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#it took me two days to do all the shading god damn
ikonrobert · 2 years ago
coming clean | jeon jungkook
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: what you thought would be an usual escapade with your roommate turns out to be a turning point in your relationship
genre: (oh my god they were roommates) roommates au, smut, fluff
word count: 6.7k
warnings: swearing, fingering (f receiving), oral sex (f receiving), creampie, i think it doesn’t get any freakier than that
a/n: this one’s for @fortunexkookie because she’s the big sis i always wanted and she can’t get out of her jungkook feelings. also, this is the first time i’ve written smut so forgive me if it’s shitty lol
When you took your clothes out of the air dryer, the last thing you expected to see was all of your whites mixed with shades of blue, green, some purple here and there and, most prominently, black.
“Jungkook, I’m going to kill you!” you yelled, the volume of your voice increasing as you let your frustration out. “Fucking asshole,” you spat through gritted teeth.
You were perfectly aware that he had a snowball’s chance in hell of actually hearing you. He wasn’t home, most probably still stuck in class, but you were incredibly determined to let him meet a very furious, very angry roommate when he stepped foot into the house.
Maybe you shouldn’t have been so pushy about the fact that it was his turn to do the laundry. But did he really have to do this out of spite? You could say goobye to your white clothes, they were ruined. You didn’t know if bleach could fix this. Sure, you could always go and buy new clothes, but that wasn’t the point. He did this on purpose, just because he was angry with you for making him do something he didn’t want to. Sometimes, living with Jungkook could really be challenging.
With a loud sigh, you started folding your clothes as nicely as you usually did, thinking you wouldn’t throw them out right away. You wanted him to see his handiwork first.
You were in the middle of almost crying over one of your favourite graphic tees, now blue-smudged in all the wrong places, when the opening and closing sound of the door caught your attention. Daggers were shooting out of your eyes when you tilted your head up to see a very amused Jungkook trying to stop himself from grinning from ear to ear. He kicked his shoes off in the hallway and threw his backpack on the floor. It was only after he also took his beanie off and ruffled his hair that he said a word to you.
“Whatcha doing there?”
That mocking tone of his could drive you up the walls sometimes, and this was one of those moments.
“Jungkook, you are such a dick,” you started, “what the hell were you thinking? Actually, don’t answer that. Did you think this would be funny to me? Did you think I would laugh alongside you, saying haha, Jungkook, you got me good, maybe break my furniture too, please? Half of my clothes are ruined!”
You would’ve gone on and on about this if it weren’t for his eye roll. It was one thing to pull a spiteful prank on you, but to disregard your feelings like that? What was up with him? He doesn’t even deserve my anger, you thought and resumed your folding.
“Chill out a bit, yeah? Drama queen.”
“I am not being dramatic, Jungkook.” Okay, maybe you were, so what? You both had a habit of blowing things out of proportions from time to time. It was how the two of you functioned. So far, there haven’t been any issues with that.
Your tone was calmer now that you actually cooled yourself off a bit.
“I am just angry that you decided to shove all the damn clothes in the washing machine and call it a day because you didn’t want to do the damn laundry. It was your turn, Jungkook. Or did you forget about taking turns? We agreed on this back when we first started living together, that responsabilities would be split between us and you were perfectly fine with the idea. Now you don’t wanna do chores anymore? I can’t go around and act like your mom, you know.”
“Gee, you can say that again, ‘cause you definitely sound like her,” he countered. “Maybe if you weren’t so damn pushy all the time I wouldn’t feel the need to teach you a lesson.”
You couldn’t help but scoff. “Teach me a lesson? Please. The only person who needs to be taught a lesson here is you, Jungkook. A maturity one at that.”
You heard him mockingly repeat your words as he made his way to the bathroom, but decided to drop it for now. Fighting wouldn’t lead anywhere.
You knew what you were signing up for when you made the decision to live with Jungkook during your college years. You have been classmates and friends for all of high school and a good chunk of middle school too. Living in the same neighbourhood might have had something to do with that. And it only made sense that the person you had so many memories of what were believed to be your best years with would also be by your side for the even better years. You knew he could be annoying as hell and drive you out of your mind. Sometimes you wanted to choke him to death and not feel sorry afterwards. But you knew you would anyway, and not just because you killed somebody, but also because you cared about him too much. He’s always been there for you. Whenever you needed help with something, be it homework or asking a guy out, he was always there to help. He was also there when the same guy made you feel something close to heartbreak for the first time. He was there when you fought with your parents and you needed to get away from them for a hot second. He always knew how to cheer you up, how to make you laugh, how to distract you from whatever was wrong at the moment.
But this was far from a one-way street. When he stupidly broke his arm in seventh grade trying to impress some older guys, he was the first person he called. You made your dad take him to the hospital because he didn’t want to deal with “the world’s most worried mom”, although anyone would’ve had the same shocked expression on their face if they saw their son with a cast on his arm.
It was only the two of you when, at 16, you both decided to get drunk for the first time. You somehow managed to buy a bottle of liquor and some cheap plastic glasses and waited for it to get dark before you sat on some swings in the park and just went at it. Not much happened that night, other than you laughing at random people passing you by, exaggerating your facial expressions way too much and telling dumb jokes that seemed stand-up comedy worthy at that moment. The next day, when you woke up with the worst headache on the planet and your mom asked you what happened, the only thing you told her was that you had “a really fun night”. She just smiled knowingly.
She liked Jungkook. “He’s good for you,” she used to say. The only reason she stopped saying that is because everytime she did, the only reply she would get was “please, mom, no.” You knew what she was insinuating. She might as well have tattooed I want Jungkook to be my son-in-law on her forehead in all caps and it would’ve been the same thing. You thought she was crazy. But you were well past the days of saying ‘ew’ watching a kissing scene in a movie, so maybe it wasn’t so crazy after all.
You were pulled out of your thoughts when Jungkook cleared his throat behind you. Putting down the pair of socks you must have been holding for over two minutes now, you turned around and tilted your head up a bit in order to fully meet his gaze. Damn boys and their heights.
“Look, I’m sorry about your clothes.” His apology was short, but sincere. “It was childish, I’ll give you that.”
“Oh, you’re sorry?”
“Say it again,” you demanded.
“Sorry,” he obeyed, slightly confused as to why you were asking for this for a second time.
“One more time, but make it sound like you mean it.” All anger was gone by now, but you just wanted to mess with him for a bit.
Instead of listening to you again, he let out an exasperated sigh, turned around and walked towards his room. You didn’t miss the way he mumbled this is why we can’t have nice things before he closed the door.
You were deeply submerged into the universe of a particular fantasy book when you heard three knocks on the door of your room. You hummed in response, both of you already knowing that’s the code for “come in”. Jungkook sat on the bed beside you and quickly stole a glance towards your still open book.
“Whatcha reading?” he asked with his eyebrows raised, making for the most adorable expression you’ve ever seen.
“Something you never will because you’re too busy playing video games.” Two could be a pain in the ass in this house.
“You’re hilarious, Y/N.” You’d be lying if you said you didn’t love his sarcasm. “I came to ask you if you wanted to go out to eat or something, it’s getting pretty late.” You checked your phone and were quite surprised and how fast time flew by. It was already 8pm and Jungkook came home sometime around 3. “I might have not done the laundry, but don’t forget that you didn’t cook today. I think it was your turn, hm?”
Guilty. “Whatever.” If he thought he could make you feel bad about it, he was crazy. “Yeah, I’d like to go out. Be ready in 20.”
“Maybe wear something white, yeah?”
The son of a bitch dared to be cocky right after what he pulled on you?
“Maybe I will. Now go, I gotta get changed.”
With that, he left your room and you quickly got up from the bed. Opening one of your drawers, you drew a white t-shirt from under a pile of clothes. One of his white t-shirts, to be more specific. You weren’t very proud to admit you stole it from him, but so far, he didn’t seem to notice. It was oversized and comfy, just the way you liked it. You’d sometimes wear it around the house when you were alone, relishing in the way it allowed you to move so freely.
You took off the tank top you were wearing and pulled the tee over your head in one swift motion. You paired it with some high-waisted blue jeans, tucking it in, and brushed your fingers through your hair a few times. You grabbed a small backpack to shove your phone, keys and wallet in (you would make Jungkook pay for dinner anyway, consider it a way of making up for the ruined clothes, Kookie) and just like that, you were ready in under five minutes. You spent the remaining fifteen reading a few more pages.
“You coming?” Jungkook yelled from the hallway. Putting the book down and looking in your mirror one more time, you gave yourself an appreciative nod for the simple, yet clean outfit you put together and went up to Jungkook.
“That’s my shirt, isn’t it,” he immediately remarked and gave you the once-over. “Where’d you get it?”
“I might have borrowed it indefinitely,” you said in an innocent tone. He let out a ‘hmph’ sound, but didn’t say anything else. The only thing you got from that was that he didn’t like it that you took it without asking, but he didn’t mind either.
He grabbed his car keys and then both of you left the apartment.
“Where are we going?” you asked as you got into the passenger’s seat.
“You’ll see.” was his only answer.
Way to keep it vague, Kookie, you thought to yourself. You only called him by that nickname in your head, he hated it ever since his mom embarrassed him in front of his friends once by using it a little too much and they didn’t let him off for a whole year. “It was stupid anyway” he said when you confronted him about that.
Soon enough, you pulled up to an old diner. You gave him an amused look, to which he shrugged.
“What? We’re broke college students, we have to eat cheap.”
You smiled at his lame excuse and got out of the car. The truth was that you both loved the place. It was never too crowded or too loud, the food was good, the waitresses were nice, and they were almost always playing 90s music. Plus, it wasn’t on the pricey side, which was a bonus.
You haven’t been here for a few weeks, but it didn’t mean you weren’t regulars anymore. Everyone who worked there knew you, the ever-bickering pair that acted like an old married couple. But that only made you even more adorable in their eyes. It was no secret that they were rooting for you two.
As soon as you sat at your usual table, a waitress about your age approached you. Instead of giving a proper hello, she asked as if she was talking about the weather:
“You still not dating?”
You smiled at her, and then shifted your gaze to Jungkook, curious about what he had to say to that.
“Sadly, I’ve been rejected too many times, I’ve decided to stop trying already,” he replied, earning a generous laugh. As if he ever tried to make a move on you.
“Can we get two cheeseburgers with fries, please?” you told the waitress, and with a little “got it” she was gone.
“And a beer!” Jungkook slightly yelled behind her, to which she just nodded.
“The way I see it, she was checking the teritorry,” you started. “If you’re lucky, you might tap that tonight.”
“Who says I want to?” he replied with a serious look on his face. You know it was just pretend though, the way he tilted his head to the side, his fingers intertwined as he rested his forearms on the table in front of him made him look like a bad actor in a bad movie.
“Just saying, maybe it’s been a while,” you continued playfully. You made it a house rule that you wouldn’t bring any guys or girls home for sexy times unless you knew for sure that the other one would spend the night somewhere else. Frankly, neither of you wanted to hear whatever it was that was going on behind closed doors.
“My sex life is just great, thank you very much.” He kept the same posture and you got the feeling that his intention was to make you uncomfortable now. Thankfully, the waitress from before returned with Jungkook’s beer in hand, pouring it in a glass and letting it foam way too much. She seemed sort of flustered when the foam threatened to spill out of the glass, but Jungkook acted quickly and lowered his mouth to its edge, taking a long sip.
“Sorry, be right back with your food,” she apologized, but Jungkook reassured her everything was fine by looking upwards at her and giving a nod, smiling. If you could even smile while having your mouth still pressed against the edge of a glass. When he finally straightened his back again, the sight of his foam mustache made you giggle. He stuck his tongue out like a puppy and licked it clean, making for the cutest scene of the evening so far.
You were making mindless conversation when the waitress interrupted you once again, bringing you your orders. You dived into the savour of a well-cooked burger and moaned appreciatively. If it weren’t for the fact that Jungkook didn’t even get to take a bite off of his own before you started eating like a maniac, he would’ve choked on his food.
“Y/N, you can’t make that kind of sounds here, you know,” he explained as if he was talking to a 10-year-old.
“Why not? It’s good.”
“Because,” he paused to shove some fries into his mouth, “you’re just eating the damn burger, not fucking it.”
“But did you ever wonder why so many people involve food into their sex acts? Like strawberries covered in chocolate, or cherries, or whipped cream, or-“
“Oh my god,” he chimed in before you could go any further, “shut up. You’re gross.”
“Are you upset that you’ve never eaten whipped cream off someone? We’ve all been there once, don’t worry, someday you’ll meet a person freaky enough for that.”
He rolled his eyes for what seemed like the umpteenth time that day and decided not to grace you with an answer. Now he thinks he’s superior, the dumbass. However, you dropped the subject and focused on your unhealthy dinner for a while. Knowing you though, it didn’t take long for a stupid idea to form in your mind.
“Jungkook, let’s go to the beach after this.”
“What?” he asked half-confused, half-laughing. “Where did this come from?”
