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#it’s just conflicting bcs i kno they want it but like. no one who actually appreciates bts’ artistry would care so much abt an award
jihopes · 12 days ago
Grammys are worthless anyways like..look at all the past winners, did they deserve it?? You could get it becuse you are just a white American man.
exactly that’s why i don’t rly like…care for them ig? bcs even if they do get nominated it’s not like anyone else they’re up against will really deserve it either. it’s just some dick measuring contest not so much for the artists who get nominated as for the academy themselves. BUT it’s conflicting bcs i know bts want that grammy and it would mean a lot to them, but like. did hyyh or wings or mots get a grammy? no, so it’s not like this is a marker of anything anyway aside from a chance for the academy to make another buck off bts’ backs
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syn0vial · 9 months ago
do you by any chance have any more boba facts? 🥺🥺 i love it if you would grace me with your vast boba knowledge 🥰
i’d be happy to oblige, friend! here are some more miscellaneous boba deets, courtesy of the EU/legends 😊
though there are varying portrayals by different authors re: boba’s take on collateral damage, one of my favorites comes from one of the earliest boba fett stories. in it, boba is hunting han solo (of course) some time after the events of the original trilogy, but during the mission, things go awry and a civilian character is mortally wounded by a blaster bolt meant for han. boba, who in this timeline has never killed the wrong target before, proceeds to let han solo run away so he can check on the woman and, once he realizes that she’s too far gone to save, he administers something to ease her passing and kneels by her side, holding her hand until she passes away. it’s a surprisingly tender scene and goes to show that, as ruthless as he is, boba just isn’t willing to let someone die a slow, painful, lonely death for his fuck-up.
speaking of han, as boba gets older, he becomes deeply embarrassed by his “rivalry” with solo as a young man and will insist to anyone who brings it up that it wasn’t a thing and that han just tells everyone they’re “nemeses” for the Drama Of It All
this is infinitely more hilarious if you’ve read early EU work in which boba’s rivalry with han consisted mostly of boba obsessively hunting him while han is like “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKING WEIRDO” 
speaking of things boba finds embarrassing once he’s older, at one point, he’s trying to verify the legit-ness of someone claiming to be telemetric (able to read memories off of objects), so he gives the man a necklace belonging to another bounty hunter he was romantically involved in as a teenager. boba is very skeptical and not expecting much, until the man starts reciting pick-up lines boba used at the wise old age of 16 
cue boba just about dying inside
like, his thoughts are literally just, “OH GOD, IT’S ALL TOO STUPID FOR HIM TO BE MAKING UP ON THE SPOT, HE FUCKING KNOWS”
honestly, they’re less pick-up lines and more just. a very sincere list of reasons he likes this other bounty hunter.
love that apparently boba’s idea of flirting as a teenager was just frantically chucking heartfelt positive statements at someone in no particular order
to his credit, it did work 😂
the lowest amount boba has ever killed someone for is three credits. this happens bc boba is trying to save the son of a clone, connor, from his creditors, initially by offering to pay his debt of half a million credits for him. when the creditor rejects boba’s offer and insists that he’d rather kill connor, connor fishes into his pockets, produces three credits, and goes, “HEY, FETT, I’LL GIVE YOU THREE CREDITS IF YOU KILL THIS ASSHOLE FOR ME” and boba’s like, “u kno what, fuck it” and does just that.
boba in the aftermath of fucking up all the shit, standing next to connor in a room full of dead bodies, including one rancor: “you owe me three credits :/”
okay, now for some cultural stuff, starting with mando’a!
though boba in the mandalorian seems at least able to read mando’a script, in the EU, he doesn’t start to learn mando’a until he’s much older
naturally, some of the first words he picks up are curse words LMAO
man is a stoic, battle-hardened bounty hunter and he still learns languages like a fucking fourth grader 
aside from cusses, two words he has particular reactions to are aruetii and ba’buir
aruetii means “outsider” or “non-mandalorian” and boba feels weird and self-conscious using it bc, uh... that... probably includes him in the eyes of most mandalorians, huh?
ba’buir means “grandfather.” in the EU, he does indeed have a granddaughter who calls him this and he becomes quietly attached to the it as a term of address—to the point where, when his granddaughter refers to her grandmother as “ba’buir” as well, boba has a moment of “hey wait, that’s my word >:(”... before remembering that the word can be used for both. GENDERLESS NOUNS, BAY-BEE
boba has... mostly negative feelings about the mandalorian view of the afterlife or the manda. basically, it’s a collective consciousness of every mandalorian who has ever died. non-mandalorians don’t go there bc according to traditional mandalorian belief, non-mandalorians don’t have souls
it’s quite telling that the normally not-very-expressive boba winces when the topic of the manda is brought up. and then when he’s asked what his problem is, he has a whole list of questions/objections to the manda as a concept. what if a mandalorian doesn’t want to go to the manda? do you have to spend eternity having your consciousness mixed with real monsters like tor vizsla and montross (mandalorians associated with death watch responsible for orphaning/betraying boba’s father)? what if you have non-mandalorian family members? are they allowed to come? and if an exception is made for them, why not the rest of the galaxy?
it’s interesting, bc clearly this isn’t a subject boba doesn’t know or care about; he’s obviously thought about it a lot to have all this to say about it. honestly, i wouldn’t be surprised if he put so much thought into it bc it may very well have been the afterlife jango believed in.
also, to end on a lighter note, boba is hilariously bad at all the like... leadership parts of being mand’alor.
there’s one scene where beviin drags him to a town hall meeting and all the other mandalorians are arguing over whether they should involve themselves in the new republic’s conflicts or not and boba’s like, “wow, this is really interesting. let me just quietly listen to all these different points being raised and think about—wait, why is everyone looking at me—oh. oh shit, they’re expecting me to actually say something.”
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nextstopparis · a month ago
Hola amiga :D so i would love your opinion on something, if you feel up to it
This scene makes me feel so conflicted because like. I don’t know if uther is telling the truth. He COULD really mean that Arthur means more to him than his own life OR just saying that to keep Arthur on his side I DONT KNOW.
And you seem to know Arthur Things sooo maybe you can give your opinion:D?
Thank you in advance (even if you don’t answer)
omg HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ofc thnk u for thinking of me:( these Arthur Things wont ever leave me alone so im happy to share them sjdcskdjclsdj
hm ok well. ive always hated this scene because, in my opinion, it was mostly just the writers trying to redeem uthers character after all the shit they exposed him for during the rest of it. like we learn about uther and nimuehs deal in this ep which exposes him for how much of a hypocrite he is, but also, i think its one of the more prominent episodes that show just how shitty a father he is to arthur (arthurs comments abt always feeling like a disappointment aside). for context, the scene u sent is the same episode as this scene:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so.... as u can imagine. i fucking despise the "youre too precious to me" scene, because literally LAST NIGHT he told someone that he didnt want arthur, not since he came at the price of ygraine (and OOOOOO BOY DO I HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT BUT I WONT I WONT IM TRUSTING THAT YGRAINE FUCKED HIM UP IN THE AFTERLIFE REAL GOOD FOR THAT ONE) and then he suddenly turns around and tells arthur hes more important to him than anything? FUCK OFF
however, i do think that he was sincere in the episode. which sounds weird, but whats important is that we're talking about characters, here. if this was an actual person, i wouldnt have thought twice about his insincerity, but he's not. he's a character, and i think that a character's sincerity can only be judged on the authors/writers intent. do i think the writers wrote this scene genuinely? yes. i do think that they wrote uthers character as a father who loves his son. do i think they did a good job of it? er.... aha xoxo anyway,, ill get into this in a bit~
anyway, i read a fic once (like 700 times more like but anyway)(go read tintagel by seperis!!!) that made a comment about how uther would never learn to love his son and his dead wife both (or equally? i dunno what it was exactly). anyways, in my opinion, the fic nailed it. he doesn't know how to love arthur the way a father should love a child, bc of what happened to ygraine.
in a scene right after (i think) the one above, uther goes to gaius and tells him to drug arthur and the scene goes:
UTHER: I cannot let Arthur die.
GAIUS: Then you must stop the fight.
UTHER: No. I will take his place.
GAIUS: Do you know what you're saying?
UTHER: Ygraine gave up her life for him. So must I.
now, err, a few things. one, that first line is oddly similar to what merlin says to arthur in 5.13 lol. ANYWAYS. this scene never sat right with me, specifically bc of the last line: "ygraine gave up her life for him. so must i." which, whew ok. a few things about it:
i personally always heard this as: she did it, she thought he was worth it, so im doing this for her. which irritates me to NO END. like ok you'll give your life for your son BECAUSE YOUR DEAD WIFE DID?? NOT BECAUSE. I DUNNO. HE'S YOUR FUCKING SON??? i dunno that line just rubs me the wrong fucking way i hate it so much.
another thing about this scene is that... given that this is the next scene uther is in after the other one.... i cant help but think this is also because of guilt. because he heard how surprised even NIMUEH was. because ygraine DID give her life for this son of theirs, and uther's making her sacrifice in vain by "letting" arthur die. i do also think he was guilty as, u kno, a father, but not nearly as much as one should be (in my opinion).
so, anyway. i just bring these up because like. they suggest that no. arthur is not "more important" to him than "anything". ygraine is, and sometimes by extension, that pertains to arthur as well. because given how he was born, its almost impossible for uther to separate arthur's life from ygraines memory/sacrifice/whatever. thats my interpretation of uther in this episode (and, more or less, the entire show up until 5.03).
i say that the writers intentions were... er... "pure" for lack of a better term, because this is actually a pretty.. i dunno. recurring theme? in the troll episodes, arthur "dies" and it's his death that makes uther cry/break out of the curse:
GAIUS: I've known your father for many, many years. There's never been anyone or anything he's treasured more than you.
as well as just. uthers death scene. i mean he literally died fighting so arthur would live, you know. theres no doubt in my mind that the writers wrote uthers character as a father who loved his son. i do think it was more "tell" than show sort of thing, most of the time, though, which made any of uther's "show" moments a lot more... suspicious? completely blindsiding and not believable at all? take ur pick, lol.
this being said, i do think there's some merit in how readily arthur believes uther doesnt love/care about him bc of arthur himself anymore in troll episodes. just before what gaius says above, arthur tells him that his father has stopped caring about him. in a previous scene, arthur also tells gwen that uther "cant stand the sight of [him]" and refutes her when she tells him that "the king loves [him]". not to mention that he's, well. alarmingly docile throughout the entire process of his father stripping him of his entire birthright and replacing his mother????? u kno??.
ugh anyways, there are many instances in the troll eps that uther shows himself to be a shit father (his talk with catrina about arthur being a soldier etc) and also many instances that show him and his sons relationship is still. fucking horrible? lol? a year after telling his father "i always thought i was a big disappointment to you" he stands in his father's face saying:
ARTHUR: ...that's all I've ever tried to do. To be the man you wanted me to be, someone you were proud to call your son.
hes just. trying and trying and trying and trying to make his father proud. and uther is just. a shitty person. sjcnksjdcnskdcns
ugh idunnow if this is still related to your question im so sorry. what im trying to say is that while i do think the writers meant uther to be sincere every time he told arthur how much he loved him, the way they wrote uther and arthur tell a completely different story.
(ok just one more thing: i think ive made a post about this but in 4.03 one of the last things uther says to him is that he's proud, and then in 5.03 one of the first things he says to arthur is that he could never be proud of a son who has destroyed his "legacy". which i think like. just about sums up uthers entire fucking relationship with arthur, lol!! just this constant back and forth whenever he's in a fucking mood.)
hm. i think thats all i have ot say? im so soryrif this doesnt make sense oh my ogd i reallyhope i answereed your question sjcns
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batekush · 5 months ago
I think its dangerous and antisemitic to think of all of israel as a monolith, there are Israeli leftists, (I've met and talked to a few) there are Israelis who call for the prime Minister to resign, even go to PRISON. There was a whole class of graduating highschoolers who refused to join the idf!!!!
Whatever wish for the death of idf soldiers i guess but be mindful. I don't wanna hear an american leftists ever talk abt how all israel is bad lmao. Or get on a high horse abt Israeli people, when they are AMERICAN. Or Australian.
Also yr average israeli is p much as patriotic as yr average american. Which means they are pretty complicit and don't have v good political views and have a false sense of their un-safety.
Anyways I don't ever wanna see antisemitism. I've seen ppl on instagram reposting from religious extremists on the palestinian side of the conflict who are calling for "the throats of cowardly Israelis to be slit" and uhhhhh like thats literally so blatantly antisemitism.
There is a palestinian genocide tho. Its 100% a genocide. Like the way israel is going about it, the way I hear israeli politicians talk abt it uh. Its a genocide like no doubt.
There's also an ongoing jewish genocide the only one I rly know abt is in Yemen, but yeah. J be careful u kno. Don't spread antisemitism bc the world doesn't need more of that shit. Countries like Jordan and Egypt and all that are v antisemitic too uh. Like u just have to look at wikipedia
Also I don't want to hear ppl uhhh rly talk abt zionism. Like. Or say shit abt birthright. Just keep it political when u don't know what yr talking abt religious wise ok!!!! I think its enough to leave it at understanding colonialism is wrong and there is no religious justification. Just bc there are muslim extremists doesn't give me the right to criticize Islam. So I don't bc I don't know much abt Islam. I leave that to Muslims themselves. Conservatism is like. Pretty similar everywhere in how it operates on paranoia, fear, and false scarcity. Just develop yr understanding of conservatism, and you'll understand everything just fine.
If you've been reposting but doing no research, I think u rly ought to.
