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#it's partying with rose when she wears it
mademoisellehypergamy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The votes are in and “Persona” won! Ladies, get the notebooks out. Class is in session. And this is gonna be a long one.
Be honest with me: Are you currently your ideal woman? The majority of you will probably answer honestly and say no. And there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. The harsh reality is most women on their hypergamous journey aren’t even close to being the ideal woman they aspire to be. Hell, the average woman (hypergamous or not) will probably live her life never being able to become that woman, if we’re being completely honest here.
I believe every hypergamous woman should create and adopt a persona. You are who you believe to be. When I was younger, my teachers and parents told me I was academically gifted. So guess what? I believed the same! That pushed me to work even harder in school. Same concept applies here. You are who you believe to be. A persona isn’t a “fake” version of you. It is you. Your ideal person. It is malleable, so it can change at anytime. Just like you changed throughout your life.
✨Not Everyone Will Win the Birth Lottery. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rewrite your past, and repave your future path. Let’s face it: some of you were born into bad circumstances; abusive families, poverty, toxic relationships, obstacles and barriers, etc. And some of you are living lives currently that you aren’t satisfied with: stressful job, health issues, bad environment, *insert sob story here*, blah, blah, blah, woe is me!  But should your current and past conditions get in the way of your hypergamous journey? No! Absolutely not. 
✨You Can’t Be the Same Basic B*tch Forever. Okay b*tch, when you were being “true to yourself” in the past, look where it got you. Probably in a less than favorable situation. Congratulations for being an authentic basic b*tch! 🥳😊
Ladies, change is necessary. When you started your hypergamous journey, you underwent a change. Are you saying your hypergamous self is fake? Of course it isn’t! It’s still you, just an “elevated you”. One that is more aware and knows what she wants. 
✨ Most People Don’t Even Know Who TF They Are. It’s sad, but true. Most people are lost and suppressing their true desires and personality. I’m here encouraging you ladies to create your ideal persona and to become this woman. Because this woman is who you are deep inside, who you want to be. Stop hiding her! Create her, and become her! As long as this person isn’t harming anyone, there is no reason you shouldn’t chase your dream self.
This is the fun part ladies! Time to choose and create your new persona!
✨ What Kind of Woman Do You Aspire to Be?  Have fun with this ladies! What kind of woman have you always dreamt of becoming? Is she wildly intelligent and beautiful? Or perhaps she has a heart of gold and is adored by all?  Nothing is off limits. This is you.
For those of you who are truly struggling, below I have included a few examples of common personas. If you don’t know where to begin, choose one as the “foundation” and build on it. Make it your own!
*Disclaimer: Anyone that I mentioned/included below is simply for inspiration. Not all of these women are hypergamous. This is just for inspiration*
1. The Socialite/ The “It” Girl: This is the girl that everyone knows. She’s always at a party with a glass of champagne, wearing the latest styles, and living the BEST life. She’s glamorously unattainable and few have access to her, but somehow she’s a part of every social circle.
Inspiration: Jamie Chua (
Tumblr media
2. The Traveler: This is the girl that travels constantly. Whether it’s across the globe or to a different state/town, she’s always on the go! No one seems to know how she funds her lifestyle because she always appears to be traveling and never working. Her pictures are always on point and high quality, with a combination of bikini pictures, relaxing scenery, exotic foods, and endless hotels.
Inspiration: Jennifer Tuffen (
Tumblr media
3. The Influencer: Think of the ultimate Instagram Baddie; perfect body (usually because of surgery), full lips, carefully applied makeup, nails always done, hair on point. She is sponsored by all the clothes brands, and lives lavishly. She’s always out at a restaurant and traveling. Typically dresses in more revealing clothes/lots of bikinis.  What differentiates her from the Socialite? The degree of elegance and class. While the Socialite gives you an “heiress” vibe, the Influencer is more on the “flashy celebrity” side.
Inspiration: Kaylar Will (
Tumblr media
4. Femme Fatale: She rarely posts on social media, but when she does, it only makes you question her existence more. This girl is beautifully sensual, and her social media only reveals bits and pieces of her life. She is an entire mystery, no one knows about her private life. One day she’ll be flying from London, the next she’ll be visiting an art gallery  She’ll sometimes post images of gifted roses with poetry captions. She oozes seduction and dark mystery. 
Inspiration: Dita Von Teese ( Now I thought long and hard about who to choose for this one, and if you take a moment to look at Dita’s IG account, you will understand why. You will notice that the ONLY thing she posts about is her clothes/lingerie brand or things relating to business. She reveals nothing about her personal life. Every post is promotion about her business. In fact, the last time she posted something about her “life” was on October 8th when she posted her CAT modeling another designer’s scarf. She’s a very discreet woman, and it works in her favor.
Tumblr media
5. Girl Next Door: You know that basic b*tch that’s SUPER popular for no reason? This is her. From her Starbucks to her Tiktoks, she’s just your average girl living her life. In a way, she isn’t a threat because she seems approachable, relatable, and friendly enough through social media. Something about her aspires others that they can achieve a similar lifestyle. She’s terribly basic, but somehow, it works. 
Inspiration: Loren Gray (
Tumblr media
6. Exotica: *This persona is best suited for women of color* She is exotically beautiful and unique. She is a trendsetter, not a follower. She has an air of heightened sexuality, with a touch of grounded-spirituality. Something about her is wild and untamed, and she oozes excitement and adventure. 
Inspiration: Monica Leon, or “Danger”. Now if you’re in my generation, you may remember the reality show “For the Love of Ray J” (which was ghetto btw💀). To this day, one girl that I will NEVER forget on that show, was “Danger”, the girl with the tiger tattoo on her face and that NO ONE liked, but Ray J was obsessed with. Although she no longer is on Instagram (and has since legally changed her name), I still believe she naturally embodied that exotic and mysterious woman persona. I recommend watching the show for free on Youtube just to observe her (and only her because the other women were pickme’s  💀)
Tumblr media
7. The Luxurious Diamond: This woman is the epitome of class and elegance. She exudes femininity and grace, and holds an air of mystery by only showing us bits and pieces of her life. What we see is soft luxuries, wineries, beautiful clothes/scenery, and a life of comfort. She balances a mature, elegant, ladylike presence, with subtle girly-youthfulness. 
Inspiration: Г-жа Анисимова
Tumblr media
✨How Does She Look Like? From her hair to how she wears her makeup, be able to create a vivid description of her appearance. Being able to do this will show you where to work on with your current appearance.
✨Personality We all have traits about ourselves that we don’t like. This is your chance to identify your traits that you love and maximize them, while also working on the aspects of your personality that are a bit more problematic.
It’s important to recognize that some “negative” traits are not really negative. Society just shames us for them. For example, “The Socialite” persona may be polite, but that doesn’t mean she’s super open and friendly with everyone. Not everyone is her friend, and she is naturally unattainable. So why would she be super friendly to everyone? Some may call her “standoffish”, but I call it “selective”.
✨Past Self? Not a Problem.  So let’s say you had a less than perfect childhood and endured a lot of trauma. Not a problem, just reinvent your past! Now I’m not saying to straight up lie and make up a crazy story about how you grew up with billionaire parents and traveled the globe. I’m saying adopt a realistic story that’ll help you on your journey. 
For example, if your date were to ask about your past, instead of telling him how tragic your childhood was and how you were homeless and abused by your parents, and no longer have a relationship with them, you can say: “I moved around a lot as a child (“homelessness”), so I really enjoyed being able to interact with a lot of different people (make the negative seem positive). My parents still move around a lot, so it’s hard for us to meet (explains why you aren’t in contact with your parents). 
Reword and reframe, ladies. Not everyone needs to know everything.
✨Remove. You cannot embrace your new persona, your new IDENTITY, if you are still stuck in the past. And that includes past connections that do not serve you. Some of your old friends (college friends, childhood friends, etc.) are not meant to accompany you on this journey. And that’s OKAY. Same with other toxic relationships in your life, family included. You will have to decide who to keep, and who to distance yourself from.
✨ Social Media! I’ve mentioned this in an earlier post, but social media is the easiest way for you to push your new persona. You control the content that goes on your social media, so even if you haven’t fully embodied your new persona, you can sure as hell fake it on social media. 
- Unless your persona is a socialite/influencer type, avoid posting too often. - Be consistent; if you retouch your images, make sure its consistent with all your photos. - Be mindful of what people tag you in/post about you. You know that “friend” who always posts the ugliest pictures of you? Yeah. They’re not your friend, hun. 
✨Dress. The. Part. Okay, sis. You can have the personality down perfectly, but if the look doesn’t match, no one will buy it. Your look is the first thing people notice, so invest in it. It doesn’t cost a lot, especially with fast fashion sites like Shein that sells clothes for $5. Just be able to keep up the appearance.
✨ Immerse Yourself in the Environment.  Looking the part and having the right personality is not enough, ladies! It wouldn’t make sense for you to be a “Socialite” sharing pictures of you eating at Red Lobster and Olive Garden every night. It wouldn’t make sense for the “Traveler” persona to share only bathroom selfies in her apartment. You have to live like the woman you aspire to be, and that includes placing yourself in those environments.
If you are not in the place financially to do so, learn to project the image without spending money. Ex: If you can’t afford to go to Hawaii, go to your local beach and take bomb ass pictures. Don’t tag the location. People will automatically see a beach in your picture and assume you are on vacation traveling. Get creative, ladies. 
✨You Owe Them Nothing. Ladies! Remember you don’t owe anyone anything. Not an explanation, not your time, nothing. So if you are living this new persona and people are asking questions you don’t want to answer: don’t. This is your life. 
So now that you have created your ideal persona, and taken the steps to incorporate it into your life, how can you use your newfound persona to aid you on your hypergamous journey and while social climbing?
✨Infiltrate New Circles. Your persona should be someone exciting and enticing. People love befriending people who are happy and adventurous. Use your persona to befriend others and enter new social circles. You can do this through: - Social media; follow similar accounts to yours and interact with them. - Activities related to your persona; Let’s say you adopted the “The Luxurious Diamond” persona and started visiting wineries. You may notice when you go that there are regulars; identify the regulars and use your common interest of wine to strike a conversation. -Interest groups; join clubs/groups that help you reach your goals. For example, “The Traveler” may have always wanted to travel to Bali, but didn’t want to go alone. She joins a travel group to meet other likeminded inviduals and meets a travel buddy. This person ends up introducing her to others who also enjoy traveling.
✨ Be a Chameleon. You should  never be set on just one persona. Like I said earlier, your persona should always be malleable. You should be able to change yourself to your benefit, and always be open to expansion. When it comes to dating, a man may “want” a certain type of woman, but the secret is that most men just want a woman who is open to possibilities.  I remember a man who used to be on my roster who loved music. This man was always insisting on taking me to operas and symphonies. And he too was a musician (I really don’t like dating musicians, but that’s a topic for another day), so whenever he was performing he would have me sitting in the box so I’d have an “undisturbed” experience.  Now ladies, I’m not into music AT ALL.  But I was open and willing, and guess what? The man adored it, and he adored me even more! He spoiled me like crazy and would serenade me with music he wrote about me because I was his “muse”. Although I ended up ghosting him, I definitely appreciate a good opera now! 
✨Be Larger than Life to Entice. The attractive part about these personas is the fact that it feels almost fake. The image that is portrayed is almost mythical, like something out of a fantasy. You can’t believe this girl is traveling so much, or you can’t believe this girl still has a social life in the middle of a pandemic! It’s unbelievable, but that’s what makes us so intrigued. Men especially love fantasy. That’s why many men have a “dream girl”, a woman that embodies their physical and emotional fantasies. They love the impossible. It’s also important to remember that you are always being watched. People see you, whether in person or on social media, and when they see someone or something more interesting than their mundane life, curiosity will get the best of them. They’ll be drawn to you and want to know you.
✨ The Persona Advantage. Creating a persona is supposed to help your journey. The purpose is to reinvent yourself into someone who will help you better navigate your hypergamous life.  For example, if you are trying to get into more exclusive, affluent circles, creating a persona who is skilled in social and dining etiquette would be more beneficial than a persona that’s an Instagram Influencer. Being an Instagram Baddie that wears Fashion Nova won’t help you at a Charity Gala. So be sure to think of what you desire in life to shape yourself into that. Don’t just become someone who won’t get you to where you want to be. 
This post will definitely have a Part 2 in the future, but in conclusion: You can be whoever you want to be as long as you play the role. Be an actress in your own life, and live the life you desire.
Well ladies, I’ll be away for Valentine’s day weekend. Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend ❤️ Lots of love.
Follow my IG for more: @mademoisellehypergamy
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writingsbehaviour · a month ago
mrs. country club
#2 out of 7 | best friend’s brother
Tumblr media
summary: after breaking down on their way to a party, Sarah and Y/N are left with no one but Rafe to call; meaning Y/N has to join Rafe on some questionable errands.
content: tension, angst, a very pissed off rafe driving around a very pissed off y/n
warnings: strong language, drug use
On one fateful Saturday night, Sarah and Y/N were on their way to a weekly kook party. Every weekend someone in the elite group was throwing some kind of session, and every weekend the girls would go. Usually, they ended up enjoying getting ready with one another than the actual party – getting slightly tispy to their perfectly calculated dressing up playlist, whilst they helped each other do their makeups and held mini fashion shows in Sarah’s room. The girls adored their ritual, even if the party tended to be a doozy.
This weekend, they were on their way to Kelce’s in Sarah’s SUV. Dolled up, screaming their favourite tunes while laughing about something cringeworthy Topper had said to Sarah the week prior.
“God, why are you dating this guy again?” Y/N said in between breaths of laughter, turning to face her best friend in the drivers seat. Sarah shook her head, still giggling.
“He’s not like that usually, I promise. I think he was trying to be romantic?”
“Well he… what’s that?” The laughter completely died down at the sound of Sarah’s car groaning, the vehicle beginning to jitter and jutter along the usually smooth roads of Figure 8, before a loud pop was heard from the back.
“Shit,” Sarah cursed, pulling over as smoke began to evaporate from the hood. Coughing and spluttering, the pair evacuated the car as soon as it was stationary, fanning the clouds away as they headed to the nose of the car to investigate.
“What the Hell?” Sarah muttered to herself, carefully lifting the hood before quickly backing away with Y/N, more smoke emitting.
“Didn’t you just have maintenance performed on this thing?” Y/N commented, covering her nose and mouth with the top of her dress as she looked at Sarah. Sarah edged forward as the smoke died down, trying to understand what had caused her beloved car to spontaneously break down.
“Fuck,” she whispered upon seeing the issue, “look!” Y/N hesitantly joined Sarah at the hood, seeing a tiny shell jammed in the engine. They both frowned, baffled as to how it could’ve even got there, but too nervous to try and remove it in case the whole thing blew.
“I don’t know,” Sarah sighed, “I better call my dad.”
As Sarah tried to make calls, Y/N perched on the edge of the road, her elbows resting on her knees as she held her face in her palms, zoned out as Sarah paced in front of her. Her dad was in a meeting, Rose was out with clients, Wheeze didn’t know what the Hell she was meant to do, and everyone else they knew were already at Kelce’s.
“I guess I’ll just have to call AA,” Sarah caved, sitting beside her friend before dialling the number.
“How long’s that going to take?” Y/N questioned, noting they’d already been stuck on the side of the road for fifteen minutes, still at least twenty from the party in a car. The sun had completely set, the few drinks she’d consumed wearing off. She was beginning to get cold, all she wanted to do was either go home or get to this God damn party.
Sarah shrugged, “God knows, but it’s our only option. Oh, hi there,” Sarah engrossed herself in the phone call when they picked up, trying to explain the bizarre situation as Y/N sighed, dropping her head and groaning in frustration.
Sarah was about ready to smash her phone on the ground when she returned to Y/N, informing her that AA said they couldn’t come out this late on a Saturday but would be there first thing Sunday morning.
“What do we do then?” Y/N stood, biting her nails as she rested her weight on one leg, tucking her other arm around her waist. Sarah tapped her phone against her lips as she looked around, trying to think.
“Ooh!” Sarah suddenly yelped, making Y/N jump, “why didn’t I think, I can call Rafe. I know he’s at home tonight.”
Y/N groaned, spinning and collapsing back on the pavement. Sarah rolled her eyes as she scrolled through her phone to find her brother’s contact, “I know it would like, kill you, to be in a confined space with him for more than ten seconds but it’s either him or a long walk,” she squinted, earning a very moody middle finger from Y/N in return.
“What do you want?”
“Hi to you too,” Sarah chirped sarcastically when Rafe picked up, “can you lift Y/N and I? My car broke down and you’re our only option.”
Rafe sighed through the line, “I’m busy.”
“Rafe, please, I know you’re at home–”
“I was, and now I’m busy.”
“You’d be driving us twenty minutes down the road, look I’ll literally pay you if you want or, oh!” That was when Sarah suddenly remembered something incredible she could use to blackmail her brother into driving them to a shitty party, “I won’t tell dad about the drugs I saw in your room.”
Rafe wanted to punch a wall. Well, Sarah, more specifically, or maybe himself for being so dumb as to leave drugs out for anyone to see – but he knew that if his dad even thought he was using he’d be cut off and kicked out, for sure. So he bit the bullet, slightly caving.
“Fine, but I need to make stops before I take you to whichever stupid party you’re going to. And I’m on my bike, so I can only take one of you.”
Sarah chewed on her lips, looking over at Y/N who had her head rested on her arms glancing the other way. “Where are we right now, Y/N?” Y/N suddenly snapped up, looking around and trying to think.
“Uh… Sandpark Avenue, I think…?”
“Oh, we’re like a ten minute walk from Topper’s. Look, Rafe’s on his bike so I can walk to Top’s, he can give me a ride and you can go with Rafe, okay?”
The two protested at the same time, Y/N now standing as Sarah actually had to remove the phone from her ear, wincing.
“Okay! Okay! Shut up, please! It’ll be a two minute ride on his bike, you don’t have to talk.”
“Will Topper even be in?”
“I’m going to call, but if he’s not his brother can take me.”
“Why can’t I just come with you?”
“Because…” Sarah paused, mentally preparing herself for the scolding she’d get on either end, “it’s time you two work out whatever petty thing you’ve got going on. It’s exhausting! I’m tired of it, so you’re going with him–” Y/N opened her mouth to argue, but Sarah quickly cut her off, “end of. Rafe?”
He sighed, “fine, I’ll be there in five.”
Sarah grinned, satisfied with her persuasive skills before shoving her phone back into her bag. “I better set off. Topper’s usually late to the party anyway. See you there?” Y/N sucked her teeth, giving her best friend the finger as she started to walk away, “love you too.” The blonde smiled before disappearing into the darkness.
Alone and waiting, Y/N wanted nothing more than to just… God, she felt like throwing up. She didn’t trust Rafe any more than she could throw him, and she was absolutely certain these errands he was supposedly running at eleven pm on a Saturday couldn’t have been anything other than drugs. She didn’t want any part of it, let alone being on the back of a bike with him, but just as she collected herself to start walking to the party – the humming rev of his motorbike entered her line of hearing.
Y/N closed her eyes, folding her arms. “Are you getting on or not?” Rafe lifted the helmet from his head, extending it to Y/N who didn’t seem to budge. He rolled his eyes, relaxing his arms, “look, Sarah would kill me if I left you. Get the fuck on.”
Spitefully, Y/N ripped the helmet from him, clambering on and buckling the hat up as he kicked the bike into action, revving a couple times. Y/N returned her arms to her chest, looking anywhere but his back as she seethed with rage – mainly directed towards Sarah for putting her in this position.
“You might want to hold on to something,” Rafe commented, slightly turning his head to the side. Y/N just turned her head further, refusing to acknowledge him. The boy shook his head, muttering a, “suit yourself,” before jetting off. Instantly a surprised yelp escaped Y/N’s lips, her arms instinctively going to grab the first thing she could which, incidentally, happened to be Rafe’s waist. He smirked to himself, speeding up in feeing her grip around him tighten, shouts of slowing down becoming a blur in the mix of sounds his engine made.
He ignored her protests, not slowing down till he neared his destination. The side of her face was laid firmly on his back, her eyes squeezed as tightly shut as her arms were around him, holding onto him for dear life as she feared for her own more than a few times on the journey.
After pulling up to Barry’s, his hair was well and truly messed, and Y/N was about ready to have a heart attack. She loosened her grip, allowing him to climb off the bike as she caught her breath, not quite noticing where they were.
He began to silently walk towards Barry’s, but when Y/N saw what was around her, she shouted for him to wait. With legs like jelly and veins pumped to the brim with adrenaline, Y/N removed the helmet and ran after him.
“What are you doing?” He span, suddenly stopping her in her tracks as she almost ran straight into his chest.
“If you think I’m staying in crackhead city in the middle of the night alone you’ve got another thing coming,” she scoffed. He pushed his tongue around his mouth, looking around before turning to face her again, understanding that it wouldn’t exactly be safe for her to stay out there alone. Even Rafe knew that.
“Fine, but you don’t speak a word of any of this to anyone, ever, okay? Not even Sarah, especially not Sarah.”
“Relax, she already saw your bong.” Y/N waved her arm in the air, starting to set off again before Rafe grabbed her wrist, pulling her back with ease.
“She hasn’t seen this, alright? So keep your God damn mouth shut.” Y/N frowned, ripping her wrist from his grip.
“Okay.” She spat, not liking how scary Rafe seemed in that moment. He ran his hands nervously through his hair before turning, the girl trailing behind him as they entered Barry’s.
Others were there as music bumped in the background, and Y/N watched in awe at people she’d recognised and some she hadn’t, doing all kinds of shit she never thought would exist anywhere but in Breaking Bad. She watched Rafe as he didn’t bat an eyelid, as he even nodded a hi to a few people doing bumps of coke in corners. She was shocked, to say the least.
“Country club!” A thick Southern accent emitted from the room the two entered, instantly catching Y/N’s wandering attention as she saw a long haired man crouched over a table, splitting lines of coke for him and the woman sat beside him. That’s when he noticed her, stood slightly behind Rafe as he stopped in the middle of the room. He cocked his head, sitting back in his chair as the woman started to snort the nose candy, “woo-hoo-hoo, and Mrs Country Club!Damn, Rafe, punching a lil’, ain’t ya’?”
Y/N scoffed, Rafe rolled his eyes.
“Chill, man, she’s just my sister’s dumb friend I had to pick up. You got my shit?” Barry’s eyes lingered a little longer on Y/N, watching as she shyly backed further and further behind Rafe before he stood.
“Yeah, yeah I gotcho’ shit. You got mine?”
Rafe rummaged in his back pocket, pulling out a wad of cash which he slid onto the table. Barry nodded, turning to grab whatever Rafe’s shit was. The woman noticed Y/N’s nervousness, too, and offered out a rolled up doller bill.
“Want a line?”
“No,” Rafe interrupted before Y/N could answer for herself, “no, she doesn’t.” Barry chucked a small bag of white powder at Rafe, the boy swiftly catching it before stuffing it in his pocket.
“Come on, Mrs Country Club, you don’t wanna bump? First one on me.” Barry winked, collapsing back onto the arm chair.
“Hey, I said no, man. Come on,” Rafe took Y/N’s arm, pulling her out the room and out of Barry’s before she could be offered anything else. She tugged, but he pulled harder, not letting go till they arrived at his bike.
“I know it’s a hard concept to understand, Rafe, but I can walk.” Y/N deadpanned, grabbing his helmet to slip back over her head.
“You never should’ve come in.” He half muttered to himself, climbing onto the bike and quickly starting the engine. Y/N was slightly offended as she took her previous position behind him, this time choosing to snake her arms around his waist before she could almost fly off.
“Do you seriously think I would’ve said yes to cocaine? How stupid do you think I am.”
“It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s them. They’re not good people, alright?”
Y/N laughed, “you sure don’t seem to mind.”
Rafe ignored her snarky comment, kicking the bike into action and speeding as far from Barry’s as he could. The ride wasn’t as terrifying this time, Rafe driving a little slower and a little safer till he pulled up at Kelce’s. The party didn’t show any signs of slowing down, a kook party for once actually looked inviting.
Y/N stood in front of him, returning his helmet.
“Thanks for the ride, try not to get too coked out.” She couldn’t be too nice, choosing to throw in a snide remark before beginning to walk into the party.
“I’m sorry you had to see all that!” Rafe shouted after her, making her stop. “I shouldn’t have taken you, I, uh… I’m sorry.”
“Relax,” Y/N rolled her eyes, “I’m not going to tell Sarah, you can stop grovelling.” She pivoted back to the house, this time Rafe deciding not to stop her. He looked down at his helmet, still feeling guilty for putting Y/N in that situation, before shaking anything he felt off – slipping the helmet on and returning to his original, interrupted plans to get high out of his mind.
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mrs-cameron · 3 months ago
in my business (part 2)
Masterlist | “No respect for the homeland”
pairings: slowburn rafe cameron x reader
word count: 1.5k
warnings: swearing, one mention of drugs
summary: A week after your encounter with Rafe at the party, you meet him again only to be left even more confused about what happened between the two of you.
part 1
Tumblr media
It has been a week since the party happened, and not one time did you ran into Rafe. It’s not like you were avoiding him; you’ve visited his house at least three times, been out with Kelce and Topper, and Rafe was nowhere to be found. He haven’t texted in the group chats either.
You thought it was a coincidence though, Rafe was probably partying somewhere else and definitely not thinking about that moment you two shared. He was a bit high, you were a bit drunk, your self-esteem was a bit lowered by the infamous hook up and therefore, you needed some attention.
You woke up to an empty house, your parents have already left to finish some business. You went downstairs and found a note your mom left you.
“Might come home late, feel free to order any food and invite Sarah over. Mom :)”
But you didn’t feel like doing either, and it was a rare occasion for you. You felt like spending the day alone and cooking something from scratch. It was a gloomy day too, the type of day you’d binge shows with your favorite snacks. So, you decided to go to the nearest supermarket.
It was a 5-minute ride and you lowkey wanted it to last longer, just because the song playing in the car was so good. You parked at the practically empty parking lot and got out of the vehicle when you noticed familiar car four parking spots away from yours. One car window was rolled down and the boy in the driver’s seat threw peace sign at you.
At the end of the day, you couldn’t avoid Rafe forever, and you weren’t even your planning to. When you came closer to Rafe, he already got out of the car, leaning on it with his legs crossed.
“You have no respect for the homeland too, do you?” He smirked, but you had no idea what he was talking about.
“What do you mean?” Then it hit you. “Oh, shit, we were supposed to help cleaning the beach today.”
He nodded at you. You were totally misled by your mom’s note, she probably forgot about it too in a rush to deal with work stuff. Now that you thought about it, you didn’t even check your notifications. You pulled the phone out of your pocket. Seven missed calls from Sarah and one from Topper.
“And why didn’t you go?” You asked, putting your phone back.
“I was out to give the measurements for my suit, actually, for the Midsummers. Rose wants our outfits to match, she’s been so annoying about it,” he said.
“That’s cool. I already have my dress. You’re so late though, Sarah gave her measurements, like, five days ago,” you were relieved at the fact that you two had your usual conversation without any awkwardness.
“Was out of the loop, I guess. What Rose doesn’t know is that I’ll pull up in another costume, I'm not about to let her put me in her last year’s rose crown,” Rafe noted.
“How petty of you,” you replied.
“She’s not my mom to tell me what underwear to wear. I’m a big boy.”
“If you say so,” you said and looked at him, delaying eye contact, and an awkward silence hung between you for a moment.
“Are you going to Midsummers with your family, or...”, he fixed his hair.
“No, I’m going with Carter, actually,” you answered and he pruned, not expecting to hear that.
“Carter? As in, Carter Menzies?” he asked nervously, hands went through his hair again. You nodded. “He is such a piece of shit, Y/n.”
“Rafe, who’s not a piece of shit to you?” You raised your voice, never getting tired of starting a fight with the Cameron boy.
Rafe and Carter both graduated from high school last year, the former dropping college in less than a year, the latter always taking studying seriously. They went to college as friends and came back after one year as enemies, God knows why.
Rafe never shared this with anyone, but he knew Ward would’ve prefer a son like Carter rather than, well… him. His biggest disappointment.
And now that you were also about to enroll in the same university Rafe had dropped out of and Carter had been thriving in, you had common ground with Menzies. Enough to make you and him good friends, he even helped you with college applications.
“I know him more than you do, but fine. You do you, bit don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. How’s that thing with this weird pogue going, by the way? I was wondering if I should fire him,” he changed the subject and laughed on the sly, crossing his arms.
“Okay, Rafe, no. I don’t have time for this. JJ is a good guy, I don’t want you to be up his ass. Don’t you have other things to be lurking at?”
“Not really, things are really steady for everyone now,” he nodded at your words.
“Isn’t it a good thing?”
It isn’t. Things being steady for everyone but him wasn’t good enough, he thought.
“It is,” he lied. “How was Sarah’s party, by the way? I never went outside.” Oh no.
“Lovebirds were fighting though,” he remembered Topper and Sarah. “Highlight of my night, hearing Topper complain about his relationship with my sister.”
Dare you say, “No other highlight of the night?”
“Weren’t you sad I didn’t share yayo, or something? Quite a move, I’ll reconsider,” he acted confused and chuckled.
He was laughing it off, as expected? You weren’t particularly stunned by it, at the end of the day, if there was one person who did one night stands, it was Rafe.
“I’m not familiar with your weird terminology,” you jokingly squinted, “and I’m afraid of anything I don’t know, so… shoo,” you smiled. “I’ll go to the store. It was nice seeing you.”
“Same. Then, I’ll see you at the Midsummers,” he got into his car, window still down. “Or in my house randomly, as usual.”
“Godspeed,” you gave him one more look before walking away from his car.
He started the car as you walked away, signaling you two times. You turned back, pointing two middle fingers to him, keeping them up as he drove away. Then you felt your phone vibrating in your pocket.
2 new messages from Sarah
sarah🥰: we’re done at the beach, let’s meet
sarah🥰: i wanted to tell him the truth so bad but i just couldn’t find the words plus dad wanted me to wait till after midsummers, top knows we’re not good
You signed, the cold wind blowing your hair. It was unusually cold for the OBX, about to rain too. A plan to spend the evening alone didn’t seem appealing anymore.
you: come to my house then, i’ll be there in 20
you: met rafe btw
sarah🥰: ya dirty truants 🙄 i’m on my way
When you came home, Sarah was already there waiting on you by your porch. She helped you with the bags, simultaneously talking about being a bad girlfriend.
You couldn’t deny her being wrong; she was, indeed, cheating. Knowing as much as you did about their relationship, Topper too had a lot of toxic patterns, you’ve heard a lot of bad things from her about his possessiveness. It was a good thing the’d part their ways.
Even though you bought enough ingredients to cook enough for at least 10 people, you and your best friend ended up ordering delivery anyway. You had better things to do, who doesn’t appreciate free mutual therapy session with best friend?
“My dad is so obnoxious about the Thorntons, you have no idea. I shouldn’t see Topper till Midsummers, then spend the whole evening there with you,” Sarah emphasised the last word. “And the next day, I’ll tell him we’re done.”
The notification on your phone interrupted your talk. You haven’t even looked at the screen, but after Sarah pointed out that it was Carter texting you, you opened the message right away.
1 new message from Carter
menz: I won’t make it to Midsummers, sorry about that, I know you counted on me.
“He’s not coming to the Midsummers with me,” Sarah frowned at the news.
“No way, how come?”
You typed.
you: waait, why? :(
menz: It’s a long story
you: and i sure got time
“We don’t need him, I’ll be your escort,” Sarah said.
While you were chatting with Carter, she was on her phone too.
“Got a text from Wheezie. Looks like Rafe is back home,” she said. “He almost haven’t been there this week. But we’re having a family dinner now, I guess.”
“You just had a family dinner,” you clarified.
“And did I witness the son versus father battle there? What’s a family dinner without it?”
“Point was made,” you shrugged shoulders, still on your phone.
“Rafe is about to get instructed on how to act in front of rich snobs as a college dropout at the event where... everyone and their mom flaunt their wealth and success,” Sarah summed it up.
“Sound of the summer,” you shook your head. “Text me when you’re done, okay?”
Sarah got up and put her stuff in her tote. “Of course. Wish me and Rafe luck.”
At this moment, you almost told her about your moment with Rafe at the party. But telling anyone could make it real, right? Especially after he avoided addressing it, why should you? As long as you don’t tell anyone, what had happened - didn’t happened. Period.
“Tell him I said hi.”
a/n: so here’s part two! thank you guys so much for your likes, reblogs and comments, it means a lot to me! ❤️ get your prettiest dresses, we’re going to Midsummers!
tags: @amourtentiaa @iixbella @taylathornton
i’ll also tag those who commented (please let me know if you want to be tagged in replies or inbox) : @outerbankies @mentalpolaroids @outerbankies @mildkleptomaniac @noellestrash @torynicholsgf @ilovejjmaybank @obxlife101
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magpiencrow · 5 months ago
kaz brekker x reader - jealous
summary/request: “hi <3 can I request a kaz x reader where the reader has to get close to a man for a mission, kaz can’t help but be really over protective, and they have an argument about it and kaz realizes he has feelings for her?? thank you 💘”
warnings: language, jealous!kaz
word count: 1.7k
A/N: So in all honestly, I’m not completely pleased with what I came up for this. Perhaps I’m being too harsh on myself. But I feel like it’s an achievement just getting it posted considering I deleted the file of my OG version (big dumb-dumb moment) and had to rewrite everything from memory. 😑 Also this ended up going in the route of jealous Kaz instead of protective Kaz... whoops
Tumblr media
With each twirl of Y/N’s skirts, the nausea within Kaz increased tenfold. She was stunning, dancing with grace underneath the obscenely large chandeliers within a mercher’s home. Her navy blue dress contrasted beautifully with the golden marble flooring. Everyone’s eyes followed the girl who moved like no one else. From Kaz’s point of view, he couldn’t see her smile, but no part of him doubted that it was dazzling.
She was on his crew for this precise reason, her scarily good ability to charm her way into any event and enchant any person. Their target was the young eligible bachelor son of one of the wealthiest merchers in Ketterdam. Someone was paying a hefty price for said son to be kidnapped. Kaz didn’t know or care why, kruge was kruge. If there was a person who could single-handedly reel in their target, it was Y/N.
Kaz, Inej, and Jesper were huddled together on top of the roof of the house, looking down upon the grand ballroom from the glass dome which provided a rather large view. Y/N floated over the floor, but always stayed in the middle of the ballroom, always within view. He’d made her swear on her life about a dozen times that she’d stay where he could see her.
The reasoning for such a request was based upon safety. The plan would go much smoother and safer if every Crow knew exactly what was going on. But as the date of the first part of their job grew closer, Kaz realized selfishness also lurked beneath. Some part of him wanted to ensure their target wouldn’t come in and sweep Y/N off her feet like a Prince Charming. He knew how mercher’s sons were - highly educated, charismatic, and toting promises of a luxurious life to their suitors. Could Y/N withstand such temptations? Kaz knew he wouldn’t blame her if she couldn’t. A mercher’s son could give her a better life than Kaz could even dream of offering.
When Y/N had first entered the ballroom, head held high and proud, Kaz’s stomach lurched when practically every person turned their gazes to her. She was easy on the eyes, her hair beautifully braided and twisted by Inej and her outfit selected by Jesper which included a few of his own personal rings. Kaz hadn’t participated in their activities as he only had one consistent opinion: she looked beautiful in anything.
He was rudely pulled out of his thoughts when Jesper snapped his fingers, pointing to the top left corner of the ballroom, “There he is!”
The target had finally entered. He was tall and dressed from head to toe in one of the finest suits Kaz had seen in Ketterdam. Clearly the heir to a wealthy mercher’s estate. He stood in the corner, sipping on a glass of wine while observing the dancing duos. Y/N switched partners every so often, displaying that she wasn’t tied down to just one.
Slowly, Y/N migrated towards their target and Kaz held his breath, anxiety flooding his senses. The task tonight was simple: just a flirty introduction, subtle, plant the seeds. Inej let out a deep breath she had been holding. Their target had taken the bait. The moment his eyes had laid upon Y/N, he quickly plucked a flute of wine off a passing tray to hand to her.
Soon they waltzed in the middle of the ballroom together, turning and dipping to the rhythm of the music. Everything was going to plan, except for Kaz’s sudden eruption of feelings. He felt sick to his stomach with doubt. For quite a while, he’d always had an inkling of a thought that Y/N liked him. Her lingering glances were difficult to ignore. But now, watching her happily waltz with another man, Kaz found himself wondering how he ever could have thought she liked him. Even if he did want to go to a social event, Kaz couldn’t dance, float over the floor effortlessly. He limped, always leaning on his cane for support. To put it simply, Kaz was envious.
Kaz froze as Y/N was escorted off the dance floor, hanging off the arm of the mercher’s son. Even so far away, Kaz could tell she was laughing, a wide grin splayed across her face. She leaned against the man, staring up at him with admiration. And the man seemed just as enthralled, tipping his head downward to whisper sweet nothings in Y/N’s ear. Kaz’s face grew hot with a raging flush at the sight.
“Well, the target has certainly taken the bait.” Inej laughed softly, shaking her head.
Kaz drew in a deep, ragged breath and steeled himself, “Good, it’s her job.”
“Is she competing for ‘Most Valuable Crow’? She’s certainly going above and beyond,” Jesper teased, his eyes trained on the scene below.
Bile rose in Kaz’s throat at that comment. Did Y/N actually like the target? Clenching his jaw, he coldly responded, “It’s the plan.”
Jesper groaned and threw his head back, “So when she flirts with a guy during a job it’s ‘part of the plan’, but when I do it you say I’m being ‘irresponsible’. I think your favoritism is showing, Kaz.”
Kaz didn’t entertain Jesper’s little rant with a response. Instead, he kept his eyes intensely trained on Y/N below. However, he could distinctly feel Inej’s gaze focused on the side of his face. The silence was tense.
“You’re jealous.” Inej finally commented.
“I am not.”
“No, you totally are. Look at you, sitting here watching her from above, silently brooding.” The Suli girl’s tone was teasing, a knowing smile spreading across her face.
On Kaz’s other side, Jesper suddenly gasped, “Oh Saints, you like her, don’t you?!”
Kaz shook his head no - a blatant lie, but there was no point in his actions. His two friends grinned at him like fools, eyes twinkling at the thought of Dirtyhands falling for a girl.
Kaz stood obscured in the shadows of one corner of the Crow Club. It was the agreed upon rendezvous point, where he’d meet up with Y/N after the ball. Inej and Jesper were supposed to be with him, but they’d both wandered off on their own. Kaz tightened the grip on his cane as he waited with bated breath. The night had been a success from what he could tell. Their target was being slowly, but surely reeled in. Only a few more calculated moves left and he’d be within Kaz’s reach.
When Y/N finally walked into the Crow Club, with the dim golden lighting casting across her face, Kaz’s heart stopped. She was stunning, even in her state of exhaustion with a faint layer of sweat across her brow. Her skirts were held up as she eagerly kicked off the heels she’d been wearing for the whole evening. Quickly, her eyes scanned the Club, searching for him. When their gazes met, a huge grin spread across her face as she practically skipped across the room to join Kaz in the shadows.
“These things are a monstrosity.” Y/N complained, throwing her silver heels onto the table next to Kaz.
Just barely, the corner of Kaz’s mouth quirked in response. “I see you had a good evening.”
“Everything went to plan!” she replied cheerfully.
“And a bit more.” Kaz’s voice was sternly professional but laced heavily with disdain.
The smile on Y/N’s face immediately dropped, her eyebrows furrowing together. “What’s that supposed to mean, Kaz?”
“Oh, I think you know.” Kaz’s tone was icy, crueler than necessary. But he simply couldn’t help himself. Seeing the girl infernally happy after spending the evening with the target peeved him. “Even Jes was surprised at how touchy you got and you know how casual he is with flirtatious advances.”
Y/N shot a withering glare at him, her eyes ablaze with fury, “I did my job. Exactly what you asked for. I don’t know what your damn problem is.”
Kaz simply huffed and tensed his shoulders. What is my problem?, he thought while staring at the girl. My feelings? Insecurities?
“I didn’t like you getting so close.”
“What else was I supposed to do Kaz?! Try to seduce him from across the room? Newsflash, that’s not how it works.” Y/N was pissed, that much was obvious. Her hands tightened into fists as she stared him down.
Kaz opened and closed his mouth slightly, looking like a fish while trying to find the words to say. “I don’t want you getting attached to targets.”
“Why would I?”
“He’s charming, wealthy, he has the lifestyle that would fit you so well.” Kaz left off the words he really wanted to say: He’s everything I’m not.
“Do you really think I want that life?” Y/N’s face fell, her eyes softly gazing at him with something that looked a lot like pity.
“To be paraded around like a show pony, just a piece of arm candy? And then, when they start thinking of heirs, how to continue their legacy and bloodline, you suddenly turn into a broodmare. I don’t want that life.” Passion filled her voice and her hands moved expressively to illustrate her points.
Kaz clenched his jaw and simply nodded, “Good to know.”
“I’m happy here with you. I don’t want people to look at me like I’m just a pretty girl, a decoration. You value me, you see me.” Y/N suddenly blurted out, a red flush creeping onto her cheeks. The confession was sudden, completely unexpected by both parties.
Those few simple phrases felt like a dream to Kaz. It was everything he’d always wanted, but never truly admitted he needed to hear. She was happy with him. He gulped, pausing as he realized this is the moment. Just over Y/N’s shoulder, Kaz spotted Jesper who was grinning like an idiot and flashing him two encouraging thumbs ups.
“I like you, far more than I should.” Kaz whispered, barely audible over the obnoxiously loud chattering that echoed within the Crow Club. His heart beat rapidly and so many feelings flooded his brain - dread, hope, happiness. The moment her face lit up, lips curving up in a smile and eyes twinkling with happiness, he knew the decision he made was the right one.
“Well, I like you too.”
Kaz taglist (comment “tag me” to be added):
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midday0dreams · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Scared (a). 

you were always scared that he might wake up one day and decide that doesn’t love you anymore. m.list
   After the cold fight you had today you were keeping quiet, not for the sake of giving him the silent treatment.. but for the sake of keeping whatever left of the peace.
 Your boyfriend kept pestering you to talk to him, to tell him what’s wrong.. you hated that question. 
Your lovely boyfriend thought it would be funny to make you jealous, to see fuzz over him, to watch you calm him in all of the different ways, but it backfired when you quietly left the room and went home without a single word. And now you were standing in the kitchen in your now pajamas, which is not a good sign because you always wear his cloths to bed.. 
he had followed you all day, and now he was standing behind you leaning on the counter. “y\n” he sighs deeply, and judging by it he was getting tired of you and your antics.. but he doesn’t get it. 
“I told you it was a joke, I was wrong and I am sorry! What else do you want me to do?” His voice rose gradually due to the frustration caused by you.
 The thing is you were scared, you were scared when he was flirting with that girl, you were scared that he will see what he is missing on, that she is much more prettier, skinnier, funner, more interesting, had a better personality, and more importantly did not have a million insecurities like you do, you were scared if you would tell him what is really wrong he would see the real you, the broken you, that he would think you were damaged goods, or crazy needy girlfriend, you were scared of being the party pooper.. so, the only logical solution is to let it pass, but he wasn’t willing.. 
As his frustration level rose you fell deeper into the fear, you knew that this time he won’t let it go.. but you also knew that it will only end badly, as in him leaving you.. so you decide to open the can of warms and let them all out, if he was going to leave you were determined to give him a good reason. 
He was ranting in the background .. “I just don’t understand why you have be like this ..” 
 And it was enough to push you, you turned to look at him, for the first time since the incident.. 
“yes donghyuck you don’t understand! You don’t understand anything” 
you shouted at him cutting his sentence. He was taken back, his jaw left hanging.. 
“I am scared! Im scared all the god damn time! And you don’t even know.. every morning im sacred, every time you walk out of the door im sacred, every time you meet someone new im sacred, every time we fight im sacred! I cant tell you how im feeling because im sacred..” a rogue sob cuts you off, tears escaped your eyes too sabotaging your strong facade. 
The look on his face tho, it was a look you never wanted to see.. a look that made you feel small and pathetic, no no that not how you want him to see you. 
“y\n..” He lost his words not knowing what to say, he came closer with his arms open attempting to hold you.. but you step back, you dont want his sympathy now, you dont want him to feel sorry for you.
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finestoflines · a year ago
“Harry’s stylist, right?”
Summary: Harry and his personal stylist are great collaborators, on screen and off. She helps his visions come to life and in turn they’ve become close friends. As she helps him to bring his fashion dreams come to life during the Fine Line era, will some other dreams come to life as well?
Harry and his stylist go from colleagues to friends to lovers because they’ve been in love with each other from the jump
Tumblr media
this fit is very important to this part lmaooo - I literally have no idea what to call this lol, anyway I've been sitting on this for forever and I wanted to get something out for yall and i love this story there will be a part 2 when i get to a writing mood. I love this story bc its my literal dream - anyway!! pls enjoy and reblog and lmk what you think :)
Word Count: 14k | Warnings: swearing, drinking, tame for now, should be smut eventually - aka slow burn (what else would you expect from me at this point i guess)
part 2
“Hey, H, I just had a question about one of the SNL outfits? Do you have a sec?”
Harry looked up from his phone and raised his brows at his stylist, Y/N.
Y/N had worked with Harry previously. In photoshoots for Another Man magazine and his most recent Gucci campaign. As well as some other random times, such as one-off award show looks and specific appearances. However, this past summer Harry had hired Y/N to work fulltime for him, exclusively. He had told her that he was planning on releasing his second album in the winter and he wanted someone there to help him plan his clothes for music videos, award season, interview appearances, as well as tour outfits.
Y/N stood just inside the doorway of the room, leaning her back against the wall, looking expectantly at him. Her eyes were wide and her lips were pursed. She was dressed simply in a white satin skirt and a matching cropped button-up, they both had cream flowers embroidered on, paired with horsebit slim Gucci mules. Her style was eclectic, but she had definitely noticed an increase of Gucci in her wardrobe since starting her employment with Harry.
Y/N’s passion in life was fashion and clothes and she constantly worried that one of Harry’s outfits wouldn’t deliver as much as she wanted it to. He was quick to tell her not to worry so much though, as long as they both were happy with it, how could anyone else not love it. Plus, he’d always add, it didn’t really matter what anyone else thought. But as more and more events began to crop up, Y/N’s worry over her work grew. She had only been the head stylist for Harry on projects that were still underwraps - except for Lights Up which had been released a couple weeks ago now.
The first project she ever worked on with Harry as his full-time personal stylist was the Lights Up music video. She had never worked so closely with one person for so long on just one project. Harry was insistent in vision and came in the first day filled with ideas, what he imagined for the video's concept and how he wanted to incorporate clothes. She had been happy to make his dreams become reality.
The two of them spent hours at his house for weeks, pouring over every detail of every outfit he planned to wear. They both wanted it to be perfect. And eventually, it all came together, exactly how they had planned. All of the garments for the video took up two entire garment racks. Y/N had made Harry pose in every single outfit for polaroids that she dated and then put into a lookbook she started for him. She had told him she planned to document every outfit she styled for him and Harry had been so excited. The outfits he wore in the video were received with praise when it was finally released, and Harry and Y/N were overjoyed. There was already a party for its release, but they both were especially happy that night. Throughout the evening, Harry and Y/N would gravitate to one another and fall into side conversations about the outfits and what people had been saying. Even if Harry said it didn’t matter, he and Y/N both knew, at the end of the day, they loved when people were happy with their work.  
“Sure,” he bounced to his feet, but Y/N made a hand motion telling him that he could stay seated. He settled back down as she crossed over and sat beside him on his couch.
She was at his house in London today planning his next few appearances that were promotion for the upcoming album, Saturday Night Live was next. Harry had been taking a break from their work until she had come in.
It wasn’t unusual for Y/N to be at his house, they had been working together for months now. First, it had been for his outfits in his music videos that were filmed in late summer and early fall, like Lights up, but also a few other ones. Now, it was clothing for promo appearances, interviews, and listening parties. Next, it would be tour outfits, which she had already started planning, but officially, they hadn’t started discussions yet. Harry had helped her to get a flat closer to his house in London just for her to be able to head over and help with the planning or fitting of his outfits more easily. She also was constantly traveling with him to his appearances, making sure outfits were perfect right before whatever show it was or making last minute adjustments in case either of them decided something wasn’t right.
While Harry was a big guy, his waist was far trimmer than a usual man built to his size, this meant she had to take in a lot of his trousers at the waist. As well, with his shirts and coats, she’d have to take them in or out depending on how Harry wanted the fit to be - either perfectly tight or perfectly oversized. He was particular, but she appreciated his drive for fashion and how he cared for his appearance. Before performances, she often had to take things in or out based on any body fluctuation that had occurred since the initial fitting.
She was looking at her sketchpad that held all of her notes on his clothes - which was different from the lookbook of polaroids - including patches of the actual colors and little Harry figures dressed in what he was going to wear. Right now, she had the pad opened to a page titled “SNL Opener - November 16, 2019”.
“So I was thinking with your opening monologue outfit, it might look better to have a different colored blazer? A matching yellow would be great, but if you did more of a toned down - maybe light tan or beige - blazer with gold embellishments, you’d elevate it to look sophisticated and stylish, rather than just stylish. It’d be exactly like the runway look - which I know you sometimes don’t like, but I think it’s what looks best.”
She ran her finger between two swatches of what she thought would be the better blazer color and the one Harry had originally wanted. He wet his lips and gazed at the page as he thought about what she said. Normally, she liked monochrome on him, but she thought the deep blue underneath a completely yellow suit might wash him out on the stage.
“Yeah,” he pointed to the top beige swatch, “I think I do like this better.” He paused and turned his head to Y/N, looking in her eyes before asking, “Is that all?”
“,” Y/N ran a hand over her unstyled hair, slightly fluffed by her constant musing of it. She often fiddled with it while she worked, better than biting nails she always said when confronted about her tick. After a sigh Y/N continued, “I was just on the phone with Jane from Gucci and she said that for Look 57 they could only send your technical size, for some reason they can’t custom make it. Meaning, I’ll have to tailor the whole thing to you when it arrives. Is that alright? Or do you want to choose something else?”
She flipped to a page that said “SNL WS.” Harry followed her hands and nodded realizing she was talking about the Gucci suit he wanted to wear for Watermelon Sugar. It was a watermelon’s inside red. When he had found out the suit came in that color, he had danced around the dining table for what Y/N had felt like was an hour, humming the tune of Watermelon Sugar excitedly. Finally, she had coaxed him to sit back down and get back to their other work, which was still picking out clothes.
“No, that’s fine,” Harry shook his head and used his thumb to scratch under his lips absentmindedly, “It really needs to be that color.”
She nodded, she knew what his answer was going to be, but she also knew he still liked to make the final decision.
“Alright, we’ll just have to meet for longer when everything arrives, to tailor that one. Then the rest of them should just be making sure the fit is perfect.”
She rose up from her seat and patted Harry’s shoulder, leaving him to his thoughts, as she went back to finish up the calls with Jane and the designers.
