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#it was very sweet of him to do that
manic-nightmare · 16 hours ago
aaaaaaaugh is it bad that I really really hate it when people still make content of G-Eazy and Halsey? like even to the point that I hate seeing any reference to Him & I? or even any of their songs on a playlist together? could you know ANYthing about that relationship, even in passing, and still think it’s sweet or good??
I get it, the height difference was cute, and their aesthetic was very appealing, and Him & I was certainly a moment - but the moment has passed and it was really toxic in hindsight.
I’m not saying you can’t like G-Eazy if you like Halsey (or vice versa) but could y’all at least try not to associate them with each other anymore?? I think they clearly do not want to be associated with him anymore.
Halsey has kept a pretty friendly relationship with a lot of their exes (Lido, Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud) and that is so clearly NOT the case with G-Eazy. they have scrubbed every performance they did with him from the internet. they got (rightfully) very defensive when someone in the audience at one of her shows kept yelling G’s name.
so can we just like... not mix those two or romanticize their relationship anymore??
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aka-yuki-no-hana · 21 hours ago
😎 for tanji and kyo?
😎 How do they impress their s/o?
Sweet, sweet tanji. He would bring his s/o various flowers he finds out while on his missions. Especially ones he finds very fragrant and sweet because they remind him of your scent.
He also will take you to see the snow and take you to the village he grew up in.
My sweet husband. He'd cook for his s/o, especially sweet potatoes. He'd bring them little trinkets from his missions like charms or hair pins.
Kyou would also take them star gazing in his home estate's garden, surrounded by flowers.
Headcanon game
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serostuffsmh · 21 hours ago
Kai was raised by an old fashioned old man, so in his mind he HAS to give his s/o flowers often; it's been drilled into him that that's the right thing to do (and gift giving is a love language). BUT let's say his s/o has a pollen allergy; even if it's a mild one, he's gonna avoid provoking a reaction by any means possible. The solution to this ? THEY BUILD THE LEGO FLOWER BOUQUETS TOGETHER. (Google it dude, theyre really pretty)
Nah but fr, he'd get them some silk (or polyester, for the dust-resistance) fake flowers that look so real (and somehow smell real too???) and they better be creative with interior design bc very soon their apartment is gonna be covered with flowers that will never wilt. And i'm imagining that kai gets such a self-satisfied look on his face when he visits their home, and sees them on their bed or couch, surrounded by the "flowers" he knows will brighten their day without harming their health. (Also im picturing him sitting on their couch, waiting for them to get ready for a night out. And. Theres just flowers everywhere. Like picture him in his all black suit + dust mask combo on a couch and he's surrounded by these vivid bouquets that he hand picked for his s/o, and there's so many flowers that they had to start hanging them up on the wall bc they ran out of table space for them).He smiles every time that he comes over and notices that there are more flowers than the last time. Because he has a hectic work schedule, he often worries that his s/o feels forgotten or like he's not thinking about them-which isn't true at all!! They live in his head rent free in a way he can't comprehend!!! It's just that he logistically can't be with them 24/7. So to compensate, he wants to fill their home with reminders of his feelings for them (in the form of the flowers). They want to make tea in the morning? Whoops, gotta reach past the small bundle of olive branches and sola wood flowers to get to the tea leaves. (Side note: im not researching the language of flowers rn for this ask, but he would 100% use that when picking his bouquets)They feel alone in bed at night? Just roll over to look at the bundle of red roses on the nightstand. He likes to leave physical reminders of his love when he can't actually be there with them :)
I really thought I posted this ask! So sorry anon :v
Silk flowers are probably better anyway since the real ones die so quickly. But the ones he sends? They’ll last however long you want to keep them.
it's so nice that in this headcanon he’s still able to make their day a bit brighter with 'fresh' flowers in a little vase. Even if he can’t see you everyday he still wants you to know he cares and will probably send you a bouquet of dainty purple roses.
I also imagine he keeps dozens of flowers with him in advance so he can keep sending them to youbover the course of a few weeks. Just enough time to preorder even more flowers. If you keep every last one of the flowers he sends, he’ll be a bit flattered and smile at all of the faux colourful flowers you displayed.
I also totally reccomend the book "The Language of Flowers" by mandy kirby :^
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rae-writes · 6 months ago
Mcyt headcanons
TommyInnit, Tubbo, Philza, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, Dream, Sapnap, Georgenotfound, Badboyhalo, Quackity, Karl Jacobs, Ranboo x reader (Separate, optional platonic/romantic) 
word count : 544
warnings : none
synopsis : Cradling the faces of the Dream SMP members 
author’s note : I just wanted to say that all of my fics, headcanons, drabbles, etc with the Mcyt people are all in-game- whether it be an au of sort or follows the main story line. I’ve always been better at writing for fictional characters so I’ll be writing for their in-game personas, although some of their real-life personalities may be involved sometimes. 
Really tries to act all big and tough 
But literally as soon as your hand comes in contact with his cheek, he’s leaning into it with a embarrassed scowl
“I do not enjoy this, alright? We’re gonna be very clear here that I do not, I repeat do nOT-“
He’s so sweet oml
He’ll see your hand coming closer to him and just lean in the rest of the way 
Could honestly fall asleep like that 
“Say, Y/n? Could we do this more often? I quite enjoy it.” 
We love our resident Dadza. 
He’s tried so hard to take care of his boys for so long but who takes care of him? When your hand gently caresses his cheek it takes him a bit to process 
Gets a bit emotional cause wow he didn’t know how much he needed this- 
“I-...thank you, Y/n.” 
tsundere, lol. 
We saw how he acted when Ranboo gave him an axe as a present- he’ll be no different with this 
Won’t even say anything, honestly, he’ll just sit there with his signature blank face 
If you listen close enough though, you’ll hear Techno’s happy piglin noises 
Wilbur Soot 
Mans has not felt like this since Sally died
Straight up melts and gets misty eyed at first contact 
Will NOT let you go for awhile 
“Y/n...stay here with me, please?”
- He still loves Sap and George deep down and no one can change my mind
Hasn’t had friendly contact with people since he left Sapnap and George 
He’ll freeze up at first, making you move your hand away until he grabs it hastily 
Covers your hand with his and cries about his two best friends 
“T-they hate me, Y/n! Please...please tell me you don’t hate me too.” 
Gets all giddy and giggly 
Pulls you into his lap so he can cradle your face as well 
Won’t let you get up unless you have to use the bathroom
“Y/n! You’re so cute, you know that?” 
Gets all blushy and turns to hide his face in the palm of your hand 
Loves the contact but can’t look you in the eye for long 
Won’t ever deny you when you wanna do it again 
“Can you...can you do that again?”
He’s just so happy that you’d want to be near him like this that he’s practically vibrating in excitement 
Will speak about this for days with Skeppy 
“AwWH, you’re such a sweet little muffin!” 
You were 100% doing this after he got into a fight 
He wasn’t used to affection after Schlatt so he just sat there in shock for a second 
Won’t say it twice, but he appreciates you so much
“Thank you for always being here...I love you Y/n.”
Karl Jacobs 
Another sweet blushy baby 
He’ll stare at you adoringly and kiss your palms here and there 
Tugs his multicolored hoodie over your body and cuddles against you
“Y/n...your eyes are beautiful. Did you know that?”
Absolutely cannot look you in your eyes
The blush on his white side matches the color of his eyes 
Trembles and stutters as he tries to form a sentence 
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snappleapple · 6 months ago
their favorite types of kisses
people in this - dream, georgenotfound, sapnap, wilbur, punz, jschlatt, awesamdude, quackity
the most disgusting fluff i’ve ever written
warning - cursing, i think that’s all but if there is more please do not hesitate to tell me :)
word count - 2k
a/n: okay okay, i might’ve lied earlier about that being my last post but this was short and easy to make which is why i would like to feed my readers this early haha. anyways, enjoy and please disregard the errors in this post, i hate proof reading anything lol. also, i’ve been very indecisive on the title and i might change it later and ooh, my masterlist will be made soon. i’ve just been feeling very unproductive these days. also, please put in requests, i am so bored and dumb therefore there are no ideas in this brain. and if you’d like a part 2, i might add more people for the part 2!anyways, peace!
