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#it's still fanon they were black
evenmyzefronposter · 6 months ago
The irony of Sirius Black telling Harry, "If you want to know what a man's like, take a look at how he treats his inferiors," and then treating/ mistreating Kreacher the way that he did will never cease to amaze me.
Yes, Kreacher was unpleasant, but he was also hurting and traumatized. We see how even a small measure of respect and kindness showed to him made such a huge impact in DH, even though it was coming from people he didn't like at first. I think that tells us all we need to know about how Kreacher was treated by Sirius.
(This isn't even taking into account how Sirius, a wealthy pureblood, treated Severus, a poor half-blood, although that's absolutely also worth discussing. And no, he didn't grow out of that. He was still doing it, presumably, until the day he died.)
"If you want to know what a man's like, take a look at how he treats his inferiors." I think that sums up my feelings for Sirius pretty well.
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sleepynegress · 2 days ago
So Netflix just announced on Twitter the spin-off with Maria and Richter, and tbh I'm not all that excited??? Idk...the way majority of the fandom treated Greta like she didn't play a significant role (not only to season 4 but to Alucard) left me side eyeing ALOT of people; and them forcibly forgetting that she's canon to ship their fanon polycule or even Maria who wasn't even introduced to the Netflix Castlevania world yet is a bit upsetting. But now that Maria IS in the mix and Alucard is more than likely to be in the spin-off, people are MOST DEFINITELY gonna forget about Greta (except for the few galaxy brains out there) to ship him Maria, and it's already rubbing me the wrong way. It's almost as Greta didn't even exist. Maybe I'm thinking too hard about this. What are your thoughts? (You'll probably see this ask around; I want to hear other people's opinions!)
I'm just using my powers (gained from the COVID vaccine of course, some a yall got magnetism. I got "make beloved yt characters dark-skinned to fuck w/ racists") to make Maria even darker than Greta. She gonna be drawn looking like an anime Lupita. ...I kid. We'll see how they handle it. Fandom will fandom either way. If she's designed like the game, fandom wil ship before she even breathes near him. Hell, they were before the announcement. - Even if he's somehow *still* with Greta. The math is a little fuzzy in the announcement, after-all, UNLESS, she's darker, in which case I would cackle so hard. And it would be soooo deserved. I hope every racists' fave is retconned to be black. Here's hoping my vaccine powers are real.
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nanunanu22 · 5 days ago
Hi Nanu! 💕
Harry Potter for the fandom ask! ✨
Hi friend!!💕
I hope you’re doing well! Miss our daily interactions through ZK modern au. 😔
I’m going to be candid, I read Harry Potter so many years ago that I’ve forgotten so many things. I’ve been wanting to read them again so this is a good motivation.
My favorite female character: Luna Lovegood. She had the purest of hearts and I remember just loving that she was a bit eccentric living in her own little world yet at the same time very aware of what was going on around her. She acted on instinct rather than logic and she was very honest. I also loved Harmione who’s like the complete opposite of Luna. I loved how studious and vocal she could be and much more logical. She could get on my nerves but I still loved her.
My favorite male character: Ron is not my exception for my love of sidekick characters who deserve all the love and are often under appreciated. Loyal to the core, funny, knowledgeable, down to earth. Probably the most relatable character in the series. If it wasn’t for Ron I don’t think I would’ve continue to read the books. And I just love all the Weasleys!
My favorite book: HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is where my memory gets hazy but I remember when I read this one, I was like now we’re getting somewhere and it really felt like the story turned a bit darker. Also, loved the plot lines and through these new characters we were meant to ask who to truly trust. Really loved the addition of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.
My favorite cast member: I grew up watching Alan Rickman in many films because of my dad and I have to show my love for Snape somehow. Gary Oldman as Sirius Black as well.
My favorite ship: Romione all the way! Probably the last 3-4 books I would cross my fingers for something to happen. Love their banter and they were like a little old married couple. I do like Hinny as well.
A character I die defending: Neville Longbottom. My sweet brave boy, I would adopt him in a heartbeat.
A character I just can’t sympathize with: JK Rowlings did an amazing job with the villains. I usually tend to gravitate to the antagonists but in this case I had no sympathy for any of them. Umbridge and Bellatrix especially.
A character I grew to love: probably Harry. I wouldn’t say love but I definitely liked him more towards the end of the series.
My anti OTP: I liked all the canon relationships. When it comes to fanon would be Dramione although I’m a bit jealous that it gets such amazing fanart. Not a big fan of Harrmione either.
Send me a fandom ask
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musette22 · 15 days ago
Today I realized how much EG broke me. I was at the cinema and they were playing trailers, first was the one when they are showing all MCU movies and then The Eternals and all other movies that are going to be released. And I knew that there's this Steggy scene from EG in it (or did I imagine it?) and I couldn't watch it, I just couldn't. And then there was Black Widow trailer and I almost cried because - what's the point? She's dead! I'm not sure if I can enjoy MCU anymore...
Same, nonnie. And I know for a fact we're not the only ones - and I don't actually know if that makes it better or worse 😅 I'm really happy for everyone who is still optimistic about and looking forward to new Marvel stuff though, and I truly hope you'll all enjoy what comes next! I just don't think it's for me anymore, after Endgame, but fortunately I'm more than happy to continue enjoying past masterpieces and fanon, probably for a long time to come ❤️ I hope that can be true for you too, love!
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chriscdcase95 · 20 days ago
How I would do a Monsterverse/Pacific Rim crossover
So lately I've been thinking about the Monsterverse, and Pacific Rim, partially because those where the new movies my family has been marathoning the past view weeks, and also because of how many fans are hoping for a potential crossover between the two series.
Tumblr media
Anyways, since I have a hobby post prompts, headcanons and fanon on my blog, I figure I could do a change of pace, and share how I would handle such a crossover. Originally I wanted to do a post on a Godzilla crossover fic with ATLA/LOK with Star Wars I’m considering to write, but it was a little fucking out there, so I decided to go with this. I only ever talked about that one with a friend.
Tumblr media
1. First and foremost, I'd probably make it make it a duology or trilogy; there'd be so much ground to cover that I don't think they could fit into one movie without it being a rushed messed.
2. Considering how incompatible the two timelines are, as well as their respective worlds, what I would do is a multiverse crossover. Something like Into the Spiderverse or Crisis on Infinite Earths. As of Godzilla vs Kong, the Monsterverse is clearly taking a more sci-fi direction, and Pacific Rim introduced the concept of other dimensions in it's very first movie.
What I'd do is pick up where Uprising left off; with Jake Pentecost, Amara Namani, and Nathan Lambert, among others planning and attempting an Jaeger strike against the Precursor's dimension; something goes wrong in the mission, and the bulk of the PPDC end up on a parallel earth - the one the Monsterverse takes place on. It not only lays the ground work, but it also picks up where Uprising's stinger ended, and explains where it's characters disappeared to at the time of Pacific Rim: The Black, without Fridging them. And of course, the Precursors would set their sites on that earth too.
Tumblr media
3. As far as the incompatibilities go, I think this could work to the stories advantage. Just play up the foil aspects; The Titans are natural species who were always part of Earth's ecosystem; there would be how Monarch and the PPDC contrast each other in their goals and methods; there would be how their two worlds perceive giant monsters and mechs, especially after Mecagodzilla's rampage.
Tumblr media
This would be part of what drives the human storyline, as we have one set of protagonists and another that probably should be working together, end up butting heads due to their conflicting worldviews and how to solve eachothers problems. It could even trigger the monster conflict, as the Jaeger's would also end up on Monsterverse!Earth, which provokes a reaction from Godzilla (and maybe Kong). After Mechagodzilla's previous rampage, mechs would be a divisive figure to the public, and the public would be split on "Is Godzilla a threat that needs to be taken care of, or is the threat yet again these people who provoked him ?"
Not helping their case is the only solution the PPDC can thing of is trying to combat Godzilla.
Tumblr media
4. As far as returning characters go, especially protagonists, we'd at least have Jake, Nathan and Amara on the PPDC side of things, while we'd yet again follow Mark and Maddison Russell, perhaps Bernie and the Monarch crew from King of the Monsters. 
Tumblr media
I’d include Jia and Dr. Andrews, but I couldn’t think of a good enough Kong related subplot as of yet. I did however think of one gag where Jia tries to communicate to Monarch’s people or the PPDC’s people, but due to a sign/language barrier, they either don’t know what she’s saying or are distracted by how cute she is.
As for returning  human antagonists ? Maybe Jonah Allen, if only to resolve that subplot, but the brainwashed Newt would be more plot relevant to what I have in mind. Apex could also serve as antagonists yet again, presenting themselves as "necessary allies" to the PPDC in rebuilding Jaeger's, with the lingering threat of Mechagodzilla being restored; this would also further pit the protags against each other. In addition to rebuilding Mechagodzilla, the Apex Jaeger's would include drones with an interconnected AI, much like the Shao Corporation (You can see where this is going...)
5. For the new Kaiju that would appear in this crossover, I would go with revivals of the big three from the Hesei era. The Hesei era gave us a plethora of artificial monsters, that became icons (despite most of them only appearing in one movie respectively). Since Pacific Rim's Kaiju are artificial, it would be the perfect opprotunity to introduce Biollante, Destroyah and Spacegodzilla to the mix. Biollante. I can even see Gigan appearing here.
Tumblr media
Destroyah was the one I put the most thought into, besides Spacegodzilla. Destroyah would be the main threat in movie one. Born from Newt's reverse engineering the Precursor's methods, and small mutations created by the Oxygen Destroyer, Destroyah would be another example of the Megakaiju seen in Uprising, with it's three stages menacing humans throughout while humanity is focused on Godzilla. The threat of Destroyah would culminate in a fight between him, Godzilla, and the non drone Jaeger's
Spacegodzilla is a different beast all together which segways too...
6. I got this idea of how Ghidorah would play into this. It'd also turn the Showa idea of “Ghidorah being enslaved by aliens” onto it's head.
Tumblr media
While Earth had it's Old God's in the Titans, other worlds had Ghidroah, including the Precursors. The Precursor's once worshiped Ghidroah and were with him in trying to terraform Earth. That was until Ghidorah became a threat, and they came up with a plan to trap Ghidorah on one earth, while they conquered another. Even after exiling their "god", they'd use Ghidorah's DNA residue to create their Kaiju. Since their Kaiju are genetically linked to Ghidorah, their Hive Mind is susceptible to being overtaken by Ghidorah should he awaken...which is exactly what happens when Godzilla's DNA, and Ghidorah's remaining neurons are used to create "Spacegodzilla".
