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this blog has been kinda hibernating for a while (hello Current Events related stress and proper internal boundaries) but I am very much still alive and in love with you all

I’m also kinda drunk for the first time in………… ages???

so how about a random AMA?

fics, art, prints, eBay, life, music, games, YouTubers, sex, love, cute dogs,,,,

licherally whatever

ask away!

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Oh yes, if the bits are jumpy that’s because most of the chapters are devided by what happened in the past (8 years ago) and what is happening in the present. It will meet sometime in the last quarter of the book where it catches up why they were separated, but you can have a guess

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some night terror people!! i think dewey is too important to the story to not be part of the main characters. also, groups of 4 in stories are so satisfying :D

i really like how far all of their designs have come, especially since late 2019 when i started this whole thing. 

i mean for god’s sake look at noah’s old design! ew. stinky. garbage >:[ (this is an old stinky drawing from an animation meme on scratch)


i mean, of course, the story was also completely different then, but the drawing still sucks B)

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just watched a video of chadwick laughing for 40 seconds and now I’m bawling

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Answering this because it applies to everyone:
I love DMs. 💌💌
100% I love interaction. Asks, messages, whatever. Love that shit.
That being said; I might not always respond promptly, and sometimes I don’t respond at all depending on what’s going on IRL or what the content of your message is. But feel free to. 😘

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