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tsumune · 8 hours ago
not as he seems
pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x gn!reader
tags: fluff
sakusa kiyoomi is not as he seems.
from a young age, everyone’s expected him to be the quiet one. the one who doesn’t really say anything unless it’s necessary, and always keeps his words short and to the point. they don’t know that he loves to talk about his interests, and will often ramble to komori about things from his pet chick to the best way to make umeboshi.
everyone expects him to be the mature one, the one who’s calm and composed in any situation. they don’t know that he called his msby roommates in a panic when a cockroach showed up in his bathroom, and might have even burned down the apartment had atsumu not stopped him.
everyone expects him to be blunt, the one who always stands his ground when it comes to his likes and dislikes. and well, he does, they’re not wrong there. but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel bad when he hurts people’s feelings. that’s never his intention. he’s just the type of guy who knows how he wants to live each day, and wants to be true to himself. “to go out thinking i could be done at any time, and still be satisfied” is something he goes by both on court and off.
he wonders if he’ll ever find someone who’ll accept him for who he is.
until he meets you.
you, who lets him ramble about all sorts of topics, shushing his apologies and running your fingers through his hair when he feels he’s said too much, whispering a simple “i like hearing your thoughts” that dispels all his worries.
you, who stands in between him and the spider on the wall and grips the newspaper in your hand so hard the words are wrinkled beyond recognition. you laugh that it was no big deal after, even as your hands shake under the faucet water.
and you, who understands the importance of paying proper care to things. you don’t laugh when he insists on measuring every single ingredient in a recipe. “just go with your gut sakusa, it doesn’t need to be exact” is what he’s used to (and tired of) hearing. you don’t get offended when he keeps his distance when you’re sick, though he always makes soup and leaves a basin of water with some towels outside your door. you accept how much volleyball factors into his life. you tell him not to rush home -  “make sure you stretch after practice first” - and reassure him that you’ll always be waiting for him.
for once in his life, sakusa finally feels he’s living true to himself even when someone else is in the picture.
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prawnlegs · a day ago
Tumblr media
finding soulmate after soulmate in the tags
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ponury-grajek · 2 months ago
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Yotsuba Arc, a summary
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caemidraws · a month ago
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[studies 56/--]
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poorlydrawnmcyt · a year ago
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eternal duo
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liyazaki · 4 months ago
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and i oop 🎶
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aeroa113arts · 14 days ago
i finished watching mob psycho 100 with my roommate and i love shigeo. so much. he is my son. i will protect him with my life.
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abundantsolace · 9 months ago
I think casting Chris Pratt as Mario qualifies as an anti-Italian hate crime
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penandinkprincess · 4 months ago
okay but yen processing jaskier doing the Soft Eyes and also still treating her like a force of nature even WITHOUT her powers??? like??
yen is used to awe and respect for the power she commands, and she’s used to the hate and fear of her for the same power. 
but jaskier’s beef with her has NEVER been her powers, and he’s never treated her any differently because she has them. if he wants to mouth off, he does. if he wants to heart eyes at her, he does. 
like he’s a mouthy little twit, but he’s a mouthy little twit who has only ever treated her based on who she is, not WHAT she is. 
and FUCK the novelty of that. 
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thewiglesswonder · a year ago
Tumblr media
My first watch of tfp continues
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wangxian-on-repeat · a month ago
Wei Wuxian: do you know what you deserve?? do you???
A-Yuan: um... butterfly toys?
Lan Wangji: and butterfly toys
Wei Wuxian: and that too
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miniiieevee · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
looking for a lost Dee
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radarchives · a month ago
Tumblr media
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spelacchiotto · 3 months ago
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pokimoko · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Was playing some online Cards Against Humanity tonight, and got a card that made me think of my girl Laudna. 
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scarfedgun · 2 months ago
howwwwdy I love your art 🤠 for requests how about more jigen with a pokemon, or jigen with a pet crow, whichever u feel like. have a swell day 👍
Tumblr media
Why not both! And why only one!
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giffingainteasy · 4 months ago
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Bill Skarsgård as Clark Olofsson → Clark (2022).
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space-pilot-3000 · 20 days ago
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good characterization? in MY warrior cats?
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best-of-inspirobot · 5 months ago
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[Don’t lose the vastness of your heart. Try to understand the mountains. Not the mistakes.]
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renecdote · 8 months ago
Me: it probably doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a wardrobe choice
Also me: something about the way that Buck is shown wearing an LAFD hoodie at home, when he was trying to sleep, at a time when he feels like things are wrong at work, where he’s blaming himself for things being wrong at work...... something about clothes as connection, as armour..... something about “it’s like the uniform is my costume. I put it on and suddenly I'm brave, and I'm strong, I make a difference”.... something about Buck, trying to hold onto the 118, even as he makes the decision to leave.....
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