He caught her hand in his before she completely walked away, “Thank you, Y/N.” He was so grateful he had hired someone who was as driven as he was and understood his fashion sense and wanted to help enhance what he was thinking, rather than someone trying to control him or just going along with whatever he said. Neither would be productive or helpful, thankfully Y/N loved her job and cared to do things right.
She grinned before exiting, “H, you’re going to be this century’s style icon if it’s the last thing I do.” He laughed as she walked out of the room, leaning back on the couch to continue his lurking on Instagram.
One week later
“I’m here, H! I come bearing Gucci and more!” Y/N said as she shuffled through Harry’s front door, she held a deconstructed rack and a garment bag filled with heavy suits and things. Inside were Harry’s four most important outfits for SNL, some other garments for SNL, and some clothes they had talked about for his upcoming listening sessions later in the month. Y/N needed to check the fit on all of them and begin tailoring the Watermelon Sugar suit. The key Harry had given to Y/N, previously, had let her in, but she assumed he was home. He said he’d be.
When Y/N rounded the corner she found another empty room. Confused, she set down her large items and went to search for Harry. Y/N literally needed him to be here for this part. It was the only real time she actually needed to see him in person - but that was beside the point.
She wandered through the different rooms of his home. Normally, Y/N didn’t go into the other rooms, she was always mainly in his lounge area, the dining room, and a little casual office room he had - sometimes the kitchen for water, his bedroom once. Still not finding him, she decided to venture to the furthest door, Harry’s bedroom, she remembered.
Harry groaned at the sound of a knock on his door, he rolled over in his bed. After a few moments of hearing nothing else than his groan, Y/N felt like she had to go in and check on him.
“H, it’s 12:30 and we agreed we’d meet at noon. Are you feeling alright?”
Y/N moved into the room and found a shirtless Harry surrounded by rumpled sheets, clutching at a pillow. He groaned into his pillow again in response. Her legs bent at the edge of the bed and she reached out to smooth some of his chestnut hair out of his face, “What’s wrong?”
He moved his head to allow his eyes to look at her, “‘M so tired, don’t know why. My stomach kind of hurts too…” Y/N looked at him quizzically, before running her hand over his tan forehead once more, this time checking for a fever. “You don’t have a fever. When did you go to sleep? Have you eaten anything today?” With her help, Harry moved into a seated position, head tilted back against the bedpost. He sat silent for a moment before blowing air out of his mouth. “Went to sleep kind of late for me, I guess...Haven’t eaten.”
“Ok, you’re just tired from staying up late, you old man, and you might be a little dehydrated and hungry. Listen, I’ll go make you some food if you get up and prepare yourself for the day. We need to get all your clothes fitted so that I can fix anything before next week.” Y/N was always good at getting Harry back on track when he got distracted - or even out of the station, when he wasn’t in the mood to work on something. She slid from her perch on the bed and walked to almost the edge of the room before Harry called her back.
“Can you pick out my clothes for me?” His soft, tired voice whined. “So hard...and you’ve got the best eye. Pleaseeee,” he pleaded softly.
Rolling her eyes, Y/N sighed and made her way back into his room. Crossing to the door that led to his walk-in closet, she set to work. As silly as he was being, she could never pass up on a chance to pick out an outfit for Harry.
“You’re literally going to be changing the entire time, H, you could have just thrown on sweats,” she called back to him once inside the smaller room. He repeated how she always picked the right thing, even for just around the house. Again, Y/N rolled her eyes at Harry, but she also couldn’t hide the warm smile on her face that was due to his compliment.
She couldn’t believe how dramatic Harry could be sometimes. Right now, he was a lesser form of hungover and he was acting like his life was ending. Y/N had made a note a while ago to never agree to a meeting on the day after any partying. She learned the hard way one particularly terrible Sunday. She had come round his house at a similar time, noon-ish and found Harry dead asleep, backwards in his bed. When she had roused him, his only responses were grumbles and groans. She had to not only pick out his clothes, but also help dress him. Then, after providing water and aspirin, she moved all their work into his bedroom so they could work from there. Harry had proved to be a baby when it came to hangovers.  But, she hadn’t realized he could get like this even without being truly hungover.
After settling on his live aid t-shirt, that Y/N was eternally jealous of, located at the front of his drawer and his favorite corduroy trousers, she walked out and threw them in the direction of his toned, but slumped body. “I will not get you boxers, that is most definitely not in my job description, Boss.” Y/N sent a pointed look in his direction, moving to finally leave the room. While he was technically her boss as her employer, their work relationship was extremely collaborative and it never felt like he was in control of her, she just liked to give him shit for being a drama queen.
“Guess I’ll be going commando. How’s that going to work with me changing in front of you a bunch of times?” He teased right back, taking the clothes you had thrown at him and giving them a onceover. His teasing signalled that he was already feeling better.
Y/N shook her head and walked out of the room, “For the love of God, Harry, please put on underwear before you come out and continuously strip in front of me!”
The words he shouted after that were muffled, but they were something along the lines of how the human body is beautiful and shouldn’t be covered up. Unbelievable. As she set to work on making both of them some lunch, she finally heard Harry begin moving around. They had a lot of work to do as it was and whenever Harry was in a mood, whether it be a good mood or a bad mood, they always seemed to have a hard time focusing.
One night, that could be seen as the poster child for Harry and Y/N’s procrastination, was during the planning for the Adore You music video. Harry was in a super good mood that day and he had brought that energy to their meeting at his house. Y/N was supposed to be fitting him for the various outfits, but Harry, in his mania, ordered an overzealous amount of Chinese food. It took her and Harry hours to even make a dent in the food. And while they passed the time with eating, Harry and Y/N got further and further from their tasks, opting for conversations that included more fun topics than work. They had gossipped about some of the other people they worked with, Harry had begged for “the tea” about some of his other staffers and Y/N was happy to oblige. As much as Y/N would hate to admit it, she loved when they got off of work subjects and talked about how their day’s had been and what has been on their nerves lately. It was a nice way to decompress, it was like hanging out with a friend, except it wasn’t, not really.
Harry shuffled into the kitchen wearing what Y/N had picked out for him. Her smile grew knowing that he hadn’t changed what she’d picked. His confidence in her and her abilities never failed to feel like the biggest compliment.
“Go sit at the dining table, I’ve made us some little sandwiches and then we can decide the order we want to go through the outfits in.”
Before following Y/N’s orders, Harry continued his shuffling around, first to the cabinet for a glass, then to the fridge for water. At the end of the table, she set the plates between the head of the table’s spot and the one to its left. Harry took the side spot, so Y/N was on the end. After a bite of his food, Harry moaned loudly in contentment. This caused an amused look on Y/N’s face, there had been nothing special in his house so she had just made what was possible. This meant that Harry’s satisfaction was a little over the top.
“You’re acting like you haven’t eaten in a week. What did you do last night that got you in such a twist?” Y/N asked as she took a sip of her own glass of water. Harry nibbled at his lower lip after swallowing, trying to understand why he was particularly tired today.
“I guess I forgot to eat properly yesterday and then I went out running. And I stayed up late on the phone with,” he paused, eyes flashing to Y/N and then away again, “someone for SNL.”
Y/N hummed at his words before going back to her own eating. She didn’t understand why he hesitated about telling her he’d been on the phone last night, it especially irked her that he wouldn’t even say with whom. Professionally, it wasn’t really her business, but Harry was never secretive with her. Plus, it seemed to be work related so why was he being so flighty about it.
Moving forward, Harry peppier from eating and simply moving around, the pair set to work. They decided on trying on everything else first and then saving the Watermelon Sugar suit to the end. The other three main pieces for the night fit perfectly, Y/N had to only do minor reworks of certain areas.
“H, I need you to hold still…” Y/N interrupted Harry’s ramblings as she was crouched beside him.
She had to take up the hem on the pant legs so right now she was trying to pin them in the place she and Harry had agreed upon, without messing with the pleats.
“Sorry,” He mumbled, straightening out his back to stand taller.
He stayed quiet for a bit until Y/N popped back up, she looked at her notebook for reference on what she still had to tailor.
“Okay, next, the pants crotch is looking pretty fitted, so I assume you want it taken down a bit,” Y/N said as she got back into her crouching position. “Look in the mirror and tell me where you think letting it out looks best, I don’t have the best vantage point when I’m up this close…” she trailed off, placing her measuring tape directly on top of Harry’s crotch and running it down his leg a ways.
Once done with her first attempt at where she thought was best to let the pants out, she turned her eyes to the mirror that showed Harry in his suit with Y/N on her knees before him. Harry cleared his throat as he looked in the mirror, seeing Y/N with her eyes wide in anticipation in the position she was in made him want to run and hide. Her hands were extremely close to his dick, but it was literally her job, he knew he had to shake the thoughts that were running through his mind.
“Maybe just a bit further up actually, as much as I like the high waist with dropped crotch, I want this suit to have that specifically tailored look,” his hands motioned for Y/N to bring the drop up a ways.
Her hands then brought the measuring tape up, once again grazing over his area. Again, Y/N looked at Harry through the mirror for approval, and this time he gave it and she placed a single pin in the place where the pants would be let out to.
Standing up, Y/N hoped Harry didn’t notice the blush gracing her face. She was a stylist and used to being around naked bodies as well as touching around a man’s crotch when working. But Harry in this suit must have been magic, because she had felt extremely vulnerable on her knees in front of him in it. She had felt flushed the minute he hadn’t liked what she had done initially and she hated that she felt that way for some reason. Beginning to work on the sleeves of the suit set her at ease, Y/N was thankful to no longer be kneeling or in such close proximity to what was under Harry’s pants.
“Anything on your mind of late?” Harry broke the silence.
Y/N hummed with a pin stuck between her lips, folding up the suit jacket’s right sleeve. Plucking it from her mouth after a few silent moments, she said, “Not really, haven’t had time to do much else lately. Always thinking about you,” Y/N flushed as she realized what she had just said. “I mean, thinking about you like about your clothes and when they’re going to arrive and what I need to do about them, not you personally, sorry that came out wrong,” her blush intensified as she rapidly fumbled through her last sentence.
“Oh my god!”
While Y/N had gotten flustered with her words, she managed to stick the pin she was using straight into Harry’s flesh. She immediately removed the pin from where it had stuck him.
“Oh god, I’m so sorry, H, we’ve got to get this off. I need to make sure you’re not bleeding onto the suit.”
Y/N rushed around to Harry's backside and began slipping off his suit jacket as Harry chuckled and began to unbutton the shirt as carefully as possible.
“‘S alright, Y/N, if there’s any blood on the shirt it’ll blend in, blood is practically the same color.” She glared at him through the mirror and Harry continued to laugh, “That is not funny, H, I shouldn’t have stuck you in the first place.”
“No, no,” Harry hushed Y/N as she began to slip off his shirt from one side to the other, taking off the sleeve on the side she hadn’t poked, “you’ve got so much on your plate with all the planning for the upcoming events. Then you worked yourself up over a little slip.” As Y/N carefully unbuttoned the cuff of the sleeve to try and slip off the shirt with the least amount of blood on it as possible, Harry finished with, “I wouldn’t mind if you were just thinking about me, though, an’ not the clothes.”
This time, Y/N was very in control, not willing to let herself slip up a second time today. She didn’t know how to respond to what Harry had just admitted. It wasn’t like this hasn't happened before. Both of them were guilty of making little comments that made it sound like they were interested in each other in a way that was a little different than professional or friendly. But every time the other person always had the responsibility to shut the idea down or completely blow past what their counter had just said.
“Harry…” She began, it was soft and pleading, like she was saying she couldn’t entertain that idea. Examining his forearm, after pulling the shirt completely away and resting it on a nearby chair, she saw a little spot of blood protruding from the pin prick she had caused. “Where do you keep your bandages?” Y/N decided that it was best to brush past Harry’s words this time and went off to find his first aid kit. Harry stood there, shirtless, staring at the blood on his arm. It really wasn’t a lot and it wouldn’t have done anything to the suit, but Y/N was always so careful and never wanted to ruin any of Harry’s clothes.
On her return, Y/N came upon a shirtless Harry perched on the edge of the table, with one arm crossed and his other - that was bleeding - being held slightly away from his body, as if Harry was afraid to touch it. His posture was slumped so Y/N could see his spine curving beneath his tanned honey-soft skin and his shoulder blades slightly flexed. While most of Harry’s body was covered in tattoos, she noticed how the closest tattoo to his back was the small line drawing of a guitar on the back of his left shoulder. Other than that his smooth back was bare. Y/N found it interesting that Harry had never chosen to ink his back. She jogged lightly back into the room and Harry’s head turned to watch her approach. His bottom lip was caught between his teeth as he regarded her. She noticed he was being particularly quiet, but she had no idea why. Maybe he was still tired.
Y/N set to work on finding the correct tissue, neosporin, and bandage for Harry’s small wound. As she worked on fixing up her mistake, Harry’s eyes followed her movements. Green eyes flickering between her hands on his arm and her own eyes focusing on her task.
“After this, I actually can just head home and finish the rest of the work,” Y/N said as she unpackaged the bandage, “I already know where I need to take in the suit sleeves and the shirt’s sleeves were looking fine. So, I can get out of your hair and you can get to sleep early tonight.” She placed the nude toned bandage over Harry’s arm, she was a little sad to find he didn’t own fun bandages. That was something that she expected from Harry, but she resigned that maybe she didn’t know everything about Harry.
Before Harry could speak, Y/N continued, “Don’t rehearsals for the show start tomorrow? When are you flying to New York?” She ran her hand over the bandage, smoothing it in place. Her hand lingered there as her eyes looked up and met Harry’s. Harry twitched his arm away from Y/N’s touch and scratched his nose slightly.
“Yeah, I’m flying out tomorrow morning. When are you set to fly out?”
“Friday. I’ll get in before the final dress rehearsal and then I’ll be there for the show.” Y/N stepped back and began to rehang the suit jacket and shirt that they had discarded in her haste to not get blood on them.
Then Y/N stood there staring at Harry. He looked at her slightly confused by her doing nothing when she said she was leaving. “Pants, H.” She said finally when she realized he had forgotten he was still wearing the suit pants. “Oh! Sorry,” Harry exclaimed as he began to unbutton and remove the pants he was wearing. He handed her the pants and she exchanged them with his live-aid t shirt. He took it graciously before slipping it on and disguising his toned body beneath it. Then he took his pants from earlier and fully redressed himself.
“Damn!” Y/N said and Harry’s head flipped to watch her as she began to put all of the clothing back in their garment bags and take down the rack.
“What’s wrong?”
“I just pinched myself with the rack, I’m all left feet today.”
“Here,” Harry chuckled as he walked over to help Y/N, “let me help you with all this. Just in the boot of your car, yeah?” Y/N nodded and smiled in appreciation for Harry. He grabbed her keys laying on the table and then took the rack and a garment bag. Even if things sometimes got tense between them, for whatever reason, he was always quick to move past it and be thoughtful and kind in the best ways for Y/N. After shaking her hand out, she grabbed the last garment bags and followed Harry out to her car. Harry shut the back of her car softly and turned to face Y/N, she stood beside her car door, ever so slightly leaning against it. He walked to her side and smiled.
“I’ll see you in a week,” he said before wrapping his arms around Y/N’s much smaller frame. His body was radiating heat and it felt good against Y/N in the crisp night air of London. She pressed into his hold and wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed him hard. “Less than...Can’t wait to see you make an absolute fool of yourself out there.” Harry protested her tease with a small, “Hey!” but mostly focused on his hands on her back and the way her hair felt especially soft under his chin. Finally, Y/N pulled away, “Kidding! You’ll be amazing and you’ll look killer while doing it.” She winked before opening her car door and driving off. Harry was left with the lingering scent of her perfume and shampoo mingling in his nose.
It was the Saturday night, November 16th, 2019.
Harry and Y/N were in his dressing room before the show started. His outfits for the night were lined up, except for his opener one that Y/N had just dressed him in. His first change would be for Light’s Up, then a couple skit outfits that had to be moved elsewhere for quick changes, then the Watermelon Sugar suit, and then finally his end of the show casual look. The opener looked incredible, it’s fit was impeccable and Y/N knew people were going to love it.
She stepped back from Harry to give his whole body a once over, the SNL hairstylist had just blown out his hair and given him a sort of middle part. It definitely looked good and paired with the suit - Y/N could already tell it was going to be a hit by all accounts. Harry grinned back at her, doing a little dance to show just how much he was loving his clothes and how excited he was.
Grabbing the lint roller, Y/N gave the lapels of his suit jacket a once over and then moved it slightly out of the way to roll the big collar of Harry’s shirt and the bits of the body of the shirt that were showing underneath the jacket. Basically, Y/N was lint rolling over Harry’s clothed abs. Apparently, that was a ticklish area for Harry because he began to squirm and giggle under the tool’s touch.
“Seriously, H?”
She smiled as she said it, so excited for Harry that she couldn’t be mad at his relestness.
“Can’t help it. ‘M so giddy. Plus, I’m a wee bit ticklish.”
Y/N gave him a single laugh before removing the lint roller and smoothing over the shirt against his stomach and then over the lapels when she put the jacket back in place. She adjusted the Gucci reader’s she was wearing today, that were more for decoration than anything, but she liked to pretend they made her see better.
“You look smashing, Mr. Styles. Absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself.”
“Are you talking to me or the suit?” Harry asked as he flipped to look in the full length mirror in the dressing room.
“Can’t it be both?”
“Sure,” Harry said, he noticed the clock and realized it was his time to get in places. He leaned down and placed a small kiss on Y/N’s cheek, “It’s my time, thank you, Y/N.” She blushed at his words and actions. As he walked out the door, she called after him, “Break a leg, H!” He sent a final air kiss in her direction before completely disappearing.
She looked at the clothes hanging on the rack in the room and palmed over the fabric. Checking the lapels and brushing the lint roller over the, she finally stepped back and was happy with how they looked. When the show was just about to start, she flitted to the part of backstage where she could watch Harry perform. She giggled along to his monologue and grinned whole-heartedly when the crowd would roar with approval. Y/N had heard all of the jokes already because of the dress rehearsal yesterday, but it didn’t matter. Harry was killing it. She also took time to appreciate how good Harry looked in his suit on stage. In front of the lights and all the people, his suit shined brightly with the pops of blue and yellow and the oversized grey-iege jacket. His soft chestnut hair billowed perfectly to frame his forehead as he sipped from the faux martini. Y/N bit her lip to stifle her laugh. The fact that Harry, her boss and friend, was up on the Saturday Night Live stage with pink and blue nails sipping from a faux martini, it was perfect.
When Harry came back for his first performance change Y/N was right there waiting for him.
“Hi, that was really good,” she smiled up at him as he began to take off his coat.
He smiled brightly back at her as he exhaled a hefty breath, “You think so?”
“Yes! C’mon, everyone loved it. You delivered it all perfectly…” she took over undoing the buttons on the shirt because Harry was moving too slowly. “I’m in a man band now…” Y/N mumbled under her breath before chuckling.
“Did you just imitate my accent?” Harry said, now pulling off his sleeves.
Y/N moved around his back to take the shirt to hang and grab his Lights Up outfit. They worked like a well-oiled machine together, constantly taking over roles to get things done more efficiently, but never stepping on each other’s toes.
“Nope,” she winked before handing him the black sequin jumpsuit and exchanging it for his yellow pants. After rehanging the pants and bringing over Harry’s different set of boots, Y/N said, “Y’know, I’d have to say that your hair is giving your suit a run for its money.” She placed the shoes on the table beside Harry and began to fix into the place different parts of the jumpsuit, moving to zip up the back and then coming to the front to smooth it.
“What do you mean?” Harry looked in the mirror and delicately touched the edges of his hair, considering Y/N’s statement.
“No one ever really sees it how it is, nicely blown out but not too much product so it falls to frame your face. What’d you tell the hair person you wanted?” Y/N stepped back to allow Harry to change his boots from one Gucci pair to another, like he did with most of his wardrobe.
“Just told them to make me look mature. You think it looks good?” He looked up at Y/N when he asked the question.
“Think it looks sexy, that’s what I’m saying, no one’s gonna be able to focus on your clothes with how good your hair looks.”
“Ah,” he deftly runs his hands down his suit as he looks in the mirror.
Y/N just stares at Harry, checking him over one more time. She wasn’t lying about his hair, it was sexy and she wanted to run her hands through it to feel how soft it was. In a complete friend way of course.
“I like it…”
“It looks like you just rolled out of bed, but the bed was made of angel feathers.”
Harry laughed at Y/N’s description. He shifted his body to face her more and moved closer to her in the process.
“Alright, you should probably get back out there,” Y/N closes the gap between them and adjusts the chain of his jade and silver crosses and brushes over his broad shoulders.
They’re professional touches, but her movements hold an undercurrent of intimacy that neither of them realize. If anyone had been looking on, they would see how Y/N’s fingers delicately caressed Harry’s skin right before she cradled the pendants to move them in place. They would also see Harry instinctively lean forward into her touch and breathe slightly deeper to take in her scent. When she brushes over his shoulders, he straightens up at the touch and shows he’s ready to get back out there. It’s as if she prepared him to go.
Harry sings Lights Up and the crowd loves it. Sarah kills her drumming and Mitch eats up lead guitar. The backup singers bring out a different tone to the song. It is all around an amazing performance.
As Y/N clapped along with the crowd from backstage, Aidy Bryant approaches her.
“You’re Harry’s stylist, right?”
Y/N turns her head at the woman next to her, “Yeah?”
Aidy smiles, eyes slightly gleaming, “Well, you’re wonderful at your job.” As Y/N is about to thank her, Aidy continues, “And Harry knows that too, he talked about you all week. We all thought you were his girlfriend at first.”
Y/N laughed lightly and had to keep herself from letting her jaw drop at Aidy’s words. She even choked a bit on her own spit and had to cough slightly before even being able to think of a response, “Well, um,, H, Harry is just my employer and...friend. No dating, we just get along well. Which is important since we spend a lot of time together - for work of course!”
Aidy smiled sweetly at Y/N, “Yeah, Harry explained that when Beck asked him how long you’d been together. At first he had said a couple months and then said ‘wait, Y/N is just my stylist, we’ve been working together for a couple months’ and then we all felt really dumb.”
“Don’t feel dumb,” Y/N reassured her, unsure why she was actually continuing this conversation, “He loves to talk about clothes and that’s where I fit in to his life, so I’m sure my name would come up a fair bit. Was that it?”
“Yeah I guess, but-” Aidy began to say more, but Y/N cut her off.
“Oh gosh, I’m sorry, but Harry’s finished and I’ve got to go help him change for his next song.”
Aidy was left in Y/N’s wake, chuckling to herself, fully reassured about the reason that they had all thought Harry had been dating Y/N. Because they already acted like a couple. And they were both helplessly in love with one another and neither of them knew.
The rest of the show went off without a hitch. Harry continued to wow the crowd and Y/N sent him off from his dressing room always looking fabulous. Just as he was about to walk back on stage for his final farewell, Y/N noticed a tiny string on his trousers zipper. Unable to stop Harry and unable to grab at the string without looking odd, she had to let him walk on stage with it. It wasn’t actually a big deal, but Y/N sighed in annoyance because she knew that string was going to bug her for the rest of the night.
“Treat People With Kindness!” Harry finishes off his farewell.
Applause begins to sound and the cast is out front hugging and chatting, while Y/N is watching from the side still fixated on the string on Harry’s pants, now simply dangling. Finally, they begin to clear the stage because it’s time for the after party. Y/N knew there was no stealing Harry away to fix the problem that was now fixated in her mind. Every cast and crew member was trying to talk to him, congratulating him, hugging him, anything to spend time with the incredible man. Y/N couldn’t blame them, but she also wanted to be able to go some place quiet and debrief with Harry about his outfits. She wanted to look up what people were saying about his clothes and discuss the critiques with Harry. She also wanted to start discussing what was coming next with Harry. But most of all, she just wanted to hang out with Harry.
What Y/N wanted wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, which she knew, but it still only grew her annoyance with that string. If only she could get it off of him, maybe then her mind would be able to relax a little.
She meandered backstage, resigned she wouldn’t be talking to Harry for a while. There she went to find the band’s dressing room, knowing she would find Mitch or Sarah who she’d be happy to talk to. They weren’t ones for the spotlight and no one ever really seemed to want to brownnose with them at events like this. Y/N had met them a few times.
The first was when Harry had asked Y/N to meet him in the studio in mid July, Mitch and Sarah had both been there helping Harry finish up something for the album. Y/N never asked what, she liked music quite a bit, but when it came to the technical part of it, it went completely over her head. Harry had introduced them both and they seemed lovely. After that, she had seen them around for an event or two of Harry’s. It wasn’t much, but it was more than any of the other people around right now.
Just as she was about to knock on the door it swung open, revealing Harry’s entire backing band. “Hey,” Y/N said sheepishly, “Harry’s being fawned over by the masses and I don’t actually know anyone else here. Is it alright if I hang out with you all at this after party? I doubt there’s going to be anyone really dying to meet the stylist.”
She smoothed her own clothes as she spoke. Y/N wanted to look professional tonight because sometimes when she was dressed in more fun or “young” clothes she got mistaken for someone who had snuck in. The only thing that got people to not question her authority to be where she was, was a card that read ‘staff’ that she would clip onto whatever she was wearing at places like this. Tonight, she chose a pair of purple plaid pants, a sleek lilac tank underneath a cream knit shawl, and cream Gucci mules.  Ever since Harry took an interest in Y/N’s pearl necklace, she had largely stopped wearing hers because she hoped never to be photographed matching with him. However, she had known the pearls would have completed the look, even putting them on in her hotel room, twisting a pearl in her hand as she looked in the mirror, and then taking the necklace off again and settling on a different silver necklace instead. The ‘staff’ card was clipped to her pants pocket tonight.
“Of course!” Sarah said as the band began to file out of the room, “You might want to take your tag off now, though, you’re done working for the night.”
Her laughter rang sweetly through Y/N’s ears and she smiled back before removing her identifying card. She hated the piece of plastic and was glad to take it off, it never went with her outfits, but she had gotten tired of taking out her business card every time someone asked what she was doing. Y/N was sure that during the tour she’d be fine without it, but as Harry’s show appearances were beginning to ramp up she knew it would be helpful to have.
“ all were amazing out there tonight. Second time on the SNL stage right?”
The group of you began to walk in the direction of where the after party was being held. Mitch piped up, “Thanks. Yeah, I love their box stage setup, it’s pretty cool.” Y/N was happy that she had people who were easy to talk to so that she wouldn’t be alone tonight.
Arriving in the room of the party, they were all quick to grab the alcohol that was being provided at the pop up bar. Y/N wasn’t normally a fan of drinking at events like these, mainly because she was not usually invited to this part of the night and when she was she wanted to be alert. But she figured there wasn’t much else to do so she took a hearty sip of the champagne. It was a little sweet, her face scrunched.
“Too sweet?” Mitch questioned when he saw Y/N’s face.
“Just a little for my taste.”
“Harry’s not going to be drinking tonight then. So particular about his alcohol,” Mitch continued.
Y/N laughed, “Well I’m glad, then I don’t have to deal with him being a baby about his hangover tomorrow.”
Mitch quirked an eyebrow at Y/N’s statement. Sarah and the others in the band had dispersed to mingle with the SNL party goers, leaving Mitch and Y/N to their conversation.
Realizing what she said could be seen as slightly weird out of context, Y/N quickly started again, “because I’m supposed to go shopping with Harry tomorrow. He wanted to go to Gucci and a couple other stores here before flying to LA. I’m going back to London until the listening parties, so we need to figure out the finishing touches for those and..” Y/N trailed off trying to remember which looks weren’t completed yet for the next few shows, Mitch waited patiently, “a few of the suits for the Late Late Show. He’s not happy with one of them so we might switch it. But anyway, you know how he is with a hangover. Proper child.”
Mitch threw his head back in laughter at Y/N’s serious look that she gave him. “Yeah, he can be...a lot. I meant to tell you, Harry looked great tonight. All of the clothes were fantastic,” Mitch added.
He was kind and Y/N appreciated him sticking with her. The two of them had rested themselves against a wall near the bar, sipping their champagne and enjoying each other’s company.
“Thank you.”
Mitch opened his mouth to say something else, but Heidi Gardener, another SNL member interrupted.
“Y/N, right!?”
Y/N and Mitch both turn to her, equally taken aback by the sudden burst of energy from this person they didn’t really know. Y/N nodded.
“Oh my gosh! You have to tell me where you got the jacket Harry is wearing!”
Heidi even goes as far to point in Harry’s direction. Y/N knows what she’s talking about, but her eyes still wander to where she pointed. Harry stood in a clump of people, surrounded by Ben Winston, James Corden, and the Gerbers who had all come to watch. She sighed as she watched his eyes shine as he laughed with a smile on his face. She hoped that by now the string had fallen off his pants by now, if not she was going to kick herself later.
“Oh, it’s Bode,” Y/N’s eyes coming back to meet Heidi’s happy face, “but it’s custom made from a vintage blanket. There’s only two that exist.”
Y/N and Mitch watched as Heidi’s face dropped.
“And I’m pretty sure the designer owns the other one,” Y/N added, “Sorry.”
Heidi smiles and jokes, “Know any ways I could possibly get Harry to give me his?”
“He loves that coat. I have no idea what you could possibly do to convince him he didn’t need it anymore.”
“Sex, probably,” Mitch says under his breath.
Heidi doesn’t catch it as she walks back off and Y/N turns to swat him with her free hand.  
“What? He always gives away his clothes to girl’s he has crushes on.” Y/N rolls her eyes at Mitch’s words.
“Probably best if you don’t inform the masses about that,” a new voice says.
Unbeknownst to Mitch and Y/N, Harry had broken away from his entourage to steal a few minutes with his two friends, his best friends if he was being honest. They laugh together as he wraps his arms around their shoulders and pulls them both into his chest. Y/N feels the warmth radiating from Harry’s body as she snuggles into his side. Her hand wraps under his jacket and around his waist to squeeze right about his hip bone. His face is gleaming with a small sheen of sweat, but his smile is so big she barely notices his perspiration as he looks down at her.
“Heard you were talkin’ shit?”
Mitch quips, “Us? Never.”
Harry scoffs, “Come off it!”
When he releases Y/N and Mitch from his grasp, Mitch straightens up while Y/N’s eyes immediately go down to Harry’s crotch. She’s not paying attention to their conversation as she tries to make out in the dim light whether the string is gone or not. The men realize she’s not listening and they both follow her gaze.
Confused, Harry asks, “Y/N, any particular reason you’re staring at my dick?”
Her head shoots up, eyes wide and cheeks flushed from embarrassment.
“I wasn’t!”
Mitch laughs and decides he wants another glass of champagne right then, mumbling something about how that was his cue. Harry smiles, knowing she wasn’t doing what he had said, but still intrigued to know what was going on in her mind.
“You had a string right on your zipper and it’s been bugging me since you went out for your outro. This is the first time I’ve seen you on your own and I couldn't exactly go up to you in a random crowd and grab at your crotch. But now I can’t see in this light…” Y/N bit at her lower lip and furrowed her brow still trying to see if the string was there.
“Have you really been thinking about it this whole time?” Harry asked, slightly concerned.
“Yes...I know it doesn’t matter, but I just want your clothes to look perfect.”
Harry takes a deep breath as he makes a small smile at Y/N. Then he brushes over the front of his pants, hoping he removes the string if it's still attached to him. “There, I’m sure it’s gone now. I’m sorry you had to worry about that. Just know everyone I’ve talked to has been raving about the clothes.” He placed his ring-clad hand on Y/N’s upper arm and squeezed it.
“You did an amazing job,” Y/N said.
Harry pulls her into his chest one more time. This time without Mitch so both of Harry’s arms go around her shoulders and both of hers go around his slender waist. Again her hands disappear under his coat and thumb over his warm white t-shirt, her face resting on his chest right next to the word ‘Sex’. His arms tighten around her back as they rest there for a while. Y/N always has to make herself pull away, knowing that Harry will stay there for as long as he can - in anyone’s embrace - and remembering they’re in a public setting, she didn’t want anyone to assume things, even if she had already been made aware that people had.
“We’ll debrief more later tonight, yeah? The champagne is terrible so I won’t be drinking,” Harry said.
Y/N laughed under her breath as she smiled at his words. Mitch and her knew Harry too well. She nodded about getting together later, “Alright. Get back to your fan club.” Harry narrowed her eyes at her words, not sure if she was trying to sound sarcastic or not.
Hey, I’m back at the hotel. Just let me know when you want to debrief :) x
Y/N texted Harry the minute she got back to the hotel, she had no idea if he had left before her or was still at the after party. All she knew was that it was late and she was starting to get tired. Still, it was important for them to talk about their plans for tomorrow and she also really wanted to just be with him alone. Whenever they would debrief after big events Harry and Y/N would laugh at all the outrageous stuff they had seen go on throughout the night.
When she was still a freelance stylist she had helped Harry to plan his Camp outfit at the Met Gala. That night, they never even went to bed and had to debrief about the clothes the next afternoon over tea at the Palace. Both her and Harry were recovering from their exhaustion and nursing equally terrible hangovers. But there they were, sitting in the center of the dining area of the hotel, being served some of the nicest tea and sandwiches Y/N had ever had. It was amazing. Y/N had never felt that rich in her life before and Harry had told her the craziest stories about the most famous people in attendance. It was almost unbelievable what these people would reveal to Harry and Y/N was happy to listen to all of it, promising to never tell anyone else. That outing was probably the first time Harry realized he really liked Y/N and wanted to work more closely with her.
While tonight wasn’t quite as wild as the Met Gala had been, Y/N was still excited to hear any funny stories Harry might have in addition to their clothing talk. They really hadn’t had much time to chat since she had gotten to New York yesterday so it would be nice to just be alone together. Even if Y/N chalked their debriefs up to ‘shop talk’, she was always very excited for them.
As she reached her hotel room door, her phone buzzed with a message from Harry.
I’m still out, but should be heading back soon. Up to you if you want to wait up or we can just debrief in the morning while we shop. x H  
Y/N sighed at the message, she wanted to wait up and debrief before tomorrow, if not for alone time with Harry but professionally for being able to plan out their shopping tomorrow. Where Harry was carefree, Y/N was meticulous and planned out. She liked to have fun, but she knew when she had to get her work done, even when Harry was off in his own mind. Their work styles mostly coincided, Harry could be serious and focused, too, but often when he was surrounded by all his famous friends he had a hard time saying ‘no’ to whatever came up. So Y/N knew that Harry’s definition of ‘soon’ could range from actually soon to almost dawn. She really hoped he actually meant soon, so she shot him a text saying:
Just knock on my room and if I open it we can debrief lol x
Harry smiled down at his phone when Y/N’s text came through, slightly chuckling before double tapping and placing a heart reaction of her text. Then he was pulled into the limo that one of his friend’s had gotten them and was handed a flute of champagne.
Back at the hotel, Y/N threw her phone on the bed and decided to change and simply settle in for the night. If Harry made it back, he made it back and if he didn’t she’d wake up well rested.
Maybe thirty minutes into scrolling on her phone, Y/N heard a rough knock on her door. She was actually quite surprised that Harry had indeed been back soon. Rising from her snuggled place in the bed, she shifted around her night clothes and padded to her door. There stood, rather hung, a slightly disheveled Harry. His hair was whipped into disaster, something was smudged on his face, and she noticed a stain on his t-shirt that hadn’t been there the last time she’d been with him.
He slurred her name as he stumbled through the doorway. Y/N closed her eyes and sighed in exasperation. She was in awe that somehow Harry hadn’t gotten off his ass in the past hour and a half.
“What happened to not drinking tonight?”
She walked beside him and helped shove him into a sitting position on her bed. He flapped his arms, chaotically trying to get his plaid jacket off. Throwing her phone in the direction of her pillow, she moved to help Harry with his jacket. After quite a bit of strugglings, Y/N finally got the Bode jacket off of him successfully and threw it onto the nearby chair. Sighing, she settled beside him.
“So, Harry, care to explain?”
“Hi, Y/N…” He swayed slightly, attempting to face Y/N more. She threw out a hand to his shoulder, gripping him tightly to try and steady him.
“We went in this limousine, and they had champagne - good champagne - and I drank a bottle or so pretty quickly.”
“Or so? Oh Harry...I mean you’re free to make your own choices, but I don’t know if this was one of your best.”
“Wasn’t...wasn’t my idea. I was planning on just going back to the hotel. Then James convinced me to come out for a bit. Then the champagne was looking good so I went for it.”
“Like I said, you can make your own choices,” she patted his arm and went to the en suite bathroom to wet a washcloth to clean off his face.
“So, is it champagne on your shirt or am I going to have to go through hell to get the stain out?” She called.
Harry groaned and leaned back on the bed, fingering at the crisp white sheets. “Champagne,” he finally muttered as Y/N reappeared into the dim room, only the outside world and the light in the bathroom lighting this area.
“And on the face?”
She climbed onto the bed and kneeled beside Harry’s prone body, beginning to swipe at the smudge on his face. He tilted his head to face her, bringing the cheek with the dirt to lay facing perfectly up. His jawline showed perfectly and she felt the strength that laid beneath the skin she was washing.
His eyes flitted up to her face, trying to stop the spins he was currently experiencing. He hadn’t thought he was that drunk until he had been required to find his way up to their floor on his own.
She sighed, running the washcloth over his cheek once more, and tried to push the image of some woman (or man who wore lipstick, she guessed) with her lips all over Harry’s face. She didn’t want to know who it was or why it was. It was too hard, especially after the day of people asking her about Harry and her relationship and insinuating things about him and his romantic life. She just liked to keep the words Harry and romance apart as much as possible, it made her life easier that way.
“It was only from-”
“It’s ok, Harry, I don’t need to know who you were…” She stopped herself, not even wanting to say ‘kissing’ or ‘snogging’ or even worse ‘shagging’. Adults were human beings and they could do a lot in an hour and a half. And again, she didn’t want to know.
“You keep doing that. Are you mad at me?”
“I’m sorry?”
“Calling me Harry, not ‘H’. Is it because you’re mad at me?”
“No,” she sighed, shifting to sit more casually, “No, I’m not mad at you. I just wasn’t expecting you to show up at my door like this. I try not to worry about you, but then when you show up like this, it kind of affirms I had reason to be concerned.”
She took a hand and smoothed over Harry’s tousled hair, he rolled his head back to face the ceiling. “Like I said, you’re an adult, capable of making his own decisions. And, I am just your stylist. I’m just glad you made it up here and knocked on my door. Probably would have given someone else a fright.”
He laughed, starting to sober up as the spinning in the room stopped. Her hands on his face and hair were soothing and sobering.
“Thank you for caring about me, love. And going beyond being just my stylist, you’re my friend Y/N.”
His eyes flickered shut and Y/N stared at his soothed features. His words were still slurred and she was sure the use of love was just his britishness slipping through his drunken state. The part about being more than a stylist, she tried to push it away, telling herself not to read more into it than her heart would like to. Even though he said she was a friend as well as a stylist and not anything more, it still sent so much joy through her body. He didn’t just see her as a work colleague and he had said it. But in his inebriated state, Y/N didn’t want to take everything he said as gospel.
She moved him up the bed with a little bit of his sleepy self’s help into a more comfortable position. It was pretty late now and she wasn’t going to kick him out. It would have been rude and unkind and that were two things Y/N rarely was. She went and grabbed the extra blanket from the cabinet and draped it over Harry’s large body for extra warmth since he refused to get under the covers. She also slipped off his boots and stained shirt per his request before getting into the other side of the bed and falling asleep.
She awoke to a shifting body beside her and she sat up confused as to who it could be. Quickly, Harry showing up drunk at her door came flooding back and she turned to look at the groaning Harry beside her. His arm was thrown over his face as he moaned, just waking up as well and experiencing the first bits of his hangover. This was going to be a long day.
“Hullo,” his voice was especially low, groggy and hoarse from the night before. He peaked over at her from behind the crook of his elbow. His eyelids barely open and his eyelashes weighing them down so much so that she could barely see his sleepy jade eyes.
“Good morning, H. Have a nice rest?” Y/N sat up and began to ready herself for the day, rummaging through her suitcase for an outfit and moving about the room.
Harry’s arms went to his sides as he worked to sit up, eyes following her figure as she moved around, seemingly not groggy very much unlike him. “Erm...I’m sorry for showing up pissed.”
“S’fine, H. Just glad you didn’t end up in a ditch or someone’s bed - someone’s that you might regret…” She barely regards him, throwing a single glance his way before shuffling to the bathroom to change. She knows they’ll be photographed today, it’s almost inevitable right now. Everyone knows Harry is in New York and people are buzzing to see him after his performance last night. She slips on the 70s inspired dress, the v-neck and long sleeves settling perfectly on her frame, it hugs her curves and lands around mid-thigh. Rolling on the bold mustard yellow tights and strapping up the brown leather mary jane heels, she looks herself over in the mirror. She then tries to tame her hair and do the rest of her routine, knowing she needed to get on with the day, shopping first and flying home second. Making sure Harry was okay was also on that list, but she couldn’t pretend like she wasn’t a little disappointed in him after last night.
When she returns, Harry is sitting with his legs hanging off the edge of the bed, head hanging as he’s hunched over himself. “C’mon, you gotta get going, kid. Lots to do today.” She’s pacing over to Harry’s deflated figure to pick him up and prompt him to get moving. When she arrives by his side his head lifts and his now more awake eyes stare up at her.
“I’m sorry for yesterday, really. I mean it.”  
“I told you already. It’s fine.”
“It’s not - or it wasn’t. You called me ‘Harry’ last night. I don’t think I’ve heard you call me that to my face since we started working together. I took your answer last night because I was swimming in it, but now, thinking about it. I know you were upset.”
She huffs, taking a seat beside Harry on the bed, choosing to not look at him, slightly confused why she had been so upset and why he was pushing it. “Ok, yeah I was annoyed, but I was also genuinely worried. I didn’t know you could physically get that drunk in that small amount of time. And then you show up at my door with somebody else’s…” Y/N falters, catching her slip up and deciding to fix her gaze on her shoes and their intricate design built into the leather.
“You’re upset that I had lipstick on me?” He’s trying to meet Y/N’s gaze, but her eyes are really interested in her shoes. His tone is confused, he’s trying to understand what’s going on in her mind.
She scoffs, risking a glance to Harry but then returns quickly back to her dress this time. “ was just inconvenient for me, okay? Thought we were going to debrief and stayed up late for you. Then I had to take care of you after you hung out with your famous pals and I had barely even seen you all day. Felt a bit used.”
Harry shifted in the bed, turning to face her by tucking one leg beneath him. He places a hand on hers that was placed on the end of her dress. Her eyes finally meet with his and she feels her breath slightly catch in her throat. His eyes are piercing, his gaze intense, maybe even a tinge of anger. “Y/N, I would never have come to your room if I even had an inkling that this would be how you’d interpret it . Even though I was drunk, I wanted to see you, that’s why I came up here, because I wanted to be with my friend, one of my best friends, not because I just needed some pushover to care for me.”
She sighs, feeling icky still about the whole situation. She sometimes found herself in fights that she never intended, she wished she hadn’t said anything at all. But she also knew that wasn’t healthy either. Flipping her hand, she intertwines her fingers with Harry’s and smiles for the first time that morning. His expression softens at it. “Look, I’m sorry too, H. It honestly wasn’t that big of a deal, but I appreciate that you’re such a great guy and boss to want to truly apologize and make sure I’m comfortable and happy… Oh, and I promise I’ll never call you anything but H from here on out - unless you tell me otherwise.”
He cackles unabashedly at her words, before suddenly clutching at his temple with his free hand. “Fuckin’ hangover,” he mumbles. She smiles and stands up, beginning to throw his shirt and shoes from the end of the bed at him, “You need to get ready. Go pop some advil or whatever. My flights at 5 so we haven’t got all day, H.”
“There she is,” Harry grins, beginning to put back on the stained ‘Sex’ shirt.
As he hustles out of the room, shoes in hand, she calls to him one last request, “When you’re in fresh clothes make sure you bring me that stained shirt. Gonna have to spot clean it when I’m back in London!”
“Of course! And we’ll debrief as we shop, yeah?”
The two of them were shouting to each other as the door continued to close on them. Chuckling to herself, she begins to pack up her room, knowing she had to check out before they left. Her spirits already lifted, she doesn’t even notice as she throws Harry’s forgotten Bode jacket into her suitcase with some other items that had been on her chair. She wouldn’t notice it until she was back in London unpacking from the trip.
Shutting the case, she springs back up from her crouched position and walks to look in the full length mirror again. Her fingers run the length of her dress, leafing over the slightly darker brown embroidered flowers that were woven into the tan fabric. She squints as she turns sideways and pops a heel up behind her. It looks good, but something is missing. Rummaging through her carry-on she pulls out her old butterfly bandana she used as a head scarf and begins to fix it into place on her head. Placing large sunglasses on the bridge of her nose, she feels like the look is complete and gives herself some poses in the mirror; a peace sign, an air kiss, a Marilyn Monroe. She laughs at herself.
A knock on the door shakes her from her childish fun. Straightening up, Y/N saunters over to the door, swinging it open with ease. “H?”
“You ready?” Harry stands in a fresh pair of Marni trousers paired with a striped orange and mauve Marni sweater. He, like Y/N, had this thing about wearing the brand you planned to shop at. He didn’t always stick to his rule, but he usually didn’t like to wear Gucci when he shopped at Gucci.
“Yeah, just need to check out and drop my baggage at the front to be held for later.” Y/N slips through the door and notes how his outfit compliments hers. She wouldn’t mention it, but it's something to think about since he had known what she was wearing. She wasn’t sure why she noticed things like that, if asked, her answer would probably be that it was the stylist in her, just her job.
Stepping out of a black town car on the side street next to Gucci to go in the side entrance would never get old for Y/N. She had never really enjoyed the idea of fame, but from a young age she had known she wanted to be able to afford the finer things in life. Going into the Gucci store now, especially with Harry, was like going to the candy store once you’re a grown up and can buy whatever you want rather than what your parents will allow you to.
Today, Harry and Y/N didn’t have as much time as they would usually like to spend in the store, but they were just happy to be doing what they loved. Y/N had been ecstatic to find out Harry found shopping to be an essential part of his life and that he liked to do his outfit shopping in person rather than online. Trying on clothes and picking out things you liked just was so much more fulfilling when you were in the physical store. Then make that all happen with Harry Styles as the buyer, then it was a real party. The stores liked to pull out their Champagne and clear the store to allow him privacy, specifically when it was for clothes for projects under wraps. In the beginning of her employment, it was only ever Harry who would do the trying on of clothes, but as the two of them got acquainted and comfortable with each other, she found herself trying things Harry would pick out for her. At first, she would veto some items saying they were too expensive for her, but eventually she learned that her new salary covered whatever it was. She had always enjoyed designer labels and choosing to be a stylist meant she had nice clothes, but only working for Harry had caused her closet to double in size and triple in value.
“So we are looking for some trousers today,” she tells the worker at the store, reminding them of what she had already called ahead about. The employee nods and proceeds to lead them into the room where they had laid out an assortment of pants for Harry to pick from.
“What do you think of these?” Harry walks out and strikes a pose, popping one of his hips to the side and his hands on his hips. The pants strain around his thighs, but fit practically perfectly everywhere else. His slim waist is perfectly encircled by the fabric and he’s decided the sweater he was wearing didn’t match them and he’d rather go shirtless. This choice technically should allow her to solely focus on the pants, but it actually makes her focus that much more diverted. She makes a spinning motion with her pointer finger as she purses her lips. He takes a quick spin and the boot cut slightly flares with his movement. The pants are a dark brown with a single plaid crossing in a lighter brown. They are only lightly flared, which she prefered to the extreme flare that some of Harry’s suits had. She narrows her eyes at the pants to keep her gaze from shifting to the taut muscles of Harry’s arms and torso or the dark ink that licked over his skin in the beautiful designs of his choice.
“They’re nice,” she pulls up a picture of the top part of the outfit he was planning on wearing, “Do you think they match with this though?” Harry walks over to her seated position and bends to look at her phone. His skin radiates heat and the smell of his cologne and she sniffles slightly with her sensitive nose. His eyes flicker to her face when he notices her little noise, but returns to looking at the phone when she doesn’t spare him a glance. She felt his gaze on her, but couldn’t bring herself to look from the phone. She knew his proximity would make it even harder for her to keep her eyes off his naked torso. The expensive smell of Harry mixed with the expensive smell of the store was a lot to handle.
“ You think they’re not right,” she widens her eyes at Harry’s words when he pulls away. He turns to the mirror in the open dressing room and fiddles with the waistline of the pants. “I agree,” he finishes before stalking back into the room and shutting the heavy velvet curtain that worked as the door to it.
He tries on five more pairs of trousers and finally settles on two pairs for the two different listening parties. A heavier, wool-tweed pair that was dark brown and then a lighter brown tweed pair. He was still in the lighter pants as he stared into the mirror. He beckoned to Y/N, and she quickly set down the flute of Champagne she had been sipping at lazily as he admired himself.
“Is it possible for you to take it in a bit more,” he says in a hushed tone to her, not wanting the workers to overhear. They were helpful but if they overheard they would wait for the store to tailor the trousers and he preferred for Y/N to do it. He rubs at the waistline again and she moves closer, her hands going to his sides. Her fingertips graze the naked skin above the trousers and Harry shivers at the coldness of the new touch. She ghosts softly over the waistline herself and smooths the fabric until she’s pinching a small amount on each side. She hums, pulling back from Harry and looking at the fit of them now, examining whether that makes them look better.
Then she nods and smiles up at Harry, “Ever the slender waist,” he grins right back as she admires him. She knew how much he liked praise and she was happy to give it to him, especially when he was so deserving. “I’d say size down, but then your thighs and bum might strain the fabric too much.” His face turns to a smirk as she blushes at her words. She releases the fabric and takes a hand to pat Harry’s smooth chest before walking back to her seat on the lovely couch.
“You sure you don’t want to try anything on, Y/N? Saw some killer boots when we walked in that screamed you.” Harry calls from behind the curtain, presumably getting redressed. Her laugh comes through the curtain slightly muffled, yet still a sweet melody in Harry’s ears.
“Definitely not now, we’re leaving any minute. Plus, I’ve got plenty of Gucci boots, don’t even show me them or I’ll be tempted.”
His laughter rings through the curtains, loud and unrestrained. She smiles to herself, unable to discourage the pleasure that weaves through her at the sound. His presence in all the different ways she experienced it was instantly comforting.
When she arrives back to her London flat, she practically flops on her couch once she’s inside the door. Her luggage forgotten at the door, as she shrugs off her coat. It was around 7 am because she had chosen to take the red eye for some reason. She groaned as she thought about the day ahead of her. Even though Harry was halfway across the globe, she still had plenty of work to do. She had to finalize the outfits for the listening parties now that they had the pants to complete the looks. Then she had to start thinking about Harry’s December appearances. She had sent ahead his Late Late outfits that he had needed in Los Angeles for the pre-filming, but she still had to deal with the outfits for the live part of the show.