The whole conflict was giving me anxiety, and leftists being antisemitic was scaring me BUT. I now realize people tend to not know they're being antisemitic. And if they are actual antisemites, (bc a lot of ppl deny antisemitism being there, that's an antisemite) uhhh idk actually they are still v frustrating to talk to and make me shut down
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kadywicker · 2 years ago
Doctor Whomst
The first character I first fell in love with: hmMMMM ten probably
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: i would lay down my entire life for twelve and i didnt think i’d like him that much
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: ...........rose.
The character I love that everyone else hates: clara! i adore clara i think shes fun and it kinda makes me :/ when ppl say shes just a mary sue or w/e bc i dont see that at all? the way they treated her was very similar to the way they treated rose and thats not necessarily a bad thing imo? sure some things were eye roll worthy but so were things in rtd’s era
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: hmmm probablyyyy... i dont have one actually my opinions have p much remained the same
The character I would totally smooch: MISSY. or martha. theres not that many hot guy characters on doctor who which is so fucking sad for my bi ass. i mean i guess ten? tennant is good looking in a weird sort of way u kno
The character I’d want to be like: hm. donna. i love donna.
The character I’d slap: also ten for the entirety of marthas run. i have so many conflicting emotions abt ten.
A pairing that I love: doctor/master is my go to i would die for them i would DIE. esp ten/simm and missy/12 like godddddDDDD i cant think about them w out going feral
A pairing that I despise: well, you see. [redacted] being the most popular ship in the fandom im not going to say it bc i will get shot and killed.
send me a fandom and i’ll tell you…
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vitrei · 2 years ago
jascnbrody said:
Truuu. im basically treating fc like the simpsons rn anyway actually. (i would say the same for fallout but........ uhhh fc76 sucks ass and i dont want it ! dont like that feeling !)
phones being more advanced than they really are is SUCH a quick way to break immersion. like everyone knows how phones work and what their limits are.. the second those limits get broken its just like ‘ah this isnt real.’
yeah. and i can discredit all of new dawn just on that theres like.. multiple endings for fc5. its so so weird how they wrote 5 honestly like i cant even rly be mad abt it bc its so weird its like nothin. 100% just glad its fun to play w friends.
i really really wish there had been like.. more cop defectors. like not just fuckin nancy the dispatcher but also like just one?? two other cops? who had left Prior to them trying to arrest joseph. like.. idk.. some inner conflict? thats also kinda a big part of fc?
yea. like i kno fcp isnt billed like an expansion of fc4 but also like............ it shares the exact same map. and it has less features in a Weird way so i Assume it is. just like blood dragon shares the same setting as fc3. like theyre spinoffs so i wouldnt say like Theyre Canon (also same for new dawn) theyre just fun lil romps.
id love for like.. 1. an edit of some of the animal behaviors (the crocodiles.......... please....... make em act in groups....) 2. Lemme Pet Em.. also yea radio towers are just like. fun the climb. and the lil animation is?? cute?? i love tearing out wires. fr i dnt care abt fc‘s "messages" at all i just want characters to love.
hhhhyeah. i mean i get why they dont like.. they dont wanna seem Too Flashy bc theyve gotta be Real for their Fffanns but like........ everyone knos ur rich lmao just say it
the only aesthetics i rly like apart from just.. Beach and palm trees is like..... swamps. which is also just. water.. fc3 is rly the only thing im into thats like.. tropical. even my original stuff is like... really basic like temperate.
i could see more drug dealers and shit coming in to the island. trying to fill the void hoyt left even if he Was the head. like hes got to have people who were vying for his spot. idk how subtle theyd come in tho. and how j would even. react to them in a way that isnt Im Going To Shoot. but also like theres tons n tons of ways for them to play out. j could easily be manipulated into doing shit like vaas and just. like. slowly getting more used to doing like......... work. idk. like their inabiltiy to comunicate no matter what Would come to a head and it would cause like....... actual dangerous fights on more than one occasion. Which Would easily lead to. an actual. serious injury. i Like... Balance... and quality.. like u can make me feel bad but u gotta be REALLY good at it..
yeah that sounds legit. and not even drug dealers just like. celebs and just rich people and not even Rich rich people?? and tiger breeding in captivity itself is fucked, not just outside of zoos. everyone wants the ~pretty white and golden tigers~ even tho they dont help tiger populations at all and are like nearly strictly passed down thru inbreeding and inbreeding inbreds which just makes. fucked up cats that cant live in the wild which is what Should Be the Point of breeding them. . i hate the big cat trade.
But that is why they have mountain lions on the island. so tigers would also probably be. unnaturally added. same w bears. oxen probably brought in to cut out the need to import beef. like.. i figure rook island is actually probably really really far off from any shores. like past the point of actually beloning to anyone officially and small enough to be forgotten. even tho that like.... isnt actually possible like im sure someone would have a claim on it.
i Love watching people who like.. actually do the shit. react to tv shows and whatnot. like its so pleasing for me to like Kno whats Real and what like.. a show did just to get the plot going.
i love hearing abt mgs like its got so much happening... i also love the like.. Cut Content. and like ideas that Didnt get to happen.. like kojima wanting a boss fight to last a literal irl 2 weeks............. im so excited for death stranding.
yeah god the second you hear a line vaas said like.. without his voice. its like?? its n ot?? compelling?? it really just rides on. michael mandos voice?? and the action happening?? n i honestly lov ethat line but like.. only bc its Vaas Saying that im P sure.
vaas n j are rly rly truly made for eachother. playing the game for the first time is so weird bc its so obvious but youre like Sure ubisoft didnt Mean to?? but also its Really Blatant?? its such a weird gameshajk
same i want to feel like i just i Kno the game 100% which doesnt always mean like.. actually getting 100% of the game done like normally its just like..... ive done the Majority of the game and the rest is like.. lil things i Dont Need to do its just smthn id like to do if i had nothin else to do.
cgi rly should just be like........... a subtle thing.. i rly rly love practical effects.. even tho they stand out more sometimes?? i think its just bc it looks like more grounded. like clay i Kno is Real so i can accept it more than pixels. n yeah no doubt like.. smthn fun to look at is better than. like. a brick.
hnsadfyeah its good most aes blogs are either like.. char inspo blogs that arent the main blog so theres not really any Talking on it or its just.. a lil side thing for someone to occationally come to. and not rly talk on either.
its Rly Rly like im Not talented ive just been Constantly drawing.. my Entire Life.. like I Never Stopped doodling in school . its not talent its like..... i just Do it. A Lot. and if you just Do it youll find like... . .how it makes sense to you?? how you need to look at art?? and its not all equal?? some kids are just Freakishly good but they also like......... practice..... they dnt just Do that.
i havent been keeping up w/ the fo76 news just the canvas bag thing already like. melted my brain
yea like phones and personal computers in particular are just? ?? everyone knows what those can and cant do like, thats something you really cant bullshit your audience about? i hate that in cop shows so fucking much. more than the shitty values actually lmao. im willing to put up w/ “cops good” as long as they have normal computers. and cant magically “enhance” surveillance camera footage. or put a fingerprint in and have some sorta matrix-lookin program cycle thru twelve photos and then has a name in a neon green 1990s video game font flash on the screen. god i hate that shit its unbearable to me. like, they had real computers in the wire, and youd be hard pressed to find a living soul that doesnt think that was the best police show ever made
I Cant Be Mad About It is honestly like the healthiest way to approach it. but like. im still gonna be mad. i like have to. bc its. a far cry. and bc i love the subject matter in THEORY, just not the way its handled in pretty much all media ever.
yea like. i mean, imo you cant fix the dep, youd have to replace them entirely, but. the protagonist doing things they dont really want to, changing, evaluating that change, making decisions. thats. sth you can do even when you dont have a voice. litcherally just a shot of the dep staring at their own bloody hands or some shit would do. someone going “listen rook i know this is hard for you but for the sake of the innocent townspeople were gonna need you to kill this person that you used to know, theyre not that person anymore, you cant cling to the past like that,” yknow, like they manage to do in every fucking z-grade zombie movie? inner conflict is like, what far cry is all about. they may never have handled it as well as it shouldve been. but on paper, its always been the Central Theme. to me anyway. idk if that was even intended. but yea i just. need that “what have i become” moment, no matter how badly executed, for it to feel like a far cry. and if i cant have that w/ the dep at least let another cop character have it?
i consider blood dragon a movie or an fmv game that was filmed on the island. idk if recently or in the 80s or what. but i definitely consider it fiction. primal could be a prequel i guess? technically? but new dawn is definitely canon to me. its just too close to the main thing. i dont want to. i can definitely already tell i wont like the story. but i cant like ignore it. the dlc for fc5 is again just fiction to me, but new dawn is as canon as the book of joseph is.
yea animal behavior is one of those things that like. nobody. thinks about. for some reason. honestly id just like to be able to stand around and watch animals Do Shit. just like, interact w/ each other and their environment. eat a plant maybe. just as a Nice Touch.
i can be really patient w/ video games and like i get that a lot of other people just Cant. like i get that Everybodys Different. but radio towers getting boring is a sentiment i just? cant relate to? seeing another lil area of the map filled in is so Satisfying to me? i just like filling shit In. thats a part of the formula i got zero issues with for once
but like being Authentic and not telling me how much money youre making dont even.. have anything to do w/ each other... being “authentic” as an influencer means sitting down in a gray hoodie w/ your hair up and talking to the camera about that one time you felt sad. thats all you need for people to praise you on being “real” and “raw.” admitting that your parents would bail you out if your merch project fails isnt gonna ruin that for you. like i just dont get the thought process
swamps scare me. any sort of water thats not crystal clear, instantly terrifying. thats part of why i like tropical settings so much. i love the sea, but i hate the shit thats inside it. the slimy plants. the like. little particles floating around obscuring your vision. no thanks. and the one other setting i use is savannahs n deserts, mostly the kalahari (i never like talk about what i write on my main, i honestly dont know how my story/ocs come across. but yea the story is for the most part set in rhodesia, and also partly in coastal namibia. the tropical setting is actually just a small part of it. i mostly tropicalpost so much bc 1. i like to think about fc3 and 2. theres just so much more content out there. like, theres no dedicated savannahblogs.) i do like normal regular American Heartland settings in moderation but they do start to depress me pretty quick. the one western Location i actually like is los angeles. im like really picky about that shit like i just cant. enjoy objectively good media when its set in like.. new england during the winter or something. i cant even look past the cold setting in the deer hunter, and thats like. THE best movie
yea like you just. have no way of knowing whats gonna happen to the island. imo theres no real power vacuum left behind by the people j killed, and the situation is just too unstable for peace to just Happen without anyone actively fighting for it. and, vaas still isnt in the right spot mentally to like, decide what he wants from life. hes still a drug addict also? he like needs help? hes not gonna look at his new boss and go “actually im not doing this.” hes used to being controlled, and hes not gonna break out of that just because he happens to have a boyfriend now. who also doesnt constitute a very good support system. who, actually, might cause him more stress in the long run. love doesnt just fix everything. so, no matter how things turn out years from now, theyll definitely get worse before they get better.
yea like it has to be earned, you cant just put a bunch of oscarbait-level misery porn in your story and expect it to work. but i do love a good Crying On The Floor In The Fetal Position type reaction to consuming media. its refreshing. i cry real easily at art, and im glad i do tbh. its Good. but it doesnt always work. it just has to be a very specific Mood. idk. i just like to feel like shit now n again
yea the only animals people actually care about saving are the ones that make cool pets, or draw in crowds at zoos. like pandas. fucking pandas. we throw so much money at pandas even though its literally hopeless. their habitat is like, fully, all the way gone at this point. youre just dooming more of them to live their whole life in captivity. its vile. zoos shouldve never even been invented. and people defending zoos by saying like “well we need breeding programs to save all these species from extinction” just prove my point.
personally im very attached to rook being part of the maluku islands, in the halmahera sea. i have no justification for that though. i just. like that area. and rook cant be that remote if theres like, trafficking happening. i figure the reason no ones doing anything to Stop hoyt or the pirates is really just bc of corruption. i mean, all the poor areas of manila are riddled w/ drug-related crime, and its not bc the cops dont know how to get there.
yea like kojima is definitely a Fun person. from what little i know anyway. but i think im just gonna keep watching youtube commentary videos about his work rather than actually engage w/ any of it.
michael mando is just incredibly fun to watch? no matter what he does. hes just. fun. hes just likable. and i figure the more freedom you leave him w/ his interpretation of a character, the better the outcome. bc i just. love Him. i mean, i mostly judge characters on how attractive they are to me anyway, so theres. some bias at play there. obviously. i have no idea how his writing would come across to me if i didnt think hes hot. lmao
i really wish i could remember my first impression of their like, relationship? but it feels like trying to remember sth from early childhood. i really only remember thinking j is boring. and i mightve felt differently if it wasnt a first person game. like it took me a while to see him as his own character, and i had to look at concept art to do that. to get Acquainted w/ his face. yknow. but like even putting the thin characterization and everything aside, like, even if j wasnt a Character at all, its just. very obvious that vaas Loves him
yea like. shit just needs to physically be in the same room as the actors. the go-to example is always the thing 1982 vs the thing 2011, and like its true, yea they Are just rubber puppets n shit, and they dont look like actual living flesh, but theyre there. they physically occupy the same space as the People. thats what tricks your mind above anything.