“I don’t know, I just thought about it. But come on, it’s Friday, and it’s summer, and all we’ve done this summer so far is complain about the heat and eat ice cream. It’ll be a nice change of scenery, come on. Aren’t dumb random ideas, like, our thing?” you asked in your best persuasive tone, although your charm wasn’t your strongest suit.
“We don’t have a thing.” Actually, you were known for doing the stupidest things possible at the most unexpected times, but Jungkook wouldn’t admit that right now. “You know it’s a one-hour car ride to the nearest beach, right? Plus, I already drank tonight so I can’t drive,” he argued, taking another sip of his beer to prove his point further.
“It’s almost as if you don’t wanna go,” you stated what seemed obvious. “But I didn’t get my license for nothing, you know? I could drive.”
“You? Driving my car? No chance.”
Sometimes you thought Jungkook cared about his car more than he cared about his own family. Well, it was a pretty new car and it was only natural that he’d take care of it, but he could take things a little too far.
“I promise I’ll drive 40 per hour on the highway if you just agree to come and let me behind the wheel,” you offered.
“Yeah, if you wanna get there next week.” He stopped to think about it for a while, looking out the window. It’s not like you had anything better to do on a Friday night. “Fine,” he finally agreed. “We’re gonna go, stay for an hour or two and then come back.”
“Okay, grandpa,” you teased him. Since when does Jungkook go to sleep at 1am on weekends? You could have mocked his schedule further, but didn’t want to risk getting your plans cancelled, so the both of you finished your meals in a mostly quiet atmosphere.
It was around 9pm when you asked for the check, payed for what you consumed and made your way out of the diner. With a loud sigh and a type of look on his face that showed he was already regretting this, Jungkook climbed into the passenger’s seat of his own car and let you be the driver for your short trip.
“If you break anything, I’ll kill you,” he threatened. You didn’t actually feel any pressure, though. It wasn’t the first time you drove his car either, you went grocery shopping together or just to get gas sometimes, and you’d ask him to let you drive. It didn’t happen too often, but at least he let you have your way if you begged him hard enough. You didn’t have your own car yet – didn’t see the point when Jungkook was right here to be the loving friend and roommate who lended you his ‘Baby’. (He was really watching too much Supernatural.)
You didn’t actually need to move around by car too often, all the places you usually visited were close enough for you to reach them on foot. It was only occasions like these when you would be eager to take control of the Rover you really hoped you wouldn’t actually break. Not that you were sure how you could break a car other than getting into an accident, but you weren’t so curious as to find out.
As you started the car, you could feel how tense Jungkook was next to you.
“Relax, Kookie,” you called him by his nickname, hoping his mood would change from nervous to irritated, but anything’s better than having a backseat driver. “I’ve got this, okay? I did it before and everything turned out fine. So just put on some music, lean back and admire the scenery or something.”
You were a bit surprised by the first tune he chose, but didn’t say anything about it. Instead, you decided not to disturb the music as you made your way through dozens of cars towards your desired destination.
It was already 10pm when you pulled up in the beach parking lot and had to shake Jungkook awake – you couldn’t believe he fell asleep to The 7th Element.
“Rise and shine, Kookie, we’re here.”
He rubbed his eyes and stifled a yawn. You unbuckled your seatbelts and stepped out of the car, where Jungkook attempted the biggest stretch of the century – clasped hands behind his back, you were afraid he’d twist his arms the wrong way if he pushed them even higher.
“You do realize we have no beach towels with us, right? Or bathing suits, or sunscreen, or anything beach-related right now,” he listed. He loved rubbing things in your face a little too much.
“You don’t need suncreen when the moon is out, you idiot. And it’s not like we’re gonna take a full-on bath right now. I just wanted to dip my feet in for a minute and have a nice time.” You weren’t about to let Jungkook ruin your mood with his complaining.
Locking his car and giving him his keys back, you took him by the hand and made your way towards the actual beach. Right before stepping on the sand, you took your shoes off. You wanted to feel the softness under your feet. Carrying your sneakers in one hand and holding Jungkook’s hand in the other, you closed your eyes as you approached the Yellow Sea. There wasn’t a soul in sight – you didn’t expect it to be so empty, but it was even better this way. The summer weather was warm even during the night, it was just the sea breeze that brought a little chill with it. You enjoyed it, though – it was refreshing. The salty smell of the water invaded your nostrils and you breathed in deeply.
You let go of Jungkook’s hand, dropped your sneakers on the ground and stepped into the cold water. You didn’t mind getting your jeans a little wet, so you walked a bit farther. The waves that came crashing against you were reaching to your knees now. You turned around, curious as to why Jungkook wasn’t following you. There he was, standing on the shore at just enough of a distance in order to not let the water touch him in any way, with his hands in his front pockets.
You wondered how he was feeling right now. You were hoping he was peaceful. Or at least content. Not angry that you dragged him with you all the way here, when he probably didn’t even want to come all that much. Suddenly, you felt a pang of guilt course through your chest, but then you spotted his expression. You couldn’t tell for sure, but you thought you saw a smile on his lips. So he was enjoying this, after all, even if that enjoyment was minimal. You smiled as well and turned your gaze back to the sea.
It was a crescent moon tonight. It wasn’t cloudy, so the plethora of stars showing up one by one on the night sky had you fascinated. There weren’t many things you truly loved in this life, but when it came to them, the stars were somewhere high on that list.
After a few more minutes, you made your way back to Jungkook. He didn’t move by an inch since you left him alone, and he didn’t move when you stood next to him either. However, you didn’t say anything, thinking you’d let him have his moment. Instead, you sat yourself down on the fine sand, resting your forearms on your bent knees.
“Why do you like it here so much?” he asked, still looking to the horizon in front of him.
You watched his tall frame for a few seconds before actually answering.
“I don’t know,” you started, finding great distraction in drawing random lines in the sand with your index finger, “I guess it’s just peaceful, you know? I’ve always loved the sea. It has this sort of eerie vibe to it, like anything can happen.”
“Hm,” he let out, and nothing else. He sat down next to you, adopting the same position. “And what do you think can happen here, exactly?”
You stopped your mindless drawing and came back to your initial posture.
“Well, when I was little, I thought that if I waited long enough, mermaids would come out of the sea and talk to me. One summer, when I was 8, I think, my parents and I went to the seaside and stayed at a hotel there for about a week. I used to sneak out at night and go into the water, just like I did now, trying like crazy to spot a mermaid tail somewhere.” You leaned backwards now, supporting your weight on your arms. “That was stupid, but I just a kid. Now, I don’t know…” you suddenly got shy. “I guess it’s more about that adventurous feeling that comes with it, maybe even a little romance.” You turned your head away from him saying those last few words, feeling too embarrassed to even exist right now. That’s what these kind of getaways did to you. They made you say things you didn’t necessarily want to say, stupid confessions you didn’t even think about telling before, giving you a sense of vulnerability you weren’t always ready for.
“Come on now, Y/N, don’t get shy on me,” he giggled with no ill intent. You turned to face him and were quite surprised that he was already watching you, face dangerously close to yours. He had a light smile on his face.
“When’s the last time you even kissed someone, you hopeless romantic?” he asked. And with that question, your heart started beating like crazy. He must have sensed that, if not heard it, because he stole a quick glance down at your chest before looking back into your eyes. You gave him a confused frown and what you thought looked like a dumb smile, not sure of how you should respond to that.
“What? Jungkook, what are you–“
“Come on, answer me,” he demanded.
“I don’t know, why are you even asking anyway?” You were looking for an escape, but there wasn’t any. As you spoke, he only got his face closer and closer to yours, until you could basically feel his breath against your lips.
“Do you want to kiss me?” he whispered.
“Jungkook, I–“
“Do you?”
At this point, your brain simply stopped functioning. You desperately wanted to make the space between the two of you disappear. He was so warm and inviting. You wanted to cup the soft skin of his cheek in your palm and pull him closer. You wanted to press your lips against his and hope they turn the same natural shade of pink, because you loved his lips that much. But you were refraining yourself. Why were you holding back, after all? He was right there, waiting for you to make a move. And you couldn’t stop thinking about his pretty pink lips. Why were you even questioning it?
You left all hesitation aside when you leaned down and kissed him with a bit more forcefully than he might have expected. You imagined him looking adorably surprised with his eyes closed and eyebrows raised. He was quick to recover from you slightly disturbing his balance, though, because the next thing you knew was that he pulled you into his lap, one hand on your waist and the other on the back of your head, gently grabbing your hair. So he waited for this as much as you did, after all. He wanted to slip his tongue inside your mouth and you immediately let him – you couldn’t believe how hungry for him you’ve been all this time and now that you finally got a little taste of him, the only thing you wanted was more.
You dragged your nails across his chest, although the fabric of his shirt stopped you from leaving red marks on his skin. You moaned his name and he slightly pulled your bodies apart, panting. Stars reflected in his eyes as he was watching your face for any sign of discomfort.
“I’ve wanted this for a long time, Y/N, but know that you can stop me whenever.” Somehow, you just knew what he meant.
“I don’t want you to stop, Jungkook.”
Those were the only words he needed to go back to kissing you like the world would fucking end if he didn’t. He only stopped to take your shirt – his shirt – off of you and lay it down on the sand. Not letting you go from his arms, he layed you down on your back on top of it, and you shuddered at the sudden cold you felt against your almost bare skin. He unclasped your bra, but didn’t take it off too, letting you decide whether you wanted to fully remove it. There was no question about it, though – you quickly pulled the straps down your arms and tossed it aside, exposing yourself in front of him.
He moaned appreciatively, starting to trail kisses from your mouth to your jaw, neck and all the way down to your breasts. His warm kisses felt like fire into your skin. When he grabbed a hard nipple between his lips and started swirling his tongue against in, you couldn’t help but rock your hips into him. You could feel your arousal pool between your legs as he kept stimulating you. He held your other breast in his hand, massaging it softly, but you soon felt him trail his fingers down to your jeans. He pressed his palm against your core through the rough fabric, but even so, waves of electricity shot through your whole body.
“Jungkook, please,” you half-moaned, half-begged, and he didn’t need to be told twice. He unbuttoned your jeans and you took this as a cue to lift your hips, letting him yank the piece of clothing off of you. You were left in only your panties and he was still fully dressed, so you tugged at the hem of the shirt he was wearing, desperate to feel his skin under your fingers. The pile of discarded clothes got even bigger when he threw his shirt in there and started kissing you again. He placed his forearms on either side of your head, supporting his weight, and started grinding against you. The friction of the material of his jeans was rough against your barely-covered cunt, but the pressure you felt against your clit made you moan in pleasure in Jungkook’s mouth. He responded with a moan of his own and soon enough, you wanted even more.
“Touch me, Jungkook,” you pleaded, and he was quick to comply. He pressed his fingers against your soaked panties, starting to rub small circles against your clit with his thumb. The feeling had you lifting your hips off the ground, now craving to feel him inside of you.
“So greedy,” he said in between kisses, “and so beautiful.”
He pushed your panties to the side and and traced two of his fingers along your slit, collecting your juices. You all but screamed in pleasure when you felt him push the same two fingers inside of you, stretching you out so good. He started slowly moving them in and out of you, and you couldn’t help the desperate whines leaving your lips. Your wetness against his fingers caused filthy sounds that made you feel so dirty, but you’d be a liar if you said you didn’t love that feeling. You’d get as dirty as Jungkook wanted you to, without question.
Curling his fingers inside of you, he quickly found your g-spot, making you arch your back in pleasure. He broke the kiss, thinking he’d rather watch your reaction to what he was doing to you, and he wasn’t disappointed. Eyes closed and lips parted, always ready to let out moan after moan, you grabbed your breasts and squeezed them lightly, profiting off of every bit of stimulation you could get and chasing your orgasm.
Anticipating your climax, Jungkook pulled his fingers out, leaving you with a knot in your stomach and a slightly painful sensation between your legs. He dared to chuckle – fucking chuckle – watching you whine at the loss of contact, waiting for you to come off your almost-high.
“Why aren’t you playing nice, Kookie?” you asked in what you hoped was a whimpering enough tone for him to start touching you again.
“Mm, maybe I wanna tease you for a bit, yeah?” You covered your eyes with your forearm and nodded, suddenly feeling much too exposed in front of him, with your legs parted and slightly shaking, wet as the ocean, still trying to collect yourself.
“Hey, look at me,” he said, moving your arm so he could stare straight into your eyes. “Do you want me to stop?”
“No, Jungkook, just… Don’t leave me like this, you dumbass,” you replied, still feeling shy.
“I would never, princess.” Your heart skipped a beat at the sudden nickname. “Let me make you feel good, yeah?”
He started kissing your body all over once again, this time not stopping at your breasts, but going lower and lower, until you could feel his breath against your clit. That alone was enough to make you shiver, but when he gently caught it between his lips, sucking, your whole body trembled. You swear you felt him smile.