Tumblr media
dream -
i get the feeling that dream’s favorite type of kisses would be cheek kisses
he just likes to watch as you struggle to reach his height
“aw look at those little legs do their thing.”
ends up with you not giving him his kiss
and mans becomes SO pouty
“y/n…come on. don’t be this way.” :(
if you don’t kiss him on the cheek, will also become SO clingy and whiny
“why won’t you KISS ME!”
clenches his fists and stomps away like a teenage girl during puberty
slamming the door to your room
so then you have to go and give him all the kisses he wants
his face is slammed into your pillow
you sit on the side of the bed and pet his hair
leading him to stare up at you with puppy dog eyes
“i will give you all the kisses you want. so stop being so pouty, you big baby.”
will literally leave zero feet of space between you and him
taps his cheek to tell you he wants kisses
when you go on dates, will literally make you stand on your tippy toes to get his kisses
does not bend down at all and actually lifts his head higher to tease you
in other words, clingy but rude hoe
Tumblr media
george -
george is a classic romantic
he loves just lip kisses
pecks or lingering ones
he doesn’t care
mans don’t need too many kisses
nor does he need to be too clingy
total opposite of dream and sapnap *ahem clingy ahem*
if he wants a kiss,
he will come over to you and get it
doesn’t get pouty if you’re busy
just waits patiently
doesn’t enjoy it when you interrupt him when he’s streaming so you do your own thing
when you’re watching a movie with him,
he will literally only stare at you with his cute smile
and listen to your every criticism of the movie
he likes to just peck your lips whenever he feels like it
and you’re just not surprised anymore
just likes to stare at your lips whenever you talk
overall, is very sweet but not to an extent with showing affection
Tumblr media
sapnap -
sapnap just vibes with neck kisses
it tickles his neck and he loves them
giggles when you pepper kisses along his neck and flushes a deep red
“y/n. stop.” giggles between each word
but when you do, becomes the saddest person in the whole world
“i was joking.” :(
when he’s streaming and he begins to miss you
would leave his room and find you just to get a kiss
just like dream, would get angry if you give him no kisses
very amusing for you
and you love to tease him
“i don’t want to give you kissies.”
continues to stare at you with a large frown until you give in and give him kissies
lsg supremacy but i’ll get into this later hehe
you better give him kisses or you’ll be dealing with a very sad sapnap
sadnap :(
Tumblr media
wilbur -
wilbur, wilbur, wilbur
what can i even say
total nose kiss guy
i bet he’ll boop your nose twenty four seven
asks stupid questions just to get your attention
“yes wilbur?”
“is a hotdog a sandwich?”
“did you just say boop while you booped my nose?”
if he’s streaming and you bring him a snack
he will hold your face still and leave kisses on your nose
not too clingy but not too distant
likes to be just right with you
if its snowy outside and your noses get red
makes dumb jokes about he is rudolph and you’re mrs. rudolph
just a lot of smooches from wilby
takes you to a lot of hidden cafes in the city
and while you read, he balances his head on his palm, staring at you in admiration
if you’re insecure about your nose, you legit can’t be around wilbur because he will go on a tangent about how beautiful it is
substantially, soft boy hours all day bro, besides when he gets mad then you leave the hormonal man tf alone
Tumblr media
punz -
i don’t see a lot of punz on tumblr so here we go
punz loves hand kisses
not to an extent where he has a hand fetish
god no but just like
when your holding hands, he’ll occasionally pull your hand up to his lips and leave a kiss
lots of hand holding
and i mean lots
constantly gets mad fun of for being a simp but ignores those comments because he genuinely loves you so much
likes it when you play with his hair and messing it up
also likes to compare hand sizes with you
always has a hand on your thigh or your hand in his whenever he is driving somewhere with you
even when you go on dates, always holding hands
no matter how sweaty your hand gets, he will hold on
sometimes if he holds on for too long, you have to tell him to let go
“punz, my hand is super sweaty. lets take a break from the hand holding.”
would flat out decline so you would have to pry your hand out of his
he would also love it when you would kiss his hand
makes him feel all polite and precious LOL
would also wrap his pinky along yours when you walk together
he once came with you to a family gathering for christmas and was so SHY
shy boy held your hand for security while your younger siblings made fun of you
afterwards, when you were under a mistletoe, he kisses you on the lips before kissing you on his favorite part of your body,
your hand
Tumblr media
c!jschlatt -
jschlatt is a whole mess
the first time you met, he confessed that he would hate you for as long as you lived because you made fun of his boots
now he says he still strongly dislikes you but you’re more tolerable
doesn’t like it when you make him soft and HATES it when he blushes
“why must you do this to me, mother nature?”
also “hates” it when you even touch him because he “hates” you
when he actually confessed to you that he liked you with his grumpy usual grandpa voice,
you kissed him on his forehead, after he bent down of course
he is an actual giant and threatens to squash you like an ant if he feels the need to
is an absolute monster to you but loves it when you kiss his forehead because it makes him feel secure and loved
likes to watch the wind blow through your hair and mess it up but gives you his hat because he like you being “all pretty and shit”
gets SUPER jealous when you hug children
like for example, when you went over to a family gathering at his house, his cousins came up to hug you
and when you let go of the child, the man child comes and lugs you over his shoulder
gets yelled at by his mom and gives her a sheepish smile before rolling his eyes and throwing you down on the sofa set next to him
his mom doesn’t approve of the way he treats you but you tell her its fine because he’s cute
when you are far from any type of civilization or in the safety and solitude of your own home, he wants kisses on the forehead
pointing up to it and bending down so you could reach it
“y/n, i only love you because of your forehead kisses.”
“you only love me for my kisses?” :(
actually feels slightly bad
“and because of your personality.”
“thank you-“
“shut up. we don’t talk about this.”
in conclusion, give him his forehead kisses or perish
Tumblr media
awesamdude -
sam just adores it when you give him jawline kisses
not because it’s basically the only place you could reach but because it’s a sweet gesture
sam is all about sweetness
i mean have you even seen this man on his stream
he likes to watch you while you have conversations with your friends
not in a creepy way but more like an adoring way
cause man does he love you
i mean not only does he love you but his whole family does
and when you’re alone with sam, you love to bury him underneath all of your love
“i love you sam!”
“no i love you more y/n!”
“NO i LOVE you more!”
“NO i LOVE you MORE!”
“okay thank you sweet pea.”
leaving you a bit confused but happy that he accepts your love
when you cuddle, omg
he never stops peppering kisses all over your face and vice versa because your relationship is disgustingly fluffy
when he lends you one of his sweatshirts, you sure as hell better wear that shit out or else (i am leaving a blank threat here)
sam loves technology but you guys sort of have a system
a system that involves mailing each other love letters rather than texting them
you guys also go on a ton of walks just about anywhere
hand holding is mandatory even though you probably look like a child compared to him
just give sam lots of love and in return, you’ll receive lots of love
Tumblr media
quackity -
mans cannot leave you tf alone
likes to do ANYTHING freaky around you
“i will follow you to the ends of the earth, mi amor.” or
“ayy, back off.” if anyone gets too close to you
messes with you twenty four seven and makes it his job to drive you insane
plays horror games at two in the morning for fun
and when he gets scared, hides in the safety of your arms
“mi amor. i’m scared.”
“shut the fuck up and sleep, alex.”
“okay.” shuts up quickly and snuggles deeper into the crook of your neck
loves you so deeply but HATES your cat
“look at that little dumb thing stare at me. you got a problem bro?”
your cat also HATES alex
scratches him all the time and hisses at him
if you think sapnap is babie, wait till you meet alex
“y/n he bit me!”
when you glance down, you don’t even see a scratch
“kiss my boo boo.”
“what boo boo? there’s nothing there.”
gasps as if you offended him
“this boo boo that your el demonio did to me.”
this man will do anything to get boo boo kisses
istg, you once found him provoking your cat to get some scratches
in alex’s mind, ouchies = kisses from y/n
always has ouchies from god knows where and shows it to you
even though you find it annoying at first, you grow used to it and it sorta becomes your thing with alex
alex is babie and you need to take good care of him :)
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forthegothicheroine · 6 months ago
How other great detectives would solve the Chesapeake Ripper murders
A series I do sometimes.  For the purpose of this post, I will be assuming Hannibal does not have protagonist protection.  I will also do my best not to assume that any of these detectives have protagonist armor, either.
Columbo: Columbo is immediately suspicious when Hannibal says that he “transferred his passion for anatomy into the culinary arts.”  When Hannibal talks about his hobby of collecting news clippings about church collapses, Columbo knows for sure that only a serial killer would do that.  He keeps needling at Hannibal, being incessantly polite, asking a series of innocuous questions, mentioning that his wife has been urging him to go to therapy and can Hannibal tell him anything about that process?  Hannibal can tell he’s smarter than he seems, but doesn’t realize just how smart.  He’s also smart enough to finally come to arrest Hannibal with a full squad of burly guys with guns.  Columbo is also very sweet to Abigail and they write letters to each other after the case is over.
Phryne Fisher:  Phryne has an absolutely marvelous time investigating this case.  Hannibal takes her on dates to the opera and fine wine tastings and they have amazing sex.  She also almost has sex with Will Graham, but when he collapses on a chair and beings talking about all the troubles he’s been going through, including encephalitis symptoms, she ends up driving him to the hospital instead.  Between Will’s testimony about how Hannibal has been misleading him about his symptoms and her own secret swiping of keys, she becomes suspicious and investigates the murder house.  When Hannibal catches her, he promises that her death display will be the most beautiful one yet.  She shoots him non-fatally and he gets arrested.  (She may also be arrested for breaking and entering, but Hannibal can’t exactly claim stand-your-ground when he has a basement freezer full of body parts.)  Phryne also possibly sleeps with Alanna.
Sam Spade: I’ll be real here, Sam Spade is probably going to die.  His primary method is deliberately antagonizing people into giving him money, and Hannibal would absolutely put him in his ‘rude people’ recipe cards.  If Spade was clever, he left a dead man’s switch with Effie, and she goes to the police with the evidence folder when Spade’s body is found posed like a statue of a bird.
Sam Vimes: The moment Sam meets Hannibal he mentally classifies him as a vampire, even though he is not technically a vampire.  Hannibal keeps ‘forgetting’ and offering Sam food and drink with alcohol, talking about how harm reduction is much more viable than complete abstinence and generally trying to manipulate him into falling back down the addiction hole.  Sam gets brittle and suspicious in response.  Hannibal drugs him and tries to hypnotize him into believing he saw another character do the murders, but the Inner Watchman in Sam’s head comes to the rescue again and he slams Hannibal over the head with the nearest heavy art object.  Sybil still afterwards insists that Sam go to therapy to deal with his rage.