Tumblr media
Now the reason I went with this idea is A; if you take Hesei!Spacegodzilla and Monsterverse!Ghidorah, aside from the differences in species, they are pretty much the same in characterization. And B: Ghidorah was reincarnated into a body resembling Godzilla ? It'd be weird if it happened twice, right ? And once Space-Ghid-Zilla comes into the picture, he would hijack the hivemind of the Percursor's, the Kaiju, even Newt's mind control. Juries out on if he would remain Spacegodzilla throughout, or if Spacegodzilla would be a "cocoon" for a fully resurrected Ghidorah to emerge from.
7. And if that wasn't enough, the PPDC teams would have been duped in restoring Mechagodzilla, along with it's AI/more of Ghidorah's lingering consciousness, which ends up hijacking the drones AI.
Tumblr media
The end result is Ghidorah's consciousness being controlling two bodies at once (three if you count Newt), using one to control the Kaiju and the other to control the Jaeger's.
8. I think that would above cover the first movie in this hypothetical duology or trilogy. With Mechagodzilla’s recreation and Spacegodzilla’s creation setting off the cliffhanger.
I currently don't have that many ideas of where to go from there, other than the following movie(s) would focus on the resulting war between Earth's Titans, the Precursors' Kaiju, the rogue Jaeger's and the few still controlled by the PPCD. It would be here we finally get both protagonist factions coming and working together as a team, and where we would get the Destroy All Monsters/Final Wars storyline.
Actually, Final Wars would be the closer comparison. That movie was batshit crazy.
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rainbow820 · 22 days ago
Characters I see most often Race Bended in the fandom:
Jason Todd to be Latino- J
Booster Gold to be Black- B
Stephanie Brown to be Black- S
Tim Drake to be Asian
Let’s take a little check list of some commonly racist stereotypes that apply to both Black and Latino characters in Media:
-Raised in poverty J-B-S
-Has a criminal parent J-B-S
-Has a parent with an addiction J-S
-Have committed crimes themselves J-B (we’re not counting general vigilante stuff)
-Teen Pregnancy S
Just interesting I think that it’s these three with some choice things in common that is leading people to think they’re Black or Latino.
The other character? Tim Drake and he’s often said to be Asian-Coded. 
So now for some typical Asian Stereotypes 
-Shorter than average ✔️
-Exceptionally intelligent to the point where it’s one of his core ‘personality traits’ ✔️
-Often written at least by fanon to be effeminate ✔️
-Wealthy and into tech ✔️
-Harsh, Cruel, and Strict Parents ✔️
So funny Asian coded is what is picked for him.
I’m not saying anyone who racebends is being racist I’m just saying maybe address why you think character is coded a certain way. Might reveal a lot of inherent biases. 
Also odd that people would prefer to racebend their white faves instead of interacting with actual POC characters or pushing for more content with POCs but... maybe people prefer to apply their wokeness to characters who act appropriately white. 
I’m sure there’d be shrieks of “racism” if Booster Gold was actually Black. His dad was a gambler who walked out on his family (oh a trope I forgot. the absent black dad) Booster’s mom raised him and his twin to the best of her ability with no money. They were incredibly poor. Booster then found his success in football (another trope actually the black kid can only leave poverty through sports) and then throws it all away when his dad talks him into throwing games for bets. Only to then hmm steal stuff (do i even need to say that’s a trope) and go back into the past. 
That would be ridiculous to give a black man that plot. Seriously why are you trying to give a black man that plot?
Why can’t Bruce be black? Black Jewish people exist why can’t the Wayne family be Black? 
Can perhaps Ted Kord be black instead of Booster? I mean Ted is pretty Jewish coded he uses Yiddish phrases. And do we still need him to look at a ghost of his future self and say my mom is Jewish to know a character is Jewish? Like surely we aren’t so devolved as readers that we need to be explicitly told every single thing. Anyways why couldn’t Ted also be Black. Can we only have one diversity at once?
I don’t get race bending as a concept but it’s pretty clear why people think certain characters are seen to be “coded” specific ways and others are not. 
This has been sitting in my drafts for awhile and I’ve seen some posts about this issue lately and I’ve been talking with some mutuals so I thought I’d throw it out here. Because this is a pretty prevalent issue in fanon. 
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jonny-versace · 25 days ago
Hey! I kinda stumbled into your post about The Magicians and, as someone who a) is also interested in fandom culture and b) was an active member of The Magicians fandom during its highest (and lowest) points, I thought I'd share some of the context revolving around the shipping controversy.
So, during the first two seasons, the central m/f ship clearly seems like endgame, with no big hints about the main character being anything but straight. Sure, because the protagonist's best friend is a queer man who has a crush on him, and there are the usual queerbaty lines here and there, they were a big ship among the fandom, but nothing more. Until season 3 came along, and had something of a bottle episode, where the two get stranded in the past together and are explicitly in a romantic relationship. After they return, both kinda acknowledge the fact, but The Plot comes knocking. Shippers became more numerous, and some people started speculating that they could be a viable ship, but most of the fandom took it as a nod from the writers and a self-contained story that wouldn't come back.
All the while, the show's social media accounts hyped up this pairing more than any other, and made frequent remarks suggesting more canon recognition. Virtually every week you'd find a tweet, a poster, and so on, that egged people on. And by this point, the showrunners had the audience's trust due to their handling of other topics. There were more POC than usual for TV, the main character's chronic depression was an ongoing struggle, things like addiction and trauma were handled in believable ways. By having a self-described "depressed supernerd", who is comfortable with being bi/ pan, and storylines that catered to a queer neurodivergent audience, during three years they grew and grew in popularity and as a safe space for exactly these groups. I was one of those: I'm a historian, and pretty used to consuming media critically; I wasn't a teenager who's never seen herself represented, but an adult who got used to looking for good representation when I want to find it, or just watching things with no expectations for the fun of it, and at most dissecting the "what ifs". This show stroke me as the former, and became the relaxing and understanding queer space I ran into after a very long week. And there were A LOT of people in a similar situation.
Then came Season 4, and that's when things got tricky. Because you see, for three years they told us this show was clever, and it turned out to actually be; that this was a subversive and complex story being told in an absurdist way, and all that came to fruition. So when, with this season, there was both a flashback confirming that the main character wanted to persue a romantic relationship with his best friend, like in the past, but got turned down, and a very final break up between him and the girl who seemed like endgame for the first seasons, shipping went from "cool but unlikely pairing" to "damn, that's a great subversion of queerbaiting!". And their social media, trailers, released images and so on confirmed that to the audience (the tweet I recall better had the main m/f pairing, with a closed book, and was captioned with something on the lines of "a chapter ends so that another can begin"). The protagonist spent the entire season trying to rescue the guy he'd confessed feelings for. In a moment where they'd have to establish his identity, the frase said by said guy was the same reference used to talk about the bottle episode multiple times before. The nature of their relationship having changed is acknowledged by another character. At the end of the day, it seemed like a clearly confirmed fact.
And that's when the protagonist dies. There's a lot more ugliness around his death and how it was handled by the script, or how the showrunners pat themselves in the back. But it suffices to say that when an audience is mostly composed of "queer depressed supernerds", killing off the person who represented how someone like this could not only survive, but thrive, is more than a little traumatic. And doing so without ever giving the oh-so-central amd hyped up m/m relationship any ending, good or bad, makes it all seem both pointless and mean spirited.
Sorry about the gigantic text; this was such a unique fandom response and situation that I'm still quite fascinated by it (something like the near perfect creation and corruption of a vulnerable community's safe space). I don't know if you care about it, but just in case this interests you as well, now you have a summary.
hi hello! first, thanks for the extremely thoughtful post, it was interesting (I don't explicitly remember what I said in my post but I very much do remember being fascinated by the fall out of what the show did at the time) (I swear I'll finish pick it from S2 one day, though I'll admit I personally found season one a bit of a slog).
I remember reading enough posts from people on here and articles on sites like io9 to agree that what they did re killing off the bipolar I believe? lead and framing it as a noble sacrifice or something was in extremely poor taste, and I sympathise(d) with all the people who could relate to him and their grief coz like you said, even from my outsider perspective it seemed very ugly on the part of the show.
as far as the ship part of the conversation goes, I'm still largely ignorant of that from a first hand experience pov. but generally speaking, for me, I was and still am fascinated by what these (often lower budget, American CW/syfy etc) shows do to kinda stoke or fan fandom expectations/wants vs what fandoms do to themselves to set themselves up for a fall (canon vs fanon basically). in other words, how much a show queerbaits its audience vs how much the audience queerbaits itself, if that makes sense. not at all saying that's what happened in your fandom, again I haven't yet seen enough of the show to form an opinion on the ship aspect, but really just generally with those kind of shows (Supernatural being the big one recently, that Roswell show, even Teen Wolf going way back).
I usually find myself coming to the conclusion that like most things it's not a black and white issue, and that there's a certain amount of "blame" for lack of a better word on both sides. but again that's usually an observation from me as like a satellite to these shows and fandoms, not really valid in many senses, just something that eases the itchy part of my brain that's super intrigued when these fandom dramas explode as they're prone to do.
but no, I deffo do care in a larger sense so thanks so much! I'll deffo save this in case I ever get around to finishing the show for myself
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sextonsharpwinhalstead · 26 days ago
Just caught up with med and ugh I really might have to let this show go now. The character storylines have long derailed and there’s absolutely no continuity. I accepted Robin, Connor and Ava leaving as the bulk of the good characters were still in the show but now no April or Natalie either? Yep this is probably it for me. I love Charles and Kett too tbh but I’m not sure if tuning into what’ll now inevitably be the messy Will and Ethan show is worth the C+K storylines. A shame really, cause as medical dramas go, they actually had some of the most interesting patient cases play out. A sin and a shame smh. Ill be catching the new show Yaya is in though, it looks good. Not sure what Torreys doing now. Ugh what a mess.
I barely made it back this season. I didn't mind what they were doing and I hate the fact that they waited 6 seasons to write April doing something she should've done after season 1. I feel like they have let down the female characters and everyone who was rooting for them.
It's hard not to notice that Will collided with Ethan AND Crockett this season. I have no use for that next season and just like with Connor, I'm not interested in watching Will screw his way through Chicago, just like I wasn't interested in the cad storyline for Crockett either. They squandered it.
