#it's such a nice spring day today i am Loving it
xumoonhao 2 months ago
actually you know what life is indescribably beautiful and we will all one day experience he happiness we so rightfully deserve and we will get to live the life we always had in mind for ourselves!!!
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queridaz 5 months ago
hmmm yeahhhh.... :/
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fiyazu-lorko a year ago
happy friday!
thank you so much everyone who wished me well this week and sent me hc鈥檚! they were absolutely LOVELY to read and they made me feel a lot better.
i鈥檓 feeling MUCH better today so thank y鈥檃ll for your healing energy! 鉁
have a wonderful, safe weekend, loves!
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iamphibolous 5 months ago
If I didn't have headphones squeezing my brain at all times I think I would be dead twice over
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masn-mount 4 months ago
I am late , but can you write something where mason sent you flowers for mother days even if you鈥檙e not parent net , neither are you pregnant, he鈥檚 just like flowers for the future mother of my kids 馃ズ
I think this idea is sooo cute! I was meant to post another fic today but I'm not happy with it yet so here's this for now. xx
warnings: none it鈥檚 just fluff, I put this together pretty fast so sorry if there are any mistakes
words: 2,3k
Tumblr media
It's a warm day in London, with spring finally arriving you were planning on taking full advantage of it. You woke up early and got out of bed straight away, mainly because there was no Mason in bed next to you to pull you back in before he had to leave for training. You would call him selfish when he thirty minutes later would leave you in bed and run out of the door but he would just tell you 'a man needs his morning cuddles, darling' with a kiss to your pouted lips. You would lie if you said you didn't need his cuddles to get through the day too.
When you got out of bed you quickly went through your morning routine before putting on a pair of blue leggins, matching sports bra and sweater. The gym wasn't too far away from Mason's house so you ended up walking there. Headphones in your ears with some random playlist playing and you couldn't help but smile at all the women you saw walking around with flowers in their hands. You knew what day it was so on your walk back from the gym, a little over an hour and a half later you stopped by a flower shop. With a smile on your face you asked the florist if you could have three bouquets delivered and after you gave her the details, you wrote your notes to your mum, Mason's mum and his sister. You spend extra time on the note for Debbie, not wanting it to be too cheesy but still special and after some help from the florist who looked at you knowingly you settled for a simple, 'Happy mother's day. Thank you for raising such a special and kind man who I can't wait to call the father of my children. Love, y/n. xx"
You knew you wanted it all with Mason. You had been together for almost three years and talked about the future a lot, especially during the nights when one of you couldn't sleep and you'd lay in bed tracing patterns on his bare chest and he on your back. The big house, marriage and kids. You both wanted all of it and you wanted it with eachother.
You would joke that you had an order. First the house, then the ring and then kids so you were confused why you didn't even have the first by now. Mason would always say that his house was yours, you spending most of your time there and always your nights. Even if he was away playing in another city you would be in the bed he would call 'ours' and wait for him, not being able to sleep until he had made it home. Even now that he was away on international break you ended up staying over. Your roommate didn't mind it, she would have her boyfriend over most of the time but she would tease you that if Mason wasn't going to ask you to move in soon she would just kick you out so he wouldn't have a choice.
Before you left the flower shop you ended up getting some flowers for yourself, with spring here you felt like Mason's house needed it ad when you arrived back you started working on your flowers right away, putting them all together in differet vases. One you put on the kitchen table, one in the livingroom and one in the bedroom. You hoped they wouldn't die until Mason made it home. When you were happy with the flowers you took a quick picture of one of them and sent it to Mason, 'look what some flowers can do' his reply came just seconds later 'they look pretty baby, nice of you to decorate our house'. You couldn't help but roll your eyes even if you smiled.
You didn't reply, not wanting to bother him on a matchday and wandered back into the kitchen to make yourself a smoothie before heading to the back terrace, ejoying the little bit of sun you would get. With it being London, you were fully expecting there to be rain the next day. You ended up sitting out there for two hours with your smoothie in hand answering some emails and finishing an assignment you needed to finish in three days.
You smiled when you got a message from Mason's mum, thanking you for the flowers with a selfie attached of her holding them in her arms and when you read the last bit of the text saying 'my son is so so lucky to have you' it made your cheeks heat up a bit.
You were the lucky one.
You were just about to reply to her message when the doorbell rang pulling you out of your own thoughts. You frowned a little not expecting anyone to come over but you hurried into the house and down the hall. Expecting it to be some delivery for Mason he had forgotten to tell you about but you weren't expecting the massive bouquet of flowers standing infront of you. The shocked expression on your face must have been obvious because the young man standing infront of you with papers in hand laughed. "That was my reaction too. Biggest one I've delivered today." He said and you laughed before you looked at him.
"Are you sure these are for me?" Mason would spoil you often, always getting flowers for you but you weren't expecting a delivery for today.
"You're y/n?" He asked with a smile on his face and when you nodded he just laughed. "Well then, it's for you. You're the lucky lady." You just laughed before he continued, "I just need you to sign right here" he pointed to a line on his paper. When you quickly signed he flashed you another smile, "Happy mother's day!"
"Oh, I'm n-" you started but stopped yourself and laughed, "thank you." You bid your goodbye after the delivery guy helped you bring the flowers into the hall. You reached for the card right away,
鈥榃hat did the mother say when her child was not eating their veggies? Peas give them a chance.
Happy mother鈥檚 day to the future mummy to my kids.
Love you. xx聽
After laughing at the God awful joke you felt yourself tear up a little at the gesture. You were debating if you should send him a text or not but decided to leave it so you could thank him after the game instead. But you couldn't stop yourself from snapping a picture and sending it to your groupchat with your closest girlfriends, 'he's so fucking cute', 'where the fuck did you find him, please find one for me too' and 'how have you not had his babies yet???' were the replies that made you chuckle. Then you sent the same picture into the chat you had with just his mum and sisters, all three of them teasing you that you had turned him into a soppy mess.
When you were done looking at the flowers you carefully dragged them into the livingroom, putting them by the door so anyone who walked in could see them right away. They were too pretty to not show off.
Then you decided that it was time for you to get ready so you replaced the shorts you had put on when you got him with a pair of jeans and the sweater with a black turtleneck, you'd put on your England shirt later. You moved on to your makeup next, going for a natural look with your hair slicked back into a high ponytail. You hadn't seen Mason for a few days, you wanted to make an effort and look good. Even if you know he wouldn't care how you looked. When you were finished you took a quick selfie and sent it to him on snap, wishing him good look. It was something you would do ever since you had started dating.
When your phone pinged an hour later you were sitting on the sofa scrolling through your Instagram, it was a text from Mason's mum telling you they were outside. You hurried out and into the car, you greeted them both with kisses on their cheeks and wished Debbie a happy mother's day again.
"I suppose to you too sweetie, something you're hiding?" they both laughed with raised eyebrows as you shook your head, knowing you were blushing like mad.
When you made it into the stadium you all easily found your seats and just seconds after you sat down Mason's niece ended up in your lap asking you to put her hair up just like yours. While Mason was on the pitch warming up you spend the whole time denying that you were pregnant. When the game was about to start you were still holding Summer in your lap and when Mason was standing in the middle of the pitch and his eyes found you, he waved and winked just like he would always do but this time you couldn't help but roll your eyes at the grin on his face.
When the game was over you and Mason's family walked down to where the players would be after the game, giving us a few minutes to see them. "Wave to uncle Masey." You cooed and when Summer saw her uncle approach she squealed, if you didn't find her reaction adorable you would complain about going deaf at the sound. After grabbing his niece he went around the group, giving hugs and kisses to everyone. You stood back for a few moments, giving his family their time with him before it was your turn.
When his eyes finally settled on you, you walked the small step so you could reach for him, wrapping your arms around his neck and squeezing as his went around your waist. Just a few days without him had felt like forever, they always do. "Hi handsome, missed you." You mumbled against his neck.
He pulled back just a little so he could press a small kiss against your lips, "I missed you too angel."
"Thank you for the flowers, baby daddy." You murmur against his lips, kissing them over and over. Never being able to get enough and when you lean back you laugh at the shocked expression on his face before he raises his eyebrows and breaks out in a grin.
"Had to treat my baby mummy." You rolled your eyes as your hands move to rest on his chest, not being able to take your eyes off him and how gorgeous he looked.
"You're so silly, I've had to spend all game denying that I'm pregnant." He smiles fondly at you as you giggle before you press a kiss to his neck before resting your chin on his chest.
"You are for now, yes." He says as he looks down at you, pressing a kiss to your nose.
"You can be as cute as you want, baby. You already know my rules." You tease him.
"You do know that if you get flowers delivered to a house, with your name on them, you accepting them," he pauses for a second as he purses his lips "it means it's your house." And you can't help but roll your eyes but when you hear his dad say, "It's true y/n." You can't help but grin and when you make a passing comment telling him to not help his son in this situation he can't help but laugh.
"You can be as cheesy as you want, I won't call it my home until you officially ask me." You hum gently and Mason's attention is drawn away from you just for a second when his niece asks to be held. When Mason's eyes settle on you again he can't help but smile, "you're so silly, do you know that?"
"Maybe I am."
"Summer, tell y/n she's being very silly." he tells the toddler with a kiss to her cheek but the only response he gets is a stern "no" which makes you laugh and after you press a kiss to the little girls forhead you stick your tongue out at Mason in a teasing manner.
Mason takes a deep dramatic breath before he speaks, "y/n, will you do the honors of moving into the house you're already living in?" You can't help but let out a loud laugh before you push yourself closer to him, arm settling on his shoulder before it moves to his hair and you can lean in to press a single kiss against his lips.
"Yes," and you are a blushing mess when Mason starts yelling to his teammates behind him that you said yes and it draws attention from people sitting around you who all congratulate you both. You had just spend the day denying that you were pregnant now you would have to deny being engaged.
"Baby making is going to be so much fun." he breathes out as his hand sneaks up the back of your shirt and you can't ignore his brother who clears his throat next to you, making your cheeks heat up.
"Shut up. Your family can literally hear you." You groaned into his neck but Mason just laughs and pressed his lips against your rosy cheeks and before he's dragged away from you and his family he presses a final kiss to your lips. "I love you." mumbled between sweet kisses.
"I love you too. See you on Tuesday." You say pressing a final kiss on his lips before he's dragged away from someone in the coaching staff.
On the way home you had to endure a lot of teasing from Mason's family, especially from his brother and dad but you wouldn't have it any other way because it made you feel like you were apart of the family.聽
You knew you were.
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haoluvr 2 months ago
sweet boy
request? yes, prompts below
#3 - "touch yourself for me."
#60 - "what pretty noises you're making for me... am i making you feel good?"
contains: sub!jun, soft dom!reader, praise, riding (jun rides your strap like a champ), hand holding, marking
notes: i personally think everything would be so soft with jun :( + this was so fun to write
it had been a slow and comfortable day for you and jun. the two of you spent your day lounging on the couch, each on your own phones and just basking in the company of the other.
it was rare that your schedules matched up, so just being in each other鈥檚 presence for a whole day was enough for the two of you.聽
but while you were scrolling through your phone you heard jun let out a loud sigh and drop his phone on the coffee table. you peeked over your phone screen and made eye contact with him.
鈥渨hat鈥檚 up, baby?鈥 you asked, setting your phone on your chest and giving him your attention.
junhui was needy, but he didn鈥檛 want to say聽that outright. so he opted for nuzzling up to you and playing with one of your hands.聽
you had a feeling that you knew what he wanted now, you knew how hard it was for him to ask for things- usually embarrassed to say聽鈥榙irty words鈥. but you wanted him to say it.
鈥渋 can鈥檛 understand what you want if you don鈥檛 tell me...鈥 you cooed, bringing your free hand up and brushing loose strands of hair out of his face, looking him in the eyes to encourage him.
鈥渃an i...鈥 he started,聽鈥渃an you... can you touch me?鈥 he asked quietly, his voice getting quieter at the end as if someone would hear you if he spoke at a normal volume.
but you decided to keep your teasing going, just a little bit longer,聽鈥渋 am touching you, aren鈥檛 i?鈥 you asked, gesturing to the fact that you were touching his hair.
he pouted at your words,聽鈥測ou know what i mean!鈥 he whined softly.聽
he brought the hand of yours that he was playing with down and pressed it against the bulge in his pants.聽鈥渃an you touch me here?鈥 he asked softly, his lip jutting out in a pout.
鈥測ou want me to touch your pretty cock?鈥 you asked,聽鈥測ou should鈥檝e just said so, sweet boy.鈥 you grinned, standing up from the couch and grabbing his hand- leading him back to your shared bedroom.
you decided to be nice to him today since it was rare that he would initiate things first and you just wanted to make him feel as good as possible.聽
you effectively pushed him up against the wall of your bedroom and engaged him in a fiery kiss, nearly making him melt on the spot. while you kept his lips busy you let your hands roam his body, pushing his sweatpants off and pulling off his sweater.聽
once his neck and chest were exposed, you let your lips wander, slowly sucking and biting on his soft skin- leaving red and purple marks in your wake.
you loved marking him up, letting other people know that he鈥檚 all yours.
every mark you made brought a soft moan from his lips and you knew he loved it just as much as you did. even if he had to cover them with concealer in public he proudly flaunted his marks off behind closed doors.聽
you finally pushed his boxers off while you continued your attack on his skin, letting his cock finally spring free, you rubbed your hips against his while you worked on his neck and chest, knowing exactly how he liked it.
you finally pulled away, admiring your work for a few seconds as jun caught his breath.聽
鈥済o lay on the bed for me, baby,鈥 you spoke, patting his shoulder and giving him another sweet kiss before you turned and went to grab his favorite strap and some lube.聽
when you came back jun was already spread out on the bed, loosening his hole for you to save time, he was an efficient man.聽
鈥渃ouldn鈥檛 even wait for me?鈥 you asked with a faux frown, sitting in between his spread legs and letting the lube drip onto him, moving his hands as you began to loosen him up your own way.聽
after a few minutes of heavy breathing and moans that were bitten back, jun finally spoke again.
鈥渋鈥漨 ready, please, fuck me,鈥 he begged, he rarely said words so desperately.
who were you to deny him of what he wants?
鈥渟o eager to be fucked by my cock, hm?鈥 you jeered, stepping into the harness of your strap and tightening it.聽
鈥渋 want to be on top.鈥 he said suddenly, making your movements halt. you couldn鈥檛 help but smile at his request.
鈥測ou want to ride me? what a naughty boy...鈥 you tsked, actually very happy with his decision, you loved it when he was on top, he was like a brand new person.
all he could do was nod in confirmation, his blush running from his cheeks down his neck.聽
鈥渙kay, baby, do whatever you want,鈥 you whispered, switching places with him so you were sat on the bed and he was hovering over you.
you helped him align your faux cock with his hole and watched it slowly disappear as he sunk down on it. eyes screwing shut and biting down on his lip. you brought a hand to his cheek and rubbed it.
鈥渃鈥檓on baby, i want to hear your pretty moans, be as loud as you can for me.鈥 you didn鈥檛 care if the neighbors heard, you wanted to hear how he felt with you inside of him.聽
鈥測ou鈥檙e so big,鈥 he finally moaned, sounding like a porn star, as you bottomed out in him, not moving as he tried to get used to it.聽
鈥渙nly the best for you,鈥 you smiled, running your hands up and down his body to help him ease up.聽
his body trembled as he shifted around on top of you, making him stretch as he accommodated you.
鈥渢ouch yourself for me, sweet boy.鈥 you softly commanded, knowing it would help him feel better plus it would be a hell of a show for you.聽鈥渕ake yourself feel good, okay?鈥 you cooed, your sweet voice making him bring a hand forward and slowly stroke his cock, letting out shaky and uneven breaths.
all while you watched from beneath him, whispering encouraging words as he slowly rubbed his leaking cock, up and down, until he began to move himself up and down on you.
as he started moving you brought your own hips up to meet his, hitting as deep as you could. he let go of his cock and doubled over, grabbing onto both of your hands and you squeezed them softly.
鈥渢aking me so good, baby, so so good for me...鈥 you whispered in his ear, starting to move at a faster pace as he got used to you. all you wanted to do was take care of him for the night.
he soon started bouncing up and down on his own, his hands still in yours as he arched his back, letting his voice go as loud as he desired.聽
鈥渨hat pretty noises you鈥檙e making for me, baby... am i making you feel good?鈥 you cooed, looking into his eyes as you slammed your hips into his.聽
and that was all it took for him to break.
he screamed a loud聽鈥測es!鈥 as he finally came, his cum shooting all over his stomach as he mumbled聽鈥渟o good, thank you...鈥 over and over.聽
you let him ride out his high, moving yourself in coordination with him as he whined on top of you, gripping onto your hands for support.
you both stilled your movements and you admired the scene on top of you. your pretty boy all fucked out, cum all over his stomach with your strap still shoved in his ass. his chest rose up and down heavily as he caught his breath, moving his hair out of his face.聽
鈥測ou did such a good job for me...鈥 you praised, running your hands over his body again as he twitched from the aftershocks.
you brought a hand up to his face and rubbed his cheek gently, looking at him with nothing but pure adoration.
鈥減retty boy鈥 took my strap so well, didn鈥檛 you?鈥
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kentoangel 5 months ago
in these infinite moments
Tumblr media
sunday, 11:07 am
鈥渄on鈥檛 leave. or i won鈥檛 speak to you ever again.鈥
oikawa tooru laughs at your childish behavior 鈥 a melodious laugh that reminds you of picnics on warm summer days, of chasing fireflies with a bottle.
鈥渂ut mi amor, we have to make breakfast and get ready for the day,鈥 his smile is soft as he leans down to peck your forehead. 鈥渙r do you want to cancel our plans? the plans you came up with?鈥
you tilt back, eyes slightly squinted 鈥 the sun is as bright as ever and it seems to have created a halo atop your lovers鈥 head. you can鈥檛 help but smile. 鈥渉m, can we cancel them? i鈥檓 in the mood for sleeping in your arms all day today.鈥
he laughs again and you swear your heart is about to combust. 鈥渨hatever you want, mi amor. your wish is my command.鈥
sometimes you think you鈥檇 be lost without him.
