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#it’s my room
amishsicario · 3 years ago
minimalist: hey, check out my room. it’s only got three expensive things in it. guess i’m just a little more evolved than everyone else.
me, tripping over a box of junior high school homework assignments i keep because i think i might have some use for them someday: sorry, what?
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ofgeography · a year ago
something i always forget but then am delighted to remember is one time in the seventies my grandmother went to an art history lecture at the met and the lecturer put up a slide and was like “this is a very dope statue, no???? anyway one of the bronzes is missing :(” and my grandmother was like, “”
and then during the Q&A very politely put her hand up and said, “hello i have good news!! i know where the missing bronze is” and the lecturer was like, “come again please?” and my grandmother went, “yeah, it’s on my dining room table, do you ... want it?”
anyway it’s in the met now but please take a moment to imagine being like, a tired art historian who’s teaching a poorly-attended art history lecture for the general public and some random woman in the audience raises her hand and instead of asking you about why watercolors are pretty just reveals to you the location of a famous missing statue
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galina · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Growing up my mum had this table in her room as a desk. When they moved to England my parents sawed the legs off, and sat around it with friends and cigarettes and vodka––quite a bit apparently––then they gave it to me and it lived at the end of my bed. I wrote the portfolio of work that got me accepted to university at this table. It’s been in my old room for a few years while I was moving around London a lot but recently I brought it to my flat and having it here is such magic; it’s amazing thinking about how every mark on this wood is my family, sitting around it for all these years, and how we get to continue that. Right now, it’s my workspace 🖤
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djockovic · 4 months ago
So when I went to film school we were talking one day about what our favourite film that we watched was. People named all the classics- Lawrence of Arabia, Citizen Kane- even my answer was kind of uninspired, in retrospect. This one girl got up then and she said “this doesn’t sound as impressive or cultured as the rest of you, but I think Into The Spiderverse is the best film I’ve watched in a long time.”
And immediately over half the class jumped ship. We spent forty minutes dissecting what we liked the most about the film and it was so fascinating because everyone had different priorities and there was something absolutely phenomenal for everyone. The direction was so artful, the colours so refreshing. Comic book nerds appreciated the style and music students liked the soundtrack and scriptwriters agreed that the narration was excellent- and I think about that so much.
It’s such a PERFECT film and I think you can really tell that it’s pure. It’s a labour of love, made exclusively by people who love their craft, love their story- for people who love the craft and love the story. I kind of wish I got to hang out behind the scenes of that one movie more than anything else in the world because it feels like it would be full of people who were just really passionate about what they were doing who came together to create, what I think, can and should go down in history as one of the greatest movies of all time.
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shiftythrifting · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
found this fine decor at goodwill and now it’s in my living room
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marzipanandminutiae · a year ago
Also like
Flappers didn’t just wake up and decide to dress like that at random to Fight The System
Their style was rebellious against traditional feminine ideals in a lot of ways, but early 1920s fashion WAS an organic evolution of 1910s fashion
The seeds were planted way earlier than everyone thinks
People tend to forget that in their haste to establish the ways in which flapper style was different from what came before
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deaconsbeacon · 3 months ago
hello i would like to share with you all my new pillow, i’d also like to add that this is the first thing you see when you walk into my room
Tumblr media
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lightsintheskye · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve been messing with my shelf for a long while now but I think I’m finally happy with my set up? It was a lot of fun to make my triforce shelf but god if it isn’t so hard to make stuff FIT in there... Now i gotta figure out where to put all my big zelda stuff/box sets... and my posters... @v@ so many posters
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captainrogerss · 3 years ago
Mixed Signals
Request: Can you do a bucky writing where he tries to ask reader out for dinner and she doesn’t get the hint and is like “yeah sounds fun! i’ll tell the rest of the team” and then he tries to get everyone to bail bc “it’s supposed to be a date not a fucking family outing” or something skxnskxnd pls
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 2,241
A/N: So, I tweaked the original request, but it’s the same idea lol. Thank you for sending this in and I hope you all like it!
