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#it’s not actually anything special hahah
mizunetzu · 10 months ago
ok ok so my request 👉🏻👈🏻
it’s the most obvious thing but i have a full crush on bakugou, so can you please write about him x male reader, where the reader is like.. having nightmares or almost doesn’t sleep because of his quirk (idk like maybe he can hear something special or predict anything bad, doesn’t really matter) but feels safe around bakugou so he always falls asleep around him or even oN him and katsuki is like “😡(❤️)shit whatever” and the reader is kinda shy about that but totally ok with their friends being like “wow bro that’s kinda gay :> ” because he is comfortable with “oh that’s because i aM the gay✌🏻” and his classmates love him and everything and would never mock.. but one time someone from another class was really really rude bcs of that or said that katsuki hates it so the reader starts to avoid bakugou and bakugou geTS MAD about it because reader is just his and no one else’s >:0 maybe a little confession from him in the end, maybe some.. *gay coughing* angy k*ss from him
please make it angsty but with a fluffy ending please please and thank you very much in advance💙 sorry if it’s too big i can’t explain my thoughts properly thaha
Bruh I just realized how long this request is 💀💀 also look at me, writing it like decades after you requested it 😭 pls enjoy I’m actually quite proud of it (also isn’t that gif perfect hahah get it bc the prompt was abt like sleeping and bakugou’s sleeping and-yeah I’ll let u read now)
Bakugou x reader - Angry Insomniacs
⚠️Warnings - mild arguing, it’s not that bad
Pronouns - male, he/him
Tumblr media
“Why are you always fuckin’ sleeping on me?”
It first started during the Sports Festival. The chicken race and cavalry battle really took a toll on (Y/n), and he was suffering harsh quirk drawbacks. That, being drowsiness.
Somewhere on the stands, (y/n’s) eyes grew heavier and heavier until he realized he had fallen asleep. He also didn’t realized until he woke up that no one disturbed him when he was near Bakugou. Be it fear, or just plain respect, (Y/n) seemed to get the best rest when he was with Bakugou. Not even Iida dared to wake him up when he dosed off on Bakugous shoulder.
He always made it a point to be in Bakugous vicinity when ever he could, taking naps with his head buried in his arms next to Bakugou at lunch, or having his head resting on his shoulder in the dorms.
“Oi! Don’t drift off on me!”
“Mm? Sorry, Bakugou.”
(Y/n) rubbed his eyes as he weakly pushed off the common room couch, stretching and yawning as he did so. “Can I sleep in your room tonight?”
“N-no, dumbass! Fuck kinda question is that, shit-for-brains?!”
“I’ll see you there later then, Bakugou.” (Y/n) gave a slight nod, Bakugou practically foaming at the mouth already, before trotting off the continue his nap in his own room.
Before heading to his room though, he walked into the kitchen to grab a post-nap time snack. Tsuyu, who was already digging in the fridge, stepped back so (Y/n) could grab whatever he wanted.
Tsu eyed (Y/n’s) slightly tousled hair. “Did you take another nap on bakugou-chan? Kero.”
(Y/n) hummed out a “yes.” Tsu hummed back in acknowledgment. Kaminari and Kirishima, unintentionally, started listening in from their place in the kitchen after hearing Bakugou being mentioned.
Tsuyu put a finger to her lip. “Ne, (Y/n)-chan, why do you always take naps on Bakugou-chan? It’s always him, kero, and you go out of your way to make sure it’s only him.”
“Why?” (Y/n) pulled off the carton of milk stubbornly hanging on to the fridge. “Because I like Bakugou. Duh. And I sleep better near people I like.
Kaminari gasped comically while Kirishima sputtered and choked on his words. Not just listening anymore, Kaminari but in. “L-like? Like, ‘like’-like?!”
Kaminari and Kirishima joined Tsuyu and (Y/n) near the fridge. (Y/n) nodded out an “mm-hm.”, whilst grabbing a cup from the cabinet.
“So you’re like...” Kirishima made wild, indecipherable, gestures with his hand. Eventually, after realizing no one was taking the hint, brought his voice down to a whisper.
“Yeah. Pretty much.”
“Why didn’t you ever tell us?!” Kaminari grasped at his blond hair. (Y/n) thought for a moment, poured himself a glass of milk, and shrugged.
“I don’t know. You never asked.”
“And you’re so comfortable just telling us now? Why, kero-kero?”
“Because I’m gay as fuuuuuck.” (Y/n) took a swig of milk like it was a shot of whiskey. “And it’s not like it was a secret or anything.”
“Though I don’t think Bakugou knows. He’s too angry about me sleepin’ on him all the time to actually care about me.”
(Y/n) polished off his glass of milk. He set the cup down gently into the sink. “Eh, it’s not like I actually care for what he thinks about me.”
“See ya, I’m gonna finish my nap.”
“Bye, kero.”
(Y/n) yawned as his head lolled off of Bakugou’s shoulder. He hissed, dusting off his shoulder angrily.
“Go sleep somewhere else!”
“I’m just goin’ to the bathroom, Bakugou, I’ll be back. Keep your shoulder warm for me.”
(Y/n) weakly stood up from his chair, and sluggishly walked out of the cafeteria. Damn, his feet felt heavy. Maybe if he hurried to the bathroom, he’d get back in time to catch a few more minutes of sleep before Bakugou exploded on him or lunch ended.
(Y/n’s) shoulder accidentally caught on someone else’s, making him stumble back and rub his shoulder. Monoma tilted his chin up in a mocking fashion.
“Ara? Is that (L/n) (Y/n) from class 1-A I see?”
(Y/n) nodded, only half processing his words as he continued on his way to the bathroom. Monoma followed somewhat behind, spewing words and one-liners that went in one ear and out the other. That is, until,
“Honestly, you would’ve thought that angry blond kid would’ve told you by now”.
(Y/n’s) ear perked up. He halted to a stop, Monoma following suit and shoving his hands smugly in his pockets. “What’s this about Bakugou?”
“Oh? He really didn’t tell you, huh? That’s...” Monoma stifled a condescending snicker. “...surprising.”
(Y/n) stepped closer. “C’mon man, tell me what?”
Monoma sighed. “Well,”
“I heard that Mr. Blasty, matter-o-factly,” Monoma jabbed his pointer finger into (Y/n’s) chest. “Really, really hates it when you sleep on, or near him. Actually,”
“I think he just hates you in general.”
(Y/n) furrowed his brows. He’s lying. He’s lying. He likes him, doesn’t he? Bakugou likes him, or else he wouldn’t have lead him on for so long, right?
Because he wouldn’t let just anyone sleep on his shoulder...right?
“You’re lying.”
“Well, believe what you want, honestly,” Monoma made a show of crossing his arms dramatically. “But you should see the way he shit-talks and glares at you in you’re sleep. It’s not like he can push you off though, you’re ‘just so persistent you’ll never leave him the fuck alone’.”
(Y/n) shoved his hands in his pockets. Monoma raised his hands in defense. “His words, not mine.”
(Y/n) turned on his heel and began to speed walk to the bathroom. Monoma yelled out from his spot in the empty hallway.
“Oh? You don’t want to hear what he thinks about your little crush on him?”
(Y/n) froze. He was under the assumption that everyone but him knew, could he be wrong? He pressed his lips into a fine line, turning around as composedly as he could. Though, he couldn’t mask the fearful curiosity in his eyes.
Monoma grinned. It was an unpleasant, sarcastic grin, one that didn’t look peaceful or pleasing at all.
“Well, I doubt that there’s anything to to say at all, so does it really ma-“
“What...what does he say about me?” (Y/n’s) voice quivered. He knew he was falling into Monoma’s trap, that he was just trying to provoke him, that he was looking for any kind of reaction, but his curiosity got the best of him. It really did, because Monoma’s words stabbed spears into (Y/n’s) heart, word by word.
“Blasty thinks it’s fucking disgusting how you like him, like, as another dude. Like honestly, he thinks you take him for an idiot for thinking he actually didn’t know! And the fact you sleep so close to him know full well you want to get in his pants?! He thinks you’re a pervert! A lazy shit! A fag! Ahahaha!”
Monoma loud cackles were cut short when he suddenly slumped over. He sunk to the ground, revealing Kendo, holding one big hand up and the other to her waist. She most likely knocked Monoma out once she heard his condescending retorts from the cafeteria.
Kendo sighed, bending down the haul Monoma’s arm over her shoulder. Her heavy glare softened once she caught sight of (Y/n’s) buggy eyed face starting at the ground where Monoma was.
“Sorry...he didn’t say anything too harsh, right?” Kendo’s words were gentle, but they sounded practically inaudible to (Y/n’s) traumatized ears.
He wordlessly staggered past her, heading back into the cafeteria to grab his lunch and sit elsewhere. He supposed he wouldn’t bother Bakugou anymore. Since he’s so damn ‘persistent’, he figured he’d stop bothering him for the rest of the day.
He wished he wasn’t so curious about what Bakugou thought of him. Like people say, ignorance is bliss. He could’ve gone his whole high school career without knowing Bakugou hated his every being. How was he going to face him in class knowing every pointer glare, every scoff, every insult was genuine?
(Y/n) felt his throat tighten. For the first time in years, (L/n) (Y/n) was fully awake.
It was the first time in many months that (Y/n) didn’t sit in the seat next to Bakugou, napping in his presence. He’d done it every day no fail, that is until this week. Actually, this is the 6th consecutive day he didn’t take a nap at all.
(Y/n) sat placid in his assigned seat, eyes wide and trying to keep awake. He couldn’t sleep without thinking of Bakugou, and every time he did it was always him scoffing and turning his back on him.
Every few seconds, (Y/n) would jolt harshly in his seat, rocking back and forth like a drug addict in withdrawal. He stared at his desk with eyes that could kill someone, and he dug his hands into his forearms to keep himself somewhat awake.
He didn’t hear Kirishima calling his name until he snapped his fingers infront of his face. The snap rang like a gunshot, surprising (Y/n) from his trance so badly he jolted back like he got electrocuted. Kirishima raised an eyebrow.
“You...ok man...?”
(Y/n’s) dry eyes landed fixed onto Kirishima. He relaxed, and let out a breath he didn’t know he was taking. “M’fine...”
His voice cracked like it hadn’t been used for days. (Y/n) let his eyes drift back forward, hunching back over and huddling his body like he was trying to squeeze himself to death. When Kirishima gave him a skeptical glare and crossed his arms, (Y/n) let out a small “m’ just tired, that’s all...” and gave the most pathetic smile known to man.
“If you’re so tired,” Mina, rested her arms on the back of (Y/n’s) chair. “Why don’t you sleep on Bakugou like you do every morn-“
“NO! I-I can’t do that!” (Y/n) whipped his head back, gripping the back of his chair so hard his hand turned white. Mina and Kirishima flinched, noticeably caught off guard with his sudden outburst. “I...can’t...I can’t do that...”
(Y/n) suddenly looked very awake, contrasting the way he looked like he was struggling to keep his eyes open the whole time they were in class.
(Y/n’s) breath steadied as he shut his mouth awkwardly. “M’sorry...for yelling...didn’t mean to...”
(Y/n) scrubbed at his eyes. The rush of adrenaline was already wearing off. Mina set her dainty pink hand on (Y/n’s) hunched form. “Why not...?”
“I just can’t.”
(Y/n) said nothing more. He went back to his occasional jolts awake and scrubbing his heavy eyes every 2 minutes. Kirishima sighed, shaking his head towards Bakugou, before shrugging his shoulders then forming an ‘X’ with his hands.
Bakugou clicked his tongue angrily, turning and facing back forward in his seat.
(Y/n) was practically seeing stars by the end of hero’s class.
It was a relatively simple assignment, 1 on 1 sparring, but it caused a lot of quirk use.
He fought both his tired eyes and Midoryia, but ultimately failing due to his harsh quirk drawbacks. Midoryia barely had to break a sweat to have (Y/n) come toppling down.
(Y/n) was ushered back into the horde of students murmuring “don’t mind” and “you did great!”, but he just slithered past and stood a few feet away from them, all the way in the back of the field.
All might was explaining something (Y/n) couldn’t quite hear. Not only because he was standing so far away, but because his hearing had been considerably wonky, not to mention the hissing, ringing sound irritating his eardrums.
And even if the ringing had stopped and he could hear, his brain was too tuckered out to remember anything past five seconds ago.
Gosh, speaking of his brain-
Bakugou set off a small explosion. The blast wasn’t nearly as loud or powerful as in combat, but to a tired mans ears, it sounded like nukes. The ringing in (Y/n’s) ears spiked, and he cupped his ears tightly.
“B-Bakugou, nows not-“
“OH, YOU TRYNA TUNE ME OUT BY COVERIN’ YOUR EARS NOW?!” Another explosion. Bakugou’s gauntlets had been out for repairs since his last hero training, so (Y/n) could clearly see the glowing red and yellow spark from his fist. The ringing spiked again. His vision burned with sparks.
(Y/n) winced, saying nothing, and brought his hands to rub at his eyes. Bakugou eyebrow twitched.
Bakugou brought his hand out, his gloved hand starting to glow red with his next explosion. (Y/n) couldn’t take it anymore.
He stumbled forward, and grabbed Bakugou’s wrist. He shoved it out of the way, but his hand still ignited and set off a blast that propelled them straight to the ground.
“G-get off-a me!” Bakugou tried pushing (Y/n) off with his free hand.
(Y/n) pinned Bakugou’s glowing right hand by the wrist, using his other to hold down his other shoulder. (Y/n) would’ve never done something as ballsy and stupid as this, but he was too tired, too done, too much in pain to care.
“What are you actually trying to say!? All that stupid extra yelling and petty insults, they get you fucking nowhere! Spit it out! Or does trying to intimidate every single fucking person you meet just self-satisfaction?!”
Bakugou growled. He grabbed at (Y/n’s) shoulders, pushing off of him and pinning (Y/n) to the ground in his place.
“Then what about you, huh?!” Bakugou was angrily spitting at (Y/n’s) face. “Why the fuck did you stop getting enough sleep for your quirk?! Are you just that dumb that you stay up at night?!”
“I don’t wanna hear it from a stupid fucker like you, who can’t even take care of himself!”
(Y/n) hissed. He freed his dominant hand from Bakugou’s vice grip and pushed at Bakugou’s face, grabbing a fistful of his hair. “All you ever do is shit talk! Shut up! No one thinks it’s fucking cool!”
“What the hell are you even talking about?!”
The two wrestled on the ground, angrily grabbing and tugging at each other, and rolling around on the floor. There were shouts of “get Aizawa-no, get midnight-sensei!” and “All might, stop them!”, but the two were so caught up in their fight they couldn’t hear anything.
“Can’t you ever learn to mind your fucking Business?!”
“What the fuck does that even have to do with this!”
(Y/n) flipped Bakugou over one more time. He pushed him down by the forehead, pushing his head down into the ground while Bakugou flailed and kicked from underneath him.
A sweet, sweet smell flooded (Y/n’s) senses. It smelt relaxing, tantalizing, it smelled like sleep. It smelled like sleep. He wanted to sleep. He wanted to sleep so bad. Maybe he could just...
(Y/n) slowly sank from his spot on top of Bakugou, flopping on top of his body and going completely slack. Bakugou’s eyes widened, and he covered his nose.
Midnight strutted from above the two, waving away a few stray wisps of her mist. Bakugou hacked out a new breath, while (Y/n) laid on top of him, peacefully asleep for the first time in days.
“Well, it seems like you two already know without me saying it.” Midnight motioned over to two small robots carrying a stretcher. “I’ll just take him to recovery girl and he should wake up in-“
Bakugou pursed his lips and wrapped his arms around (Y/n’s) sleeping figure when Midnight extended her arm towards them. He tightened his arms around (Y/n).
“I’ll do it. S-since this piece of shit attacked me first and...I’ll just do it-!”
Midnight eyed him knowingly, before waving him off and mumbling something about ‘youth’.
(Y/n’s) eyes fluttered open. His body felt like it was broken in every way possible. It was so sore, it hurt even thinking about moving. (Y/n) laid there, with his eyes half open, contemplating whether or not he should close them again.
Would he be able to sleep, though? Even if he’d started sleeping near Bakugou as a ‘don’t-wake-me-up’ measure, it slowly stopped being just that and more a matter of he felt safe and comfortable around him. In a way, he’s become a bit dependent on him, which is probably a bad thing, but he didn’t care.
Sleeping with Bakugou felt best. But that wasn’t an option, now was it?
(Y/n) pursed his lips, an involuntary groan rumbling from his tired vocal cords. He continued staring at the blinding nurse office lights, staring until he saw spots in his vision.
“Stop doing that-do you wanna go fuckin’ blind?”
(Y/n) flinched. He hated the way that familiar, aggravated voice still stirred butterflies into his stomach. He glanced to his side, as if to make sure he wasn’t just hearing things.
He met eyes with Bakugou.
“Bout’ time you fuckin’ woke up. Been waitin’ forever, shit-for-brains.”
(Y/n) averted his eyes back up to the blinding floodlights. Bakugou scowled. “Oi! Don’t ignore m-“
“How long were you here for?”
Bakugou went silent. It was his turn to avert his eyes, albeit more angrily.
“...I was here since you fuckin’ fainted in class, idiot. I even carried your stupid body here from the dumbass carrier bots.”
(Y/n’s) eyes softened, unlike Bakugou’s, who glared at the floor just beside the chair he was sitting in. (Y/n) checked the big black clock mounted on top of Recovery Girl’s desk.
It was 6:00 pm.
If Bakugou was telling the truth, he’d been sitting there waiting for him to wake up for 4 hours straight.
“Bakugou-its been hours since class ended-you should be at the dorms by now-! Why did you-“
“Well if you told me why you suddenly started avoiding me we wouldn’t be here right now!”
(Y/n) let his mouth fall closed. Bakugou scoffed. “Well?!”
(Y/n) opened his mouth, but it clamped shut when Monoma’s words echoed in his mind. Bakugou looked at him with an expectant face.
“I can’t tell you.”
“WH-“ Bakugou sputtered angrily. “COURSE YOU CAN! THE FUCKS STOPPING YOU!”
“Nothing I-I just can’t!”
“THEN WHATS THE PROBLEM HERE!” (Y/n) shouted, before he cupped his mouth in realization. Bakugou’s eyes went wide aswell. “Wait I didn’t mean that-“
“YEAH! WHATS THE FUCKIN PROBLEM HERE?!” Bakugou recovered from his initial shock, already back to yelling. (Y/n) furrowed his brows with a blush.
“Wh..wait so-“
“Wait but...” (Y/n’s) voice was barely above a whisper. “Don’t you, y’know...not like it...when I do that-?”
“DUMBASS! WHERE’D YOU GET THAT FROM?!” It seemed like Bakugou got angrier and angrier each passing second. It was hard to tell what (Y/n) found so attractive about him.
“From...from Monoma...?”
Bakugou looked angrier than ever. (Y/n) raised an eyebrow. “YOU-I CAN’T BELIEVE-! I-! FUCK IT!”
Bakugou snarled and practically shoved his face onto (Y/n’s), angrily stealing his breath away with a kiss. The kiss, surprisingly, was soft and gentle, despite Bakugou’s previous intensity. It seemed to calm Bakugou down, and cheer (Y/n) up.
The two slowly parted for air. It was quiet for a second, something that rarely happened near Bakugou.
“I thought you hated me...”
“W-why the fuck would I hate you...dumbass.” Bakugou rested his forehead on (Y/n’s) shoulder. His spiky tufts of blond hair tickling (Y/n’s) face.
“Because Monoma said so...?”
“I’m gonna kill that bastard.” Bakugou snarled, climbing into the cot (Y/n) was in. He pushed (Y/n) back down into the pillow, pulling up the white blanket and laying down next to him. He guided (Y/n’s) head-a tad bit forcefully-to his chest. “...after we sleep.”
Bakugou shut his eyes, half irritated and half embarrassed, while (Y/n) chuckled tiredly. He nuzzled his head into Bakugou’s chest.
“Goodnight, Bakugou.”
Monoma walked into class 1-B the next morning. He yawned, still a bit tired, when he ran straight into someone.
“Hey, copycat fucker.”
Monoma looked up. The class was empty, with no one but Bakugou standing infront of him.
Needless to say, Bakugou got another 3 days of house arrest.
Bru this was so long ong
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bucks-bunny · 4 months ago
𝐁𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥 - 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Summary: Bucky is determined to make you like your birthday.
W/C: 1.2k-ish
Warnings: SMUT (minors dni), oral (f receiving), fingering, hair pulling kink, soft!dom!Bucky, dub-con? kinda somnophilia, badly written smut
A/N: so this is the first time i write anything remotely smutty, and it was an incredibly cringy experience hahah but I quite like how it turned out. Let me know what you think!!
A/N 2: i reposted it with tw and cw tagging :)
Join my taglist!
(gif not mine)
Tumblr media
You never really liked your birthday. Yes, you'd celebrate it and have fun with your friends and family, but in the end, it was just a day like any other.
But this year was different. This was the first one you would spend with your boyfriend, in the house that you bought together, and Bucky took it as his personal mission to get you to actually enjoy your birthday.
He was definitely more excited than you at the thought of celebrating your special day, and you let him do his thing because you loved seeing him this happy.
For being a former assassin, man, he was bad at not raising suspicions.
You caught him smuggling stuff into the garage more than once over the past weeks.
“What are you hiding behind there?” you questioned him one night, catching him sneak behind you while you were cooking dinner in the kitchen.
