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#it's smth i wanted to talk about for a while
sofhtie · 2 months ago
lov 2 decide random backstory things
#i’ve needed to figure out why camis never used her legend lore / contact other plane before the campaign for a While#and i think. either she truly just didn’t know enough about magic to know how it worked#or! and what i think is more fun (upsetting)#is that she didn’t Really know how to use it but once when she was younger she tried to contact other plane#she was young and didn’t know how the spell worked and didn’t think better of it. just felt like she could contact smth and wanted to Try#she was probably like. idk Small and her and nephele has heard stories of some fantastical power or smth like that#and she was like oh!! i bet i can talk to it!!! :D#so. she tries it and she fails because of Course she does she doesn’t add Anything to int saves#but she. she started this game with 12hp and probably had less when she was younger#so she was VERY lucky and ‘rolled low’ on the dice#but absolutely went down and barely avoided permakilling herself on accident. and then she couldn’t talk couldn’t understand anything#all of those spell attacks. nearly dying and then being conpetlely incapacitated for an entire day#and i think once she. eventually got in a long rest. nephele made her promise to never try that again#not that she would have anyways#and so for YEARS she didn’t attempt anything beyond the healing stuff. bc if something went wrong again....#and it’s worth it Now. she knows a lot more about magic now she has people who can help her now but.#like 6d6 physic is So Manageable now but then? she probably Should have died#and it’s!! a lot. but fun and fresh and a Good reason for not having used that or legend lore over the years i think :]#crop#dnd hours#the thing is little kids should NOT have access to fifth levels! it’s Bad!
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panvani · 7 months ago
Manga scanlation funtimea
I didn’t realize this was supposed to be abt how we followed each other and thought you were just saying things anyway I think I told you but it was actually Gavriel that got me to look at your blog bc he kept being like wow dirtreally dirtreallly so cool dirtreally adn then I messaged dyou
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hua-fei-hua · a year ago
0: i didn't know you liked spy x family!
i do!!! i’m an absolute sucker for a good shoujo romance, so i’ve been on this ride since chapter two came out!!! :D
#asks#i found it via a popular tumblr post that became popular when chapter two came out#so i'm guessing that's how a lot of people found the manga#but that's how i started looking through the 'recently updated' or 'new series' sections of manga sites#bc i wanted to find more hidden gems like those#and boy have i found a few hidden gems#but the problem with the hidden manga gems is that uhhhh they rarely update bc scanlators have very little demand for them ;w;#it's not like with hidden gem fanfics where you can comment on a chapter or leave a kudos or smth to let the author know people are out the#what i'm saying is someone please translate the next chapter of shiori experience ;___;#it's weird but like really really good!!!#another series i never talk about it actually a korean manhwa called survive as the hero's wife#and every single manga/manhwa abt a girl reincarnating into the villain of an otome game#WANTS what survive as the hero's wife has#and the art improvement is just??? so fucking good??? like it was good from the start#but every chapter that comes out i stop and go 'god that is so beautifully drawn'#the scanlators are looking for typesetters and i've been thinking of joining for a while but#i'd rather join a scanlation group that scanned things from chinese or japanese y'feel?#bc i'm not interested in learning korean to the point where it'd be better than my chinese or japanese#and i'm sure i'd pick some up along the way of being part of a scanlation group#but like damn i just really admire the hella fucking good scanlation work lunalotusscans does like it is some GOURMET SHIT RIGHT THERE#anonymous
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l0vepaint · a year ago
#excuse me while i rant a bit but i'm watching all these minho vids and JTJSFSJKFJSFLJ#i love him so so SO much like really SO MUCH i never loved any human as much as i love him#he just makes me so happy and warm and safe and /alive/ klsjflksj does that make sense#there's times where i feel so dead inside barely any emotions at all and m like okay that's it i'm never feeling anything ever again#but then i see him smiling or doing some cute shit or being funny laughing dancing talking whtghever just him /existing/ skljfks#and i'm like yeah fuck i love this man so much that it even make me tear up i suddenly got so much love in my heart#like for real i legit cry sometimes just bc i love him so much it happens like 80% of the time sjkhs#and it's nice knowing i can actually FEEL rgjhskfsh bc i'm not someone who have so many emotions towards humans#that may sound weird li'e that i can't really explain i just feel i should feel /more/ but maybe it's bc is a diff kind of feeling for him#it just makes me so happy knowing he's out there existing so preciously like this he's such an amazing person#even tho we don't really know him but without even being biased i feel that he's one of the most genuine one like you can#really see he's such a good person?? just looking at his eyes they radiates so much love and warmth and pureness idk tjkhskfs#and he's so inspiring to me which again isn't smth i feel about a lot of people i never really had 'role model' or whatever??#but he makes me want to just be a better and more positive person and do things idk#and let's not talk about how talented he is he just can do anything and he's always improving and working so hard and i'm so proud of him#and i'm so grateful he entered my life i never knew he'd become so important i didn't even pay that much attention to him at first but wow#suddenly it hit me how precious he was and since then i've wanted nothing more but for him to be happy forever he deserves the world#he's my light my north star idk where i'd be without him ig  sometimes i've just kept living to see him smile another day#and gosh i feel like i'm just repeating myself so jhskfhsjk but also i wish i could tell him how much he means to me and how#important he is to so many other people and his existence just bring so much light to people's life??? i hope he knows?????#but even if i get to just see him one day and simply say ily even if it's not much and doesn't even convey all i feel#i'd be happy sjkfhsjfh i really hope i see him in may even from afar#even that would make me so happy just breathing the same air as him and getting to just /see/ him doing what he loves#did i mention how i love seeing him on stage bc he looks the happiest???? skjfhsjfh i could go on forever#omg i didn't intended to write this much and to think i started in all caps at first lmao anyway this is embarrassing bye#i prob reached the limit r.i.p jkfhsjfh it's been so long since i didn't write (almost all) my love for minho and i'm not#doing it anytime soon bc these things embarrass me and i rarely find what to say sjhfs just felt like it now#this isn't even all of it there's so much to say about him but we'll see in 10 years when i write another rant bye
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troofless · 56 minutes ago
 live commenting dump (as suffered by my friend and on twt):
ah reki is voiced by kaminari va houhou.... instant liking point up
can't help but think that langa has yoi victor hair vibes
omg i see a shameless exhibitionist is he the adam ive been hearing abt
oh .... i see a twink. is he adam. he looks like a komaeda slash joshua slash ouma kinda guy
i love kaminari voice hopefully he gets more main roles i normally dont like reki personalities but now i love him
omg adam is so pretentious i hate him immediately but like dio voice his voice is perfect he even has dio fangs
reki prob loses but u know... i want him to win
i wanna see reki winning his skate matches
he's like loud but not in an obnoxious way he actually knows a lot abt skating and gives good advice
also i like that he's cool w shadow even after he lost usually in first epiosde the small fry villain is never seen again so thats nice
why is adam so homoerotic u kno what he reminds me of repressed kid brought up in christian  family
ok miya is cute i thought he was gonna be like the annoying kid but he's cute also cat tail catto instant win
omg shadow ordered ramen for them SHADOW...... SHADOW AND HIS KIDS.......
