#it's dangerous to go alone
marksandrec · 16 hours ago
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Marks and Rec: Misc #2352
(Roman: "...nope, I'm out.") (Dialogue from this post.)
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cutetanuki-chan · 3 months ago
she’s helping
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andrastesknickerweasel · 3 months ago
My friend just sent me this...
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Folks... enjoy your new Anders meme...
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maroonweaboo · 7 months ago
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unnaturaldecay · 8 months ago
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commission of the beloved for @especdreamy
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mlim8 · 12 months ago
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The ‘It’s Dangerous Out There’ meme but with Remus and the friends that he couldn’t have done it without ;3;
A wonderful idea by @starstruck4moony​ from sooooooooooooo long ago lmao I’m glad I could finally do it uwu
OG Meme under cut:
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flyboytracy · 5 months ago
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flamingtoads · a year ago
Warm up sketch for today! lol
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chiqita · 8 months ago
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It's dangerous to go alone, take this!
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dumbdomb · 5 months ago
you're a good boy, a fine lad. nothing to worry your pretty head over. you're gonna be alright, love
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prophet-9 · 2 months ago
we had some elderberry "immune syrup" at work that was close enough to alleged expiration that it was given to us as a sample if we wanted some (like, a full bottle), and all I could think when the manager offered it to me was "fuck, people are offering me free healing potions now; life has truly escalated"
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marksandrec · 2 days ago
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Marks and Rec: Misc #2351
(Beyond Belief with Jarvis is *chef's kiss*) (Dialogue from this post.)
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thebeeraincell · 11 months ago
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luxmoogle · 6 months ago
If any of your clothes go missing it definitely absolutely 120% was not me (I love so many of your outfits from the fashions posts T-T)
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lasagnefrittee · 7 months ago
Stasera Legend of Zelda 1 e legatoria 💕💕💕
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lanaserra · a year ago
Tonight on Supernatural, Billie is the Audience and the Writers waste forty minutes to have one important scene. 
Or, how Supernatural decided that we’ve got time for another Monster of the Week with Four Episodes Left in the Show. 
1) This is another high quality Monster of the Week episode. If only it was Episode seven of some other season and not Episode 16 out of 20 of the final season #Storytelling
2) Scary shit is scary. This isn’t going to be like @malmuses new Mer!Cas fic right?? Dean lying to Sam is worse. Lying to his face and lying by omission. I thought you were better than this Dean. I thought you had grown and moved past this Dean. #Regression #WhatCharacterDevelopment
3) Maybe it’s just as frustrating for Dean as it is for us. Dean wants to move forward but he’s stuck doing monster of the week episodes on the hamster wheel and so are we. 
4) Billie says what the audience is thinking: “Working a case? Now?” #PREACH
5) Billie: “I need to know you’ve got your house in order” *facepalm* His house is not in order. It’s the furthest thing from order. Does she have another plan for him? Is he meant to die and Sam to live? Is that why he has to square everything away?
6) “I’ve seen this movie before” Yeah Dean, so have we #HorrorMovieRules #ItsDangerousToGoAlone #TakeCas
7) "You tell the truth more, because you know that lies don't make anything better" #AreYouListening
8) Fuck you John Winchester #JohnWinchestersA+Parenting
9) Sam: “What the hell Dean. I thought we were past stuff like this” #IThoughtSoToo “I knew you couldn’t handle it” #FUCKYouDean “You don’t get a choice.” #JustDrive #JackWinchester #SacrificialLamb That’s your son!
10) Drag Me Away (From You). The monster dragging people away. Billie dragging Dean away to die? Dean dragging himself away from Sam so that Sam can live? Dean being dragged on the Hamster wheel that is his life, away from the one he wants? Away from himself? Away from Castiel? #Destiel
11) There isn’t enough time to wrap up an entire show if you’re not into the #Endgame at this point. We should be in pain at this point, and not because it’s dragging but because it’s emotionally compromising!
Four left. I’m starting to lose hope. This show might just go out with a whimper instead of a bang. 
That is all.
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maniacmaniac-19 · 9 months ago
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yes I’m going to ruin my sleep schedule for this series, what about it?
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herushingu · a year ago
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overheard-at-star-command · a month ago
'The Adventure Begins' Summarized:
Commander Nebula: Commander Nebula to Buzz: It’s dangerous to go alone -- *pushes Mira in front of Buzz* take this! --*hands over XR* or this -- *pulls up Booster* Or even this one! I don’t care JUST TAKE ONE OF THEM OR ALL OF THEM IDC YOU ARE NOT GOING ALONE
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thebeautyofgaming · a year ago
You should play Pikuniku.
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