Tumblr media
Feet padding softly on the wooden floors, Bucky left the kitchen with a water bottle in hand. He’d figured he would walk the hallways for a few minutes, convince his brain that all the dangers were only in his nightmares, and eventually be so bored that he’d fall asleep.
As he entered the hallway that led to Nat’s room, he had half a mind to return to his own bedroom and pick up his iPhone and earphones to listen to some music, when he saw a sliver of light coming from underneath the door that led to the laundry room.
Curious, Bucky approached it and wondered who’d be doing laundry at three in the morning.
He heard humming coming from behind the door and slowly opened it, not expecting to see you there, sitting on top of the dryer, reading a book whilst bopping your head to music playing through your earphones.
Bucky entering the room caught your attention and you met his eyes, surprised to see him standing there. But you still gave him a smile and Bucky’s heart skipped a beat.
“Hey! What are you doing here?” you asked, closing the book.
Bucky let himself grin at you. “I’d ask you the same.”
You chuckled. “It’s really cold in my room and Tony controls the AC in the whole building,” you said. “And I’ve told him a thousand times to not make everything so cold, but he won’t listen, so I come here to warm up my comforter in the dryer and then go back to bed.”
“Doesn’t your body warm it up?” he asked, tilting his head.
“Takes too long,” you answered. “Plus, if I close the door to the laundry room whilst the dryer is on, the room heats up as well. It’s cozy in here.”
He laughed softly. “You’re a little weird.”
You shrugged, nonchalant. “I will go to whatever ends to not be cold.”
Bucky hummed, before nodding towards the book on your lap. He wasn’t ready to leave your company just yet. “What ‘cha reading?”
You held up the book. “Oh, Six of Crows,” you replied.
“Is it good?”
“Amazing, I haven’t been able to put it down since we got back from the mission.” You stared down at it almost lovingly and Bucky knew that he could stand here and listen to you talk about books for days on an end.
“I haven’t read a book in a while,” he confessed. “Mostly audiobooks while ‘m training. I’d like to sit down at a bookstore and read one. Maybe you could recommend me one?” He was almost proud of himself. He’d been wanting to ask you out for the past month, but never got around to bringing up the subject without sounding like a complete creep. Or that is what he thought.
Nat had suggested just asking you outright. Sam had offered to roleplay, assured him that the Falcon’s moves were foolproof and even Bucky couldn’t even mess them up. Steve had just shrugged and said he was the worst at this kind of advice. Bucky couldn’t help but agree.
So far, Tony’s advice had been the one to work.
“Find something she likes,” he had said. “Books, she likes those. Ask her about them. Then work a date into the convo. Guaranteed to sweep her off her feet, Buck-sicle.”
Bucky smiled as you nodded almost immediately after his question.
“Yes! Of course!” you exclaimed.
“Cool,” he said, not being able to hide the elation from his face. “What about later today? When we’ve both gotten our sleep. We can grab some lunch before and then head to the bookstore? Maybe even some coffee once we’ve bought some books.”
You beamed. “Sounds good!”
Bucky nodded, feeling his chest fill with excitement and giddiness over spending the day with you, alone. He soon bid you a goodnight and walked back to his room, a slight pep to his steps.
He couldn’t go back to sleep after.
Instead, he was outside Steve’s room by dawn, waiting for his best friend to walk out on his morning run. He emerged from the shadows and extracted a sharp, high-pitched yelp from the man they called Captain America.
“Hey, I have long hair, but you got the wrong guy,” smirked Bucky.
Steve clutched at his chest. “Fuck, you scared me.”
“Language,” said Bucky in a mock-stern voice.
“I hate Nat for telling you that story.”
Bucky nudged Steve’s side. “Ah, come on. It’s cute.”
“It’s also annoying. I-I—” Steve’s face was grim. “My mouth spoke before my brain could catch up with the fact that it wasn’t the forties and the Howling Commandos weren’t the ones fighting around me.”