Today, she was set to go pick up the other pieces needed for the listening parties as well as items for the Graham Norton Show and Jingle Ball. She was most excited for her travels because that meant looking at brand new clothes that were perfect and gorgeous. She also knew she needed to spot clean Harry’s shirt, which didn’t spark as much joy in her tired mind.
The idea of the shirt staining with alcohol was what brought her out of her snuggling with her comfy couch. Sure, it couldn’t get that bad, but still she was a worrier and it would pain her if the iconic shirt got ruined. She padded back over to her luggage, now without her jacket or shoes. Her major suitcase got flipped on its side and she began to unzip it. It came open easily seeing as it was stuffed with her clothes and various items. She had to rummage a minute for Harry’s shirt that seemed to have run away inside the bag. Finally, the large white shirt made itself known and she grasped it happily.
As she looked over the stain near the collar of the shirt, her eyes traveled to a piece of fabric peeking out of her suitcase. It was a familiar blue, cream and white. A specific fabric she would never misplace, would never not recognize. Harry’s plaid Bode jacket. It was iconic and she loved it, but why did she have it in her suitcase. She definitely didn’t mean to have it, it’s genuinely just one of Harry’s jackets so it wouldn’t make sense for her to bring it back with the show's wardrobe. She tries to think back to yesterday, when she was still in New York. Thinking about why she would have it, she places the memories of Harry coming to her room, taking off his coat, and accidentally leaving it in her room all fit together. She must have just absentmindedly placed it in her suitcase without even realizing. She’s sure Harry wouldn’t mind, she’d shoot him a text, though, to tell him she had it. So he wouldn’t worry about whether he’d lost it or not.
When she gets ready for the day, she finds herself being drawn to blue and cream. Her outfit is understated and she just knows the jacket would finish the look. She loved that jacket and now that she had it, would it be a big deal if she wore it out. She figured it was fine. After she grabbed her purse, keys, and other essentials, she slipped on the coat. Harry was very broad shouldered and it hung oversized on her. She loved the look and snapped a selfie in the mirror before she headed out. While it felt a little narcissistic to constantly take photos of herself, she felt like as a stylist it was important to document her looks just as much as she documented her clients.
What she didn’t think about is just how much the rest of the world liked to document her client and those who were seen with her client. She didn’t think about how she had just been seen with Harry yesterday. That thought didn’t even cross her mind as she walked around the streets of London picking up her work. As she saw some photographers out and about (whom she assumed were for famous celebrities, not her). How it might seem with her wearing the Bode jacket Harry had worn on SNL two nights ago. The Bode jacket that there were only two of.
None of it crossed her mind. Not until it was the end of the day and she had a whole slew of texts from Harry’s manager. A few from Harry, and others but the other fifteen were solely from Jeff. She was a bad texter so as she walked into her flat and finally looked at her phone after putting down all of her garment bags her eyes went wide.
Please tell me you’re not out in London right now!
What are you wearing??
That cannot be Harry’s jacket Y/N
Please call me.
      - All from Jeff.
She grimaced. The others from her friends including Harry would have to be ignored right now. Even if Harry was her boss, Jeff was who she had to deal with when it came to public appearances and it didn’t seem like she could get around this one. Normally, she never had to deal with him, but it seems today wasn’t normal.
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There is like specific things that the characters do differently in the au or have to become accustomed to and I just thought I’d say some of the important things.
Alcina Dimitrescu
No more human blood for Alcina and her daughters, they can finish off what they have but now it’s just pigs blood or other live stock (Think Angel the vampire)
All the vampire wenches are purged, like the dungeon gals. Alcina is upset because those took time to make
Her castle is updated with tech and security systems. The systems are to insure they aren’t killing people anymore and  the tech is to slowly get her and her daughters used to the outside world
Starts to open up about her resentment of Mother Miranda and starts living a little more wildly (Miranda always told her to stay proper)
Now she wears dresses that come about her ankle and so do the girls (scandalous!!!) 
Donna and Angie
She can keep her garden but she has to put a limit on her hallucinogenic flowers. Like why do you have so many?
No more dolls with knives, Angie is most upset about this.
When they give her tech, she immediately falls in love with fashion blogs and toy review channels. Asks for more fabric to get into modern stuff
Shows her face more and tries to have more identity away from Angie. This is a mutual thing and Angie encourages Donna to be more head strong making friends
Invites a lot of Chris’s agents and task members over for tea parties along with the lords and the winters (so far only Moreau and Ethan/Rose have accepted)
least affected by Mother Miranda’s death and actively mentions that she was a horrible mom (never liked her dolls)
Salvatore Moreau
They start building canals that Moreau can swim through to get around the village and other lords homes. Walking in the cold climate has always been a struggle
When he gets tech, he immediately watches more movies, doesn’t really use it much other wise.
Starts to get a backbone and stand up for himself more. Will not hesitate to throw up on you (gross)
Chris and his crew try their hardest tp get him to a stable condition, because Chris can recognize an unstable umbrella virus any where
Doesn’t talk about Mother Miranda but he is still struggling to accept that she never cared (he went through a lot and he doesn’t want it to have been for nothing)
They fix up the reservoir and honestly Moreau is just happy people are willingly being around him for once.
Karl Heisenberg 
You can keep the lycans sir but be have to confiscate your franken-zombie-robot army
Doesn’t care, kinda happy he can just chill in his factory and no report to that bitch Miranda
He kinda just makes arbitrary death machines for funnies or helps Chris and his guys with renovations
Tries to leave the village often. He still wants to see the world and wishes the task force could get their tests over faster
Is glad Miranda is dead but feels a little hollow in the fact he didn’t get to finish the job like he planned (feels like he didn’t really get payback)
Kinda fucks around with his abilities even more (tries to fly on a sheet of metal, has been seen plummeting out of the sky)
Mia Winters
Technically she is allowed to leave but won’t leave Ethan or Rose behind
Has frequent nightmares of being held captive by Miranda and dreams of what life would be like if she just quit her job
She is aware of the bond of the mold and kinda feels left out seeing as everyone but her and the taskforce members have it. Also feels guilt over wanting what is effectively a dieses they are stuck with
Holds on to Rose more than Ethan, just because he constantly attracts the other lords and she can’t get use to them
Uses cooking to like destress, dives head first into the local cuisine again ( I know it was Miranda but I think it’s funny)
Rarely leaves their house as she is rightfully scared of the lycans (though they are relatively harmless to them... maybe... she should stay inside)
Ethan Winters
So goddamn tired of everything
He can feel and sense the mold and sometimes when he sleeps he slips into the hive mind. This kinda means he knows what the lords looked like before the transformation (the lords don’t necessarily realize it’s not a weird dream)
Pain tolerance is like up to max, he probably sticks his hand in fire to prove a point when Chris tells him to be careful.
Wishes Mia would give the lords a chance, seeing as they are going to be stuck together for a while
Senses the strength of the mold is Rose and is terrified about what that entails
Visits each lord frequently just because, they will come to his house and they will find every way in besides doors.
Just some character specific tidbits. Just getting thoughts out and down in case they become part of something bigger.
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Tumblr media
in which you’re harry’s assistant and harry needs to open his eyes.
a/n: ASSISANT!YN has finally arrived! this took me three weeks and a half to write, so please enjoy and kindly rb with feedback! i’ve had this concept in mind for SO long, and i’m proud of it! this is also inspired by my love for the barcelona pic, pictured on the left, that I think about on the daily along with some thoughts in a dressing room! also picture on the right at the final show is an aspect in the story as well!
also big thank you to my bestie @stylesloveclub for screaming and hyping this up for me while I rave about it, ily!
enjoy a long slowburn of 26.3k words of a friends to lovers fic that’s filled with angst and some smut! genuinely be ready for the angst hehe
COME INTO MY INBOX AND LETS TALKING ABOUT WANT YOU HERE! i’d love to know your thoughts and feedback!
pls rb to share! <3
Tumblr media
16 December 2017
The smell of fresh flowers brought allergies to your senses as you shuffled and continuously rubbed your nose with a tissue. 
You were at the flower shop with two bouquets in your hands as you debated which bundle to get. You were given specific instructions to find a bouquet that’s full and big with the color white being the dominant color of the bouquet, and your options were a white orchid bunch, which weren’t your personal favorite, but it was one of the white bouquets, and your other option was a white lilac bouquet with a couple of white roses and baby’s breath around the large lilacs. 
“Do you need help choosing a bouquet?” The lady that was named Vicky asked. She had an expression of curiosity as she was probably wondering if you were going to buy anything since you’ve been standing in the corner for quite some time as you tried choosing which bouquet to get. 
“Oh, no. Thank you,” you replied back with a smile, and she nodded her head, walking away to help another customer, but you knew she was going to be back to ask you again in the next ten minutes if you don’t make your mind up right now. 
After another three minutes of deciding, you opted for the white lilac bouquet, and headed to the cashier. You gave the employee your number for rewards since you were at the flower shop quite a lot that you’ve managed to rack up some points in order to get a free bouquet. Once you paid and were on your way, your phone rang in your purse. Struggling to reach for it as you were holding the big bouquet and a few shopping bags, you moved to the side to set your paper bags down on the ground, and quickly grabbed your phone so it won’t go to voicemail. 
“Hey,” you answered cheerfully, knowing exactly who it was. 
“Hi there. Where are you?” The voice from the other end asked. 
“I just left the flower shop—should be there soon.” 
“Okay, perfect. Thank you for everything.” 
“Harry, you don’t need to thank me every single time,” you chuckled. “I’m your assistant. It’s my job.” 
“I know, I know. It’s just…I’m grateful for what you do,” he said thankfully. 
“I know, and I’m grateful for having this job and working for you. So, thank you also.” 
“Look who’s saying thank you now,” he joked, and you laughed. “But I’ll see you soon. Walk back safely, please,” he said, bidding you goodbye. 
“Always do. See you,” you hung up the phone, picking up the shopping bags, and walking towards Harry’s place. 
You’ve been Harry’s assistant for quite some time now; exactly two years. You started working for him when you were both twenty one, and he had just gone separate ways from the band. Harry was in the midst of writing his very first album and planning his first world tour as a solo artist in smaller theatre venues, and desperately needed an assistant to do some basic errands and remind him of his scheduling. Luckily as Glenne’s friend, you were in need of a job. You were fresh out of college as you had your bachelor’s in public relations, and being friends with someone who’s boyfriend is in the industry has its perks. 
Glenne had immediately recommended you once Jeff mentioned that Harry was looking for an assistant, and since Jeff had met you a handful of times, he told Glenne to call you in for an interview, but somewhat knowing that he was going to hire you already since Harry desperately needed one and you were a friend. 
When you walked into the interview, you were greeted by Jeff and Harry. That was your first time meeting Harry, and you were quite shocked that he was a real person. Of course you were a fan of him, and you were still surprised whenever Glenne talked about him, but when you saw him for the first time, you immediately thought that he was more gorgeous in reality. 
“So nice to meet you,” Harry said, shaking your ring filled hand. The coolness of his metal rings met your shaky hands, and sparks had immediately shocked your body. 
“Great to meet you too. I love your shirt,” you complimented. He was wearing a bright blue button down shirt with a cherry blossom print on it with a white t-shirt underneath along with some black skinny jeans and brown boots. 
“Thank you. Your trousers are very nice,” he said back, looking down at your pants. You were wearing burnt orange corduroy pants with a white semi turtleneck blouse with a pussybow tie on it, along with some black booties. “Actually, I love your whole outfit,” he added, and you chuckled, trying to hide your blush. 
Never in a million years would you have thought you would meet Harry, let alone Harry complimenting your entire outfit. You’re really living the dream. 
The interview went extremely well and only lasted about thirty minutes. The first ten minutes were some generic interview questions because they still had to keep it professional, but the last twenty minutes consisted of asking about your interests and simply getting to know you because you would spend most of your time with Harry. 
At the end of the interview, it was quite obvious Jeff and Harry knew they wanted to hire you. They loved your personality and how you made jokes, especially how you laughed at Harry’s jokes, which he thought was a very important aspect of being his assistant. 
Jeff exited the room, telling you he would be right back, but really he went into his office to grab some paperwork for you to sign. That left you and Harry in the conference room alone as you made conversation with him about university. You also told him that you were a fan of his, which you thought was a mistake to tell him because you’re sure he doesn’t want a crazy fan to be his assistant and practically have access to his personal life, but he said gratefully said thank you, and asking if you had a favorite song off new released album. Your favorites off his album were ‘Only Angel’ and ‘From the Dining Table.’ 
“Good picks,” he teased. 
“I would hope they’re good picks. It is your album,” you teased back, making him laugh, and he thought that it was a great choice making you his assistant. 
Once Jeff was back, he opened a folder, taking out various paperwork before Harry broke the news and told you that he’d love for you to be his assistant. You hadn’t expected to be hired on the spot, or be hired in general, but there you were, reading over the contracts and signing your name at the bottom of the last page along with the date. Jeff and Harry both shook your hands, telling you that they were excited for you to be along with the ride, and you told them that you were excited as well. 
You had thanked Glenne a million times for getting you an interview, and till this day, you always made sure to thank her because one mention of your name had gotten you an opportunity and a well paying job that you actually really loved. 
Harry also made the job bearable; not truly treating you as only an assistant, but rather a friend who helps a lot. Throughout the years of knowing each other, you and Harry had grown quite close. With always being around him, it was like hanging out with him, and you were thankful for that because you were sure no other job would feel like this. Harry also doesn’t give you difficult tasks either. He just has you go on coffee runs or run to the store to grab him something, but the most work you’ve had to do for him was to call several people on his guest list for a party he was hosting last year or write out his whole schedule for the entirety of the year. But nothing strenuous that would leave you frustrated with him. 
He would also make sure everything that he assigns you to do is okay for you to do, and you really appreciated that, but you would do anything for that man. 
You stood in front of Harry’s door, setting your bags down onto the floor before you reached into your purse to grab your keys where a spare key to Harry’s place hung on the metal ring. Before your hand could even find them, the door swung open revealing Harry smiling at you, looking impeccably sharp in his suit, which caused your heart to flutter. 
“Ah, thought I heard you. Here, let me help you,” he grabbed the shopping bags from the ground and the flowers from your hands, leaving you empty handed as you followed behind him into his home. “Thank you for getting these. I’ve just been so busy lately,” he thanked once again as he did on the phone. 
“Yeah, I know. Afterall, I am your assistant,” you teased, and he laughed as he studied the bouquet. 
“This is a lovely bouquet. Good pick,” he said, and your mind immediately goes back to when he said that to you for the first time at your interview. He said it quite often as you ultimately always make the decisions when he asks you to go out and grab something for him. 
“I thought so too. Also,” you opened one of the shopping bags, taking out the garment bag before unzipping the entire thing, “I got the exact dress you asked for, and get this: it was the last one in her size. Lucky man, you are, Harry Styles,” you handed him the Yves Saint Laurent black dress so he could get a better look at it, and he held it up, smiling. 
“It’s perfect. Thank you so much, angel,” he said, and you slightly blushed from the pet name that you would never get used to. 
Harry started calling you ‘angel’ when you were two months into working for him. With all the work you do for him, the pet name had slipped out, but it stuck once he kept calling you that. You loved it--a lot, and you hoped that one day, he wouldn’t forget to call you that because you would miss the simple name coming out of his mouth very much. Plus, it was fitting because your favorite song of his is ‘Only Angel.’
“Are you excited for tonight?” You asked. 
“Yeah, I am. It’s been a while since I’ve properly taken her out on a date, so I’m stoked for it. Pretty sure she is too.” Harry had a busy schedule. With being involved in interviews and promo for his upcoming tour, he was a busy man, which you knew of course. But it had affected his personal life greatly. 
“Well, I’m happy if you are. I hope she loves the dress,” you said painfully. 
“She will. She’s been talking about it for a while now. I just hope she didn’t go buying it without telling me because that would be really awkward once I tell her to go change into this,” he chuckled softly, and you joined him, agreeing. Harry quickly checked the time on his phone as it read 6:30 p.m, and he carefully placed the dress back into the garment bag and zipped it up. He grabbed the bouquet of flowers and his wallet on the counter. “I gotta go. Gonna be late if I don’t leave now. Lock up for me if you decide not to stay, yeah?” You nodded, walking him to the door as if it were your house. “Oh!” He turned back around because he had forgotten something, and you were holding up his keys already, and he chuckled. “Thanks again. You’re a lifesaver. Don’t know what I’d do without you,” he leaned in to give you a brief kiss to your cheek, which he has done often, and you waved at him. 
“Have fun tonight! Call me if you need anything,” you called out from his front door and he waved the flowers as a sign of goodbye before getting into his car. You watched him reverse out of his driveway and drive off to his girlfriend’s house. 
With a sigh, you closed the door, looking around at what needs to be done. Harry’s place was relatively clean. He just had some things laying around on random surfaces, and you think that was probably because he was in a hurry, so he just placed them on the nearest surface. If Harry were here, he would probably tell you that cleaning up his own mess was so unnecessary and that he doesn’t expect you to, but you know that he’s grateful you’re doing it anyways. 
You were silent as you tidied up his house, putting things back in his closet, and washing the bowl of yogurt and fruit he eats in the morning. It was an unnerving silence, and you just wanted to make any kind of noise just to fill the quietness that was slowly eating you away. You grabbed one of his shirts off the ground that slipped off the hanger, and you brought it up to your nose. His scent filling your senses as you closed your eyes, taking his smell in. You inhaled enough to practically take away his entire scent that was left on his shirt to fill the satisfaction in your body as you pretended he was close. 
As you did that, you uncontrollably sobbed into the material, letting out a heartbroken cry as you covered your face with his shirt. You slowly sank down to the floor, completely sitting down on the cold tiles. The sudden outbreak of your cries weren’t new; they had made their appearance when he left for dates or after he was done talking about someone he liked. When you would go out to the store and grab things he wants gifted. When he would call you angel while he was with the devil who was keeping you two apart. 
Once you calmed down a bit, you thought about how hugging his shirt was the closest you would get to him as you wished you were the lucky person he would be greeting them with his presence and a pretty batch of flowers, but he doesn’t even know your favorite flower.
Tumblr media
It was the next day, and you woke up in the comfort of your own bed. 
You had taken an Uber home around ten p.m the night prior as you figured Harry was still on his date and perhaps wouldn’t be coming home till later. So, after watching a movie on his couch and having dinner, you turned off all of the lights and locked up as you headed to your place for what you hope is a relaxing night. 
A weird feeling had taken over you as you got ready for bed and it felt strange. You knew you weren’t yourself, and you hated that. The outburst of your crying was long forgotten as you climbed into bed and slept the day away. 
Once you had woken up from your deep slumber, your charged phone was ringing with your text tone. Groaning, you stretched your body from the tenseness from your sleep before you reached for your phone, unplugging the charger. You rubbed your eyes and blinked a bit as the brightness of your phone was straining to your vision. When your sight had cleared up, you were greeted with various messages from Jeff, asking if you had heard from Harry or if you’ve seen him. Going to Harry’s message, you hadn’t received anything, so you texted Jeff back and told him that he hadn’t contacted you and the last time you saw him was last night. Jeff immediately texted back, asking you if you could kindly go to his place and check if he was there, and you instantly said yes, a bit worried as Jeff seemed to be worried as well. 
You got out of bed for the day, not wanting to leave, but knowing you had responsibilities, you got ready for the day, doing your normal hygienic routine.
 It was Sunday, and usually on Sundays, you didn’t have much work to do since it was Harry’s day off as well. That is, if it’s not on tour, he gets a nice little day to himself. So, you chose a comfy outfit—one where you wouldn’t sweat so much as you walked to Harry’s house in the summer heat. You opted for a big t-shirt and pairing it with black biker shorts, and some sneakers. With one last look in the mirror, you were out the door and headed to Harry’s house. 
The day was beautiful as the sun was out and the sky was blue. Rarely any clouds to overcast the sun, and there was a slight breeze in the air, making the walk more bearable so you wouldn’t sweat all that much. 
Once you got to Harry’s house, fortunately, it wasn’t that far of a walk from where you live, you unlocked the door and walked in. 
“Harry?” You called out, looking around the living area. His shoes that he normally wears out are by the couch, so he should be somewhere. He might still be asleep, you think. You walk up the stairs to his room, knocking lightly before entering. And what you saw was something you wanted to erase from your memory forever. “Oh, fuck! Sorry!” You immediately slammed the door as you stood still outside of his room, in disbelief of what you just saw. 
You had just witnessed Brooke giving Harry head. They were both obviously naked, and her actions were on full display too because the bed faced the door and Brooke was on the side of Harry rather than in front of him as she had his dick down her throat, and of course, Harry had his head back, simply enjoying it because what guy wouldn’t. 
You heard shuffling through the door, and that took you out of your spaced out mind; quickly walked down the stairs and to the kitchen, grabbing yourself a glass of water, feeling yourself get flustered from how bare Harry was in front of you. 
“God, does she ever learn how to fucking knock?” You heard Brooke faintly say as they both walked down the stairs, most likely thinking you didn’t hear, but you definitely did as her voice echoed throughout the whole fucking house. “Hey, girl,” she smiled once they both made it to the kitchen, and it was the fakest smile you’ve ever seen. No wonder she’s a good actress, you think. 
“Hi,” you said back, sipping your glass of water as you avoided eye contact with Harry. 
“Hi. What are you doing here? Do I have to be somewhere today?” He greeted, but immediately asked questions as if you were invading his privacy and day off. You looked at him very briefly, but remained your sight on his marble counter. 
“Uh, no. Jeff told me to come here and check on you; said that he hadn’t heard from you, so he was worried,” you explained, glancing up and Harry nodded. 
“Oh, okay. The last time I talked to him was before I left, but I hadn’t checked my phone since. Was it anything urgent?” You shook your head, realizing Jeff never really explained why he needed Harry, but you brushed it off. 
“He bought me this lovely bouquet of flowers and a pretty dress for dinner!” Yeah, I know. I was the one who got them, you thought. “Then he took me out on a boat ride, and we came back here-”
“Spare me the details? I already know all of this. I am his assistant afterall,” you said in a not so friendly tone, interrupting her and not wanting to know the details of what happens in his bedroom that entails Brooke. Usually, you weren’t so harsh to anyone, but you had a reason to be a bit stern with Brooke because she bites back. Unfortunately for her, you bite back even harder. 
Harry and Brooke have been dating for what seems like forever, but it’s really only been about six months. You tried being nice to her--you really tried, giving her your patience, but every time you see her, she would act cold towards you. Of course not in front of Harry because he thinks she’s an absolute saint, but she was the complete opposite of that. She was the devil and you were the angel. But of course, Harry doesn’t see that. 
Brooke gives you a harsh look, rolling her eyes a bit as Harry grabbed a glass of water for both of them. She turns to him, giving him a big smile before reaching up to kiss his lips, knowing exactly what she was doing in front of you. She then took a sip of her water, hugging Harry before she said, “I gotta go. Have a meeting at ten. I’ll call you?” Harry nodded, walking her to the front door, giving her one last kiss before she was off and Harry shut the door. You scoffed to yourself as you watched them, rolling your eyes in a way to attempt to hide your pain. 
Harry walked back to the kitchen, leaning on the counter, matching your stance. 
“I’m sorry you had to walk in on us-”
“Harry, it’s fine. I should’ve waited before I knocked,” you tried to get rid of the thought of seeing Brooke’s mouth on Harry. That was the first time you’ve walked in on him like that--fully bare on the bed while in action. Brooke was probably his first serious girlfriend in years, but he’s had some one night stands here and there, which he called you in the morning to pick him up. It wasn’t your preferred task to do because of the pain you would always feel when you would see him walk out of the house he just slept in, but then again, he is your boss. 
It was a bit quiet between you two, and Harry thinks that it’s because you practically saw his dick on full display. Partially it was for that reason, but it was also the way Brooke would treat you almost every time she sees you. Harry thinks back to when Brooke was in the house, and he could practically feel the anger from you when she was there. 
“You know, you could be a little nicer to her,” he stated, recalling what you said to Brooke and how you said it. 
“Well, she could be nicer to me in general,” you raised your brows, waiting for what he has to say about that. 
“She is nice to you. She always talks about wanting to invite you places, but she comes back sad because you’re always so quick to turn her down.”
“Brooke has never invited me anywhere. In fact, she’s never said a word to me unless you were there,” Except for that time a couple of months ago when you two had a little chat that ended up with you in tears at the end of the night. You laughed as you were in disbelief that she would actually lie to Harry that she actually wanted to be friends with you. 
“What? No. She’s always talking about wanting to get to know you more, but you just shut her down,” Harry’s brows furrowed, and you laughed even more. “W-What’s so funny?”
“Harry, you would know if she would have talked to me because I would’ve told you, but your girlfriend has never mentioned anything other than…” you trailed off as you stopped laughing, not wanting to overstep or overshare some of things that Brooke has really said to you. 
“Other than what?” He noticed that you cut yourself off. 
“Maybe ask her if you wanna know. I gotta get going,” you said, brushing it off as if it didn’t matter to you as you avoided his suspicious eyes while you headed for the door. “Make sure to call Jeff too. Oh, uh,” you turned around to find him following you to the front door, “Did you need me to do anything for you while I’m here?” You asked, still knowing that he was your boss. 
“Oh, hmm, no. Don’t think so. Enjoy your day,” he said, and you got off of his doorstep.
“Bye, H-,” you were interrupted by the sound of his door closing. You raised your brows in confusion as Harry never really interrupted you, especially not like that. He would usually wait for you to get in your car and pull out of the driveway, but he didn’t even wait for you whatsoever. 
You tried not to make it a big deal because you figured he was frustrated and probably a bit pissed that you weren’t so nice to Brooke, but how could you cover up her lie like that especially if she was so mean to you? You grew some thick skin when you first started working for Harry, and that meant that you learned how to stand up for yourself no matter who is talking to you, not even Harry’s girlfriend. 
You groaned; on the topic of Harry’s girlfriend: how could he possibly think she’s a nice person? She put up such an act in front of him, and whenever he’s not around, that act is the complete opposite. 
When will he realize what’s right in front of him? That’s been right in front of him for years now. You were tired of meeting his new love interests and picking him up from other people’s houses when he could be at yours without worrying about going anywhere or leaving because the morning would be spent cuddling and making breakfast together. Oh, how you envied the people he got to hold onto tight and freely kiss as you wished for those lips to land on you as he called you angel. 
The thought was driving you insane because you wouldn’t dare tell him whatsoever. Afterall, he was your boss and it would be awkward if he didn’t feel the same way. But you think he would never see you in that way, so you keep your mouth shut and hold your heart close as you just go with the flow despite the pain you feel. 
Tumblr media
20 December 2017
Harry was laying on his back breathless as Brooke collapsed right next to him, deeply sighing as she tried catching her breath. 
“How does it get better every single time?” She giggled as she was in a post orgasmic state. She shifted so she was laying into Harry’s side, cuddling him as he wrapped his arm around her. He smiled, kissing the top of her head. Brooke’s hand roamed his chest as it was her way of showing that she would like to go for another round. 
She started kissing his chest and his neck, and Harry wasn’t opposed to the idea, but the sound of his phone vibrating on his bedside table had killed the mood. 
“Don’t answer it, please. Want you again,” she sat up slightly and buried her head more into his neck as she kissed and sucked his skin. He was so close to listening to her, trying to block out the sound of his phone, but as it kept vibrating, he realized he couldn’t ignore it. 
“M’sorry,” he sat up causing Brooke to pull away as she groaned, laying on her side of the bed. Harry picked up his phone and Brooke had a little peek at who was texting him. He had changed your contact name from your name to your nickname ever since he started calling you ‘angel,’ and it’s been the same ever since. He loved it; it added a little flare and he would always smile when he sees your contact name pop up on his phone. 
“Does she always have to make an appearance at the worst times? Or in general?” She asked, but the last part was definitely muttered under her breath as Harry was too focused on reading your texts. Harry had sent out a text  a few hours after you left on Sunday, saying that he was sorry for being rude and practically slamming the door on you. You had texted back saying that it was okay, and that you were sorry for being rude to him too. There were no rude remarks towards him, but your tone had said otherwise, and you knew that you could’ve handled that conversation better. 
My Angel: Hi, H. I was wondering if you wanted to do some suit fittings before you leave to go back home or after? Let me know so I can tell Lambert and Harris. 
“Sorry. She’s just wondering if I’m available to do some suit fittings for the upcoming tour,” he said to Brooke before texting you back. 
H: Preferably after the holidays. We’ll do it right at the beginning of January. 
“Isn’t she your assistant? Why doesn’t she just schedule it already?” She asked cluelessly. 
It wasn’t like Brooke was stupid. No, she was smart. But there were some things that didn't click for her, which makes Harry and anyone have to explain things twice. She would usually have her assistant do everything for her without confirmation, and Brooke would just go with it.
“Well, I still have to approve of it, love. Can’t just book me without me knowing,” he chuckled slightly. 
My Angel: Okay, perfect. I scheduled the fitting for January 4th. That’s okay right? I know you’ll be back before New Years, so I just wanna make sure. 
He always loved how you were so cautious about everything. Sure, he wanted you to let loose sometimes and not take everything so seriously, but you two were a perfect team because you need to keep him in check sometimes, but you did let loose and have fun off the clock. 
H: Yeah, should be good. Thank you, angel. xx
My Angel: That’s what I’m here for! You don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow before you leave. Do you wanna get some coffee before your flight? Say at 8?
He smiled down at your text. Brooke noticed, which made her furrow her eyebrows in confusion, so she started rubbing his back and his stomach as she tried getting a look at his text messages. Once she saw a bit of it, she climbed on Harry’s lap. 
“Do you want to get lunch tomorrow before you leave? I’m gonna miss you,” she pouted slightly, and Harry had only glanced up at her very briefly before looking back down at his phone as he was in the middle of responding to your question. 
H: Sure! That’d be great. The usual spot?
My Angel: Yes, the usual :) see you then, H! 
He grinned before locking his phone and placing it back on the bedside table. He looked up at Brooke who was impatiently waiting for him to give her attention as she had her arms crossed. 
“Oh, sorry I’m actually getting coffee with Y/N,” he frowned slightly, somewhat feeling bad rejecting her offer. 
“You don’t wanna see me before you leave?” She asked in an annoyed tone, getting off his lap to sit beside him on the bed. 
“W-What?” He said in disbelief. “You’ve been sleeping over since Saturday. That’s why we planned for you to stay here until I leave right?” He stated obviously. They clearly talked about her sleeping over after their date on Saturday until he leaves to go back home for the holidays. So, he’s wondering if she’s missed something or she’s just acting like this to get a rise out of him. 
“You think four days is enough? You’re gonna be gone for two weeks until I have to see you again, and you would rather spend your time-” 
“Four days is a really long time! And I’m seeing you for New Years. I don’t understand where this is coming from,” Harry got off the bed and pulled on his boxers. 
“I’m just saying…she’s already your assistant. Why do you have to spend so much time with her?” Brooke asked as she got under the covers as she watched Harry pull on his sweatpants. 
“She’s also my best friend. Where is all of this coming from? Are you jealous or what?” She scoffed, rolling her eyes, and Harry furrowed his brows. 
“Please. Like I could ever be jealous of her. All I’m saying is that I just want to spend all the time I can get before you leave, or I can go with you back home…” she suggested, and Harry perked up. 
“What? You want to come with me?” She nodded eagerly as she smiled. 
“Yeah, why not? We can spend the holidays together, and it’ll be fun. What do you say?” She crawled over to the edge of the bed where Harry was standing, and she sat on her knees as she looked up. 
They’ve been dating for six months, and Harry hadn’t introduced her to his family. It wasn’t like he didn’t like her or he was embarrassed that he’s dating her, but that was a really big commitment that needed a lot of thought put into it. Meeting the family is just a big step for him, and although his family has met his previous partners, that was when they were still friends and not together. But with Brooke, it all happened so fast that his family had never met her when they were friends or hooking up. They obviously know he’s dating someone, but to bring them home? Especially on Christmas? He wasn’t ready for that. 
“Maybe some other time. I’ll talk to them to see if they want to come over here for my birthday or something,” he rejected her suggestion. Home was just something so vulnerable to him that he wouldn’t just bring anyone. 
Brooke sighed deeply, “Okay, I’ll hold you to that,” she said, impatient that she hasn’t met his family yet, but he’s met hers. “How about I come with you tomorrow morning to get coffee?” She looked at him as she pleaded with her eyes. 
He knew that you wanted to spend time with him before the holidays and he wanted to as well. But Brooke obviously wanted to see you as much as possible now that he’s denied her suggestion of coming home with him, but she had been sleeping over for the past four days, which Harry thinks is enough time. 
“I’m sorry, but no,” he said as it came out more like a question as he didn’t want to seem rude by saying no to her. Throughout the months of dating Brooke, he learned that she hates when people say no. Obviously, it’s fine when he says no to sex, but he could tell that it really frustrates her. “I haven’t seen her in a few days because I’ve been with you the whole time, so I think it’ll be good to catch up with her before I leave,” he smiled lightly, trying to make light of the room. 
“Sure. Have fun,” she said sarcastically before heading to the restroom. 
Harry sighed, grabbing his duffel bag from the closet before he started packing. He was simply just excited to see you tomorrow and his family over the holidays. 
Tumblr media
21 December 2017
You waved over at Harry once you saw him standing at the entrance of the coffee shop. Harry walked over to you with a beaming grin as he looked incredibly handsome. He wore black circular sunglasses that sat on his nose, a blue hawaiian shirt with a gray t-shirt underneath as a brown coat was thrown over his body. He wore his famous black skinny jeans and his famous brown Yves Saint Laurent boots that you know he has a whole collection of. His hair looked amazing as he recently cut it a week ago, and it’s starting to grow out a bit as the ends of his hair started to curl. 
As he was close enough, you snapped yourself out of your trance of checking him out before you stood up, giving each other a hug and a cheek to cheek kiss. 
“How are you, angel?” He asked, taking his coat off before taking a seat, and setting his coat down on the chair next to him. 
“I’m good. I hope you don’t mind, but I went ahead and ordered for us. Should be out soon.” You had gotten Harry an iced black coffee, and despite the weather, he was always up for an iced beverage, especially when it came to his coffee; and you had ordered him a coffee cake--the coffee house’s specialty. 
“Of course not. Thank you. So, you’re going back home right?” He asked, placing his arms on the table. Right as he asked, the drinks and food had arrived and you waited for the barista to leave before you answered. 
“I might,” you said, taking a sip from the coffee mug. 
“What do you mean you might? Told me that you were going,” he furrowed his brows in confusion because you two had just had this conversation the other week, and you were excited to go back home. 
Home was in Oregon for you, and you moved out when you were eighteen to go to school in New York. It had always been your dream of moving to the big city, and although you loved Oregon, New York had made space for you to have a home as well. 
“I mean, I was. But you know how I’m saving to buy a house right? Well, flights are expensive, especially when it’s around this time,” you explained. 
“I can always-” 
“No, no. Before you go saying that you’re going to buy me a ticket, don’t even waste your breath because I’m not taking it,” you shook your head, and Harry chuckled. 
“C’mon, please? I know how excited you were to go back home. Don’t want you to be alone during the holidays,” he pouted as he cut into his coffee cake. 
“I told mom the situation, so they might come here for a change, but not definite yet--was just a suggestion. But honestly, I don’t think they will because it might be too late and all that, y’know how they are,” you chuckled, knowing how late your family will be if things happen last minute. “Don’t worry though. Glenne asked if I could take care of Penny, and I said yes if I’m not going home,” you said, smiling at the thought of the shih tzu that Glenne and Jeff own. 
“I mean, you can always come home with me,” he put it out there, and your eyes perked up. 
“W-What? No. I can’t do that.”
“Why not? It’s not like I would be buying you a plane ticket either. We’ll be using the jet,” he smiled lightly as if there were no meaning behind his words. 
“God, you just don’t know how rich you are--saying shit about your own fucking jet,” you teased, and he laughed loudly. 
“But really. Think about it. Mum would love to see you again and I know Gems has so much to catch you up on,” he said, taking a sip from his straw. 
You had met Anne and Gemma several times as they often visited sometimes or you would fly home with Harry and hang out with them while he’s working. They were a lovely family, if not, your second family, you would say. They were the kindest people you’ve ever met, and you’re so grateful that Harry was raised by great people surrounding him. 
“Really, H. Thank you, but I’m going to pass that up. I’ll probably just suck it up and buy a plane ticket,” you scoffed slightly at your indecisiveness. 
“Alright. Well, if you change your mind, which you have practically a day to figure it out, let me know and I’ll see what I could do with the jet going back here,” he said with a smile, wanting you to have choices rather than being stuck at home all alone during the holidays. 
“Thank you, Harry. I appreciate it.” 
The rest of the hours spent at the coffee spot was filled with conversation and laughter. Luckily, Brooke wasn’t one of the topics during your time together, and you were glad for it. Harry was also happy you didn’t mention Brooke either because he just wanted his mind to rest during his vacation, and not to say that he doesn’t like her, but it can be a bit stressful to communicate things with sometimes. 
“Oh, you have to head to the airport already,” you said, looking at your phone and realizing that he has about two hours to head to the airport. “Do you have everything packed?” You asked as you two stood up from your seats and put your coats on. Harry put on his sunglasses, hopefully a way to avoid the curious eye of the public. Luckily when you two were having coffee, no one approached him, but there were some looks made towards you two, but none of them walked up to the table. 
“Yeah, you have my shirts right?” 
“Yup. They’re in my car.” Once you two made it outside, you were parked on the curb and Harry’s car was about three cars behind you. You took Harry’s shirts out from the backseat that were folded very nicely and ironed. You had borrowed a couple of shirts from him when you would sleepover and had forgotten to give them back to him, but Harry said it was fine for you to keep until he needed them. “Alright, here you go. Don’t need anything else before you leave right?” 
“Actually, if you’re not busy doing anything, do you want to drop me off at the airport? I can call ahead of time and tell them that my driver isn’t going to take me, so we have access to the back,” he said with hopeful eyes. 
“Oh okay, sure,” you smiled softly. 
“Great,” he gave you a big smile before looking down at his phone, and you assumed he was texting Kyle, his driver, that he didn’t need to pick him up anymore. “Okay, I’ll see you at my place? I just have to get my shit.” 
“Okay, race you there! Wait, no, just kidding. Really, drive safe,” you chuckled, and Harry laughed. 
You met Harry at his house which was only about ten minutes from the coffee shop. His car was already in the driveway when you had pulled up, and you just decided to wait outside by your car for him, popping open the trunk. A few minutes later, Harry came out with his duffel bag, locking the door behind him. 
He put his stuff in the trunk before hopping into the passenger seat of your car, and you were off to the airport. 
Traffic was a bit heavy, but you made it just in time for Harry to check in and get settled without having to worry if he was late or not. You had pulled into an underground garage of the airport, and got out of the car as Harry got his stuff out from the trunk. 
“Guess I’ll see you on New Years?” You stood in front of Harry behind your car. He nodded before taking you into your arms. 
“Yeah, I’ll see you then. Let me know if you’re going back home or if you decide to join us,” he said into your ear as he hugged you tightly around your waist. Your arms were looped around his shoulders, giving him a warm squeeze. 
“I will. Have a safe flight, and text me when you land,” you said back into his ear. 
“Always do.” 
Both of you pulled away, but his touch had still lingered on your arm; raking his hand slowly down your arm as he walked away, and you had wished you weren’t wearing a coat with many layers underneath just so you could feel his hand on your bare skin. 
“Don’t miss me too much,” you teased. Harry turned around and smirked; the one that made your stomach do flips. 
“You know I will. Gonna miss me too?” He asked in return. 
“Always do, H. Always do,” you blew a kiss at him, and he caught it, placing his hand on his heart before walking through the doors. 
You sighed as you got into your car before pulling out of the garage and driving back home. 
It may seem a little peculiar on how you two ask towards one another despite him having a girlfriend, but it’s always been like that between you two. It all started when you were at a party right beside Harry, and a few friends of his went up to you two and asked when you two were going to get together. At that time, your heart stopped because you had just figured out that you had feelings for him. But Harry responded with “until she lets me,” and it was meant to tease you, but it had left you in confusion. 
Since then, you two would tease each other and somewhat act like you were together, but it had died down a tad bit ever since he’s gotten a girlfriend. And although Harry is a natural charmer, you two were best friends, so there was a tad bit platonic flirting between you two. 
But you wished that he would see past the best friend line and assistant line. 
Tumblr media
31 December 2017 
The cold air from the room had made goosebumps rise onto your skin, although it seemed warm in the room from the crowd that was gathering rather quickly while the music started becoming louder, and chatter and laughs filled the room. 
You were talking with Glenne and observing the people around you at the same time; everyone was wearing their best attire for the new year, and you were as well. You were wearing a red silk dress that hugged you just right as the material in the back dropped to your mid back, showing almost the entirety of your back. You wore nude four inch heels, feeling like the height of your shoe was enough so you weren’t completely struggling to walk throughout the night. And your makeup was sparkling with gold colored eyeshadow and a red lip. You looked hot, and you knew it. 
One of Jeff’s friends had booked a hotel room on the top floor, literally right next to the ball drop, so everyone can just look out the window rather than going outside in the freezing weather. 
It was nice to dress up after being cozied up throughout Christmas. You had decided to go back home after all, buying your plane ticket right when you got home from dropping Harry off at the airport. It was a bit pricey because of the fact that you were buying the ticket a day before the scheduled time the flight is supposed to take off, and considering that it was the holiday season as well. But you had gotten a Christmas bonus unexpectedly, and everything worked out. 
You enjoyed your time with your family and getting to spend a week with them before you had to leave for New York again for New Years. 
You also hadn’t expected to receive a gift from Harry on Christmas morning when your mom was passing gifts out. With a confused expression, you took the big box from your mom’s hands that was wrapped in red and white festive wrapping paper with a bow on it. Once you opened it, you had softly gasped when you saw the items inside; it was all of your favorite things, including some extra items Harry had picked out for himself. He had gotten you a much bigger planner, for the next year, that will help for work, and you smiled, knowing that he had remembered you talking about how much you wanted the planner so badly. The box also contained some of your favorite snacks, little Knick knacks that reminded him of you, and a velvet rectangle box that held a small diamond pendant attached to a thin gold chain. 
It was absolutely stunning, and Harry must’ve spent a lot on it, but he didn’t mind. He thought it was going to look so beautiful on you, and it made you feel special that you were wearing something so meaningful from someone that means so much to you. 
The gold chain sat perfectly on your collarbones, and you hadn’t taken it off ever since you received it; only when you showered, but you put it right back on after. 
The volume of the room had increased, and you turned your head towards the door and found Harry walking in with a bright smile on his face, and of course, Brooke right alongside him with her arm looped with his. 
They looked absolutely stunning together as they walked inside the building as they greeted everyone with big smiles. They radiated perfection and luxury as everyone’s eyes were on them as if they were a piece of art hung up high in the gallery--worthy enough to be looked at. But your eyes were placed on one person in the room, and you so wished you were right beside him instead of her. 
The couple had made their way through the crowd when Harry spotted Jeff in the corner. With Harry leading the two of them with their hands interlocked together, they greeted Jeff and Glenne before Harry let go of Brooke’s hand to give you a hug. 
“Hey, angel,” he smiled, wrapping his arms around your waist as he slightly picked you up off the ground. His hands met the exposed skin of your back and he felt goosebumps rise onto your skin as his cool metal rings touched your skin. 
“Hi, H. How are you?” You asked against his ear and he set you down on your feet before pulling away. 
“Good, good. Missed you.” 
You blushed, “Miss you too. Also, thank you again for your present, it was so thoughtful and lovely.” 
“I’m so happy you liked it. Thank you for yours as well. I love it a lot,” he beamed as he looked down at you. You had given Harry three presents. The first one being a black soft leather journal with his initials engraved in the middle and spine of the journal in gold. The second gift was a manicure set because he recently started to paint his nails, so you wanted him to have all the tools and colors he needed. The third gift was a photo album of his success (you also threw in a couple of you and him). You told him that he can look at it anytime he wants, but it’s just a reminder of how proud you are of him and how far he’s gone; and you would be adding more in the future. It had made him tear up a bit as he found the gifts to be so sweet and sentimental of you. 
“Hi, Brooke,” you greeted with a small smile, and you saw her face beam as she hugged you, but you knew that it was definitely a fake one to put up an act in front of her boyfriend. 
“How are you, girl?! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!” She yelled over the loud music. 
“Good, thanks. How are you?” 
“Great! Did you see what Harry got me for Christmas?” She waved her arm out to show you the diamond bracelet that sat on her wrist. It was very beautiful, you had to admit. It was very Brooke, and you were glad Harry didn’t ask you for any help with trying to find her a Christmas present. 
“I’m gonna get another drink,” you excused yourself, not really wanting to be around her much longer as she smirked and tried to flaunt her gift in your face. But you didn’t let it get to you because you truly loved the gifts Harry had gotten you, and it made it extra special because he put so much thought into it. 
You made your way to the bar, downing the remains of your drink before asking the cute bartender for another one. 
“Having fun?” He asked with a smile as he set your drink down onto a black square napkin. 
“Sure, let’s just say that,” you chuckled sarcastically before throwing your head back to take the entire cup of alcohol down your throat. 
“Thanks,” you set the glass down before walking away. 
You wanted to go back to where Glenne was standing, but you had bumped into some friends that you had met through Jeff on your way, so you had to catch up with them and tell them everything that’s going on with you after they told you their whole life story. 
The hours to the new year went by pretty quickly. You ended up hanging out with a few friends and going outside with them to have a smoke. The alcohol and weed had eased you, and you actually had a really fun time with them. The idea of Brooke clinging onto Harry had left your mind and you loosened up, smiling and dancing along with drinking. 
There were five minutes left until midnight, and everyone was gathered next to the window that overlooked Times Square. The volume in the room was loud as everyone screamed and laughed—excited for the new year. 
You were standing next to Harry, and of course Brooke on the other side of him. Glenne and Jeff were on the left of Brooke, and both of the couples had their arms around each other as the only thing you were holding was a glass of tequila as you didn’t have anyone to celebrate the new year with. 
“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!” Everyone chanted, and you chuckled, laughing at your loneliness when there were so many people around you. Your eyes watered up, crossing your arms as you looked at the shining lights through the window.
“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!” The sounds of cheers and party horns erupted in the room as people took each other against their lips. 
You slightly glanced right next to you and saw Harry and Brooke kissing lovingly as she smiled into the kiss, along with Jeff and Glenne. 
You turned away, looking out at the window as you raised your glass. “Cheers,” you whispered to yourself before throwing your head back and consuming your tequila shot. 
Everyone was so consumed in one another that nobody noticed the tears streaming down your face as the loneliness you had felt physically and mentally took over. 
Tumblr media
4 January 2018 
Harry was standing on the elevated box in front of a mirror. He was wearing a sparkly pink suit with gold lining on the seams, along with a gold shirt with a pussybow. Harry Lambert was behind up, straightening out the jacket. 
You had sat on the couch of the large private dressing room as you observed. Harry looked at you through the mirror, giving you no emotion. You smiled, but he didn’t smile back; only looking away and taking his attention on the suit. You furrowed your brow, confused as to why he was looking at you like that and so coldly. 
You stood up, walking over to him. “It looks great, H.” 
“Thanks,” he said quickly. 
“Think you can dance in it?” You teased as you smirked, trying to add some sort of lightness to see if his cold looks were accidental. 
“Pretty sure,” his tone was very short, and your smirk fell. 
“Wait right here. Just need to get something really quick for the pants,” Harry Lambert said before walking out of the dressing room. 
There was a moment of silence, and Harry pulled on the suit jacket so it sits nicely on him. By this point, he would’ve asked for your opinion and for some reassurance because sometimes he needs those extra words that tell him it doesn’t look too much or weird on him. But you got silence. 
“Is everything okay?” You asked warily. 
“You sure?” You still weren’t convinced enough. 
“Yes, now can you please stop asking me? Fuck,” He rolled his eyes, voice slightly raised. 
“What is your problem?” Your brows furrowed. 
“What my problem is, is that you won’t leave me the fuck alone nor would you stop talking. I’m just trying to do some fittings, but you wouldn’t stop talking,” he huffed. He didn’t even turn around, just kept looking at himself in the mirror. 
You scoffed, grabbing your bag from off the couch. “Don’t fucking ask me to come with you if you didn’t want me here.” You headed for the exit before turning around at the last second. “And next time, look me in the eye and tell me that shit,” you said before you completely exit the building and head towards your apartment. 
You’ve never been so annoyed before, and that says a lot because you deal with a lot of people from the industry and Brooke. You didn’t know what came over him because he’s never talked to you like that nor has he raised his voice at you. With utter confusion, you sat on your couch, taking off your shoes for the day since you didn’t have any other work to do for the day, and you thought going with him to his fitting was a waste of time if he was going to act all pissy on you. 
Only moments later, you heard a knock on your door, and you immediately knew it was Harry probably coming by to tell you that he was sorry and he didn’t mean to say those words. But words are words and despite not meaning to say them, they still came out meaning that he was thinking it. But since this was Harry, the kindest human you’ve ever met, you opened the door because he’s your best friend and you deserve an apology. 
Huffing, you opened the door to find Harry standing on your doorstep with his head down and a slight frown to his face. Without saying anything, you moved to the side, opening the door wider for him to walk through, which he does. You walk over to the couch and take a seat; Harry sitting on the other side. The fact that you weren’t saying anything was killing him, but he doesn’t blame you. You crossed your arms as you waited for him to say something, and he inhaled deeply before he spoke. 
“I’m sorry for what I said back there. I shouldn’t have taken all my anger out on you because you don’t deserve that whatsoever. You were just trying to make sure I was okay, and I really appreciate that,” he resented himself for acting that way towards you. His eyes were red and he looked quite sad, and you want to know what made him originally feel this way. 
“Why were you so mad to begin with?” You asked curiously, and he sighed as you brushed away his apology. 
“Brooke and I have been fighting--ever since New Years. She claimed that I was always hanging out with you and that I left her at the party to be with you, but that’s not true right? I feel like I barely saw you during the party,” his brows furrowed in confusion. He was right; you barely even hung out with him during New Years because you were some other friends, and the only time you really spoke to him was when he arrived and after the countdown, but that was it. 
“Why is she so…” you trailed off, not wanting to sound so offensive towards his girlfriend. 
“You can say it.” 
“Possessive? Obsessive? Threatened by me? I mean I get that you’re her boyfriend, but I haven’t done anything to trigger that, have I?” You tilted your head as if you were thinking. You were never the one to steal someone’s boyfriend because that wasn’t any of your business; no matter how much you liked that person. But your attitude towards Harry was very much best friend-like. You miss him on days when you don’t see him, you give him big hugs when you reunite, you give each other friendly kisses on the cheek in a way to say ‘thanks,’ but it was never meant to steal him away from her. 
“No, you haven’t. I don’t know… I feel like she’s always had this problem with you because you’re my best friend, but also assistant--the closest person to me. I always tell her that she has nothing to worry about, but she doesn’t trust me for some reason.” 
“I’m sorry, H,” you said, placing your hand on his knee in a way to comfort him. He placed his hand right over yours in a way to say ‘thank you for understanding.’ 
