face. “pay attention to me.” Yeosang rasped out, taking his wet cock out to slap you in the cheek with it. You continued to moan even when Yeosang entered his cock back in and then out again. Seonghwa’s tongue felt so good inside of you, licking around your walls. Him moaning and groaning when you pushed back.
You heard someone whispered “I’ve never seen Yeosang in his dom mode like this. Thought he was a soft dom.” It sounded like Hongjoong.
You felt a tongue in your ass, stretching you apart. You popped off of Yeosang’s cock once again with a breather. “God fuck” You yelled out, dropping your head down.
Yeosang picked your head up and kissed you to try and distract you from the pain. You felt Seonghwa add another finger inside of your hole carefully. Yeosang pulled away from the kiss “baby are you okay? Do you still want to continue?” He looked at you with a worried expression. “be honest okay?” You nodded and kissed him “I'm sure.” You reassured once you pulled away again.
Seonghwa now has 3 fingers inside of you including his tongue. “I’m so close.” You shouldn’t have said nothing because when you did, he took his fingers and tongue out. You whine when you feel your orgasm die down.
Seonghwa laid down, cock hard on his stomach and you got up to adjust his cock over you. Slowly sliding down, you let out a tiny moan along with Seonghwa. “f-full”
“gah.. you’re fucking tight. We didn’t fuck you good enough last night?” He slapped yourself ass with a groan. “Yeosang come on or I swear I’ll move.”
You felt eyes burning through your soul. Looking over, you seen Jongho staring at you intensely. You licked your lips at him and looked down to see Seonghwa staring at you. You smirked at him, moved up and down, smiling when he moaned.
He gripped your hair, bringing you down to him “you’re such a fucking dirty, nasty little slut staring at another man. Do you need your mouth full? Want another cock?” He licked at your ear and smacked your ass again.
“I do...I do” you were eager to have 3 cocks, to have all of your holes full.
You sat up to take your shirt off along with your bra and leaned back down, pressing your nipple in Seonghwa’s opened mouth. You reached your hand behind you to spread your cheeks and present your hole to Yeosang, who growled and poured lube all on your hole and his cock. “i’m entering, baby.” He warned. You braced yourself, groaning when he slowly pushed in, stopping every now and then to check on you.
Once balls deep in, he stayed like that, waiting for your approval.
Seonghwa let go of your nipple and looked over at the red headed boy. “Jongho come here.” He looked at you before getting up to stand on the side of your naked figures. “Shut her up for me. We are giving you permission to fuck her throat.” Everyone’s eyes went wide at that, except Seonghwa. “i-if you want to.” you stammered out.
He nodded and took his hard cock out his pants and went to go stand in front of you. You opened your mouth letting him do whatever he wanted with it.
Once you pushed back on Yeosang, everyone started to move. Seonghwa propped his feet up and pushed up into a medium paste, Yeosang slowly started to move in and Jongho fucked your face slowly.
You moaned around Jongho, squeezing around both Yeosang and Seonghwa. You let go of Jongho’s cock and moaned out loud. “Fuck i feel so fucking good” Your threw your head back when you felt Seonghwa licking at your nipple again. “please harder” Yeosang sped up, leaning over to push your head on Jongho’s cock again.
“shit, baby” Seonghwa felt so close from how you kept clenching on him. “i’m so close to cumming” He slapped your ass again. Yeosang followed right after, slapping your ass as hard as he can. You jerked up, moaning around Jongho;s cock again.
Jongho fucked his cock in your mouth with a groan ,holding you down on his cock. He let go once you tapped his thigh with a groan. “ahh fuck. Do that again Jongh, she loves it. Squeezing around my cock so well” Yeosang ran his hand through his hair.
He pushed you in his cock again and you felt Seonghwa lifting you up off of his cock with a groan, cumming all over your stomach.
You hollow your cheeks around Jongho’s cock feeling his thighs lightly shake. “Cum on her face Jongho. She likes that shit.” You moaned again when Yeosang smacked your ass.
Jongho pulled out of your mouth quickly pumping his cock in your face. Yeosang continued to fuck inside of your ass. “Come on, baby make Jongho cum. You can do it.” you heard Yeosang encouraged.
“Jongho please cum in my face. Show me how good I was for you.” You stuck your tongue out for him and he came all over your face.
“What do you say, slut?” Seonghwa gripped your hair and you yelped “t-thank you.”
He let go of your hair and Yeosang pushed your head down so your ass was up.
“Fuck bounce that ass on my cock, baby” He stopped moving and you groan and sat back up on your hands. You pushed back as fast as you can with slight moans of Yeosang’s name.
“c-can’t- It’s not enough” You cried out and Yeosang growled and pushed your head back in the ground and fucked you faster. “yes- like that-like that” You yelled and he nodded “like that, slut? You liked that?” He wrapped his hand around and rubbed your clit.
“Fucking cum on my cock then.. come on, baby. Fucking cum” He lightly pinched your clit and you came screaming and clenching around Yeosang.He pulled out and stroked his cock until he came in your back.
You laid like that for a while, breathing a bit heavy before looking up at the 5 pairs of hungry eyes. “That was fun” you cheered and Yeosang came back with a wet towel, wiping the cum off of your face, stomach, and your back.
“How are you guys getting off?”
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Haikyuu!! │Boys reaction to you calling them ‘Daddy’│ Ft. Daichi, Iwaizumi, Kuroo & Kageyama
Okay SO, I took inspo from @animewh0re ‘s  ‘Kuroo Tetsurou x Accidental Daddy HC’  post so big shout out to her ly bb - be sure to give them a follow <3
For this post I picked some of the characters I felt would be more likely to have a daddy kink so their reactions would be the most interesting/comical whether the reader was doing it was intentionally or not. There were some others I had in mind that I may make into a second part. I got a little carried away writing these as you will see lmao, oopsie.
! All characters are 18+ - Contains NSFW content !
My Ko-fi  - Because a caffeinated Kix is a productive one.
Without further ado, enjoy ! ~
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・
Tumblr media
I feel like Daichi low-key already knew he had a daddy kink
Like somewhere deep in that dudes soul he just had a fuckin hunch.
However he never brought it up to you because he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, being the kind and considerate dude he is.
One night you were both just relaxing and watching a movie, he was tracing his finger along your thigh because let’s face it he is 100% a thigh man.
At some point you began getting restless, so you shifted yourself to face him, propping yourself up against his knee as you leaned down to kiss him, cupping your hands around his cheeks. He grunts in approval, cheekily sliding his hands down to squeeze your ass, using the moment of surprise to slide his tongue in and deepen the kiss. He’s pretty crafty when he wants to be.
After a few minutes you could feel yourself growing impatient, raising the hem of your baggy shirt and grinding your clothed slit against the ridges of his thigh. 
