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#it's such a mess!
squid-ink-personal · a month ago
"You can't consume problematic media!"
Maybe YOU can't. I, on the other hand, have critical thinking skills and a lot of spite
Edit: Because I’m tired of people selectively taking my tags out of context and not following directions, have some spite and learn things please and thank you.
#i lived through the steven universe fandom#i have seen things#the zelda fandom is like. peak 'be critical of what you consume but you can also enjoy it'#proud of you guys#for those reading the original tags#this is NOT about me consuming steven universe#this is about the su fandom's attitude towards what they perceived as problematic setting a dangerous precedent for#how we interact with media as a whole#tldr: su fandom made purity culture popular and now we all suffer#what this REALLY is about#is me recognizing that the loz universe has some pretty glaring flaws#and wanting to engage anyways#like the gerudo#the gerudo are a fucking MESS#but the fandom doesn't tear them apart#they recognize that zelda has its flaws and that as long as you're mindful you can enjoy it anyways#so if dsmp or harry potter or attack on titan or anything like that are the same for you#go for it#i don't engage with those because they make me feel icky#because i can't separate the content from the creators#but i don't judge people who do like it#my zelda is someone else's mcyt is someone else's madoka magica etc etc etc#in short: do what makes you happy and don't tell strangers on the internet what to do#you wouldn't go into a barnes and noble and smack a copy of the sorcerer's stone out of a reader's hands#don't think your criticism on the internet isn't just that in digital form#new edit:#If you're here for the tags i strongly encourage you to read the rant#it's in the notes#especially if you find issue with these tags
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amygdalan-arm · 4 months ago
being in your 20s is like. every day i am playing with forces i can barely understand
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forensicbec · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey, what the fuck is going on with the Cruella film?
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grealishs · 6 months ago
people that act like Britain’s colonial past is ancient history, here are some facts:
Afghanistan’s independence was in 1919.
Egypt was in 1922.
Iraq was in 1932.
Jordan was in 1946.
India and Pakistan were in 1947.
Myanmar and Sri Lanka were in 1948.
Libya and Oman were in 1951.
Sudan was in 1956.
Ghana and Malaysia were in 1957.
Singapore was in 1959.
Cyprus and Nigeria were in 1960.
Cameroon, Kuwait, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone were in 1961.
Jamaica, Uganda, and Trinidad and Tobago were in 1962.
Kenya was in 1963.
Malawi, Malta, and Zambia were in 1964.
The Gambia and the Maldives were in 1965.
Barbados, Botswana, Lesotho, and Guyana were in 1966.
Yemen was in 1967.
Eswatini (Swaziland), Nauru, and Mauritius were in 1968.
Fiji and Tonga were in 1970.
Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates were in 1971.
The Bahamas was in 1973.
Grenada was in 1974
Seychelles was in 1976.
Dominica, Tuvalu, and the Solomon Islands were in 1978.
Kiribati and Saint Lucia were in 1979.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were in 1979.
Vanuatu and Zimbabwe were in 1980.
Antigua and Barbuda and Belize were in 1981.
Saint Kitts was in 1983.
Brunei was in 1984.
In addition to that: Northern Ireland is still a British territory. So are the Falkland Islands and Bermuda.
This is in the lifetime of ancestors we have that are still alive. Many of these countries were left in financial ruination after colonization with their resources drained. Many of these countries have been repeatedly bombed by the UK and their allies since independence as well. The very act of independence often resulted in massive loss of life (see the partition of India and Pakistan which resulted in 2 million people dead, 20 million people displaced, and countless others never recovered). Calling it ancient history or underplaying the sheer cruelty of what the British empire did is such a slap in the face to the people who suffered for centuries.
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pearls-of-patton · 9 months ago
Me meeting a genie: Okay, so my first wish is for 1000 dollars a day, deposited to my bank account without any way of tracing it to anything illegal. I want this money to come from the ten richest people in America (100 dollars each), withdrawn under the guise of nebulous, random purchases and surcharges. It would probably be best to split the money into a myriad of smaller fees, though, to reduce the likelihood of anyone noticing. Got all that?
Genie: um
Me, continuing on without a care: For my SECOND wish, I want you to give me the ability to learn any given phoneme, so that I can learn to pronounce new languages perfectly. If you're willing, it'd be nice if it were a little easier to memorize new languages too, but if that's not cool, I'm perfectly fine doing all the legwork myself I mostly just want to be capable of pronouncing things correctly.
Genie, now staring at me like I'm insane: ......okaaayyy?....
Me: For my third wish. I want to always have great ideas for gifts for people. Every birthday, every holiday, I want to be able to come up with something they'd really like, with enough time to actually get it for them.
Genie, just staring at me
Me: I can provide you with a written document if that would help.
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iguanamouth · 6 months ago
May we see the mushroom kit
YES its here...pineapple for scale :)
Tumblr media
and the back with the instructions
Tumblr media
the way this works with grow kits is they give you substrate thats already inoculated with the mycelium ( the white webbing that grows the fruiting mushroom bodies) so all you basically have to do is cut a hole in the bag and keep it moist and mushrooms will grow out of it !
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beggars-opera · 6 months ago
RIP Yahoo Answers, it has been a privilege memeing with you 
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sketiana · 7 months ago
what if we ignored every brand online what if we all unfollowed every brand and none of them had more than 3k followers and we never talked about a single brand by name no Matter what they tweet or do
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elysiumcalled · 4 months ago
You made my pussy wet now come clean up your mess
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