“I should be the one apologizing. You didn’t do anything wrong. I really am sorry for how coldly I acted towards you,” he softly smiled, and you gave him one back. 
“It’s okay. Was it unnecessary? Yes. But it was one time,” you forgave him. 
“You’re the best. But I should get going to finish up the fittings,” he said, standing up from the couch. You stood up, walking him to the door. “I’ll see you?” You nodded, giving him a big hug. He embraced you with both arms as he squeezed tightly before he walked out the door. You figured there was no point in going with him since he only has a couple of suits to try on, so you stayed back. 
About thirty minutes later, your phone vibrated. Seeing Harry’s contact name, you smiled to yourself. 
H: Attachment: 2 images 
How do these look?
You chuckled. He had sent you mirror pictures, holding up a peace sign as he was in a sparkly blue suit. 
My Angel: You look like Cinderella lmao
I love it!
Harry smiled. He was about to text you some silly joke about being Prince Charming while you’re the princess, but he heard a voice at the door, making him stop what he was doing. 
“Hey, babe!” Harry looked up and saw Brooke walk in. His eyes widened as he turned around, and she gave him a kiss. 
“W-What are you doing here?” He asked, confused. 
“Jeff said you’d be here, so I decided to surprise you!” She said cheerfully, holding his hands. 
“O-Oh, I’m very surprised,” he chuckled nervously. He didn’t really know why he was nervous, but possibly the fact that if he hadn’t snapped at you, then you would still be in the room, which would have raised questions and yet another argument with Brooke. 
“I figured after you’re finished, we could get an early dinner and you could come back to my place?” She suggested. “Think we need to talk about some things.” 
“Yeah, that sounds good. I have about two more suits, so you can wait outside-”
“Silly! No, I’ll wait here,” she took a seat on the couch you were just sitting on thirty minutes ago. He nodded without saying anything before he proceeded on to his next suit. 
You looked down at your phone on Harry’s message thread, waiting for his reply. You saw the text bubbles pop up and you smiled, waiting for him to say some corny joke, but they went away. You waited for a moment, so they could pop back up, but they didn’t. So, you shrugged, locking your phone, and wondering if he got caught up in something, so he couldn’t reply. 
Tumblr media
1 February 2018
It was Harry’s birthday and the crowd was rolling in. 
He decided he wanted to spend his birthday in Los Angeles since most of his friends are there anyways. Plus, it’s a small get together before the tour starts next month and then he would be all over the place. He wanted a semi small party at his house, nothing too crazy, he just wanted everyone he cares about at the party. Anne and Gemma flew in the day before to join in on the fun, and you were excited to see them because you missed them like crazy. 
“Angel! This party is great! Thank you for keeping it so nice and small,” Harry said, giving you a hug. He also handed you your favorite drink, which is a whiskey on the rocks. 
“I’m happy you like it, birthday boy,” you smiled as you watched everyone gather into his Malibu house. There were about thirty people in total that were on the guest list, only adding people Harry was close to.
“Ah, there’s mum and Gem. Let’s say hi,” he told you, and you excitedly smiled, walking towards the door. 
“Mum!” Harry called out, and Anne’s eyes lightened up. 
“Oh, my baby! Happy birthday, my love,” she kissed his cheeks as he hugged her. 
“Hi, Gems,” he greeted his sister, also giving her a hug. 
“Happy birthday baby brother. One more year and you’ll be a quarter of a century,” she joked, and Harry chuckled. 
“Ha ha, very funny. I’m so happy you guys are-” 
“Y/N? Is that you? Oh my god, come here you!” Anne interrupted Harry once she saw you. Her eyes widened and she was smiling like crazy as you walked towards her, giving her a lovely hug. “Oh, darling. It’s been a while since I saw you!” 
“Yeah, it really has been. You both still look so amazing,” you said, giving Gemma a hug. 
“Please, you’re too sweet to us. How have you been? Don’t want to quit just yet because of this one?” Anne joked, nudging Harry as he playfully rolled his eyes. 
“Heyyy,” his brows furrowed, and Anne pinched his cheek. 
“I’ve been good. And not yet. Give me about five months and we’ll get back to this conversation,” you joked back, looking at Harry to see him frowning. You looped your arm around his waist, giving him a hug, and he stopped frowning; his face turning into a small smirk. 
“Let’s definitely catch up later. I’m going to say hi to Jeff and Glenne. Be right back,” Anne said before walking through the crowd, Gemma following her. 
You and Harry were alone again as you two sipped on your drinks. Some people said hi to them, but not making conversation for too long as they wanted to get another drink or food. 
“Is Brooke here? Haven’t seen her,” you asked curiously. Harry’s face dropped, and you looked at him confusingly. 
“Oh, fuck,” he pinched the top of his nose as he looked down, shaking his head. 
“I totally forgot she was coming,” he said, and you fought the urge to laugh. 
“How did you forget your own girlfriend?” 
“I don’t know--I was just so focused on the tour and this party that it slipped my mind that she was coming,” he sighed. 
“Oh okay. What’s so bad about her being here?” You wondered. 
“That means she’s gonna meet mum and Gem.” Your mouth formed an ‘o’ as if realization struck you, and Harry nodded his head as if he was saying ‘yeah, that’s why.’ 
“Better prepare for that because I could already hear her laugh,” you placed your hand on his shoulder, patting it. Harry took a deep breath and downed the rest of his drink before he walked over to the entrance. You chuckled as he did so as you found it amusing that he had to do that to deal with her. 
After you heard her squeal, which meant that Harry had gone up to her already. You started walking towards the entrance door, and you saw them hugging; she then started jumping and kissing him, whispering into his ear and biting her lip as he gave her a smirk. 
As you watched from the sidelines, your heart started to ache. You wished that it was you instead of her. You wished you could whisper all things sweet and dirty into his ear as he looked at you with a smirk before biting his lip. You wanted him to give you the same smile he gave her, although you were starting to see less and less of that smile. You wanted what she had. 
But you would never get that. 
“Hey, you,” Gemma sneaked you from behind you, causing you to slightly jump. “Sorry,” she chuckled. 
“It’s okay. What’s up?” You smiled, trying to hide the pain in your eyes. 
“You’re not going to tell him, huh?” 
“Tell who what?” You raised your eyebrows, pretending to be oblivious. Gemma gave you a knowing look as she raised her eyebrows. 
“You know what. Not gonna tell him at all?” You sighed, shrugging your shoulders as you turned your head back to them. They were posing for some pictures with their arms around each other’s waists. They took a couple: smiling ones, funny ones, and even a kissing one. You turned your head back to Gemma once they started to kiss for a picture, and she softly smiled at you. 
“There’s no point. He’s with Brooke, and it’s not like he’s ever going to like me or get with me,” you sadly explained. Gemma looked at you as if you were totally wrong. “If he’s happy with Brooke, then why would I ruin that for him because of my selfish reasons?” 
“It’s not selfish for wanting to tell someone you love-”
“I don’t love him,” you immediately interrupted. 
“Y/N…c’mon,” she raised her eyebrows, knowing you’re completely wrong. 
“Okay…” you sighed in defeat, and she chuckled, continuing what she was saying. 
“You’ve known him for what, two years? That man makes sure you’re a priority. He makes sure you’re happy. If you could hear the stories he tells us and how he talks about you, you would think otherwise,” she stated before taking a sip of her drink. 
You stay quiet for a moment and think. Was there any way that Harry could have possibly liked you? There’s no way. You hadn’t noticed anything different about his behavior in the past two years you’ve known and worked for him. So, there was no way he could’ve liked you. And you know you’re only telling yourself that now, so you don’t lose your shit at his birthday party. 
“W-What does he say about me?” 
“Maybe you’ll know some time in the future if you tell him,” she challenged, and you rolled your eyes, causing Gemma to laugh. 
After Harry and Brooke managed to get away from the entrance, you and Gemma saw them walking towards you both. 
“Y/N, hi!” She greeted you with a not so surprising high pitched tone; only because Harry is right next to her. She also gave you a hug, which you only put in half the effort like always. Harry smiled at both of you, and she let go. 
“Gems, where’s mum?” He asked his sister. 
“Think she might be in the back,” she replied, looking at Brooke for a brief moment before looking back at Harry. 
“This is Brooke,” he introduced his girlfriend. 
“Hi! It’s so nice to finally meet you,” Brooke said with a big smile on her face, giving Gemma a hug. Polite as Gemma is, she hugged back. 
“You too,” Gemma simply said. 
“Should we go to the back and find mum? Brooke wants to meet her,” Harry asked, and Gemma nodded before walking towards the backyard. 
You stayed back, realizing that you weren’t needed and you didn’t have any business following them for Brooke to meet Anne. So, you walked over to the kitchen to grab a plate of cheese and crackers. Since the kitchen was right next to the large doors that led to the backyard, you looked up and saw Brooke jumping up and down slightly as she greeted Anne with a hug. You saw Anne smiling, hugging her back before they pulled away and started talking. Harry looked at them so fondly as they spoke. 
“Hey,” a voice next to you had startled you, making you slightly jump, taking your attention away from what’s happening in the backyard. Luckily, not dropping any of your food. 
“Hi,” you said back to the man you don’t know. 
“I’m Alex. One of Jeff’s friends. I don’t believe we’ve met yet,” he shook your hand, smiling. 
“I don’t think we have. I’m Y/N,” you nicely said back. 
“So, how do you know Harry?” He asked, grabbing a grape. 
“I’m his assistant, and best friend.” 
“Oh, shit! Special person I’m talking to, right here,” he smirked. Alex was cute and very attractive, but it wasn’t the same kind of smirk that you’ve been in love with for two years. 
“Hardly,” you scoffed before giving him a small smile as a way to tell him you’re somewhat joking. 
“Hey, don’t sell yourself short. By any chance, you want to go somewhere to sit and talk?” He proposed hopefully. It wasn’t a bad idea whatsoever. You needed to make new friends and possibly make some new connections. You also didn’t want to depend on Harry all the time when you wanted to talk to someone because he’s busy, and his girlfriend doesn’t like you. So, you nodded. 
“Yeah, I’d like that.” He smiled, leading you to a more quiet area of the house, which was the sitting area. 
Meanwhile as you were chatting with Alex, Harry watched Brooke interact with Anne with a smile, but he still felt a weird feeling in his chest, like he’s happy about it, but he’s still wary. He brushed that feeling off, looking around and wondering where you were--if you’re having a great time. He turned his head towards the kitchen, and saw you talking to Alex. Smiles were placed on both your faces, and Harry frowned. He knew Alex was charming him up because that’s what he does. Alex technically wasn’t a bad guy, and Harry’s known him for a few years. He was nice, attractive, and can charm the shit out of someone just like Harry. But the sight and thought of seeing him actually charm you did not sit well with him. It really didn’t sit well once he saw you following him out of the kitchen. 
Harry took deep breaths, trying not to let the thought of you possibly enjoying hanging out with Alex as he carried on with his birthday night. 
Tumblr media
6 February 2018
A deep sigh was let out once you sat in your seat on the plane. 
It was cold in Los Angeles and you knew the flight back to New York was going to be a bumpy one considering the weather in both cities, so you dressed comfortably, wearing grey sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, and some white sneakers. Your headphones had been plugged into your ears ever since you were cleared at TSA. 
As you got comfortable in your seat, Harry sat next to you, sighing. You obviously didn’t hear it because your headphones were in, but you definitely heard it the second time when he did it louder. You didn’t do anything, just browse on your phone until he dramatically sighed again, even louder this time. 
“What?” You said, taking your headphones out. 
“Why are you ignoring me?” He immediately asked, and your brows furrowed. 
“Ignoring you? Why would you think that?” 
“Well, for starters, you haven’t really spoken to me since my birthday. What’s up with that?” 
“Well, I didn’t really have to, did I?” There was no reason for your somewhat sarcastic tone and it’s not like you weren’t mad at him or anything, but you were exhausted from flying back and forth, plus doing your job. It’s not like you were ungrateful, but sometimes, you just needed a break, and that included, not talking to anyone. 
“You could’ve just answered my texts saying you were okay and that you weren’t going to be on your phone,” he scoffed, and you knew he was right. You were about to say you were sorry until he muttered something else. “Too busy with Alex, I see.” 
“What?” You asked in disbelief, knowing he said what you heard, but wanted to clarify. 
“You were, right?”
“What does this have to do with Alex?” You were starting to grow frustrated. 
“I mean, I saw you two at my party, and you two left together and stuff. So, you were probably busy for the entire week,” he said casually, scrolling through his phone as if you weren’t fuming right next to him. 
“It was one night-”
“Are you saying you had sex with him?” He turned his head towards you with raised eyebrows. He had this look on his face that told you he knew everything, but he just wanted to hear you say it. So, you did. 
“Yeah. So what if I fucked him? Is there something wrong with that? Didn’t get a little birthday sex? Don’t worry, I had some for you!” You tried containing your yells, but it came out like a loud whisper. Luckily there weren’t that many people on the plane; only the people who flew first class. 
It was true. When Alex had suggested talking, you found out that he was a very nice and funny guy. The night was getting late, and you said you were going to head home (which was a hotel), so he offered to drive you since you took an Uber, and that led to you inviting him up to your room and him gladly saying yes. It all happened so quick. You had immediately kissed him once you closed the door, and that led to him taking both of your clothes off before he fucked you. It was average sex, but you had fun considering that it’s been a while since you’ve had someone fuck you. That morning he left, telling you to text him, but you hadn’t and you don’t know if you will.
Harry stayed quiet, looking back down at his phone, and you shook your head, sitting correctly, and looking out the window, knowing that this was going to be a long flight. 
Just as you knew, the ride was bumpy, raising your fear and anxiety as you held onto yourself for dear life. You turned your music up, put your hands into your sweater, and crossed your arms in a way to calm you down and feel like someone is holding onto you. You closed your eyes, trying to focus on the songs until you felt a hand on your arm. You opened your hands, and saw Harry with his eyes closed, but you knew he wasn’t sleeping. He had always held your hand when you two would fly together and there was turbulence. It was something he did that made you feel safe and comfortable during the flight. 
You smiled softly, taking his hand in with your as you shifted closer to his seat despite the middle console in between you two. For the rest of the flight, you weren’t as scared. 
Once you two landed, Harry’s driver was immediately outside in the designated area, and you two were taken back to your place before there was any cause of commotion at the airport. Harry helped you with your bags, walking to your front door. 
“Hey, I’m sorry for everything on the plane,” he said as you looked for your keys in your purse. 
“It’s okay. I’m sorry too--for not replying to you and for snapping at you on the plane as well,” you said back. “Can I just ask why you were so...angry I was with Alex?” You wondered. 
“I…uh,” he stumbled over his words, trying to find the right thing to say without it coming out like he was a jealous prick. “Just...Alex is known for charming the shit out of you, so he could sleep with you, but seeing as you already slept with him…” 
“Harry, isn’t it my job to decide who I can and can’t sleep with? I get that you want to look out for me, but just let me decide that, alright?” You said softly, and he nodded. 
“Think I was jealous,” he blurted out, and he immediately closed his mouth and widened his eyes once he said that because he really didn’t mean to. 
“W-Why?” You looked at him concerningly, and Harry took a deep breath because now he had make up an answer because god knows what the truth is. 
He took a step forward, looking at you so intently. You felt like he was staring you down, but you didn’t look away as you were so lost in his eyes that it physically made it difficult to even glance the other way.
Next thing you knew, he was inches away from you, glancing down to your lips and back up to your eyes. You held your breath as you looked up at him, looking extra close at the pinkness of his lips. Your chests were pressed so close against one another that you were sure he could feel your heart pounding through his. It was so loud that it rang through your ears—so loud you couldn’t hear anything else except for the constant chanting in your head screaming ’Harry, Harry, Harry.’ It was Harry that you wanted to kiss so badly. It was Harry who’s lips you could touch in an instant if you were to just lift your feet. It was Harry. It always has been. 
But you couldn’t.
You immediately stepped away from him as your eyes looked down, finally away from Harry. “I’m sorry-”
“No, I’m sorry-”
“Because Brooke, and-”
You nodded, not sure what to do next, but seeing as you were still outside of your door, you finally got your keys out, and unlocked it. 
“Well, I’ll see you.” 
“Yeah, I’ll text you,” he said as he started walking backwards away from your apartment. 
You nodded. “Yup. Bye.” He waved, turning around and walking down the hall. 
Walking into your space and bringing your luggage in, you sighed as you closed the door. It was completely silent as your mind was racing and your heart was beating. 
What the fuck just happened and what the fuck was that?
Tumblr media
3 March 2018
The first show of Harry’s tour was kicking off, and you were excited for him. He was slightly nervous and jittery, but that was expected. 
The ‘moment’ you two had when you came back from Los Angeles after your birthday was past you two. Although, you still think about it way too often, Harry seemed like he didn’t want to talk about it, so you respected that and didn’t bring it up. Besides, what was there to talk about anyways?
The first show started in Basel, Switzerland and you were very stoked. You’ve never been to any of the countries he’s going to play in besides London and some cities in the states, so it was going to be an adventure for you. For his very first tour that included small venues, you rarely went to any of the shows, so to say you were excited was an understatement. 
You were with Harry Lambert, looking at the first show suit in the stylist room. It was a Gucci black sparkly suit with gems on the lapel. You hadn’t seen this particular suit on him yet because you weren’t at the fitting the day he tried it on, but you absolutely loved it. It gave everyone just a hint of what the rest of the suits for the tour will look like. 
“Har—oh,” Brooke had entered the room, assumingly looking for Harry, but was disappointed when she saw you. “Have you seen Harry?” 
“Uh, I haven’t. He might be out on the stage,” you said honestly, and she nodded, turning around. But before she could exit the room, you called her, “Hey, Brooke.” She turned around, rolling her eyes. “I just kind of want to mend things between us. I feel like there has always been some sort of tension ever since we met, and seeing that you’ve been around for long and might be around for even longer, we should be civil towards one another.” 
“Well, obviously there has been. You’re trying to steal my boyfriend,” she said straightforwardly, and you raised your eyebrows, looking at Lambert. He was looking at Brooke with a not so friendly look, knowing that you would never do that despite knowing that you were in love with him. “I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. You will never get Harry. He’s in love with me, not you. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do. You will never be enough for him because you’re just his assistant. That’s all you are to him. Don’t think you’re more than that, okay?” She said with a smile, and you bit your lip, not wanting to argue with her. 
There was something about her words that really got to you, and you think that’s because she’s actually dating Harry and has managed to weave her way into his heart.
“I’d hate to continuingly have to tell you this, but I think the first time was enough, right? Now you’ve made me tell you twice,” she continued as she scoffed. “Anyways, I need to go find my boyfriend,” she turned around but suddenly stumbled back as she was met with Harry. “Oh, Harry. I was just looking-”
“Don’t even speak right now,” his eyes were dark and he was angry. 
It wasn’t like you to see Harry so often considering that he sometimes deals with rude fans and pushy paps, but he was mad. 
“Are you fucking kidding me right now? Trying to degrade my best friend and assistant?” 
“We need to talk,” he told her, leaving the room. She turned around to look at you with sad eyes, but you simply couldn’t help her, not like you would anyways. She followed him, and the room was left with a weird tension that needed to be cut with a knife.
“Well, wasn’t that interesting,” Lambert said. 
After about thirty minutes, Harry walked back into the room. He stayed complete silent and started undressing to get into his suit since there was thirty minutes left until he had to go on. You and Lambert looked at each other, not knowing if you two should say anything, but decided to keep your mouths shut and let him get ready. 
Once he was dressed, he thanked Lambert and walked out of the room; once again with the same tension being in the air. You walked out as well as you debated whether or not to talk to him, but you saw him and the band gathering together, so you figured you could just talk to him after. 
The show had finally started, and the band was going out on stage. The crowd was roaring like crazy as the anticipation of seeing Harry was finally coming to an end. Once the band was fully equipped, Harry started to climb up the stairs. Around the stage it was dark as the beginning of ‘Only Angel’ started to play. You turned on your flashlight on your phone, and called out for him.
“Harry!” He turned around, holding the railings of the stairs, and his expression was normal; no smile or anything.  “Goodluck out there!” Once you had said that, the corners of his lips turned up as his mouth turned into a soft smirk. 
“Thanks, angel,” he said before pointing up as a way to say ‘listen to the song.’ “This is for you,” he quickly told you, running up the stairs and to the stage before the big circular screen rose up. 
You watched the rest of the show from the side of the stage, not too far away from the front of the pit. He was spectacular on stage; he truly belonged there. He charmed the crowd, made them laugh, scream, cry, and dance their hearts out for an hour and a half, and you were truly amazed. The atmosphere of the venue was insane, loving every second of it. 
Once he finished with ‘Kiwi,’ he said his goodnights to Switzerland before running off the stage and meeting the band, talking about how crazy and fun the first show was. He told everyone that it’s only going to get better from here, and everyone nodded and high fived excitedly. 
After a few minutes, Harry walked to his dressing room to cool off, and you followed behind him. It may seem as clingy, but you were concerned for your best friend. A lot went down with Brooke in just a few minutes, and you wanted to know if he was okay, despite not showing any signs of sadness or anger on stage. 
You knocked on his dressing room door and opened it before you heard ‘come in.’ Harry looked up, and saw you peek your head through the door, and he gestured you to come in all the way, which you did. 
“That was an amazing show, H,” you complimented. 
“You watched?” He asked surprisingly. 
“Yeah, didn’t miss a moment. I was on the side of the stage.” 
“Oh, well. Thank you,” he said. 
There was a moment of silence as you tried to form your words on how to go about talking to him about what had happened before the show. 
“I-I just wanted to ask if you were okay?” You started. He took a seat on his couch as you stayed standing up in front of him. “I’m sorry for what happened before the-”
“Why are you saying sorry?” He asked, looking up at you as if he was genuinely asking. 
“I...I don’t know what happened with Brooke, but if something did happen then I’m sorry,” you nervously. The only reason why you were so nervous was because you hoped that he didn’t get mad at you for whatever happened with her. 
“You didn’t do anything, angel. You did nothing wrong at all,” he sighed, and you stayed quiet as there was definitely more of what he wanted to say. “But I did break up with her.” Your brows raised at that, and you fought the urge to jump and cheer. 
“Y-You did?” 
“Yeah. I kind of wanted to a few weeks ago, but I never got the chance to. But before the show, she gave me another perfectly good reason why we shouldn’t be together, so I ended it.” There wasn’t a hint of sadness on his face as he told you. 
“What were the other reasons?” You hadn’t known that he wanted to break up with her before the events that happened today. You would expect him to talk to you about it, but you weren’t hurt by it. 
“I…” he cut himself off, and you waited patiently to see if he was going to say something. After a few more seconds, you saw him debate with himself to see if he actually wanted to tell you, and you wondered if he trusted in that sense; to talk to you and tell you things that were on his mind, but you didn’t want to get into it with him. 
“Are you okay?” You asked instead, truly wanting to make sure. 
“I should be asking you that.” 
“Angel, c’mon. Behind closed doors, I didn’t know half the shit she was saying to you. I told her to fess up everything she’s done to you, and she did. Let me tell you, I was not happy at all that you had to deal with that without me knowing. And that fact that she lied to me about asking you to hang out and pretending to be nice to you--no wonder why you didn’t want to hang out with her.” 
The first time you had hung out with her was when you had to pick up some lunch and dry clean for Harry. They had only been dating for two months, so you thought it was best to get to know her since you were Harry’s best friend. You asked if Brooke wanted to go, and she hesitantly said sure, but when Harry thought that was a great idea, she perked up to it and said yes. When you two were in line for lunch she had asked you the basics of your job before rudely interrupting you and telling you that she knew that you were in love with him. Before you could even deny, she wasn’t having it and told you that you weren’t good enough for him and that you were only hired because you were Glenne’s friend. You were quite devastated after that and you faced Harry everyday with a smile on your face, but with the lingering thought of her words in the back of your mind. 
“Yeah, she wasn’t my particular number one person to hang out with,” you said sadly, and Harry sighed, standing up. He walked closer to you, and it felt like that time when you got home from the airport, and placed his hands on your shoulders. 
“Her talking shit about you was the last straw. Can’t have anyone talk to you like that, ever,” he said while looking into your eyes as if he was trying to convince you. 
“I am really sorry that you had to go through a break up though--especially on your first night of tour. Plus, it was your first serious relationship you’ve had in a while,” you felt bad because no one should go through the pain of a breakup. 
“It’s alright. Wasn’t in love with her like she said--didn’t even say those words to her. And it was her idea of wanting to meet my family. I was still wary about it, but that was one of the subjects for most of our arguments,” he sighed. “But I’m gonna be much happier without her. Felt like I was always stressed out around her,” he chuckled, causing you to as well. “But if anyone that I know talks to you like that ever again, please don’t hide that from me. I hate knowing that you were taking all of that shit, especially for months.” You nodded your head and he gave you a smile. 
He pulled you in for a hug and you wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his chest. You two stayed like that for a moment as you both felt like it’s been a while since you two has had one of these hugs. All thoughts and worries flew out of your head--not thinking about when the next time you’ll have one of these types of hugs again, and you felt safe in his arms. 
And you cherished it. 
Tumblr media
30 March 2018
Tour was going by rather quickly as the first ten shows were already done with. 
You were able to see some beautiful sightings of the countries with Lambert and some of the band, and throughout that time, you had wished Harry was with you all, but for obvious reasons, he couldn’t be out in public so casually. 
Everything you’ve seen was so beautiful and your jaw dropped everytime you would look at a tall and high building, or the skyline of the entire city. You were quite amazed. 
Now, everyone was in Barcelona, and it was by far one of your favorite cities that you’ve visited. You loved the atmosphere and the ambiance that walking through the streets of Spain had placed a beaming grin onto your face. You were only staying for a couple of days before everyone had to pack up and head to Madrid, but you made sure to snap a mental and physical photo to remember your time in Spain. 
But rather than spending your day on the streets, roaming around the beautiful city, you were currently looking for Harry because Lambert was also looking for him, and of course, you decided to help find him. You pretty much checked every room backstage besides the bathroom, and you didn’t really think to check the restroom, but he might be in there, so you made your way towards it. 
“Oh! Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to barge in,” you said once you entered the restroom. 
The sight before you had made you sweat. A series of butterflies made its appearance in your stomach, making your hands shake. The slightest bit of air from swinging the door open had made chills rise onto your skin, but you knew that it was because of the beautiful man in front of you. 
You had walked in on Helene taking pictures of Harry, possibly so he could post them on Instagram. But he was candidly looking into the mirror as he sprayed on his Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille cologne; the one that you had picked up for him multiple times, and the one that you think smells amazing, specifically on him. He strutted around like it was made for him, and it was honestly your favorite scent. His suit was a custom Palomo black and white checkered sequined suit that just looked fucking good on him. 
“No worries, sweetheart. Just about finished. He’s all yours,” she winked at you before heading out of the bathroom. 
“What’s up, angel?” 
“Just wanted to tell you that Lambert is looking for you. Said he needed to fix up a stitch really quick before you go on stage,” you said, not meeting his eyes. 
“Is that all?” He asked, sensing your nerves, and he knew that it was possibly from walking in on him, doing a mini photoshoot because he knew he looked good. 
You gulped, “Y-Yeah.”
“You don’t sound too sure,” he challenged, walking closer to you, but not too close as there was a bit of space between you two. 
“Tell me,” he shifted even closer, making you nervous. You didn’t know where the sudden outbreak of him being somewhat flirtatious as he demanded you to tell him came from, but the sound of his raspy and deep voice, and the way he was looking was making you act up as you were about to confess your feelings towards him. 
You figured it was time as you felt like he sensed that kind of vibe from you, plus Brooke mentioning that you were in love with him, which you think you’re pretty sure he heard, but you’re wondering why he hasn’t 
“I-I want to tell you something, and this may potentially ruin things between us, but-”
“There you are!” The sound of someone else’s voice in the room and the banging of the room had interrupted you, and you and Harry stepped back from one another. “Everything okay here?” Lambert asked, looking at both of you and practically feeling the tension. Once you two nodded, not looking at each other, he looked at you both suspiciously before continuing. “Anyways, come with me. I need to fix something,” Lambert walked out of the restroom as Harry followed him, not giving you another look. 
You turned around to look in the mirror, sighing to yourself as you shook your head. 
Well, guess that’s not happening right now, you thought. 
Watching Harry up on stage was something you would never get used to. You made sure to never miss a show as you watched from the side, and since he knows where you stand during the show, he always makes sure to go to that side of the stage and wave to you. But seeing him on stage was different every night. His performances and conversations with the crowd were always different and that’s what made them and him so entertaining. 
Once the show was over, he made his way off the stage and to the dressing room. He talked a bit with the band, as they always did right when the show ends, to talk about their favorite moments and which songs they needed to work on for rehearsals. After that, Harry walked to his dressing room and you would follow every single time. 
“Another great show, H. Never get tired of watching you,” you said once you entered the dressing room.
“Thanks, angel. Always feel like I’m on a high when I’m trying to cool down, like I just have so much energy to perform another hour,” he chuckled, wiping some sweat off his forehead. 
“That must be exhilarating--being up there every night for your fans,” you walked towards him to stand in front of him as he leaned on the table of the vanity. 
“Yeah, it really is,” he smiled. He pulled your arm towards him and wrapped his arms around your waist, giving you a hug. You were surprised by the sudden affection, but Harry was an affectionate type of guy, and really, you didn’t mind being close to him. Plus, he seemed extra needy since he recently just broke up with someone. “Thank you for being here.”
“Of course, Harry. Always going to be here for you,” you said against his ear as your arms were around his shoulders. 
“And I’m always going to be here for you,” he said back. 
For a moment, it was just this--hugging him as he cooled down in your arms, and you liked it...a lot. But when you pulled back, you didn’t pull back completely and it made you face to face with him, literally inches away from each other. You two looked at each other in the eye, glancing your eyes to his lips and back up to his eyes. The only thing you thought was: I really want to fucking kiss him right now. 
And it seemed like he did as well because he crashed his lips with yours, molding them together as your arms were wrapped around one another. It was everything you expected as you dreamed of his lips on yours quite often, and you absolutely loved it. He felt like a drug, like all of your pain and worries went away once his lips touched yours, and you were addicted. You wanted so much more. 
Your tongue makes its way in his mouth, meeting his, and he swirled it with his before lightly sucking on it. Your teeth found a way to bite his bottom lip and he let out a groan. He pulled back for a bit, looking at you before kissing you again. 
“God, been wanting you for so long,” he groaned, and you felt butterflies in your stomach, trying not to take his words literally as to keeping your hopes down. But little did you know that his words were serious. “Can I touch you?” He whispered in between kisses. 
You nodded, whispering out, “Please.” Harry’s stomach did flips once you gave him consent, and his hands trailed down your body. Luckily, you were wearing a simple dress with straps, so it was easier. He bunched up your dress up to your hips, and you held it up with your arm before touching you over your panties, feeling a wet spot over the fabric. 
“Practically drenched. It’s for me, right?” He muttered, wrapping his free arm around your waist so you were closer. 
“Yes. Always going to be for you,” you moaned as his hand continuously rubbed you and he smirked. Your words had completely slipped out, but it was the truth. 
“Can I take them off?” He asked, and you nodded your head before he slid your drench underwear down your legs and you kicked them off to the side somewhere in his dressing room. You molded your lips with his again and grabbed a fistful of his curly hair, causing him to kiss you even harder. 
Harry then started roaming his hands around your thighs, going to ass and squeezing the flesh, and you moan against his mouth. His hand moves up and to your stomach before trailing down to your hot core. He took his fingers and swiped up your slit, making you groan from the feeling of his hands. 
“Fuck, you’re so wet,” he whispered before touching your clit and rubbing it. He buried his face in your neck to kiss, suck, and nibble on your skin, and that feeling made you throw your head back as his hands rubbed you and mouth kissed you. The feeling was indescribable, but it was Harry. 
You felt his fingers slip inside of you, starting off with one finger before pumping in and out of you. He then added another finger as he curled them in an inward motion and brushed his fingertips against the soft upper area of your pussy. 
“Shit, that feels so good. So, so good, H,” you groaned out. Harry took the straps of your dress off your shoulders, and kissed your chest where the gold chain he had gifted you rested. He pulled on the front of your dress to expose your tits, and his mouth immediately wrapped around your hard nipples, sucking them and pulling on them before releasing them with a pop. Your grip on Harry’s hair tightened as you felt like you were going to rip out his hair from the way you’re feeling. “Add another,” you whimpered out. 
“Another finger?” He looked at you with wide eyes, but all he saw was your eyes closed and head being thrown back; and you nodded. He added his pinky finger in with his ring and middle finger, trying his best to curl them up into you, but the snugness of your hole was challenging him. “Fuck, you’re so tight. Practically squeezing my fingers,” he said, kissing your neck. 
His words and fingers had gotten you to the edge, and you were minutes away from releasing around him. He saw you bite your lip and take deep breaths, and he knew you were close. 
“C’mon, angel baby. Let go for me, yeah? Know you’re close,” he thrusted his fingers deep into you, and that was when you hit your peak. With loud moans, you jolted around his fingers, riding your high out as Harry continuously pressed kisses to your chest and neck. He took his hand, sticking one of his fingers in your mouth, and you swirled your tongue around his finger that was covered in your orgasm, and moaned. He took the other two fingers, and placed them in his own mouth, tasting yourself on his fingers. “Taste so good,” he smirked, kissing your forehead, and you leaned your head on his shoulders to take a breather.
Once you calmed down, you turned your head to kiss his neck, sucking on his skin to calm your breathing down, and Harry hissed. His hands ran through your hair and all the way down to your back, soothing you. After a minute or two, you lifted your head up, meeting his eye before you kissed him, deeply. You two made out for a while you unbuttoned his black shirt, and you pulled away from his lips to kiss down his torso until you were on your knees. Harry was hard as rock in his pants and desperately needed some release that he could possibly come any minute with how you’re kissing him. 
His entire suit was still on and he went to take his jacket off, but you stopped him. 
“Keep it on,” you looked up at him as you told him so before proceeding to kiss down his stomach. He put his arms down, and gripped and sat on the edge of the desk. You got to the hem of his pants and looked up at him, giving him a sight to die for. “Can I take these off?” 
He looked down at you, smirking before nodding his head. “Please, take it all off,” he gave your cheek a stroke with his thumb, and you smiled looking back down to his pants to unbutton it, pulling down his trousers to his ankles, you saw his bulge, and smirked before you kissed over his underwear. Harry took a deep breath in as you palmed him before grabbing the hem of his briefs and pulling it down, his dick springing up as Harry’s shoulder relaxed from the lack of restraint. 
“Fuck, you’re so big,” you said, grabbing his dick. You knew very well that he was well endowed because of the many times you’ve seen him get hard on stage, and also from that moment when you walked in on him in Brooke’s mouth had confirmed it, but seeing it up close was unreal. You licked your hand and grabbed his cock before looking up at him. “What do you want me to do, Harry?” Your voice asked seductively. He was completely under your spell as his breaths were staggered while you stroked him. 
“Anything you want,” he breathed out. You smirked at the state he was in at the moment, and you loved every second of it. 
You put your mouth around his tip, sucking it lightly, and that caused Harry’s breath to hitch in his throat. You took more of him in your mouth as you relaxed your jaw. He was bigger than the guys you’ve fucked and you really hoped you were doing a good job for him because you wanted him to feel good. You hollowed your cheeks in and sucked hard, slicking your tongue on the underside of his cock. 
“Feels so good, angel baby,” he moaned, throwing his head back. He was already embarrassingly close, but he wanted to feel you more, so he tangled his fingers in your hair, getting a gentle but steady grip, and started guiding your head up and down his cock. You let him take control for the time being because honestly, you loved hearing the sounds of his moans start to progress. “That’s it,” he muttered under his breath once he felt the back of your throat. 
You placed your hands on his thighs, gripping his skin harshly so that your nails dug into it, and he hissed, but the pain felt so good to him. After a few more pushes to your head, you pushed on his thighs so he could release you, and when you did that he knew that he was done being in control. You grabbed his cock that was slick from your mouth, and you loved your head down so you could take his balls in your mouth. More of the beautiful sounds coming from his mouth came out more loudly as you sucked until he finally said the words. 
“Gonna cum, angel. Gonna fuckin’ cum,” he moaned. You saw his knuckles practically turn white as he gripped the desk hard. You loved your head back up to place the tip in your mouth as you fondled with his balls before he spurts his come in your mouth. “Such a fuckin’ good girl,” he said as you swallowed. 
You kissed back up his stomach and to his neck before meeting his lips again. He tasted himself on your tongue, and you were a good mix with him. You two pulled back from one another, looking at each other before you both started giggling—post orgasm haze. 
“Jeez, such an angel, but that mouth of yours is sinful.”
Tumblr media
5 June 2018 
The rest of the Europe, Australia, and Asia leg went by, and you were back in the states for the first show of the US leg. 
Ever since the dressing room escapade, you and Harry had been acting differently towards each other. There weren’t anymore sexual acts, but there was a lot more affection. Sadly, not any kisses to the lips, but kisses to the cheek and forehead were made, and they were welcomed and given. He would always put an arm around your shoulder when you two were walking, and there was the occasional cuddle in his hotel room before or after the show. It was definitely different, but you enjoyed it. 
What you didn’t enjoy was the fact that you hadn’t told him you liked him. You were sure he had an idea, but you wanted to say it out loud to get it off your chest. You also didn’t know if he felt that way towards you whatsoever, and that thought scared you. Just because of what happened in the dressing room didn’t necessarily mean he had feelings for you. The thought of him just leading you on and messing with you feelings made your heart sink when you think about it, and you really hoped it wouldn't get to that point. 
Tonight was the Dallas show, and Harry wore an Alexander McQueen embroidered pink floral suit. As always, he looked amazing. But your favorite was the Barcelona suit, and you might be a bit biased on that given the events that happened in that particular suit. You chuckled to yourself as you followed Jeff and Glenne to your seats. 
You decided to watch the show with them in the reserved seats in the lower level of the arena, and it was a change from the side of the stage, but you could really see more from the seats. Once you got to your seats, Harry had already finished up with ‘Only Angel’ and was moving on to ‘Woman,’ but a familiar man had caught your eye. 
“Alex?” You called out through the music. 
“Y/N! It’s so great seeing you!” He said, giving you a hug. 
“What are you doing here?” 
“Jeff and Harry invited me! Haven’t seen Harry perform since last year, so they reserved me a seat,” his face was close to your ear, so you could understand him better through the loudness of the crowd and the bass of the music. 
“Ah, well I’m glad you’re here! It’s been a while,” you said completely innocently, and he nodded, smiling before turning his head to watch Harry on stage. In all honesty, the thought of Alex slipped your mind because your head was constantly thinking about Harry as it always does. 
For the rest of the show, he was amazing. The crowd was wild as always, and he absolutely looked so cute in his suit. Your favorite part was when someone threw a rainbow sequined cowboy hot on stage, and he picked it up to wear it. It was a look, to be honest. 
Before the band said their goodbyes to the crowd, the four of you headed backstage, so there wasn’t any delay with everyone trying to leave at the same time. As you were walking, you were walking next to Alex as Jeff and Glenne walked in front of you two. 
“Hey, I was thinking. Maybe we should get dinner tonight? Y’know, to catch up? I know some places that are still open,” he suggested, and you liked the idea. 
“Yeah, sure. Sounds good,” you said, smiling back. 
The four of you met with the band as they laughed and talked about the show. You met Harry, giving him a hug as you told him that he did amazing out there. He hugged you back tightly, telling you thank you. 
“C’mon,” he said, taking your hand as he wanted to go to his dressing room as you always did after his shows. 
“Oh, uh, actually,” you pulled your hand back, causing him to stop walking. “I’m going out to dinner with Alex…” you said nervously, and he raised his eyebrows, looking down the hall and noticing Alex talking to Adam. 
“Oh okay, yeah. Go ahead,” he let go of your hand, completely dropping it from his as his face dropped. In that moment, you wished you didn’t say yes to Alex and went with Harry to his dressing room. This would be the first time you were going to miss out on dressing room chats as he calmed down from his energetic state from being on stage. It would be the first time you weren’t going back to the hotel with him while holding his hand in the car and up to your rooms. 
“Hey,” Alex caught up to you, not feeling the tension between you and Harry. “Ready to go?” You looked up at him briefly, placing a fake smile on your face before looking back at Harry who already had his back turned towards you, walking to his room. 
“Yeah, I am.” 
Tumblr media
21 June 2018
The prospect of not talking to Harry as much hurt you a bit. 
You haven’t had a full conversation with him in about two weeks. The most you’ve ever spoken to him was when someone was looking for him or if he was clearing up and clarifying his schedule. But other than that, nothing. You didn’t know why it was like that, but you tried not to let it get to you as you told yourself that he was tired from the tour. He was on the last month of tour and the flying had definitely caught up to him. 
But that wasn’t the real reason. 
You have been going out with Alex ever since that night in Dallas, and you thought it was nice to have someone to talk to other than Harry and the rest of the crew and band--although they’re very nice and fun people, you saw them everyday. And you came to find out that Alex was even more fun once you’ve gotten to know him even more. 
Alex made you feel free. There was something refreshing about hanging out with him that made you want more, and he definitely took your mind off of thinking about Harry... by having his tongue down your throat and inside of you. There have been plenty of pleasurable times when Alex had made you feel good, and vice versa. It started out in the night at Fort Lauderdale, two days after Dallas, and you went out with Alex to a bar in the city. Both of you had too much to drink and he asked if you wanted to go over to his hotel, which of course you said yes. One thing led to another, and you were underneath him, moaning his name out. Ever since then, he would watch every other show and you two would have date nights that took the night away into a hotel room. 
It was nice, and he liked you and you liked him back. 
Liked him as much as Harry? Not quite. But there were definitely a little bit of feelings for him. Besides, he calls you nice things and tells you you’re pretty. 
It was Harry’s first New York show in Madison Square Garden as a solo artist, and he was pumped, but also a little nervous. You were so incredibly proud of him and what he’s done in his career, so you were happy for him. And you were happy to be back home for a few days as well because you haven’t been home since the beginning of the month. 
Alex stood next to you with an arm around your shoulder the entire time of Harry’s show. He was wearing a custom Gucci white suit with flowers printed all over and the phrase ‘Memento Mori’ underneath it. The lapel part of the suit was a velvet material and he wore a black shirt underneath. The trousers were flared from the knee down, and you absolutely loved it. 
When the show was over, you and Alex headed backstage to meet with the band. You had expected that he wanted to get dinner already, but he hadn’t mentioned anything, so you assumed that you were going to go back to your hotel and hang out with him there. 
“Lovely show, H,” you hugged him tightly, but he didn’t reciprocate the same energy into the hug like you, and you found that odd because he usually hugs you tight. 
“Thanks,” he smiled softly, shaking Alex’s hand before thanking him for coming to the show. 
You turned towards Alex and asked, “What’s the plan for tonight?” 
“Oh, I was going to tell you, but I’m hanging out with a couple of friends from college that live here. So, I can't hang out with you tonight. I’m sorry,” he slightly pouted. “I’ve got to get going now though, so I’ll see you tomorrow?” You nodded understandingly. 
“Yeah, definitely. Probably best we don’t hang out all the time because I don’t want you to get tired of me,” you joked, and he shook his head no. “But I’ll see you tomorrow. Text me,” you told him before he gave you a kiss on the lips before heading towards the exit. 
Harry had watched the whole interaction with a small frown. He tried to contain his jealousy when he saw Alex kiss you and you smiling, but it was difficult for him to not scoff loudly, so he turned around and walked towards his dressing room. You turned around to find Harry missing, and you assumed he went to his dressing room, so you headed over there. You knocked on the door before entering, and you found him on the couch with his phone in his hands. 
“Hey,” you smiled, sitting on the couch as he muttered a ‘hi.’ “Are you okay?” 
“Yeah, what makes you think I’m not?” He said defensively, and you furrowed your brows. 
“I never said you weren’t. I just wanted to make sure you were. I haven’t talked to you in a while.” 
“Well, that’s not my fault,” he whispered under his breath before continuing to scroll through his phone. 
There was a bit of a silence, and unfortunately, it was an awkward one. You didn’t feel needed in the dressing room, but you sat there awkwardly as you didn’t know what to say to him. 
“You’re seeing Alex?” He suddenly asked, breaking the silence. 
“Yeah. Just hanging out with him,” you got up to grab a water bottle from the table, and you opened it, taking a sip. 
“So, you’re fucking him?” He said casually, but you choked on your water, immediately coughing. Once you calmed down, you looked at him with watered eyes. 
“You can tell me,” he said sternly. 
“I mean, yeah, we had sex a few times, but there’s no label or anything like that. We’re just hanging out,” you told him, and he nodded. 
“Do you like him?” He raised his brows, and you took a deep breath, wondering what all these questions were for. 
“I think so, but-”
“Good, he’s a good guy,” he interrupted you. You liked Alex, yeah, but comparing your feelings for Alex to Harry...unmatchable. “I’m glad you’re happy,” he said, getting up from the couch before grabbing a towel from the vanity and walking out of the dressing room. Once he left, you were alone in the dressing room. You sighed deeply as you buried your face in your hands. 
“Yeah, sure I am.”
Tumblr media
22 June 2018
The sound of ringing had woken you up from your slumber. 
You groaned as you tried to make out where your phone might be on your bedside table with your eyes closed, but you were hitting empty spots, so you opened one eye and grabbed your phone. 
“Hello?” Your morning voice coming out through the speaker. 
“Y/N. Can you come by, like right now?” It was Harry on the phone, and you groaned. After the night prior, you thought he didn’t want to talk to you, but seeing as you’re still his assistant, of course he would call you. 
“Why must you call me at,” you pulled your phone back to look at the time, “six in the morning?” 
“Please. It’s important. I have some stuff I need you to do,” he pleaded, and you stretched your limbs out, making inhumane noises while still being on the phone, and Harry chuckled. 
“Fine. Be there in like twenty.”
“Thank you, angel! See you.”
He must be in an awfully good mood this morning, you thought. And it’s been a while since you heard your pet name, but you brushed it off and got ready. 
You unlocked the door of Harry’s house, letting yourself in. You found him sitting on the couch, reading a book until he looked up at the door and saw you. He got up and walked towards you, and opened his arms, giving you a big hug. 
“Hey, angel. Thanks for coming by,” he said into your ear, leaving you in goosebumps. 
“Course. Everything okay?” You asked once you pulled away. 
“Yeah. I miss you, y’know. Feel like we haven’t spoken in a while,” he trailed off a bit, and you squint your eyes at him. 
“I sense a ‘but,’” you said, and he chuckled. 
“I actually need you to get these for me, if that’s okay? Just need them before the show,” he handed you a list, and you looked at it. 
The items were something similar as before: a bouquet of flowers and a gift basket with various types of snacks. As you read through it, that’s when you knew and your heart sank. 
“So who is it?” Harry looked at you curiously, and you waved around the list up. “Who are you dating?” 
“Oh, this girl I met through a mutual friend. She actually was at the Dallas show and we met after at a bar. She’s in the fashion industry; her name is Rena,” he explained with a smile. “She’s coming to the show tonight, so I just wanted to get her a little something.” 
“Okay, I’m on it. I’ll see you tonight,” you headed out, figuring since you had nothing else to do, you could stretch your errands out until the show. You decided to have breakfast first and get some coffee since it was quite early still, and enjoy a day to yourself until Harry introduces you to yet another girl. 
Rena was a nice lady. She was two years older than you and Harry, and she was drop dead gorgeous. You’ve never seen anyone this stunning up close. She always had the sweetest smile, and you were contemplating if she was real or not, and why Harry is calling you ‘angel’ and not her. It was difficult to hate her, and it’s not like you wanted to, but considering that you have feelings for Harry, you wanted something to be wrong about her--maybe a Brooke 2.0, but she was so kind to you, and she loved everything that was gifted to her from Harry, even if the items were the smallest things. So, there were no complaints. 
Harry seemed happy with her, so that’s all that mattered. 
Tumblr media
1 July 2018
It seemed like Rena was around all the time now, like she was at every show since night two in New York. You tried to busy yourself by going around the town you were in or talking to Alex, but you missed Harry. It was always like this when he was dating someone; the first few months, he would completely forget about you and always hang out with the person, but once he starts settling in, he wants to talk to you. And since he’s only been dating Rena for a month, he hasn’t been talking to you lately. 
You watched Harry on stage in St. Paul next to Rena, Alex, and Jeff as Harry was wearing a sparkly pink Gucci shirt with a pussybow on the front and some black trousers. The energy in the room was amazing. By far it was the best performance of ‘Medicine’ you’ve seen him perform. He even held out a pair of handcuffs in front of the crowd, making them go crazy, and he looked up at your section, glancing at Rena before smirking, making you cringe a tad bit as she cheered. 
At the end of the show, you greeted the band, and immediately Rena was attached to Harry, which made you impatient because you wanted to hug him like you always do. But they were wrapped in each other’s arms as they kissed, no plans of letting go of one another. 
“Hey, wanna head out?” Alex asked. You still hadn’t said hello to Harry, but you figured you could text him later, so you nodded, glancing back at the two of them and walked out with Alex. He took you to a diner that wasn’t too far from the hotel and you both ate breakfast for a midnight meal because breakfast simply hits differently when it’s at an unusual hour. Alex then walked you back to the hotel room, and you were exhausted by this point. You just wanted to get out of your shoes and sleep for a very long time. You were lucky that you weren’t sharing a room with Alex because sometimes you just needed to be alone, and this moment was that time. “So, I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” he said, stopping in front of your room and your brows raised as he continued. “We’ve been dating for about a month now, and I really like you, so I wanted to ask if you wanted to be my girlfriend.”
You had expected anything else, but that question. Your heart beat practically stopped for a moment as you looked at him, wondering if he was serious, and when he didn’t say he was joking, you realized that he was actually being serious. 
“Oh, uhm…”
“It’s been fun getting to know you and travelling to these places with you, so I figured it was time to ask you.”
“’re a really nice guy, but I’m just not sure I can be your girlfriend,” you told him honestly, and his brows furrowed. 
“Why’s that?”
“I-I like you, but I feel like my feelings for you aren’t 100% there when it comes to being your girlfriend.” He only nodded, and you were getting quite anxious when he didn’t say anything. 
He then started laughing, pacing around in the hallway and you crossed your arms. 
“That’s hilarious,” he said. 
“No, the only reason you don’t want to be with me is because you’re in love with someone else!” His voice raised, making the hallway echo a bit. You looked at him, not knowing what to say. “Yeah. I know you’re in love with Harry. Noticed that the first time I met you; that you were staring right at someone that wasn’t yours, but desperately wanted to be.”
“I…” you were speechless. Had you really been that obvious about your feelings towards Harry that everyone around you noticed? 
“It’s a shame though, isn’t it?” He had a grin of the devil; mischievously and humiliating. You looked at him nervously, urging him to continue. “You’re in love with someone that doesn’t even want you,” he stated. “That doesn’t look your way for a second when he thinks about a relationship because you’re only his assistant. Not once would he look your way down the street if you weren’t working for him,” he looked you up and down, and your eyes started watering, and you were embarrassed that you were about to cry in front of Alex as he crushed you in every possible way. “It’s okay, don’t cry. You have me,” he opened his arms to take you in for a hug, but you physically pushed him away because now you were angry. 