鈥渋 love you, tooru.鈥 you bury your face into his bare chest, savor the feeling of his warm skin 鈥 of his skin and of his heavenly touch, because you鈥檙e convinced he鈥檚 a god. who wouldn鈥檛 be 鈥 especially if he treats you like a deity, especially if he kisses you and love seeps into your lips and into your soul.
he hugs you closer to him. 鈥渋 love you, too.鈥
and oikawa tooru has found heaven in your arms.
monday, 6:23 pm
鈥渙oh 鈥 winter or spring?鈥
鈥渄efinitely summer, it鈥檚 nice.鈥
you giggle. 鈥渢hat wasn鈥檛 an option!鈥
鈥渂ut summer is the best! you can go to the beach, play beach volleyball, swim in the ocean, eat ice cream all day long.鈥 oikawa almost lets out a dreamy sigh. 鈥渢ruly, summer is the best season.鈥
鈥渙kay, you鈥檙e half right. it鈥檚 a li鈥檒 too hot, though.鈥
your chin is resting on oikawa鈥檚 chest, legs tangled in his 鈥 even though they鈥檙e about to hang off of the couch. definitely a con of being tall and owning a rather small (but pretty cute) couch that you bought at a yard sale and can鈥檛 bring yourself to throw out.
rain pitter patters on your windows and ceiling 鈥 the cause of today鈥檚 canceled plans 鈥 as contigo by los panchos plays from the kitchen, as your pasta boils.
鈥溾榢ay, my turn,鈥 your beloved starts, his thumb sliding down your shoulder, occasionally drawing hearts. 鈥渢he universe or me?鈥
鈥測ou are my universe, mr. oikawa tooru.鈥
鈥渁gh, mi amor 鈥 you鈥檙e so cheesy!鈥
鈥渟hut up! you鈥檙e the one who asked!鈥
鈥渉m, you鈥檙e gonna have to shut me up or i鈥檒l babble about how you鈥檙e so incredibly cheesy and how 鈥 鈥
you kiss him 鈥 tangle your fingers in his hair, softly press your palms against his cheekbones. oikawa doesn鈥檛 hesitate in wrapping his arms around your waist, pressing your body close to his, hoping to become one for the thousandth time.
he smiles, breathless as he looks into your eyes. 鈥渋 love you, mi amor. even if you鈥檙e incredibly cheesy.鈥
you plant a chaste kiss against his lips. 鈥渋 love ya too, even if you can be incredibly mean.鈥
鈥渁m not!鈥
you stand to go check on the pasta, laughing as oikawa chases after you to make you take your words back, smile tugging at his lips.
tuesday, 9:03 am
鈥渉ere! don鈥檛 forget your lunch.鈥
oikawa turns to look at you and smiles, takes the lunchbox from your hands. 鈥済racias mi amor, i鈥檇 be lost without you.鈥
he leans down to kiss you 鈥 a quick, innocent, goodbye kiss because he won鈥檛 see you until two.
but you cup his face in your hands with your tender touch and he suddenly wants to call in sick.
your kisses are the sweetest, he thinks in a haze, as he removes his duffel bag from his shoulder carelessly, as he extends his hand with the lunchbox out of the way, as his empty hand wraps around the side of your neck to bring you closer.
and then your giggles break you apart.
鈥渙kay, lover boy, you鈥檙e gonna be late.鈥
he almost pouts, but you鈥檙e right and it is getting late and he won鈥檛 have a proper excuse except for i鈥檓 sorry, but the person i鈥檓 marrying in a couple of months wouldn鈥檛 stop kissing me. but really, he can鈥檛 help it. not when you鈥檙e standing in front of him in nothing but one of his shirts and in all your morning glory.
鈥渙ne last kiss?鈥
you smile, kiss him 鈥 a kiss that tastes like the fruit that鈥檚 in his lunchbox, like melted love and sunshine.
鈥渉mm, i鈥檒l never get tired of your kisses.鈥
wednesday, 9:56 pm
oikawa tooru鈥檚 love is lively 鈥 it feels like dancing in your kitchen at eleven in the morning as you prepare breakfast, feels like what you鈥檇 imagine it鈥檇 feel like to hold a star in your hands. it鈥檚 a burning type of love, one that will never be put out.
you can feel it in these instances, as brujer铆a by el gran combo de puerto rico blasts from the restaurant鈥檚 speakers 鈥 as he smiles at you (his angelic, million dollar smile) and pulls you out of your seat.
one of his hands is wrapped around your waist, the other holding your hand. 鈥渜ue t煤 me tienes temblando de noche y de d铆a!鈥 he sings, dances to the rhythm of the music as you laugh 鈥 happy you鈥檝e met someone as amazing as oikawa tooru.
the song ends and he鈥檚 giving you another smile 鈥 a breathless one this time 鈥 with his eyes formed into crescent moons.
he鈥檚 mesmerized by you 鈥 truly, he is 鈥 and the way you look under the restaurant鈥檚 fairy lights. you seem to be glowing brighter than a star.
鈥渋鈥檓 so lucky to have you.鈥 he wraps his hand around the side of your neck, passes his thumb by your cheek and tilts his head down to kiss you. his love seeps through your lips for the millionth time, reminding you that you want to spend the rest of your life with him.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading 鈰 藲锝♀媶藲飧(鈾 啷戓棞 啷戔櫋)飧 藲鈰嗭健藲 鈰 reblogs are appreciated !
notes. i鈥檓 sorry if this was bad < / 3 it feels like i haven鈥檛 written for him in ages and i鈥檝e suddenly forgotten how to write sobsobsob :(
taglist. @oikawaandkuroostan @sadflightlessbirds @miya-dynasty @sailorstrawberi @miw0 @sabyss @softyutae @kovjiro @yumekooox @g-ojos @my-neighbor-todoro @darthferbert @sunnykiyoomi @mysterystarz @koishitooru @burntbuttermm @takasluv @miwaizumi @haiitaniiis @kanokas @tsukiiu @delicatedahlias @sorrythatspussynal 鈥 in bold couldn鈥檛 be tagged , i鈥檓 sorry :(
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kookiecrumb 8 months ago
jjk || Rolling Wave
Tumblr media
pairing: surfer!jungkook x richgirl!reader
summary: In order to win an Australian surfing competition, Jungkook dates the daughter of the man who holds it every year. He'll quickly learn that he isn't the first to do so. (Loosely based off of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice).
genre: angst, smut, fluff !! good ending.
warnings: fake dating angst, smut*, oral (m&f receiving), alcohol consumption, use of the word wh*re, making out, brief breastplay, jungkook is a user and so is y/n, macrophilia, vivid description of drowning, description of being stabbed/blood warning
rating: M (18+)
word count: 9.3K
a/n: this is my baby. please be gentle with her. i wrote her with a lot of care and poured my heart into her. i love her. i hope you love her too.
Tumblr media
"It's not a sport, it's a lifestyle."
"Kids out here, ride from Arizona just to ride our waves. These are California waves."
"These are Cali waves."
Jungkook emerges from beneath the waves, his hair whipping back, spraying salt water. He wipes his hands over his eyes and nose, taking a deep breath in and looking back towards shore."I wiped out," he huffs, getting ready to paddle back to shore. Looking up at the clouds, he has about twenty minutes before that storm moves in. Today would be his last day taking advantage of that nice spring tide.
With his legs on either side of his board, he lets the current carry him out. He waves to his friends out on shore, poking at a bonfire with their boards buried in the sand.
"That's it boys," he yells, cupping his hands around his mouth. "Let's go home."
With a towel hanging from his shoulders, Jungkook rubs his hand over his abdominals. His wrists are covered in cloth bracelets, some of them promises he's made to people he'll never see again. He grabs a chip from the snack table and pops it in his mouth.
"We're crashing at Hoseok's today, we gotta do some grocery shopping before we head to the next beach," Namjoon says, packing up the leftover beer into the cooler. "Headed North about thirty minutes from here."
Jungkook shifts his weight, listening attentively as he catches his breath. "Can we hit Pleasure Point?" He adds.
Namjoon raises an eyebrow, glancing over at Yoongi for confirmation. Yoongi shakes his hand 'maybe.' Joon nods side to side.
"I just came back from Brazil. Unless you're willing to take that 15 hour flight from LAX to Sydney with me, I suggest we relax a little," he laughs.
The fire flickers wildly, creating shadows on Yoongi's face. He smirks. "No way."
The moon peeks from the clouds, creating a reflection out on the ocean.
Namjoon looks past Jungkook's shoulder, catching sight of the boats passing by on the horizon with their lanterns. "Look," he points.
Jungkook looks past his shoulder, turning his body. "Weird, we never get boats."
"Do you think it's a...g-g-g-ghost, Jungkook?!" Yoongi cackles, poking him.
He rolls his eyes, snatching Yoongi's fingers. "No. Stop, jackass." Namjoon pinches his glabella, frustrated with these two idiots.
"C'mon guys, help me pack up. It's almost eight and I told Hoseok we'd be there by eight-thirty." He stands up and starts to fold his chair to put in the back of the Jeep.
The other boys join in. Jungkook hauls the cooler and tents, Namjoon carries the surfboards to strap them up top, and Yoongi gathers the miscellaneous shit.
The wind flows through his hair as he grips the frame of the car while Namjoon drives. They ride on the winding roads that run along the edges of the cliffs near the ocean. Yoongi lays across the back seat, texting some chick he met Saturday at Kim Taehyung's birthday party.
Jungkook reaches back, and snatches the phone from him with a smirk. He reads what's written on the glowing screen. "You're cute too," he reads in a mocking voice, "I can't wait to see you again tomorrow. The party is at seven, right? And how am I supposed to get in again鈥"
Yoongi sits up and violently grabs his blackberry back. "Fucker," he grunts. Jungkook is amused.
"It's puppy love," he goads."Relax, you met like yesterday. We don't know her yet, why are you inviting her to Hoseok's?"
"She's hot," he defends.
"Does she have a nice personality?" Jungkook asks, half-jokingly.
"Yes!" Yoongi chimes.
Jungkook isn't a huge party person. He goes to make connections. Those are valuable. Guys who come to Cali to experience the Golden Coast take a pit stop in Santa Barbara to do their business or whatever. Their sons come with, along with their wallets and influence.
"Whatever," Jungkook looks out across the coast with his aviators perched upon his nose. The crash of the waves against the jagged rocks, foaming and fizzing, dragged back out by the tide could be heard over the radio.
The loose linen of Jungkook's shirt thrashes against his body. They're two miles from their destination.
There must be ten buggies parked outside Hoseok's. Namjoon lets out a sigh that sounds almost disappointed. He taps his fingers against the steering wheel before hopping out and shoving his lanyard in his pocket.
Jungkook plants his feet on the asphalt and follows them inside.
"Boys, boys, boys鈥" Jung Hoseok has two blondes on his arm standing at the doorway, wearing an unbuttoned polo shirt with his beach shorts and sandals. He lets go of them, reaching out his hand to shake with Namjoon.
Jungkook purses his lips to keep from laughing. He hasn't changed a bit.
The first time Jungkook had met this high roller was at a frat party at UCSB. He was sitting at the center of attention in the living room, retelling his famous Adam Sandler story for the nth time. His wild gestures and projecting voice gained him a reputation on campus beyond that of his father's name. He knows how to keep the attention of a crowd, and this was what made him useful to Jungkook.
"Thought you could slip right under our noses, stop by Santa Barbara and not visit, yo--" He pointed at all three of them, severity in his tone, "Don't you come by here without talking to me, got it? We gotta keep in touch, it's what we do."
Namjoon nods, holding his hands out in front of him in a relaxed position.
Yoongi's already made himself at home, kicking his feet over the couch, laying upside down. He's texting that girl again.
Hoseok's eyes fall upon Jungkook, his hands in his pocket as if to appear non-threatening. "Hey, champ," he hugs him briefly, patting his back casually. "Good to have you, Great to have you," he corrects himself.
"Great to see you, Hobi, great to be here," Jungkook confirms. Hoseok's eyes check him up and down, impressed with his composition.
"Right," Hoseok rubs his hands together, clapping them once. "Would you all follow me into the kitchen? We have a lot to discuss and I'd like for it all to be done before," he whips out his watch, giving it a once-over, "Seven."
Namjoon nods in his direction, indicating for Jungkook and Yoongi to follow him down the expansive hallway. Paintings of the shore decorate the walls.
Rarely, Jungkook passes by a portrait of Hoseok in his younger years, wearing a proud grin in his suit and tie. He must have been sixteen or seventeen. His head is tilted upwards, as if he's looking far off into the distance with pride. A few paces ahead, a family portrait is fixed on display on the adjacent wall.
The picture is adorned with grand and intricate etchings on the frame, emanating an intimidating feeling of luxury. Jungkook pauses before it, examining it.
Hoseok pokes his head out from the kitchen, a smug look on his face. "Nice, right? That one's old. We're taking a new one next week in Gwangju."
Jungkook frees his eyes from the portrait and walks forward. "Cool," he says, banaly.
The Jung kitchen has character. It's old Italian-style, with cherry wood floors, complimentary cabinets, and charming granite countertops. The sink is located on the island, parallel to the stove which is fully electronic. The kitchen is open to a cozy livingroom area with a full view of the cliffed coast, the ocean churning beneath. The warm light of the iron chandelier is the only light.
Hoseok's hands spread like wings across the countertop, his eyes flickering up to meet the solemn stares of the men before him. Jungkook pouts, his mouth agape as he listens closely to the words about to be uttered. Namjoon tucks his hands under his arms, taking a defensive stance. Yoongi holds a receptive posture, holding his wrist in his fist.
"Let me make one thing clear," he dictates, "That is, we are not to mob him. We are to coerce him. Mind you, this man has a monopoly over Rip Curl and Gold Coast. This is the only chance Jungkook has to convince him to tip the balance in his favor. If you blow this, we're done. Don't you dare show your face in this house again," his eyes sat on Jungkook. "Don't you dare."
Jungkook makes a highfalutin face, then shakes his head.
"Right," Namjoon chimes in. "Now tell us how you're going to make it work," he deflects.
"I was getting to that," Hoseok hugs his triceps.
"Then say it," Yoongi says, bluntly.
"I was going to, you little sh--" He sucks in a breath, clenching his fist. "Okay. He has a daughter, she's not bad looking, Jungkook just needs to ask her out and boom. Babygirl's boyfriend always wins."
Jungkook rolls his eyes, unfolding before the table. "Fuck, Hoseok. You couldn't have said that in the group chat?"
"No! Group meetings are chill," he whines. "Besides, I needed you guys here early so you could help set up for the party." Come to think of it, the place is kinda trashed.
"Why didn't you get your girlfriends over there to do it?" Yoongi gestures over to the pair laying across the couch in a lounging position, watching television.
"Carly's favorite show is on, and Melanie just got her manipedi," he says, obviously, "Mind you, I'm not ruining her manicure by forcing her to make charcuterie boards. Do you know how hard it is to cut fruit and handle deli meats with long nails?" He pauses, as if expecting them to answer.
"No," Jungkook resounds.
Namjoon stifles a laugh, amused by their interaction. "Look, whatever. Let's help set up the party."
Jungkook's hands slice the food with precision, minding the blade as he prepares a presentable dish for tonight's dinner party. Namjoon is on dusting duty, making sure all surfaces are clear of any dust or grime. He works around Jungkook, swerving his paper towel past his station.
He throws the rag in the laundry bin, having done his part. "You're a good kid," he pats Jungkook's back before checking up on Hoseok in the dining room.
"Doubt it," Jungkook breathes, putting down his knife. He scoops the mixed bell peppers in his tattooed hands, transferring them into a bowl for the stir fry. He covers them as he checks the fridge for any decent cuts of meat.
Come to think of it, Jungkook is, indeed, not a good kid. At all. He's a total dick, and he knows that. He knew it when he dumped Abigail Williams in the ninth grade because she got braces. He knew it when he cheated off of Fredrick Dunbar on the final exam, the only reason he got to be on the soccer team next semester-- hell, he even spiked the votes for homecoming king in his senior year just so that he would go home with Jessica Roberts that night, wine, dine, and sixty-nine her.
But for some odd reason-- for some off-putting and perhaps even cynical reason-- Namjoon was convinced that Jungkook would do right by him.
The only reason that Jungkook hadn't fucked up being a professional surfer is because of that miraculous faith that his manager and best friend had in him.
For the first time in his life, he was doing something by the book, and it instilled a sense of pride in him. He would have to throw that all away if he was going to pretend to be interested in you tonight.
Jungkook adjusts his tie at the dinner table, sitting across from you and your father. He eyes you, hinting at his attraction. No doubt, you are a very pretty girl. It would be a breeze to declare that you had stolen his heart the very first night he saw you. It would be a romantic and convincing story to your father, who is currently cutting his steak, conversing with Hoseok, the man of the hour. All he has to do is sit there and look pretty, charm you.
You have your legs crossed politely as you eat dinner, eavesdropping on the conversations happening at the table. You aren't the talkative type, you'd much rather keep your ears open. Perhaps the men will let something slip, something useful. You're cunning, and Jungkook will soon realize this about you. For now, you're just a pretty face, something to conquer.
Namjoon wipes his face with a napkin, putting a champagne glass to his lips as he continues his discussion of geopolitics, slowly transitioning to the topic of the competitions your father is hosting very soon. "You're hosting the Rip Curl soon, isn't that right?" He asks, although he knows the answer. "Jungkook here is looking to compete," he mentions casually, patting the boys back.
Jungkook nods with a courteous smile, peeling his eyes off of you for a moment. "Yes sir, I am. And might I say, I'm quite taken by your daughter."
You nearly gag on your champagne. You haven't even talked to the guy, and now he's making moves on you through your own father? You can't tell if that makes him a total hunk or just a pretentious fuck. Dad sends a smile your way. That's your cue to say something.
