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#it's all you guys' fault
apocalyptic-cake3 months ago
What's going on why is there an orgy on my dash kid you're 13 wtf
I honestly do not know
To anyone seeing this I'm sorry
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thelasagnamanifesto6 months ago
It's very funny to me when people respond to my post about speaking multiple languages with "ohhh I wish I knew languages too but unfortunately I'm just an American", dude let me tell you something: I do not speak multiple languages because I'm European, we don't come with a pre-packaged set of different languages. I know multiple languages because I studied and practiced a lot, thing I'm sure is possible even in your underdeveloped country.
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thepastelpeacha year ago
!!Help Needed!!
Tumblr media
hey everyone, its peach here! so i hate having to ask this again, but if y鈥檃ll remember i made a post earlier this year about my brother getting into an accident that put him out of work right before this whole covid thing happened and that we were struggling with bills
well unfortunately months later we鈥檙e still struggling, we鈥檝e only barely managed to get by on whatever income ive been able to make, and now on top of it all we鈥檙e having to move before the end of the month (september) which is only a few weeks away
we need at least 500 on bills and moving expenses, so if you have any spare change and would like to help a struggling artist and her family during these difficult times ill be linking a few sites below where you can donate/support me. of course you are not obligated to, as i know everyone is having trouble right now, but if you can i would be eternally grateful. i also have a few more commission slots open if youd like to support me that way^^
stay safe, stay healthy, and stay peachie my friends, i love you all<3 ~thepastelpeach
Tumblr media
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sleepy-spots6 months ago
techno really be like "every tommyinnit arc is just the consequences of his own actions" and i dont wanna fuckin see all of you techno apologists go "he's right you know" like
*smack smack smack smack*
guys,,,,,,,guys. guys i dont know how to explain to you that ,,you know,,,,,,,,, guys.
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thighholstered13 days ago
every time i change my url im like oh god i have to remind everybody who i am or else theyll forget me and ill wind up like h茅ctor from coco. no wait whos the one who died in coco. anyways if you guys forget me im going to die
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ruubesz-draws7 months ago
The Godzilla bunch
I Draw Kaiju and whatever else I can think of because big lizard make me happy, therefore head empty, only Kaiju... For example, we have big glowing lizard, Big Lizard X Shiny Moth, yes that's a thing, and I also draw Godzilla booty cheeks. Here, monsters United. . . Except Ghidorah, that guy's a prick!
Speaking of Ghidorah, KEVIN vs KAMATA KUN! Who will win?
Kevin: This severed Ghidorah head is so raw, it's still blinking!
Shin Godzilla (aka Kamata-kun): This isn't even my final form.
Anyway, I love making people laugh. And I love laughing. An onion can make people cry but there's never been a vegetable that can make people laugh. When I became an adult I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown-up. Do I regret it? Yes! Will I do it again? Probably!
In conclusion, The world is my joke, surrender the Empire of Sitcom!!
TL;DR: I get weird so you don鈥檛 have to because I cool stuff post.
(Don't look at me, I wasn't the one who came up with these quotes. This was all your doing. You guys suggested them to me so it's all your fault. Not mine)
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meiansmistressa day ago
Facetiming Meian while he's at an away game all tucked into his hotel room after a hard-won, important game. Where you make sure to tell him how amazing he was, how happy you are for him, how you wish you were there to give you victory kisses but will settle for sending them through the phone, which he accepts gladly. 馃槡馃槡馃槡
Where you guys will talk into late into the evening, until you start to switch your tone. You drag out your vowels, you start becoming more breathy as the call goes on, where you slowly recline back and get more comfortable and he notices that you're...wearing that cute robe you know he likes. The dark, silk one that's now become your default to lounge in since it's too comfortable and too sexy to pass on. And then he notices that the front is open a bit, and he gets a peek of the lingerie that you're wearing beneath it, the one with the cute bows on the bra straps and the one that comes with matching stockings that have the garter on them, also with little bows.
And...oh, you're wearing the stockings. And they hug your thighs snugly, creating a slight indent in them that he wishes were his hands instead.
He sees what you're doing. So he leans back, his voice gets huskier and immediately starts asking filthy questions. Were you thinking about him all day? Did you call him just for this? Were you soaking wet the entire time you were asking innocent questions about his team, the match, those innocuous questions just to hide the fact that you're dripping for him. He says he doesn't need to see; he already knows.
But still, you want to confirm his suspicions, so you lean back and part your legs for him to show him what a mess you are. To show him how soaked you are at the thought of him, how it's started to saturate the inside of your thighs. You tease him about needing to get some sleep since he's such a hard-working athlete, and you'd hate to interrupt his sleep schedule. And you understand that he still has work to do with answering questions and posing for the press, so if he needs to cut the call short, you understand.