what the hell is this grown man saying while prancing on a skateboard..... WHAT THE SHIT THEYRE DANCING TOO
IM adam is slowly becoming like the comfort character of the show
why is there a random ass beach episode not that im complaining wholesome beach episode
Tumblr media
omg they're so in sync now besties
sljgladhjgsd langa doing the cross when he opens the toilet door is so funny
oh langa and reki broke up thats so cliche but still sad :(
wait is this gae :sweats: suddenly the mom talk about liking oh she said 'kanojo' she's definitely talking about liking GAE
whos this random harry that appear in the tournament dare da
bruh he gained his motivation back when he saw reki gae
wtf why is adam so creepy spying with a drone thats lowkey yandere vibes sir :tea:
ok im done that was nice adam was pretty good as a villain.... i dont know whats so controversial abt him he didn't kill anyone i thought he ran someone over with a car and injured them or smth :sweat:
anyway adam was pretty cool like he just challenged reki to a beef and then after the end when he lost he was like ‘ogay peace out’ and then went to arrange a funeral suit(????? so he gave up on his love or...????) for his beef with langa
honestly i want adam to beat the shit outta his 3 lesbian aunts and punch all the old diet members into oblivion and then go have his poly party with tadashi and idk cherry and joe
sk8 last episode really said fuck joe cherry adam friendship rights huh
he didn’t even force kiriko out of a job and even promoted her what a chad
when u r brought up literally on the ‘da shi teng ma shi ai’ aka pain = love bullshit and no one understands u bc u push everyone away in fear that they will betray u and not stand up for you (bruh)
sk8 last episode really said not adam acknowledging that his childhood was shit and his aunts are controlling pos who just want to live their life as a politician in the upper world thru him rights huh
but like what the fuck don’t use ur skateboard as a baseball bat that’s just stupid sir :tea:
final ranking of characters:
S tier: Reki (Reki I love you but the only complaint I have is that you didn’t need like. four fucking episodes to get over your inferiority complex when it could have been you out there WINNING BEEFS)
A tier: Adam (BITCH.....), Miya (NEKO..... omg protect this lil shit), Shadow (DAD.... omg protect this big shit), Langa (victor hair vibes and also a good rep of the reticent but passionate abt stuff trope), Joe (FUCK YEAH ABS AND MUSCLES DAD)
B tier: Cherry (yeah your AI gimmick was pretty boring, also CAN YOU DO A PLANK ON A SKATEBOARD HUH CHERRY??), Tadashi (Tadashi should have gotten a beef scene. Him not having one is CRIMINAL.), Oka (for being there and like.... just there)
C tier: -
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luvdsc · 5 hours ago
rn, i’m pretty set with a communications major but i’m just having second thoughts like if it’s gonna be hard to find a job with that major or if it’s gonna one that interests me,, i’m lowkey tempted to go into STEM bc it’s more stable and i’ll fs get a good job with that but i rlly want smth that deals with writing and creativity sighhh
- 🫀
wanna know a secret, lovebug? 💓 a lot of companies won’t care about what major you have, as long as you have a degree. obviously, you can’t suddenly become a plastic surgeon with a graphic design degree, but oftentimes, as long as you have some sort of experience and you’re good at talking (which I assume you would be since you want to do comm! 💘), the company interviewing will like you and they’ll give you a job, and they will teach you how to do your job afterwards. Understandably, someone who does have a degree in that job’s field will have an easier time of getting a job, but it is very possible to get a job in a field you didn’t major in! 💕
I also really struggled with that dilemma though, honey bee, so I totally get it 🤧 I wanted creativity too, but I knew it wouldn’t be the most stable field, and I ultimately went with financial stability. It really comes down to happiness versus finances. There’s no right or wrong answer, you just have to think about what you’re more willing to sacrifice - like maybe you won’t enjoy your job as much, but you’ll have a more lucrative lifestyle, or you will love your job, but will have to cut down on spending and live modestly.
While I went with the financial stability path, I also minored in studio art so that I had something I loved and looked forward to during my time at uni :’) and during my free time now after work, I do art! 💓 so I still spend some time doing what I love, but it’s not the majority of my time 🌼 work isn’t my favorite and is stressful, but I’m getting paid quite well so that helps LOL hopefully that gives you a glimpse of what happens when you choose the “stable” route :’) regarding the other route of doing what you love, i know that Steph chose that route and she adores going to her workplace everyday and doesn’t regret it at all, and tbh I’m lowkey jealous that she has so much fun (and so many dogs djdjdjdkck) at her job 🤧💗
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i unfollowed a while ago and still check ur blog sometimes bc i wish we were still friends but as soon as i unfollowed u made a vague post abt me without ever asking why i unfollowed u just made assumptions that werent tru the reason was simply that while i really like u as a person and the content u create seeing a constant stream of somebody else's mental health wasnt smth i was up for and thats not a u problem thats literally just a me problem that has nothing to do with u but u never gave me the chance to say that and just assumed the worst and idk i just want u to kno that i didnt unfollow bc i dont like u or bc i dont agree with the things u say or bc u said smth to drive me off its literally just a me thing that i dont follow really personal blogs and thats not an attack i want 2 b rly clear that what u post is perfectly fine just not for me to see all the time and i dont have any kind of negative feelings towards u at all and wish u the best and im sorry if i made u feel like i was unfriending u or smth i rly didnt mean 2
I don’t know who you are and I don’t see what this has to do with me just being a toxic person who can’t maintain relationships with anyone but hey you do you boo. maybe when I learn to stop being toxic I’ll be able to talk about other things but all I’ve been doing is telling my therapist to stop making excuses for me.
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depraved-empress · 12 hours ago
So now that you're taking saiki k. Imagine y'all are in class and saiki is just y'know chillin reading peoples minds when he comes across y o u r s.