"Thank you," you reply, vivaciously. His eyes soften, as if he takes it to heart. You aren't quite sure what his goal is. It doesn't scare you so much as it intrigues you.
Later that night, the men are playing pool in a separate room while you're left to your own devices.
In the darker parts of your reflection, the ocean and the glittered sky is visible. You're hypnotized by it. You approach closer, feeling called to the waves like a sailor to a siren, finding a strange serenity in the hushing of the water. Placing your hand against the cool glass, you shiver.
"Ah!" You jump.
Jungkook erupts in laughter. "Your face!"
You don't find it nearly as funny as he's making it out to be. "That's unfair. You snuck up on me. What do you even want?"
"I came to properly introduce myself, and I came to apologize. I didn't mean to hit on you in front of your Dad. That must have felt awkward," he approaches you with his hands behind his back. At least he's self-aware, that's good.
"That's okay," you say. His eyes settle on a necklace that hangs delicately around your neck on a silver chain.
"Is that a locket? Can I see it?" He releases his hands, lowering his tone. He's handsome from this angle, tall, well-built, with pretty skin and almond eyes.
Your hands reach to the back of your neck as you unclasp the locket, handing it in his wide, open palm. He struggles with the clasp before opening it, relieved to see it is not a picture of your boyfriend, but of your mother.
"She looks so much like you," he says. "That's so sweet of you, to keep her close to your heart like that?" The clacking of the billiard balls followed by a mix of groans and cheers are heard in the background.
"Shouldn't you be playing with my Dad?" You take the necklace back from his hands, hastily clipping it back around your neck.
"I would much rather play with you, doll," he hums.
"Nice," you say, sarcastically. You want to deny him badly, but there's something undeniably attractive about the way he handles himself. You wonder how he'd say your name. You must introduce yourself now.
"My name is Y/N," you interrupt your shared silence.
"Y/N." It melts on his tongue. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm Jungkook," he takes your hand and kisses it. It's obvious that Jungkook does not come from a background of wealth, so it feels almost sarcastic to witness him acting so gentlemanlike.
"Pleasure is all mine, I am sure," you assure. Before you could notice, you're significantly closer to him than where you had initially started. In that brief moment, a thought arises in Jungkook's mind, but is interrupted.
"We should keep in touch, right? You're going to fly out to Sydney soon? You'll need someone to show you around the city," you ramble.
"Yes, I want that," he hums, reaching into his pocket for his phone. He hands it to you. It's touchscreen, so you simply write down your contact on his notes app.
"Cool," he breathes, putting it away.
The guys have wrapped up their last game, and you have a flight to catch tomorrow morning. You know your dad's going to have a hangover, and that's going to be a pain in the ass to deal with.
"I'm so sorry," you shake your head. "I need to go, we shouldn't have stayed this long." It's impossible to walk in these heels, you don't know why you wore them.
"Having a Cinderella moment, I see. Okay." Jungkook remarks while you're looking through your bag for your phone to call the chauffeur. Putting the phone to your ear, you nod goodbye to Jungkook and escort your father out of the house, silently thanking Hoseok for the dinner.
Jungkook puts his hands in his pockets, his jaw stretching into a yawn. Sweet, he's got your number. That was the hard part. Now all he has to do is message you tonight and he's got the competition in the bag. He celebrates by pouring the last of the Don P茅rignon into a flute and drinking it, bottoms-up.
He makes a sour face, holding the glass far from his face and shrugs. Rich people have weird tastes.
Late in the night, Jungkook turns over in his bed, awake. He lays in the center of the bed, a comforter pulled over his naked body while rolls of thunder crash. The wind whips the rain against the window. Echoes of memories not quite within reach for Jungkook flash like lightning in his consciousness. He rubs his eyes and sits up, groaning. There's a pounding in his head he cannot seem to get rid of.
He's coated in his own sweat, facing a painting that covers the wall opposite to him. The art is abstract, and barely any light reaches it. He tries to make something of it, but to no avail. It just looks like meaningless blobs.
"The ocean is a meaningless blob," he rasps. It's quite an intelligent statement. He's right. What is the meaning of standing on what's basically a long piece of wood and propelling yourself back towards shore, from whence you came from? It's a learned skill. It's about performance and agility. Jungkook is an athlete, just as the person who painted this painting is an artist.
Part of being a competitive surfer is getting up at 4 AM to catch a 8 AM flight to Sydney with a layover in Honolulu
Before the sun rises, Jungkook rises.
That being said, it takes every fiber of his strength to not collapse on the guest bed and sleep through the morning. The thought of sinking his teeth into Namjoon's famous breakfast sandwich is his sole motivation to leave the bed.
Yoongi emerges from his room. He totally dipped during the dinner party to hang out with that girl he likes.
He looks tired as hell. He's hanging over the countertop, brewing his coffee with a remorseful look on his face.
"You're a happy camper," Namjoons comments, throwing a pad of butter on the pan, hearing it sizzle.
"Don't wanna talk about it," he mutters at Jungkook, who's passing by to grab a pain au chocolat.
"I didn't ask," he snarkily replies. They need to keep quiet because Hoseok is still sleeping upstairs. All the bags are in the front, and everything they need is with Namjoon. Jungkook takes a bite of his pastry.
When it's time to leave, the kitchen is clean, and the sky is just beginning to change color. It's six in the morning at LAX.
Checking in, getting through security, and finding the correct terminal were all tedious. All of the documents were in place, and everything went relatively smoothly, but Jungkook anticipated getting on the plane and taking a nap for the entire flight.
There would be no internet on their flight, and Jungkook didn't feel like watching the shitty in-flight movies, so he decided to take a walk around one of those airport bookstores that sold magazines and pillowcases and such.
He immediately grabbed a pack of gum, knowing from years of commercial flights that chewing gum helps with depressurizing his ears after take-off. His favorite flavor is spearmint, although peppermint is okay, too.
He scans the shelves for anything that resembles a drama. No one knows that about him, that he's a sucker for a good historical drama. There was something about the language that enticed him. Everything was much more romantic back then.
So, you might be wondering, at this point in the story, why Jungkook is so stubborn about love if he's such a hopeless romantic. The answer to that is that he recognizes that love is simply that, a fantasy. He could date to marry, spend years struggling with the marriage only for it to end up as a messy divorce over some adult bullshit like fiances.
He just doesn't see the point of a real relationship. The fake one he's brewing up with you, though, that's business. It's just politics. He can work with that.
Namjoon, however, has an opposite philosophy when it comes to love. He has dated two people since Jungkook first met him, and both of them were long-term relationships that ended on good terms. But that's because Namjoon is just the perfect guy, isn't he? Jungkook thinks it makes Namjoon weak, but in reality, it's because he's afraid of that kind of vulnerability and therefore struggles with intimacy.
Jungkook realizes he's been staring at the cover of Cosmopolitan far too long for it to be normal. He clears his throat, grabs the book he wants along with the pack of gum, and pays at the counter. The flight is boarding soon, and he can already hear Joon shouting for him.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard. This is your Captain speaking. On behalf of JetBlue, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard flight 561 with service to Honolulu and continuing service to Sydney. Our local time is 8:29 AM, 6:29 AM Honolulu time. We should arrive in just under six hours, that is 11:29 AM in Honolulu. We are not expecting turbulence this morning, so it will be a smooth ride there. Once again, welcome aboard, and enjoy your flight.
"Here," Namjoon hands Jungkook a blanket he packed. "I got one for Yoongi too," he grins. He has a whole bag of snacks, water, a first aid kid, and the Ziploc bag with all of their documents labeled with their contact information at his feet for easy access. Jungkook isn't surprised in the least. Namjoon typically overthinks this sort of thing, and when he overthinks, he obsessively plans.
Jungkook just smiles and takes the blanket. He knows how much it means to him.
The long, winding roads of Sydney have always reminded you of Italy. The influence takes one by surprise; who would have thought that a country on the opposite side of the world would have so much influence on the architecture, but the rugged stone walls and hanging lights that weave through the narrow walkways mirror those found in a city like Rome or Florence.
You're lucky enough to own a property on the water. It was modest, at just under three thousand feet. You never spent too much time indoors, anyways. There's always something to do out there.
The Westfield shopping centre is the place to be. It features your favorite luxury stores, in the hands of the people who have known you by name for years. You've never had an unsatisfactory experience. The exuberance of the environment exhilarates you, it is so good to be back in Australia.
But you didn't come visit just to shop. That would be a shame. You had people to meet, places to be, Aussie men to flirt with. You place a phone call to your chauffeur. You'll be going out tonight.
You've gone to your fair share of clubs in your youth, but tonight didn't feel like one of those nights. A visit to one of your favorite social spots, that doubles as one of the most famous cocktail bars in Sydney, will do the trick.
There's a special someone who's on your mind, though, and you almost squeal upon hearing the news that he's landed safely in your city. Mr.Jeon Jungkook, your latest boy crush and the guy you've been talking to for the past few days, will be meeting you there.
He's wearing sunglasses indoors like he's famous.
"I don't know who you think you are," you smile. He looks like he's an undercover celebrity or something. You approach him, leaning over on the bar counter. He's holding a thick glass of craft beer, flashing a smile.
"Nice to see you too, doll," he leers. He puts down his glass and hugs you, the coldness of his leather jacket against your skin. He's wearing cologne, a deep and mysterious sandalwood scent with a vanilla undertone. You squeeze him one last time.
"So you're competing this weekend? Rip Curl is a big deal," you hum, keeping your hands on his chest with a smile.
"I am, I landed this morning. I still can't believe they canceled my flight. The only one available was one three days later, so I was stuck in one of the best surf spots in the world for three days鈥" Jungkook hisses sarcastically. "Total bummer."
"Well you're just in time," you assure. With a quick gesture to the bartender, you order your regular with a side of wings. "The night is young. This is just our rendezvous point."
Jungkook raises his glass to that.
Back at the hotel, Namjoon is looking over the registration for the competition. This schedule has to be on point. He leans back on his chair in front of his laptop, scanning that everything's there before shutting it down and pushing his chair out from under the desk.
Yoongi emerges from the bathroom with a towel resting comfortably over his adonis belt. His short black hair covers half of his face, his lips in a small pout. He walks to his bed, opening his small suitcase.
"He's out with y/n." Namjoon checks his phone for the time. "I'm pretty sure he's getting laid," he laughs.
"Even love is politics to him, I kinda feel bad for her." He grabs his deodorant out of a small toiletry bag.
"I have this feeling about her, I don't know," he sighs.
Yoongi shoots him a disapproving look."What do you mean?"
"I think he might fall for her. She's beautiful...the exact opposite of him, but beautiful," Namjoon says, reaching for his hoodie on the bed. "It's not long before he realizes his tough guy act is bullshit."
"Jungkook would sell his left nut before he admits he has feelings for someone," Yoongi scoffs. Namjoon shrugs.
"Only time will tell."
The movie starts at eight o'clock. You and Jungkook are only a little buzzed outside of the theater. He smells faintly like beer, but you're too in love to care. He has you in his arms, rocking you softly and laughing at an old funny story.
It's cold, and you use that as an excuse to wrap your arms around Jungkook's waist, under his jacket. His chest rises and falls softly, the timbre of his voice buzzing against your face. He gathers the wisps of your hair and tucks them behind your ear. If Dad saw you like this he'd have a heart attack.
He's perfect. Throughout this whole day, he's been nothing but an angel towards you. After you met up at the bar, you went for some late night frozen yogurt before spending the entire drive making out in the backseat of the car. Your lips taste like strawberries, and it drives him wild.
"C'mon doll, we gotta get inside," he hums.
"Do we have to?" you sigh, prompting Jungkook to check his wristwatch for the time. The time reads seven forty-five.
"Yesss~" he insists, unlatching you from his waist and firmly weaving his fingers into yours. He rubs the back of your hand as you walk into the theatre, the scent of popcorn and the cold air hitting you both. The film begins shortly.
Throughout the film, Jungkook's arm is around you, and he seems to pull you closer with every passing minute. His lips chastely kiss the top of your head, relaxed by your scent. For a moment, he slips out of his cover, just to watch your eyes.
You're so perfect, it feels like a dream. You're kind to him, and you talk to him like you're genuinely interested in what he has to say, even if it's dumb.
Walking home, he explains his wildest stories about highschool parties, following them up with nostalgic conversations about his favorite TV shows, citing the significance that Power Rangers had on him and his dreams as a kid.
As you walk beside him, you watch the way his eyes light up looking back at you, a stifled smile peeking through his lips. For a moment, you're his.
The brilliant moon dazzles, the playful reflection of it glittering in the peaking water in the distance. The lights of the city, warm as a fire, are a gentle glow and a heartwarming welcome to the boats docking at the port.
Your house in Sydney isn't as lived-in as you'd like it to be. The walls aren't bare, the cabinets aren't bare, but the cleanliness of the place is off-putting. It is a summer home that you bought to retreat with your boyfriends and have parties when you were younger with friends you had met at your Dad's contests.
There were so many men you had met just like Jungkook. They're handsome, young, and want to win your Daddy's surfing competition, and you want someone to keep your bed warm for the night and your heart full, no matter the means. It occurred to you that your value, according to the men who dated you, waxed and waned like phases of the moon depending whether or not your Daddy's going to host a competition.
That was fine. It was your fantasy. Going out all day with Jungkook, pretending like he gave a shit about your feelings. He had to fake it to make it, right? You couldn't blame him if you tried. You knew.
Still, you take him upstairs and tell him to undress. Still, you tell him you want it badly. Still, you drop on your knees and pull his cock out to kiss the tip like he's yours.
Your tongue coats the entire slit, sweeping below to suck and kiss at the underside with his hands grabbing at the bed sheets. He gasps and whines, his eyes fluttering with pleasure as you adorn his cock with your pretty mouth. You take it in your throat, hollowing your cheeks and bobbing softly, his thighs flexing as the tip of his pretty dick brushes the back of your throat. Jungkook strokes your cheek with his thumb, warning you that he'll cum if you don't let off.
He pants wildly, his hand carding through his long, black hair. There's the look you're looking for. He's desperate. God, you love it when the desperation fills their eyes. They always fuck you harder when they're desperate.
He uses you as a pawn. Jungkook is a politician. He uses sex like a tool in order to get what he wants. You're a whore and love being one, love being used by the men who win the competition because you love being their trophy. You encourage him to use you like that.
Fuck you like that.
Feel you like that.
Take you by your pretty pearls and fuck yourr pussy raw until it drips with the victor's cum.
He manipulates you to where his head is buried between your legs, kissing, sucking, licking and thrusting at you with his tongue while his hands are settled on either one of your thighs, firmly keeping your hips connected to his hot mouth. He explores your texture and taste, amazed at just how much arousal replenishes itself when he teases your clit enough. His chin coated with your arousal, he shifts up to kiss you with vigor, hissing as his cock slaps against your abdomen. It's heavier than you're used to, girthier than you're used to. That thrills you.
You spend a moment fishing for a condom in your nightstand before ripping the foil package and hastily rolling the lubricated latex down his entire length, keeping his eyes on you.
You readjust yourself, your thighs draping over his thighs casually as his lips clash with yours, hungrily groaning while his hands press his tip into your tight cunt. He groans instantly, cursing under his breath.
He leans back with a wry smile painted on his face. "Fuck, you're tight. My tongue didn't stretch you enough, did it, doll?" You play with the hair on his nape, shaking your head, amused.
"Mmmh鈥" you hum. He cautiously presses in, his fingers making light work of your sensitive cunt, tracing small and tight circles on your clit as he fills you out.
You tense, your mouth gaping open in surprise as a wave of arousal. Slightly concerned, Jungkook hovers over your face, examining it before feeling you clench hard around him and coat him with it. "Hhoooly fuck,"
You caress his jaw, enticing him closer to kiss your lips deeply as he penetrates you. You retreat softly, opting to kiss his mandible, instead.
His body pulls and pushes you like waves crashing on sand, his body tensing and releasing as he engages each muscle to please you. Just as the tide rolls in, he comes in to reap your abundant pleasure from your body until the sun surges beyond the blue horizon, rippling water refracting its rays in an elegant, shimmering dance.
You're early out of bed. You've made it a habit to get up early to greet the day, because every day deserves to be seized. The potential excites you.
You shower, cleaning every surface of your body and covering yourself in the perfume of your soaps. The steam cleanses you, leaving you feeling refreshed. You come out of the shower, a simple robe wrapped around your body. You sit at your vanity, opening up your collection of perfumes and beauty products. Jungkook hovers over you, his clothes thrown on him.
"We fucked on the first date, so you're definitely going to win, aren't you? You're a winner, Jungkook," you say as you do your makeup in front of the vanity. You snap your foundation close, watching for any blemishes in your skin.
"What are you talking about?" Jungkook smiles, approaching you confidently. "Of course I'm gonna win, I'm the best competitor," he says with no hesitation.
"Hm," you sigh. "Do you think you're the first to have this idea, Jeon? Date his daughter, he'll do anything to make his babygirl happy? Newsflash!" You smirk.
You put your gloss down and meet his eyes. He's terrified. He's horrified. He's more naked than he was last night at this very moment, and he doesn't know how to handle himself. A kind of numbness radiates through his body.
"That's right," you hush. "Now...Listen closely."
All the color flushes from his face, his pale complexion next to ghostly, even in the morning sun.
"At this point I don't care if you're just using me, truth is, I know you are and what happens next. All I ask is for you to be my little fantasy for this week and pretend you love me even when you're leaving me."
"It's not much to ask, Jeon," you bat your pretty eyes. "Just be my little boyfriend. You win the competition, I get to feel something again."
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Jungkook snaps out of it, pushing you off of him. He shakes his head. "What the fuck are you talking about?!"
"I'm talking about the fact that we both need each other. You don't love me, Jeon. You're a businessman, snap out of it." You're right. This is all fake, and that's how he wanted it.
So, as to why it takes all of his strength to not scream out another lie, Jungkook is left without an answer. This is all that he's ever wanted from you.
"Look," you sigh. "There's a benefit to us being together, just like there was a benefit of a relationship between a duke and a princess. You want that gold, don't you? I want you," you hum, caressing his face.
