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ramp-it-up · 2 days ago
In and Out
Tumblr media
Photo crédit: @mysearchforgratification
Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader
Word Count: ~2K
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. RPF  Back in time, Young Rafa, mentions of breakup, allusions to drug dealing, car sex, protected sex, semi-public sex, quickie sex. Baby Dom Rafa (its so cute) innocent-ish reader. angst.
A/N: This is just a quick imagine that I didn’t write for anyone in particular. I wrote it quickly so not proofread, but that’s nothing new, lmao. I hope you enjoy!
Berkeley, July 2004
Rafa was being an asshole. Again.
You walked out to the parking lot of the Berkeley Plaza JC Penney where he was pacing back and forth in front of his two door Saturn coupe. He thought that car was so cool. It so wasn’t. 
“Man it’s about time!”
He was almost yelling at you. You’d told him about that.
“While I was waiting, this bitch came and parked right next to me, opened her door, and scratched my car. “
He pointed to where there was supposed to be a scratch. You couldn’t see anything.
“Hello to you too. My day was fine.”
You rolled your eyes at him. You were getting tired of his shit. You squinted at the car.
“What are you talking about? Where?”
You bent closer to where he was pointing.
“The fuck you mean? It’s right there!!!!” 
You looked closer and saw a light black line on the silver door. You rubbed it, and it came right off.
“You probably just need to get it washed, Rafa.”
Rafael scowled at you and rubbed the door, then scowled at his fingers. 
“Get in,” he mumbled and went around to the driver’s side.
You sucked your teeth and debated yourself about getting in, but you didn’t have any other way home to West Oakland. You got in, closing the door hard.
“Don’t slam my fucking door!” He gave you a side eye as he peeled out.  “The fuck is wrong with you?”
You were done. 
“I’m tired of your shit Rafael.  I had a long day at work, trying to get enough money to go to LA, and you come with this attitude. And yelling at me? I’m not one of your hoes, Rafael!”
You had a scholarship to UCLA, but you needed money for books and for housing. You had just a few weeks to raise funds. Rafa wasn’t down with you leaving.
“Girl, I ain’t got no hoes. You know you my one and only.” He smirked at you and you rolled your eyes again.
“And that’s why you need to just stay and go to Berkley. It’s a better school anyway.  Why you wanna leave the Bay?”
Rafa wasn’t just concerned with the quality of your school choice, or your loyalty to the Bay, he didn’t want you to leave him; he knew that your relationship would be done if that happened.
But he was a thug and wasn’t going to show you his emotions. He might as well have said, “Why you wanna leave me?” but he knew the answer to that.
Rafa wasn’t leaving the Bay with you, because he’d barely got his diploma. He’d be lucky to parlay the poetry thing into a rap deal.  He would have to hustle to get everywhere he wanted to go.
Three years of slinging on the corner had taught him a lot about life. He was a king in these streets at 18 years old.
You groaned. “Don’t start this shit again, Rafa!”  You were so frustrated.
“You’re smart, so much smarter than me.  You can go to UCLA, Berkeley, hell you could probably teach there.  Your poetry is AMAZING! I can’t stay here and work at JC fucking Penny the rest of my life.”
You’d been together since Homecoming, eight months ago. You ditched Robbie and his purple tux and ran out of the gym right into Rafa, who was coming around the corner from dropping off some pills to Robbie's best friend, Will. Your dress was cute, and the way he looked you up and down made you ask him for a ride.
The car was silent as Rafa drove. He looked over at you while you chewed your lip, going back and forth about whether to break up with him now, or in September when you left for school.  
“We need to talk, Rafa.”
Oh shit. That wasn’t good. It was never good when a woman said that. He needed to reel you back in, to be able to salvage these last few weeks, at least. His mind whirled and he had a plan.
Rafael turned off San Pablo into In and Out Auto Detail and Automatic Car Wash.  You were annoyed because it took so fucking long to get through it.  It had to be the slowest wash in the Bay.
Your attitude was on ten.  You turned to cuss him out after he paid the attendant and the car started to move.  But Rafael was looking at you with those eyes. He was licking those lips.  Fuck.
“What do we need to talk about Baby Girl?”
Damn, you were wet. You hated it. Rafa was your first, and you both learned a lot together.  You didn’t know much, but you knew that you loved it when he called you that name.   
He shifted and turned toward you, leaning against the window as the car started to inch forward.  He adjusted his snapback low over his eyes as he began to palm his crotch. No way.
“What are you doing, Rafael?”
He laughed.  “Not the full name!?  What does it look like I’m doing? You were at work all day, I missed you, I’m horny and we got a little time.”
You looked around at the car wash. It sure was dark and no one was running around in the hot spray looking in the windows. You probably had about eight minutes.  
“Hmmph!” You pretended you weren’t down, but you were totally ready to go.
Rafa unbuckled his baggy jeans and pulled his dick out.
“RAFA!” You screamed! “What the actual fuck???”
You were mesmerized as Rafa started stroking, his large hand fisting himself, and making the shiny red head disappear and reappear as he jerked up and down his thick shaft. It was like magic.
You hadn’t been so obvious an observer of this before, and you felt like you weren’t supposed to see it.  You averted your eyes.
Rafa leaned over and took your chin with his other hand. 
“No. Watch.  See what you do to me?”
You stared at it, licking your lips unconsciously. You didn’t know this could turn you on.
“I’m imagining being deep inside you right now. You always feel so good…”
His little groan was the shit.  You were definitely creaming up your panties. You opened your mouth for more access to air.
“Now, I can finish myself off, or you could help me…”  You tore your eyes away from what he was doing. Of course.
“You want me to top you off?”  Your attitude was building again. Of course he wanted a blow job.
Rafa closed his eyes halfway, leaning his head back against the window.
“That would be heaven Baby Girl, but, I need to feel you around me…. Come over here.”
You hesitated.  “But Rafa....” 
“I got you, girl.” He reached in his pocket with his other hand and pulled out a gold foil packet. So clutch.  “What do you say?”
You couldn’t front. “Hurry up!”
You watched the end of the car wash get incrementally closer. 
You licked your lips as Rafael tore open the packet with his teeth and smoothed the XXL down his cock. You watched, and grew more moist by the second.  He reached down and pulled the seat back.
Rafa reached for you with grabby hands, and you climbed over the gear shift to climb over his lap. You got up on your knees with his thighs between them as he pulled your panties to the side under your skirt.  His fingers found your pussy wet and he smirked.
“For me Baby Girl?”
He looked up at you under the lid of his hat and you took it off him and put it on your head.  Your braids were small this time so it fit.
“Yes, Rafael. You always get me there.” 
You looked so cute in his hat and when your eyes rolled back as he plunged two fingers in your wetness.  He loved the way you clenched around him.
“How are you always so fucking tight?” 
You two were like rabbits, finding an excuse to fuck almost every day, and usually in his car.  Rafael had stretched you out plenty of times, but your pussy always snapped back. 
He finger fucked you a couple of times, but you didn’t have the clock on your side.  He lined up with you and pulled your asscheek aside with your panty as he pushed up inside you, giving you the tiniest bit of pain. There was no real reason except to hear your moan as he did so.  And you didn’t yet know why you liked it.
You sank down on him, gingerly, trying to be cute, but Rafa thrust up inside you roughly, causing you to make an ugly face of pleasure.  At least it was ugly to you when you caught your reflection in the window a couple of months earlier.
“You’re so fucking dope.” 
He gazed at your face. It would be a few years before Rafael realized that he had been in love with you. But by then it’d be way too late.
You leaned over and kissed him, his hat falling on the floorboard. Rafa grabbed your braids to pull your head back to make more hickies on your neck.  You chuckled, knowing your mother would only hate him more when she saw them.  
He groped for the hem of your shirt to get to your breasts, yanked it up and leaned down to lick and bite them, being rough again.  You moaned and leaned back on the steering wheel to give him another angle, knowing just how to lay to avoid the horn buttons.
Rafa used his impeccable rhythm to mercilessly hit that spot you didn’t know existed seven and a half months before, as he noisily and harshly sucked your tits, the sound heard over the roar of the wash machine.
That shit felt so good.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” 
That was the signal that you were close. Your pussy squeezed his cock repeatedly and you felt him pulse inside you.
“Yeah, shit baby, yeah.”
Rafa almost lost his thug cool watching your face in the growing light.  And especially when he squeezed your throat with one hand. He finished inside the condom. “Fuck!”  His face contorted as he squirted all he had into the latex.
“Ok, come on, come on, get off…”  You giggled and scrambled back over to the passenger seat as the car came to the end of the wash.  Rafa dug into the center console for a McDonald's napkin to put the condom in and clean up a little. 
You straightened your underwear and your skirt and smiled at the attendant as you rolled out. You sat in the passenger seat as Rafael threw the napkin away in the vacuum area trash can. You handed him his snapback, and leaned your head against his shoulder as he threw his arm around you. 
Next thing you knew, you were drooling on his big white tee, and he was pulling up in front of your house.
“Go get some rest, girl. I’ll call you later.”
You pouted at him.  “Where are you going, Rafa?”  
He shook his head at you. “You know I got to handle some things…”  He saw the worry on your face. “Don’t stress.  I’m always hella careful.”
You didn’t judge him for what he did to make money, you just wish it was different. Rafael Casal was something special. He could be amazing one day.
“Okay.  You know I don’t want to talk about it.” 
You got your bag and got out of the car, closing the door much less aggressively than when he’d picked you up. Rafa had fucked the breakup outta you.
“I don’t have to work until tomorrow afternoon, come thru when you’re done.”  You smiled that smile at him and Rafa grinned back. He was known to climb in and out of your bedroom window a few times.
“Bet.” That smile! Ugh you hated that you loved it. “See you later, Baby Girl.”
You leaned in the window to kiss him, cringing when your mom called your name because your skirt was riding up.
Rafa smiled and waved at your mom as he rolled off. She only glared at him until he was out of sight.  She started yelling at you and you just ignored her as Rafa watched through the rearview as he rolled away.
‘Whew, that was close,’ he thought. He had successfully avoided ‘the talk,’ yet again. 
He was tired, but he was also focused on the $2000 he was dead set on tucking into your bag when you left for LA. 
I wrote this quickly, so let me know if it’s any good!
@einfachniemand @braidedchallah @theatrenerd86 @sebastianabucknettastan @imatyoursurrvicesurr @riiyy @ivycomet @lonelydance @jbrizzywrites @honeysucklechocolatedrippin @janthonybitch @anh1020 @sillyteecup @ohsoverykeri  @theselilwonders @biafbunny @summerofsnowflakes @wreakhavoconmacroissantdiggs
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krarupfriedrichsen49 · 8 days ago
Your Wedding Could Be One For The Ages
A wedding is an event of supreme importance to its participants. The entire point and purpose of a wedding is to be as memorable as possible; planning a wedding takes a great deal of effort and care. In this article a few ideas will be presented that might help make a wedding more memorable, and easier to carry off. If you can't have a limo for your wedding, dress up the cars you're going in. Put on crepe paper flowers, streamers and whatever else the owner will let you dress it up with. It will make you feel like you have your own customized coach, so you don't really need a limo anyway. If you're already living with your spouse-to-be and don't really need housewares for wedding gifts, ask for cash instead. If you include a cute little poem asking people to consider giving you a cash gift instead of something you can't use, you'll be saving them the time it takes to shop and helping pay for your honeymoon! Coordinate small touches into all the aspects of the wedding decor. Try using ribbons on the bouquet that go with those on the centerpieces, or try adding them to your gown or your hair. These small details help tie everything together to create a beautiful wedding. If you are planning a wedding, consider keeping your guest list on the smaller side. You can save money by having not so many guests. You can show your small number of guests' greater details such as large gift baskets, large meals, and limo services. This can be paid for just by reducing your guest list. Wedding bands are a vital part of the wedding, as they help to signify the joining of two parties. Make sure that on the days leading up to the wedding and on the wedding itself to have someone who you can count on keep track of your wedding bands to ensure security. Remember that the reception is the time for you to let loose, but do not act too wild as your in-laws will be at the wedding. Make sure that you dance and have the time of your life with your friends as you will cherish these moments for the rest of your life. Find out before your wedding ceremony when and where you are permitted to take photographs. Some venues won't permit flash photography at all, while some officiants don't want anyone taking photos while they are conducting the ceremony. If you find out the rules ahead of time you can plan out the shots you are allowed to take beforehand. Brides should take the time to practice walking in their wedding shoes and dress so that they will be comfortable and graceful on their big day. Go with flats if you're worried about twisting an ankle. Sexy footwear won't do you any good if you wind up falling on your bum. Having a family member photograph your wedding can save you a lot of money, but you have to remember that you'll get what you pay for. They probably won't have expensive lighting rigs or the latest camera equipment, so your shots will end up looking less than professional. That said, they can still be beautiful, so don't worry! Just don't have high expectations that could make your family member feel guilty. If you are attending a wedding, make sure to bring a gift or a card and arrive on time. Once the processional has started, you won't be able to be seated until after it has finished, and unless you are a close personal friend, it may be awkward to have you standing in the foyer watching the bridal party as they prepare to walk down the aisle. To avoid the pitfalls of currency exchange for your guests, find out where they have to go to get local funds before they arrive. Take everyone as a group to the location where you can exchange your money and call ahead to ask if they can accommodate everyone at the same time, maybe in a room outside the main area, so they don't have to wait in line. زواج strikes a delicate balance between convenience and memorability. The ideal wedding is one that sticks in the minds of all the participants without requiring huge expenditures of effort and money. The tips in this article might help improve a wedding without costing a fortune. A memorable wedding is a worthy goal to strive for, and that goal need not be hard to achieve.
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himenoshideout · 11 days ago
Doing their Hair Headcanons
Every month, the dark roots of the Toman blond boys grow through and the process of having to bleach them all again begins. They used to go to barber shops themselves and get it done professionally but with the lack of funds in Toman, some decide to bleach and cut their own hair. [Y/N] notices that they do awful jobs and miss lots of spots as well as sometimes land bleach on their own skin. Sometimes the state of their hair was just awful. so she takes on the job of bleaching their roots and trimming their hair for them. 