“Uhh nothing, doll, don’t worry! I just need to go get some, uh, stuff, to fix the uh, light, yeah.” He muttered, quickly hurrying out of the room. Not before flashing you a childish smile.
He wasn’t great at hiding stuff, either. One night, while looking for some batteries for the remote in the garage, you found his stash of presents hidden under a rag in his toolbox. You swear you weren’t snooping around. Well, maybe a little.
Curiosity got the best of you, but as you tried to grab one to guess its contents, you heard his bike rumbling from down the street, a sign that he would have gotten home from work soon.
You quickly hurried back to the living room, acting as if nothing happened, and pretending to read a book instead. Not long after, you heard his heavy boots making their way in the living room, and Bucky with them.
“Hey baby” he greeted you, kissing the top of your head from behind the couch. “Whatcha reading?”
“Oh, nothing. How was work?” you quickly changed the subject, not wanting him to find out you weren’t actually reading.
“Good, nothing much happened. Ah, Steve is having a cookout this weekend and he invited us. Do you wanna go?”
“Yeah, that sounds great, actually” you were genuinely excited to spend an evening with your friends and neighbors, the Rogers. Life had been hectic lately, and you hadn’t had much time to hang out with them.
“Good, I’ll tell him, then” he plopped down on the couch, and you snuggled up next to him.
“Tomorrow is your big day, honey. Now,” he added, raising his eyebrows, “I know you aren’t overly fond of your birthday, but I swear you’re going to change your mind after you see what I have prepared for you” he smiled at you, his face inching closer to yours.
“Mmh, should I be worried, Sergeant?” you teased, planting a soft peck on his lips.
“Maybe just a little bit” Bucky chuckled against your lips. Deepening the kiss, he grabbed you by the hips, placing you on his lap.
He smelled of coffee and motor oil, remnants of the workshop he owned with Steve, but you didn’t care, you actually liked it.
You passed your hand through his hair, soft locks intertwining between your fingers. You broke the kiss to sway a lock of hair from his hair.
“Hi” he whispered as if talking loudly would break the moment.
“Welcome home baby,” you said, in an equally low tone.
When Bucky said he was going to surprise you, he wasn’t joking around.
He woke up before you and stayed a bit observing you, enjoying how the light seeping from the curtains was caressing your sleeping face. He couldn’t love anyone more than you.
“Happy birthday, beautiful,” he whispered into your hair, not wanting to wake you up. Not yet. He had something special in mind.
Slowly he left your side, climbing down of you and coming face to face with his objective. Luckily you weren’t wearing any underwear, all thanks to the activities of the previous night.
Gently, he pushed your thighs apart and started peppering them with kisses, careful not to wake you too soon.
He could eat you out for hours, he was getting drunk on the sounds you were making.
Little hums were escaping your mouth as you slowly stirred awake, opening your eyes.
And what a sight it was. Bucky placed in between your thighs, lips glistening with your juices. His blue eyes were filled with a playful glint that promised some lusty times.
“Mmh, good morning birthday girl,” he mumbled against your skin, pausing momentarily, and then continuing his sweet assault to your core.
“Bucky, please “you moaned, the coil in your stomach getting tighter with each flick of his tongue on your bud. You placed your hand on his head to tug on his hair, eliciting a loud moan from Bucky that went straight to your core, causing your hips to start moving on their own, in order to catch as much friction as possible, but Bucky’s strong hold on your waist undermined your every effort.
For once, you both didn’t have to be anywhere else, and he wanted to take his sweet time, savoring every inch of you.
“You taste so sweet in the morning, baby. I have to wake you up like this more often,” he hummed in approval into you, sending vibrations straight into your core.
“Oh God,” you gasped when he inserted two fingers into you, stretching you out deliciously.
Wet sounds filled the room, accompanied by your moans. You suspected your neighbors weren’t going to be too happy with your morning activities, but you couldn’t care less. Not with Bucky’s head between your legs. They could complain all they wanted. Later.
“You wanna come for me, pretty girl?” he cooed, picking up the pace. “I can feel how close you are, you’re squeezing my fingers so well”
“Yes Bucky, please!” you begged. It was getting too much. His fingers working in tandem with his mouth, hitting every single one of your sweet spots perfectly.
“Then give it to me,” he growled.
That was enough to tip you over the edge. You came so hard you could swear you saw the stars, and even after that, Bucky was still lapping at your cunt, drinking up everything you’d give him.
Happy with the results, he started cleaning up his fingers, releasing them from his mouth with a loud pop, all while keeping his gaze set on you.
“I might actually start liking my birthday if you promise to wake me up like this every time,” you admitted, chuckling in an attempt to catch your breath.
Bucky climbed his way on top of you, catching your mouth in a searing kiss; you could taste yourself on his lips.
“Oh, honey, I’m just getting started,” he teased, grabbing your hands and placing them over your head.
This was definitely going to be a birthday to remember.
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astrologybyana · 5 months ago
7th house rulers in houses
heyy! i’m here with another house rulers in houses series
but i’m gonna write all this in one post 💖
so, you know how our 1st house is our body and personality right? it’s us ourselves
however, out 7th house is like a door in our charts, opening to the outer world. it mostly is about our partners, but also people around us
who we attract, and are attracted to
what you need to know to read this post is your 7th house, its ruler planet, and the sign + house it is in! 
you can find them our simply by going to, choosing “free horoscopes” and then “extended chart selection”! from house systems, choose “whole signs” and there it is!
for sign rulerships, click here!
it’s a long post so i cut it from here 🧚🏻‍♀️
7th house ruler in 1st / aries
very, very charming, with people skills on its highest hahah ✨
relationships are important for you
you tent to attract people who are independent and socially outgoing
you probably feel like you need to identify with people, so you might be attracted to people with personalities like yours
and if the planet is beneficial, you are most likely to bond very fortunate relations with people!
but you should be careful not to lose yourself in order to please your partner, or anyone else
7th house ruler in 2nd / taurus
you tend to like people who have the same values as you
you’d like to have a partner who is a good provider, money-wise 💸
and if the planet is beneficial, this is what you’ll attract as well 🎈
longevity, security and reliability is important for you
so is pda 💖
if the planet is beneficial, this placement attracts fortunate long-term relationships 
7th house ruler in 3rd / gemini
communication is literally everything to you, you’d like to talk things through with people
you’d probably like to discuss anything and everything with your partner 💖
though, if the planet is malefic, these might turn into quarrels... and in this case, not just with your partner
you’d also like to spend a lot of time together, even if you don’t do anything
you might find partners from your workplace, or maybe different cultures 🕊
if the planet is beneficial, your partner will bring lots of luck to you 🧚🏻‍♀️
keep in mind that 3rd house improves with time 🎀
7th house ruler in 4th / cancer
you seek people who are nurturing and caring
if the planet is beneficial, this is what you’ll attract 🦄
i think you’d like to have traditions with people you love, little or big, doesn’t matter
you might like your partner to fit in your sense of home, family and comfort
this position might show a person who is seeking for a relationship like their parents’ and this might be unconscious
if the planet is beneficial, a very harmonious home is waiting for you tho 💜
7th house ruler in 5th / leo
relationships of people who have this placement are usually really happy ✨
you are in love with the idea of love
you don’t think you can marry someone unless you are head over heels for them
you seek for creative and expressive people who bring out your creative side as well 🎈
you might be depending on your partner’s encouragement instead of your own at some point
if the planet is malefic, it shows quarrels with children
7th house ruler in 6th / virgo
you are seeking for people who are supportive of what you do, both on a daily routine-wise and work-wise 💖
and you probably attract perfectionists!
you might meet your partner through work, or work with your partner! ✨
if the planet here is malefic, they might be stick their nose into what you do too much and you might feel criticized a lot
so there might be domestic troubles
your partner might be helping people with their problems for work, and this could be any kind of problem, the planet sitting here might help you understand more
keep in mind that 6th house iimproves over time 🌸
7th house ruler in 7th / libra
this placement is actually super fortunate when it comes to relationships! if the planet is beneficial, ofc 🎈
being in love with the idea of relationships
you get close to people quite easily 🌸
i have friends with this placement, and they are way too giving. being giving is good, but sacrificing to the point of losing yourself is not. please learn how to put yourself first, it is the best form of self care 💜
if the planet sitting here is sun, mars or saturn, it shows a person who is attracted to strong people who take the lead
this might lead to passive aggresive behaviour over time
7th house ruler in 8th / scorpio
relationships transform you, they help you grow
if the planet here is malefic, you might be tend to create challenges unconsciously
you don’t like light-hearted relationships and you’re drawn to intensity, when you like someone it’s most likely not to be just a crush
so it’s hard for you to move on afterwards
if the planet is beneficial, this placement might show an unexpected heritance!
and a wealthy union 💸💖
7th house ruler in 9th / sagittarius
your partner might be from overseas, and if you wanna get married this might happen in a foreign country, too! 🕊
although, you might not feel good about legal commitments ✨
your partner might be into academics, you might meet through the internet or maybe in college
you enjoy talking about philosophy with your partners
it’s important for you to have a reationship that touches more than your body and emotions
you wanna explore more, you seek adventure, curiousity, and to be inspired ☀
7th house ruler in 10th / capricorn
this placement is really lucky if the planet is beneficial 💜
you might take on a parental role, or seek people who do so
you might attract authority figures, professionals
your partner is most likely to be ambitious and a hard worker
you might be in the public eye through your relationships
you like feeling special in relationships, so having a partner who makes you feel this way is important for you 🎈
keep in mind that 10th house improves over time 🎀
7th house ruler in 11th / aquarius
beneficial planets here mean fortunate friendships ❤
otherwise tho, it means a lawsuit with partners
it is very important for you to have partners who share the same ideas as you
you attract people who are independent and unusual
 you need freedom in your relationships
you are able to connect with crowds very well! 🌸
11th house is also one of those that improve over time 🧚🏻‍♀️
7th house ruler in 12th / pisces
you seek for people who are spiritual, creative, imaginative 💜
if the planet is beneficial, you might live in a foreign country with your partner! 🦄
relationships might be complex to you
you might wanna take a “healer” or a “savior” role, or seek people who do so
you might want your relationships to be private and maybe mysterious, you want a deep connection
if the planet here is malefic, you or your partner might sacrifice and bear too much
thank you for reading 🧚🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
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katsuhera · 7 months ago
let me savor you [ft. bakugou katsuki]
Tumblr media
pairing: bakugou katsuki x f!reader wc: 2.5k triggers/warnings: nsfw (18+), foodplay, public orgasming (remote controlled vibrator use in public), blindfolding, gagging, slight bondage, some overstimulation a/n: my apologies if this feels all over the place - i... have no excuses. this piece is just 100% self-indulgent. i hope you enjoy HAHAH
@prettysetterbaby​​ hihi!! this is my submission for the valentine’s day collab 💖
Tumblr media
“keep up princess,” katsuki’s voice drawled, his darkened crimson eyes glinting playfully at you as your legs quivered, struggling to match his pace.
“k-katsu,” you breathed, your vision going in and out of focus as you clutched onto his arm for support. “s’close.”
you took a deep, shaky breath, wanting to both immerse yourself in and block out the buzzing of the remote-controlled vibrator wreaking havoc inside you, leaving your poor, flimsy panties to soak up as much of your slick as possible.
he grinned devilishly, bringing you into his chest as he leaned in close to your ear.
“let go, princess,” he whispered. “cum.”
you nearly sank onto the floors of the store, your thighs squeezing together uncontrollably as you rode out your high. katsuki pressed a button on his little remote before slipping it back into his pocket, eliciting fragile moans from you as a light buzzing sound became slightly more evident.
you were surprisingly able to keep your composure; to an outsider, you and katsuki looked like a sweet couple, arm-in-arm, shopping on valentine’s day together. but only you two knew what you were going through - your vision was hazy, and you wanted nothing more but to loll your tongue out and roll your head back to fully enjoy the pure bliss that katsuki was putting you through.
katsuki slid his hands up and down your figure, knowing how hypersensitive you were to his touch.
“you good, baby?” he smirked.
you nodded weakly, taking a tiny step forward once most of the tingling had ebbed away. your panties were unbelievably soaked; you were thankful you’d worn a skirt. if you’d worn pants, there was no doubt in your mind that there would be an incriminating wet spot in the front.
much to your relief, katsuki turned off the vibrator to give your overstimulated pussy a rest, but you knew it was only because he was going to follow up on it later at home.
this was your first valentine’s day together as a couple, and katsuki surprisingly wanted to make sure it felt special. romantic? questionable. but special? for sure.
you walked out of the store with the items you came for - strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream.
Tumblr media
katsuki wrapped his arms around your waist as you stood by the stove, stirring the melting chocolate. he’d just finished washing and drying the fresh strawberries, which were laying patiently on a paper towel on the counter. you loved chocolate-covered strawberries - a weakness of yours that katsuki tended to exploit whenever you weren’t in the best of moods. today, though, the sweet dessert was only celebratory for your first valentine’s day together.
“katsu!” you exclaimed, lightly elbowing his stomach. “you might make me burn myself.”
“i wouldn’t let that happen to you,” he growled playfully into your ear, squeezing your waist even more tightly. “the chocolate’s ready, by the way. it’ll get burnt soon.”
you pulled up the spatula slightly, checking the consistency. you smiled to yourself, appreciating the accuracy of katsuki’s culinary instincts.
turning off the stove, you moved the bowl to the counter, picking up a strawberry to start dipping it.
katsuki stood quietly at your side, helping you get through the batch of strawberries, placing them gently on the wax paper.
“i can’t wait to eat these,” you said happily, already imagining your first bite.
“they’ll be cooled soon enough,” he replied, a slightly fiendish tone to his voice catching your attention.
you shrugged it off, thinking you were overthinking it.
katsuki dipped his finger in the chocolate and spun you around to face him, his arm and body caging you in against the countertop.
“clean it, princess,” he smiled, sticking his finger into your mouth.
stunned, you sucked obediently, looking at him with wide eyes.
his crimson eyes clouded over with lust, and immediately, you understood what was going through his mind.
“katsu-” you stammered out, a little muffled because of the finger still in your mouth. he pressed his growing bulge into you as response, before reaching for the bowl of melted chocolate and the whipped cream in the refrigerator.
“come on, baby,” he said, gesturing to your room. “let’s play.”
he pulled you by the wrist over to your bedroom, grabbing the towel that hung on your doorknob on his way in.
katsuki all but threw you onto the bed, looming over you with the most lust-filled gaze you’d ever seen in him.
“i let you cum earlier, remember princess? let me have some fun with you now.”
you easily connected the dots, intrigued but also slightly afraid - foodplay was something you’d never experimented with before. but you trusted katsuki - you mustered a meek nod at his words.
gently, he set the food on the bedside table, kneeling over you as he softly stripped you of your clothes, removing your panties with his teeth. you shuddered at the feeling, his sharp teeth nipping softly at your skin as he trailed his way down your legs.
katsuki paused for a second, staring at you before leaving the room swiftly.
“katsu…? where are you going?”
he returned, a couple of ties in hand.
“i’m going to savor you, y/n.”
your breath hitched in your throat, having a feeling of where this was going.
as a boyfriend, katsuki was surprisingly accommodating and soft, paying attention always to your moods and needs, fulfilling any desire of yours as was possible. in bed, though, katsuki always had full, free reign.
wordlessly, he stuffed your panties in your mouth, gagging you before reaching for a tie and pulling it around your eyes. immediately, you felt goosebumps rise along your skin, your senses heightened and breath quickening as you tried to figure out what he was going for next.
he tied your wrists together to the bedframe, leaving your body on full display for him to devour, and him only.
“happy valentine’s day, y/n. i love you.”
a soft yelp was stifled by your panties as hot liquid was poured over your chest - a sensation you didn’t expect to trigger that familiar building of tension in your core.
but it did, and you subconsciously started to press your thighs together, trying to stifle both the feeling and your moans.
the whipped cream was next; katsuki paid particular attention to where he placed it on you, spraying some on each of your nipples delicately before moving his face down to your cunt.
you could feel his hot breath by your lips as he savored the sight of your pussy, already slick with arousal for him. unable to resist, he pushed your legs apart slightly to lick a fat stripe up your entrance, gathering your wetness on his tongue.
whimpers bubbled up in your throat, only to be muffled by the lace cloth you bit down on as you writhed at the stimulation. you were still slightly sensitive from earlier today in the store, but katsuki’s tongue was gentle, probing, subtle - nothing you couldn’t handle.
the whipped cream was so light on your skin that you could barely feel it, but the molten chocolate dripping down your body was ticklish and warm, sending shivers down your spine.
katsuki latched his mouth onto your nipple, sucking and nibbling gently as he rolled your nipple with his tongue.
for all of the loud and hot-tempered brute that he seemed on the outside, katsuki actually derived most of his pleasure from knowing that he was able to make you feel good, feel sensations that no man could ever hope to do to you.
his ministrations made your mind fuzzy, your breaths turning quick and shallow as you arched your back and struggled hopelessly against your bind.
he switched to your other breast, aggressively groping the other one with his hand and rubbing his hardened cock against your leg. his teeth grazed against your tit, eliciting a low moan that he heard vibrating from your throat.
“you like this, princess? you like being treated like a fucking meal, dirty slut? don’t think i didn’t notice how wet you were for me, before i even did anything,” he said huskily, moving his hand up to your neck.
you whimpered, arching even more helplessly in response. katsuki ripped your panties from your mouth, nearly melting in pleasure as he heard the delicious sigh you emitted once you were freed from your gag.
he took a second to slip his pants down and kick them off to the side, pulling out his cock and bringing it to your mouth.
his soft tip poked at your lips, silently asking for entrance that was immediately granted. you opened your mouth, wrapping your lips around his cock and straining to gather all of his length as he leaned his lips into you.
“fuck, princess, you always take my cock so well,” katsuki groaned, his hand pressed tight against the wall for support. “always such a good cocksucker for me, right?”
a stifled moan vibrated around his shaft as you gave the tiniest nod, your tongue pressing flat against his veins as you tried to elicit more from him.
“mmnh,” you mewled, bobbing your head up and down his cock and swirling your tongue around his tip - just the way you knew he liked it.
katsuki’s hips stuttered just the tiniest bit before he pulled out, his breaths heavy.
“fuck- not so fast,” he breathed, mainly to himself.
you tried to listen for any clues as to where he was heading next, but your thought process was abruptly interrupted as katsuki licked small stripes along your torso, lapping up the molten chocolate that had slightly cooled on your skin.
with each small section that he cleaned, he sucked a dark circle onto your skin, marking a territorial trail that decorated your body as if to emphasize how much you belonged to him.
instinctively, you bent your legs and tightened them slightly around his torso. katsuki ignored you, continuing to mark you at his agonizingly slow pace.
“katsu,” you breathed. “feels so good.”
you’d never realized how much you enjoyed being used by katsuki, your body entirely his to claim and own and use however he pleased.
the feeling of his tongue on your skin overloaded your senses to the point where you bucked your hips forward without warning, grazing your pussy against the length of his cock, triggering a guttural moan from katsuki.
“fuck, princess, patience,” he growled, spreading your legs forcefully.
whines fell from your lips as tension coiled up in your stomach in anticipation. you’d never been so turned on; the ticklish sensation of neglected chocolate dripping down your sides and the cool air hitting the wet trails katsuki’s tongue left only left your pussy throbbing, aching for attention.
you waited breathlessly, not feeling any further movement from katsuki before he suddenly pushed into you, a strangled yelp escaping your throat as your walls expanded to accommodate him.
you could sense his large, muscular figure looming over your body, thanks to the mattress caving in on your side as katsuki supported himself on his forearms.
he stayed still for a second, giving you time to adjust. his lips hungrily made their way to your soft neck, leaving blooming purple bruises in their wake.
katsuki’s touch was always simultaneously gentle and rough, bruising you and leaving you wanting more each time.
“move, katsu,” you begged, trying to rut your hips forward to feel him deeper inside of you.
he scoffed, pressing his free hand down on your lower stomach to feel himself in you, smiling at the way he felt his bulge disappear and reemerge as he started to piston into you.
the veins on his cock dragged along your walls slowly, giving you a moment to breathe before he slammed into your hips again, his tip poking at your cervix.
“a-ah, katsu-!” you panted, frantically trying to clutch at anything, your hands finding their way to his broad shoulders and gripping tightly.
“that’s right, princess,” he purred into your ear. “always so good at taking me. all of me.”
the coil in your stomach was tightening, tightening, tightening - katsuki was throwing you with full force towards the orgasm that had been building up inside you from the moment he threw you on the bed.
your legs fully wrapped around his torso, squeezing him into you and making it difficult for him to continue his thrusts, but he wasn’t someone who’d be restrained so easily. he took longer and deeper strokes, your pitchy sighs and moans falling on his ears like music.
“damn it,” he grunted. “always - so - fucking - t-tight,” he stuttered on the last word, the clamping of your walls around his cock taking him by surprise as you tipped over into your climax, white spots dancing in your vision and air being knocked out of your lungs.
your nails left deep, red scratches in his back as you lost control, the momentary pain quickly translating into pleasure as katsuki reveled in knowing that he was the only man who could make you feel such ecstasy.
“katsuki--!” you breathed, unable to speak much more than that.