"Don't be a pussy about it."
Jungkook reaches for your hand and plucks it off his face, lowering it while staring deeply into you and then fleeing.
You're left standing in your own bedroom, contemplating his reaction.
Namjoon picks up his fork at the downstairs breakfast bar, shoveling scrambled eggs into his mouth as Yoongi sits opposite of him with his arms crossed.
"The eggs are not going anywhere鈥" Yoongi slurs, watching Namjoon with an amused sneer. Namjoon shoots him a look and continues eating.
"Good morning!" Someone who looks like they work at the hotel approaches their table. Namjoon puts his fork down and greets her.
"Good morning. Can I help you?" He says.
"Yes! Actually鈥" The girl is blushing, as if she's embarrassed for asking. "Aren't you Jungkook's manager? Is he in town?"
Yoongi eyes her. "Yes?"
"Well, I was wondering if I could get an autograph? He'll be competing here tomorrow, right?" She sheepishly pulls out a small, folded photo of Jungkook at the 2005 junior championships in Santa Barbara and hands it to Yoongi.
He looks so young here. He's actually got some light in his eyes, wearing a genuine smile. The picture depicts him running out of the water with one of his antiquated boards under his arm, confident in his run. Yoongi purses his lips and glances up at the fan.
"Yeah, sure." Namjoon takes the picture from Yoongi's fingertips and takes a good look at it. "I don't know when he'll be here, though, so no promise--"
Across the dining room, Jungkook appears with his hands in his pockets, clearly ticked off about something. He is visibly a mess, fidgeting with his bracelets and not making eye contact as he paces toward the table.
"Uh鈥" Yoongi trails, puzzled as Jungkook snaps open a silver sharpie and scribbles a signature on the photo, handing it back to the fan.
"Hey, thanks for supporting us," he nods before dismissing her. Jungkook forces a smile towards his friends and walks on his way toward the elevator. They share a look before gathering their belongings and following after him.
"The competition is about to begin, so everyone who is spectating, please proceed to the designated seating area!" A coordinator booms through a megaphone. There's a slight drizzle, the soft sand polka-dotted with rain. Your feet are buried in it and you're sitting with your binoculars on your lap facing the ocean. Today is humid; the excitement and anxiety in the air hangs heavy.
You cross your legs, glancing down at the itinerary. The venue is pretty empty, except for a few very important spectators who your Dad invited to witness the competition. They're all from the world surf league, judging prospects and looking over statistics in order to calculate whether or not someone's worth sponsoring. It's all very tedious work.
In the parking lot, Jungkook is fumbling with his swim short strings, tying them together loosely. He adjusts his bracelets and takes a peek at the ocean. The waves look a little choppy right now, but they should clear up by noon. Right now the only thing on his mind is performing.
"So, what you don't want to do," Namjoon begins, handing Jungkook his surfboard, "is to not take risks. The WSL likes ambition, they want to see you attempt those more difficult jumps." He sets his hands on his hip, looking him once over. "Got it? Your head isn't in the clouds is it?"
"Nah," Jungkook sighs. "I got it. I know I do," he pulls his shoulders back. Namjoon has never seen Jungkook so down about a girl. It's ridiculous.
In Namjoon's perspective, Jungkook has never been one to wear his heart on his sleeve. He was dangerous to fall in love with, the kind of guy that your best friends would whisper about during class or rant about in group calls to their best friends.
Seeing him like this was another kind of unnatural. The vulnerability made him soft. "You weren't like this when Hoseok told you the plan. You were all for it. Now, what's wrong?"
Jungkook does something he'd never thought he'd do previously. He pouted. "Cause...she's like," his voice gets quiet. "Cause she's hot鈥"
Namjoon raises an eyebrow. "Cause she's hot? You're fucked up, on that sweet shit for the girl you weren't supposed to get attached to?" He has to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Namjoon just says, "okay," instead, gesturing towards the entrance of the beach. "Go on."
"If Yoongi were here he'd laugh at your ass," Namjoon yells. From far away, Jungkook shakes his head.
He couldn't help it. Yesterday was the most fun he had in years, and it's something he'll keep in his heart forever. You're not interested in him, though. At least, you won't allow yourself to be seriously interested. It was like something out of a novel.
He thinks back to the romances he's read, about how the male protagonist was always forced to shift his perspective to then become a better man and finally get the girl.
He knows he should be respectful and give you your space. It's true that he is using you, but would it be entirely wrong of him to fall in love? It's not a bad thing to fall in love. He needs to be clear about how he feels about you. Maybe then you'll consider him. Right now he needs to get you out of his head.
The rain clears, the sun peaking through the clouds that paint the sky. A rolling wave emerges from the deep, marking the beginning of a long competition day.
It goes well, Jungkook is high enough in the ranks to win this thing, regardless of any interference. He might not even need your help. Proudly, you point to him as he completes a routine. "That's him, look."
Your father is busy speaking in a semi-huddle with his friends, not paying the slightest attention to the show. The judges are only barely watching Jungkook, buried in their clipboards. It's a rainy day, so no one really came out to see him.
Afterwards, you encounter him walking back to his stand after finishing his round. He screws the cap off of a water bottle and chugs it all down in record time. "What's up?" He pants.
"You were great out there, almost like you didn't even need my help."
"Oh yeah? Well maybe I didn't," he says, keeping a straight tone. He breaks into a smile, indicating that he's just playing with you. The way his chest fluctuates with every breath gives you flashbacks to last night when you were on top of him. Before you know it, you're spaced out.
"Uhm," he stutters. "Are you okay?"
"Mm? Oh," You lift your eyes, "Yes, mhm."
His face falls, remembering the state he had left you in earlier. "Hey, before I forget...I wanted to talk to you about what you said this morning? What did you mean by all of that, that thing about you being the princess and me being the duke?" Jungkook buries his board on the sand and stands before you now.
"That it's obvious we're using each other. You do like me because if I go out with you, you'll win the competition, right? I like you because I get to pretend...you're my actual boyfriend," you admit.
"What if I actually had feelings for you? What would you think then?" Jungkook implores.
"Do you have feelings for me, then?" You laugh. That's a ridiculous idea. What scares you is that he looks serious. How dare you even entertain it. He's a user. You've known his type, and they don't change until they're broken. You doubt you're the one to change things for him.
To Jungkook, you look insulted. His confidence is shot down, so he falls silent. Your eyes are on him, awaiting a response, still. "I do, actually," he says.
A loud rumbling or crashing noise is heard after a blinding flash. Wind rushes through the judging tents, the rain pattering loudly against the roofs of the cabanas. Everything goes dark apart from the blazing lightning that erupts from the sky.
People come rushing into the cabanas, grabbing everything they can and running off the beach. Jungkook remains, his feet planted on the ground as wind thrashes his shorts and whips around his hair. "I like you, y/n. You can disqualify me from the competition, give the gold to someone else, I'll still like you. You're someone I can let my guard down around, I don't know." He mumbles. "You're a good person," he says, with his whole chest.
"I'm really not," you shake your head. "Even if I was, did you expect me to just forgive you for using me anyway so that we could date?"
Jungkook struggles with his thoughts before composing an answer. "Yes. I thought you felt the same way," he replied.
"I don't," you lie, gripping your itinerary. "We're having fun, but I need this to be temporary. I'm sorry."
Far in the distance, a voice calls out for Jungkook. He keeps his eyes on yours, filling with grief and utter despair. With hesitation, he turns from you and runs off with his board above his head, through the heavy rain.
The moment you saw his face when you'd uttered those words you regretted it. If you take back what you said now, you'd seem insincere. Maybe it really is for the best. That's what you tell yourself when you get on that flight back to New York City.
When Jungkook was younger, he thought that the world would be his. He felt like it already was. He had a sense of wonder about the world that persisted throughout his childhood. He was a shining light for all those who he came across. Maybe he wasn't the best student, but he didn't mind, so long as he enjoyed life to the fullest.
His Dad would drive him out on the weekends to the ocean, letting him lose himself in the endless waves. When he got back, he'd always sleep through the night.
Surfing became his biggest escape, and his best friend. It was his therapy and his refuge. Even when Namjoon couldn't console him, the ocean could. When his first girlfriend broke his heart, and left it shattered in pieces, he'd surf to get his mind off of the pain. You were the ocean that he let himself drown in.
You, with your disregard for what he felt for you. You, with your lustful intentions. You had abandoned him. Anger overcame him, one last fight against the forces pulling him into the abyss.
He lashes his body forward in an attempt to swim, but fails to tread the water.
Water fills his lungs and weighs his chest, his body aching with agony. It was as if you'd driven a blade through his chest and withdrew it, leaving a bleeding chasm of unrequited affection. You cast him off your ship, and as he sinks to the bottom of this boundless ocean, he keeps his eyes open to the twinkling sunlight seeping through the water, reaching for him. It is the last thing he sees before his body surrenders to the cold feeling, and he sleeps.
The following months go down like this: you continue with your life without giving Jungkook a second thought. Classes take up most of your time as the year matures, so little time is left for you to contemplate anything other than getting into graduate school at UC Santa Barbara. You want to feel like you've earned it, even if you probably didn't.
Jungkook goes back to California, having won gold at Rip Curl. He was approached by countless agencies and sponsors regarding the medal, but he turned all of them down, claiming he'd be on hiatus for personal reasons for the following season.
Namjoon discourages the decision, and they eventually go their separate ways. Conversation between them ran dry after a handful of weeks. They ran out of things to say to each other. Jungkook wasn't bitter about it. He understood.
Yoongi's still around. He did end up finding love with that girl he met at Taehyung's party. They're doing well. They're celebrating their two year anniversary together next month. Jungkook couldn't be happier for them.
As for you and Jungkook, when it comes time to update his phone, he loses your number. He does wonder about you, periodically. He heals.
Now he sits by the edge of the ocean, overlooking the horizon. He takes a breath, his feet in the water. It is a beautiful day today.
"If it isn't Jeon Jungkook," you say with a smile.
Jungkook whips his head back. "Y/N?!" He rises from the sand. He struggles to regain his balance, in disbelief. "Y/N!"
You nod frantically, grinning. He throws himself into your arms and hugs you the tightest he ever has. "Oh my God," he sighs. "What the fuck are you doing in Cali?"
"I'm doing my masters at UC Berkeley! Hoseok said you still lived around here, so I...kinda took a shot in the dark." He squeezes the life out of you, truly happy to see you again.
"Wow, that's great for you," he lets go, smiling bittersweetly. "Wow."
You shrug and set your bag down. "Also, I came to apologize for...literally everything that happened between us."
Jungkook shakes his head softly, keeping one hand on your arm. "No, you don't have to apologize. I fucked up too. I thought I was too good for love back then-- that sounds stupid," he laughs.
"No, it doesn't, really, it's fine!" You interject.
"Anyways, when you challenged that, I guess I kinda broke out of it. I should be thanking you."
There are a few key notable differences about Jungkook. He's cut off all his promise bracelets. He's wearing a big straw hat, an old pair of Ray-Bans, a button-down Hawaiian shirt, and colorful swim shorts, an outfit that he would have made fun of a retired surfer for wearing.
He seems a lot calmer, especially during your casual coffee date. He's telling you all these stories about how he navigated life after Sydney, and what he does for a living (he fixes cars and does odd jobs on the side). He's actually taking a few financial literacy courses at community college.
"So do you have, like, a wife now too, or?" You ask casually, bringing your coffee cup to your lips.
Jungkook laughs. "No, actually."
You pretend you're surprised. "Oh~"
"Surprising, right? I've always been such an eligible bachelor," he hisses, a smirk growing on his lips. "No. I'm single," he says with a sweet undertone.
"My ex left me the day I told him I was headed west. He couldn't handle the long distance," you sigh.
"At least he was honest." He forks a section of his waffle and eats it. "I could, I just haven't really鈥" met anyone quite like you, he wanted to say.
"Yeah, me neither."
In Jungkook's eyes, you've only gotten prettier. You're a little more reserved. It seems as if your days of going through men like dirty laundry are far behind you. He has to ask."How do you feel about yourself lately?"
"Weird question鈥" you trail.
"Oh, I'm sorry, is it like...personal?" Jungkook stammers.
"No, it's okay," you place your hand over him on the table. "I feel a lot better. I'm ready to move on and start something new. California is it for me."
"You're getting my hopes up," he jokes. You give him a sincere look, indicating that he may be correct about your intentions. "Y/N...you didn't come all the way over here to UCSB just for the law program, did you?" He slowly realizes.
You shake your head. "No, I didn't."
"You came here to find me, didn't you?"
"Yes, I did."
Jungkook's eyes flicker down, contemplating what happens next. "I don't know," he concludes. "I want to get to know you better, for who you are now."
"That's fair. We were kids, right? Playing games with each other's hearts like it was nothing." Silence grows between you, not one of discomfort or contentedness, but one holding tension that one might identify as heated anticipation. It's almost sexual.
"Both of us," he says, "Both of us did things we regret. I don't regret falling for you." Jungkook wedges his fingers between yours on the wooden table. His hands are so warm. You're reminded of the day his body was tangled between yours, and how he embraced you.
You talk all night. You talk about what went wrong. You talk about what went right. You talked about his goals, his plans, his situation. Now that you're here maybe he'll consider going back out and catching a wave of two. He confesses that he hasn't grabbed his board and headed out there in years. You listen, intrigued by him and how much he's truly opened up.
He seems so much happier now. You can see it in his face. The wonder he had as a child has returned to his eyes. He no longer has to run from his feelings. "I'm so proud of you," you hum.
You hadn't taken notice until now, but it's now dark out.
The night sky sparkles above you, through the glass of the diner. The place is empty now. You're the only remaining couple still occupying a table.
The lights are dim, and there are only a few employees still tending to tables. They're whispering about some old rumor concerning the boss and his failed marriage.
"It's so late," you yawn, leaning on your hands.
"So it is," Jungkook rubs the back of your hand with his thumb in adoration. "Do you have a place to stay for the night?"
"No~" you whine. You're too tired to think.
"Would you let me take you home?" He asks, taking his credit card out of his wallet to pay. You nod. Two old movie tickets slip out of the leather. They're from that one day. Curiously, you pick them up.
"Did you actually keep these?" you laugh, softly.
"Mhm鈥" he hums. "It was one of the best days of my life." He holds them between his fingers as he pays the bill. He carefully tucks them back into his wallet afterwards.
You leave the booth, making sure everything was there in your Burberry purse before walking out to his car.
Down the road is the ocean. Waves crash against the shore loudly. Jungkook walks out into the parking lot, his footsteps tapping against the moonlit asphalt. You stay behind to watch, sitting on the curb of the pavement. The sounds of crickets surround you, a strange yet beautiful lullaby. You have a feeling you're right where you're supposed to be.
Tumblr media
a/n: happy holidays.
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hymnonlips a month ago
Elly Adlawan: A Writeblr Introduction
Tumblr media
Hi there! I鈥檓 Elly (she/they)! I鈥檝e been quite the avid lurker, following and liking Writeblr accounts without really interacting with a single user. But then my friend, @thereadingmoon鈥, gave me the idea to take a shot at starting my own page鈦犫攕o, here I am! It鈥檚 nice to meet you!
Under the cut, you鈥檒l find a much more extensive introduction including the basics, some fun facts, my WIPs (work in progress), and what I have planned for this account.
Also, thank you to聽@loveimogen鈥嬄爁or this template. (PS: I saw your page while I was trying to find inspiration. It鈥檚 lovely. I hope you have a good day!)
The Basics馃棫
I鈥檓 a bisexual Filipino writer who has an extensive collection of Pinterest boards and Google Docs to fuel their next big idea. I gravitate towards realism and queer literature, which often functions on the notion that the stories worth writing are stories that say something about the world. I also love psychology, and so a lot of my writings are very character driven.
Some Fun Facts馃棫
I am a theatre kid first and a human second. Of course I mean this jokingly but I鈥檇 say that a lot of the values I lead in life are learned from these stories. My favorite musicals are Falsettos and Spring Awakening (closely followed by the Last Five Years).聽 My username, hymnonlips, is actually a reference to one of the songs from Spring Awakening (Touch Me):聽 Where I go, when I go there / No more whispering anymore / Only hymns upon your lips / A mystic wisdom, rising with them, to shore.
You鈥檇 find that my preferences extend towards the books I enjoy reading. My favorite one, by far, is The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which gives a humanistic look into the experiences of growing up lesbian in the 90s. It tackles religious trauma and conversion therapy, which I find are still very relevant topics today. I also enjoy reading research papers (surrounding the social sciences. Not STEM,) and philosophy books. I align myself with the existential school of thought.聽
Also, if it matters, I鈥檓 an INTJ. Personally, I find MBTI (not 16 Personalities) fun and helpful, but I know it鈥檚 a matter of distaste for some people. Also, I鈥檓 an Aries Sun, Virgo Moon, and Gemini Rising. Frankly, I鈥檓 not completely sure what that means, but I had fun reading the horoscopes anyway!
God Favored Her:聽A collection of short stories about the lives of different modern day women inspired by the women from the bible. Handles topics like feminism, sexual assault, conversion therapy, and abortion.
1920s Gay Ghosts: Not the official title but it鈥檚 a comic that I am working on with my dear friend @/cottonfoamm on Instagram. Handles topics like homophobia, racism, Filipino-Americans, and the afterlife.
Change My Mind: This one act play is a comedy-drama surrounding the dangers of undiagnosed bipolar disorder and the importance of support during these episodes. Handles topics like mental health, family, straight-guy/lesbian-nb solidarity, and therapy.
I hope to open commissions very soon. Throughout my life, I鈥檝e been told that my skills in writing can be used to help other people and myself, and so I want to give it a shot. You may find samples of my works in my directory on the home page. I also hope to聽stage Change My Mind, as I truly believe it鈥檚 a play worth seeing.
For a short term goal, I want to finish the God Favored Her series as it鈥檚 become ever so important in these fucked up times.