Daichi’s weakness #8 activated, thigh riding.
He drags his palms against your hips, taking control of your vigorous movements and forcing more pressure against your cunt and causing you to whimper. Lowering your head next to his, soft moans grace against the shell of his ear in wisps that send shivers down his spine.
You can sense Daichi’s own dwindling patience as the momentum becomes desperate with the way he’s now hastily grinding your hips down onto him, groaning at the sensation of your juices dripping through the thin fabric and cooling against the skin of his thigh.
All of a sudden a long and breathy “Mhmmm~ daddy” escapes your lips, and this dude is so taken aback.
Snapping your head up to face him, his eyes are glazed over with an intensity enough to make your core tremble, your cheeks flushing at the realisation of what you just blurted out starts to sink in. 
“Fuck, I want to hear you say that again baby.”
Without warning he flips you over and on to the couch, hovering over you as his hips buck against the wetness covering your clothed core, eliciting more moans as he sucks on the tender skin of your neck.
“A-ah daddy...” 
His tone was desperate and commanding, only further igniting the pleasure growing between the two of you.
Trailing his hands down to the edge of your underwear and slipping them inside, his fingers find their way to your clit and rub the area in soft, circular motions, sucking harder against the skin of your neck and streeling his tongue along the bruised aftermaths.
You didn’t pay any mind to the rest of the movie, and you both had a lot of fun with this new found kink the two of you shared.
Tumblr media
Since Iwa radiates big dom energy and you cannot convince me otherwise, I feel like he is also one that just has a hunch that this is something he’s into.
You already have a hella Dom x Sub relationship sexually so this experimentation was probably long awaited. A slip up no less, and an embarrassing one.
It was a late Friday evening after school, the sun was already long gone yet you were still helping Iwa and Oikawa practise by tossing for them as many times as they requested. How they weren’t already beyond the point of burn out you didn’t know.
Glancing at the wall clock which read ‘8:23pm’, Iwa huffed and rubbed the back of his head. “All right, it’s time to call it a night.” “But Iwa-chaaaann--” Oikawa interjected. “No. Plus, I’m sure (Y/N) is exhausted by now hm?” He whips round to face you and you nod in agreement, eyes hooding from fatigue at the long days events. “Fineee.” Oikawa grumbles, pouting his lips playfully and sending you a wink, rolling your eyes and sticking your tongue out at him in response.
A few minutes later, most of the balls and club equipment are packed away. You’re tossing the last few balls into the basket when Iwa saunters up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist which sends the ball tumbling across the floor. 
“Ah, daddy don’t-” 
Pure. utter. silence.
The words had escaped from your mouth before you could stop them.
The sound of the ball rolling echoes throughout the room and you can feel Iwa’s entire body tense up while in his hold, hands digging into your hips as he lets out a low grunt. You sheepishly look in Oikawa’s direction, who’s shooting you both a glance as if to say ‘so this what y’all get up to?’ Attempting to stifle his snickers and the sudden light his face has been brightened with.
Little did he know this was the first time you had actually called him that, and it was raging a lustful fire through his body. The body now roughly thrusted up against you.
You had a feeling Iwa would never hear the end of this.
Walking a fine line between pressing against your body and full on grinding, he utters his next few words as abruptly as possible. 
“You can head on out Oikawa, me and (Y/N) will finish up cleaning.”
This only furthers his amusement, the cogs in his head turning as he gives a quick nod, strolling toward the gym doors painstakingly slow as if savouring every last ounce of tension brewing in the air. “Ooookay, have fun, daddy-chan.” The howls of his laughter can be heard even after the doors swing shut, you two stay rigid until his voice fades off in the distance.
“Follow me, now.” 
Without waiting for a response, he grabs you by the wrist and drags you into the storage room, slamming you against the locker, he stares down at you hungrily as his lips crash against yours, hands ravaging every curve of your body. Pulling away, a string of saliva connects as his lips brush against the crook of your neck. “I want you to say that again, little slut.” Snaking into the waistband of your shorts and dragging a digit against your slit, the words flow out effortlessly. “D-daddy please...” 
“Fuck, I’m going to have so much fun with you, kitten.”
And fun with you he did.
Tumblr media
Y’all are always clowning and pulling some buffoonery on each other so this time you figured you’d kick it up a notch.
Kenma and Kuroo were talking while the rest of the team were doing warm-down stretches after practise. 
Cue operation ‘Make Kuroo squirm’. Commencing stage 1.
Lingering behind Kuroo, you rest your chin on his shoulder and fold your arms around his waist, pulling him in for one of your behind-hugs that he adores.
oh how naive he was.
Swaying lovingly from side to side, you take the opportunity when Kenma looks away. With the most innocent of tones you could muster, you tilt your head upward, dragging your teeth gently against the lobe of his ear, and strike.
When I tell you homeboys body freezes up, I mean that shit is like an iceberg that could cause Titanic 2.0
Kuroo whips his head round to face you, wide-eyed and eyebrow cocked as if to say ‘damn you really just went there?’ 
You smile sweetly, fluttering your lashes and feigning an innocence which you know drives him up the wall, a ‘try me bitch’ expression darting in your eyes.
He smirks at this, huffing under his breath so quietly it’s barely audible. 
“You’re so in for it later, kitten.”
You knew this, but it was more than worth seeing him suffer for the time being.
Kenma’s attention is now directed back to Kuroo after watching Lev get tangled in the volley net like a fly done dirty by the Darwin theory.
Commence stage 2.
They continue their conversation, all the while your hand is roaming stealthily under his shirt, trailing along every line, curve and crevice of his abs and pectoral region. 
Kuroo is whipped for the sensation of you feeling him up, he won’t ever admit to it but he caves under your touch.
You feel his posture stiffen as your hands hover above the region of his crotch.
“What’s wrong, daddy?” Your voice is only loud enough for Kuroo to hear, and judging by the way Kenma looks at him next you can imagine his face is nothing short of priceless.
Pudding head senses something awry with Kuroo because my guy looks well and truly stumped.
“Uh, excuse us a sec.” 
Kuroo without warning flings your body over his shoulder and strolls toward the gyms entrance. You playfully whack his back with your fists and flail your legs, barking at him to let go. The whole team turns their attention to you and laughs.
“Get some (Y/N)! Lev hollers, and the last thing you see is Yaku slapping him up-side the head before the doors close.
Placing you back on your feet, he doesn’t give you a second to adjust before kabe-donning you against the building wall, the rain only further adding to the steamy atmosphere you had created.
Grabbing your wrist and guiding it to his shorts, your fingertips brush against the tent straining against the crimson fabric.
