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#it's the infantilization of east asians for me
chaimtealatte · 9 months ago
posting a tiktok here bc she really said it all!!!
edit: i don't have very many followers so i didn't expect this to get any notes or anything but now it is! and it's mostly from terfs! and i want them to know: FUCK YOU. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. MY BLOG IS NOT FOR YOU. GET OFF.
Tumblr media
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avatarnerdkiller · a year ago
its rly uncomfortable tbh esp since we see so much of fandom doing meta and appreciation posts and fanart of the rest of the gaang, esp zuko, and katara and zuko have largely similar personalities yet i get this vibe from the fandom here that ppl dont really like katara or dont want to acknowledge her too much, bc she is consistently the one excluded. why? why are you excluding the only brown girl? why do you only associate her with violence and project homophobia onto her lmfao? rly examine tht
I feel the same way. I love Zuko, he's a great character. But i constantly see this "soft baby uwu" treatment of Zuko-excusing all of his behavior, making him seem LESS violent & aggressive than he is in canon EVEN AFTER he's redeemed, etc etc-while i see people having ZERO patience for Katara and her faults or darker emotions, all the while exaggerating them. I hate it so much. Especially since Katara is extremely conscientious and compassionate & her aggressiveness and recklessness only come out when a) she's standing up for victims b) the situation is forcing her to consider her trauma either implicitly or explicitly or c) when she's understandably aggravated.
Why isn't she relatable enough for this fandom to hc her as LGBT like they do with everyone else? Why do i see people attributing all these negative stereotypes about brown women to her? And jfc why do people ACTUALLY BELIEVE she'd be a homophobe... i know it was originally a joke bc of how implausible it would be in canon but i see Katara haters piggy back off it so frequently it's irritating
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zuoqiuming · 2 years ago
I hope this doesn't sound rude but what are you okay with being called I know cute is not okay just wondering?
uh, handsome? hot? pretty, i suppose? there are... a lot of descriptors other than cute dfjfjfjg
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alien-outpost · 11 months ago
let’s talk about racism in the danmei fandom
alright so originally i wrote this for twitter, but i felt like tumblr could benefit from it too. today we're finally getting the long awaited "deconstruction of racism in the danmei fandom" post. and lemme preface this by saying- i'm chinese-american. i'm nblm. i do, in fact, have the cultural and historical background to know what i am talking about. so let's get into it. 
this is gonna be a long post, because we have a lot to talk about. first, racism doesn't have to be as blatant as calling me a chink, or saying all asians look the same, or not wanting to consume asian media, or making ching chong jokes.racism can be as subtle towards asians as it can towards any other race. if you think i shouldn't have to say that, join the club, bc same. 
second, racism towards asians, especially in the west, has a long history of being overlooked and accepted. now, let's talk about how racism dictates some of the takes you see in the fandom. firstly, what originally inspired this thread- the mxtx rumors and the jokes being made about her and censorship. now, obvs some ppl are gonna say that they were just jokes made in poor taste. and, sure. but they were jokes made in poor taste, steeped in racism. the jokes being made about mxtx going to jail happen bc ppl do not view her as a real person. not rlly. she’s an author, sure, the author of one of their favorite novels, but she’s not, like. a person with thoughts and feelings and a life. and that sort of casual lack of humanhood and agency given to danmei authors is rooted in the severely racist dehumanization of asians that’s prevalent in the west. this is something that can be seen other places, too- a good example being when parasite was notably nominated for every oscar category *except* the acting ones. 
it's this lack of personhood, this lack of agency, that allows ppl to have takes like "censorship isn't actually bad, and here's why". yes, this is a real take that i saw. this take argues that the cql is better than mdzs, bc it is "softer and less graphic". in general, a lot of ppl have the take that mxtx's works in particular are too graphic, with problematic sexual elements. now, i've talked before about how that's a homophobic take bc gay relationships should also be allowed to be messy. but it's also deeply entrenched in racism. it's why white gays can have the take "this is Problematique and here's why" and claim it's not homophobic. 
