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#it's always a delight
elucubrare · 25 days ago
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when Phoenix Blue, the President of the United States,
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pog-juice · a month ago
C!Techno is so endearing to me he’s like a Looney Tunes mf amongst soap opera characters. Like how is that not the funniest fucking thing.
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secondbeatsongs · 6 months ago
showed my sibling the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video, and:
sib: “ he fucks satan, and then becomes satan?”
me: “yeah.”
sib: “...”
sib, delighted: “that’s what the church told me would happen!!”
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pencilscratchins · a month ago
please tell me every bit of ds9 drama
oh theres simply too much to cover in one post, so i will limit myself to spreading the legend of Andrew Robinson's fan fiction
So; it's the mid 90's and known character actor Andrew Robinson was just cast as Garak on Deep Space Nine: a one off character, intended to have a single episode in season one. Cut to 1999 its the final season of the show and Garak gets a special send off as a fan favorite recurring character in the shows final moments. How did that happen? Well, the short answer is: Andrew Robinson is bonkers and I'm obsessed with him.
Okay so in order to frame this, you have to know that Andy Robinson? is an ActOUR okay? he is like a well and true, trained classical performer and as such, he would often approach roles (regardless of size) with complete conviction. Garak was no different. He practiced a technique that a lot of older actors would use. Andy wrote a journal from the perspective of Garak to get a feel for the character before he even APPEARED on the show! Andy literally wrote over 200 words of extremely detailed backstory for Garak. Again, NOBODY ASKED HIM TO DO THIS. BUT he showed up to the DS9 writers room with this CHARACTER BIBLE of his gay lizard OC and said "hey i wrote all of this about this one off character that you tricked me into playing because I originally auditioned for Odo, didn't get it, and pressured me with money to appear as Garak (story for another time)," and it was all SO GOOD and the writers loved it so much that they literally couldnt help but keep him on the show. (also, clearly, the writers loved his performance and audiences loved the character, so there was a lot of support of keeping him on the show but really: its all because Andy put his whole ass into this show LMAOO)
Garak's backstory as written by Andy was hugely influential in how his character would later be developed and tons of ideas that Andy wrote about became real canon for the character; and he later expanded the bible into a longer story which would be published in 2000 in the novel "A Stitch in Time."
BUT THIS ISN'T THE END OF ANDY'S WRITING! as the show continued and Garak's popularity grew, Andy became a super popular guest at cons. Clearly a talented writer, Andy would (in his free time) write one shots of Garak's pre DS9 life and inner thoughts on the station, and READ THEM ALOUD AT CONS! While I can't vouch to any of these stories being explicitly Garak/Bashir romantic in nature (though if you attended any of these cons and have more info, please share it) Andrew's writing became a thing of legend. In fact, he and Siddig (who is a gem) actually cowrote a play called "The Dream Box" about Garak and Bashir that they would act out at cons! INSANE! (needless to say, this was less than thrilling to the infamously homophobic producer of 90's trek, Rick Berman who was vocally against Garashir and didn't like Andy very much at all)
In a truly incredible move, Andy and Sid's regard for fan fic was again shown this past year when the two of them teamed up to perform two fics over zoom, vocally supporting fandom creators and reiterating their love of Garashir as a ship.
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egophiliac · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I was drawing something else Twst-related and then this entered my head and would not leave. sometimes you just gotta do the thing regardless of whether or not it’s a “good idea” or “inscrutable to anyone who isn’t sharing your exact mindset at the time”.
(realtalk though I am absolutely obsessed with Sebek’s parents. what a power couple. they deserve their own hallmark movie and if we don’t get to learn anything else about them I will riot.)
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thehuskingbee · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LAZARUS RISING + EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED BY TAYLOR SWIFT ↣ Happy Birthday @you-cant-spell-subtext-without & @reblogging4thewin​
[ID: Two gifs of Dean and Cas in Lazarus Rising. The first is a close-up of Dean’s face after he has just learned Castiel’s name from Pamela. The text reads “All I know is a simple name”. The second is a close-up of Cas’ face in the barn after meeting Dean for the first time. The text reads “Everything has changed” /END ID]
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belovedgamers · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dream SMP chat 👏 is 👏 a masterpiece 👏
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maddyscrsideblog · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A digital illustration of Essek Thelyss from Critical Role. He is smiling awkwardly, holding his hands up, with a few gold sparkles around his head. Above him "The Power of Friendship" is written in swirly gold letters, and "(useful for breaking time so that you can nap)" is written in a smaller light purple font to the right of Essek's head. End description.]
I'm so proud of Essek :)
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chamerionwrites · 7 months ago
I feel like I’ve learned something about myself from the fact that - while I have always found Trent exactly as loathsome as he’s crafted to be (in fact I spent much of Dinner With The Devil muttering oh he needs to die under my breath) - it’s the repeated Sending spells that managed to viscerally set off my Kill Bill sirens despite being relatively innocuous by comparison to most of his other crimes. 