And you tell him all of this while you pull your bra down so he can see your breasts and how hard your nipples are, and while you pull your panties to the side and slide two fingers inside yourself while you moan out, "I'd understand, Shugo."
He's in the middle of getting his cock out of his pants when you decide for him and end the call.
And you were expecting him to immediately call you back, to order you in a gruff voice to take your panties off and let Daddy see you finger yourself, let him see you cum again and again and again until he tells you to stop.
He doesn't.
All he does is sends you a text.
'I get home in two days. We'll handle this then.'
You immediately try calling him back to tell him you just wanted to tease him a bit, to get him riled up like you were, but he doesn't answer.
But you're not really remorseful. Especially not when he gets home, and no sooner did you welcome him home does he have your face pressed against the door while he's filling your pussy. At the door.
On the couch.
Over the countertops.
Over the table.
In the shower.
Over the bathroom sink.
On the dresser.
In front of the window (you only kind of hope no one sees).
On the bed.
(...there you, that's the thot. 馃槡馃槡馃槡)
Tumblr media
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completeoveranalysis17 days ago
Warning! This post contains spoilers up to chapter 170 of Tsubasa (and Chapter 71 of xxxHolic). Please skip this if you have not read that far.
Please also make no comments about what happens after that point in either manga.
Tumblr media
The splash text reads: Shed blood and tears, without forgetting them, turn them into an existence.
Here is a link to my original post if you need the full context.
But here is the thing I said that just made me want to scream here in 2021, specifically in regards to that splash text:
"Incredibly motivating. It鈥檚 like the optimistic view of how things are when things are tough. The tough times are unavoidable a lot of the time, but you can and will get through them. You just have to make the choice to pick up the pieces and use them to construct a new future - which is never easy, but it鈥檚 the only way forward. For the dads, it鈥檚 both their past and their future. Kurogane has already gone through this; his life shattered and he used the pieces to forge a new identity and found new things to live for. For Fai, this is something he still needs to work on. He鈥檚 so used to running from his tragedy that he hasn鈥檛 yet figured out who he is beyond it. The 鈥渨ithout forgetting them鈥 is sort of a call out for him in that respect. You can鈥檛 grow by pretending they didn鈥檛 happen, or by pretending you鈥檙e a different person. Once he鈥檚 faced the pain and accepted that he鈥檚 alive and can continue living in a way that can make himself and others happy, then he鈥檒l finally be moving forward."
I have no idea how anyone even reads this liveblog armed with knowledge of what happens next because APPARENTLY I JUST SAY THINGS that are VASTLY UNJUST and now I wilt away with the memory of what I thought of Fai back then.
I don't mean to give myself any undue credit here - I predicted none of Fai鈥檚 backstory. I had something completely different in mind when writing this, entirely based around the knowledge of Fai fleeing from Ashura with no context whatsoever about who Fai really was.
When you know where Fai came from? Oh my god.
Oh my god.
The words just toss my intended meaning out the window and dance around with the actual truth right in your face. Especially the 鈥減retending you鈥檙e a different person鈥 bit - I could never have predicted that Fai was using his brother鈥檚 namesake both as a way to eliminate himself from the world and to devote his life towards resurrecting his brother in his place. But HOT DAMN do these words ice skate in all the correct patterns without any knowledge of what the heck they could possibly mean in the end.
Also I'm in physical pain from the phrase: 鈥渨ithout forgetting them鈥 is sort of a call out for him in that respect." I know that past!me was thinking purely about Fai running away from confrontation with Ashura and pretending that he was fine and that everything was fine and that he could stay away from it all as long as possible. Things I did not know: That Fai's memories had been deliberately changed by two separate people to control the direction of his life. "Without forgetting them" is NOT a callout for Fai - Fai had no choice in that whatsoever (but they could still be a callout for ME for forgetting any of this plotline had ever happened oh my god). Fai was only ever running from Ashura with good intentions (ie, to NOT murder someone), and there was no way he could have known that his past had been rewritten to such a massive degree that it shaped the core of his personality for his entire life. And just as the splash text implies, it's only when he gets the CORRECT memories back that he can use them to forge a healthier and more accurate life moving forward.
A call out for Fai. Imagine. Past!me has so much to answer for.
I also want to revisit the bit where I said 鈥渙nce he鈥檚 faced the pain and accepted that he鈥檚 alive he can continue living in a way that can make himself and others happy, then he鈥檒l finally be moving forward鈥, because this comes off entirely flippant now that I鈥檓 looking back on it.