i dont know if i even believe in artistic talent. i think art is just such an integral part of what makes a creature sapient. like, imo everyones born w/ a certain penchant and desire for creativity. civilization is what beats it out of people. but its there when theyre born. the difference is really just 1. whether or not drawing of all things is the suitable channel for you to practice that creative urge and 2. whether or not you keep at it. i dont practice bc i wanna get good, but bc its fun. i draw bc its fun, and its always been fun for me, and my parents encouraged it. the reason im better than other people at it is bc i like to do it in my free time. bc i dont have to force myself. bc i just Like It. and if that Enjoyment isnt there for you youre just never gonna get good at drawing. its really that simple imo
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gayspock · 2 years ago
you seem to listen to a lot of podcasts, so i was wondering what you’d recommend? the only one i’ve listened to is taz, and i want to get into more
anon. rip. bc this is 10 million yearss late bc. tumblr kept crashing until i got the sense to just type it into a word doc.
also its super long. im sso sorry.
if you’ve listened to taz, you’ve prolly already heard of my brother, my brother and me (given that’s where taz started off) you might wanna try it!! obviously it isnt, like, a fictional podcast so that might not be for you BUT!! its fun. light-hearted and with familiar voices.  in case u havent heard what its about, basically they describe it as a comedy advice show - wheere they take sent in questions, and also yahoo answers questions, and give “advice” based off of them. its  the kind of thing i like to put on, on a low energy kinda day.  i would suggest, if u wanna listen to the back log, to start at the end and work backwards bc  (like many podcasts, truthfully) its kinda. blech in Many ways to begin with.
there’s, of course, lots of other podcasts done by the family too!! ive only listened to wonderful (the others never appealed that much) which is a very casual podcast where griffin and his wife talk about the things they find “wonderful” (it’s very cute, and rachel has the most soothing voice, so its Perfect bedtime material) however if u wanna explore the others theres a List on their site:
i havent listened to a lot of other actual play podcasts myself, but if ur interested in them !!! i have a like... a FEW suggestions. theyre not my forte, i will be honest- ive only listened to two of them, and i didnt finish neither (though that wasn’t the fault of the podcasts, but other personal stuff - mostly my focus, as they demand a little more attention)
something i would say, if ur  considering them, is that taz is definitely a lot more lax when it comes to gameplay and so like. BE PREPARED FOR PPL ACTUALLY ODFJODDFOJ PLAYING GAMES AND DROLLING DICE A LOT, which might sound obvious but Listen. its something i think should still come with some Fair warning, because ik i personally listened to taz more for the story. ofc if u Like the gamestuf, then these will deffo be fine for you (you might even like em More) but !! if thats not the case, sometimes gameplay can be too intrusive its like ehhh. yknow. a preference thing.
1. friends at the tableif ur a taz fan, and ur looking for other actual play stuff, i am LEGALLY obligated to suggest friends at the table. griffin is a big fan of it himself, and recommends it - and im pretty sure, he also took a lot of inspo from it. ive personally only  listened to season 1, and part of season 2, but i did enjoy both very much!! however, despite its Influence, it is very different taz. although they do split the party up (and then alternate between  povs, per episode) most of the time, they have WAY more players than taz.
structurally.... it might seem a little complicated!! in the same way that it might be confusing to others, how taz skips about after balance ended. but basically they alternate between storylines each season, just to mix things up-
season 1: winter in hieronseason 2: counter/weightseason 3: marieldaseason 4: autumn in hieronseason 6: twilight mirageseason 5: spring in hieron(yes the last two... come in that order. and i am Sorry about it.)
seasons 1, 4 and 5 are related, of course! these seasons are VERY fantasy based. they explore the same cast of characters, and continue on from each other, and are set in the same world.meanwhile season 3 is related to seasons 1,4&5 but it’s a prequel! its set, like, a few hundred years before the events in hieron, in a city of marielda and as such it features an entirely diferent cast. you can absolutely listen to it by itself!!!!
seasons 2 and 6 are the scifi seasons!!! both seasons 2 and 6 are set in the same universe, however in the same way season 3 is diferent from 1,4,&5, both seasons 2 and 6 ... are totally unrelated! :3 im p sure twilight mirage... actually comes 30,000 years after season 2.
although i listened to it (and i can.. g into greater Detail about what its like if u want, but this post is LONG ENOUGH already tbh)  a LOT of people strongly suggest skipping season 1.  its very rough to begin with. there’s an episode or two that was releseaed between counterweight and marielda that  basically is a supercut of everything that happened during s1,, and that should be enough to catch you up.  (altho u could still Brave it like i did)
INSTEAD... there is an actual 15 minute long discussion done by austin and ali that does serve as an Introduction, and as a guide to where you might like to start. however if u dont wanna listen to that... i hear MOST ppl suggest marielda, or counterweight to begin with. the former is fantasy and the latter is scifi, as i said.
personally i eally wanna get into marielda - but i dont got the time. and i did listen to  countwrweight, tho i will warn you thats also slow to begin with, before they switch up their game system - and also... it is VERY lore dense!! i dropped it bc of my own focus issues, honestly (and again im crying i would go more intto that but!! this is a LONG post already).
2. critical rolethis is another podcast i had to drop bc of personal issues with focus! :3 however, i know a lot of fans of taz also like critical role. like fatt, cr has WAY more players than taz - around 7-8, if you dont count the dm. i havent listened to that much AT ALL of it bc i get mad overwhelmed by so many characters at once, but i will say that!! 1. all of the characters are VERY INTRIGUING from the introductions in epi 1 alone (i love them all, my god) and 2. i think all the players are actors & vas to some description so the voicework really is tremendous. the mcelroys are theatre kids, ofc, but like. chances are youve probably at least heard of something some of them have been in r might kno them already. most of them have done voices in popular anime  dubs, games, and cartoons. (like just takin a glance at the casts’ wikis its like... a long list of fuckin. jjba, fma, persona, teen titans, overwatch,, etc.M AND JUST way way way too much to even. go into) im prety sure theres also ??? video versions of a lot of episodes?? as they stream them but dont... QUOTE me on that.
others!!!i havent tried these myself so i know. literally nothing about them and i dont think. i could therefore speak fairly for them, given the fact. but! ive heard about them in passing from taz fans so i gotta suggest em:- the glass canon- hello from the magic tavern- campaign- dice, camera, action! (travis guest starred in an epi, once!)- not another dnd podcast
if ur into taz more for the storyline, then i do VERY much suggest !! takng a  look at more audio dramas. something i WILL say about many of these, because it’s an issue with honestly a LOT of podcasts is... they might have slow beginnings? one of the best and worst  things about podcasts is that theyre rarely big, well-funded productions and are instead smaller groups of people  just deciding to make something and so a lot of the time the beginnings of them can be rocky from bad quality or just experimental writing or whatever the case may be. so if sth is kinda eh to begin with, i would suggest to still try later episodes  
MY PERSONAL most favourites are:
wolf 359it ended a year ago (the series finale was last christmas, and it was like.. the only thing i actually cared about sd-pkdpoffdfpsdf) so im sorry that u cant be on, like... the new episode HYPE train babey! however the fact that its ended does mean that you’ll never have to wait on it. but wolf 359 is by far one of my favourite audio dramas. it does indeed suffer from a slow beginning, but real. after s1 its v good. it’s set on a space station called the u.s.s hephaestus, orbiting a star (wolf 359) 7.9 light years away from earth. it begins with four characters, however more are introduced as the series gos on - which... given the fact theyre stranded in their space station for the whole show, that makes each of the follwing entrances interesting to say the very least. in the beginning it deals mostly with a dysfunctional crew and ship,  as wwell as unnerving occurrences,  and dealing with conflict between them but as it progresses.... WELL, AS IT PROGREESSES, SHIT HITS THE FAN!!!! i cant say much as it spoils it but. despite the fact pretty much each and everycharacter is a god damn shithead to some degree, i love them all. with all my heart.
the penumbra podcastpenumbra is another podcast  i love to hell and back and ive got a healthy kill count for it. like, i’ve rec’d it to a few ppl who became fans and im like. hehe . :) basically penumbra... ALSO HAS AN INTERESTING STRCTURE!!! as it was very much explorative during is first season. it began as an anthology type of thing (where it alternated every arc, between the juno steel storyline and various oneshots)  before it transitioned, and now it basically has two main storylines that alternate arcs. you can listen to either, without listening to the other, but honestly i suggest both of them  it can?? prolly best be broken down into:
1. juno steel. juno steel is the story with the MOST episodes to its name. like i said it was already a recurring story from season 1. set way way in the future, it follows the story of a depressed disaster p.i (by the name of juno steel) on mars. if ur, like.. mad gay, then i Will say that its set in a future where gender/sexuality is very much one of those [shrug emojis] things so. gotta be honest. theres like... 1 canon  cishet character in the whole series (jun himself is nb&bi). however it is also a good series, even without that- an again, one of my faves for a reason. its got that perfect element of. kida fuckn weird and funny (its got my fave brand of humour, tbh)? but also Serious and  my GOD juno has the most beautiful voice in the world and his dramatic monologues.... to DIE for. i will also say! they did re-write the first episode - so start with the rewritten one, and not the old one. its way better
2. second citadel i will say i prefer juno steel but!! second citadel is also out here. giving us that HOT scalie content. second citadel is a fantasy based story, and jumps between the various characters of, well, the second citadel. it touches on various minorities, and their struggles (though if you’re someone who likes to Get Away from things, i promise it isnt to a suffocating degree) . most of the characters are knights who fight monsters. .. a...aand fuck monsters. they f. they f.....listen. its good i promise. but the.... sir damien.... monsterfucker
3. other oneshots??: like i said. in season 1 it very much alternated between juno steel and oneshot stories. personally...? im not... that much of a fan of them. there are three oneshots in total: home, shaken, an coyote of the painted plains. i avoided home for personal reasons, and shaken was kinda... ehhh. you can oviously try it if u want, but fyi u can totally skip em!!coyote of the painted plains is the only good one. its short, as its only one episode, but to summarise in two words: LESBIAN COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:3c
the magnus archivesi will admit ive only just started listening to tma, and when... i start listening to ghings i cAN GET VERY EXCITED HBUT!!!! its a GOOD podcast, babey. its an anthology-type series, but with a plot that becomes slowly apparent over time. jonathan sims is the head archivist of the magnus institute, and he’s basically documenting (with a tape recorder) people’s... Weird. encounters with the unknown. as mentioned, many of the stories seem disconnected at first, but patterns start to crop up as the mystery continues to unfold in th most. :o way. i havent listened to it all yet (im ony on season 2) but its VERY much already one of my favourites. one thing i will say about it though... it is a Horror podcast. they dont do anything like shitty jumpscares, but descriptions of gore are prevalent and if you arent good with insects or if you have trypophobia (obviously its an audio drama, but... there are some vivid descriptions) i might avoid it becsause those are . definitely triggers that i dont think are avoidable at all. there are other things that you migh need to be warned for, and im sorry i dont have a list but. if u need pointing to sth specific im sure many ppl in the tag would help u!!  
the bright sessionsi will be honst and say that ive dropped this a while back (however i know it’s concluded now - and it’ also getting a tv show, some day!! - so i might return to it!) though that was purely. from my own taste and opinion. so i know it might appeal to some and also? the concept is something i still die for every day. basically the bright sessions follows he therapy sessions of people with superpowers- dr bright is a specialist, who deals not only in helping her patients’ mental health, but also with how said mental health interacts with their abilities. for example, my fave  is a boy named caleb who’s an empath, and he feels everyone else’s emotions to an intense degree and this therapy sessions often explore him, and helping him get a better control of the anger, and other ovverwhelming feelings he’s so often overcme with. similarly there’s also sam, who suffers from anxiety and is thrown back in time every time she has a panic attack. IT ISNT AS HEAVY AS IT SOUNDS, and its actually. quite lovely, honestly!!! :3
girl in spacegirl in space is not as well known (... i have... seen like 2 pieces of fanart in my LIFE) but, despite the fact im a widdle behind, im still LOVE it. its another scifi show- and it follows the story of X, a girl who was the daughter of two scientists aboard a research mission. however both of her parents died, and so now she’s been kicking it in isolation for literal years, on a fucked up spaceship thats kinda falling apart.
eos 10eos 10 is like... you know the tv show scrubs? like if that was in space. its very light hearted and campy and FUN. it begins with doctor ryan dalias being stationed alongside doctor horace urvidian at eos 10. doctor ryan dalias’ job (despite being many years his junior) is to help him recover from alcohol problem and get him fit again for work. there’s also an alien called arule delatro leviathan the third (levi for short) who is a deposed prince, now dishwasher, and i stan his disaster ass to hell an back ad i gotta mention him bc. hes... perhaps an icon.
ars paradoxicai personally dropped this but i know a lot of ppl really love it!! it more sci-fi fun but this time Time Travelling sci fi fun. it sstarts off with doctor sally grissom who end up stranded in 1943 after an experiment goes awry and has to find he rway back home.
kings fall ami binged this one a few month ago, and baically... :3 sammy stevenson moves from “the big city” to a  sleepy, rural town called kings fall -except... whack shit keeps happening, vis a vis ghosts, and aliens, and other monsters. think a gravity falls kind of energy. the show is presented through a late-night radio station called kings fall am,  which sammy cohosts with long-time resident ben arnold. in the beginning there’ a very scully/mulder dynamic between sammy and ben but.... a it develops... Oh, You Know.
welcome to nightvaleokay. i LIKE?? will be so honest and say i have never listened to welcome to nightvale myself (?? guilty as charged??) but ?? ive got to fuckn. mention it because it did have a big influence on audio drama, and is probably one of the most well-known, and man  if you were on here in 2012/2013 you’ve probably already heard of it? again!! i really havent listened to it myelf but if you dont now, it’s a radio show, documenting a fictional town called nightvale which is best characterised by how surreal, strange, and often creepy it is - yet all of this is delivered in a mundane fashion. i say this now because many other podcasts when they start off (before they, like, eventually find their own kind of groove) can often resemble the nightvale kind of energy??? i know that the aforementioned wolf 359 and kings fall am have both been likened to it in the beginning (although both divert, and grow into better versions of themselves)  because many took inspo from the wtnv era
alice isnt deadthe nightvale creww went on to do a lot of other podcasts! alice isnt dead is another one i dropped (mostly, because i ound it hard to focus on) however despite being produced by the nightvale crew, it has a much... darker energy, in terms of tone, and is a lot more serious and perhaps more conventional in that it follows the narrator who took up the position as a truck driver, in an attempt to find her wife  (who has been presumed dead, for a long time). however its still got that Creepy kinda energy to it, and deals with a lot of the supernatural unknown
wooden overcoatsi started this and intend to continue it because it sounds so CHARMING  but i... I WIANT TO BE SO FUCKING HONEST WITH YOU. i put it down for a bit for the VERY trivial fact that i cannot stand listening to very thick british accents (my poor widdle ears) however!! its a fun comedy-drama about two rival funeral homes on a small island in the english channel. as  I SAID BEFOREHAND, its very charming?  it has a really refreshing kinda energy to it. i want to say, like, it sort of reminded me (the little i listened to) of pushing daisies in the sense that theres an Obvious rather grim subject matter at its core but its written so endearingly and its quirky in the Cute kinda way so im like!! fsoddpfjd sdvoididfand okay im. im sorry this is petering out now, but!!! i do have SEVERAL other podcasts here that i have heard of but?? dont know MUCH about them at all so i cant... REALLY tell you about them in depth!!!