“I have you? Are you fucking kidding me? After you just humiliated me?” You were breathing out through your nose as your tears made their way down your cheeks. 
“Hey, I’m just telling you the truth-”
“Why did you even ask me to be your girlfriend?” You asked, genuinely confused on his logic. 
“Well, the question that you’re supposed to be asking is why did I talk to you in the first place?” 
“Why did you?” 
“Since you want to know so bad,” he teased, and you rolled your eyes. “When I saw you, I definitely liked you, but then I saw you were giving heart eyes to Harry, so I thought I could change your mind. See if I could switch your feelings up,” he chuckled. 
“So, this was some sort of experiment? Guessing your hypothesis was wrong then, huh? Go ahead and write your conclusion as: fucked her, but dick wasn’t good enough to fall in love. So, fuck off,” you rolled your eyes and opened the door before slamming it shut in his face. Your back was leaning against the door as more that you’ve been holding onto fell from your face as you heard him still talk. 
“You’ll never be like Brooke or Rena, or whoever he dates in the future! You’re nothing to him!” He yelled through the door as his words came out muffled. 
Sliding down the door, you finally heard him leave, and you were full on sobbing. You tried not to let his words get the better of you, but the way Alex spat them out so easily, it was hard not to. 
Because what if he’s right. 
Tumblr media
7 July 2018
Harry noticed that you had been feeling off the entire week. 
It was like you were simply existing, but not present in some moments when people would talk to you. You had this dull look on your face, and it wasn’t the same as your bright and happy look that he looked forward to everyday. He noticed it when everyone was leaving from Minnesota, and he told himself that it was because you were tired, which was true, but he didn’t know the whole reason. 
After the show in Seattle, he didn’t see you like he used to, and he wondered where you or if you even watched the show. Once he high fived and talked to everyone for a bit, he headed to his dressing room, hoping that you were in there, but you weren’t. So now, he was worried. 
H: Hey, where are you? He texted. Luckily, Rena wasn’t around anymore because she would want all his attention after the show. He simply couldn’t take someone being so clingy, so he called things off with her. It may have also had to do with the fact that he didn’t want to hide his feelings anymore, and being with other people just wasn’t working for him anymore. Not when you were in front of him. 
It’s been a long time coming now, and he felt stupid for not telling you in the first place since he’s been in love with you since last year--during the time he was with Brooke. He was honestly afraid to tell you, and when he heard Brooke say it, he just felt so much shock run through him, so he kept his mouth shut. He didn’t have an excuse as to why he got with other people while being in love with you, but it just made him feel in control of himself because he couldn’t control his feelings towards you, so he got scared. So, he decided that when everyone gets to California in two days, he’s going to confess his entire feelings for you. 
Harry walked to your hotel room, knocking on it as he waited for you to answer. He could hear shuffling and movement through the door, and he hoped to god that Alex wasn’t in there with you. 
“Who is it?” You said through the door, softly. 
“Angel, it’s Harry. Can I see you?” He asked. There was a pause, but then he heard the door handle rattled as you opened the door. 
Your face was a crying mess and your hair was up in a very messy bun. Harry’s mouth opened slightly as he concerningly asked, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” His question and concern had made you sob even more as you shook your head. “C’mere,” he pulled you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest as he walked you over to the edge of your bed. He observed your room and saw that there were a stack of clothes folded on the other bed along with your open luggage with some of your belongings inside. “Angel, what’s going on?” You pulled your head out of his chest to look at him, knowing that he was probably wondering why you were packing; and he had a sad expression on his face. 
“I’m leaving,” you simply said. 
“Leaving? Where are you going?” His brows furrowed. 
“I’m going back home.” 
“W-What? Why?” 
“I can’t be your assistant anymore, Harry,” you cried, and Harry’s heart sank as his jaw dropped. 
“What are you talking about? A-Are you quitting?” You stood up, placing the stack of clothes in your luggage as you sorted them. 
“Y-Yeah,” you said quietly, and Harry has never been more confused in his life. 
“W-What did I do wrong? I’m sorry we haven’t been seeing each other lately, but I promise after tour-”
“No, no. It’s not you, I promise,” you shook your head. In this moment, you felt like you should tell him everything because he deserved an explanation from you. “Please, listen, okay?” He nodded. You walked to sit on the desk chair in front Harry as he sat on the edge of the bed. You proceeded to tell him everything that Alex said from him asking you to be his girlfriend to you saying no. “He said these mean things that-”
“What the fuck did he say?” He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. 
“Just listen,” you stopped him. “He said those things because I’m in love with someone else…I’m in love with you, and you probably heard Brooke say that, but you didn’t say anything, so I just assumed that you didn’t want to believe it.” It was the words Harry has been wanting to hear and he went to open his mouth, but you immediately started talking again. “I have been ever since I started working for you, and I thought it was just a crush on my boss, but it’s way more than that. Alex told me I’m not good enough for you and that you would never love me, and I think that’s true-” 
“No! That’s not true! I love-”
“Please, don’t,” you shook your head as you sobbed. You’ve been waiting for years to hear those words, but you knew that you couldn’t hear them just yet. “Don’t say those words because I’m leaving and to prove Alex wrong.” 
“I’m not trying to prove him wrong, it’s true,” Harry’s eyes watered, and you sighed.
“What he said got me thinking…I go to all these stores and pick shit up for your love interests, sending me a list of all their favorite things, and wishing that they were for me. And in the midst of it, I realized you don’t know what my favorite flower is! I’ve been hurting for so long that I covered it up everytime and put a fake smile on my face just to see you happy.”
“Your favorite flower is-”
“I just really think that I deserve to be happy as well,” you nodded your head as a way to try and convince yourself. 
“You do deserve to be happy, angel baby. But we can be happy together? I-I… want you here. With me.” His voice was filled with hope, and it only made it harder for you. 
You closed your eyes for a moment, burying your face in your hands. “I want that so bad. I do, H. But I really need to be happy with myself and by myself first. I depended on you and the others around me a lot, and I just didn’t save that love for myself, so…I need to leave,” you sniffled, wiping your cheeks. 
“And when you come back?” 
“I don’t know when that will be or what’s going to happen, but I’m not asking you to wait for me or anything because you should live your life. But when I come back, I’ll call you, and we’ll talk,” you told him, and it seemed like you had everything planned already, but you were just as lost as he was. He dropped his head, crying into his hands. You rolled your chair closer to him, grabbing his wrists, and he lifted his head. “We’ll be alright, okay? Just need a little time to myself.” He nodded, sniffling. 
You stood up and walked over to your luggage, zipping it closed before you looked around to see if you forgot anything. Harry stood up and walked over to you, grabbed your wrists, and pulled you to him, giving you a hug. His face was buried in your neck and you felt him press kisses against your skin as he cried. 
“You’ll be back?” The pain in his voice was enough to tip you over the edge of bawling. 
“Yeah, I’ll be back,” you said in between sniffs. “I’m going to stay with my parents for a while; get a job back in Oregon,” you told him, so he’s not completely out of the loop. He pulled back, looking down at you. 
“When you come back, your job will always be here.” You smiled sadly, raising your hand to caress his cheek. 
“We’ll see, okay? But I have to go to the airport now. My flight is in two hours,” you managed to free yourself from his grasp as it tightened so you wouldn’t go, but you really had to. 
“Let me drop you off?” He offered, and you shook your head. 
“No, it’s only going to make this harder,” you said, grabbing your luggage and backpack. “Have a great rest of the tour, alright? Take care of yourself,” you placed your palm on his cheek again, looking in his sad eyes before you reached up and kissed his cheek. “I’ll see you, honey.”
You walked out of the room with no glance back at him, and Harry was alone in your hotel room, and it was the last memory of you that would be ingrained in his mind forever. 
Tumblr media
14 July 2018 
The crowd cheered loud for Harry for his final show in Los Angeles. He overwhelmingly smiled as he took a deep breath before continuing onto the next song. Everyone seemed to know what the next song on the set list was, so the room went a bit quiet as the crowd turned on their flashlights as the lights went completely dark, and the only thing was heard was the strumming of the guitar. 
Woke up alone in this hotel room… As he sang, he took in his own lyrics, feeling like they really related to him at the moment despite writing the song two years ago. Harry sang with every emotion in him as he let it all out in the dark room that was silent, and the only thing he heard was his voice and the guitar that was played by Mitch. 
We haven’t spoke since you went away…He had thought of you every night he sang this song since you left in Seattle, and it pained him that there was no contact between you ever since you left, but he figured that was what you wanted. What you needed. 
Comfortable silence is so overrated… The moments when there would be silence between you two, he hated looking back at those moments because he knew he should’ve said something, you would’ve still been here. 
Why won’t you ever say what you want to say? Why didn’t you say anything, Harry? 
Even my phone misses your call, by the way…He missed your contact name pop up on his phone that went along with his contact picture for you. You were smiling bright as you ate ice cream. It was a summer day in New York and really warm outside, so you decided you two took a break from running around and got some ice cream. You were so happy that day, and he was happy he got it on camera. 
Harry would often find himself looking at your pictures together; trying to pinpoint the exact moment you knew you were in love with him. Your smile always made his day, and it broke his heart knowing that he wouldn’t get to see that smile for a long while--at least he hoped it’s not a long time till he gets to see you again. Since, he knew when his feelings had progressed, he looked back on the pictures when he knew he fell hard. His smile had gotten bigger and the look he gave you was full of love, and he wished that you saw how he looked at you. 
He missed you so much. 
Tumblr media
13 December 2019
It took you quite a while since you felt whole again. 
You hadn’t felt so empty as you had been when you left Seattle. The year and a half you spent back at home really helped you with that. You were able to find yourself again; spending time with your family and with yourself was something so refreshing that you cherished every moment with them. You learned a lot about yourself, and you reshaped your own worth and values. You came back stronger than ever and you’ve never been happier than you are now. 
You nervously walked over to the section you were going to be sitting in. The room was dark and the crowd was absolutely wild as they were finally seeing the one person they’ve been waiting for. You looked down, watching your step as you held your phone with the flashlight on your feet as they stepped onto the red floor of the pit, until you saw the familiar faces you’ve been looking for. 
“Y/N! There you are!” Glenne smiled, taking you in for a hug. “I’ve missed you babe,” she said in your ear as you hugged her tight. 
“I missed you too, so much.”
“Hey, Y/N. It’s good to see you again,” Jeff said, giving you a warm embrace. 
The music was playing and the crowd had gotten louder as the man of the hour finally stepped on stage, and all the spotlights were pointed on him. You watched him as he walked down from the high stage to the main stage, grabbing his guitar as said hello to everyone before strumming the first note. 
As you remembered, he was amazing on stage as he wore the same outfit as the album cover. He ignited the crowd with his charm and voice that left people in tears from being so overwhelmed by him. You felt overwhelmed as well; seeing him for the first time in a year and a half had made you quite emotional. 
You knew you wanted to go to Harry’s ‘One Night Only’ show when he first announced it. From keeping in contact with him, you figured you could keep in contact with updates of him, and what he’s up to these days. You streamed his music, watched his music videos, and stayed up late just to hear a snippet of him on the radio. You were always excited when you would get the notification on your phone of new pictures and videos of him because that was the only way you were able to see him. You found out that he had spent quite some time in Japan towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. You really hoped he was doing okay. During the days of finding yourself, the thought of seeing him again had scared you, and you weren’t ready for that, so you waited until this day to see him. 
So, at the beginning of the week, you had texted Glenne that you wanted to go to the show, and she immediately said yes, putting your name on the list. You told her not to tell Harry just yet because you wanted to surprise him, and she was on board with the idea as was Jeff. 
They were both really supportive of you during your times sulking and growing, and Glenne had even visited you in Oregon to make sure you were okay and simply just missing you. You were really thankful for both of them because you knew that it was hard to see their two friends in pain, but you were glad that they supported your decision. Glenne had always known that you were in love with Harry, and you told her ever since you figured your feelings out. But you had made her swear on her life and Jeff’s that she wouldn’t say a word about it to anyone, not even Jeff (although Jeff saw it coming). 
“He’s going to be so happy to see you and know that you’re here,” Glenne said to you as the beginning of ‘Fine Line’ was starting. You thought the album was an  absolute masterpiece that was composed of beautiful lyrics, melodies, and emotion. You made sure to dance and cheer for the songs you didn’t know the words to extra loud, and you sang to the ones you knew without hesitation. You stayed up all night, listening to the album multiple times on repeat and trying to get the words down, and you were sure everyone did the same. 
As you listened to Harry sing the outro and the words ‘We’ll be alright’ coming out so effortlessly, you were reminded of your words to him as you left the hotel room. The song was quite hard hitting and you felt every inch of your skin cover in goosebumps. 
You practically lost your shit when Stevie Nicks came out and performed ‘Landslide’ with him, and when he sang ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’ while fake snow was falling from the ceiling. Before you knew it, Harry was in the middle of singing ‘Kiwi,’ and Glenne tapped your arm, telling you to follow her and you knew that you three were going backstage already. You felt butterflies in your stomach, feeling really nervous to see him again up close after a year and a half; and you only hoped that he was happy to see you as well. 
You heard the muffled final beat of the song as the crowd loudly cheered for him, telling him to do another song, but you knew that it was the end of the show. Jeff had walked way ahead of you both to grab Harry really quick, so he could point his attention towards you. Your hands were shaking as your arm was looped with Glenne’s as she provided physical support for you, holding you up, and continuously telling you that he’s going to be so ecstatic. 
Cheers erupted from the crew as everyone hugged each other, proud and happy of the success of Harry’s first show of his sophomore album. Once you were close enough, you could make out everyone’s faces. The band was there along with Harry’s friends and producers that had written the album with him. Finally, there was Harry; his back was facing you as he hugged Jeff, and Jeff gave you an amusing smile as he hugged his best friend. You heard him whisper into Harry’s ear, and Harry pulled back, saying, “What?” 
Jeff nodded, and Harry quickly turned around. His face was pulled into a shocked expression as his eyes widened and his body was practically frozen as he took in your presence. You smiled softly, waiting for him to say or do something because you didn’t know how he felt with you being here on his special night. 
Finally, he took two long strides towards you, pulling you in for a hug. Your body collided with his, and smiled into his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his tone body. 
“How are you?” You whispered in his ear as you practically felt him shaking in your arms. 
“I’m doing good. Better now,” he said softly. “What the fuck are you doing here, angel?” He chuckled, finally realizing that you were here in his arms. The sound of your pet name had widened your smile as your eyes watered; feeling so happy that you finally got to hear that name come from out of his mouth again. 
“Came to see you,” you said in his neck. He pulled back, looking at you in the eye before smiling like crazy as he took you in his arms again. He felt like he was on the moon; the overwhelming feeling of the feedback from the album, the show, and now finally getting to see you for the first time in a very long time—he truly couldn’t believe it, so he held you tight, not wanting to let you go as he felt like if he did, then you would vanish again. You felt his hesitancy or not wanting to let you go, so you whispered in his ear, “Hey, I’m here. Not leaving.” 
He eventually pulled back, and noticed everyone that gathered around you two, and smiles were on their faces with their hands over their hearts. They all had really witnessed Harry struggle the past year and a half; from song writing, recording, rehearsing, and just being present. They really saw Harry at his lowest, and now they're happy to finally see him happy now that you’re here. 
“I-I have to go meet some people and take some pictures, but do you think, uhm…” he trailed off, realizing that he might be acting too eager. 
“H, I’m right here. Do what you have to do, and I’ll wait for you, alright?” You told him with a smile, and he nodded. He didn’t want to walk away from you, but you knew that some people were waiting for him, so he had to leave. He gave you one last hug, which brightened your smile, and he walked down the hall of The Forum. “Stay in my dressing room!” He called out, and you laughed, remembering the talks and moments in his dressing room after his shows. 
Heading over to his dressing room, you stopped to say hi to everyone as they excitedly greeted you. You couldn’t believe that you were here again. The journey to get here was a struggle, but reuniting with everyone had made it so worth it—seeing Harry again was worth it, and you knew that you had to do it. 
After an hour of catching up with the crew and band, and sitting on his couch, mindlessly flipping through the pages of the Fine Line Booklet that contained pictures of Harry in the process of recording his album, he finally showed up. Sighing as he walked in from the rush of the entire day, once he saw your face again, he knew he wasn’t in the state of dreaming because you were really here. 
He took a seat on the couch next to you, taking your hand in his. He hesitantly raised your hand to his mouth and placed a kiss on the back of it; you smiled at the sweet gesture, caressing your thumb against his hand. 
“How are you, angel?” He asked, softly smiling as he was trying to contain his excitement that you’re finally here. 
“I’m good, H. I’m happy,” you said, and hearing that made Harry’s eyes glossy because that’s all he wanted from you. He wanted you to be happy; with yourself, with others, and with life. 
“I’m so glad to hear you say that,” he smiled, dimples poking out. You reached over to caress his cheek, rubbing his dimple out, and he turned his head to kiss the inside of your hand. 
“I want to hear everything from you--catch me up on everything?” He nodded eagerly, wanting that from you too. 
“Security said that the parking lot is empty now because they had to practically kick everyone out, so there’s no one out there, but what do you say we go out there and walk around the parking lot?” He suggested. It was almost midnight, and despite being exhausted and overwhelmed by this whole day, he’d rather stay up and talk for hours with you. 
“Are you sure? You’re not tired?” You asked, and he shook your head. 
“No, not at all. It’s been a year and a half since I last saw you. I want to spend time with you.”
“Okay, I’d like that,” you smiled, and he nodded, telling you that he was going to change really quick. He walked over to his duffel bag, grabbing some clothes before walking over to the changing room that was in his dressing room. Before he walked in, he turned around, facing you. 
“Hey.” You perked up, smiling. He missed your smile so damn much. “Your favorite flower is a baby pink peony,” he said before walking into the room. 
You were immediately taken back to the night when you had left when you had told him that he didn’t know what your favorite flower was, but all this time, he knew. He had always known. 
Walking towards the exit of the venue, the night was dark as the moon shined from up above you. With cold air rushing through you, you shivered, and Harry smiled next to you as you two walked through the emptiness of the parking lot. Before you two even spoke a word on how to go about having the ‘catch up’ conversation, you sensed Harry’s nervousness as he felt a bit hesitant with you because of the distance and time spent apart. But you wanted to remind him that you were the same person. You had the same feelings for him, and you really hoped he had some feelings for you too. 
So, you brushed your left hand against his right hand, cheeks flushed, and you interlock your fingers together, holding his warm ringed hand with your small one. 
This was it--this moment right here. This was where you were supposed to be. 
Tumblr media
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nyktoon-in-otomeland · 5 months ago
I Want to See You in the Dark (Monster Beel x named f!MC, nsfw)
5260 words. A soft, erotic story about MC seeing Beel in his lvl 3 monster form by @waltnut for the first time. :3c I highly suggest reading the monster boyfriend HCs and looking at the art of Beel if you haven’t yet!
Please feel free to copy & paste the text into a separate document and find/replace (ctrl+f or ⌘+f) the name and pronouns if it would help your immersion. MC’s (Nyx’s) physical description is absent other than wearing a skirt & tights and having cis-fem/afab anatomy. She is cis so the current pronouns are she/her. I just ask you not upload any altered version to a public site. Sharing privately with friends is fine!
CWs: fear of complete darkness/unknown monster at beginning; bug sounds; lots of Beel drool; oral sex; hand job; vaginal sex; ceiling sex; light breath play; swapping chewed food [Please let me know if I should add anything else].
* * *
Three party-sized bags of Super Spicy Newt Chips: two for Beel, and a bowl to split the third. Nyx shifted the bundle in her arms so she could turn the handle of the twins’ door and nudge it open. She wasn’t expecting it to be completely dark inside, save for the light that now spilled in from the hallway.
She had been expecting Beel and the lights on, of course. But normally, even when the lights were out, the Devildom’s ever-present moonlight would gild the room in soft blue and silver. All the blackout curtains must have been drawn. The sky-themed designs on the walls still glowed, though they didn’t illuminate anything.
And did something just move?
If so, it had been so quick that she barely caught it. Nyx froze, her pulse surging, struck by a flood of cold. This was the Devildom, more dangerous than the most dangerous place on Earth. Anything, something unimaginable, could be lurking in that darkness.
But this is the House of Lamentation, she reminded herself. The House was safe. Usually. Kind of. At least, nothing other than its residents had ever threatened her here.
Had Beel gone out? That would be weird; he said he wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t gone to RAD that morning, thus her promise to hang out afterwards and bring him snacks. But if that were the case, why draw all the curtains?
Maybe Belphie was taking a nap and wanted it completely dark, and Beel had left because of that? Maybe he lost track of the time and that was why he hadn’t messaged her?
“Belphie?” she called. Belphie would make fun of her for sounding so timid if he heard her, but the anxious coiling in her chest wouldn’t let her speak any louder. He didn’t answer the way he sometimes would in his sleep, though. She didn’t hear his breathing, either.
What she did hear was a soft mix of chirps and clicks, something strange and wholly unplaceable.
Panicked instinct made her throw out her arm to turn the lights on.
The room lit with a roaring buzz. Something launched itself at her, something huge, moving so fast she couldn't comprehend it--just red eyes, massive beating wings, outstretched claws. Nyx screamed and dropped everything, stumbling back into the hall. But there was no time to turn and run. The thing caught her, pulled her against its form, and nigh simultaneously slammed shut the door and shut off the lights.
“Help!” Nyx pushed hard against the body of whatever captured her, only to jam her wrists and crush against thick, immovable arms. Her mind whirled; she couldn’t run, couldn’t fight. All she could think of was the one person she wanted to see more than any other at that moment: “Beel--!”
It was his voice, spoken above her, accompanied by a soft buzz and a flutter of air. Nyx froze again, heart hammering. She stared straight ahead, seeing only darkness, her palms still flat against the heat and firmness of someone’s chest.
The arms around her withdrew, and she felt the thing--the person? Beel?--step back. One of the chip bags crinkled, popped open, and there was the distinct smell of spice powder. Chips ruffling, then a crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
“Sorry,” the voice said again, slightly muffled. “Light hurts.”
Now that she had been released, Nyx’s knees buckled, and she fell back against the door to support herself. She tried to gather her thoughts. Was it Beel? Or was it something else, pretending with his voice? Because it certainly hadn’t looked like Beel before everything went dark.
A chip brushed against her lower lip, its spice tingling her nose. “Want some?”
The offer to share was exactly the kind of thing Beel would do to cheer her up, though. Gingerly, she used the tip of her tongue to slide the chip into her mouth. Its heat seared over her tongue, the roof of her mouth, inside her cheeks. Its intensity was grounding, focusing her on the familiar, heady rush of their favorite shared snack. She chewed slowly, wanting to stay in the moment of the Known, until Beel perched another chip on her lips.
This time, she reached up and gently took it from his hand instead. “Beel, um…” How to even ask this? “Do you...look different?”
A short buzz accompanied his crunching. Wind stirred around her ankles. She waited a moment for a further response, but none came.
“Oh. Yeah. Sorry.”
“What happened?”
“Just like this sometimes.”
“Just like this? Like, it’s normal…?”
That buzz again, which Nyx guessed might be affirmation. All she could do was look at where he must have been standing, judging by the sound. Her pulse hadn’t slowed, her mouth was still hot, and she had no idea what to make of his answer.
After a few seconds of quiet, he nudged her hand still holding the forgotten chip. “You should eat. Helps recover.”
“Oh.” Nyx looked down, although she couldn’t see her own hand. “No thanks. I’m not hungry. Here, you can have it.”
She held the chip up, slowly so as not to nick him with any sudden movements. His lips brushed her fingers. A touch of wetness as he took the chip with his tongue. The sensation sent a startled jolt through her, left her tingling.
As “Beel” chewed, clicking mingled with his crunches, a chitter that rose and fell and made her hair stand on end. Nyx pressed back against the door. “...Was that you?”
His answers were strange--not just the buzzing and clicking, but speaking in fragmented sentences. Beel was often a demon of few words, but not this few. Still, even if this wasn’t Beel, so far he hadn’t tried to hurt her. Nyx pushed herself up and away from the door, reaching out to touch him with her fingertips. Sure enough, he was there, warm and solid.
“Can I see you?” she asked. “Not with the ceiling lights, but maybe the light from my phone…?”
This buzz was a quieter version of the very first she had heard, higher-pitched than his affirmations, a sound that might be distress.
“No phone,” Beel said. “Here.”
The soft glow of a rune lit briefly, and then moonlight poured into the room from the windows of the loft.
In the pale light she could see dark skin patterned with darker markings; see his forearms sporting long spines; and see the glinting of armored, raptor-like feet. His ears were pointed and elongated, he had a tail…. His horns and hair looked the same, though, at least in shape. It was still too dark to truly discern color. But in his eyes she saw a ring of white, and white where his pupils might be.
The gentle gaze he held her with was unmistakable. This was Beel.
...And Beel was nearly naked. The full realization hit her now that she could see him, even though she had, technically, already known he was shirtless, having felt his bare chest earlier. Not that she hadn’t seen him in boxer shorts before, but in this new form, she felt like she had waltzed in on something private, something he hadn’t intended her to see. Heat rushed to her face. By force of habit, Nyx crossed her arms and ducked her head, her hair falling over her cheeks.
She hesitated, but her name in his voice was a lure she couldn’t resist. Nyx glanced up. Beel had tilted his head and leaned sideways, as if to try and see her from beneath the curtain of her hair. His brows were knit, eyes glimmering with uncertainty.
“You’re scared?” Beel asked. “Of me?”
“No!” Nyx unfurled, the force of her guilt propelling her to throw her arms around Beel’s neck. Still, she tucked her head beneath his chin, not quite ready to look him in the eyes.
“I’m not scared of you,” she murmured. “I’m just...shy.”
Beel held her gently, petting her hair, the strokes haphazard but still comforting. His wings buzzed. “Why?”
“I don’t know.” It was an honest answer. Her thoughts and feelings were ajumble. Nyx hugged him tighter, all her anxious energy pooling in her hold, until she finally released him with a sigh, letting it drain away. She looked up then, meeting his curious eyes. He blinked once at her while his wings twitched in silent, brief flutters. Same cheekbones, same nose, same ridges of his brows. Nyx lifted a hand towards one of his ears, then paused.
“Can I touch?”
Beel nodded, accompanied by his affirmative buzz. She felt him gingerly, cupping her fingers around the back of his ear, brushing her thumb along the plush skin of its lower curve. Beel closed his eyes, wings humming in apparent pleasure, clicks rising in his throat again. At ease with these new sounds now, Nyx drew her hand under his jaw and down his sturdy neck. She could feel his clicking, a bubbly sensation against her palm.
Growing confidence allowed her a small smile. She stepped back, enough room now to trace along his forearm until she settled the barest touch on its protruding spines.
Something began to scuttle up her leg.
“Ahh!” She jumped, swiping at the unknown assailant to dislodge it from her tights, but Beel had already pulled his tail back. Now she could see its underside, the bottom of his shell-like tip covered in small feelers that waved gently to and fro.
“Beel.” Nyx clapped her hands over her face, embarrassed by her panicked reaction, though she was smiling.
Nyx peeked at him through her fingers. He seemed uncertain again, fidgeting, wings fluttering restlessly.
“No, I’m sorry,” Nyx said. “I just wasn’t expecting it. Can I see?”
She held out her hands, palms cupped. Beel placed the end of his tail in them, its bristles tickling. It sent a shiver through her and made her giggle quietly at the same time. Apparently encouraged, Beel crept his tail up her arm and over her shoulder to tickle her cheek. Nyx shrieked again, but this time in delight, dancing in place to shake off the jittery sensation before she caught his tail and held the half-shell shape of its end, gently bringing it to her face so the feelers could brush against her cheek.
She smiled at him--a real, joyous smile, the kind that crinkles at the corners of one's eyes. Beel smiled back just as bright, his posture lifting.
Then, her smile becoming shy, Nyx turned the shell of his tail over to place a chaste kiss to its curve.
Beel’s eyes widened. His smile fell away. He stepped forward, and reflexively she stepped back, only to feel her heel against the wall. He stepped forward again, only a hair’s breadth between them now.
There was hunger in his eyes.
Nyx knew this expression, the way his jaw set in solemn intensity. It was how he always looked when asking permission to touch her, as if it were the most serious and pressing question in the world. She waited for the words.
What she did not expect was for him to reach for another chip and place it against her lips, never breaking eye contact.
“Um…” Nyx could feel herself beginning to blush, unbalanced by his offer.
Beel urged the chip forward with his thumb. He had taken on an almost pleading expression. The situation was now so surreal that Nyx felt her world tilt, as if she weren’t quite grounded in her body. But he looked so earnest, there was really nothing else to do: like before, she placed her tongue beneath the spicy snack and pulled it into her mouth.
She had barely bitten down before Beel leaned in further to brush his lips against hers in a kiss. All communication norms were now thrown completely out the window. What was happening? The inside of her mouth was on fire. Her ears filled with an increasing buzz and excited clicks. And he was kissing her, his lips moving in a slow, sensual massage, sending electricity through her even as she stayed stock still, her mind reeling between sensation and sense-making.
Beel paused, the white rings of his eyes flitting as he studied her face. All Nyx could think to do was blink back up at him, the fragments of chip still resting on her tongue. He had a look of--concern? frustration?--and then his kisses gained urgency. His saliva began to overflow, rolled in warm trails down her chin. The tip of his tongue slipped between her lips, pressing, insistent. Nyx hesitated, then decided, at last, to surrender to the moment. This was still Beel, Beel kissing her, and she wanted his kisses. She opened to him, letting him explore.
Was it her imagination, or was this much more tongue than usual? Not metaphorically: its tip slid first across the inside of one cheek, then curved around, still extending, to feel up the other side, forming a tight U that barely fit inside her mouth. There was something about the weight and the fullness of his tongue, though, anchored amidst the dizzying rush of the spice powder and confusion, that made her own mouth begin to water. “Mm…”
Beel pulled back, the curl of his tongue sweeping away shards of chip between his jaws. He chewed, then brought his lips to Nyx’s again, his tongue rolling the small wad of mash back to her in a wash of saliva. Nyx shuddered involuntarily, her own tongue curling underneath the offering as if trying to allow as little surface space as possible. Still, determined now, she swallowed it, managing an affectionate half-smile as she patted his cheek.
“Thanks, Beel.”
Beel seemed pleased, eyes half-lidded above his own winsome smile. The buzz of his wings mellowed and he hummed, a resonance matched. Lowering his head, Beel nuzzled his nose against hers. Weird as all this was, his pure tenderness made warmth well up in her chest, spilling into a laugh. She nuzzled him back and scattered kisses across his cheeks.
Satisfied, Nyx leaned back, still glowing as she looked up at him. Beel reached into his bag of chips, scooped another handful into his mouth. She might have thought he was just distracted by hunger, were it not for the way he was staring…
“Is that for me?” Nyx asked. Beel nodded. Buzz. He leaned in again, but Nyx placed her fingers to his lips to stop him. “That’s okay. I don’t need any more.”
As if that were all he had been waiting for, Beel swallowed. He dropped to his knees, chip bag abandoned, and slid his hands up the sides of her calves--her thighs--under the hem of her skirt--
“Wait!” Alarmed, Nyx put her hand against his head to stop him. He looked up at her with completely unfair puppy-dog eyes, his wings making a kind of whine. “I’m… I’m not saying no. It’s just your tongue… It’s still spicy.”
Beel nodded. Without hesitation, he removed his hands to instead push up the hem of her sweater. Nyx pulled the rest of it over her head while Beel pressed his lips to her stomach, just above her navel. His tongue flicked once against her skin, sharp and quick in a way that made her shiver. For the next taste, though, he let his tongue cling to her as he drew himself up, slowly dragging it after him in a warm, slick stripe that ended at her bra.
There was a pause as Beel stared at the center band between her breasts and then, without further warning, sank his claws into the fabric and tore it in half.
“Ah!” Nyx jumped at the sudden force. But any reprimands went out of her head once Beel picked up where he left off, tongue running a trail from her chest up her neck. He pressed hot kisses beneath her ear while his tongue’s tip lit on the other side of her jaw, then slid back across her sensitive throat. Her breath hitched, beginning to come in short pants.
Beel’s kisses traveled down her neck, while his hand smoothed over the curve of her hip and up her other side, the calloused planes of his palm and fingers scraping just enough to cause goosebumps. He settled beneath one breast, mouth hovering above the other. Electric with anticipation, Nyx pushed her chest forward, longing for the promised stimulation. 
Beel wasn’t the sort to tease through denial, and in this form it wasn’t different. He didn’t need more encouragement to begin suckling, the thick base of his tongue rolling against one nipple while his thumb stirred circles over the other, sparking currents through her skin. A soft cry escaped her as Nyx arched further into his touch.
Beel's deep, satisfied rumble answered her, mixed with his steady buzz. Again his saliva began to overflow, pulsing in warm waves that turned to cool trickles as he sucked. All the while, a tension between Nyx’s legs grew sharper.
“Okay,” she breathed. “You can go.”
Beel was on his knees immediately. And Nyx was too distracted to catch him before he ripped the fabric of her tights and panties out of his way, then dipped his head under her skirt--
Normally, Beel would start with some buildup. Small kisses to her mound and inner thighs; then short, gentle laps with his tongue and flattened, broader sweeps; gazing up at her with adoration in his eyes.
Now, though, his tongue was already teasing apart her folds to wriggle inside. 
“Ah--Beel--” Nyx laced her fingers through his hair, bracing against the coming sting as he pushed against the resistance of her walls. Instead, his ample spit let him slide in smoothly. “Mmh--!”
Rather than pull back for another plunge, Beel’s tongue rolled in waves, sending ripples of pleasure through her core. With the tip, he found her most sensitive spot, circled it, caressed it, pressed against her uppermost wall so that she felt full, alternating so the sensations didn’t dull. Meanwhile, the thick upper end of his tongue lapped steadily against her clit. Nyx whimpered, bit her lower lip, stroked Beel’s hair while she tried and failed to stop her hips from bucking against his mouth. It only made him go faster.
The sweet strain built, and built, and built until at last the dam broke and ecstasy flooded through her, burning, seizing her muscles so she curled in on herself; and like a warm ocean, washed all thoughts from her mind. Only Beel’s grip kept her upright as her breath came quick and ragged, competing with her pounding heartbeat. And inside she pulsed rapidly, as if even her sex were gasping around him.
Beel sealed his mouth over her lower lips, pressing down with his tongue to capture the rush of wetness. One swallow was enough for all of it--but that wasn’t enough for him. It never was.
Nyx let him continue, holding on to his horns to keep her balance. Beel was more impatient now, coaxing and lapping more hungrily for his desired prize. He didn't have to wait long.
In its wake she felt completely spent, limbs weak and mind hazy in the afterglow. Beel kept going. He would keep going for hours if she let him; they had tried it before, though she had needed breaks. Right now, her clit was starting to feel numb.
“Beel,” she murmured, too tired to speak louder. He didn’t seem to notice. Taking a breath to try and rally herself, Nyx pressed against his horns. Beel’s buzz grew to a high-pitched whine, wings beating so fast she could feel wind picking up. He licked more desperately, and finally Nyx put her palms against the top of his head and pushed--though nowhere near the force needed enough to move him if he didn’t want to be moved. “Beel! Please!”
Beel eased off at last and slurped his tongue back into his mouth. The whine of his wings quieted.  He was giving her those puppy-dog eyes, though, and mouthing gently at the inside of her thigh.
Her weak legs and ruined tights were soaked from spit, of course, as was the floor where Beel kneeled. Somewhere along the way, the remainder of her bra had fallen off. It was growing soggy in a puddle.
Oh well. Asmo would be thrilled for an excuse to go shopping with her to replace it.
Nyx nudged Beel’s hands off her hips, then side-stepped past the edge of the puddle and slid down the wall to sit. Beel followed, crouched in front of her while she peeled away her wet tights and skirt to toss them aside. He was watching inquisitively, head tilted, wings flickering. She smiled at him, faint but genuine.
“Hi,” she said.
“Come here?”
Beel leaned in, and gently, Nyx drew his head down until their foreheads were touching. It made her feel warm, solid, present.
“I love you,” she said.
Beel smiled, and he spoke in a way that was almost sing-songy, accompanied by cricket-like chirps. “Love you.”
It was so sweet and earnest, she couldn’t help a giggle. Relaxed now, Nyx closed her eyes, thumbs caressing his cheeks. He licked her cheek in return. A gesture of affection, or just getting at the salt of her dried sweat? She cracked an eye open. “Are you hungry?”
Beel’s expression turned serious, almost reverent. His voice was low, tinged with a rasp. “For you.”
The words sent shivers through her, stirred her pulse.
“Oh.” Nyx hesitated. She had to look away, too shy to see his face when she asked. “Well...your turn, then?”
Beel straightened. He thrummed and chittered; though of course, not looking at him, she couldn’t see his expression.
“I'm not sure what that means.”
“You want to?”
“Want to know what you mean, or--?”
Beel took her hand, pressed it against his chest, then slid down, over soft skin and hard muscle until it came to rest on the warm bulge still hidden by his boxers. Nyx bit her lip, but nodded, even if she was still making eye contact with nothing in particular on the other side of the room.
This time, when he stood up, she caught his hands just as they bunched in his boxers’ fabric. “Don’t--!”
He let her guide his hands away, and she laughed breathlessly before finishing her sentence: “...tear them.”
Close call, but now it was on her to continue. Moving slowly, as much from sheepishness as sensuality, she hooked her fingers under his waistband, pulling it towards herself first to avoid catching, then downwards, exposing him bit by bit, over his hips and cock and thighs until the boxers fell to the floor. 
He had transformed here, too. His head and shaft seemed to be encased under smooth segments that reflected the moonlight, like the cover of a beetle’s wings. They perfectly followed his shape, protecting the sensitive organ underneath, save for tiny gaps between each of the plates.
Nyx touched a careful finger to his tip, then traced along his curve. His cock twitched in response.
“You can feel through those?” she asked.
Buzz. “Pressure. Movement.”
“So if I do this…?” Nyx wrapped her fingers around his base--she couldn’t reach all the way around, but that wasn’t new--and squeezed, tugging leisurely upwards while she stroked his underside with her thumb. The casing felt as smooth as it looked, was even slightly warm. Beel shuddered and closed his eyes.
“Good,” he growled.
She pumped, tightening and relaxing with the rhythm the way she knew he liked it. It worked. He hunched over her with a low moan, braced himself with one forearm against the wall while his other hand clumsily pet her hair. Vulnerable skin peeked from the gaps where head met shaft, and Nyx leaned in to tease those spots with tiny kitten licks. For her, they were fleeting tastes of sweetness. Beel began to pant; his hips thrust into her hand while his fingers tangled in her locks. His tongue lolled, dripping long strands of spit onto her head and shoulders. The warm, rolling wetness; the restrained tension of his thrusts and grip; the drone of his wings; the smell of his sex, the taste--he filled Nyx’s senses completely, until she felt herself begin to pulse with need, drawing soft mewls from her throat--
Beel bent further, gripped her firmly by the waist, and then with a tug the world lurched and spun, until Nyx found herself prone and skin-to-skin with his taut form beneath her. She was dizzy, mind trying to orient itself, trying to register that what she was seeing, far below the tangle of their bodies, was the floor. Beel kept her aloft, suspended by his palms and forearms pressed to the ceiling on either side of her. And by the balls of his feet, she guessed, judging by the way her legs were supported by his own. The instinctual alarm of being so high up made her heart stop. 
Beel gave her no time to panic, though. He captured her in a demanding kiss, making her focus on him as he pressed her up into the cool drywall at her back. His tongue coiled in her mouth; pulled back to stroke her neck; curved over her ear; tasted everywhere in an indulgence that was mindless and uncoordinated. He clicked eagerly, vibrations pattering beneath her skin, all while his wings maintained their heightened thrum. The cries he drew from her blended with his strange harmony. And Nyx's hips begin to rock, yearning for a connection that was deeper, more complete.
Responding to her, Beel tilted his hips up, cock nestling against her folds. Nyx squirmed, trying to slide onto him without having to lose the security of her arms around his neck. No luck; with nothing but his body beneath her for support, she couldn’t position herself. For a moment she paused, frustrated and breathless.
The tickling of Beel’s feelers crept between her legs. Nyx yelped, snapping away from the aberrant sensation, and she almost pushed away from him altogether. Instead she latched on to Beel's gaze, her own wide with uncertainty, his as steady as ever. He touched his sweat-slicked forehead to hers, so close now that all she could see were the white rings in the dark pools of his eyes.
Nyx took a few deep breaths, then nodded. “Okay. I’m ready.”
His feelers scurried over her again, and she couldn’t help a shiver and a whine, unable to decide if she liked the way they prickled and swept. He searched until they found her entry; just the slightest graze of her inner walls was enough to make her buck and bite into his shoulder.
“Mmf.” Beel grunted, his shoulder twitching against her mouth, but it didn’t slow his mission. His tail helped to align his cock at the angle needed--and then he thrust into a heat that was wet and ready for him. Nyx cried out as he sank into her, filling her to satisfaction.
By now she was aware that Beel was less inclined to patience in this form. 
"Wait," she breathed, nipping at his ear for his attention. "Start slow."
He listened. His pace began as a gentle roll, letting her feel every inch of traction, every push and pull over the ridges of his segments. With each pump his head met her sweetest spot; a firm, blunt kiss, coaxing her walls to squeeze around him.
His tongue twined with hers again, gave her something to lap and suck while he extended further. When his tongue touched the back of her throat she choked, jerked involuntarily, and Beel pulled back, but only for a moment before he tried again. This time, when the tip touched her, a strange warmth spread from it, a sort of hot-cold tingling sensation like menthol. It seeped down her throat, and his tongue followed, her muscles now relaxed around him as he submerged deeper.
Nyx’s mind was clouding over, an intoxicating blend of the throbbing in her core, the thickness of his tongue, his encompassing heat. Her craving pushed out all else but the feeling of Beel inside her, and the buzz of his wings. Something snuggled between their hips, pricked her clit with the ghost of a touch, and when she only clenched and moaned it began to stroke, a dozen tiny lovers worshipping her tender glans while Beel rocked into her.
She bucked, trembled, awareness and perception pulled taut into an unbearable strain, thinner and tighter and pleading to break--
Beel’s buzzing wings stuttered. His moan vibrated through her entire being as he shook, and inside her the segments of his cock spread out as he swelled and shot his cum. Heat and effervescence surged through her, lighting stars behind her eyes, her own cry of release muffled by his tongue before he yanked it away. Dizzy, Nyx clung even more tightly to him, burying her face in his neck, gasping for air as her body quaked atop his.
The world tilted once more, and they were falling. Nyx’s eyes stayed closed, mind too empty now to be afraid. There was a jolt as Beel’s wings erupted with noise and wind, and the fall slowed, became a drift, until Beel touched down with one heavy foot, then the other. She felt him lean her back, lowering her into the soft comforter of a bed. And then a bounce as he collapsed next to her. She landed further from him, but it hardly mattered, as Beel pulled her to him and curled around her.
When Nyx woke, her first hazy perception was the sound of Beel's champing. She felt a pleasant chill now, having fallen asleep above the covers, though there was a slight weight around her wrist. She felt tranquil, too, body light despite the dull ache between her legs.
In his arms, in the darkness, everything melted into peace.
She cracked her eyes open, greeted by shadows and dim moonlight, then rolled over to look at whatever rested on her wrist. It was Beel’s tail, looped loosely around her, the shell-like tip resting near her hand.
Nyx followed its line to the broad plane of Beel’s back. He sat on the floor, surrounded by packages that were in various stages of being devoured. Even now, graced only by the weakest light, his wings glimmered, iridescent.
Nyx sighed, stretched, luxuriating in the cool, soft bed covers. That seemed to alert Beel, as he looked up and over his shoulder.
“Hi.” Nyx smiled.
“Hi.” Beel beamed back. “Belphie brought snacks.”
“Belphie came in?” Nyx pulled her knees up and covered her chest, as if she could somehow retroactively stop him from seeing her naked on the bed.
“Didn’t see him. Snacks were here when I woke up.”
That was the longest string of words Beel had spoken to her all night. Nyx couldn’t help but laugh, and Beel chuckled along with her, though she suspected he didn’t know what brought it on.
“Want some?” Beel held up a package to her.
Nyx propped an elbow and rested her chin on her hand, giving him a languid smile. “Is that asking to go again?”
It was hard to truly see, but Beel’s cheeks seemed to darken, and he tucked his head, even as he looked her in the eyes. Was he feeling shy? Whatever the gesture was, he neither confirmed nor denied his intentions.
Well, either way--
“Sure,” she said, and held out her hand.
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fairyevans · 6 months ago
Would you write a threesome?
— 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐦 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬, 𝐫.𝐝 & 𝐜.𝐛
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* word count; 1.3k *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
warnings; SMUT! MINORS DNI, 18+, innocent!reader, threesome, oral-sex (f receiving), praise kink, unprotected sex, (some) degrading. if uncomfortable, please don’t read. press keep reading for smut :)
[carter baizen x fem!reader, ransom drysdale x fem!reader]
[a/n; i brainstormed about this all day, thanks anon!]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
last you’d seen ransom drysdale, was since preschool.
according to your mother, you, ransom and another young boy had been inseparable. but once you moved from boston, to another state, they were long forgotten.
until today.
“i can’t believe we’re wearing dresses to a woman’s dinner party.” you mumbled, swatting out your rose silk dress as if it had a bug on it.
“it’s not just a dinner party, they’re very high class.” she exclaimed as she fixed your father’s tie, waltzing up the steps of the thrombey’s mansion.
“the [y/l/n]’s are here, linda!” walt thrombey called out when we swung the door open before any of you could knock.
“oh, please, come in- little [y/n], is that you?” everyone gathered around and greeted your small family, claiming how much you’d grown or how they use to change your diapers.
“sweetie, this is ransom, you remember him, right? and this is carter, i swear the three of you would shower together after playing outside.” your breath hitched when you caught a glipse of the two gorgeous men.
their stance made you nervous as your heels clicked against the floor, walking slowly towards them.
“i’m [y/n].” you sashayed your hair behind your shoulder and they both took turns to press a chast kiss to your cheek.
“she’s definitely changed, hasn’t she, ransom?” carter smirked, scanning you from head to toe as ransom chuckled, nodding.
“she really has.” you blushed under their gaze, feeling small.
“let’s go get something to drink, yeah?” ransom suggested, holding out his folded elbow for you to slip your manicured hand through.
after a few glasses of champagne, you lost your shyness and began to reminisce with the boys you were once so close with.
but when carter excused himself to the bathroom, ransom stood up and stretched out his hand.
“my mom said you liked books, let’s check out the library upstairs.” he didn’t linger for an answer when he was already leading you up the stairs, firmly holding your waist.
“when they told me you’d be coming, i had no idea what to expect..” he spoke, making himself comfortable on the couch as you hummed, dragging your finger against the spine of the books so perfectly alligned.
“hope i fulfilled your expectations.” you giggled and walked over to him, his cologne catching up to you.
“you’re so gorgeous, you know that?” he held your chin between his thumb and pointer finger, loving how you’d get so flustered.
he slowly leaned in, just to make sure you weren’t having second thoughts, and he attached his lips on yours, instantly slipping his tongue into your hot mouth like a pro, letting him swallow your innocent moans.
he hoisted you onto his lap as he craddled the back of your head, not allowing you to slip from the kiss.
“you feel that, baby?” he forced your hips back and forth on his clothed cock, making you gasp into the kiss when he’d rub against you clit.
“ransom...” you subconsciously whispered when you let your head fall back once he began kissing and licking down your neck, letting you grind on him by yourself.
“good girl, you’re a quick learner.” he murmured, thrusting his hips up against your panties, his cock being restrained from where it needed to be.
“starting without me?” your eyes widened as you turned to see the light blue eyed boy grinning as he moved from the door frame and locked the door behind him.
“what’s going on?” your voice raise a pitch when ransom began sucking on your neck, his free hand sneaking past your wet panties as he rubbed small circles on your clit, causing you to clench your thighs.
“you’re gonna be a good girl for us, right baby? you’re gonna let us make you cum?” carter sweet-talked you as he wrapped his hand around your neck, making you look up at him and receive a needy, sloppy kiss as ransom grew jealous, hastily shoving two fingers in your tight cunt and you winced, whimpering into carter’s mouth.
“i-i don’t... i’m not sure what that means..” they both laughed at your confession, making you lower your gaze but ransom tutted, slipping his long fingers in and out of your wet slit.
“don’t worry, pretty girl,” ransom pulled his finger from your pussy and shoved them past your smudged dark red lips, letting you taste yourself and you instictevly began sucking on them, causing them to groan.
“bet she’d look prettier choking on our cocks, huh?” carter carresed your [h/c] hair til he yanked you from ransom’s lap and sat you on the couch, separating your legs as he dragged his finger against the wet spot on your panties.
“wanna see that pretty face scrunch up when i make you cum.” carter stated as he scattered soft kisses on your inner thigh and you squirmed as ransom dragged down the straps of your dress, their eyes glued when they realized you had chosen not to wear a bra.
“just wanna fuck these tits sore.” ransom gripped one as he sucked on the other, flicking his tongue on the nub as you whined, feeling dizzy at the thought of two extremely handsome men pleasuring you for the first time.
carter pulled your panties down your legs and pressed the cloth against his nose, moaning at your smell and shoved them into his back pocket as a memento.
carter pushed his tongue into your tight cunt as his thumb grazed your clit, making your legs twitch and he threw them over his shoulders, burying his face between your thighs as he tongue-fucked you, making you reach for his fluffy hair and try to pull him away but he wouldn’t budge.
“when you come, you scream my name, or else i’ll shove my cock in your mouth, got it?” ransom whispered against your ear as he tweaked your nipples and you squeaked, nodding continiously as he smirked, listening intently at the squelching sounds your pussy made.
“oh god... that feel so good!” you wailed when he suddenly began to suck on your clit, giving you no mercy as you jerked your hips, shutting your eyes.
“ransom, fuck!” you cried out, drenching carter’s mouth with your sweet cum til he furrowed his eyebrows at you and saw the shit-eating smirk his best friend had plastered.
“that’s how we’re playing, huh?” he stood from his knees, pulling you up from the couch as you struggled to stand up straight til he bent you over, lifting your dress to your waist as he slapped your sensitive pussy, making you whimper staring directly at ransom and his smug smile.
“if i make you fucking cum, you thank me, you brat.” he growled, gripping at your ass, shoving himself deep til his balls pressed against your clit and made your eyes roll back.
“look at that, taking him so fucking deep, where’d you feel him, baby?” ransom unbuckled his pants as you shivered, carter’s cock stretching you out and grunted every time you’d clamp onto him.
“right here...” you whined, placing your trembling hand on your lower stomach as your other hand as gripped the cushion.
“fuck, you’re taking my cock like a good girl, aren’t you?” carter’s question was almost disregarded as you were hypnotized at the way ransom tugged at his cock, slapping your cheek with it every now and then.