And imagine you're in a established and you know fully DAMN well, what he can do. So you just purposely bring up mental images of him (or the two of you) and he's just fucking squirming in his chair trying to keep up his persona while you mentally dirty talk like your life depends on it.
There's just smth so hot about turning normally stoic boys into babbling messes-
Also love the style change idk if I said it yet-e
Me seeing your post appear first on my dash when I open tumblr:
Tumblr media
Saiki has a very good poker face but it can break and with you just imagining fucking him dumb with a smile on your face as if you weren't in fucking class?
Fuck he wants you right now!
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burrowingdweller · 16 hours ago
Hello! I wanna ask u smth I hope u don't take it the wrong way I'm really just curious but do u think hisomachi is even a valid ship? bc she doesn't seem to like him and even in ur hc it seems she just endures him do u think she can like him in a way? Sorry I love ur art I hope I'm not annoying u or smth I'm just curious. tysm
Oh, don’t worry, you’re not annoying! I’m always glad to explain my position.
Maybe I didn't make it clear enough, but imo she actually likes Hisoka, she just doesn't show it much. We are 100% sure that she likes Chrollo and the other troupe members, but even with them she doesn't show that much of affection.
About Hisoka, I think there's a few reasons why she actually could like him at some point. First is that she actually compliments his performance on Heaven's arena - seems like it's not easy to impress her, and at least she admits that Hisoka is hella talented guy. Then, she could leave right after she has healed him, yet she stays to listen to his, pretty narcissistic, speech, and still she doesn't leave. Tho, I've gotta say, Hisoka is narcissistic in pretty childish kind of way, he surely wants to impress her and also he just wants to talk with someone who wouldn't ignore him.
Then, Greed Island scene, when Hisoka wonders, would she like him to be the one who lives in their battle with Chrollo. She immediately gives her answer without thinking, but something makes me think he didn't ask that without reason. Ofc Chrollo and the Troupe take the first place for her, but later we can see again that Machi cares about Hisoka, at least more than other Troupe members. We will come back to that question later, so just keep it in mind.
Last time they meet is Hisoka's death. Machi is the only one to stay with his body and fulfill her work even though he's already dead. Even Shalnark notices she cares about Hisoka too much, and with all that I really think she got attached to him while he was a member of the Phantom Troupe. I even think she really regrets his death, seems like she wouldn't like him to fight Chrollo at all. It was obvious to her that Chrollo is going to win, so after Hisoka has revived she thought it became obvious for him too, and she would be fully satisfied with that - both Hisoka and Chrollo are alive, what could be better? But, as we all know...
I think if she didn't like him at all, she wouldn't be that angry hearing that he's about to massacre all the Troupe. I think Hisoka asked that question knowing she likes him, or at least deep inside she wouldn't like to see him dead, but Chrollo is family, and Hisoka asks for his death himself, so Machi accepts that. I think the whole drama of their relationships is that she actually likes Hisoka and ready to accept him as a part of the family, but, unlike her, Hisoka doesn't need that.
I wouldn't say Hisoka doesn't like her either, but again, Machi isn't his priority, as well as he is not her. So I honestly don't see how they relationships could end well canonically, which doesn't mean their ship isn't valid. Leopika, one of the most popular ships, is actually in bad position in canon too, but I don't see anyone questioning whether it's valid or not.
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rukatinaka · 22 hours ago
oooh !! could you write a little smth with 18 yr old choromatsu having a crush on (and maybe even confessing to) the popular boy in his class ? you dont have to if you dont wanna!! its just a lil prompt(?)
Choromatsu Matsuno x male! reader
I haven't watched the movie, but I watched videos on Youtube- Hope I got him right.
Hope this is what you wanted & you enjoy reading!
(Y/NN)=Your nickname
Tumblr media
Literal Crush
Boys and girls alike let out inhuman noises as (Y/N) entered the classroom, being immediately surrounded and greeted by his classmates. "Hey, (Y/NN)!", "Morning, (Y/NN)!", "Wanna walk home together today, (Y/NN)?" The (Y/HC)-haired sighed and answered how he answered everyday, smiling, "Hey, everyone. I'll walk home alone today, sorry."
He walked through the lake of students, running a hand through his hair, as he walked to his desk and sat down. That handsome smile never left his perfect face. The students who surrounded him moments ago fought themselves to not follow him, since they knew he didn't like that, and went to do what they were doing before, sending the student a few side glances.
Just a few desks away from the popular boy sat a certain Matsuno, blushing like crazy as he tried to rip his gaze from (Y/N). His heart beat at least ten times faster and he was sweating like there was no tomorrow. It was so obvious that he felt something for the (Y/HC)-haired, so it was surprising no one said something about it.
Maybe it was because no one saw him as a threat for their own relationship with (Y/N), speaking from the other student's point of view. Still, Choromatsu tried to conceal his feelings, being afraid to be rejected. Or worse.
The brown-haired watched as (Y/N) unpacked his things for class and talked and laughed with his friends. All the things he would give to at least be in his friend group. Or a person he would talk to more than a simple "Hi.", whenever they saw each other.
Choromatsu doubted his crush even knew they were sharing many classes together and lived in the same street. He was the (Y/N) (Y/LN) after all, the most popular boy in the class. Probably the most popular boy in the whole school.
He'd never want to be friends with someone like Choromatsu, let alone date him, the third oldest Matsuno brother thought.
(Y/N) locked eyes with him for a moment, Choromatsu being the person to look away immediately. //Oh my god, did he notice me staring??? Please, please, please, please,, no, no, no, no- This is so embarrassing!!!//, he paniced in his head as he covered his face with his hands.
His face got even redder and his heart beat got even faster.
Choro parted his fingers to see through them and glanced back at his crush, only to see him smiling softly at him before he got back to chatting with his friends. The brown-haired's little heart almost explode, not being able to contain the excitement he got from the smile. He began to feel lightheaded.
//HE SMILED AT ME-//, he laid a hand on his heart in hopes to calm it down before he could black out, //I need to calm down...I will ruin my chances with him otherwise...//
Choromatsu laid his head on his desk and took deep breathes, slowly calming down.
At lunch time, the third oldest of the Matsuno brothers made his way to his usual eating spot with, robotic motions, and laid his bag next to him on the bench, after he sat down. Smiling, he took his bento out of his bag and began to eat. While he ate, his mind kept drifting off to that smile. That beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, ravishing, perfect smile.