-within the wires (also done by nightvale presents)-the orbiting human circus (of the air) (another nightvale presents!!)- limetown- the black tapes- marsfall- kakos industries- what's the frequency- you are here - inkwyrm - marsfall- our fair city- the infinite now - tanis- greater boston- thrilling adventure hour- life/after-rover red
AND THERE REALLY IS SO MUCH MORE THAT!! i cant list them all or speak for them all at all- these are just the ones i remember off the top of my head, that ive alays meant to get to!!! i would search through the podcast  recommendations tag if you are SUPER interested bc theres OOODLES of stuff in there and :3c
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sidekickhq · 2 years ago
where do you think scarlett leithold could fit? this rp looks amazing !
Tumblr media
thank you so much ! i think she could fit in a lot of different families : steve rogers ( adopted ), loki & sigyn, hope van dyne, black tom cassidy & eilish sullivan, caitlin snow & ronnie raymond, stephanie brown & cassandra cain ( adopted ), dan espinoza & chloe decker & lucifer morningstar, eddie brock, kara zor-el, hal jordan & carol ferris, harley quinn & pamela isley, jason todd ( adopted ), hela & thanos, koriand’r & raven roth ( adopted ), natasha romanoff ( adopted ), stephen strange & clea, bruce wayne, oliver queen & dinah lance, warren worthington iii, michael jon carter & ted kord ( adopted ) !
and if you’re interested, some familial wanted connections she could fit :
VIDAR BJÖRK-THORSON & TOVA VIDARSDOTTIR, our CHARLIE HUNNAM & EMMA MACKEY fcs are looking for a CHILD / SIBLING connection who looks like BILLIE EILISH, MARGOT ROBBIE, HENRIK HOLM, ELLIOT FLETCHER, KATELYN NACON, JOE KEERY, JENNY BOYD, NAT WOLFF / UTP who is 17-19 or 23 you DON’T have to contact prior to applying at ofichvr / tofuisms. ( but you can if you want ! ) ( tova would… die for each of them, any time any place, but also… you know how ur sibs are your best friends but also your worst enemies? .. yeah. when they’re good, they’re reALLY good - but when they’re bad, mom or dad probably has to step in eventually to referee the arguments. the dynamic would prob be different depending on whether tova is older or younger ; if she’s the eldest, then her natural protectiveness extends to them, and if they’re older… well, same, but she’s probably a little bit TOO textbook ‘annoying younger sister’ a lot of the time. it is very possible that vidar isn’t close to this child due to him not being around for AWHILE - he was in the army from age 18 to early 30s but would come home whenever he was able to - which was NEVER enough! so they could have a relationship where vidar tries and ur chara just doesn’t want that, ur chara looks up to him but they don’t rly know how to interact , etc! it is also an option for the chara to be a TWIN but thats completely up to u! please check out vidar’s INTRO for background info and more fc options! )
THEORA TREVOR, our KATE SIEGEL fc,  is looking for a FOSTER CHILD connection who looks like CAMERON BOYCE, LISA TEIGE, AMANDLA STENBERG, KARAN BARR, DAVID CASTRO, RJ CYLER, ABIGAIL COWEN, PARIS BERELC, YARA SHAHIDI, IMAN MESKINI // PLAYER’S CHOICE who is 16/17. you DO have to contact prior to applying at WVTCHFUL. ( credit to rachel for giving me part of this idea !! theora works in the e.r. and one day a kid ended up there for some reason.when it came time for them to be discharged, they had nowhere to go and theora got temporary custody while they waited for the situation to be worked out. flash forward a few days, theora is attached and filling out the paperwork to become a foster parent.  )
EMMA FROST, our KATIE CASSIDY fc is looking for her LIL DEATH MACHINES / STEPFORD CUCKOOS X3 - CELESTE, MINDEE, PHOEBE who look like GIORGIA WHIGHAM, KIERNAN SHIPKA, JENNY BOYD, ANNASOPHIA ROBB, ANY MATCHING BLONDE FC who are 16-26 YEARS OLD. you DON’T have to contact prior to applying. ( we all kno the stepford cuckoos. they and their sisters - two named dead, thousands of unnamed - are emma’s clones, and though they appear to be mature, are actually, chronologically, like, five or smth, cos they were grown rapidly in tubes. it wasn’t known from minute one that they were emma’s, but the minute this became public knowledge, she accepted it and started to think of them as her daughters. diamond form, telepathic hive mind, coordinated outfits ; how much more could u want? )
GRÁINNE CASSIDY, our SOPHIE RUNDLE fc is looking for her SIBLINGS / TWO OLDER, TWO YOUNGER who look like FINN COLE, OLIVIA COOKE, CILLIAN MURPHY, EMILY BROWNING, DOUGLAS BOOTH / ANY FACE CLAIM who are anything from 20-40 YEARS OLD. you DON’T have to contact prior to applying. ( do u want to play a member of a crime fam, but ur not sure which to pick? do u want to play an irish char, but dont know what to do? if the answer is yes to the first and no to the second, but ur ok with settling, then boy o boy do i have the crime fam for you ! mutant on their fathers side and mobster on their mothers, the cassidy-sullivan’s are honestly… p hot, if i say so myself. their matriarch was left the only member of the fam after they were wiped out in gotham about ten years ago, and now they’re all getting older, the kids are restarting that specific fam business. i love the idea of them all having like… conflicting ideals, conflicting ideas for their fam, conflicting LIVES. gráinne fancies herself the head of the family right now, and at least for the minute is continuing their loyalty to the falcone’s. her sibs could want to challenge her… could be happy working alongside her… could mayb not even wanna be apart of the family - it’s honestly up to YOU ! )
JEANNIE DRAKE KENT, our STEFANIE SCOTT fc is looking for a HALF SIBLING ( via warren )  connection who looks like ( EMMA DUMONT, ASAMI ZDRENKA, RYAN POTTER ANY ½ WHITE FC ))  who is ( 19-23 YEARS OLD. ) you DON’T have to contact prior to applying. ( half siblings that are known publically to be worthington – nothing is set in stone with this connection but feel free to message at gods lost roomba#5813 to hear more about it!  )
PERSEUS XAVIER-LEHNSHERR, our NICK ROBINSON fc is looking for an UNKNOWN BIOLOGICAL FAMILY connection who looks like any white/half white (brunette) kid !! / grace phipps, jake t austin, madison davenport, noah centineo, piper curda, richard harmon, thomas hayes, willa holland, xavier serrano who is  20+ YEARS OLD. you DO have to contact prior to applying at JEEZPERSEUS. ( he was born to two degenerates in camden, new jersey. neither good parents, but he never experienced it because he was very little when he & his seven siblings were placed into the custody of the state for neglect. they were a high powered family, two mutant parents, but there’s a possibility one of the kids was human. they can be siblings or half-siblings or even cousins. or even his twin sister!! they’d be 20 or older if they’re a (half-)sibling, bc percy is youngest. go wild. ) ( thalia, more )
TRIXIE ESPINOZA DECKER MORNINGSTAR, our CHRISTIAN SERRATOS fc is looking for her ( TWO ) YOUNGER HALF-SIBLINGS VIA CHLOE & LUCIFER who look like ANY HALF WHITE, HALF MEXICAN FC who are anything from 16-22 YEARS OLD. you DON’T have to contact prior to applying. ( i’m tweaking the timeline that i’m mainly working from - the lucifer tv show - just a bit to allow for a broader age range of siblings, but what i waNT here is !! lil decker-morningstar kids !! i’m not even fussy on whether they’re like, bio or not, i just think… trix would be an awesome big sister, and it would REALLY solidify the fam connection here for there to be a lil fam running abt the place. )
WILLIAM WADE WILSON, our BRANDON FLYNN fc is looking for a FULL SIBLING connection who looks like CAITLIN STASEY, MERRITT PATTERSON, NINA DOBREV, DAISY RIDLEY, COLIN FORD, ALEX LAWTHER, TYLER YOUNG, THOMAS HAYES, UTP+  who is 16-17, 22+ you DON’T have to contact prior to applying at willicmwilson. ( Okay, I’m not super duper picky with this connection- I really just want to explore their relationship/the family dynamic. Also, it’s completely optional but I think it’d be cool to continue the whole 3 W tradition when naming them! Feel free to contact me if you do have any questions!)
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asknightqueendany · 2 years ago
Whenever I’ve seen u hate on Sansa you always point out her trusting baelish in s7 and her behavior with the Karstarks. Both were bad decisions but the reasons make sense. Karstarks- Sansa went through hell with Ramsay and she I think she wants to be strict making sure that the north knows there are consequences for their actions should they turn on her. Deep down she probably knows two children can’t hurt her much but since she’s been betrayed a lot and in the worst ways- she’s very paranoid.
Part 2- she is just falling into the bad habit of being overly paranoid. Next her trusting baelish- Sansa always ever since s2 knows that baelish is not trustworthy but she never had anyone else that seemed willing to actually take her home. Yes he betrayed her but at that point it had become a habit to trust him and to be manipulated by him. Dany took 7 seasons to acknowledge that drogo raped her. Sansa took 7 seasons to finally realize that baelish will NEVER be on her side.   
Part 3- a lot of ppl also bring up the way she acted with the lords when they spoke abt Jon. Sansa has never been seen as anything but a pawn and now she’s actually valued by the lords so it went straight to her head. Also she did explain that the northern lords are always shifty and that she needs there support in the wars to come so she can’t anger them! I love all the asoiaf ladies and I think the reason some may not like Sansa is bc it’s harder to get inside her head and understand.     
Separate ask but also about Sansa so I’m combining them (Anon 2):
You don’t have to like Sansa but if you ever become part of the Sansa fandom.. not all of us hate dany or hate every character besides Sansa. Everyone I follow loves Sansa and Dany and especially loves Sansa and Arya. Yes ppl ship jonsa (I personally don’t) and most ppl who ship jonsa dislike Dany but a lot of ppl that like Sansa don’t even ship jonsa. There are lot of vocal jonsa fans but that fandom is VERY small.            
Okay. I am so tired of talking about Sansa on this blog. Why do her supporters continue asking me about her? My opinions of her have not changed. The first 3pt ask did not made me change my opinions about her. And I severely disagree with everything the first asker wrote. Surely Anon 1, you had to have know I’d deconstruct your argument in my answer, right? So are we to have a back and forth of you sending me anons in regards to Sansa, and me continuing to dig my heels in about her because I firmly believe where I stand on here and have canon to back it up? It’s kind of exhausting.
I will answer these questions today. But I ask that people stop sending me questions about Sansa. I don’t like her. I have never liked her. I have never wanted to be in the “Sansa” fandom. I don’t enjoy watching scenes with her character in them. I didn’t enjoy reading her chapters in ASOIAF. And I don’t want to discuss her character anymore. I don’t even enjoy comparing her to Daenerys and don’t see why so many people do because they are very different characters with very different stories and journeys but since her rabid stans (not the non-rabid ones) hate Daenerys and always make Sansa-Dany comparisons, I’m forced to do so also to refute the wrong and hateful assumptions made about Dany.
But from now on, I’m going to try to refrain from talking about Sansa as much as possible because...I really don’t want to and don’t like to. So again, please no more asks about her.
Anon 1: You admit Sansa is overly paranoid and that Sansa likely knew the Karstark and Umber kids wouldn’t hurt her and blame her paranoia on Ramsay and say her “bad decisions” as you call them - trusting Baelish and not trusting the Umber and Karstark kids - make sense.
Whoa, there’s a lot to unpack there.
Let’s start with Ramsay - Sansa is paranoid because of Ramsay (and likely all her other tormentors - Joffrey, Cersei, and Lysa). But who put Sansa in that position with Ramsay? And the position with Lysa? BAELISH. If Baelish hadn’t kissed Sansa out in the open where Lysa could see, then Sansa’s life wouldn’t have been threatened by Lysa in the first place.
It’s almost as if Baelish did it on purpose so he had an excuse to kill Lysa and further endear himself to Sansa. Lysa comes across as crazy. She nearly kills Sansa. Baelish steps in and “saves” Sansa. But Baelish only saved Sansa from the threat that HE opened her up to.