The way he flicked his tongue over your sensitive bud, applying just enough pressure and going at just the right speed, paired with occasional nips, pulls, and even the softest of bites, had you on the edge again. You tried your best to refrain your loud moans, not wanting him to stop this time too and let the pleasure building inside of you explode already. But maybe biting into your hand in order to stifle the sounds you made wasn’t the best strategy, and of course he caught on. He stopped his actions once again, and you could swear you felt tears forming in the corners of your eyes.
“Come on, Jungkook, please, don’t torture me like this,” you complained.
“What do you want, princess? You want to cum?” he teased, driving you crazier and hornier by the second.
“Yes, please, I want to cum,” you begged, hoping that third time would be the charm. “Please, Kookie.”
“I’ll make you cum, then,” he stated, and you heard him unbuckle his belt at light speed, taking his jeans off and adding to the pile. He grinded against your cunt again, and you could feel perfectly well how hard he was through his boxers. You scratched his back with your nails, not having doubts about leaving some marks on his skin. But Jungkook would proudly wear whatever marks you’d give him.
“Let me fuck you, yeah?” he half-moaned, forehead pressed to yours. You moaned in response, aching for him, aching for some kind of release ever since you decided to take this step with him.
He quickly took his boxers off and you couldn’t help but notice how eager he was too. He said he’d waited for this for a long time, but didn’t exactly say how long – you’d have to have a serious talk the next day.
But for now, you were focusing on the man in front of you you could only compare to a Greek god. Seeing him completely naked, so bare in front of you, made you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. His body was sculpted near perfection, his V-line deliciously pointing to his cock. You swallowed hard and felt your cunt clench around nothing. You were still so stimulated, he wouldn’t even have to fuck you and you’d just cum around him.
Your prediction wasn’t wrong. The moment he lined himself up to your entrance and pushed inside of you, you felt your whole body go off. He was buried to the hilt in your cunt, but with the way you were clamping down on him it was downright impossible for him to move right now. To be honest, it was a little bit painful for him. But it was the sweetest pain Jungkook had ever felt. He was letting you ride your orgasm, peppering your face with short, light kisses.
When you finally came off your high, he started moving inside you. His two fingers definitely didn’t give his cock justice. The burning stretch of him was even bigger than before, but it only made him that much more addictive. He was filling you completely, fitting inside of you so perfectly, and you wondered if this is what nirvana feels like.
You desperately needed him closer to you. Simply crossing your legs over his waist so he could thrust as deeply as possible wasn’t enough. So you brought his face down to yours wanting to kiss him, but he took the opportunity to bury his face in your neck instead. The whimpering moans escaping his lips were shooting arrows not only at your cunt, but at your heart too. If there was the tiniest chance that he was feeling this with the same intensity that you did, you would really trascend this plane of existence.
The angle he had you in was perfect for hitting that special spot inside you once again, making you an overstimulated mess. Sensing your increasing pleasure, Jungkook brought his hand down to rub on your clit, giving you your second orgasm of the night. He didn’t stop fucking you through it, and he didn’t stop fucking you even after your high was gone and you were only left with painful overstimulation.
But looking at him, looking at the way his now sweaty skin glistened in the moonlight, feeling the way his thrusts got harder and sloppier, you could tell he was close.
“Cum in me, Jungkook,” you whispered in his ear and that’s all it took for him to hiss ‘fuck’ through gritted teeth and spill inside of you. Having Jungkook fill you up even more felt heavenly, and if you were being honest, you could do this with him forever.
He collapsed down next to you, the shirt not holding enough space for two people to lie down on it, so his hair and skin must have been full of sand by now. But you didn’t care – you put your head on his chest and closed your eyes, feeling him instinctively start playing with your hair. Neither of you said a word.
Fifteen minutes must have passed since you’ve been just sitting in silence like this and you were starting to get drowsy. Jungkook was still absent-mindedly playing with your hair and when you opened your eyes to look at him, you saw him staring at the sky.
“Maybe we shouldn’t fall asleep here,” you suggested in a quiet voice.
“Yeah,” he agreed, speaking just as softly and placing a kiss on your forehead. “Let’s go.”
Both of you got up and got dressed, trying to ignore the fact that the ton of sand that got into your clothes was making you really uncomfortable right now. However, that inconvenience simply disappeared the moment you saw Jungkook smiling at you, his eyes glowing.
The car ride was quiet this time, not even music disturbing the silence between you two. Holding hands whenever possible, he carefully drove back to your house, maintaining the same blissful expression on his face the whole time.
You’ve never slept as well in your own bed as you did that night, knowing Jungkook was there to hold you in his arms.
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buckleyblueyes · a month ago
Buddie, 2, 11, or 4 please! 🖤🤗
Sorry this took forever!! I used 2. "Is the room meant to be spinning?" and 4. "Dance with me."! This is tooth-rotting fluff, feat. tipsy clingy Eddie and I really hope you like it!
The summer sun is fading out into long shadows as a cool evening breeze blows through the vineyard. The string lights overhead twinkle to life, and the whole place seems magical. Really, the whole day has been magical. Buck bounces the two year old flower girl on his lap and watches Chimney twirling Maddie around on the outdoor dance floor. His heart swells with how happy his sister looks.
“Your mommy and daddy are married now,” Buck whispers to Jee-Yun.
“We married!” She giggles in response. She’s wearing a tulle dress in a soft pink shade that matches May’s bridesmaid dress, and Buck, Albert, and Hen’s ties.
His eyes shift from the happy couple and find Eddie, the way they always do in a crowd. He’s dancing with Christopher, of course, both of them laughing as they sway back and forth to the music. Eddie’s cheeks are red from the wine he’s had and he looks so light and carefree. It’s a good look on him: pleasantly buzzed, overwhelmingly happy, wearing a well tailored tux. Buck wants to see him like this again soon.
“Hey,” He looks back down at Jee. “You wanna be a flower girl again for me and Uncle Eddie?”
She beams up at him. “Yeah!”
“You can’t tell anyone yet,” he adds. “It’s a secret.”
She nods, gravely serious. “Secret!”
It’s then that Albert strides across the courtyard to them. “Quit hogging my niece.”
“Worried I’m her favorite?” Buck quips.
“Not possible.” Albert rolls his eyes and makes grabby hands for Jee-Yun.
“You wanna go with Uncle Albert?” Buck asks.
She nods, so Buck hands her off. Albert takes her onto the dancefloor and begins to spin and sway, much to her delight. Buck laughs and shakes his head, hoping Albert is prepared for her to ruin his tux. After a moment, he realizes he doesn’t need to keep sitting at the table now that he’s not watching Jee.
He makes his way over to Eddie and Chris, and taps Eddie on the shoulder. “May I cut in?”
Eddie grins, and moves to put a hand on Buck’s waist, to pull him in. But Buck shakes his head, smirking. “I meant with Chris.”
Christopher laughs at his dad’s disappointed frown. He looks so old in his crisp back suit, leaning on his new, taller royal blue crutches. He’s thirteen now, and normally that means he’s too cool to hang out with his dad and Buck, but he’s made an exception for tonight. After all, it’s Chimney and Maddie’s wedding, and everyone's a little punch-drunk on happiness and love, even the kids. He knows Eddie, terrified that Christopher is now a teenager, is glad for the days when he can hold onto Christopher’s childhood just a little longer.
Buck is, too.
Buck spins Chris around the dancefloor, gratified by the way he laughs. Christopher’s laugh has always been one of Buck’s favorite sounds. He grins in return, wishing he could capture this moment in a bottle and keep it forever.
“I think Dad wants to dance with you,” Chris says after a few minutes, glancing to where Eddie seems caught between fond and annoyed.
“Well, too bad, I’m playing favorites.” Buck winks.
Christopher rolls his eyes.
“Besides, Eddie can dance with me all he wants when we do this,” Buck says, without really thinking about it.
Christopher grins. “You and Dad are finally gonna get married?”
“Well,” Buck flushes. “We’ve been talking about it recently. All Maddie and Chimney’s wedding talk got in our heads, I think.”
“That makes sense.”
Buck swallows. “Would you be okay with that?”
“Duh.” And, God, he is such a teenager. “We’ve been a family for years. It’s about damn time we made it all official.”
“Language!” But Buck is too overjoyed to convincingly scold him. Christopher’s choice of words we and all haven’t gone unnoticed. It’s not the time for that conversation--the one about adoption and paperwork and lawyers--but it makes Buck’s heart full just the same to know Christopher is thinking about it, that it’s something he wants.
They dance back over towards Eddie, who steps forward and closes the rest of the distance between them himself.
“Buck,” Eddie must be closer to drunk than tipsy because he turns Buck’s name into an honest to God whine. “Dance with me.”
Buck rolls his eyes. “Sorry, kid, looks like my second favorite Diaz is demanding a turn.”
Christopher snorts. “I’m gonna go get more sparkling cider.”
Buck watches as Christopher crosses the dancefloor and heads to the drinks table before turning to Eddie, who is doing the same. The sky is dark now, the moon big and full overhead, and Eddie’s brown eyes shine in the starlight. A slow song begins to play, and Buck knows the universe doesn’t scream, but maybe it does give gentle nudges.
“May I have this dance?” He asks.
Eddie grins. “Finally.” Eddie’s hands find their way to Buck’s waist and pull him in. Buck leans into it, wrapping his arms around Eddie and beginning to sway. Eddie nestles his head on Buck’s shoulder, lips pressed against the crook of his neck.
“Mmhmm,” Eddie answers, muffled by Buck’s skin.
“Jee-Yun wants to be our flower girl next,” he says softly, carding a hand through Eddie’s hair.
Eddie moves his head slightly, so he can speak properly. “You haven’t even proposed to me yet.”
“You want me to propose?”
Eddie’s wine reddened cheeks darken further. “I already proposed to someone once. I think it’s my turn to be wooed.”
Buck chuckles. “How drunk are you?”
“Not sure,” Eddie mumbles, lifting his head from Buck’s shoulder. “Is the room supposed to be spinning?”
“Oh boy.” Buck shakes his head. “We’re not even in a room, love.”
“Oh, damn.”
Buck hums fondly. “I think it’s time to say goodnight to Maddie and Chim.”
Buck finds his sister and his new brother-in-law sitting with Albert. Maddie is holding Jee-Yun, and she looks exhausted in the best possible way. He makes his goodnights and goodbyes for himself and his family, sends a wink Jee-Yun’s way, and then drags his partner and their son upstairs to their hotel room.
Buck wakes up the next morning to a text from Maddie that says: I can’t believe you stole my flower girl and one from Chimney: I think the inability to keep a secret must be genetic. He smiles softly, and looks over at Eddie, who is still fast asleep, the morning sun drenching him in golden light.
He responds to Maddie first: Help me plan the proposal?
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nainenalina · 2 years ago
Mitch x Reader .don't mean to burst your bubble
(A/N: For @skyeskyegirl sorry it took forever. Hope you enjoy)
Tumblr media
You grew up with Mitch, you always thought he seemed a little angry. Not lying he was. But not always. Mitch on most occasions prior always brushed you off. Maybe it was because you held out hope even in the most horrible of situations. How you talked to him like he wasn't some failure and treated him kindly. You included him in activities like card games and joked with him a lot.
It pissed him off greatly but gradually he softened up to you. You were so cheery and hung around him to the point you were attached at his hip like Willy. Surprisingly at least to him, Willy took to you immediately. Becoming more chatty by the day.
"Hey, Mitch!" You yelled out rushing over toward him from your post as he arrived back from the recent hunting trip with Aasim and Brody.
Maybe he did like the pep in your step occasionally. Especially because it kept him going. On the worst days and even on the the most crappiest occasions you never stopped trying to put a smile on his face.
"Um-hey, Y/N." Mitch stuttered. Caught off guard a bit by your walking up to him. "So what? No witty quips or remarks today. I guess I lucked out then." You cheekily remarked with a small giggle.
Mitch thought that was cute. Really cute. You were so cheery and it was damn cute. Even when you were teasing him.
Mitch's face turned a shade redder. "Yeah. Whatever." Trying his best to act cool despite the fact you were the cause of his sheepish demeanor. Not like you payed much attention toward the sudden shift of his shyness.
He set down the rabbits he caught and handed them to Brody allowing her to give them to Omar. He sighed and sat in his usual spot beside Willy.
You just happened to come over. "Hey, bud, how's it been? Aasim still tough on ya?" You asked with the most cheerful smile ever. He just couldn't fathom how you stayed happy and bubbly. But these days he just couldn't get enough.
He blanked out most of your conversation. Mostly enamoured by your features and the sound of your voice. Didn't even notice your fingers snapping in his face until the fourth and fifth time.
"Must be that pretty, huh?" You laughed elbowing his shoulder whilst doing so. Willy looking at you two with a slight smirk and is most likely to remember this just to make fun of Mitch a little. Mitch just sighed knowing in his heart that it was true. "Oh, shut up." He turned away in slight embarrassment, his ears already turning red.
