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incorrect-wormquotes · 13 hours ago
[before the bank robbery]
Tattletale: Guys we’re not just doing this for money!
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ohworm-writes · 10 hours ago
May i request a oneshot for ghost gn reader with c!Tommy? For as long as Tommy can remember, he'd been followed by a ghost that only he could see. They always protected him from monsters, or players and he never understood why. (I was thinking they were related or they were a old friend of Dream, who might've manipulated them too). Fast forward Tommy is in extreme danger (you can choose any moment when Tommy was in danger :) ), and the reader is panicking, they can't help this time. Or maybe they can? DreamXD offers that he'll allow a small time period where they will be revived but, they'll no longer exist. They accept.
You can decide what happens next! Just a lot of angst please! Feel free to do this in a imagine or something else if you dont want to do it as a oneshot! Thank you so much if you do this, I hope you have fun with it :)
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unable to be seen; not visible to the eye.
Tumblr media
Pairing - Tommyinnit x gn!ghost!Reader ( platonic ) , slight Dream x gn!Reader
Warnings - death , manipulation , anxiety , self-deprecation , minor gore , blood , cursing , mourning
Note - this took a while, but voilà! i had fun writing this, especially for Tommy! this is my first real try at angst, so i hope i did well! i hope you enjoy!
thank you to @krabmeat​ for beta-reading this for me!
Word Count - 2.5k
prompt - check the ask!
content below the cut!
Tumblr media
Invisibility was not a foreign feeling to you. The idea that no one could see you, try as you might. Every desperate grasp at attention, every word that came out of your mouth, they merely dismissed all of it as if you were never there in the first place. At first, you hated the feeling. It made you angry. You weren’t a ghost, so why couldn’t they see you? Family, teachers, friends and strangers alike never seemed to see you. 
Upon your inevitable death, a sense of familiarity washed over you. What was the difference? You didn’t have a physical form, but that was it to you. That was the only change in your life. You were given the chance to leave the world behind, to find eternal peace amongst the stars, and you turned the offer down.
Why? Why turn down the only thing that could set you free? Well, long before you died, there was a man. When you had first met him, you hated him with all you had. Everyone saw him, everyone listened to him. He was important, and everyone knew that. Yet he saw you. He was the one person who actually saw you. 
Dream was his name. He was a man who commanded authority, whose heads would turn to when lost like sheep. He made you feel visible; he made you feel heard, but most importantly, he made you feel real. He asked you months before your death to look after a boy, to watch over him and protect him until he himself was to take over your position. So, who were you to accept the afterlife, away from everyone you had ever known, when you’d be tossing your only friend’s wishes to the side?
It was a shame that you only got the chance to meet the boy upon your death. You had never heard of the boy before Dream’s words, but you had heard much of his family. The group was an odd bunch, differing wildly from one another. A god, a king, and a president. Curious, no? They were all the talk of the town, but never once had you heard of the boy Dream spoke of. 
Dream proclaimed he knew the family well, that he was a close friend of theirs. That couldn’t be further from the truth, but you didn’t need to know that. All you needed to know was that you were to look after the youngest in the family; Tommy. Tommy was nothing less than a troublemaker, bringing chaos in his wake. When Dream had first told you about Tommy, he had this look in his eyes. A look of determination, hope, and confidence. That look alone made you agree with his idea. 
Never having a proper friend, you held Dream close. You didn’t want him to let you go, for him to be another person who didn’t see you. He knew this, and he used this information to only drag you deeper into this twisted relationship you were in. He gave you the promise of love, greatness, and everything you could have ever wanted.
Was it stupid for you to trust him? Of course. Did that stop you? Never.
Meeting Tommy was an interesting case in that itself. If you had known that he could see you, maybe you would have hidden at the start, rather than immediately finding your place at his side. Your sudden appearance caused him to drop the plate he was holding, sending it shattering as it impacted the floor. 
His family cursed him for his recklessness, casting him strange looks as he blamed ‘the floating bastard’ at his side. This caused several double-takes from the blond-haired boy, as well as a string of curses mumbled under his breath. He wasn’t crazy! You were right there, staring at him with wide eyes and just as confused of a look as his family. It pissed him off.