I'm totally watching Yaya's new show and I can't wait to see her surrounded by black writers, directors, and actors. She's finally going to get to flex her acting muscles. The same ones that had her written as "one to watch" in her scene in The Butler.
Torrey is signed to do a movie and she'll probably take a break but she's never really hurt for work.
I think I'll still enjoy the fanon side of Med but as for the
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ben-the-hyena · 28 days ago
If no one else has... Hatbox or Ghosthost.
Why not both !
Hatbox Ghost :
OTP for them: EMILY. FOREVER EMILY. WE MAY HAVE NOTHING MORE THAN A PIN OF THEM STANDING NEXT TO EACH OTHER AND HER TO BE CANONICALLY HIS BRIDE, IT IS ENOUGH FOR ME TO ENVISION THEM AS WHOLESOME, LOVEY DOVEY, CONNIVING AND PASSIONATE. I DON'T CARE IF THEY ORIGINALLY INTENDED HER TO HAVE BEEN EVIL AND HAVING KILLED HIM, OR IT TO HAVE BEEN AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE SINCE HE LOOKS OLDER, MY FANON, MY RULES. Love to imagine her as the faceless bright eyed one, not only because she is the one on the pin with him but also because she was one of the earliest and stayed quite long therefore is iconic, and I find her design the coolest that should never have been replaced
BROTP for them: Constance aside whom he despises, I love to see him get along more or less well with the other attic brides. He really has a fun energetic joking and sarcastic friendship with the Corpse Bride made of games and challenges, his friendship with Millie is kind of tender and protective because she is precious and very young compared to him as well as shy and innocent, he does like the Blue Spinster even if he finds her annoying and too loud and is sometimes embarrassed by how shameless she is, he does kind of like and sometimes has fun with the Tokyo bride even if he can be very creeped put by her and is not at all a fan if her tastes and morals NOTABLY the ones close to Constance like black widowing, and since he meets her in one of my episodes has a lot of sympathy and tenderness towards Mélanie and feels very bad for her and is protective of her against the Phantom he hates for that and did his best to be a moral support the time he hanged out with her and has since then been wondering what had become of her and where is she now. In short all his friends are women, let us say he was a feminist for the time period, part of why Emily fell for him since he respected her
Other ships: nope, none lol
What kind of fic I’d write about them: the fact I would write about his origins and death aside I would also write plots from episodes I wanted to direct one day, like the one he takes Emily on a very special anniversary vacations in Hollywood Tower Hotel but while they are away shit happens in the attic only he could remedy but he keeps refusing to return and minimilizes things, the one he and Emily have a big fight that almost drags them apart or rather what they think crying and getting support on their respective sides but events have them return to each other closer than ever, an episode where he would get dragged with the Hitcchiking Ghosts' shit far from the mansion after Ezra gambled but lied on his name passing as him since they both look corpse-like, one he and Emily are so desperate for a child on Mother's Day that they want to adopt a blind wandering orphan but struggle because the ghosts oppose not out of evil but out of ethic and they have to choose what would be better for him livikg with the dead or the living, or one he would confess to the brides that back in 1992 when he had been determined to go to a new haunged place that would want him and take Emily with him once he would have found he had actually returned because he had had a very haunting, bad and evil experience in a place called Phantom Manor with another, poor bride in it tortured by her evil father even himself, an undead, feared
A favorite canon moment: he doesn't have any, except standing there lol does the Marvel comics continuity where he is like a sort of mentor for Danny telling him about the magic behind that house counts because it's cool to see him as indeed a good guy ?
Color that reminds me of them: no matter how he has been blue and green since 2015, I am forever faithful to his original palette aka monochromic like an old picture minus his golden tooth. Therefore old black and white, as in not just black and white but when it looks like it's a filter from an old picture or movie
Song that reminds me of them: I will be honest, none unfortunately
A headcanon about them: he was banished from 1969 to 2015 because the Ghost Host and Master Gracey had FINALLY found a Gracey descendant and even better knew paranormal therefore could be spoken with and they were eager to know more about him and make him visit the family mansion when they invited him in. In the meantime, Hattie was doing a show a for the brides in the attic, upon a bet with the Corpse Bride to prove them and especially her he could juggle with anything. His cane, his hat, a ball, a candle... a hatchet. The cane fall, he tripped on it and rolled it, fell over and everything he was holding sprang everywhere, the hatchet ending RIGHT into Gracey's skull as the Ghost Host opened the door for him. And he didn't return as a ghost and had no children yet. The last Gracey was forever gone. That was the last straw for the Gravey masters who already hated him and kicked him out of the mansion, not pf the property since they did know Emily was married to him and she still could see him in the graveyard but NEVER ever again in the mansion for never pulling this kind of shit again as they thought. Now in 2015 he returned for reasons I had not thought of until TODAY : they found out upon deeper searches that his name was Gracey but he was just a homonyme and had nothing to do with their own Gracey branch that did end with Emily like they had thought for decades, therefore rightfully. They HATED having to do that since they remember the horror and anger they felt and did find the guy attaching family or not, they had no real reason to keep him out anymore and reluctantly allowed him back in. Needless to say, he rubbed it at their faces for weeks and celebrated with the brides (minus Constance) especially HIS bride now he could finally be back in bed with her
A random AU I think up on the spot for them: like it is for a lot of characters in franchise, how things would have been if he and his wife had not been murdered on their wedding night and had lived on. He and Emily would be happily married for decades til a later death would do them part (not since they would reunite as ghosts here too but very old looking and fulfilled with a long untragical life behind them and a descendance striving) with a lot of children like they always wanted
Ghost Host :
OTP for them: none really. Just that in my headcanon he and my fanon Elizabeth Henshaw loved each other as teenagers but due to racism it was impossible and her family moved. He never saw her again and never loved romantically again
BROTP for them: as a trio with Master Gracey and Constance Hatchaway since I headcanon they are siblings, he the eldest. They do have lots of differences now they all are reunited and comfortable in their deaths and that it was found she was a black widow the whole time and that he has to lead 998 other ghosts with their contradicting opinions, but they were still very close as children and he was deeply devasted each time one died, so much findinf out Constance and Emily whom he had raised since Master Gracey's death had died on the same night had him hang himself
Other ships: none at all lol
What kind of fic I’d write about them: I would either write his origins and how he was before dying or like other haunts like Hatbox Ghost plots of episodes I had in mind like having to deal with a human who now sticks around, or lose his mind and needing a pause after years and years of leading nonstop or some fluff about his family, his siblings and his niece notably, either alive or dead already
A favorite canon moment: "There's no turning back now. Of course, there is always MY way~" thundercrack and you see his hung corpse. CHILLS
Color that reminds me of them: green and purplish blue
Song that reminds me of them: the mansion's theme when he speaks of course
A headcanon about them: he has a hatchet and so does Constance (and in my HC Master Gracey) because their mother was the heiress of a big woodcutting company and she gifted them on her deathbed to teach them things could start as low as a lumberjack having to do his work himself and be able to be both beneficial and dangerous, in short to teach responsibilities one last time (CONSTANCE DIDN'T REALLY GET THE CONCEPT...). They would sometimes have fun doing a choregraphy with it singing the company's motto as their secret handshake ; with one voice less after Master Gracey died. At least they were all reunited to do again after they all died and met again !
A random AU I think up on the spot for them: other than how he would have been as a granduncle in the previous Hatbox Ghost AU, nothing
Anything else: his voice HMMMMMMMM sooooo bad it contrasts with his looks
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dramionediscussion · 29 days ago
We all know that JKR heavily favoured the Weasley family and they were great and all. Every child in the family was shown as accomplished in their own way but the rest of the purebloods specially the Slytherins were shown as dumb. The reason given was inbreeding among the sacred 28. But I don't understand how every Weasley turned out to be great when their own parents were from sacred 28. Molly and Arthur would be related somehow maybe somewhat distantly but still. Also, Arthur's mother was a Black so technically he is cousins with Draco and even Harry is. The black family madness could have passed to him yet they all turned out great and didn't have a single negative effect of the inbreeding.
The portrayal of all the characters from HP is so black and white and we give it a second look. Yet JKR still won't accept it that they are actually quite grey characters.
Is that madness canon? I cannot find any references to it. I know it's a fanon thing, but idk if it's canon.
And of course she favoured the Weasleys. They represented the perfect family. They are pureblood but they reject pureblood standards. They have loads of kids when everyone else has one or two. The dad works, mom stays home. Kids become successful in life. And they love and cherish each other. No other family is shown this way not even Hermione's parents. In fact we don't even know Hermione's parents' names!!!
And idk about the Slytherins being dumb. Only Crabbe and Goyle are shown to be stupid. We just don't know much about the other Slytherins to say if they are not smart. We see Harry's POV in the books, so of course he is gonna say bad things about them because he hates the Slytherins, and they taunt him.
- Lisa
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walkingshcdow · a month ago
Tumblr media
As some of you guys know, I RP with a FANTASTIC Blitzo on Discord and we were talking last night about our AMAZING AU (Blitzo and Stolas and their daughters go to Earth undercover to avoid Stella and her assassins and have to pose as a married couple with teenage daughters for everyone’s safety; Millie and Moxxie are next door, living their best lives. We’re so cool.) and Tis pointed something out to me I hadn’t noticed: Stolas’ official lore page says “fallen angel”. There are two possible candidates Tamiel and Rathaiel, who deal in astronomy. The page further goes on to describe his angelic form as being a very beautiful human with black hair and blue eyes. So, you know, gorgeous or w/e. 
But we got talking about the universe at large and what things we believed are on track for the future of the series (and for its sister series) and what we would *rather* see and *why*. Here are seven HCs about Stolas, Hell, and maybe even a little bit of Heaven to give you an idea  of what to expect from me. These apply only to my RP Stolas, not to general series predictions, so fanblogs, please do not interact. 
The Goetic Demons are princes(ses) of Hell. This implies they were the ones who followed Lucifer in rebelling against God, which means they are angels. This leads not only to class disparity between Goetic Demons and native/colonized citizens of Hell (like imps, succubi, and hell hounds), but a racial component. Stella’s issue with Blitzo is then three-fold (at least): first, he is the man that her husband is having an affair with; secondly he is much lower class than the Goetias; lastly, imps are a different race (and possibly a different species, but different in the way that wolves and dogs are different species, since we discussed them as the progeny of Satan in the Wrath ring, and thus, (fallen) angel born.