"Whatever you say." You waved goodbye and sauntered off most likely waiting for Omar to finish brewing his famous and many times done rabbit soup. Mitch just slumped in his seat. "Jesus Christ...pretty and a handful." Mitch mumbled as he haphazardly played with his knife in his slumped back position. "I thought you never liked, Y/N. You barely even wanted to talk in the beginning." Willy spoke curious as to the change in Mitch's feelings toward you.
"Just grew on me I guess. The fact that they persevere and still smile like they used to. Why are you asking?" Mitch asked with an eyebrow raised at Willy suspiciously. Willy just pointed forward behind him.
"Knew it." Your voice coming up from behind him. Mitch startled looked back and there you were. Smiling happily as ever. "Hiya Sunshine, I see you're still learning how to speak." Your arm resting on the couch behind Mitch as you leaned on it with your other hand on your jaw. You winked in his direction.
He just sat there jaw dropped somewhat mortified and flattered inbetween. "I thought you walked off to do God knows what saints do!" Mitch distraughtedly jumped back into the arm of the seat. Embarrassment didn't even cover the way he felt. "Love you too." You said casually without batting an eye.
"Its not like I'm surprised. You just caught me off guard is all." Mitch countered trying to cover up his startled reaction.
"I'll take that too." You just shrugged your shoulders in acceptance and hopped over from behind the couch to sit right next to him.
"You grew on me too, you tall ass."
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a-friendly-bot · a year ago
I’m like Jack from the Titanic, except I’m drowning in my tears or NCIS 17x02 recap and takeaways.
I am those cops 24/7
Angry and angrier
Gonna make a few memes outa those cops
Ziva has some serious season 3 vibes and Gibbs ain’t helping much.
You bet your ass Bishop is off hanging out with Ziva.
Vance is just ageing every damn minuet with stress.
Look at the bro and boyfriend covering for the sis/girlfriend.
Vance is just like my preschool teacher: disappointed but not surprised.
“So is it like that all the time where you work?” That cop asks the real questions.
Wow Gibbs is risking a lot thinking Ziva ain’t gonna shoot Sahar interrogating her by herself.
Probably took all of her weapons (traveling light my ass).
Sahar that smug bitch tm
She really poking the bear’s best friend.
Gibbs is scared I am scared (and feeling extra gay) and Ziva is just rocking with that baseball bat.
HAHAHA secret pen pals finally face to fucking face (and those two cops are just killing on the mood bar).
“My life is a series of bad times” Ziva Thot Edgy David.
“Guess the mystique of Ziva David is too hard to resist.” Don’t call me out like that Sloane.
“Lemme guess ‘glass ceiling’” guess their everywhere.
ShE thAnkeD Bishop for SaVeinG Morgan BurkE.
She’s not the same person you remember, ouch?
Whoop whoop basement time.
You know who had the most fun this episode? Brian Kirk. That man is on a fucking roll and will not be stopped.
She’s having a fucking anxiety attack and now I cry? I just wanna hold her and give her a happy ending
What a reunion this man finally hugs his grandchild that came back from the dead and gives her some sorta therapy?
“It’s complicated.” and “The less Tony knows the better?” How American of you Ziva and I touch upon this latter.
“I will do what ever it takes to get back to MY daughter.” Nothing is more scary or powerful than that of an angry mama bear separated from her cub. Mike Franks just knows all.
Sloane and Sahar was an interaction I never knew I wanted?
“Is this an interrogation or an audition for The View?” What shade
Vance is that concerned uncle tm.
Jimmy wants to see his sis and it’s fucking adorable and sad at the same time.
“What am I supposed to say to Tony during our monthly fortnite session?” It’s fucking cannon that Tali got her dad hooked on the game and u can convince me otherwise over my cold dead body.
He really wants to see Ziva and I just—-
Mom feels.
Stressed and attacks and omfg get her a therapist.
Finally Sahar’s motives revealed.
“But whatever you think of us we still think of you as family.” The look she made was just so remorseful and surprised that her family still loved her.
“Ziva come home. Come home.” Godamnit McGee being the best fucking things that happens to her I cry even more now.
“Nope your fine, I pretty much read your entire diary so we’re even.” So chill Bishop and not chill at the same time.
Ziva’s got that “oh shit I hope she didn’t see my doodles of naked Tony” look.
Size each other up. Trying to be cool and impress his big sis. Bishop is embarrassed and Ziva just finds this all amusing familiar (touch upon this latter).
U bet ur fiddle they work out with eachother now.
Kasie unimpressed and u know what? I still fucking love her.
Me and Torres will keep drooling thank u very much.
Jack is concerned and wants to chat.
Sees right through Gibbs and i love that.
Gibbs’ sigh of relief.
Ziva fucking with the tech and Gibbs squints with suspension. Bishop is confusion.
Lol she just loves scaring people in cars doesn’t she?
Nichols and Eleanor. She calls them by their full fucking name and I love it.
Nick is so excited to team up.
HIT ME! HIT ME WITH UR CAR! That vine basically sums up the scene. Also wow harsh Ziva.
Lol Nick is loving this.
Ziva just sparing and getting a workout and Nick is like trying not to die.
“Don’t be a wuss and tell her how you feel.” Damn Ziva picked up on those vibes so fast (more latter).
What a trio. They should this do more.
Ziva just sneaking in and getting bored.
McGee missed doing this with Ziva (insert dying cat noses).
McGee low key wanting to see his sis kick Nick’s ass is great.
McGee has been a third wheel for seventeen years and deserves an award for it, bless that man.
The hurt in her face makes me wanna combust with tears. And Ziva yelling at Gibbs is basically a proxy for fans to yell at the poor storyline in Family First.
McGee my son. Bless you. Gibbs is shook and Tim heard about Paraguay. I go cry.
“May I have a lifeline?” Mood bro.
Aww no she’s just like Ari ohh no? Ziva snatching phones and working with the enemy like a pro.
It’s Shalom all over again. And bishop is me, in denial.
Ziva pulling a Halloween and ramming transports like that*
Leon is tiered and would like a nap and I don’t blame him.
That’s why u don’t leave ur daughter alone with a terrorist.
Ziva doing spy shit like a pro and u know what? That’s kind sexy. And the face she makes when getting the money and sitting in Vance’s chair is priceless.
They still got her Agent pic in the database
Those cops are my fave. U bet she gonna use that idom about the toothpaste and i wanna see it.
Shara squints with suspension and is pleasantly surprised. And then disappointed in the span of ten seconds.
Ziva just double crossing peeps left and right like wow. I’m so proud.
McGee’s “Ziva” god he sounds so proud.
“I don’t kiss and show.” “Tell!” Ack i dying.
Gibbs knows his child and it shows.
Ziva just taking all the goodies with her and slipping out.
Final father daughter confrontation.
“I would have lost you a thousand times if that’s what it took. I waited for you Gibbs. I waited and I waited and I waited. And you never came.” God the Cote’s acting right here is phenomenal I almost feel like she’s really crying.
The same with Gibbs. “I made a mistake.” It just tuggs at my heart stings.
The call. The parallel to 11x02 but not answering breaks my heart.
What a ride? Wait...what’s that? I have to wait a few more months before I see her again? Someone is gonna need to summon my soul for the next episodes I’m gonna drown in my tears.
Tumblr media
Ok takeaways.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
U know that scene with Ducky? I feel like the greeting and the hug where all kind of like a moment of some sort of amends between the two actors (David was really vocal about his displeasure about the way Cote left and that made wonder (when she came back) if we would even get a scene with the two at all but color me pleasantly surprised).
Tumblr media
Speaking of that scene I’m guessing Ziva hasn’t been within 100 feet of Tali for the last three years and that just really breaks my heart. Also her vauge answer regarding Tony makes me think (idk if I’ve said this) that he to some level knows she’s alive but can’t do anything about either because he is too busy raising Tali or because Ziva has left him a trail as well or a bit of both. But it seems that Ziva is updated to some level on their daily lives if she has knowledge on things like “school ice cream days” and now I just go sit in my shower and cry some more.
She left Gibbs clues and he didn’t see them or didn’t want to see them and I hurt more.
God seeing McGee and Ziva talk about being parents just makes me realize how much time has really past and it’s heartwarming and sweet. Also Ziva being excited to see the pic of Johnny and Morgan and genuinely being happy for McGee is great. Tim asking her to come home and Ziva’s surprised look both warms and hurts me. She’s been on her own for three years and has been denied the home and family she rightly deserves and McGee calling her family and asking her to come home means so much for her. Honestly McGee has the most positive and heartwarming interactions with Ziva throughout the episode that really highlights their close brother sister relationship.
Tumblr media
God the hurt pain agony and desperation on her face when Gibbs tells her that he didn’t even try looking for her despite her suspicious death is heart wrenching. The anger in Ziva’s voice when she reveals that she put everything on hold to go look for McGee and Gibbs in Paraguay despite being told that they were dead is so well acted. And learning the lengths she went to to keep them from getting hunted for revenge by the cartle that took them like Sahar was hunting her was just amazing and alarming. To keep a group like that from coming after McGee and Gibbs indicates to me that not only did she track down each and every member of the organization but that she also took them out permanently is alarming and gives dark look into the places she will go to keep her family safe. It’s just a loaded scene and it’s not even the last one.
Playing the terrorist and spy brings up bad memories from seasons 4 and 6 and I shake and quake bust still love them flashbacks.
Speaking of flashbacks that was a nice (but obviously got footage from seasons 1-2 pre Ziva) scene parallel form Family First. I teared up and made dying cat noises soo....
Of course she’s duble crossing the bad guy, it’s Ziva David what did u expect? Also was plan C for all the bad guys to die? Just for Sahar to die? And the pure rage of McGee’s face as she and Ziva shoot Sahar is similar to my feeling towards Trent Kort.
Tumblr media
God the final moments between Gibbs and Ziva made me such a mess. First Ziva , Cote’s acting here is too noch. It feels so personal and reminds me of the scene from 11x02. Not the kissing. Duh. But the tears and the emotions of confusion, uncertainty and support that she still has for her father figure. Gibbs, wow. It’s important to remember that this man has lost so much so I can slightly understand why he wouldn’t want to believe that Ziva was alive (other than the writers writing themselves into a corner with his reactions to her death and this time not having Tony there to goad him into looking for her) like that’s a lot for him but one of his rules is “Don’t believe what your told, check.” And feel like he just didn’t fallow through on that rule and that Ziva was counting on him to. I hope that they work to repair their relationship in the next Ziva episodes because right now if feels like it’s filled with uncertainty (their is still love and trust but it almost mirrors the relationship they had right after Somalia). And that’s what this last scene felt like, her 2 confrontations with him after Somolia only it feels like if the second one was never properly resolved and now we have to wait a few month for it to be.
Tumblr media
So where is Ziva going now? What is she gonna be doing for the next few months? I honestly can only guess that maybe there is a someone or something keeping her for really going home with the notation that her family will truly be safe. Idk if that’s gonna be like taking down another bad guy another terrorist cell or full on dealing with her mental health issues before going home? I don’t know and all I can do right now is try not to cumbust while waiting.
I’m slightly disappointed that we didn’t get a) more Bishop and Ziva but hey maybe the writers are holding out on that for the next episodes? b) Ziva reunite with Palmer and Vance. Like why do u keep that from us writers? Why? c) not meeting Kasie or Jack. Again probably saving it for latter on but I would have liked to have seen it.
But wow still. What an episode what an arc and still no definite happy ending for our long suffering badass. The acting what outstanding and actions scenes were awesome and the music really sold it this is a classic episode with the whole terrorist duble Agent coming back from the dead plot. I can’t wait to see where they take her story, if she will ever reunite with her big love and daughter and get that happy ending. And where does that leave me? A sobbing mess in need of ice cream...*loud ugly sobbing from the grave*
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chelleztjs18 · 12 days ago
Lost in Assistance - Ch. 23
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader.
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
A/n: Hello. This is another chapter that was inspired by a song Crazy for You by Adele. Like the previous chapter, I suggest you to listen to it towards the end of the chapter so you can get the feeling more but its up to you. :D Enjoy!
All chapters
After the day had come to an end last night and Lizzie fell asleep smiling from listening to the song you gave her. She was in deep sleep, a peaceful sleep until the morning came. From the amount of the shades of lights that came into her room, it shows that she slept in a little bit. She stirred up from her sleep. 
Waking up from the deep sleep she was in, she is still out of it. Gathering her waking up state, her right hand touches the right side of her bed as if she was looking for the person next to her. She was sleepily unconsciously looking for you, her mind was thinking (or perhaps wishing?) she was still in the San Diego hotel with you. After a few seconds she realized that she is home followed by another realization that it’s Robbie’s presence that she was supposed to look for on that side of the bed, NOT you. Unwittingly, there’s slight disappointment in her.