Closing Thoughts馃棫
Now, typing this all out, I鈥檝e become even more hopeful of finding a community here on Writeblr. If you want to be mutuals, I will be more than happy to give you a follow!聽
Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. I hope you have a good day!
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m-jelly 4 months ago
Jelly !! For the easter event
1. Can I get a letter from levi (like he always writes a letter on Easter for his wife and kids whether he's at home or not)
2. Like we celebrate the day together as a family and then nsfw please
Thank you for the amazing Easter event I hope you have a lovely Easter!!
Have a wonderful Easter too <3
Tumblr media
Letters, eggs and kisses.
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre and tags: Modern AU, married Levi, dad Levi, cute, fluff, a letter from Levi, Levi being a dad, Easter party for kids, nighttime fun with Levi, romantic sex with your husband.
Concept: Every holiday that happens, Levi always writes you a letter to mark the occasion. You wake up to a romantic letter as your husband sets up an Easter party with the supplies and decorations you made beforehand. You join Levi and your twins as you celebrate Easter as a family. You play games, have fun and fill the day with joy. When you put your kids away to bed and you and Levi finally head to bed yourselves, you both get a bit handsy with each other and start to explore each other's bodies.
18+ material below. Minors do not interact.
You stretched your joints in bed and moaned as you relaxed. You opened your eyes and looked over to Levi's side of the bed. You smiled when you saw your Easter letter waiting for you. You loved that Levi always wrote you a letter on a holiday.
You rolled onto your side and opened up the letter and started your wonderful day with Levi's sweet words.
Darling wife,
Good morning. What a wonderful bright morning today is. I woke up to such warm sunshine and knew today was going to be good. I opened the curtains and had the joy of seeing you soaking up the spring sun. You look stunning as you sleep so peacefully. I just wanted to hold you and kiss you, but we have a busy day today.
When I look at you and write this letter, I can really see just how lucky I am. I have the most wonderful wife in the world, as well as two perfect little kids. I wouldn't change you or them for anything in the world. I'm happy beyond words.
I used to hate the holidays, but since meeting you and having our little beans, I adore them. The holidays are so much fun now. I look forward to all of them and just can't wait to celebrate.
My love, I have so many plans for today. I want to spend the whole day with you and our adorable little beans. I want to fill our house with love and laughter all day. However, tonight I want to fill our bedroom with your moans and whimpers. I want to gaze at that sexy face you get when I make you cum. I can't wait.
Today is going to be a great day.
Love you always,
Levi x
You giggled and folded up the letter and slipped it in the draw with all the others. You got up and heard the murmur of Levi's deep voice, then the muffled giggles of your twins. You smiled when you heard them running downstairs ready for Easter.
You changed into something nice for the day. You made your way downstairs and smiled at your kids laughing at Levi as he danced and sang to them. You watched your husband as he put bunny ears on his two cute four-year-olds. He chatted to them about the plans for the day, then cleaned their faces as they ate.
You joined them and smiled. "Morning all."
Evan gasped. "Mummy!"
Yumi grinned. "Mummy!"
You kissed Evan's cheek, then Yumi's. "Good morning, my sweet little babies." You looked over at Levi to see a hunger in his eyes. "Are you two having fun with daddy?"
Yumi nodded. "Daddy is being silly."
Evan giggled. "Daddy is fun."
You ruffled their soft hair. "Daddy is a lot of fun." You walked over to Levi and slipped your arms around him. "Super fun." You kissed him and hummed in happiness. "Love you."
Levi grabbed your bum. "Love you."
"Love you too. I loved my holiday letter."
"I'm glad you liked it." He kissed you and smiled when his kids giggled. "Spies."
You looked over to your twins. "Little cute spies."
Levi hummed a little. "We should search for those Easter eggs, right?"
You nodded. "Right."
Levi patted your bum, then helped his kids out of their seats. He handed them a basket each. "Work together you two. The Easter bunny visited your playroom. Go hunt those eggs!"
You sat at the table and sipped your tea as Yumi and Evan ran hand in hand with each other to their playroom as they squealed with laughter. You smiled softly and began eating your breakfast. "Another great breakfast, my love."
Levi let out a long sigh. "I want another baby."
You choked on your food, then cleared your throat. "Another?"
He nodded. "I'd love one. We make very cute babies."
"We do." You sipped your tea. "We'll talk about it another time, okay? It's a money thing. I know we have plenty, but I still want to talk. I like the thought of having another."
Levi smiled. "We'll chat soon."
You nodded. "Yes." You offered your hand. "Come here."
Levi held your hand and walked closer. "I love you."
You hugged him. "Love you too." You looked up at him. "Kiss."
Levi leaned down and kissed you. "I've got the movies ready you put on the list." He sighed. "I'm impressed brat. You run this house and the kids like a well oiled machine."
You winked at him. "It's my superpower." You got up and cleaned your stuff away. "I just prepare and research everything."
"Fuck I love you."
You blushed and kissed him. "I love you too." You walked to the playroom with Levi to see Yumi and Evan talking and sharing the chocolate evenly. "What good kids we have."
Levi hugged you from behind. "We raised them well." He kiss your neck a few times. "It's just perfect. We're good parents. So good that-."
He pouted. "I know, later."
Evan ran over to you. "Mummy there are eggs everywhere!"
You knelt down. "Wow, look at your basket."
Yumi ran over with hers. "I have loads too!"
You hummed a laugh. "Amazing job. You two are the best! You ready for some playtime in the garden?"
Levi offered his hand. "They's a surprise out there."
Yumi held his hand. "Surprise?"
You stood up and held Evan's hand. "Let's go see." You walked with them outside. "Wait here with daddy." You walked to the front door and smiled at the lady waiting with a guy. "They're all ready."
The woman picked up two cages and smiled. "Wonderful."
You let them in and led them to the garden. "Ready kids?"
The woman knelt and opened the cage letting out a few ducks. "Say hello to the little ducks."
Yumi squealed. "Ducks!"
The man opened a cage. "And this little bunny."
Evan ran over. "Bunny!"
You knelt with Evan as Levi knelt with Yumi. You picked up the bunny and petted it. "Cute. Isn't it cute Evan?"
Evan carefully petted the bunny. "Soft." He giggled as it wiggled its nose. "I love it!"
Yumi gasped as she petted the duck's head the lady was holding. "It's so fluffy!"
Levi hummed a laugh. "It is, isn't it?"
You looked over at Levi and smiled. Levi smiled back. You both loved this moment and spoiling your little ones. Seeing your kids get happy and excited over Easter was a joy. You both knew that they'd probably ask for a pet bunny, but you'd both tackle that when it came up.
You walked into the bedroom and stretched. "Successful day, huh?"
Levi nodded. "Very. It's all thanks to your preparations." He let out a long sigh as he watched you. "You're amazing."
You blushed. "Thank you."
"I love you so much."
You walked up to him and wrapped your arms around him. "I love you too." You kissed him and hummed in delight. "I love with all my heart."
He lightly kissed you at first, but the spark was so strong that both of you couldn鈥檛 hold back. He kissed you over and over, it was innocent and playful at first. He kissed you for longer and held you against him, his hands running over your body slowly.
His talented tongue explored your mouth and massaged your tongue. You hummed and moaned in delight as you felt a fire and need burn within you. The spark that both of you had for each other now a roaring fire that threatened to burn everything in sight.聽
You pulled from the kiss and panted, then you pulled your shirt up and over your head. Levi gazed at you shirtless and in your comfy bra. Levi felt nothing but desire as he gazed at you. As Levi looked at you in your comfy bra, he thought you were the sexiest woman in the world.
He ran his hands up your back, then leaned close and kissed between your breasts. His body was burning for you. You felt perfect and your smell was intoxicating. He loved you so much that he felt like he might explode.
He stumbled back as you pushed him away, then he watched you slip off your shorts so you were in your underwear in front of him. He smiled at you so sweetly. 鈥淏eautiful.鈥
You smiled back, your heart fluttering at his words. 鈥淭hank you. Sorry, I'm not in pretty underwear, but you have to plan that shit.鈥 You reached for the buttons on his shirt, then slowly undid the, as your hands shook a little. You pushed his shirt open and saw his muscle. "Sexy as ever."
He looked down at himself. 鈥淭hank you. I aim to please only you.鈥
You smiled as you traced some of his muscles. 鈥淚 can't believe you're my husband.鈥
鈥淵ou're my amazing wife.鈥
He lifted you up so easily making you gasp in excitement and surprise. He lay you down on his bed, then he kissed you so sweetly making you feel very relaxed. He reached behind your back and unclipped your bra, then worked with you to slip it off you.
He threw the bra to the floor, then leaned down and kissed you with a happy hum. He slid his hand up the side of your body to your chest. You moaned a little as he lightly played and massaged with your peak as he kept kissing you over and over. You felt like you were melting into the bed.
Levi kissed down your body, then looked at your chest. He blushed and let out a shaky breath. He kissed in-between your boobs, then massaged them. He leaned towards one, then nipped and sucked a little mark. He enjoyed how you wiggled under him and hummed in delight.
He looked up at you, then kissed down your body and enjoyed the blissful look on your face. He massaged your hips, then slipped your underwear off and dropped them on the floor. He parted your legs and kissed up your thigh. He looked up at you and saw you were blushing hard. He smirked against your thigh, then dragged his lips across your soft skin to where you were sensitive. He kissed a spot, then bit hard and sucked causing a nice little love bite to form.
He looked up at you, then lay down a little. He moved your legs over his shoulders and groaned as his hard cock pressed against his boxers and zip.
He licked up your slit making you squeak, he thought it was such an adorable noise. He wrapped his arm around your thigh, then another around your hip so he could press his hand down on your stomach. He licked and sucked on your clit sending a fire to surge through you. He massaged your thigh as he traced patterns on your clit.
The more you whimpered and moaned at him, the hungrier he got for you. He wanted to take his time and enjoy you all night long and make you feel heavenly.
He pulled you closer, then sucked hard on your clit. You squeezed your toes and grabbed the sheets as you arched your back. You felt your body tighten up and you could taste the end. You closed your eyes tightly, then moaned out as you felt the snap and a rush of heat go through you. You panted and sighed as the heat went through every inch of you.
Levi licked his lips, then kissed up your body and appreciated how soft, warm and sweet you were. He pressed his lips against your chest right where your heart was and felt it beating against his lips, it felt perfect to him. He kissed up more, then kissed your neck and nipped creating a little love bite. He dragged his lips along your jawline, then kissed you. Both of you hummed and moaned at the sensation.
"Fuck." He sighed. "You drive me wild, brat. You make my heart race. I'm so lucky to be married to you."
You smiled at him. "I'm the lucky one. You're so wonderful."
He moaned at you. "You are."
You giggled. "You."
You placed your hands on his chest, then pushed him to sit up and back on his legs. You undid his belt and pulled it from him and dropped it to the floor, the thud of it made your heart and pussy throb with need and want. You popped his button, then pulled the zip down.
Levi stopped you from doing anything more. 鈥淟et me.鈥
You blushed. 鈥淏ut.鈥
He held your chin and lifted your head up. 鈥淟et me handle my dick, okay? If you were to touch and move it then I'd cum instantly.鈥
You giggled and cupped his face and kissed him. 鈥淚 love you.鈥
鈥淚 love you too.鈥 He kissed you and hummed. He pulled from you, then got off the bed and pulled his trousers and boxers off. He opened his bedside drawer and pulled protection on. He turned to you to see you fluffy the pillows up and you getting comfy. He smiled at you and crawled up the bed making you jump and gasped. 鈥淪orry.鈥
You smiled. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, you鈥檙e very quiet, it鈥檚 like a lovely surprise.鈥 He glanced down and blushed. 鈥淥h look, my favourite surprise.鈥 You purred and moaned. "Fuck I love seeing him. I want him in deep.鈥
Levi looked down at himself. 鈥淲ell, he loves being inside you.鈥
You hummed a laugh. 鈥淟et's make him happy, together.鈥
He kissed you and moved your legs apart. 鈥淭ch, shut up bra.鈥
You giggled. 鈥淢ake me.鈥 You nodded and wiggled on the bed. 鈥淐ome on.鈥
He leaned over you. 鈥淚 can think of many ways I can shut you up.鈥
You smiled and cupped the side of his face. 鈥淚鈥檓 ready.鈥
He nodded, then pushed into your pussy slowly. 鈥淭hat was easy.鈥
You smirked at him. 鈥淎ss.鈥 You moaned as he pushed more. 鈥淧lease, no teasing your wife.鈥
He smiled at you, then pressed more into you making you moan more. He enjoyed watching your back arch, your head go back and the blissful look on your face. He pressed in all the way and let you adjust to him.
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him close. You massaged your fingers into his skin and felt scars and grooves of his muscles, which Levi really liked. He just loved it whenever you touched him and you touching him during something so intimate, was just everything to him.
He grinded against you, your body buzzing at the sensation. Levi gripped the bedsheets and focused, he needed to get control of himself and not lose it. He watched your face careful as he grinded, he wanted to see the perfect faces you made when he was showing you as much passion as possible.
He captured your lips and kissed you over and over as he kept grinding. He listened closely to your body, to your moans until he heard the moan he was seeking. He angled his hips, then he heard the moan he loved. He smiled against your lips, then kept moving against your g-spot. He pressed his body more against you so he鈥檇 rub against your clit.
Your toes curled slightly at the pleasure, your mind a mess and your body too. Levi was something special and you loved him. He always made sure you had multiple orgasms and felt loved and pleasured every time you had sex. He was wonderful.
Levi heard your moans getting more passion filled, which meant you were so close to feeling the blissful end. He grinded a little harder and faster against you. You dug your nails into his back, you could feel the coil inside your tightening up and desperate to snap.
You rocked your hips with Levi, your body shaking with every moment of his. Your body squeezed him over and over, then you felt the snap and rush of pure bliss. You cried into the kiss, then pulled from his lips. You leaned your head back and panted as you enjoyed the euphoria rushing through your veins.
You relaxed a little. "Shit Levi."
Levi moaned your name. "You are so beautiful."
Levi leaned on his forearms and panted as he looked down at you. He smiled at your cute face, then rocked his hips now instead of grinding. He loved how your moaned changed, your body shaking with each thrust and boobs bouncing for him.
He rocked a little harder and faster into you, he was just enjoying everything you were doing. He hummed in happiness at how you looked under him, how perfect you were in his eyes. You were the love of his life, his world, his everything. You gave him a life that he adored and loved more than anything.
He gripped the pillows by your head, then got a little rougher with you. He wanted you to know he loved you, that he wanted you, needed you, desired you. He didn鈥檛 need to try though, because you were hooked on this man and you were madly in love. He was passionate, loving, caring, kind, funny and smart. You thought he was your ideal and perfect man.
Levi reached up and grabbed the headboard of his bed, then slammed his hips into you as hard and as fast as possible, but he made sure to grind his hips as well so you felt a pure pleasure. You grabbed Levi鈥檚 hips and dug your nails into his skin. You hummed and whined at him; it was just overwhelming what he was doing to you.
You looked down at his body and admired the sweat glistening off his muscle. Your eyes kept going, meaning you looked right down at what he was doing to you. You blushed instantly, then felt the pop in your body of pure pleasure rush through you. You felt amazing, but you were a little embarrassed that looking at where the two of you were connected made you lose control of yourself. Levi was caught off guard by it, so he had to grip the headboard hard and grit his teeth a little to stop himself from letting go. He gulped and panted, then looked down at you and how cute you looked.
He frowned a little. "What happened?"
You kept your eyes closed. "I watched your cock going in and out of me."
Levi looked down and smiled. "It looks fucking amazing, doesn't it?"
You opened your eyes and smiled. "Yes."
You wrapped your arms around his neck, then sat up slowly making him sit back and look up at you. You moved a little on his lap to get comfy, then you slowly grinded against him. You slung one arm over his shoulder and gripped his back, your other hand held his other shoulder.
Levi held your waist; his hands massaged your sides as he admired your beauty. He knew you were too good for him, but he was going to make sure he held onto you until you both passed away from old age.
He leaned closer, then nipped and kissed your neck. He moved up to your earlobe, then whispered to you telling you how wonderful you were, how perfect you were to him. "My brat, mine. You're my perfect wife. You feel so fucking good. You're perfect. You're so beautiful and stunning."
You hummed and whimpered. "Levi. I love you, you wonderful man."
You moved up and down on him slowly at first, just to put Levi on edge, you were teasing him and he was giving you the most perfect mewls and whines in response. You cupped his face and kissed him, which ignited the fire in him even more than it already was.
Levi grabbed you, then moved with you hard and fast making you whimper and whine in delight. You both moved hard and fast with each other, knowing that the end was rushing closer for the two of you. You kept kissing as much as you could, almost like you were trying to get as much as possible before you lost it for good.
Levi gripped your thighs hard, his fingers no doubt were going to leave little bruises, but you didn鈥檛 mind at all. You moved hard and fast with Levi; your bodies entangled in heated passion as you chased the end. Coils were tightening and you felt the want for it to pop coming. You needed Levi and he needed you.
Levi helped you move as your legs began to burn from the fast movements. You were in control at first, but you slowly lost it as Levi moved hard and fast, he was going deeper than he was before. His tongue was dominating yours in the kiss, but you didn鈥檛 mind one bit that he had you like putty in his hands.
He was taking care of you, making sure that you felt perfection before he did. He was giving you everything he could and by the sounds of it, you were loving every second of this heated passion with him. He just hoped that he didn鈥檛 hurt you, that you weren鈥檛 going to be sore or in slight pain after. He wanted you to feel good, to be happy and protected.
You pulled from Levi鈥檚 lips, then leaned over his shoulder as you panted and moaned. The pleasure was becoming more and more intense, you just knew any second now you were going to feel it.
Levi bit the crook of your neck hard, then slammed into you as fast as possible. You cried out as you felt the body shattering bliss of your pleasure rip through you. You clenched around Levi hard sending him over the edge. Levi grunted and moaned with you as he thrust deep, then moved you slowly as you both rode out the last bits of your bliss, you both just wanted it to last a little bit longer. You both stopped moving and just held onto each other and panted. You smiled in happiness and Levi did too.