racism against asians has long since created a trend of sexualizing them- thinking asian men are sexy while also removing their sexual agency. asian men can be sexy, but they can't actually *have sex*. not explicitly. there's a historical, real world element to this. "not fats no femmes no asians" could definitely be seen on ppls grindr profiles, back in the day. asians can be sexy, sure. look at kpop boys. but they can't be sexual. they’re infantilized. they have to remain pure and wholesome, or they're dragged as problematic and homophobic and fetishizing, a word that's thrown around so often it's practically lost meaning. fetishizing is my ex-bf telling me i'm sexy bc* i'm asian, it’s bl/yaoi fans approaching a gay couple on the bus and gushing over how "cute and yaoi they are." fetishizing is *not* showing your 2 male main charas having explicit sex. if it is, then every white fan in danmei is fetishizing asians. 
but i digress- back to the point about racism. the fact that ppl can argue about censorship shows that they, as a whole, aren't considering the ramifications of censorship on the literal country it exists in, and it's citizens. i, obvs, do not live in china. but i've got relatives who do, and who did. i've got relatives who fled china. not everything is about you and the media you want to consume. and then, of course, there's the casual racism. the everyday racism. the racism that lies in things like saying all the names are too similar and it's hard to keep track of them. the racism in saying things like "i'm just here to have fun,,,like sure, i'd persevere through dostoevsky, but this is danmei", as if danmei is somehow inferior, as if danmei isn't meant to be critically engaged with, as if danmei doesn’t tackle and critically explore some of the deepest and darkest issues. 
asian media is often presented that way, from kung fu movies to danmei. there is a type of racism, of eurocentrism, that exists in the belief that western media has deeper, more engaging morals. asian media is more "fun". asian media is almost entirely based on morals and deep thought, it's just not based in western ones. for example, two of my favorite authors are haruki murakami and kazuo ishiguro. both are japanese authors, who's works i've heard westerners describe as weird and without a point, when in fact they are simply telling stories with innately eastern asian morals and teachings. it's the same type of racism that causes ppl to make jokes about asian food, to not view it as a craft the same way they do french food. it's asian- it must be "less than", be inferior, be inherently not worth as much. 
casual racism about asians is normalized, which isn't a word i use often. it’s normalized to the point where ppl don’t even realize they have that sort of implicit bias, and we know ppl don’t rlly come on the internet to think critically. but unintentional racism is still racism. it still has an impact, still does damage. ppl need to think intentionally and critically in how they consume and interact with media not made for them, but they don’t, instead choosing to come in with their preexisting biases, and bc of that, it's easy for fandom members to dismiss the cultural concerns of chinese ppl within the fandom. it's easy, for example, to say "calling them martial brothers is incest apologism", ignoring the inherent cultural roots of martial brothers. 
now, we're gonna get in to the current "drama". i do not ship chengxian. i think that even bears repeating. i Do Not ship chengxian. i have written them, in a modern au, as adopted brothers. but there is a real historical and culture relevance to the idea of martial brothers, of community, that westerners willfully refuse to hear, claiming instead that "you're disregarding adopted families!" no. that's not what's happening at all. what's happening is ppl are refusing to look at their own, western bias, and placing western values on an eastern idea. community raising of children, community family bonds without being adopted families, is important in east asian culture. there is a long history of community being whats important, and ppl don't get that you can be a "communal/community family" without being considered familial. jyl choosing to view wwx as her brother, bc he is a martial brother, and chengxian being in love, are things that can technically coexist. whether or not you choose to perceive them as such, refusing to acknowledge the real history of martial brothers, and scremaing "incest apologism" whenever someone tries to explain it, is inherently racist. it's you assuming you know my culture better than me. it's you assuming your western ideas are the only ones that exist. which is, at its core, the basis for most racism in the danmei fandom. 
most racism in the danmei fandom comes from this idea that casual racism against asians isn't *really* racism, and therefore asians don't *really* get to have a say, and it shouldn't matter anyway bc we're lucky you're even engaging with danmei, with asian content, since it's shallow and inferior anyway. the racism comes from a place of moral superiority, of ownership, of this assumption that westerners are entitled to not just consume danmei but also bring their western lens and apply it to something that was never written for them in the first place.