“See how hard you’ve made me princess? I can’t go ahead with the team meeting like this. Be a good slut for daddy and get on your knees, I’ll gladly make a mess of that pretty little face.”
You comply, shivering as the damp grass caresses the skin of your knees.
“You like calling me daddy, huh? That turn my little whore on?” Kuroo grunts, thrusting himself repeatedly into the back of your throat until his balls touch your chin. Tears well in your field of vision and start streaming down your cheeks which he wipes away tenderly. “Well, I’ll make sure you call me that more often.”
10 minutes and a very sore throat later, you both finish up and Kuroo looks more than satisfied, running his fingers through your disheveled hair and marvelling at the mess he made of your makeup.
“Clean yourself up in the restroom princess, I’ll see you back inside and we’ll continue this later. I’m far from done.”
With a sly smirk and a peck on the cheek, he walks back into the gym.
Needless to say he’s definitely going to make you call him daddy from now on, and you got many suggestive stares when you made your embarrassing debut back into the gym.
Tumblr media
Okay so the thought has probably never crossed Kags mind since his head is filled with like 98% volleyball.
The other 2% being the undying love he has for you. But hey, 2% is still 2%, I’ll take it.
Your sex life was although very satisfying, pretty vanilla. The only time it got really intense was if Kags had a bad day or was bubbling with jealousy, in which case a surprising and un-tamable dom side of him emerges. 
This often made you ponder what would happen if you addressed him under a title with said connotations. The curiosity of how he would react was slowly ebbing away at you.
So one day, being the scheming little shit you are, decided to test the waters.
The day had started off pretty well, it was a Saturday and you were taking a walk around town. 
Kags wanted to grab some snacks so you headed to the store, agreeing to wait outside. 
A few minutes go by and he still hasn’t come out, however the roaming eyes of a guy opposite left you feeling incredibly uneasy.
You shifted in place awkwardly, until he decides to approach you.
Up close he was sleazy, with a menacing glint in his eyes that made you recoil.
Resting his elbow on the wall beside you, he leans in way too close for comfort.
“Hi baby, you’re not with anyone are you? Mind giving me your number?”
His voice was low and threatening, as if daring you to decline his order than was snidely masked as an offer.
Mustering up all the courage you had, you raised your chin and stared up at him defiantly. “No, I have a boyfriend.” 
He chuckles at this, leaning in closer and challenging you further.
“Well, I don’t see him.”
“I’m right here.”
There Kags was, standing outside the entryway to the store, bearing the most livid expression you had ever seen. You’re pretty sure there were flames surrounding his aura.
The guy backs up, letting out a causal whistle before wordlessly turning in the other direction, leaving the two of you alone again at last.
“Tobio wha-”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fi-”
“We’re going home.” 
The walk was silent and you could sense the tension in the surrounding atmosphere.
After opening the door and tossing the bags to the side, Kags pins you against the front door and pulls you in for a fervid make out, intertwining your tongues and fighting for the dominance which he easily obtains.
He runs his hands ravenously over every inch of your upper body, making his way down south until he reaches your underwear, using one hand to grind his digits along your folds while the other fondles your breasts.
Suddenly, you have a lightning bolt moment and decide to put your thoughts to the test.
What you just did flipped a switch on inside Kags he never knew existed.
He pauses for a moment, staring at you with wide eyes and heated cheeks, he actually looks choked up.
“w..what did you just say...?”
At this point he straight up loses it.
Picking you up bridal style, he carries you to the bedroom and bends you over his knee, hastily unbuckling his belt and folding it into a make-shift whip.
“Count each time I spank you, and fucking thank me when you do it.”
Stunned, you nod feebly, still processing this side of him you have never seen before.
“A-h! One. thank you...”
“Thank you what?”
“Thank you, daddy.”
Kags traces the red mark decorating your ass lovingly with his finger before raising the belt again for a second blow. “You belong to me and only me, I’ll mark up your pretty body beautifully.”
You had belt marks on your rear for over a week and couldn’t walk right the following day lololol.
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azucanela · a year ago
ack anon with the dress hcs here- tysvm for those!! my heart~ ok so another random idea i just needed to share but bakugou/deku/todoroki first frenchie kiss with their s.o. and neither of them have much experience 😖 lots of fluffy awkwardness y'know? idk. again go ahead and add on but don't stress yourself!
[ft. bakugo katsuki, izuku midoriya, todoroki shouto]
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: someone decides to bring of french kissing and as expected; its chaotic.
WORD COUNT: french kissing? nothing explicit, very mildly suggestive
WARNINGS: kissing, maybe second hand embarrassment but i doubt it, awkward situations
A/N: my search history is “how to french kiss now” which is the main reason i held off on doing this one ajkshdkjah also this is my first time writing for our boy deku so uhhhh be kind to me, also anon you are now dress anon also i tried something new because i couldn’t bring myself to write full scenarios also i can’t write for midoriya i TRIED BUT I THINK HIS IS BAD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lol this is funny
this is peak comedy right here
hes gonna be so embarrassed but hes gonna try to act like hes completely unaffected by everything that is going on
i feel like he knows what french kissing is and has definitely thought about french kisses with you but he would never bring it up because it embarrassing for him
he might just randomly try it and place you in a complete state of shock, like y’all are just making out and— whoops would you look at that somehow you two are now french kissing! wonder how that happened... 
if you ask him he will flat out deny you the first time around because he is embarrassed, but keep trying!! after a few attempts he’s gonna claim to be annoyed but it’s actually because he wants to
“Hey Katuski, you know what we should do—”
Bakugou slams the textbook that laid on his lap shut, a sound reverberating through the library the two had gone two, which earned him a strict glare from the librarian seated at the front desk. His eyes narrowed as they look to Y/N, “if you say French kissing, I swear I will break up with you right now.”
Despite his harsh words, Y/N can see the pink blush that dusts his cheeks as they lean forward on their arm, tilting their head at him innocently as they reply, “actually, I was thinking we could go see a movie later.” Their words only worsen the blush on Bakugou’s cheeks, causing him to snap his head away in an attempt to salvage some of his reputation, “but that works too.” 
“Shut up you damn nerd.” The boy grumbles, brows furrowing as he leans back in his seat, looking away as he says, “if it’ll get you to stop asking then I guess we can try it.” Y/N is about to open their mouth to reply but Bakugou quickly adds, “only once though! Damn nerd...”
A grin finds its way onto Y/N’s face and they nod slowly, “great.”