Contents:  Toman boys x fem!reader
Tumblr media
You always go to his house for his monthly hair session
Usually falls asleep with a snack in hand during the session
He enjoys his hair being taken care of in your hands
Mikey’s hair was a little thick and sometimes needed to be held back with one or two clips
Before he falls asleep, he tells you stories about how his day went and the latest updates from the gang’s activities
Draken is always by his side holding out the bowl of bleach for you in case Mikey can’t hold it himself
While Mikey slept, you’d hum songs and he would keep his eyes closed to pretend to sleep knowing that you’d stop if you knew he was awake
He really enjoyed you humming or quietly singing along to the radio and while pretending to be asleep would fall asleep to it anyway
Mikey didn’t mind the sting of the bleach at all
Unlike the others, Mikey preferred his hair long but if it reached passed the end of his shoulder blade, he’d ask you to cut it
Tumblr media
Gets his hair done same time as Mikey
Also fills you in on the latest gang activity while you shave off the sides and back of his hair before undoing the braids and sectioning it off
Mikey and him talk back and forth while you do your thing
Since Drakken’s tall, they usually switch out his chair for a much shorter one so you wouldn’t have to subject yourself to being on your tip toes the whole time while doing his hair
Always tells you that you did a good job as always right after
Sometimes you be sneaky and at the end of his braid, add a cute clip with a heart or butterfly and hope he wouldn’t notice
He does and pretends to hate it and “lose” the clip but keeps it in a bowl at his place as mementos
Purposely looks in stores for clips with designs like those since you enjoy wearing them sometimes
Draken would keep half the pack so that when you would wear yours, he would match along with you saying that Emma put it on him as a joke
Tumblr media
Talks. A lot.
Hair session is done at his apartment
Chifuyu and the boys from Mizo Middle were also there 
Bonus: Akkun likes to watch and help you sometimes
Hates the smell of bleach, window is always wide open but for some reason still complains
He’s quite squirmy, always moving his head to talk to the guys
Can’t stand the sting of the bleach but sucks it up anyway while trying to scratch at his scalp
Before, you used to be the one to trim his hair but Akkun sometimes does it as practice
Takemichi and the others (including Chifuyu) were always the team in charge of gathering the bleach and salon supplies every month for you
Tumblr media
With Takemichi in Akkun’s hands, you take on Chifuyu’s hair
His hair was quite thick and was a little hard to section off but you managed 
You would compliment him for his healthy hair and it made him nervous since its something he’s never been praised for
One time he got nervous again and responded with “thanks I grew it myself” making you laugh for a good five minutes before you could continue
While the bleach would settle, you trimmed the underside of his undercut
Chifuyu was quite bossy when it came to his hair even though the style was the bare minimum
He didn’t trust you with it much before but now is a lot more quiet
When he was stubborn and wouldn’t let you touch it, he attempted to bleach his own roots but could barely do the back and ended up bleaching a patch the dark underside on accident
Not to mention having no idea that bleach burned your skin and applied it with his hands
You bullied him tirelessly for that and he would just blush, all embarrassed that a girl was making fun of him
After every session he would utter a thank you and buy you a meal that you both would share as a reward for not messing up
Tumblr media
Although Baji didn’t really have bleached hair or wanted to have his hair cut, he’d stick around just because you were there
Sometimes he’d tell Takemichi and the other that he’d be the one to deliver the supplies just to interact with you
Even though you spend a lot of time with the captains and members of Toman, he wanted that special time and too stubborn to ask 
Baji hated to admit that he wanted to spend time with you but claimed you in an instant once one of the guys from his division asked you to do their hair as well
“Shave your head and piss off.” He spat at one of them before throwing his arm around your shoulders and dragging you away.
His stubbornness amused you a lot and you provoked it on purpose sometimes
Eventually one day Baji approached you and asked you to give him an undercut since he didn’t want it to look like any length decreased
You put an extra spin on it and gave it a pattern which he was very impressed by
After that, most times he’d have his hair tied into a top bun to show it off and when it was down he’d give you his hair tie to wear on your wrist and you’d give him yours in exchange
Sometimes he’d barely notice he used yours and the bright color stuck out in his dark hair
Chifuyu had to hold in his laughter because Baji trying to intimidate someone with a pink hair tie with a flower charm was quite hilarious
Tumblr media
Hakkai’s hair made you the most nervous
With the intricate pattern on the side, you were afraid of messing it up and ruining it altogether 
Mitsuya would always be with you and kept you calm telling you that you were going to be fine while guiding you along the way
He could also tell he was nervous when Hakkai would sit incredibly still
Although he would just sit in silence, in reality Hakkai was nervous of you messing up or cutting his skin since you were using a singular blade
Also the internal struggle of not being able to start up a conversation when the room would fall silent
Just like Drakken, he would sit in a shorter chair so you could see and work better
Sometimes you would rest your hand on his shoulder to focus more and everytime you did, you could feel him tense up and it amused you
After a few times of doing his hair, you got better at it and Hakkai was less nervous
Shaving out the pattern slowly became muscle memory and he was always impressed with the outcome, sometimes still struggling to talk and say thank you
Tumblr media
For some reason, his eyes were always closed when you did his hair
The amount of trust he had in you was astounding
You would do both his and Hakkai’s hair in Mitsuya’s apartment
Luna and Mana would sit quietly in front of you and Mitsuya on Hakkai’s lap as they watched you cut and dye their brother’s hair
Since Mitsuya had a natural greyish-purple color, you’d just dye the roots of the sides and back of his hair black instead
He always made you something to eat while the dye would settle
Mana and Luna would always ask you to dye their hair as well but Mitsuya would scold them and say they were too young
You ended up promising them that in the future you would dye their hair whatever color they wanted
You’d also shave the slit Mitsuya’s eyebrow, he liked it and wanted to open his eyes to look into yours but kept them closed since he was worried he’d make you uncomfortable
Sometimes he would and it would catch you off guard but you just chuckle and continue after holding eye contact for a bit
Tumblr media
Honestly, cutting Nahoya’s (and Souta’s) hair was challenging since it was curly and puffy
The first time you did it, you decide “fuck it” and trim it like a hedge which went surprisingly well
During this first time, you were so amused by his hair that you played with it for a while, completely distracted from your original goal.
Nahoya wasn’t sure to snap you out of it or not because he enjoyed the look of wonder you had on your face
While toying with Nahoya’s hair you noticed it was dry and kind of tangled.
After that, you researched about cutting curly hair and found out how to do it properly 
Nahoya appreciated you doing the research and always thanked you happily after you finished
After a bit more research, you found out that Nahoya’s hair type needed a specific routine in order to keep it healthy so you pitched the idea and of course he said yes.
He struggled a bit to do it himself since his hair was quite thick and couldn’t quite spread the product properly so he asked you for help
Souta would watch in order to learn it himself to help Nahoya do it when you weren’t around
You massaged Nahoya’s scalp to get the conditioner in and the boy practically melted into you with no hesitation
He sighed and fell back onto you, wanting to sleep but unfortunately it was time to rinse
Now every time Souta massages the conditioner into his head, all Nahoya thinks about is you
Tumblr media
You were cautious around Souta and thankful that Nahoya was your first test dummy before him
The first time you cut Nahoya’s hair, Souta wouldn’t let you touch his hair and he struggled with his overgrown blue hair for about a week until Nahoya convinced him to get his hair cut by you
Once you got how to cut their hair right, Souta was less ill-tempered around you
When Nahoya talked to him about you doing research on their hair type he felt a little guilty for being so iffy about you cutting your hair
He tried striking up conversations with you and the conversation would land on what you found out about their curly hair
In return he told you about how their parents both had straight hair and figured they inherited it from their aunts and uncles instead
Souta would share funny stories of when their hair would inconvenience them and how one time they were able to sneak a whole pack of cigarettes and a lighter in their hair (they didn’t smoke, they stole it for their uncle)
As you massaged Nahoya’s head to get the conditioner really in there, a little fire would light up inside Souta wishing that was him
In the end Nahoya worked some magic and asked you to do the same thing to Souta so that he could learn it from watching you like how Souta did
The internal panic Souta had was enough to combat Hakkai’s anxiousness towards women
As you massaged Souta’s head, his tensed up face and body relaxed
He tried to keep himself from leaning back by slouching forward
The vanilla smell of the conditioner relaxed him even further
Now, every time the twins take a bath Souta tries to make Nahoya do it exactly like how you did
Tumblr media
He’s just like Baji in the sense he only hangs out with the guys getting their hair done to see you
He doesn’t have much hair so his monthly bleach sessions are pretty quick as well as the cleanup on the sides of his head
He always and I mean always brings you food
While you’re doing the other guy’s hair, he feeds you every now and then
Peh-yan and the others were shocked because Pah-chin never shares food with anyone, let alone spoon feeding them too
You were quite surprised because you thought he at least shared food sometimes
Its very obvious Pah-chin’s love language was food 
He would sometimes text you and ask if you’ve eaten when he didn’t show up and makes Peh-yan or someone deliver you snacks when he can’t make it
The other members saw it as a blessing from god but Peh-yan would scold them when they tried to take the snacks Pah-chin bought for you
He doesn’t ask what you like, he just buys everything just in case and eats the ones you don’t want
The best times would be when he comes to see you when you’re at Mitsuya’s house doing his and Hakkai’s hair
It was snacks and food galore
Luna and Mana had a sugar high every time and Pah-chin ended up being scolded but Mitsuya
Pah-chin knew how to cook a bit but only his favorite quick-to-prepare foods and would make meals with Mitsuya
They were simple but he added his own special flair to it and by god it was delicious
Tumblr media
He would always ask you stuff about hair like you were an expert (which you were not you just knew how to cut and dye)
You did your best to explain and when you didn’t know Peh-yan would say “that’s alright, we’re clueless together” and it sent a warm feeling in you
While you did his hair he’d share dumb stories of him and Pah-chin that made you laugh so hard you had to stop and take a breather before continuing your job
Even when he wasn’t telling stories, the conversations you’d have were always filled with laughter and good times because he was a naturally funny guy (even when he didn’t know it)
Sometimes you really couldn’t get enough of him and you would extend your sessions just talking and sharing stories
Because of this you’d forget Pah-chin was in the room with you two and he’d be passed out, having finished all the snacks he brought
The conversation would continue until you were at the door but Peh-yan would always insist on walking you home if you were at their place
If they were at yours, you talk until you realize you’re halfway down the street
Pah-chin would sometimes be annoyed because he would be singled out sometimes but Peh-yan would always do his best to include him
Tumblr media
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chrissquares · 12 days ago
oooo for the prompts could you do possessive!ransom overhearing some of his friends talking about how they have a crush on his gf and he starts doing lots of pda which also leads to a soft moment between him and the reader please, thank you and i love everything you write💖
Eepppppppp this actually sounds really cute and I- akdhdnehfsjiebdeuxbs and thank you so much for liking my works💕💕
Always Yours
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: ~1K
Warnings: fluff, PDA, possessive Ransom, mention of alcohol consumption
[gif credit to @forchrisevans]
Ransom told you to head inside the bar to meet his friends first while he was parking the car; you have met them a couple times now and you were surprised they invited you to join their little gathering and being the only girlfriend there
they could be a little douche-y and rude, but it was nothing you couldn't handle, and you are mostly there just to be with Ransom anyway; and Ransom seems to be happy that you and his friends actually get along
when you walked inside and greeted his friends quickly, you told them Ransom was just parking the car outside and you excused yourself to the bathroom
“trust fund playboy really hit the jackpot, huh? such a pretty face... and that ass? pheww.... I swear to god I will be after her the second Drysdale dumps her...” Ben told everyone else at the table while his eyes follow your ass as you walked away
“how do you know he'd dump her? maybe he won't... find your own girl, you pig...” Jay said, he seemed to the closest friend to Ransom and he probably has the best heart out of all his friends
“what? c’mon... it's Ransom we are talking about here, he'd be done with her by the end of next month...” Ben added, scoffing and said it like it was a matter of fact
but little did he know that Ransom came in just in time, and he was just around the corner when he overheard whatever Ben had to say about you and him
and right at that moment, he wasnt even mad or angry, but his possessiveness just went through the roof
he knew he would never let you go, and he knew you would never leave him, but the fact that one of his so-called friends had such idea about you or thought that he had a chance with you, it made him wanna show everyone that you are his and he is yours, for each other only
“what's up losers?" Ransom greeted everyone with a smile, and a fake one to Ben, “where's my girl?
“just went to the bathroom...” Jay answered and eyeing towards the direction of the bathroom automatically
Ransom turned around and you came out just in time, meeting his handsome face with a smile of your own
“hey babe...” you smiled sweetly at your man, your body getting close to him mindlessly, sticking to him like a magnet
“thought you got lost, or one of these assholes hid you from me...” he joked on purpose once you were by his side, his hand slid to your hip and tucked you close before he dipped his head down to nip on your soft and raspberry scented lips, making sure your lip gloss or lip balm or whatever you called it smeared evenly on his lips
you giggled into the kiss, speaking softly against his lips, “they could try, but they could never take me away form you...”
what you said wasn't necessarily loud, but loud enough for people to hear, and to be honest, you dont mind if they heard because you like letting people know you are devoted to him
he smirked like he predicted exactly what you would say and he made a subtle glance over at Ben, seeing him rolled his eyes but proud of his girl for being so sweet and loyal, but most importantly, HIS
even when you sat down, Ransom had his left arm on your shoulder and he patted his thigh with his free hand motioning you to cross your legs on top on his left thigh before sneaking his hand between your crossed thighs, thumb caressing your smooth skin
and while the others were ordering drinks, you cocked your head at him subtly, knowing he was being extra affectionate for some reason (not that you mind)
he felt your eyes on him before he gazed back at you with darker eyes, moving his hand on your shoulder to cup your neck and jaw, turning your head so that he could lean in for a kiss
feeling the cool metal ring on your neck and the feel of his warm lips and tongue, the cold and warmth clashing together in perfect union
he tilted his head as his tongue pushed past your sweet lips and grazed your teeth, swirling with yours as he kissed and sucked the air out of you until he captured and nibbled on your lips once again
the kiss was soft but yet passionate because his lips were just desperate to show you his needs and wants
you could feel him smiling into the kiss and his hands, his ring, and his lips were all making your heart race and your head spin in a good way
it wasnt until the waiter spoke up, the two of you finally pulled away from one another, slightly panting
“anything for you, Mr. Drysdale? the usual scotch, neat?" the waiter asked politely, knowing Ransom for his temper but was surprised to see that he was all whipped for a girl
“just one beer for me thanks, I gotta drive and a Paloma for her... is that right, baby?”
you smiled at him and nodded, reaching up to lace your fingers with his hand on your shoulder, pulling his hand towards your lips before you turned your head to press a soft kiss on his pinky ring
“are you guys seeing this or am I just crazy?" you joked and asked Ransom's friends at the table, referring "this" to the affectionate Ransom
“Oh we are seeing a lot of this... a bit too much to be honest...” Jay said, moving his hand in front of himself gesturing the two of you, and the others chuckled, except for Ben
“What? I just wanna make sure you know you are mine...” Ransom said nonchalantly before pressing his lips against the crown of your head
you smiled and chuckled, “I'm always yours...”
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devilsdecade · 12 days ago
      Late evening wanderings was practically a hobby of hers- Nahvee often worked long hours and most of her free time would be spent alone in evenings in her small apartment letting her mind wander to places she tries to avoid. So as a way to keep herself busy, she likes to submerge herself deep into the city, no matter how much she actually hates the place. Gotham city was dangerous to say the least and so far,  she’s been fortunate enough that she hasn’t really gotten hurt aside from the time someone managed to snatch her purse after a rough shove to the ground about a month ago. Even so, this didn’t stop her or scare her away from exploring the city and this evening, she finds herself stepping into an old, abandoned amusement park. 