AND Baelish didn’t need to kill Lysa. She calms down once he tells her he’s only ever loved one woman. He could have continued lying to her but he wanted to get her out of the way so he killed her.
Sansa learns about Lysa being the one to kill Jon Arryn on Baelish’s orders. She learns that it was Baelish’s idea for Lysa to send the letter to Catelyn that it was the Lannisters who killed Jon when really it was Lysa, thereby starting the conflict between Stark and Lannister. Baelish doesn’t kill Lysa because he just doesn’t want her around anymore and doesn’t want to deal with her. He kills her because she knows too much. AND NOW SANSA KNOWS TOO.
Doesn’t this sound familiar? It’s just like with Ser Dontos. Dontos knew too much and was a drunk - Lysa knew too much and was not of sound mind. Sansa has witnessed Baelish killing both these people who know too much of his shady dealings and yet...she still keeps him around. WHY???
He’s also the one who sold her to Ramsay Bolton. Saved her from monsters who murdered her family and gave her to other monsters who murdered her family. Even if Ramsay was a stand up guy...Roose still plunged a knife into Robb Stark’s heart. Her father-in-law would be the man who killed her brother. That’s all kinds of fucked up.
And it’s all because of Baelish.
Knowing all this about Baelish, Sansa keeps him as her ONLY confidante. She doesn’t even seek Maester Wolkan’s council! The man who is MEANT to council and serve the Lord/Lady of Winterfell!!! We’ve only got one scene of the two of them together and Sansa is telling Wolkan what to do, she’s not asking for his advice. Wolkan would have been a much more neutral and wiser advisor and yet, Sansa never seeks his advice. Not on what to do about the Northern Lords, not on what to do about Arya - WHICH IF SANSA HAD CONFIDED IN WOLKAN ABOUT THE ARYA SITUATION AND THE LETTER SHE WOULD HAVE SNIFFED OUT BAELISH’S PLOT THAT MUCH QUICKER!!!!!!!! FFS I’m getting so mad about this. Wolkan was a man of the Citadel, sworn to the castle he served, sworn to HER. And she never sought his advice. Damnit this makes me so mad. How can anyone justify this? How can anyone say Sansa’s mistrust of people in general would mean she turns to the man she’s seen kill two people because of wanting to keep his secrets safe and not trust the man who’s sworn to serve her.
If Sansa is so goddamn mistrustful, she should have kicked Baelish to the curb. Not kept him in her presence whispering in her ear 24/7. How could she not suspect him of trying to play her? HOW???
Moving on....
On to Alys Karstark and Ned Umber. You say this was a bad decision but one that made sense for what Sansa’s gone through. I call bullshit. Alys and Ned are meant to be portrayed as children, Alys possibly of an age with Sansa, but Ned clearly much younger.
However, Alys’s age doesn’t really matter because Sansa treats her and Ned the same. She wants to kick them out. Anon 1, you say this is because Sansa wants the North to know what happens to people who betray her - which, hello, I’m surprised you even worded it like that because that’s usually the kind of accusation that gets hurled at Daenerys. So you’re saying Sansa is vengeful? She wants her people to fear her? Because that is ruling with fear. Making her people afraid of the consequences if they cross her and making an example of two innocent children - that’s ruling by fear. I don’t know how people can see it any other way.
And Sansa, who was a child with the label of “traitor’s daughter” after Ned’s whole ordeal, should know how children can often get caught up in their parent’s political mishaps. While she wasn’t forced from her home, she also couldn’t go back to her home because it was taken from her family. And yet, knowing what she went through, she wants to do the same thing to Ned Umber and Alys Karstark. I’m saying it was a bad decision...and it didn’t make any sense.
The people Sansa really should have been critical of and kept a watchful eye over - were the Lords who were directly involved with not coming to House Stark’s aid. Manderly, Glover, Cerwin. They were the ones who truly turned their backs on House Stark. Ned and Alys however are innocent, weren’t the ones who betrayed the Starks (it was their fathers who are now dead) and they both showed up to court at Winterfell when they were called to do so! Ned and Alys left their homes and went to Winterfell - likely at Jon’s command - knowing there was a possibility they may be going to answer for their father’s crimes. But they dutifully went anyway. Ned and Alys just by being at Winterfell in 7x01 rather than holding up in their castles fearing the Starks - shows way more loyalty and faith than what Manderly, Glover, and Cerwin did before the Battle of the Bastards. This has nothing to do with Sansa’s previous experiences with betrayal and Ramsay’s savagery and whatnot. It’s just plain ignorance and stubbornness. And it may have earned her enemies in Ned and Alys should the North get divided between her and Jon (not that it ever would, but just saying).
Now, Anon 2
As stated, I don’t want to be in the Sansa fandom and don’t care. However, I think you’re severely mistaken when saying the Jonsa fandom is SMALL. They’re not. They’re all over the place on Tumblr and have pretty much taken over the Sansa Stark tag here. I honestly don’t know how her fans who are not Jonsas or don’t hate everyone else, Dany included, can even operate on this site because of all the bile they spew. I truly feel bad for the Sansa fans who are kind and enjoy other characters and don’t post hate. I really do. I don’t know how you guys stay sane. It seems like an even more difficult part of the fandom to reside in than being a Daenerys stan to be honest. But I want no part of it. I am a Daenerys blog, a Daenerys stan. I love other characters, but Sansa isn’t one of them - though I will acknowledge her wins and achievements when it is appropriate because I am not so lowly that I think everything Sansa does is a mistake and try to hate on her all the time. I can see when she’s done good and has a win and I will celebrate her wins with the rest of the fandom because I love Game of Thrones and ASOIAF and if Sansa has a win, then that’s great.
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velcro-simp · 2 months ago
can I ask u a question? can u help me out? kinda neopronoun related since they usually go together. so for xenogenders(ex: pupgender) do you think it would be ok for someone to use xenogenders in the sense that they just see it as an “add on” to their gender (ex: trans man or non binary) and use them to describe their gender presentation/aesthetic/vibes kinda? I’m on the fence abt them bc I totally get this but often times I see people use them when it’s not really a gender it’s just an interest they like a lot .. I also see nd people say they use them bc they see/feel gebder differently and as a nd person I don’t know how to feel abt that … bc they say it’s bc gender is a “social construct” and uh…….some people who are non binary also don’t feel comfortable using masc/fem/androgynous to define their gender so they use xenogenders?? idk I’m having conflicting feelings here I wanted to ask u about it
That's what I think Mogai should have been int he first palce tbh!!! Like "add-ons" instead of trying to make them actual genders! Cause honeslty I'd see no harm in it if mogai labels were just descriptions of ur aesthetic and how u present if that's how you wanna describe it!!! I know some ppl would make the argument that "well it says gender so u think it's a gender" but I thinka s long as u clarify ur only using it as an add on or describing of how u present and ur aesthetic then I see no harm in it! Tho I may be biased just cuz I like the word gender but u kno!!! It's whatever ^v^
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marc-andrefleury · 3 years ago
ur daily gay existential crisis
no ones gonna read this and if i dont put it into words im going to explode
sooo i almost came out to one of my teammates
i chickened out,,,,, akajsdh im screaming v conflicted
i just,,, actually dont know how she would take it
shes not openly homophobic or anything,, but sometimes theres just that kind of locker room talk were its “oh haha u kno how softball is a gay sport,,, what if someone on our team was gay ahahaha”
she never instigates those remarks, but she wont say anything either, and shes laughed along bfore
and sjkdfknadjkksdf shes my catcher and i Lov her as a friend and teammate and shes a big part of my life and if she reacted poorly i would have been so Fucked up man
i dont kno if im gonna try again,, but i want her to kno these things and b ok with them
and b normal, and hug me the way we do, and still b my friend, and not ask if im in love with her bc im attracted to girls, and still talk to me, and drive me to practice and eat bites of my food, and let me take her belt bc i forgot mine
ive come out to a teammate before,,,,,, but shes not on the team this year
only one (1) and it was coincidentally another catcher
she was super cool abt it,,, and it felt so so so so good to finally let it out 
shes amazing, beautiful, the best thing ever and so is her family
i miss her so much
shes playing for another team and im just,,, i want her back
so everythings Fine,,,,, im Good
i hate how tense i feel around my teammates now,, like i have to hide or else
and i feel Bad under my skin, all the time, like im wrong, and not good, and i want to cry, and im so angry and frustrated
we have a lot of new girls this year and theyre great,,,, but i miss my old teammates and 
the new ones are so,,,,,, messy sometimes,, like fuck pls stop talking abt trans rights as if u kno anything abt it
did i mention that my coach is a Cop and Hates Toronto Pride and thinks its a waste of time
bc thas a great, good, mhmmm
and unrelated to my gay angst, the girls that left the team to go to others were one i thought would be mine for life forever a long time
and it just Hurts bc some of the ones who i thought we were super close didnt even bother to tell me that they were leaving or why, and they didnt say goodbye
and i keep thinking theyre still here and i turn to tell them something and theyre not,, and then it Hurts again
and theyve stopped talking to me and i want to know what i did wrong, im sorry
and i thought i was over it but evidently im still sad bitter
 so u can c, i get attached too easily to people who probably dont really care that much abt me
anyways,,,, life would b so much easier if i was Straight and cared less what people thought of me
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uniformbravo · 3 years ago
hm! 12:30 am probably not the best time to start a kinda mushy introspective end-of-mp100 post but uh. here i am
(i mean this is literally just gonna be about my personal experience w/ the series so like get ready 2 snooze but u kno)
it’s a little hard to remember everything i ever thought about the series & how my thoughts changed but i think the thing that sticks out to me most is in the format of what i came for vs what i stayed for
because before i even actually watched the anime i’d been seeing it all over tumblr for a year and i knew just from all the fanart that i was going to love it because it matched up astonishingly well with my aesthetic, which was confirmed when i finally did watch it; basically what i loved about it most was the calamity of mob’s powers, his inability to control them, the trauma, the way that each explosion is explicitly linked to his emotions, just. the suffering, basically. the weight of indescribable power consuming someone who wants nothing more than to be rid of it and never be forced to do harm again, that sort of thing
my favorite explosions were the negative emotions, which were the majority of the ones shown in s1, really, and if i’m being honest i remember feeling somewhat “eh” about 1000% gratitude?? lmfao i really wasn’t into it as much as, say, 100% rejection (which is still one of my faves to this day purely for aforementioned aesthetic-related reasons) and there was this point where like. i don’t remember exactly where i heard it but i know before i started reading the manga i heard somewhere that as the story progressed mob was starting to learn to control his powers better and my immediate reaction was “nooooooo” bc i wanted explosions like 100% sadness forever lmfao
so that was largely my attitude towards the series in the beginning, right. and i mean, it’s not like i changed my mind about loving those things, because they still hit right in the aesthetic & everything, but somewhere along the line that disappointment faded away and became, idk, support?? a desire to see mob grow and change and better his life and all that good stuff
and then i feel like the last two chapters went above and beyond with the themes of self-acceptance and mob’s relationship with his powers because really, i feel like there was this big buildup focused on ???% implying that it was this powerful demon or spirit or something possessing mob and that’s where all his power came from, right (that’s what i was assuming at least), when it turned out it was all stemming from this conflict within himself, that he was closing off an entire portion of himself that he needed to stop repressing and let flow in a healthy manner
i just feel like i wouldn’t have been as into that in the beginning when i first got into the series, but now i’ve reached this point where seeing mob be able to express emotions freely and openly because of his newfound inner peace is fulfilling to the point that i fuckin cried when i read the last chapter which is like. fairly rare for me ((i’ll be honest tho i had literally just woken up at a relatively early time & read the chapter basically first thing so that may have been a contributing factor but u kno))
anyway anyway anyway
in the end i just feel like. i’ve sort of come a long way with this series, as far as my opinions go? really what happened is i got attached to the characters, right. i mean, at first it was about “oof this is my Aesthetic” and i was more about those darker aspects of the show, but along the way i fell in love w/ the characters and they went from being basically devices used to fill the aesthetic meter to being living, breathing characters i genuinely cared about and started rooting for & all that mushy jazz; in the end i love them and im proud of them and happy for them and im so happy to see how far they’ve come and im glad things turned out this way for them and i m just. really love this series what a feel-good series what an absolute blessing in this world that im so glad exists, legitimately
(long story short: came for the conflict, stayed for the resolution)
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roachfurby · 2 years ago
How old is marvein what he like
I had a long ass response to this written up and i just. accidentally closed the tab and i had to go take a break to eat some apples to calm down. So this is the condensed version.
His age depends on if we’re talkin DnD Marvein or TES Marvein. DnD Marvein is pushing 4000, TES Marvein is more like 2000 bc elder scrolls has a set timeline (also. dragon breaks make it very hard to calculate age). He’s old as fuck.
a Dad™. If he gets attached to you, he just becomes ur new dad. 
Vampire + High Elf
6′11″, 7′1″ with the boots bc he’s Dramatic.
He enjoys wine and obscure history, and has very expensive tastes.
spent the last number of centuries sealed inside his half-burnt-down mansion mourning his wife and children so theres that
Very good fatherly hugs (If a bit cold bc u kno. Undead)
Enjoys some good fashion.
Slow to opening up but gets attached surprisingly quickly
The only thing he enjoys from vampirism is the Aesthetic™
Loves to cook even though eating does nothing for him
Collector! Quills, Ink, Books, Tea Sets, Candles, Rocks, Crystals, Incense, Alchemical reagents…. just about everything tbh. He loves sorting things!
Surprisingly reasonable and level-headed
Spent a lot of time alone, occupied his time mostly by reading and learning to play instruments, so hes really knowledgeable and can play a total of 9 instruments (mostly strings)
Was turned against his will, and honestly? kinda angsty about it
Hates the idea of feeding directly on people, instead mixes blood into wines and stores them for later. Also only gets blood from bandits and such.