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writingwithcolor · 7 months ago
Iam wanting to write a story about a girl who has asthma, a learning disability and is considered by society to be less than average. She is also a little over weight. When she has been given immortality other immortals shun her and want her dead. To escape from this she goes to a martial arts temple in China. She is also an American. I was wondering how I could incorporate both cultures in my story?
Overweight Chinese American girl with asthma & learning disability, martial arts, & China
Disclaimer: I’ve written this response assuming that the main character herself is Chinese or Chinese-American. 
Some stuff I’d like to discuss point-by-point:
Being an Asthmatic
Asthmatics don’t exactly have the best representation in media, so I’m worried about a non-Asthmatic writing a story where the main conflict is centered around the MC’s method of coping with ableism.
Especially considering how we’re portrayed as stereotypical nerds/geeks for not being absolute athletes (haha maybe because pushing ourselves that far will literally result in an asthma attack-)
I have a feeling that in addition to the point where Chinese people are already stereotyped as nerds, having her be asthmatic as well does mean you’ll have to be more careful in how you present her. We already have the whole “model minority, East Asian = nerd” thing going for us.
Being “overweight”
America’s definition of “overweight” looks different for all kinds of people! 
Someone who’s statistically considered “overweight” by American standards might pass as being “average” (in American standards once again) and vice-versa! The existence of the word actually insinuates the existence of an ideal weight-- pretty fatphobic.
If you mean to say that she’s fat, chubby, and/or plump, then do so. Don’t dance around the term just because it’s deemed ‘undesirable’ by our Eurocentric beauty standards. 
(Additionally, being chubby is associated with the nerd trope as well. More to watch out when developing her character.)
Mod Rune mentions the specific way you’ve phrased how as a result of her being overweight and asthmatic, she’s “considered by society to be less than average” and she’s shunned/wanted dead specifically for these two reasons.
Being disabled =/= incompetency or being less than an abled person. Once again, an OwnVoices situation would make sense; However I would still worry about infantilizing Asthmatic/chubby people this way.
The plot… oof.
I’m worried that your method of combating the already-delicate conflict (that she’s looking for a way to cope with her feelings of inadequacy induced by ableism/fatphobia), is pretty insulting. You specifically word her trip to China as an “escape” which I feel could have a much better reason-- your excuse as is sounds to lead into a story of “refinding myself at the home of my birth culture” or something like that- especially with the fact that she’ll be doing this at a martial arts temple. A very cultural aspect of China.
Martial Arts?
That being said; Even though a Chinese martial artist does feel rather stereotypical, it does help with asthma (source: me and Taekwondo)
Specifically, according to this study from NCBI on the correlation between asthmatic children and Taichichuan, results have shown that “12 weeks of Tai-Chi-Chuan could improve the pulmonary function, decrease airway inflammation, and improve quality of life in children with mild asthma”.
However Northern Shaolin, Hung Ga, Wing Chun, and other Chinese forms of martial arts could work as well! Please do research on the specific techniques and differentiate between them. Appropriating Chinese martial arts on top of the fact that it’s already rather tropey- very bad.
A different plot?
Perhaps don’t send her off to China to quote, "escape from how other [immortals shun her and want her dead]". 
I think a better motivation for this change in landscape would be “She wanted to train to get stronger and improve her health with how it was negatively impacted because of her asthma.” 
The thing with a lot of disabled people is that-- we don’t want to have to “keep up” with abled people. We don’t want to need to take all these extra measures just to be able to function ‘normally’ (or at least the one defined by society). I feel that the motives in your original plot panders to that idea that she must get stronger or else she’ll never be accepted by the other immortals. A Chinese-American asthmatic myself, I’d much rather see her self-worth measured through her own growth as an individual than how well she ‘fits in’ with non-asthmatics.
Marika mentions that people also often do martial arts for culturally-relevant exercise-- so this could also be a way for her to reconnect with her birth culture.
Sophia also mentions that being overweight has little on one’s skills as a martial artist; So it shouldn’t be used as an argument as to why someone shouldn’t be taking on a certain expertise. (Seconded, as someone who did kendo: some of the better kendoka were overweight and had more precision than I did --Jess)
Incorporating TCK Culture:
Look for stuff written by actual Chinese-American third-culture kids!