“won’t answer me? fine, i like it more when you’re a fucking cockslut, can’t even fucking speak when i fuck you this good..” carter reached under and rubbed at your clit with three fingers, causing you to scream out, tears beginning to stream as the pleasure was blinding, making you cum once more all over his hard cock.
“stick out your tongue, baby.” ransom ordered and you complied, lazily opening your mouth as you felt ransom’s load shoot directly into your throat, some of it landing on your chin.
“fuck..” carter’s fingernails dug into your ass, cumming right after the two of you, he could barely catch his breath.
“how about we take this to the shower, you know, for old time sake?”
[a/n; um i got a little carried away LMAO, i love when you guys request stuff so don’t be shy :) ]
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pinkteapotwriting · 4 months ago
Hey could you please do a dom remus, dom james and sub Fem!reader, with pet play and the use of kitty instead of "daddy".
Scenario: remus is dating the reader but james likes the reader to and james catches them fkn and he ask to join.
Btw i love your content so much! Pls never stop.
This was oddly specific but I also loved it??? Thanks for all of your patience love xXx
James Potter x Fem!reader x Remus Lupin
Warning : Sub!reader, Unprotected sex, Voyerism, Praise kink, teensy innocense kink, i don’t remember if I put degradation, pet play, pet names
Word count : 1730
James was cocky, some would consider him arrogant.
You however, found it enticing.
You’re just kind of self destructive that way, I suppose.
Remus was different from James, he was quiet and analytical. When he did have something to say it left a mark. Remus had you memorized, he knew every trigger, every touch, and every desire in that pretty little head of yours and both of you always enjoyed his intuition.
As James flew across his broom stick, dodging every bludger with ease, Remus’s intuition was telling him that you were extremely horny. You were on the best seat in the house, Remus’s lap and every time James would catch the quaffle in his very capable hands, you’d clench your thighs a little. Remus placed his lips at the shell of your ear, his hot breath and tone of voice making you shiver.
“When were you going to tell me about your little crush, poppet?”
“I don’t-”
“Don’t lie to me, you know that gets you punished. Besides, I can feel how needy my girl is, don’t you want me to take care of that for you?”
“Yes please.”
“Alright, if we leave now we should have enough time before everyone gets back, maybe even longer cause it looks like Gryffindor is going to win so there’ll be a party in the common room tonight. We’d have the dorm to ourselves Puppy, how does that sound?”
“Please Remmy, I want it so bad. I want you so bad.”
“Let’s go, we’ve wasted enough time now.”
James’ eager eyes scanned the room for his favourite girl, but you were nowhere to be seen. The euphoria of winning had worn off, and all he could do was politely brush people off as he searched. He felt bad that he felt this way, but he couldn’t exactly help feeling it anyhow.
To avoid all the bothersome people he decided to just call it a night and dream of the girl he couldn’t have.
Remus’s girl.
He trudged up the stairs, reminiscing of the time you placed your hand on his shoulder, he didn’t know he was such a fan of physical touch until you showed him. None of the marauders were really cuddly, but you seemed to thrive off of it and he was happy to oblige. At least that was something.
He was so lost in his own thoughts, but something he heard stopped him from the routine habit of opening the door without question. He recognized the cute pitch your voice took, but this time you were moaning, a lot.
And he would have left you alone but he heard his name, so he figured he had a right to listen, right?
“Please Remmy, want your fingers.”
“You don’t want my fingers, you want James’ fingers.”
“I- I want both- still like you too.”
“Greedy girl, one cock isn’t enough for you huh?”
“He’s so pretty, want him so bad”
“Poor dear, James isn’t here so it looks like my girl can’t get what she wants.”
James knew he was confident, but he didn’t realize he was confident enough to burst through the door, not even phased by your naked figure rutting against Remus’s thigh.
“Nice of you to join us James, I was hoping you’d overhear.”
“Yeah? Then I’m glad I did.”
“Puppy, why don’t you greet our guest the way I taught you, hmm?”
“Okay kitty.”
You climbed off of Remus to settle in front of James on your knees.
“She calls you kitty?”
“It’s like her version of Daddy, I find it endearing.”
“It’s cute” he squats down to fondle the pendant on the collar you were wearing. He’d never seen you wear anything like that before. It read the property of R.L.. “So, you’re Remus’s puppy huh?”
“Yes sir.”
“Would you mind being my puppy for a bit?”
“No sir, wanna be your puppy for more than a bit.”
He patted your head and rose to his full height.
“Good girl, what’s your safe word?”
“Red, or I can snap.”
“Why would you snap?”
“In case your cock was in my mouth sir.”
“You should let her suck your cock first, she takes it well.”
It took a lot for you to not clench your thighs together. James studied your eager face and smirked at your instant compliance.
“Alright Pup, get to it. Let’s see if Remus knows what he’s talking about.”
All James wanted to do was eat you out until you couldn’t cum anymore, but he had never met someone so submissive before. It was fun to test the waters, and he would be sure to reward you later. You greedily swallowed his cock, his length wouldn’t deter you, since you were already used to Remus. James’ moans and soft grunts were feeding you into moving at a faster pace. You didn’t even notice the tears streaming down your face, but James did.
“Remus, you certainly do know what you’re talking about. Looks like you’ve trained her well. Are there any boundaries you have that I should know?”
“What’s mine is yours, just try not to mark her up too much.”
“That’s a shame, she’d be a pretty little thing to mark up, but she is yours. I can respect that.”
You were whining now while they talked as if you weren’t even there. Looks like they both knew how to direct conversation to make you impossibly needy, oh well.
James grabbed your hair to pull you off of him.
“Why don’t we show kitty how quick I can make you cum? I heard you wanted my fingers.”
“Please, want them so bad.”
“You also said I’m pretty.”
“You are pretty Jamie, wanna kiss.”
He helped you to your feet and cupped the side of your face gently.
Kissing James Potter was much different than kissing Remus. Remus could tease you endlessly about how desperate you were, but his kiss destroyed all pretenses. Remus was fire. James wasn’t cold, but it filled you with a different kind of warmth. His lips were soft, a complete juxtaposition to the way he was holding you. When he pulled away you sighed in contentment.
“Okay, get your ass on the bed.”
Well, his words were less put together than his lips were. But his command didn’t have you complaining.
You climbed on the bed in front of Remus as he enjoyed the show from the head board. You made sure to arch your back the way Remus liked, your cunt on full display. You figured James liked it too considering the way he muttered fuck under his breath as he squeezed your ass. Remus loved the anticipation dripping from your face.
“My pretty puppy, you look ansty. Are you sure you can handle James fingers. I think it might be too much for you.”
“No Kitty, I can take it please.”
“It’s not me you should be asking.”
“Remus she’s been such a good girl don’t tease her. Don’t worry baby, if you’re good you can cum as much as you want, maybe more.”
You looked at Remus with wide eyes, while he barked a laugh.
“Don’t look at me like that pup, you wanted this now you’re gonna take it.”
You wanted to jolt with the electricity that flew when James finally touched your clit, but Remus had trained you better than that, so you stayed planted only letting out a quiet whimper.
“Yeah Y/N, Kitty says you’ve got to take it.”
With that he pushed a finger inside your cunt while rubbing quick little circles with his thumb.
“You’re so wet baby” He was interrupted by your moaning when he pushed a second finger inside. “Taking my fingers so well. I want you to cum before I give you my cock, think you can manage that?”
“Oh she’ll just have to, besides, she loves being a little cum bunny, don’t you darling?”
“Love it so much Kitty, wanna be good, please let me.”
“Nothing is stopping you, go ahead and make a mess on Jamie's fingers.”
Your mouth fell open as James worked you through your orgasm, once he pulled out you were able to catch your breath again. He flipped you on your back and you were smiling at an upside down Remus.
“Fuck you’re precious aren’t you?” He bent down to give you an upside down kiss and grinned at you in your giggly state “James, you better hurry up and fuck her or else I’m kicking you out and I will.”
James took a glance at your now furrowed eyebrows.
“You’re confusing her Remus. Oh Bunny, Kitty was just teasing. Is your brain getting a little fuzzy?”
“A little Jamie, don’t want you to go. Can you please fuck me now?”
“Well since you asked so nicely.”
He pushed in inch by inch and he had this curve that rubbed perfectly against your walls.
He fulfilled your request with much happiness, snapping his hips into your like that’s all he was meant to do. You went to grip along his back, but he pinned your hands above your head, continuing his ruthless pace.
“Sorry Bunny, if I can’t mark you, you don’t get to mark me, understood?”
You nodded pitifully, barely even able to do that. You were completely absorbed in the pleasure James was giving you. You didn’t even realize you had squeezed your eyes shut until James reprimanded you.
“I can feel your thighs shaking love, keep your eyes on Remus. I want your kitty to watch your face as you fall apart on my cock.”
“What is it, puppy?”
“Wanna cum.”
“Go ahead and cum pretty girl, you’ve earned it.”
James was quick to stimulate your clit with his thumb again and just when you arched your back at the arrival of your orgasm James was filling you with his own. Slowing down significantly as he worked you both through the remnants of your climax he made sure to capture your lips on his own.
“James, I think you called me Kitty more than Y/N did.”
You frowned at that.
“You don’t need to be jealous Jamie, you can be my kitty too.”
Remus swept some of the hair out of your face, admiring your fucked out expression.
It was only fair that someone as spectacular as you got to be shared.
@sunny-bunnny @quindolyn @midnightgremlin @weasleyposts @bluemoonyblurbs @emmaev @agalandhermarvelobsession
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falsescarletwitch · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
One Stupid Dare: One-Shot Warnings: Mention of Sex | 18+ A/N: I lost a stupid bet. So here's this drabble...
Parties and booze was not exactly your forte, generally because with alcohol in your system, your mind and words turned into a floodgate. The chatter and abrupt laughing from the team was enough to make your head spin as you fought of intoxication. At this point, all you wanted was peace and quiet.
But Wanda Maximoff was there, and you couldn't peel your eyes off of her the entire night. ( Even despite the Tin Man's helpless attempts of luring her in. )
She was wearing a satin, black gown, that had a slit on the side giving you ample view of her upper thigh. When she caught your glance, you would feel your cheeks flush with warmth, turning away under her curious grin. She never knew exactly where your eyes were- except for on her.
"Maximoff!" Your eyes flashed to Thor, clearly past his intoxication level with the beer he so keenly provided from Asgard. The expression on his face read that of a mindless college boy, seeking unnecessary drama and trouble.
"Yes-?" Wanda's voice broke your concentration, causing you to flicker your attention back to the red head.
"I dare you-" he spun in his seat, aiming a steady finger straight towards you, "to read Y/N's thoughts."
Every ounce of blood in your veins ran cold, snapping your attention back to Wanda. Her expression was hard to read, it was almost as if she was awaiting permission first, until her lips ticked into a dreadful smirk.
Clear your fucking thoughts.
Her tongue slipped between her parted lips, wetting her bottom lip as she rose from her seat.
The grin implanted on her lips was still glued in place, only making your thoughts begin to lurch along with your stomach as you watch the red aura spark in her palm.
"Hold still, Y/N," Thor chuckled brutishly against the bottle as he pressed it to his lips, the other Avengers leaning towards the interaction in anticipation as Wanda round your chair.
Green orbs tracked to meet yours, a gentle reassurance behind them as her finger spun devilishly to keep her magic ebbing and flowing. There was no question, no waiting for approval, as she brought her fingers up to your temple. You barely caught a glimpse of her fingers orbiting to control the magic before it was too late.
A slight sensation of tingles traced against your forehead down into the back of your neck. It wasn't how you'd imagined the sensation to feel of having your thoughts read... not that you'd ever experienced it before.
Before long, your own thoughts flashed into your vision, clouding your view of the onlooking crowd of nosy individuals in front of Maximoff and yourself. //
"Breathe, babygirl," a familiar Sokovian accent cooed.
Wandering fingers traced up the inside of your thigh, nearing your heat as you swallowed coarsely. Every inch of you frozen under the touch.
A breath washed against your ear, soft whispers turning into heavy commands as fingertips brushed against the edge of your underwear.
"Say my name-" the voice barked sharply, cutting the silence and your uneven breaths.
You squirmed underneath the touch, angling your hips to try to get a slight release where you needed it most.
"Now- Y/N." Their features finally came into view, emerald irises scanning your features as stray tangles of red hung around the frame of their jaw. Pristinely white teeth pulled into an impatient smirk.
"Mommy," you pleaded hoarsely, desperation leaking into the title.
A cry escaped your throat as two fingers sunk deeply into your entrance without warning, but the slickness coating you enough to let her slip in with ease.
As fast as the visions had appeared, they were gone. And instead of a cocky red head, you were faced with a bewildered Wanda Maximoff- and an uncomfortable warmth in your jeans.
Her brows were knitted firmly together, tilting her head in peeked curiosity. The red on her cheeks had flourished, and it wasn't being cast from the hues of her magic this time. She was amused and intrigued all at once, maybe even slightly embarrassed.
"So, Maximoff, what is your our dear, Y/N, thinking of?" Thor's voice cut through the gaze you held with the witch, her sight now snapping to the God as he shifted in anticipation for an answer.
Wanda stayed silent for a few moments, drawing a breath to steady her own consciousness. You felt the fire of nerves growing in the pit of your stomach as you awaited her response. Not knowing if she was going to out you, or keep your helpless delusions between the two of you.
Instead of your worst fears ensuing, Wanda only shrugged dismissively, making her way back to the couch across from where you were seated. She sat down and kept her focus on the others.
"Didn't see much besides glimpses of past missions," she admitted, now looking to you with a hidden grin that you know lurked beneath her features. The response only elicited a groan from Thor as her sank back in his seat, swallowing back another rich sip of the alcohol in his grasp, as the other Avengers only waved off the answer as well.
Wanda's eyes stayed matched to yours, she was never going to let you live this down.
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flower-cage · 6 months ago
Santa, baby
Tom Holland x Reader | smut (18+ only)
Summary: A tough week of classes has made you tense and stressed. There’s really only one thing that can help you let go and relax.
Words: 7.5k lmao it’s just smut
Warnings: filthy explicit sexual content, unprotected oral sex, slut shaming/degradation kink, rough oral sex, rough sex, orgasm delay/denial, overstimulation, slight dom/sub dynamics, very light spanking, too many pet names
A/N: lmao not me posting xmas smut in April. you’re welcome and i’m sorry.
Loosely based on this prompt:
If you're up for straight smut, how about a Frat Tom Christmas party oneshot? He is wearing something sexy and his muscles are bulging (and maybe something else is bulging too). You can do it how you want, but for the smut, I'm just hoping for Tom getting a BJ from y/n, who normally hates him, and he's super dominant and controlling and maybe he even gets her to worship his muscles and such. Like I said, straight up smut lol
You opened the luxurious wooden door bravely and stepped into the warm, humid living room of the fraternity house. The nauseating smells of party juice and cheap beer filled your nostrils and the deafening bass of whatever rap song was a big hit right now hurt your ears. You held in a scornful grimace as cold, instant regret washed over you. You didn’t have enough time to question whether it was too late to turn back because right then you were shoved inside by your friends. Or, more accurately, your friend’s friends.
“C’mon, Y/N,” Courtney had pleaded earlier that day, “It’s the last time we can hang out before we all go home for winter break!”
You sighed deeply. You had had your last final of the semester that very day. Two papers, two presentations, and a final in one week. You just wanted to stay home, drink a glass of rosé in the bathtub, and go to sleep before ten. But you could never hold your own when it came to Courtney. You knew it in your heart that you had already caved, even though you kept making arguments.
“I saw you two days ago,” you reasoned.
“Y/N, it’ll be fun! It’s a great way to de-stress after finals!” She shrieked.
It’ll be fun. Please. There was nothing fun about being in a house crowded with gross, conceited white boys and Courtney and her sorority sisters. You loved your friend, truly, but whenever you went out with the girls from her house, you would spend hours listening to them talk about things you had zero interest in and then end up the night by yourself in the kitchen, sober. One by one, they would leave to go to the bathroom, talk to a friend on the other side of the room, go get more seltzers, or hit it up with someone new. And then they would never come back.
“You’re going,” she had decided. And you hadn’t argued further. But you took your car this time around so you could leave whenever you felt like it. And you already felt like it.
Too soon you were attached to a chain of women that led you first to the kitchen for White Claws, then to the middle of a makeshift dancefloor. And like you had predicted, the next half hour teemed with conversations about people you didn’t recognize, nights you hadn’t experienced, and singing along to songs whose lyrics you hadn’t learned. And then, one by one - or in pairs - they all scattered around the house to form other groups of conversation you couldn’t follow.
You wandered to a quieter corner of the house, leaned against the wall across from a small hallway that led to a room used for beer pong. You could barely see one end of the game table as it was surrounded by college students.
You took your private little moment to look around the house and notice the decorations properly for the first time. They had a large tree in the corner… ornated with empty beer cans. Lovely. Mistletoe hung all over the ceiling. Smart. And along the walls, there were pictures of the fraternity’s members in tight and revealing Santa costumes. A little gross but, okay, funny. Your attention was brought back to the beer pong room by loud, rambunctious cheering. And that’s when you saw him.
Tom freaking Holland. You became cold with the surprise of seeing him, and immediately afterward hot with anger. You saw his stupid, smug face as he trash-talked the opponent team. He had a stupid little Santa hat on his head and what looked to be a stupid Christmas costume on his tight, ripped body. You couldn’t quite see the entire ensemble as he stood behind a few people. But you felt yourself grow hot at entirely new places when he locked his defined jaw as the other team scored. He looked away from the game, then, and made direct eye contact with you. His eyebrows rose quickly and just as fast a smug grin settled on his lips.
You didn’t dare break the connection of your gazes, refusing to be the first one to back out. No, you stared straight ahead, cold and steady, as he excused himself and weaved through the crowd to head your way. Against your chest, your heart thumped rapidly.
“Y/N!” He exclaimed as he stopped just before you, removing his Santa hat and throwing it on a table. You instinctively tried to move a step back, only to be met with a wall. You thought you must have shifted away from it at some point. You leaned against it.
“Thomas,” you greeted dryly.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming tonight.” He ignored the sourness in your voice and kept that grin on his stupid, stupid handsome face. He raked his eyes up and down your body like it was all his to look at. He had a proud grin on his lips now.
“I wasn’t aware I had to.”
“Why are you so frustrated today?” He asked. Still grinning, looking down at you as you now avoided looking into his eyes.
At his proximity, you were flooded with the scent of the cologne he always wore. The one you knew so well.
“That would be because you frustrate me,” you grunted between gritted teeth. You shot him an icy glare that did nothing to dampen his sly smirk. It was like he liked knowing he could get under your skin. Like he liked knowing you wanted so bad to yell at him and slap his stupid face. Almost as much as you wanted him to pin you down and take your mouth like it belonged to him.
“No,” he murmured, inching closer, “it’s different today. What’s wrong, hm?”
You looked him in the eyes again. There it was. The way he switched back and forth between being so fucking cocky, so fucking conceited, and genuinely caring. It threw you off every single time. You wanted to remain angry, but his worried eyes and his warm voice melted your resolve too easily.
“I had a tough week,” you whispered, finally looking away.
You felt his left hand land on the wall next to your head as he propped himself closer to you. Your heart jumped again but you refused to let him see what he did to you. You gasped when you felt his fingers grasp your chin gently and turn your attention back to him. God, he was really close now.
“Sounds like you could use with someone to fix you up,” he purred. His eyes were trained on your lips and you had to fight the urge to lean in. Instead, you scoffed and slapped his hand off your face, making him smile. Again.
“I can take good care of myself, thank you very much,” you barked out and looked away once again. You crossed your arms firmly to resist pressing your hands against his strong chest.
In the blink of an eye, Tom pressed said chest against you. Your hands quickly came to rest on his abdomen to have some semblance of distance between your bodies. Your fingers trembled with the need to be under his shirt. A gasp broke through your lips, goosebumps emerged on the skin of your neck and sparks descended down your body, lighting up arousal in your core. He had placed his lips very lightly against the curve of your jaw, right under your earlobe.
“You don’t have to pretend for me,” he murmured lowly against your skin. “I know you want me.” He pecked the corner of your jaw and your hands clenched on his shirt. “I know you like the way I make you feel like a fucking slut behind closed doors.”
Tom latched his mouth onto your neck and sucked. You whimpered. Your eyes fluttered closed and he didn’t relent. He didn’t move either. Kept swirling his tongue, moving his lips and nibbling onto that same spot. It was just next to the spot that would have your knees wobbling. And he knew exactly where that was.
“Tom…” You breathed out, annoyed. Your chest was rising and falling rapidly against Tom’s stoic one.
“You know how this works,” he grabbed your chin and forced you to look straight into his eyes. “If you want something, you swallow your fucking pride,” he said menacingly, slowly “and you ask for it. Nicely.”
You felt your resolve melt away by the second. His grip on your chin redirected your whole attention. All your senses focused on him and all the noise and people around you faded into the background. You couldn’t look anywhere else but his eyes as he waited for your reaction.
“Tom…” you mumbled. You let your head fall backward slightly, exposing your neck to him. “Please.”
He latched his lips where you wanted him to. Sucked and nibbled on your sensitive skin the way you liked it, making your eyes roll back and your lips fall apart on a soft moan. You coursed your fingers through his hair and held on tight as you struggled not to twitch against his body.
He then left your neck to capture your lips, circled his arms around you and held you tightly, ran his hands over your back, and squeezed your waist. And your knees buckled under each stroke of his tongue, each contraction of his strong muscles encircling you. You pulled on his curls to have him moaning against you and he reached down past your hips, squeezed and massaged your ass to have you do the same. Electrifying waves of pleasure coursed through your body from every point of contact and steadily drove you to a hazy state of arousal.
The feel of his tight body against you had you aching to touch. You wanted him. Bad. But there was no way you were about to admit that and give him the satisfaction. No way. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t have a bit of fun.
You slid your hands away from his hair and let them graze over the sides of his face, his jaw, his neck. Tom moaned into your mouth, stirring your confidence to keep going, to keep touching him. You squeezed his shoulders before slowly sliding your fingers down his chest. He was so fucking fit. Your mind flooded with images of your last time together as your fingertips rekindled with the shape of his body. Your fingers twitched and flexed on him as you visualized the way his muscular torso had contracted when he had thrust into you steadily, confidently. You wanted to rip his shirt open and feel him properly. And you probably would have if you didn’t know how badly that would have inflated his fucking ego.
But then his warm hands slid further down and under your skirt to grasp at your bare skin and your entire willpower melted away. In a desperate moan, you ran your hands all over his torso, felt up the nice, hard curves of his abs unashamedly. He kissed you with renewed passion, squeezed your supple flesh with wanton, each time eliciting your arousal to drip down and onto your underwear.
“Fucking hell,” he grunted as he broke away from your lips, “look how hard you got me.”
You glanced down between your bodies and saw his hardened shaft straining against his tiny, red Santa shorts. He was just as thick and long as you remembered. His flushed head poked hard against the waistband, slipping out and leaking under his shirt for sure. He was so engorged that you could see where the shaft shaped into his thick tip perfectly. You couldn’t keep your mouth shut, struggled not to drool. You wanted to taste him, touch him, suck him dry. You wanted to sit on it too, take him in deep and come on it all night.
“You want it, don’t you, baby?” Tom teased. He resumed his treatment of your backside, pulling on your cheeks roughly to separate your weepy pussy lips and excite you. Your eyes fluttered closed; your knees went weak.
“Ask for it.”
You breathed raggedly, chest rising and falling as you tried to process your overwhelming want. You didn’t want to play games anymore. You just wanted to feel good. You cradled his jaw with both hands and pulled him into a sensual, needy kiss. Your right leg came up to rest on his hip and he immediately ran his hand up and down it once, settling on the crook of your knee.
“Tommy,” you whined against his lips, “give it to me.”
“Yeah?” He breathed. You could tell he was just as desperate for you. “You want it?”
Tom then ground his erection against where you wanted him the most, and you dropped your head forward and moaned on his shoulder. Your blood rushed down to your pussy and it throbbed in arousal. Your ears rang in pleasure and your mind clouded over.
“Yes,” you gasped while he continued to grind against you slowly, “Want it.”
In a second his touch was gone, and you were cold. And he pulled you by the hand hastily and guided you up the stairs and down the hall you were familiar with. He stopped in front of a door and pulled you to his chest, took your mouth in his again, and pushed you inside. When he turned the light on and slammed you against a hard surface you realized he had brought you to his bathroom.
“Why don’t we just go to your bedroom?”
He glanced at you with his signature smirk on his lips. He dimmed the lights and you felt the heat rise from the stone floors as they warmed up. You glanced around the bathroom, saw the white stone on the floor and the walls, the big mirror behind you, and the silver linings on the shower, and decided it wouldn’t be too bad to get nasty right there.
Tom walked up to you, grasped your chin, and towered over you. His eyes were dark and determined, his touch demanding.
“Sluts get fucked in the bathroom, love,” he said sweetly.
Somehow, the gentleness in his voice made those the most prepotent words he had said thus far. Your breath got caught in your throat and only came back to you once he let go of your face and took a half step back. He looked at you with his chin held high. And that fucking smug smile. You held on to the counter behind you tighter, trapped in the confusing emotional battle between desire and irritation. You held on and bit down on your bottom lip as he brought his fingers up to the top button of his red shirt. You wouldn’t have looked away from that for a second if it hadn’t been for a chuckle.
“Look at you,” he said as he moved on to the next button slowly, teasingly. “You’re practically drooling. Like a proper slut as soon as I close the door.”
“You think I don’t know you think I’m fit?” He moved his fingers down as they popped open the third button on his shirt. You traced the movement with your eyes and felt arousal buzz through your core when the lines of his chest became visible. Embarrassment and indignation left you to be replaced with raw want as he proceeded to undress and taunt you.
“You think I don’t know you’re just itching for a taste?”
“You act all proper and collected in front of everyone,” he continued, “You act like you’re too strong, too smart of a woman to fall for a guy like me.”
Your mouth fell open unconsciously when the first bump of an ab muscle came into view. You did want a taste. You had to focus all your energy on grounding yourself at that moment. You willed your hands to hold on and your knees not to buckle and bring you down before him.
“But we both know you’re making a fucking mess in your knickers right now,” he unbuttoned the second to last button of his shirt, “because I’m fucking hot shit,” he popped open the last button and let his shirt hang open, “and you fucking know it.”
You inhaled sharply through your parted lips. His flushed, red tip was pressing against his stomach, wetting the skin under his belly button deliciously. You wanted to lick it clean, run your hands over his bulging muscles, get down on your knees and suck him off. Then hold on to his biceps as he railed you against the sink.
No more games.
“Tom,” you whispered seductively, glancing up at him from under your lashes, “please, let me blow you.”
His smirk widened devilishly. He caged you in between his arms when he supported his weight on the counter behind you and glanced down in between your bodies.
“What?” He chuckled, “Just like that? You know you have to work for it.”
You bit your lip and took a breath to smother down the humiliation that threatened to warm your cheeks. Maintaining eye contact, you wrapped your fingers around his wrists. You ran your hands up his arms slowly, enjoying the curves of his muscles and the soft feel of his skin.
“I do think you’re fit,” you leaned in and whispered against his lips. “I think you’re really fit. I don’t like saying it because I think you’re way too cocky for your own good,” your hands curled over his shoulders, over his shirt that still hung open on his arms. Your fingers tingled as you felt the strength of his collarbones, his thick neck. And then you buried them in his curls. You watched him soften when you ran your nails against his scalp.
“But I love how strong you are,” you continued and placed teasing, wet kisses to his bottom lip. You could tell he was loving the attention and, for once, you didn’t find it annoying. You slid down his jaw and his neck and felt his breathing become increasingly ragged when you raked your sharp nails down his muscular chest and thorax, your lips following suit. “And I really want to suck you off.”
“Fucking hell,” Tom spat out.
He pushed himself fully upright and quickly dropped his shorts, revealing his large, flushed member right in front of your face. You gawked at it as he grasped himself and started to stroke. Right. In front. Of you. You watched him leak down his hand and whined unconsciously because he wasn’t leaking on your tongue.
“You fucking slut,” he moaned. “Never seen anyone want cock this bad.” He grabbed your jaw with his free hand and angled his member towards your parted lips.
“There you go,” he cooed and placed his wet tip on your tongue. You immediately closed your lips around him and sucked. And then you couldn’t stop. You moved your head and tightened your cheeks around his smooth head, swirled your tongue, and moaned every time he dripped onto your mouth. Above you, Tom cursed and stroked himself harder.
“I know I’m big, Y/N” he grunted and slowed down the movements of his hand, “But you can handle a bit more, c’mon.” He inched himself further into your mouth until you felt him bump against your throat, then he pulled back and thrust in a little quicker.
He was right - he was big. He was so big you could barely swallow half of him. He was so thick you could barely hollow your cheeks around him and suck properly. When he fucked you, no matter how wet and worked up you were, he always left you feeling deliciously sore the next day. When he fucked you, it was always just short of painful and it drove you absolutely delirious with pleasure.
You moaned as your own mind drifted to filthy thoughts and the resulting vibrations on Tom’s cock made him curse and thrust faster. He now had both hands on your head as he used your mouth as he pleased. Your chin was dripping with saliva, your mouth felt raw and it was hard to breathe.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Tom grunted. “I’m not gonna last.” He brushed the hair sticking to your face backward and used it to leverage the quick movements of his hips. “I’m gonna dump my load down your throat,” he groaned, “and then I’m gonna rail you against this sink, baby.”
You inhaled sharply at his words and decided to speed up the process. You were soaking right through your knickers at this point, your thighs glided against one another because of your arousal and you wanted desperately to be railed against that sink.
With one hand you took over the portion of his shaft that you couldn’t swallow and stroked tightly, swiftly. With the other you cupped and massaged his balls, drawing a loud moan from him. And then it was a matter of seconds for him to blow it like he said he would. He groaned long and loud. The grip on your hair tightened painfully and he held you in place, made you take all of his hot come. And you did.
“Oh… my God,” you heard Tom chuckle when he was finished. He slipped out of your spent mouth soon after. Your jaw hurt so much you just let it hang open and tried to catch your breath, holding on to his bare thighs. “That was so fucking good.”
You glanced up to see him smiling in satisfaction. He had his eyes closed and he ran a hand through the curls you had messed up earlier when you were grinding against the wall. When he licked his lips and looked down at you again the pain in your jaw dissipated as you became more aware of the throbbing arousal leaking down and under your mini skirt.
“Tom…” You pleaded. He had enticed you so well you were afraid you were just a few touches away from begging for it. Just like he wanted. Like he always wanted and like he always got. He knew what you needed. Knew how to break down your resolve, bring you down and pleasure you, make you forget your troubles, and just… feel good.
“I know, I know,” he said patronizingly, bent down, and picked you up to place you on the counter in front of him. He stepped in between your legs and cupped your jaw with both of his warm soft hands and kissed you fervently. You melted at the touch of his fingers and the strokes of his greedy tongue, whining wantonly and breathing hard. In a heartbeat, you entangled in yet another heated and sensual make-out. Each touch and stroke and squeeze lit up your skin in absolute pleasure. With your eyes closed, with his tongue on yours and your hands running along his chest and shoulders, your senses were overpowered by him. There was only him. Again. Nothing else had your attention but the sensations he sparked in you.
He ran a hand up your thigh and under your skirt slowly, squeezed your flesh, and pulled you flush against him. With his other hand, he cupped your breasts and massaged them, one at a time. He circled his thumbs around your nipples, over your shirt, and all you could do was let your head fall back and try not to choke in your own breaths. Tom seized the opportunity to suck wet kisses down your neck, along your collarbones. He quickly unbuttoned your shirt, tugged it off your arms, and trailed his lips and tongue along the seam of your lacy bra. He inched closer and closer to where you really wanted him and when he pulled down the lace and wrapped his lips around your nipple, you cried out and squeezed him firmly with your thighs.
“Tom,” you gasped once again, implored for him, for something, anything.
“I got you, baby,” he mumbled against your skin. He licked over your hardened bud and sucked it between his lips way too slowly to release any sort of tension. “I’m gonna give you exactly what you need.”
He seized your lips in his, kissed you with fervor yet again, and sucked on your bottom lip when he pulled away. He stayed close so your lips still grazed his.
“How’s my pussy?” He purred. You felt his fingers creep up your thigh beneath your skirt and inhaled sharply, your heart stopping for a second. “Did you get it wet for me?”
You nodded desperately as he cupped you through your wet panties. His words were driving you insane at the same rate as his touch.
“Yeah, you did,” he breathed out. “What a mess…”
He slowly hooked a finger over the waistband of your underwear and pulled it down your thighs, over your bent knees, and down your ankles, until it reached the floor. He kicked them to the side. He never stopped looking into your scared orbs through half-closed lids. Not when his fingertips made light contact with your wet, sensitive clit. Not when your mouth fell open or when your legs twitched in response. And you didn’t dare break eye contact either, staring right back into his dark eyes. With two fingers he slowly drew circles around your aroused nub.
“I think,” he murmured, drawing it out to match the languid caress on your core. The anticipation that hung between you as your gazes remained locked had you holding your breath, “I want a taste.” You exhaled finally. “You think my pussy wants a kiss?” He purred against your parted lips. You couldn’t do more than nod rapidly. Your desperation brought a smirk to his lips.
“I think so, too,” he said before dropping to his knees and spreading your legs wide so that your skirt bunched up around your hips and your soaking inner lips exposed your opening to him.
“Pretty little thing,” he groaned from behind gritted teeth. His grip on your knees tightened when he leaned forward to attach his lips to your clit. He kissed it, massaged it with his puckered lips, and then ran his warm tongue along your dripping slit and all the way back to your clit. “Pretty, messy little thing.”
“Aaahh,” you cried out and sunk your fingers in his hair when he proceeded to make out with your hot sex. Tears welled up in your eyes and clouded your vision. The pleasure was too intense already, a result of the long period of anticipation that you had endured.
“Tom! Please, I’m gonna come!” You positively yelled. And then he let go of you completely. The abrupt lack of contact had you let out a choked sob, tears now dangerously close to spilling out. You shut your eyes and concentrated on calming yourself down, settling down your breathing that was burning your chest with how ragged it was.
“Shh,” you heard Tom shushing you. He was petting your thighs to help distract you from your burning, frustrating arousal. When you opened your eyes, you realized a few tears had indeed slipped out. Tom was looking at you hungrily and you could imagine why: tears running down your face, pupils dilated, lips still swollen from giving rough head, and your tits hanging over the seam of your bra.
“Shh, you’re fine,” Tom cooed, cupping your breasts and teasing your nipples with featherlight brushes of his thumbs. “I’m gonna make you come; I promise. But you know what you have to do first.”
He let go of you and took a hold of himself instead. He had gotten hard not long after coming down your throat and now his member looked positively flushed. He stroked his erection a few times and slid on a condom. You watched every movement closely, yearning to have him slide inside you. You looked up into his eyes again and placed your hands on his shoulders. You gathered all your energy to focus on rescuing your coherence, on what you were going to say next. If only for that one moment.
“Tom, please,” you murmured timidly, “put me on your cock,” you saw his chest rise and fall without rhythm at your words. “Make me come.”
This time he didn’t make you wait for his next move. You felt his engorged head being placed right at your entrance, just barely between your inner lips. He then hooked his arms under your spread knees and gripped your hips tightly. Just like that, he pulled you closer, off the counter, and down his thick cock.
Every inch he gave you stretched you a little more. You were incredibly soaked like you never had been before. But he was so thick that he still managed to press against and all around your walls just right. You didn’t even attempt to restrain the little high-pitched gasps that tumbled out your lips - you knew it turned him on to know he was pleasuring you. And, by God, was he. Slowly but surely, he sank you down his cock, making sure to drive you insane with that initial long, torturous stroke. When he sat you down on his hips entirely and you felt him poke your cervix, you yelped.
“There you go,” he grunted, “there you go, baby.”
Again, your eyes were swarmed with tears from pure, maddening pleasure. Your breathing had your chest moving up and down rapidly. When he was all the way inside you like this, he touched everywhere you needed him to. The pressure on your spot was just short of painful and overwhelmingly delectable. You held onto his shoulders for dear life as your legs trembled in his arms. Through your clouded vision, you saw his smug face. He had his bottom lip trapped in between his teeth and his jaw clenched tight, jutting out the veins on his neck. But he looked smug. He loved seeing you slowly let go of your pride and surrender to your desires as he touched you, kissed you, pleasured you.
“Tom,” you gasped. You could feel him twitch inside you every few seconds while he kept you still and at his mercy. “I’m not gonna last at all,” you whimpered, “I’m gonna come as soon as you move.” You tucked your head into his neck and gripped him tighter in an attempt to ground yourself.
“That’s alright, Y/N/N,” he murmured, “Let’s take that edge off and then we can have some more fun, yeah?”
He didn’t wait for an answer. His hungry hold on your hips descended to your plump cheeks. When he pulled them apart, you gasped. And then your gasp turned into a stream of loud, desperate cries as Tom abruptly pulled back and proceeded to slam his member deep into your throbbing cunt. Immediately his pace was unforgiving. He burned his way in and out of your tight passage and smashed his tip into your sweet spot, each time bringing you so much pleasure you thought you were going to blackout. His pelvis slapped against your pussy lips and ground against your clit and all of the sensations combined triggered tears to run freely down your cheeks.
If you weren’t so overwhelmed with arousal you would have been embarrassed at being so loud, and impressed at Tom for holding you up and giving it to you that hard.
“Ohh, Toooom!” You wailed, cried, and held onto him with all your might, pulling on his curls and gripping his back and his shoulders. “Please, don’t stop! Don’t stop, don- Oh! Oh, yes, yes, yes!”
You screamed when Tom continued to ram your dripping pussy furiously and you clenched and creamed all over him. Your peak hit you like a bullet, fast and burning hot. You choked on your breath and you could have sworn you felt your pupils dilate. The shocking waves of pleasure that Tom fucked out of you finally silenced your screams. You let go completely, relying all your weight on him and now quietly crying against his neck. Your pussy convulsed weakly on his shaft and you let out a sob as you realized you were not yet fully sated.
Tom placed you on the counter again. He took your warm face in his hands and helped you brush your hair away. You kept your hands on his shoulders to support yourself. You were already completely knocked out.
“What’s wrong?” He smiled complacently. “Hm? Why are you crying?” He thumbed away some tears that rolled down your cheeks. “Did I not give you what you wanted?” His thumb grazed over your bottom lip and you took it in between your lips, started sucking appreciatively. He played with your tongue for a little bit before retracting his finger entirely. “Tell me.”
“You did… But I’m still so horny,” you whimpered quietly. Your body was almost numb, tired. It had given itself up to him entirely. Your mind felt quite the same way, to the point that speaking at all was a great mental effort.
“Of course you are,” Tom said softly and slid his tongue into your mouth to move it against your own. “You’re a fucking slut,” he continued between sloppy kisses, “with a greedy pussy.”
He teased your tongue with his, sucked on your lips languidly, and you let him do as he pleased. He ran his warm hands down your torso, gripped your hips, and pulled you back to the ground. Your legs wouldn’t have held you steadily if he had let go of you, but he didn’t. He broke off from your lips and turned you around, bending you over the cold bathroom counter so that your toes barely grazed the floor. You didn’t try to hold yourself onto your elbows either, just placed your forehead against your folded arms and waited for his next move in silence.
You hummed when you felt his hands run over the expanse of your back, warming your skin in their path. He unclasped your bra and its straps, pulled your tight skirt down your legs slowly to leave you bare to his eager eyes. A few heartbeats later you felt a hand pull on your cheek and expose your cunt to the cold air that surrounded you. Simultaneously you heard wet, slapping sounds that had you clenching around nothing at all. Your breathing picked up as you imagined him stroking himself while watching your pussy twitch and drip.
Then, you felt his tip brush against the lower curve of your bottom. You thought he was going to slide right in and end your misery, but instead, his hand came around your throat and his chest came down to meet your back. He lifted your head like that and when you opened your eyes, you met his gaze on the mirror in front of you.
“Still with me?” He whispered against the shell of your ear. “You still want it?” You nodded your consent weakly and holding your gaze confidently, Tom guided himself within the swollen lips between your legs.
Lazily he pushed in against any resistance, making your walls flutter rapidly and your mouth hang open. You held his gaze and watched as his eyes turned dark. His pupils dilated and his lips parted like your own as he sank into you.
By the time he was buried inside you as far as he could go, your eyes had shut and your legs had resumed trembling in arousal. He rose to rest his weight on his hands and with the grip on your throat pulled you up to do the same. But when he pulled back slightly and rolled his hips forward slowly, you shivered and fell right back down. You whimpered quietly as he continued to tease and torture your insides with languid, deep strokes. You redirected your dimming mental strength to breathing, the only thing keeping you grounded, keeping you sane.
A few more strokes in that same rhythm had you used to the teasing enough that you could raise your head from your arms. Tom had been unusually quiet for the past couple of minutes, you realized. You looked at his reflection to find him staring down at where your bodies came together every other second. He bit his bottom lip tightly and held on to your soft hips, laser-focused on giving it to you. You moaned at the thought of what he was looking at: his flushed member pushing in and out of your soaking wet lips, such a tight fit that your aroused pooled all around him like a glistening white ring every time he pushed back inside.
Your noise elicited him to look up and meet your eyes in the mirror once again, and when he did, he smiled devilishly. He dropped a harsh slap to your cheek, making you gasp in surprise. The second and third subsequent ones had you whimpering for more. And then your eyes rolled back, and your mouth hung open on a loud gasp when Tom finally, finally picked up the pace.
He used his grip on your hips to throw you against his cock again and again, fast and easy like you weighted nothing. The squelching noises your bodies made, your skin slapping loudly, and his grunts added to your immeasurable arousal. You couldn’t do anything, moan or move or even think. You just let your body lay completely limp against the marble and whimpered brokenly into your arms, tears falling freely. There was nothing but the pleasure Tom was plowing into your core right now, burning in and out of your pussy and further blackening your mind.
To make matters worse, to drive you that much closer to complete insanity, Tom picked up your right knee and placed it onto the counter. He pressed you down hard onto the slick surface with a hand on your ass and another on your hip. The pressure and the angle had him right up against your sweet spot when he fucked in, making you cry out. Your engorged clit would rub against the edge of the counter every few thrusts and sparked stars behind your eyelids.
“Fucking slut,” Tom moaned desperately, out of breath from the ministration of his brutal thrusts, “You just let me use this pussy however I want. And you absolutely love it. You’re dripping down my legs, you slut.”
He chuckled when you didn’t respond. Couldn’t respond.
“I like it when you scream and beg,” he panted against your back, having leaned down to plunge inside with renewed vigor, “but I have to admit - fuck - I have to admit that I love it when you’re like this. Just completely fucking dumb for this cock.”
He sounded as insanely aroused as you were. He sweat profusely as his hips pistoned frenetically against yours. You couldn’t believe his stamina. His engorged member continued to stretch your sensitive walls and slammed right next to where you need him. And every inch of you and the surface where he took you was wet and hot, even the air you desperately tried to inhale.
Suddenly, he stopped. Tom plunged his cock as deep as it would go in you and stayed put. You felt a hand leave your hip and squeeze between the counter and your sweaty belly. It groped one of your breasts firmly and your cunt clenched involuntarily. Finally, his hand left your torso and circled around your neck, lifted your head from where it lay limp against your arms. You locked eyes with him in the mirror again. He was indeed sweaty, face flushed, eyes hungry.
“Ask for it,” he whispered roughly against your cheek. “We’ve both waited long enough, don’t you think?” He bit down on your earlobe and sucked on it to see your eyes flutter closed. He pressed himself impossibly deeper into you, making you yelp from the sudden painful surge of pleasure. “Ask for it.”
“Please, Tom,” you breathed out, “Make me come. I wanna come on your cock again.”
And without any warning, Tom bent his knees slightly and proceeded to slam against your g-spot with all his might. Your left thigh was slamming against the wooden cabinet fast and painfully. He set an animalistic pace and used his grip on your throat to bring you back into his cock as much as he could. He was going deep and hard and it didn’t take you more than a few seconds to feel your orgasm building in the pit of your stomach.
When you came, you came hard. You gasped so long that you choked on your own breath. Your eyes rolled back so hard that you thought for a moment that you were going to blackout. Your cunt fluttered uncontrollably as you came repeatedly on his thick shaft that still moved relentlessly inside you. You cried out and moaned unabashedly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over you. You were mildly aware of Tom coming shortly after, grunting dirty praises behind gritted teeth and grinding roughly and deep inside you.
For a few seconds, you both stayed exactly where you were, breathing erratically - you against the cold counter, Tom against your back. He slipped out of you a moment later and you felt some movement from behind you before flinching at a cold wet wipe hitting your backside. Tom chuckled an apology and proceeded to wipe away the wetness between your thighs.
Your body felt warm, limp, and relaxed. You hadn’t felt this relaxed in months. You hadn’t had a million worries in your mind in forever. You smiled softly and secretively against your own arms as you enjoyed the feeling of letting go.
“Hey,” Tom whispered. At the same time, you lazily rolled up to your elbows, he snaked both his arms around your torso and tucked his face between your neck and shoulder. He sported the same blissful expression as you. “How do you feel?”
“Amazing,” you whispered back. After having been intimate with him, after being so vulnerable, to have him treat you gently and talk to you softly made you feel like you could trust him.
“You are amazing,” he said against your warm skin. You couldn’t hold back the appreciative smile that broke through your face. He glanced up to lock eyes with you on the mirror and timidly asked, “Stay with me tonight?”
“I don’t know if I should,” you answered, though your smile never faltered.
“But I want to cuddle,” he murmured against your neck again and you felt goosebumps run down your back for reasons other than arousal. Sometimes he made your heart flutter just as much as he made you lightheaded with want.
“You know that’s not what we do.”
“But it could be,” his smile grew. He removed himself from you and waited with his hands on the edge of the counter as you turned around and rose to your feet in the little space he provided.
“You know I’m busy.” What you knew is that you were totally full of bullshit. You couldn’t even hold a straight face as you continued to protest just for the sake of making it hard for him.
“What you said,” he countered, smiling as he caressed all over your waist and back, spreading warmth across your skin, “is that you were too busy to date this semester. But the semester’s over now…”
You bit your lip to suppress the huge grin trying to break free. He had remembered. He had held on to the hope of being with you for months.
“And you said you’d give us a chance when that happened.” He looked at you intensely and you were sure your eyes glinted in the semi-darkness of his bathroom. “Do you still mean that?” He asked seriously.
You didn’t have it in you to lead him on, tease him any longer. You could see the vulnerability, the sincerity in his eyes and in every word he just said. You could trust him. No games.
“Yeah, Tommy,” you whispered, “I do.”
He flashed you with a bright smile and wasted no time pressing his lips flush against yours. Your ensuing chuckle broke you apart just a couple seconds later. Like a perfect gentleman, he dressed you in his own fluffy white robe, put on his red Santa shorts back, threw the rest of your clothes in the laundry basket, and lead you by the hand to his private bedroom just across the hall.
He gave you a pair of his pajamas before you both settled under his warm blankets. He was quick to pull you to his chest and snuggle close. As you waited for sleep to come, letting Tom’s breathing soothe you further, you didn’t even hear the muffled sounds of the party still going on one floor down. It was a happy chuckle from Tom that broke off your snoozing state.
“What?” You mumbled against him.
“Can’t wait to rock your world again tomorrow morning.”
You mentally rolled your eyes. Smug bastard.
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certifiedskywalker · 6 months ago
Breathing Room - Bucky Barnes
Thanks to Sharon’s new profession, you have a chance to catch your breath in Madripoor. Though, Bucky never fails at stealing it away.
WARNINGS: drinking (?) and tensiooooonnn
Tumblr media
“I’ve never seen him look at anyone like how he looks at you. Except for Steve.”
“It’s not like that,” you persisted as you shook your head.
Ready to prove your counterpoint, you traced the path of Sharon’s pointed gaze. It landed on Bucky who, amidst the party of stiff art connoisseurs and writhing criminals, looked strangely at ease. When you let your gaze linger, you saw him shift against the far wall he was leaned on. His eyes found yours in an instant as if he had been glancing in your direction before. As if he already knew where you were stood.
Under the colored lights that seemed to flash in tune with the music, Bucky’s eyes, once bright and blue, were dark as he focused on you. Despite the heat of all those that danced, you found yourself frozen. A chill rolled up your spine and threatened to overtake you, thrust you in the depths of Bucky’s stare. Only the sound of a knowing, humming sigh freed you.
“Uh-huh, sure. It’s not like that,” Sharon echoed sarcastically. You glared at her as she moved out from behind the bar. She passed a glass of dark liquor over to you with a grin. Gently, you nudged the drink back across the counter and shook your head.
“I’m on a mission.”
“So is he,” Sharon quipped as she tipped her head towards Bucky. Steaming embarrassment rose along your skin as you glanced back over towards the super-soldier. He was no longer fixed on you. He instead squinted at Zemo as the Baron broke it down in the most awkward, display of dance you had ever seen.
“Yeah, and I’m not it.”
“You are, you just won’t admit it,” Sharon sipped at her drink before she continued. “The way he watches you...he’s ready to take a bullet for you.”
“He already has,” you sighed, gesturing to your left arm. “Vibranium, remember? He’s covered me more than once.”
“Couldn’t forget it.”
“Also, he stares at everyone.”
Sharon scoffed, a light laugh slipping from her lips. “Sure, but not like that.”
“Do you really think...he’s hard to read. I don’t know if he really means to…”
“You’re right, he might not mean to look at you like you’re his lifeline, but it doesn’t change the fact that he does.” Sharon downed the rest of her drink and rested the empty glass on the counter. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m on a mission too: to sell some art and information.”
With a wink, she sauntered away, towards a group of individuals clad in formal wear. You watched her go for a moment longer before you shifted your gaze to sneak a glance at Bucky. When you did, you found he was already looking at you, dark eyes fixed on your face. It was tough to tell in the red tones that shone down on him, but you thought you saw Bucky’s mouth quirk the slightest bit upward. Though, you did not stare long enough to see if it morphed into a full-fledged smile.
You were too aware of how your chest tightened to let yourself linger on him. Especially with Sharon’s teasing, her insights, you could not find it in yourself to stare back. Not then, not when there was a chance Bucky felt the same as you had for years, which meant both of you were too stubborn, or too wary, to say anything about it. Even the thought of it knocked the air from your lungs. You eyed the liquor Sharon had poured out for you, considered downing it to distract yourself from the new wave of nerves that washed over you. Before you stretched your fingers out towards the glass, a sudden warmth brushed against your left shoulder.
“You gonna drink that?”
You turned and saw Bucky, his side nearly pressed against yours. The scent of the cologne Sharon had forcibly sprayed on him before the party filled your nose. Fragrant balsam and clove: warm, welcoming, and enough to numb your racing thoughts. When you didn’t respond to his question, Bucky leaned in closer to you with furrowed brows.
“Y/N?” Up close, you noticed just how clear his eyes were, how wholly focused on you he was. Silently you hoped he didn’t detect the shuddering breath you took.
“Yeah,” you said as tipped your head towards the drink, “it’s all yours.”