“louder, baby,” he said, jutting his hips as far forward into you as was possible. “let everyone around us hear just how good i’m making you feel.”
you clutched at his blonde locks, tugging at the roots as you tried to find some sense of grounding or stability, the sensations of your high overloading your mind.
katsuki couldn’t last much more, either, with the way that your pussy was milking nearly everything he had.
one final spasm by you was all he could take, and in a second katsuki was cumming in you, spurting hot ropes of cum and painting your walls white as you moaned together, your bodies conjoined and breaths ragged as his cock twitched within you.
katsuki’d never cum so fast before, but you had also never been so wet and needy before - his own orgasm took him by surprise, and he nearly collapsed onto your panting chest.
tiredly, he took off your blindfold, and watched you through hazy vision as you blinked, adjusting to the sudden light.
he pulled out of you, flopping to your side as you stared at each other, goofy grins spread across both of your cheeks.
“happy valentine’s day, baby,” he slurred, resting his hand lightly on your cheek.
“happy valentine’s day, katsu,” you replied lovingly, your eyes twinkling as you gazed back at him.
a look of realization dawned on his face quickly before he moved to untie your hands from the bedframe, massaging your wrists apologetically.
“was i too rough?” he asked.
you reassured him with a small shake of your head. “‘m just kinda sticky.”
he nodded understandingly.
“let’s go wash up, princess,” he said, moving to lift you from the bed. “and then the strawberries should be ready.”
katsuki wished he could have live screenshotted the moment your eyes lit up, remembering about the strawberries cooling in the refrigerator.
“best valentine’s day ever,” you smiled.
katsuki couldn’t agree more.
Tumblr media
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saintzjenx · 7 months ago
libra risings /1H for sureee 🥰🥰🥰
Hey luv,
Since a lot of people has been asking for this and I realized I have not yet to post an air rising post yet, let's start off with one of my personal favourite rising signs, Libra Rising🌸
Libra Rising/ Venus in the first house
my full rising series can be found here
Venusians are stunners, let's be honest here it's not even something new to people. They can honestly have the most unconventional (air) beauty ever but generally, they're still so sooo attractive for some reason🥰
they look approachable. they simply do omg. lemme elaborate on this!! venus is already a very sociable planet and is loved universally. hence people can immediately like them upon the first meeting. if they don't have harsh aspects or other placements that cancel this out, they generally look extremely chill and laidback.
^ even the men with this placement can look so soooo easy going or they might know literally everyone. like trust me on this i'm surrounded by libra rising guys🥲
their partners are usually kinda um... lowkey aggressive? or their relationship/love life can be a bit chaotic than others🤣 they like this tho. they love it when people bring out their wilder sides (aries 7H)
omg i have to talk abt this!!! the straight men with libra rising(esp if they have aqua/leo placements) are SUPER PRIDEFUL!!!!! the type to like being on top in the bedroom to assert "dominance"💀💀 but if well aspected would be down to switch though.
the type to be sippin the tea HOT. but wouldn't necessarily get into drama because they're so "over it" because when they were younger, they may have been a bit dramatic and had so many beef with people LOLLL
family oriented people if well aspected (capricorn 4H) HOWEVER, if there are harsh aspects to their 4H ruler, very much likely to have grown up in a strict home, or home that are too hard on them and expect them to thrive "academically". when they were little they were taught social cues and manners pretty early on, were very much aware of why security and stability matter😌 they want to raise their children this way too, are actually pretty realistic people!
^ one or both parents/parental figure was very very VERYY conservative and may have tried to make them conform to these values. the type that tend to grow up faster in terms of social skills. libra risings hesitate to show their real emotions a lot!!!!!!! could be closer to one parent than the others, see this parents as their "ally".
i've noticed that libra risings women are highkey daddy's girls🥺 their mom may have tried to spoil them wayyyy too much but/and was also strict to them?? they hesitate to show a lot of emotions as they truly hate how their parents would use emotions to guilt trip them.
libra men can also be closer to their dad!! usually come to their dad/father figure for advices🖤
despite all of this, a part of them will always have their family back. the more water houses they have, the higher chance they're closer to their family.
yes. they are naturally charming. can you blame them tho? these individuals make connects like no others, would literally start talking to their uber for fun. they like harmony and learning more about people! they like discussing about deeper aspects of life too🤣 you wouldn't expect this from them though as sometimes venus energy can be seen as superficial HAHAH, but that sag 3H means they are so happy discussing philosophy, adventures, life experiences or even one's belief. libra risings make great conversationalist when they put in the effort!!!!
will sound like they don't really care sometimes though, give off the "unbothered" vibes but trust me. they do. they seem so careless with their words but they will almost never slip up. smarter than people think.
they're actually so criticizing sometimes. and they know this omg my libra rising friends learn to shut her mouth now because her dumbass slipped up once and told someone to "mop your floor" because she can "see dusts all over it and some muddy shoes prints"💀💀 like please shut up.
EXTRA JUDGMENTAL WHEN THEYRE DRUNK. will never tell you what they rly think unless they're close to you🤣(virgo 12H) their need to be liked is insane. softer aspects physically can't take it knowing someone hates them for no reason.
they don't notice how they actually love being of service to people they care. it's actually scary. i blame their virgo 12H this, literally don't realize how sacrificial they're being with their loved ones sometimes.
lowkey believe that "jealous is very flattering👍🏼😌"said this as a denial and coping mechanism HAHAHAHA
their relationship with their siblings are complicated LOL, but generally fairly giving and dedicated yet can be hella competitive at times??
suffers between their head and their heart all.the.time.💀 a part of them are sooo excited walking into the unknown but the other part hates this, control issues deep down (virgo 12H) so prone to let others use them tbh. please don't do yourself like that.
^ realistic & a dreamer. they dream BIG, but also are so scared of what the future have for them.
not aware of how they are actually people pleaser🦋 strong need to be liked. if you're benefiting them in some way they'd never forget it and would try to reciprocate you!! know how to get people to assist them.
ability to make people feel special, loved and important LMAO my boyfriend used to pull one if his classics on me while we were talking "i've never met someone like you before" "you're so different" LOLLLLL he thinks i'm that basic and stupid huh😃
warning: libra risings men + water/air influence= hoes. my bf also says i can say this so there you goes ladies. its out there.
women are honestly so hot they can play however they want:/ if they decided to have fun with you be appreciative😌 they're pretty picky dear and if you know you're not even all that, take a good look and see if you're benefiting them in some way HAHAHAHAHAHA
ok i'm sorry for wronging a lot of libra risings here. but what's with yall and obsessing over your physical health? libra risings = self care. they just clean themselves so well?? does that sound weird? mentally sick when they arent physicslly healthy too!! the type to have 14 skin care steps or intense beauty routine🤣
value youth and beauty. love loveeeee intense arts and arts that are complex than usual! ( scorpio 2H ) artistically gifted in some way! may inherited a lot of money fron their family if harmonious. other wise its simply extreme.
scorpio 2H discuss wealth gained by prior generations. it can also talk abt debt. very tiring connections with finance or managed their finance very well!! they might be very lowkey with their financial situation though, feel like they shouldn't open up too much about their finances!
obsessed with sex. sex = basic needs. (taurus 8H) thrives on sex too!! intense, soul deep sex can get them so so turned on.
otherwise may actually have the potential of making money off sex. can become hella wealthy off sex if they have more beneficial! (think people making 7k a week on onlyfans🥰)
goofy. sense of humour that feels so personal and will roast you pretty well once y'all are close!
they LOVE their friends omg. like they literally take pride in their friends. if you're dating a libra rising they'd make sure that you are good with their friends. if not they'd be lowkey sad:( Honestly if placed with even more fixed placements in their 11H, watch them donate their kidneys to their friends omg💀🥰 sees the best in their friends and their friendships are usually pretty public! are so picky though so maybe very sociable but have a tight cirlce. (leo 11H)
may follow a career thats popular in their family of consult their family when it comes to career wise issues!! (cancer 10H)! come to the parent that they're closer to for professional matters. a need to be rich so they can be a provider for their family🥺🥺🥺
these natives can be soooo interested in astrology though!!! may start off as a curiosity but if they have more 9H in their charts they would literally LOVE to learn more about spirituality!!! (gemini 9H) also, lowkey are hella superstitious😌 my bff is a virgo sun libra rising and she would go on and on on how she's an atheist and astrology doesn't make sense but would always write down everything i tell her in her notepads during mercury retrograde or some significant astrological events💀💀 so much for hating on us huh
so many interests! they can have a lot of hidden talents! know a lil bit of everything and could have been super active in school! they were those charming kids in debate clubs while juggling between student council or a sport team🤣 they love learning so much and once given freedom, they would honestly thrive✨
the type that would want to give their children EVERYTHING. they would want their children to be able to interact with the world on a deeper level. may teach their children the importance of free will, self discovery and individuality! will want their children to be socially active and charitable🖤( aquarius 5H )
"lets fuck and put no labels on it" this is what they'd most likely to say to their s/o but watch them end up dating a person for yearssssss if they met the right one😌 most likely to grow feelings for a friend w benefits, will either ghost them because they're terrified of deeper connection but the other part of them CRAVE commitment and would wanna eventually settle down! (unless they have bad aspects to 5H and 7H rulers)
fun fact: have you met a couple with double libra risings? well i have and trust me, libra risings just gravitate towards one another its scary. they vibe so well around people who think like them and despite saying "yeah im open to anyone and anything" they're not. i'd know this💀💀
don't want to hurt your feelings if they think you're pleasant so will lie to protect you. i'm serious. you have to look at their eyes to tell if they're lying. notice their tone too HAHAH it's so obvious. my libra rising friends and s/o lying to calm my butthurt leo rising like "😃👍🏼 yes babe that looks fAbUlOuS on you" like shut upppp💀 yall think i'm blind huhhhh
okay but for real, if they want to, they could have get away with anything simply by manipulating. people oftentimes don't think they're capable of lying for some reason??? probably the venus energy covering their asses🥲
for a long term partner, they need a psycho that matches their level. they know their worth honey. but also need someone who understand their indecisive and FORGIVING nature. once they love you they put so much efforts into it. they want to enjoy the ride while it lasts! (aries 7H)
can't make a decision immediately. and they also shouldn't. give them time to process stuff. dont push for an answer they'll look physically uncomfortable 😀
not the type to start talking shits about people to others that they don't know well. like yeah they're wayyyy more opinionated than you know(and they like it that way) but they're not gonna sabotage their life&the harmony by telling you what they "truly think"💀 they don't trust you if they agree with everything you say, there i said it.
it's so funny but they're literally freaking geniuses when they're high(on weed) like come on💀 their productivity increase insanely when they're on something. watch them do a 10 pages of work in under an hour LOL
^ i think people don't discuss this enough. they get detached from ppl because they know they get addicted pretty fast, especially if you become a part of their lives. and they're pretty selective, so they don't allow themselves.
can detach like this ✨ literally a blink of an eye and you're gone💗 (only if they never cared deeply for you, if not, they'll always reach out randomly)
ohhh also, i know way too much libra risings who are stoners LMFAOOOO esp with pisces/cancer moon/taurus moon get help yall😐💀💀
libra rising+fixed venus are so fucking possesive lowkey. over their friends AND their lovers. my libra rising besties hated one another before they had the chance to meet because they were lowkey possesive over me🤩 just kidding but not really. my leo dom ass feel appreciated okay🌸
spectacular style. the women are so soooo charming they could pull off any aesthetic!! the men dress so well or always look very stylist. like it when you compliment their styles (take notes ladies) my s/o get such an ego boost when i compliment on his styles rather than his looks😐 trust me their cocky asses know they're hot. dont feed into their ego dear.
(surprisingly) emotional. yeah i know, its always the cold ones that feel the most. their flighty ass will be there for you and try to make jokes to cheer you up tho.
(surprisingly) low self esteem. especially when it comes to their partners or close circle. they feel as if they're not "physically good enough"? i know a lot of libra risings that tend to be very lost until they find their own styles.
have wayyyyyyyyy too much haters for their own sakes. when they were younger they could have been so much more aggressive and as they grow older they just got more relaxed. people may sometimes make random comments on their appearance and business? they're either loved or hated immediately by people.
"i dont care lol" they do. trust me. they do. if they didn't they would have blocked you wouldnt they? but they're still talking.
rational about others issues. impulsive with their own.
say HORRIBLE stuff when they're angry but never rly means it, they know how to damage your egos like no others.
good vibes only mentality✨🌸💗 they don't need any bad energy in their life!!
Soooo here are some very biased( and honest) as well as some details I've noticed from Libra rising natives hehehe. My Leo rising keeps attracting so much of them it's annoying at this point HAHAHA. just kidding but i love taurus/libra energy and my friend asked me not to expose them further so this post barely scratched the surface tbh🤭 I'm just saying, if you're trusted and confided in by a Libra rising, you're different.
saint jenx🦋
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harryskalechips · 11 months ago
you want to give it a go?
A/N Omg hi guys I’m back with a little update. I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing much. I’ve been super busy with school but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who still supports me on this platform and appreciates my work. I love you guys so much. The friends I made on here are absolutely incredible. You can always reach out to me despite me not posting hahah. Anyway here it is! Hopefully I’ll be back with something new in some time. 
Y/N and Harry are just friends but when they get themselves mixed in a threesome, things change. 
Word count: 3.7k / Masterlist
Tumblr media
Harry and Y/N are just friends. They met back a year ago through Nick at his birthday party and ever since that they clicked. 
He enjoys the time he spends with her after all, everything felt normal. There was never a discussion about his fame or her anxiety about who will see them together. Instead, their friendship was always just about them and that was all. 
Harry may have been seeing someone and although he never thought it was serious, Nadia was coming over during the nights where Y/N was supposed to be hanging out with him. It was fine and dandy since they decided to hang out together as Nadia knew her “boyfriend”’s best friend wasn’t much of a threat. This continued for months until one night, Y/N brought some wine to celebrate her big promotion earlier from the day.
 The three were having a great conversation on the floor as they smoked some weed and had some messy Chinese takeout on Harry’s living room floor. It was just about 9 PM when Nadia sparked up a new question in their group. A rather dirty one perhaps. 
“Have you guys ever been in a threesome before?” She smiles as she stares innocently at the man in between her and the other girl. Harry sips his wine as his eyes widened a bit. He waits for Y/N to answer first but she doesn’t reply. Instead, her cheeks turn red as a tomato. “Be honest! I’ll say it first. I’ve never been but I’ve always wanted to try it.”
“I may have?” Harry mumbles as he rubs his bottom lip.
“What type of answer is that?” Nadia laughs as she puts her joint in an ashtray on top of the coffee table. “I won’t get mad.” She shakes her head.
“I remember doing stuff with other girls and guys but I don’t remember clearly.” He answers truthfully and looks at his best friend. “What about you, Y/N?” He didn’t know what to expect. Would he feel a bit angry or protective?
“Why are you guys asking this?” She tries to change the topic and laughs. “Who wants some more wine?” Nadia leans over Harry’s legs to grab the glass out of Y/N’s hand.
“Answer the question.” She laughs at her as she rubs her boyfriend’s thigh. Harry coughs again and tries to drink some more wine. Luckily, he still had some left.
“No. I haven’t been.”
“Would you want to try it?” Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t Nadia who asked but instead, Harry.
“Oh, I don’t know.” Y/N tries to brush it off. “Maybe, one day.”
“Here, I’ll let you think about it.” Nadia giggles. “I can make out with Harry and if you feel like joining you can.” Not a surprising act from Nadia to be honest. She was always the type of girl to try anything.
“Na-” Harry tries to stop her. He didn’t want to pressure Y/N into having a threesome. He especially didn’t want it to be awkward for their friendship. Isn’t rule #1 of threesomes is that the third person is someone you don’t know?
“Harry, it’s fine. The most she’ll feel is uncomfortable but I mean, she’s seen us kiss before.” Nadia straddles him as she wraps her arms around his neck. She begins to softly kiss his jaw as she moves her soft pink lips to meet his. Her hips softly rock into his, that as his eyes watch Y/N -he held Nadia by her waist. 
A soft moan comes out of his mouth which makes Nadia pull away. She takes her shirt off and tosses it at the girl watching them. Harry looks at her with his pouty lips. Y/N looks at him too as she tries to read his mind. Does he want me to join in? Would this get weird? Do I want to actually do this?
“It’s a one-time thing. We don’t have to talk about it ever again.” Nadia smiles as she unbuttons Harry’s shirt. Harry’s thumb slides down her bottom lip as he looks at Y/N again.
“What do you think H?” Y/N could feel her heart beat fast as she watched him. She knew she didn’t like him romantically so she was not concerned about catching feelings. She was scared of how her performance would be. Maybe, they would judge her?
“Come on.” Harry whispers reassuringly as he takes his hand out for her to reach. Nadia immediately gets off him as she runs to his room, taking her clothes off in the process. Although Harry leads Y/N  to the room hand in hand, he was nervous as fuck yet he couldn't deny his excitement. 
Nadia lays down in the middle of the king bed as she watches her boyfriend take Y/N’s clothes off. Maybe, since she was new to all of this he wanted her to feel special? No biggie. She thought. 
She watches Harry lean in to kiss Y/N which the girl reciprocates without any complaint. Of course, she was a bit hesitant but she couldn’t ignore the fact how she could hear his heartbeat so fast as if it was in sync with hers. His hands slid from her waist to the bottom of her shirt as he carefully helped her take it off. “You’re doing so well, baby.” He kisses her a bit more deeply as he unbuttons her pants. He drops to his knees and kisses her tummy as he takes her underwear and her jeans off together. 
“I’m getting a bit lonely here.” Nadia quietly complains. She sits up immediately and approaches Y/N from behind to take her bra off. She kisses her neck as she gropes her chest. “How are you feeling?” She asks sweetly as they both watch Harry take his clothes off.
“Really nervous.”
“You want to do this, for real?” Harry asks. He knows it’s a bit too late but he needed to hear it from her just to be sure. Because as much as he wants to have this night for themselves, there’s a tiny part of him that wished it was just him and … No, she’s your friend and you have Nadia. 
“Yeah.” She purses her lips as she eyes his chest. God, she’s checking him out right now and for the first time, he’s actually aware.
 “Alright. Nadia, go to the bed,” Harry instructs her as he bites his lip. He sits on the edge of the mattress as he fists himself slowly. “Come here and suck it.” His voice deepens. Nadia smirks as she kneels on the floor. Her hands replace his as she confidently spits on him to jerk him off. Y/N stands in the corner of the room watching the couple. She definitely felt like she was intruding. “Come here.” Harry’s voice softens. His hands intertwined in Nadia’s blonde hair softened as he watched his friend walk behind her to sit beside him.
 “Should I do something?” Y/N asks as she covers her chest. Harry laughs as he removes her arms. 
“Baby, why are you covering up?” This nickname seems to be a popular word tonight. It made Nadia’s focus from their pleasure to just observing them. “Why won’t you come a bit closer,” Harry suggests. His hand takes her face as he kisses her. Nadia goes faster trying to deep throat him so she can try and get his attention back on her but all he does is ignore her as his hands play with Y/N’s chest. Groping and sucking and overall, just loving.
 “Fuck.” Y/N mumbles out loud as she watches Nadia suck her best friend’s dick. 
“You want to give it a go?” Harry takes himself out of Nadia’s mouth. He slaps her cheek and moves himself to the bed. “Y/N, come here.” She obeys. He gestures her down as he grips himself in front of her. He helps guide it into her mouth as he cups one of his balls. The pure image of her laying down on his bed sucking his dick made him already want to burst. “Fuck, baby you’re such an angel aren’t you?” 
Nadia helps herself onto the bed and without a word, she sits on Harry’s face so she doesn’t have to hear him talk. She didn’t even face Y/N because she realized this was a big mistake. Her fault for drinking too much wine. 
Harry’s hands held onto Nadia’s thighs as he ate her out but once he felt Y/N gagging, they immediately went to her instead. His big hands removing her hair from her face as he slowly forced her head down. Her eyes rolled back a bit as he thrusts himself involuntarily into her mouth.
 Nadia pulls his hair and puts more pressure onto his face so he can direct his attention back to her. He gropes her boobs as well but that didn’t stop him from thinking of the dirtiness Y/N was doing. He instantly tapped Nadia off him as he pushed himself up. He made Y/N sit up so he can push her onto the bed where the pillows were. He held her arms above her head as he sucked on her nipples. His tongue bouncing in and out of his mouth as he left soft licks down her torso until he reached her wet centre. His fingers going into Nadia’s mouth before rightfully so inserting them into Y/N’s core. Soon after he fingers her at a quick pace. He ignores the fact Nadia sat on the bed, just looking at them speechless. 
“Fuck, I know you’re fucking beautiful but the way you look right now is driving me absolutely mad,” Harry mumbles as his hands tightened on Y/N’s neck. As she reaches her first orgasm, Harry reaches over her to put on a condom. After permission. He rocks himself forward, putting one of her legs on his shoulder. Nadia hovers over Y/N’s chest to kiss Harry but she slowly pushes his chest to make him stop focusing on Y/N. Harry for once got her message. He takes his condom off and tosses it onto the table. He puts a new one on and forces Nadia on all fours. He fucks her behind as he pulls on Y/N’s hair. His eyes watching her chest and her centre as she laid down beside Nadia touching herself. Nadia leans over to make out with her but all Harry wanted to do was fuck Y/N all over again. 
Not after long, Harry pulls out of Nadia without another word. He takes his condom off and stands from the bed and pulls Y/N from her legs. He flips her around and bends her over the mattress. He slaps her ass and holds her arms down as he fucks her hard. His hand eventually tugging on her hair as he let out grunts. Naida watches her boyfriend fuck his best friend bare as she hears him mumble, “Best fuck ever”
The following day, Harry leaves Y/N in his bed as he goes to the kitchen looking for Nadia. He was wondering where she was. Yet there she sat in his shirt, crying at the counter. 
“Are you okay?”
“You’re really asking me that?” She wipes away a tear as she sarcastically laughs. 