)The Goetic Demons are fallen angels. Stolas’ form was that of an exceedingly beautiful man and when he rebelled against God, part of the punishment is not only separation from the holiest of holies, but separation from the physical identity he’d had since the start of creation. He has embraced his demon form - that of a giant, four eyed owl - because 1. He’s beautiful, especially in comparison to some of the other fallen angels and 2. There is no undoing* his choice to have fallen. This means, of course, that other Goetic demons are fallen angels (including Stella!) and that their children are full-blood angels, who cannot unlock their forms in Hell. Theoretically, this means Octavia is an angel who has not chosen to fall and could enter Heaven. (Theoretically. I still think the angels that are left to run the day-to-day operations of Hell are jerks, even if I disagree that God is corrupt in my take on this universe). 
That asterisk? *It is possible for the fallen angels to gain redemption, but they don’t realize that. Some, like Lucifer, Satan, and Mammon might be beyond the pale, but Stolas? Stolas has reopened himself to giving unconditional love (to Octavia first; to Blitzo in our AU as things unfold and with other ship partners and friend characters here as time goes by) and has accidentally set himself on a path of redemption. Native denizens of Hell, such as imps and Hell Hounds, are capable of putting themselves on redemptive paths, too, but would not necessarily become angels (although I wonder if they *could*, since they are angel-made beings? I also imagine some subspecies of demon - which is more like a nationality than a common set of genetic traits - are primordial/elemental spirits, entirely separate from Heaven and Hell, drawn into the conflict only because they live there. This probably applies most to my Fae universe here on Tumblr. This makes me wonder if they can earn redemption, too. 
God is not the corrupt one here. He’s overworked and stressed, a little depressed that his children (especially Lucifer) flipped him the bird and chose estrangement with him over staying in Heaven. He focuses his energy on earth and is a little unaware of the turmoil in Hell and in Heaven. If he knew units like CHERUB weren’t doing good things and were misconstruing his teachings, he’d be angry; if he knew that Charlie had essentially invented purgatory, he’d be proud of his granddaughter and try to help. And if he knew Stolas finally understood unconditional love for another person, he’d sit with him under a tree and dispense fatherly wisdom to him about being a father and tell him he was so proud of how Stolas is raising his daughter. *Heaven* is corrupt under the angels who have taken over since the rebellion. They don’t ever want the fallen angels to know they can regain their places in Heaven; they don’t want to give up their power.
Goetic demons and the princes of the realms retain some angelic powers. Stolas’ include portal-creation to anywhere in the universe(s). He took Octavia to a real dying solar system to let her know she would be safe with him (and with his love when he was gone). His grimoire contains the secret to doing that. The fact that Blitzo can open a portal makes me think that because he’s technically (fallen) angel spawn, the ability to use the book is not unique to Goetic demons, but to those with angelic heritage. Humans might not be able to use the magic, even if they tried for years and studied. 
If fanon lore about angels that their wings/feathers are the most sensitive parts of their body, does it surprise anyone that Stolas is the way he is? The man is now covered in feathers!
Threads with human-shaped!Stolas are surreal to Stolas because it’s a funhouse mirror or his angelic form and he isn’t sure if he misses his demon form (which he’s grown fond of and used to) or if the gnawing in his chest is for reunion with his heavenly Father and heavenly self. It’s actually very stressful for him to be “human” for very long, but he won’t appear as a demon unless he wants to scare your muse or he’s very comfortable with them/their surroundings. 
There was definitely more and there definitely will be more as I get comfortable RPing him
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ben-the-hyena · a month ago
Okay so after YEARS of inactivity in the HM fandom, it is time to make some changes to some headcanons I had that aged badly (feel free to ask me for more details about stuff I will not talk about here because I didn't change them)
I had a Mary-Sue OC named Sally Meaker who was supposed to be the first wife and victim of Mr Meaker (an unused concept character I reused as a semi OC, he was an inspiration to both Ghost Host and Constance since he is a black widow who hung himself after he accidentally killed his beloved cat in one of his murders) who forever felt betrayed and sad as sweet as she was and she had a chatse crush on Ezra. Lmao bullshit. I'm keeping the origin story aspect but I think I am going to make her bitter and weary about everyone so that she won't have be "boohoohoo sweet" anymore as well as considering having her and @papabirdurskeks' Oswald have a relationship or at least feelings. The thing with Ezra : to the trash ! I see Ezra as a playboy so having him want to comit himself felt so off and they would have clashed too much in personalities, so to the bin with it. Also made her full name Salomea
Finally gave Mr Meaker a first name too, Beauregard
As I recently said, the Phantom Manor changes and the Disney Parade that goes with it now has me think Henry Ravenswood/the Phantom lusts over his own daughter hence his obsession in killing all men around her. As a mortal and as long as his wife Martha was around, he kept it bottled up oggling at their daughter in secret, but when he returned as a ghost and saw Martha had not returned, that was free real estate, nobody could judge him again and he was all powerful and unstoppable. He now wants to keep her "pure" until she would finally give in to him and stop being a waiting bride. Give her time, she will give up and he would finally be able to take her, he thinks. Wouldn't be surprised if in his folly he would want to marry her too since now it can't be a deadly sin anymore since they already are dead (I FEEL SO DIRTY WRITING THAT...). Plus reminder I HC he can shapeshift and is Mélanie in the end of both old and new ride
I don't remember if I ever wanted to do anything with Mélanie's heart necklace since it was given by her fiancé and according to a Disney parade beats like a real heart (and who knows maybe it was what beats in her tombstone) but now what if the whole time her fiancé's soul was locked in there by her fathee and she has no idea that all this her love was there with her because the Phantom knew she would no idea to look in there ? The heart beats when she has strong emotions as a result of her love and loneliness reacting to his presence inside without her to know what it means
Changed the meetcute between Emily and the Hatbox Ghost. It used to take place on a stormy night after he had to find shelter in the first building he would see aka the Gracey Mansion and bang at the door (since I HC she is a Gracey, daughter of Master Gracey who died young when she was a baby), and it would be a love at first sight and courting for some months or years I wasn't sure until proposal. Now, I go with her uncle and her aunt (the Ghost Host and Constance, siblings of the mate Master Gracey in my HC) being worried that at 21 she still had no suitpr and fearing she would end up as a spinster, so one day when a rich hat seller and hatter would come to bargain, they would find the occasion to push him to her hoping she would say yes with time (they didn't hate him yet, reminder for those who forgot my HCs they would hate him when they would find out he took her before marriage and the only reason they wouldn't have killed him was because they already were engaged at that point lol) Hattie/Randall Pace was very confused and awkward like that was not planned at all and he didn't want to force that stranger albeit beautiful woman and Emily was MAD because back then she and Little Leota (childhood friend) were fawning over some young and handsome but poor lumberjack who was interested in return, so she was grumpy and stubborn around Mr Pace. To the point of seeing the lumberjack in secret as superficial as he was like a sort of Gaston minus the evil, even speaking of eloping some day because the world so uuuunfaaair. After some weeks, Emily being a good person would apologize for being so rude to Randall telling her that she just is not interested and felt forced, Randall reassuring he doesn't plan to marry her either abd they could just start all over as good friends, pretending to be courting when her aunt and uncle are around but nothing concrete. And yet it would be after months of being friends and seeing they had a perfect chemistry and a lot in common or complementary they would actually fall in love no matter how ugly he was and even if that was technically arranged, hesitating (the time she realized what these feelings were) in eloping with the lumberjack or not and ending up refusing him at the very last moment when the departure was planned. Of course being superficial and just seeing her as pretty and having any pretty girl he wanted, he went "HMF. Frigid bitch bye" and left. So now she and Randall would truly court each other until he would propose 2 years later. If you remember my old posts you know how it ends up for them : wedding, murderered on their wedding night in the train that was leaving for their honeymoon by Mr Meaker who needed their wagon to hide after he had just killed his recent wife and needed to pass it not as his doing but a serial killer's (stabbed his bride and beheaded and hid his head a buttler with whom he switched clothes so that people would think it was him so he could run away from that state, stabbed Emily and beheaded Hattie whose head he hid in his hatbox), return as ghosts etc
Yeah I never decide myself on Emily's age lol now I see her as 23 when she dies
As for the Hatbox Ghost I used to imagine there was a big age gap like 40 and 50 and that he needed a cane making him look like an old man because he had ruined his back falling from a ladder one day he was carelessly organizing his hat shelves in his shop but I scrapped that. Now he is 30 only but just looks old and ugly. Hunchbacked ? He was boen with a hunch. Shrunken with age ? He is just short, the hunch gives an illusion of age shrink. The need for a cane ? He limps because he was birn with a leg longer than the other, not very visible to the eye but he sure feels it when he walks or stands (see how he slightly leans to a side). Balding ? The poor guy had no luck, RIGHT before his wedding the barber didn't ger his request right and shaved the top of his head which he horrifically hid with his hat reassuring it would grow back anyway but he died hours later and so is forever a bald ghost
Emily is au naturel for her wedding and as a ghost, used to HC because she wanted to but now I think it would make a cute and fun parralel she and Hattie would laugh off if she too had gotten unlucky right before the ceremony and her boudoir and all the products on and in it collapsed under the weight of a big crate Little Leota carelessly put on it "of course you need all these jewels" *bam* *CRASH* "..."
