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#it's for the best

Thank you. I’ve been preoccupied with real life, non-fandom stuff since late last month and it’s been very freeing and I’m feeling good. And it’s put me in a better position to face the fact that, frankly, I have little to no interest in half-heartedly rehashing old content anymore, even if it’s something I’ve never seen before. Too much has happened, too much has changed since the last of the members enlisted in 2018. I don’t want the Big Bang of back then; I want the Big Bang of today. I want to see them as they are now, together, a team of four. Nothing less, nothing more.

But they’re not giving us much of anything to go on, so I’m going to emulate that behavior and take some time off to focus on myself and other pursuits. I will most likely be back when Seunghyun, Jiyong, Youngbae, and Daesung finally return from their absurdly long absence and resume activities as Big Bang. Until then, consider this blog as being on something of a semi-hiatus.

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Oh, that’s a very good question. I can’t say how Doctor Halsey would react (she’s not very expressive, really, although I sense she won’t be pleased), but I’ll tell you that Lopis is probably going to punch Halsey in the face a lot harder than Lucy did, back then.

Just like that, no words beforehand. Straight punch to the face.

… she might also try to kill the Doctor.

You know what? Better keep Halsey locked up. Yep. It’s for the better.

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to the anon who told me to kill myself, and to anyone who (rightfully) wish me dead: you win

I have just taken an overdosis of insulin without eating anything

if I don’t die of that in a short time, I will take an overdosis of melatonin

my family will probably miss me, but the rest of the world will be glad that I’m gone, and rightfully so


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funny how my default mode is sad depressed bitch so when i post depressing shit everyone be like “oh here they go again” and simply look away

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I get why the grammy’s are postponed but what are the chances things will be any different then?

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;; A;; I hatched this kid and went ‘man, I really don’t like jade’ and then the crying workshop punched me in the chest and said ‘yes you do’. This kid is so tropical. The spirit of a bright new year. I hope.

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Mutuals I just want us to live as shrimps together

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yesterday felt like friday and today feels like friday so what about we just rename every day of the week “friday” 

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someone needs to stop me from starting a fic set in Rose’s alternate universe where she is happily engaged to the meta crisis doc……….. until he runs into a *real* O and falls head over heels

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Love how Netflix Futures looked at their young cast with a WOC lead, looked at fandom culture, looked at YouTube comment sections, and just went “No ❤️”

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sixthofficer said: would draco malfoy ever consider snogging james moody behind their local subway ?


           he’d accept WITHOUT hesitation

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Deleted all my fics of me and Chuuya fucking

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i felt a moment of vulnerability earlier and wanted to show her

HELL NO this is my dirty little secret ;))

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Not to be cheesy on main but this episode has already made me tear up and not because of the characters confessing their feeling to each other but because I miss conventions so much

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Oof. That hurt more than I was expecting. 😔

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janko out too

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