#it’s green. it’s still green
firstfullmoon · 9 days ago
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Franny Choi, from “How to Let Go of the World,” in The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On [ID in alt text]
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firstfullmoon · 2 months ago
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Anne Sexton, from “It Is A Spring Afternoon,” in The Complete Poems
[text ID: IT IS A SPRING AFTERNOON / Everything here is yellow and green.]
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firstfullmoon · 9 months ago
I planned to write a book about the color blue. Now I’m suddenly surrounded by green, green gagging me pleasurably, green holding onto my hips from behind, digging into the cleft, the cleft that can be made. You have no idea what kind of light you’ll let in when you drop the bowl, no idea what will make you full
— Maggie Nelson, from “The Canal Diaries,” in Something Bright, Then Holes
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firstfullmoon · a year ago
salut, Pauline! 💌
I was looking for some green poems, preferably happy ones. Just poems/ quotes that scream green and awesome. I found " Arbole Arbole" by Fredrico Garcia Lorca. But other than that I'm unsure.
I was hoping to make a wallpaper filled with green art that I've collected and loved and maybe pop in a few quotes and bits.
Also, I do wish to ask how do you compile these poems like this? do you search new ones or from one's you have saved and know and love? because they are beautiful. Thank you Pauline!! have a wonderful day!
“The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry
“Sleeping in the Forest” by Mary Oliver
“What Kind of Times Are These” by Adrienne Rich
“Mowing” by Ada Limón
“A Song on the End of the World” by Czeslaw Milosz
“Meanwhile” by Richard Siken
“More Than Enough” by Marge Piercy
“Living” by Denise Levertov
“You Begin” by Margaret Atwood
“It’s This Way” by Nazim Hikmet
“What We Have Worked For” by Heather Christle
“Sorrow Is Not My Name” by Ross Gay (inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks’ “To the Young Who Want to Die”)
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firstfullmoon · a year ago
This is yellow.
Outside the window is the rain, green because it is summer, and beyond that the trees and then the world,
— Margaret Atwood, from “You Begin”
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firstfullmoon · a year ago
You could say green / forever and not be lying.
Meghan O’Rourke, from “Sun In Days”
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firstfullmoon · a year ago
It spins like a wheel inside you: green yellow, green blue, / green beautiful green. / It’s simple: it isn’t over, it’s just begun. It’s green. It’s still green.
Richard Siken, from “Meanwhile”
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