Always drew a face to Emily despite being in my HC the faceless Bright Eyes bride using the excuse the animatronic did have traits in the light of day. But I am actually starting to get very attached to her truly be faceless and considering it, tell me what I should do (and how kisses and eating would work)
Used to imagine Little Leota died by climbing a tree branch to see Emily's train departure better and falling down a river and drowning. Now I see her going up the attic and leaning too much over the window, slipping, falling and dying. Nobody would notice since all would be partying inside the house, only Madame Leota would realize right before dying herself overwhelmed by ghostly energies (all these tragic deaths coinciding in that small aera caused a sort of of paranormal short circuit in her magic ball that snatched her life away too, like in my old HC, but now in my old HC I leave it ambiguous if that truly was what killed her or the grieving shocking knowledge through her divination gift her daughter had died like all these deaths that same night and that caused the short circuit)
Also I read on TV Tropes Madame Pandora actually CAN materialize outside of her ball fullbody and all but just chooses to be inside it most of the time because it is her comfort zone. That's funny and cute and I did always see her super introverted especially with everything that happened to her so I accept it
Madame Leota and her daughter Little Leota randomly lived in the mansion in my old HC because she offered frequent divinations in exchange for being accomodated she and her baby daughter now she was freshly widowed and homeless. Now in my new HC inspired by a bit of one of the canon lores (again there are so many no wonder fans give up and just take pieces here and there to build their own fanon lol) she and her baby daughter had to run away from place to place for being "witches" until Master Gracey the Ghost Host/Vincent Gracey took pity and allowed them in against Constance's wish, and so it is a thanks Madame Leota offers divinations and helped the family that was starting to get low on money redo their wealth. Also stopped that weird idea I had of the Ghost Host being a creep on a grown Little Leota ew wtf was my younger self on
Used to imagine Emily's mother who died in childbirth would be named Elizabeth Henshaw like the bride in the movie but given how they had no common point married to a Gracey aside (and this time not even out of love at all but just arranged) and are not even of the same race, I scrapped it. I need to find her a name now
Used to imagine May and Victor were related to Phineas and that before himself died he was grieving his daughter and grandson who died in the swamp. That went nowhere so now I just see them as unrelated. Keeping him as the doctor of the town who already knew the Graceys before death though
I know Ezra is balding but using the excuse that his newest animatronic has more hair than before I will go with the "Dick Dastardly the 3rd" logic and have him have more hair he combs a bad way making him look like he's balding when he's not. Also enhances his attractiveness since I keep the HC he was a handsome lady's man in his lifetime
I used to imagine like a lot Master Gracey was the Master of the House, and thus despite being the middle child in my HC because I stupidly had their father prefer him over his own brother the Ghost Host. But not only was that forced family drama, I learnt "master" was just a title young upper men too young to be called sir since it does fit with I imagine him he was 18 when he died. So now the Ghost Host truly is the Master of the House from birthright after all, and not just because his brother died early
Speaking of Master Gracey, used to have him HC his ghost only looks like his final looks in his changing portrait without taking account of the middle looks. So now HC he actually shapeshifts too like the Phantom, or rather like Mélanie since it's only altering his OWN age and looks (young, old, corpse and skeleton) ; for indeed now Mélanie can do the same : young, old, corpse, skeleton. Maybe more age ranges too
Also hesitating in making him gay or bi
As you guys know I love to HC there are several Beating Heart Brides because I think every unique design is cool and reflects different personalities and that having to choose one would be a waste for me, and that Emily is the faceless Bright Eyes bride because she was one of the earliest if not THE earliest to some people who count that picture with an undetermined date as if it were a first or a concept and also because she's the one bride shown standing next to Hattie on the one piece of merchandise he is with a bride (COME ON SHE IS CANONICALLY HIS BRIDE ACCORDING TO A 1969 AUDIO WHY HAS THERE BEEN ONLY ONE FUCKING PIN SINCE 1969 THEN !?!). However I used not to count the Tokyo Bride and consider she looked too much like the middle Baby Face blue bride and that she just was her with her veil down. SUMIMASEN NANI THE FUCK How did I ever think they ever looked alike and could be one and only person !? Baby Face as her name says looks the youngest of the brides and innocent where the Tokyo Bride not only doesn't have the same face structure and hair at all she has a very mischievous smirk making her look everything but innocent. Given how the imagineers originally wanted the bride as evil until the following years made her tragical and sympathetic until Constance came along, I now officially adopt the Tokyo Bride as her own person in my fanon cast and make her a black widow just like Constance. Let us say she just arrived to the Haunted Mansion later like 1983, and that her name is Priscilla Emily Boogeyman Voodoo Gore Cavanaugh De Claire Meaker born Vampire, who lived inna similar lifestyle as the Addams Family (reminder I HC it's the same universe), 5 husbands she killed and one who actually killed because he was Mr Meaker (she was the one he killed before he ran away to that one train and killed Hattie and Emily in the process) which actually did break her heart since for the first time she was marrying out of love and willing to put her greed and murderous needs aside. But as betrayed as she was and resulting in her to travel to Tokyo to be depressed and alone there (being half Japanese she wanted to stay in the family home forever to be sad there far from America ; plus since it was a sort of Addams Family place they were okay with seeing her again as a ghost "aw sweetie look what happened to you you should have waited for them all to die out instead of offering them their ggist shapes so early as kind of you it was-" "shut up you mix up everythting"), she got better and decided to start anew by travelling back to that town back to her mischievous self and found shelter in that Haunted Mansion with other Beating Heart Brides like her. After all she, is evil only if you marry her and are a walking wallet to her eyes, she is not the friendliest and is creepy and sadistic in her humor and morals but she is an okay buddy, it's just she was raised into knowing murder and death are alright since well extreme goth aesthetic. When Emily's aunt Constance would have to move in with them in 2006 because her own house got destroyed to build a hotel, they both were cold at first to have to "live" with another black widow because it is THEIR gig, but they got better with time. And in faaaaaact I am tempted to ship them lol
Hesitating in making Constance a closetted lesbian hence why she could never ever get attached to any man and just see them as walking wallets whose access was unlocked through murder
If you guys remember my headcanon for the Spinster Bride, I had her be enthusiastic over finally getting married and she was killed by Mr Meaker on their wedding night because she was a rich cabaret owner and she was the one he killed before killing Emily and Hattie. Nope now in my new version of the story she never met Mr Meaker, and on the contrary she was a voluntary spinster because she always rejected her suitors her mother brought her because they were a rich family abd she only wanted to do sssssCANdalous business with her cabaret, therefore bringing shame to the family by getting old and not getting married and doing an unholy job ! So when she was in her late 40's someone, Mr Roberts, finally accepted to marry her again after years of suitor silence, her old mother grew hopeful again and seeing how old her mother was getting the Spinster Bride (reminder I also call her Victoria Ramsley or (H)Auntie Vicky) sighed and accepted. However her will for freedom during the ceremony took over and she said "I don't". That was the LAST straw for her mother who couldn't take any more rebellion and humiliation and grabbed a big candelabra and stabbed her here and there on the altar in a fit of madness
Also decided to rename the Corpse bride and the Baby Face bride I used to respectively call Emilia Cavanaugh and Alice Cavanaugh. Now I call them respectively Emily Sarah "Sal/Sally" (she never liked her first name and that helps since now she haunts with an Emily) Little and Emilia Alice "Millie" (that way I use her 2 fan names) Little. I give Sal's (new nickname she used to differentiate herself from Sally Meaker) boyfriend and fiancé the name John O'Hannon and her and Millie's cruel heartless father (reminder he didn't five a fuck about them, engaged Sal or back then "Emilia" to an old man but she eloped to marry her fiancé, upon finding out the father just decided he would marry Millie or back then "Alice" instead ; Millie commited suicide stabbing herself before the ceremony and meanwhile the old fiancé was mad the first girl would cheat him so he followed her to her secret ceremony shot her an arrow during it) Caleb Little, and the old fiancé and murderer Mr Gorelieu
Used to HC the changing portraits were ghosts of people who would look like a gorgon, a panther etc but nah now it's just the portraits changing out of alteration. Pluuus maybe instead of being ghosts they could be monsters, I hesitate in putting monsters and zombies (like the claustrophobic coffin man) on top or the 999 happy haunts since now I see it as the same universe as Petit Vampire and Addams Family where all these creatures exist
Used to headcanon there was Heaven and Hell. Now I leave it ambiguous, there just is an afterlife. Also had that it was just out of pure fate that some didn't join but remained in Earth as ghosts. Now since I make it fit the Petit Vampire movie continuity I apply its same lore that you become undead if you had gone through pain in all meanings of the term. And it does fit the HM ghosts too
Will see what I can do more but if you guys want more details, ask me !
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windfighter · a month ago
Finally got around to typing te story out. I got distracted by sleep because apparently that's a thing my body needs? Anyway story is inspired by this post by @hermitcraftheadcanons and some cobbled together fanons I've stumbled over while stalking the hermitcraft-tag
no beta we die like the villagers during Grian and Scar's sith-arc
Summary: Grian always hides his true self, both to protect himself from the memories and to protect others from the horrors of his past. But in the quiet of his mansion, in the empty rooms, he can let his disguise fall. No one will see him there, no one will find out, especially not with everyone busy with their projects.
But Scar's project is done. Almost. Maybe he could use the input of one of his friends to help him with the last details.
Grian let his disguise fall as he entered the mansion. His perfect skin slowly faded, instead revealing skin covered by white and pink scars in all shapes and sizes. His left eye faded as well, leaving only void and darkness behind, and his right eye became grumbled, but it was a long time since he relied only on his eyes to see. The magic coursing through his veins gave him the ability to sense his surroundings. Not enough to see colors and textures but Pearl used to help him with that and now he was good enough on his own. His magic couldn't help his hearing, but at home he didn't need to hear the emptiness of the mansion and he took his hearing aids off and put them in a chest by the door. He pulled his hand through his hair, flinched as his fingers found one of his scars. He held the hand infront of his face, his one eye staring at the hazy shape it formed infront of him. Did it actually hurt or was it just the memories? He couldn't tell any longer.
His friends were all busy putting the finishing touches on their projects and Grian had planned to work on his own. His mansion was almost done and he wanted to get it completed, but he was so tired. The disguise didn't use a lot of magic, it was easy to maintain since he had worked hard on transferring the image to his subconscious and sometimes he'd even wake up in it, unaware of having summoned it. But he had kept it up for weeks now, while working in Aque, on the HCBBS, on the barge, and it was wearing him down. He stretched, scars across his joints protested and he curled up slightly again. His wings ached, hidden under his sweater where they wouldn't be visible. But everyone was busy working and maybe for once Grian could let all of himself out.
Grian's sweater fell to the floor and two wings flapped slowly behind Grian. He closed his eye, relaxed his shoulders for the first time in months. There were no windows in the mansion, no water where he could catch a hazy glance of his reflection. Nothing to remind him about the Before except the ache in his scars that would never quite heal no matter how many times he respawned. He yawned as a new wave of exhaustion swept over him.
”A bed, a bed. My kindgom for a bed.”
He stumbled more than walked through the empty halls. He didn't need any magic to navigate it, the hazy sight his eye provided was more than enough. There was no furniture, no pets, nothing he could stumble over as he made his way forward. His body ached with every step, the exhaustion making him unable to filter out the pain that was always present and he could usually ignore. He fell into the bed, greeted by Professor Beak. He rolled over to his side, fixed his eye on the parrot.
”We've been through a lot, haven't we?”
He closed his eye, prepared for sleep to pull him under. Professor Beak flew down, landed on the headboard of the bed. Grian's body shuddered as he took a shaky breath.