     There was a heavy feeling of eeriness that loomed over the park- one which most likely shut down from a severe lack of funding like everything else around the city. Stores and businesses are closing left and right it seemed. Once upon a time, people filled this area and this was once a place of happiness and joy, but now it was only made of ghostly shadows of remains of good times. It was more ominous than anything she’d ever seen before and perhaps this was what drew her inside in the first place. Nahvee always liked the darker side of things and there was something beautiful to her about the place. Grass overgrowing through cracks in the sidewalk and rollercoasters that have gone unused for years now coated with rust and painted with all sorts of colorful graffiti: a sign that people still do come here from time to time. It could be dangerous here and she knows it, but she finds herself brushing off the thought of it because she simply didn’t care. It couldn’t 
Tumblr media
     She’s come to a stop in front of one of the smaller attractions- one of a few of the old, small children’s rollercoasters and she’s taking the time to admire it- it was cute. The carts were designed like cartoon style bumblebees and the tracks were a mixture of rusted yellows and blacks. Owen would have loved it.  A small smile tugs at her lips at the sight of it and her head bows as she slips her hands into the small cross body bag strapped over her shoulder. Soon, she withdrew a small book and pencil before she moved so that she could take a seat on the ground where she’d turn to a crisp blank page where the graphite would meet the paper in soft delicate strokes as she began to sketch. Silently immersed in her sketching, she had no idea that someone was nearby and had been watching her- that she’s invaded someone’s home. Her brows furrowed as she tilted her head slightly, eyes glancing up to the attraction once more before falling back onto the paper in deep concentration to her work.
Tumblr media
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armins-futon · 15 days ago
Final Club
Ivy League Armin ✰ Fem!Reader (she/her)
Tumblr media
✰Warnings: -public sex-voyeurism-exhibitionism- vaginal penetration-male/female mutual masturbation-Armin on a power trip-degradation-daddy kink-drug use- dom armin-eren + porco + connie + jean being horny voyeur fucks
✰ Synopsis: College!AU: when you snuck into a Harvard final club party you didn’t think you’d be getting fucked by the president in front of all the members
✰ w/c: 7.5 k
✰ a/n: part of rias @bakugohoex 3k rich boy collab. ty ty @armins-bowl-cut @tetsunormous @emeren for beta reading and helping me out sm ♡ they rlly are editing kings, everybody say thank u to them plz♡
Tumblr media
Cool wind whipped around the tail of your camel trench coat, the frosted air making your exposed knees ache in dull pain as you approached the cream brick house. Your eyes prickled with tears from the harsh gale as you took in the white marble pillars arranged around the heavy double oak doors, adorned with brass hardware.
The intricate white molding, required depth and chronicle in understanding the history it held, it stood as an homage to the members it contained. The delicate ring of black fencing encapsulating the building reigned as a reminder of the exclusivity of the house in the dark Harvard courtyard.
Fresh in your first term of college, you and your roommate had heard of the rumors of Harvard's elite final clubs; how, unless you had a name written down or your parents had funded a new science building, chances of entering their parties were slim to none.
So when you stopped typing on your laptop one October evening, turned around in your chair suggesting to your roommate to try and enter The Porcellian: one of the highest clubs in the chain of Harvard social order, your friend laughed in your face.
“____ are you insane? We could never get in, we’re freshmen that look like this,” Her arms gesturing to her body, perplexed at you for even saying such a thing.
“What do you mean? It's worth a try. If they reject us they reject us, we won't make a big scene.  We'll just come back and watch a movie… or change and crash a regular campus party.”
“What makes you think for a minute they would want someone like you and I, at their rich ass cult sermon?” Her eyelids fell heavy, mouth in a closed grimace.
“I'm not saying they would let us enter. I know they won't, but it’ll be an experience?… we’ll dress up-- and if anything-- some cute Instagram photos will come out of it.”
She hesitantly agreed, already planning on what movie to watch when the two of you come back rejected.
Early that Friday evening, you cleaned your desk, submitting your papers hours before it was due. Gently blending in your makeup, your trench coat getting steamed by the mists of warm water released from your roommates shower. You rolled on a new pair of sheer pantyhouse smoothing your legs over.
The off-the-shoulder black velvet dress fit you snugly, your hands smoothed over the dense fabric on your body, feeling a rush of exhilaration knot in your stomach, as your current predicament dawned over you. You and your roommate took a shot of Titos in your room before ushering outside, trying to calm your unsettling nerves before as you left your dorm.
“Now what?” Your roommate whipped her head towards you as the both of you stood aside around four metres away from the door, watching as the burly suited bouncer read his clipboard and silently pushed open the oak doors allowing the three girls inside.
“Just tell him we’re in EC-18 with Peter Lansop,” You voiced just above a whisper
“Who the hell is Peter Lansop?” She was hissing at you. God, for once could she just play the fuck along?
“I did my research and he’s one of the freshly admitted guys. They wont suspect anything with our new faces if we're with a new member,” Your eyes were still bewitched by the oak doors watching the bouncer check something on his phone, the blue light illuminating his face casting harsh shadows, giving him a much older appearance.
“Hmm, why didn't you tell me this before we left?”
“You never asked! You always-” Before you could whisper another word your head darted to the low hum of a car pulling up next to the house. A white trim Porsche, it was a cabriolet- with its top half open, the soft LED lights inside the car made the camel leather seats glow. The driver was a cropped blond and its passenger another blond with his hair pushed back in a pompadour style.
The both of you instantly recognized the one driving the car- it was Armin Arlert.
You saw him only twice around campus, dressed casually, once wearing his grey Patagonia half zip and the other wearing his burgundy row team jacket. He seemed to be the type to never be walking alone, there was always someone willing to immerse themselves in his presence- even if it was brief. He had an air of sweet charm, his eyes were so kind and welcoming. It wasn't just his wealth and status people were drawn to, it was his entire being.
He was wrapped in old money, if anything the only reason he was in school was for the sake of family tradition. His great grandfather was the President of Harvard for 11 consecutive years and his parents were known as the schools top sponsor’s. It would be a shame if he didn't follow the path his forefathers laid out so beautifully for him.
Oh also - he was president of The Porcellian final club.
As he parked near the doors, his blond head bobbed into proper view as he rose up from the seat. He was dressed in a dark navy three piece suit, tailor fit to his body. The starchy silk fabric flowed on his body the lowlights of the street making the strands shine bright as he adjusted his front lapels.
The passenger next to him slammed the door shut, his black suit coming into view - not as expensive as Armin’s, but far pricier than anything you owned in your dorm room.
As Armin circled his car, making the way to the building, he caught sight of you standing to his far right. The weather, albeit chilly, still had you standing tall and proud, instantly making him intrigued. The wind whipped your coat making it cling against your body, showcasing your form.
“____, he’s walking towards us. What the fuck what the fuck, what the fuck. He’s the president. We’re gonna be on a blacklist fuck fuck ...” Your roommate was in panic but you were drowning her out, focused on the man coming towards you.
He sauntered over cooly, paying no attention to the way the wind made the tails of his jacket flap around as he stopped right in front of you, his teeth gleaming white as his eyes crinkled into a boyish charm.
“Good evening ladies— or rather a very dire evening shall I say?”
“Well, I don't know about that" you smiled at him. "If an autumn wind is enough to be pronounced as 'dire', what will you save for winter?"
Armin tilted his head, begging the sides of his mouth to be pulled even higher as his friend stood next to him, analyzing you and your roommate from head to toe.
“I didn’t get your name…” Armin inquired as he moved his body next to yours, placing the lightest touch of his hand on the small of your back to gently lead you to the door. Your roommate tailed behind as you began to stride alongside the blond.
“, ____,  Peter Lansop invited us,” You beamed confidently, staring into his eyes.
Armin knew you were lying. Lansop would've told him if he was going to invite someone like you. Nothing ever slips by the Club President.
“Hmmm, that's a shame, he didn't tell me about you. In fact I haven't seen you around here at all. What are you studying?” The way he drew his words made you want to stare at his lips, the hand on your back suddenly feeling warm and hot.
Your roommate had sparked small talk with the stocky friend as you ascended the stone house steps. The bouncer nodding his head towards you both as he pushed the door open, a stream of golden warmth spilling out, the thick smell of cologne and champagne permeating your senses blind.
“I’m majoring in ____, what about you?” Cocking your brow at him. Armin let out a low chuckle, letting go of your back. Now that you stood in the hallway, your heels sinking into the cream persian rug, you could smell his aftershave wafting towards you, winding you to come near.
“A bit of this, a bit of that, Whatever interests me in the moment, does it really matter?” Armin didn't care to give you a straight answer. In fact, he was taken aback how you didn't know what he was studying, Nearly every person in Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Princeton knew of him, so he found it amusing  how you did not.
He knew you werent playing dumb. He could read people like a book. No, you were genuinely clueless and he liked that.
You were watching him, completely doe eyed by accident. The soft yellow light made his combed hair flared against the dark brown interior of the walls. He looked sort of like a fallen angel, the way his cheeks were kissed pink by the weather. His lips were so full. Freckles,  a souvenir from the past season, were sprayed across his nose. You were just about to open your mouth, give him a comment about his lack of response when a voice interrupted you.
“Arlert!” A tall ashy brunette came approaching him, a glass of whiskey in his hand, placing a heavy hand around his shoulders, “Why are you so late to your own club party?”
The both of them sauntered off, the tall brunette leading him to a group of men by the tufted brown leather armchairs in deep conversation, their booming laughter heard from where you stood. Each of them standing up to greet Armin into a half hug, patting each other's backs.
You surveyed the room. The walls were coated with the spines of old novels, the tables a heavy cherry wood. Nearly every lamp was lit, giving the room a soft mist of haze swirling against the cigar smoke and chatter. Off to the side you saw your roommate talking to the blond with the pushed back hair from before, deep in conversation with two other people. Other rich kids, you deduced by judging the small kiss of a tan left on their skin- probably from sailing.
“Your coat __...” the older male had his arms stretched out,  ready to assist you.
“Thank you…” Your bare arms quickly warmed against the heat of the room as you made way to your roommate, ready to pour yourself a drink and to spur some fibs about your status.
✦  ✦  ✦
Your wrist grazed the green felt table, your other hand shaking as you placed the end of the wooden cue against the white ball. The green chalk marks displayed signs of wear and play. your tipsy senses had you nudging the ball with your cue stick, trying to find a proper placement. Your giggles spilled through as you flicked the white billiard ball making you drive the black number 8 into a pocket. oops
“Aw that's a shame.”
You straighten your back, your face beaming as you turned around to look at the owner of the familiar voice
It was Armin. The top buttons of his white dress shirt were open, the dips of his collarbone exposed against the light. His left hand in his pant pocket while the other held a crystal glass, the remnants of the brown liquid scarce.
“You think so? I got three stripes in one shot, you just came at the wrong time,” Your cheeks were hot, head buzzing
“Mhm, guess you have to show me next time,” He swished the contents of his glass around before raising it to take a final sip, his eyes never leaving yours
Armin had been watching you. He watched as the other members eyed you. He watched as you talked to Galliard and Springer. He watched as you played billiard against your friend. The way you bent over the table. The way your ass stuck out, your dress barely covering it. The way your tits would press against the felt stream splayed out for everyone to see.
“Lemme play against you, I wanna see how good the president is,” You were leaning against the lacquer stick now, your voice teasing. His left hand pulled out of his pocket as ran his fingers through his hair. He turned his head to the side of the room. His skin taut against his neck, teeth glinting as he let out a silent laugh.
He advanced towards you, “Oh sweetheart in due time I plan to..”, he was standing so close, so close that your back pressed against the wooden table. You could feel the heat roll off of his body - you felt your stomach clench into a knot, suddenly very aware of his proximity.
Leaning forward he whispered against the shell of your ear, “Let's go someplace quiet. yes?” his words slipped you into a trance. As you nodded your head, his hand grazed over your hips finding place right against your lower back. He loved how you felt underneath the velvet, so soft and luxurious. He knew you wouldn't disappoint.
“It's a small spot I like to reserve just for my closest friends” he tilted his head towards you, winking as he led you down the hall. His body maneuvered around the crowd, his shoulders making a clear path for you.
Some of the younger club members were shotgunning some beer, their dress shirts all stained and wet. The sounds of whooping and shouts left little room for conversation between the two of you. Armin gave no regard to the party surrounding him. He was bored of it.
“I didn't expect to become a close friend so quickly,” You chaffed, your brow raised high teasing him. You knew he just wanted to hook up with you. No amount of posh could mask the college boy dream - so typical.
“When I see what I like, I have a habit of taking it before anyone else can,” he led you to the end of the hall, the sounds of music drowned out as he turned the golden doorknob. The solid wood doors opened slow and heavy smelling of lemon oil giving way to a small plush room.
The air smelt of leather, cigar and Tom Ford cologne. The dark oak floors had a large crimson persian spread out, the chairs a tufted brown leather adorned with cherry oak.
An oval poker table sat in the middle of the room with four bodies surrounding it, each in deep conversation with the other, their glasses filled with tequila. You recognized the faces immediately, bottles of Don Julio 1942 were on the side tables next to them. The blond and the one with the short buzz cut ...they talked to you beforehand, but their names completely slipped your mind. The man with the ashy brown hair that pulled Armin away before sat right next to a dark brunette, his hair up to his shoulders. His nose was pressed against the wooden edge of the table as he snorted a small ivory line. He tilted his head back, his hair shaking against the shoulders of his suit as he slumped against the chair.
You didn't understand. Yes, he told you it was just him and his friends but, you didn't actually believe that. You thought it was going to be just the two of you. 'That was just something he said' you thought. 'A little white lie, just like the ones you've been saying all evening'
Your presence was suddenly known as all of the boys turned their heads around, their eyes hungrily raking over your body. You felt Armin caress your bare shoulders, his cold and nimble fingers running up and down your arms. He felt the spread of goosebumps raise against the pads of his fingers. He couldn't help but smirk to himself. Why, you were like a little lamb.
“Would you be a doll and put on a show for us?” he spoke right into the back of your neck, suckling your flesh with his lips; you smelt so good. “just for me?”
“What-” Your eyes shifted down to your shoulder, his arms keeping you in place from turning yourself entirely towards him, brain spinning at his words, trying to encapsulate what the fuck he just told you to do.
“You didnt actually think I would fuck you in private, did you?” He murmured through his smile.
“In front of all these people?”
“What, are you saying you’d rather I have you all to myself?” His hands left your shoulder as he steered around in front of you, gently tilting your chin towards him, his thumb stroking over your skin.
“C’mon, I like to show off the things I have...I mean, I was kind enough to let you enjoy the party after you pulled that Peter Lansop invitation shit.”
