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I think that this passage reinforces my interpretation of Thranduil as more of a wood elf in character than the Thingol-like image the dwarves seem to have of him. His cave may be his stronghold and a refuge for his people in time of need, but Thranduil himself does not seem to have much regard for stone or for anything mined from the ground. He owns jewels but forgoes them in favor of leaves and berries. He has stone but chooses to sit on a chair - not a throne, a chair - of wood. With his crown, his staff, his chair…Thranduil seems to take a lot of influence from his wood elf subjects. Certainly he doesn’t seem like the sort of person to disparage their culture and consider them lowly Silvans…mind you, I haven’t seen the Hobbit movies, but I have heard. Some things. About their portrayal of Mirkwood’s king.

Anyway. I think we could use the lack of information about summer and winter crowns to explore Mirkwood culture a little in fandom - since we know so little about it. I figure either spring and fall are special seasons to the wood elves. Given his rather humble way of dressing, I wonder if Thranduil even wears a crown in summer or winter. Or perhaps those seasons are the significant ones, and he wears formal crowns then? But I don’t get the sense that wood elves have the same ideas of formality as the rest of middle earth. I’d love to see someone play around with some of these ideas in fanfiction. I think the Thranduil I’ve seen in fandom is nearly entirely based on the movie version. And I’m not condemning that version - clearly it was impactful for a lot of people - I’d just love to see book!Thranduil reconsidered.

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coughedfeathers replied to your post: coughedfeathers replied to your post: …

im sorry that I spoiled that bit oops but MY MAN DID IT AND THINGS ARE GOOD

i said it then and i’ll say it again, youre all good no worries with that! tbh it eased my anxiety about this a lot cause lol im apparently way too serious when it comes to wrestling and ive been waiting for this happen for months now so the reign of terror that is lesnar finally being over is. such a relief tbh lol

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I’m hella excited to announce that I’m starting an ongoing comic about how Lasagna met the band! It’s a crazy, crude, and long story, but no pastas were harmed in the making! It’s basically in the format of a regular MTL episode, meaning it’s definitely including the humor and profanity. It’s called Fatherhoodklok and it’s coming real soon!

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it’s been a tough week for me.

my Grandmom tested positive for COVID-19 but because there is hope, she woke up and is on the mend. but life is fragile and I am thankful for another day and thankful she is okay.

you know what else I’m thankful for? all of y’all, I have been saving your new fics for me to read when I was in the right headspace. you all bring me a lot of joy when it is hard, so thank you. and thank you for always providing me with random philosophical thoughts on tony and ziva, I love them so much.

also, get prepared because once I read what I have saved as drafts, I will be reblogging the HECK out of them with my e m o t i o n s and all my thoughts. so here is me saying I’ll be extra emotional this week but in a good way. but also, just thank you for always being a community that is there for me ❤️

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Lan Wangji and Lan Sizhui are autistic and Wei Wuxian is ADHD and on the autism spectrum and there’s nothing you can do to change any of this. Wen Ning and LSZ both have anxiety. WN is definitely autistic too. All the Yunmeng siblings have same-food syndrome and they all blame each other and insist it’s not their fault they all eat soup 7 days a week if it’s an option. That’s autism spectrum too deal with it.

All your faves. All of them. Fucking deal with it. Your complaints mean nothing.

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this has become an Al fanblog more than anything else bc I will be having THEE most shit day surrounded by THEE most shit vibes but I can always rely on Al to recalibrate my vibes. I love all of my mutuals for many different reasons but ever since I made my video game blog in like? 2016? al has jus BEEN at the top!!! I almost WISH this site had a top 6 like Myspace so I could just put him in all 6 of the spots. Funniest mutual (abab), most caring mutual, most creative mutual, best aesthetic mutual, he just takes the cake as a mutual

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OHHH THANK YOU FOR THE DISCO ELYSIUM ART, its such an underrated game, im so glad other people are playing it and enjoying it!!!! 💕💕💕💕

It is massively and criminally underhyped like, I heard basically nothing about it before i bought it which in a way was a pleasant surprise but it’s also a bummer because it’s just……so freaking good. Probably the most uniquely creative rpg I’ve played in ages, especially from a writing standpoint. Can’t think of another game where the stats you choose to level up have such a real and noticeable impact to the narrative of the game, rather than just combat mechanics.

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me: feelin’ the stress from quarantine

also me: *forgets to put the cap back on my bottle of water, accidentally grip it too hard and water goes flying everywhere including onto my Norwegian great grandfather’s diploma. only got the edge thankfully but still I got real worried real fast*

me: sorry great grandpa, please don’t kill me…

me: *hides it immediately*

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10 songs shuffle

I was tagged by @captain-onyourleft, thank youu :)

Rules: You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping!

(I have to use my old player bc spotify is just stupid. So not all but most of my songs are included.):

1. North - Sleeping at last

2. Rescue Me - One Republic

3. Meant to be - Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line

4. Older - Sasha Sloan

5. Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud

6. This ain’t goodbye - Train

7. Epilogue - La La Land

8. Stay with me tonight - Houston Calls

9. IDGAF - Dua Lipa

10. Breath - Audiomachine

I’m tagging (if you want to of course :) ): @grandmacookie69 @pirate-and-swan @snowymary @franniebanana @hiddlescastle @peggycarter46 @peggysousfan and everybody who likes this post!

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