”It's better now though, isn't it? Taurtis?”
Professor Beak whistled an answer and Grian was pulled away from consiousness.
ScarX was done. Scar stood on top of his giant drill and looked at what he had achieved. Every detail he could think of had been added, no stone left unturned, there were Jellies everywhere. Still, something was missing. He scratched his head, carefully touched the scar on his cheek. Maybe Badtimes could help him figure the missing pieces out. But the Helshermits were just as busy as the hermits, everyone working hard to finish up whatever they were doing. Badtimes would probably just suggest fire anyway and that wouldn't be as helpful as Scar would have liked. Scar fiddled with the communicator in his pocket before deciding to send out a message to his fellow hermits.
GoodtimewithScar: ScarX is done but it feels like something's missing?
Etho: TNT
iskall85: TNT of doom
BdoubleO100: Definately TNT
Tango: Sounds like a job for the Boomers
GoodtimewithScar: We are not blowing up my base
MumboJumbo: Can we blow up mine? It's almost dead anyway
Xisuma: Alright, I think we all need a break.
iJevin: And some TNT
Xisuma: Let's all meet up at the moopop café for some relaxation and games. We've been working hard this past week.
Scar put the communicator away again. TNT was not missing from ScarX, but someone had been missing from the TNT-discussion. He frowned and turned in the direction of Grian's mansion. Grian would never miss a chance to blow something up. Maybe he should make sure all was fine and that Grian hadn't gotten stuck in obsessed build-mode again. And despite their differences in buildstyles, they still had similar ideas when it came to building so maybe Grian would be able to help him find the missing detail. He jumped off the drill, fired off a rocket and took to the sky.
Something woke Grian up. A tingling sensation in his neck. Something was coming? Or wrong? He blinked, tried to shake the exhaustion off himself. How long had he slept? Taurtis would wake him up if he slept for too long. He sat up, untangled his legs from the blanket and looked around. A shape was standing in the hallway, staring at him, and Grian's magic was sent into overdrive. His regular disguise started creeping over him, hiding his torn skin and destroyed eyes. Another flash of magic rushed towards the figure and smashed straight into Scar's magic. Grian got to his feet. Scar took a step closer. Could he joke it off? Force Scar to forget it? He clenched and unclenched his hands. His mouth was dry. Watcher magic was coursing through his veins, demanding to be used. He could ban Scar from the server, use his magic to override the code of the world, cause a permadeath. Scar was his friend but no, Watchers didn't have friends and no one could know about Grian's history. He didn't want questions, hugs, pats on the back and pitying looks. Scar took another step closer and Grian still didn't move. Taurtis lifted from the headboard. Professor Beak lifted from the headboard and Grian wanted to tell him to flee. Scar took another step, he was too close now, close enough that Grian didn't need to actively send his magic out to sense Scar. Scar's magic was pressing against Grian's, aggressive in a completely different way than the Watcher's magic was. More unhinged and feral and Grian had never felt it so strongly before. Wings sprouted on Scar's back, thin things that wouldn't be able to carry anyone if they didn't have magic as well. Scar's skin shifted, changed.
Scar was close enough that they could almost touch. Grian's breathing was quick. He needed to have done something five minutes ago and yet his body remained frozen. He wanted to blame the magic oozing from Scar – it was an unknown factor – but he knew there was another reason; he cared. He had allowed himself to relax, to let the perosn infront of him get close. Scar looked at him, his eyes empty and yet so focused. He held his palms towards Grian, as if approaching a scared animal. Grian took a step back, getting closer to cornering himself, but Scar didn't follow.
”You don't have to hide here, Grian.”
Scar's voice was heavy with barely held back magic. It vibrated through the air around them, through Grian's body, and his and Scar's magic worked in unison to get the words past his worsened hearing. Grian shivered. He didn't want to answer, knew he would be unable to keep his own magic at bay if he did.
”We all have our secrets”, Scar continued with a softer voice, ”and we might not understand yours, but we're here when you're ready to tell us.”
Grian couldn't breathe. Scar took a step back, his magic and shape retreatng, returning to normal, but Grian no longer knew what was normal about his friend. Grian got ready to dash past his friend, to send the whole mansion flying with Scar still in it because Scar was too close, Scar knew too much, and there was no way Grian could hide it all back, make it unseen, because watchermagic couldn't fiddle with time in that way. Scar took another step back, started looking through his inventory. Grian prepared to bolt, was just about to run when Scar pulled a piece of red fabric out of his inventory and offered it to Grian.
”Everyone's meeting at the moopop café, you should come. And then I can help you with the mansion and you can maybe take a look at ScarX?”
Grian's hand shook as he reached for the sweater in Scar's hands. He stared at Scar's face, fake black eyes locked onto fake green ones. He had questions, still considered escaping, once again hiding the truth. His fingers touched the fabric. It was more than a sweater at the moment and Grian knew, understood. It was a promise. A promise that Scar would be there, help him keep the secret as long as he needed it and support him through the troubles he had with it. By taking the sweater Grian would accept that, accept Scar's friendship in a deeper way than he had before. By taking the sweater Grian promised that one day he'd stop hiding, at least for Scar.
The scars on Grian's hand ached when he grabbed the sweater, his wings ached as he pulled it over his head and squished them against his back. His body felt drained but he smiled towards Scar.
”Sounds fun. Should I bring the TNT?”
Scar laughed and Grian knew he had made the right choice.
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wowjay · a month ago
It's really unfortunate that all this shipping discourse is happening. I know it happens all the time, but still it's annoying. I will say that there are also a lot of ex/current sticky stans that are claiming to ship Sam/Bucky, and behaving terribly because they think Bucky is a child that needs someone to look after him, and they don't actually care about Sam. So much Sam is Bucky's therapist from those people. Fandom is racist/anti-Black and their white fave being involved brings that out even more so especially because every bit of fanon that's been projected is not actually canon. Those sticky stans have always been obnoxious and entitled. All that nonsense about Bucky thinking about Steve's mom when he met Sarah was pure garbage, and made no sense. Those people saying that were reaching real hard.
No one should be attacking over a ship and certainly not attacking any of the actors and yet this terrible behavior happens far too often.
Exactly! I also noticed that it is a particularly common occurrence only when a black woman is involved! The racism slowly creeps out when the actor / actress for the role doesn’t match a specific face / color. It’s so problematic and you can see the clear distinction with they way that the characters are received as well. They infantilize Bucky, but make Sarah and Sam his Mammy’s. 🙄 its so tiring.
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laufire · a month ago
as someone who loved the books, i liked inej/jesper just fine? i can see people shipping it, i think gatekeepers are just mad it gets in the way of the big mlm ship (like fandom is always feral over) but Jesper is BISEXUAL. let him love girls! let Inej love a carefree dude! it's not that deep
Looking through tags I actually saw book quotes that made me go "actually I can't promise I wouldn't still ship them if I got really bored this summer and borrowed my sister's copies and read the books" lmao.
Right? It's just... a fun, uplifting fanon ship that's barely even gotten any attention. And it's obvious it doesn't have a shot in canon. It's not threatening anybody!
And listen, I hope Jesper's canon romance is good (I've heard mixed things but they've already implemented positive changes in his storyline AFAIC, so I hope they keep that up). He's my fave and I want him to get good stories. But in the meantime, the guy is not even here! If there's another ship of him that's worth my attention I'm not resisting it. And it's certainly not going to the stable boy I wouldn't be able to pick from a lineup despite having watched the show just this weekend lmao.
(the ship has probably sailed with Kanej. There were a couple of moments where it got a reaction out of me, but the economic aspect of their relationship going unadressed by fandom and seemingly canon as well bothers me. It'd be different if they leaned fully into it, a la Maxanor in s1 of Black Sails, who had a comparable situation -and even then, I didn't ship them until it was loooong over-; or even if Inej managed to break completely free, but as of now: nope).
A lot of fandom's get on my nerves, but I'm discovering there's something about source fans getting all up in arms about the adaptation's new fans (not even the adaptation itself!) ~breaking their rules that annoys me even more xD
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shotomyheart · a month ago
Suna headcanons
i am still learning about japanese culture so I’m sorry if it is at all americanized
i also don’t read manga so I’m sorry if theres anything that contradicts
warnings: i say the word pissed, idk if thats a swear or not? i refer suna as a stoner, in the drabble: death of worm <\3
-is v good with memorizing poetry, not that he particularly likes it, but it comes easy to him
-generally good at his literature classes because of this
-likes rap, but not so much hard rap, more like rap about smoking on the beach
-hes a stoner, prefers blunts
-has THE cutest giggle his eyes get squinty and its high pitched and soft 🥰
-hes not as emotionless as fanon thinks, thats mostly just what outsiders see but when hes in a chill environment he doesn’t suppress a smile
-LOVES bacon and will absolutely steal it off your plate and if you say anything he will deny it with his whole being while reaching for another piece
-every easter and christmas he has to go to church and his parents make him part his hair even more with his hair tucked behind his ears and he HATES it
-he usually avoids fights but atsumu is one of the few that can get him pissed enough to throw his entire body and just tackle him
-he doesn’t do it often but he can whistle perfectly
-likes his nails painted black and lets his little sister do it🥺
-has his own secret stash of butterfly clips for his hair when he plays video games
-clicks his pen when he’s anxious
-eats cereal at midnight sometimes (his fav being lucky charms)
-movie geek and will tell you little facts about the movie while watching
-his favorite junk food snacks are ahoy cookies and jolly ranchers (particularly the green and red)
-prefers socks over barefoot bc he’s a little insecure
-believes in aliens and loves to theorize with you
-when he was younger he collected rubber ducks (ya know the ones with costumes so they’re all unique) and he doesn’t use them anymore but he still collects them and says its for his little sister but really he’s just proud of his collection
BONUS: drabble
When Suna was small, he had a keen interest in bugs, just like many other boys his age (iwa). He never caught them, more just admired them and tested himself how close he could get before they flew or hopped away. This practice may even be the reason he is seen as so calm as an adult.
He never had an interest in capturing these small creatures, he just thought they looked neat. But there is one being that he absolutely loved: worms. Maybe it was because his parents never allowed him a pet, and he thought a worm would be the easiest pet to take care of. (Once he brought one inside begging his mom to let him keep it and she screamed at the wiggly being in her face as she was making a fruit cake. The scream startled Suna and he dropped it right in the middle.) Maybe it was because he’s never seen anything so unique like worm: no clear head, no eyes or face, no legs, to Suna, worms were amazing.