So, like that of a child throwing a tantrum, he ignored you. He pretended he didn’t see you. Not the smartest move on his part, seeing how panic immediately set in for you, resulting in him trying to calm you down. “Tommy is a little old for imaginary friends, right?” His older brother, Wilbur, commented offhandedly to his father. A shrug followed from the older man, and thus the conversation was dropped. 
Over time, Tommy warmed up to you. Even if it got him strange looks for talking and screaming to himself, he didn’t care. He’d give a cocky smile when you’d express your concerns about it. “Tommo! They’re looking at you like you’re nuts!” You whine, floating on your back in front of him, your hands covering your face in second-hand embarrassment. He lets out a boisterous laugh, his eyes creasing with the action. 
“Who cares! I don’t gotta’ worry about what they fuckin’ think!” Self-confidence spills off of him like a fountain, his positive energy spreading to you. You give your own laugh, smiling at his wild antics. Still, that uneasy feeling stays rooted in you. Your smile falters, and he’s quick to catch it. “Don’t worry about it! They’re just jealous they can’t see you like I am. Clearly, I’m better ‘cause of that. “
You can’t help but huff out a laugh at his words. “Maybe they’re right, you are kinda’ a nut, Tommo.” He screeches out obscenities at you, waving his hands wildly as he tries to protect his honor. It only causes the two of you to howl out in laughter, but maybe it’s for the better. 
Tommy was a reckless one, that was a fact you knew quickly while staying by his side. He had a tendency to run into danger headfirst, without thinking of the consequences. Whether it be starting wars and going in over his head, or simply fighting mobs, armorless, may it be added. As his ‘guardian’ of sorts, it was your job to protect him. 
Of course, without a physical form, you couldn’t take the blows for yourself. Arrows you’d try to take for him would pass through your translucent body. So, you made it a habit to stay two steps ahead of it all. Listening to your surroundings became second nature. You’d call out to Tommy, steering him in the opposite direction if you heard so much as a twig snapping. You’d wake him up in the dead of night if you spotted any danger. All to keep him safe, all to keep your promise. 
You’d seen Dream a multitude of times since you began your time alongside Tommy. From the first war to Tommy’s exile, you’d seen him in so many parts of Tommy’s life. You never saw it as a bad thing, always arguing with Tommy whenever he expressed his hatred towards Dream. Dream wasn’t the bad guy to you, he was just tunnel-visioned in on his plan! 
Deep down, you knew Dream could no longer see you. But sometimes, on an off chance, he’d look at Tommy’s side. The exact side where you floated beside the boy. He’d keep eye contact with you for a second, then go back on to talking to Tommy. Dream knew you were there. He knew he had you wrapped around his finger. Most importantly, he knew that you’d never let him down. 
He never relieved you of your duty, though. He never spoke out your name, nor that you should go. So, you didn’t. You helped Tommy through the emotional manipulation he’d been put through. You helped him through every cut and bruise that came across him. You helped him through every horrifying death he’d gone through. Every time you couldn’t save him.
As they say, history has a tendency to repeat itself. 
The Doomsday War. TNT raining from the sky, causing violent explosions and craters to form in the once beautiful soil of L’manburg. The acts of a god, a king, and a tyrant causing nothing but the shed of blood and the stench of death to fill the air. Where were you amongst the madness? Well, Tommy’s side, of course! Panicking, albeit, but there nonetheless. 
The boy, once filled with nothing but childish joy, was now amidst another life-threatening scenario. You questioned Dream’s ways sometimes, but this? Destroying the boy’s home, destroying everything he had fought for a lifetime ago. Where was the line?
Another ear-piercing explosion resonates at your side, causing Tommy to be thrown to the ground like a rag-doll. He quickly picks himself up, grabbing his weapon and heading towards Technoblade with nothing short of hurt and anger in his eyes. His sword clashes with the Blood God’s, the metal-on-metal screeching making you cringe. The loud ‘shing’ and ‘clang’ of the collisions is what keeps your attention focused. Because if the sounds were absent, death would be calling. 