Bucky nodded at you as he reached for the glass. As he moved, his gaze remained fixed on you and you could not tear your eyes away. The moment the lights flashed an almost natural white, you swore you saw hints of pink on Bucky’s cheeks; but before you could truly tell, the fixtures flickered between blue and red. As Bucky brought the glass to his lips, you forced your eyes to the granite countertop.
To busy your mind, distract yourself from the lure of Bucky’s presence, you traced your fingertips along some of the natural patterns on the stone’s smoothed surface. It was only when you heard the clinking of glass against the countertop over the music that you felt enough courage to face the man stood at your side. Bucky’s eyes were still trained on you when you looked back up at him, full of that same attention Sharon had noted earlier.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink before,” you remarked, “or relaxed.”
“I’m not relaxed,” Bucky said, shouting slightly to be heard over the music. You smiled as he leaned in closer to add, “I don’t think I’ve ever been. Not since….”
“The forties?”
Bucky averted his eyes from you at your teasing question and turned his gaze to the floor. “Well, yeah, honestly.”
The smallness of his voice made your heart ache. Without a moment’s thought, you reached out and rested a hand on his shoulder. At your touch, Bucky met your eyes again, and then you saw it. It must have been the glint that Sharon picked up on before. A ferocity, but not one that frightened you. It was a ferocity born of passion, the same, deeply rooted feeling that forced the air from your lungs when you let yourself stare at Bucky for too long.
The passion that you had kept bottled in your chest since you met him, the real Bucky, not the Winter Soldier. It had taken so long for you to truly see him and he was just finally seeing himself. Until the party and Sharon’s observations, you hadn’t realized that maybe he was seeing you too. How long had you been blind to each other, giving each other breathing room when all you wanted was to be close?
“Honestly, I think you look good,” you said, with a confidence that surprised you.
Bucky cocked his head to the side slightly, with the faintest hints of a smile on his lips. “Really? I don’’s been...I haven’t been to a party since the forties. I haven’t danced…”
“You look great, Bucky,” you pressed as you let your hand fall from his shoulder. Bucky blinked at you a few times as if trying to compute your compliments. You gave him a soft smile, an expression that he, shockingly, returned.
“So do you, Y/N.”
The way he said your name sent another chilling shiver down your spine and tightened your chest. Your breath grew ragged and you became suddenly self-conscious about the volume of your breathing. Though, when you noticed how Bucky’s chest rose and fell a bit more rapidly than before, your worries faded. They melted into the music and the smell of his, Sharon’s, cologne until all you felt was warmth and light.
“Do you want to danc-”
Before Bucky could ask his question in full, a drunken party-goer knocked into your back and sent you leaning off your stool. As you tipped forward into him, Bucky opened his arms to catch you. The cool metal of his left arm dug into your waist as your hands braced against his chest. Once you found your footing, you glanced up at Bucky.
“Are you alright?” His eyes scanned over your face as he asked. Yet, all you really heard was Sharon’s voice: he’s ready to take a bullet for you. Ready to fight for you too.
“I’m fine.”
Despite your assertion, Bucky looked past you and towards the person that had nearly knocked you over. For a moment, you saw the man that Zemo had ordered around in the Power Broker’s bar. He wasn’t your Bucky. The passion had turned to anger in his eyes. Quickly, you trailed your hands up from his chest to cup the sides of his face.
“Hey, hey, look at me,” you forced Bucky’s face to turn until his eyes found yours. “I’m fine. Are you fine?”
Bucky didn’t respond. Instead, he just stared down at you, his eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips and back again. Gently, you rubbed the pads of your thumbs along the peaks of his cheekbones. At the contact, eyes glinted and you knew he was the Bucky you loved again. The scruff that lined his jaw and grew up the sides of his face prickled and tickled the skin of your palm as he drew in closer.
Suddenly, there was no more breathing room; but you were so wonderfully okay with that. Each breath you each took mingled between you until there was no space at all. Bucky’s lips brushed softly against yours, a tentative ask for permission before you closed the gap. He tasted like whiskey as you kissed and, when his arms tightened around your waist, you felt that you might drown in him.
You were prepared to do just that when you heard someone loudly clear their throat. With a small gasp for air, you and Bucky parted and turned your attention away from the other. Sam, clad in Sharon’s spare turtle neck, stood with his arms crossed over his chest and a knowing grin on his lips. Your hands slipped from Bucky’s face and the super soldier’s arms went a little more slack around your waist.
“So, if you two are done, Sharon found Nagel.”
“Y-yeah,” you stammered, “we’ll...follow you.”
Sam glanced at you then Bucky and back again. “You really gotta work on your timing. We’re on a mission, guys. Seriously.”
Before you or Bucky could comment, Sam started off towards Zemo and Sharon. You glanced up at Bucky who seemingly sensed your eyes and looked back at you.
“He’s not wrong.”
“Don’t tell him that.”
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Devil in disguise
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Read AO3
Summary: When you don’t do what your girlfriend wants, she finds a way to convince you.
Word count: 1.774
Warnings: smut (+18 only!)
A/N: So, this is just something that crossed my mind while I was writing The Lady Next Door. I don’t even know if it’s good, but I hope someone likes it haha 
Good reading!
Wanda Maximoff is a saint.
At least, that’s what everyone who knows her would say. With her soft smiles and shy behavior, always trying her best to be the sweetest person in the room. No one would dare to say the contrary.
No one except you. Only you knew how wicked that woman could be. And here you are, having to witness her perversity first hand.
It’s Saturday, what obviously mean that Tony has thrown a party. It’s been a tiring, long week and after almost ten days without seeing Wanda, all you wanted to do was to spend some quality time with your girlfriend.
But Stark insisted that all the Avengers attended to the party since it was an event for getting new sponsors and, after almost destroying half of New York on the last mission, you were running out of those.
You hated the idea completely and almost punched Tony in the face when he was trying to convince you, but you understood his reasons so you just let it go. Wanda, on the other hand, hated it even more and would bail the party if you hadn’t convinced her to come.
But Wanda was a woman on a mission, and her mission was to test your limits until you’d give up and take her out of this stupid party. And you knew that. You recognized in her hungry eyes what her mission was on the moment you went to her room so you could go together to the party. And considering the red dress she was wearing, she would have no trouble succeeding.
However, you also seemed determined to stay for way longer than she was intending too and she couldn’t have that. Wanda had to step up her game and the brunette bit back a smirk when the perfect idea crossed her mind.
You were engaged on a serious conversation about weapons and security with Natasha and two rich guys, that you didn’t care about memorizing the names, when your vision went black. It happened for the tiniest bit, but when it came back the sight was completely different.
In one of the hallways of the compound, you had Wanda pressed against the wall. You two were engaged on an intense, passionate kiss as her hands held the back of your hair tightly. The brunette curls her leg against your waist and you hold it to keep her steady. Wanda sighs against your mouth as your other hand travels to her breast and gives it a squeeze.
You blink multiple times until you see Nat and the two men again, your breath uneven as you try to understand what the hell just happened. Not a memory and definitely not something you imagined yourself. There could only be one explanation to all that.
“It’s wrong getting inside people’s heads, you know?” You think, well aware she’s still on your mind. “Did you like that, honey?” her voice sounds on your head, making shivers go down your spine. When you finally spot Wanda, you see her talking to Sharon and Maria, an innocent smile playing on her face, as if she was completely oblivious to what was happening. You shake your head lightly and turn your attention back to the small group around you.
“I would like it better if you didn’t do it while I was in the middle of a conversation” you think, pretending to be paying attention to what one of the men is saying and soon Wanda’s voice sound on your head again “We could always go back to our room” and you chuckle lightly. “Alright, babe, nice try, but you know we have to stay here”.
You look at her and Wanda glances at you quickly, the same innocent smile on her face but her eyes are filled with malice. “Nice try? My love, I’m only getting started” she retorts, but before you can say anything back, your eyes go black again.
Sitting on your bed, your entire body heats at having Wanda on top of you. As you caress her naked back, you press wet kisses from her neck to her breasts, winning a sigh from the brunette at every one of them. As you kiss and lick the soft skin, Wanda throws her head back with low moans, pressing her hips against your leg. The feeling of Wanda’s wet intimacy against your thigh making your head spin. You place your hands on her ass and squeeze it, pressing her even harder against your leg and Wanda moans louder, holding the back of your neck and lifting your head to give you an intense kiss that makes your head spins.
Your breath hitches as you take a step back and your sudden movement catches Nat’s attention.
- Hey, (Y/n), are you alright? – The redhead looks at you with concerned eyes. You look at her with wide eyes and swallow dryly, not yet recovered from the last images on your head. Noticing your silence, Nat gives you a playful smirk. - I think you drank too much.
- I think I drank too little. – You retort and clumsily make your way to the bar, not giving her the chance to say anything else.
When the barman asks you what you’ll have, you tell him to give you whatever is the strongest and you hear chuckles from beside you.
- Having a tough night there, (Y/l/n)? – You turn to see Sam and Bucky, both with amused expressions and you groan, displeased.
- Let’s just say a certain witch won’t get out of my head tonight. – You say before picking the glass the barman just put in front of you and taking your drink in just one gulp, making the two men laugh.
- In your head is not the only place she’s gonna be. – Sam retorts playfully and you frown your brows confused. The man points at somewhere behind you with an amused smile, but before you can turn to see what it is, Wanda shows up by your side and you tense up.
- Hey, guys! – The brunette greets happily and then gives you an innocent kiss on the cheek. – Hi, baby.
You only give her a smile, shocked at how she disguises so ably the hell she’s making out of your head. 
Wanda leans her body closer to you and you wrap your arm gently around her waist as the two of you engage on a casual conversation with Sam and Bucky about your last missions. It’s been a while since Wanda last got into your head so you relax your muscles, giving Sam’s story all of your attention. You are almost sure the witch had given up when your sight goes black again.
You’re on top of Wanda now, her nails buried on your shoulders as your fingers go deep inside of her in a steady, fast pace. You give the brunette love bites on her neck as she moans loudly, causing your entire body to shiver. You rub her clit with your thumb, never stopping the movements inside of her, and her moans only grow louder, Wanda burring her nails even more on your skin, going down your back. You lift your face to kiss her, but she can barely respond to it. Still, she manages do take your lower lip between her teeth and pull it.
You groan. And immediately start to cough to disguise it. You don’t think the two men noticed, but Wanda did, a small, proud smile playing on her lips.
- Babe, can I talk to you for a sec? – You turn to face your girlfriend with a smile, trying your best to pretend like everything is fine.
- Sure, my love. – She agrees, dripping innocence in all her movements, what only irritates you even more. That woman is everything but innocent. Wanda excuses you both from Sam and Bucky and you lead her to a more secluded area on the party.     
 - You have to stop doing this! – You say, not even trying to mask your annoyance.
- Are you taking me to our room, now? – She asks, a small hint of hope on her eyes that quickly fades away when you say no. - Then sorry, honey, but I won’t.
- Wanda, come on, you’ll make me go crazy. – You almost plead, but the woman in front of you has a determined, mischievous smirk on her face. 
- No, darling, I need you insane.
She whispers the words and you can’t help the way your legs tremble. Wanda walks away, back to Bucky and Sam, and you feel your irritation growing, but you smile unable to push away the thought that your girlfriend was really hot when she was determined like that.
You walk back to the group and soon Nat and Steve join you as well. The conversation seams nice and humorous but you can’t focus, too attentive to when Wanda would make her next attempt to drain your sanity away. And soon she did.
Wanda is on top of you now. Actually, she is sitting on your face, her hand holding your hair tightly to provide her stability so she can keep moving. You move your hands to grab her breasts and Wanda moans loudly, throwing her head back in pleasure. She rubs herself against your tongue and you don’t even try to do anything, letting her take control and place your head exactly where she wants it to be. The sight is intoxicating and you’re pretty sure this is the closest you ever got to both heaven and hell.  
When your sight comes back to your current surroundings you clench your jaw. You sigh, feeling hot and irritated “When this damn party ends I’m gonna rip all your clothes off at once.” You think angrily and it’s almost like you can feel Wanda smirking when she answers in your head “That won’t be hard, dear. I’m only wearing the dress.”
- Okay, that’s enough. – You say out loud and Wanda widen her eyes in surprise.
The group around you give you curious looks but you only take Wanda’s hand and walk away. Wanda has a winning smile on her face as you pull her towards the elevator and you don’t notice the confused giggles the group exchange when you left, too overwhelmed by all the thoughts and feelings Wanda put on your mind. 
As soon as the elevator doors close, you pull Wanda by the waist and kiss her firmly, completely unable to wait until you get to your room to start replicating all the things that devilish witch had put on your mind.  
Taglist: @yuhloversxx @madamevirgo @an-evergreen-rose @helloalycia @wandas1mp @cantcontroltheirfear @diaryoflife @ironscarletwidowsoilder @cristin-rjd​ (let me know if you wanna be tagged)
Someone else asked me to be tagged but I answerd on private and lost the @ (sorry!) so if you’re seeing this, please send it again =)
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liquid-luck-00 · a month ago
Where There Is Change
So I will not be following the prompt days at all. If any fall on the right day it is by chance. All of them will be written but not by the calendar order.
Without further ado.
Once upon a time Marinette would have bent over backwards, dropped everything, and would never have questioned her friends. But now she was turning fourteen. She has been fighting Hawkmoth for three years, with no end in sight. Her friends, if she could still call them that, behind Lila's lies and followed her like sheep. You can only push a person so far until they break.
That was what happened to Mari.
She was pushed to do dresses, suits, casual wear, and banners with little to no notice for free, without even a thank you. She was made to plan and make baked goods and food for bake sales and fun raisers for class trips, picnics, and parties that she could not attend. They spoke to her condescendingly as if she was stupid, honeyed words to guilt her to do everything while they did nothing and reaped rewards.
At the end of her 7th year, she put in a signed request (by herself and Mendeleiev) to transfer into Mendeleiev's class. But surprise surprise it was denied. Bustier, her homeroom teacher last year denied her transfer, because she wanted to keep all her students the same.
Fine if this was how she wanted to be, well she had nothing left to give.
You can only give so much before becoming empty when you never receive anything.
The first thing she did was step down from class representative. "Miss Bustier?" she stood up from her seat in the back.
"Yes." said teacher smiled at her.
"I am renouncing my title of class representative, effective immediately." she announced shocking the teacher.
Her ever present smile faltered. "Alright, would the vice representative like to take the position?" She scanned each face, but no one stood up or spoke.
"There has not been a vice since my first month three years ago, Miss." The color drained from the teacher's face.
"Oh well, you will need to continue until we have an election next week." she smiled again.
"No." Her voice turned steely. She picked up three bursting folders and dropped them on the desk. "The white folder is student medical records, allergies, cumulative extracurriculars and birthdays. The orange folder holds field trip and fundraiser applications, guidelines for applications as well as locations each student is banned from listed under the student and the location's reason. The black folder has graded homework, tests, quizzes, papers, and projects you gave me to grade. As well as lesson plans and homework you had me assemble for you."
"But... but..." Miss Bustier stood shocked, gaping between Mari, to the folders, then the rest of the class.
"Like I said effective immediately." Marinette turned and was immediately stopped by a blonde.
"Mari, please reconsider." Adrien plodded blocking her from ascending.
"Pfft. And why should I fucking do that Agreste." she side stepped him and climbed the stairs.
Eyes stared at her, as if it was the first time seeing her. In a way it was, since she had no fucks left to give to those who would step all over her.
The girls wanted dresses. She gave fee rates, appointment times and estimated finishing date. Some took her up on her like Rose, Juleka, and Alix. Kagami and even Chloe started requesting commissions.
The same with banners and suits for the boys.
Sweets from the bakery, they placed their orders and paid like everyone else.
This helped her more than most would think. Her grades and attendance improved because she no longer dropped things at the drop of a hat.
Two weeks prior, Hawkmoth went silent, now almost a year later, Paris went back to normal. But she didn't. She became Paris' Ice Princess. She kept everyone at an arms length, her trust was hard to earn, her words cut like a knife and her eyes bore daggers. Yet as both Marinette and Ladybug she is the definition of calm, collected, and serenity. Something snapped a long time ago and no one knows how or what to fix.
"We are done." Sabine was exasperated again. "We got in contact with your biological father, and he is taking you in."
"Alright." She answered, knowing best to respond than to stay quiet.
Sabine began talking again but she only half listened, it was the same as every other night after all.
Bruce was done just done.
Apparently his very own system, which is in theory completely perfect, is anything but, because he just figured out, he has a daughter. An adoption agency apparently had him listed as the father of a child roughly 16 years ago, that he had completely no idea of. The mother apparently wanted to keep it secret and gave up the child not even listing herself which was odd. So, the adoption agency never made that information public. However, now he’s being called by said adoption agency and the parents of the girl who is apparently his daughter.
He thought Damian was the only one apparently not.
He is currently sitting in front of the Bat-Computer nursing one hell of an incoming headache, praying that none of his boys come down and see this.
He has a daughter that is older than Damian and knowing his son he will throw a fit over this. That his claim is the only blood child is literally going down the drain.
On top of that Bruce knows almost nothing about his daughter. Sure, he looked up her and her parents other than a few contests and school there was nothing on her. No social media, it was as if it was erased from the system. Her contacts seemed almost sparse for a girl her age, that being said he does not have a good reference for that.
The fact that not even his system was able to pick up on her says a lot more than you might think. When her parents came into contact with him, he thought it was a joke, but they held firm and even sent a DNA sample of their own daughter. He almost didn’t even cross test with his own, he was disgusted with how these people treated their child this way.
Yet here he is, he tested it and he was a biological match.
The parents are transferring her custody over to him, but he doesn’t even know this girl.
Life is never dull for the the greatest detective. Even when life seems to pull things out underneath him.
So, let’s just hope he can meet his daughter while ensuring that his sons not find out before he can get a grasp on the situation.
He continued to rub at his temples and the bridge of his nose trying to lessen the pain of this migraine which was sure enough going to set in. The only reason he’s getting gray hairs is because of his children.
Now to find out what the next one is like.
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This is a imagine I made on my Wattpad that hasn't been released yet so I posted it here. @ivnasfilm is my wattpad btw!
Warnings: Fluff? Smut? Sexual interactions, language, cockblocking, Ward Cameron mentions, grinding, mentions of sex
"Are your parents home?"
"No, they're at Thornton's for a couple hours."
"Sarah and Wheezie, too?"
"Yes," Rafe replied to his questioning girlfriend, Y/n. The duo have been dating for a year now. Y/n has been inside Rafe's house many times. She met him through her brother Kelce. He was pretty worried about it at first, but eventually Kelce would've had to get over it because Y/n is 18. She's a legal adult. She can do whatever the hell she wants.
They got closer by attending parties together, spending days at the country club, golf course. Sometimes even just sitting and talking at the beach. It was more than enough for both of them and they enjoyed it all. They made it official by attending Midsummers together. It was a pretty big deal to them since every single Kook would now know that Rafe Cameron officially had a girlfriend.
The first time she met Sarah, they hit it off pretty well. Did sleepovers, painted nails, read magazines about hot guys. Basically girly stuff. Even took fun trips on the Cameron's boat to get away from their boyfriends. They became best friends and truly loved each other's company.
Just like Rafe enjoyed Y/n's.
"Sooo, can I come inside?"
He leant his head back against the car seat. Staring at the girl who was sitting in the driver side of her vehicle. "Can you come inside?"
"Yeah, or- do you want me to?"
The mood in the car lightened as their talk became less questioning and more seductive. Y/n leaning over the center console, her breath hitting Rafe's face in all the ways he likes. Her hand reached over, brushing against his thigh.
"Do I even have to answer that?"
She shook her head at the Cameron before connecting their lips. Softly and gentle was how it was starting off, before Rafe placed his hand onto the zipper of her jeans.
"Not in here. Let's go inside."
The couple exited the car, Y/n making sure to lock it, and headed inside the house. Rafe using his own key to get indoors. They ran up the steps to Rafe's room, shutting the door behind them. Y/n removed her maroon crew neck, sitting herself on Rafe's bed as he removed his t-shirt.
He gently pushed her down sliding his heavier body between her legs. Leaving little kisses from her chest and up. He knew better than to give her hickeys on the neck because of Kelce so he avoided that.
His hand ran itself up and down her waist, giving it a small squeeze. They liked skin pressure. Tension. They began moving upwards, pushing under her cami top. A cropped tank that protected your breast if you didn't want to wear a bra. She tend to wear them often when around Rafe for these special purposes. And today, she just got lucky.
His thumb grazed the side of her breast. "Can I take this off?"
"Hey Rafe, I need a the U-"
Before he could continue, Wheezie came barging through the door. Covering her eyes. Rafe groaned at the fact that his sister didn't knock. Knowing whenever the door is closed, you knocked.
"Wheezie, we talked about this-"
"I know. I'm sorry. I keep forgetting," she sighed. "Hi, Y/n."
"Hi, Wheez."
"What do you need? Why aren't you at dinner with dad and Sarah?"
"Halfway through the dinner, Rose threw up because Topper's parents made snail and she didn't like it. She made an excuse saying she was probably coming down with the flu. So we came back early."
"What did the Thornton's say?" Y/n asked. Intrigued by this hilarious story as Rafe put back on his shirt.
"Nothing. Just that we should head home just incase they could catch whatever it was."
"That sounds awesome!"
"Yeah, I know. Hey, wanna see the video."
"Oh absolutely," Y/n exclaimed, getting up from Rafe's bed. He sighed as he watched the two girls laugh at the gross vomiting. Althought part of him was glad Y/n was getting along with his little sister. "That's freaking gross. Cool. Like really cool. But gross."
"Yeah, i'm gonna upload it to my Instagram."
"Tag me?"
"Awesome! Thanks."
Rafe stood. "So, what did you need?"
"I need the USB cord to connect my phone and laptop to upload the video in a file just in case dad and Rose make me take it down."
He huffed out his breath, walking over to his desk. He opened the top drawer, pulling out a mid-length white cord, handing it to his sister. She thanked him and tried to leave, but Rafe stopped her at the doorway. Death glaring her.
"I'm not gonna tell anyone. Chill out. Not like I wanna talk about it and picture it again."
"We weren't doing anything."
"I may be young, but I'm not stupid."
"She's got a point," Y/n agreed. Wheezie fist bumped her and left. Rafe shutting the door behind her. He turned to Y/n who just shrugged at the annoyed boyfriend of hers.
He smiled as he walked up to her, pushing his face close to hers. "Now, where were we?"
"You tell me."
He chuckled, the vibration against her lips sending chills down her whole body. He kissed her seductively like he did once before. This time Y/n pushed Rafe down onto the large bed, enough room for her to switch that position.
Her hands rested on his ribs as she grinded her clothed area against his member. A moan escaped her lips as a huff left his. The jeans in between them horrifying this exciting interaction.
She swayed her tongue and lips against his neck. His eyes rolling to the back of his head, letting out a grunt. She scooted down a few inches so she wasn't sitting directly on top of his belt.
"God, these pants got to go."
"So do yours."
She undid the strap of his waistline. Next thing was unbuckling his pants. She undid the button that lied above the zipper before grabbing the loose metal tab, pulling it down it's line.
"Rafe, dad needs you downsta- HOLY SHIT!"
"OH MY GOD," he groaned out loud. Y/n pushed herself off the dirty blonde, landing beside him. Sarah stood in the doorway, eyes covered, laughing.
"Stop laughing."
"You guys were totally about to do it," she sang as she pointed between them.
"Shut up, Sarah."
"Dad wants you. Said something about the golf course or country club. One of the two. I don't know," she shrugged as she sat beside Y/n. Rafe looked to his girlfriend.
"I'll be right back. You," he pointed to Sarah. "Be gone before i'm back."
"Will do, dickeroo."
Rafe left downstairs as Sarah turned to Y/n and smiled with eyebrows raised. "What are you staring at?"
" Were you guys about to have sex? Since when?"
"Well our first time together was months ago. Like 3 or 4."
"When we were first friends, you said you never planned on having it until you're married. Since when has that changed?"
She shrugged. "Since I met Rafe."
"You guys are too adorable. Well you, not him. Can't stand him."
"Yeah, I know. Sometimes I can't stand Kelce. I wanna kill him."
"Yeah, well let me get going before Rafe tries to kill me." (No pun intended)
She hugged Y/n before leaving the room, just as Rafe walked back in. This time locking the door before shutting it. "That is the last interruption for the night. I told everyone I was going to bed."
"Well, good cause I am trying to get my freak on," she laughed as he jumped back onto of her. Finishing what they've been trying to start.
Thanks for reading!!!
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Traditions | 17.3k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: it's been a while since I uploaded writing and for some reason I decided to sign up for this challenge and by some miracle actually managed to write something for it 🤯anyways, this is for the Valentine's Day Challenge by @1dffchallenges and it's honestly just a bit of fun, enemies to lovers little bit of angst and some smut! so i hope you enjoy! I'd always love to know your thoughts!! (also pls excuse any errors, I wrote this in a week with little editing lol)
prompt: doube date
dialogue: “So let me get this right. You want to hire me as your date for a Valentine’s Day Party?”
Tumblr media
Pink and red were speckled throughout the entire office, whether it was a bouquet of chocolate roses, a banner of hearts, or stuffed bears residing next to bowls full of heart-shaped candies. Every employee’s section of the office had been filled to the brim with decorations as well. Pink and red ribbon taped carefully around the edges of their desktop computer, little store-bought balloons, also heart-shaped, grouped together and tied to desk chairs. 
And Y/N, dressed in her typical all black outfit, rolled her eyes as she paced through the office toward the one section in the back that was immune to all things heart-shaped, pink, or stuffed. 
She sat down at her desk with a loud sigh, her purse hitting the floor in its usual spot just before she slipped out of her jacket and draped it haphazardly between her back and the chair. It’d be wrinkled by the end of the day, but she didn’t care all that much, nor did she put much thought into the stains on her purse from leaving it on the floor. All she concerned herself with, after settling in, was getting straight to work… which was put on hiatus when she came face-to-face with both a pink and heart-shaped sticky note plastered onto the center of her computer screen. 
Groaning, she ripped it off and moved to turn her computer on before she bothered to read whatever was written on the note. She considered three potential suspects while she pulled her keyboard down onto her desk and logged in. There was Kayla, who worked front reception and was one of the main culprits of all the Valentine’s decorations. A strong contender. It could’ve also been Ines or Carmen, her closest work friends whom Y/N knew both owned a pad of pink, heart-shaped sticky notes. 
However, when she finally let her eyes fall to the note as her computer loaded up, the handwriting didn’t match any of the women she knew, and she was quite positive that none of them would have written was was sprawled out in black ink either.
Roses are red, violets are blue. I will fill your office with teddy bears and balloons, if you don’t send me your half of the proposal by two.
She crumpled the note and tossed it into the bin under her desk. He could go fuck himself for all she cared. Sure, she was nearly done with her portion of the work and would be able to send it to him before then, but now that he’d pestered her about it, he’d be lucky if she even bothered to send it to him at all. 
She didn’t doubt the promise, i.e. threat, he made on the note, but being surrounded by teddy bears and balloons would be worth making Harry’s life just a tad miserable.
After opening all the apps she’d need to get her work done, namely Photoshop and Illustrator, she connected her drawing tablet and set up the rest of her work station for the day, both on screen and off.
Harry had worked at the company for about two years longer than her and she’d started off as an intern while she was still in college and, after graduating, was hired as a permanent graphic designer. They had never really gotten along ever since Harry—jokingly—asked her to get him a coffee once… or twice. Unfortunately for her, though, they ended up working well together and their boss had stuck them both on the same projects ever since. Especially after the month-long project last spring that had been their most successful one to date. 
While she came up with the design parts of client projects, Harry handled the more technical side of things and they’d never really argued much over each other’s work even though they clashed constantly at a more personal level. 
“I see your feeling festive.” Just as she’d gotten into the groove of her typical morning and had forgotten all about Harry’s stupid note, his voice interrupted her entire thought process. So when she swiveled around to find him leaning into her little office space, it was hardly a surprise when she glared at him, even though he feigned offense at her bitterness.
“You got my note, I presume.” He let himself into her space anyway, holding a mug of steaming coffee she was sure he’d just made in the workroom, and leaned up against the opposite side of her desk that housed a much larger, digital drawing tablet for when she needed to do more intricate design pieces. 
She just swiveled back around to face her computer again and went back to work as if he was no longer there. Pretending to ignore his existence proved to be quite difficult when the very particular woodsy, vanilla scents of his cologne met her nostrils and filled her entire office. Not to mention, the sight of what he’d been wearing singed the backs of her eyelids so that she still saw him every time she blinked. It was as if her brain refused to let her forget what he looked like in his white button-up, sleeves rolled to the crooks of his elbows, all tucked into his fitted black trousers that tended to get the imaginations going of all the women in the building. 
Not her though, of course. She was better than that. Obviously.
He cleared his throat, still very much present in her space and still very much giving her a migraine. “So will it be ready by two?”
“Well, I planned to send it to you before lunch.” She tweaked the spacing between letters of a potential logo for the millionth time. “But now… I think I might need the rest of the day.”
She heard rustling behind her and knew he was shifting his weight impatiently and running a hand through his hair as he often did when he was… displeased. “I told you I’m leaving early tomorrow and I need it no later than two.”
She cocked her head to the side, still staring at her computer screen and not giving him an ounce of satisfaction. “Did you tell me that?” She teased, an amused smirk lifting the corners of her mouth when she heard him groan behind her. “I must’ve forgotten.” Shrugging, she went back to her work.
“Unlike you,” he snapped, “some of us actually have a love life and I’d appreciate you not fucking up mine.”
She froze then, only for a split second, when his words sank in. Two thoughts raced through her head. The first a string of curse words because of his assumption that she didn’t have a love life. But the more prominent and worrisome part of his statement was that he did have one. And that he was leaving early tomorrow—Valentine’s Day—so he could get ready for a date.
Throwing both her prickly exterior and heartbreaking smirk up again, she turned to face him. “I’ve known you for three years now and if anyone has the potential to fuck up your love life, it’s you.”
He narrowed his eyes at her and her gaze fell to the hand that seemed to wrap a bit tighter around his Bugs Bunny mug. His knuckles whitened and she met his heated stare again, pleased with herself for getting him riled up before he’d even finished his morning coffee.
“So,” she continued before he get get a word of retaliation out, and sat back against her chair, crossing her legs confidently as she folded her hands in her lap. “Who’s the poor girl you’ve tricked into going on a date with you this time?”
Harry had a terrible track record. The longest relationship he’d been in lasted for two months, and that was well before she’d known him. Everything else he had was just a one or two night thing and nothing more. Sure, it was all more than she had, but she preferred it that way. Harry seemed to resent the fact that he couldn’t keep a girlfriend to save his life.
“You don’t know her.”
Her smile widened. “How long have you been seeing her?”
“Couple weeks.”
“Ooh, that just might be your second longest relationship, Styles.” 
“Well at least I’ve had one.”
His jab didn’t have an affect on her however, and he knew it wouldn’t because it never did. He knew she didn’t give a damn about relationships, or at least that’s what she claimed anyway. He couldn’t think of many twenty-four year old women who actually wanted to be alone. He actually couldn’t think of a mid-twenties anyone who wanted that.
“You’ll have to try harder than that.” She said nonchalantly, which irked him even more than he already was, and then swiveled away from him one last time, picking up her drawing pen and getting back to work.
“What’s your issue with relationships?” He went on and she knew he was headed right down a path intended to hurt her feelings just as much as she had his. So, she tensed slightly and braced for impact. “Is it a commitment thing? Or can you just not find anyone to put up with you for longer than five minutes?” 
She let his words sink their teeth in and then smiled to herself. “Hm. Seeing as you’ve been in my office now for,” she checked the time at the top right-hand corner of her screen, “eight minutes, maybe we should date.” She lifted a brow, awaiting his next response. 
It felt a bit like a cat-and-mouse chase bickering with Harry and since she was usually the cat, it brought her way too much pleasure fighting with him.
He scoffed. “Like I’d lower my standards for you.”
That one hurt, she had to admit. Not out loud or to Harry, but it still stung because it was true. He’d have to drop his standards to the floor to even consider dating her and she knew it. 
“Maybe,” she began, still half focused on her work, and ignored his comment all together, “some of us like being alone.”
“Nobody likes that.” He responded quickly and she heard a shift of his weight again and then his voice once more a few moments later. “It’s nice to be by yourself sometimes, yeah, but you can’t tell me you don’t want someone to come home to at the end of the day.” He crossed one leg over the other as he gripped the edge of her desk for support and just when she thought he was done, he kept going, “Someone you can vent to about your annoying co-worker.”
She glanced at him through the little portable mirror hanging above her desk—mostly used to make sure she looked decent before meeting with clients or, sometimes, Harry—and saw the tight smile on his lips. Almost as if that’s what he wanted, like he was talking about himself and not her. 
She’d slowed her progress down while he’d talked until she was no longer working at all. She no longer swiped her pen across the pad or had any idea what she was even doing when she focused solely on his words. Because, once again, whether he was talking about himself or about her, he was right.
“Yeah well,” she quickly hid herself back behind her wall and made her hands function properly again. “Some of us also don’t have the luxury of choosing whomever we want.”
She imagined him smirking at that one because, buried deep within her words was a compliment. That he was handsome enough to actually have anyone he wanted.
Instead, when she glanced at the mirror again and found him, there was the complete opposite of a smirk on his face, and as he stared down into his mug, clearly lost in thought, she wondered what the tightness in his jaw and the frown pulling on his lips meant.
She sighed and stole his attention away from his coffee. “I’ll have it to you before lunch. You can go now, unless you’d like to argue some more and slow me down by another…” she glanced at her clock again, adding up all the time he’d been standing in her office, “fifteen minutes.”
Without another word, she listened to the drag of his footsteps as he finally left her office space. And although she was glad to be rid of his distraction, the room felt so much bigger and so much colder and emptier without him in it. Shivering, she slipped back into her jacket and spent the next few hours doing nothing but staring straight ahead at her screen as she made final adjustments to her designs. 
Tumblr media
Any other conversations with Harry were had over email as he worked in his own respective office, messaging her with every little concern he had in order to get his work done efficiently so that he wasn’t stressing to finish it tomorrow before he had to leave. Even though Y/N considered not responding to him a few times, just to spite him and slow him down for her own amusement, she found herself feeling guilty after leaving him hanging a couple times. Sure, she hated Valentine’s Day and everything surrounding it, but she’d almost hate even more the idea of both her and Harry being miserable tomorrow, so she inevitably gave in and cooperated with him. She’d probably regret it when he came back on Thursday spreading around the office all the gory details of his date, but at least he wouldn’t also be in a shitty mood. Her days were both boring and slow whenever Harry wasn’t having a good day. And although she’d blame it all on selfish reasons, it did also make her sad to see him frowning around the office and sulking when all she wanted to do was bicker with him and make him smile again, even just a little bit. But it was easier leaving him to his own devices than risk him finding out she cared about him enough to not wish sadness upon him.  
She couldn’t say the same for him. Harry probably relished in the days she came into the office in a sour mood. He probably celebrated and threw a party whenever she was upset, and, even so, it didn’t change how she felt about him.
The sun had long set and most of the office was gone by the time she finally called it quits and began packing up her things and giving her computer a rest for the night. There were still quiet murmurs from other workaholic employees, which comforting her knowing she wasn’t completely alone in the building, since the last time she’d done that, it took everything in her not to have a panic attack all the way to her car. 
Even though her boss told her countless times not to stay past five o’clock, as he told every other female employee that worked for him that he didn’t wish to see attacked after sunset in the city. Of course, when she was the only one who didn’t listen to him, he hired more guards and one of them rounded the corner into her office space, ready to escort her all the way down to her car.
“Figured you were still here.” He leaned against the walls of her cubicle and watched as she startled, twisting to meet his eyes for a moment before she settled and returned to slipping her belongings into her purse. 
“I don’t need you to escort me.” Zipping her purse, she rose from her chair, checking one last time across her desk to make sure she’d grabbed everything she needed to take home with her before turning to him as he still lingered in the opening of her little office. 
William had been hired a couple months ago, and was only a year older than her, but even so he was more than a foot taller than her and his biceps were about as big as her head. While the entire office drooled over him, she tended to keep her eyes and her thoughts to herself. 
“You say that every night you stay late. Just let me do my job and shut up about it.” He smirked at her and when her eyes met his again, sharply, glaring at him, she groaned and whirled past him toward the elevators. He followed swiftly behind, knowing she’d close the doors on him if he didn’t keep close enough pace with her, mostly because she’d done it before.
As he took his spot beside her and she pressed the button for the parking garage at the basement of the building, a familiar voice rang out through the office.
“Wait!” As if she wasn’t already annoyed enough with William’s presence, his stupidly large arm held the elevator doors open as Harry slipped inside a moment later.
“Thanks, mate.” Harry said exclusively to William as he caught his breath and stood wedged in the middle between the guard and Y/N, who was inching closer and closer into her corner to get away from Harry.
“You have any plans tomorrow?” Harry asked, his attention solely on William again while the elevator took off down through the levels of their building. Not fast enough for Y/N, of course.
William sighed, crossing his arms and trying to resist smiling. “Me and my girlfriend take turns surprising each other every year. And it’s her turn this year… so I guess I have plans, but I don’t know what they are.”
“Damn, way to make us feel incompetent.”
Y/N whirled her head to glare up at the side of Harry’s face. “Speak for yourself.” She warned.
Harry just ignored her though. “What did you guys do last year?”
Again, William stifled a grin. “I had been saving up for a while and took us both to Paris.”
“Shit.” Harry’s eyebrows rose and Y/N rolled her eyes away from him, watching the LED screen above the elevator doors as they neared the bottom levels of the building. She knew Harry and William had become friends, mostly because Harry was annoying and befriended everyone. Except her, of course. She heard his stupid voice again and wished she could just transport herself directly into the front seat of her car and be done with the both of them. “And now she has to do better than Paris.”
Y/N glanced around Harry just in time to see William smirk and she should have known what was about to come out of his mouth before it did. “Well, I don’t consider much better than her mouth ar—“
Y/N cut him off. “Ew! Are you serious?”
Both men eyed her curiously just as the elevator came to a stop and, with a ding, the doors opened. She flew toward them quickly.
“Y/N wait, I have to—“
Again, she cut him off, turning once she was out on solid ground. “I’ll be fine, besides trying to rid my mind of that image you just burned into it.” She turned on her heel and headed off toward her car.
William made a move toward her and Harry grabbed his arm, “I’ll walk her. Forgot she’s a bit of a prude.” They shared an amused look and Harry jogged out onto the concrete and asphalt until he reached her side.
“I heard that, you know… and I know for a fact your car is not parked in this direction.” She seethed and he just smiled to himself, happier than ever that she was in the mood to bicker with him, because he wasn’t quite in the mood to leave yet, where he’d have to wait till tomorrow morning at nine-thirty to see her again. And she wasn’t always the most talkative person on Valentine’s Day, either.
“Why are you the only female in our building not foaming at the mouth over him?” He asked instead, referring to William.
He heard her scoff. “Just because he’s attractive doesn’t mean I have to be interested… or want to hear about his girlfriend sucking his—“
“Cock?” Harry finished for her and within a second she spun around to face him, forcing him to stop in his tracks just inches from her now. His smirk only grew when he saw just how quickly he’d gotten her all flustered. 
And then, as they started each other down, the hardness in her face softened and she drew out a breath, forcing his eyes to fall to her lips and his smirk to fall from his mouth. He thought back to last spring, when there were numerous late nights with her just like this one. When he went home and couldn’t stop thinking about…
“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked and he blinked a couple times before he lifted his eyes.
“Like what?” He furrowed his brows, trying to track down all the resentment he had for her but he couldn’t find it anywhere anymore. He couldn’t summon it and say something that would save his ass from being caught looking at her like he wanted to kiss her.
Like he wanted to taste her and feel her against him, and hear what she sounded like when he tugged at her hair for more.
“Nevermind.” She shook her head, silencing the chaos going on in his brain. And then she turned, continuing the walk to her car with or without him, but, when she heard the echoing click of his shoes against the asphalt once more, she knew she wasn’t rid of him yet.
“I don’t suppose you’ll give me a ride back to my car, will you?” He easily stepped back into place beside her like nothing had happened.
She didn’t say anything for much longer than he was comfortable with. And then, finally, they reached her car and she sighed. “Get in before I change my mind.”
As she went for the driver’s side, he took quick steps to the opposite side, watching her over the top of her little Honda as she unlocked her door, and then, after clicking the button, his door as well. They both slipped in at the same time and while she fastened her seatbelt and settled in for her drive home, he sat perched with his backpack in his lap, knowing he’d be out of her car within only a couple minutes.
He still glanced around at his surroundings as she backed out of her parking space. “Should’ve guessed your car would be as neat as your desk.”
She didn’t say anything as she drove in the opposite direction of the exit toward the section of the garage Harry always parked in. It was closer to the elevators because he always came in before her and snagged a prime spot. She preferred an extra few minutes of sleep over walking an extra fifty steps.
And he started up again when she continued to not talk to him. “Most artists I know of are super messy.”
“I’m not an artist.” She gritted out through her teeth as she came to a stop once she spotted the rear-end of Harry’s BMW. Although she knew it well enough to distinguish it from the other black BMWs in the garage, it also helped that Harry had an old, faded license plate cover filled with a collage of cute pictures of puppies. He’d said it won him bonus points with women, but she also knew his screensaver at work was a picture of puppies as well, and no women he was interested in ever saw that.
He peeled his eyes off his car and looked over at her. “I know you can draw, too.”
She paused, gripping her steering wheel. She did enjoy both art and design and she knew Harry knew the difference between the two. She just didn’t know why he always insisted on bugging her about it. 
“Yeah, well that doesn’t make me an artist.”
When he didn’t say anything, she glanced at him just in time to find him shrugging a shoulder like he was agreeing to disagree. Even if she couldn’t draw, he’d still consider her an artist because the things she managed to design always blew his mind and if that wasn’t art… 
She rolled her eyes. “Are you going to get out, or do I have to drag you?”
He grinned, and it was almost as if her eyes refused to see anything else but his dimples and the bright whites of his teeth, and the birthmark to the side of his mouth… 
“I’m going.” He assured, and yet he still hadn’t moved an inch. “Even though I’d love to see you try to drag me.” With her knuckles whitening on the steering wheel, he chuckled and unzipped the small pocket on the front of his backpack, withdrawing his keys as he finally swung her door open.
Once he was out, he gripped the top of the door and leaned back in to find her staring straight ahead. “Drive carefully, yeah? Would be quite tragic for your bitter ass to die on Valentine’s Day.”
She reached over and, despite having to brush her knuckles along the side of his thigh, grabbed the handle of the passenger door and yanked. His body remained in her way, however, and he was unfortunately a lot stronger than her.
Then she finally looked up at him, and those thoughts he had earlier surfaced again as much as he’d tried to bury them. This time though, he didn’t fight it as he glanced at her lips once more, then back at her eyes, which had widened slightly just before the dimples reappeared in his cheeks. “And I guess I would miss bickering with you every day.”
With that, he was gone and she retreated back to her seat as he shut the door for her. She had no idea what to think about what had just happened. Why he’d looked at her like that again. What that look even meant. 
By the time she reached the freeway, she’d convinced herself she was just seeing things. Harry wasn’t looking at her in any other way he had before when he was intent on pestering her. But, as she took in the scent of him still lingering in the cabin, she allowed a small part of her to hope she was wrong.
Tumblr media
Her eyes fell on the man down the hall from her door as she slipped her key into the lock, her brows furrowing as she watched him. It wasn’t unusual for their paths to cross, as they tended to get home around the same time, but it was quite odd to see him sitting on the floor outside his apartment, his head in his hands. 
They’d said hi to each other a couple times in the mailroom, but she definitely didn’t know him well enough to go up and ask what his issue was or try to fix it for him. And after it was confirmed that he hadn’t, in fact, lost his keys, as they sat beside him on the floor along with his phone, she figured it best to leave him be. 
Turning her key, she pulled her gaze from him and disappeared from the hallway.
The second she was inside her apartment, she felt all the weight lift right off her shoulders, especially when her cat came racing up, screaming at her from the floor while also coaxing her toward the kitchen to fill the food bowl. Whatever was going on with her neighbor still very much on her mind, she tried to focus instead on relaxing and getting both her and the screaming Pretzel some dinner. 
She tried to remember his name as she heated up leftover pasta. She knew it started with an A, but her brain was coming up short. So, while Pretzel crunched on his food in his corner of the kitchen, she tried her hardest to remember. 
And it was no question why she cared so much. Her neighbor was someone she was actually interested in, and she had been since she first saw him. Of course, she was never foolish enough to think he was into her, but she still let herself fantasize. He was tall, nearly black curly hair atop his head always in a state of disarray, and he had the most beautiful blue eyes she’d ever seen hidden behind his glasses. And, if she was being honest with herself, he was just a darker-haired version of Harry. Maybe that’s why she liked him.
The beeping of her microwave tore her thoughts from the dangerous path they’d been headed down. Harry’s voice rang in her head a moment later.
Like I’d lower my standards for you.
She’d needed to hear him say that, because sometimes her thoughts got carried away when it came to Harry and sometimes she did let herself be a fool who hoped. But after he’d said that one damning phrase, it was enough for her to stop. She didn’t meet a single one of his standards, inside or out. 
Still, she tried her hardest not to go back out into the hall and make sure her neighbor was alright. Maybe he just needed someone to talk to and it wasn’t like she was doing anything important. Even if she didn’t have a dumb crush on him, as she did Harry, she still didn’t enjoy seeing him in the state he’d been in.
Before she could work up the nerve, however, a knock sounded through her quiet apartment.
She held her breath as she opened her door, really hoping it wasn’t the boy from across the hall, since she was still blanking on his name, but she couldn’t imagine anyone else knocking on her door this late into the evening. 
So when she inevitably found him there, looking down at her through his annoyingly long lashes as she took in the horrible state he was in—red, inflamed eyes and hair that needed to see a brush rather than his hand—she completely lost her breath instead.
“Uh, sorry, I… saw you come in and I know we don’t talk and this is a weird thing for me to ask but…” He ran said hand through said messy hair and she found her breath again while looking up at him like she’d do whatever he’d asked just so he’d stop frowning.
He sighed, glancing down the hall toward his apartment and then met her curious and somewhat concerned gaze. “Can I come in?”
She recoiled. “Um… why?”
“Well, um, I was hoping you could help me with something and I’d rather not have the entire floor know about it.”
She was beyond confused now, but still, she stepped aside and let him pass, assuming that if he was actually a murderer he would have done her in a lot sooner than this. He had plenty of other opportunities. Plus, something in his face just… made her want to trust him.
She closed the door and turned to him, watching as his eyes scanned her kitchen and where her food still sat before he twisted around, eyes wide. “Shit, I’m sorry for interrupting.”
She shook her head. “It’s fine.” And after clearing her throat, she crossed her arms over her chest. “What do you, um… what do you need help with?”
He swallowed and she watched his Adam’s apple budge in his throat. “I don’t imagine you’ll like me very much after I ask but… I need a date.”
“What?” Again, she nearly flew out of her skin.
His eyes darted back and forth between hers, gauging her reactions and very obviously on the verge of seeing himself out and pretending this never happened. Instead, he stuffed away his pride and went on. “My ex… she, uh… well we broke up a few months ago and I saw her the other day and she’s seeing someone and we were talking and I… told her I was seeing someone too and so she invited me to go on this stupid double date with her… but the thing is… I’m not actually seeing anyone and I just told her that so she’d be jealous but she didn’t seem jealous at all and I don’t exactly have many friends to ask for help and I saw you and…” He rambled, but she managed to understand his predicament just fine. 
“A double date? With your ex?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know either. She’s… she does weird shit but… I still want her back.”
Y/N’s heart ached in her chest. As much as she detested relationships, she was a sucker for other people’s relationships and she was definitely a sucker for her beautiful neighbor, even if he was asking to use her to make his ex-girlfriend jealous.
“Not that I’m saying yes but… when? And where?” She finally asked after thinking things over for a moment.
“Tomorrow night… I can pay you. I will pay you, I mean… but, seriously, you don’t have to do it I just thought I would ask.”
“Where is this date at?” She repeated when he didn’t answer that part of her question.
“At this party… and bef—“
She cut him off. “Okay so let me get this right. You want to hire me as your date to a Valentine’s Day party?”
He lifted a brow, “Well, there’s more… she wants to get dinner before going to the party.”
She shook her head, looking away, “I don’t really do Valentine’s Day…”
“You wouldn’t have to do much. I’ll pay for your dinner, too. Whatever you want. I just… really need your help and you’re my only option.”
She narrowed her eyes at him. “You realize I’m not exactly…” she waved at her face and his eyebrows screwed together in confusion. “I’m not easy on the eyes and I don’t think taking me will make anyone jealous.”
He didn’t say anything for a while, just stared at her incredulously. She shifted her weight nervously and he finally opened his mouth. “You don’t actually think that, do you?”
Her features scrunched up and she kept her eyes planted on the middle of his chest. And then he realized that she, in fact, did.
“I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have asked you to do this.” He also realized that using her to make his ex jealous would possibly hurt her more than it would help him and he could no longer fathom putting her through that. “I’ll figure it out. I’m sorry.” He moved to walk past her, back to his apartment but she stopped him before he got far.
“No… I’ll help you.” And then she realized his identity was still somewhat of a mystery to her. “This sounds even worse than what you just asked me to do, but… I completely forgot your name.”
He breathed out a laugh. “It’s Adam.”
She knew it had started with an A!
He smiled wider and nodded. “I know.” And then his face grew sad again. “I am really sorry I’m asking you to do this on Valentine’s Day, it’s definitely not my proudest moment.”
She waved him off. “I wasn’t going to do anything anyway. Just tell me what you need me to do.” She didn’t bother brining up the whole payment thing. She didn’t really care about being paid. He was nice, the only nice person she’d encountered in her apartment building and if getting him back together with his ex meant she’d never have to come home and see him in the fetal position on the floor again, she’d suffer through a date and a party on her least favorite holiday.
Tumblr media
It was somehow even worse than it’d been yesterday. The decorations seemed to triple in size. Not an inch of the office was untouched by something pink and she prayed whoever had put up even more decorations had spared her little cubicle.
“Oh, hey, Y/N!” One of the receptionists most responsible for the overflowing decor, Kayla, called her over to her desk not even a minute after Y/N had arrived. And she stalked over until she saw the package Kayla pulled out that instantly lifted her spirits.
She stopped in front of Kayla’s desk and took the thin box from from her, already knowing what it was and thanking god for the timing so that her entire day wasn’t completely miserable. It was a new drawing pad she’d ordered, a bigger one that she hoped would be a bit more efficient to use than her current one.
Even with her back turned to the rest of the office, she sensed Harry’s presence long before he stopped beside her with his mug in hand.
He lifted a brow at the package in Y/N’s hands just as she reluctantly turned to look at him. “Getting gifts sent to the office? That’s a first.”
She rolled her eyes and stuffed the box under her arm, holding herself back from running off to her office to set it up. “Jealous?” She cocked her head.