L: L wastes time going on dates with Hannibal and trying to trick him into implicating himself despite already having plenty of evidence, and Hannibal kills him and puts his head in a candy store.
Poirot: When Poirot attends dinner at one of Hannibal’s parties, he knows as soon as the meat touches his palette that it isn’t really rabbit.  He does his best to hide the fact that he isn’t eating, and whispers to Hastings to do the same.  When he finally has caught Hannibal in enough lies, he accuses him of murder while in a room with him, Will, Alanna, Abigail, Chilton, Able and Jack.  With so many witnesses, Hannibal maintains his cool and says that he’ll call his lawyer and see everyone in court.  When they actually investigate his house and find the human body freezer, Poirot faints.
Philip Marlowe: Every time Marlowe tries to bother Hannibal, the local cops drag him into the station and berate him for hassling a rich person.  He has long conversations with Hannibal when he does get him alone about great literature and the morality of Shakespeare characters.  Hannibal drugs him and tries to convince him he witnessed somebody else commit the murders, but Marlowe is so used to being drugged and seeing ridiculous things that he doesn’t trust any drug trip memories.  He is eventually able to catch Hannibal in the process of cleaning up after a murder, and both shoot each other.  Both survive and Hannibal gets arrested, but Hannibal taunts Marlowe that he will go the rest of his life never meeting anyone who understands him as well as he did.  Marlowe sadly agrees.
Dale Cooper: If Cooper does solve this case, it will take at least a season and a half.  It will be based less on evidence and more on Hannibal having dark energy and his name coming up when Cooper picks it out of a bag of ice cubes with initials carved onto them.  Abigail finally breaks down and confesses everything that’s happened to Cooper, and he tells her she’s not an evil person.  He and Hannibal shoot each other; both survive.  Hannibal goes to jail but continues to influence other people to commit murders from within jail.  Cooper ends up in a coma, and when he wakes up, he reports visions of a feathered stag telling him that he should look for new hair gel.
Kinsey Milhone: Kinsey inherently distrusts smug rich people, and no rich person is smugger than Hannibal.  She spends a lot of time talking to Abigail about their mutual family issues and becomes suspicious of how much her answers seem to have been worded ahead of time by Hannibal.  She tracks him and manages to find him while he’s in the process of cutting someone up.  They attack each other, and it’s pretty much a coin flip as to who survives.  If it’s Kinsey, the resulting story is called C is for Cannibal.
Miss Marple: Miss Marple thinks Hannibal dresses in such a lovely fashion, and he’s so sweet to invite her over for a glass of sherry.  She doesn’t attempt to look around his house or catch him in the act of murder or do anything dangerous, she just compares notes about what’s being said by him, Will and Abigail, and unravels a web of lies to find some definite conclusions.  Jack Crawford and the entire FBI are humiliated that a nosy old lady sitting in her living room figured everything out before they did.
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msjessicaday · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gif meme 10. touch me (gifs where characters are touching each other or other things of importance)  → nick and jess
(requested by @omgcrazypenguinkid, @meredithgreys, @cool-nick-miller, @mathiilde3)
#ngedits#new girl#nick x jess#ness#otp: a weird wonderful life together#mine#gif meme#i love the way jess wraps her arms around nick when they kiss#but i especially love it in that first gif knowing how much love she probably felt for him in that moment#honestly if 314 wasn’t as perfect as it was from start to finish i would have loved that to be the moment when they said their i love yous#and the soft back rub then lil pat in the second gif is one of my fave moments between them even if it is really small and quick#esp. when s1/early s2 nick was still a grumpy turtle faced old man who hated anything and everything but jess#it’s just sweet and shows how close and comfortable they were with each other early on#and that third gif well…jess wrapping her arms around nick as they kiss PLUS nick picking her up? two of my favourite things in one#don’t even get me STARTED on ness in 103 because there was just. SO MUCH going on with them especially their HANDS#like not only do i love how nice nick’s hand fits in hers but also how at first he was like ‘ok yea she’s got my hand’#then eventually he gets into it and his thumb folds over her hand. it’s just!!! very soft!#and i’ve always loved the 622 kiss so very much bc this is clearly something they’ve wanted and waited for for so long#despite them not really knowing it themselves most of the time bc they’re silly#and it SHOWS in the way they’re pretty much gripping onto each other for dear life like they never ever want to let go of one another again#i’m running out of tags so let me just talk real quick about nick touching jess’ face because it is my weakness#i particularly love the moments he does in 219 305 and 310 but ESPECIALLY the moment in 305 when he just gently cups her face and gives her#a peck on the lips. it’s just…peak married couple behaviour#and the hand holding moment from 310 almost didn’t make it to this set but i loved it way too much not to include it#sometimes i appreciate these little things they do more than i do their more ‘significant’ moments#because even if they are small subtle things it’s what makes it more real#and why the chemistry between these two makes it so easy for me to call them my otp!!#i’m really sad that we didn’t get as much of this in later seasons bc this played a big part in my love for ness#IN CONCLUSION (if you read all of this pls tell me so i can tell u that i love and appreciate u)#nick and jess are super soft and precious with each other and i’m in love with their love
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iwa-ch4n · 3 months ago
genshin boys reacting to you holding their face like this;
diluc: is slightly confused and a bit stiff but he'll let you. hold him like that for a bit longer and he'll loosen up and melt into a soft smile. definitely starts doing it to you after that
venti: he'll be surprised for a second, but then the adorable bastard giggles (ehe-) but its slightly muffled bc you're squishing his very very squishy cheeks and he's just so cute help
zhongli: soft smile immediately. might remove one of your hands just to hold it and kiss your knuckles. he's so sweet pls-
childe: no listen i just know this man is touch starved but he has no shame and latches on to any affection he gets. closes his eyes and he lowkey looks like a cat thats getting its chin scratched. please stroke his cheek with your thumb. please.
xiao: his first instinct is to pull away, but if you try again he'll let you. will probably mutter something about not getting close to him or useless human rituals or whatever but dont get him wrong, he's enjoying the affection
albedo: i think he would just take it as a kind of greeting? like if you came up to him and held his face like that he'd just look up at you softly and make a little "hmm?" sound as if he's asking what you need. he's so pretty idk about you but id need to take a minute-
bennett: FLUSTERED BABY pls he actually doesnt know what to do with himself. is blushing so hard and doesn't know what to say so he just thanks you??? but he's adorable and it makes you laugh and which will make him absolutely melt and you'll probably end up cuddling
razor: just looks at you slightly confused for a minute but when he realises you're being affectionate he'll like nuzzle into your hand and might try to do it back at some point
chongyun: confused for a second, then he processes whats happening and he is Flustered Baby part 2. less frantic than benny but he can't meet your eyes (unless you grip his face more and make him look at you) and he is definitely overheating pls help him
xingqiu: he takes it very casually bc he absolutely would just do this to you all the time. pulls you in by the waist and gives you a kiss on the nose (kiss him back smh-)
kaeya: does that fuckin chuckle and you end up more flustered than he is. will kiss your wrist and be like "did you need something?" but his teasing smile is softer than usual
scaramouche: pushes your hands away and asks what the hell you're doing. you may have to argue with him a little and hit him with the puppy eyes but eventually he'll just let you do what you want. seems like he's indifferent but he's blushing a little
tags; @youaskedfurret
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luventi · 2 months ago
with. diluc, childe, zhongli.
cw. cum play, nipple play, rough doms kinda, breeding/marking kink, oral, mentions of threesomes, this is a gn reader with a fem body, mentions of whores/whore houses.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
diluc is unintentionally rough. he tries not to be but so often has he found himself getting lost in the feeling of your warm mouth bobbing up and down on his dick and he can’t help but face fuck you while whining your name.
diluc also accidentally wakes you both up from your sleep when he rubs his boner on your ass in the middle of the night. considering you won’t be able to go back to sleep without relief you’ll press your back into his chest while he holds your thigh up to fuck into you. it’s quick and messy and he’s kissing your neck while rubbing your clit to help you cum faster. his cock is sloppily entering and exiting your hole, your wetness and his pre cum running down your thighs because he pulls out to cum on your ass.
there’s nothing like a giving partner and diluc is one of them. his favorite place to be is in between your thighs, long fingers fucking into you slowly while his mouth his attached to your clit, sucking on it harshly. he has you cum about 4 times, but it’s not like he’s trying to overstimulate you, he just really loves eating you out. and you can tell by the way he hungrily moans into your pussy.
childe is a big fan of getting his nipples sucked on, especially when you have his cock in your hands squeezing and jerking him off. he’s never one to be submissive but the feeling is like heaven to him. his moans would be borderline whines when you bite them too.
childe also enjoys the sound of your wet cunt taking his cock. it’s filthy and loud and he’s obsessed with it. “can you hear that?” he’ll ask you. “it’s the sound of your lewd little pussy getting fucked.”
childe loves boobies! he loves sucking on them and playing with them, he can never go to bed without resting his head on your naked chest. so don’t be surprised if his wet mouth latches onto them in a dark corner street, you’ll protest but he assures you it won’t be long. until he gets greedier for more and cups your pussy with his hand giving you a smile.