Prone to depressive episodes :(
Terrified of horses (he’ll walk, thank you very much)
Also scared of goats. Honestly anything with hooves is a no-go
High charisma/speech. Gr8 at talking people into shit. Accidentally intimidates people a LOT
Comes off as the strong silent type but. He actually talks a lot. you’ve just gotta be around him for a little while.
Romantic, but also terrified of outliving friends and family so like. He’s massively conflicted.
That “Jennifer… do you want to play Scattergories…” Post
DnDVerse Marvein has one adopted daughter, who is actually a living doll that he rescued from her creator. TESVerse Marvein doesn’t ever officially adopt any more kids, but Serana ends up kind of seeing him as a dad figure? I literally can’t play him without having Serana follow him around all the time.
There’s more things I could add that are more specific to TES or DnD Marvein but I kinda wanted to keep this general. 
I’m on my tablet atm and I only have one picture of him and it kinda sucks bc its from before I got an ENB and the blue vampire eyes mod AND the lighting is generally bad but here’s how he looks in-game (I sculpted his face vertex by vertex in racemenu and it took Forever but I love him….)
Tumblr media
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vitrei · 2 years ago
jascnbrody said:
i used to think that but like. the more i play the more i realize thats just. not tru like as long as you stick to the roads you zoom thru the island. that or ill use the boats and shit. ill walk Sometimes but im really impatient i just wanna Get There Fast so ill either drive or fast travel. and like yeah? like you see abandoned houses but theres also like. dedicated towns that have. a multitude of people. and everyone walks around like its nothing.
ive got ziggys mod on rn bc it adds a Little bit of danger. pirates are harder to see, you Have to buy all the guns, and guns dont automatically reload. and it makes Sense like. jasons not counting bullets. hes just shooting and believing the bullets gonna come out. idek what else it does thats the big thing i remember bc i, also, dont notice until its too late All The Time.
ic ant stand his tatt. . i just dont like all the little things. i like Simple.. geometric shapes (but not normally the tattoos that use them. actually. . idk. i like triangles in rows. and stripes & circles. thats all im into) and thats like.. what his concept art is like. but at the same time j having a fucked up tattoo makes sense bc im 90% sure dennis would nearly start putting dicks on him. like fuck this dude. also yeah like vaas would have Very Serious(ish) tattoos that he designed. like his murals but cleaner. i feel like vaas is just a really talented Artiste like on top of his abstract wall art he does (messy) realism.
like i like fluff... as much as the next person. bu t having no conflict just gets boring.. and if something im watching is too like. Dramatic like thats the only reason i can think of to dislike conflict. that whatever youre watching is just like draining and in that case just ! watch smthn else. idgi.
god when i worked at dg there were sso many kids just walking around. with their phones loudly playing a video theyre watching or music theyre listening to like i Get it. i have a 4 (3 at the time) yr old sister and she can get Loud in stores but like?? theyre not even watching where theyre going?? with the phone?? also its just plain rude dont teach ur kids that. and like i didnt even really get my own phone until i was like 19. and it Did make it hard to be able to talk to people but the people who really wanted to talk to me like worked around it. and the people who didnt didnt! like i had a couple months w a phone @ like 16 and like.. it was still abt the same. if they rly wanna talk to me theyll talk to me like you dont Need a phone to form friendships w ur peers.
im sure there'll be spaces where its like.. Obviously got more attention and way more interesting but i dnt think itll be a boring space by any means.. except mayb the camps. fc5 honestly had some p lame camps. i remember like 2 that i like. al so its so funny like fallout didnt even bother w deer for SO long until fo4, the game they gave up on,
i really really really hate the way they wrote keith like hes absolutely the most abysmal character. they made such a huge show of how much of a dick he is, always ready to fight everyone so when hes the one you have to save from buck its like ~such a shock~ like oouuh hes so Totally Different Look at him ~woaaaaoo~ this sure did suck for him like fuck off. fuck ooofffff. you didnt have to make such a Big show of how much of a bastard he is.
i really do love sam.. hes a fun guy. you can tell hes smart. im Upset he got outsmarted by hoyt. but i understand that if he didnt then they wouldve had to make a slightly different ending and they didnt wanna do that. so ill Accept it but im still like mad. j could write a letter. itll be really good really get the point across. "hi mom, its Me, Jason, im here. bye ! :) eks eks ou"
ive read more of the bad fanfic just to poke fun at it than i have the like.. serious fanfic. and i havent looked at ao3 in like.. a year or two. and that was to look for more bad things to read. i just. i think its interesting. when people are so far off. its like shocking Myself. citra doesnt even really see thru j she just sees like. that hes easy to manipulate like thats it. she doesnt kno shit abt j she doesnt want to..
also vaas isnt lean so jot That down. i literally hate that. like i kno michael mando is but idfc what micael mando looks like vaas just isnt that ripped. not on the chest/stomach anyway. like yeah hes muscular but hes got Tub.
also literally cant stand fanon j like they make him into such a baby. (sometimes literally). it like theyre not even playing the game where hes a Nasty Man who kills for fun! like hes not a 6'2 grown ass 25 year old who like pushes cars around for fun. who can Break Glass underwater. Deep underwater. hes Strong as Shit. hes been thru College he has a Girlfriend. hes got a BEARD.......
im normally really tied to what the author thinks.. like even if i have my own ideas i still like. accept and acknowledge the writers intent and it usually. morphs? my perception? bc its not like i Kno More than the actual person who wrote it. i like to think im Reasonable.. and i dnt think i have to be like its not out of like respect or anything its just like.......... i mean its Theirs. i dont Own it i cant ignore what they said its just not how i am.
im so mad you cant pet the dog.......... whats the point if i can t pet him............ ive been likejsh curious abt the cod story modes bc im really not big on multiplayer. like i play overwatch and thats it.. but theres so MANY cods.. i cant wade thru all of em.. n ill watch a decent bit of playthroughs but i mostly feel like i Have to play the game. like i have to be a participant for it to be Real so that i Know ive Seen All there is to see..
i like to complete shit 100% and ill normally stop in the middle of a game to make sure i Do have it 100% unless im rly rly into it. or its just too much stuff
i can be really patient actually, but only in a few very specific situations. like. i can walk (like, irl) for five hours next to a road and not get bored as long as theres like plants to look at. yea like abandoned houses occur in all kinds of environments, it doesnt automatically point to the inhabitants being like. dead or whatever. thats not environmental storytelling. it just means you got fewer humans to render. thats an issue in 5 to, like, where did all these people live before they joined the cult? and uh for that matter where do they live now? how are they all fed? is the sewer system working? if not, why isnt everyone sick and/or dead? its like they made up the towns/bunkers completely independently of the actual people. designing working cities is so fun like. if youre not into micromanaging logistics why even design a video game honest to god?
god i hate the abundance of ammo. for all sorts of different weapon types, too. like where are those coming from. how are all of those getting here. how big is the market for ammunition for like. anything at all thats not an ak. why would there even BE anything thats not an ak all the way out in the third world, especially considering the mud and the climate. they HAD IT in fc2, they KNEW, theyve clearly thought about it, bc yea realistically all the guns that people have here Would be from the soviet union, bc thats how that goes, every time. no matter where you go in the world. if theres a conflict in a poor country, theres gonna be 1. machetes and 2. decades-old aks. oh and those homemade guns! yknow like in the chechnyan civil war? those are fascinating. whys no one ever put some of those in a video game. what about tacticals? people putting guns on their regular old ford pickup trucks, like in syria and iraq? theyre like real life mad max cars. that would be incredibly little fun to play thru for most people, of course, bc nothing would ever work right, but like. itd be. better. and also like. jason does not fucking know a thing about guns. hed get shit wrong all the time, and ruin his guns that way. hes an incredibly careless person. i actually consider the fact that his phone screen is canonically not cracked a (cinemasins voice) plot hole. i just want shit to be sooo much harder for him
yea like hes just putting all that in dennis’ hands, he gets no say in it, though like, if he did, it would probably look worse. i barely trust j to get dressed by himself in the morning, much less make decisions that will permanently alter his body. either way they couldve done much worse than w/ the whole heron/shark/spider theme. still not sure how exactly those tie into the actual skills you learn but. im ok w/ them. Yea im very attached to the idea that vaas is an artist bc like? he is? i mean, i dont love everything of what theyve shown in canon bc its just. kinda cliché. i see him as more of an adolf wölfli type. itd definitely suit him to be obsessed w/ symmetry. and i hate to armchair-diagnose a character thats so incompetently written but i dont think its up for debate that hes psychotic. you could convey so much of his worldview thru his art but they just. didnt u_u
i cant get invested in media thats not dramatic n angsty. i just cant. like i like a lot of light-hearted media like animal crossing, the simpsons, but im not gonna get into them the way im into e.g. fc. theres nothing in there for me to latch onto. that even goes for iasip, which is arguably just a serious interpersonal drama w/ jokes. i need a dark tone, and i can only deal w/ an amount of humor if it serves to underline that dark tone. i mean, theres a reason its called fluff, which literally means filler. you cant just eat candy for every meal yknow.
my first phone was a 2002 nokia w/ Snake on it and my mom only gave it to me bc she wanted me to be able to call her in an emergency. thats what phones are supposed to be for imo. now that theres so few pay phones around anymore, cell phones make sense, for emergencies. id never ever ever give my child a phone with internet access or a camera. like, im not even old, and even i remember calling someone on their house phone and asking if they could come out to play. that was normal just a couple of years ago. then around 11 we all got on icq, and it was all downhill from there. im just straight-up anti social media at this point, i really dont see any positives in it. it doesnt help you Connect w/ people. its a substitution for connection. i wouldnt be on here if i had a fun real life.
the camps in 5 all look the same. at least in 3 you have more than one group of Bad Guys and their environments look a bit different but. 5 was just? regular real world american buildings but w/ a edens gate flag flown out front. felt like larping in a boring small town. except that wouldve been more fun bc it wouldve been real. im really not a fallout person and idk a lot about it but like, why. do they confine themselves to such a small space. thereve been plenty of fallouts by now, why havent we gone somewhere new. i feel like a wasteland is a wasteland whether you render it in 2d or 3d. wheres the mississippi fallout. wheres the delaware fallout. why is the world so small. like i totally get the appeal of The Fallout Aesthetic but to me personally it just feels kinda limited.
its really hard to feel sympathy for keith which is like. awful. like god knows im not saying you only deserve sympathy as a rape survivor if you happen to be a likable person from the start like. thatd be terrible? god fucking knows im not saying he deserved it. people do only care about rape/abuse survivors if theyre sweet and innocent (and white) and thats a massive problem, but this is certainly not gonna convince anyone to change their perspective on that. like this doesnt challenge anything. you just made me feel bad for not feeling bad, thats not like. enough. i didnt like keith before and i still dont like him now. great. really pushed the envelope and made a point about rape culture there.
sam is like the only character who you get to spend some time with before they die, like you actually get to build some sort of emotional connection, and on top of it hes actually a likable person. was that so hard? could we not get more of that? if you want the audience to care about a death, you first have to make them care about the person themselves. like. did you not know that? did you get sam right purely on accident?
thats literally it yea thats his idea of an explanation. and hes not even aware that hes bad at writing letters bc hes not aware of like anything. he thinks he nailed it. like you cant leave things like that to j, you shouldnt let him unsupervised at all, and you cant just let him ruin his moms day like that. idk what id do in that situation either but i would not let j talk to his mom about it under any circumstances
its not hard seeing thru j. hes not like. complicated. hes hard to understand if you approach him from the wrong angle, like, if you expect him to be a normie. in that case hes probably Baffling. but once you catch that first glimpse of how simple and unassuming he is and youre like Ooooh ok Thats what this is. its so easy from thereon. its still kind of a luck of the draw whether you can make him do sth or not bc it depends on whether he happens to feel like doing it, like, if citra tells him to kill this or that person hed be like Ok. if she tells him to like, stack some crates, hed pout and be like Nah i dont feel like it. like a Child. so, hes a wildcard, but hes also like, stupid. ive compared him to homer simpson before but he also reminds me of spongebob in that way.
vaas has an incredibly unhealthy (and inconsistent) lifestyle. he lives on meat, krupuk, deep fried everything, various filipino pastries, and booze. maybe the occasional mango. i dont even know if he drinks water. also, realistically, he should have coke bloat. if he was Lean itd be because he doesnt eat enough. not bc hes on some sorta natural paleo diet. also he spends a lot of time in his designated Staring At Tv Static While High room. hes not fit
goddd yeaaaaaa thats so fucking annoying. as soon as fandom designates a character as a bottom — which? first of all? no? — they instantly turn them into a shy whiny twink. it makes me sick. people will apply yaoi logic to Anything. at this point its not even funny anymore its just straight-up homophobic. the worst part is that it aint even just straight people doing it, its lgbt teens whove internalized that shit. i hate it. i hate it so much. and j of all people is like, an absurdly violent person. he fits that cliché to literally zero percent. (thats not gonna stop me from calling him Baby and Child and Idiot Baby Child but im an actual gay man whos also not a virgin so im allowed to do that. im allowed to do anything. i just wish teen girls would stop doing it.)