Levi pulled you from him, then delicately lay you on the bed. He kissed you and hummed, then hurried off to the bathroom. He came back in to see you lying there panting, your eyes shining as your stared at the ceiling. He lay on his side on his bed, then said your name making you look at him. 鈥淎re you okay?鈥
You rolled onto your side and smiled. 鈥淚鈥檓 perfect. You?鈥
He held your hand and kissed the back of it. 鈥淪ame. I鈥檓 beyond happy. I have you as a wife, I have two adorable kids as well. I'm living the best life possible."
You giggled and snuggled up to him. "I couldn't agree more."
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hoodiewithhorns a year ago
鈹 using your safe word scenarios 鈽
characters : hajime iwaizumi, tetsuro kuroo, keiji akaashi.
there will be a part 2 & 3 coming soon!
edit : p.2聽is out <3
m.sterlist + requests box
鈻 cw : not proof read, angst, use of safeword, 鈥渞ed鈥 used as the safeword, clit spanking, mean!doms, hurt/comfort, established relationship, forced orgasm, jealousy, oral m! receiving, facefucking, foreplay f! receiving, degradation, slight punishment if you squint, aftercare/reassurance , all characters are 18+, MDNI 鈻
Tumblr media
- you weren鈥檛 necessarily in a good mood to be fucked roughly by him
- you just wanted some soft passionate sex with kuroo
- You assumed he鈥檇 figure out what you wanted due to him knowing you better than yourself.
- But you were wrong..very wrong.
-Not wanting to disappoint your boyfriend you played along.
- biggest mistake.
銆 鈽
you bobbed your head on his cock while he groaned at the slow pace. you were taking your time today since you weren鈥檛 in the best mood to be shoving him down your throat. you thought he take this as a sign of you wanting things slow soft and sweet, instead he took this as a sign of you being bratty, a brat who deserves punishment in his eyes.
鈥測ou little brat.鈥 he forcefully shoved his cock down your throat. You gagged in response feeling your eyes become glossy, tears promising to spill at any given minute, looking up at him with pleading eyes hoping he鈥檇 show some form of mercy. but of course, he didn鈥檛. tightening the grip on your hair he moved you back and forth on his cock causing you to gag and your breathing becoming heavy.
you heart ached in your chest as you tried to push him off, but to no avail. a dark chuckle leaving his throat as he watched you struggle, a sight he would commonly enjoy. 鈥渟uch a bad girl today huh? maybe i should go find another goodgirl. one that鈥檒l actually listen.鈥 you tried to shake your head as fat tears streamed down your face, the thought of him replacing you being one your biggest fears. did he mean that? just cause you weren鈥檛 in a good mood he was gonna replace you? you thought to yourself noticing the grip he had on you loosened a little. you could move away now and so you did. pulling away from his cock trying to catch your breath only causing him to get angrier. 鈥渨hy are you being so bad today? why cant you be a goodgirl and-鈥
鈥淩ed!鈥 you choked out a sob as more tears fell from your face staining the bed sheets beneath you. sitting up, your palms resting on your thighs as you sobbed. the room went silent with the only sound present being your soft cries alongside with your occasional sniffles. confused he lifted your chin up, you pathetically looked up at him like a helpless little puppy. he finally understood what was wrong, mumbling a few curses as he got closer to you, sitting you on his lap as you cried into his chest.
鈥渆asy now baby. i鈥檓 so sorry...鈥 he whispered thanking whatever was above that he hadn鈥檛 lost you, feeling horrible for not picking up the obvious signs you weren鈥檛 in the mood for any of this.
鈥渄-do you really wanna l-leave me?鈥 your voice was hoarse from one getting your throat fucked and two crying. hugging you tighter and feeling nothing but regret. each cry you let out tugged at his heartstrings. he never wanted this how could he have been so blind? you were his little baby he wanted to protect every chance he got. now you were here. sobbing into his chest all because he didn鈥檛 realize you weren鈥檛 in the right mood today.聽
鈥渘ever prettygirl. i鈥檇 be devastated without you in my life... I didn鈥檛 mean that I promise.鈥 he pulled you away from his chest to face you. kissing the few tears you had left on you. even with tears pampered all over your face, to him you still managed to be pretty. even if it hurt him since he was the reason for all this, you could tell he was on the brink of tears too. he couldn鈥檛 imagine a life without you without his precious girlfriend in his life he鈥檇 be a train wreck.
鈥渋-i...i just wanted us to go nice and gentle tonight..i didn鈥檛 have a good day today..but i didn鈥檛 want you to be mad since you like it when its rough so..鈥
he let out a chuckle at your last sentence causing you to look at him in confusion. 鈥測eah being rough is nice and all but its only nice when you鈥檙e in the right mindset for it. you should鈥檝e told me you weren鈥檛 feeling it tonight baby. If you wanna get fucked nice and gently by me you should鈥檝e just said so my love.鈥 he says planting a kiss on your forehead.
you smiled, reverting back to your previously cheery self making kuroo more than happy. he rested his head on top your shoulder 鈥渋f you want, we can try again baby. this time i鈥檒l give it to you nice and sweet..you鈥檇 like that wouldn鈥檛 you my pretty baby?鈥 he whispers into your ear planting kisses down your neck as you let out a whimper feeling him smirk against your neck.
鈥渕m-mhm please tetsu...鈥
he wastes no time wrapping his arms around your waist as your cunt feels him hardening again. 鈥渨hatever my baby wants who am i to deny?鈥
- the thought of using your safeword never occurred to you when you were with akaashi
- in fact he suggested it just in case things took a turn you didn鈥檛 like
- tonight was different though you were his innocent girlfriend who just wanted to treat him the way he treats you so lovingly
- wearing nothing but his shirt accompanied by a cute pair of panties feeling confident about your plan to please your boyfriend.
- though it doesn鈥檛 go according to plan,
you saw him sitting on the bed reading a novel still in his formal clothing. You were feeling particularly needy tonight learning a few new things you read from the internet a week ago on how to please your boyfriend sexually. you did however feel a bundle of nerves fill you up, but you just assumed it was because this was something you鈥檝e never done before to anyone.
akaashi was not only your first, but he was your first boyfriend your first everything when it came to romance. now, putting all your insecurities aside, you were going to try out what you learned tonight on your beloved boyfriend!
聽walking towards him, you crawled on top of his lap, arms wrapped around his neck to pull him in for a sweet kiss. he smirked setting his book down on the nightstand while taking his glasses off as well.
鈥淐an I help you pretty girl?鈥 he questioned placing his hands on your hips. 鈥渙h nothing...i just want you tonight..is that okay?鈥 you asked, your innocent voice making akaashi smile. you were just so cute and pure in his eyes. you jump in excitement ready to initiate your plan to please your boyfriend. you started kissing him slowly yet passionately, grinding your wet cunt against his slowly hardening cock through his pants.
he opened his eyes to clearly understand what you were doing. to his shock what he assumed was correct. His innocent girlfriend who had no knowledge on how to please her boyfriend grinding up against him. maybe you were just being extra needy? he told himself. not longer after he snapped back to reality as he felt you pull away from him only to kiss down his jaw leaving a trail of soft kisses.
His cheeks becoming red as your soft lips traced down to unbutton his shirt. 鈥渟o handsome..鈥 You said kissing his chest as you went down to his abdomen. he would be lying if he said he wasn鈥檛 enjoying this, but.... Your not gonna do what he thinks you are right?? his own girlfriend who was too shy who cried at the first attempt to sucking him off?? no he must be getting ahead of himself.
looking down once more to check up on you, he finds you unbuckling his pants letting his cock spring free. his mouth agape seeing your head already lick his precum nice and clean, pumping him a few times to get all his precum out. he shudders as your wet tongue touches his cock, giving him kitten licks here and there. taking a deep breath, shoving him down your throat all in one go, a small gag escaping from you, squeezing your eyes tightly trying your best not to cry.
humming, you bobbing back and forth making him grunt at the waves of pleasure you were giving him. Still, he felt uneasy. who taught you this?? he was always the one guiding you, teaching you how to do things yet here you were sucking him down your pretty little throat. head thrown back his groans mixed with his thoughts, he kept overthinking the reasons as to how you picked up on this.
did Bokuto teach you?? you two always got along so well..sometimes leaving akaashi to third wheel, but why was he thinking about that now??
聽鈥渟hit..鈥 he grunted as he felt his high approaching. He tried to pull your head back so he wouldn鈥檛 end up cumming in your mouth, but you stayed on his cock till he came.
smiling at him, you licked your lips, swallowing his cum. leaving him surprised at everything you鈥檝e just done. you鈥檝e never did any of this nor tried to. It hurt the first time you tried to give him head now here you are taking him down your throat? He couldn鈥檛 believe it.
he wanted to get to the bottomed of this quickly.
鈥渄irty girl.鈥 he spits out flipping you to the other side of the bed, pushing your head down to the pillow putting your ass up with your cunt in full display for him. you winced at the sudden aggressive force.
鈥渨ho taught you all those things you little slut?鈥漢ooking his finger onto your soaked panties to push them aside, he shoved two fingers deep inside of your dripping hole making you whimper at the painful stretch, not giving you enough time to adjust as he pumped into you.
鈥渒-keiji w-wait!!鈥 you whined screwing your eyes shut to fight back your tears, while he started pumping his fingers at an inhuman pace, he hovered over you, your back to his chest while his head rested on your shoulder.
鈥渋 asked you a question, so I expect an answer.鈥 his voice was cold and stern without a sound of love or worry. the stretch of his fingers were painful especially with how he was practically scissoring you open. your eyes rolled at to the back of your head feeling your climax approaching, but it hurt so much you weren鈥檛 used to such a rough pace.
akaashi always took his time with you. Going slow and easy, praising you, calling you his angel or goodgirl for taking him in so well. but now he was none of these things.this felt like a completely different person to what you were use to.
鈥渕m鈥 n-no one! keiji- p-please s-slow down it hurts!!鈥 you sobbed only making him click his tongue at you, your heart sank feeling foggy and uneasy.鈥測ou probably like that it hurts huh? you鈥檙e dripping around my fingers you filthy slut.鈥 he never used a tone as harsh as this before. never calling you names or degrading you in general. the pain in your chest overlapping the pleasure as more tears fall.
鈥渘-no not a s-slut!! p-please stop! it hurts please keiji please-鈥 you begged feeling your stomach tighten as he kept fingering you till you screamed, squirting all over the bed sheets. 鈥渄irty slut.鈥 He pulled out abruptly from you causing you to choke out another sob. your body trembling at this point as you pant out in desperation to form words scared of what he might do next. 鈥淣-no more please I鈥檒l be good i p-promise just please..鈥 you begged him once again, hoping he鈥檇 notice the pain you were in...he didn鈥檛.
鈥渘o. sluts like you don鈥檛 get to make decisions like that.鈥 He was about to pull your shirt off until you screamed and kicked聽 鈥渞ed! red! r-red!!鈥 he moved away only to watch you curl in on yourself, hugging your knees for comfort, refusing to look him in the eyes. 鈥渂aby..?鈥 he said softly trying to move you to face him to his horror you flinched shrinking in on yourself.
鈥渒eiji... why were you s-so...mean to me i only wanted to make you feel good..you always make me feel good so why did you..鈥 immediately, he scooped you into his arms rocking you back and forth as if you were a toddler. you cuddled up against his chest as he felt your tears fall on his chest.he didn鈥檛 mind of course. 鈥渟hh its okay..its okay..鈥 the voice he commonly spoke to you coming back, soft, reassuring, just how you liked it.
鈥渂aby..im sorry i.. I didn鈥檛 mean to be so mean..i just got scared you were maybe..well someone might鈥檝e been teaching you these things..鈥 you froze pulling away to look at him.
鈥渨-what? I didn鈥檛 learn that from anyone..id never let anyone teach me or touch me but you keiji! i just..read some stuff about it online...and I wanted to test it out..鈥 you admitted through sniffles still rubbing your tears away. He sighed as he hugged you again running his fingers through your hair.聽
all you wanted was to please your boyfriend from just that, his heart skipped a beat at how sweet you were being, but the feeling was overshadowed by聽 feeling so stupid for letting his insecurities take the best of him.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry baby.. I promise to never speak to you like that ever again..you鈥檙e my sweet girl and I love you so so much.. you were just trying to do something nice for me..thank you i appreciate it my love..it felt really nice you did good.鈥 He cupped your face in his hands, peppering soft kisses around your face.
he smiled as you giggled at the ticklish feeling, sighing in relief.
鈥 i love you, my sweetgirl. 鈥
- he got home pissed off since he saw you chatting and giggling with mattsun.聽
- he needed to blow off some steam
- he didn鈥檛 mean to be so mean he really didn鈥檛
-he was usually a soft dom but today..he was everything but soft to you.
鈥 filthy fucking whore. what were you doing talking to mattsun huh?鈥 his thrusts were sharp, painful, not being prepped well enough by him making the stretch of his cock burn through your gummy walls. feeling the air in your lungs start to leave you slowly as tears streamed down your face at iwaizumis cold , heartless, tone. there was not a single trace of him, not a sign of his love. you weren't trying to make him jealous, you just spend sometime to get to know mattsun just a little more since he was friends with your boyfriend never expecting him to react like this.聽
snapping back to your current situation, you arched your back letting out a loud cry as he slapped your puffy clit.聽鈥渄idn鈥檛 i ask you a fucking question? or did your dumb slutty brain already get fucked out of you huh?鈥 he wrapped his hands around your throat thrusting harder and deeper in you.聽
his tip painfully hitting your cervix with each thrust making you cry at the pain. you tried pushing him off with the little strength you had in you, sobbing out an apology making him roll his eyes.聽
鈥渢ch, what? you think a little apology is gonna change the fact you were all 鈥渂uddy buddy鈥 with mattsun? did you forget who fucking owns you little slut?鈥 landing another harsh slap at your clit causing you cry in discomfort. everything around you made you feel light as if you were gonna pass out from the cruel words iwaizumi spoke to you. feeling helpless as there was no sign of your once loving boyfriend.聽
鈥渕aybe i should鈥檝e invited him over, let him have a turn at ruining your slutty little cunt.鈥
Finally, having enough you cried out聽鈥渞-red..鈥 it was soft, gentle, easily could鈥檝e been unheard if it wasn鈥檛 for how closely iwaizumi payed attention to you. he halted his thrusts pulling out of you completely, eyes draining of all lust and jealousy converting to concern mixed with regret. he rushed to put back his boxers on, cuddling you against his chest.聽
you didn鈥檛 push him away, no you could never. he was the man you loved and treasured more than anything. you were hurt obviously, but still wanted to seek his comfort.
鈥渋-i dont like m-mattsun haji..i only like you..only you..鈥 your voice sounding broken. he let out a deep sigh pulling you closer to kiss your head.聽
鈥渋 know baby i know... i was just jealous..you get along so well with mattsun i..went too far on you..i鈥檓 sorry you didn鈥檛 deserve that baby鈥 his voice sounding faint but full of comfort.
鈥渋 just wanted to get t-to know him...i didn鈥檛 mean to make you mad haji..鈥
鈥渋 know baby shhh its okay now..i鈥檓 not mad anymore.鈥漢e cooed kissing you softly. you nodded letting your last set of tears fall onto his chest.聽
slowly shutting your eyes and falling asleep in the warmth of his chest.
him on the other hand was completely mortified at your sobbing accompanied with your sniffles it echoed through his ears replaying like a broken record each time the memory got to you saying your safeword.聽
he never thought he鈥檇 reach that point for you to have to tell him that. he let out a few tears that night hating himself for hurting you. you forgave that very second he apologized but him on the other hand? he didn't..no he couldn鈥檛.
let鈥檚 just say, he didn't get much sleep that weekend.聽
akaashis is long asf (im sorry i just love him sm)聽and iwaiuzmis is short but i love these boys sm.聽聽
i still am taking requests all links are above and down here. remember to drink water. oh and heres the聽m.sterlist 聽in case you missed it <3鈾
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themacklemorebrothers a month ago
Someone pointed out how many of the things in El's letter are not accurate, and I think to take it a step further it's that everything that's not confirmed/shown is not accurate (either a lie or her misunderstanding). She does say some things that are true, but they're demonstrated in some way. Just as she says things that are untrue, which are also demonstrated. The main thing we do NOT see is the truth around the painting.
Dear Mike,
Today is Day 185. Feels more like 10 years. Joyce says time is funny like that. Emotions can make it speed up or slow down. We are all time travelers if you think about it. [side note; foreshadowing for something??] For example, this week is going very fast. I think because I am so busy. I have to make something called a visual aid. [true; she is shown making and presenting this project] I hope Mrs. Garvey will give me an A.
Some exciting news. Joyce got an amazing new job. She gets to work at home. She says she loves the 鈥渇reedom.鈥 [false; Joyce is shown on the phone being frustrated with a customer]
Will is painting a lot. [true; he is shown painting] but he won鈥檛 show me what he鈥檚 working on. [likely true; he's only ever shown working on it alone or keeping it in a tube] Maybe it is for a girl. I think there is someone he likes because he has been acting weird. [unknown - and given the parallels, it seems we are to assume this is false]
Jonathan is acting weird also. I think he is just nervous about college. He is still waiting for his big letter. I hope he and Nancy get to go together. [false; Jonathan later says he is not planning to go to college with Nancy at all] But I don鈥檛 know how he鈥檒l ever get to college because his car is still broken. [true; car is shown broken down and later Argyle drives everyone]
His funny friend Argyle has been taking us to school. His hair is longer than mine. [true] And he and Jonathan like to smoke smelly plants together. [true] Jonathan says the plants are super safe because they come from the earth, but to not tell Joyce. [true; Joyce doesn't understand at dinner why they are acting weird]
Me? I am twice as happy now. [false; el is struggling with school and bullying] You were right, it just takes time. I think I have finally adapted. At first, I missed all the spring flowers, but now I find it pretty here too. [probably true; she's shown smiling out the car window at the scenery] I even like school now. I am still best at math, but my grammar is getting good now also. [false; she gets a math test back which she seemed to fail] It helps that everyone is so nice here. I have made lots of friends. [false; people are shown ignoring her in the hallway and she only ever interacts positively with will] Even so, I am ready for spring break, mostly because I get to see you. I am so excited to see you, it is hard to breathe. [likely true; we see she has a shrine box for mike in her bedroom so she's still very into him] Are you excited too? I think you will love it here like me. I think we will have the best spring break ever. [false; spring break was in fact not the best, due to monsters and such]
I hope my spelling was better this time. Miss you!