That whole This Conversation Is Not Over Until I Say It’s Over vibe is just such a classic abuser move. The demand for attention and compliance. The absolute refusal to respect stated boundaries. The well-concealed but obvious rage at having anything less than total control of a situation, and the agony of anticipating what might happen when that rage erupts because while his tone may be calm and friendly, each additional message lets you know just how furious he is about not getting his way. He’s that guy who tries to terrorize you into picking up the phone by ringing a hundred times in a row after you hang up on him, except you can’t even do that because this is fantasy and wizards can PROJECT THEIR VOICE DIRECTLY INTO YOUR HEAD AUGH.
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kusakichan15 · 11 days ago
I would love to know more about the TFA Soul Eater Au, specifically about Bee and Blitzy, anything about them really, but maybe how they met or smth?
Tumblr media
There's a saying that "Third time's the charm" and in this case, it most certainly was for these two...
After the news that Megatron has finally found a partner Meister, several of the Decepticon High Command has taken it upon themselves to find their own partners as to follow in their mighty leader's footsteps... Each of them have scheduled to do an observation on the members of the Elite Guard including the cadets and trainees...
Blitzwing made the decision to mask his observational visits as appointments with the Autobot High Command... This request was easily approved just because due to his 'wildly changing nature' they assumed that it would be near impossible for anyone to become his partner... During this time it seems that a small yellow bot had caught his attention or at least he had purposely made his presence known... Bumblebee had appeared out of nowhere and confronted the Decepticon General who was more than twice his size and demanded that he be his partner... Which both irritated and intrigued Blitzwing just until Ironhide had to drag Bumblebee away...
About a week after this fateful encounter, Blitzwing's appointment for a formal observation was unfortunately or fortunately ruined when a gaggle of cadets has sprung a prank during training that involved a dozen scraplets on the lose and lots of colorful and probably permanent paint... Two of the trainees had been immediately removed from the roster for the Meister candidates the Autobots had given him although that didnt really change anything since he found none of them appealing to his tastes...
A few more days had past and Blitzwing's third encounter with Bumblebee had been certainly out of left field when he found the small bot being beaten to scrap by a few Elite Guard cadets at a back alley during a dark rainy day... He couldnt make out much of the conversation but for sure he was impressed by the courage Bumblebee showed... It wasnt in his nature to meddle in other mech's affairs but this would become an exception...
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worstloki · 18 days ago
Do y’all Loki apologists hate Thor or something and if so like why? Odin gaslit him too... Odin gaslit and girlbossed all of the nine realms lmao
Odin may have erased Hela and glorified/painted their past as more justified and peaceful than it was on Asgard but we're not shown him doing this to the other realms. for all we know he simply abandoned places like midgard because muspelheim and jotunheim still know Odin and hold grudges.
How to explain that specifically taking and raising Loki, Jotun, in a place that is explicitly xenophobic towards Jotuns would specifically be a specific thing pertaining to Loki which is a huge central thing shown in Thor 1 without calling you an idiot. Because it's not Thor's reaction to the lies that is important in Thor 3 even at the "end" of his "arc" in that film where he "realizes" the "truth" of their "history". But in Thor 1 Loki's is. It's a huge deal because it is literally King Laufey of Jotunheim, Loki's apparent biological father, that is the co-antagonist of the film and it is finding out he was not just adopted and lied to but was taken a political pawn and lost this use after finding out this fact, that drives the plot forward.
Thor is not shown finding out this truth. The other realms are not shown finding out any supposed truth about any supposed made-up history (I really doubt Odin cared to spread propaganda past Vanaheim tbh, but whatever).
Thor is not given false hope or misconceptions in gaining Asgard's throne because it is to be given to him. Thor has the support of loyal friends who will commit treason and die to save him. Thor, though also abused, was on the other end of things, where we're shown he is adored and given attention and is confident in his reckless decisions. Thor at the start of Thor 1 is loud and arrogant and brash and admittedly stupid in the immature way but part of that involves speaking over his brother in a way that wouldn't be short of abusive itself if it was long-standing, while Loki isn't shown arguing back or defending himself but shutting down and literally sinking into shadows until the vault scene where he finds out the truth of where he came from.
And Loki, admittedly, isn't stupid. He finds out he's Jotun, that confirms he was taken at the end of the war, just like the Casket was. He asks why he was taken and upon being told he was an innocent child immediately knows that is not it. Knee-deep in Jotun blood, 'peaceful relations' are hardly that even now. He finds out he was adopted, he asks what purpose it was for. And he's right in saying there is one. He's constantly right about worst-case scenarios. (Compare that to Thor who is being dragged the opposite direction into calling Odin a wise king and superspendicular father. Because they were both abused, but Loki is the one who now must see himself as the monster that parents tell their children about at night.
"It all makes sense now. Why you favored Thor all these years."
And sure, don't take his word on this, it's his POV of things, of course it's skewed. Except he has yet to be wrong. Except Thor is the one shown with a weapon from the vault. Except Thor is the one who was chosen to be King. Except we see how Loki is treated and we see how he reacts.