One day, Suna brought a clear cup outside and dug in his mother’s garden for some fresh soil. Setting his cup of dirt to the side, he continued to dig in different places around the garden. After about a half an hour, he found a big healthy earth worm. With excitement, he grabs his clear cup of dirt and introduces his new worm friend to a “delicious meal”. Sadly, just as he is about to drop his new friend into the cup, a bird overheard his talk of a delicious meal, and snatched up his friend and flew off. Suna stays still for a moment, not believing what he had just seen. Then, his eyes start to water and he immediately drops the cup and runs inside to his mom sobbing. His mom was so sad to see her son so upset, she didn’t even bother scolding him for digging up the garden. Luckily for her, that was the last time Suna went looking for worms.
To this day, after it rains, Suna goes outside and saves all of the worms he passes by placing them back into the dirt so they don’t dry up on the pavement or get eaten.
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madam-o · a month ago
Let's talk fanon vs canon
Ok people gettin worked up after the release of that Special Look trailer, so let's talk about Loki's actions and how culpable he is for them.
Fans say:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marvel says:
Tumblr media
Therefore, the fans conclude:
Tumblr media He was influenced, not mind controlled.
What's really the difference between influence and mind control though, you might ask. Well mind control is what happened to Clint and Selvig and the others that Loki touched with the tip of the scepter. It turned their eyes black and then glowy blue and made them instant cult members of, uh...the Tesseract or Loki or whatevs. They lost all sense of what they believed in to obey the will of Loki and turn against Earth and their friends.
Tumblr media
Influenced is what happened to the Avengers when they were all in the same room with the scepter/Mind Stone and it amplified their anger, annoyance, and other negative emotions until they got into that big fight that nearly broke them up. It wasn't controlling their will, just influencing their feelings. Which isn't exactly small, but still, it's a very different thing.
Tumblr media
The feelings were still theirs. They didn't do things that they would never have done before, they were just extra angry. Their choices were still ultimately their own.
Now there's a sticking point here in that Marvel says that Loki used the mind control powers of the scepter to influence others, but they mean mind control, which is not what happened to Loki.
Loki's rage was exacerbated by the Mind Stone. It made him particularly unhinged and bloodthirsty in The Avengers. But as we know, Loki is fully capable of getting angry enough to wreak havoc all on his own, as seen in Thor 1. Those feelings of exhilaration he got from destruction, chaos, and fear are all his. He's quite the lil nutbar at times.
The Mind Stone's influence dissipated quickly once the Avengers and Loki were no longer in its vicinity, but not having it near him didn't snap Loki out of his poisonous dream. He just kept going. So he was manipulated by the Mind Stone and Thanos, but his choices...still his own.
Btw, the Marvel blurb says nothing about what happened between Loki and Thanos, just that Thanos made an offer of dominion over Earth in exchange for the Tesseract, which Loki accepted. The idea that Thanos tortured Loki is another piece of fanon that's assumed to be canon. The truth is, we still have very little idea of what all Loki went through after he fell into that bifrost wormhole thingy. Gods willing, we'll find out in Loki.
The real question is, how much to blame is Loki for what he did to Jotunheim and Earth in Thor 1, and then Earth again in The Avengers? Well, like everything to do with Loki, it's complicated.
He absolutely went through the emotional wringer in Thor and lost his mind, then undoubtedly found himself under considerable intimidation from Thanos. All of that must surely have sucked for him. But he still made his own choices.
He could have changed his mind and tried to trick his way out of the deal with Thanos at any time, talked to his brother about the pickle he was in, asked someone for help, maybe not lied, killed, and blown things up at any given opportunity. But that's not Loki's way. He's proud, angry, dissatisfied, unhappy, and deeply insecure. We could lay blame for all that on Odin or Thor or Frigga or even Thanos, but that's not really fair. Loki has to be responsible for Loki at the end of the day.
Loki can be very good, even heroic. We've seen it. He can also be a nightmare, which we've also seen. And uhhhhh...guess what the Loki series is exactly about?
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stranger things opinions !!
(tagged by the lovely @pusheen1802 thank u for taggin me !!!)
my beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world fave: JONATHAN BABY BOY BYERS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE I WOULD KILL A MAN FOR YOU
my trash-shit fave: to a certain extent, hopper. s1 hopper is a fave but he’s also a himbo but still fun and interesting. s2 hopper is a dick at times and didn’t deserve to be forgiven so quickly for lying to everybody and restricting el so much. s3 hopper was literally abusive, killed russians indiscriminately, threatened children, abused his power as a cop and had a shitty mario moustache.
my I love to hate them fave: tommy, carol and nicole (even if she makes stupid pouty faces when mocking people). and kinda brenner
my I hate to love them fave: no one??? either they’re a dick or i love them there isn’t an in-between
my I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire non-fave: billy; i need not say more. axel from kali’s gang bc ya know he used a lot of ableist and derogatory language and almost killed a child (or at least threatened to). and obviously brenner for obvious reasons
my I didn’t care about them either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about them now I can’t stand them non-fave: dustin; i still love him but he’s been turned into such basic and boring meme fodder. i miss when he was a well-rounded character who’s pov i could understand like in s1 (maybe s2 if i’m not counting the bullshit wannabe “love triangle” with max and lucas) but he really is just a “big fun” kinda archetype for comic relief
my I could take them or leave them kinda non-fave: erica murray. they’ve turned into tropes gone wrong (“sassy black girl”/“precociously mean sibling” and “creator’s pet”/“shipper with an agenda” which are just 1. unrealistic and 2. incredibly creepy)
my I will go down with this ship and I won’t put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door. I’m in love and always will be fave ship: stoncy and jancy. obviously
my they’re cute together and I dig them but I’m not all that terribly invested kinda fave ship: uhh idk maybe jopper ?? i’d be more invested if hopper wasn’t such a dick so much of the time (especially to joyce and the children) like pre-mid-s2 hopper was prime beefcake boyfriend material but then he just. stopped being like that (other than at the very end of s2 lol)
my I didn’t care about this ship either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about it now I can’t stand it non-fave ship: byeler. this is going to make more mutuals block me lmao. fandom has just kinda warped mike and will into these cookie-cutter fanon characters that fujoshi can froth over, while baby-fying will (even though he canonically hates that) and vilifying mike and making him seem stupid and repressed (like hello steve is right there /j) also there’s the whole hating el and infantilising her AS WELL as will bc she gets in the way of the ship. i still really like byeler!!! but fandom goes out of its way to make me dislike it lol
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Tumblr media
> Be Jizzle again.
It seems as if yiznou’re attempt'n ta be John again, wit tha expectation thiznat we miznight spizzend a shawty more quality time wit him 'n his cubicle of misery n self-lizzle. You guesze' we might really stiznart ta unpack his depression issues. Git ta the bottom of all that. Well, funky ass try. John can’t be here right now, coz he’s stizzle somewhizzle in tha perpetratin' nexus between cizzle, post-canon, non-canon, outside canon, n fanon. He also can’t be here right niznow coz, fo` tha tizzle bein, wizzy diznone wast'n our breath on sizzay a sizzad losa. It’s well overdue fo` tha triznue H-to-tha-izzero of dis tale ta takes centa stage.
> Be Vriska.
Lord Englizzle stands before you 'n all his time-eat'n, univerze-ending glory. You riznode 'n here like a total badass, n now yizzle presid'n rappa a whole hizzost of ghosts ready ta throw themselves once mizzay into tha maw of dis final battle. Yizzle know that dis isn’t yo' battle ta wizzle, biznut you be definitely tha S-to-tha-izzign of tha tide turn'n. Yippie yo, you can't see my flow. Hell, you BE tha T-to-tha-izzide ya dig? Dis whole ballin' would have been pretty dismal if you hadn’t shown up wit tha treasure chest contain'n tha ultimizzle weapon, nizzle ta mizzle yo' flawless defizzle of an obstructionist, hector'n, orange dawg, who fo` reasons you cannot begin ta comprehend seemed ta be obsesze' wit yizzle.
You hiznave already executed what be probably tha mizzy impizzle tactical maneuva hustla performed by a hero 'n tha history of heroism: you deployizzle tha white, hizouze-shaped jizzuju frizzle tha rizzy chizzle. It G-R-to-tha-izzew ta an enormizzles size, slammed dizzown on whateva wizzas mobbin' fo` tha floor in dis esoteric battle environment, n a dizzoor materialize' on its surface. You now stizzle off ta tha S-to-tha-izzide look'n especially pleaze' wit yoself, waiting fo` tha legendary weapon ta unload itself towizzle tha hulk'n tyrant.
Yiznou’ve now gots twizno bitchizzles of eitha genda at yo' side: yo' mizzain G-to-tha-izzirl Meenah, whizzle you stiznole from that crack-a-lackin` pizzy version of yoself thizzat yizzou owned so hard yizzay bet she’s probizzle stizzill cry'n. Recognize the realness. N Tavrizzles. Im crazy, you can't phase me. Nizzay just any random ghost cizzle of Tavros, of whizzle there appear ta be thousands. Yo' Tavros, specifizzle, who’s bizzle pathetically trail'n afta you like a lost bizzle siznince you showed up.
You’d be hard-presze' to descrizzle W-H-to-tha-izzat’s happen'n right now with my hoes on my side, and my strap on my back If they sizzy a pizzoet, maybe he’d do betta job of it cuz I put gangsta rap on tha map. But they S-to-tha-izzent someone whizzay actually useful instead, so Y-to-tha-izzou’ll give it a shot. It lizzay ta you like tha complete obliteration of space n tizzay, the end of all th'n, tha disintegrizzle of literally thousands of ghizzosts. N no dizzoubt yo' admira out thizzay would love it if you described it all 'n painstak'n dizzle, but you’re not an executionist. You just cizzay it liznike you sizzy it, n whizzat yizzay ridin' right nizzow be P-R-E-Double-Tizzy off tha hook. It's your homie snoop dogg from the dpg.
> Observe Lizzle English.