Of course, he knew, the fucking creep knew, and he strung you right along, he was probably thinking of this shit the moment he saw you outside the gate. Did he expect his money to shut you up?
You were pissed. Maybe it was the alcohol running through your veins or the eager eyes that were watching you, but your tiny clit throbbed at the thought, the thought of being the centre of attention for all these stupid Ivey boys.
You knew they always got whatever the fuck they wanted, and maybe this was exactly what they wanted- deep down you wanted them to stare at your body, you wanted them to watch you with their jaws slacked open, watch you through their stupid half-lidded eyes, watch you while they ruined their expensive designer pants while you fucked their stupid president.
“You’re lucky I’ve had a little bit to drink,” You sidestepped from him, your heels pressing against the wool rug as you made your way to the table. Armin slowly turned around, his pupils dilating in both arousal and surprise as he watched you weave your body around the chairs, the boys whooping and whistling as you stood right next to them.
He didn't think you would do it, he expected to coax you in, speak some tiny pretty words in your ear, feeding some false words of encouragement against your skin before you bent your knees for him. But you, you didn't even have to hear it, the very first inkling he had when he laid eyes on you was right, you were such a fucking slut.
You stood above where they sat, staring them each in the eye, with a smirk against your lips as you basked in their cheers. You outstretched your left arm, making the man with the buzz cut scramble to his feet grasping your hand to help you up on the low table.
When you stepped onto the felt your dress rode up, the prettiest sliver of your ass shown through your sheer leggings had the buzz cut whistling with his fingers as you gained footing. The blond and the brunette palmed their cocks already rubbing themselves through the fabric.
Armin sauntered over, sinking himself into the leather chair directly across from you at the end of the oval table. The other four surrounded you, two on each side.
He folded his left leg over his knee, his wrist tucked beneath his chin as he watched the others purr their words.
“Atta girl, give us a good performance”
“so fucking eager for us huh?”
“I wanna see your tits baby come on”
You felt so tall standing above them all, they were ogling at you, waiting for you to give them what they want and you were going to play right the fuck along.
“None of you even offered to help with my zipper,” You pouted at the muscular blond sitting on the right, instantly making him stand up. A boyish grin on his face as the other boys praised him. “ She’s got eyes for you, Galliard.”
He motioned with his hands for you to bend down. You dropped your body slowly, bobbing against your knees, turning your neck away from him.
“Well you should’ve just asked sweetheart, you know I would’ve been willing to the second you walked through that door.”
Your fingers grazed the maroon poker table, spilling over some leftover chips onto the dark herringbone floor as Porco delicately glided the black zipper down the entire length of your back, the cool air prickling your skin.
You looked over your shoulder, winking as he looked up towards you, eliciting an even toothier smirk on his face, “You like it that much, hm?”
His hands traveled to your ass, squeezing the soft flesh, sucking in his breath, “You’re such a fucking tease, you know that?”.
“Galliard, move out of the way, let her finish,” the tall brunette leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees as he commanded him- his view was blocked.
You pushed yourself up, the heavy smell of cigars and the tequila in your system made your head spin, but the traction of the table made it easy to stand in your heels.
You turned to face those blue eyes that had been watching you all evening.
“Does it make you nervous when I stare?” Armin cooed, his mouth barely moving as he watched you; his pupils dilated, lids heavy and bored, showing barely a hint of emotion unlike the others.
“Don't flatter yourself, you couldn't stop staring at me even if you tried. Harvard's most perverted future valedictorian. Isn't that right?” Your words went straight to his cock, straining against the taut fabric of his pants, he felt himself drip under your voice. He was going to fuck that snarky mouth of yours eventually- he was a man of patience, he had no rush.
You peeled down the shoulder caps of your dress, the velvet brushing against your arms as you let it fall to the ground. Your warm skin was met with cool air, making the small hairs on your arms prickle against the musky air in the room.
Connie watched as your tits glowed against the soft light of the room, your nipples perking up against your pebbled skin, he wanted to reach over and suck them, bruising your pretty tits till they were wet with his spit, his saliva running down his chin as he grazed over your breasts. He wanted his teeth to graze your soft skin, take them inside his mouth, hear you mewl underneath him-you probably sounded so cute.
“no panties? Arlert you really know how to pick them”
'The man with long, dark hair had his chin tilted, his legs and arms splayed against the leather, as his lips sucked in the tip of his brown cigar, puffing a wave of smoke as he darted his wide open eyes towards the blond in front of you.
The sudden realization made your skin burn in heat, your pussy pooling between your thighs.
You were wearing black waist high stockings, not another lick of fabric on your body, You opted out of wearing underwear that night you wanted your dress to run smooth against your frame, how the fuck did you expect to even get in to the party? Let alone be prepared to stand nude on a table in front of five random men.
“You're such a dirty whore, I knew I saw that pretty pussy when you were bent over playing pool,” Armin’s voice was boisterous, his dick twitching at the thought of you walking around all evening so bare. Imagining what would've happened if he slid down the hand on your back earlier that evening, thinking of how it must've felt if he felt your pussy’s slit through the thin fabric, rubbing your clit slow. The faces you would make in that crowded room, while his digits dusted over your folds, making you ache for more.
“She’s an obedient little bitch, isn’t she?”
“Just like a fucking pet”
Erens watched as the president’s eyes raked up and down your body, turning his own head to skim your frame, the way the thin strap of your heels were wrapped around your ankles, the sheer stockings guiding him right to the perfect cinch of your waist, and fuck, you were dripping, the fabric was so fuckin thin, he saw the small wet beads of your slit against the sheer black. He licked his lips, he could practically taste you.
He wanted to get up and swirl his tongue inside you, to glide the flat of his tongue right between your folds sinking his nose against your clit, sucking in each of your pussy lips, heavy and fast he wanted to lap up your thick cream. He imagined your choked out moans begging him to stop from overstimulation, your thighs shaking against the sides of his face, your neck thrown back against the table.
eren palmed his cock through his pants, hard and leaking precum he rubbed it back and forth against his left hand, puffing on his cigar eager to put it out and slip his cock out into his hand, fucking it tight.
“what happened to that attitude baby? embarrassed cause we can see what a wet slut you are?” Porcos voice boomed against the room, his shirt unbuttoned fully,  torso gleaming with sweat, his wrist flat over his crotch grinding his hips against it, imagining it was the globes of your ass.
you smiled in response,snapping yourself back to reality, your fingers twined up to the waistband of your sheer tights craving to pull them down, to stroke your burning slit, when Armin instinctively raised his hand from the leather armrest,
“No—keep it on” his words husked dominance your hands stopping in place instantly agreeing to his demands “Kirschtein— help them out”
The brunette with the pointed chin, the one you had seen all night, lazily stood up from his chair, his wrists pushing his body off the seat. two quick strides and he was hovering beneath you.
his white sleeves were rolled up, his tan arms motioning you to sit down in front of him, “its alright i don’t bite sweetheart”
You slowly fell on your knees moving over the table on your palms, your back arched, ass perked up making Connie whine at your display, “—so fucking hot”
“You look like you’d want me to bite you Kirschtein” you grabbed the caps of his broad shoulders pulling yourself flush against him. sitting back, you leaned against your forearms, your legs spreading open in front of him. your heels pointed to the sides,resting right on the wooden sides of the table.
“tsk tsk, Baby you can’t be so greedy you can’t have all of us now.” He looked down between your legs and palmed your cunt, your slick juices coating the string fabric of your panty house slid onto his fingers as you whimpered, your breath staggered and shaking .Jean let out a small whine at the hot feeling of your pussy pressed against his palm. “Does it feel good when I touch you here?” his hazel eyes bore into you.
“Y- yes”, Your own hips buckling at the relief of friction, your body rubbing up and down against it, your teeth talking in your bottom lip as you stared at Jeans hazel eyes, his face starting to loom closer to  yours.
“Kirschtein—“ Armin sounded annoyed, his voice making you buck even faster, the edge of his palm along with the texture of the stockings covering your cunt rubbed your clit so well, your voice turning breathy and desperately eager for some relief.
“she’s like a bitch in heat”
“Fuck I wanna see her come”
“Just rip it Jean”
Before you could even register, Jean pulled his hand away, his fingers wrapped around the middle hem of your stockings pulling them apart, the ripping sounds echoing throughout the room, your throbbing pussy exposed and open. The cold air made your pussy quiver, your clit suddenly met with the change of air had it flinch, making you want to rub it even more.
“we’ll get you a new pair - on the club” Jean looked down as though speaking to himself. his voice humming low as he watched you squirm.
your puffy clit begged to be ruboed circles into. A string of your arousal fell directly through your slit making Jean hold back everything in him to not lean down and swirl his tongue around it.
he was holding back from fucking his fingers right inside you, you were so fucking close,your scent enveloped him he wanted to see how many you could take. Jean was always praised for his long fingers, how far they could reach the soft walls of every girl's cunt. he could see your tight slit clasp open and closed again, imagining how they would clamp around his digits. how he would swirl them against your rubbed walls, curling them till he found that pretty little sponge. till he flicked his fingers till they were wet and coated white with your cream. He wanted to see if he could make you squirt all over his arms. See you shy away in embarrassment from the wet patches you left on his dress shirt.
your slit looked so tiny but he just knew by your third orgasm you could take his heavy cock. Fuck. He rut his hips against nothing but air as you stared at him through your pretty lashes. He wanted to see it run wet with tears -your makeup ruined and your body destroyed- he just knew he couldn’t- at least not today.
Jean leaned forward,his lips just barely ghosting yours, “put on a show for us doll” he breathed into your mouth before pulling away and walking over, his cock heavy and pulsating against the fabric of his pants as he sat back in seat.
You were left facing the blond, your thighs open wide, the sheer tights torn apart. His eyes darkened, blown with lust raking over your form as you lay there looking like such a sex toy- all because he asked you to.
Eren spoke through the cigar, “Show us how you touch yourself”. His words went right to your core, feeling a spur of blood rush to your clut, you would have whipped your head around to him, but you never broke Armins gaze.
The pads of your fingers found their way to your folds, your other arm supporting you as you began to rub your nub in circular motions. pains of pleasure shooting down the base of your spine as you traced your clit,swirling your fingers long and slow.
You could already hear Connie moan, in the corner of your eye Porco was already working the crown of his cock in between his fingers, his pace following your own.
lazily you dipped your fingers inside, your fingers just barely stretching your tight cunt to as you focused on the man in front of you.
“Spread your pussy wide for me baby, i wanna see everything”
“C’mon fuck your fingers for us, make yourself feel good”
You took them promptly out, wet with your juices you returned back to rubbing your throbbing clit, slow and languid teasing them as they sat on the edge of their seats, aching you to do more. Throwing your neck back whining as you felt your stomach coil in heat as your fingers began to draw traction.
“yah just like that. just like that”
“Fuck-moan louder slut, dont be shy”
Armin's mouth was slacked open, licking his lips he leisurely stood up, unbuttoning the rest of his dress shirt, revealing his broad shoulders, his trap muscles taught from hours of competitive rowing. Tiny sun spots dusted his tan torso. His toned ab flexed, his pectoral muscles moving like waves as he tossed his shirt to the side.
“You're going too slow baby-” His chair was so close by, he was already looming next to you
Armin gripped the plush fat of your thighs, his fingers pressing small indents into the sheer black fabric as your fingers stopped momentarily in awe of what he was doing.
“I don't think you know what’s good for you but I do, isn't that right?”  he watched your mouth, waiting for your lips to beg.
“please” you groaned, desperate for someone- something to help with your dripping core.
“Be a good girl and turn around for Daddy” You fell to his instruction, humiliating at how fast you shifted your body, your bare back brushed against his warm torso. your skin raised in bumps upon contact.
you now faced all of the boys.
You watched as Connie and Jean were downing their drinks, while Porco was already teasing his girthy cock, skimming his tip against his fingers you saw a string of his arousal connect to his raised fingers, his torso limp against the chair.
Seeing him watch you, so drunk on your body made you want to get down from the table and wrap your hand around his heavy cock. To tug and lick his leaking tip. You wanted to see his pretty hair fall out of place.
Eren looked the most wild, his eyes open wide, his mouth parted and dry, his wrist ran circles on his dark pants, you could see the print of his cock, begging to be released.
Armin dipped his head into your neck, his voice hummed against your throat as he spoke low, his breath hot, “don’t worry about them angel, focus on me now, ’kay?”
He sounded so sweet, so gentle, you whimpered in agreement, as his calloused hands worked against the fat of your tits, your nipples right in between his fingers as he massaged them purring against your neck, speaking so only you could hear.
“You're my dirty whore, but it's okay they can watch, we’ll give them something good, won't we?” Your eyes were shut, already too focused on how he was flicking his index fingers across your hardened nipples, the sensation making you too dumb to respond.
“What did I just tell you?” He pinched your right nipple pulling the pebbled flesh hard, rolling the bud against his fingers, pain shooting through your veins, “Answer me slut”
“Mhm, yes- yes  yes” you gasped out, nodded your head frantically, your gut tightening at the stimulation. He felt your body stutter against his, you were so fucking easy, a simple fucking pinch and next you would have his cock in your mouth. So pathetic.
“Holy fuck”
“Make her squirm again Arlert”
His soft hair fell over tickling your neck as he pulled your skin into his mouth, his teeth nipping your flesh each time he released his mouth. The soft sounds of his mouth working against your pretty throat filled the room as he bit harder, a sudden yelp escaping your throat. He hoped that would bruise over by tomorrow morning, a reminder of him.
his left hand still worked against your breast as his right moved over to the ripped fabric between your legs.
“it’s a good thing we got rid of this, don’t you feel so much better now that i can fuck you like this?”
you gasped your body wiggling against the wooden table as he plunged his index and middle fingers inside
“isn’t that what you wanted? the way you were looking at me - your tiny fingers just weren’t good enough, you wanted daddy’s help didn’t you?”
You felt heat pool to your cunt at his words, your breath hitched in your mouth, he was knuckles deep inside, his palm pressed against your pubic bone as he curled his fingers, briskly sinking in and out of you. Your stomach was churning at his pace, a coil in your stomach beginning to bubble as he kept on stretching you out.
“don’t worry I’ll make my little fuck toy feel good”
They were dumbfounded,savouring the way your pussy tightened around his fingers, the way the heavy heels of your shoes scrapped against the wooden table as you arched your back, squirming in response.
Each of them pulled out their cocks, gleaming and slick with arousal.They spat onto their dicks, the hot saliva making it twitch as they slowly rubbed their shafts up and down, refusing to touch the crowns of their cocks. They didn’t want to come so quick, not until they saw your pussy fucked out, and your legs covered in thick cum.
Armin was grunted  in your ear, “You're not allowed to cum until I give you permission, understand?”