“I know you like her.” She closes her eyes. “You told me there was nothing to worry about but the way you treated her last night… it’s a whole new story.”
“Nadia, we had a lot to drink I’m sorry if I made you feel like that.” Harry tries to reason with her. There is no way he likes Y/N. she’s normal and he’s famous. She wouldn’t want to be part of his mess. She’s basically out of his league anyway. 
“Harry! You legit fucked me for 3 minutes while making you and her cum five times.” Harry covers his face with his hands. 
“You suggested it, didn’t you?” He retaliates. “I don’t know what happened last night. You should’ve said something. It was her first time.”
“I think you’re forgetting it’s my first time too.” Nadia mumbles. Harry immediately shuts up as he feels the guilt in his chest. Nadia puts her coffee mug in the sink before going up to him. “Be honest. Do you like her? Was last night really the best fuck you ever had.”
“I don’t fucking like her Nad!” Harry groans. “She’s my best friend and I did that because I didn’t want to make her feel left out. I’m sorry.”
“I d-”
“I’ll make it up to you, okay?” Harry steps forward to put his hands on her shoulders. He didn’t like Y/N. They were just friends. Nadia is who he is seeing. “She wasn’t even that good. I was just showing her the ropes. Every time she made me cum I was thinking of you.” Nadia laughs but Harry gulps as he knows that was for sure a lie. Y/N was a living wet dream last night. He was pretty much still thinking of her when he woke up today with her laying down on his chest.
 “Glad to know.” A voice speaks up. Y/N was dressed in a spare shirt she had in the house as she stood by the archway. She was nervous to see them in the kitchen but she had hope that everyone would forget about last night “Thanks for teaching me.” She sarcastically replies. She leaves the house without another word. 
Harry. Harry, her best friend who basically said yes to her last night was now shoving her dignity up her ass. She could even feel a tear fall down her face after what she heard from him. She knew she was new to it all but to be judged at a time you were the most vulnerable is fucked up. She expected more from them. From his especially, since last night he couldn’t shut up about her. 
“Y/N, don’t go,” Harry yells out as he stood at his door watching her go to her car. “I- That’s not what I meant.”
“Fuck you!” She coldly replies as she opens her door. She tosses her purse and last night’s clothes in the passenger seat before closing the car door for herself.
“Y/N. Baby, don’t go. Nadia was jealous about last night.” Harry pleads as he taps her window. She opens it slowly and sighs.
 “Was she not the one who initiated it?” She snaps as she puts her sunglasses on. “I knew last night was a mistake.”
“Y/N. It wasn’t -hey, get out of the car. Can we talk?”
“I don’t feel like talking. That’s the problem.” She rubs her cheek in frustration. “It’s not your fault okay? I just need time.”
“Time for what?”“
Time to understand that things are different for us now.”
“No, it’s not. You’re my best friend. Y/N come-”
“Harry, I’ll reach out just give me some time.” She repeats to him.
It’s been a week since Y/N ghosted Harry. A week absolutely too long, in his opinion. Their routine used to be solid. They would facetime, visit each other, and honestly just talk. Some nights they watched movies, some nights they made dinner but at least they were together. As much as Nadia was mad about that night, she forgave Harry because he’s right. She initiated it so the most she can do is let go of her anger. But maybe it wasn’t just Harry lying to himself.
 “You okay?” Mitch asks him as they sat in his home studio trying to make a new song.
 “Y/N is mad at me.” He lets go of the guitar on his lap to scratch his nose. “She asked for some space but I don’t know for how long.”
“You miss her.”
“No.” Harry lies because missing her was already another tunnel into a statement he denied. He is not romantically interested in her. “I wish she came back that’s all. She’s stressing me out.”
“You miss her because you realized she wasn’t the problem.” Mitch pushes further. He smirks a bit as he watches Harry become speechless. “I don’t know what happened to you guys but don’t let her out of your sight. You might not realize she’s gone.”
And as Harry pretended to sit there like he didn’t care, a strong feeling in his chest arose. Something that’s been buried deep for way too long.
2 months later.
“Happy birthday Sarah!” Y/N greets her as she walks into her home. It was Sarah’s birthday and Mitch decided to throw her a surprise party. 
“Thank you so much.” She smiles as she hugs her. “I haven’t seen you in so long, where have you been?
”“I’m sorry I’ve been so busy.” Y/N answers truthfully. She puts Sarah’s gift on the table beside them as the birthday girl takes her hand to lead her into the living room.
“Guess who’s here!” Sarah yells out to her friends. Nadia sitting on Harry’s lap was the first one to notice Y/N and soon after the man underneath noticed too. 
“Hi, guys!” Y/N smiles as she tries to ignore the couple on the couch. Harry was about to greet her when a man walked up behind Y/N.
“Babe, here’s your charger.” The guy hands it to her as he puts his arm behind her lower back. 
“Thanks.” She smiles sweetly as she holds his hand instead. “This is Brendan. We’ve been dating for a while.” She proudly introduces him to everyone.
“You finally got a boyfriend?” Mitch teases as he drinks his beer beside Harry. “Nice to meet you.” Brendan nods as he greets him back. Overall, Y/N was happy, he came with her because the way Harry was looking at her made her not feel so good.
As the party continued, Y/N’s boyfriend stuck to her like a lost little boy. At least that’s what Harry thought. After Nadia went swimming in the backyard with some other girls, he sat with Mitch secretly observing Y/N. She looked happy and overall, just pretty... really pretty. 
As other guests walked around the house socializing, Sarah and Mitch sat with Harry at the couches while Y/N and Brendan made their way over towards them. “Glad to see you again.” Harry greets Y/N nonchalantly as he raises his beer to them. His eyes were focused on the TV that was playing some movie. 
 “You too. It’s nice to see you and Nadia still together.”
“Yeah.” He replies and after some silence, he realized he needed to get out of here. “I’m going to the kitchen.” He sighs as he rubs his thighs. Y/N wanted to follow him. She knew it was going to be awkward seeing him again but she didn’t expect him to be this mad. Does he even have the right to be?
“Brendan, I’m going to get a snack actually. Why won’t you ask Mitch about how his job works since you were wondering?”
“Oh yeah, sure.” Brendan looks confused as she steps away from the conversation. Y/N walks to the kitchen and sees Harry biting his cheek as he munched on some chips from the bowls laid out. 
“I know you were mad about me wanting some space but I don’t know why you’re still mad about it.” Harry laughs sarcastically as he watches her. 
“It’s been 2 months and you’re asking me why I’m mad?”
“Well, yeah. I thought you’d be happy to see me again.”
“No, Y/N. I would be happy if you got out of your fucking car that day to talk to me. I would be happy if you just told me why you needed space.
”“You’re telling me it’s not clear to you?” She crosses her arms against her chest.
“I expected you to come back!” He looks around the kitchen and lowers his voice. “It’s a bit hard to see someone everyday then suddenly they disappear.” He scoffs. “You wouldn’t answer my texts or my calls.”
“We shouldn’t have done what we did that night.” She mumbles. “It was the alcohol and the temptation that influenced us and at the end, it’s what destroyed us.”
“Do you regret it?” He closes his eyes, praying she didn’t. Because maybe just maybe, that night meant a lot to her the same way it did to him. Does he love her? Yes, but romantically? He has no fucking idea. He just misses her.
 “I don’t know.” Not the answer he wanted. “Look it’s not your fault nor was it Nadia’s but I think our choice made me realize who I am in your life.”
“Not to be fucking clueless but what does that even mean?”
“Yes, I’m your best friend but at the end of the day, you saw me as a girl you pitied that night. A girl that meant nothing to you but just for your pleasure.” She clarifies for him.
“Y/N what? That’s not true. How-”
“I heard what you said to Nadia.” She shakes her head “I’m not stupid. I know how those work but I expected more from you. I just thought you wouldn’t see me that way. We had so many moments together that night and I finally realized how good of a man you are for me. Yet the next day, I hear you tell your girlfriend that I suck in bed and you were using me. Hurts a bit.” She sarcastically laughs. “Who am I kidding? That hurts a lot.”
“What so you love me now?” He retaliates. “Nadia was jealous. I had to tell her that. It doesn’t mean it’s true!”
“Funny thing is - I do love you, Harry. That night. it made me realize that maybe I was in love with you this whole time! You were so sweet and gentle and it made me feel good. You made me feel safe but I didn’t need you to throw my feelings back at my face!”
“In love with me?” Harry hysterically repeats after her. “You’re dating some loser named Brendan and you’re telling me you’re in love with me?”
“So you’re saying you did not feel anything that night?” She bites her cheek, trying not to cry. He stays silent, pretending to look at the chips and deciding what to eat next. “Goodbye, Harry.”
“Y/N.” He speaks up as he denies her eye contact. “I don’t like you that way. I don’t and I never will.” His last words burned in her head. As well as in her heart. God, she’s crazy. 
But maybe he’s worst.
He said that lie a million times in his head and saying that to Y/N made it feel 100% more real. He doesn’t like her because she’s normal. She’s perfect and she’s his best friend. Friends don’t call their friends baby. Friends don’t look at Y/N the way he does. That’s why he’s going to stick to this decision. If he has to lose her as a friend then fine because no way in hell would he lose her if they were together. 
Because that hurts more and Harry is tired of hurting. 
Part 2 Part 3
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yungbludz · 11 months ago
Spit / Vinnie Hacker x Reader
Author: i hate myself
Summary/Request: Vinnie spitting in your mouth needs to be in your next fic please
Warnings: smut, +18, NSFW, kinky sex
Tumblr media
Let’s just say you love being a brat. Love the teasing and getting the other person all worked up. Unfortunately Vinnie can’t say the same. You’ve been filming TikToks the whole, not just normal ones, but especially the ones where you show your fine ass to the camera and if Vinnie doesn’t like something it is certainly sharing what’s his with others. He has walked on you doing the WAP and ‘lemme sit that ass’ challenge multiple times. And let’s say it: he did not like it at all. It’s lunch time and he has been sending you dirty looks and glares. You’re joking with Aaron and although he blindly trusts you and his friends he’s not sure how far you’d go to get him mad. He knows why you’re doing this: you want to be punished. He knows how much you like his kinky and dominant side. You stand up and put your dish in the sink. Walking in the living room, Maddy, Jordan’s girl, asks you to make a video so yoi agree. While her boyfriend doesn’t pay much attention to you two, Vinnie doesn’t tear his eyes off you and you can feel it. You’re the one who chooses to dance on ‘Wap x Anaconda’ because you just love the remix and also want to see Vinnie’s reaction. After a couple of takes due to the fact that neither of you can keep a straight face while throwing it back, Maddy posts it and you do the same. You turn around and Vinnie is fuming with anger, you know you are going to pay for it but you can’t wait for it. ‘Hey Vinnie, watchu looking at?’ Jordan jokes as he walks towards his girlfriend and kisses her. You pout at your own boyfriend who is currently sitting with his elbows resting on his knees. He looks at you, no expression on his face as he waits for your next move. You know you are the one who started this whole game but seeing him clenching his jaw and biting his bottom lip, always feeling his eyes on you got you pretty worked up and you want already give up. You kneel in front of him so you can face him, you try and kiss him but he tenses up. ‘Daddy’s mad?’ You ask him with puppy eyes and he gulps at your words. You never use that word outside the bedroom. It gets him going every time. ‘Y/n...’ ‘i’m sorry, daddy...’ you murmur pecking his lips and he finally relaxes. No matter what you are still his soft spot, especially when you act like this. As you share a couple of more kisses you hear Aaron and Jeffrey laugh. You don’t pay much attention to them since they always act like this. ‘Yo, not Noah duetting your last video hahah. Does he even know you are dating Vinnie?’ Jeffrey asks and Vinnie gets his phone out of his pocket, scrolling through TikTok he quickly finds the video they are talking about. It’s just Noah pretending to be drooling over you in a clearly funny way, he’s defined not hitting on you, he knows you are just friends. But Vinnie obviously thinks otherwise. ‘Not yet...’ the curly haired boy grunts and stands up, bringing you along as he grabs your wrist. ‘Yes girl! Go get that dick!’ Jaden hypes you up and you giggle although Vinnie is not laughing at all. As soon as he reaches his room he slams the door behind you and pushes you against it.
‘You think it’s funny, right? Teasing your boyfriend all day and then flirting with Noah?’ He growls and you want to answer but he doesn’t give you the time. His lips crashing against yours in a heated kiss. You try to match his pace but it’s impossible, his tongue brushing against your lips as you open them and he just leaves you breathless. ‘I wasn’t flir-‘ ‘I’m sorry, did I ask?’ He grunts and you bite your bottom lip. He pushes you on the bed and you fall on your back, before you can move around he is hovering over you, his curls tickling your forehead and you feel like in heaven. ‘Now let’s see if you are just as bold as you seemed to be earlier, sugar.’ He smirks and begins kissing your neck. You moan as he bites and blow air on the small hickeys peppering all over your neck and shoulder. He loves marking you up although he doesn’t get to do that much because of public images. ‘Look at you, moaning like a whore...’ he knows about your degradation kink and at first he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not but he began to love it whenever you made him mad. ‘Vinnie...’ ‘yea that’s right, that’s my name... Not Noah’s...’ he bites your jaw and then gives you one last kiss before ripping your leggings apart, you whimper and get rid of your shirt, his is next to yours on the floor. He sits back and looks between your open legs. ‘You are soaking wet, sweetie...’ he mumbles as his index brushes against your clothed core and you moan. There will never be a time when you won’t be needy and turned on around him. Even though he’d love to tease the shit out of you for making him angry, he also wants you to forget anything but his name as he pounds into you so he brings down your panties too. ‘Whose pussy is this?’ ‘Yours, Vinnie, always yours’ ‘good..’ he mumbles and pull his sweatpants down too. His shaft is laying against his lower stomach, he’s been pretty hard the whole day since you’ve decided to tease him. You try and sit down to kiss him but he pushes back down, his hand around your throat. ‘Nono... You’re not in charge here, doll. I am.’ He whispers and aligning the tip of his cock with your entrance after giving it a few strokes. When he slips in you let out a loud moan. ‘You better not make a mess on my fucking bed, you hear me?’ He grunts, but he doesn’t actually care and just wants you whining under him. You nod and roll your eyes to the back of your head as he starts off with a fast rhythm. Your hands around his neck and on his back, scratching at the skin which only turns him on more. ‘Fu-uck... Yes Vinnie...’ you moan in your ear and he bites down your shoulder to suppress a groan. His eyes accidentally falling to where your bodies connect and it just makes him harder to look at how your pussy grips his cock so tightly. ‘Such a pretty girl...’ he groans gripping your chin with his thumb and index. You can’t help it but let out those unholy sounds from your mouth. He loves this side of you: horny and ready for him, every time. You bite down your bottom lip ‘Nono...’ he shakes his head and frees it of your hold. ‘Open up for me.’ He demands and you do as he asks, opening your mouth. Never breaking the eye contact as he spits in your mouth. ‘Swallow.’ He growls. You shut your mouth swallowing it. It is probably one of the hottest thing ever, you always thought it could be kind of gross but Vinnie manages to make anything ten times better. You are brought back to reality when his hips pick up the pace and he starts assaulting a special spot inside of you. A coil starts to form in your stomach, he grabs both of your legs and throw them over his shoulders, getting a better angle as he pounds into you. You cry out his name unstoppably and that just gets him going. ‘How bad do you need to cum? Tell me, baby...’ ‘so b-bad Vinnie, please lemme c-cum...’ you feel so close but he knows what will let you cum and decides it’s not that time yet. ‘Uhmm... I don’t kn-now darling, you’ve been quite a n-naughty girl, to-day...’ you squeeze your eyes as you feel yourself clenching around him.
‘Please... I’ll be a good girl for you... Please lem-me cum, daddy...’ you know how to play your cards right too. His eyes widen at the nickname and his hand sneaks between your bodies and his thumb finds your clit, he starts rubbing it. ‘That’s my good girl... Cum for d-daddy...’ he growls and all you can say is his name as you clench hard around him and come undone all over his cock and fingers. He’s about to pull out of you, not wanting to make a mess. ‘Inside of me... P-please...’ you moan and he loses it. His white cum dripping out of your stretched out pussy and you can’t help but express your ecstasy through loud moans. Vinnie gives you a few last thrusts and then collapses next to you. ‘Shit...’ ‘fuck...’ you both curse. Angry sex is always the best. You catch your breath slowly, panting as you calm yourselves down. His arm is around your body as he pulls you closer, his sheets are completely fucked up but he doesn’t care one bit. ‘Should do this more often...’ you weakly giggle as he peppers your forehead with kisses. ‘Ask Noah next time...’ he pretends to be angry and you chuckle. ‘Maybe I will...’ there’s no way you’ll dtop being a brat when this is what happens. ‘Ooh you asked for it, sweetie...’ he growls as he gets on top of you again and you smile at him, a hand brushing through his locks. He has the prettiest face ever. ‘No please, not again!’ You hear the others complain from the other room as Vinnie goes down on you and he tries his best to make you scream as loud as possible....
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hoodieofholland · 5 months ago
Okay, what Im requesting really angst so I get if you don’t want write,
boyfriend!Tom starting to feel things to his co-star while y/n is waiting for him to come back to her and when he coms back he tells her the turth. She runs pf with tears and have a serious car crash and Tom regrets what he did and blames himself for her injures.
(Oh god I love jerk Tom so much)
(love your writings <3)
a/n: took a little while to write this, but it's done, finally! Hahah. Feels like ive been writing a lot of angst lately lol, what you guys think? Thanks anon for requesting, hope you like it!
Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating, heartbreak, mentions of blood, car accident, language.
Broken. That’s how you felt, staring into those brown chocolate eyes, full of regret, guilt and fear. Your heart clenches inside of your chest, desperately trying to find some sort of comfort while your heartbeat only seems to increase each second you pass looking at him.
“What?”, your voice is cracked. Your eyes are glistening with the threatening tears.
You still can hear the reverberation of his words inside of your head: I think I’m having feelings for someone else. Someone else. His co-star. Tom had just admitted to you he was having feelings for his co-star.
You and Tom have been in a relationship long enough to know this would inevitably break your heart into pieces. Those words didn’t even make sense to you. Though both of you were feeling a little off lately, like your relationship wasn’t the same anymore, you were sure this was just a phase, you were willing to bring you two back on track. But right now you could see you were the only one with hope and this made you feel ashamed of just standing in front of Tom, feeling extremely exposed and weak.
He sniffles, averting his gaze to the ground. “I- I’m so sorry, y/n. I didn’t mean to blurt it like that, it’s just-“
You blink your tears away, your whole body shaking slightly, not under your control anymore. Your hands close into fists as you try to control your emotions and the unbearable pressure on your chest. “What is it, Tom? What is happening? I- I can’t understand, I thought-“, you didn’t even know what to say. You bite your lips to prevent you from crying. “Since... since when, Tom?”
He breathed out, cheeks buffing as he runs his hands through his curls. “I don’t know. Honestly”, his voice was full of sadness, “I just- I realized it today”.
You feel your knees getting weaker. “Did you-“, you gulp, too afraid to ask, “Did you cheat on me, Tom? Did you do something with her? Did she touch you? Did you touch her?”
Though you knew pretty well none of that was important anymore, that betraying your feeling while still together was equally as bad as kissing or sleeping with someone else, you couldn’t ignore the feeling that physical contact would make the whole thing worse. You couldn’t stand the thought of being there, waiting for Tom to come home and maybe have a nice dinner so you could enjoy time together and make things work out again, while he was out there fucking another girl.
But he shook his head no, and you released a sigh in relief. He had a frown between his brows, genuinely hurt by the path of that conversation. “I’d never, y/n”, he rubbed his eyes. “I know this doesn’t make me a better of a man, but I- I swear to God I just realized it now. It was today, when we were filming and... and I couldn’t go another minute without telling you this. This is so fucked up and I am so fucking sorry, but I thought that it would be better for both of us if I just told you this and-“
A sob coming from your parted lips breaks his attempt to explain, watching you fall apart for something he has done. Tom didn't stop loving you. It felt different, but he still cared about your feelings and how you'd deal with the fact that your relationship wasn't working anymore. He felt guilty and even disgusted at himself for breaking your heart. But that didn't stop him neither.
"Can we talk about this, darling?", he mumbles, trying to reach your hand, but you step back, body trembling as you fight back the need of giving in to his embrace.
"Don't. Don't call that", you cry out, letting the tears fall freely on your cheeks now. "Fuck, Tom, what did I do? I didn't deserve this. I- I was by your side, I never left. I knew this day would come, but I was trying my best..."
"It's not like that, y/n", he mutters, feeling defeated. He didn't intend to take it this way. He never wanted to make you cry. He promised he would never make you cry. "I've tried. And I love you, I love you so fucking much, but I... I don't know what happened".
You wipes the tears away furiously, too frustrated to care about the look on your face right now. You just didn't want to look fragile, or broken, or weak - all of the things you actually were feeling like.
You look at him clearer, the man you so desperately love, the man you most felt affection to. Tom was everything you always dreamt of. If there was a man you could say you trusted in, it was Tom. And he betrayed your feelings.
It wasn't his fault and you had to admit that. He fell for another woman. He just didn't feel the same about you anymore, and though you were suffering, you couldn't blame it on him. It was just human nature. Life itself, playing tricks on you, when you so certainly believed to have found the love of your life.
"I know", you say through hoarse voice. "I can't blame it on you. It's not your fault. I just- I thought we could work this out, y'know? Thought you wanted this with me". You give him a sad smile and couldn't help but let more tears roll down your face. You felt pathetic and you were sure you looked just like that.