Love, El
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prettierthanurbf a year ago
So What?
Y/n walked down the halls to find her best friend, getting the overwhelming feeling she鈥檇 be stuck walking into class alone, when she finally bumped into someone she knew. 鈥淥h, great.鈥 She mumbled irritably.
He turned around with a grin. 鈥淲ell, hello, y/n.鈥
She rolled her eyes at his cocky grin. 鈥淲here鈥檚 your brother?鈥
The question just made his grin grow wider, making your patience even thinner. 鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 you like to know.鈥 He teased.
She let her eyes wander around the halls to avoid eye contact when her eyes landed on him, sighing in relief, she pushed past his brother and hurried off to Tom. 鈥淗ey.鈥 She said happily.
He looked up from his book. 鈥淣ice of you to wake up early for once.鈥 He teased.
She laughed. 鈥淢y parents are going to cut me off if I miss school to sleep in.鈥 She explained.
He looked over her head, his eyes stopping on something that made his eyebrows furrow. 鈥淢attheo鈥檚 staring at you again.鈥 He whispered.
She quickly spun around to meet Mattheo鈥檚 eyes, turning back around so quick she almost fell over.
Tom helped her stand. 鈥淵ou alright?鈥 He asked concerned.
She put a hand to her head. 鈥淚 swear if he hexed me I鈥檒l burn the little bastard.鈥
Tom chuckled. 鈥淣ow I might just help you with that.鈥
Before y/n could say anything else, the teacher opened the doors for everyone in the class to walk in.
The whole class was a blur, mostly because y/n was asleep through half of it and hurrying to copy off of To 鈥榓 notes during the other half, paying no attention to the teacher whatsoever.
Tom had to talk to one of his teachers before the next class started, which left y/n waiting outside on a bench alone with a book until class started.
Mattheo, who had grown bored of his friend group, walked off to bug y/n, sliding onto the bench and taking the spot a little too close to y/n.
She didn鈥檛 glance up from her book or move. 鈥淲hat?鈥 She asked calmly.
He raised a brow. 鈥淣o snarky comment? Hm.鈥 He hummed. 鈥淎re you feeling alright?鈥
She rolled her eyes. 鈥淲hat do you want, Mattheo?鈥
鈥淎h, there鈥檚 the tone I was looking for.鈥 He grinned. 鈥淲hat鈥檙e you reading?鈥
She clicked her tongue. 鈥淵ou could check the cover, you know.鈥
He shrugged. 鈥淚t would sound so much better coming from your lips than mine.鈥
She shut her book, her finger holding the page she was on, snapping her head to look at him. 鈥淲hat do you want, Mattheo?鈥 She repeated, this time a little less calm.
He smirked. 鈥淢aybe I want to help with your anger issues.鈥
鈥淢aybe you should work on yours first.鈥 She said back.
He laughed. 鈥淲e could work on it together.鈥
She rolled her eyes. 鈥淚鈥檇 rather burn. Over and over. For eternity.鈥
He shrugged. 鈥淚 could make it worth your while.鈥
She raised a brow. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 your angle, Riddle?鈥
He looked away with a small grin. 鈥淭here鈥檚 no angle. I just think we could help each other out.鈥
鈥淗ave fun finding someone for that because I鈥檓 not your girl.鈥 She slipped a small piece of paper into her book before getting up.
鈥淏ut you could be.鈥 Mattheo mumbled, but y/n had already walked off with all her things.
His shoulders slumped. 鈥淕reat.鈥
Tom walked over to him laughing. 鈥淒id you seriously think whatever you were planning would work?鈥
Mattheo scowled at his brother. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not like you鈥檝e tried getting with her. Why is she so difficult.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 not into like that.鈥 Tom said in a 鈥榙uh鈥 tone.
Mattheo scoffed. 鈥淎ll the girls are into me like that.鈥
Tom shook his head and laughed a little more. 鈥淣ot the one you like like that.鈥
He rolled his eyes. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 like her like that, Tommy.鈥
鈥淭hen stop going after her, because I swear on my life and hers I will make yours a living hell if you break her heart or mess around with her for kicks. Got it?鈥 Tom said sternly.
Mattheo put his hands up, a familiar teasing grin growing on his face. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not that deep, brother.鈥 And with that he walked off, another grinning glance at Tom before going straight ahead to see if he could find y/n.
He didn鈥檛 see her until school was over, when the clouds were making weird shapes up and the colors were changing from the sun going down, the black lake always looked prettiest at this time of day, which is why Mattheo chose to walk alongside it, also in hopes he鈥檇 find a weird creature in the water and draw it.
He came across y/n when he was walking back to the school, she was laying on her back, her head rested on her book bag, with a different book in her hands than she was reading hours prior. He walked over to her confidently.
鈥淗ey, gorgeous.鈥
She sighed. 鈥淲hat?鈥
He sat down beside her. 鈥淪o this is what you do after school?鈥
She rolled her eyes. 鈥淨uidditch practice was canceled today.鈥
He nodded. 鈥淭otally forgot you were on the team.鈥
She glanced at him. 鈥淚s there any reason you鈥檙e here or what?鈥
He shrugged. 鈥淛ust wanted to know how you were doing.鈥
She pulled a piece of paper put of her robe, handing it to Mattheo without looking away from her book. 鈥淵ou read that and tell me how you think I鈥檓 feeling.鈥
His eyes scanned over the paper. 鈥淎n animagus? Seriously?鈥
She shrugged. 鈥淣ow I鈥檝e got to wait for my uncle Newt to come down here and talk to me about everything.鈥
Mattheo handed the paper back. 鈥淪o you can鈥檛 go home?鈥
She shook her head. 鈥淎pparently my brothers tore up the place pretty bad and they鈥檙e trying to get it under control.鈥
鈥淪o why don鈥檛 you just stay with me and Tom?鈥
She snorted. 鈥淏ecause it鈥檚 you and Tom. I swear both of you don鈥檛 know how to not argue, especially when you鈥檙e trying to do something 鈥榠mportant鈥.鈥
Matthe scoffed. 鈥淲e do not!鈥
She raised a brow. 鈥淪o we鈥檙e just gonna play that game now?鈥
He shrugged. 鈥淚 mean鈥︹
She rolled her eyes. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e an idiot if you think you don鈥檛 argue with your brother a lot.鈥
鈥淛ust stay with us.鈥 It came out more as a plead than a suggestion, which was not Mattheo鈥檚 intention at all.
Y/n laughed. 鈥淏eg me.鈥 She joked.
He rolled his eyes. 鈥淥h, ha ha, very funny.鈥 He said sarcastically. 鈥淛ust stay with us.鈥
She glanced at him from her book. 鈥淚f I do will you go away?鈥
鈥淢aybe.鈥 He said.
She shrugged. 鈥淔ine. Just let your brother know so it鈥檚 not a surprise or anything.鈥
鈥淥kay.鈥 Mattheo got up. 鈥淒id you finish the other book?鈥 He asked, stopping himself from running off to find his brother so he could talk to y/n some more.
She looked up at him. 鈥淵es. I had most of my classes to read through it.鈥
鈥淗ow long have you had this one?鈥
鈥淪ince lunch. Why?鈥
He grinned. 鈥淣o reason, no reason.鈥
鈥淲hy?鈥 She repeated, this time sternly.
Mattheo looked down at her. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l find out.鈥 He winked at her before running off to find Tom.
When Spring break rolled around, y/n, Tom, and Mattheo went to Tom and Mattheo鈥檚 mansion they inherited when their dad mysteriously passed away.
Y/n explored a little since it was a bit of an upgrade from where the Riddle brothers were staying when she last stayed with them.
She stepped into a dark ish bedroom with lots of books. She walked over to the blinds and pushed them open so she could get a better look in the room.
鈥淚 usually like the curtains closed.鈥 Mattheo said, scaring the shit out of y/n.
She turned to him with a hand over her heart. 鈥淲arn a girl next time, Mattheo!鈥
He laughed. 鈥淪orry, sorry.鈥
She continued to look around. 鈥淵ou know, your room is the darkest one in this whole house. And the most gloomy.鈥 Her eyes landed on the bookshelves. 鈥淓xcept for the books. They鈥檙e gorgeous.鈥
He chuckled. 鈥淵ou can go ahead and take some if you want. I鈥檝e read all of them so I don鈥檛 really care.鈥
She raised a brow before laughing. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e read all these? Like actually, actually? You鈥檙e not screwing with me?鈥
He shook his head. 鈥淚s that a surprise?鈥
鈥淵es! In all the time I鈥檝e known you, I鈥檝e never seen you open a book.鈥
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 spend any time in the library.鈥 He stated. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 where I am during my free time.鈥
鈥淲hen you鈥檙e not walking around the lake.鈥 She said.
He laughed. 鈥淵ou stalking me?鈥
She rolled her eyes. 鈥淒on鈥檛 flatter yourself, Mattheo. I鈥檝e seen you walking around like a loner because I spend most of my time by the lake. It鈥檚 where some of the hot guys at our school swim so it鈥檚 a pretty good view.鈥
Mattheo clenched his jaw before letting out a forced laugh. 鈥淚 forgot you like staring at strangers who are half naked.鈥
She shrugged. 鈥淚f they鈥檙e hot, they鈥檙e hot. I gotta stare.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not like鈥 staring at them like that, are you?鈥 He laughed. 鈥淐ause that would be weird.鈥
鈥淥h, like how you look at me?鈥 She said, raising a brow as a grin pulled at her lips.
He chuckled. 鈥淣ow, darling, I think you鈥檙e just seeing things.鈥
鈥淥h?鈥 She asked, walking over to him. 鈥淪o if I were to take my sweater off you鈥檇 keep looking at my eyes?鈥
He laughed awkwardly. 鈥淲ell, I think a lot of people would look, honestly鈥︹
She raised a brow. 鈥淚f your brother was changing you鈥檇 look at his chest?鈥
He rolled his eyes. 鈥淣o. Obviously not.鈥
She nodded. 鈥淏ut you鈥檇 have a problem looking in my eyes instead of at my chest?鈥
鈥淲ell you鈥檙e not my sister so I can look.鈥
鈥淲ell now you just sound like a creep.鈥 Y/n teased.
Mattheo scowled. 鈥淲ell now you鈥檙e not being fair.鈥
鈥淥h no?鈥 She grinned, unzipping her hoodie and sliding it off her arms. 鈥淢y eyes are up here, Mattheo.鈥
鈥淪crew this.鈥 Mattheo mumbled annoyed. He cupped y/n鈥檚 face gently before pulling her in and pressing his lips against hers.
She pulled away for air after what felt like a short time period. 鈥淵ou do that to all the girls who try to take their sweater off?鈥 She asked dumbfounded.
He shook his head and laughed, his hands still cupping her face. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so blind sometimes, y/n.鈥
She raised a brow. 鈥淎nd you鈥檙e not?鈥
His eyebrows furrowed. 鈥淣o?鈥
鈥淵ou sound unsure.鈥 She teased. 鈥淏ut you are.鈥
He rolled his eyes, pulling his hands away. 鈥淵ou are more than I am.鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e been in love with you since I met you.鈥 She said quietly. 鈥淎nd you never noticed.鈥
He grinned. 鈥淪o the flirting was getting to you?鈥 He teased.
鈥淚鈥檒l cut your throat.鈥 She said quickly.
He chuckled. 鈥淚鈥檒l take my chances.鈥 He pulled her in for another kiss, pulling away when he heard footsteps getting closer to his room.
She quickly pulled back and stood by the bookshelf, getting a book off the shelf quickly. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 this one about?鈥 She asked calmly.
Matthe cleared his throat. 鈥淯h, uhm鈥 werewolves.鈥 He said after clearing his throat.
Tom knocked on the door frame. 鈥淗ey, there鈥檚 hot water on the stove right now. I鈥檝e got to stop by the market to get some more stuff for dinner. I鈥檒l be back in an hour or so.鈥
Mattheo grinned at y/n as Tom walked off to get his shoes on and leave for the market.
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ladykinrannoch 14 days ago
Reading - The tower and the heartbreak...bad pennies and getting what you deserve
I laid a general energy reading for Peggy Meggy and I have to say the next six months looks bleak.
I read with Wheel of the Year Tarot, because I am still trying to learn the symbolism in the cards, and actually the more you read with a deck the easier it becomes. Usually to read on the Harkles I need my Cosmic Tarot because that one channels psychic better for me on such difficult to read energy, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easily these card communicated today, so I must be bonding with the deck.
Underlying energy: The Tower, I don't need to say it for those that follow tarot, the Tower is crash and burn energy, sudden and catastrophic change in the life of the subject on whom we are reading. This is literally the end of the tarmac for the alliterate one. There is such bad karmic energy here now that the next six or more months are going to be a series of tremendously bad luck.
First card out is 3 Swords - the heartbreak and betrayal card, so this alludes to the pain of truth and reality setting in, it is not a nice a energy. This is literally the broken heart card. It could signal affairs, loss, emotional disappointment, business or financial losses or all of the above. Subsequent cards in the spread are the pentacles and cups, so I am refining this down to emotional and financial stress and disappointment. It could also be disappointment in relationships, backstabbing, betrayal. I am not getting infidelity energy here which is interesting. It is more like loneliness, losing friends and supporters. Feeling sorry for oneself, a bit of abandonment.
Next out is The Moon - illusions and deceit traditionally, but it also it can be a rude awakening to being enlightened. I am getting that kind of energy, like she wakes up one day and freaking realises that all the Tower energy and the abandonment by friends and supporters is her OWN fault. Now that really would be one for the books with a narc, they never take responsibility, and I doubt she will publicly, but maybe in private, she finally realises that she has cocked this up and only herself to blame.
The next two are court cards, either people or situations. I got King Pentacles, which could be Harry, earth sign Virgo and Queen of Cups, which is a Cancer or Pisces woman. I am struggling to identify who these cards represent because a King Pentacles is a reliable, trustworthy, influential man who is reliable and steadfast, this is not Harry. As this card is sitting directly above the Tower, I am reading this as a situation around steady income and reliability and stability. The Tower moment therefore could be a total crash and burn situation with finances. In wheel of the year tarot the pentacle suit is associated with autumn or fall, so I think this tower moment is coming in the fall, at the end of Summer, so anytime from mid September through November. Could it be a bankruptcy? A voluntary filing?
The next card is Queen cups, associated with spring in this deck, and of course water signs like Cancer and Pisces, so I think this heralds a terribly emotional time for Markle, and its not short lived. It lasts from October/November all through to spring, April/May. This is quite traumatic with the influence of the Tower energy and the overall situation card of 3 Swords. I am hearing, "the worst nine months of my life, ever! "
The outcome card is 6 cups, which I sometimes think of as the dronk verdriet card, loose translation from Afrikaans is drunk crying, it is a card of reminiscing over better times, being pretty down and out, no energy or desire to 'get out of your cups' or sober up.... just drinking that wine and wallowing. However this card is also a card of meeting up with old friends, talking over better days, the return of an ex-love, someone from your past making an appearance. In this case with the Tower next to this card, I am thinking that whoever turns up, is like a 'bad penny', this is not someone she wants to see. What is jumping into my head is the thought of your past coming to haunt you? This is quite synonymous with the heavy energy of the Tower that is colouring this whole reading.
I actually feel a bit sorry for her!? I am shocked that I have this emotion coming over me, this is dreadfully sad and heavy energy. But I will say it was just fleeting moment of sympathy, because my next thought is "get what you deserve."
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Among the Rain
Tumblr media
genre: angst, comfort
warning(s): past death of a family member, some angsty themes of reminiscing
w.count: 780 approx.
synopsis: time seems to amaze you even after two years, but this year, at least you're not standing in front of that memorial alone
a/n: yes hi hello this is 100% self-indulgent and like a tiny bit of a vent because im, unfortunately, feeling emotions oopies
The season was on the cusp of turning to spring, but the sky was grey and dreary. Rain fell off and on in gentle sessions, like pleasant showers of apology for the cold it brought in its wake despite the yearning for the spring warmth and its flowers.
The rain was a small drizzle as you stood in front of the stone memorial you had been visiting the last two years. You were dressed for your work, for your next mission. Your uniform was damp from the drizzle and you had left your haori behind in favor of the full blackness your uniform provided.
You feel like you've been standing in front of his grave for hours now, but in truth, you had no idea how long your feet had been planted to the stone beneath them. You were aware of when you came, but the grey sky made it difficult to determine what time it was without some sort of watch on you.
You let out a sigh and a small puff of air is expelled from the warmth of your breath hitting the chilled air. Your eyes fall close at the quiet surroundings of nothing but rain hitting earth. You feel the presence of someone joining you before you're feeling a slight amount of weight drape over your shoulders and rest on your back.
"There is quite the nasty chill in the air today," the familiar warmth of Kyojuro's voice was just as warm as the haori you know he just placed over you. You shift your arms, reaching up to grab at the hem of the long cloak as you let another breath leave your lips in the form of chilled air as you open your eyes again.
"That's true," you return. He stands behind your shoulder, not daring to stand in front of you before a gravestone he is not familiar with. The lack of distance between your body and his makes it so, even in the cold, wet weather, the warmth of his body radiates over to you like the sun peeking through clouds.
It felt nice.
"May I ask who it is you are visiting?"
"My grandmother." You blink and reread your family name carved on the gravestone. You blame the rain for your sudden blurry vision. "She passed two years ago, and I haven't visited her as much as I wish."