“P-Please, I promise - I - want to be good” You nodded vigorously, your response shattered and breathless, as you threw your head back between his shoulders as your walls were fluttering around him, your hands frantic, grasping at his biceps you were so close, so close, just- Agh-
Armin pulled his hand away, his pink digits coated and wet from your slick, he slapped your pussy hard, making you swollen clit writhe, as you whimpered. Your eyes shut, your thighs clenched together to feel stuffed by him again, he was being so mean.
“I didn't give you permission did I? You lied again didn't you?” He gripped your jaw, making you face him, his eyes so puppy like and concerned, as if he wasn't the reason.
“Put that snarky bitch in her place”
“Fuck her slutty mouth”
His eyes never left yours as he basked in the words coming from the boys, “They're telling me I have to teach you a lesson, don't I?”
Armin watched your eyes lidded and heavy as you brushed your fingers up to his jaw bone, trailing it up and down, embracing whatever he was going to do.
“Teach me, please I’ll be a good girl”
Armin placed a long kiss on your lips, you could taste the tequila in his mouth, sucking your lips slow, before he pulled away, pulling your shoulder blades towards him till you were flat against the table, your head dangling off the side, you could already feel blood rush to your forehead, making you dazed and more desperate.
You watched as he unzipped his pants, the shiny tip of his cock was flushed red, slick with precum, you wanted to reach over and stuff it inside you, you wanted to bob up and down his cock so bad taking it in like a good whore would.
He held the base of his shaft, hovered his cock just above your mouth, prodding his hot head, you softly suckled his tip, tastebuds swirling against his sweet precum.
Your lips split open around his thick cock, your tongue ran against the veins of his length, as you clenched your legs together. Your mouth slid down his shaft till your chin was buried in his hairs, the tip of his dick prodding against the back of your throat.
He grabbed the back of your neck, pulling you flush into him making you choke on his length. The gag that released from the base of your throat sent spirals of vibrations against the crown of his cock, his strokes slow but deep.
“You feel so fuckin good, taking Daddy in that slutty throat of yours” each word that dropped from his mouth had him pounding into you harder. You could only moan back in response, your pussy throbbing to be touched.
Eren watched as your head bobbed frantic against his thighs, your saliva ran sheen against the sides of your face. Your eyes were rolled back, your lashes fluttering against your cheeks. He watched as the tip of his cock bulged against the delicate skin of your throat while the sounds coming from your pathetic mouth were incoherent and stupid.
Your tits jiggling each thrust Armin rut against you, your own hands gripping onto his thighs for support. he wanted to fuckign knead your tits, so much to fucking squeeze, but Armin kept his hands dept on your throat, his fingers interlocked against it, just barely letting you breath.
Your upside down frame, exposed and laying like that like a dessert, was enough for them to get up and fuck every tight hole in your body. Your desperate whines had them rubbing their lengths, spitting more onto their cocks, imagining it was your saliva coating it.
Armin pulled out of your throat, a thick string of your spit, attached to the tip of his cock as he let go of your throat, your mouth left darkened wet patches on his pants.
“Get up” He commanded you, as you brought your head back up, your head spiraling at the change of gravity, your body slinked off the maroon felt as your heels hit the hardwood floor as you came up standing right across from him.
“That's a good slut ,stand up for daddy now” his hands were firm on your hips turning you around, making your neck feel whipped under the sudden action.
He slapped you flush on your ass, the fleshy fat jiggling as you whined pressing yourself further against his cock whimpering and begging “please, please”.
the shiny tip of his head red and slick with your spit beaded the sheer fabric of your ass, the moisture getting caught in between the strands of fabric, making it glisten like dew.
Hearing your choked voice the way the soft fabric of your ass felt rutting against his cock it made him grab the soft underside of your cheeks directing you further onto the poker table in front
You felt his sticky cock jerk against your ass, grabbed his length and aligned himself into your tight pussy sinking himself into you. You gripped the edges of the wood, your back bent over.
Your nipples were erect, hanging against your frame, as he worked you open, pushing inside inch by inch. You were so fucking slippery, your pussy was drooling to be abused. Your walls contracted, your cunt felt pressures of pain as you gripped onto him, trying to adjust to his cock.
“S’big- so big” was all you could choke out as Armin gripped the soft fat of your hips, his fingers gathered the fabric etching marks through it onto your flesh as he directed you to his cock, your ass snapping into him each time, your tits jiggling at each action. His balls slapping against your pretty clit each time, making you want to roll your hips into him, blurring your senses till you couldn’t think anymore.
“Whos fucking you so good?”
“Agh - Y- you “
“Who's that? hmm? Use- *smack* -your- *smack*- words.”
“The president, the- p- president.”
“Thats right, the fuckin president, you hear that boys? Her slutty cunt likes my cock.
Armins grunts were drowned by the lewd squelching sounds of everyone trying to fuck their cock. It just felt so good, the way he was pumping into you, he slowly picked up the pace, his dick slamming into you as his hips kept striking your ass. Your grip was so tight on the wooden edges, some of the felt got caught underneath your fingernails.
“Fuck, Fuck Fuck”
“Im- so fucking close”
The boys had their eyes blown wide their hands fucking their wrists squeezing their fingers tighter and tighter as it rolled against their heads.watching at how armins cock fell in and out of you.
Their eyes transfixed on the juices you left on his cock. such a wet whore you were. god you probably felt so fucking tight. they watched as your mouth kept stuttering open, tears welling against your eyes.
You were clamping on to his cock, your walls fluttering and contracting against his veins, “That’s good, oh fuck, keep doing that.” Armin’s face was glowing with sweat as he breathed deep taking his bottom lip into his teeth. He was pressing so hard, he tasted blood on his mouth. Holy shit
Your ribbed walls clenched him one final time as you spilt over, waves of ecstasy falling over you as your arms failed you, you placed your body onto the fabric, your cheeks and nipples pressed against the soft texture as Armin pulled out of your heat.
His hot white cum spurted onto your ass, the sheer nylon absorbed the liquid fast, you felt it wet and thick seep into your skin as you lay there, fucked out too tired to move.
Armin watched everyone in the room, he looked over at the boys, their eyes still trained on you, their leather seats sticky and wet with their release, thumbs brushing over their sensitive slits,their chests heaving along with you.
He knew the most sought after wines in the Arlert family cellar were the ones that had been kept the longest, the ones that were placed on the highest shelf, shown off to every guest, only those tasted the best.
People could admire all they wanted because at the end of the day only he could taste its sweet nectar. Armin liked to apply his family traditions to every aspect of his life. they always told him to stay true to the family emblem. Armin never argued, he always did just that.
© all content belongs to @armins-futon 2021. do not modify or repost.
Tumblr media
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allaboutsavinganimals · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
CURRENT HOSPITALIZED #CAT MEDICAL CASES 🚨🚨$2,550 STILL NEEDED IN FUNDS🚨🚨 The Beauties & Beasts Cat Team had a huge influx of expensive and tough medical cases in the last week. We struggle and are barely surviving to save these lives as we create space and even transfer out cats to out of state groups willing to receive. We beg for others locally in the area to sign up to help make a difference as kitty season amps up. These five cases are currently hospitalized and under veterinarian treatment. LUCIUS: currently at K-State, each night in ICU is $150. His case is still being worked on by the K-State orthopedic and internal medicine team. He’s been hospitalized since 4/25 under Beauties & Beasts. He was transferred from VESH to El Paso Animal Hospital where care was continued. 4/29 he was transferred to K-STATE to receive a MRI and is currently staying in the ICU. HELIX: Hospitalized at VESH on 4/25 transferred to El Paso Veterinarian Hospital. She has a pelvic fracture with some neurological concerns after being attacked in multiple areas. FRANKIE: Owner surrendered to KHS just 10 mins prior to close. Thankfully, the KHS team reached out to us directly so he could have a chance. He had a known urinary blockage for 3 days, was vomiting a brown liquid and lethargic. All facilities where closed but VESH. He was rushed to VESH by the Beauties & Beasts Cat Team. His potassium level was found to be 9.3 which is critically high. Emergency and critically intervention for 12 hrs due to his condition was $940. He was transferred to El Paso Animal Hospital where he is receiving IV fluids, antibiotics, and currently has a urinary catheter in place. @beautiesrescue needs #donations & #pledges for these high costs vetting expenses for these cute #cats! You can donate on here by clicking on the donate button on this post and also through the link on #AllAboutSavingAnimals Bio! #beautiesandbeastsrescue: #Kansas: #KS: #wichita #wichitakansas #catsofinstagram (at Beauties and Beasts, Inc.)
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only-kiwi · 21 days ago
i had like 5 requests for halsey and i deleted them all by accident BYE!! i’m still using her because look at her??? ugh they’re so pretty <3 also some non binary representation for yall <33333 SHE/THEY SUPREMACY
also!! my family is really struggling with money right now due to the pandemic and any help would be great, if i set up a go fund me would you guys be willing to donate? it doesn’t have to be much at all, let me know. sending you all so much love <3
previous posts with halsey:
one, two
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yourinstagram my rainbow baby 🌈
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ynfan1 NO WAY
ynfan2 i’m so happy for you holy shit but like who’s the dad
harrystyles I’m in awe of you.
yourinstagram @/harrystyles 🥺💕
harryfan2 what.......
annetwist Just so beautiful, I can’t wait to meet my grandbaby
yourinstagram @/annetwist we love you x
ynfan3 this is insane
arianagrande CRYING
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harrystyles Baby Styles. November 2021.
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harryfan3 ISNWJWK
harryfan4 i can’t cope
yourinstagram i think i said i’m having your baby???
harrystyles @/yourinstagram it’s very much my business
jefezoff So excited for you both ❤️
gemmastyles I’m going to be an auntie!! Nobody move 😭
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yourinstagram baby daddy
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ynfan5 🥺🥺🥺
ynfan6 best thing that’s happened all year
harrystyles I love you
yourinstagram @/harrystyles i love you so much more
harryfan5 goals goals goals
harryfan6 this is all happening so fast lol
pillowpersonpp Thinking about how are kids are gonna be best friends
yourinstagram @/pillowpersonpp why would you say that now i’m gonna cry
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harrystyles Everything and more.
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harryfan7 CRYING
harryfan8 she looks so good !!!
yourinstagram i look fine but really i need this baby out of me
harrystyles @/yourinstagram not long now x
ynfan8 she’s not a regular mom she’s a cool mom
ynfan9 queen shit
annetwist What an angel x
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yourinstagram BITCH I’M A MOTHA!!! NO DRAMA!!!
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ynfan10 AHHH OMG
harrystyles So grateful for you and your body. I’m so in love with the both of you. My beautiful girls.
yourinstagram @/harrystyles you mean the world to me
harryfan9 harry’s a dad i repeat harry’s a dad
harryfan10 omg a baby girl i’m crying i’m so happy for them
gemmastyles No words. Thank you for making me an auntie. Love you so much xx
yourinstagram @/gemmastyles 🤍🤍🤍
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harrystyles Isla Anne Styles.
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harryfan11 CUTE
harryfan12 not me screaming in the middle of the street
yourinstagram heart : full
ynfan12 🥺
annetwist Babies
jefezoff ❤️
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antikate · 24 days ago
Hello Kate! OMG. The puppy is GORGEOUS. For the WIP game, if I’m not to late, can I ask about La Belle 6 and Regency? 7xx
Thank you!!! He’s very cute but an absolute monster, no shoe is safe.
Regency... is a very basic idea I have for an arranged marriage AU, which is very very tropy nonsense. Bookish Aziraphale finds out he’s inherited a title but he’s utterly broke, so he agrees to marry new money Crowley to fund his scholarly work, while Crowley gets a title (this is fantasy!regency, titles work how I say they do). Crowley is fine with a loveless marriage and is very distant and respectful but Aziraphale thinks it because he’s not interested so pining ensues.
Crowley is also a social reformer who wants to use his wealth and title to help the people. And idk there’ll be such classics as “someone gets sick and needs to be nursed back to health” and “oh no this inn only has one room” and “jealousy at a ball” and “erotic cravat tying”. So far it’s very cheesy and still an outline.
(I went through a shitty mental health phase where all I could read was regency romance novels do they have a soft spot in my heart despite how terribly problematique so many of them are.)
La Belle 6 is chapter six of my weird “cursed naga Crowley is trapped in a tower and Aziraphale has to fix him” story. I was SO CLOSE to finishing it, but I decided yesterday to rewrite it.
In the grey half-light filtering through the high windows, Crowley looked truly monstrous—the sharp angles of his face, the unnatural glitter of his eyes and the gleam of his too-long teeth in the hollows of his face. The proportions of his body were wrong, and the place where skin met scale a horrifying, unnatural melding that had no business existing beyond a fantastical illustration in a bestiary.
Aziraphale had touched that join only a few hours before and marvelled at the way the texture had changed from cool, inhuman smoothness to the delicacy of skin. Now he wished he could rid himself of that memory, pluck it from his mind and toss it into the lake outside.
Ok now that’s done, here’s a puppy enjoying some spring warmth:
Tumblr media
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babydai · 28 days ago
Daichi, Kuroo, Ushijima
(italicized is the boys speaking)
warnings: slight time-skip spoilers, not proof read sorry for any mistakes :/
Tumblr media
-The two of you have been dating for a while and you just recently moved in with him.
-You had borrowed his jackets before when it was cold out, but it definitely wasn’t a regular occurrence.
-It was Saturday morning, Daichi was working and you were at the house cleaning up and unpacking your stuff.
-It was a bit chilly and most of your clothes were still in boxes, so you decided to take a peek at his closet in hopes to find something warmer to wear.
-You found a black hoodie with a little design printed on the front of it, he wouldn’t mind, right? You’ve only seen him wear it a couple of times anyways.
-A few hours passed by fairly quickly, until you heard his keys jingling in the door for a couple of seconds before he pushed it open.
“Hi Dai, how was work?” You asked happily, meeting him at the door.
“It was good baby, just finished up some paperwork,” he responded nonchalantly while pulling you in by the waist for a quick kiss.
As he pulled away from the kiss he looked down and noticed his favorite hoodie enveloping your figure.
“Is that mine?” He asked, his hands sliding down a bit lower to rest on your hips as he waited for your response.
“Yeah, I found it in your closet,” You said glancing down at the hoodie
“I got cold and all my hoodies are still packed away, I should’ve asked first, do you want me to take it off?” Your response sounding far more panicked than he anticipated. He actually loved how the hoodie looked on you, and he loved that you felt comfortable enough to take his clothes.
“No no no, keep it on please, you look cute,” his hands tightened on your hips to prevent you from trying to pull the hoodie off. A small smile plastered on his face at the sight of you.
“Wear my clothes more often, okay?” He told you as he intertwined his fingers with yours leading you over to the couch to cuddle.
“Okay Dai,” you let out a small laugh at his straightforwardness, you could already tell you were going to love living with him.
-You and Kuroo have been together for a couple of months, and even though the relationship is relatively new you feel like you’ve known him forever.