Bucky swallowed thickly, resting a hand on Steve’s shoulder and squeezing it. “I know, Stevie. It’s still funny, though.”
Steve smiled at that. “Now, what’re you doing here? You never run at this time of the day?”
“Yeah, because it’s unholy to be up at this time,” grumbled Bucky. “But—I couldn’t sleep.”
“You look quite happy about that, by the way. You usually resemble Rocket.”
“That thieving little rat,” said Bucky, yet his words were laced with affection. They had an unusual camaraderie after sharing stories and Bucky relished the raccoon’s wit.
Steve laughed. The men headed out to the elevator and stopped right in front of them. Steve pressed the button before looking back at Bucky.
“So,” he drawled out. “What’s goin’ on? Despite claimin’ that you haven’t gotten a lick of sleep, you look happy. Somethin’ happen?”
Bucky stared down at the floor, knowing well he looked bashful. He let his hair fall around his face to hide his too-wide smile, one he hadn’t been able to stop since you had said yes to his date.
Steve laughed, amused by the shy side he was seeing from Bucky. “What happened, Buck?”
Bucky smirked. “Asked her out a few hours ago,” he answered. “She said yes.”
Steve’s jaw went slack. “N-No. Really? That’s awesome, man!”
“Yeah, finally had the balls and now we’re going to lunch and then to the bookstore.”
“Yes! That’s great news!”
“Yeah, ‘m kinda nervous, though. Hopefully, I don’t screw anythin’ up.”
“You won’t. She’s gonna love ya.”
“Yeah, I’m hopin’ she is.”
Steve patted Bucky’s shoulder comfortingly. “She is.”
After running the standard thirteen miles Steve did every morning, the men returned to a kitchen that held more than a few Avengers in the process of waking up. Clint was nursing a cup of coffee, the half-full carafe not too far. Nat was eating a bowl of oatmeal. Sam was chatting with Tony and you were still reading Six of Crows, completely engrossed in the storytelling.
You looked up as the two super soldiers entered and met eyes with Bucky, an excited expression overtaking your face. “Buck! I asked Nat and Clint to join! They’ve been wanting to go to the bookstore, too. Oh, maybe Steve wants to come!”
The men froze at this. Bucky swallowed thickly as Steve let out a cough, hoping it’d hide the laugh.
Sam smirked. “I’m comin’, too!” he exclaimed. “Can’t miss my opportunity on a delightful book haul.” He had caught on quick with what was happening due to Bucky’s and Steve’s expressions. Bucky’s plan had backfired on him, much to Sam’s glee.
Nat was the next one to catch on what was happening and laughed. “We don’t have to go,” she said. “I’m sure that Clint and I have duties to attend to here.”
“No,” piped up Tony. “We got a few days off. If anything happens, I’ll just have F.R.I.D.A.Y. ring you all up.”
Bucky glared at him, prompting Sam and Nat to exchange amused glances.
Steve frowned. “We don’t have to—”
“None of that!” you exclaimed. “We’re all going. It’ll be a nice group bonding experience. We need more of those. Usually, when we’re all here, we tend to go do our own stuff. Bonding over books is the greatest idea. Bucky’s a genius.”
Sam cracked up at this. “He sure is.”
“I swear to God, Wilson,” muttered Bucky, taking a step forward before being stopped by Steve with a hand to his elbow.
“So, we all meet here by noon to head on out,” you said, getting on your feet and heading to your room. “I’ll take a quick nap before getting ready.”
Nat looked at Bucky’s frustrated expression and quickly followed you out, catching up to you as you walked into the elevator.
She sighed loudly as you opened the book to read. “You know,” she started saying. “For one of the most intelligent humans to walk this Earth, you’re quite the dunce.”
You looked up at her with an offended expression. “What?”
She rolled her eyes. “Seriously?”
“What are you talking about?”