yea i cant ignore the canon/the authors intent even when i really want to. which Sucks honestly. but like, i make a difference between art art and corporate products (though of course the line is blurry). id never ignore the intent of like, an independent author whos just expressing their personal experiences. but if were talking blockbuster movies, aaa video games, or wwe? yea i dont care. those are written by committees, not people. those are fair game. i still want to know everything about canon and ill never be able to unsee canon entirely, but i do actively try to ignore all the parts i dont like. like, on a case by case basis. idk my whole entire media experience is Messy
yea i couldnt care less about multiplayer im just here for the campaign, or rather, the characters in it. and the characters in modern warfare are just really, really good. ghosts sadly has one that looks exactly like keith lmao. (though i do love that one too.) mw1 was remastered in 2016 (as a last ditch effort to get people to buy the mess that was infinite warfare) so theres a bunch of recent-ish playthrus of it out there. its literally the comfiest game in the world to me, its all gray and drab and early 2000s-looking, and its just. the perfect embodiment of the type of game that it is. and of course nostalgia is a factor but i think just general nostalgia for the Era is enough, you dont need nostalgia for mw1 in particular to find it comfy. in my very biased and subjective opinion it holds up
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stormlit · 4 years ago
reasons why hellvis is a terrible person and is not good for georgie bc everyone seems to think it’s romantic and lemme tell u there is nothing romantic about harassment, stalking, and constantly stepping over someone’s boundaries bc you want them when they’ve repeatedly said it’s not mutual
literally leaves her at the altar with a bunch of wedding guests and zero explanation; forces charles james to go and tell georgie that yeah this ain't happening when last night he was overjoyed to get married
fucks off for two whole years
refuses to step back despite his clear conflict of interest when he's sent to rescue her, and then proceeds to let said conflict of interest get in the way of him doing his job appropriately
literally only talks to her again bc he saved her life, prob would have gone years/forever if the army hadn't sent him there, so that 'love'? real good thing there
thinks he's The Hero™ for u kno,,,doing his damn job and rescuing her like that'll erase everything he did to her previously
georgie even asks "why him" bc she doesn't want to see him ever again
she literally calls him creepy and knows he has behaviour like making sure he has the room next to her when they haven't spoken in two years
and he makes out like she's the one being irrational for not wanting to hear his "explanation". reminder that she is massively traumatised rn, she doesn't want to see him, and talking about their failed wedding is probably the last thing on the mind while her captor is still out there
"a tin opener helps me get to my beans. it's useful. i'm not interested in talking to it though" honestly she keeps ignoring him and he keeps pretending that doesn't mean anything
she literally walks away from him and tells him to leave her alone...and he doesn't
charles james reminds him that she's just been thru hell and her head might not be in a good place and he still...carries on harassing her
he like blows her a kiss and she just rolls her eyes and turns her head away. georgie lane? tired of his bullshit
yet again does things against protocol "for her"
chooses their song for a group sing song like that ain't some manipulative bullshit since they're in front of a whole group and she ain't interested in him, and she looks so fucking miserable about it. and yes he purposely does it in front of the group so she can't make a scene
he literally says that he threw her away i'm
"i'm so much happier without you, e.lvis"
she is traumatised, vulnerable, and scared beyond belief and he absolutely takes advantage of her by sleeping with her
and the harassment continues by him phoning her when she's back home and trying to readjust
"he's persistent" nope he's harassing her
this is the definition of workplace harassment
acts like he knows her? dude you've been gone for 2 whole years i don't think that's true anymore
like does he need to weasel his way in to having the most contact with her and being the point of contact between her and counter terrorism command are u REALLY telling me there are no other special forces soldiers who'd do a good job he does not need to be there
climbs in her fucking window without warning. maybe cute while they were dating, fucking creepy now they're not
“e.lvis, i can't be happy with you again. ... it's too late."
he's so fucking selfish, everything is about what HE wants and what HE needs and he doesn't listen to her once
if he loves her so much he should want her to be happy, not do everything he can to pull her away from the thing that makes her happy just bc that's not him
stalker stalker ensures he gets transferred to manchester so he's near her
charles james, the one (1) person in her life who actually understands what she's going thru and is supportive of her, keeps telling e.lvis to back the fuck off and he doesn't
“i'm only thinking about you." "no, you're thinking of yourself. you're a fucker." u tell 'im georgie
tells her he has to tell her something "classified" just so he can talk to her alone which is the most manipulative thing
and then tells her not to marry jamie bc he's the "wrong guy" even tho georgie has only ever indicated she's in love with jamie
keeps banging on about how they should cancel the wedding bc it's a target when it's 100% bc he doesn't want her marrying someone else EVEN THO HE BLEW HIS CHANCE OF MARRYING HER
he's so selfish and he never once listens to what he wants i know i said this before but i'm saying it again
loooves to tell georgie what she needs without any actual knowledge or listening to what she thinks
he signs his texts to her with fucking kisses. when he shouldn't be texting her at all
"it's not like you to turn up on my wedding day ... you're determined to fuck this up for me, aren't you?"
he moves himself purposely to work close protection on her. he's not assigned it, he makes it happen as though that ain't creepy
uh yeah overall he's a selfish, harassing stalker who needs to get the fuck away from georgie bc she absolutely does not want him
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kkukkung · 4 years ago
a neurotypical kale croncher??? Teach me how to achieve this way of living
jdkjfkskl neurotypical is an exaggeration but um... i actually rly like salad?? i enjoy nibbling leaves off trees like a small forest animal? this reply is a bit late bc i wanted to answer this properly on the off chance that this chunk of text might help some1 else idk. under the cut!
at first i was just too busy to think abt being Sad and Anxious lol (i worked...... 2 jobs on top of volunteering + uni last semester how did i do that....) n then once i started getting used to it i got into self-improvement/self-care in small ways i guess? like just.... consistently taking care of my skin, going to the gym, doing my hair, talking to my friends abt my problems instead of letting them fester noxiously inside me (!!!!), helping other ppl thru volunteering. i think that through... doing things that feel like you’re taking care of urself (e.g. a sheet mask... a good healthy meal...) u feel better abt urself too? especially if ur self-care IS self-improvement... i think when those two things align u make far more progress!
i also took advantage of the free mental health services around me like my uni counselling service where i had an incredible incredible counsellor who helped me understand and dissect some of my concerns n issues. some of them like... traced back to my childhood and the way i was brought up... i think understanding why you behave/think in certain ways is very helpful bc once u get the cause n the process it’s easier to change it. so i’d totally recommend seeing a mental health professional if you can... but ofc still take everything they say w a grain of salt n.... not every counsellor/therapist/psychologist will be fantastic... like i had a counsellor in high school who couldn’t help me at all n mostly showed me tedtalks on having vulnerability issues lmfao and i didn’t realise she wasn’t suitable for me until i met another counsellor who was the right fit? yeah
plus i think it’s important to have people around you who you know Actually Like You and are willing to listen to your problems. relationships are all kind of trial and error and it’s impossible to expect that people will always say the right thing or never upset you... but i think it’s important that when u do have conflict n whatnot that ur able to have a mature conversation w them about it and that fundamentally, your relationship is not stagnant but also in a process of improvement bc u both want to improve for urselves and for each other! ofc it’s easy to say “surround urself w good ppl!!!!!” like obviously that’s extremely difficult and it takes a long time to realise that some people just aren’t for you... idk where this is going but yeah um be mindful of how ppl around u contribute to ur moods and vice versa!
and ig the last thing is having somewhere u can derive validation from bc we all need validation... especially about the things we’re insecure about, but honestly it’s especially scary to need that bc ur like... exposing ur “weakness” if u ask for it... so personally i derive most of my sense of achievement from things that feel within my control, e.g. academics and self-grooming/working out, and it feels good bc i’ve earnt whatever results i get through my own hard work! but there are things i need to reassured abt that are out of my control e.g. every once in a while i need someone to tell me im not Hideous or a Despicable Human Being jkfsdkjfjk and aah it’s just... a lot easier to sleep at night knowing ppl think ur not Ugly and Annoying and Awful u know... links to the last point bc when u have good ppl around u, u’ll nvr actually have to consciously seek validation bc the mere fact that they’re there is plenty.
aaaand the last (last last) thing is that getting “better” is not a linear upshoot but something that also has ups and downs, so rly don’t put too much stress on urself if u feel like ur not making ~progress~ bc it’s so so so so dependent on circumstance and ive personally relapsed like 15 odd times lol so... take it easy on urself but still push urself to Try u kno. i feel like there are lots of things to live for and to be happy abt, even if they’re not grand cosmological templates of human civilisation. when u... let urself know that u don’t need to Fulfil anything but simply exist, it takes a big burden off ur shoulder!
congrats if anyone read this far jksfkjfkjs and i rly hope u guys feel good abt urselves today and tomorrow and so on and so on... ilu... let’s be neurotypical kale-cronchers together one day,,,
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marsreds · 4 years ago
so. i’m watching atla with a friend (her for the first time) and we just started book 3 and man, i literally got whiplash watching “the headband”.
i mean the characters are almost completely unrecognisable?
like, since when is katara shy???!!? like, have we watched the same show up till now? the girl that made a speech to a prison-full of earthbenders, and when they ignored her was kinda sad and then MADE ANOTHER ONE!?!?!?!?? like i can’t watch that part w/o a pillow to bury my face into from second-hand embarrassment and the girl’s like, oh yeah well, if at first u don’t succeed... and ur trying to tell me that that girl would have trouble dancing in front of a crowd?!?!!?!? or how abt that time when she publicly called out and challenged a waterbending master?? knowing that she’s not actually gonna win??!!?!?? i’m supposed to believe that a girl like that would play with her hair and blush bc “I don't know, Aang. These shoes aren't really right for dancing, and I-I'm not sure that I know how to- “
i mean?? seriously, were we watching the same show?? who is this?? bc it’s not katara
and then, and then, aang wants to be normal??!? like that??! now??! an episode ago he was traumatised by the fact that he failed as an avatar! like, what??! it literally set back his character development a hundred years?? not to mention that he was, you know, an episode ago, a far more mature character? i mean i’m not saying that he should’ve lost all playfulness et all, but considering where “the awakening“ left the poor boy at, wouldn’t have it made a lot more sense to, idk, show us aang gradually getting his cheerful disposition back? (kind of like how he got hope back during “the serpent’s pass”?) and before anyone says, no that didn’t happen at the end of “the awakening”,  “the awakening” was, or at least should’ve been only the very beginning of his recovery.
shockingly, someone who was, u kno, actually fucking dead, should spend more than one episode getting back on his feet. they basically glossed over any and all inner turmoil and completely and utterly removed any shred of self-awareness and self-reflection that aang spent ~two seasons developing.
like??? why would u do that?? who thought that that was a good idea?? who?!??!?!
and, ofc, the coup de grâce*: zuko.
like, i think my friend said it best: “it’s like they took everything that made him interesting and likeable and inverted it“.
gone is the awkward, introspective, compassionate, troubled person. instead we get.. i don’t even know??
like, u expect me to believe that the boy who either got so freaked out over the fact that a girl he likes is gonna kiss him that he shoved a coupon in her face, or misread the mood so badly that he thought that that was the right time to do that, that a boy like that would be that comfortable in a situation like a sunset picnic? or u kno making out? at all, let alone with an audience. or at all capable of any kind of sweet talk? even the badly written kind?
and, and, and, are u telling me that the boy who couldn’t even bear to watch zhao, a man who actively and repeatedly tried to kill him, die, that a boy like that would send an assassin after an actual child? and one that repeatedly saved his life at that?(and, tbh, i’ve got a whole different meta on how bryke absolutely do not get that the very core of zuko’s character is a staggering amount of compassion and empathy and that his actual true conflict comes from the fact that a person like that was born as the future head of a war machine and how his actual triumph was supposed to be the fact that after a lifetime of brainwashing he still, still remained like that.) u actually expect me to believe that? pfft, sure bryke.
and, like, tbh, i’m not even gonna get into the whole visiting-iroh-in-prison-and-yelling-at-him thing.
except i will. a little.**
here’s the thing: while there isn’t any situation or scene that directly contradicts zuko’s behaviour towards iroh, a great part of zuko’s value system is based around filial piety.
seriously. look at the way he talks the one time he actually goes into the whole honour thing:
zuko: “Three years ago today, I was banished. I lost it all. I want it back. I want the Avatar, I want my honor, my throne. I want my father not to think I'm worthless.”
it was never about honour for honour’s sake or whatever. it was always about ozai:
ozai: You will fight for your honor. zuko: I meant you no disrespect. I am your loyal son.
and the zuko we saw in seasons 1 & 2, and in “the awakening” (and then again briefly in “the day of the black sun pt. 2” and “the old masters” a.k.a. ehasz’s zuko) the zuko who’s first words after their great triumph in ba sing se are “i betrayed uncle“, the introspective, compassionate zuko, the zuko who understood, since at least “the siege of the north pt. 2″, that iroh “thinks of [zuko] as [his] own” THAT zuko?
i doubt he’d ever get past looking at the tower for the guilt and shame.
*except not really, bc there’s nothing merciful about this, and there’s still like, 19 episodes of this flip-flopping characterisation nonsense.
**using only what we were shown up until this point in the narrative. meaning i’m not gonna use zuko’s speech to ozai to make my point.
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papanorth · 4 years ago
Okay the obvious, tuckington
u kno what i like
001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:
when I started shipping it if I did: About the time where the Freckles Shake incident happened, but before it was revealed that everyone was fine and that Doyle was only as evil as Kimball. That period of “WHAT’S HAPPENING TO WASH DONUT AND SARGE” and Tucker frantically trying to work things out was just too much of the stuff I like for me to resist.
my thoughts:On the ship?? I think everyone knows my thoughts on the ship by now. I love it, I’ve spent too much time thinking about it, I genuinely think those two characters would work well together.