-You’ve been spending more and more time at his apartment because it’s much larger than yours and it’s close to your workplace.
-You honestly haven’t worn his clothes before because he buys you so many gifts, clothing included. He’s not shy about spending money, especially on you. You like his jacket? He’ll buy you one, you want the shirt he has on? He’ll buy you that too.
-He’s just big on spoiling you and he has the funds to do so.
-Today was a bit different because you accidentally fell asleep on the couch with him the night before, so you didn’t bring a change of clothes.
-In the morning you found yourself pressed against Kuroo’s chest, still in your clothes from the previous day.
You slowly lifted yourself out of your boyfriend’s grip to go freshen up in the bathroom. You entered the bathroom and looked at yourself in the mirror noticing the top and shorts you had on from the day before. You washed your face and brushed your teeth, then quietly headed over to Kuroo’s bedroom to see if there was anything you could change into.
You slipped off your top and found a familiar soft grey t-shirt, sliding it onto your body. You looked down and laughed noticing how much longer the shirt was on you considering Kuroo’s 6’5 stance.
As you made your way back to the living room you saw Kuroo was awake and on his phone. He immediately looked up at you as you walked into the room, a smirk arising on his face as he let out a low whistle.
You rolled your eyes and chuckled, “Goodmorning to you too Tetsu.”
“It’s a good morning indeed, come here angel, give me spin,” he tells you, the smug look not leaving his face.
You walk right in front of him, entertaining him with a spin as well as poses, pretending to show yourself off, “like what you see?”
“Mhmm love it,” he responds pulling you onto his lap and burying his face into your neck leaving a trail of light kisses on the exposed skin.
“I’m never buying you clothes again, you can shop my closet from now on,” you feel his smirk against your neck as he held you tighter.
-Ushijima was a very responsible man, he’s been that way since you fist met him last year.
-Its been 8 months since you’ve been official and you can confidently say his care and responsibility has only increased since then.
-You never had a need to ask for his stuff because he kept your extra clothes at his house and in his car, that way if you wanted to stay over or you got cold you’d always have something of your own to wear.
-It’s not because he doesn’t want you wearing his clothes, he just thought you wouldn’t enjoy them because they wouldn’t fit you properly.
-You finally decided to ask him for a shirt to wear to his game the next day.
“Hey Toshi, do you think I could wear your white adlers shirt tomorrow?” You asked, chewing your lip out of nervousness. It’s been almost a year but he still makes you nervous, you can’t help it.
“I thought I got you one, did you lose it?” He asked, showing genuine concern.
“No no, nothing like that, I just thought it would be nice to wear yours tomorrow,” you responded hesitantly, eyes glued to the floor of the large bedroom.
He places his hand gently under your chin, lifting up your face to meet his eyes, “You can wear it sweetheart, it’s just the wrong size.” He responds, leaving a chaste kiss on your lips.
You smile as you watch him go into his closet to retrieve the white t-shirt with the team’s logo printed on the front. He hands you the shirt, a small smile appearing on his face when he sees your eyes light up over something he never thought you’d enjoy.
You make your way into the bathroom, sliding into the shirt and some pajama shorts, when you exit his eyes immediately dart to you.
You feel flustered under his gaze, he only makes it worse by coming up and gently grabbing you hand leaving a couple of kisses on your knuckles.
“You look very pretty, you should wear this shirt to games from now on,” he says, still holding your hand in his.
“But then you have to get a new one,” you respond, as you felt your face heat up due to his stare.
“I don’t mind sharing my clothes, they look much nicer on you anyways,” He says just above a whisper, while pulling you into his chest.
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!! <3
my masterlist
© babydai 2021- do not copy, edit, or repost
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harryissuchalittleshit · 29 days ago
This is so random but do you have headcanons on Sam Goyle and Dev?
Devansh and Sam are so cute
Just so everyone knows, Devansh is Padma and Theodore Nott’s oldest son, and Sam is Gregory Goyle and Pansy Parkinson’s oldest daughter
Devansh is two years older than Sam, who is the same age as Devansh’s brother Hajari
Sam and Devansh were always meant to be, they’re both the oldest in their family, they both complicated family histories, and they both struggle a bit in who they are vs what’s expected of them
They’re both Ravenclaws and both become prefects
They start dating when their eleven and thirteen but it’s not really acknowledged until they’re fourteen and sixteen
Devansh give Sam a promise ring when he graduates and goes into his Auror training
She finds out that she’s pregnant about a month before she graduates and using some concealment charms and a baggy clothes, she hides her growing bump well
Sam’s parents are pissed! And Theo isn’t too happy either, but Padma reminds him that they had Devansh when they were his age now
She also reminds them that just with Devansh’s inheritance, neither of them or their children and grandchildren will ever have to work (not that they like being trust fund kids)
Ernika or Erinn is a beautiful little girl who takes the best of both of her parents
She is four years younger than her youngest aunt and uncle (Devansh’s twin siblings Tarika and Rishi)
Padma watches Ernika about three days a week when Sam is working in the floo network offices
Sam likes the work, but more because of the flexibility than anything else
She wants to work in the MLE offices, but she’s nervous about the exam
She and Devansh get married when Ernika is four, the day after Boxing Day
(It’s when Anamika introduces Louis to her family as her boyfriend)
Sam takes her MLE exam and gets the top score in her group and starts training
She’s really good at her job and loves getting to work on cases with Devansh
Devansh is really good at being an Auror and though it takes a while, gets on really well with his colleagues
By the time Al and Scorpius show up he’s well involved in the office community
Sam gets pregnant again when Ernika is eight, and it’s really exciting for all three of them
Ernika loves being an older cousin, so having a baby brother or sister is even better!!
Kyler is a lot more work than they remember Ernika being, and he causes for some stress for all three of them
Devansh sees both of his girls struggling and takes some time off until they can figure out how to have a newborn in their life again
And he really likes being a stay-at-home dad
He didn’t realize how much he missed out with Ernika and he feels really bad about it
They don’t wait as long to have their next baby, named Sam, but it’s still five years after Kyler
Devansh takes even more time off and Harry just asks him if he wants to go down to part time
Sam is more than happy to take on more work and she’s really good at her job
Ernika is thirteen and it’s a bit easier for her this time around, and she’s really happy when she comes home to meet her new sibling
Kyler loves having both his older sister and Appa home for the summer, even if he’s starting primary and it’s scary at the end of the summer
When Baby Sam is starting primary, Devansh comes back to the Auror offices full time and is an even better Auror
Even though there is a thirteen year age difference between the kids, they do get along really well and Ernika is a wonderful older sister
She’s always there for them and answers any of their calls and letters right away
She is the first person that Kyler comes out as bisexual to and who Baby Sam tells that their genderfluid
Devansh wishes that he could be that close to his siblings, but it isn’t easy, especially with the twins, but he puts in an effort because he sees Ernika put in the effort
Sam is just so proud of her children and the life she and Devansh created together
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ausimosa · a month ago
I am so close to being done w my proposal for 2021-22. I write for five minutes and then I do something else. It shouldn’t take me all week long but it will because I’m so used to constant interruptions. I am finally in the “I can’t stop thinking about this document” phase and that means I’m almost done. The budget itself was completed today at noon. Almost 2 million to spend ... and we cross our fingers we get extra funding from all the stimulus money coming in for public institutions.
It’s hard to do things in one shot. So many interruptions on top of a weak ability to concentrate until 10pm.
I also managed to keep my Wednesday chores. Tonight was clean sheet night for the boys as well as their long bath night. Everyone smells so good and so clean. Tomorrow we go back to our shower, rinse and run routines but tonight, I did it all without rushing. I ran two loads and hung the clothes to dry. They were all kids clothes. This laundry business is all about constancy, but boy is it hard to maintain it...since my time isn’t really my time. Today was a good day for the domestic goddess in me.
And, The baby now walks to his crib and jumps in when we say bedtime. It’s so cute! No crying or begging to stay up!
Off to bed. I am grateful!
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ninjacattail · a month ago
Lone Fungus
Tumblr media
Kickstarter link
"A Metroidvania inspired by new & old classics like Hollow Knight, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania IV & Megaman X."
So last night after fires 112% speedrun, he started playing the demo of a fun little game on Kickstarter called Lone Fungus, where you play as Greencap, the last of your mushroom kind, as you explore your ancient homeland and try to figure out what happened.
Now instantly I had fallen in love with the cute little game and checked it out on Kickstarter, (which I have put the link to above ^^) and learned that somehow Basti (the creator) hasn't reached the goal! However, he's very close, around 8,000$ away. The Kickstarter goes deeper into the tiers and all of what the game has to offer, however I grabbed some screenshots of all of the tiers.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I beIieve that from what Mav was saying in the chat, the Designer teir is only 225$! And access to early demo is only 50$. Basti also has a Twitter (linked up above as well ^^) where he posts regular updates. According to the Kickstarter, the game is 50% complete already, and he plans to make free DLC. Another interesting thing to note, he's making the full OST!
Tumblr media
I've only had the chance to listen to it on Fires stream, but he's put samples of it in the Kickstarter. From what I've heard, it's sounds like a bop.
So yeah! I won't be able to donate anything to the game (I'm a minor with parental restrictions qwq) but you can! I and many others would love to see this become a reality so if you're interested, please pledge at least a bit! If you can't however, then boost posts about it on Twitter, Insta or Tumblr, so more people can see this Kickstarter gem and get it fully funded!
(Tagging @raeloganthesonic06fangirl , @leederpfucker and @crybaby668 / @theothercrybaby so they can boost maybe? 👉👈)
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robillardthoughts · a month ago
sunday, april 11th 2021: melancholy
i’m not very creative so i had to look to see if i had used this title already. anyway... hello. i feel weird rn. i had a funny evening. and i can’t believe it’s the week again. a FIVE DAY WEEK. i’m outraged tbh.
i embarrassed myself tonight lol
i am not ready for the week
i think there is just a lot of work i need to do on my personality lol (one of them is stop saying everything i’m feeling)
i spent so much money on ubereats today i have exactly $0.56 left in my eating out fund... oop it’s not even halfway through april yet
school classrooms are closed again :(
covid cases hit another high... yay.......
i went on a fun lil picnic w/my friends and it was so cold but fun and the food was yum and it was nice to be out with them
i had a book club meeting! i spoke a little bit which felt good. i’m still kind of intimidated by them but oh well
i went on a nice walk with my mom before dinner tonight which was cute
it’s my mum and dad’s wedding anniversary today <3 28 years is no small feat
i drank alcohol tn, it was kind of fun, kind of chaotic, kind of a bad decision... oh well
SO MUCH CHAOS in the nhl trade deadline but it’s also fun because it’s earlier than usual. spicy
i had a nice clean shower tonight which felt GOOD
the world is very quiet rn and still b/c my parents are sleeping including my pops and it is kind of lonely but not in a bad way
i had a call with my friend who tolerated me being tipsy thank u <3
i had pizza for dinner!!! yum yum i love this pizza place
i am trying to be more social but it is scary but i am trying
don’t you by taylor swift is my vibe rn
i finished reading norwegian wood and i’m not sure how i feel about it or if i’d ever read another book by him but i’m glad i read it
i genuinely look forward to walking now because it makes me feel... alive and like i’m going somewhere??? poetic?? idk
maybe i will get my life together tomorrow <3
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jvdetan · a month ago
Tumblr media
with a shrill scream into the phone’s receiver, 𝐉𝐀𝐃𝐄 could feel white hot tears threatening to spill. getting even more angry at the potential of messing up her makeup. “how could you do this to me? this is so f— this is so embarrassing!” she screamed hysterically, throwing all of her items on the counter and storming out of the store and the shopping center.
the day was supposed to be like any other of 𝐉𝐀𝐃𝐄’s shopping days, and for the most part it was. she began the day with her favorite drink from starbucks, sitting in the café with her drink for a few hours just scrolling through twitter or instagram while taking in the ambiance of the place. every three weeks, she would go to the spa around 11am and have a mud bath, facial, and full body wax if she felt she needed it. things were going as planned, and even down to the occasional text from whatever guy she found herself entertaining from tinder that day, she was in ecstasy. the self care day was much needed, especially with her birthday coming up and all the stresses of trying to plan for it.
after her spa treatment, she found herself trying to decide if she wanted to get her nails done, and deciding if she did she would just stop in the place in the BEVERLY CENTER while she shopped. she’d made it through four stores: target, louis vuitton, sephora, and burberry—with virtually no problem, it’s important to note. she was on the phone with one of her close friends the entire time, practically giving her a play by play of everything she saw in the shops and even asking her which pieces of clothing or bags she should purchase.
it was going on 2pm when the femme casually strolled into BALENCIAGA, airpods still in her ears as she maneuvered the store and decided if she wanted any of the newest season’s shoes. after picking up a cute little black handbag, hoodie, and a fur coat, she made her way to the cashier to pay, not even looking up at the clerk as she handed her card over. she was supposed to have around $250,000 on that card at any given time, and while she was sure she’d spent a little bit more than $110,000 that day, she should have still had more than enough to get these few things and be on her way. so when the cashier handed her card back, she instinctively went to put it away and grab her bag, to which the cashier put her hand on jade’s wrist. 
“um, ma’am, your card declined. it says you have insufficient funds.” she said firmly, and  𝐉𝐀𝐃𝐄 immediately rolled her neck back and tilted the sunglasses she wore to look at the woman closer.
“try it again, maybe the machine’s faulty.” she said with pursed lips and a nod, her impatience already starting to get the best of her and raising exponentially when the clerk tried the card again and didn’t say anything, just turning the screen to show  𝐉𝐀𝐃𝐄—and everyone in line behind her, she felt—that her card declined once again. with a strained nervous chuckle, she fished her other card from her mini purse and handed it to the woman, who took it with a bright smile and swiped it. “yeah, i know i have the funds on th—” upon getting the same response from this card, the clerk, still trying to be positive, raised a brow and shook her head.
“no, sorry. it says declined as well. if you’d like to step out of line to figure out the issue with your bank, you’re more than welcome and we’ll save your spot.”  𝐉𝐀𝐃𝐄‘s blood ran cold. it couldn’t be. was she having a problem with identity theft? what if someone had drained her accounts. what would she tell her parents? no, that couldn’t be it.
“no, let’s try this register over here. that one has to be busted.” she laughed nervously, a thick tension in the air as she stood in front of the other register. her eye slightly twitched as she handed the woman both of her cards once again, her hand shaking a bit when the first one said it declined once again. she was clenching her teeth so hard, she was afraid they’d shatter from the pressure. but when that second card declined, 𝐉𝐀𝐃𝐄 started to hear and feel her heart beating in her ears. things started to move slowly. 
without another word, she stayed in her spot and called her bank. after going through the automated tone to get to a representative and talking for a moment, her heart dropped to her stomach. it was much, much worse than identity theft.