“I hate you.”
honestly i feel like he would lowkey be bad at it the first time around and bakugou is the type of person where if he tries something and isn’t good at it immediately he either avoids this activity entirely or tirelessly works to improve his skill
luckily for you this happens to be a skill that bakugou wants to improve, alot because for some reason you wanted to try this and if he’s not good at it then whats the point
regardless the first time around is like a solid 6.75/10 sorry bakugou oops, you tried, but i feel like he’s already a really like aggressive and like harsh kisser so this is just gonna make things a mess
he can be soft sometimes tho i swear
i feel like he would get good at it after some ~practice~ but even then its a rare occurrence to french kiss with bakugou, its really intimate and he saves it for special occasions or when hes bored lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OH YOU ARE GOING TO KILL HIM WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND DO THIS like apologize, apologize rn for the stress you are about to cause him
if you try to initiate a french kiss with izuku here, you NEED to tell him ahead of time or else things will go south very very fast. he’s going to panic because this is new and he does not understand what is happened oh my-
give him a heads up whenever you want to try something new, so when you pull this while kissing him he’s going to pull away like what a r e you d o i n g 
once you tell him he’s gonna be like let’s do this tomorrow, and then will spend the rest of the day RESEARCHING how to french kiss properly, like he’s on wikihow and everything this boy wants to treat you right and is going to make sure you enjoy it
which is when when y’all finally french kiss he is going to be good at it okay, he’ll learn every strategy possible and then he will be a PRO like you’re probably going to be shocked for a hot minute because wait when did he have the time to get good at this—
you’re definitely his first partner and he had no experience prior to you but he trained himself because going into any anything blind and without a plan places him in a state of distress
this was a PLANNED EVENT it was like a date except without all the date stuff just french kissing, like he texts you “hey lets try that thing you wanted to try...” all shy and stuff like he literally took five minutes to actually send the text, and you are trying to figure out what that thing is because deku do you mean like the coffee shop ?? what ??
you make him specify and he nearly dies but its fine its fine, when he finally gets his point across you’re like okay! cool!
overall its a pretty nice experience, i feel like he would be really gentle with you per usual but it was also probably really awkward like homeboy fr sat you down on the bed and just stared at you with bright red cheeks for like
a really hot minute
Y/N brow raised as they stared at Izuku, who’s eyes had pierced into their head since they’d sat down. Oddly enough, Y/N found his meticulous planning of this to just make the situation more awkward, it had done nothing to relieve the burning sensation in their cheeks. But Y/N had a feeling that only one of them could flustered about this or else everything would fall apart rather quickly. It had also been their idea in the first place so, there was that factor too.
“Are you alright, Izuku—”
“FINE. I—I’m fine, I mean.” He cleared his throat as he sat across from them, his cheeks a bright red color as Y/N tilted their head at his antics.
A small laugh escaped them, “If you don’t want to do this Izuku, we don’t have to.” He’d always been easily flustered, so Y/N couldn’t say his reaction came as a shock, but he’d agreed to it nonetheless just yesterday.
This seemed to bring the boy back to reality as he shook his head, “no... I want to.” He straightened in his seat, looking away from Y/N as he tried to collect himself.
A grin spread across Y/N’s face as they leaned closer to Izuku, “fantastic.” Their words only served to fluster Izuku further, though Y/N could feel their cheeks warming as well. 
french kissing will not be a regular occurrence, izuku feels embarrassed whenever it happens, he gets shy, all around a very rare thing for him that will only occur if you initiate it, but PLEASE let him know ahead of time, he needs to mentally prepare himself
he enjoys it though 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
why am i laughing rn
okay but like shouto probably discovers it online entirely by accident or like hears kaminari talking about it and decides he should educate himself because hes fluent in french and knows alot about the culture of france because of all the tutors his father hired so why doesn’t he know what this elusive french kissing his? 
shouto is also fluent in kissing he honestly just really enjoys kissing you, he doesn’t know why but its probably because hes touch starved and just likes intimacy like that but he never really knew how much he liked physical touch until he actually experience it [in a positive way] and also you are SOFT :D
regardless shouto is the one who brings it up and honestly you are gonna be shocked because how did this clueless bb find out about that??? sir??? who is teaching you these things?
“You want to do what?” 
Y/N couldn’t help the shock that flooded them as they stared at their boyfriend, Shouto Todoroki, who sat with his legs crossed before them on the bed as he replied, “French kissing.” The boy in question repeated, tilting his head at them as he watched her reaction.
Y/N shook their head in an attempt to clear their thoughts as they looked back up at him, meeting his eyes, “who taught you about that?” In the past, Y/N had been forced to explain... certain subjects to Shouto because of things he’d overheard in conversations or seen online. Sometimes it was entirely innocent and other times, well it wasn’t. This time around, it seemed Shouto had took it upon himself to learn, rather than asking Y/N. 
“I don’t see how that’s relevant.” Come his response, brows furrowing at her question, “however, if its not something you’re interested in then—”
“I didn’t say that!” And Y/N couldn’t help how their cheeks warmed at how quickly they cut him off, hands coming to their face in embarrassment.
the internet and unintentionally kaminari, or maybe intentionally 
he doesn’t do any research in fact, he might not even bring it up, next time he sees you in a private space, he’s just gonna start kissing you and you’re probably gonna be like aight bet thats chill this is normal
UNTIL he just grabs your thigh and in the shock your mouth gapes open and SHOUTO STRIKES
honestly i feel like he would be ridiculously good at french kissing for no reason, i don’t know why, i have no explanation, he’s just good at it 
its a talent
of all the boys he is the least embarrassed he has no shame, its just natural curiosity right? whatever happens happens. it is literally so annoying how UNFAZED HE IS
probably really liked it because hes a touchy kinda guy, so this will become a more frequent thing when you two are in private, he just enjoys it 
Tumblr media
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heezoneie · 4 months ago
Hi, can I request a SKZ and Enhypen legal line reaction to you doing WAP or twerking out of nowhere?
i though this one was fun to write 😆, thank you for the request! <3
group: enhypen & stray kids
member: enhypen legal line & all of stray kids
genre: crack(?), fluff, possibly suggestive at times
Enhypen Legal Line
• you guys had been just chilling on the couch at the dorms, the other boys no where to be found.
• your head rested on heeseung’s lap as he scrolled through his phone. “hee, i’m bored” he looked down at your face upon hearing your statement.
• “well there’s not much we can do right now, maybe when the boys get back.” he stated playing with your hair.
• growing impatient, a mischievous idea popped in your head. sitting up from his lap, you go to set your phone on the tv stand directly in font of the couch.
• you were about to do a challenge that has been going around tiktok for quite a while. you were not one to do tiktok challenges very often, so this would come as a surprise for heeseung.
• seeing you stand up got heeseung curious. he watched your every move as you setup your video.
• when the familiar “WAP” began to play through your phone speakers, heeseung’s eyes widened.
• as soon as you started actually doing the dance, he would be so flustered. face beet red, but bby would not be able to take his eyes off you.