She pulls both of her hands to her face, rubbing her eyes and face to wake herself up more as she groans and mumbles under her breath. “What is wrong with me? Damn it y/n.” She then checks the time. Pairs of numbers telling her it’s 10:08 A.M. She sat herself up. She saw the iced coffee cup from last night on the table across the room. She walked to it and grabbed it. She looks at it and turns it to the side where she can see your handwriting. She looks at it and just like that a wide smile formed instantly on her face as her thumb rubs the marker inks that you wrote. Her mind reminisces the view of how excited you were writing the song title on it, your smile when you handed her the cup. She quickly stopped herself from thinking anything about you. 
“Oh my God, this has to stop, Lizzie! You can’t be like this.” She mumbles, convincing herself. She then threw away the watered down iced coffee.
She went out of the room to look for her boyfriend. Her instinct told her to go check on the kitchen and found him sitting on the counter drinking his coffee. “Hi.” She said to him in a low voice, doesn’t even know if she wants to look at him or not.
“Hi. Morning.” He replied like nothing happened yesterday but still in a flat tone. Every time they had an argument, a few hours after or the next day without any apology Robbie always acted like nothing happened or acted all nice to win her heart back. Of course after it happens every so often, Lizzie gets used to all the unresolved arguments but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have bottled up emotions in her.
“Where did you go last night?” She asks as she pours herself some coffee. “Hang out with my friends.” He replied as he took a sip of his coffee. “Where did you go?” Robbie asked the same question. “Nowhere. Just drove around and got some coffee.” She couldn’t believe herself that she lied to him. Silence fills up the room until Robbie says something unexpected. 
“You talked in your sleep last night.” Lizzie was shocked, she hopes that she didn’t anything stupid that makes things worse. She cleared her throat, trying hard to control her facial expression not to look surprised or worried. “Really? What did I say?”
“That person is what? Tell me who it is? Please.” Robbie told her and tried to mimic how she said it. Her stomach turns because she knows that was what she said to you in the conversation. She internally cursed herself yet she is relieved that she didn’t mention your name. “I see. Probably just random dreams that I didn’t even remember.” She shrugged her shoulders to make it look like it means nothing.
“Hmm. Really? Anyway, do you want to have lunch together today? You can pick the place.” Robbie offered. “Sure. I don’t know where to go. Sushi, mexican or greek. You pick.” Lizzie remembers that you will have lunch at the sushi restaurant nearby today. She really wants to go there to see you but she knows she is not supposed to yet her subconscious knows he always picks the first in the choices so she puts sushi first. And just like she expected, her clueless boyfriend picked sushi which works better for her because it doesn’t look like she suggested. “Okay, Let’s be there by 12.30?” She instantly suggested the time, and agreed with what Robbie picked.
She knows this is a terrible idea. She should’ve not done this but again her desire to see you clouded her mind and knowing that you are going with Aaron just made it worse. She thinks why is it so important that she wants to see how your lunch plan (well to her it’s a date) with Aaron.
You and Aaron arrived at the restaurant. You are wearing a flowy white collared dress that covers you to a few inches under your knees with a sleeve down to your shoulder. A thin cute black belt wraps around your waist and you are wearing your black stiletto. You don’t notice that Lizzie is at the same parking lot since she came with Robbie’s car. She tried to hold a smile but she couldn’t, not after she saw how good you look in that dress.
She saw from a distance that Aaron was smiling and opened the door for you. You walk with him side by side holding his arm and laughing after Aaron said something. She unknowingly slightly made a fist wondering what he said was so funny that it makes you laugh like that. The date hasn’t even started yet but he already makes you laugh. Then Robbie brought her back from her own little mind. “Babe, are you ready?” She swallows dryly. “Uh yeah, let’s go.”
You and Aaron are guided to your table by the host. It’s a nice quiet restaurant, not that big but not too compact. It has quite a few tables in good distance from each other. Both you and Aaron order some drinks and appetizers.
Everything is fun, you think this is a nice lunch, spend time with a good friend of yours until you hear a familiar voice that always soothes your heart. Your head automatically follows where that soothing voice pulls your attention. You feel your heart drop to your stomach when you see her sitting on the table behind Aaron that is slightly to the left. All you have to do is look in the direction of eleven o'clock, you will see her magnetic charm. You had to look twice to convince yourself that it was her right there.
Lizzie stole a glance at you once and then once more. You notice that her glance felt more like a glare. You don’t know what to do. All of a sudden everything sounds like you are under water. You can’t focus, you keep thinking about her. What is she doing here? Is this just a stupid coincidence? You think that it’s impossible she came here on purpose to see you because she’s with Robbie now. Why the hell is she with him right now? You are more upset to see her with him than being surprised that she is here. You heard your phone’s text notifications tone. Your stomach turns when you see her name is on the screen.
“Look at you all dolled up and looking pretty for the date with the Russian boy.” Oh geez, you can hear her sarcastic cold tone loud and clear in your mind saying what she just texted you when you read it. You look at her quickly with her phone on the table. She is still stealing glances while she is enjoying her meal.
Lizzie herself is busy trying to disguise her feelings. She clenched her jaws, her left hand tightly gripping the side of the table as she took a sip of her water while waiting if you were going to reply to her text. She swallows her water as soon as she hears a ding from her phone, and quickly reads it.
“I’m not and I told you this is NOT a date.” Again, she glances at you after reading your text, then her emerald green eyes dive back into the screen as she is typing back something. Luckily for her, Robbie is clueless because he is also busy with his phone.
“To me, you are looking pretty right now and it looks like a date.” Lizzie typed it with a rush of feeling in her. She is upset for no reason (well she thought it was for no reason). Even though she tries her best to be as subtle as she can, she can’t help herself to watch you like a hawk. She saw you rolled your eyes at her text then you put down your phone without replying to her. The first part of her text makes your heart melt but the last part bothered you so much. It bothers you that she thinks it’s a date. It bothers you even more to see her there with him even though they seem not paying attention to each other.
She lost her appetite. Robbie starts to talk to her about his work project but her focus on him is gone together with her appetite. She is waiting for your reply but there’s no indication at all you will text her back. Instead you are focused on Aaron, both you and Aaron keep throwing jokes at each other. The longer she waits, the more her chest feels like it’s imploding. She taps her fingernails on the table. Then she decides to text you again to pull your attention from him.
“He better not order anything with shrimp in it. We have a big interview tomorrow, I don’t want you to call in sick because you have allergies from today.” Your eyebrows knitting together as you read her text in surprise that she remembers you are allergic to shrimp. “You remembered?” You replied.
“How can I forget the day you got upset because there was shrimp in your food order after you asked with no shrimp and you ended up starving from not eating anything all day then you got all cranky and annoying around me.” She replied. An awe transformed in your face after you read her reply and you put your phone down.
Robbie starts to notice. “Are you even listening to me? Who are you texting?” He asked her. His tone shows suspicion to her. “Yes I am. I was texting Aubrey.” She lied to him. Again, she can’t believe she lied to him. She decides to take her attention to you down a notch so Robbie won’t suspect anything.
Robbie’s phone rings, he gets up from his seat and takes the phone call outside. Again, she waits for you to reply but you are trying not to be rude to Aaron so you still don't reply to her. Her subconscious craves for your attention. She’s thinking about how to get your attention, then she remembers. She quickly looks for a pen in her purse then writes something on a napkin. She then takes a picture of it and texted you.
Your phone dings, you check out the picture she texted you. It was a picture of a napkin with a song title that she randomly picked, Crazy for You by Adele. “I randomly remembered this song. I love Adele. I used to listen to this over and over again. It's a nice song.”
“Oh really? Thank you. I will check it out later.” You replied as you glanced at her and smiled at her. Happy that she actually keeps her “promise” about sharing songs with each other.
Twenty minutes passed, her attention is definitely divided between you and Robbie but you have her attention more than Robbie does. Her brain and her eyes are multitasking on him and you. She keeps watching you through the corner of her eyes. She sees how both of you smile and even laugh at each other's jokes. She sees you and Aaron are taking pictures to commemorate the lunch day you both have.
Her heart is racing. Her thoughts swirling through mind. Vivid images parading across her mind: images of your smiling face when you smiled at her, your smile that Aaron got just now from you, images of you side by side with Aaron taking pictures. Her thoughts become cloudy and murky. Her heart is sinking in jealousy that she can’t take it anymore. Of course she still doesn’t realize it’s jealousy, or even maybe she unconsciously denies it with all of her heart. She stands up and excuses herself to the restroom.
Little did she know, your attention was fully on her no matter what you are doing with Aaron. You noticed she just walked away from her table, looking upset. You notice it from the way she walks. You wonder where she goes. You try to ignore it but you just can’t do it. You can’t ignore what you just see. You decide to check on her. You have this strong longing to see her, especially after how nice she was last night to you.
Your first instinct was the restroom. When you pushed open the door, she was pulling it open from the inside. She gasped, as you stood in front of her so close and blocked her way out. She instantly knows it was you from your perfume. “Y/n?” She looks up to you. “Ms. Olsen.” Both of you are looking at each other for a brief second.
“Excuse me y/n, I need to get out.” She looks away and tries to get away from you. “Are you okay?” You try to search her eyes but she won’t let you. “Yes y/n! I am. Now please let me pass!” She replied irritatedly. “Are you and Robbie okay?” You asked again. “Yes y/n! Are you happy now?” She gave you a glare but you sensed something other than anger. 
Then you grab both of her arms gently and you walk into the bathroom as you push her walk back with her. Her breath hitch as she willingly walked back, she just can’t resist you at this moment. As luck would have it, the restaurant is not busy, nobody walks into the restroom.
“No. I’m not. I meant--- gosh. Nevermind.” You shook your head like your heart is in burden. Your hands squeezed her arms gently. You replied almost in whisper. “Okay then, let me go. I need to go back to Robbie.” The gentle squeeze you did to her arms makes her stay where she is despite the space around her that could let her walk away from you, her knees suddenly going weak.
“Why do you look upset? Are you mad at me?” You look at her, your throat feeling suddenly dry. She felt breathless in front of you yet her annoyance flared. Embarrassment seized her as well from being too obvious in front of you but deep down, her heart leaped to be able to be this close to you. She can’t tell you why she looks upset. Oh no, dare to dream, she won’t tell you why.
She has to resist you no matter how strongly she yearns for you. She’s fighting her feelings, her desire. “Y/n, I have to go back to the table.” She gave a stern tone. Then you realize you probably crossed your line. You slide your hands off her arm, she let a very soft shaky breath. “I’m sorry, Ms. Olsen.” You said it under your breath but she still can hear you but didn’t say anything. Her and what just happened left her speechless. Her left shoulder gently brushes your left arm as she walks past you.
She stopped her steps. “Don’t let the date wait too long, y/n.” She left you sarcastic remarks then walked out the restroom. You lowered your head and whispered to yourself. “It’s NOT a date.”
Lizzie came back to the table. So did you. Thank goodness Robbie is still as clueless as before. After another half hour, Robbie and her finally ready to go but then he noticed you were there. “Look, that's y/n.” Lizzie's stomach turns in surprise. “Huh? Where?” She pretended to look surprise and clueless. “Right there with a silver-haired guy.” He pointed. “Oh yeah, that’s her. I told you, she’s having a date with Jane’s assistant today.”
“Okay, I guess you told me the truth.” Robbie replied with a little attitude. “Seriously? Babe please don’t even start.” She glared at him. Then he decides to do something that makes her very very uncomfortable. Yes, he walks to your table. She instantly regretted coming here with him. Like it or not she has to come to your table as well. “Hey y/n. How are you?” He gave a little wave  as you greeted him back. “Hi y/n. I didn’t know you were having your date here.” She gave you a fake smile. You let a fake giggle responding to her statement, meanwhile Aaron gawked looking at Robbie knowing he is from his favorite band doing a small talk with you.
Lizzie is getting a call from Jane that forced her to leave Robbie with you. After the phone call was done, and you got back to them, Robbie decided to leave. You bid your farewell to Robbie and Lizzie. They drive back home. “Oh, we will have a small party Sunday, the day before I leave for the tour. I invited our friends, and y/n as well.” Robbie told her out of the blue.
“Party? What party? How come I didn’t know?” She asked in surprise. “I just told you.” Robbie answered nonchalantly. She knows this won’t be a good idea.
Your lunch is finally done, both of you and Aaron get in the car. On the way, you can’t wait to hear the song Lizzie sent you. The anticipation is killing you.
As soon as you got home, you were too excited to notice that someone was watching you from afar, you went inside straight to your room excitedly like a little kid. Then play the song through your audio speaker.
“Found myself today singing out your name,
You said I'm crazy,
If I am I'm crazy for you.
Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here
Turns me crazy,
But it's you who makes me lose my head.
And every time I'm meant to be acting sensible
You drift into my head
And turn me into a crumbling fool.
Tell me to run and I'll race,
If you want me to stop I'll freeze,
And if you want me gone. I'll leave, just hold me closer baby,
And make me crazy for you.
Crazy for you.”