And instead of his condescending smirk and a hateful response to go with it, the sparkle in his eyes seemed to fade as he eyed the box again, genuinely worried now that it was actually a gift from someone. 
Before either could say anything, they all turned to find a delivery man walking up to Kayla with a giant bouquet of flowers in tow. And so it began. Although, when Kayla took the vase from the man eagerly, a bright smile on her face because Kayla loved love a little too much, Y/N couldn’t help but think about Adam. About how the only time she’d managed to get a date on Valentine’s Day was when it wasn’t even real. Instead, she’d stupidly agreed to help her cute neighbor win back his ex-girlfriend in exchange for a free dinner.
It was… pathetic. To say the least.
She felt Harry watching her, too, while she eyed the bouquet of flowers as they departed reception with Kayla and made their way to their recipient. As stupid as she found everything about the holiday, she couldn’t help but want someone to send her flowers. To give her anything for that matter. To have thought about her for at least a second of their day. Harry cleared his throat and she tore her eyes away.
“So… what’s in the box?”
“None of your business.” She rounded him, heading to her office, but he grabbed her free arm to stop her short and didn’t speak until she met his gaze again.
“Can we meet up in my office to finish the proposal? Think it’ll be easier to get it done than over email.”
She had every reason to be suspicious of him. They almost never worked in each other’s offices. When they did work together, which was often, it was in one of the empty conference rooms and it was usually at the beginning of the process when they needed the space to plan things out. The last time they’d really been in each other’s offices was last spring. Figuring he just wanted to get things done so he could be out of the office on time, she let it go.
“Give me fifteen minutes.”
He watched her walk away, watched her even as Kayla returned and noticed his gaze and giggled at him as she took her spot back behind her desk.
“It was something she ordered for herself, by the way.”
“What?” Harry whipped around again, not having even realized the other woman until now.
“I know you two pretend to hate each other but I see the way you look at her, Harry.” Kayla lifted a brow at him as she began typing on her keyboard.
He feigned disgust. “I’m seeing someone, you know.”
“Are you?”
“Yes.” He insisted. “I have a date. Tonight.”
She lifted her hands in surrender. “Okay… I’m just saying.”
“I don’t look at her.”
Kayla suppressed a smile and snorted instead. “If you say so. I guess you didn’t also sneak into her office this morning, either.”
“I think all these flowers and stuffed bears and heart-shaped things have gotten to your head.” He pointed around to the decor littering her desk while holding his mug steady.
Kayla met his eyes and her smile slipped off her face. “Harry, please don’t mess with her.”
His face screwed up. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“If you don’t like her then don’t lead her on.”
“I don’t think she’s capable of being led on.”
Kayla froze for a moment and then nodded. “You’re right.”
He wasn’t sure what she meant by that either. “Why are you being weird?”
“Because,” Kayla sighed, brushing her curled brunette hair onto one shoulder and then lowered the volume of her voice. “I happen to know she doesn’t think very highly of herself and I’d rather not see her get hurt, especially not by you.”
Now Harry froze. The hand that gripped his mug tightened and he didn’t even flinch as it began to burn his skin. He heard Y/N’s voice in his head then as he drowned out his surroundings.
Some of us don’t have the luxury of choosing whomever we want.
He had instantly regretted what he’d said to her yesterday when she’d told him that. And now hearing Kayla, in a way, confirm what he’d read between the lines of Y/N’s words… his chest tightened in quite possibly the worst way ever. He’d hated himself most of the day after telling her he’d never lower his standards for her and he could say he was just bickering all he wanted, but he knew now for certain she took it the wrong way. And he wished more than ever that he hadn’t said something so horrible to her, especially when it was the farthest thing from the truth. 
And the real truth, that he was trying desperately to shove away with stupid remarks like that, was that he didn’t meet her standards. She wasn’t into relationships and he knew he wasn’t good enough to change her mind.
“How do you know that?” He finally asked.
“That Christmas party last year… she’s a really happy drunk until she’s not.”
He flinched. “Did she say something?”
“I don’t want to get into it, mostly because I don’t think she remembers and would probably kill me if I told you but… just leave her be.”
He hardened back up again. “She does’t have any interest in relationships anyway, ‘specially not with me.”
Kayla scoffed. “She’s a really good liar.”
Harry stood there for a few more moments, feeling as if his life had just gotten flipped upside down. He’d been in such a good mood mere minutes ago before his dumbass waltzed into reception all because he’d seen Y/N. Because, despite everything and despite the fact he was already attempting to date someone else, it was Y/N he wanted to be close to all the damn time. Groaning, he turned on his heel and left for his office, hoping she wasn’t there waiting for him so he could have a moment to himself to gather his thoughts.
Tumblr media
In a hurry to open her package, Y/N slumped down into her chair tossing her purse on the ground at her feet and pulling out her box cutter in a rush of movements. She was so distracted, in fact, that she didn’t even notice the little stuffed frog, the box of chocolates and envelope sitting on the other side of her desk near her mouse. Instead, she unboxed her new tablet and began setting it up, not noticing the gifts until she went to turn on her computer. And then she froze.
With reluctant hands she grabbed the envelope first, her name printed on it in perfect cursive. She knew nobody in the office who had such good penmanship. Opening the card in hopes of finding out who had placed the items on her desk, instead, she just found it signed as ‘secret admirer.’ Rolling her eyes, she set the card down and realized it had to be from her boss. Sometimes he remembered to go around and give everyone little gifts on the holidays. Obviously he’d remembered this year. 
She dug into the chocolates as she set up her tablet and began calibrating it to suit her needs before finally testing it out in the little bit of time she had before she needed to make her way to Harry’s office. 
And once that time came, she left everything in its place, besides the box of chocolates, which she continued to pick at while she made her way through the room. What she didn’t notice while stuffing her face with candy was that… no one else had a stuffed frog or chocolates or a cheesy little card on their desks.
She rounded the corner into Harry’s office, which was a real office and not a cubicle that he usually shared with one other person who was thankfully out with clients for the day. She knocked on the doorframe to get his attention after just watching him focus on his screen for a moment. Harry was cute when he was focused.
But then he turned to her and his eyes fell to the box in her hand.
When he didn’t say anything, she held it out toward him. “Do you want some? I think Andrew was feeling generous this year.”
Harry’s eyes quickly panned up to hers and his brows furrowed as if she’d just punched him in the gut. And she couldn’t make out what that expression meant no matter how hard she tried. 
“He didn’t give me anything.” Harry motioned around his desk.
“Maybe he doesn’t like you.” She shrugged, setting the chocolates down on his desk while she grabbed his office mate’s chair and pulled it up beside him.
Harry sighed, turning to his computer for a moment and then watching her from his peripheral while she picked out another piece of chocolate. “I didn’t see anyone else with chocolates on their desks this morning.”
Y/N just shrugged. “There was a frog too. And a card.”
“And why do you think he’d give you all of that and no one else?” Harry hoped she’d get the hint but he didn’t hope too hard. She was still Y/N after all. And he really didn’t mean to sound so bitter… well, okay, he did. But he knew she’d misplace his bitterness, crushing what little hope there was to bits.
“Maybe he likes me better than all the rest of you.”
Harry scoffed, shaking his head as he put his attention back on his screen. 
“No one else in this office would give me a card signed as a secret admirer so… maybe I did something I don’t remember doing and he’s thanking me?” Now that she really thought about it, and if Harry was right… then it really didn’t make  much sense. It’s not like she was Andrew’s favorite employee.
Harry just lifted a brow and then pretended to lose all interest. 
Sensing the tension, she slipped the box closer to him. “Here. I think you need a knock-off Snickers if you expect me to work with your grumpy ass.” He made no move to indulge her, however. And so she went on, continuing to poke the bear. “Why are you in a lousy mood anyway? Isn’t this your favorite holiday? And you get to leave early.”
His eyes fell from his screen and he stared at the brick of sticky notes below his monitor before mumbling, “I’m sorry about what I said yesterday.”
Taken aback, she searched what she could see of his face for answers to what he was apologizing for. He’d said a few things she could imagine deserved an apology and yet, so did she. Maybe she should have been the one to apologize to him first.
“I didn’t mean to say what I did.” He finally turned to meet her face on. He’d hoped the frog and the chocolates would have been atonement enough, but considering she thought they were from their boss and not him, he just had to suck it up and actually say what he meant.
She shrugged. “It’s fine. I can be a prude sometimes.”
He searched her eyes for a moment and then shook his head, “No that’s not… I meant what I said earlier in your office… about lowering my standards. It was a stupid thing to say and not true in the slightest.”
But then she smiled and he grew confused. “Yes it is. It’s okay to have standards, you know.”
“I know that. But if we… I wouldn’t have to lower my standards. And it was cruel of me to have said that to you.”
She couldn’t stand looking at him any longer and averted her gaze, clearing her throat. “Well it doesn’t matter so… can we just get this proposal done?”
Tumblr media
He’d wanted to spend how ever long it took to convince her that it did, in fact, matter, but Y/N was persistent, more so than him, and so he’d given in and they moved on to being productive with their time. And in less time than he’d anticipated their proposal was finished, being sent off to Andrew for approval before their presentation at the end of the week with their clients.
Harry sat back in his chair and she returned her own to the other desk where it belonged, all while he watched her. 
“What do you do on Valentine’s Day?” He asked, just trying to get her to stay longer, knowing that if those were his true intentions, then he was fucked. That he wanted to be around Y/N, even though he was seeing someone else, albeit for just a week so far, even though she’d never want the same from him. 
Maybe he was just as terrible with relationships as she claimed if he always chased after what he couldn’t have.
“That is also none of your business.” She grabbed her box of chocolates from his desk, his voice pinning her in place again though.
“Let me guess… it involves chocolate, your cat, and the most anti-romantic movies you can find?”
He would not think her very prudish if he knew what else she did on Valentine’s Day while alone in her apartment, but she figured it was best to keep that to herself. Instead, she smiled at him. “Something like that.”
He narrowed his eyes and threw his arms up behind his head as he laid back in his chair, watching her curiously like he was trying to figure her out. Meanwhile, she was trying to not make it obvious she was staring at his biceps as they just about bulged from underneath the sleeve of his pink button-up. He’d done it on purpose though, so as much as she tried to hide it, he still grinned with satisfaction when she became flustered.
“Well, have fun with that, then.” He nodded, and for a moment while she was lost in his eyes and growing embarrassingly hot, she wondered if he could read her mind. If he knew exactly what not-so-innocent things she did on Valentine’s Day. Then he brought his arms back down to rest his elbows on the edge of his desk, pinching his bottom lip between his fingers and watching as she rolled her eyes, held her chocolates close, and left his office. 
Tumblr media
Adam arrived right when he said he would at five-thirty. It had given her plenty of time to change out of her work clothes and into one of the few dresses she owned, to at least seem somewhat convincing that this was a real date. She also fixed her makeup and put on a pinkish-nude lipstick before switching out her bulky purse for a smaller crossbody. 
When she opened the door to him, he most certainly did not disappoint. She almost let herself get lost in the delusion that it was a real date when she saw him dressed to the nines and cleaned up for the first time since she’d known him. And she especially got a little lost in it when he pulled a small bouquet of flowers from behind his back and handed them to her. 
“You didn’t have to—“
“I know.” He gave her a once over when she wasn’t looking. “You didn’t have to do this for me either.”
She quietly accepted the flowers and let him in while she found a vase and filled it with water. He leaned on the counter, watching her as she did so.
“You look… beautiful, by the way.” He blurted out once she had cut and placed the stems into the vase. Her hands froze, though, and when he met her eyes, he knew he’d made a mistake.
“You’re paying me to make your ex-girlfriend jealous. Please don’t flatter me.”
“Sorry.” He muttered, although he was beginning to wonder if the bigger mistake was not taking her out on a proper date that had nothing to do with his ex. 
She sighed and adjusted the strap of her purse. “Let’s go then.”
Tumblr media
He went over all the final details on the Uber ride to the restaurant. Things about his ex he thought Y/N should know about. And he made sure she knew, for about the hundredth time, that she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to. And she reminded him for an equal amount of times that she never did anything she didn’t want to do. So, settling that, he helped her out of the back of the Uber when they arrived and opened the door to the restraint for her as well. Everything that she’d expect from a normal date, which only left her disappointed when she reminded herself it wasn’t.
She waited quietly, and tried to catch her nerves, while Adam talked to the hostess and gave her his ex’s name for the reservation. The place was packed and anyone who didn’t call ahead surely would not be getting a table tonight. She’d never been out on Valentine’s Day, though, so it was like stepping into a brand new world for her. And as she followed both the hostess and Adam, she paid more attention to all the couples enjoying their meals than anything else.
Except for when he reached back and grabbed her hand, entwining their fingers just before they came to a stop. She blinked her eyes at their hands for just a moment before he gently pulled her around next to him. And whatever way she’d felt about holding Adam’s hand went right out the window when she locked eyes with Harry.
Shit, shit, shit.
The last thing she expected to find, while Laura, the gorgeous blonde ex-girlfriend, stood to hug Adam, was Harry fucking Styles. And what a fucking coincidence it was, almost as if this was her karma for feeling the need to constantly help people. 
Adam’s hand slipped from hers but she didn’t even notice it anyway. She and Harry still stared each other down and neither of them moved a muscle either. Well, besides the one in his jaw as it tightened. Then he did move, glancing over at Adam with a blank expression before landing his gaze back on her again. And then his eyes fell to the glass of water in front of him and she felt like she’d been released from chains he’d tied around her wrists.
“This is Y/N,” Adam’s hand went to the small of her back, guiding her forward to meet his ex-girlfriend and Harry’s current… whatever they were. 
Laura held out her hand, her smile a little too forced. “Laura. It’s nice to meet you. Please, sit.” She ushered them to the table as she took her spot beside Harry again. Adam, of course, took the chair opposite Laura, which left Y/N in the one opposite Harry. 
This would be a long, hellish night.
She couldn’t help but wonder what Harry was thinking. That maybe she’d come to crash his date. Or, even worse, that he’d already figured the whole thing out. That Adam was paying her to be here. She really hoped he’d never find out because it was just embarrassing enough to make her want to change her name and move across the country, thousands of miles away from him. Harry finding out that she couldn’t get a real date to save her life… beyond humiliating.
“This is Harry.” Laura motioned to him and he just barely lifted his gaze, nodding at Adam and ignoring Y/N entirely. “You know,” the blonde went on, glancing between Adam and Y/N, “I was a little shocked when you told me you were seeing someone again.”
Adam just shrugged.
“How did you guys meet?” 
Y/N left all the talking to him. Mostly because she was still in shock that she was sitting across from Harry. And she hadn’t even taken the time to properly take him in and realized he’d also changed his clothes since work. Swapping his wardrobe out for a fitted black button-up, that wasn’t buttoned all the way to the top as his shirts normally were. The sleeves were already rolled to his elbows. He’d shaved off the scruff along his jaw as well and fixed his hair so that it was combed back out of his face, although a a couple rebellious strands hung down onto his forehead. He looked… like absolute perfection. And he was being forced to be on a date with the ex-boyfriend of the girl he was seeing and his annoying co-worker. She felt terrible for him.
“Oh, uh, well we live on the same floor.”
Laura nodded, clearly anticipating more. “Is that it?”
Y/N felt Adam tense up beside her and so she took over, easily spinning a lie. “I ran out of milk one night a few weeks ago. He’s the only one who answered the door.”
She noticed a flash of movement in her peripheral and turned to find Harry’s gaze on her again, one eyebrow lifted curiously. He was either wondering how she hid it so well, or trying to figure out what to ask in order to reveal their ploy. He never said anything, though.
“Sorry, um,” Laura’s tone changed as she glanced between Harry and Y/N, both of them looking away when the other girl interrupted. “Do you two know each other?”
Harry grinned, sitting back against his seat and folding his hands in his lap. “Something like that.”
Y/N rolled her eyes. “We work together.”
“Really?” Although her tone said otherwise, Laura’s face said everything about how she felt upon hearing that bit of information. 
Adam twisted his worrisome gaze to Y/N, but she ignored it. Harry, however, did not.
“Don’t worry, mate. I was under the impression she was celibate up until now.” With that, Y/N kicked him under the table and he sat forward to swallow the groan that very nearly left his lips after she’d jabbed him in the shin with the toe of her heels. “Guess she’s really good at hiding things, though.”
Adam just chuckled nervously and Y/N shot him an apologetic smile, trying to reassure him that this date would still work out despite Harry. 
“What a small world.” Laura laughed, trying to break the tension but dinner hadn’t even started yet. 
Tumblr media
Sometime during the main course, Laura excused herself to the bathroom and Y/N almost, in a desperate attempt to flee both Adam and Harry, invited herself along. But she figured it’d be worse to be alone with Laura than with them. Laura might ask questions she wasn’t prepared for. So, she stayed put, as much as it pained her to do so.
“So, Adam, what do you do for a living?” Harry asked suddenly and she wanted to kick him again. Mostly because his tone was that of a jealous teenager and he’d waited until Laura was gone to pester her ex-boyfriend who most certainly did not deserve Harry’s pestering.
“Oh, uh, I’m an artist. I work for an animation studio at the moment but I’m trying to get into freelance.”
Harry’s eyes shot to the suspiciously quiet girl sitting across from him. “So is Y/N.”
Adam turned to look at her, but she just glared at Harry. “Oh, I didn’t know that.”
Harry titled his head as he narrowed his attention in on Adam again. “So you’ve known her for a few weeks and you never asked what she did?”
“Harry.” Y/N warned, trying to kick him under the table again but he dodged out of the way.
“Well… she said she was in graphic design… not art.” She had told him that, during their crash course yesterday while they got to know as much as they could about each other in a span of a couple hours.
“I think it’s the same thing.”
Adam just shrugged. “I guess. I don’t think I could be a designer, though. Most artists make what they think looks good, designers create things to appeal to customers.”
“Just ignore him.” Y/N advised and Harry was the one shooting her daggers and attempting to stomp his foot on top of hers under the table this time.
“You and Laura used to date then? She never told me how you split up.” Harry moved on.
Adam swallowed nervously. “She broke up with me.”
“Why?” Harry pushed and Y/N looked at him like she wanted to kill him, which he ignored.
“I, uh… I had a drug problem for a while. I was not the best person to be around sometimes. But after we broke up, she helped me with rehab and everything.”
“Guess that explains why you’re on such good terms.”
Now Y/N really wanted to do more than just kick him. 
Adam grabbed Y/N’s hand under the table and pulled her straight from her violent thoughts about Harry. And he didn’t lace his fingers between hers, instead, it felt as if he had just been looking for something to ground himself with. And her hand resting on her lap was the closest thing he could find. It didn’t, however, go unnoticed by Harry and his jaw clenched as he stared at the point in the table where, just below, there their hands met almost as if he was trying to set everything on fire.
Laura returned shortly after that. 
Tumblr media
As promised, Adam paid the entirety of both his and Y/N’s bill, even though she attempted to snag it from him, seeing as the date had gone to shit and it was all her fault. Well… maybe it was also Harry’s fault a little bit too. But she definitely did nothing to make Laura jealous. Adam, on the other hand, did a great job at making Harry jealous just by existing and being Laura’s ex, whom she was still friends with. 
The four of them stood outside on the curb awaiting their Uber after dinner was over, agreeing upon splitting one car to get to the party instead of taking two. Laura was apparently very cautious about fossil fuel consumption.
Y/N shivered as she stood between Adam and Laura, wishing she’d bright a jacket instead of relying on a long-sleeve dress to keep her warm. Then an arm wrapped around her shoulders and Adam pulled her close, running his hand up and down her arm to form heat. She tensed up, though, forming into an immovable brick. She had no idea the last time she’d been that close to another person, let alone a member of the opposite sex. When he felt her go rigid, he leaned down until his lips were at her ear. “Is this okay?”
She just nodded and tried to relax. Which turned out to be quite easy because Adam was warm and he smelled nice. She, of course, didn’t let her mind wander off too far. He was still in love with his ex. He’d still shove cash into her hand at the end of the night for her troubles and go on with his life.
Adam let go of her when the car pulled up and quickly went to the passenger door to confirm with the driver. Then he opened the back door for the three of them to climb in, Laura going first, then Harry, and, at last, Y/N, while Adam slipped into the front seat beside the driver.
While the car took off, Y/N was shoved into the corner when Harry moved closer to her in order to find both his and Laura’s seat buckles in the dark. Eventually, he settled back into the middle and gave her some space again. When she made no move to do the same as them, Harry turned to look down at her. 
“Put your seatbelt on.” He whispered.
Her eyes whirled up to his. Wordlessly, and of course after rolling her eyes, she grabbed her seatbelt and he made room for her to buckle it in. Then she sat back in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest while she stared out at the traffic through her window.
She would have stayed in that exact position the entire trip, too, if Harry’s knee didn’t insist on bumping into hers constantly. And she couldn’t tell if he was doing it on purpose or not.
When she glanced up at him, and found the corner of his lips curl upward, she figured it was, in fact, purposeful. So, with the hand closest to him as her arms were still crossed, she poked him in the side, right against his ribs, hoping it hurt.
“Ouch.” He whined, covering the spot with his hand dramatically. Everyone in the car glanced at Harry, all except for Y/N who snickered as she returned to staring out the window.
Harry wasn’t giving up, though. This time, with his arms crossed in his lap, and glancing at Laura to be sure she wasn’t watching, he walked his pointer and middle finger up the outside of Y/N’s thigh, close enough to her hip to make her squirm slightly when his touch tickled her. And as soon as he got her attention, he looked down at what he was doing and pressed his middle finger against her, meeting her gaze with a smirk.
In the same moment, the driver turned up the music in the car as they waited tirelessly at a red light. It was better than silence or listening to his passengers breathing. But Harry mentally thanked him and turned his attention back to Y/N, leaning into her slightly until his lips were at her ear and she shivered for an all new reason.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a dress before.” He whispered for her ears only. The music was especially loud in the back and he wasn’t sure Y/N had even heard him.
Especially since she didn’t respond right away. But how could she? Harry’s fingertips were still grazing her thigh, as if trying to emphasize the dress she had on. And his stupid knee was pressed right up against hers. She couldn’t think straight.
Though when she finally turned to him and whispered back, “Don’t get used to it,” he knew she had, in fact, heard him well enough. 
He leaned again, “Afraid I already am.” 
She hated that there were butterflies in her stomach. That he was saying such odd things to her when his date was sitting just on the other side of him. The date who most definitely met all Harry’s standards.
Huddling away from him, she stuck her eyes out the window and kept them there the rest of the trip.
Tumblr media
It was just past eight when they arrived, a fifteen-minute trip up through the city taking half an hour due to all the Valentine’s Day traffic. Another reason she hated this holiday.
The party was being held by Laura’s best friend, who’s name Y/N did not care to commit to memory. In the elevator ride up to the penthouse, though, Harry stood close to Laura, his arm wrapped around her waist and Adam to Y/N, although he didn’t touch her. She wouldn’t have minded if he did, but she figured it was best to keep those boundaries in place anyway.
Pink and golden balloons littered the ceilings of the penthouse. The drink cups were also pink, as was the communal punch bowl that Y/N steered clear of, having no idea what was in it, or who had already spiked it. She knew nobody at the party besides who she’d come with, though she assumed both Adam and Harry were somewhat acquainted with Laura’s friends. 
It was most definitely not someplace Y/N ever saw herself being at, not only because it was a Valentine’s themed party, but also because she wasn’t exactly comfortable around so many people. Especially when those people were all so unfamiliar to her.
“Here,” Adam handed her a drink and then grabbed one for himself. She downed the thing in one go, needing to take the edge off. It might’ve been a slight mistake when the alcohol burned the back of her throat, but she didn’t care too much when she grabbed another.
Then he was leading her into the dancing pit of bodies where they huddled close enough so that his lips were at her ear. “Is it alright if I touch you?”
She glanced over at where Laura and Harry had been left, finding both her hazel eyes and Harry’s green ones glued to the both of them. She wasn’t sure what Harry’s deal was, but this was her moment to fix things and make Laura jealous, so, turning back to Adam, she nodded.
He eased his hands onto her waist as they began swaying to the music. And then he pulled her closer, his hands slipping to the small of her back as her arms wrapped around his neck, being careful with her own movements even though she desperately wanted to sink her hands in his hair.
And, god, he smelled so good as her head rested in the crook of his neck. And he felt good, too, as he moved against her body. She knew it wasn’t real, and that the alcohol was making skewing her perception of things, but it was still nice. Nice to be held and to just let go for a change.
Over Adam’s shoulder, Y/N caught Harry’s eyes again. His jaw clenched and he looked the same as he did back at the restaurant. Angry. And then she realized that maybe she wasn’t really trying to make Laura jealous anymore at all, but rather Harry.
It was dumb, she knew that. He’d have to like her in order for her to make him jealous. But… the way he was looking at her. The way he had looked at her. His eyes lingering too long on her lips. What he’d done in the car ride here. 
She heard Adam in her ear again. “I think it’s working. She just stormed off into the kitchen.” Then he pulled away and she realized she hadn’t even seen Laura. Just Harry. Harry and his stupid, obnoxious green eyes.
“You owe me more than just dinner.” Y/N teased but Adam grew serious.
“I know. And since you refuse to accept my money, I’ll have to figure out another way to repay you.” He smiled and then twirled her around so that she no longer had any line of sight toward Harry. He pulled her close again, one hand going to her waist while the other stayed locked to one of hers. “Suppose I could start with making your coworker just as jealous… although I think he already is.”
Confusion flooded her features as she peered up at him. 
“Oh, come on! He was ready to rip my head off when he realized I’d grabbed your hand. And when I put my arm around you? I thought I might be better off just giving you my jacket and freezing to death instead.”
“I don’t…” she shook her head in disbelief. It was one thing for her to be pretending to make Harry jealous in some delusional hope that it’d work. But this… this was a whole other thing.
“I’m actually quite interested to see what he does if I kissed you.”
She was shocked at first and then, possibly due to the alcohol, just as interested. “Are you asking my permission?”
“Are you saying yes?”
Y/N hesitated. “Is she back?”
Adam’s eyes scanned the room and Y/N realized he hadn’t asked to kiss her for Laura’s sake at all.
“She is.” He finally announced. 
Without any more second guessing, Y/N’s hand slipped to the back of his neck and pulled him in. As soon as their lips collided and she tasted the alcohol on him, she knew that she’d never agreed to this without it. Or maybe she would. Adam spun them back around again, deepening the kiss as her eyes opened and fell into the direction she’d last seen Harry.
He was still there.
Still watching.
His hands in fists. His jaw tightened into a crisp line. His nostrils flared. His eyes… sad.
She pulled away. Adam steadied her, grabbing her shoulders when she swayed. But, as she caught her breath, the dizziness went away. 
“I’m going to find the bathroom.” She told him and after he nodded, she left, forming a rift for herself through the bodies that danced all around them until she was in the clear. Then she was avoiding Harry as she walked past him, not so sure his gaze was still set on her. Maybe she’d gone too far. She didn’t often just kiss people for no good reason and that’s exactly what she’d just done with Adam. She barely even knew him.
She didn’t exactly need the bathroom, just an open, empty and quiet place. And so, she fell back against a wall in the foyer and ran a hand through her hair.
“That was quite the show.”
She startled at the sound of his familiar voice and looked up just as he stopped a few feet away from her. “What are you talking about?”
He lifted a brow. “You expect me to believe that that you, anti everything to do with this holiday and with relationships and romance, are actually dating that guy?”
“Is it that hard to believe?” She crossed her arms, willing to go as far as she needed to before she let Harry see the truth. That she was that pathetic. 
“Yes.” He didn’t even hesitate to respond and she flinched.
“Well, I’m sorry that you have a hard time believing that someone may actually like me.” She had no reason to nearly be shouting at him and no reason to be saying what she was because Adam didn’t like her.
“That’s not what I said. It’s hard for me to believe you just dropped all your ideas about relationships for some guy with obnoxious blue eyes.”
“I didn’t.”
“So then what is this?”
Y/N hesitated. Hating that the truth was about to boil over out of her mouth for him to see all the embarrassing bits of it, but she had no other way of convincing him. And it didn’t really help that Adam was so far out of her league that it wasn’t even convincing to begin with. Nor did she want to convince Harry of anything either. It was clear now that he hadn’t been jealous, he was just trying to figure out when she stopped hating relationships so much.
And the truth of that was she never really hated them. It was just easier telling herself she didn’t want it than admitting no one ever actually wanted her.
She trembled, not even sure why, but he was making her incredibly nervous, so much that she wished she could rewind and stay squished next to him in the back of the car forever. Being that close to him... his stupid fingers on her thigh, whispering things in her ear that made her head spin. She’d much prefer that than standing in front of him now, seeing every ounce of judgment he was about to throw her way.
“What do you want me to say, Harry?” She shrugged and dropped her eyes to the white marble floors between them, focusing on calming her anxiety while she was no longer looking at him. “He needed a date and I felt bad for him.”
“What does that mean?”
Letting her head fall back against the wall, she stared up at the ceiling this time as her eyes burned with embarrassment. “He paid me to be his date so his ex-girlfriend didn’t find out he wasn’t actually seeing anyone. That’s what it means.”
Harry didn’t say anything.
“So, yeah.” She folded her arms, looking down at the floor again, still unable to meet Harry’s eyes and see the look that would be on his face. A smirk of amusement at her expense. Even probably his dimples, taunting her and turning her into the joke she already was. “You were right. I can’t find anyone to tolerate me, which is why I’m on this stupid date that isn’t even real.”
“Him kissing you seemed quite real to me.”
There was more exasperation than humor to her laugh. “It wasn’t.”
Harry seemed to finally understand. “He’s trying to make Laura jealous.”
Y/N just nodded. “I promise I didn’t know you were going to be there, that he was trying to get her back from you.”
“You still kissed him though.”
She couldn’t argue that, nor could she tell him the real reason she’d agreed to the kiss. That it wasn’t exactly Laura she was trying to make jealous. She’d never live that one down, if she ever managed to live any other aspect of this night down.
When she didn’t say anything, he stepped closer. “Why did you kiss him?”
“I’m sorry, Harry I just... I don’t know.”
He shook his head and took another step, making her eyes widen when he was close enough that she had to crane her head back to meet his gaze. “Seemed like you were trying to make me jealous.”
She swallowed, not exactly in the position to laugh it off and argue with him when he was this close and all she could feel were the traces of his fingertips on her thigh. Her voice was quiet when it finally came out. “Making you jealous would mean I assumed you liked me in the first place... which I’m definitely not stupid enough to assume.”
A crease formed between his brow and his stupidly perfect jaw hardened as if he was biting his tongue from saying something. And fuck him for choosing then to finally stop opening his mouth.
Just then, a pair of drunk guys, one on the other’s back, came racing through the foyer, screaming at the top of their lungs while a few others followed quickly after them. It was enough to force Harry away from Y/N again, enough for the both of them to step out of the little bubble they’d been in together the past ten minutes.
Once they were alone again, their eyes gravitated toward each other and just when she thought Harry might say something after all, he flipped around on his heel and left. And she watched as he turned the corner and mixed back into the party.
After a few moments to gather herself, she followed him, not exactly sure what she was going to do now that Harry wouldn’t talk to her and it felt weird being with Adam while Harry knew everything. But, whatever plans to keep herself occupied no longer matted when she spotted Laura.
Making out with Adam in the middle of the room. 
Without even thinking, she turned to locate Harry and he might as well have been a source of gravity because her eyes fell right to him within a second. And he was watching them too. He knew. 
He met Y/N’s eyes and she wasn’t quite sure if he was upset or not. She couldn’t really read anything on his face, and stopped attempting to when he moved towards her and she had other things on her mind, like where he was going and if he was going to bother taking her with him.
Shortly after he stormed past Y/N she made sure he wasn’t going to leave her behind and chased after him. She didn’t know Adam very well and definitely not Laura to want to stay with them. And everyone else in the room were complete strangers to her. Adam had promised he’d take her home, but he probably hadn’t expected to be making out with his ex by the end of the night, either.
Harry didn’t say anything, not even when they’d reached the foyer and Y/N asked where he was going. He just located his jacket and slipped it on before making his way out the front door.
And right when she thought he really was going to leave her behind, since she was the reason he’d just lost Laura to her ex, he held the door open and glanced over his shoulder at her while she still stood on the other side of the threshold.
“Are you staying?”
Without a word, she sprung into motion and trailed right behind him into the hallway like a lost puppy, letting the door shut behind her that cut them off from the music as it faded into the background behind them.
It was a silent trip down the elevator, mostly because she had no idea what to say that would sound sincere and he didn’t say anything at all. At least not until she followed him through the lobby until he stopped on the curb just outside the main doors.
She took up the spot next to him, eyes glued to the side of his face as he took in a deep breath of fresh air, or at least as fresh as traffic allowed it to be.
Then he spoke, and it seemed like the first time she’d heard his voice all night. “I’m the one who gave you the chocolates and the frog.”
She narrowed her eyes, both not exactly sure why he’d just said that or if he was even being serious. “What?”
He looked down at her. “It wasn’t Andrew, it was me.”
“Why?” She breathed and while she was positive she’d be freezing cold soon, the fresh air after being surrounded by so many people felt good. It felt freeing and she wondered if he felt that way too.
His eyes scanned hers before he looked away. “Well partly to apologize for what I said.”
“What’s the other part?”
Sighing, he turned his entire body to face her now. “Something else entirely…” He trailed off, only confusing her more as he stuffed his hands into his pockets and stared at his feet. “I didn’t tell you because I know you don’t like all this stuff, but seeing you with him tonight... I wish I had.” 
“It’s not that big of a deal. It’s just a frog.”
He shook his head, grinning. “It’s not just a frog, Y/N... because the thing is,” he paused to catch his breath, “I’ve been in love with you for... a really long time… since last spring. But with you being the way that you are, I never thought you’d feel the same way.”
She opened her mouth and then closed it.
“And then you come in with that guy and...” He pulled his fingers through his hair. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more jealous in my life... because all this time I thought you weren’t interested in relationships, but you just weren’t interested in me.”
Inhaling, she summoned every ounce of courage she could fathom. “You were right about why I kissed Adam.” He lifted a brow, waiting for her elaboration which never came. “You were right about other things, too. I wish I had someone to come home to almost every single night I got to bed alone. No one—“ She cut herself off, trembling again as tears stung her eyes. “I pretend not to be interested so I can ignore the fact that no one’s ever wanted me.”
“That’s not true.” He had that same look on his face as before, when she’d told him she wasn’t stupid enough to think he liked her.
She just nodded. “And I’m sorry but... why would you want me when you could have someone like Laura?”
“Y/N...” He huffed and stepped closer to her, the heat from his body making her shiver. “This is not the first time I started seeing someone to get over you... in fact, all my relationships since I met you have been shit.”
“Why didn’t you just tell me?”
“Well you’re very anti-relationships so I think I was justified in wanting to avoid you rejecting me… especially since we work together and it would have been really awkward.”
“I don’t, uh... I...” She stammered, not really sure what to say to him even though her heart was screaming at her in full volume. 
He held his breath and then, in almost a whisper, “Is this the inevitable rejection?”
“No.” She didn’t even hesitate that time and at this point, her mind no longer controlled the words coming out of her mouth as she let another organ finally speak for itself. “No, I liked you the second I saw you, Harry... and at no point tonight was I ever trying to make Laura jealous.”
The corners of his mouth began to curl into a smile. “That was very cruel of you to do to me.”
“I didn’t think you liked me at all twenty minutes ago, Harry.”
“Twenty minutes ago,” he fully invaded all of her space now, leaving the smallest gap between their bodies as he could get away with, lifting his hand to her jaw and rubbing his thumb over her cheek. “I was still on this date with the wrong person.” 
“I think the date is over now.”
“No,” his eyes fell to her lips just like they had before. “It’s not.” 
“You’re looking at me like that again.” She mumbled, out of breath.
He lifted a brow and didn’t once remove his eyes from her lips. “Like what?”
“Like…” she trailed off, not having the courage to say it in case she wasn’t right. 
“Like I’ve wanted to kiss you for a very long time and I’m tired of pretending?” 
“Something like that, yeah.”
He grinned, both of his dimples making an appearance just before he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers. And once her brain realized what was happening, she sunk right into him, letting his arm wrap around her waist as his other hand tangled its way into her hair to bring her closer. She threw her arms over his shoulders and he hunched lower to meet her. She staggered back a step when he did, nearly losing her balance but he caught her instantly and then drew his lips back as he laughed.
“This is not how I expected tonight to end.” She couldn’t help but think the way he struggled to catch his breath was possibly the hottest he’d ever been. Not to mention the tiny bit of her lipstick smeared on his face. She could look at him just the way he was right there and then for days and be perfectly satisfied.
“It doesn’t have to end yet.” She fully blamed her sudden burst of confidence on the cold, but refreshing February night. And maybe she also just wanted to get out of it before it caught up to her and she would, yet again, regret not having a jacket.
“Oh?” She wanted to smack the mischievous smirk off his face and leave him there on the curb. “And here I thought you were a prude.”
“You thought a lot of things about me that weren’t true, Harry.”
He thought about that for a moment and after realizing she was right, he then wondered just how wrong he was when he’d called her celibate. “I suppose… I’d quite like to find out just how wrong I was.” He slipped a loose strand of her hair back behind her ear, which is where his lips ended up as he whispered softly, “And I’d also quite like to show you just how wrong you were about me not liking you.”
Tumblr media
They stumbled into her bedroom in the dark, Pretzel racing out between their twisted feet in a hurry, screeching at them in the process. Harry giggled against her lips, “Your cat sounds friendly.” 
“Well, since I was supposed to be spending tonight with her, and chocolate, and anti-romantic movies…” She pulled away from him, watching as his smile spread further. Maybe she could actually believe he’d been in love all this time. 
“Right… I’d be upset too.” 
She shook her head and kissed him again, then pulled back a second later. “You know that’s not actually what I do on Valentine’s Day.”
He lifted a brow and waited for her to explain but she didn’t.
“And what is it that you do, then?” He finally asked, curiosity getting the best of him, although he had some inkling as to what she was talking about.
Her smile was devoid of innocence as her hands fell to his belt. Harry’s shirt had already been lost to the kitchen floor. Her dress hardly covering what it was supposed to once Harry had gotten his hands on it. 
“Maybe you’ll get to find out.” 
When she brought her lips back to his, after undoing the buckle just under his navel, he spun them around and led her backwards to the bed. He wasn’t sure how far it was, but hoped he was headed in the right direction. And because of that, when her knees did finally bend over the mattress, he practically came flying down on top of her. 
She squirmed out from under him, crawling back towards the pillows as she watched him at the end of the bed while he stood and removed his belt completely, trying not to drool at the sight of him. At the sight of Harry, her fucking annoying ass, perfect, beautiful, coworker standing shirtless at the end of her bed where he was also about to be…
He pushed his trousers down off his hips and they fell to the floor with ease, almost with the same amount of ease that her eyes fell to the tight boxer-briefs he wore underneath. She swallowed as he adjusted the waistband back into place, quite certain that, even in the low light, her eyes were not deceiving her.
The bed shifted at her feet as he joined her, and then it took all her willpower to not fling herself at him as he crawled up the length of her. As he settled himself between her thighs and she felt every last, very hard, inch of him pressed against her. She couldn’t be blamed for the whining moan that she let out in his ear as his lips became familiar with the shape and taste of her neck. She also couldn’t be blamed when her hips instinctively collided with his.
He just giggled again and shook his head, the loose strands of his curls tickling her forehead. “Easy now.” He warned in a hushed mumble, his lips vibrating right against the vein in her neck that pulsed so much faster the more his free hand began to wander up underneath her dress.
He left her speechless for multiple reasons, but the main one was when she felt his fingers tracing down her thigh and then, moments later, after he shifted his weight and used his knees to keep her legs open, she sucked in a breath of air as she felt him pressed against her clit, forcing her nails to dig into his back but he didn’t seem to mind.
Coming back down to kiss her, he began moving his hand in expert little circles, grinning against her mouth every time her body begged him for more. It wasn’t long that he complied, either, when he sat back on his knees between her legs and tugged her underwear off for good, throwing it to the depths of her bedroom floor. He wouldn’t have known where they landed even if he tried because his gaze belong to her only as he lowered himself to his elbows before her, kissing his way up her thighs until he reached her center.
When she squirmed away from him, he wrapped his arms around her thighs and pressed his hands into her hips after gently moving her dress out of the way. 
“You know when we used to stay late at the office working?” He asked suddenly and the heat of his voice against her made her squirm again, but he held on tight. “And you would get sick of sitting in an office chair and made me promise not to tell Jim when you sat on his desk instead?” She had no clue where he was going with it, but still, she nodded. “Every single time I turned to look at you, I thought about doing this.” Before she could get words out or even a coherent thought, she felt his tongue on her. And this time when she jerked against him, she nearly slipped out of his hold until he grabbed her again and pulled her back down, digging himself further into her as she struggled to breathe properly.
She dug her fingers into his hair when he brought her close to the edge and showed no mercy. And somehow, she’d managed to get the sole of her foot up onto his shoulder in order to kick him away, but it didn’t matter much because he never budged. Not that she wanted him to, but he just felt so good… 
“Harry!” She shouted, pulling at his hair and making matters worse for herself when he moaned against her sensitive bundle of nerves. He let her come, never once lifting his mouth from her even as her hips jerked off the mattress and she very nearly pulled his hair out. When she stopped screaming, her voice caught in her throat because she was lost to her own orgasm, is when he lifted his mouth, replaced it with his fingers and watched her as she came down. As her eyes fluttered shut and her chest heaved, her lungs struggling to get oxygen back into her system. Her hold on him loosened as she came undone around him, melting into his hands it seemed like.
And when he began rubbing his index and middle finger into her, once she was far and beyond overstimulated, and he knew that, she reached down with a whine and grabbed his wrist with what little strength she had in her and pulled him away. His hand fell to the other side of her hip, which he used to his advantage to pull himself up over her again, his other hand taking her dress with it until he was able to tug it over her head and toss it. Then he came back down to kiss her, letting her taste herself on her lips. He rubbed his thumb across her cheek and when he pulled away, found her looking at him finally. Although it was with heavy lids as she still struggled to regain her bearings.
Before they could get much further, a loud crashing sound from the other room made both of them nearly jump out of their skin. She shot up instantly, grabbing hold of Harry’s bicep before moving him out of the way and sliding off the edge of the bed. 
“It’s just the cat.” Harry would have probably said the same thing even if it was not just the cat, he’d say anything just to get her to stay with him.
“I know but it sounded like…” her voice trailed off as her feet hit the floor and the moment she went to stand on her own two legs, her knees buckled. He reached to grab her waist but she righted herself before he could. She didn’t see the way he hid his cheeky smirk at the fact that he’d been so good, she was still dizzy.
“You good?” He asked as she stumbled her way into a shirt. With only a groan in response, and what he was sure was her middle finger, she left him alone in her bed to investigate the noise. Sighing, he laid on his back and got comfortable amongst her pillows. And after about three minutes, decided to locate the remote to her TV to entertain himself. 
He flipped onto his side and felt around her bedside table, but his fingers never landed on anything remote-like. So, frustrated, he reached up and switched the lamp on. Again, he found nothing. Looking further, he realized the table had a drawer and so he pulled it open in hopes of finding the damned remote before she got back. 
But what he found instead was so much better than turning on late night news.
“Fucking cat knocked over my vase.” Y/N was back within ten minutes. Harry had left the light on, but made sure it wasn’t obvious he’d gone snooping into her drawer, at least not yet anyway. She crawled back into bed beside him and it was then he noticed the bandage on her thumb.
“Are you alright?” He forgot all about what he planned to tease her with when he gently grabbed her hand to inspect the damage.
“Yeah. I was in a bit of hurry trying to clean up the glass…” 
Harry rolled his eyes and dropped her hand. “I would have come help you.”
She just smiled up at him as he fit his arm around her shoulders, his bicep under her neck. “That’s alright.”
He shrugged. “It was for the best anyways that I didn’t.” When he smirked, she narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him.
“And why’s that?”
She followed his other hand as he reached for something and then, moments later, it reappeared with a very familiar pink object clutched in his grasp. “Because then I wouldn’t have found this.”
Her first reaction was to pry it from his snooping fingers, but when she reached across him to grab it, he way too easily held her back and, at the same time, held it far out of her reach. 
“So this is what you do on Valentine’s Day, then?” He flicked his wrist back and forth, waving her vibrator in the air as he taunted her.
“If you don’t give that back to me,” she reached for it again to no prevail, “you won’t be doing anything, least of all, me.”
He clicked his tongue. “Why would I give it back when I plan on using it?”
She froze and he chuckled at her reaction.
“Would be rude of me to break your traditions, wouldn’t it?” 
She swallowed, her eyes slowly meeting his again. The appearance of his right dimple told her he wasn’t playing any games. She had no idea how many times he planned to make her come tonight or whether or not she’d even be able to walk tomorrow at work. But, given the stupid look on his face, she almost began making plans to call out sick instead.
“Do you actually know how to use that thing?” She finally asked, glancing at the wand still held very firmly in his hand.
He looked at her like she was crazy moments before he pivoted and pinned her onto her back, settling himself into the position they’d been in before the interruption of the cat. 
Just, this time… he was clicking on her vibrator and watching her face as she began to regret her words. 
“‘Course I know how to use it. The real question is,” he brought his lips to her ear, the soft vibrations and the sound of his voice mixing together like sin itself. Even more so when he nipped at her earlobe. “Do you know how to handle it?”
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sugarfairychan · a month ago
Yandere Nobility Cult AU but make it BNHA
Exactly what the title says. I’m taking my vague Nobility Cult AU headcanons and turning it into a BNHA AU.
Bakugo is the son of Marquise Mitsuki and her husband, Viscount Masaru. He is set to inherit both fortunes. Marquise Mitsuki has made her fortune out of designing fashionable dresses and accessories for noble ladies and noblemen, as well, and has many mines across the empire, the most notable ones being sapphires and rubies. Her tea parties are considered to be the best of all noble ladies and she’s the one who starts the next trends because whatever marquise Mitsuki wears, everyone else will.
Izuku is the son of a struggling Viscountess who, by some stroke of luck, managed to obtain Duke Toshinori as his benefactor and rose to the rank of a Marquis — much to Bakugo’s dismay and rage. Their mothers are besties and in every tea party, Viscountess Inku is always in attendance. 
Shoto is the son of Duke Enji and is set to inherit everything from him, yet is constantly a thorn in his side. He rarely attends parties and focuses on his swordsmanship. The Todoroki family are protectors of the southern borders and each successor must be well-versed in swordsmanship. Shoto spends his days riding his horse, sparring and reading. He doesn’t enjoy the crude noble society and their snake-ish ways. He’ll let his father deal with that and after an arranged marriage has been set, his wife can deal with that. 
Ochako is the daughter of a struggling baron on the verge of bankruptcy. She wishes to enter high society and pretty much “level up” their noble title. They live like commoners and she can only dream about pretty gowns and dresses and tea parties with her friends in greenhouses. 
Tenya and Momo both come from prestigous Duke families, and most of the time, these two are always seen in attendance at parties. They are not “friends” but they are comfortable enough in each other’s presence to have a friendly chat. Momo would say that she was closer to Shoto than she was Tenya, but then again, Enji has been trying to set them up together, for the power the two families combined would have would be astronomical. Of course, Momo understands that Shoto does not want this so her family has pretty much restricted all comments on marriage between the two families. 
Kaminari comes from a Count’s house and is close friends with Count’s son Kirishima. These two are always together, always. If you didn’t know their names, you wouldn’t be able to figure out which mansion was their actual home because whenever you’d show up to one mansion, you’d find both of them, and if you showed up to the other mansion-- again, they were both together. They are Bakugo’s little enterouge and are the only reasons he’s attending parties (he’d like to think that, but really, his mother is too scary to say “no” to. Especially not when it comes to her brand image and reputation).
And where do you come in, my sweet Y/N?
Well, you are the daughter of a Count who just so happens to catch their eyes. You were the one of the first ones to befriend Ochako and she fell hopelessly in love with you and also, your money. You find her absolutely adorable, esepcially when she faints at the sight of your beautifully decorated room. You like her reactions when you spoil her, give her gifts and take her out to cake, and she, in turn, worships you. She worships the ground you walk on and is always by your side. She’ll defend you from everyone, hang out with you at a moment’s notice, does everything to please you. Hell, she’ll even eat dirt if you ask her. She will. Don’t doubt she won’t.
You had been acquainted with both Bakugo and Midoriya as a child, your mothers all close friends, and though you grew distant while growing up (you all had your own responsibilities), the next time they saw you at the Founder’s ball, it was like clock-work and they were falling all over again. Like clock-work, the minute Kaminari and Kirishima set their eyes on you, they were all over you,  bright smiles and grins spread so wide, it almost seemed unhinged.
Momo befriended you at a tea party hosted by Marquise Mitsuki. She remembered you as the one with the guard-dog baron’s daughter and was quite interested in what made that girl so infatuated and obsessed with you. All it took was one conversation and she was smitten, too. Like you did for Ochako, she did the same for you. Momo spoilt you, to a greater degree than you did Ochako. She was the daughter of a Duke, of course. Her wealth was easily tripple yours. 
Of course, this did stir some jealousy in Ochako who only wished she could spoil you like Momo did. And she was quick to strike a deal with Shoto, whom she had met in brief passing once Midoriya had befriended him and invited all his friends (the Dekusquad) over for tea. The deal was to be married together. Ochako would get the Duke’s wealth and influence out of it, and in return, Shoto would be able to defy his father. If they could get Marquise Mitsuki and Duke Toshinori to encourage the marriage, Duke Enji wouldn’t be able to say anything. 
And as soon as their marriage was official, Ochako would be spoiling you like crazy. You wouldn’t need Momo, you’d have her.
Which sounds super duper awesome, except for the fact that Momo is regarded to a high esteem all across different social circles. The most Ochako could do was spend money that didn’t belong to her, but you liked attention, and you liked tea parties. Ochako could only do so much with the title of Duchess Todoroki. Not when Momo would purposefully hold parties on the same day and force others to attend her own. 
Momo dominated the social circle and if Ochako wanted to earn some influence, she would have to work hard and suck-up, but in a Duchess kind of way.
Shoto and Tenya came to know you from the tea party Midoriya held. His baron friend (who they didn’t discriminate) went on and on about you and the deal and that “wretched Momo”, which prompted Midoriya’s heart-felt rant all about the perfection that was you. They were both intrigued and wondered if you were really as perfect as Midoriya described you and it was the first party that Shoto ever willingly attended that he came to know that Midoriya was absolutely right, as he always was, Midoriya would say. 
And bada bing bada boom, they all fell for you.
Following that comes the shit load of drama and possessiveness that whispers dangerous things in their ears. 
“Take her. Snatch her away. Make her yours.”
“Lock her up and don’t let others see her at all.”
"Threaten her parents and their wealth and force her into a marriage. Who cares if she’s sad, at least she’s yours.”
“She’s yours and yours alone. Destroy everyone who tries to take her away.”
And things get a lot worse if some yanderes start to team up. Now, that’s where the ship doesn’t sink but straight up collides into an ice berg and gets ripped apart before you can say, “the unsinkable titanic”. 
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