i wouldn’t be surprised if childe liked the sight of you playing with yourself while sucking him off, he’s very sweet to you but there’s a rush in his veins whenever you’re acting like a dirty slut for him. rubbing your clit to the feeling of his hard cock in your mouth? such a nasty nasty whore you are.
he also would ask for consent a lottt! childe loves to ask you just before doing something, “can i play with your pussy? can i eat it? can i fuck it?” etc!!
zhongli breaks the headboard and doesn’t even acknowledge it?! one hand resting on it the other holding your leg up to grant him more access and that’s when you hear a crack. you’re instantly trying to get him to stop because it might be dangerous but he only brings his other hand down to push you closer to him. “ignore it.” he says before ruthless fucking you.
zhongli likes when you play/suck on his nipples too. but only if you’re riding him, if you’re sitting on his lap it’ll give you easy access to his chest. taking the hard bud into your mouth, his raspy moans fill your ears while his hands guide you to bounce up and down on his cock.
also has a slight breeding/marking kink. zhongli never wants to do anything you’re not sure of so he will 100% not do this if you don’t want to, but if you agree? he’ll bite any piece of skin he can get his hands on and fill your cunt up to the brim with his seed. his fingers will come down to plug your hole when he pulls out of you, “don’t wanna waste any.” he’ll sweetly tell you and all you can do is nod yes.
zhongli is not opposed to sharing you, it’s what him and his friends used to do back in the archon war days (i will elaborate in other hcs :p) they’ll find someone they like at a brothel and share said person. so if childe or even his old friend venti is willing, they’ll share you like how he used to share whores.
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I love how Matt specified that the Clay family joined in with Essek’s group hug before he left. Obviously the Clays are just Like That but I really love the idea that they grew fond of Essek during his time in the Grove.
I mean... Caduceus returns from saving the world, and he’s brought some new friends! And one of them is this quiet, very polite drow who volunteers to help in your garden after it gets burned and ravaged by Horrid Wilting. He’s obviously never gardened before, and he keeps getting sunburned, but he’s meticulous and hard-working and he seems to be enjoying himself. And all it takes is one Insightful Clay look at him to know that there is a lot to unpack there, and he seems a little uncertain and unfamiliar when it comes to your loving family dynamic, which suggests some very sad things. But he’s one of your easier houseguests - he doesn’t even leave any muddy footprints! And that little cleaning cantrip of his makes chores so much faster, and it’s very sweet that he wears the rose-patterned gloves his friend made for him.
You hope he’ll visit again and spend some time in the garden. He could do with some tea and some gentle conversation. And with getting used to hugs.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Colin surprised himself by holding out his hand and saying, "Penelope Featherington, I think you should dance with me."
And then Penelope surprised him by laughing and saying, "That's very sweet of you to ask, but you don't have to dance with me any longer."
His pride felt oddly pricked. "What the devil do you mean by that?"
She shrugged. "It's official now. I'm a spinster. There's no longer a reason to dance with me just so that I don't feel left out."
"That's not why I danced with you," he protested, but he knew that it was exactly the reason. And half the time he'd only remembered to ask because his mother had poked him—hard— in the back and reminded him.
She gave him a faintly pitying look, which galled him, because he'd never thought to be pitied by Penelope Featherington
 "If you think," he said, feeling his spine grow stiff, "that I'm going to allow you to wiggle out of a dance with me now, you're quite delusional."
"You don't have to dance with me just to prove you don't mind doing it," she said.
 "I want to dance with you," he fairly growled.
"Very well," she said, after what seemed to be a ridiculously long pause. "It would surely be churlish for me to refuse."
"It was probably churlish of you to doubt my intentions," he said as he took her arm, "but I'm willing to forgive you if you can forgive yourself." 
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[Talking about all the Asian food Tubbo doesn't know]
Crumb: I'm on thin ice?? You've literally never had all these - ! You.......Tubbo you should buy lots of wasabi, you would like it a lot
Tubbo: okay. wasabi is the lil green stuff right?
Ranboo, playing along with Crumb: Yeah, it's kinda like - You said it was, what, sweet right?
[Evil pause]
Crumb: Mhm! :D
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ego 08
Tumblr media
summary⇢ what’s a girl to do when her sweet, innocent baby lab partner isn’t quite so sweet and innocent? well, he’s a grown-ass man, and you’re about to learn that the hard way. pairing⇢ jungkook/reader word count⇢ 8.5k rating⇢ 18+ genre⇢ smut | humor | college!au | fuckboi!au | fratboy!au warnings⇢ none really, except that everybody and they mama in they feelings 😩 BUCKLE UP 😈
a/n⇢ THIS CHAPTER KEPT GETTING LONGER AND LONGER AND I’M GOING INSANE so i’ve finally just decided to split it lmao. please take this part now and anticipate the (actual) last chapter a lot sooner than i got this one out since it’s already 80% written!!! 
this chapter’s mood is this. hope you enjoy 😩
chapters⇢ previous | next | series masterlist
Tumblr media
You knew your best friend.
You were perfectly aware that ignoring his texts and calls would not make him go away—that not responding in a timely manner would only result in him seeking you out. But, at the very least, you were sure you had bought yourself a couple of days. The fact that Namjoon was currently standing in the doorway to your living room, a plastic bag dangling from a couple fingers, was proof that you had been wrong.
Your eyes narrowed, immediately looking past him to where your traitorous roommate was casually rooting around in the refrigerator. “Meen! I thought we agreed no visitors!”
“Since when is Namjoon a visitor?” Mina snorted, not even bothering to spare you a glance. “He practically lives here.”
“My bad,” she replied mildly, not sounding sorry in the least. She shut the fridge door, taking an unbothered sip from her newly-procured beverage as she headed back to her room with a shrug. “Maybe next time you should specify.”
“Really?” you hissed, but she didn’t even acknowledge your indignation as she left.
Namjoon’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you, unimpressed and slightly offended. “I know you did not just try to call security on me.”
You let out a loud huff, turning away from him to moodily stare at your tv, intent on getting back to your Snapped marathon. “Joonie, go away, I’m done with men. All they do is disappoint me.”
“Hmm, are you sure about that? I brought you that Italian sub you like.”
At the sound of crinkling plastic, your attention rather predictably drifted back to where he was tauntingly swaying his bribe.
“…your pass expires in twenty-four hours.”
Namjoon ignored your grabby hands, instead choosing to join you on the couch and set the bag just out of reach on the coffee table. The cushion bounced a bit when he determinedly plopped down next to you, the two of you staring at each other in the stretching silence, waiting for the other to break. In the end, your best friend’s current patience turned out to be shorter than your current pettiness levels.
“What happened?” he asked rather gently. And just like that, his obvious concern easily reawakened the swirling emotion that you had been spending all day pushing down, down. “Are you okay?”
“I’m just fine, Namjoon,” you sniffed, eyes shifting away. Down, down. “Just fine and dandy.”
From the look on his face, he didn’t believe you, and frankly, you didn’t blame him. Yes, it had been a few hours since you had essentially had a meltdown and manipulated your mutual friend into giving you his car, but that wasn’t nearly enough time to pull yourself together and rope your feelings into something more muted and productive. Joonie knew that—he knew you—and so he had clearly found you as soon as he could, seemingly hopping right off the BTS bus and making pit stops only to drop off his bag and pick up your sandwiches.
However, despite the logical part of your brain plainly laying all of these facts out for you, the panicky part still reigned supreme, reflexive in its feigned ignorance.
“_____, you are clearly not fine.”
“And so what if I’m not? What, did you come all the way here to comfort me by letting me rest my head on your bosom?”
He looked at you flatly. “For the last time, I do not have a bosom.”
“And for the last time, you do. Now stop fighting me and let me put my face in your titties. You know that always makes me feel better.”
“So you’re admitting that you feel bad,” Joon pointed out triumphantly.
Damn. You had walked right into that one.
“Who said that? Can’t a girl just get motorboated in peace?”
“AHT!” Namjoon interrupted, raising a warning finger.
“What?” you asked defensively.
“Don’t do that.”
“Don’t do what?”
“You know what.”
“The whole shutting down and shutting people out thing you always do whenever you get really upset. I’m gonna need you to communicate and stop deflecting!”
You blinked, reflexively tensing at being read so blatantly. See, this was exactly why you had tried to stay away from Namjoon for as long as possible in the first place. He knew you way too well and wouldn’t allow you to properly wallow in your misery like you wanted. Rude ass.
At the look on your face, Namjoon let out a long sigh, simply opening his arms in invitation. You only paused for a moment before taking him up on the offer, pressing your face against his chest and immediately slumping into his warmth. As much as you teased, you hadn’t been lying about how comforting his chest was—your best friend gave the best hugs, and this was a perk you always made sure to take advantage of.
“Sorry I ruined the weekend,” you mumbled into his shirt.
“Eh, you didn’t really ruin anything,” he told you, squeezing your shoulder. “There’s drama at the formal every year. I would actually be surprised if this one passed without any, honestly. And besides, I would say Mark created much more drama than you did.”
You perked up at the promise of good gossip. “What do you mean? What happened?”
“Well, Taehyung was very blatantly checking out one of the busboys at breakfast, and didn’t seem to care that everyone—including the dude he invited as his date for the weekend—could see him doing it. So Mark threw a bagel at him.”
