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#it's not a band it's an idea

“        you        should        see        the        other        one        .        “
       ,        blood                &.                bruises.


gaze        softens                /                features        relax        at        comedic        remark.        the        witch        doesn't        laugh,                though        he        does        smile,                just        a        bit        -        enough        to        make        cheeks        puff        out                &.                dimples        show.        kemani        figures        that        he        shouldn't        have        been        so        worried,                this        was        judah        we're        talking        about,                but        something        lurched        in        the        depth        of        his        stomach        when        he        saw        the        angel        come        home        bloody                &.                bleeding.        was        it        fear        ?        kemani        pushes        the        question        out        of        his        mind,                turning        his        focus        on        the        bandages        he's        wrapping        around        judah's        arm,                first        aid        given        on        kemani's        behest.        just        until        heaven        came        back                &.                looked        him        over.              


                mhm,                i'm        sure        they're        prolly        sufferin’        in        the        er,                j.        sit        still,                        teen        mumbles,                tying        the        bandage        up,                nice        n'        tight.        it's        sloppy        work,                but        then        again,                kemani        wasn't        an        expert        on        first        aid.        he        wasn't        heaven.        he        was        doing        his        best,                &.                that        was        enough,                wasn't        it        ?                        how's        that        feel              not        too        tight,                yeah        ?                        not        waiting        for        an        answer,                kemani        turns                &.                digs        into        the        small        dollar        store        med        kit,                pulls        out        two        band-aids,                both        with        patterns        depicting        children's        cartoon        characters.                        sorry        for        all        the        baby        shit        -        they        just        look        better        than        lame        ass        normal        band-aids.        now.        [        you        hold        them        up,                one        band-aid        a        gold        yellow,        the        other        black                &.                red.        ]        spongebob        or        mickey        mouse        ?               

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like sorry but i truly cant believe most broadway producers care so deeply about the sanctity of the art of live theatre while its become the norm to have multiple big franchise movie adaptations showing on broadway every season. like i think 10 million disney musicals and like mean girls or whatever being nominated for tonys has done more to harm the reputation of theatrical art than a recording of like, the band’s visit ever would lmao

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So I made a joke about this in the comments of a post by @chief-yue and now I can’t stop thinking about it so anyways Atla Aquarium AU

  • Hakoda and Bato are long time employees at the Local Seaworld/Aquarium, they work with the penguins mostly and Sokka and Katara come visit them every day after school (id assume they’d be slightly aged up so everyone’s in high school)
  • Gyatso also works at the aquarium, tending to their one giant blue whale, Appa
  • A few weeks before the AU starts, Gyatso gets rlly sick and his adopted son Aang (who’s homeschooled and hasn’t met Sokka and Katara) takes over for him and gets even closer to Appa then he already was
  • One day, after visiting their Dad, Sokka and Katara go past Appa’s tank on the way out, and see Aang inside swimming with Appa
  • Mind you, they have no idea who this kid is and why he’s in the WHALE TANK of all places, so they kinda just assume that he’s drowning and jump in to save him
  • This goes about as well as you think bc now you have all three kids soaking wet, and swimming around in a tank with a 100+ ton whale
  • Needless to say Sokka was pissed and everyone else (Bato, Hakoda, and Gyatso included) thought it was hilarious
  • AU also features: intern Zuko at the touch pool (don’t tell his dad), Suki the Dolphin trainer, Toph, who hates working there but does it because her parents won’t even let her go to the aquarium, and Ty Lee, who is the absolute best at seals
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Headcanon #47


Trent and Eva become good friends after the show, and Eva is actually a part of Trent’s band! He introduced her to the idea of drumming as a means to let out her anger without being harmful or destructive, and she got quite good at it!

¡De Anónimo!

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Tokoyami filming a video with the band and dark shadow pops out and then back in and people thought it was weird/creepy so they gave NO context and it isnt until his internship with Hawks that people find out that it was actually his quirk

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tfw you come up with an absolutely hilarious idea for a joke but it only works in the context of this one specific au not many people read or like anyway

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