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#it's okay to not be okay

ohhhh wowowow! fank u for 400 followers 🥺 i honestly did not think this tungly blog would ever achieve sm Traction (that too, cus of my writing). so it’s vry much appreciated !! Smooches for all of You 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 !!! (if ud like that ..)

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and ofc, when you see me update next, the other updates will also be ready! and then by the next day, another will be uploaded, and the next day after that another upload— and it goes like so until ACW is done.

I’m emotional myself in the sense that I have worked on this story for almost 2 years now and I’ve gone through so much personally while writing it— which is impressive considering the 2 previous years I didn’t write bc my writer’s block was so bad!

I also feel like it’s helped me grow so much as a writer, too. developing Wolf, developing Arthur, developing their bond— I feel like this really helped me see how to invest people in the story you’re telling, as well as how to keep and get yourself invested as an author too.

Wolf was my first unintentional OC (whoops sorry reader insert lol) and gah— despite the flaws I’m gonna fix up I think I’ve done alright! it’s so crazy to see y’all’s support for her and how you are routing for her just as much as you are arthur. that means so much to me. 🥺💛

overall ACW is my most beloved fic as well as my biggest passion project. even before it’s end I’ve surpassed HALF A MILLION WORDS and it astounds me how you guys hang onto every single one.

I legit didn’t expect this story to get the length it did. or the time it did. or most importantly, the response it did.

you all have been so supportive and amazing and I know I sound like a broken record and that I probs need a thesaurus to use different vocabulary for that acknowledgement but it’s true.

asks like this, DM’s, comments— it’s crazy how many people I’ve come into contact and even befriended this because of ACW. and for that I’m eternally grateful.

when ACW does conclude, just know I’ll be crying with you guys! just maybe for some different reasons! 😭💛

still— have faith! I can’t wait for you guys to see how this amazing journey for us all ends.

and thank you so goddamn much for coming with me.

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( closed starter for @shclf

   with his fingers tapping against the marbled table top, the twenty-four year old leaned backwards in his chair, more or less glaring at the pastry before him. a palmier - a treat that he’d sworn he’d remembered fondly enjoying years prior when visiting france as a child, but now hearing the shopkeeper refer to it as a PIGS EAR, he was completely put off for reasons unknown. it was seemingly oinking at him from beyond the paper sleeve, the thought alone causing his nose to turn upwards in distaste as he used his pointer finger to prod at the sugared pastry. head tilting to the side, the man caught sight of the stranger seated beside him, his bottom lip catching between his teeth as the view of the woman filled his vision.  ❝  excuse me —  ❞  arlo paused, leaning forward slightly in his seat as he caught her gaze,  ❝  would you be interested in taking this palmier off of my hands ? i think i’m more of a pain au chocolate man after all.  ❞ 

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Since the popular What’s a soulmate quote from Dawson’s Creek 1000% Kliego is, here are some headcanon/rambling about it. Also it’s Kliego week and I wanto to participate in it and I’m a sucker for soulmate au’s.

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Writing a ‘halloween special’ lol since idk if my wrist will be up to drawing anything in time for it lol, it’s another Matt and Luka piece set a little bit into the future of their timeline (so once they’ve been together for a lil bit) and it is fun to write so far. Very smoochy, very love filled, might be some making out, idk, u know these boys be lovey dovey. I would not say i’m all that good at writing kisses cuz idk how to describe 'em but. I try 😌

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thinking about christmas now lmfao

my favorite christmas song is silent night!!!! ive loved it since i was little and my grandpa liked to sing it in german <3 i generally prefer hymns to other christmas songs for some reason. i also love o holy night and hark the herald angels sing!!!!!!!

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