With a calculated move from Techno, he maneuvers his sword away from Tommy’s, leaving him open to strike the boy. “Tommo, on your left!” You scream in just enough time for Tommy to block the attack. You float a suitable distance away from the two, not wanting to impede Tommy’s blows. You were useless in this fight. 
Tears well up in your eyes, your chest rising and falling in a blind panic. He only had a single life left, and his permanent death would be all your fault. That is, only if you did nothing. Within the moment of a blink, everything goes white. You’re no longer in L’manburg, no longer amidst a war. The place was familiar, a white room with no walls visible. 
This is where you went when you had died. 
An echoing voice sounds from all around you. Even if you turn around in all directions, desperately trying to find the source of the noise, you’re unable to pinpoint it. The voice echoes your name, pronouncing the word like it was an unfamiliar taste on the tongue. Your arms instinctively hold your ectoplasmic arms closer to yourself, an action you’ve done more time than you’d like to admit. 
“Who’s there?!” Your voice cracks, it’s frantic and filled with fear. The voice laughs, the echo in its voice doubling. “You seem to be in quite the mess, are you not?” The voice is mocking, but you can’t tell at this point. Your words come out rushed as you explain the situation. “Tommy’s in trouble, and I can’t do anything! He’s dying and I can only watch! I don’t want him to die! He’s too young!”
Hot tears stream down your face as you wail out to the voice. You feel helpless, even more so when the voice screams out in laughter around you. You cover your ears and close your eyes tight. The tears don’t stop, and soon it’s the only thing you can point out. Not the blinding light of the room, nor the feeling of dread that has made a home in your body. All you can feel are the wet, hot tears that flow down your face. “I have a proposition for you.” The voice is singular now, a slight echo, but you can pinpoint it. Your head shoots up and your eyes shoot open, met with the sight of a god. 
The god towers over you, and you can’t help but feel oh-so small. Even face-to-face with the god, you don’t back down, Tommy taught you that. “What is it? Please, let me help him!” You can see hear the smile in the god’s voice, even if you can’t see one. 
“Listen here, as I will only say once. I, DreamXD, god of this realm, will revive you. You will return to your physical form, alive as ever. However, if you die, you will no longer live on as a ghost. You’ll rot in limbo, a hell of your own for all of eternity.”
You know, deep down, it’s a mistake. Making a deal with a god itself is idiotic, but the promise of a final death is even more off-putting. “I’ll do it.” The words come out of your mouth before you can take them back, before you can think. Maybe it’s for the best, you have to protect Tommy after all. The god chuckles, the sound becoming louder, deafeningly so, as it echoes around you. 
This time, you aren’t scared. You have a mission. With another blink, you’re back in the land of the living. This time, however, you walk amongst them. The scent of gunpowder and blood fills your nose, and on any other day, you’d be revolted by it, but you’re too set on finding Tommy to even tell. 
“Tommo!” Your voice comes out like a scream, full of anguish and worry. Heads turn to you, questioning who let a civilian onto a battlefield. That split second of silence is enough to let you listen to the sound of Tommy’s iconic yelling, one that you knew all too well. You’re running before you know it, bolting towards his voice and screeching his name. He comes into view, bloodied and fatigued, eyes wide as they settle on you. 
Time slows for a moment, everything around you blurring. Tommy’s yells are muffled, the explosions of TNT are muted. The only sound you can pay attention to is the lighting of TNT from above Tommy. You see him, Dream, letting the TNT rain down from above him. His smile is crazed, one that you’d only seen on him when Tommy was in exile. 
The TNT falls, you run. Tommy is reaching out towards you desperately, screaming your name with tears in his eyes as he tries to stand. He won’t make get away in time, you think to yourself, watching as the TNT falls further, directly towards him. You’re an arm’s length from Tommy, arms stretched out towards him with tears coating your own face. 