Nat laughed. “You really are clueless, huh?”
“I don’t know what’s going on right now.”
“Barnes,” she said.
“What about Bucky?”
“He asked you out. And you decided to invite the whole galaxy along.”
You snorted. “No, he didn’t.”
“Yes, he did.” Nat recalled you telling her about Bucky walking into the laundry room and asking you to the lunch and the bookstore. She had suspected so much, but you looked nonchalant about everything, so she had shrugged it off to Bucky just trying to be friendlier. Only when she saw Bucky’s fallen expression did everything click.
“No,” you said firmly. “Bucky doesn’t see me in that way. He’d never—No. He said he wanted some books recommendations and I said yes.”
“He was asking you out.”
“No way. He d-doesn’t—Bucky doesn’t—”
Nat smirked. “He wants to spend time with you.”
“Nat, you’re—”
“None of us are going to your bookstore trip,” she said. “You and Barnes are going alone. It’s a date. So, dress accordingly.”
She shot you a smirk from over her shoulder as she sauntered out of the elevator, leaving you to your confusion and utter bewilderment. Bucky couldn’t have asked you out. The Bucky Barnes, legendary soldier, all-around sweetheart, and incredibly good-looking super soldier had not asked you out. You weren’t Natasha, who was graceful, mysterious, and drop-dead gorgeous. Yes, you had superpowers, which had gotten you into the Avengers team, but you were also just you.
Swallowing thickly, you decided to just face the storm before letting your thoughts get ahead of you. Natasha never seemed to be wrong about this sort of things and better to get confirmation straight from the source rather than speculate and make a fool out of yourself in the long run.
Bucky was in his room, just as you had hoped. He smiled softly as he opened the door for you. You didn’t enter, despite his invitation for you to do so. Instead, you balanced yourself on the balls of your feet, book clutched to your chest as if it was a protective shield.
“I got a question for you,” you said. “And I’ll probably be really embarrassed if you answer it the way Nat was telling me.”
Bucky looked confused, but still nodded for you to continue.
You cleared your throat, closing your eyes to gather up the courage that wouldn’t come if you looked at the man before you.
“When you asked me to go to lunch and then to the bookstore, were you asking me out on a date? Or did you just mean it as friends?” You took a deep breath, biting your lower lip, and keeping your eyes tightly shut, not wanting to face the music.
There was complete silence. The question hung in the air like a pendulum, swinging back and forth, ready to kill the speck of bravery you had and send you back to your room with nothing but shame for days. You were ready to make a run for it when Bucky cleared his throat, prompting you to open your eyes and face him.
He was smiling. “Y-Yeah,” he stuttered out. “That’s actually exactly what I was doin’.”
Your jaw went slack. “W-What? A-Are you—Really?”
Bucky laughed. “Yeah,” he kept laughed, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “I’ve been wantin’ to for a few weeks. To ask you out, I mean.”
“Oh, my—” You gnawed on your bottom lip, covering your face with your book. “Oh, my God. How embarrassing! You were asking me out and here I was, asking everyone to go with us.”
Laughing, Bucky reached for your hands, bringing them down so he could look at your face. He was grinning widely. “It’s okay. I didn’t—I didn’t exactly say it was a date.”
“Yeah, b-but, I didn’t think you would ask me out.”
He furrowed his brow at this. “Why not?”
“B-Because—Oh, come on,” you sputtered. “Because it’s you and you’re Bucky, you’re—And I’m—”
Bucky scoffed. “If anythin’, I’d be the one with doubts.”
You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, okay.”
He gave you a small smile. “What do you say, though? Still up for that date? Just you and I, though.”
You didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes. I’d love that.”
“Awesome. Let’s meet in front of the elevator doors at noon, just like you’d planned.”
You agreed to this, turning back towards the door. But before you could walk away, you decided to take a risk and turned back to Bucky. “I’ll see you, then,” you said, walking up to him and pressing a kiss to his cheek.
Bucky’s smile was blinding.
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