A pleasant shiver ran down his spine, a pink-reddish hue appearing on his cheeks once again. His mind completely drifted of as he started to day dream about him and his crush, picturing how it would be if they were a couple.
"Hey, Choromatsu. Mind if I sit with you?"
Choromatsu let out an almost deafining screaching sound before he fell from the bench, landing right on the cobblestone ground and his glasses flying off in the process. "Oh shit, you okay? Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!"
Shivering slightly, Choro looked up, locking eyes with the one and only (Y/N) (Y/LN) who was holding out a hand to him to help him up. The brown-haired gulped. His heart was beating with the speed of light.
He had no idea what to do. He was so embarrassed. What was he supposed to do?
//Take his hand.//, said Choro's inner voice, //Come on, take it!//
(Y/N) looked down to him with a worried expression on his face, "Are you okay?"
"I LEFT THE OVEN ON!!!", Choromatsu screamed as he stood up and ran away. The (Y/HC)-haired watched, confused, but then he smiled with a raised eyebrow, "He's kinda cute."
(Y/N) looked down, Choro's stuff was still there. He picked up the glasses and the bag, "I should give this to one of his brothers."
"Choromatsu-niichan! Why did you suddenly ran away?? I wanted to walk home togetheeeeeer...", Todomatsu called out to his older brother from the front door, holding his and Choro's schoolbags in his hands.
He kicked his shoes from his feet and walked to their shared room where Choromatsu laid, wrapped up in a blanket, muttering something like, "Forget my existence, forget my existence, forget my existence,...", over and over again.
"Choromatsu-niichaaaan! This popular guy from your class talked to me. He gave me your things and said you ran off...What happened, Choromatsu-niichan?", Todo laid Choro's bag and glasses beside him before hugging him.
The older one froze, he's been trying to forget that incident, pretend it never happened, "NOTHING!! NOTHING HAPPENED!!", he yelled and grabbed his bag, running off to another room and locking the door.
"Choromatsu-niichaaaaaan!", he could still hear through the door, but he ignored it.
Choro opened his bag to search for his glasses. When he found them he noticed a yellow note that certainly wasn't from him. The brown-haired put on his glasses and took the note out of the bag, immediately recognizing the handwriting.
He wanted to faint then and there, but he had to read it first.
"Hey Choro,
I hope you're okay, really didn't mean to scare you. I'll make sure to approach you differently next time. It is a shame you ran away tho, really wanted to chat with you a bit. But maybe...we could do that tomorrow lunch? Or you could text me if you want to hang out outside of school or smt. (insert phone number) That's my number. If you're not interestet, just ignore this, k?
That's when he fainted.
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krazykento · a day ago
ur geto bf hc *opens casket* ... sooo good may i add and please add ur thoughts but geto papa 😵 hear me out but less modern au more emo geto and him being a fada. like in jjk he took in those two girls and took care of them and as his own its not talked about enough and i am here to change that. ok my point here is geto having two twin girls then having another girl, his life is filled with his girls and its the softest thing ever
- lets them play with play with his hair, and lets them do his makeup
- master chef here while his wife has to care for them all he learned how to pick up the pace and became an amazing cook
- the girls always listen to him better and it’s frustrating but its so cute, and hes like magic and will always get them too fall asleep somehow
- mans got money, how ?! anyways he spoils the crap out of the twin girls his youngest is too young to realize but its unhealthy like he will get them whatever they want. those huge doll houses. done. animal crossing and the switch. done. literally got them each their own ipads or something
- him and his wife always get into arguments about him spoiling the girls but he just says he can help it and kisses her to calm her down
ok im losing my mind but thats all i got. tell me ur thoughts rnrn
thank u anon for the food, here’s my dish:
- imagine one of the girls bringing home a boy??? he doesn’t care if his children get into dating (if they’re still in like middle school or something he’d care but high school?? no) BUT he’ll be all pissy bc he doesn’t want to believe that they’re growing up....he’s all like “you don’t love me anymore huh” like que dramatic dad moment where mom has to remind him that he was dating at their age
- if one of the kids wants to play a sport? he’s at every practice, meet, game, etc. cheering his kids on🥺🥺 always in the stands...if he doesn’t know much about the sport he’ll research and stuff. he’s so cute
- if you guys have a boy he’ll definitely be jealous bc he would be a mama’s boy. you’d roll your eyes and be like ‘you can’t have all of them to yourself’ or smth like that LOL but all in all you both love all your children
- when he found out you were pregnant the first time mans was nervous as hell. he didn’t have the best relationship with his family and he wanted to change that,, feel like he’d take therapy for a year to help him recognize his issues n stuff bc he didn’t want his lil humans to go through pain he did, and he knows that people can end up like their parents, so he made sure he didn’t
- he’s a little rocky at first when baby is born, but when he starts getting used to it he’s the best: always volunteering to calm them down at 3 AM, will change diapers if asked, will make formula, all of that
overall papa getou is the bestest and i am in love with him.
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serowotonin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝︎ when they have a nightmare and their s/o comforts them... ❞︎ — anonymous
++ gn!reader x kuroo, oikawa, yamaguchi, tsukishima
| wc. 1.3k
| note. bcause there was a few characters i didnt rlly go into much detail bout what they had nightmares abt and all that so idk this might be a bit ooc(?) i hope u like it tho and srry it took a while to write TTTT
Tumblr media
( 🌑 ) ཿ kuroo tetsurou ...
kuroo tetsurou isnt often plagued by nightmares
he does have them but, most of the time, he’s able to calm himself down 
sometimes though, he cant 
and tonight was one of those times
he woke up almost paralyzed and couldn’t think of anything he could do that would make him feel better
the only thing he could think of that could help him was you
so without thinking, he grabbed his phone from his bedside table and called you
two seconds later he regretted it,,,,
it was too late and too dark, you should be sleeping peacefully right now
before he could hang up though, he heard your sleepy voice
“tetsu? what happened?”
just the sound of your voice was enough to calm him down, even if it was just a little
“um sorry for waking you… just uh just had a nightmare and couldn’t really sleep yk’
“oh- do you want me to come over?”
“honestly, i kind of do.. but it’s pretty late and if you’re tired just go back to sleep ok?”