Every little part of life- from the stories parents tell their kids before bed to the kind of food we eat daily- is 100% influenced by both our caregivers and the community we live in. For me personally, we’d have hotpot dinners with other Asian families during the Lunar New Year and I’d typically be sent to Chinese school on Sundays as well. 
Mods Jess and Lesya touch up on some TCK elements in this ask as well! (Wanting to Learn More About Culture Because of Chinese Name) However your MC celebrates her cultures will also depend on how assimilated into America her family is.
Like I said earlier: look for materials that Chinese-American TCKs and immigrants have written! There’s no better way to learn about certain customs than getting them from the actual source.
My ending thoughts!
These are honestly traits that I’d love to see more, as an asthmatic Chinese-American myself who has done martial arts in the past, haha.
Be extra careful when a ton of your character’s traits are found in East Asian (Chinese) caricatures! Be sure to flesh her out as a three-dimensional character as this description that you’ve given us (regarding her conflict) makes me go >.>-- I don’t like it as is.
Give her motivations for herself that aren’t purely to conform to others (per the submissive Asian girl trope). Having a bullied Asian girl does feel like it plays into this, so please don’t have her measure her worth as an individual based off of the standards set by abled people!
Do tons of research on Chinese martial arts! Marika mentions huge points below that I want you to consider when giving her a specific speciality-- just saying “a martial arts temple” doesn’t cut it. 
(As always, any reader feedback/additions would be appreciated!)
~ Mod Emme
These are my thoughts as someone who has practiced various styles of Chinese martial arts. 
While the quality of the instructor and the student’s efforts are crucial, I think you need to be clear on the following:
The style of martial arts your character will be doing
Their physical limitations
The type of learning disability they have. 
Different fighting styles suit the limitations of different body types in different ways
A person who is overweight may find styles with explosive movements that put weight on vulnerable joints like the knees to be painful. Styles that favor stable stances may be more feasible than those that emphasize movements with lots of air time, crouching and jumping.
A person who is inflexible will need a style that encourages them to keep limber to avoid getting hurt.
A person with diminished lung capacity will need a style that safely challenges their endurance.
Different learning disabilities might make certain styles more or less difficult to learn
ADHD may favor fast fighting styles with complex move sets and a wide variety of weapons.
Issues associated with memory retention may make styles that emphasize sparring easier than those that focus on memorizing forms
Make no mistake, the culture of a style will be as much of a consideration for your character as the Chinese and American cultural influences. Do your research, and inquire with practitioners as to what styles would work well for your characters. 
The tumblr blog How to Fight Write would likely be a good resource on the physical logistics of different styles. 
- Marika
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kookie-min-monster · 8 months ago
Hello! So, I've been following you for a few months and this is my first non-anon ask so please go easy on me if what I say is stupid! I really don't mean to attack or shade anyone. But I've noticed something coming into the fandom (I'm a baby army) that I'm not sure how to feel about. This doesn't really have anything to do with jikooks bond, but I thought you could maybe help me out with this.
So, BTS are very very often compared to something/called cute. I'm on Twitter a lot, it's my main source of BTS information, and there are so many people comparing the members to cute animals, drawing them in a cute way, etc. And many times that's actually really cute and I enjoy seeing that. The members ARE cute sometimes, especially JM likes to act cute. But sometimes the amount of if it makes me kind of uncomfortable because it seems like many fans actually see them as these babies in a way? Many, in my opinion, kind of take it too far and forget that they're actually grown ass men and not these vulnerable, helpless little kids who have to do everything bh tells them to and who need to be protected because they can't protect themselves (the tkker conspiracy of bh forcing tkk to hide depends a lot on that mindeset). It sometimes feels like many actually think JK is just the maybe a bit dumb maknae (saying he doesn't know the lyrics of a song for gcf for example) and JM is weak and can't defend himself. Maybe I'm just on the wrong side of twitter, and I also don't know if that's just my perception and I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Also, just to make it clear: calling members cute is not what I'm criticizing, just when that's the only side of them that people see. I could write an essay on how that might be because BTS often aren't what the west considers to be "manly" and therefor get taken less seriously by some (like women often are), but this ask is already too long. What do you think about this? Am i making sense? 😬 Thank you in advance!