"I am sure she understands." Kyojuro moves his gaze from the memorial up to the sky which shows no sign of clearing up anytime soon. He frowns at the clouds like they've offended him. "It is unfortunate the rain doesn't seem to be ceasing."
You shake your head and a small, pitiful smile crosses your face. Kyojuro looks back to you with... something in his eyes.
"No. My grandmother rather liked rainy days. They calmed her a lot." You scoff at yourself as you recall memories. "When she took care of me and it would rain, she would often read to me. That's why I think she'd really like that it's raining today."
"She raised you then?"
"Sort of. My parents often were busy, so when they weren't around I was with her. And when they decided that they no longer loved each other," you clear your throat and cut yourself off. "Well, it's self-explanatory."
"I see."
It's silent again. From your shoulder you see Kyojuro stare at the same stone you have been before he's closing his eyes. Your own eyes widen a fraction at seeing him pay respects to a woman he had never met before her passing.
This time you blamed Kyojuro for the stinging sensation plaguing your eyes. When he opens his eyes again, your staring off into space- looking at nothing but still looking at something. He can see the few stray tears slip down your cheek among the raindrops but says nothing of them.
Instead, he lifts his hand and places it atop your head.
"I know it is not the best time, but the rain will worsen soon. We should be heading somewhere to wait it out." You nod under his palm and go to remove his haori from your shoulders, but he gently pushes it back up. "Keep it. Just for a little while."
When you finally look at him fully, he's smiling at you just like he always is. You turn your back to the gravestone before Kyojuro is lifting his hand from your head and instead now offering it out to you.
"We will come back and visit again very soon. Perhaps if the weather is nicer, we can bring a book and read to her." You place your hand in his as he squeezes it reassuringly and you swallow the lump in your throat.
You nod and squeak out a small response. "Yes, that sounds nice."
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omg-just-peachy a month ago
馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ if you feel up to it, I would love photographs + morning light for stevtony鉁
ahhh this is pretty old anon, i'm sorry, but i thought this would be perfect for a small ficlet for steve's birthday!
"I'm going to sleep like the dead," Steve says, muffling back at yawn. He rests his head against Tony's shoulder and smiles fondly. Tony looks halfway to sound asleep himself, right here in the kitchen.
"What were we thinking, partying all night? We're no spring chickens," Tony groans. Steve follows him with his eyes, watching as he takes in the detritus of the birthday party the team had thrown for him today. Well, yesterday, technically, but it still feels like his birthday, sitting here with Tony in the quiet of the morning, the sun just peeking up at them over the horizon.
"Hey," Steve teases, poking Tony in the side. "Speak for yourself."
Tony grins at him. "Of the two of us, which one is over one hundred years old?"
"Technicality," Steve says, and yawns again.
Tony knocks their knees together and looks at him. "Did you have a nice day, sweetheart?" He asks, and Steve knows this matters to him, knows Tony really wants the answer. He's like that with everyone he cares about, of course, but especially Steve.
"Yeah," Steve says, smiling. "I really did."
The party had hardly been a huge, intentionally all-night affair: just the team, Buck and Sam, and Peter and MJ. It's just that it had been so long since they'd all been together, it was like none of them wanted to be the first to all it a night. So they just... hadn't.
They didn't call it, didn't stop talking and laughing and pouring drinks and sodas and picking at Steve's giant birthday cake until around 5:00 AM, when MJ announced that she would literally expire if she didn't sleep right then.
The rest of them had trickled out slowly after that, all of them hugging onto Steve longer than they normally would, even Nat, like they wanted the night and his birthday to last just that much longer.
Now, though, with everyone gone, it just Steve and Tony in the kitchen of their sprawling lake house, and the soft, early morning light melting in through the sheer curtains.
"Hey," Tony says, sifting through the mess on the table. "Look at these." He holds up a stack of Polaroid photos that had been taken over the course of the night.
First, a picture of Nat and Steve, grinning hugely, arms slung around each other.
Next, Bruce, Peter, and Tony, each of them holding up a peace sign and smiling widely.
There's photos of Peter and Mj, Nat and Clint, one of the entire team together that makes Steve smile.
The last one is of himself and Tony, though it's clear neither knew it was being taken. They're sitting much like they are now, pressed in close, heads bent together, and they're smiling, looking for all the world like it's just the two of them alone in the room.
Steve feels his throat go tight suddenly, looking at all the pictures. He really did have the best day. He has the best husband, friends... more like family, now, he thinks warmly.
"Can I keep these?" Steve asks, grabbing the group shot and the photo of him and Tony.
"Of course," Tony says, leaning in and kissing him, long and slow and warm. "Now, let's go to bed, you're too old to be up this late."
Steve just smiles and shakes his head, lets Tony lead them to bed.
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aquagirl1978 5 months ago
Dear Diary - Comte de St. Germain x Reader x Vlad (Ikemen Vampire)
Tumblr media
A/N: This is my gift to @tiny-wooden-robot in the Ikevamp Gift Exchange - I hope you enjoy it. Thank you to @ikemenlibrary for organizing the fun event!
Pairing: Comte de St. German x Reader x Vlad
Prompt: angsty love triangle
Warnings: angst, Comte's real name, a little bit spicy towards the end
Tumblr media
Dear Diary,
Earlier today, I ran into my friend with the flower cart. His name is Vlad. He seems so kind and sweet, and he has the gentlest smile...
鈥淗ello again!鈥 a familiar voice called out.
It was a beautiful sunny day; you were so distracted looking at all the pretty flowers in bloom that you almost didn鈥檛 notice your new friend standing in his usual spot with his colorful cart filled with flowers.
鈥淰lad!鈥 A genuine smile spread on your lips upon recognizing him. 鈥淲hat a pleasant surprise.鈥
鈥淭he pleasure is all mine.鈥 His gaze flicked downwards to the flowers on his cart, clearly searching for one in particular. 鈥淎h, for you,鈥 he announced, proudly producing a single stem bearing a creamy yellow rose. He trimmed its end, and tucked it behind your ear, his fingers gently brushing your hair, barely ghosting your skin.
鈥淭here,鈥 he said quietly as he stepped back, smiling proudly. 鈥淚t鈥檚 perfect. Matches the yellow in your shirt. Though, it鈥檚 nowhere near as lovely as you are.鈥
You returned his smile; an unfamiliar heat uncurling in your belly. He鈥檚 just a friend, you reminded yourself. Who happened to give you flowers each time he saw you? Who also happened to pay you nice compliments.
What if I鈥檇 like him to be more than just a friend?
Dear Diary,
Tonight, I have another ball to attend with Comte 鈥 as his partner, of course. I know it鈥檚 likely not possible, but part of me wishes Vlad would be at the ball. I know he鈥檚 just a man who owns a flower cart, but the more time I spend with him, the more I want to be around him.
鈥淢a cherie, what鈥檚 troubling you?鈥 Comte asked while offering you a glass of champagne.
鈥淭hank you,鈥 you replied, accepting the drink. You took a sip, and sighed while your gaze was fixed on the crowds of people dancing. A small part of you searching, hoping to see a certain white head of hair floating amongst them.
He took your hand in his, forcing you to acknowledge him. 鈥淚s this because I told you...鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 you interrupted him before he could finish. You couldn鈥檛 bear to hear him say those words again 鈥 I'll never fall in love again. Especially not with a human. Forget these feelings now. Gazing into those deep pools of amber gold, a warmth you wish you could get lost in, but you won鈥檛. You can鈥檛. Swallowing those feelings, pushing them away just as he had asked you to, you feigned a quick laugh. 鈥淚t鈥檚 my shoes. They鈥檙e new and they鈥檙e hurting my feet.鈥
He smiled, somewhat relieved. 鈥淚s that all? Let鈥檚 go sit down so you can rest.鈥
You weren鈥檛 positive but you felt a flicker of sadness or maybe disappointment flashed through his eyes.
Dear Diary,
I think I am falling for Vlad... I am finding more and more reasons to volunteer for shopping trips, looking for various excuses as to why I need to leave the mansion.
Why couldn鈥檛 Comte talk to me like Vlad does? Touch me like he does?
鈥淎 flower for the lady.鈥
Vlad presented you this time with a long-stemmed pink rose. Bringing it to your nose, you savored its sweet scent. He smiled at you gently. 鈥淭he rose matches the blush on your cheeks.鈥
Averting your gaze, something stirred inside, tugging at your heart. While your frustration at Comte remained, you could feel it softening, melting like the last of winter鈥檚 snow, spring鈥檚 flowers ready to fill its space.
With his thumb under your chin, Vlad tilted your face up to meet his. 鈥淲hy do you look so troubled?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 a long story,鈥 you stammered. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to be a bother.鈥
鈥淎m I not your friend? Come,鈥 he offered his elbow to you. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go sit over there.鈥
It would feel good to get some of this frustration off your chest, you admitted to yourself. Maybe not the best thing to discuss with a man you might have feelings for, but, as you gazed into Vlad鈥檚 crimson eyes... he was such a gentle soul. It couldn鈥檛 hurt to open up to him.
And open up you did.
As soon as you reached the park bench, you spilled everything 鈥 ok, maybe not everything. You kept the fact that you were from a different time hidden. As well as the fact that the residents of the mansion were all vampires. But the parties, the shopping trips, the dances 鈥 oh, the dances, especially that last dance 鈥 were all shared.
鈥淗e鈥檚 a fool,鈥 Vlad murmured softly. 鈥淒oes he have no idea of the treasure that lies before him?鈥
鈥淚 know. You should join me for dinner one night.鈥
Dear Diary,
Tomorrow, I'm meeting Vlad for dinner. I haven鈥檛 been this excited in some time...
There was a knock at your door.
You were seated at your vanity table, fussing with your hair, trying to decide how to style it for your... What exactly was tomorrow night, a date?
A flaxen haired head appeared through a crack in the door. 鈥淢a cherie, do you have a moment?鈥
You nodded, a small smile gracing your lips. It had been some time since Comte had visited you like this.
He stood awkwardly while you remained seated. Looking up at him, his expression was unreadable.
"There鈥檚 a ball tomorrow night. I know it鈥檚 short notice, but...鈥 His honey eyes glanced down at you; a familiar warmth dared to uncurl itself in your belly. 鈥淚 was hoping you could join me?鈥
Sighing deeply, you wrung your hands in your lap. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, but I already made plans for tomorrow.鈥
鈥淪o, the rumors are true,鈥 he asked, a hint of disappointment dripping from his voice.
Returning your gaze to the vanity mirror, you adjusted the clip in your hair.
鈥淵es,鈥 you replied plainly.
鈥淚 see.鈥 His hands hovered over your shoulders; his touch never coming though. Instead, they fell to fists at his sides.
鈥淚 hope he knows what a treasure you are,鈥 he whispered before escorting himself from your room, his parting words haunting you.
Dear Diary,
Tonight, I am meeting Vlad for dinner at his house. I haven鈥檛 been this nervous or excited in so long.
The carriage Vlad had sent for you dropped you off at a castle 鈥 your breath suspended for a moment in awe, you felt as if you had stepped through the pages of a fairy tale.
You popped your head quickly back in the carriage. 鈥淎re you sure 鈥 ?鈥
The driver nodded. 鈥淎bsolutely sure. This is where they told me to bring you.鈥 And with that, he snapped the reigns and was off; all that remained was a cloud of dust in front of you.
鈥淭hey?鈥 You sighed, looking up at the imposing castle once more before glancing around the front where two figures stood in the shadows.
鈥淵ou made it!鈥 one said cheerfully, a bright smile adorned his pretty face.
There was a stern man next to him, a grimace graced his face. 鈥淒on鈥檛 mind him,鈥 he said curtly. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l find him in the garden that way.鈥 He pointed to a gate; its arbor covered in dozens of red climbing roses.
You nodded your thanks to them, and proceeded to open the gate. On the other side was the most magnificent flower garden you had ever seen. In the middle of the garden was a man dressed in a regal black, cloak billowing behind him, his back facing you. The head of snow-white hair was unmistakable though.
鈥淰lad?鈥 Your voice was a low whisper, not wanting to disturb the peace that surrounded this flower sanctuary.
He turned around slowly, that familiar, tender smile on his lips. You gasped; you were so used to seeing Vlad dressed in a plain shirt and apron, he was almost unrecognizable in this fancy garb. He looked so different; if you didn鈥檛 know any better, you鈥檇 think he was a prince.
He took your hands in his, his gentle eyes gazing at you and only you. 鈥淚 am so glad you came tonight.鈥
You returned his smile, admiring how the moonlight lit up his face. Much of your nervousness gone, your body relaxed, a welcomed warmth filled your body.
He brought his hands to your face, cupping your cheeks. 鈥
His words filled you with a warmth you didn鈥檛 know was possible.
Embraced under the moonlight, Vlad dipped his head, his lips brushing against yours. He tasted sweet, like strawberries. A soft sigh fell from your lips as his lips captured yours in a hungry kiss. Tangling your hands in his hair, you pulled him closer, deepening the kiss, allowing his tongue entrance into your warm mouth.
Trembling, he soon broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours, cradling the back of your head, gently stroking your hair.
鈥淵ou are the most beautiful flower that ever drifted onto my path.鈥
You smiled at his words, a small part of you wondering if he was the most beautiful flower in your path.
Dear Diary,
Comte has been distant ever since our discussion the night before my date with Vlad. He was a gentleman, and politely asked how my evening went, but refrained from asking for any details. I can鈥檛 help but feel a slight chill whenever he is around. And despite that, I also cannot help noticing his eyes lingering on me, especially when he thinks I am not looking.
鈥淚 hate to ask, but I was hoping you could go to the market alone today. I have some things here that I need to attend to.鈥
鈥淥f course, Sebas. I can manage on my own.鈥 You took the list of items needed from his hand; a thankful smile spread on his lips.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l find the carriage ready for you out front.鈥
Grabbing your bag, you skipped off, your mind wandering to Vlad 鈥 maybe he will be out with his flower cart today. Humming to yourself, you were distracted with your thoughts so much that you didn鈥檛 see the man standing by the carriage.
鈥淲aaaah!鈥 you yelped when you bumped into the familiar figure. 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry, Comte. I wasn鈥檛 expecting to see you, or much less anyone else out here now.鈥
鈥淢y apologies, ma cherie. I hope you don鈥檛 mind, but Sebas told me you鈥檇 be traveling alone today, and I was wondering if we could go together?鈥 A glimmer of hope flashed in his golden gaze as he held his hand out to yours.
鈥淚 would like that, thank you.鈥 Your hopes of seeing Vlad now dashed 鈥 how could you wander off to meet him with Comte in tow? 鈥 you took his hand as he helped you step into the carriage.
Thankful the ride was short and not completely awkward, you arrived at your destination sooner than you expected. Wandering through the stalls, you had one eye on the lookout for Vlad 鈥 that would be the only thing that could make this excursion any more awkward.
鈥淢a cherie, have you seen such beautiful flowers?鈥
Your body filled with dread as you turned, and found Comte standing before an empty but familiar flower cart. Your legs moved slowly, as if encased in concrete. Of all the flower carts to be out today...
You quickly glanced around the vicinity 鈥 no sign of Vlad, so that was a good thing.
Or so you thought.
鈥淗ello, Abel,鈥 a familiar voice called out.
Who鈥檚 Abel?
You spun around and glanced at Comte, a rare anger flashing in his narrowed eyes.
鈥淰lad.鈥 His voice was controlled, but laced with ice; a chill filled you to your bones.
鈥淚sn鈥檛 this awkward,鈥 Vlad said as his eyes met yours, that gentle smile you鈥檝e come to love still on his lips as he pieced together that you and Comte 鈥 or rather, Abel 鈥 were shopping together. Vlad turned to his flower card, humming softly as he selected a flower. 鈥淔or the lady.鈥 In his hand was a long-stemmed red rose.
You accepted the flower, not entirely sure what to do in this situation, as Comte glared daggers at the delicate bloom. Glancing between the two men, you chewed on your lower lip as you twirled the rose in your fingers.
Comte stretched his arm out in front of you, protecting you. 鈥淲hat do you want, Vlad?鈥 Vlad simply stood there, staring into your eyes, smiling softly at you. Comte turned to you.
鈥淢a cherie.鈥 His eyes met yours; there was an unmistakable waver in his voice. 鈥淗ow do you know him?鈥
Vlad chuckled. 鈥淲e鈥檙e friends. She came to my home the other night for dinner.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 where you went the other evening....鈥 The look Comte gave you tugged at you deeply 鈥 he wasn鈥檛 mad at you, he was heartbroken. You sighed loudly, wishing you could be anywhere else but here.
鈥淪he鈥檚 one of my residents, Vlad.鈥
鈥淚 know,鈥 Vlad replied. You blinked; a chill crawled down your spine, your head felt dizzy. How, when did he know?
鈥淪tay away, Vlad.鈥 Comte鈥檚 voice was a low growl; you had never before heard him speak to anyone like this before. Not only did it make you jump in your spot, an unexpected warmth flooded your heart.
鈥淪he can make up her own mind, Abel.鈥
You looked to each man, your fingers still clutching the rose.
鈥淢a cherie?鈥 Comte鈥檚 hand is outstretched, his golden eyes warm and welcoming, inviting you to come by his side.
Vlad鈥檚 hand was also outstretched. His gentle, tender smile beckoning you to be with him.
You closed your eyes tightly, your heart screaming one name. The answer was clear, and it brought a happy tear to your eye.
Dear Diary,
I love him. I love him so much.
The morning sun poured in through the windows, birds sang their sweet morning melodies, and you woke up in the bed of your lover, warm and embraced in his arms.
鈥淕ood morning,鈥 you whispered, your voice still sleepy. Leaning over to give him a kiss, he tangled his hands in your hair, pulling you closer.
鈥淢hmmm,鈥 he hummed. 鈥淕ood morning, ma cherie. What do you want to do today?鈥
鈥淐an we just lay here all day?鈥
He kissed the crown of your head and pulled you closer in his embrace. 鈥淎nything you want.鈥
You nuzzled into his chest, unable to remember the last time you felt this completely happy.
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