• he thought you did such a good job, even if the dance was a bit “pRoVOcAtIve” so after you finished the dance and walked over you him, he immediately buried his head in your neck.
• “that was so good baby, but try a less inappropriate dance next time? okay?”
• you and jay were in the practice room at the company because he decided to stay back to get some extra work in.
• he asked you to come keep him company, since he didn’t want to be alone. ofc you showed up, bc who wouldn’t want to watch their boyfriend dance.
• after a while of practicing, you and jay decided to just listen to music over the speakers, until a rather seductive song came on.
• feeling bold, you decided to dance a little to it. swaying your hips side to side, twerking, anything to match the mood of the song.
• jay’s eyes darkened at the sight of you dancing like that. he didn’t know you could possibly be any sexier.
• jay watched the way your hips moved, your face, your legs. he made sure to take in every little move you were doing.
• after the song ended, he came up behind you and grabbed your hips. he pushed you against the wall and turned you to face him.
• “my pretty baby. that was rather bold to dance like that when anybody could walk in and see you.” he leaned in to your ear, “i think you should dance for me like that back home....but with less clothing.”
• jake had just got finished with a long day of practice, and wanted nothing more than to come home to his amazing s/o.
• you however, had been lounging around the house all day. you were scrolling through your phone, when you decided you would past the time by making some tiktoks.
• you had been midway through doing the “WAP” challenge, when your boyfriend (with amazing timing) walked in.
• jake kinda just stood there flustered, not knowing what to do. he really said some “🧍‍♂️”
•getting up from the ground, you grabbed your phone and rewatched the tiktok. seeing jake’s reacting made you laugh.
• you turned around to him, where he still stood just staring at you. (bby malfunctioned)
• “jake? you good?” blinking a couple times, he finally snapped out of his daze, “OH, uh yeah i just- uhm. you were good, i just didn’t know you could dance like that.”
• smiling you went to give him a hug, “i could dance like that more if you want 😉”
•this boy d r a g g e d you back to your room with the biggest smirk on his face.
• okay, so this boy is a little 🤏 a w k w a r d
• when you stated twerking in the middle of the kitchen he didn’t know what to do
• it’s not that he didn’t like it, cause he most definitely did (possibly got a little turned on)
• it’s just he didn’t know what to do or what to say, so he kinda just...walked out?
• you followed him into the living room where he just sat on the couch thinking about what to say.
• “ you okay hoon?” he looked up from the couch, “ i need a second to process what happened.”
• after a couple of minutes of silence he grabbed you and pulled you onto his lap, with each of your legs on either side of him.
• “how about you do it again, but this time i want to feel you.”
Stray Kids
• you guys were in his studio, while he was working you decided to tease him a little bit ;)
• you got off the couch and slowly walked up behind his chair. you proceeded you slowly turn his chair around to face you.
• you stared to dance/twerk very sensually in front of him. his eyes said “👀”
• he thought you looked so good, like his baby dancing for him? pure bliss.
• he watched you so closely, just admiring the way you moved your body. you put him a whole trance.
• bby chan did not know how to control himself after seeing you dance like that.
• he took of his headphones, and took you to the couch, let’s just say your teasing worked very well ;)
• this was actually a dare you had gotten from felix. being the tiktok king he is, he dared you to do the WAP in front of minho.
• you obviously couldn’t turn down a dare, so you agreed. felix helped you plan how to make it seem less forward.
• you were gonna go into the practice room while minho was in there, and ask him if he wanted to do some tiktoks with you (you knew he was gonna say no, cause he was most likely going to be tired)
• minho enjoyed watching you do tiktoks, bc he thought you were the cutest little thing, even if he would never say it.
• he thought you were gonna do some innocent dance like the renegade or another challenge.
• when he saw you start getting on the floor and twerking his mind went completely blank.
• that was until he remembered you were filming. he immediately ran to turn off the camera.
• “that’s only for me to see baby, but could you send that video to me? for research purposes😇”
• changbin had called you to come hang out with him at the dorms, cause why not?
• when you got to dorms you noticed none of the other boys besides changbin himself were there.
• “where are the other boys binnie?” you asked while going to give him a hug. “i think they are all at the company, they still had some work to do.”
• after releasing from the hug, the both of you went to cuddle in bed. curling up into changbins side, you got an idea.
• “hey binnie?” he looked at you, “do you want to see a dance i learned?” surprised, he quickly nodded his head and sat up against the headboard.
• you got off the bed and began to slowly walk up to changbins side of the bed. he looked you up and down while licking his lips.
• you began to dance a special dance you made just for him. he closely watched the way you moved against the floor, and eventually the way you moved against him.
• once you finished he grabbed your hips and pulled you closer, “your lucky we are the only ones home.”
• we all know this man would be so vv shocked when you started slowly twerking on him the middle of the dance room.
• ofc he loved it, but he was so surprised he pushed you off 😔
• you kinda just stood there embarrassed, like you took a bold move and failed (r.i.p y/n)
• but he eventually he pulled back by the hips, and started to move against you as well.
• he guided your hips against his, and you both were lowkey just grinding against each other in the private dance room.
• mans got super turned on, and immediately took you home where you both could have some more fun ;)
• bby would hype you up, he’s your personal hype man for sure.
• as soon as you started dancing for him he would be cheering you on, dancing with you, you name it.
• he would be so excited bc he just lives to match your vibe :(((
• would 100% video tape you so he can watch it later when he’s feeling sad.
• would definitely admire the way you move, and be so shocked, like he never knew his bub could dance like this???
• he would ask you to teach him the dance, and probably end up having a dance party with you.
• this babe would join you, as soon he saw you setting up the phone. he jumped from his place on the couch.
• “Oooooo, what tiktok are we doing???” he would be so eager to make every tiktok with you, cause he love bonding with you :((
• when y’all started doing the “WAP” he got excited cause he knew the dance already. he was also excited to see you dance to it.
• probably had small naughty thoughts going through his mind while watching you, but for the most part he was happy seeing you enjoy yourself.
• when it came down to actually filming the tiktok, yall would be goofing off so much to the point you had to film it multiple times.
• just saying, the final product? y’all slayed.
• okay, so i feel seungmin would act like he didn’t care, but hear me out.
• he would definitely be eyeing you the whole time your dancing, and be lowkey jamming in the background.
• but the second you look at him he’s this “😐”
• he doesn’t want you to know how much he’s actually enjoying watching you move your hips in that way.
• he would probably act annoyed, and tell you to hurry up, but would 100% love watching to dance.
• definitely sent himself the video of you dancing when you weren’t looking :)
• he would, with no doubt, act disgusted. is he actually? no way.
• would absolutely NEVER let you know he really enjoyed watching you dance in a sexy form.