Hi @greta0809 ! Thanks for the Ask.
I do know exactly what you’re talking about it, and I think it’s a multifaceted issue for us to consider. Here’s Suga doing some aegyo to get us going, lol.
Tumblr media
Aegyo 애교 is the Korean cultural phenomenon of acting cute. It can be flirtatious, a way to show affection to family or friends, or perhaps even to get what you want. Aegyo behaviours are a big part of Kpop; you may have noticed this, and usually, it’s the maknae (youngest) of each group who is most encouraged to display adorable aegyo.
I bet you’ve noticed how much JK and JM profess to hate doing aegyo, especially JK. He often outright refuses, and when they’ve done variety performances, he shies away from it as much as he can. A lot of people hate aegyo!
But, what you are getting at extends beyond the concept of aegyo, which is part and parcel of life as a kpop idol and to some extent a normal aspect of Korean culture. I think what is irking you is infantilization: seeing these adult men as helpless babies or children who can neither take care of themselves or make their own decisions.
Some fan art is accused of supporting infantalization because of the use of chibis (those cute, big-headed baby drawings). Chibis are an art style and shouldn’t be blamed for people babying grown men. People who can’t separate art from reality have serious issues to contend with.
Western prejudice against East Asian men certainly plays a role in this infantalization. Many westerners don't understand aegyo, nor do they take the time to understand anything about Korean culture. KM bloggers see this all the time via our Asks on Tumblr. The same questions come in all the time about affection between same-sex friends. Anyone who reads about the culture (or takes the time to read this blog or many others like it) wouldn’t need to ask the question.
Because Western media doesn’t tell stories where East Asian people are desirable protagonists, many Westerners are inundated with racist tropes or ‘stock characters’ that paint East Asians as derisible. Then, when this western audience stumbles into Kpop, they see things like aegyo and the differences in beauty standards, they still ‘other’ East Asians instead of understanding the culture and seeing performers as humans, not cute, sexless fantasy dolls.
As an immature fan, infantalization solves a lot of problems. It means they don’t need to understand the performers’ personalities and can write off anything they don’t like as the work of the “evil” record label. It removes any form of responsibility from them, and I guess that makes it safer to like them. They can do no wrong this way. But, this is not reality. Humans make mistakes.
One of BH’s greatest challenges for the next few years will be successfully aging the brand so that they can retain their fans (vs. constantly getting new 14-18 yr old fans) and appeal to a wider audience. They also need to age the brand so that content will be fun for the performers as well as the viewers. BTS are not children anymore and they’re also part of the 1%. Some content simply will not work anymore.
So, I share your frustrations Anon. But, I do think that if you work on it, you can find a better experience with other adult fans. Tumblr is a great place to find like-minded adult fans. People here are interested in having conversations, not in clout or gaining followers. I deleted my Twt acct because I found it far too toxic. Also, I found it impossible to convey nuanced ideas on Twt.
One thing that will give you hope: I think that the guys (and the label) are already aging the brand as we speak. The content since the BE release feels more mature and intimate. There is less social media activity. And, JHope recently went on WeVerse and talked about wanting to go on Home Alone, a really great variety show that showcases the lifestyles of notable people. In order to be on it, you must live alone. So, what does that tell you? He lives alone. You don’t have six roommates and say you want to go on Home Alone, lol. [Sidenote: Home Alone features a lot of kpop idols. If you want to see these performers as people, I’d recommend it. It’s not about glamour!]
Also Run BTS, this week and last, was again focused on the ‘win to go home early’ goal. This is not a togetherness vibe; this is a reminder that these men are at work and have lives outside of work. This is a fun and not too subtle way to appeal to an audience who relates to work-life balance struggles. Also, it allowed us to see, yet again, that KM share at least some of their private life together. They were the only ones waiting for one another. If they don’t live together, they clearly had plans to do something because it’s a) a pandemic so there are only certain places you can go (home/gym ?) b) you wouldn’t wait that long just to share a car for twenty minutes or so. All the other members ran out of the office like it was on fire. Doesn’t that say a lot? Tae was slightly devastated he had to stay and do the dominoes, and KM helped him (sorta...).