If you were Tommy, you could see the sad smile on your face, the softness in your eyes as you pushed him back hard. He’s colliding with the ground as the TNT collides with the surrounding ground, and everything goes bright. His ears are ringing, his eyes are closed. Everything hurts, but he knows you’re hurt. The adrenaline keeps him alive as he jolts back from the next blast.
Everything is a blur soon after. Once the TNT stops, Tommy is looking for you, and all is quiet. Not the colliding of blades, not the sound of fireworks exploding, not the detonation of TNT. Nothing. Tommy’s eyes land on your brutally injured figure, blood flowing like a fountain all over you. It’s near unrecognizable, but he knows it’s you. 
The overwhelming feeling of fear coats his eyes, giving them a glossy look as tears well up in them. He falls to his knees by your side, arms still as he looks over you. Your eyes were clouded, hazy even, showing Tommy that you were really gone. There were more cuts and gashes in your skin than he could count, and he didn’t want to. He just wanted you to be okay, to be here with him, alive.
He doesn’t even register the blood all over him as he hugs your figure, sobbing as he holds onto you. You’re dead, but you’ll be back, right? You’ll be back any minute now, and you’ll show him you’re okay! He can’t stop crying though, he can’t stop the tears from falling down his face like you’ll never come back. You will though, you’ll be back. 
You never came back. 
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corruptspaghetti · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
We made it to the black hole! (Internet League Blaseball Season 24 fanart)
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the-wormhost · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Worms are not good at fetch
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incorrect-metalgear · 5 hours ago
Miller recieving new recruits: you will be snowy wolf... you will be ragging tiger
Miller, sees a soldier trying to flirt with Venom: and you motherfucker, will be crying worm
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ohworm-writes · 5 hours ago
AAA- MY HEART- BUT THAT WAS SO GOOD JSHFG. I just, I just cant explain how much I l o v e d it. Possible part two of the aftermath?? Like Reader's situation, how Tommy is feeling after he took it all in after the war and the rest of the people's reaction to this random person?? you dont have to of course, what you want matters much but dhfurhg just really loving it lol.
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Tumblr media
the fact or process of losing something or someone.
Tumblr media
Pairing - Tommyinnit x gn!ghost!Reader ( platonic )
Warnings - death , mourning , derealization , blood mention
Note - i decided to do this as more of headcanons than a whole oneshot. i’m so happy you enjoyed it, tears and all, and i hope you enjoy this as well! 
Word Count - 1.1k
prompt - check the ask!
content below the cut!
Tumblr media
when you died for the second time, instead of a warm feeling washing over you, like the feeling of the sun shining down on you softly in the middle of a sleepy afternoon
it was like it had dragged you under the surface of the ocean, cold ice water filling your lungs
it was blistering hot and freezing cold, deafeningly loud and eerily quiet, all and nothing all at once
your eyes shut tight, too scared to open
too scared to see what might be there if you were to open them
but you couldn’t hide forever
oh, how you wished that were the case
when you opened your eyes, it was the same room you had been in before, but this time-
other people were there
Blinking several times, you look around you, over one shoulder and then the other. It was the same white room as before, but people surrounded you in a circle. Each person stood several feet away from you. Well, you could hardly call them people. Their bodies were made of a black mass, it covered their body like a goo. It looked slimy and misty at the same time. Maybe if you touched it, it would fade away like a cloud- or it would coat your hands like slime. 
The people had no eyes, simply just black masses that stood a good foot over your height. You furrow your brows in confusion. Was this your limbo? If so, what was so bad about it? You reach your hand up to rub the back of your neck, looking around you at the things that surround you. They had heads, that you could tell, but no other defining limbs. Almost as if they were wrapped in black trench coats. 
“Who are you people?” Something clicks, and all of a sudden, as if snapped out of a trance by your voice, the people move. There are hundreds, thousands of them. They rush left and right, near and far. They all rush in different directions, as if you were on the sidewalk of a big city. Everyone had somewhere to get to. 