Regardless, Loki feels, knows, that he was not treated equally to Thor, and if he was given the same opportunities he does not feel he was favoured the same way.
"Because no matter how much you claim to love me, you could never have a Frost Giant sitting on the Throne of Asgard!"
Whether or not objective (again, it's Loki's POV, it's how he sees things, and Loki is GOOD at seeing things) the line expresses his opinion on the entire matter. I don't call it apologism to say that he was hurt and reacted. Since that's. Literally what happened. It's not an excuse to say he was mistreated and went mentally off the rails in trying to prove himself worthy or whatever else bc he was abused, but it's a compelling reason that makes sense imo that he would attribute this to w h y he was never worthy and then went through so much villainous effort to prove he still could be useful.
Thor does not understand what Loki speaks of when they argue on 'imagined slights' because he somehow missed that Loki was being mistreated. Genuine mistake, perhaps, but it left Loki in a position where he was getting treated as dirt whereas Thor was put on a pedestal. Both not great situations, and you can't compare abuse, but Loki was additionally shown having to deal with fallout of leaving the situation while Thor 2 was the last time Thor seriously got to reconsider his relation with Odin as a being other than perfect. That conflict and Thor leaving adds a neat layer of depth to Thor's character in my opinion, not unlike what Loki gained at the end of Thor 1.
I can't speak for everyone, and certainly not for apologists since I don't consider myself one, but I don't hate Thor. Loki's suffering is just. not his fault. I don't blame either of them for what position the other was in. But Loki's problems are, on top of everything, things he was born with. Things he can't change and shouldn't have to but still sees as bad.
Also, Thor's redemption arc is great on it's own but not, in my opinion, as fleshed out as Loki's downfall in the same movie. it's not something specific to his identity that he's overcoming because those we're shown on Asgard are also arrogant! they're also into fighting and violence and acting superior! that's standardized Asgardian values for you babey! it's behavioural and stuff Thor can and does attempt to move on from! and then Loki comes along and he's trying to live up to these expectations that he wasn't ever going to be able to live up to because of who he was because whether or not Asgardian-ness is considered Valid In A Given Situation is dependent on Odin! The system of Righteous Judgement is flawed! It's why I blame Odin and Frigga for everything rather than either Thor or Loki, even though I see Thor and Loki as also having an abusive dynamic going for them!
To me Thor as 'the hero who gains humility' is in huge part unique because it occurs at the perfect time for Loki to be fallout damage. (And vice versa with Loki's arc!). Because Thor and Loki act as foils (is that the word?) in Thor 1 and take each other's positions by the end of the film, because Thor learns something was wrong about himself before, he knows something is wrong with his brother right now, even if the entire morality-of-killing discussion has no real part in their discussion.
Thor's own arc through Thor 1-3 means he's genuinely trying to be better, he's just. still working on it. And struggling to acknowledge the past is bad for reasons is difficult bc they were indoctrinated and unlearning stuff is hard. But it CAN be interpreted that way and I love to do so, because Thor being smart but not being self aware until he stops and contemplates things properly is >>> and v/ heroic imo.
Odin gaslights and girlbosses everyone but he does so to Loki far more specifically and about Loki's own identity. Thor gets gatekept about how he's not the firstborn child AND how his brother is adopted and Jotun, Loki gets being the third child PLUS that he's a different species specifically one Asgard doesn't like PLUS a son of Laufey who is literally an enemy king PLUS that he was originally taken as a political token PLUS that being raised as a prince of Asgard with a right to the throne was a lie PLUS even though they raised him they see what he really is as a negative thing and probably intended never to tell him because of it. Loki's downfall is basically showcased lmao.
They were both abused but not in the same way, they were both lied to but I don't consider it equivalent, they're different characters in and of themselves, psychology is up to interpretation, etc.
So whether or not someone dislikes Thor is literally people's choice but I don't particularly hate him, no, though I feel you were being rude in the way you've asked.
I do hate the MCU though so jot that down. So much wasted potential smh.
tldr: yeah odin girlbossed the nine realms. loki was in those nine realms. odin also personally girlbossed loki on top of that. sure thor would get caught in that too since he's closest to loki BU T that's not a central part of his narrative in any film now is it. no, it just serves a temporary 'oh no! ...anyways, moving on so we can fix this' role while Loki's lies stick around.
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myownenemy22 · 29 days ago
Me: *who is in a burn-out and has lost all energy, hope and motivation from life*
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ur-stepdad · a month ago
this reminded me of when I saw John Mulaney in Boston during his Kid Gorgeous tour. he started with a few bits specifically about Boston, including an anecdote about going to some kind of comedy event in Boston years before
he was trying to buy a t-shirt there and the guy selling them told him "you're gonna get 1 shirt for you and 1 shirt for your mother" and all of the Boston guys in the area nodded and were like "ya of course get a shirt for your mother"
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