Your eyebrow rose in surprise. Taehyung had always had a bizarre ability to catch pretty much everything that was thrown his way, even when caught off guard. His reflexes were so ridiculously on point that you once asked him if he had ever considered trying out for your school’s baseball team. (“Ehhh, I feel like that wouldn’t be a very welcoming environment,” he had replied vaguely, tacking on a damning wink. You had rolled your eyes, unsurprised that he had apparently run through enough of the baseball team that the environment was too hostile for him to even consider joining.)  
“He caught it,” Namjoon confirmed at the confusion on your face. “But that just made Mark more mad. So he grabbed Jimin’s orange juice and poured it over Tae’s head.”
“Yikes,” you grimaced in sympathy, lowkey sad you had missed the spectacle.
“Yeah, Jimin was pretty mad. It was fresh-squeezed and the kitchen had just run out of oranges, so that had been the last glass. But anyway, I basically had to nip a giant food fight in the bud and everyone forgot about any sort of alleged drama that could have involved you after that.”
That was a relief to hear. Despite your personality tending to edge more on the dramatic side than not, you were never the type to cause unnecessary drama, and loathed when other people did. Just the thought of your quick exit causing a scene made your stomach twist in embarrassment.
However, when Namjoon leaned slightly away from you so he could properly meet your eye, you realized that you weren’t completely in the clear. “Jin-hyung seemed pretty pissed off, though,” he said lightly, watching you closely for a reaction. “Wouldn’t tell me why, and only bothered to eat two plates, which we both know for him is unheard of. Especially at a buffet.”
You stiffened, lips unconsciously pursing shut.
“You gonna tell me why I had to stop him from whipping his French toast sticks at Jungkook like he was taking the Chunin Exams?” he prodded gently.
“…Ugh, you’re such a weeb.”
“And you understood that reference, so clearly so are you. Now what did I say about deflecting?”
You exhaled slowly through your nose, the silence stretching between you as Joon patiently waited you out. Because as much as you knew your best friend, Namjoon also knew you. He knew that you would only speak when you were ready, and so he was never one to pry—he would always simply make it clear that he that he was ready to listen whenever you needed to, and wordlessly offer his support in other ways. Like sandwiches. This was one of the qualities you really appreciated in your best friend.
“…It’s all just a misunderstanding,” you answered reluctantly.
The look Namjoon gave you was nothing short of incredulous. “You weren’t upset,” he deadpanned.
You didn’t blame the skeptical twist of his lips—you had suddenly zoomed off like a bat out of hell. “I was upset at me,” you tried to clarify, though you weren’t even sure you were convincing yourself. “Because I knew better. I knew better, and yet I still decided to be out here embarrassing myself and looking stupid. So I had to leave. That’s all. Can we please drop it?”
The furrow in Namjoon’s brow suggested he didn’t necessarily believe you were telling the whole truth. Still, he chose not to press you, and you were silently grateful. You weren’t lying about how mortified you still were, and the wounds were still too fresh for you to go into detail about what happened to your friend who, while supportive, would no doubt still hit you with some variant of Told you so. He didn’t say anything though, simply gave your knee a couple reassuring pats before finally reaching for the food bag.
You cleared your throat, ridding it of any collected emotion. “Does it have salami?”
“Of course it has salami,” he scoffed, handing you one of the sandwiches and starting to unwrap his own. “Who the fuck orders an Italian sub without salami?”
“I was just asking, don’t sass me!”
“Don’t ask stupid questions then,” he replied matter-of factly, taking bite and chewing obnoxiously.
Your eyes narrowed. “Twenty-three hours and forty-eight minutes, Kim.”
He waved you off, markedly unconcerned by your threat. And in that moment, you couldn’t stop the small tug of your lips. Despite your pitiful day, Namjoon had somehow made everything feel almost normal again, like the two of you were eating dinner together because it was simply another night.
You both ate in silence for a few moments, more focused on the food than anything else. But the second Namjoon’s eyes drifted to the tv and he realized what was on, he froze, shooting you a wary glance.
“What do you say we watch something else,” he suggested, cautiously reaching around you for the remote with the same care one would give an easily-spooked animal.
You paused in reaching for one of the bags of chips he had brought, attention moving to the satisfying reenactment of a lady running over her abusive husband with her car. “What? Why?”
Namjoon’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “No reason. Just feeling like it’s a B99 kinda night.”
You shrugged noncommittally, too interested in deciding between barbecue and salt and vinegar to notice his sigh of relief. “Knock yourself out.”
“C-Cool. How’s the sandwich?”
“Bussin’,” you answered honestly, too into the food to be anything but.
“That’s what I like to hear.”
Tumblr media
It didn’t escape you that not too long ago, it had been Jimin who had made your gut clench in anxiety. But now that you found yourself in this situation, you could blatantly see the difference. Feel the difference. Jimin had been perfect on paper—handsome, sweet as pie, and seemingly into you—and so it hadn’t been hard for you to fixate on the progression of your relationship that you had been sure was happening. It had definitely stung when you finally realized that wasn’t the case.
But your sporadic Jimin flirtation couldn’t hold a candle to the time you had spent with Jungkook. The literal hours, months, spent simply chatting, at first about the class that forced you into each other’s orbit in the first place, but quickly about everything else. You knew his quirks—knew that he bizarrely enjoyed doing laundry, and actually took the time to separate his whites and colors and delicates and use all the appropriate settings. A college fratboy who literally had a favorite brand of fabric softener. You knew that he got the little scar on his cheek from fighting with his brother when he was young. And he knew that you often pulled all-nighters, because you were a terrible procrastinator. (He had never seemed anything other than amused when you fell down Youtube blackholes at 3am and sent him videos of how to survive if you were ever swallowed by a whale). He knew how, during a family vacation when you were young, your aunt had unthinkingly given you one of those shitty disposable cameras. How you had taken immortalizing your vacation on film bizarrely seriously for a child, and that the developed photos had revealed that you had enough of an eye for the visual arts that your parents decided to start enrolling you in classes.    
Yes, Jimin’s rejection had stung. But it hadn’t felt anywhere near like what you were feeling now, now that you had actually opened up. Had actually let your guard down and offered pieces of yourself.  
You hadn’t been lying to Namjoon—you were embarrassed. Positively mortified that you had ignored all reason, had somehow convinced yourself that Jungkook actually liked you. Liked you how you wanted him to. Liked you the way you liked him.
But you should have known better. You knew better, and yet you still ignored your instincts, still ignored logic.
Because, like you had told Mina all those months ago, you got attached in relationships.
And Jungkook didn’t.
You weren’t dumb—you knew he liked you too, knew he definitely enjoyed being in your company. He couldn’t fake that—the two of you had spent enough time together over the last few months that genuine camaraderie and affection had bloomed. But at the end of the day, it was clear that you cared more than he did.
Against all your efforts, what the two of you had done actually meant something to you. Had actually altered something between you that, at least for you, couldn’t be changed back. But to Jungkook? You had been a welcome challenge. Nothing more than a game that he had finally won.
How could this have happened? How could you have read things so completely wrong?
When Namjoon finally went home and you were once again left alone with your thoughts, your brain wouldn’t stop going over every single moment from the past few months, searching for the signs of deception you had to have missed. It was hard, because Jungkook was one of the most genuine people you knew—his emotions were often visible on his face, and he said what he meant and meant what he said. At least…at least you had thought so...but the more you pondered, the more it became obvious that you had been set up.
He had charmed you, broken down your carefully-built walls brick by brick. He had noticed right away that his usual strategy wouldn’t work on you, so instead he switched tactics and backed off. Simply lured you in with carefully-placed bait. Made you relax your defenses so gradually that you hadn’t realized you were doing it. The soft smiles, the casual hand on the small of your back or on your knee, the warm arm slung over your shoulder. The hotel room with only one bed that he had “forgotten” to mention to you. The way he had made sure to take your bag to the room himself so you wouldn’t see the single bed until you were too tired and drunk to care.
All he had to do was wait—and you fell right into his trap. A sheep led to slaughter, just, as Jungkook had made sure to point to you, like the other girls.
So yes, you were embarrassed that you had fallen for it. And yes, you couldn’t help but also be upset at him, despite the rational part of your brain repeatedly reminding you that he had promised you nothing. So, to try to let your emotions simmer down enough for your rationality to return, you felt it best to keep your distance from Jungkook for a while.
He had called you on your frazzled drive home from the hotel, but you had gotten away with ignoring him by sending him a quick text telling him that you were a bad driver and didn’t want to be distracted. When he texted you a few hours later, you didn’t respond right away, and when you did, you told him that you still weren’t feeling well, and had passed out as soon as you got home. But that excuse didn’t work out the way you hoped it would.
[02:45] jeon 😒 Wow, are you sure you’re okay? I can bring you some medicine or soup or something
[02:55] no, don’t worry about it! I’m pretty sure it’s just a stomach bug, but I don’t want to expose you just in case
[02:56] jeon 😒 Babe, I’ve been exposed all weekend lol
[02:56] jeon 😒 whatever it is, if it’s contagious, I definitely already have it 😉
His casual allusion to what the two of you had done easily triggered your stomach into knots, and you found yourself unable to answer him, mind whirring about how you should reply. And after Namjoon had barged in and stolen your attention, you essentially ended up leaving him on read.
The BTS formal being scheduled right before finals meant that you were lucky enough to only have to soldier through one more week of class. Blessedly, there were no more chemistry labs for the semester—just one last lecture, and you easily skipped it to avoid him, praying that the slides your professor uploaded later were thorough enough for you to get the gist. And then after that, you were essentially free, able to easily avoid the areas he often frequented and focus more on getting your portfolio together and preparing for oncoming exams.
