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#it true

“ No seriously. Who is this polymorph that imposer me! Because I would like to have a few words with them! As much as I enjoy rutting with Gunmar. As you can tell with the many children I have with him. There is one thing more - Kisses

Yes, kisses, because for me, It is quite more sensual, and calming for me. Especially being kissed all over your form. Feeling that love seep into you.

Kissing is my kink. There. Whoever you are”

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i associate u w christian imagery, old men, and writing! hope it is not a strange combination

i think it encapsulates my aesthetic pretty well nfkwfwe ty beebs

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Part of me is like 鈥渙h I wonder how a masochist would fare as Michael鈥檚 toy鈥 but let鈥檚 face it poor sap would be dead faster than the rest for simply not being entertaining.


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One minute I’m all cute pics of pastel fluff and the next I’m all “go fuck yourself with a pinecone.” That’s just how I be sometimes.

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