Tom swallows the thick knot on his throat, chest aching at the sign of you. He wanted to say something, but couldn't think about anything good enough.
Ashamed of your position, you nod a couple of times for nothing in special and make your way to the front door.
"Wait! Y/n, what are you- where are you going?", Tom shouted, eyes wide as he tried to take your arm. You pulled it from his reach and raised your hand to prevent him from coming any closer.
"I'm leaving. What else do you expect me to do, Tom?" With bloodshot eyes, you stare at him, lips pressed tightly in a thin line, holding everything in you to not make even more a fool of yourself.
"I don't know", he almost whispers.
You can't seem to contain the growing anger inside of you for his words, sobbing a little more as you try to come up with the right thing to say. Why does he have to do this to you?
"Guess what? I don't know neither. All of a sudden, my long-term boyfriend told me he is falling for another girl. Do you know how much it costs me to look at you right now, Tom? I can't even- I fucking hate you right now and I know it's not even your fucking fault, but I can't help it!" You scream, hand covering your mouth as you try to regain some composure. "Just leave me fucking alone, Tom!"
Without another word, you run to the front door, yanking it open and slamming it shut, letting your whines finally scape through your gritted teeth.
Tom checked his phone one more time before slipping into the covers and lay down on his empty bed, facing the ceiling for a long enough time to get sick of it.
His mind was running wild, thinking about the things he said to you, and the thing you said to him. It was hard to face the fact that he made you cry and feel miserable. Tom never intended that. He knew both of you were slipping apart, gradually giving your relationship an end, but that was a whole different level.
He closed his eyes, thinking about the moment you stormed out the door, thinking about the feeling he had previously in the morning, while working with his co-star. It wasn't the strongest thing he felt in his life, it wasn't even near to the things he felt when meeting you, but he knew he should be honest with you from the moment he realized there was something going on.
But even know, he felt like he messed it up real bad.
Tom has been calling you since you stepped out of the house, but you never answered, or called back. He left a message in your voicemail, asking you to come back home so you could talk. Aware of the fact that this had no coming back, Tom just needed to look at you one more time and apologise for being a dick. He couldn't afford to have you out of his life.
And then his phone rang.
He was quick to pick it up and press to his ear, waiting to hear your voice, but what he heard was something much more unexpected.
"Hello, can I please speak with Thomas Stanley?", an unrecognizable voice came to the phone and Tom sat on his bed.
"Uh, yes, it's me. What's the matter?"
"I'm calling because you're at Miss y/n y/l/n's emergency contact. She was brought to the hospital after an accident, a car crash. Miss y/n is passing through an emergency surgery right now and I need to inform someone in the family..."
The woman kept talking, voice too steady for something so breath-taking. Tom was surely out of breath. For a few seconds, he felt like he had gone blind, not able to see anything besides a black spot in the darkness of his room.
He couldn't believe he was hearing that. It couldn't be real. He tried to come up with any excuse, with some explanation, but everything that ever crossed his mind at the moment was the sign of you laying flat on some ciment busy street, blood coming out of the corner of your mouth and eyes wide open with no brightness on them.
"Sir?", the woman spook again and Tom was snapped out of his thoughts.
"Can you give me the address?", he jumped out of bed and started to look for his keys frantically. The woman gave him instructions and he quickly made his way to the living room.
"Fuck... where 'my fucking keys!" He yelled desperately, throwing the pillows on the sofa go the ground to look better. "Fuck!"
Tom sat on the couch, heavy breathing making his whole body shake. His hands holds his head and his eyes go wide. He felt a heat rise in every part of his body, but mainly on his chest.
It was his fault, he knew it. You were supposed to be at home, you were supposed to stay with him. You were going to have dinner together, and you wouldn't be driving before having a car crash.
Why did he mess up? Why did he say those things to you? He shouldn't have let you go outside in that state. He shouldn't
Tom heard the front door crack open, and he raised his head with silly hopes of you stepping inside and all of this being a fucking cruel joke, but instead, it was Harrison passing by.
"Tom, I was just going to- Dude, what happened?" Harrison puts a worried face when he saw the bloodshot eyes, trembling lips and shaking hands, all parts of Tom's nervousness.
He almost couldn't put his voice to work, and if it wasn't for the fact that he needed to reach out the hospital in no time, to make sure you were fine, maybe he wouldn't be able to say a single word.
"You gotta drive me. I can't- I can't find my keys. And she needs me. I need her. I need to find her, Haz. She- fuck, she needs me and I can't find my fucking keys", he said in desperation, letting himself become a sobbing mess in front of his friend.
There was no small talk between the two of them whilst the drive to the hospital. It seemed like you have done a long way from home; the distance was killing the eye browned boy.
All that was on his mind now was the thought of you - moments you've spent together, days of happiness and things that he loved about you. He remembered the first time you met, the day he asked you out and the first time he heard you say you loved him. He questioned himself when was the last time you said that, when he heard his name coming out of your lips with an "I love you" next. He couldn't remember and he felt disgusting for that too.
Because Tom realized in the way to the hospital that he couldn't live without you. If you were gone, there would be nothing. He never thought about this day, never thought that one day he'd be losing you, but the bare possibility of this happening made him realize he wouldn't stand it. He needed you, in more ways than just one.
"She'll be fine, Tom", Harrison told him for the third time, when they were sitting in a corridor, waiting for a doctor to call for Tom when you were brought to the room.
"'S all my fault. Shouldn't have fought her. Shouldn't have let her think I didn't love her", Tom muttered more to himself, voice hoarse.
Tom was bouncing his leg rapidly, eyes closed tightly an heart aching for every second he spent without any medic information.
"Mr. Holland?" A voice came next to him, a doctor, a comphreensive smile on his face, which eased Tom a little bit. "Miss y/n is in her room now, you can check on her".
Tom got up immediately, rubbing his sweaty hands on his jeans while walking down the aisle with the doctor to your room. When he reached the place with white walls, white sheets and an audible beep from the machine that was monitoring your heartbeat.
"She's asleep right now, might wake up in about an hour or so. Then a nurse should come check on her", the doctor says, reading through some papers on his clipboard. He sighs lightly and look at Tom, whose eyes are glue on you. "I might say she was lucky, Mr. Holland. It was a serious accident, and others victims didn't have as much luck as Miss y/n", he friendly pats Tom's shoulder. "Don't know what you believe in, but I think you should be thankful. She's a strong girl, she'll be fine", he smiled and after a few seconds, left Tom and you alone in the room, closing the door behind him.
Tom was hesitant, taking small steps towards your bed as he looked cautiously every part of you body. You had some big injuries on your face. There was a bandage on your nose, which was broken when you entered the emergency. Your lips had cuts and there was a purple spot on your forehead and around one of your eyes.
Tom felt sick to his stomach thinking about how much pain you had gone through the last hours. He stood beside your bed, taking your fragile looking hands on his. It was bruised too, and Tom pressed a very light kiss to your palm, letting a silent tear roll down his face till reach his chin.
"I'm so sorry, my love", he whispered with a croaky voice. "You'll be fine, it's gonna be alright", he reassured, more to himself than to you, who was drifted on sleep now, too far from the chaos that was going on outside.
Tom sniffles, rubbing a hand on his wet nose, and blinks a couple of times to get rid of his tears. "I didn't mean for this to happen. I know it's my fault. And I was wrong".
He breathed out, looking at the ceiling as he remembered your conversation that evening. "There's no one I love more than you, y/n. It was dumb of me thinking that there's anyone I might be in love with besides you. It's only you, love, you're the person I can't live without".
Tom felt like a kid, crying over your hand, squeezing it ever so lightly and praying that you might hear his apologies and his pleas.
"And it was unfair of me not putting as much effort as you in this relationship. This is my fault too. But I love you, and I don't care about anything else, your love is the only thing I'm going to focus on when you wake up".
Tom realized that nothing was more important than your relationship to him now. Not even work, which has taken so much of his time that he was slowly slipping apart from you. Not even whatever feeling he fooled himself to believe in. It wasn't true. It was his fear of not being in love with you anymore, of being too far to bring you two together again. But by that moment, Tom knew he couldn't be afraid of nothing else than losing you. And now he just prayed that you could forgive him and the things he said, while he left himself fall in tears and regret.
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adoriable · 9 months ago
ahh maybe hcs of a s/o that likes to repeat things (ex. "i like it, i like it a lot!!"/"pls pls pls!!"/"do it again! do it again!!) in a cute way with a few pillars or smth? gosh thats so vague but i find those super cute, its ok if not hahah
pillars with a s/o
who likes to repeat their words
↳ headcanons ↰
- - - - - - ♥ - - - - - -
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
↳ it will take a while for giyuu to notice that you repeat cues. he does not really pay attention to it at first, since it has no significance to him.
↳ even when you start dating, he will not speak of it. you will probably think he never noticed, but in reality, it is one of the things that lead him into liking you.
↳ he is the type to get annoyed by people pestering him—however, when it comes to you, he does not find your repetitiveness annoying in the slightest. he finds it sweet that you talk to him kindly, even though he has little to say.
“ giyuu, giyuu! you have something on your face, can i get for you? please? ”
“ um.. sure.. ”
↳ he feels as if you always have something to say to him, and he enjoys that about you. he always has such a soft look in his eyes whenever he holds your hand as you walk and talk.
↳ if you ever ask him if you are annoying him, he will always say no, because you are not. your voice relaxes him. nothing you say can ever change that, because he completely adores you.
↳ at night, he will cuddle up to your chest, and just listen to you talk in his ear. you will get a few sleepy murmurs from him, and you can even get him to repeat words with you if he is really out of it.
“ hey, hey, giyuu. can you say “i love you?” ”
“ .. you.. i love you.. [y/n].. ”
“ so cute.. ”
- - - - - - ♥ - - - - - -
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
↳ because he does not have eyesight, gyomei is a very perceptive listener—so he almost instantly notices and remembers your voice and habit. but he pays it no mind.
↳ as he gets to talk and interact with you more, he begins to become curious as to why you talk like that. he finds it odd, but for some reason, he can not get it out of his head.
“ you talk in a very peculiar manner.. ”
“ hm? i don’t get what you mean—how so, how so? ”
“ like that. ”
“ like what, like what? ”
“ ... ”
↳ whenever you come around, he automatically knows because your voice is engraved into his mind. after awhile, he will begin to think about you, even if you are not around, and silently mimck the way you talk when no one can hear.
↳ he likes to hear your voice as close as possible to his ear, so he will allow you to sit in his lap at times to just talk. he will be silent, but he will be listening to every word. when you do this, you can see subtle smile grow on his face. it’s very handsome, actually.
“ your voice.. is very enchanting. i cannot put it to words.. ”
“ does that mean you like it? ”
“ .. yes. ”
↳ this will take a while for him to feel comfortable enough to do, but he will bring his hand to your face from time to time, just lovingly caressing your cheek—maybe even swiping the pad of his thumb against your lower lip. it is a way of showing he loves you.
- - - - - - ♥ - - - - - -
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
↳ once iguro meets you, he will take notice to the way you talk, and will probably avoid talking to you too much because of it. he thinks it’s annoying, and would rather not hear it.
↳ as he grows accustomed to you, he will still be a bit annoyed by it, but he will not say anything about it. he will just stare at you blankly when you talk, wondering if you know what you are doing and if you are doing it on purpose.
↳ when he starts taking a liking to you, those thoughts of you being annoying completely fo out the window. you will become the most amazing, most beautiful person to him—and your words will be music to his ears.
↳ he will always strike up a conversation with you just to hear you talk. he thinks you look so stunning when you have a smile on your face, chatting away about whatever. your quirks just make everything you say so cute.
↳ when you are not around, he misses you dearly. he will replay your words in his head over and over again with the softest blush on his cheeks that no one can see.
↳ if anyone ever told you you were annoying, he would defend you right away, telling you that you are perfect just as you are.
“ [y/n], don’t listen to what that bastard says. the way you talk is absolutely fine, don’t change anything about yourself. you’re amazing as is. ”
↳ under his mask, he will always be smiling with every second you speak.
- - - - - - ♥ - - - - - -
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
↳ kyojuro will notice you repeat words right away, because he does the exact same thing.
↳ once he hears you speak for the first time after meeting you, his face will contort to such happiness—he can not help but to laugh. never in his life has he met someone with the same mannerisms as him, so he would be very joyful to meet someone who is just as boisterous as him.
↳ whenever you do so, he finds it very cute and charming. he can not help but to mimick you and your momvements—out of both love and excitement. if you raise your fist when you talk, so will he. if you clap and jump when you talk, so will he. he only does this with you.
“ kyo, kyo! ”
“ yes, yes! ”
“ do it again, do it again! ”
“ what, what? do what again, do what again? ”
↳ the way you smile when you speak, they way your body sways, the way your eyes sparkle. he can not help but to just stop once in a while and just peck your lips because you are just so cute to him.
↳ you make him so genuinely happy whenever you are around. to him, you are his little shining star. he can spend hours upon hours just talking with you because he believes you have such a beautiful soul.
- - - - - - ♥ - - - - - -
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
↳ it will take a long time for muichirou to take notice to the way you speak—mostly because he forgets your voice every-so-often and does not feel the need to pay close attention to your mannerisms.
↳ but once he does, he can not stop staring at you, wondering why you do it. his face will look so perplexed and cute—even if you catch him, he will just continue staring at you.
“ why do you do that? ”
“ do what, do what—what are you talking about? ”
“ that—that thing you just did. ”
↳ when he listens to you, he pays attention to the words you repeat—memorizing them to see if they have some sort of pattern. it becomes a little game for him, and he ends up enjoying it.
↳ he smiles the most when he is with you. whenever you come around, it feels as if his mood is instantly uplifted and that the room has been brightened. his eyes always light up when you are around—everyone notices it.
↳ he will hold your hand as you two talk and walk, swinging them back and forth—it is such a rare sight to see him so happy and carefree.
↳ he finds the way you talk so fun that he will start talking like you—all the time. your mannerisms will rub off on him without him knowing it, and to be honest he does not mind at all.
“ [y/n], how are you doing today? did you sleep well? ”
“ mhm! i slept great, thank you! ”
“ that’s good, that’s good. ”
- - - - - - ♥ - - - - - -
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
↳ sanemi notices the way you talk right away, and he finds it annoying at first. but once you get into a relationship, he gets used to it, and starts to like it bit.
↳ to him, your mannerisms is somewhat child-like, and he finds that aspect about you adorable—but he never says that. because of this, he is very protective of you, almost always holding your hand and keeping you close.
“ nemi? can i get a kiss? please, please! ”
“ alright, alright—you don’t have to yell. ”
↳ he will roll his eyes and say things like that, but on the inside, his heart is comepletly melting. he had never realized how smitten he would become to your annoying little quirks—it has completely taken control over him and his mind.
↳ often times, when you ramble on, you can catch him just staring at you. he is so focused on everything you do, he will be tilting his head, admiring you silently with a smile on his face.
↳ sometimes, you might find him repeating his words as well—either to make fun of you, or because he has just gotten so used to you.
“ come, come—i wanna show you somethin’. ”
“ hey, hey—which one of these looks better?.. no, no—i like this one, you’ve got no fucking taste. ”
“ nemi, you’re starting to talk like me! ”
“ huh.. n-no im not.. shut up. ”
- - - - - - ♥ - - - - - -
Tumblr media
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
↳ the king of flamboyance takes a while to notice the way you speak, but when he does, he finds it exhilarating—absolutely flamboyant.
↳ you stick out from others, and that catches his eye quickly. he will want to talk to you more, liking how vibrant your attitude is. he loves unordinary and eye-catching people.
“ tengen-sama! your jewels are so pretty! i like them, i like them a lot! ”
“ hah! they are cool, aren’t they? hey, i like you—your voice is flamboyantly unusual! say more, say more! ”
↳ you two will become friends easily, and once you become lovers, he will always let you know how beautiful he thinks the way you is. he believes it is a special part of you that you should maintain, and he loves that.
↳ he boasts about having you as his lover all the time because he is so proud that he has found someone so awesome. he encourages you to talk louder so everyone can hear you.
↳ tengen has a habit of looking you deep into your eyes whenever you talk. that way, you know he’s listening to you. he enjoys laying beside you in bed, the both of you looking at eachother, as you talk.
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otomiya-tickles · 4 months ago
Gift for Morax
Zhongli/Aether ft. Childe
Tumblr media
A/N: This fic was originally planned for Zhongli’s bday and that’s all I have to say about how long it’s been catching dust in my draft box. P.S. link to some amazing art to get in the mood for this fic HAhah. 
The fic is SFW with a lot of suggestive things + some polyamorous elements so read at own risk haha. 
Summary: Aether’s travels to Liyue introduce him to many unique things. From the remarkable relationships concerning Zhongli, to his very own apparent crush on Zhongli, and the extraordinary rituals to celebrate Zhongli’s birthday. Aether just kind of chooses to go with the flow, which has him end up in... this particular predicament. (Also on Ao3)
Word Count: 3707
Tumblr media
Aether blushed. He knew it. He had heard it, seen it and witnessed everytime he was in Liyue. However never had he expected he kind of would end up joining the party, and feel this attracted towards Zhongli as well.
“Is something on your mind, traveler?” Zhongli asked kindly. They were sitting outside on a terrace in Liyue Harbor, enjoying a drink and a bite together. During their talks of Aether’s recent adventures, he had unknowingly reached out to hold Zhongli’s hand that rested on the table.
It was when Zhongli returned the gesture he actually realized, and he felt how Zhongli caressed his hand fondly with his thumb. 
“N-no, there isn’t,” Aether muttered. Zhongli was a unique man. Even without his gnosis he really was like a god, but he was also just a normal person enjoying his life in Liyue. A person who had things he liked and disliked, things he was still curious about, and a person who could even be a little clumsy. 
That was Zhongli’s charm. And people knew. Through the times Aether spent here, he had discovered that several people had what they called an ‘open relationship’ with him. 
Aether first thought Childe was dating Zhongli, when he caught the two kissing around the corner of the funeral parlor. He then thought Zhongli may be having an affair with the adeptus Xiao when he found the two together in a loving embrace. 
It was only when Venti visited and greeted Zhongli with a kiss right in front of Childe and Xiao, that Aether must’ve looked so confused for Childe to start explaining.
“You must think we are strange,” he said after telling Aether that there were multiple people who were intimate with Zhongli without claiming the man for themselves nor feeling jealous of others.
“No, it’s... special,” Aether had said back then. Of course it was special. Basically everyone loved Zhongli and he loved everyone back, and especially those who knew his true identity seemed to be the ones closest to him.
“S-s-so you guys also--?” Aether had asked, to which Childe answered, “yes. Once a in a while I sleep with him. And I’m sure they do too,” he said, nodding at Xiao and Venti who were in a conversation with Zhongli.
Aether remembered all this as his mind returned to present day where he sat on a terrace with Zhongli, and allowed the man to caress his hand. He kind of understood now. He also wanted to be close with him. His company, his affection, his stories and knowledge, all of it made Zhongli a person he wanted to hold dear. 
“I am sorry,” Zhongli apologized, and he wanted to let go of his hand. Aether quickly shook his head.
“I-it’s fine. P-please..” he said. From then on, each visit to Liyue somehow brought Aether closer to Zhongli. From holding hands, to hugging, long warm embraces like he had seen with Zhongli and Xiao too, friendly kisses, to the more intimate kisses.
“Hmmh...” Aether moaned softly as Zhongli kissed and nuzzled his neck, his gloved hands teasing the bare skin of his midriff with gentle caresses.
“Sorry~ Am I interrupting something?” Aether literally jolted when Childe just barged shamelessly into their private dining room, and he chuckled knowingly.
“You have a new friend, I see?” Childe said with a smug smile towards Zhongli. Zhongli merely nodded, his arms tightening around Aether.
“What is wrong?” he asked. 
“It’s about next week,” Childe said, but Zhongli shook his head.
“Can it wait?” he sighed. Aether looked from Zhongli to Childe, confused. Childe glanced at them, then smirked.
“Alright then naughty boys~”  and he gave them their privacy. Aether felt happy chills run down his body when Zhongli instantly picked up where they left off, kissing him long and sensually.
“W-what’s next week?” he asked, but Zhongli shook his head and kissed him some more.
“Nothing,” he hummed. 
Well there must’ve been something. So Aether got his chance when he caught Childe alone, and dared to ask: “What was that about?” 
Childe’s grin alone was teasy as hell, and Aether blushed, avoiding his eyes. “I’m surprised with all these intimate moments you two have been sharing, he did not tell you.”
“What? What didn’t he tell me?” Aether asked impatiently.
“Next week is Rex Lapis’ birthday,” Childe said, clapping merrily. Aether gaped at him in surprise. Oh.
“Zhongli usually doesn’t like big celebrations, so we always try to arrange him something he likes in private.” Childe then looked at Aether and smirked.
“...and I might just be getting an idea, of how to spoil him on his birthday. Tell me, have you spent the night with him yet?” 
Aether choked on whatever got caught in his throat, and he gasped for air. “Haven’t!” 
“Good. Then if you don’t mind cooperating, we might just be getting the perfect girft for our beloved Zhongli,” Childe said, poking Aether’s bare stomach. Aether squeaked in response, backing away and covering up. 
“Good,” Childe said, as if that gave him any valuable information, and he ruffled Aether’s hair. Spend the night with him? Gift? Wha--! Aether had no clue what was going on.
“It means they will let you sleep with him,” Paimon said when they were having dinner later.