“what the FUCK do you mean all my accounts are frozen? do you know who i— my parents?! no, you’ve got it wr—” she frustratedly hung up the phone in the bank representative’s face, clenching her teeth and offering the cashier another soft smile that poorly masked the rage flowing through her body. while looking her in the eye and still demanding her attention, stopping the flow of foot traffic to those registers, she phoned her father.
“hey sunshine. we thought you’d b—”
“what happened to the money on my card?” her voice was quiet and sinister. she needed to get straight to the point, because her entire body felt like it was on fire.
“well, there is no more. of course, i wanted you to have your last little shopping day, but i’ve been watching your card activity just slowly climb and i had t—”
“YOU DID THIS?!” her voice was on 10 right then. she was yelling, her face hot from anger and sheer embarrassment. the people in the store thought she was a broke ass scammer all because they thought she was spending too much. “you’ve been watching my activity? just put a chip in my arm why don’t you?”
earning a scoff from andrew, he let out a sigh. “don’t be dramatic. just come hom—”
“why on earth would i want to come home are my parents have publicly embarrassed me? riddle me that...” she trailed off, taking a deep breath before taking on another, more pleading tone. “just put the money back so i can make this last purchase. please, dad.” she begged, but andrew was firm in his decision it seemed.
“i’m sorry, baby. i can’t. you’ve been cut off.” if she was made of glass, she would have shattered into billions of pieces as soon as those words left his mouth.
“cu— what? i—you.... cutting me off? does mom know?” she questioned harshly, not knowing whether she was sad, angry, or both.
“her signature is right next to mine on the contract,”
“what? what contract?”
andrew shifted in his seat a moment, clearing his throat uncomfortably. “we’ve signed you up for an intervention of sorts. you just blow through money without regard, and we really want to put a stop to it. it’s like you’re insatiable.” he explained softly, but 𝐉𝐀𝐃𝐄 was not having it. she felt betrayed and humiliated. she was already pushing the card reader away from her, knocking it on the ground as she finally replied to her father. she was tapping her foot to try and avoid bursting into tears; it wasn’t working.
“i can’t fuc— why are you doing this to me?” she asked, more to herself than to her parents. looking around the store, seeing all the products just worsened her enraged state. 
with a shrill scream into the phone’s receiver, 𝐉𝐀𝐃𝐄 could feel white hot tears threatening to spill. getting even more angry at the potential of messing up her makeup. “how could you do this to me? this is so f— this is so embarrassing!” she screamed hysterically, throwing all of her items on the counter and storming out of the store and the shopping center.
and of course, no sooner than she hopped into the car, the video someone had taken of her freaking out in the mall had been sent around and had over one hundred thousand views on youtube. and of course, just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, an incoming text from her mother made her hold her head against the steering wheel.
from MOM: your flight leaves tomorrow. come finish packing. it’s gonna be a while before you come back.
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subspencer · a month ago
Okay so you know that Spencer has spend a lot of years in collage aka a lot of money, what if he have a sugar mommy?
this is what i’m mf talking abouuuutttt !!!!!
23 year old spencer in his final phd program, needing to pay rent and fund his degree before he’s got his own big boy job. he’s got a night shift gig at the university library, and though he loves his books and the solitude of the library at night, he’s so tired all the time and it doesn’t pay nearly enough. but it’s how he meets this nice girl, a little older than him but she’s helping an old professor/friend do a research paper in her spare time off work. so she’s always coming at night, after her work hours, when spencer’s working, and she always asks him to grab her the books she needs (because he’s faster at finding them, but mostly because he’s cute). eventually spencer starts getting comfortable with her, they’re not exactly friends, but every time she comes in she stops at the front desk and they talk for a while until she gets down to work. one time he complains about ripping the sleeve of his only good sweater, and how he can’t afford another one so he has to wear it anyways. she comes back the next week with a brand new one in a shopping bag. it fits him way better than the old one ever did, and the material is far nicer. he’s shy about accepting it, it’s obviously very expensive, but she brushes off his concern with a remark that he deserved it for being so cute. he pretends it doesn’t make him feel some sort of way when he wears the sweater, like it was a reward for being nice to her. it feels nice. one day, as he’s pulling her books from the shelves for her, she comments on how good he looks in it. she runs her fingers over the material on his arms, dragging her hand up to his chest, then pulling him in close by the collar and kissing him. the next time he sees her, she comes back with another sweater for him, this time in her favorite color, and he makes a note to wear it on the days he knows she’ll come in
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lavender-composition · a month ago
⭒ argument: childe ⭒
request for anon: childe argument hcs 😃😃🤲
ask and you shall receive... i’m surprised i haven’t done childe argument hcs yet.
parts one and two in this sort of “series” can be found here and here! this follows the same sort of plot in which you cry during an argument and he has to make it up to you.
pairing: childe/reader
characters: childe
genre: hurt/comfort
word count: 457
⋆ childe adores conflict, and that applies to verbal disagreements as well
⋆ he’s absolutely terrible to argue with because he simply doesn’t take you seriously
⋆ what can you do to him? he’s a fatui harbinger, more powerful than you in every sense of the word
⋆ though it is not his intention, you feel like he’s mocking you. he won’t take you seriously and he’s just messing around, cracking jokes and making witty comments all while grinning at you
⋆ it hurts, the fact that he just doesn’t seem to care, how easily he brushes you off and treats your problems or feelings as a joke
⋆ he doesn’t even directly insult you, he just refuses to drop the act of careless lightheartedness
⋆ it’s frustrating and painful, and your composure breaks when he laughs out that you look so cute when you’re mad.
⋆ “am i just a joke to you, childe?”
⋆ his face falls when he sees you’re crying, because of him
⋆ childe panics, immediately rushing over to you as he spews off apologies
⋆ he pulls you close to him, wrapping his arms tightly around you as he whispers that he’s sorry and that you mean everything to him
⋆ he doesn’t let go until you’ve at least somewhat recovered
⋆ when you pull away from him, you can see he’s tearing himself apart, guilt flooding his gaze
⋆ you explain to him how much it hurts when he doesn’t take you seriously when you’re upset. it makes you feel small, unimportant, especially when you’re trying to talk something out with him
⋆ he pulls you in again, promising he’ll do better and actually listen to what you have to say without being a jerk about it
⋆ with one last apology, he places a kiss on your forehead, cupping your face in his hands
⋆ childe is literally willing to do anything to make it up to you
⋆ he has the funds and the status to do basically whatever he wants. he’ll clear his schedule for the day for you, even, if that’s what you desire
⋆ be prepared to be pampered with a lot of random gifts and surprises for weeks. he’ll take you out for surprise dinners, gift you little trinkets, get you pieces of jewelry if that’s your thing, and he won’t stop until he feels he’s made it up to you (which, if you don’t stop him, will be never)
⋆ he does get better over time, you just have to tell him to knock it off when he starts being a jerk
⋆ he can be mean sometimes, but he feels awful if he ever upsets you. he’s learning to get serious and actually listen when you need it, and he’ll do whatever he can to make it up to you as he learns.
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bothcreativitybois · a month ago
The Mayor’s Sweet Treat Chapter 1
Description: Small town AU where mayor Remus knew everyone, until a cute baker opened shop in his town. Patton is struggling to keep open the small bakery while his mother is gone. Then the rambunctious and rowdy Remus appears and vows to save him. 
Ships: Intruality
TW: Swearing, stress, crying, slight burn, implied past bad relationship, food (obviously), sexual references (it’s Remus) 
Taglist (ask if you want to be added): @crazydemigod666 @star-crossed-shipper 
The old green truck rumbled down the road. Remus rubbed his stubble and tried to neaten his hair out but it didn’t do much. 
How did I miss the opening of a new shop? What’s wrong with me?
-A few minutes earlier- 
“Uhg this meeting sucks.” Remus groaned and leaned back in his chair.  “Why do we have to do them every Monday morning?” His coffee wasn’t enough. He contemplated where he could get something stronger. 
“Be my assistant Virgil. I need you Virgil.” He mocked his employers past words.
“Remus, you’re the mayor.” Virgil reminded him. “I know you have trouble paying attention but you need to listen. For your citizens.” The assistant looked over his notes as his employer whined.
“I already know what everyone thinks.” Remus defended. “Mrs Patty needs more wheelchair access, the berry farms proposed an idea to work with the high school to get more workers and Janus was caught spray painting again. It’s not hard to keep track when there are only like 100 people.” Virgil smiled smugly and looked up from his notes.
“So you know about the bakery reporting losses?” Virgil asked. Remus sat up and looked at him dumbly.
“We have a bakery?” Remus was dumbfounded.
“It’s new. Opened 5 months ago.” Virgil informed as he threw some papers on the desk. “The owner asked if there was any assistance we could provide the- Remus?” Remus was already jingling his keys.
“I’ll be back soon.” Remus said as he left. Virgil sighed. 
Remus thought as he drove. He looked at the store fronts trying to find what had changed. They all looked the same. General store, Salamander Silk clothes store, café he’d just gotten another coffee from, Sammy’s restaurant, the closed down florist- wait. The widows weren’t blocked anymore. Remus pulled up in front of the building and got out of his truck. He didn’t bother locking it, there was only one criminal in the town and it was his best friend. There were no new signs on the building, but the old signs were gone. The windows were uncovered but the door was closed.
Remus wasn’t sure where the bakery was exactly but there was only one street of shops so it wouldn’t be hard to find.
Maybe the Ahujas opened a bakery? I’ve always loved Nisa’s kaju katli. 
“It couldn’t be here…” Remus said to no one. He trampled up to the door to check if it was unlocked, it was. He swung it open and was greeted with a sweet scent and bright colours. The walls had new light blue wallpaper and the old stone floor had a cute pink rug trying to cover the large crack. “Are you open?!” Remus shouted past the displays of baked goods. 
There was a crash.
Patton worked lazily on the cake in front of him. He tried not to let his tears get in the lovely icing he’d just finished flattening.
No one is coming anyway. Why bother?
He usually could control these thoughts but this morning he was tired and stressed. He hadn’t had a single customer for a month, he was reaching the last of his back-up funds. Patton dropped the icing spatula and pushed away from the cake for a break, the rolling stool he was on slid to the wall. 
It was a mistake. No one wants you here. I should’ve stayed wit- 
A ding cut through the room. Patton realised he was now full on crying. His cheeks were warmer than the bread he’d made this morning. He stood shakily and walked to the oven, he couldn’t let them just sit there. He put on his green oven mitts and opened the industrial ovens. The muffins sat there, plump and cute. He slowly reached up to get the heavy pan out. Benefit of a large pan is being able to make two dozen at a time, the downside was carrying two dozen dense muffins at once. He’d built up a little muscle these past few weeks hauling the flour himself but it didn’t help much. 
“Oh fuck uh…” The tall figure said, Patton hadn’t quite looked up to see them properly yet. Remus frantically looked around for something to help the man clutching his arm. A sink. Remus grabbed the small man’s good arm and dragged him to the large sink. The tall person pulled Patton to the sink and turned on the water for him. He let go of his arm and shakily took off his oven mitt and put his arm under the stream of water. 
“Are you open?!” A voice shouted through the small building. Patton turned in shock, accidentally hitting both the pan and part of his arm against the oven door. He dropped the pan and clutched his arm.
“Ah!” He let out a small noise. There were heavy footsteps and a tall man appeared next to him. Patton felt his tears rise back up. Not from pain, he was used to burns, but he was overwhelmed. 
“Can you get that pan I dropped?” The smaller man muttered quietly. Remus looked across the room to see a pan of what looked like muffins in front of the oven. Thankfully it had landed without sending any muffins flying. He walked over and picked up the still hot pan. Patton turned to warn the tall person the pan was hot but was met with Remus holding the metal easily. The tall man was wearing a green flannel over a black shirt and some ratty black jeans, a stark contrast to Patton’s light blue t-shirt and pink apron and pants. The man had stubble that thickened along his upper lip and long brown hair pulled back into a messy bun. Remus placed the tray down and looked at Patton, his cheeks were red and he could see tears clouding his eyes. He noticed how much Patton was shaking. 
“Are you okay?” Remus asked, concerned. Patton turned away and focused on his arm.
“Yeah, you get used to burns.” Patton said weakly. He knew that wasn’t what Remus asked but hoped he’d get away with that answer. Remus knew what he was doing but decided not to press the man he’d just met. Patton took his arm out of the cold water and turned to Remus. “So who are you? A prince in shining cowboy boots?” Patton laughed weakly at the black square toe boots.
“Oh right.” Remus suddenly remembered why he was here. “I’m Remus.” He reached out a hand for a handshake. Patton took one look at the dirty hand then looked back up at Remus.
“I’m Patton.” He introduced himself happily. Remus realised his hands were dirty and pulled back. Patton giggled. Something about that giggle made Remus smile. “So Remus what do you do other than scaring innocent bakers?” Patton joked as he walked to his muffins.
“I scare innocent baristas.” Remus retorted, Patton laughed and wiped his face. “But if you mean work, I’m the mayor.” Patton looked up in a mix of doubt and surprise. “I’m surprised you didn’t know that. Actually I’m more surprised I don’t know you. Did you go to Mindville Public?” Remus referenced the public high school which was the only one in town. 
“Oh no. I just moved here actually.” Patton answered. He began removing the muffins one by one. “Came here to start the bakery with my mother, but she had to go back to the city for some stuff so it’s just been me for a few months.” That made sense to Remus. It was unlikely that just one person ran this place. But he still wasn’t sure how he hadn’t heard of the bakery opening.
“I would’ve visited earlier but I didn’t know you were… well… existed.” Remus rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. Patton sighed.
“Yeah, it seems no one does.” Patton said dejectedly as he took out the final muffin. He picked up the now cool tray and moved past Remus to put it in the sink. Remus caught a sad look in his eyes as he passed, a look that even though they’d just met he could tell was not usual. Remus walked over and put a hand on Patton’s shoulder.
“Hey, you're one of my citizens now.” Remus stated and turned Patton to face him. Patton saw a sparkle of determination in Remus’ eyes. “I’d do anything to help my citizens.” They lingered close to each other. Patton began to tear up, then quickly wrapped Remus in a hug. Remus raised his arms as the small man squeezed his ribs, Remus looked down at Patton. He realised how tired he looked, he blushed as he buried his face into Remus. Patton pulled away and wiped his eyes.
“Sorry… it’s been hard these past few days and... “ Patton looked up at Remus, eyes catching each other. “Thank you.” Patton looked tired, sad and weak. Remus felt a sense of protectiveness rise in his chest. Everyone in town was rowdy and strong, that’s what happens when you’re raised in the country, but Patton was different.
“Remus!” A voice shouted from outside the building. The men looked out the windows to see a tall lanky man with dark hair falling over his face.
“Who’s that?” Patton starred as Remus began walking out of the kitchens. Remus sighed.