“Excuse me? Hey there-” This time, your voice isn’t audible, it’s only in your head. You try again, attempting to call out to one of the people, but your words are in your head again. You try to reach a hand out towards them, but they stay stuck to your sides. What in the hell? You try again, and again, and again and again and again. No matter how hard you try to catch their attention, they don’t see you. They don’t hear you.
You’re invisible again. 
each person’s limbo is catered to themself, some fear or theirs put to light they could never imagine
yours just had to be your troubles with invisibility
and you would spend forever like this
it brought up too many questions
were you really dead?
were you alive?
were you-
had this all been some sick and twisted mind game just to mess with you?
had you never been real in the first place?
you would spend all of eternity thinking about that
and you could only hope Tommy would never experience a limbo of his own
speaking of the boy
he was in shambles
he still had a war to finish. but after this?
he could barely make it to his feet, how could anyone expect him to fight?
almost everyone else there had gone back to fighting
yes, they wondered why some stranger had wandered into a battlefield and gotten themselves killed, but there were more pressing matters at hand
Tubbo tried to go over and help Tommy, to drag him away at least
but seeing his lifelong friend in such a broken state almost broke him
“Tommy, we have to go! At least let’s get you off the field!” Tubbo yells, putting his hands under his friend’s arms and attempting to pull him away from your body. The sight of it makes bile rise to his throat, but he pushes the feeling down and focuses on moving Tommy. The blond doesn’t even try to fight with Tubbo, letting his body fall limp as Tubbo drags him. His eyes are still trained on your figure, even from far away. 
By the time Tubbo realizes Tommy is crying, the boy in question is full-on sobbing. Dry heaves and desperate gasps for air sound from him, his body shaking as he wails. His cries are loud, his wails full of panting and cries. Tubbo wraps his arms around his friend, trying to calm him down, but it does nothing. Tears pour down his face, and as much as he tries, he can’t wipe them away. 
“Fuck you Dream, you stupid sonofabitch!” His voice cracks as he screams towards the sky, his voice wavering as he yells at the man who killed his best friend. Dream can’t hear it, of course, and if he did, why would he care? What’s dying twice when you’ve already experienced it once? Hell, that’s what it is. 
after the Doomsday aftermath, Tommy didn’t talk to anyone
even as he met with the last standing L’Manburgians, he was silent
that lively and energetic personality he had was lost
he lost part of himself that day
he secluded himself for months after
not talking to anyone unless they came to him
even then, he’d talk with as few words as possible
if he spoke any more than that, they’d hear his voice break, and an inevitable sob wrack through him, before completely breaking down
with the efforts of Tubbo and Ranboo, helping him day in and day out, he returned to his normal self somewhat
more lively, close to before
but never the same again
if they ever brought your name up, tears would fill his eyes, and he’d try with all of his might to stifle a broken sob
during their time with him, Ranboo and Tommy learned about you
they learned how big of a role you played in Tommy’s life
Tubbo felt hurt a little when Tommy called you his ‘best friend’
but he understood where Tommy was coming from
you were really his best friend
through him through thick and thin
Tubbo couldn’t say the same
Ranboo ended up telling Phil and Techno about you
it clicked for the two
Tommy’s imaginary friend
Phil would admit it, it got him teary eyed
as for the rest of the SMP, they could do without knowing
however, some questioned what a gravestone was doing in the land's crater, blue flowers laid next to them, and a boy, beyond broken, mourning at the spot
Tumblr media
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smol-and-shiny · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Lil overgrown lad on this Worm Wensday??
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elinaline · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cool clouds and wizard shadow while waiting for the train
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yes-feratu · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Instagram killed this post twice will it live here? Who knows
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i-peed-so-hard-i-laughed · 21 hours ago
who me? nah i’m just a worm
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will-o-the-worm · 16 hours ago
We have new designs in our store! All designs are available across the whole range of clothing and accessories.
