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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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when carly from the good doctor said her biggest fear was someone dragging her out of the lab exposing her fraud, I felt that. I also feel that I don’t deserve my place at my university. that the pieces don’t find together, you know? seems like everybody else is a complete person and a competent student and I’m just a farce. like it’s too much. like me being there is just the result of chance and right timing (which logically, it should be for everyone there). I don’t know if that explanation grasps it but yeah.

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Part 1: Getting together

  • They pine for each other for ages and its awkward for everyone involved
  • Gwen eventually has a talk with Leon about confidence and courting and Leon is determined to make his feelings clear to George
  • Leon’s really bad at it. Extremely terrible. A very awkward flirter according to all the knights that physically cringe anytime Leon compliments George on things like polishing and organizing well
  • George does NOT get the hint but is definitely thinking about Leon more often now and trying to push down his feelings so he can just focus on his duties because liking a Knight of Camelot would be highly inappropriate of him

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im not used to showing my hyperfixiations to the people i care about. this is mostly becuase i never really got positive feedback when i did talk about it when i was younger. i would talk about something im excited about only to be told ‘your too old for that’ or ‘thats not something i care about.’ and i guess this isnt something really bad to be told, but ADHD is mean and gave me rsd as a rtreat so :p idk what to tell you. it just kinda made me scared to talk about things that make me happy. ive been better about that recently with friends but its slow progress which is fine. but also ive recently joined a server (maybe a few months ago idk time weird) and they’ve just been so nice and accepting. its still weird to me that i could just saw something and theyll respond. bonus becuase its a positive response. im really greatful for meeting those people and i hope they know i care them ❤

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Drew was hardly ever nervous, in fact he couldn’t remember the last time he had been…Maybe when he was kid? Whenever it was, it had been too long to remember what to do when he was riddled with nerves. So, he kept hold of a small ring box in his pocket, index finger gently brushing back and forth on the black velvet it was covered in as he walked with her. 

The night had been like any other normal date night, well it seemed that way at least. He had taken her to a better restaurant, bought the more expensive wine she liked, made sure not to talk about work but subjects she enjoyed…Doing little things to have a good lead up to what he had planned. 

The meal had gone by quickly and instead of going home, he brought them to the park where they had first met. Holding her hand in his, Drew lead them toward the large gazebo in the center of the park and quietly cleared his throat, “Do you remember when we first met here? You looked so nervous, but I had never seen anyone so breathtakingly beautiful…And then you somehow wiggled your way into my life and now I can’t remember how it was before you…” He breathed and looked at her. “I don’t want to ever go back to that life either.” 

He stopped them in front of the small gazebo, the soft breeze rustling the trees around them. Gently squeezing her hand, he pulled out the small ring box and looked at her as his tongue darted out to lick his lips. He took a quick breath, “I love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you…Now, if this is something you don’t want, then it’s fine to say no but…Cristina, will you..marry me?” He let go of her hand and opened the box to show the ring, he hoped she liked. 

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Me, sometime in September: I am totally going to do Whumptober this year! It’ll be a nice break and might help me feel better about my writing so I can then finish my WIP! 

Me, October 5: I forgot about Whumptober and now it’s too late, and I am a failure, so I shouldn’t even bother now, and also I’m going to make cover art for this side story I’m working on but every time I actually work on it, I have to acknowledge that it logistically makes no sense, and this is why I just don’t think I’m cut out to be a person. 

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While Chell got her painter on! Produced a reasonably cute piece showcasing some trees – she may not be Doug Rattmann levels yet, but she’s learning! XD

Don’t worry about their date, though – indulging their creative passions seemed to spark some other ones. There was plenty of flirting, kissing, serenading, and exchanging of flowers (which they’d recently exchanged back on Egg Day, but as onlyabidoang’s latest Sims Logic video proved, Sims never pay attention to that sort of thing). I even got an interaction I don’t usually see – Chell jumping into Wheatley’s arms! That’s so cute :D A shame I don’t know how the heck I triggered it! (It seemed to happen right after the caress – was it because she’s a fitness freak?)

At any rate, the date ended at Gold level, as most of my dates do. And with them sorted, I could send them home and set them up with a bit of fun while I summoned a certain someone to the house…

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