 You were utterly dumbfounded after listening to the song. The lyric, yes the lyric makes your stomach do a flip. Your heart thumping wildly. Did she want you to listen to the lyrics? No, she didn’t say anything about the lyrics, she only said that she randomly remembered this song. So this doesn’t mean anything. This is just a random song she picked. This means nothing. It’s just a song. Just a random song. You convinced yourself. Your cheeks turn as red as it can be.
Ch. 24
A/n: I hope you enjoy this chapter and the song. Let me know what you think. Reblog, like, comment and feedback are greatly appreciated. See you in next chapter! :D
Chellez TjS.
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bnhashitpost · 2 years ago
17, please?
17: Any HCs for the entirety of Class 1-A?
yes!!! yes i do!! and issa whole ass list so get ready:
the bakusquad is notourious for lovingly throwing shade at each other like you know what I mean? like: Mina:“kaminari why you always lookin like your ass just got back from getting your shit rocked by a raccoon? go fix your shit, love you” Kaminari:“issa new look”                                                                    Mina:“issa new mistake is what you meant” and like just shit like that ya feel? most of the loving shade comes from mina and kirishima bc kaminari and sero are messy disaster boyes who are just like,,, that. bakugo is more in favor of just roasting. 
ive talked abt who is good in the kitchen but the disasters are a whole other story. mina has been barred after she burnt a hole just like, straight through a pan. and iida, god bless his sweet little heart but he just DEMOLISHES everything he cooks with SO much salt even if salt isnt in the recipe. we’ve already talked about kaminari and i,,,, that boy could barely tell you what a spatula looks like. not allowed within ten feet of the kitchen without supervision of at least two people who arent sero and kirishima.
the girls love to pull pranks on the guys. its like, one of their favorite pastimes when theyre staying in the dorms. for example, there was one night when the guys were all asleep and by the time morning came, there wasn’t a single nail left unpainted. except mineta’s crusty ass hands. and they made it to where the colors on their nails matched their costumes bc their just considerate like that bc theyre the best, and i love them. most of the guys were okay with it bc the girls actually took their time and did a rlly good job and made their nails look damn good. bakugo was not a fan but eventually came around after kirishima convinced him how much of a bad ass it made him look. god bless the shithead whisperer (dont @ me okay? he’s a lil shit, but i love him too)
aoyama is the one person to go to if you wanna hear some phenomenal tea being served. the way he tells it to you makes you feel like you were there to witness the tea being made. and he has tea on almost everyone whether they know it or not but he will NEVER spill tea abt you of you are his friend because he👏is👏classy👏👏👏
i know its like,, probably not legit but i really feel like izuku just like sits in his room on his phone until ungodly hours in the morning and ends up getting like two hours of sleep on the daily and,, someone needs to get this boy bc hes legit always running on fumes. they need to pump so much coffee into that kid just so they can understand a single word he says because it is ALL mumbles. iida tried giving him some melatonin (issa vitamin that helps with sleep nd the onyl reason i know that is bc my momma was constantly knocking my ass out with that shit when i was little.) and he was not about it. he was determined to fight against his urge to sleep bc he just,, had, to finish this ONE episode of DB. he watched like 5 more before he passed out. it was 7AM and classes were at 8AM. iida was pissed. 
iida is dorm dad for the boys, momo is dorm mom for the girls. that means waking everyone up, making sure they eat, talking about their days, and making sure everyone does their homework. if it weren’t for them, the dorms would probably be in a state of chaos 24/7. it would make the news on a daily basis for what insane shit happened there the night before. and if you think they didn’t get them a gift for mother’s day and father’s day, you are a fool. iida got a mug that said #1 dorm dad and momo got some nice ass spa stuff and a shirt that said ‘One Hot Mama’ bc theyre huge nerds!!!
that’s all the hc’s i have for now, i might have some more later 💕
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ironoverwine · 2 years ago
gotta vent about my day real quick
highlights of the day
> be professional ghostwriter.
Agreed to edit a 25000 word segment of a finished manuscript for a much loved regular client, who said the MC's dialogue needed to be punched up. Easy enough. I figured it would take a few hours.
Was briefly excited to discover the manuscript was for a concept I had outlined and written several chapters for a few months ago.
Excitement rapidly dwindles as I realize that beloved client has hired another ghostwriter to write the majority of the book. Which would be fine, except this other ghostwriter has no fucking idea what they are doing.
Formatting is a god damn disaster and I spend several hours just getting the document into a workable condition. 
You ever open a word doc, look at the navigation pane, and just see a wall of blank links, because someone applied the header formatting somewhere and then just hit enter a million times instead of using a page break like a civilized god damn human being?
in the middle of this forest of blank headers, actual chapter titles are scattered at random, and also they only applied the header to roughly one out of every five chapters or so, you know, just, when they felt like it. when the spirit took them. when the stars aligned. when the feng shui was right.
Also, apparently they like the way first line indenting looks but don't know how to make word do that (spoiler: its easy as shit and takes like two clicks) so every once in a while they start manually hitting tab before every line, until they get distracted and stop for a while, luring you into a false sense of security before they remember and start doing it again.
Sometimes, when a scene transitions but they dont want to just end the chapter for some reason, they break it up with spaces. Other times, they like to use asterisks. Once or twice, just for flavor, they throw in one of those page width lines that word makes when you type a line of hyphens.
There is random highlighting in places, for no discernible reason.
Once I have the document formatted in a way I can bear to work with, I start actually reading through it. About the first seven chapters were written by the client. They’re cheesy but solid.
Then I get to chapter eight, and the suspicions i had begun to form while putting the formatting through traction (namely that whoever did this was a fuckwit) quickly crystallized into a shining certainty that my beloved client had mistakenly hired An Ass Clown.
Not just An Ass Clown, but An Ass Clown who thought 50 Shades was a beautiful love story, actually.
And they gave This Ass Clown, this literary reprobate, this paste eating remedial english mother fucker, my outline. 
let me clarify that i did not expect to have sole control of this story when i produced the outline for beloved client, and I was okay with that. That’s how it works. If I’d been dead set on writing this myself, i wouldn’t have sold the outilne to beloved client. but it really rubs salt in the wound to have spent hours of my life crafting the bones of this story, which i really liked and was excited to see take shape
and then find out it has been put into the pie fondling hands
of An Ass Clown.
first hint that something has gone drastically wrong: the arrival of completely unnecessary and ridiculous fantasy names for things.
“oh we dont drink coffee in this book. it’s kofee. at least until three chapters from now when i forget and it becomes kofe. Oh, and watch out for those thornaby bushes! I’m going to misspell that one literally every time I use it! It’s entirely possible that this isn’t a fantasy name at all and I just have a small seizure whenever I try to type the word thorn bush!”
second omen of my impending anuerism: phonetically written accents which are 1. so comically stereotypical and inaccurate that native speakers of that accent should be entitled to financial compensation 2. and yet also can’t even stick to the stereotype accurately, producing gems such as  “It’s not safe in that there pen with ‘em swine, young miss.” and finally 3. are sprinkled in with all the consistency and reliability of a family recipe for macarons written by a person with caffeine jitters.
But this, I tell myself, moving on, is not my problem. I just need to punch up the mcs dialogue. It’ll be fine. I can do this. I just need to take this shit: “A fond idea, but I doubt I have that ability.” I joked. “I can’t imagine living without true sunshine. Even the triplet moons must shine less brightly without their sister sun.” and make it... not like that.
Except, and here’s where I start hitting the real roadblock guys
this book is in first person.
essentially, the entire novel is the MC talking. 
So sure I can change the spoken lines, but her internal monologue
which is, i remind you, the entire narrative
her internal monologue is going to keep being maggie gyllenhal’s character from The Secretary if her copy of the script had been swapped with just a binder full of sonnets written by a middle school english class during the Shakespeare unit.
I get to chapter ten around three in the afternoon. I have been working steadily, with an unusual degree of focus thanks to my recent adderal prescription, since ten in the morning.
this is where shit begins to go truly bananas. 
this is a YA beauty and the beast type fantasy
that good fun indulgent shit that’s almost as enjoyable to write as it is to read
usually. previously. before i had to endure this traumatic twelve hour experience.
Chapter ten is the first big “dinner” scene. this book isn’t being shy about pulling from the source material, but that’s fine. the beast “apologizes” (heavy quotes there) for having earlier used magic to force the heroine to answer his questions truthfully. They talk and almost seem to making progress for a bit, and then have a fight and storm off. Standard stuff.
Except, uh, the beast’s apology is, essentially “Yeah I shouldn’t have done that.” “so you’re apologizing?” “no but it’s the best you’re going to get so deal with it.”
and the headstrong, independent heroine who wears pants and wrestles pigs and dont need no man
just kinda rolls with this. There’s giggling.
They have their big dramatic fight, exit stage left, much angst and todo.
The next morning heroine wakes up to find the beast has (presumably) snuck into her room while she was sleeping and dumped a bunch of new dresses on her. he has also (apparently) replaced her brain with Bella Swan’s more vapid cousin.
She forgives him instantly. Because pretty dresses. She also starts calling him master, because why not. She has, over night, become the darling submissive Tumblr doms dream of. 
This is not a bdsm book. I am eighty percent certain it doesn’t even include soft core smut. I’m telling you this so that you understand this transformation was not a contrivance in order to facilitate kinky sex. I have written a contrived set up to a sex scene or two in my day. This is not that. This is Not what is in the outline. I know, because i wrote the outline. It is My Outline. 
No, The Ass Clown just... decided to do this. Apropos of nothing. I’m beginning to think the Ass Clown’s decision making process involves whipping pies at a comically large dartboard. And all the options on the dartboard are just “lol whatever”
By the time I get to chapter eleven, wherein our newly lobotomized heroine is "excited to wear a new frock and please the master!” - direct quote I have given up any pretense of editing dialogue and I am just straight up rewriting shit using the previous garbage as a loose outline.
I have eaten, maybe, three bites of a bowl of oatmeal all day. I have not taken a bathroom break since before noon. I have missed my deadline. Beloved client is concerned. I’m sure I can still do this, I just need a few more hours.
the words sound like truth but my soul knows i am a liar
I frantically restructure scene after scene, deceiving myself each time that it will be the last, and I will be able to get this crazy train back on the rails. But this crazy train has no interest in being on the rails. It’s a direct line no stops right off the edge of the cliffs of insanity.
The beast jumps unpredictably from homicidal rage and threats of violence to jokes and flirting as though he did not just declare her his property and threaten to rip her tongue out a few paragraphs ago. Heroine swoons and sighs and giggles regardless of whether she is dealing with Dr.Jekyll or Christian Gray on PCP. 
But I’m still sure I can do this. I’ll just adjust these two full chapters to make her appropriately scared and angry, and then replace this weird conversation here with a heartfelt apology from him and an effort to do better. That will totally work. Unless, you know, it turns out that conversation I want to replace only starts out with them joking and laughing together, and turns into him berating and abusing her mid paragraph of a fuckin montage a page later! But, haha! Why would The Ass Clown ever do that? It would be completely irrational, tonally jarring and out of character! Only a seltzer slinging rainbow suspender-ed peanut butter fumbling son of six fucks would do that.
so of course The Ass Clown did that.
It’s eleven at night. I know when I’m beaten.
I inform beloved client that the Ass Clown has bested me and I can do no more.
She is very understanding.
I send her what I managed and I check the added word count while im at it
i added a full 6,000 words to that manuscript just trying to patch up this sloppy motherfucker’s lopsided prose and gossamer thin understanding of narrative structure
son of a bitch had about as firm a grasp of romance as i currently have on the trembling shreds of my sanity. 
their grip on character writing could not be more tenuous if they had first dipped the target brand Hulk Hands which I assume they always have on their person into a barrel of adult-film-grade silicon lubricant and then taken their Leapfrog 2-in-1 Leaptop Touch down a waterslide.
Do you know how much I usually make for 6000 words?
Do you know how much I made for enduring this ass blasting, which I naively believed I could tackle in a matter of hours?
You owe me $80 Ass Clown. And I aim to collect.
Also I lost my damn mind for a minute and said the words "i dont know shit about fuck my guy" to my actual father on facebook
and that was my day.
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spnskinnyballs · 2 years ago
Mr Stranger
Summary- It was purely by coincidence that you were paired up with this particular mystery man in a random chat roulette site on a Thursday evening. (Not one of your finer moments) Charming his way into your little life as Mr Stranger how long can you two really keep the anonymity between you?
Pairing- Jensen x Reader
Word Count-1,945
Warnings- Fluff, hospital setting
Part Two
Series Masterlist / My Masterlist
Tumblr media
The warmth of the sun through the open shades fell on your face and woke you, burrowing yourself into the softness of your sheets a smile grew on your face. Biting your lower lip as the memories from the night before played through your mind you couldn’t help but roll around in the bed with a laugh as the memories from last night washed over you.
Giggling to yourself at how ridiculous you were being you crawled out of bed and made your way into the kitchen to start on your morning routine. Filling up your travel cup with coffee and pulling out your lunch to place in your bag for the day you tried so hard to push thoughts of your phone and the message gracing it to the back of your mind.