“It does not. It can’t mean that,” Aether huffed. Paimon giggled. “Well at least I know that I’ll leave you two alone. Been having a lot of fun with Xiangling, she is amazing!” Paimon said. Aether rolled his eyes, smirking.
“It’s because she gets you food, doesn’t she?”
“What if she does? It’s delicious, and she’s a lot of fun. So don’t worry about me while you go in and spend the night wi-- hey!” Paimon squeaked when Aether stole a skewer and munched on it.
He wondered what Childe, and even Xiao were planning when in the days leading up to Zhongli’s birthday, they sometimes muttered things and seemed to be acting all secretive.
Aether was curious, but also excited. If Childe really meant that Aether was going to spend the night with Zhongli, it would feel like it was his own birthday as well with how big a gift it was. He didn’t really want to expect anything, so when the day was finally there, he was relieved when it was finally the moment of truth.
“Come on, don’t be shy~” Childe said. They had already enjoyed a timid group dinner for Zhongli’s birthday, and he was now leading Aether to the chambers where he was staying, for the so-called surprise gift. 
“B-b-but..” Aether stuttered, blushing when Childe took his own scarf from his neck and gently took both his arms and tied them behind his back.
“We just bring you in there and let Zhongli have some fun with you. It’s your lucky day too, Aether, right? Unless you don’t want to of course,” Childe said, and Aether felt the scarf loosen again. He was quick to shake his head.
“No no no, I want to go!” he squeaked. Even without seeing Childe’s face, it wasn’t hard to guess how much the young man was smirking as he continued to tie him up. Aether had a hard time not already passing out from nerves, and his legs felt a little weak to keep him standing.
“Hmm, yeah, I guess that’ll do,” Childe muttered when only Aether’s arms were tied. “He is not that brutal you know,” Childe said, winking. 
“Is he ready?” Wah! Aether was surprised when Xiao stood with them. 
“I think so~!” Childe chirped, moving his hands off Aether and showing him to Xiao. Xiao nodded. “Bring him in.” 
Both men gently pushed him forward, through the doors of the chamber where Zhongli was waiting.
“Zhongzhong! Happy birthday~! Have fun you two!” Childe sang, and before Aether could say anything the door already closed behind him. !!!! It felt so wrong, like he was wrapped up as a personal gift to Rex Lapis for some kind of... offering. The wrong part was that Aether was tingling with excitement from this.
“Aether,” Zhongli said, and there was a happy twinkle in his eyes. He was standing beside a king size bed, and Aether blushed. Was this it? Was he going to...? Were they--? 
His face was burning even more when Zhongli approached him and scooped him up in his arms. Not able to do anything with his bound arms by his own scarf, Aether simply looked up at him and pouted his lips. Zhongli took it as an invitation and kissed him - which was more than welcome. Aether closed his eyes, relaxing in his embrace, and he felt how Zhongli carried him towards the bed and placed him on top of it. 
He first let him sit down on the edge, and took off both his boots. Aether studied him closely, almost shaking with nerves. Zhongli then picked him up again and stretched out his body onto the bed, placing him in a lying position that actually felt quite comfortable. 
Aether watched how Zhongli bent over him. 
“I h-have, I have no--” Aether wanted to express his inexperience, but Zhongli kissed him again and smiled sweetly.
“Is it okay if I get started?” he asked. Aether swallowed, blinking in surprise at the sudden question of permission. 
“Eh y-yes, sure,” he said, following Zhongli’s every movement. He took off his gloves and placed them to the side. Aether held his breath when he saw the hands lower. They rested against his bare sides, and then...
“HMPh!” Aether’s eyes were widen open in shock when he felt Zhongli dig in. A ticklish sensation rushed through him and he gasped out.
“W-Whah! AHhhhh--hahahahahaha!” Soon there was laughter to be heard. His own laughter, with Zhongli gently scribbling his fingers against his sides, and Aether squirmed beneath him. Tickling?! 
“AHhah-it-tihihickles ahahaha! W-wai-nohoho!” he cried in confusion as he felt how Zhongli’s fingers freely moved over his torso. 
“Ah you are quite sensitive. I couldn’t help but wonder,” Zhongli said dreamily, smiling down at him as he continued to tickle. Aether giggled and felt his body shake everytime Zhongli brushed against his lower sides.
“EHehehe! Nohohoho aaaaahh!” Aether squeaked when the traveling fingers found their way to his bare stomach where they scribbled relentlessly.
“How are you never cold? You always keep this place so revealed,” Zhongli said, his fingers scratching all over his tummy.
“Ihihit’s f-fihihine! Aaahaha n-not cohohold!” Aether tried to respond properly, but he was laughing so much. He felt even more tingles when he heard Zhongli’s chuckle.
“But you are quite ticklish here, traveler. Makes mhe think it’s quite dangerous to keep yourself so... exposed,” Zhongli said, and Aether spasmed when both hands squeezed his sides again.
“HAHaha Zhongli wahahait n-ahaahaha!” Aether arched his back, and Zhongli took the immediate chance to claw at his exposed ribs, making Aether sink helplessly back into the mattress while he howled hysterically.
“AAAhahahaha! N-not thehehere!” Through it all, he sometimes opened his eyes and could see Zhongli’s fond smile. He was having so much fun! Aether couldn’t have imagined this was the gift those guys were talking about. Let Zhongli tickle the shit out of him? 
“HEehh-haaahh,” Aether gasped and panted when Zhongli stopped for a brief moment.
“Are you alright?” Zhongli carefully took a glass of water from the nightstand and guided it to Aether’s lips to let him take a sip. Aether only drank a little and gasped for air.
“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” he panted.
“If I make you uncomfortable, please tell me, I will stop,” Zhongli said politely. Ahhh. Aether shook his head quickly.
“N-no no. It’s just...” He blushed. “I’m just really ticklish,” he said shyly. That got a charming smile to Zhongli’s precious face, and he leaned in and kissed him again.
“That is good,” he said. Aether tensed up when he felt Zhongli’s fingers return to his ribs again where they dug in curiously, and a loud gasp escaped his lips.
“Ahh! S-sorry if I will be loud,” Aether apologized in embarrassment, afraid to know where this was going. Zhongli shook his head.
“It’s fine.” His fingers then inched up higher and scratched right at the spot below his underarms, and Aether squeezed his eyes shut, his lips pressing together. He gasped softly when he felt Zhongli kiss his lips, his tongue gently moving in between them to move them apart again. 
Unfortunately, the kiss didn’t last longer than that, as Zhongli said, “Please don’t hold back.” What followed was the most ticklish sensation Aether had felt in a long while, with Zhongli attacking his armpits on both sides with five scribbling fingers in each.
“AAHAHah! Eeheeheheh oh nooohohoho!” Aether squealed. They both looked up when the door opened and Childe shamelessly barged in like he had done the other day as well.
“Sorry guys. Sounds like so much fun in here I couldn’t help it. Zhongli, would you really mind sharing your precious gift with me?” 
Aether gaped with wide eyes how Childe climbed on top of the bed as well, joining them. Zhongli looked at him and gave a single shake of the head.
“I wouldn’t mind. Aether?” He looked at Aether, who was left speechless and still catching his breath from all those tickles. 
“E-eh s-sure.. I don’t know if- HAha!” he cried when Childe sat by his legs and curiously brushed the spot behind his knee. Childe smirked. 
“I’m good at this, you know,” he said. Zhongli chuckled. “I know.” They kissed each other, and Aether blushed to see it from this close. And then... Four hands were on his body. Tickling him, and it felt like... he didn’t know what it felt like. He had not experienced it before.
“AHAHahah!” he squealed. Childe had placed his legs in his lap and played them like they were an instrument, his fingers scribbling all over and behind his sensitive knees. Zhongli continued to wriggle his fingers in his armpits, and Aether’s reflex was to desperately squeeze his arms together.
Noticing this, Childe paused his tickle attack on his legs, and moved up. “Here, it’ll be easier like this,” he said. Aether felt like a weak plush doll as he allowed both men to manhandle him, just curious to see what they were up to next. His arms were released from the scarf, but they were stretched over his head where Zhongli sat on top of them to pin them down effectively. 
“Now what to do with this... Ah,” Childe sang, and Aether gasped when the scarf was placed over his eyes, secured like a blindfold.
“It’ll be more fun if he can’t see where we will tickle him,” Childe said. Aether heard Zhongli hum in approval.
“It might make him more sensitive,” he agreed. More sensitive? Wha-?! He squirmed nervously, his lips stretching into a smile already.
“Aether?” Zhongli asked, his voice sounding gentle and soothing. Aether nodded. “Y-yes?” he asked, his chest heaving with each heavy breath, both from the recovery from previous tickling as well as the nerves.
“If you really need us to stop, please say ‘mora’.” Aether chuckled, and heard Childe laugh as well. 
“Typical Zhongli-safeword you got there haha! Alright, let’s go. Give us that delicious laughter, Traveler!” Childe said, and Aether had barely noticed his feet had been placed in Childe’s lap until he felt five fingers rake up and down his socked sole.
“OH aahahahaa! Nohoho!” he shrieked when he felt the super ticklish assault spread over his feet. He blushed to get such attention from both guys.
It... it was only tickling, so why... Why did it feel like a t-threesome or something and ー “AAHhaha n-nohohoh wahahait aaahaha! N-no faahahahair!” Aether cried when Childe ended up being even worse than Zhongli. He learned that Zhongli had been gentle all the way.
Childe’s fingers ran mercilessly all over his feet, scratching and scribbling without a single pause. Meanwhile, Zhongli was circling his fingers in his outstretched underarms, making him shake and squirm and gasp for breath.
“I love how sensitive you are right here,” Zhongli purred, his fingers wiggling gently over Aether’s tingling skin.  
“AAHAH!” Aether felt really torn. He wanted them to take off the blindfold, he wanted to see Zhongli’s beautiful face as he enjoyed his predicament. But then again, Aether was already weak and overwhelmed from all this. Maybe it was better this way.
“Eaaaahahah no-nohohot thahaht!” Aether screeched when Zhongli dug mercilessly in both his armpits, occasionally squeezing and clawing down towards his ribcage, and then back up to Aether’s overly sensitive underarms. 
And that combined with the torturous sensations his feet were enduring. Childe had taken off his socks and was just playfully scribbling all over his bare feet, and vaguely through all of his own laughter, Aether could hear his teasy and cringy, “Coochie coochie coo! Zhongli, you should see how ticklish his feet are!” 
Aether heard the familiar low sound of Zhongli’s chuckle above him, and it sent pleasant chills down his spine. 
“HA-haahahah ohohoho nyaahaha!” Aether giggled hysterically. He had barely registered how Childe let go of his tingling feet, but his entire body jerked in shock when suddenly two hands could be felt squeezing and poking the flesh of his exposed tummy.
“You are always exposed like this, Aether. You tease us always. Didn’t you see this coming?” Childe teased, his voice suddenly a lot closer. 
“Childe,” Zhongli said, and Aether wasn’t sure why. Zhongli’s fingers never stopped teasing his armpits and ribs, and Childe was now very busy spidering all over his exposed tummy, circling his belly button and even wiggling a finger inside.
“AHAHahaha!” Aether was sure he was pretty hoarse by now.
“HEheheeh!” He arched up again, playing right into Childe’s grabby hands, and he sank back tiredly, howling some more. 
“Childe,” Zhongli said again. It went quiet for a moment and they stopped tickling. All Aether could hear was his own heavy breathing. From the movements on the bed he felt that they were moving towards each other. Some low mumbles could be heard, some whispers. Childe’s happy chuckle. “Zhongli you~!” he giggled. The sound of a kiss. Aether blushed.
What were they planning?
“Are you still okay, Aether?” Childe asked, and Aether gasped when he felt a poke to his stomach. He nodded frantically.
“F-fine,” he said, his voice hoarse indeed. Childe giggled again. “Good!” 
Aether felt them move around. Zhongli moved off his arms, but another weight returned. Childe had taken his position now. Aether felt Zhongli move around. Where was he going? His feet? His toes curled anxiously.
“Hmph!” Aether twitched when he felt Childe’s fingertips slowly stroke his armpits, and giggles threatened to come out again already. He was also highly anticipating what Zhongli’s move was going to be. 
“WAHh!” he gasped when that appeared to be testing the sensitivity of his thighs.
“Ah~” he heard Zhongli say, whatever sort of emotion that was supposed to support. Happy, probably, since he now eagerly dug into Aether’s thighs, knees sliding in between his legs to spread them and leave his thighs more helpless to the tickle attack that was being planned.
“HEEYahaahaha!” Aether shrieked, and he heard both men laugh again. “So cute,” Childe chirped, his fingers still torturing his armpits very slowly so that most of Aether’s ticklish focus could go to what was happening to his thighs which he never knew were this sensitive.
“AHAH-Zhohohonglehehe! Nohhoho!” he gasped when Zhongli curiously fondled his inner thighs, squeezing, pinching and digging experimentally. Aether’s entire body shook with laughter and he clenched his fists.
“AAAahhah!” He blushed when he felt Childe caress his cheek. “You’re quite a toughie aren’t you, Traveler~?” he said proudly, and Aether blushed even more when he received a kiss on his cheek. He shuddered, feeling how damp the scarf covering his eyes had gotten with tears.
“If it’s too much, you know what to say,” Zhongli said kindly, but his fingers were less kind as they mercilessly sought after his most ticklish spots on his thighs. Aether shook heavily, his head bouncing up and down.
“Ihihihit’s fihihine! AAHAHaha!” he squealed. He wasn’t even sure what drove him this far. Maybe he just wanted to spoil Zhongli. It was rare to see, or well, hear, Rex Lapis have this much fun. He wanted to give him that fun for as long as he thought he could handle.
Childe, though, wasn’t making this much easier. His fingers had grown more eager after all to tickle Aether’s armpits more viciously, and Aether struggled tiredly as he endured both the armpit- and thigh tickling for some more.
“HEHehe! GAhh!” he gasped when Zhongli’s fingers traced lower again, behind his knees which caused Aether to giggle and chuckle.
“P-p-plehehease,” he muttered in between his uncontrollable giggles. 
“Hm?” Zhongli and Childe hummed, but Aether didn’t finish that. He could take it for some longer, he definitely could. So, both gentlemen actually tickled him until he thought he had barely the ability to laugh anymore. And even though he did not say the word ‘mora’ they stopped. 
Aether twitched in surprise when the blindfold was removed, and he was pulled up by Childe. “Either you just have neverending stamina or you’re enjoying this way too much,” he said as he gently placed Aether in Zhongli’s lap. Aether blushed but didn’t say a word. He wasn’t sure what it was either, but he definitely didn’t hate it. 
Zhongli held him closely and kissed his head.
“Yes, Aether. Thank you, you have a beautiful laugh. I couldn’t get enough of it. I apologize if I caused you any pain or discomfort,” he said kindly. Aether relaxed against Zhongli, smiling. 
“Y-you didn’t... I’m fine, hehe. H-happy birthday, Zhongli...” he said tiredly. Zhongli cupped his cheek and looked him in the eyes, wearing a warm and fond expression.
“Thank you, Aether. You were the best gift ever,” he said, and he kissed him. Right. Aether could definitely get used to this. His feet were resting in Childe’s lap as the harbinger massaged them kindly, and even though Aether had been tense at first, suspecting more tickles or dirty tricks, he started to relax and welcomed a short slumber in Zhongli’s arms.
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strawberrykake · a year ago
haikyuu captains on the first date
ft. some teammates reacting to their captain dating
Daichi: probably at a fancy restaurant
so sweet
very gentleman
picks you up AND drops you off
opens car door for you
pulls out chair for you
will chat with you about life and get to know you
he is really good with words
but not when it comes to direct flirting
when he tries, he becomes a blushing mess
he gets passionate when you ask him abt his fav things in life
when u get passionate and babbling abt sthg u love, he really admires it and his heart goes doki doki
daichi is prob the type to date someone he would marry and not just for fun iykwim
will give u his jacket 100% even if it’s not cold
will ask u on a second date immediately
suga and asahi is def gonna annoy him w so many questions abt the date and abt u
“so when do we meet her?” sugawara teases him a lot. “our daichi is growing up so fast” asahi wipes a tear.
at the same time, daichi’s heart is full of pride
Oikawa: the movies
definitely not a horror movie
cuz he would be too scared and he’s tryna make a good first impression
compliments how you look
and if u dont compliment him, he’ll ask you to
already calls you pet names (“cutie”)
flirtykawa or flattykawa??
he buys everything even though u say u can
probably would find excuses to hold your hand while the movie is playing
lowkey keeps looking over to see your reaction and admire ur beauty
also lowkey gets jealous cuz u might be the prettier one in the relationship
this boi will walk you home
kiss on the cheek when you two depart
he’s actually hard to read so you don’t know if he’s actually into you
he is trust me.
bc he asks u out on a second date that same night (by text)
he was up all night thinking abt u
took him a long time to text u (he was nervous af)
iwaizumi would be shocked
this is the first time oikawa’s been nervous about dating someone
“Oikawa-san seems more cheerful these days...oddly, in a genuine way, it scares me ngl” Kindaichi tells kunimi
Kuroo: beach picnic
this man is a majoR flirt
a casual wink here and there whenever u accidentally make eye contact
u both made bentos for each other
Kuroo is surprisingly a good cook. 
The one he made has heart shapes on it and smiley faces.
He admit he had trouble making a perfect heart shape
When he saw the one you made he loved it so much.
His heart was so full and soon his stomach will be too 
he def would carry u and pretend to throw u in the water
ya’ll would collect special rocks/ shells to commemorate the day
You spent time together until sunset and watched the sun go down.
not to be cheesy or anything but let’s be honest he was watching u the whole time
u were admiring the rosy sky when he sat closer to u and leaned in to kiss ur cheek
he wants to kiss u for real but he’ll be patient for u
drives u home with one hand on the wheel and another holding ur hand
“that was fun” you say
“yeah, we’re definitely doing that again” he confirms that this isn’t a one time thing
Kuroo is definitely telling kenma how incredible you are and wants to bring u to meet his team.
and he’s never formally done that so u must be special
Bokuto: amuzement park
excited boi
you guys go on the wild rides first
he protects u but he sometimes gets scared too so u protect him also
u guys go for snacks next
cotton candy?? pretzel?? Churros?? Anything for u bb
now the games!! KIDS, MOVE 
you bet he’s gonna win u the biggest stuffed animal
he’s not leaving UNTIL he gets u that giant strawberry plushie
if he still doesn’t, you ask to try it out
you win on the first try and he’s shook (0_0)
“HMPH, I lost on purpose for you” he would say with his arms crossed
you give him the strawberry and he is flustered
“I WILL win u something tonight” and he does. he wins u a giant owl plushie
now u have gifts that remind u of each other <3
Ending the date on a ferris wheel, chatting and learning more abt each other
“s-so where should we go next? Next date i m-mean” he asks u, nervously, while ur both still on the ride
u both plan the next date right away
boi is having the time of his life with u
u bet he was showing off and gushing to his fukurodani teammates abt u
“AKAASH SHE WAS SO CUTE!” ; “HAHAH I WON ALL THE GAMES”; “We’re seeing each other again XD!” 
his teammates r so glad to see him so happy. bokuto is their son.
they bow and thank u a lot
Ushijima: fruit-picking farm
This is def a hobby of his so there is so much happiness in his eyes
he likes u and fruit picking so this is def one of his favorite days ever
teaches u a bit about fruits and planting (+ the best ones to pick)
he finds a really good strawberry and gives it to u to try the taste
without thinking much, u bite into it while he still holds it
“mm! wow that’s really-” you realize what u just did
giRL, it’s too late. The color of his face now matches the color of the fruit he’s holding.
u apologize and apologize
“y-you’re good. Don’t w-worry about i-it”
u both talk about ur childhood and hobbies
he is picking fruits for u while u two talk <333
he wants to hold ur hand while u walk but he’s a shy boi
blushes while looking at u as u talk bc u r so cute oMg
once you’re both done picking fruits, you bring them home
each of u have a bag of fruits.
He secretly puts a note in urs
it reads “Today was unforgettable. I would like to see you again. -Wakatoshi”
You write a note as a response to his for the next time you see him
His teammates would probably not know he’s dating someone so when they find out they’re shocked.
“You went on a what??” Tendou is frozen. Semi dropped the volleyball. Goshiki tripped. 
Bonus: imagine [insert hq captain name] smiling brightly when they first see you when you approach them.
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iscornflake · 22 days ago
i made an oc for no reason
sorry if this is unorganized, i still cant write very good
well there is a reason, and that’s cause psychonauts gives me an excuse to draw hideous people
Tumblr media
his name is marrow, as in bone marrow. he’s thought to be 7-8 years of age, and he shows signs of being mentally delayed.
Tumblr media
an idea of how he used to look
cliche laboratory experimentation, lives in an underground ward/infirmary sort of setting in a long deserted and dilapidated city, where the skies are choked with charcoal, soot, and sulfur. the lab isn’t nearly as “hahah we do a tortur” so much as it’s a “we DO have a handful of solutions for your, but we don’t have proper test subjects. we’re sorry in advance.” not much better there, but they think so. Children aren’t nearly as common as adults or elderly folk, so Marrow is a bit of a rarity.
because of such an environment, his throat and lungs have since been coated with tar and mucus, to a point it was near impossible for him to breathe, so in an attempt to clear it up, he was given a multitude of foreign medications, and one side affect had cause one of his teeth to start rapidly growing into a tusk, all attempts to shave it down are all for naught, since it’d grow back in a matter of days. because of this, he can no longer speak and has also since adapted the nickname “Marrow”. nobody is sure if he ever had a former name.
another side affect of a different test had caused his eyes to swell and bulge out a bit, and as a result, looks like he’s staring in different directions, as well as significant hair loss.
since his airway had been completely skewered, he had a specialized machine installed to breathe for him. 
he usually writes on a markerboard to speak, though he can also use telepathy (he isn’t too good at it)
similarly to dogen but without exploding heads, he’s able to apply a great amount of pressure to one’s brain as to either stun, incapacitate, or render said subject unconscious, though he is unable to kill.
with the amount of tests run on him, Marrow has terribly stunted growth, especially for the family he was from.
