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#it's not as simple as just eating
skinny-tastes-best · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
body check
sept 17, 2021
weight: 58kg , height : 180
(wg: 45 kg , uwg: 40 kg)
kinda feeling fat in these ones but it is what it is ig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
here's hoping u reach my wg/uwg faster...
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jennaxana · a day ago
tw: ed
i think my friend is catching on to my ed because at lunch my other friend bought a few cookies and he said “give one to jenna” and he kept offering me snacks and when i declined he kept asking “are you sureee” and i’m rlly scared he’s gonna find out
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inconvenient-worm · 15 hours ago
l absolutely LOVE how my most popular post is about people with eds having terrible times at the toilet lmaoooooooo  good luck to everyone, I hope you all shit well
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secret-espresso · 21 days ago
If you see me liking your post I do NOT mean to enjoy any kind of your pain!! I'm just saying something like hey I'm here I'm listening to you and you are valid and you matter here's a little bit of my attention to show you that you are not alone and please always stay safe.
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Tumblr media
this has saved me more time than i can count. anytime i feel like binging i suck on ONE of these and it immediately snaps me out of it. ONE. That’s 8kcal to snap you out of binging. It’s 5 pieces for 45kcal so you can spread them out through out the day anytime you get hungry and you still only had 45kcal. It’s literally my holy grail.
that’s it. that’s the tweet.
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l0stbaby · 6 months ago
do you ever feel like you really suck at having an eating disorder like you see yourself eat normally for a couple days and you’re like “wow i really gotta do better with my ed” as if it’s a hobby you gotta put more effort into. then feel like you don’t actually have an ed because you let yourself eat normally.
what the f. this is why i am fat. i can’t do anything right. cant even starve myself correctly.
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skeleton-wh0re · 2 days ago
i just used two rice cakes as a burger bun for my 110 cal chicken burger… that’s the most ed shit i ever did lmao but it did the job
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sera1013 · 3 months ago
I see a lot of people posting things like "speaking it into existence" and spamming the post with affirmations, I thought I'd give some tips on how to write them properly for best results.
first of all, always use present tense. if you really think about it the past and the future do not exist. the time is always right now.
so instead of
I will be skinny
you should say
I am skinny✅
because what does the "will be" mean? it could be tomorrow, next week, next year or a second later. but no matter how far they are, when you reach them, it will just be "today" or "right now", y'know.
secondly, GRATITUDE and EMOTIONS help a looooot
so instead of
I am skinny
you would say
I am happy to be skinny
I am in love with my beautiful skinny body
I am grateful for having this beautiful figure
I lose weight effortlessly easily and I am grateful for that.
basically make sure you add some spice to it.
third of all, make sure you feel it.
meditate, get in a clam state, and truly feel the emotions of wanting to lose weight/visualize yourself with your desired body. feel the emotions that you would feel when you have that body, focus on the positive.
also a lot of people have a problem with the fact that you have to say you're skinny right now when you're obviously not, but just know that it works that way and the sooner you believe it the sooner you'll achieve it.
fourth of all, fake it till you make it.
this one's kinda piggy backing off of the 3rd one, but if you truly believe in the affirmations and the visualizations, you'll trick your brain.
if you keep repeating "I am skinny" and TRULY believe it, your brain will be like "wait a damn minute. we're not skinny tho!?!? are we supposed to be skinny? they keep saying we're skinny? oh well I guess I did sth wrong now I gotta lose weight to match to the reality" or sth along those lines lol.
and of course law of attraction and manifestation doesn't just work for weightloss, you can manifest anything you want.(but be careful cuz if you hurt others you get karma;))
thankfully someone mentioned and I get to add up to this but what you also need to keep in mind that when you say things like
I'm so fat
I gain weight so easily
I'm so ugly I'll never lose weight
you're actually manifesting that😬 and the sad relaity is that negative emotions are usually stronger than positive ones(at least talking about how the negative emotions are your relaity and it's hard to pretend to have the positive emotions).
but it's ok guys. we all feel negative emotions more or less. of course it's helpful if you can fake the positive emotions but not everyone can do that so just know it's ok if you just say the affirmations even while you're sad<3
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im7here · 4 months ago
Idk if you are gaining weight, loosing weight, eating regularly, eating irregularly, binging all the time, never binging, purging, or not purging
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