• would probably get embarrassed, and tell you to stop (he doesn’t actually want you to tho, he just doesn’t want anyone else to see you dancing so seductively)
• lowkey possessive, but in a cute pouty way, which is why he used the being disgusted as and excuse to get you to stop.
• would probably end up still getting turned on, and his face would turn so so red when you figured out the effect you were having on him.
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queenaswrittings · 6 months ago
Jealous sex with Bakugo.
Paring: katsuki Bakugo x reader
Summary: you tried getting on bakugo’s nerves at a Halloween party which ended up working but now you had to deal with the consequences since you decided to get on his nerves by messing with one of his rivals and Bakugo definitely showed you who’s daddy.
Warnings: belly bulge, daddy kink, dirty talking, hair pulling, bad language (cause it’s Bakugo), angry sex, sex tape, dumbification, unprotected sex, size kink, getting pregnant
Tumblr media
You we’re doing it on purpose. All over monoma like that. You didn’t like it but you wanted to get under bakugo’s skin.
You and bakugo we’re at a party. A Halloween party. It was your friends party. Ibara (a student from class 1b) and she wanted you to come.
You we’re on bakugo’s bed cuddling with him when you got the text. Your back was on his chest, and you were on your phone, while he played some random video game on the tv.
Since you and him wasn’t doing anything important, he finally agreed to go after begging him for what felt like hours but it was only for half an hour (30 mins).
You we’re dressed up as a prisoner and Bakugo was dressed as a police officer you felt yourself getting wet a little because damn, that man looked hella fine.
You we’re putting make-up on looking at him through the mirror as he finished some games before you we’re done to skip time. He was sitting on his bed with the controller in his hand.
The costume fit him so well because of his muscles and his abs was show through through the shirt. You don’t know how you got such a handsome boyfriend, but damn we’re you lucky.
After you finished y’all went to the party and this is where you found yourself, dancing on monoma while Bakugo gave you the “if you don’t fucking stop right now, I’ll bend you over and fuck the shit out of you right here” look.
It scared you, but not enough. You wanted to get fucked hard by him tonight more then how he ever went. The next thing you did made Bakugo FURIOUS.
You simply turned around to face monoma, while he looked at you with a stupid little smirk that you wanted to punch out of his face. You tilted your head leaned in the crook of his neck and.......sucked.
You we’re sucking on monoma’s neck.
But before you got further you we’re pulled roughly back, while you we’re quickly getting pushed out of the party. You looked behind you and your eyes landed on bakugo’s eyes. He looked like he was about to killed someone.
And he was
Not you
(The next day tho cause he gots to teach his little slut a lesson( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You we’re pinned on the wall by your neck, Bakugo squeezing it slightly not too much to hurt you.
“We’re going home, since your can’t fucking behave, you obviously need my dick to make you behave then I won’t hesitate to give it to you teddy bear”
This is how you found yourself here.
You we’re sweaty, hair all over the place, a drooling mess, katsuki’s cum on your face, ass up head down, Arched down in place, your hand was behind your back handcuffed. Tears brimming down your face, and eyes rolled back. Trying to form a sentence.
“D- dadd- daddy....!!...god fuck!!!....p- ple- pleas- AHHH!!! KATSUKIIII!!”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!, did I fucking give you permission to talk?! Huh?”
He says as he put your hair into a bun and pull it back with his other hand placed on your jaw to make you look back at him as he pushed his cock deeper in you.
Bakugo didn’t have a small dick. In fact his dick was 13.5 inches. You haven’t been able to take it all in since you had a tight/small pussy. You we’re only able to take 5.6 inch of it.
You shook your head no. While moaning, trying to look at him but failed since you couldn’t control your eyes from going to the back of your head, with his cock buried inside of you like that.
“So why the fuck are you still talking huh?”
“I- I’m- s-sorry d-daddy, you’re ju- just too deep- ngh!”
He slaps the side of your face with the hand he was holding your jaw with. And push your face down to the pillow and hold your waist up and push into you. Your eyes went wide and you tried moving but he didn’t let you due to the hand on your waist holding you in place.
You felt numb, and slowly forgetting everything. You couldn’t think properly. You we’re a screaming mess. You couldn’t breathe properly except through your mouth. Your vision was starting to get blurry.
The thrusting that was starting to make you go crazy suddenly stoped and you took this time to breathe properly not caring about what he’s probably doing behind you.
Katsuki then set his phone on the nightstand getting the view of him behind your ass and you bend down with your face in view all messy. He started the recording and it showed 3...2...1 before it recorded.
Katsuki slipped inside you again and started thrusting faster then before.
“K- KASTUUUU” you moaned as everything you we’re feeling before came back.
“Tell me baby, who’s your daddy?”
“Y- you kat- katsu i- it’s y- you”
“That’s right baby, that’s fucking right”
He then turned you around and got in between your thighs his hard member hanging on top of your pussy while he put your leg on his shoulder he slides in and leans in the crook of your neck.
“I’m sorry teddy bear, but you deserve this”
Before you can answer him back or even think of what he just said he pulled back and thrust all the way back in allowing each inches to go inside of you.
You gasp and arched your back. As you tried to move your hand to hold on to anything for your dear life, but you couldn’t. You started to tremble underneath him.
Kat- you tried telling him to stop but you quickly got cut off by another hard/fast/deep thrust. It’s not like you didn’t like it, it was just too powerful. you could tell your pussy was bleeding like hell down there.
“Ahhhhh fucckk yeahhh” Katsuki groaned as he held you tightly.
You on the other and hand can’t move. You feel like you’re gonna pass out. His dick was so deep inside of you that you couldn’t even say a word. Uncontrollable moans came out of your mouth.
“Is this what you want huh? You wanted cock?, is that why you we’re dancing all over that shit head?, you now got what you wanted teddy bear, aren’t you happy?” He said knowing you we’re unable to talk at the moment.
You don’t know how many times you’ve already cum since Katsuki had put his whole length inside you but you knew it was more than 8.
You we’re shaking uncontrollably while katsuki held you down. His thrust was too much for you to handle as fat tears trimmed down your face.
There’s nothing on your mind but Bakugo. God you love him so damn much. You wanted him to ruin you, destroy your sweet pussy. You we’re his, his property.
“Aahhhhh I’m gonna fucking cum baby, I’m gonna fucking fill you up - shit!- w-with my brats okay?, cum with me baby” He knew it was fine since you and him have talked about this before. You wanted his kids and to be pregnant from him.
In a couple of seconds he came inside his cum was too much since he edged himself a little so it made your tummy a little big. You ended up squirting all over him and all over the bed. It was a huge mess.
You couldn’t help but pass out. It was too much for you to handle. Having his cock so deep in you. So much cum in you. And take it, unable to move.