Many fans do not want to accept the idea that the guys wouldn’t choose to spend all their time together. It ruins the togetherness fantasy, as does the fact that they no longer live together 24/7. Instead, people should enjoy the fact that they still choose to work with one another, after all this time, and the fact that they have the money to do whatever they want. Money itself can’t make you happy, but it gives you options. They don’t have to stay together, but they choose to. That’s meaningful.
So, you may see a lot of people kicking and screaming this year. Some fans will not age with the brand because they themselves are too young to do so (this is A LOT of twitter - those people annoying you? A lot of them are 12-18 years old!). And for others, it will be an adjustment to see them as adults and mature artists, not cute babies. 
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kosmo-mckogane · 7 months ago
The way people some people talk about Keith and Lance's heights in this fandom can sometimes be a little uncomfortable - especially when we view this with the context of Keith being a Japanese character.
To put things into perspective, let's first look at canon. In canon, Keith is roughly the same height as Lance, and that's very important to remember. Now, you could argue that it's possible for Keith to be marginally shorter based on certain scenes and screenshots, (and some even like the idea that Lance looks shorter in later seasons) which is completely valid, but the core idea in the show puts emphasis on their similarities alongside their differences. There's a reason why their body types and face shapes are practically identical. They're presented as equal and opposing forces, which is why they clash so often, but also why they work so well together.
What a lot of people in this fandom do is randomly make Keith super short - or at least, much much shorter than Lance is. I want us to take a step back and take a look at why this happens. Why is it that people choose to make Keith, an east Asian character, like half a foot shorter than he is in canon? Is this an excuse for us to characterise him in a certain way? Maybe we should wonder what kind of negative stereotypes and ideology (read: the infantilization of east Asians) this is playing into.
And look, even though I hate to admit this, I know that Keith hasn't been canonically confirmed as Japanese, or even non-white. However, the fandom as a collective has never headcanoned Keith as anything other than east Asian. To us, he is and always has been east Asian, and that must come with an understanding of the impact that negative stereotypes and ignorance can have.
Don't get me wrong, having either Lance or Keith be marginally taller than the other are totally valid headcanons, but please don't make Keith so much shorter than he is in canon just because you think it's cute or adorable, or because "he's babey!! uwu", or because you think it makes all his anger and frustrations funnier or cuter. It doesn't have basis in canon and plays into negative stereotypes and the ongoing infantilization of Asian people.
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howlscifer · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I didn’t think this was necessary but given some of the portrayals of east asians in the tags, I feel like I need to cover some things. Some of the issues I’ll be discussing are geared specifically to historical / period rps. Let me preface that I’m speaking on this as an east asian and this is mainly geared to the things I’ve personally seen across rps. Keep in mind that my experience is my own and I can't speak for everyone either, but it still needs to be addressed. Anyways, to read more click below. Please reblog if you’ve found this useful and spread awareness so more people can learn.
001. Infantilizing east asian boys -- the soft uwu trope. ok as if this isn't already a very hot topic in real life where asian men are emasculated enough, it's really gross to see it played out in the community. i'm not saying men can't be soft and pretty, but when it's the character's (of any gender really) ONLY personality trait, it raises a lot of red flags. So stop.
002. Playing asian men as only m/m for the fetishization of gay romance. Again, I’m not saying playing asian men gay isn’t permitted but if you’re only seeking to play asian men to solely play them gay, you’re fetishizing.
003. Falling back on every cliche trope / stereotype. This ties in with the fetishizing uwu trope but I’m going to go more loosely into detail here. Not every woman is your “dragon lady”, nor are they your “go to poison lady” or your “I know literally everything because my IQ is 400+”. I could go on and on but there are asians that aren’t graceful, there are asians who aren’t smart, there are asians who aren’t badass and just want to chill? All I have left to say on this point is literally please for fucks sake diversify. If everyone can play 3,000 spinoff versions of the characters from GOT (Game of Thrones), you have the brain effort to do that with 1 asian historical character.
004. Going overboard with east asian aesthetics in every post. It’s not necessary to write gold, dragon, pearl, jade, silk to describe #every aesthetic possible in your vocabulary to make it sound more “asian”. I don’t see people writing baguette eiffel tower bonjour for french characters, so why do it with asians???