“no its ok, i’m not tired. i’ll be there as fast i can”
you were about to hang up and go change when you heard kuroo tell you to wait
“i know i’m already asking for a lot but could you maybe not hang up? keep talking to me.. please.”
at those words you knew it was serious
it was good you decided to go and now you were in an even bigger rush to get to his place
kuroo never tried to hide his vulnerability nor has he tried to keep these things to himself
despite that, these things dont exactly happen often
so you were a bit unsure of how to handle the situation
you kept talking to him though, not hanging up until you were at his front door
he was waiting for you there and the moment he saw you, you could see the tension leave his face
“you doing ok?”
he only smiled softly and pulled you into a tight hug
“yeah, i’m doing ok now”
Tumblr media
( 🌘 ) ཿ oikawa tooru ...
you were awoken by the sound of ruffling beside you
it was either really early in the morning or really late at night
you could tell from the faint moonlight streaming from the windows
the same moonlight shone on the shaking figure next to you
he must’ve heard you stir because his next words were
“y/n, go back to sleep.”
you weren’t in the mood to sleep anymore though
not when you could very clearly see oikawa in this state
“hey babe? whats going on?”
there was a short silence
“you sure?”
in his mind, oikawa knew there wasn’t any point in hiding anything from you
you never judged him nor would you look down at him for acting this way because of a nightmare
and if anything,, you were the one who’s comfort he wanted most right now
“actually… i had a nightmare… i dont want to talk about it much right now but can you—“
he let out a shaky breath
“can you just… just stay with me”
he finally looked at you and you could see the vulnerability in his eyes
you smiled reassuringly and nodded, scooting closer to his side
just like that oikawa felt a weight being lift off his shoulders
he moved to lay down on your lap and your hands found their way to his hair
you were gently running your fingers through them and softly patting him when he spoke again
he told you about his nightmare and you listened, telling him after that his reactions were valid and that it really did seem like smth to be scared off
“do you wanna talk about something else for now then? we’re both pretty awake and it might take a while to go back to sleep”
oikawa nodded and the two of you started talking about anything and everything
eventually, you both ended up back under the covers in each others arms ready to drift off at any second
“thank you”
it was a soft whisper, spoken just loud enough so that you could hear it
you smiled and leaned down to kiss his temple
“sweet dreams tooru”
Tumblr media
( 🌗 ) ཿ yamaguchi tadashi ...
yamaguchi doesnt do well with nightmares
he can handle them but with as much difficulty as the next person
granted, he doesnt usually have nightmares
just the occasional one that left him awake and shaking in the wee hours of the morning
it wasnt anything worth mentioning though so he never told you about them
and as he never told you about them, you were pretty scared yourself when you woke up to find him sweating feverishly on the bed next to you
he was tossing and turning and you wanted nothing more than to close your eyes and open them to find him sleeping peacefully
but of course that wasnt going to happen
so you called him and tried to wake him up
it took a while but he finally did
he was taking heavy breaths and his eyes darted around the room
he looked at you and you stretched out your hand tentatively
he took it and after a few more seconds seemed to have calmed down
“was it a nightmare?” you asked
“yeah, a pretty bad one… sorry you had to see that”
“dont be sorry. it seemed pretty rough and itd worry me even more if you had to go through that alone so just, dont be sorry okay”
he looked at you in a way that was unreadable yet hat said so many things like “wow”, “thank you”, and “i love you”
and he was thankful
it hit him that you were there for him and just the mere thought was enough to bring him so much calm
he also loved you
yamaguchi already loved you so much but the love he had right now was so fresh and full of gratitude that he couldn’t help but just smile
seeing him smile filled you with relief
“are you doing better now?”
“so much better, thank you y/n”
you smiled back as he wrapped an arm around you and pulled you into his chest
“not a problem babe”
Tumblr media
( 🌖 ) ཿ tsukishima kei ...
tsukishima doesn’t usually get affected by nightmares
he knows in his mind that theyre just that
just nightmares, bad dreams
thats all
but just because theyre not real doesnt mean they can’t make him feel real things
tsukishima, despite all he is, is still human
he still feels fear
and those fears were brought up to the surface one night
you had gone to get some water so you weren’t there when he woke up in cold sweat
when he saw an empty bed next to him he felt like he couldn’t breathe
“kei? you ok?”
he looked up at you without saying anything
you knew immediately something wasn’t right
walking over to him, you saw the faint tears in his eyes and the desperate plea for help as he stared back at you
“kei i’m going to hug you now. is that ok?”
he nodded, reaching his arms to meet you
wrapped in his embrace, you couldn’t do much other than whisper in his ear that everything was ok
he didn’t reply and just kept his arms tight around you, face burrowed in the crook of your neck
you could feel the warmth of the tears as they dropped onto your shoulder
freeing one of your arms, you moved to pat his head gently
after a while, you asked him again how he was doing but was met with no response
he had fallen asleep
trying as best you could not to wake him, you maneuvered out of his arms and laid down next to him
before you could properly pull up the blankets, his arms somehow found their way back around you again
and you found yourself being pulled back towards him
you settled yourself in his arms, drifting off to the same peaceful sleep tsukishima was now in too
Tumblr media
| taglist. @lilikags @nightshade-shot ; send an ask if u wanna be added to the taglist for future works !!~
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imbeccable-writes · 2 days ago
1, 2 and 15 for the writer ask!
1. Tell us about your current project(s) - what's it about, how's progress, what do you love most about it?
Separated!!! It's an AU of the animaniacs movie Wakko's Wish!!! Where the Warner sibs are separated when Salazar takes over Warnerstock and are kept apart for most if not all of their childhood!!
It's going so well. Like, I have bad history with completing multi-chapter fics, but I fully and truly intend to complete this one! And I'm not just saying that! Like, I have a clear and visible ending, and the fact that I've managed to write six (and a half) chapters for it already in the four or so months since I first published is truly astounding to me.
And like, I can only thank my readers for that, honestly. I knew vaguely where I wanted to go with this when I first published, but it's y'all that have been keeping me going. Your constant support and love has kept me motivated and inspired, and I can't thank you enough for all the help you've given me in making Separated what it is today. I've made so many wonderful friends and mutuals through this fic, and y'all keep me so validated all the time, and I love you all so much!!!!! I absolutely cannot wait to close out this fic (and start the sequel fic) with y'all by my side!!!
The small little community I've made with y'all is what I love most about it. especially when some of us make inside jokes about it in the discord akdjajsja. Every time one of you yells about Mai and someone's like "who's mai" I get absolutely giddy with laughter akdjakdjs. And y'all keep reccing my fic to people and saying such wonderful things about my writing, and just like - listen, it can be easy to think "oh yeah my writing's good to me bc I wrote it, but there's no way every else feels the same", and y'all are constantly just punching the shit outta that little voice in my head and letting me know that y'all think I'm a damn good writer and it's!!!! So nice!!!!! I adore all of you and I WOULD die for you, do not even test me.