Jungkook did still try to contact you, of course. Because you were too much of a coward to block him and be done with it, you still saw it when he tried to check in on you (missed you in class today ☹️ ) and randomly sent you funny memes. This was all normal behavior before, but now, now that your heart had escaped its ribcage and seemingly made a new permanent home in your throat, your responses came off as rather lukewarm, even to you. The excuse that you still didn’t felt well, an lol that looked like the afterthought that it was.
A few days into finals week and a solid week after you had abandoned him at the lake, Jungkook tried again.
[02:56] 🚨❌🚨🚫 Hey, do you think we could get together and study? My notes say “meniscus” everywhere
[02:56] 🚨❌🚨🚫 miniscust? menisqus??? it’s spelled differently every time I wrote it 😩
[02:57] 🚨❌🚨🚫 what the fuck is a mainissiscuss, please help
Your chemistry final was in a couple days, so it made perfect sense that he would want to get together and go over things one last time. Still, you found yourself staring at the words, anxiety spiking at the thought of seeing him and pretending that everything that had happened between you never did. That nothing had changed between the two of you and everything was normal.
[02:57] sorry, I’m just really swamped rn
[02:58] but i think the meniscus has something to do with test tubes
[02:58] I feel like the professor always told us to look for that
He never replied, and, strangely, that only made you simultaneously relieved and more anxious.
Your chemistry final was being held in a larger lecture hall than the class had taken place in—multiple classes were being tested at the same time and seating was alphabetical, so it was easy for you to slip into the crowd and disappear without catching a glimpse of Jungkook at all. Good luck he had texted you, and you had responded with a simple you too.
You were running, just like you always did. And, to your surprise, the universe was actually letting you. But, as is always the case, just when you started to relax, just when you started to breathe again, the rug was pulled from under you.
You had been really careful to avoid all places you knew Jungkook might appear. However, you had been so focused in your task that what you hadn’t stopped to consider was that he knew all your places as well.
Jungkook finally caught you where he had caught you once before—your favorite library, in the lesser-known room about medieval medicine. You had been studying there for hours, preparing for an upcoming exam, and the way the words were starting to move nonsensically across your vision was the clue you needed that you should probably take a break. So, with a tired sigh, you gathered your things, intent on stopping somewhere for a quick lunch before heading home. But when you turned to leave your small alcove, you were startled to find Jeon Jungkook standing there like some sort of wide-eyed hallucination.
The sudden appearance of the man you had been actively avoiding for weeks almost made you jump out of your skin, and Jungkook jumped too, your surprise triggering his.
“You scared me,” you breathed, a hand resting on your chest as a reflexive comfort to your racing heart. Unfortunately, now that your initial scare was subsiding and your brain had more time to process the situation, your fight or flight response was not likely to back down.
He looked the same as the last time he had found you here so many months ago—wide-eyed, draped in sweats with a backpack slung over his shoulder. But at the same time, he looked much different. His hair had gotten longer over the months, his shaggy bangs wisping over his eyes to such a degree that he now needed to part it to see, the view of his forehead that had once unnerved you now such a common occurrence that you didn’t even notice anymore. He was still big—had been so from the first day you met—but now, inadvertently trapping you in this small space, he seemed especially so. And, of course, the energy between you had changed completely. Gone was the sense of harmless flirtation, and in its place was unspoken tension. A sort of hesitance.
You cleared your throat, eyes shifting slightly to the side, focusing on the space over his shoulder so you wouldn’t have to look at him directly. “What are you doing here?”
“I just stopped to get some Starbucks up front,” he replied, lifting the cup he had apparently been holding. The insignia indeed claimed it to be from Starbucks. “And I remembered you liked studying back here sometimes, so I thought I’d check to see if you were here.” He shuffled a bit from foot to foot. “Um, are you feeling better?”
What a loaded question. A fair one, but much more complicated than he realized.
“A little bit, yeah.” You let out a nervous chuckle. “It’s been a weird couple of weeks, but finals wait for no one, right?”
“Right.” He shifted again, and your eyes couldn’t help but stray back to his face. His eyebrows were pinched slightly, in a tic you’d come to learn he did when he was thinking. That renewed the urgency in your veins—you didn’t want to be around when he gathered his thoughts.
You walked forward with intent and he reflexively stepped back, freeing you from the corner he had unintentionally trapped you in. “Well, I was just heading out, so—”
“W-Wait! Um, I’ve been meaning to show you something, but I haven’t been able to catch you.”
Before you realized it was happening, the timidity of his tone intrigued you—made you forget about the  alarm pumping through your veins. The words halted your quick escape, and you had no choice but to pause to regard him again, body still cautiously angled towards the door. “What’s up?”
His smile was small and shy. “I got accepted into my major.”
This was news to you, your surprise melting away any and all reservations as you turned to face him fully. “Major?”
He grinned, too much teeth. “Fine Arts—painting and drawing.”
You moved without realizing it, your excitement propelling you forward. “Oh my god, Jungkook, that’s so great!” you exclaimed, pulling him into a delighted hug. “You never told me you had even decided on one. I’m so proud of you!”
“I wanted it to be a surprise,” Jungkook breathed against your hair, his voice a smile. He hugged you back easily, arms comfortably circling your waist and pulling you against his body.
He smelled fresh and clean, like he had just hopped out the shower and pulled on clothes straight from the dryer. He felt big against you, the warmth of his body enveloping yours, but you found that comforting and familiar.
The unbidden memory of exactly why you unconsciously recognized the slot of his body against yours hit you like a truck, breath catching in your throat. Abruptly, you lifted your head from his chest and made to  step back.
But Jungkook didn’t let you go right away, not privy to your distress. Arms still around you, fingers comfortably laced together and resting dangerously close to your ass. Warily, your gaze lifted, dragging up his chest to his face. He was looking back at you, smile big, eyes crinkling in the corners. “It’s all thanks to you, noona,” he said softly.
And that’s when you realized—with growing horror—that his face was getting closer.
He was going to kiss you.
Oh no.
Oh no.
Alarmed but trapped, you managed to turn your head at the last second, his lips to landing on your cheek instead of their intended target. Jungkook pulled back, visibly perplexed.
“Y-You don’t have to thank me,” you spluttered, tone too high, even to your own ears. You stepped back, and this time, he confusedly let you out of his hold. “I just pointed out other possibilities. The rest was all you!”
Jungkook’s mouth opened and closed a couple times before he seemed to find the right words. “Noona,” he hedged, tone careful, but unsure.  “Are you…mad at me?”
Your heart stopped, head a little too quick to shake to not rouse any suspicion. You hoped he didn’t notice your alarm. “No.” Because if you were mad, you would have to explain the humiliating reason why. “Why would you think that?”
“Well it’s just…” There was a little wrinkle between his brows as he contemplated your words, and for a moment, his lips parted like he was going to tell you exactly why he thought that. But Jungkook seemed to think the better of it, a single shake of his head ridding him of the thought. “Never mind.”
You let out a laugh, manic as you started backing towards the exit. “Anyway, I have to go—I was just leaving.” Shit, he was probably going to follow you out. He had to leave too, after all. “Um, gotta run to the bathroom beforehand so. See you later—congrats again!”
An expression crossed Jungkook’s face—bewilderment mixed with something else—but you didn’t let your eyes linger on him long enough to analyze it. Instead you booked it to the door, not bothering to check if he  was following you, then headed straight for the bathroom down the hall so you could properly hide. So you could lock yourself in a stall and try to catch your breath, head in your hands.
Tumblr media
You expected some sort of followup—expected a text or three. But your phone stayed remarkably quiet over the next few days, a testament to your friends—and Jungkook—being too preoccupied with their own exams to hound you. But despite the knowledge of that small respite, you still found yourself tightly wound, almost as if you were waiting for something to happen. For the other shoe to drop.
Your work became a welcome distraction. For the next couple days, you practically lived in your photo studio, posted in front of your computer. And yes, your photography final was right around the corner, but it didn’t slide past you that while you were busy trying to perfect the final touches on your portfolio, you were also conveniently spending a lot of time behind a door that required a keycard to open.
And just like that, the universe allowed you to simply exist, hidden deep in a bubble of your own creation where everything was fine.
Until it didn’t.
And it wasn’t.
The day of your final arrived more quickly than you expected it to. Which was inherently silly, because you had been preparing for it all semester, had known its exact date down to the minute for weeks now. Still, you found yourself sweating a bit under the sensible blazer you had thrown over your dress that day in an attempt to appear more professional.
You weren’t the only one who had put effort into your appearance. Although your photography final wasn’t being held anywhere special—simply in the lower lobby of the fine arts building—your department had somehow managed to make it look legit. As there were only six people in your seminar, there was enough space for all of you to really spread out your portfolios and give them room to breathe. This resulted in what was technically your final exam giving off the feeling of a true art exhibit. Hell, light refreshments were even being served, and your professor’s previous instruction to invite whoever you wanted meant that, despite it being 3pm during finals week, there were a decent amount of people flitting between all of your pieces. This naturally all culminated in you turning into the nervous artist, hoping your work would be well-received by your professor and everyone who walked by.