With some kind of self restraint that you weren’t aware you possessed you didn’t actually respond to the text you got late last night. Thinking about messaging him back brought butterflies to your stomach as ridiculous as that sounded.
You had only talked to this guy, who was at the end of the day a complete stranger, for maybe an hour or so and you were walking around less than twelve hours later with a crush on some guy you knew practically nothing about.
Man this was stupid.
This couldn’t be a crush could it? It had been so long since you’d shown interest in another guy and the first one that you purposely flirted with you just want to talk to again. This wasn’t a crush this was just a normal reaction right? After your break up it wasn’t a secret that your self esteem took a beating. Four years with one man simply for him to decide that he didn’t want you anymore would fuck anyone up. That was all this was. Infatuation. The first guy to show an interest in you that you actually reciprocated, of course you wanted to talk to him again. He was rebuilding some of your shattered self esteem just by flirting with you through a god damn computer screen.
Christ you were pathetic.
Okay, just ignore it and go through your morning routine as though there wasn’t someone that you desperately wanted to talk to. You didn’t want him to view you as someone with a silly little crush after one conversation. Even though that was exactly what you were no matter how much you didn’t want to be.
Twenty minutes later you had managed to succeed in focusing solely on getting ready for your day. Crawling into the front seat of your car and checking the time you took a deep breath and pulled out your phone with a smile. Just one text to thank him for giving you his number then drive to work, he was probably still asleep at this time and you wouldn’t get a text back until later in the day anyway so you can just get it out of your system now.
‘Morning Mr Stranger :) Thanks for giving me your number, i promise to hold back the stalking if you do haha Hope you have a good day x’
Despite your earlier thoughts it didn’t take long for your phone to buzz with a notification. Warmth and butterflies filled your stomach as you pulled into the car park and reached for your phone, if he wasn’t worried about texting you back so soon and ‘playing it cool’ neither would you. Of course he wasn’t trying to play it cool it’s not like you two went on a date or anything this was just two people who clicked online. A whole new world with all new rules, this could be so much fun.
‘Good morning, sounds like a deal that i can make. Isn’t it a bit early for you to be up and texting random men? :P’
‘I could say the same thing about you! I do shift work so i start at 7, howcome you’re up so early? God you’re not a morning person are you?!’
‘Definitely not a morning person, cannot function without at least 2 coffees in me. I do 12/14 hour days, so glad you gave me your number now i have someone to annoy while everyone else is asleep’
‘Please in your dreams, i’m not usually in this good a mood this early’
‘So has this uncharacteristically good mood got anything to do with my sunny self by any chance?’
Laughing inwardly all the way to the staff room you ate your breakfast and finished your coffee while continuing your conversation with Mr Stranger not really talking about anything. The flirty easiness of the conversations completely absorbed you once more until you found yourself being pushed in the shoulder.
“Y/N i’ve just been talking to myself for like 5 minutes, who the hell are you talking to?!” Lucy mock glared down at you trying to peek at your phone. With a shocked look on your face from realising how absorbed you actually were in your conversation you locked your phone and got up from your seat.
“Oh sorry Lucy i wasn’t paying any attention, what were you saying?” You laughed at her as you made your way to start your day.
“Don’t worry it wasn’t anything important, so what's got you so distracted then? Did you finally take my advice?” She grinned down at you and you couldn’t help the blush that crept up your cheeks causing her to shriek and hit your arm once more.
”Oww! God will you stop hitting me, you’re so violent!” Rubbing your arm she simply rolled her eyes at you “Don’t you dare change the subject, you totally did didn’t you?!”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You tried nonchalantly causing her to glare at you “Okay I kinda did. I didn’t sleep with anyone before you get too excited, I just, kinda, maybe talked to a cute guy.”
“You did?! Y/N I am so proud of you! Oh my god, what happened, who is he? Tell me everything!”
Laughing at her enthusiasm you tried to shush her with your hands “Okay you have got to calm down, I may have done the chat roulette thing that you were talking about last night,” Cringing slightly and looking around at the growing number of colleagues surrounding you moved your voice to a whisper. ”So we matched and just clicked straight away and we talked for like half an hour and, god, he’s so funny and we just got on really well you know? Like he’s so nice I gave him my number and we’ve already been talking this morning and it’s not even talking about anything but it’s just so nice and casual! Okay, and we didn’t show our faces but he’s got such a nice body and you know how you can just tell that someone’s going to be cute?”
You continued to ramble until you saw Lucy grinning down at you and you slowly faded your sentences out, the pinkness in your cheeks rising once again as you looked down and started searching for a pen to move on from the conversation.
“Okay you can stop looking at me like that, I talked to a cute guy it’s not a big deal.” You hushed at her as the room began to fill with people ready to start their work day.
“I’m sorry, you’re just so cute when you get all flustered.” Crinkling her nose at you she continued. “I haven’t seen you crush over a guy since, well, you know. Damn he must be cute.” grumbling the last few words to make you laugh she leaned her head on your shoulder, “See, I’m a genius you should have listened to me weeks ago.”
Giggling to yourself you leaned your head on hers and whispered in her ear “I know, what would I do without you?”
Straightening herself up she sighed dramatically “Crash and burn Y/N, crash and burn.”
Smiling affectionately at your best friend you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket leading you to smile for a whole different reason.
Your cheeks were already starting to hurt and you’d only been awake for around an hour. God today was going to be a good day.
Today was not a good day.
Ten minutes later you discovered that you were understaffed so you had to take on more patients than you were used to. Nothing was where it was supposed to be in the drug trolley and of course half of them had to have IV antibiotics and that was before you had even got to the fun of having three patients with diarrhea.
Today was quite literally a ‘shitty day’. Somehow though the awfulness of the work situation hadn’t managed to permeate entirely through the good mood that had been with you since you had woken up that morning.
Halfway through your shift you found yourself with a quiet ten minutes and made your way into the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee, deciding that that would be more sensible for patient safety than taking an actual break.
Pouring yourself out a mug and glancing at the doorway before making yourself some toast to go with it, you weren’t technically supposed to use the patients kitchen but everyone made exceptions especially on busy days like this.
Humming around the first mouthful of buttery goodness you turned your back to the door and leaned over the counter pulling out your phone. Smiling to yourself you turned on your camera and aimed it to frame the mug and toast with a bite taken out of it before placing your middle finger in the center of the frame. Snapping the picture you selected it to write a caption ready for your Mr Stranger.
‘You jinxed it you bastard. i’m only just taking my first break now and i’m hiding in the kitchen so that no one can find me. I blame you entirely.’
Dropping your phone onto the counter you pulled out your handover sheet and started to update your to do list as you finished your toast trying to ignore the voices from out in the ward. All you wanted was ten minutes to eat and have a drink, they could make do without you for that long. Of course this decision had nothing to do with the fact that your phone screen had just lit up, nope, that didn’t factor in at all.
‘While i’m sure you’re right all i said was for you to have a good day, didn’t really think that would get me in any trouble sweetheart’
‘Exactly you jinxed it, all your fault.’
‘Well i’m sorry, if it makes you feel any better i’ve just been sitting around for an hour waiting for something to do’
‘Oh boo hoo, wanna trade?’
‘And have to hide just so i can have a drink, well who could say no to that?!’
A laugh crept out from your lips as you read his cocky response, writing out a quick reply you hid your half drunk mug at the back of the counter so that you would have an excuse to sneak back in if you had a moment before heading back out to the ward.
The ten minutes was exactly what you needed to perk yourself back up for the remainder of the day. Whether it was the food, coffee or handsome stranger that did it you couldn’t quite pinpoint but the lightness of your demeanor was clearly evident as you passed a dishevelled Lucy dragging a laundry bag who simply scowled at you.
Yeah you were right, today was going to be a good day.
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demyrie · 2 years ago
Preposterous American Holidays (Erasermight)
[originally a twitter fic, also on AO3 for bookmarking purposes :) Happy valentines day erasermight family. I adore you!]
Aizawa, pacing his life in deadlines and the Monday/Friday grind of school, notices his students acting strangely one Tuesday. Glances, hiding things. It's distracting.
He figures it must be a club activity he's unaware of and decides it's time for a pop quiz, just to stop the giggling. It stops. The day continues, bell by bell, but he notices even Yagi seems light and gleeful at lunch.
They've just started ... something. He's not sure what, but there's been a kiss or two, and the way Yagi laughs and watches two 1-B girls exchanging chocolates... well, Aizawa likes watching him watch. Likes the way his dark eyes sparkle.
Wait. He cranes back over his chair.
Why are they exchanging chocolates?
A quick glance around the lunchroom proves this is not an isolated incident, and Aizawa slowly puts the clues together: all the whispering, the shuffling and blushing; the rose and note he'd spotted on somebody's desk earlier. As if to spite his oblivious nature, he sees two other students fumble their hands together as they leave the lunchroom, blushing furiously.
It is Valentine's day.
Somewhat shaken as he realizes there's an entire festival around him, Aizawa’s very dry eyes hone back on the man in front of him – the man he is kind-of-sort-of seeing, who has a very, very well-known penchant for preposterous American holidays.
Shit. What was expected, here? His mind blanks immediately.
He must be staring, must be sweating, because when Yagi's dreamy gaze drifts back to him, the older hero's second-hand elation visibly erodes into concern.
"Aizawa-kun," he begins, hesitant, and Aizawa conveniently panics.
Not a big panic, but not the coolest thing he's done either.
He reaches under the table and grabs – well, he grabs a few things. First the table leg, and then Yagi’s knee, which makes the older hero nearly bolt out of his chair, but Aizawa finally manages to get his hand where he wants it. On top of Yagi's big, warm hand.
Suddenly, it's very quiet.
Aizawa very carefully feels around with his fingertips, and his heart swoops in his chest as he feels Yagi touch back, folding around him.
Shit, now he has to look somewhere else. Only one sense can be hooked into Yagi at a time, it seems. Otherwise, he risks burning out, or melting down, or something.
"Do you need anything?"
The second it's out of his mouth, Aizawa despairs. Need isn't the point of this soppy holiday. Damn his practicality.
Across the table, Yagi tilts his head. All Aizawa wants is to snatch one of those ratty bangs and pull him in for a kiss, just to stop this conversation before it started.
He’s never done this before. Never felt the need, ironically.
"Need?" Yagi echoes, head still tilted.
"Do you ... like anything?"
No. What was that? God fucking hell Shouta would you finish a fucking thought? 
"For today, I guess. Because it's a thing."
He was dying. He was dying and an idiot and Yagi was watching him die with nothing but curious concern until suddenly the older hero threw his head back with a wild laugh, long fingers firmly lacing through his own underneath the table.
When the joyful sound faded, the tittering of hundreds of giddy students replaced it, and Aizawa felt a little too much kinship to the atmosphere of elation and indulgent glee. In front of him, Yagi glowed.
"Every day you surprise me a little more, my friend," Yagi chuckled, shaking his head and regarding him with crushing fondness. Then he smiled down at the table, this tips of his ears going a shade of candy pink. He took a deep breath.
"If you're speaking of today, and the thing being Valentine's day, well ... You asking at all? That's what I like."
Aizawa smiled back unthinkingly – something he never should have done in public, much less the cafeteria within range of the students who couldn't be allowed to know he had a heart, or that this man held a place in it – and Yagi's grin only widened. He squeezed Aizawa's hand and they finished lunch that way, Yagi fumbling through a text book one-handed with a dopey grin on his face and Aizawa hiding in his noodles until the bell rang.
Their hands fit nicely. It was too early to say, but maybe other parts – wants, ideals, parted lips – would, too.
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winteriron-trash · 2 years ago
31 Shades Of WinterIron: Aphrodisiacs
Day 7: Aphrodisiacs A/N: Fuck, I’m so far behind, this sucks, my writing is for shit right now, I’m behind on school work, everything is a mess for me right now. But I have smut, I guess. Top Bucky, enjoy.
Kinktober Masterlist
“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, please!”
Bucky was almost half worried Tony was cheating on him as he walked into Tony’s bedroom. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Tony, but Bucky hadn’t heard Tony yell like that ever. Not even when they had sex did he sound so damned desperate.
As soon as Bucky walked into the bedroom, he was first hit by a wave of relief to find Tony alone in his bed, then a wave of confusion.
Tony was spread out across the bed, covered in a sheen of sweat as he fucked himself with a black dildo. His hands clawed at the sheets as he panted.
“Tony?” Bucky took a step forward, touching Tony’s skin softly. “Are you okay, doll?”
“I’m fine,” Tony moaned. He might’ve come off as haughty if he weren’t so wanton. “I was testing an aphrodisiac and… fuck, fuck!” He screwed the dildo harder into his ass, squirming.
“Why were you testing an aphrodisiac?” Bucky asked, tugging off his shirt.
Tony glared at Bucky. “Because Clint asked me for a favour I wasn’t going to question. Now are you going to help me or not?”
Bucky smirked, kicking off his shoes and pants before climbing onto the bed. He flipped Tony over, grabbing the dildo and tossing it aside.