2. Tell us what you're most looking forward to writing - in your current project, or in a future one
I just can't wait to write the next few chapters of Separated. Chapter 7 is almost done, and Chapter 8 is the Just Dot chapter, which probably won't take very long (fingers crossed) bc a lot of that stuff is what I've been waiting to write for weeks now, and then!!! We'll be in finale territory!!! God, I can't wait for you guys to read it. I really really think you'll love it and I absolutely KNOW I'm gonna cry while writing that got damn reunion scene!!!!! I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it 😭
I just.... love love LOVE writing for Separated and I'm so glad you all could be here to experience it with me ❤
There's a few My Hero fics I can't wait to get around to as well! Like updating my Betweem Friends fic (it's so close.... yet so far..... 😔), but also that one soulmate fic I talked about a hot second ago that I was gonna write for Izuocha week, but then procrastinated too hard on lmao. I think it's a really interesting idea and I'm super excited for it!
15. Which is harder: titles or summaries (or tags)?
I'd say summaries and tags. Like, Titles CAN be difficult, but there's nothing like trying to figure out an intriguing way to describe your fic But Smaller without giving everything away or sounding like a cliche young adult novel. I normally try and go for the "use a paragraph from a chapter" or, if it's short enough, I can do a one sentence summary, but man, does that little box break me sometimes...
and tags! it's like, unreasonably difficult trying to figure out how I should tag something lmao. I normally don't think of my fic in tags like "angst with a happy end" or something. I normally just start with any possibly triggers, like "child abuse" or smth, and go from there.
Thanks vanille!!!
Fun meta asks for writers
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dreamyyang · 2 days ago
hi bb hope yr doing well? can you do a 127 reaction where the reader tells them she needs to talk to them / tell them smth & she starts crying but it’s becos she’s confessing that she was in love w them? like she was nervous LOL and they comfort her ofc ehe smth fluffy,,???
surprisingly, I’m in a good mood lol. I hope you’re doing good as well ^^
god I haven’t written reactions in like five years shsjdhs I hope you like it, love. tysm for requesting 💖
Tumblr media
summary: you're finally about to confess to your crush of god-knows-how-long but your nerves get the best of you.
pairing: nct 127 x reader
genres: fluff, humour, crushes to lovers
warnings: none except for a lot of cursing lol
word count: 0.7k
note: these reactions are based on my interpretation of the boys' personalities so I'm sorry if this disappoints you
requests are open
Tumblr media
concerned bubu™
honestly thought you were gonna tell him you had a terminal illness or something
conducts an impromptu therapy session
“what’s been going on in your life?” “mhm, and how does that make you feel?”
when you finally manage to tell him that you like him he looks so done with you
“I like you too y/n but you didn’t have to cry tf”
literally doesn’t know what to do/say
just wraps you in a hug and goes, “I promise you, nothing could ruin our friendship.”
which makes you cry harder bc holy fuck taeil is such a sweetheart :(
squeezes your hand and encourages you to continue speaking
“go on, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”
gives you a big kiss and can’t stop smiling as he does it because he also has the fattest crush on you
turns into your personal hypeman, “y/n, babe, you’re the baddest bitch alive and don’t you DARE let anyone tell you otherwise”
isn’t focused on what you’re trying to say, just wants you to feel better
so he’s completely thrown off-guard when he’s scooping out ice cream for you and you go, “so yeah...I have a huge crush on you”
ice cream is now on the floor
“wait where are we going?” “ice cream parlour for our first date. you’re paying.”
“just breathe, okay? take as much time as you need.”
ends up cancelling his plans bc he’s really worried
starts coming up with ways to hide the body cause he’s convinced you killed someone
honestly isn’t surprised when you confess, you were being so obvious these past few months
now he’s kinda mad cause he cancelled on father-son bonding time with shotaro
half “noooo my lil baby please don’t cry” and half “well this is awkward”
he’d probably want to impress you and seem like really chivalrous and shit
holds your hand and comforts you or gives you his jacket if you guys are outside and it’s cold
is a bit awkward but really happy when you confess to him
expect to get teased constantly
“hi this is my s/o y/n, did you know they cried while confessing to me?”
okay it’s so ironic that I just wrote a hurt/comfort fic w jae but pFFT this boy does nothing
gives you blank stare, and on a good day, he might even nod encouragingly
there’s a chance he’ll hold your hand, rub your back or do some action that’ll comfort you, but that’s it
jaehyun just strikes me as the type to be quiet and let you say what you have to before reacting
gives you a cute smile and a kiss on the cheek after the words, “I really like you” leave your mouth
he laughs, feeling relieved it wasn’t something bad and actually finds it cute when he thinks about it later
like jae he just feels like he wouldn’t really say something aside from some words of encouragement
if he feels like you’re really upset he might try to make you laugh
“you don’t have to tell me right now”
can’t help but laugh at you when he finds out you were just nervous to confess
cuddles afterwards while watching your favourite movie/show to help you calm down (netflix and chill 🥴)
he might joke about it later but not as much as hyuck and doodoo
panics and gives you a fucking bro hug
awkward back patting and all
literally the most awkward interaction ever cause you’re too scared to confess and he’s too scared to do anything that might upset you further
“dude it’s all good, just like, chill bro. you know you can tell me anything bro”
you manage to stop crying but only cause you’re laughing at how terrified mark looks
you end up confessing to him mid laugh and honestly all he does is just stare at you
mark: *ten minutes later, telling jungwoo the whole thing* anyway so I think I have an s/o now idk I’m still very confused
hyuck gives me “imma annoy you into feeling better” vibes
“stop doing that thing with your face you look ugly” “stfu I’m literally crying”
at some point you stop crying and start beating his ass with a pillow
“okay now that you’re back to being murderous instead of a depressed lil bitch what’s up?”
tries to act smooth when you tell him but he’s honestly ecstatic because he has liked you for literally the longest time
like doyoung, he will make fun of you 24/7. actually scratch that, he’s even worse than doyoung
let’s just say he’s lucky that he’s cute
Tumblr media
© dreamyyang, 2021
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bokutosgreatestkinnie · 3 days ago
meaningless sk8 the infinity headcanons i have
joe has a pollen allergy but it has never and will never stop him from giving cherry flowers once a year (it was the day that they met but no one needs to know that).