The hard part of your project already completed, your assignment now was to simply hang around for a couple hours as strangers perused your work and your professor slowly made his way through all portfolios and settled on the final grades he felt were befitting. The strange time of day, particularly during finals week, meant that not all of your friends were able to come, but the few that were able to support you did. Earlier, while the exhibition was still technically closed and you had been carefully arranging your pieces to your liking within your allotted space, Yoongi had briefly stopped by, silently perusing all of your photos before circling back to you and patting your shoulder with an appreciative nod. That had been high praise from the relatively quiet man, who unfortunately couldn’t stay very long due of his own academic commitments. Still, you were truly touched that he took the time to show up and support you at all.
More of your friends trickled in during the appropriate scheduled showing hours. You couldn’t help but be surprised when Hobi was your second visitor to appear, his signature dazzling grin making an appearance as well as he idled towards you, hands casually in his pockets.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming,” you breathed gratefully, pulling him into a quick hug.
“Of course I would come,” he scoffed playfully, giving you a responding squeeze. “Why wouldn’t I?” Naturally, his attention was almost immediately drawn to your photos, visibly impressed as he glanced over the pieces closest to where the two of you stood. “Wow. You’re actually good.”
You snorted, amused even as your eyes narrowed. “I can’t tell if I should be offended or not, so for your sake, I’m just gonna take that as a compliment.”
Hoseok laughed, holding his hands up unthreateningly. “It is one. That just came out wrong!”
Your witty retort was diverted by an arm slinging over your shoulder, and there was Namjoon, dimples on full display as he grinned ear to ear. “You did it,” he greeted happily. “Congrats!”
“I did it,” you agreed, grinning back. Considering he had been the primary unfortunate soul who had to listen to you bitch about this project all semester, feelings of relief and pride were no doubt shared by both of you. “Thanks for coming, Joon.”  
He waved you off easily, as if what you just said was ridiculous. It was then that you noticed Lisa lagging a few feet behind him, the pictures you had displayed on the walls clearly distracting her from making her way over immediately. The clear awe on her face really touched you, but were even more so that she had taken the time at all to come out and support you.
“Wow,” she breathed, mouth a little slack as she finally meandered over and reached out to hug you. Her eyes couldn’t help but be drawn by the nearby photo you had taken of her and Namjoon, smiling at each other and sitting side by side on the ferris wheel. It actually was one of your personal favorites—you had somehow managed to catch the exact moment they had looked at each other and had obviously seen nothing else. Because the photo had been spontaneously taken on your little drunken outing at the formal a few weeks before, you had captured it using your cellphone instead of your Nikon. Still, the quiet emotion of the moment had still managed to translate beautifully in print.
You hugged returned her hug, warm inside. “Thank you for coming.”
“Of course,” she smiled sincerely. “Wow, _____, this all looks amazing!”
“I think it ended up working out,” you agreed hesitantly, a bit shy at her praise. While your other friends had been exposed to your photography throughout the years, this was a first for Lisa, and it always felt different to have new critics. Besides, while it was common for there to be traces of the artist in their work, it wasn’t until you finally started narrowing down and editing photos for your own that you realized just how personal this collection was. How close it ended up being to your heart.
“I think I’m gonna take a look around,” Hoseok said suddenly, giving you a distracted pat on the shoulder.
Curiously, you followed his line of sight…right over to where your friend Luisa, who must have snuck in while you had been chatting with the others, was sipping on a drink and contemplating a photo you knew to be of Hoseok himself. You snorted, fully aware that Hobi had shown up solely to support you, but was also on a neverending quest to get his dick wet. “Oh, I’m sure you’ll be looking, alright,” you retorted with an amused shake of your head.
Your slutty fratboy friend only responded by throwing you a peace sign over his shoulder, already fully zeroed-in on his target and striding away. Luckily for him, you knew Luisa to be able to handle her own, and you were much too nervous about your portfolio to really stick your nose into his business like you normally would. Besides, it didn’t take very long for you to become distracted by a much more pressing issue.
An elbow tapped you in the side, and you turned to find Lisa, shooting you a rather sly look. “Looks like somebody else came to see you.”
Bemused by her teasing tone, you naturally followed the pointed incline of her head. But what you found there knocked your breath immediately out of you.
Jungkook, staring at a photo of himself in what could only be described as wonder.
Shit. Shit, shit, shit.
You couldn’t ignore him—now that he had been pointed out to you and you had obviously seen him, both Lisa and Namjoon were looking at you expectantly. Just waiting for you to do something when truly the only thing you wanted to do was dart under a table before he saw you.
There was no clean way out of it. Either you went to him or he came to you, and you would rather have the upper hand.
“I’m gonna go say hi.” You cleared your throat, hoping to dislodge the knot that was forming there. It didn’t move. “Why don’t you guys take a look around? Don’t forget to have some of those little sprinkle cookies. Those are good.”
“Me, ignore free food?” Lisa scoffed incredulously, linking her arm through Joon’s and dragging him towards the refreshment table. “Hilarious.”
You watched them leave, taking a few measured breaths. A few moments to steel yourself. And when you were sure your defenses were properly built back up, you made your way over.
Jungkook was too immersed in the photo to notice your approach, dark eyebrows furrowed deep thought. It took a pointed clear of your throat for his eyes to reflexively dart in your direction, recognition of you chasing away the haze in them. “_____!”
“Hey,” you greeted, tone carefully polite. “What are you doing here?”
That seemed to throw him a bit, blinking a few too many times before answering you. “You invited me, remember?” He offered you a small, hesitant smile. “A while ago. And, um, Namjoon-hyung mentioned a few days ago that it was today, so I just thought I’d drop by. I hope that’s okay?”
You had invited him, hadn’t you? And of fucking course Namjoon would conveniently open his big mouth and remind him. “Yeah, of course. Thank you for coming,” you exhaled, defeated, but still meaning it. Because despite everything, he was still here to support you—and even if that was just as friends, you were grateful.
“I told you I would,” he replied, a bit too fondly for your liking. Your defense trembled, but ultimately stayed strong. Jungkook’s attention returned to your photo. “Wow, noona. You’re really talented. Is this really what I look like?”
Your stomach twisted. “That’s…” You swallowed, unsure how to respond but deciding to go for honesty. “That’s how I see you.”
You inwardly cursed at unintended softness of your voice, fighting to hold your composure as Jungkook looked at you again. He didn’t say anything, a glint of something in his gaze as he stared you down. The silence that settled between you started to slowly suck the oxygen from your lungs, but finally, a few seconds later, he returned his attention to the photo and set you free. “What was the subject again?”  
You were on such high alert, adrenaline pumping wildly through your veins, that you didn’t respond to him right away. Jungkook took your silence as confusion, attempting to clarify.
“Of your project.”
Ah. Yes, your project. The reason why, despite weeks of careful evasion on your part, the two of you had still ended up closely occupying the same space at this very moment. You completely understood why he was asking—you had taken an interesting, more intimate approach to the prompt that you hoped would pay off when it came to your final grade.
“Light.” You shuffled a bit from foot to foot, the nerves you had from sharing your art overtaking the ones you had from being forced to interact with him. “I was really struggling with that direction when I tried to take it literally, but the longer I sat with it, the more I realized that light could mean different things and come from different places. That it could even come from people.”  
It was only when you had stopped putting so much pressure on yourself, going through life and naturally taking snapshots of the time spent with your friends, that you finally discovered the true form of your portfolio. Namjoon and Lisa gazing at each other on the ferris wheel. Yoongi casually smoking late one night, the embers of his cigarette glowing rather hauntingly as he took a pull. The glow of a laptop screen, carefully balanced between two pairs of Snuggied legs. A handful of others taken of your favorite places; of your favorite people.
And the photo of Jungkook at the lake, hair wisped by wind, smiling with so hard and with so much teeth his eyes crinkled in the corners. The sunlight that refracted from the ice haloing him in glittering rainbow.
The center of your exhibit. The moment that had sparked your revelation. The subject who had allured your muse.
That lump in your throat was back, threatening to trigger the burning behind your eyes. It was time to go.
“Anyway, thank you again for coming,” you tried, making to move away. “It was nice seeing you—”
But Jungkook caught you by the wrist, freezing you in your tracks. Slowly, reluctantly, you turned to meet his fervent gaze. “Things are weird,” he insisted. Tone somehow simultaneously soft, but sure. “Why are they weird?”
“What are you talking about?”
He gestured between you. “Us. Things are weird between us, and I don’t know why. Are you sure you’re not mad at me?”
“No.” You held your breath, unable to meet his eyes. Subtly shifted out of his hold, though obviously not subtle enough, from the way Jungkook’s lips pursed at the action. “Why do you keep asking that?”
“Well, aside from the fact that you’ve been avoiding me for weeks and how even now you act like you can barely stand being near me, why wouldn’t I think that, _____?” He shuffled restlessly, running an agitated hand through his hair. “It’s just—is this about that day?”
Nope. NOPE. Your hackles raised, adrenaline starting to pump through your system in preparation for the impeding fight you now knew without a doubt was about to occur. “We’re not doing this,” you said quietly.
Jungkook huffed out a humorless laugh. “Not doing what?” he shot back, tone laced with enough audible irritation that your guard shot up even more. “Talking about what happened between us?”
This was not happening. Shut it down, shut it down. “Jungkook, can we please not do this right now?” He looked a little perturbed at your words, and if you were smart, you would have shut your mouth there. But if history had taught you anything, it was that you weren’t very smart when it came to Jungkook.
So you kept talking.