005. Choosing to use Asian FCs for ethnic representation and the visual aesthetic but actively choosing not to make them culturally ethnic while putting them in a non-Asian setting. And never addressing it either. Asian cultures are very distinct and go beyond aesthetics, clothes and food--it's in traditions, it's in our habits. I'm tired of seeing Asian faces' ethnic identities erased because you couldn't make the smallest of efforts. I'm all for diversity in all spaces, however, I feel you need to at least mention why they're there. Trade exists! Immigration exists! Make an effort. Don’t pick up POC characters and shove them into a non-asian country to avoid work so your lazy ass doesn’t have to research.
006. LANGUAGE! Google translate isn't the most accurate especially within historical contexts so please do a deeper dive of terminology. Plus some of the modern terms / slang that you might be using doesn’t make sense within the historical context of the rp. I'd suggest referencing historical period dramas from that language for proper vocabulary or else you're just going to be looking like boo boo the fool. There are some great ones to check out and, i don't know, maybe have fun and enjoy the content while learning something ???? food for thought.
007. Stop ignoring a biracial (white mixed) character's ethnic identity. Just because they're white passing or have western features doesn't mean you can erase the other half of their genetic makeup. Mixed people go through a lot of struggles, especially in historical contexts, that you can acknowledge for character depth so please do some research with your big person brain and write better. If you're going to acknowledge only the white part of a chosen fc and ignore their ethnic side, congrats you're racist!
So that sums up the general gist of WHAT NOT TO DO when you’re writing an east asian character! It’s not that hard and if you avoid all these issues, hooray keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing. 
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your--isgayrights · 6 months ago
Ramble about why i dont really like interpretations of kdj as like somehow weaker than or needing to be onesidedly taken care of by kcom or yjh. Obvi this is just me having an interp and not really having a taste for certain other interps and then rambling about it on my tumblr dot com blog
i feel like one of the big appeals of the relationship between kdj and his crew is that theyre all strong people who are dedicated to each other, and that sense is taken away from by narratives that focus on kdj being like physically weak or innocent or something like that.
i think for me theres also that association that comes to mind when like that kind of kdj interp is put up against a still buff and stoic yjh of like fu**shis having to put like that kind of power dichotomy between men theyre trying to fe**shize because it exists in most of the BL media targetted at them and parallels toxic messages from het media theyve already internalized.
Theres also just like the fact that fans of east asian media have a tendency to infantalize the asian characters in it (and even carrying over to real east asian people) and because its a real issue that makes me uncomfortable its hard for me to enjoy content thats like “uwu poor baby needs to be taken care of” about a grown ass korean man in his thirties.
obviously thats not to say that men have to be completely emotionally unimpeachable or anything? (I dont have that much internalized toxic masculinity) I just think that something that makes characters like kdj yjh (and hsy and jhw and.., i could list maybe the whole company) interesting and dynamic is that they often have that standard for themselves in their idea of being “strong,” and managing to live up to it most of the time is what makes like hurt/comfort an emotional event instead of lacking that standard making the opposite a change to the character’s personality.
also something that annoys me about like interps that make kdj like ... ugh gross word but the cishets have forced my hand - “subservient” in his relationship with yjh is that its just not like... accurate. Theyre dynamic is just like... so much more than that, especially if we’re talking about 3rd regression yjh specifically. Theyre constantly in this bizarre equilibrium where theyre each viewing the other as someone so much stronger than themself, someone who saved their life, someone who theyre able to live for now, and also they are both completely oblivious to the fact that thats how the other views them. This is very important.
also this is just me actually but i think even tho yjh is like technically older than kdj its funny that kdj was born the year before him so he’ll always be a year older. So write that down.
very important to also note that theyre like indeterminably both older and younger than one another because time so like dynamics where one of them is junior to the other just feel so ooc to me tbh.
ok. TLDR; inherently homophobic fu**shi favored tropes and racist infantilization play into my dislike of the idea of kdj being a junior to or weaker than yjh, but my main issue stems from considering it ooc due to my own interpretation of them relying on the fact that they each see each other as a goal to strive for, someone better than them, and in a way that makes them equals, also i am gay.