shadow is lactose intolerant and it pisses him off bc he's never tried pizza because of that.
langa listens to doja cat and ariana grande's music religiously (he actually cried when the song "motive" came out)
reki loves the movie grease and knows all the words to all the songs since he was like 8 or smth (his favorite is beauty school drop-out)
whenever miya sees someone walking their dog outside he will go up to that person and ask to pet it.
cherry is horrible at remembering birthdays and even worse at picking out presents. he has carla make a note of all his friends' birthdays so he doesn't forget and look like an asshole but he still just gives reki a pair of socks on his birthday.
tadashi can knit and he can knit very well it's kind of impressive
adam has never watched star wars or star trek so he was always really fucking confused whenever joe and cherry would argue on which one was better (joe said star wars and cherry said star trek)
miya, reki and langa play minecraft together when there's no S that night
one time langa and his mom go to joe's restaurant bc langa wouldn't stop talking about how good the lasagna is there and she wanted to try it and joe came out and saw langa and said "nice date you got there, are you gonna introduce me?" and langa's mom says "i'm his mom" and joe just stays completely still and quiet then goes back to the kitchen and doesn't come back out and the next time that he saw langa at S he said "your mom is hot" and then avoided langa for a week
shadow loves all flowers but he has admitted (while drunk) that his favorite is the chrysanthemum bc of it's meaning
cherry got really really drunk at his and joe's graduation party and doesn't remember a single thing other than what joe filmed and took pictures of but joe claims that he had never laughed that hard before
adding on to that, cherry isn't specifically a lightweight but when they bust out the slightly harder alcohol he will go feral in two minutes
adam is a sad drunk (tadashi has videos of him sobbing while piss drunk and watches them when he's had about enough of adam's bullshit to remind himself that this is the man bullying him)
when he was younger, tadashi's grandma taught him how to bake, and he tried to teach a young adam but they ended up making a huge mess of the kitchen and got in trouble (it was tadashi's dad who caught them though, and man knows that adam needed a childhood so they got off easily by just having to clean the kitchen)
oka listens to trashy 90's pop in the shop sometimes and reki wants to impale his ears
shadow has a whole notebook filled with places to go on dates
langa and miya have no idea what kinks are so they ask reki and the poor boy was eating at the time so they almost had to go to the hospital and when they explained to joe what happened reki was fucking mortified and joe wheezed so hard he sounded like a balloon
shadow still can't tell his lefts from his rights
miya's alarm is the fucking uh "creeper aww man" song
idk man lemme know if you want more bc i have a whole army of these
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heartdose · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
rafe doesn’t knows how to be a good boyfriend for you and stop his ass of being a jerk with everyone, so topper teachs him and you caught ‘em in the middle of the practice.
THIS FIC CONTAINS this is just funny and cringey at the same time😞
this is a joke as everything I write so, why stop?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rafe’s been missing for a couple of weeks, maybe three and he wasn’t picking up your calls as much as you’d like, just replying you back with simple texts such as “sarah and i are doing smth” or “my dad called me, text u later”.
but the text he’d send you would be a good night one or giving you a good morning.
topper’s been weird too, and even kelce but you shrugged it off, knowing they wouldn’t tell you anything rafe related. so you took matters in your own hands and climbed up your truck, driving towards the cameron household. you noticed the garage was open and rafe had a bouquet of flowers in his hands and what it seemed like a woman stood showing her back to you.
what the hell was happening?
you didn’t want to suppose anything, he wasn’t kissing her neither touching her. rafe was trying to say something while kelce kept cheering him with “you can do this man”. as you approached, kelce noticed you and his face went pale.
his attention drew towards you, eyes wide and looking at the “woman” in front of him. “who’s this?” you called, trying to see her face, but when he turned around, you couldn’t believe your eyes. topper was dressed womanlike, a brunette wig and make up sarah surely did. you wanted to be mad, really. but you couldn’t keep it and started laughing “what the heck, this is what you all have been doing?”.
“sarah really knows what’s happening here?” you asked topper, touching the wig he had “hell, you look good as a brunette”. you took your phone out and opened the camera, pointing at topper “can i ...? joking, I’ll do it anyway”. you saved the photo and turned to rafe, who’s face seemed like a tomato.
“what are you doing here y/n?” rafe asked, and this time you really went mad “what am i doing here? well i was worried about my boyfriend who went MIA for three weeks!”.
“calm down y/n, it wasn’t rafe’s fault, we suggested to help him with it” topper intervened, you relaxed down a bit and looked at rafe and pointed him with your finger “what’s he talking about?”.
rafe looked down ashamed and his friends took the hint, leaving you two alone “well?”.
“they were teaching me how to be a good boyfriend... for you”. your arms fell to your sides, looking at your dirty blonde boyfriend in awe “you serious? rafe i— you’re a good boyfriend y’know?”.
“you’re not perfect but do your best, always. and i appreciate you try so hard, but rafe, you don’t need to do this” you glanced around, “i fell in love with you for who you are”.
rafe stared down at your eyes, finding hard not to fall again, just as he did when he met you “really?”. he looked full of hope. your hand reached to grab his, lacing your pinky fingers as you said you would when one was to promise something meaningful.
“really” you guaranteed, not expecting his arms hugging you and lifting you up the floor, spinning you in his arms.
“topper, i told you i didn’t need to do that shit!”. he shouted, than kissed you fervently “fuck y/n, i love you”.
Tumblr media
—tag list ♡
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hyunsluvv · 3 days ago
since everyone talked about them having dreams about skz and other things . i want to share what type of dream i've been having for okay it's been going on for awhile
tw : blood
it's mostly gore and horror actually . uhh not in bad way ? but it's about people i talk to , e.g : my classmates , family , disappearing . i definitely find my dreams weird . i also will forget my dreams right away after i wake up . it's mostly about blood and people disappearing . it's disturbing in it's own way actually . and if it is not about something worrisome , i don't dream . like that's just weird .
it's still about people disappearing tho lol . in that dream i was felix's girlfriend . chan was close to me more than other members ( beside felix ) . this is where everything get uh weird ? we were hanging around in a house ? apartment ? and changbin with hyunjin said they need to buy smth and so they left . it was pretty late ig bcuz when they wanted to left seungmin , i.n and jisung were going to sleep . i was cuddling with felix , chan and minho talked about smth . suddenly , hyunjin came in with blood all-over his body and he's not with changbin . he was about to say something before suddenly disappearing . i— okay and chan and minho went to check the other kids while felix and me were searching for hyunjin and possibly changbin . and yk what happened next ?