My expectation for Fai鈥檚 potential trauma was somehow barely a tenth of what it really was in the end. And like, the idea I was getting at? Technically correct! But also only correct on the surface level. Fai didn鈥檛 need to just 鈥渃onfront his problems鈥. He needed to be completely stripped of the version of himself he had constructed from his false memories, worn down to the very core through reliving the worst parts of his life - and then shown how he was wrong about them. He was lied to his entire life, and so the goals he based his life around were aimed toward an abstracted version of reality. He was never going to be able to resurrect his brother, but he never could have known that without knowing that Ashura and Evil Wolverine had manipulated him and his memories every step of the way.
It's only when he can decipher this for himself that he can course correct - and it was only in taking the Original Fai completely out of the equation that Our Fai could finally begin to comprehend the idea of living for himself, and others, instead for fixing a mistake he never actually made in the first place.
So, yeah. 鈥淥nce he鈥檚 faced the pain (of his past) and accepted that HE鈥橲 alive (and he鈥檚 allowed to be, because he never killed his brother) he can continue living in a way that can make himself and others happy鈥 IS ACTUALLY ACCIDENTALLY CORRECT IN THE END.
I also want to point out that in the initial liveblog I never really discussed how Fai鈥檚 expression was relevant to this image, because I didn鈥檛 know exactly.
He鈥檚 smiling.
It's a small, gentle smile, but CLAMP really draw attention to it with the way he's looking off centre. Kurogane looks directly at the camera, but he's off centre - Fai is in the middle of the frame and he's vaguely looking elsewhere, head tilted in the wrong direction, as if he were looking towards Kurogane but seeing something else entirely.
The image itself was part of a series of splash pages where CLAMP were depicting the current state of the relationships between all of the main cast throughout the Infinity Arc (and it was glorious) and while I absolutely caught the fact that the relationship between Fai and Kurogane was intimate but strained, I didn鈥檛 know the context of Fai鈥檚 smile. His backstory shows us that Fai smiles as a way to make other people happy, because deep down he thinks this is the only possible value he can bring them - a smile is his only way of improving the world for the people around him, and his smile is the only thing he鈥檚 worth.
Here in the image Fai is partially draped over Kurogane but his distant look shows that he isn鈥檛 fully committed to the scenario - because before Seresu he could never be. As much as he liked Kurogane and allowed himself to get close to him, it was always always with the intention of him trading his life away for his brother鈥檚 at the end of the day. This is what caused the tension between them in the first place - when Kurogane made choices in Fai鈥檚 stead to keep him alive (in Acid Tokyo), he threatened Fai鈥檚 chance to trade his life for his brother鈥檚, and so Fai distanced himself from Kurogane. Even if they fixed what they had between them, anything he had going with Kurogane could only ever be temporary until Fai could trade places with the real Fai.
And so Fai smiles - because any happiness he can give Kurogane and the others is all he鈥檒l ever be worth. It's a temporary happiness that was never supposed to last or even exist in the first place.
And it鈥檚 not until we get OUT of Seresu that Fai finally has the opportunity to build himself from the ground up and start living for himself. For his own happiness and those around him.
And finally commit to the idea of being able to (and being WORTHY OF) making Kurogane happy in the long term.
Which is where we then get the punching scene in Nihon. And it鈥檚 perfect.
But OH BOY did past!me say some things that sounded correct but were utterly and completely wrong at every level.
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captain-konami-code5 months ago
Canon C//A is just so鈥 awkward to me, especially if we bring any third party into equation. It's all very idyllic but only as long as you ignore literally everything that happened between them. Like, someone will ask Adora why is she afraid of heights and she confesses that Catra dropped her off a cliff once and the feeling of falling towards impending doom still haunts her or where did she get this scar from and she has to explain that Catra slashed her face when they were kids because Adora didn't pay enough attention to her or why is she wearing that necklace and turns out Angella gave it to her before she, y'know. Sacrificed herself to seal the portal. Which was coincidentally opened by Catra. And then there is just a long, awkward silence where Adora's friends need to actively suppress the fact they're her friends lest they start screaming and throwing things around. And Catra just stands there, awkwardly, wondering if it's too late to go back to Crimson Waste.
Catr*dora is very good actually if you pretend the concept of trauma doesn't work in relation to Adora or indeed any person other than Catra. Catr*dora makes perfect sense if you assume Adora is not a person with feelings but rather Catra's Emotional Support Trophy Wife. Catr*dora is great if you mentally rewrite several scenes and convince everyone else that's how it really went. Catr*dora is wonderful if鈥
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