Tumblr media
his relation to Raz is a strange one. Since he can’t speak, or really comprehend things too great, Marrow spends most of his interactions either closely studying him, or spitting at him. occasionally, he’ll telepath to him, but that’s about it. Whereas most may think he’d be scared of Raz, Marrow usually doesn’t flinch at anything since he’s developed a whole lotta learned helplessness.
eventually, he grows to like razputin since he is pretty much the only person to give him actual attention. Though, he does end up getting codependent, since he’s been emotionally isolated his whole life.
i seriously have almost no information on this kid, so like, bear with me here, i haven’t decided on a whole lot here (and im not all the way finished with this psychonauts gameplay that i’ve been watching since it’s 8 hours long). i probably will develop him more, or i’ll fanatic for him for a week and then put him in a hole.
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honeypirate · 7 months ago
Can I request a All Might x reader where class 1-A finds out hes dating someone whose quirk is a siren (Can control someone when they sing)? Maybe the students reaction especially Midoryia?
I don’t know if I did this one justice hahah but I did my best!
AllMight x reader (I went for gn but I might have slipped up in a few places just let me know)
Hero name: Sirenity
“Okay class today we are having a surprise special guest coming to talk to you guys” Aizawa sounds completely uninterested in this day and honestly he did feel like it was a drag, but he figures with your lecture and answering questions he could buy at least a 30-40 minute nap, at best you’d take up the whole hour. That is if nothing went wrong and with you being the number 5 hero he doesnt think too much trouble will happen. “They are a fairly new hero but that didn’t stop them from rising to the top ten quickly” you walk through the door and chuckle when it seems you interrupted him introducing you.
“Sirenity here will be talking to you about their experience with hero training and being a side kick” You were a few minutes early and Aizawa was mentally adding the few minutes more to his nap time. As Aizawa was zipping up his sleeping bag you stopped in front of the class with a smile “Good morning class!” you say to the students who were freaking out talking to each other about how cool you are, you see a green haired boy absolutely losing his damn mind in the back, muttering to himself while staring with wide eyes. “QUIET!” Aizawa yelled from his place on the floor and the class stopped talking, the green haired boy snapping out of whatever he was doing.
“Hey guys! I’m Sirenity and if you aren't familiar with me my quirk is like a siren, I can control people when I sing. I’m also an amazing swimmer but it isn’t related” you chuckle and watch the green haired boy laugh and then scribble intensely in a notebook, a few other students gave you pity laughs or smiles and you took it, any laughter is good in your book.
“When I graduated from UA, I was actually in general studies. It wasn’t until I went to America and went to a hero university that I realized what I could offer as a hero. I actually had a little help and training from a friend to really encourage me to realize my dream.” green haired boy’s hand flies in the air, his other hand coming over his head to hold his elbow, his eyes shine as he waits for you to call on him. “Yes in the back? What’s your name?” he stands and bows “Izuku Midoriya Ma’am/Sir but my hero name is Deku!” you hold in a chuckle as you smile at his enthusiasm, realizing this is the boy that All Might talks about all the time. a blonde in the middle of class snickers but you ignore it “it’s a pleasure to meet you Deku” he stands up straight and sends you such an intensely excited look “did you know All Might in America?!” he asks and then sits back down
“I did actually, he was the friend i was talking about. I stayed in America though when he came back here” you smile at the young boy as he scribbles away again, his question and the subject making you think about those days when you first met All Might. Strong and cocky, always smiling. You didn’t like him when you first met him, thought it was weird that a kid in your same high school also came to the same area in America. You kept finding yourselves around the same people during parties which was even more annoying when you were actively avoiding him. You blame his best friend at the time who was dating your best friend at the time. After a party that ended in drinking games with truth or dare and spin the bottle, you got to know him a little bit better and you became actual friends when you both ditched before they could rope you into seven minutes in heaven.
“Hey” you say with a slight chuckle as he walks into the kitchen where you were “hey” he says as you open the fridge “do you want a bottle of water?” “yes please” you chuck one to him on the other side of the kitchen. “You’re a…. support student?” he asks and you shake your head “general studies right now, thinking about going into law” you involuntarily scowl at the thought, it was what your parents wanted and you thought they were right. “Why do you look like you would rather die than do that?” he asks, pulling a deep sigh as you confess “it’s what my parents want for me” he moves close to you until he’s leaning against the counter across from you “what do you want for you?” you shrug “I dont know” he chuckles and takes a sip of water “why do I feel like you do know?” your cheeks flush and you dont feel like you could really sell a lie right now, you sigh again “i’ve always had a dream to be a hero, but I was in the general studies course in high school and now I’m undecided here. I feel like I wasted time and now I don't have a choice” you hop on the countertop behind you, kicking your legs gently “but you always have a choice. It is never too late to be a hero someone can count on. You never know if you are the one hero that someone needs! You can do anything! What is your quirk?” you get shy from his intensity and you look at your thighs “I can control people when I sing” you whisper and he closes all distance between you, tilting your chin up to meet his eyes “that is an AMAZING quirk! You are going to be an amazing hero! I can help you if you want” he says and you feel for the first time in your whole life that maybe, just maybe you could be a hero even though you’re late to the game.
“But any more questions will have to wait until the end!” you say when you see Deku’s eyes flash up to you again, a million questions floating around his eyes and he laughs with a nod. You continue with your story, recounting the extra training you had done with All Might to prepare for your hero exams, the exams you didn't have to take in high school. How an encouraging word from a friend was all you needed at times to get your ass in gear. You talk to them about your internship with America’s #4 mind hero, Brian, who’s one choice behind his name was that he thought it was funny because its just one misspelt letter from being Brain. His birth name wasn’t even Brian.
“After my internship I was offered a sidekick position with him, around this time was when All Might came back here, I had plans to come back as well but I couldn't refuse his offer. I worked with Brian for three years, during those times I grew exponentially as a hero and as an individual. you may want to rush the process of being a sidekick so you can become your own solo heroes, getting all the praise for yourselves. But this time in your career will mean so much and I really insist that you take the opportunity every day to learn everything you can from the heroes you work with. As someone who was late to the game, I have no doubt you will grow into even more amazing and brilliant heroes. More so than those we have right now, and yes I do mean All Might. You guys are the heroes of tomorrow! That is amazing! And I’m telling you right now you have a lifelong fan already” you point at yourself and mouth ‘ME’ with a smile “I am behind you all, ready to support your dreams just like my hero supported mine.” You pause for a moment “Any questions?”
Deku’s hand was up first followed by half of the class all raising their hands. You beam at the kids response “okay when i call on you please tell me your name or hero name, whichever you are comfortable with. Deku” you look over at him “I’m guessing you have about a billion questions?” he nods shyly, his cheeks flushing “that’s fine, i feel flattered honestly how about you ask the biggest one you have right now and then after you can stay behind and i’ll answer every single one. That goes for everyone who has more than we can get through in the next 15 minutes of class” they all nod and you begin taking questions.
You had all questions about being a sidekick or a pro, how hard it was rising the ranks, a blonde boy who introduced himself as Aoyama, who you thought was adorable, asked you how to not get scared, you smiled warmly at him “to quote one of my favorite american movies, “courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something is more important than your fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.”
You paused for a moment as you looked across the class, some really thinking about what you have said “I have fear, I feel it often, but I let the fear fuel my actions, let it make me brave because my biggest fear is about what would happen if I didn’t act.” you see Deku pause for a moment to truly think about your words before he scribbles away again.
You call on a pink haired student “hi i’m Mina Ashido! Hero name Pinky!” you love her energy “what’s your question Pinky?” she grins “I read in Hero Daily that you said you still find time for dating as a pro and that your boyfriend is also a pro. Do we know him?” she sits down and then adds “oh! What was that American movie?” you chuckle, your cheeks heating thinking about your boyfriend.
Before you could answer the door opens and All Might walks in “speak of the devil” you say with a grin and then turn back to Mina “the movie is the princess diaries. And you guys do know him i think quite well actually. Just another rebut of advice, if you guys want to date as pros, then you can find time for it if you really want that. It isn't for everyone and that’s okay too. But there is someone out there who will be an understanding partner and help encourage you. Don't give up any of your dreams, you can have all of them if you want them.” All might has stopped next to you as you talk, his hand resting on the small of your back as he leans up to whisper in your ear “I couldn't wait any longer. I missed you” your cheeks flush and the class starts to put 2 and 2 together, whispering to each other as you turn and kiss his cheek, Mina squealing in excitement, whispers flying around, blonde boy that hasn’t said anything this entire time was staring with mouth open, and you can feel the energy Deku is pouring out as his scribbles freeze as he stares at his idol and hero. His hero had a significant other and he didnt know.. He knew everything about All Might so how come he never knew he had a S/O and why didnt All Might Say anything?! Waves were rolling off the kid but you didn’t say anything about it yet, you just leaned closer to All Might “I missed you too” you whisper back to him but before you can say anything else the bell rings, signaling the end of class.
Deku stays frozen in his seat as the rest of the students get their things together and leave the classroom, some stopping to shake your hand and talk to you for another second before leaving. All Might’s hand never leaving your back. When the room is clear, somehow Aizawa slipping out unnoticed as well, your eyes flick to Deku, still seated frozen. “Young man what’s wrong?” All Might says and he finally snaps out of it.
“Do they know about …?” he asks and you chuckle “yes I do. He talks about you a lot by the way” you say and smile at the sweet way the boy’s face flushes and his eyes widen, smiling like you just gave him the best news. “How come you never told me you were in a relationship?” Deku asks and All Might laughs “you never asked me about my dating life” you walk down the rows of desks and sit in the one next to Deku’s “I’m happy to answer any more questions you may have” you say and the boy short circuits again when you sit next to him. He cannot believe how lucky his day was, getting a one on one interview with an amazing pro hero that is also dating his Idol and father figure, give him a minute, he’ll pull himself together.
You spend the next 30 minutes answering every question the young hero had for you and All Might answered some for you, ones that you couldn't really explain correctly. This was probably your most favorite interview, his questions were almost entirely about your hero work, they were thought out and original questions that weren’t superficial to make the public interested in you. This boy wanted to know every single thing about you as a hero, not you as a public celebrity. His eyes bright as he learns more, asking how you defeated your worst villain, asking your weakness was a fun one, you never got that before since it was fairly obvious.”hard of hearing individuals, ear plugs” you say and he laughs “i should have known that” All Might shakes his head, sometimes common sense eluded the boy, he was so intelligent and unafraid of asking questions that sometimes he lacked common sense for seemingly simple things.
“I’m sorry Midoriya but Sirenity here has to get back to work now” Deku frowns but understands, you give him your personal email in case he has any more questions and then you follow All Might out of the classroom. You chuckle once you reach All Might’s office, he locks the door behind you and then pulls you into his arms “if you wanted some one on one time with Deku’s new favorite hero you should have just asked” you joke as you wrap your arms around him. “I know you dont have work but i do soon and i needed a little time with my brilliant and amazing partner before then. Midoriya will understand plus you gave him a way to contact you.” you nod into his neck “how long until you have to go?” you ask and he looks at his watch “20 minutes” you smile and take his hand, pulling him over to the couch he has in his office and you sit down with him, laying back and pulling his head to your chest, pulling your gloves off with your teeth, carding your fingers through his hair. The entire time he had was spent laying together, as he moves to get up you realize something, they think you are only partners, only dating… “Hey Yagi? How do you think Midoriya will react when you tell him that we aren't just dating and are in fact engaged?”
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webkinzworld · 2 months ago
big post abt a bunch of my twilight-centric aus (i have lots more that arent about twilight hahah) along with her partner in each au bc i dont want to draw and describe the entire cast of each one rn. also the designs here arent “final” or anything, just what comes to mind when i draw them usually. ok
1. basic au
Tumblr media
this ones pretty close to canon and its the one i draw/reference most often. there are minor changes to events in the show (ex. chrysalis gets reformed, starswirl becomes a villain, etc) but its basically the same, especially when it comes to the actual characters! not much to say about this one! pinkie and twilight get married sometime before the finale
2. starryverse au
Tumblr media
my most cherished au... i could go on forever about this one!! this au is a “reboot” type thing— all the characters have new names, different designs, and altered personalities and roles. twilight twinkle is a pony created by princess solstice out of pure magic (although twilight doesnt know that). i would write many essays about this if i could so ill Not do that right now... twilight twinkle is very eager to make friends but is pretty bad at it. rose quartz pie (aka rosie pie) becomes her first friend and from then on, twilight has a silly puppy love crush on her that eventually becomes mutual love. rosie pie is an energetic and empathetic baker who specializes in baking party treats.
3. swap au
Tumblr media
all the mane 6 ponies are different types of ponies now! ta daaaaa! twilight is an earth pony specializing in potion magic, and pinkie is a party planner who has REALLY weak magic when it comes to anything but chaos and parties. fluttershy is a super strong earth pony who is kind of afraid of her own strength—however, it gives her an advantage when dealing with large or dangerous animals. rainbow dash is a unicorn with the dream of becoming the first-ever unicorn wonderbolt, using her special magic that allows her to run on air. rarity is a pegasus who loves making artistic weather patterns, though these arent always very effective at... weather. she also makes beautiful aerodynamic clothing. applejack is also a pegasus, and feels out of place among her earth pony family. (the secret twist is that her mom was a pegasus! wowww!) she makes special apple treats made from the best apples at the top of the trees, which only she can reach.
4. ascension au
Tumblr media
in this au, all of the mane 6 become alicorns and live together and love each other forever and ever YAY
5. time travel au
Tumblr media
in this au, twilight accidentally travelled back in time as a teenager to a time before luna was corrupted by nightmare moon. she didnt know about luna, as she was kept a secret by celestia in the present. she and luna fell in love, and had twilight stayed, luna probably wouldnt have become corrupted, since she wouldve had someone who appreciated and believed in her. however, twilight was eventually transported back to the present, thanks to her family finding a spell to bring her back. after learning ehat eventually happened to luna, twilight began trying to create a spell that would free her from the moon. in this au twilight would temporarily be a “villain”
6. basically just canon
Tumblr media
in this universe pretty much nothing from canon is changed besides designs. the only thing changed is that instead of “spreading the word of the storm kings defeat” (lol?? thats what magic is for) tempest becomes twilights personal guard. (seriously, why do all the other princesses get guards?)
7. starlight glimmer fucking dies au
Tumblr media
ok kidding she doesnt die she just never gets redeemed... instead the “seventh mane 6 member” is luna! after lunas return, she is sent to live in ponyville (because, like, theres NO way she was ready to just. rule equestria) luna is super powered down, out of fear that she could become corrupted again. some of her power is stored in the moon pendant she wears, in case she needs it in an emergency! luna becomes great friends with all of the main characters... i have ideas on how she’d get along with each one heheh! but her dearest friend is twilight sparkle... they just understand each other in a way nopony else can!
anyway ya theres all my silly aus... im very in love with all of them so ask me about them/any characters in them and ill gladly tell u
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waithyuck · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: ghost!zhong chenle x reader (f) *halloweenie special*
genre: supernatural au, fluff (with suggestive tones)
word count: like 2k cuz I suck
warnings: one lil mention of murder, themes of haunting, suggestive content (like kissin and some heavy petting, but nothing explicit y’all), non consensual touching (not in a sexual way, more like ‘omg I think a ghost touched me’ yk), explicit language, chenle is a lil lonely ghost boi, reader simps for him,,,,and forms a relationship,,,,with a ghost,,,,
a/n: FUCK IT ITS FINALLY DONE. FUCK. is this edited??? HAHAH. no
< previous
moving out on your own for the first time was hands down probably the scariest thing you’ve had to do in your short life. sure, finding a place that was relatively cheap had you excited at the possibility of having a sense of responsibility, and getting away from your parents was a definite plus, but the entire prospect of being alone was, well, terrifying.
you probably should have asked more questions when agreeing to move into said place; a one bedroom apartment that was big enough to fit you and you only. it was cute and clean, and it was all you needed with the minimal amount of things you had.
the cheap price didn’t raise any red flags in your admittedly stupid and naive brain, but it definitely should have. you cursed yourself looking back at not inquiring about exactly why it was affordable.
about two weeks in is when some weird shit started to go down.
you expected there to be the usual noises that occur in an apartment building, but the ones you heard in the early hours of the morning, every morning, seemed a little bit different.
it sounded like small sniffling, like crying, and sometimes the floorboards would creak softly outside your bedroom door, scaring you beyond belief. you even went as far to ask you neighbor if they had been crying every night, to which she looked at you like you had gone nuts.
the touches started not too long after that.
you felt like you were going insane, but you would swear on whatever god you needed to that there was something touching you at night.
light, feather like traces across the skin of your arms, light presses against your face and shoulders, and the occasional cold poke against your legs had you almost ready to give up on the apartment entirely.
you couldn’t leave though; if you were to break the contract you signed, you would lose an incredible amount of money just for vacating early.
you tried to convince yourself it was just your imagination; stupid childlike paranoia from watching horror movies as a kid.
however much you tried, nothing would be able to convince what was before you currently, was part of your imagination.
“woah, what the fuck?!” you screamed, your eyes widening at the sight of the extremely pale boy standing a few feet in front of you. “who the fuck are you?” you clutched what remained of the pile of laundry in your arms, the rest fallen onto the floor as your heart seemingly beat through your rib cage when he stared back at you in awe.
“wait, you can see me?” he asked quietly, his mouth agape as your face screwed up in confusion.
“what? of course I can see you, what the actual fuck?” you blurted back, subconsciously taking a small step backward, dropping the rest of the clothes as the boy seemed to float forward. his feet didn’t touch the ground and he seemed to slowly become more translucent the farther down his body you looked, shocking you even more.
“oh my god,” your breath was staggered as you became to realize what this boy actually was. “oh my god, are you dead?!”
“well that’s one way to put it, yeah.” he stayed out where he was, not moving forward any more into your space. “I’m a ghost.” he put both his hands up and gave a small sheepish smile. “ta-daaa…”
your brows furrowed in confusion, your idiotic human brain trying to process what was actually going on in your apartment right now.
“so wait a minute,” you started suddenly, bracing your hand on the wall beside you to keep yourself steady. “have you been the one touching me at night? what the hell, dude??” you weren’t sure how it was possible, but a blush rose to his ghostly cheeks.
“I didn’t mean anything creepy by it…” he softly spoke, looking down at his feet. “I just haven’t felt any human contact in a...very long time. I’m sorry.”
you wanted to be more angry at him, but then thoughts swirled into your mind of how lonely he must have been, and how long he could have possibly been here on his own.
you continued to converse with the ghost boy (crazy, you were aware) and came to find out that he was actually straight up murdered in this exact apartment about twenty years ago. the most surprising part was that the damn apartment building you were living in has been around that long, considering it’s shady history.
chenle was visibly upset talking about it, sparing the gory details but explaining enough for you to understand that he was killed in his sleep during a robbery turned hostile. it made your heart ache knowing that he died alone, and has been alone ever since.
sure, there were people living in this place before you, but no one stayed long, for obvious reasons. they either found out the history of the murder or were scared away by chenle who was just trying to fill the whole in his dead, ghostly heart.
“you’re gonna leave, aren’t you?” he finally asked, his voice somber.
you did consider it before, but now it felt wrong to do, especially after meeting and somewhat befriending the exact thing that was potentially going to drive you away.
“no,” you replied solidly, shocking him as his head shot up to look at you. “I’m not going anywhere, now that I know you’re not gonna like, try to kill me or anything.”
you tried to joke to make the atmosphere more lighthearted, and it seemed to work as a chuckle escaped him. you sat in silence for a few moments, before a realization hit you.
“wait, wait,” you put a hand out in front of you in emphasis, surprising the boy in front of you. “how are you able to touch things?” you paused for a moment, “and me?”
the boy, chenle, rolled his eyes at you before looking at you with a void expression. “jeez, everyone has the stereotypes so messed up. have you ever seen the movie ghost with patrick swayze? it came out in like 1990.”
you blinked at him a few times before nodding slowly, having an idea of where he was going with his point.
“yeah well, it’s like that,” he paused, coming closer to you and reaching his hand out tentatively, trying to gauge your reaction. “if we just practice enough,” He was close now, directly in front of you with his hand hovering over your arm. “we can touch whatever we want, whenever we want.” his hand wrapped around your wrist gently to prove his words to be true, and you softly gasped at the feeling, still trying to wrap your head around this crazy scenario you were living in.
“that’s nice,” you said, slightly nervous at your own reaction to him touching you. you couldn’t deny that it didn’t feel nice to have someone caress your skin so gently…
he stared at you silently, his face seemingly emotionless as he held you. it didn’t take a genius to decipher the look in his eyes, however. glistening with life and longing, looking at you like you were the only person in the world...and you supposed to him, you were.