MY DREAM ENDED , IT'S DARK . I CAN'T SEE WHAT HAPPEN NEXT . I WAS SO ANGRY THAT I WOKE UP . that's rude honestly , mr. dream . you had the audacity to cut it off ? gal you're dead
hejdj i hope you're okay tho with those kinda dreams, that doesn't sound nice to see every damn night oml
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fuck-customers · 4 days ago
A 'fuck coworkers' story!
So, the other night (sending in on 3/28/21) I literally had to yell at my one coworker. A little background about her, and we'll call her... Baller (not her real name ofc).
Baller doesn't need this job. She's 17, still in school, and *constantly* talks about how she could quit whenever she wants, how her dad(dy) has loads of money she's allowed to use whenever, how she has a ton of money in savings, etc. She constantly calls out last minute or tries to get me to cover her because "she doesn't want to work [that shift]" or she suddenly got a babysitting gig for $300 an hour or some shit, which screws us over by understaffing us.
Plus she's incompetent as fuck. She got properly trained, I made sure of that, and she doesn't know the difference between Arugela and Cilantro (like??? How????), and constantly fucks up orders, and stocking, and cleaning, moving things, hell she's broken the drawers and made me fix them 7! Times! In one shift!!!
So the other day an order was rung in wrong. No biggy, we apologize for the inconvience and give the customer what they want and that's that, y'know? Customer's aways right and all that jazz. (Then when the customer leaves we bitch about it.) But Baller starts fully arguing with this lady. Like, "No, you're wrong, I know I'm right," just short of calling the customer stupid to her face. And I asked *nicely* five times for her to drop it while trying to fix this order while also doing all my other orders. I fixed the order, apologized profusely to the lady, and thought it was over.
Oh ho ho. Baller kept going. Demanding for me to reprint the ticket, she wants to see, obviously the women's wrong. And I kept telling her it was fone amd to drop it, it doesn't matter, the mistake was on our end and we should fix it. But she wouldn't stop and refused to do any of her work until she got what she wanted. Sl I finally had enough and turned on her and shouted, "Stop, you need to stop! I told you to drop it, and you won't. If you don't I *will* go to [GM] about it. Do your work, and *drop it*."
She got a look of 'oh shit' and finally stopped it, after a weak, "but I wasn't arguing..", to which my other coworker agreed with me and went, "except you were, though, and didn't stop."
Lady came back and asked to talk to the GM because she was uncomfortable during the whole thing bc Baller was arguing, GM gave her a refund and chewed Baller out but, of course, I come in today, first intersecting shift since the incident, and she was. Still adamant about being in the right.
It was a serving of chicken. 2 oz of chicken. It wasn't like she was asking for 4 salads or smth.
Ugh, $9.50 an hour isnt nearly enough for this bs. I desperately want a different, better job but that'll be impossible because I can't go to college/uni and that means I'm stuck in food service, barely-above-minimum-wage jobs. Ugh.
Only upside is multiple people have come up to me like "I heard from XYZ you yelled at Baller. Good for you." so.
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britishassistant · 6 days ago
There’s one thing I’m not sure of:
Is Yuu aware of the double-identity villains civilian identity? Like do they see them on the street being their “normal” selves and have normal conversations and all the time Yuu is thinking “sir, you better not jump on me now, I want to get my McDonalds before I get kidnapped again-“
Or seeing them give an evil look to something while they’re drinking smoothies or smth and Yuu being like “oh no, I KNOW that look. That’s the ‘I’m gonna destroy this thing later’ look. Better get my fedora ready, just in case...”
Thank you for the ask, dear anon!
And no, Yuu doesn’t know the secret identities of the double-life supervillains! Riddle, Jamil and Vil are extremely careful about what kind of personal information about themselves they allow to leak out, as their current standing in society could be catastrophically ruined if their nefarious deeds leak out.
This of course leads to some very odd interactions for the reporter.
Yuu is doing an exclusive with quiet, mild-mannered Riddle Rosehearts about his pharmaceutical company’s newest test drug, but they keep catching him staring at them when he thinks they aren’t looking, hands flexing at his sides.
His voice also occasionally raises in pitch when he talks in a way that seems oddly familiar...
Vil Schoenheit, the famous actor and model, also seems to like staring at Yuu during interviews with him. He requests them a lot to talk about his most recent projects despite the fact that Yuu cannot recall doing anything to leave an impression on him.
Other than that, Vil’s surprisingly affable for someone famed as an ice king amongst other journalists, perfectly gracious despite the fact that something always seems to go wrong with Yuuken’s camera or equipment during these tête à têtes...
Jamil has to be especially vigilant, because Kalim’s status as the Asim heir means that he’s frequently interviewed for his position on this distant relative’s recent marriage, or that business policy recently announced by his father. And Yuu is occasionally one of the reporters sent for the job.
If Kalim gets exposed, it won’t be long until Jamil’s cover will be blown as well.
The first time they showed up, Jamil had to fake an urgent wardrobe emergency to drag Kalim out of the room and instruct him not to tackle-hug Yuu like he’d just tried to do, because that would tip the reporter off to the fact that he somehow knew them already when this is supposed to be their first meeting.
He personally doesn’t get the opportunity to interact with Yuu on the same level as Kalim, Riddle, or Vil. Though they have shared some quiet chats while waiting for interview setup to finish, joking about the pageantry of the whole thing and comparing the stresses of their respective jobs.
Jamil enjoys those very much, not that he’d ever tell.
However, Yuu does run into the single-identity supervillains and their minions a lot when going about their daily life in the city.
The reporter’s standing in line for takeout, only to hear “Shriiiimpy~~” and hang their head as the Leech twins pop up on either side of them, mentally begging that they’ll at least be able to eat some fries before they get kidnapped again, they skipped breakfast and lunch today already, they’re hungry.
Or Yuu will enter their laundrette to find all the other patrons frozen in comical positions while Idia is frantically trying to pull his clothes out of the dryer as fast as possible before anyone else comes. They turn around and leave to go to the other laundrette a block down, tossing a “remember to unfreeze them before leaving” over their shoulder.
Or they’ll spot Leona across the street, glaring at the new statue of his brother the city’s erected in the park, and think “King, I was having a nice day until you came along, do not spoil it by destroying the statue, please, do NOT—”
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