We now also have 100% free shipping across Australia for all stickers and badges! So go hog wild lmao
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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eggtinker · 11 hours ago
It’s been thirty years and many schemes but hey always end in defeat. Eggman just wanted to win against his rival, sonic the hedgehog, once, and he knew that there was only one thing that could stop the blue blur. “Orbot, it’s time.” Said the egg shaped villain. “Are you sure? Maybe you should think this through!” Said his minion, with a nervous shake in his robotic voice. “It the only way to defeat him” doctor eggman said. “release him.” Orbot nodded slowly and turned around, unlocking the case he grabbed the remote that was never meant to be used and pressed the button. He has been released, endangering all of mobius, no, the whole dimension. There’s no going back now. The worm was now off the string.
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ohworm-writes · 7 hours ago
Agree To Disagree
Tumblr media
Ch 15 - here's your stupid award 🥇
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing - Hitoshi Shinso x gn!Reader
a/n - another part! another part! only a handful left! charachter development! look at him go!
taglist - @toshiuwu @ayamecrevan @aizameow @dabi-sunflower @lunamoonbby @intense-socks @keijiqahara @blossominglark@godssleepymistake @superhermit @peepeepoopoot @sinrinyoku @g4yn4tion @mykuronekome @fi-chanwrites @just-dreaming-stuff @chocolateranchfanapricot @detective-jake
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smoothbrained · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I didn’t make this one,, one of my mutuals Bug did ^o^
Anyways thank you bug ( it’s a bone cuff/double)
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Tumblr media
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staff · 15 days ago
tumblr tuesday: ᕼOᗯ 'ᗷOᑌT TᕼEᗰ ᔕᑎᗩKEᔕ
It’s nearly time, Tumblr. Friday is World Snake Day. We mention this only because, apparently, you really love snakes. (Except for those of you who really don’t, and to you, we say look away now or proceed with caution.) Today, we (celeb)rate all manner of snake and snake-adjacent friends who are longer than they are wide (yes, even worms).
Unsurprisingly, @omg-snakes​ is a blog exclusively dedicated to—get this—snakes. This baby can fit so much pizazz under those tiny pink scales. Hats off to you, sir, and your magnificent petal bed. Snakescore: 10/10.
Tumblr media
@worm-of-the-day​ gets 10/10 for blog content and concept. You really nailed it. This specimen’s existential dread and thousand-yard stare get 3/10—and only because giving them some points might save us all from whatever void they’re traveling. Maybe. Just seems like the right thing to do.
Tumblr media
@onenicebugperday​ is another excellent blog for curated content, this time, it’s all about the bugs. For example, this fella you see below: Are they longer than they are wide? Yes. Snakelike? Not really. Cute? You bet. 7/10.
Tumblr media
Of course, we consulted @lowpolyanimals​ on the subject, and so here is a worm that may or may not be cursed. 4/10 for snakiness. 10/10 for terror.
Tumblr media
@fimbry​ is another blog dedicated to the keeping and loving (and breeding—for real, check out their eggs!) of snakes. Here is one that once came from one of those eggs. His name is Trident, and he has good stripes. 10/10 and a little kiss on his shiny head.
Tumblr media
@pencilbrony​ is a cryptid artist who often seems preoccupied with the nature of snakedom and what snakes would be like if they were, well, less like snakes. Here is an artistic rendering of the movement of a snake if it were shaped like a donut. Fascinating! 8/10!
Tumblr media
@sweet-slither-friend​ lives with many well-dressed snakes, but Simon is the best of them. 10/10 for Simon and his tiny crown. You win, Simon. All snakes win, but you win the most.
Tumblr media
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demonboyhalo · 21 days ago
Techno has been waiting 3 weeks to play Monopoly. Tommy pushes it back an hour to do lore. They hadn't tested to see if Monopoly would work before stream. Wilbur's office has the game banned. They try and play it on Tabletop, but Wilbur misclicks and downloads Talisman instead. SBI is forced to play whatever the fuck Talisman is. Wilbur is the only one who knows how to play, and he does not know how to play. Philza is naturally evil, and does not role high enough to become good. Technos mic is cutting out. Tommy fights the Sentinel 3 times despite the fact that it has triple his attack damage. Philza finds a wife. Tommy gets beat up by Techno so hard that Wilbur's game crashes. This is 4 out of 4 content.
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