“you’re so…” he started, his voice quiet as his other hand reached out to touch your face. hesitant at first, he drew his hand back a millimeter, before letting his fingers brush against your cheek as you sighed and found yourself leaning into him. “pretty. so pretty.”
it seemed crazy; this raw form of attraction at first sight that you were feeling. you had no doubt he was experiencing it too, just from his confession alone.
your lips parted to speak, but no words came forth as you brain short circuited, taking in his handsome features as you finally realized just how attractive he was.
the hand that was holding your wrist slowly slid up your arm, causing your skin to prickle at the sensation of his touch on your skin. it slid up over your shoulder and up your neck, to finally rest on your cheek like his other hand was now doing.
the moment was insanely soft and intimate, and even though his hands were slightly cold, the air around you both seemed to grow warmer and warmer with every passing second, almost suffocating you with each shaking breath you took.
without a second thought, you lunged forward into his space, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and kissing him softly, his hands dropping from your cheeks to rest on your waist as a surprised grunt came from within him.
‘this is so crazy’, you thought, leading him into your room as you kept your lips attached, ‘absolutely insane.’
you weren’t sure how this even came to happen; you’d never thought you’d be flat on your back against your mattress while a literal ghost boy ran his hands up and down your waist as he kissed you like a man starved. you were still slightly convinced that he was a figment of your imagination; he felt so real, nothing like what you assumed a ghost would feel like against your skin.
his hands weren’t as warm as a living humans would be, but you still relished in the feeling of his fingers gripping at the skin of your waist, holding you close to him as he kissed you without holding back.
you highly expected him to be shy and inexperienced; since he had died so young you figured he wouldn’t know what to do.
it was a stupid assumption, to say the least.
you gripped his hair gently and tried to sit up, only to have him keep you down as he sweetly moved his mouth against your own. his grip was becoming more needy and before it could go too far, you pulled back.
you relished in the sight of his red puffy lips, seemingly so alive and human, like blood was still coursing through his veins. his eyes showed wide, blown out pupils as he stared down at you, his eyes hooded slightly.
he licked his lips once before softly falling beside you, his shoulder brushing yours as you both laid in the middle of your mattress in a calming silence.
“well that was a strange turn of events.” you panted, curling your body beside him as you tried to catch your breath. who knew that a dead boy would be such a damn good kisser?
he smirked at you in response, not saying anything as he grabbed your hand in his.
“now you definitely can’t go anywhere. I’m attached.” he teased, looking at you longingly with a cheeky smile on his face. you rolled your eyes but still smiled nonetheless, knowing that you wouldn’t be going anywhere anyway, for a very long time.
you weren’t sure how this was all going to work out, but you’d figure it out as you went along, together.
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jungwonlvrr · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairings: Draco x Female Reader
Genre: angst
Warnings: no warnings
Y/n: your name
Y/b/n: your girl best friends name
Y/h/n: your house name
Summary: y/n send letters to Draco but the more letters she sends, the less oblivious she gets of her feelings for him.
Dear The Slytherin Prince,
Hey! It’s your best friend, Y/n. You told me you really liked y/b/n. I’m sorry I ran away without giving you an answer. I talked with her and she likes you too! That’s crazy isn’t it? She wants you to meet her in the astronomy tower after classes.
Your best friend, Y/n
Dear My Best Friend,
I heard you two got together. You guys would make a cute couple. I’m quite worried you’re going to leave me for her. But you wouldn’t would you? You promised. Today, I rode buckbeat with the twins, It was quite fun. Bummer you didn’t tag along lol.
Your Favorite y/h/n, Y/n.
Dear Draco Alfredo,
I see you showed y/b/n our secret hiding spot. That place was only suppose to be between you and I but it’s okay. You two are the couple so I can’t fight and get mad lol. It’s just a bummer because it’s not so secret for you and I anymore. Today, you skipped classes, it’s not out do the ordinary for you to do so but Y/b/n skipped classs also and she never skips. I assume you two met up in our the secret hide out.
Your best wingwoman, Y/n
Dear Draco,
It’s been two weeks since I last sent you a letter. I was busy. And two weeks since our hiding spot became yours and y/b/n’s hiding spot. That place feels not special anymore so I stopped going there. I’m glad you’re still speaking to me though! I just miss our adventures. We should go on a adventure soon!
Your best friend, Y/n
Dear The Slytherin Barbie,
Hey! You told me we would go on our adventures, I was really happy until you brought her along. Don’t get it wrong, I’m happy for you both! I just missed the me and you times, it barely happens nowadays. You’re too caught up with Y/b/n to spend time with your best friend. It makes me upset.
Your best friend, Y/n.
Dear The one and only Draco,
Thanks for getting me soup today, I didn’t feel so well and you realized that. I guess we still have our best friend telepathy hahah. You’re missing out on action though, last night the twins set up fireworks in the forest! I know right, crazy isn’t it. It’s kind of weird experiencing fun things without you around, I’m too use to being around you haha. I also heard you gave Y/b/n the bracelet I made you, I was kind of, maybe really upset. I put a lot of thought into that bracelet.
Your one and only, Y/n.
Dear Draco Tomato,
It’s been a month since I last sent you a letter, I was busying studying for the exams. I don’t even know why I keep writing to you when I could just talk to you. I guess I don’t have the confidence to talk to you anymore since you seemed to be really busy with your girlfriend. You don’t even reply back so it’s embarrassing sometimes but I know you read them, Goyle told me. He just told me you didn’t have the time to reply which is compeletly fine with me! Your girlfriend must have found that soft side of yours quick, you two are so PDA now , it feels so weird since you’re not normally affectionate.
Your best friend, Y/n.
Dear Draco,
The more I watch you and your girlfriend do your things, the more I realize I have this heavy feeling in my heart that makes me really sad. Honestly, I think it’s just the anxiety I have stored up for the upcoming exams. A day alone with you could definitely cool it down.
Dear Draco Malfoy,
Why are you ignoring me? Did I do something to upset you? I’m really sorry if I did! What can I do to make it up for you? Oh yeah, I’ll buy you your favorite, chocolate frogs! You better forgive me, I’m paying for this lol.
From you know, Y/n
Dear The Slytherin,
I hope you enjoyed the chocolate frogs! You talked to today which made me expectionally happy. I get so happy when me and you have a conversation, it could be the smallest and my day will be brightened!how do you do these things?
Your Best friend, Y/n
Dear Draco Draco Draco,
You’re ignoring me again. That hurts you know. It makes me really upset, giving me a empty feeling in my heart. I miss my best friend. You can’t do this to me.
Your best friend, Y/n
Dear Draco,
Stop ignoring me. You’re acting as if I don’t exist anymore! What did I do wrong? It’s been 3 weeks of this constant ignoring. It really hurts, Malfoy. You don’t know how many tears are being spent of your stupidness. I’m your best friend! Don’t you remember? Please don’t forget me. I know you’re reading this, Draco. Please reply, I miss you.
Your still best friend, Y/n
Dear Malfoy,
Today, you told me you didn’t want to be friends with anymore. I’m confused, I didn’t do anything wrong. It was so sudden, I didn’t expect this ending for us, I mean sure you were being an ass and ignoring me but I thought you were just being Draco. I’m too numb to cry right now. I miss you, kiddo.
Your ex best friend, Y/n.
Dear Malfoy,
I heard Y/b/n was the reason you didn’t want to be friends anymore. I don’t know why I even called her my girl best friend. She stabbed me in the back, she knew how much you meant to me. I guess you were my only real friend and I lost that too. You were a real friend until you started dating her, pathetic isn’t it?.
Your ex best friend, Y/n.
Dear Draco Malfoy,
I don’t even know why I continue to send you letters as if we are on good terms. I really want to be on good terms but you clearly don’t want that. Today I also found out from Crabbe that you threw away that chocolate frog I have bought for you. That hurt deeply. It feels like actual knives are being carved into my heart, every single day. When I see you, I feel so at home and I just want to hug you and cry while calling you mean.
Your ex best friend, Y/n.
Dear Draco,
It’s been 2 months, I know I shouldn’t call you by your first name anymore but I miss you. I’m not mad at you anymore, I just want my best friend back. Why did things have to turn out this way? You’re really happy with you girlfriend, I can tell. You never smiled that big with me. I keep holding onto us like we are going to come back to each other.
Your ex best friend, Y/n,
Dear Malfoy,
I know you’re still reading these. Maybe to make fun of me, I don’t know anymore. But recently I found something out. It’s quite a shock to me. I’m in love with you, Malfoy. The way I feel for you isn’t a normal way to feel for a friend, I’m in love. Only love makes you this crazy, Professer Mcgonnal told me. I think she’s referring to me sending letters almost everyday, expecting a good outcome. I’m too deep in love with you, from the way you talk to the way you move, from the way your blond hair falls into your forehead, from the way your grey eyes wander the rooms, from the way your voice called out my name so naturally, from the way you use to hug me and hum on my bad days, from the way you took me sledding and from the way your lips curved into a perfect smile. I fell in love with you and your personality, ignoring your toxic traits. For I wasn’t enough, what we had wasn’t enough that you chose her over me. Oh what you do for love.
Your secret lover, Y/n.
Dear Malfoy,
Your girlfriend found my letter and her and her gang beat me up for it. She doesn’t understand. I would never try to sabotage your relationship with her. I just wanted to express my feelings, clearly I can’t even do that. Maybe it was wrong for me to give you a love confession but I wasnt trying to get you to be with me. She wants me to never send letters to you again, but she doesn’t have to know I’m sending this letter. You’re still my best friend in my heart, Draco.
Your ex best friend, Y/n.
Dear Draco Malfoy,
Hey, it’s been a couple of months. I hope you’re doing well. I finally come to my closure. I’m moving on from this chapter of heartbreak and misery. You were a chapter in my life, a really really big and important one, but I was just a page in yours. I guess all good things come to an end eventually. I’m getting happier and I’m finally moving on from you. Of course I still love you! You’re still my best friend in my heart like I said. But it’s over now. I’m accepting that. You’re still with her, after all this time. I’m really happy for you both, really!
Dear Draco,
You looked awful for the past week. Are you doing okay? I know I said I’ve moved on but I can still send letters to check up on you, you still matter to me. Y/b/n seemed to not care that you looked emotionally tired. She just kept going on about her drama. It makes me sad, you deserve someone who will listen to you like how you listen to her. I can tell you love her a lot.
Dear Draco,
It’s been about a month. I found someone! I’ve officially moved on. Don’t be sad lol, as if you would. His name is Neville Longbottom. I think you know him. He’s really sweet and I don’t deserve him one bit. He bought me my favorite candies yesterday, it made me heart feel so soft and warm inside. He’s adorable. He makes me really happy, I hope you find that soon since Y/b/n isn’t doing a good job at that, lol.
Dear Draco,
I heard what happened, She cheated. Of course she would. I mean I didn’t expect it but it’s not a surprise either. She honestly really did like you at the beginning of your relationship with her, I don’t know what happened. You’re still welcomed to come back to this chapter of my life, I’ll gladly accept my best friend back. Just no more romantic feelings included. Just the old me and you. Oh yeah, about me and Neville, he’s really a sweetheart, i think I’m in love. He makes me feel a way you didn’t. Like I’m loved and special.
Dear Draco,
So we’re friends again. I’m glad. I missed you kiddo. I’m glad I’m getting my best friend back. Let’s make a plan and meet up and catch up. Wouldn’t that sound lovely?
Dear Draco,
It’s been a week of catching up and our best friend connection came back quickly. Your ex isn’t very happy about you and I becoming friends again but it doesn’t matter.
Dear Y/n,
Yes I’ve read all your letters. They’re really sweet and I’m now realizing how much you cared. It’s been about a year now and I’m rereading your letters. You’re my best friend still, and we’re still like two peas in a pod. I’m happy for you and Neville. Happy late one year to you two though. He seems to the perfect one for you, I can see the love in both of your eyes. Maybe I’m selfish for saying this but I wish I were Neville. I wasted my love on someone who wasn’t worth it when I had someone right in front of me who loved me better and more than Y/b/n ever would. You’re still the same prankster I grew up with. I’m really sorry I broke you badly last year. I really am sorry. I never did want to stop being your friend, I loved you (as a friend ofc) but she made me choose between her and you and my foolishness was too blinded by love to realize what I was throwing away. Also, I did eat the chocolate frog you got me, don’t be sad lol. I fallen in love with you through the year we’ve tried again. Maybe I was always in love with you, maybe I just didn’t know and went for your then best friend. When I found out you were in love with me, I felt these waves of emotions come over me. I was happy but sad but confused. I’m sorry I let y/b/n hands onto that letter, you didn’t deserve what those girls did to you. So to my best friend. I’m in love with you. It’s my turn for this one sided love but it’s unfair that your one sided story with me is worse than mine since I know you wouldn’t leave me for anything. I’m really happy for you and Neville. But I watch your eyes as he walks by, what a sight for sore eyes, brighter than a blue sky. he’s got you mesmerized while I die.
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yuri-shibuya · a month ago
i've gOT EVEN MORE YALL I CAN FINALLY GET INTO RELIGION AND CHARAS!! simple explanation!! religion is polytheistic!! 3 gods specifically that people believe in. They know this because there's the existence of the Holy Lands (not prime sadly haha) but it is a very special place! with a bunch of dsmp members!! These 3 gods all go by different names: the Sun, Moon, and Stars is one; another is the Sky, Land and Sea; but they all have the same qualities!! (they're so pog)
introducing our main reason for magic existing! and also the "proof" that the 3 gods exist: Dream!! He's a wee sapling who loves being outdoors (and i mean it seriously as to the sapling bit hahaha he's the physical manifestation of this "magic tree" in the au) he's adorable and I love him so much and he has every bit of his tea kettle laugh. i just love him hahahaha (if yall are wondering, there are some people that are monotheistic in this world but they're far and few)
Aside from him, in the Holy Lands are Bad, Callahan, Red, Ant, Sam, George and Sapnap! (where is skeppy u may ask? that's a secret :) ) They all very much take care and are taken care of! Any more and I'll end up spoiling everything AHAHA but pls know george and sapnap and dream do their lil manhunts. The Holy Lands, is essentially an independent protected nation that is acknowledged to be the birthplace of magic
Next, we have temperate areas! They're an oligarchy, with nobles being the main ruling class haha. They're all around fun to be with because they have so much arts that they all export (which is where they get their reputation for being so amicable!) Here's where I include some other mcyts hahaha bc Mr Beast himself is the head of a noble family and Karl is his ward! the other members of the mr beast channel are also there but less so bc I don't know for sure how they feel about seeing their names in what is essentially fanfiction. Hermitcraft crew is here too! Mumbo and Iskall are good friends! Iskall is a noble and False's an old family friend :) (except for xisuma and grian mostly bc they live in the holy lands kek)
After, we got the Arctic crew which is comprised of SBI, Eret (the librarian!), Tubbo n Ranboo (tommy's knight and aide respectively), Schlatt (schemey tropic boy in the dead of the arctic), Niki (i saw someone ask if she was gardener, she's actually part of the kitchen staff! she apprenticed under the baker, she's excellent at making sweets!) and Fundy! (who is but a wee 5year old precocious babie, so chaotic (wilbur adores fundy HAHAH)) not much about them bc i might make some short fics that are arctic centric (but i highly encourage yall if you wanna do anything with this too!!)
Finally we got the Tropics! They have a reputation for being very much a merchant based ruling class. (they have the most obviously known underground) It's very much the vegas of this world haha. Entertainment hub!! Quackity lives here! Purpled, Hannah (who moved in from the temperate), Boomer, 5up and some other people also live here!! (mostly bedwars people tho bc in this world, they broadcast bedwars lmao) This area is very much a "if the price is right" vibe, so almost all merchants have a base here (it's also why arctic people especially dislike tropic people)
U can tell where this au is focused on based on how i divided people lmao, but I have so much fun thinking about each area
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hurting-fictional-people · 3 months ago
13. Have you ever felt insecure because you enjoy whump? How did you overcome that insecurity?
19. Who are your favorite whump bloggers? Tag them!
13. Oh my Gosh, yes. I realized I was a little too into characters being tortured when I was about 14, and got horrified at myself for sleeping peacefully after spending hours imagining characters in agony, so I spent years pretending I didn't like whump and being horrified again when I forgot to push that side of me away and caught myself randomly daydreaming about whump... and then last year I found a whump prompt on pinterest that led me to tumblr that led me to the whump community, and finding out that I wasn't alone in liking whump and that no, it doesn't make me a bad person and no, it doesn't mean I like to see real people suffer, was what made me make peace with it. I'm not ashamed of it anymore, I'm actually kinda proud of that side of me because I feel like it makes me ✨special✨ lol and that's one of the reasons why I love this community sm <3
19. Look, I reblogged this game knowing someone could ask me this one but hhhh it still makes me nervous, I'm intimidated by most people I admire even though they all seem really nice. I'm gonna tag them though, cuz why not, but know my heart is beating faster as I write this haha
so we have @whumpwillow because anything she writes breaks my heart and sometimes she fixes it with a little bit of fluff but I love whatever she writes regardless of how much it hurts :’)
@sometouchofmadness who is so incredibly nice and anything she writes is so so good and well written and always gives me major whumperflies, 
@evermetnotforgotten who I'm only a little intimidated by but that’s because they were the first blog I found so I had more time to work on it hahah (I already sent them an ask saying I love their writing but why not say it again? I love it. And Lev has my heart.),
@ashintheairlikesnow I’m reading pretty much all of her stories reeeally slowly because they give me so many feelings I have to read one per day to have time to process it all lol (and I say this in a good way! your stories really touch me) I’m very intimidated because she has so many ocs and they are all so real and I love them all and her writing is beautiful and I just. a lot of admiration means a lot of intimidation :’) but I saw her listing silly things she did and it made it a little better haha, also 
@whatiswhump the best blog for psych whump, stole my heart with Alfie’s story and 
@livingforthewhump because Caroline’s story gives me so many whumperflies and all her drabbles do too!
I love a lot of other blogs too - literally, everyone I follow is because I enjoy their writing but these ones were what came to mind rn ♥
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the-second-tonks · 23 days ago
Hi dear! I have come to participate in the game! I love your blog and all your creative ideas! Anyways here's my info!
(you can also use my info from past requests right here XXXX if that helps)
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Cedric Diggory, Fred Weasley, George Weasely, Professor Snape
Things about me: I'm a Gryffindor, I'm a Leo sun, I'm kinda reckless at times for example once I was climbing a tree in the dark and I fell out of it and landed right on my back surprisingly it didn't hurt, i'm quite feisty and I love some good sarcasm, I can be very serious at times when i'm not being sarcastic or goofy, I have a resting bitch face, When I want something i'll work very hard to get it, sometimes I push myself a little too hard with things, I suck at communicating my feelings and i'm usually very closed off when it comes to talking to people about them, people pick on me sometimes for being tiny or very petite, I love rain and thunderstorms its sort of calming to me.
Hii !!! Thank you :) ohh , thank you for sending the link to me !!!! It was a huge huge help dear , thank you !!
Thank you for liking the game post and giving me a boost to keep going !
Harry Potter
His thoughts about you
He'll be shocked .. absolutely shocked to know someone's so similar to him. He'll defend you everytime someone teases you because he's super duper protective of you . He thinks you're his soulmate .. and would do anything to prevent from losing you because he's already lost so many people in the past. He'll love your sarcasm and you both would match levels in it when sassing other people. The only difference between you two is he wears his heart on his sleeve , whereas you hide emotions , but ofcourse you open up to him which makes him feel special and trusted . He can always vent to you though. Out Hermione and Ron , you're the only one who'll super duper support him in his risks .
Your relationship
I would like to keep him as your bestie cum overprotective bestie
First impressions
Ofcourse he thought you're even stricter than Hermione . He was also a bit confused as to why you're being so serious and scary.. you kinda reminded him of Prof.Snape and he thought you both wouldn't get along well ...
Draco Malfoy
His thoughts about you
On the inside , if he values bravery even a bit , then he really appreciates you for for what you are . But on the outside , he avoids you because he knows how feisty you are and how you'll insult him head on with your sarcasm .. so he avoids you and always bullies Harry when you're not with him .
Your relationship
Enemies , 'course haha .
First impressions
Ngl here , he was scared of you . But he mustered up the courage to tease you when you were being reckless ... After that, he never thought of teasing you , not even in the dreams .
Cedric Diggory
His thoughts about you
Tbh , he's a bit jealous of your bravery (due to the fact that he's competitive) . He absolutely loves how you're such a great competition to him and he actually admires your courage . To him , you're a perfect gryffindor . He absolutely adores you though hahah . He also thinks you need no one to protect you !
Your relationship
Good friends and competitors (rivals lol)
First impressions
He was highly impressed by you tbh . Highly . He didn't care about how rbf you had , he just saw how you were defending the one who teased you about being tiny !
Fred and George Weasley
Their thoughts about you
They might even think about including you in their prank gang . They really appreciate your courage and confidence . But the fact that you struggle with emotions hurts them because you are closed off and maybe even burst down in front of them and they can't do anything because they don't know what it is . They already sensed how closed off you were , but they didn't touch that point until you all were really close . Your recklessness is commendable for them .
Your relationship
First impressions
They thought of you as the serious tiny girl who just buried herself away from everyone and everything . But was it true ? Nahh
Professor Snape
His thoughts about you
Can't help but say you remind him of Lily and James .. more of James though . And so he hates you a bit behind from moon . He sees the fierce Lily in you .. and so he always protects you without you knowing it . Man , he helps you in so many different ways , without letting you know . Most of the time , he'll concentrate on the fact that you're like James , but sometimes he'll be like , oh she's so like Lily .
Your relationship
Well , your professor lol . Unknowingly , your protector
First impressions
You were a gryffindor , so no comments haha.
I hope you liked it lol . Do interact with this post !
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