“My assistant. I have to go.” Remus said, then he stopped and turned to Patton. “How much are those muffins.” Patton beamed. He picked up one of the still warm muffins and threw it to Remus.
“They’re carrot cake and walnut.” Patton laughed. “Just stop by tomorrow and tell me what you think of them.” Remus nodded. He pulled out a card and a five dollar bill then put both on the counter.
“I’ll call you.” Remus winked. Patton felt his chest tighten, but in a good way.  He waved as Remus walked out to Virgil.
“You can’t just drop out of meetings like that!” Virgil scolded as Remus walked out. Virgil saw an all too familiar crooked smirk on Remus’ face. “Oh no. No no no. What are you planning?” Remus took a bite out of the muffin, the aromatic flavours tingled against his tongue.
“I’m gonna save the bakery.” He said.
“Okay that actually seems reaso-”
“Then get the cute baker to grab my cake.”
“-there it is.”
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fineanddandy · a month ago
20 with Chris 💖💖
Ooooh 😏😏 I was hoping someone would pick this one 😈
Thigh Meat
“I bet you think you’re real cute letting them put their hands all over you. We’ll see how cute you look later when I get you home.”
Relationship: Chris Evans x black!reader
I think you guys know what’s coming...let me drop my fave Evans pic cuz this is who I’m imagining writing this 😈
Tumblr media
(Hey daddy what’s up you mad at me 😏😈 god he looks good as fuck there 😛🤤)
Facing each other across the VIP area, you and Chris sit and glare at one another as your friends are all having a good time around you. Dancing and drinking while you two stew in your anger. A fight of epic proportions went down before you two left the house for a mutual friend’s birthday and all you wanted to do was punch his stupid pretty face. When Chris laid eyes on your new gold earrings to wear tonight, you thought he would ooo and awe but instead he lost his shit. His words still rang out in your head,
“All you fuckin do is spend my money. Didn’t you just buy a new Chanel bag yesterday?!”
“What the fuck ever. Give me the card back. Now!”
Playing it all back clenched your jaws tighter. Asshole. It wasn’t even like it was a bad habit or anything. On occasion, you’re allowed to treat yourself. His rule, not yours. And now it’s a problem. Bullshit. Chris wanted you to have the best, you never asked for it. If anything he persuaded you to give it a try. “My baby deserves nice things.” All that shit.
Tightly gripping the neck of his beer bottle he chugs the fluid back, never taking his pensive eyes off you biting down on your cocktail straw from your rum and coke. Chris didn’t know how to tell you to he was stressed out about his funds, being instructed to cut back on spending. Temporary but necessary. So seeing the earrings was the straw that broke the camels back. Before he realized the two of you were shouting across his bedroom and it was so bad he didn’t want to come to this party. Your friends can be annoying. Especially with this cornball fucker who won’t get out of your face. Homeboy’s in love with you. Your friends could see it. Chris could see it. Coming back from the bar this...cornball sits so close he’s practically in your lap. Chris’ grip clutches his bottle, emptying the rest of its contents down his throat. Chris really isn’t in the mood for bullshit. Your legs cross away from him, a sign to him that you’re not into cornball but you give him your undivided attention. Leaving Chris to glare at the side of your head. Slamming his empty bottle down on the table he snatches another out of the ice bucket on the table, keeping a careful eye on the cornball dying to caress your knee.
You couldn’t stand this corny ass dude either, but you know giving him an inkling of attention burns Chris the fuck up. So let’s light this man’s ego on fire. Leaning forwards, resting his elbows on his knees, he wishes he could hear what he’s talking so intimately to you about. He’s too close whispering in your ear so you could hear him over everyone. Chris sees you glancing his way from the corner of your eye, occasionally smirking at him because you know what you’re doing. Trying to push him over the edge you uncross your stems to sit more comfortably, crossing your legs right against the cornballs. Turning to grab your drink off the table between you guys you smile down your slender arm at him before snatching your attention away again. This bottle could shatter in his hand. But the conversation never breaks. Smiling, laughing, cornball scoots in closer like there’s any fuckin seat left. Finishing this beer in under a minute. Then randomly, you and the cornball inch away from each other as your hands reach for the hem of your skirt, pulling it back to show the cornball fucker your thigh tattoo! Snapping his back straight, Chris witnesses him barely graze over the black bold lines of your floral thigh piece, fascinated by the work. That’s it.
You knew you were in for it when dude brushed his cold damp fingertips against your tattoo like that. But that’s what you two were on about. And yes you know he has a huge crush on you and yes you were using him to piss Chris off but you didn’t think dude would touch you. Things are about to change. You felt like Chris was going to come over and drag you out of here but that wasn’t the case.
“Can we talk? Somewhere private...please.” He shouts over the noise towering over you and this corny little dude. Still glaring. Sighing at him you politely excuse yourself and take Chris’ hand escorting you through everyone on the patio to the private bathrooms. Shoving one of them open Chris pushes you inside and slams the door shut behind him.
“What. The hell.” He growls backing you into the sink. You had a feeling of where this could be headed...his smolder a little less mean, a little more desirable. Your lower back hitting the cool porcelain you sit your hands on either side of you shrugging.
“What we were talking about tattoos. Honest.”
But Chris doesn’t buy your innocence. Slotting a hand through his hair he heaves a frustrated breath. Really trying to keep it together. Really tired of being mad at you. “Why. Why do you do that.”
Rolling your eyes you look away from him. “Because I can Chris, okay? What are you gonna yell at me some more?” Because you had no real reason other than your own stubbornness. That’s why.
Just then, his expressionless face began to change. His flat straight lips twitch and stretch out into a grin. His blue eyes crinkle out of amusement. Yeah...he knows how to squash this bullshit. Chris takes an intimidating step towards you.
“Turn around.” he firmly bellows.
Your brows frown. “What? No.” Because you know what’s coming and you’d rather not do it here at some crowded lounge on a Friday night.
Chris shakes his head, his smirk stretching further up his bearded cheek. God how were y’all going to make it when you make everything so difficult. Another step. “Do it or I do it for you.”
Annoyingly sucking at your teeth you turn to face the mirror over the sink. Look at that sadistic smirk in the reflection. Taking another step so that his body heat is right against your backside, Chris pushes you down into the sink while simultaneously reaching for the damp crotch of your panties. Steady shaky breaths fills the air around you both. Slipping his thick middle finger directly into your wetness. You muffle back a whimper. You wanted to stay mad; you hated the way he spoke to you earlier and he still hadn’t apologized.
“Are you done?” Still holding you down he slips in another digit and starts to slowly finger fuck you. Already wet and squishy just for him. You couldn’t hold back the pleasurable sigh. He’s too good at this but you try to stay strong.
“Is this your way of saying I’m sorry?” You bite back a moan when he slams them into your dripping hole.
“Maybe it’s a start...” but he doesn’t like that you still have an attitude when he’s touching you so nicely. Next step. He continues to stroke you a few minutes longer, chuckling at the way your face distorts to fight back any sign of enjoyment before he jerks his hand away. Pushes your skirt up over your cute ass. You’re already holding onto dear life knowing what’s about to happen. If you hold on just a little longer, keep up your act, he’d most likely take you home and wear you out. That way you both can get over yourselves and move on. Chris winds his hand back, admiring the way you nearly tense up awaiting impact. Nibbling down on his perfect bottom lip, he swings and smacks the shit out of you, causing you to shout out and squeeze your eyes shut. Another slap and a few more until you’re squirming and huffing under his hold. Too much action and talking out in the hall has him reconsidering moving any further with his punishment. Rubbing where he just spanked you, Chris bends over your back to reprimand you.
“I bet you think you’re real cute letting him put his hands all over you. We’ll see how cute you look later when I get you home.”
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joonsrack · a month ago
Good boy | KNJ drabble
+Pairing: Namjoon x Reader(gender neutral)
+Rating: 18+
+WC: 1.5k
+Warning: NSFW, Sub!Joon, Dom!reader, Gender neutral reader, unresolved sexual tension, sex toys, unfinished, like it cuts off pretty abruptly.
+A/N: I found this in my google docs and i knew that if i didn’t post it right now i never would. So here it is. I might reuse it in a fic someday. Sorry for the abrupt cut :P unbetaed so don’t look too hard pls thank you.
also this is the title past me gave the doc which made present me lol
Tumblr media
You’re both laughing and giggling as you go up to Namjoon’s dorm room, trying not to trip on your feet as you run up the stairs, taking them two by two. The A/C is quickly becoming a problem, your skin breaking out in goosebumps as the wet clothes you’re both wearing go from being wet, to uncomfortably wet and cold.
The car wash had been a success, raising enough funds for your team project in a single afternoon, and then it’d seemed like a good idea to celebrate by drenching everyone with the water hose. The lack of towel had quickly made itself noticeable, forcing everyone to disperse and find a way to dry themselves off. For you and Namjoon, it was pretty clear your destination would be his dorm room. It was closer than yours, and Namjoon has a nice collection of plush and soft towels, courtesy of his mom.
You’re almost sad when you make it to the door, disappointed that you’ll lose the sight of Namjoon’s clothes completely plastered to his body, leaving not one inch to the imagination. He has an impressive body, one that’s been making heads turn for the last few months, ever since he started working out with Jungkook. You’d love his body whatever shape it may be, but the definition he has gained in his chest, and arms, and especially his thighs, is definitely a sight to behold. The way the muscles work as he walks, runs, squats, or kneels… You’ve found yourself staring at them more and more these days. And the short shorts he has on right now, stopping at his mid-thighs, letting just a hint of his thigh tattoo peek out, it’s definitely not leaving you indifferent.  
The moment you step into the dorm, you hang back behind to watch him undress, a familiar sensation tickling up your spin at the sight of your lover taking off his shirt, leaving him clad in his godforsaken shorts and glistening sun-kissed skin. Just as he digs his thumbs in his waistband, you snap out of the trance you were falling into.
“Stop.” You say simply, catching his attention and halting his undressing process. 
You have nowhere to be in the immediate moment, no one waiting for you, nothing pressing to finish or study for. You’ve spent all afternoon being teased by the sight of your sub parading around with his amazing body basically on display, looking worthy of being in a pin-up magazine with his wet white t-shirt and his terrible, terribly short red shorts.
He recognizes the look in your eyes, wetting his lips with a quick drag his tongue as the air in the room turns heavier, warming up.
He shifts his body towards you, be it consciously or unconsciously, and you take yet another moment to admire his amazing physic, wondering who you saved in your past life to have a boyfriend like Namjoon, who likes to let you tie him up and wreck him just right.
“How do you want me?” He asks, voice going slightly lower than usual as arousal probably grows in the pit of his stomach. 
He’s so beautiful, so responsive to your will, so perfect in every way. You want to kiss every inch of his gorgeous face, bite every bit of his lips, and leave traces all over his body. You want to mark up his chest and strong hips and thighs and calves and ankles. You want to hear him whine and moan, you want to make him whine and moan. 
“Get on the bed.” You answer simply, taking your sweet time to walk to his dresser, eyes never leaving him as he complies with your demand. You enjoy the sight of his muscles bulging as he positions himself in the middle of the bed, sitting on his heels with his hands on his thighs, waiting for more orders like the good boy he is.  His shorts are still soaked, but he doesn’t seem to mind that they’ll dampen his sheets; they probably won’t be dry after you’re done with him anyway, wet shorts or not. Your playtimes tend to get messy.
You get what you need from the second drawer, hidden in the back behind his graphic tee, where he keeps his stash of goodies. There’s everything you need for improvised scenes in there, but for the more complicated stuff, scenes that demand a level of preparation, you usually go to yours. Living out of campus has its perks, like decently thick walls that won’t expose your activity to the whole building. 
“Are you going to need help to keep quiet?” You ask as an afterthought, eyeing the little gold satin bag containing his favorite ballgag. “You have to keep quiet or else your neighbor will glare at me, again.”
This seems to confuse Namjoon for a second, head tilting as if trying to answer a math problem. “Jimin? I don’t know why he would do that, it’s not like we’re the only one fucking here.”
You decide against it, a part of you loving how mad it drives your boyfriend’s neighbor to hear you pleasure Namjoon. In some twisted way, it’s like you’re letting him know how good you’re taking care of him, and how nonexistent his chances are at seducing your boyfriend. 
“Oh baby, he’s not bothered by the noise, he’s jealous he’s not the one pulling them out of you.” You purr, closing the drawer with an elbow.
You feel a rebuttal coming, and you quickly drop the content of your hands on the mattress to push a finger against Namjoon’s plush lips, silencing his doubts. 
“You might not have noticed, but I see the way he looks at you, and it’s definitely not in a friendly manner.” You shush him, possessiveness bubbling in your stomach.
There’s a fine blush appearing on Namjoon’s cheeks, which makes you want to coo. But you can’t wait to extend this flush all over his body, so you don’t waste any more time.
“Lay on your back, hands by your head, leg spread.” You order, moving away to leave him the space he needs to assume his new position. He executes quickly, his eagerness making you bite back a smile, and you take a moment to admire his long body laid out in front of you, twitching and begging to be touched. Namjoon trusts you to take care of him, and you always make sure to leave him satisfied.  
“What’s your safe word, baby boy?” You inquire, voice soft but commanding in the rising tension of the room. 
“Crab.” He states, his beautiful eyes meeting yours, twinkling with anticipation. You can see the rise and fall of his chest has gotten quicker, a tent in his shorts already noticeable. He’s probably the most responsive sub you’ve ever met (in your admittedly very short career, but still), always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Once he told you it was because of you, that he had never had this kind of response to anyone else before. You remember making him come many times that night, as a treat. 
You start by leaning over him, sealing your lips to his in a tender kiss to which he responds with a low whine, frustrated by the torturous pace you set. You take your fill of his lips, sucking and biting, earning yourself all sort of cute noises.
“Your hands stay exactly where they are, understood?” You say as you break the kiss, grinning at the way he chases after you. You press him back down with one hand to his chest, a chastising look in your eyes.
“Yes.” He nods eagerly, relaxing his body to lay perfectly still. 
You reward him by pressing a kiss to his jaw, then following the line of his neck to his gorgeous collarbone. You gently dig in your teeth in the taut skin, not hard enough to leave a mark yet, just enough for Namjoon to feel it. You hear a sharp intake of air, and you soothe the skin with your tongue, enjoying the slightly salty tang from a day spent working in the sun.  
You carry on with your ministration, trailing down his torso until you get to a nipple, the peak hardened and looking biteable. You waste no second diving in, kissing and teasing with your teeth the darker skin, swirling your tongue around the peak, pulling from Namjoon some delicious moans. He loves having his nipple played with, always gets whiny from the attention. 
You reach for the first toy; a set of fancy nipple clamps. 
You secure the first clamp on the one you just spent a good minute abusing, then you pinch the second one, getting it nice and puffy. You can see how tense Namjoon is, straining to stay still, how his back wants to arch off the bed; 
But he doesn’t, because he’s a good boy.
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