“You know what? We should just forget it—”
“Forget it ever happened?” he snapped, a storm visibly raging through him.
And there it was. He was pissed. Pissed at you, and no longer willing to bite his tongue. He stepped closer to you, jaw clenched, and the intensity of his gaze refused to let you look away. You had emotion bubbling beneath your skin, but, you quickly realized, so did he.
“Forget it happened, like we always do?” he continued, rapidly shaking his head. “Well I can’t. And I don’t want to.”
“Jungkook,” you hissed, entirely overwhelmed. People were starting to stare. Your professor, slowly making his way through grading everyone’s pieces, was curiously looking over at you from across the room. Your hands were starting to shake, and you had to curl them into fists to hide them. “Can we not do this here?”
“Then when?” he demanded. “Where? Because you never want to—never even try to—” His voice started to crack and it surprised you both, Jungkook cutting himself off abruptly. He stepped away from you, flustered and still shaking his head. A shaky breath escaped his lips, volume dialed almost to a whisper when he spoke again. “You know what? Never mind. I’m sorry I bothered you. Congratulations, your photos are beautiful.”
You could only hollowly watch as he turned on his heel and quickly walked away, exiting the gallery and leaving you rooted to the spot. Leaving you standing in front of a giant picture of him, smiling and happy and full of so much light.
You bit your lip, pointedly focusing on the taste of metal instead of how your stomach was twisting and vision starting to blur.
The difference of life vs. art.
You were left alone for a little while, your other friends too busy meandering through the area and admiring your classmates’ projects to truly notice the way you were frozen in place, unseeing. It was only when Namjoon crossed your path again, intending to peruse the other side of the room, that the look on your face made him do a double-take. He warily took a couple steps back until he stood before you, getting straight to the point. “What’s the matter?”
The pause you took between his question and the answer you were scrambling for was apparently too long, a deep frown settling in his features. He immediately started looking around, catching on much too quickly for your liking. “Where’s Jungkook?”
“I don’t know. He left.”
The look in his eye was suspicious. “Why would he leave? He literally just got here.”
“We had a fight, so he left,” you answered, a clear defensive edge to your tone. “Now can you please drop it?”
Your best friend let out an audible exhale, letting the silence marinate between you for a few moments as he pointedly looked at the photo you both were standing in front of. Happy, sparkly Jungkook looked back. “You had a fight, huh? Was it because of this?”
“What about that?”
Namjoon laughed, but there was no humor in it. “What about that? Are you serious?” You chose not to reply, and Joon took that as an invitation to no longer hold back. “You know, I promised myself that I would stay out of this little cat and mouse…situation you two have going on. But at this point, I’m exhausted. And I know I can’t be the only one—you guys gotta be too. So can you just cut the bullshit?”
“Excuse me?”
“Really, _____?” he groaned, looking heavenward for guidance. “If you don’t want to be with him, that’s fine, but at this point, this is all starting to be too cruel.”
You sputtered, taken off guard and mind spinning.
“Please stop pretending you don’t know what am I talking about,” he continued flatly. “Jungkook. You’ve literally spent all semester being upset about Jimin’s mixed signals, but you’re pretty damn good at sending those yourself. You’re breaking that boy’s heart!”
“…Breaking his…” You stared blankly at Namjoon, your thoughts whirring past so quickly that they barely stuck around long enough for you to process them.
“You can’t seriously be this dense. _____! He likes you! Like, a lot. A LOT.” He rubbed his temples, a growl of frustration leaving him. “Look, if you don’t want him, fine, but please stop dragging him along. He’s a good kid.”
“Are you kidding me right now?” you scoffed, heart still pounding at his words. “What happened to you insisting that he’s a sex-crazed monster who would only use me and toss me away like a tissue?”
Despite his obvious irritation, Namjoon’s lips still twitched into a small smile. “That definitely used to be true, but these past few months have shown me otherwise. The way I hear him talk about you…”
You rapidly shook your head, hands clutching each other in an effort to mask the way they were threatening to shake. “Stop it.”
“Stop what?” he demanded. “Telling you the truth you need to hear?”
“The truth?” you scoffed. “The fuck is this supposed to be—you get yourself a lil’ girlfriend and now all of a sudden you’re a relationship expert?”
Namjoon’s lips immediately thinned in annoyance. “Cut it out,” he snapped. “You’re pissing me off and I’m trying to help you.”
That gave you proper pause. As exasperating and stubborn as you knew you could sometimes be, Namjoon could be just as much so—and that similarity was somehow one of the things that made your friendship work. That, and the fact that neither of you hesitated to check each other when need be, making sure you never went too far.
And right now? Namjoon was checking you.
You bit back the snarky rebuttal that was ready and waiting at the tip of your tongue and took a deep breath to try to calm yourself. Namjoon sighed too, running a tired hand through his hair. His roots are growing in, you thought rather deliriously.
“_____,” he tried again. Softer this time, holding your gaze. “When have I ever lied to you?”
You opened your mouth, but he cut you off before you could even attempt to deflect. “When it mattered?” he pressed. “When have I ever lied to you when it mattered?”
There was no truthful reply you could give him. Because he was right. He was your best friend, and he would never lie to you.
Despite knowing this, you still found yourself shaking your head. “Then I guess you just don’t know him as well as you think you do. I was just a challenge to him, Joon. It was all a game.”
“A game,” he deadpanned, looking at you like you were stupid. “You’re kidding, right? You really think he’s playing games after what he submitted with his major application?” At your confused silence, he could only heavenward for guidance. “You two are ridiculous.”
Your brain was scrambling, racing to try to keep up with the partial information Namjoon kept casually flinging at you. “H-His application? I really don’t see how that matters—”  
“Of course it matters! Just ask him.” His tone left no room for arguments, his patience clearly thin. “Ask him to show you. And then make up your mind before he makes it for you.”
You wanted to pry more, wanted to get him to spill whatever it was he was obviously privy to that you weren’t. But it was at that moment that you noticed your professor making his way over to you, having decided that this exact moment was the perfect time to come chat with you about your project. Namjoon noticed him too, shooting you a pointed look that warned you that he wasn’t quite done telling you about yourself, but would let it go for now.
“I’ll ask,” you promised quietly. “After this. I promise.”
Namjoon simply gave you one last look before shaking his head and walking away. “When did my life turn into an episode of The Hills, Jesus Christ,” you heard him mutter to himself.
“_____! What do we have here?” Your professor greeted you with a smile and a friendly clap on the shoulder, looking  up at the giant Jungkook photo. “Wow, this is certainly a statement, huh?”
Bile climbed up your throat but you ignored it, forced to put your current crisis on the back burner in favor of attempting to focus on small talk and your final grade.
Tumblr media
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luventi · 2 months ago
with. kaeya, diluc, childe, zhongli.
genre. fluff + slightly suggestive.
note. new banners !
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
surprisingly not a jealous type! i mean he’s very friendly with others as well so it’s just whatever to him. he trusts you enough to take care of it yourself, and if you ever need help he’s here.
but if diluc so happens to open a door for you?
then kaeya is right by your side smothering you with kisses and giving his brother dirty looks and snide comments like ;
“master diluc isn’t my s/o so pretty?”
“i bet you want to kiss them huh?”
poor diluc just sighs and tries to get out of there as quickly as possible because he hates having to deal with petty kaeya.
while kaeya is making you make it up to him later tonight because how dare you let stinky grape juice drinking diluc open a door for you when he’s always here to do it?!
Tumblr media
who would honestly try to flirt with the richest and arguably strongest man in mondstadt’s partner? who in their right mind would do such a thing?
easy! kaeya :)
and it makes diluc very angry. he’s somewhat of a jealous person but it’s amplified when it comes to kaeya trying to sweet talk you right in front of his grape juice!
he instantly makes an excuse for you two to get the hell outta there and away from kaeya. you’re kinda confused when you two round a corner and he kisses you, hard.
“what was that for?” you laugh at his puffed up cheeks when he finally lets you pull away.
he won’t answer, just brings you in for a hug and nuzzles into your neck while he mutters about how annoying kaeya is.
Tumblr media
childe is always so ready for a fight, it’s not that far fetched he’s a raging ball of jealousy.
if another man so happens to compliment your outfit he gets very visibly pissed off and threatens whoever dares to hit on you. it’s gotten so bad you have to pull him away from the poor merchants just trying to butter you up so you buy from them.
it’s also inconvenient that zhongli is such a kind gentleman, childe knows he’s only being nice to you when he offers to do things for you or compliments the way you smile but he just can’t help but get pissed off.
the anger boils up inside him until he—as kindly as he can because he’s still his friend—tells him to back the fuck up off of you.
you are astonished!! because how rude!? but gladly zhongli is an understanding man so he just apologizes and holds in a chuckle while staring at you scolding childe for being mean.
Tumblr media
he’s 6000 years old, and tired. being jealous or jealousy is something he won’t entertain. he just finds it silly and not worth while.
even when childe gets a little touchy with you, he knows that you’re more than capable enough to kick him in the shins or where the sun doesn’t shine and that’s that.
but in private, when childe likes to make specific comments about you, that’s when he gets somewhat angry. but zhongli is a quiet type of angry and it’s very unsettling.
childe just rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment and changes the topic. the air in the room instantly gets less tense and more breathable.
when you ask zhongli why childe looks like that when you greet them later that day, he just shrugs and says “sometimes mortals need to learn their place, nothing new darling.”
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