Bakugo than got up and changed the sheets while you we’re laying on the “couch” in his room still unconscious. He than took a bath with you washing your hair and doing your sleeping routine. He caressed your body while playing with your hair and saying sweet thing to you until he fell asleep.
BONUS: after Bakugo stoped the recording he sent it to monoma (let’s not worry about how he got that niggas number). Monoma just watched the vid with a wide mouth and the next day got his ass kicked by Bakugo almost dying. AS HE SHOULD😌
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Scenting” Obey Me Fluff (slightly sexual)
All demon brothers x Female! MC
Introduction: when in Devildom, MC always knew demons were very different from her human self but she never knew they did something called “scenting” until some random demons did it to her, ensuing a very possessive & peeved off demon brothers
MC sat at her desk as she normally would but quieter than usual, compared to her other classes she’d be surrounded by her demons but this was the only class that she had none of them in. Sighing out of boredom, she hunched over her desk as she waited for the bell to ring but was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. She looked up to meet black eyes that belonged to one of the many demon classmates she had grown used to ignoring.
“Hah! I told you! She finally noticed me!” He cheered cockily at his friends that stood alongside him, each very different from the other. “Jeez, I almost gave up on getting your attention, human,” he winked flirtatiously, which MC just blinked at in an oblivious manner.
“Hey! Just because she noticed you first doesn’t mean she doesn’t see the rest of us either!” The shorter out the bunch yelled out defensively.
“Ah, sorry...? I never realized anyone was trying to get my attention. Could I help you with something?” She questioned, holding a finger to her chin. After multiple lectures from Lucifer and the others but mostly Lucifer she had grown accustomed to not conversing with other demons since she was told they wanted nothing but to eat or hurt her and what idiot was not gonna take that warning? It surprised her that they seemed overall harmless, other than a common spark in the eyes of each of the demons in front of her.
“W-well, it’s not necessarily something you can help with...” a particularly shy-looking demon stepped forward, his black hair covered his eyes like a curtain which he nervously patted at. “W-we have a slight, ahem, fascination with h-humans...particularly y-you,” he trailed off as a taller demon slung an arm around his shoulders.
“Quit beating around the bush! We like you, human! You’re pretty cute!” Said demon announced, winking then continuing to give the shy boy a noogie.
A melodious giggle to their ears erupted from her throat at the slight blushing faces of her previously unknown classmates in front of her. “I’m flattered! I didn’t think I met up to demons’ preferences,” she laughed. MC was happy to be conversing with others for once, not being isolated to just the seven brothers felt as if a weight was lifted off her shoulders which she hadn’t noticed before and the fact that they found her cute was all the better.
“Nah! Attractive up there is still attractive down here! All we really prefer is that our horns don’t get caught up with each other when kissing and since you don’t have any it’s all the better!” The first demon replied cheerily, patting at her head to get the point across as she laughed. “Not to mention, since you’re human, you have a different type of beauty ‘bout you that we’re not too used to,” he continued, boldly leaning close and tipping her chin upward with a finger.
It was MC’s turn to blush. As her cheeks dusted with a slight pink tone, she couldn’t help but giggle at her classmates’ antics. “You guys are a funny bunch. I like y’all!” she commented happily, smiling at the four demons in front of her. It felt strange to not feel afraid of anyone other than her particular seven demons but not in a negative way. Inside she hoped that this would start a domino effect of others wanting to try striking up a conversation with her, the thought made her feel warm inside. The four stepped back in surprise at her revelation, whilst blushing at her cute smile they all shared a look with one another.
“D-do you mind if we, um, s-scent you...” the shy demon stuttered out as he twiddled his fingers nervously, fearing her reply to such an intimate request. Seeing her head cocked to the side, he quickly tried to explain himself. “A-Ah! We don’t want to fully scent you! Just one rub to show our interest in you is all! We would never fully scent without an established relationship! It’s just to show that we’re trying to court you is all! Y-you don’t even have to accept!” He rambled, jumping forward out of how frazzled he was which revealed his two gold eyes from underneath the curtain of pitch black hair.
“Sorry to interrupt, but what is ‘scenting’ exactly?” She questioned, confused at what it was and why there were different types. Realizing she didn’t know what it meant, the shy demon’s legs gave out from embarrassment as the taller demon caught him, his outbursts seemed to be normal to them.
“Oh, right! You’re human so you don’t know!” The shortest realized, putting his fist in to his other hand. “Hmm, long story short it’s what demons do to show our interest in someone,” he shrugged simply, but a sly glint in his eye as well as the smirk that lifted his lips said something else, which MC didn’t quite catch. “Here! I’ll show ya!” He continued before dipped down and nuzzling his neck against hers just once before pulling away with a satsifactory grin as he inhaled.
“Hey, you’re leaving some things out-“ the black-eyed demon spoke up before the shortest cut him off.
“You don’t mind it, right? It’s completely harmless!” He shrugged, holding his hands up and shaking his head innocently. The other three waited quietly in anticipation.
“I-I guess,” MC nodded which four smiled triumphantly at. The black-eyed demon didn’t waste time in following the prior demon’s actions but with a warmer smile before the taller did the same, a flirtatious lift to his lips. That left only the shy demon to scoot hesitantly close before rubbing his neck against hers. Once. Twice. Before being pulled away by the other three.
“Hey! What are ya trying to do? Don’t be going overboard with the scenting, dumbass!” The tallest reprimanded, holding him by the back of his collar.
“I-I’m sorry! I got carried away! I wasn’t going to do anything more! Promise!” He wailed as the three pulled him out the classroom just as the bell rang, not forgetting to wave at her as they left.
“Strange. I wonder what the brothers will have to say.” She thought to herself.
Disappointed but not surprised that the brothers each had plans after school, she walked home alone that day. One would think at least one would stay behind for her safety, but she felt that they were beginning to get too used to having her around and often forgot she was human, which was nice she was so included and familiar to them but annoying nonetheless when she didn’t get to see anyone until dinner. Beel and Satan had after school activities, which she understood as well as Lucifer having his own duties to Lord Diavolo but the other four’s excuses were ridiculous to her. Mammon texted her to inform that he was going to be trying to break into Diavolo’s office at school with the full intent to steal any valuables in there, Levi had shut himself in at some newly opened Internet cafe and refused to even do his online classes there, Belphie had disappeared somewhere most likely in a strange spot sleeping, and Asmo was completely focused on waiting in line at a popular cake store since morning just for what he called the “perfect Devilgram post”.
By the time she had gotten home she had completely forgotten about the whole “scenting” thing and decided to take a shower. She had just gotten out when she heard hurried footsteps leading to her door. Acting quickly, she ran to the door and locked it before anyone could enter and see her in all her naked glory. This was met with a deep “oof” as the person hit the door, expecting it to open, and followed it with loud knocks when it didn’t.