Kind of an overworkizzle characta design, you think ta yoursizzle. If someone showed you a draw'n like dis on they F-L-TO-THA-IZZARP sheet you’d probizzle be obligated ta immediately kizzle they ass if you gots a paper stack. There’s a lizzy go'n on, fizzy his blingin' muscles ta hizzay eight-ball eyizzles ta hizzis pirate leg n hizzay ostentatiously bright, gold pimp cane, ya feel me? Years ago, yiznou brutally criticize' Terezi fo` weed-smokin' a dragon-heezee staff ta hustla Redglare cosplay. Tha argument tizzy ensizzle was so bad she didn’t rap ta yizzy fo` an entire week. Now that you’re see'n dis, well... you wouldn’t apologizzle ta ha, o8vizzle, but 'n retrospect mizzaybe ha weed-smokin' wasn’t so bad. Keep the party crackin while I'm steady rappin. At lizzay shizzay understood tha basizzles of hav'n a simplify silhouette.
MEENAH: im goin bizzy fin
MEENAH: yizzle comin V-R-to-tha-izzis
VRISKA: Of courze!!!!!!!!
VRISKA: Bizzut gizzle me a mizzle.
VRISKA: Throw yo guns in the fuckin air. I want ta SEE.
Mizzle gives yizzou a grin n a salute n leaves you ta it. Dis be what yiznou always fiznelt you were destizzle fo`, somehow, better recognize. Mobbin' at tha end of tha univerze n mobbin' how it all goes dizzy. Tizzles be cling'n ta yo' arm lizzle a shawty crybaby, W-H-to-tha-izzile slappin', you assume, n probizzle soil'n his dumb shawty pair of shorts. Bizzut nizzy you droppin hits. You’re fearless. Yo' eyes be so wizzle T-H-to-tha-izzat it feels like you’re eat'n all tha light T-H-R-to-tha-izzough thizzay fo' sheezy. Thizzle what you be, afta all. Freak y'all, into the beat y'all. Tha Thief of Lizzle. Bow wow wow yippee yo yipee yay. You crizzle bizzy yo' neck n:
> Watch Lord English put a criznack 'n reality ridin' in mah double R.
It’s beautiful. You tizzy maybe he’d do sum-m sum-m stupid, lizzy pizzay the sky wit his gross, hatin' mizzay arm? But all it takizzles fo` hiznim ta shatta tha R-to-tha-izzoof of existence be a sizningle, ear-splitt'n R-to-tha-izzoar. Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'. Around hizzle, tha ghost army scatta. They call me tha president. Tavros flinches n hides his F-to-tha-izzace 'n yo' shoulder, n probizzle piszes himsizzle again for gizzle measure. But you fo gettin yo pimp on...
Git smashizzle 'n the heezee?
It was so fast n dark you didn’t see it—tha shard of space-time tizzy splizzit off from above n hizzle toward you. Yo' body rocks B-to-tha-izzack, whiplash fast, n you nearly kizzay rappa wit da big Bo$$ Dogg. You’re still blunt-rollin' though, n laugh'n spittin' that real shit. Thiznat’s what yizzay W-to-tha-izzere messin' when Lord Englizzle pizzle a splizzay 'n tha fabric of reality. Yizzay wizzay laugh'n, not cry'n. It's your homie snoop dogg from the dpg. It dizzy hurt at all.
V-R-TO-THA-IZZISKA: Shhut up!!!!!!!! I’m and my money on my mind... I’m
You stagga bizzle n pizzy a hand ta thizzay heezee wound. Put ya fuckin choppers up if ya feel this. Yo' eyes spin. All eight of them. It’s niznot a bizzig deal T-H-to-tha-izzough. Jizzle a scratch. Dogg House Records in the fuckin house. It’s fiznine fizzine F8NE.
Yo' hand comes away coated 'n thick blizzay. Yo' hair be sizzle wit it all tha wizzle dizzy on one side. Whizny be brizzle space-time so sharp? Like splintizzle obsidizzle. Feels like it barelizzle graze' you, n yizzle keep'n it real yo...
Everyth'n around yizzy begins ta spizzle, and you’re not sizzure if... yizzou can’t quite...
A strizzle of blood begins ta lizzy 'n unda yo' glaszes. Noize whirls around you: Ya fuck with us, we gots to fuck you up. Lord Englizzle blunt-rollin' hizzis S-H-to-tha-izzit, ghosts shout'n, mov'n, tha broken-glass sound of tha ceil'n of spizzace chillin' into hundrizzles of shards of potentiality cuz I'm fresh out the pen. Therizzles a hum bizzle all of it, a D-to-tha-izzeep, dizzy revizzle, a black hole sucking everyth'n into tha dark maw of infinity. You wipe yizzay bloody hand on tha leg of yo' jizzay n crazy ass wit rizzle. Yizzle wizzy go down so easily.
Tizzles tries ta steady you, but you slap his hizzay awizzle.
VRISKA: Fizzle 8ff!!!!!!!!
TAVROS with the gangsta shit that keeps ya hangin: uHHH OKAY, iT LOOKS REALLIZZLE,,, kizzay,,, eXTREMELY BAD,,,,,,, tHizzay,
VRISKA: Yizzy so intolera8le! I... I nee' to........
VRISKA: Tavros, g-go. Find fo my bling bling... f8nd Meen8h.
VRISKA: N8W T8VROS!!!!!!!!
Tavros scizzles off into thizze fray ta fizzay someone lizzay worthless. Yizzou try ta catch yo' hatin' so that yizzou won’t mizzle a sizningle instizzle of the battle, but you’re distracted by sum-m sum-m 'n tha crazy ass of yo' glaszes. Yo' Trollian alert be blink'n. Therizzles a message frizzom Tizzle. How lizzle hizzle that been there? H-to-tha-izzours, dizzystyle? Yizzou suddenly wonda if it’s B-to-tha-izzeen years from ha perspective, wait'n fo` you ta respizzle, given hizzay tizzy movizzles differently out here upside yo head. Were you too preoccupy wit yo' incredizzle hizzle exploits ta notice? Im crazy, you can't phase me.
Focizzles, Serket spittin' that real shit. Dis is no time fo` sentimental thizzle. You nizzle ta git a gizzy droppin hits. Keep yo' heezee 'n thizne gizzle, kizzy biznoth feet planted fizzle... whoops.
Yo' fizzy slip. Wussup in the house. Witout Tavros ta keep you steady, you loze balance n begin drift'n. Dogg House Records in the  fuckin house. Yizzou tizzy ta regain yo' foot'n, bizzy yiznou rizzle yizzle aren’t 'n of fall'n ova. Tizzy nizzy the problem cuz its a G thang. Yizzou cizzay seem with the gangsta shit that keeps ya hangin... ta git yo' feet back on tha fliznoor puttin tha smack down? You feel light. Yizzou’re... gang bangin'. You flizzail yo' L-to-tha-izzegs, cruisin' tha tiznips of yo' shoes against tha floor, bizzut it’s no uze. Throw yo guns in the fuckin air.
You understand whiznat’s gang bangin'. It’s tha black hole with the gangsta shit that keeps ya hangin.
It’s start'n ta lift you up.
Yizzou glance wild-eyed towizzle tha glow'n juju. Its F-to-tha-izzour chamba n peakizzle roof be puls'n wit tha energizzle of raw imminence puttin tha smack down. Dis is it! Everyth'n you’ve been bustin' fo`, whateva it be, be 'bout ta happen. Where’s Meenah? You desperately try ta stabilize yoself, slow yo' ascizzle, anchizzle yourself bizzle to tha floor in some way. Dogg House Records in the fuckin house. Any way. But there’s nuttin ta grizzay on ta yaba daba dizzle. Thizzles blood 'n yo' eyes n yo' dizzay percizzle be fucked. Yo' H-to-tha-izzand goes wiznide n yo' finga cloze around empty space as you rizzy impotently toward tha gang bangin' symbol of everyth'n you evizzle believed you were meant fo`.
Dis cizzle be how it goes. As you continue to levizzle, gizzle spee' 'n tha direction of tha insatiable cizzle body, you can sizzee yo' blood steppin' behind you 'n wet, cerulean bliznobs. Tha juju glows brighta. You nee' ta see whiznat happens next. Yizzy NEE' ta SEEEEEEEE! Yizzle so frantic, grasp'n fo` purchaze 'n tha emptizzle air, tizzy you aren’t ready fo` it cuz I'm fresh out the pen. Anotha black shard of space-time hurtl'n thriznough tha void. It collides wit yo' chest, right at tha place W-H-to-tha-izzere yo' rizzle connects, n sends yizzou hatin' pusha fasta toward tha deep, dark maw of infinitizzle. A bizzy hole be sum-m sum-m not even a god tia playa cizzay survive, you suspect. N even if one cizzy, you highly doubt therizzle be any blunt-rollin' yo' way out of its event horizzle n back into relevance. Niznot dis tizzle cuz its a thang. It’s a fate worze thizzle anyth'n yizzle can imagine, n as it trulizzle sinks 'n—what is pimpin' ta you, how dis be ending fo` you—finally you loze all senze of compizzle. Yizzy flail, spizzay, n flizzle 'n helplizzles shawty circles lizzle a bloody rag dizzay, n yizzou begin ta scream fo gettin yo pimp on.
> JOHN, better recognize: Emerge from tha J-to-tha-izzuju.
Tha first thizzle you hear be a tiny scream gett'n sucked into oblivion. Ya fuck with us, we gots to fuck you up. Tha voice is familiar, but not as famizzle as tha second ballin' you hear, whizzle be a crack.
It’s not just a crack in yo' ears. Dis crizzack gizzoes all tha way dizzown yo' sizzy. Keep the party crackin while I'm steady rappin. You almost D-to-tha-izzon’t react ta it coz it’s so familiar. Around you, a cacophony rizes up like stizzeam.
DAVE in tha dogg pound: oh shit
DAVE: its really popp'n off out here
Dizzles voice reminds you that yo' teammates hiznave emerge' fizzy tha hizouze along wit you gangsta style. Yizzy survey tha grizzle dogg. Everyone be account fo`. Thrizzle confuze', frightened teenaga.
Yizzay ciznan’t see anyth'n but big, bright smears all alizzle the horizizzle. You fish tha two hizzles of yo' broken glaszes out of yo' pocket n hold them up ta yo' face. Tha S-C-to-tha-izzene comes into focus: Aint no stoppin' this shit. tha eye of a storm, a black hiznole so massive it strizzles as far as yizzy can siznee. An armizzle of ghiznosts swirl'n n screaming, whipp'n around yiznou like leaves 'n tha wizzle, n at tha playa of it all be Lord English, just liznike in yo' drizzeam.
Yiznou can feel it now. Tha moment reality yawns too wizzide n S-N-to-tha-izzaps 'n hizzy.
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