What makes me happy about them:They’re so important to one another! The actual romance part matters less to me than the fact that these two army dudes care about each other a lot and have had a significant impact on each other’s lives. I especially like that they both sort of found what they need/want with one another. Tucker gets someone who inspires or expects him to become a better version of himself, takes him seriously and guides him and has no intentions of leaving him (hello abandonment issues), while Washington gets someone who challenges him and requires him to earn respect (and not just forcibly take it by being intimidating and slightly murderous), jokes around with him, and (importantly) goes back for him if he’s left behind or can’t keep up. They both kinda met when they needed each other (and Caboose, like the entire Blue Team is a part of this ok) and probably surprised themselves with how well they work as a unit. 
What makes me sad about them:Realistically I don’t think their relationship- platonic, romantic, professional or otherwise- will ever be fully explored enough since RvB is a light-hearted series that isn’t very intent on exploring itself.Other than that, though, looking past the whole franchise, I think it’s fairly realistic that they themselves would never like...reach their full potential together. They both have issues and it’d take some major happenings for them to go that extra mile to flesh out their relationship. As a couple, their pining stage might last until one or both of them die or they part ways.
things done in fanfic that annoys me:When either of them is too nice or too like...timid. They’re jerks. Neither of them are good at being with people. Neither of them are the type to be super fluffy feel-good weepy boyfriend that cooks pancakes in the morning, and if that DOES happen, it needs to be peppered with snark and arguing and awkwardness imho. Like...good stuff in fanfic is good when you’re made to wait for it. Jumping right into it ruins it for me.ALSO: being in love doesn’t cure all your ailments. just saying. If a boy’s got trauma under his belt it’s not gonna get fixed like a leaky pipe ok.
things I look for in fanfic:Hurt/comfortHurt/comfortHurt/comfortHurt/comfortNo but I love it when people manage humour in fics, it’s probably really hard but so good when done properly. I like conflict and one or both characters being really stubborn and blind assholes, I like it when they have a serious conversation and communicate properly (possibly after some trial and error), love it when they help each other with their problems. Yeah that’s real far up there actually, loooooove it when any character is considerate of someone’s problems and works to make things more bearable for them. TEAMWORK IN RELATIONSHIPS (this ties directly in with the thing I DON’T like. Love doesn’t fix everything that’s wrong with you, just like, makes it more bearable.)
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I would have super supported Washington and Connie but......she’s kinda dead. So.I could see Tucker and Kai happening, if only for the laughs on the show. They seem like a propely disastrous couple, and she’s babysat Junior before! (by locking him in a closet or sth lol)
My happily ever after for them:They get their own place on some planet where Junior can chill with them in peace, get some really wacky jobs that don’t entail so much death but also aren’t too boring, and stay in contact with the rest of the Reds and Blues. Maybe even live next to them. Or I’d actually be fine with the R&B teams just like...roaming space together. A family of galaxy crusaders, causing chaos in their wake, like Star Trek but less scientific more illegal. That’d be nice.
who is the big spoon/little spoon:Tucker is clingy so in the event of spooning, probably little spoon, but also he’ll probably turn around and Koala his man. He’s the big spoon in the event that he subconsciously migrates towards Washington’s ass in the night time, or if they start out not-cuddling, bc Wash likes his space and is very used to sleeping alone. So like, he doesn’t really think of cuddling in any way as a natural option so Tucker just ends up hanging onto him in some way. In fact I think Wash would like...always sleep on the very edge of the mattress and even if there’s no room Tucker WILL get his hands on his man. So either of them end up falling out of bed. Possibly both.
what is their favorite non-sexual activity:Arguing lol. I think they’d love just like debating on anything and everything and talking about whatever they feel like. Watching a TV show? Arguing about who the bad guy secretly is and why there’s no way it’s the dad character. Hanging with the reds? Arguing about whether or not Donut has had sex with any of them and if so, who was first. It’s not even really arguing, just like, passionately swapping opinions on things, probably revealing personal things in the meanwhile, learning about each other and shit like that. Convos fo’ days.But since people can’t always talk endlessly I’m also gonna say sleeping together, like taking naps and shit. 
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nickyhemmick · 4 years ago
hi can you please explain the isreal/palestine conflict and why Gal Gadot is wrong? I'm not jewish or middle eastern and i want to learn
hi! thank you for asking and wanting to learn! honestly I think it's better you do your own research on the Israel-Palestine conflict (not from Tumblr you can find good sources and articles online) and then you form your own opinion on it but ill tell u how i see what happened went down
I'll try to like keep it simple. Right, so almost 70 years ago, Israel came in and took over Palestine. They didn't want to be peaceful and they killed a lot of innocent lives to be where they are right now and seriously no one argue with me about that. Other than that they treat Palestinians like shit as well as other ways that I can recount but they're personal and i don't owe anyone what I went through. 
 Anyways, there's the IDF which is the Israel Defense (cough) Force and it's mandatory for all Israeli's to join. The reason I don't like Gal Gadot isn't necessarily because she was in the IDF, as it's mandatory like I said, but her involvement and support FOR the IDF. Here's an article talking of what happened in Gaza Ramadan 2014, the world was horrified, and Gal Gadot had the audacity to Instagram "#weareright" when the IDF killed over 2000 innocent Palestinian people. 67 soldiers died and like 6 Israeli citizens so all these bullshit people telling me about the amount of Israelis that died look at the numbers!!!! 2000 INNOCENT CHILDREN WOMEN AND MEN THAT WERE JUST LIVING/VISITING PALESTINE DURING RAMADAN and the IDF was killing them. in our most holy/peaceful month. how digusting
She was also involved in the Israel-Lebanon takeover back in 2006 I believe I can't remember the date, and still speaks of her support, while, again, innocents died. (She served as a combat trainer and I s2g anyone that tells me her not choosing combat is ""commendable"" can go to hell.) 
She supports the ethnic cleansing of my people, meaning that she believes all Palestinians could be gone/exterminated from our own country. Idk why we can't go back to the days when Muslims, Jews and Christians all lived side by side in peace under the same country.
 A lot of people keep bringing in Hamas to me, who are a Palestinian terrorist group who want to rid Palestine of all Jews etc., which is disgusting and wrong on so many levels and I in no way support what they do. You have to understand, anon, that not all Jews or Israeli's want Palestinians gone. Some are good people. And you have to know as well that not all Palestinian's are angels either. There are some shitty people amongst us. That's why this topic is so complex.
Also, a lot of people said that her supporting the IDF is justified bc it’s her country but then again that’s like saying that a Palestinian who supports Hamas is right just bc Hamas are Palestinian. Both ideas are wrong. 
This is kind of a mess but here’s my tag about her, which has some other reasons why I don’t like her and I think u shld go through it if you rlly wanna know more. It includes the others asks I got from anons and how I responded. Just wanna clarify--in one or two of my asks I claimed that she actually killed people, but i checked my facts again and it wasn’t true so that part isnt right just to let u kno
link, another, important post 
i guess if u have other q’s u can ask but u shld also know i dont know the ins and outs of the probs w palestine and israel so yeah keep that in mind
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hot-milkey · 4 years ago
the writing meme: nico!! ur nico has one of the most distinct voices ive ever read n i gotta.... deep inhale.. gotta kno ur thought process behind that. also maki if ur down for it, bc ur anime mack interp got me S h o ok td
Tumblr media
hdsjfk okay u,wu i will talk abt Thos Kids....
nkmk are defs my favs out of all the love live kids....maki is rlly important to me for a whole host of reasosn that u will find out when i finally finish writing maki fic, and nico is just. god i love nico yazawa so much
the two of them make an incredibly potent pairing, and it’s honestly kinda tough to imagine any kind of canon-compliant situation where they’re not super important to each other!! even in AUs where they’re not paired together, i still find myself making them bffs at the very least ;;
so!! this got kinda long so heres the Read More
i’m actually gonna start with maki bc she’s by far the easiest to sum up
- for one, maki is actually...pretty kid-like. for all the “maturity” she tries to give off, it is very much something she constructs and not something she naturally exudes. maki is pretty idealistic, despite trying to make herself come off as cynical? it’s difficult to write, but you know someone just Knows Her when they manage to frame her POV like she’s being cynical, but when you read what she’s actually saying it comes off idealistic!! yeah. she also has a tendency to get really excited!!!! and then pretend she isn’t. she’ll go and try really hard on her own but she gets suuuuper embarassed when people call her out on it
- which brings me to my next point - maki is really worried about how people see her! she works really hard to construct this persona of ~maturity~ and ~elegance~ and ~intelligence~ but when u talk to her for like .2 seconds u realise she’s kinda adorable? definitely this part of her comes from probably being around adults more than other kids when she was young - and she’d probably get praised for being mature and so naturally she’d think maturity was some kind of end goal. regardless, her facade drops when she finally feels comfortable with people, but it Does take a lot!! the sleepover episode in s1 did a lot for her but i don’t think maki had truly opened up until they sung snow halation in least from the anime timeline!
- maki’s love for music - i suppose this is kind of an obvious one, but it’s still entirely critical to her character. maki loves the Shit out of music!!! she wants to make people feel things, she wants to Move them with the things she composes. i don’t think she has a particular preference for any type of music, either. she does say she prefers classical + jazz, but keep in mind maki has a Persona to uphold. she sings aishiteru banzai with all her heart when she thinks she’s alone - i think she deeply appreciates any type of music.
- extending on that point abt maki’s persona - her pursuit for “maturity”, if you could call it that, goes beyond that. she genuinely believes she should be trying to be more mature, and i definitely think this part of her is a huge reason why she conflicts with nico a lot! regardless, maki has a tendency to deny herself things she likes based on the premise that it’s immature. she’ll isolate herself in order to prevent participation in activities that seem immature, but because she still actually does want to participate, she’ll just kinda satellite around it. she also kinda wants to grow up as fast as possible, i think.
- maki gets really attached to her friends!! i like to think that bc of a strict up-bringing, maki never had the opportunity to make all that many friends, so being in high school with muse is such a good experience!! she’s the one who pushes to assert her friendship with rinpana in episode 4 season 1, and despite getting embarassed over it, she really does care for them!!! i can imagine not being after school navigators was hurtful for her bc it’s literally her three best friends....she was probably placated by the fact she got to be in the ~cool hot~ group solge but still, y’know?
- i could go on and on but the rule said 5 max so :ccccc
anyways niconii time!!
- nico is super, duper passionate about becoming an idol. this deep-rooted passion and desire to succeed is at the root of her character, and really, if your nico isn’t gunning with all her might for a particular goal, you’re not writing nico right!! being an idol, to nico, is probably the most important thing to her after her family. most importantly, as long as she thinks she has even a .1% chance to succeed, she’ll go for it with everything she’s got. i think that’s really important
- nico is very family orientated, too!! she loves her mum and siblings (and probably her dad, too, wherever he is) with all her heart! a lot of people felt conflicted abt nico’s episode in s2, but i think it showed the extent she’s willing to go in order to protect her family!! nico doesn’t come from money - a single mother with four kids is going to be incredibly difficult to live with. in order to give them something to hope for, she constructed a persona for herself in which she lives as a super idol - probably so that her little siblings have something to hope for!! or smtn. idk the gravity of nico’s situation is definitely dependent on ur preferences but regardless niconii loves her fam a Ton
- nico is also pretty mature, actually. this is kind of a weird one bc nico acts like honorin for the most part, and even maki calls her out on being immature (which is hilarious, honestly). the thing is, nico has had to look after her siblings for a Long time - which probably meant she didn’t have all that much free time when she was young to go a kid and do kid things?? and part of her realises that her time as a Kid in highschool is ending soon and that when she leaves she’s going to need to take on adult responsibilities...but for now, she can be a kid. so she does - she goofs off, acts like an idiot and a child because she can! nico is also very pragmatic!! for all everyone mocks her she really does have a good understanding of the way the idol world works (she’s just maybe in the wrong show bc honoka kousaka is actually a deity or smtn), and whilst she can sometimes be a bit cynical, she’s actually really good at acknowledging when she’s being shitty abt smtn, owning up to it and apologising and learnign from it. ya
- nico might be cynical but she’s actually kinda hopeful when she lets herself be? it’s not constructed necessarily, it’s a genuine lack of faith in the world, but it’s not so strong that she can’t deny it - especially being with muse and honoka even more so inspires her to just...have a little faith in fate again. or have a little faith in nozomi, both are good.
- also, nico has a potty mouth. sorry i don’t make the rules
and then there’s nkmk as a concept!!! dam i luv these kids. they’re kind of difficult to talk about bc the way they’d interact is almost entirely dependent on the situation, but i’ll try and speak generally!!
- nkmk conflict, fundamentally. nico and maki have so many contrasting personality traits, they’re awful. but they’re also really similar in a lot of aspects, and have a lot to relate to each other with, and a lot to learn from each other. before they hop the honesty fence, they’re probably just gonna fight a lot, after the hop the honesty fence, they’re probably gonna have a few minor disagreements every now and then but generally get along really well! when they’re sitting on the honesty fence? well, thats the interesting part!!
- nico is somebody who acts childish but is probably mature on the inside. maki is somebody who acts mature but is probably childish on the inside. personally i feel like this is a big thing they’d come into conflict with each other about - they have different values and come from entirely different places so it takes a lot of work for them to understand each other!!
- nozomi annoys the shit out of both of them. she’s a meddler and stick her nose into places she shouldn’t. they love her, and also love to hate her.
- they’re both very driven people, but different things get in the way of them achieving their goals!! nico, i think, tends to have external obstacles - physical or otherwise something outside of herself!! maki tends to have internal obstacles - preconceptions or mental obstacles that prevent her from achieving her goals.
- it’s 2:30am and i need to sleep but hopefully this is what u wanted...thank for reading if u made it this far wao i wrote a ton...
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