“Oi! Why’s the door locked? Who ya got in there? I can smell ‘em!” Mammon’s voice berated as he incessantly banged at the door, awaiting his human’s answer. He stopped briefly to press his nose against the crack of the locked door as he deeply inhaled to pinpoint the foreign scent before starting back up again. “Oiiii! Who’s scent is that? That ain’t any of my brothers or mine!” He yelled.
“Yeah, because it’s mine! I just got out the shower! Are you a bloodhound or somethin’? Am I not allowed to lock the door or would ya rather see me naked?” She yelled back, annoyed at his questions. Obviously she’s going to smell like her body fragrance after coming out the shower, what kind of question is that?
Blushing at her remark, he stopped knocking but still cocked his head to the side out of confusion. He knew her scent so why did it smell different? Shaking his head, he brushed it off as a new body lotion or something among those lines. “I’ve told ya! Demons have got a stronger sense of smell than ya humans! Anyways, I’m on dinner duty and it’ll be done in thirty minutes so I expect ya down here right when it’s done! The Great Mammon’s food shouldn’t be kept waiting, alright?” He stated.
“Yeah, yeah! I’ll be down there when I’m ready to!” She answered angrily, his questioning from earlier and the fact that he abandoned her to try breaking into Diavolo’s office instead taking play.
She took her time after that, knowing fully well that dinner was ready and the others were sat waiting for their beloved human that they neglected all day to come down and eat with them. By the time she came down, they had all been seated and Beel was already on his fifth plate which didn’t take him long mind you.
“Ah, better late than never, I suppose,” Lucifer commented teasingly, noting her damp hair as her excuse.
“Hurry up and eat before Beel devours it all!” Mammon ushered at the seat in front of him, he usually sat beside her but the twins had beat him to it since there was only one seat she preferred to sit at.
Taking her usual seat, she began to eat but it wasn’t long before a faint but definitely there foreign scent emanated from her. Reaching Belphie first while Beel was too busy stuffing his face with food. It roused him from his short slumber he decided to take at the dinner table, as he inched forward towards his human’s neck. She jumped when she felt his nose pressed against her nape as he inhaled and pulled away with a disgruntled look on his face.
“Why do you smell like that?” Belphie sneered. At this point, the smell had reached Beel as well and he promptly stopped his feasting to investigate. He followed Belphie’s actions but on the opposite side, deeply inhaling before quickly pulling away with furrowed eyebrows.
“ smell like someone else,” Beel growled, surprising her at the tone of his voice. The smell wafted towards the other brothers as well and it wasn’t long before they were all on their feet, surrounding her with quizzical expressions while each taking turns of two to sniff at her exposed neck as she sat red-faced at the attention. She knew she was a bit petty from being neglected earlier but she didn’t expect this much attention at once!
“I knew I smelt something-someone earlier!” Mammon said as he angrily took another whiff, which only peeved him off more.
“How strange,” Satan hummed, a smile on his face that she knew masked his anger all too well. The brothers tried to rack their brains from what the scent could be from before Levi suddenly gasped.
“S-she’s been scented!” He revealed before dipping down yet again to smell. “And by, what seems like, multiple demons!” He continued, an angry flush against his cheeks. All the brothers looked at each other before returning their attention back to MC, who sat looking dazed in her chair.
“Now, now, lets give her space,” Lucifer commanded, waving his hand for his brothers to step away. “Care for an explanation, darling?” He questioned, the glint in his eye and slight furrow of his forehead outing his subdued anger as he felt a crack in his pride that some lowly demon, multiple in fact, had scented his human and she allowed it. He held a threatening but gentle hand on her shoulder as she tried her best to rack her brain to recall why she would smell like someone else. A lightbulb lighting up in her brain when she finally recalled.
“Ah! I talked to four classmates of mine for the first time and they mentioned something about ‘scenting’, I didn’t really understand it and next thing I knew they were doing it so that’s probably why!” She explained, looking up at the brothers with innocent eyes that made their hearts squeeze. So, she didn’t know.
“And what did they tell you about it exactly?” Lucifer questioned further.
“Hmm, they said demons do it to show their interest in someone? Something about courting?” She replied.
“Aw, my poor darling! Taken advantage like that!” Asmo cooed as he threw his arms around her.
“O-oh, did they lie?” She asked sheepishly.
“More like gave ya half-truths!” Mammon answered as he ran a hand through his hair in a frustrated manner. “Satan, explain,” he sighed, waving his hand.
“Well, while what they said was true it was very vague and not all of it. Scenting is when a demon claims one as their own, it’s territorial and tells other demons to back off or else there’s gonna be...problems,” Satan explained in a matter-of-fact manner.
“They mentioned something about not ‘fully’ scenting. What’s that?” She asked.
“Ah, if they did that we’d have their heads,” he chuckled out evilly before resuming his explanation calmly which made her shiver. “Fully scenting is when demons claim one as their mate. It creates a tether between them more romantically intimate than a pact and is stronger smelling than normal scenting. The one who was scented on can also release distress signals when in danger and it’ll alert the other demon almost right away,” he ended.
“A-Ah, so there was more to it,” she laughed weakly, realizing how dumb she was before.
“Hm, yes. Well, it seems that we’ll have to further stake our claim on our human here. Luckily we’re powerful demons, so we can easily break this mediocre scenting,” Lucifer stated before pressing his lips against her neck and harshly sucking, causing a gasp to leak out her lips. He pulled away and smirked at the bright hickey that bloomed on her neck as well as the fading scent that was on her.
“I agree,” Mammon monotoned as he did the same, finding her sweet spot almost instantly as he suckled and kissed on it to leave a deep bruise. “How dare they put their disgusting scent on my human?” He growled against her. She covered her mouth to muffle her voice, but Levi pulled them away.
“I don’t think so,” he tsked, nibbling at her jaw and smirking against her as she gasped at the feeling of his bite on her skin.
“We’ll be covering you with these,” Satan spoke against her, dipping to her clavicle to leave yet another hickey as he circled his tongue around it.
“We’ll put it in places you can’t cover and make it so dark no makeup could make a dent!” Asmo giggled mischievously as he aimed for where her jugular was, causing her to shiver.
Beel licked his lips at the sight of her as he took it upon himself to bite new territory, which was her shoulders. “This is better than when I wanted to eat you when we first met,” he mumbled lowly, lapping at the bite marks he left on her to soothe them.
“Ah, hardly any room for me,” Belphie muttered before taking a bite at the top of her chest, her jumping up as a reaction making him smile smugly.
Oh, how was she was going to avoid prying eyes at school tomorrow?
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