“James,” Tony whined, forcing his ass into the air. “Please, it hurts.”
“Don’t worry, doll,” Bucky said, “I’ll take care of you.” He pushed two fingers into Tony’s gaping hole and frowned. Tony was slick, but… “Jesus Tony, is this stuff coming out of you?” He pulled his fingers back out, looking at the slick on his fingers.
Tony huffed. “Clint wanted it to be self lubricating and do you fucking care about the science of it, Barnes?”
Bucky couldn’t help a soft chuckle. “No, I don’t.” Bucky bent over, running his tongue over Tony’s hole, out of curiosity more than anything else. The slick tasted better than Bucky imagined it would, and he found himself lapping at Tony’s hole, chasing the taste.
“Fuck!” Tony shrieked. “Oh god, please, just fuck me already.”
“You taste good, doll,” Bucky murmured, but he pulled back. He gave his own cock a few strokes before lining up. “I’ll take care of you, sweetheart.”
Tony whined, bucking his hips. His nails clawed at Bucky’s skin as he help Bucky’s arms. As Bucky slowly pushed in, Tony threw his head back with the most beautiful moan Bucky had ever heard.
“Yes,” Tony gasped. “Yes, move, please!”
“I’ve got you,” Bucky said, snapping his hips.
Bucky set a brutal pace, fucking Tony as hard has he could. Usually Bucky held back, afraid to hurt Tony. Tony was small, fragile. But the blissed out look on Tony’s face, the desperate ‘ah’ noise that came out of Tony with every thrust had Bucky fucking him harder. Tony was beautiful, spread out beneath Bucky. It was damned poetic.
Without much of a warning, Tony arched his back and howled, coming all over himself and Bucky. His erection didn’t flag though, and even after coming down from his high he was still begging for more.
“That’s one,” Bucky hummed, running a hand over Tony’s cock, dragging a keen out of Tony. “Let’s see how many more we can get.”
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can you do one with wilford and bing? (sorry if it sucks I couldn't think of anything else)
((DRUMROLL PLEASE~ HERE COMES THE BEST OF ALL THE CRACK SHIPS! @the-asexual-reaper @darkfixation @just-another-starfish @jiiiimmmm-with-dyed-hair @forgottenbehindtheinternet @destinggirl )) Enjoy~
Wilford and Dark were good friends- which was to be expected, considering everything the two had been through. When feeling nostalgic about things that were best left buried, the two usually took a walk around the grounds, trying to understand their past, trying to put it behind them. Talking about it helped, and it was healthy, but it left both Wilford and Dark vulnerable and sometimes emotional. 
Today was one of those days that the two were going on a walk, trying to understand for the hundredth time, what had happened that night, when an imbecile on a skateboard decided he needed to try and grind down a railing.
“Yo!” The android shouted, and both Dark and Wilford, surprised, stopped in front of the stairs. Moments later, there was a crash, and Bing was on top of Wilford, both men on the ground. Bing, fortunately, didn’t have pain receptors. Wilford did.
“God damn it you pitiful excuse for an android!” Wilford shouted, hissing in pain. “Look what you’ve done!”
“Sorry, man.” Bing scrambled, quickly getting off of Wilford. He offered a hand to help him up, which Wilford took with a glare. “I-I tried calling out you must not hav-”
“Ouch!” Wilford exclaimed as he put weight on his right ankle. “Fuckin hell... take me to Dr. Iplier you nitwit.” He frowned. Then he turned to Dark. “Can you believe the shit I have to put up with?”
Dark was snickering. “We’ll continue later, Will.” He promised. “I’ll visit you at the doctor’s, perhaps.”
“Sounds good, Dark.” Wilford agreed as Bing let him use the android as a crutch, arm slung around Bing’s shoulders.
Bing began to walk Wilford to the infirmary. “Damn, what an ass.” He muttered. “Didn’t even bother to help us there? What’s that about?”
“He’s much better a guy than you’ll ever be.” Wilford told Bing with a glare. “You remember that.”
“What, you in love with him?” Bing asked with a chuckle.
“Doesn’t matter if I am or not. Are we almost there yet?” Wilford grumbled. 
Bing shrugged and looked up, taking off his shades. His eyes glowed pure white, Wilford noticed. It was an interesting detail, though it kinda unsettled the pink ego. “Yeah, we’re almost there.” Bing said as he slipped his shades back on and whipped his hair out of his eyes flawlessly. 
Wilford frowned at him. Once they got to Dr. Iplier’s, the good doctor said that Wilford had definitely sprained it. Dr. Iplier also bandaged Wilford’s other cuts and scrapes while he was there. Bing stayed there with him the entire time, making sure he was okay. It was... almost sweet.
Dark did come by, with a large bouquet of flowers. “Wilford?”
“Oh Dark.” Wilford chuckled, and Bing rolled his eyes, though that wasn’t noticeable under his shades. “I’m just a little scratched up.”
“I’m glad to hear that.” Dark said, handing the flowers over. “Sorry, I could only pop in. I gotta head back to work.”
“I understand. Have a good day, Dark.” Wilford waved, and Dark left.
Bing huffed. “Seems like he’s over compensating.” He murmured.
Wilford glared at him again. “What was that, clutz-droid?”
“I’m just sayin’.” Bing shrugged. “So what’s the deal with you two? Together, not together?”
“Let me repeat, it’s none of your fuckin’ business.” Wilford told him. 
“I hope not. What kind of jerk just drops of flowers and heads back to work? You were in an accident-”
“You crashed into me with your skateboard.”
“Whatever.” Bing scoffed. “Anyway, I’ll be heading out now. You seem to be okay. Sorry again.”
Wilford watched him leave, and glanced at the flowers. Huh. Yeah... It was weird Dark didn’t hang around. Oh well. He wasn’t going to fault him for that. He was just doing his best.
Bing was just being an ass. Wilford doubted he’d talk with him again.
Bing of course walked up to Wilford in a board meeting with chocolates. They weren’t fancy chocolates, they were actually just a box of Reece’s Pieces from the gas station. Wilford looked at them, and then at Bing, confused. “What’s this?”
“Just a little something. To say sorry.” Bing shrugged. “It’s no flowers but uh, I heard you liked these?”
Wilford looked down at the box. He did. They weren’t his favorite, but he did like them. He couldn’t help but to smile. “Thanks, Bing. That’s actually kinda nice.” Wilford murmured. Bing smiled and flipped his hair before going to his seat. Wilford sat down slowly, taking it easy.
“Now,” Dark said at the head of the table. “Let’s get down to business...”
Long story short, the meeting ended as it always did, with Dark shutting down a lot of Wil’s ideas and the pink ego storming off afterwards. Bing paused before running after Wilford. “Hey!”
“What?” Wilford whipped around, eyes burning with rage. “What the fuck do you want, you discount search engine?”
“Dude, can ya stop with the insults? I just wanna hear your ideas.” Bing said with a huff. “C’mon, Wilford. Can’t I just like... sit with ya, for a while?”
Wilford glared, before sighing. “Yeah, sure, come on.” And the two walked to Wilford’s room. They sat on his bed, and Wilford started to explain his plans. They started out as vague details just slapped together, but before too long, he was excitedly describing different scenes and plots he’d concocted in his head. Bing listened with a grin, happy to see Wilford so happy. 
Wilford sighed and flopped back on his bed. “Hey, thanks for listening. No one ever really does that.” He chuckled.
Bing shrugged. “I know the feeling. Ya know, younger, less popular brother that everyone seems to hate. And the only reason they do is cause Googs was here first. And he just... spread all these rumors and stuff... I’m a pretty nice guy.”
Wilford’s first instinct was to dispute it, until he remembered Bing carrying him to the infirmary, and giving him candy. Those were pretty nice things.
“Hm...” Wilford pondered. “Maybe, I judged you too soon.” He smiled. “Maybe we should start over?”
“Sure.” Bing flashed a grin and whipped his hair. “I’m Bing. What’s your name, handsome?”
Wilford laughed and shook his head. “Okay, you gotta stop doing that shit.” Then he cleared his throat. “Wilford. Wilford Warfstache.”
“You’ve been spending an awful lot of time with Bing lately.” Dark remarked as he and Wilford walked through the grounds. “Aren’t you afraid people might talk?”
“No.” Wilford replied honestly. 
“You know, you’re too good for Bing.” Dark told him. “Don’t you want to be with someone stronger? Someone who knows how to take control? Someone-”
“Suuuuhh dude!”
Wilford looked up. He grinned as he saw Bing on his skateboard across the field, about to ramp over a three foot pile of books. And his brother, who was laying on the ground next to the books. He must’ve lost a bet. “Hey! What’s going on here?” Wilford yelled back as he jogged on over.
Dark watched from a distance as the two interacted, glaring.
It was just about a month later, Bing and Wilford sitting on a roof. It had been Wilford’s idea to go stargazing, but Bing’s idea to climb up on the roof to do it. The stars were shining brightly above. Wilford’s eyes were bright, and he was grinning. Bing couldn’t keep his focus on the stars, watching Wilford instead. “So uh...” Bing cleared his throat. “Whatcha... whatcha thinking about?”
“Stars.” Wilford hummed. “They remind me of your eyes.”
“Oh yeah? Bright white and out of place?” Bing chuckled bitterly.
“Beautiful.” Wilford said instead, making the android blush.
“O-oh. Well, I can think of someone beautifuller, or I mean, more beautiful.” He stuttered. 
Wilford looked at him with a grin. “Yeah? Who’s that?” He asked with an eyebrow wiggle.
Bing smiled and shrugged, all while leaning in to kiss him. Wilford leaned as well, kissing him softly under the moonlight. Above them, a shooting star passed. It was perfect.
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sorcererinslytherin · 2 years ago
Did I say I would try to do this every day? Let’s revise that to every week. Whoops... lol. Sorry guys. Did mention my life was busy? Let’s try this again, shall we?
Prompt: Shriek
When he heard Gavin shriek in pain, he saw red. Straining against his bonds, his muscles bulged and ripped at the cuffs, but they held fast. The officers were brutal in their efficiency, grabbing the Golden Boy and shoving him back against the cruiser, slapping cuffs on his back. When he shrieked again, furious, one of the cops slammed his head against the cruiser door, breaking his beloved shades and cutting his head so blood streamed into his eyes. He howled in rage and fought again, but there was nothing he could do. The cuffs ripped into his skin and cut around his wrists. Slamming bodily up against the door wasn’t going to pop it open, wasn’t going to make the bulletproof glass shatter or the steel frame bend. In the end, he was only human, and humans couldn’t become Gods. They could only play at it a while. Somewhere in the distance, he could hear Michael roaring in fury, his voice carrying over the shriek of the sirens. The sirens. They wailed in such an unholy fury that Jeremy just wanted to bend down and put his head between his knees. He felt like he was going to be sick. Fuck. The LSPD. Out of anyone, it had to be them. Gavin was finally bullied into another car, looking sick and angry, but finally he had stopped that damn screaming. His voice had given out, maybe, or they had threatened someone. Maybe him. Jeremy couldn’t know. All he could hope was that the others knew they were taken. It was about time a Lads Bev Night ended like this, but this was different. They weren’t arrested for being drunk and disorderly this time. This time they were arrested for being the Fakes, and he wasn’t sure how Geoff was going to get them out this time. It was ten minutes later when they finally started heading out on the road. Another ten of driving through LS. Jeremy knew that the LSPD were furious at them this time - they took sharp turns and, without having a buckle, he flew around the back seat until he was battered and sore, unable to stop himself from tumbling with his hands cuffed behind his back. The windows were mainly blacked out, too, so he couldn’t really see anywhere farther than a few feet in front of him. The street lights flashed dizzingly and Jeremy ended up being forced to close his eyes. He didn’t open them again until he felt a thump on the top of the car. A thump that for all rights should not be there. He only had time to open his mouth to ask what that was before his entire fucking car was lifted off the ground. The helicopter... because it only could be a fucking cargo-bob ... shrieked as it lifted the entire fucking cruiser off the ground. The officers were screaming something, leaning out the window to shoot, but what could a pistol or two do against a fucking helicopter?? Jeremy burst into laughter - fucking hell, Jack, you gorgeous woman. Just please dear god don’t fucking drop him.... Realizing he was high in the air, he just screwed his eyes shut and prayed until he felt the car drop and slam to the ground. The two police officers were dispatched with their own form of brutal efficiency - two shotgun blasts through the windshield - and then there was the sound of picking locks for a second before his door was thrown open. Ryan grins at him messily, looking wild-eyed in just his paint. “Hey,” his battle buddy said, and held out a hand. “Come on. We gotta go get the other two, and Jack said I could fly this time.” This may be out of the frying pan and into the fire, but Jeremy couldn’t think of any fire he’d rather be in. He hopped out - shimmied out - and smirked at Ryan. “Give twenty bucks if you could make Gav vom.” Ryan’s shriek of laughter was music to his ears. “You’re on.”
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