PS (post script) if you dont understand the last few paragraphs of this post watch an ace attorney letsplay. take some notes and get back to me after
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caprioletaincy · a year ago
oh, yeah. i definitively agree with you, 4 out of 7 supowered babies are white? it's like ... hmm ... like i've seen college adds more diverse than that.
Minimum representation babey!! Or, if you’re a college trying your fuckedest to recruit as hard as physically possible and be the Most Inclusive Diverse Fuckers In The Whole Galaxy, painfully ground-in representation that only a white person could create, babey!!
As much as I love TUA, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot, they do fall down a lot of the usual Hollywood Racism rabbitholes. It seems well-intentioned, but it’s pretty clear that it’s an attempt at representation by a white person, not real representation by people of color. Sometimes you can just tell the writing room was a little white, and TUA is one of those shows.
Let me break it down:
Diego, number 2, the kraken, knife boy. He’s Latino, but in a kind of vague way. His actor is Mexican, but Diego is just brown. Of course, we don’t know where any of them are from, but wouldn’t he care? Wouldn’t he want to own his identity? The show treats him like a white person, especially in the 60s in s2, and that’s just not how it is. Diego doesn’t speak Spanish (not that all Latinx folks do, but it’s a big part of Latin culture and not even mentioning it is a little sketch), we never learn what country he’s from, and even his name is this generic, friendly, kid-show Latin name that no one ever questions. I love Diego as much as the next person, but I don’t like how the show treated him.
Allison, number 3, the rumor, my favorite. She’s a Black woman, one of (to my recollection) four that were named and given speaking lines. But all three of them have to be a certain way. Allison and Dot (s2 Commission character) are very professional, very hardworking, very “on point”. It’s a little forced. Here’s where it really comes across that some white writers are trying and failing -- Allison doesn’t have any personality flaws, only power flaws, so she’s lacking a bit in character. It’s clear that the intention is good, the writers don’t want a central Black woman to be an asshole or a bumbling idiot or something, but in making her so incredibly slightly-above-average in every department, she feels a little bland. Jill, a s2 member of Klaus’s unintentional cult, has so few speaking lines we don’t learn much about her, only that she’s really into the cult thing, and she was clever enough to get into a good university but threw it away to follow Klaus. Likewise, Cha-Cha (I LOVE her omg) is kind of just a badass. We learn that she does have feelings about her job, but we only really hear Hazel’s opinions. She’s just there and more rule-following, but good when it counts. And then she disappears. Allison’s a lot like that -- she doesn’t have enough substance to have the juicy bad thoughts. She goes with the plot. I loved her a lot more in s2, but even then I felt like all of Allison’s development was about her white brothers, not about her family, her friends, her non-white brothers, her sister, or anything else. All the Black women seem to exist in relation to white men in their lives or have so few lines they barely exist, and I hate that shit.
Ben, number 6, the horror, deceasedishn’t. He’s some kind of East Asian, but fuck if we’re supposed to know. His actor Justin is Korean, but TUA certainly didn’t tell us that, or give us anything to go on other than what Google can tell me about the guy who played him. And for fuck’s sake, the guy’s dead. He’s only visible to Klaus, and Vanya that one time, and he talks to Diego in Klaus’s body, but it’s like he’s not there most of the time. His siblings don’t think about him other than throwaway lines, and all he does is follow Klaus around and be mad at him for being a dickhead. Ben is barely a main character. He’s barely a sibling. He’s a glorified, semi-invisible babysitter. That scene in s2 where he’s sitting alone in Elliot’s place and says “I missed you guys” noscoped me and stole my girlfriend as my body hit the floor because of how hard it went, but that’s most of his character development right there. Then he dies. Again. For his white sister. I just,,, hm,,,,, *sound of crashing as OP throws things*. I like Ben. I like that TUA didn’t follow the path many fans had taken and kind of infantilize him into “precious babey bean”, because he is, but he’s also an asshole, because the whole point of the show is that it’s supposed to feel, despite the powers, kind of real.
And oftentimes, it does. The way the siblings interact. Fuck off with that “hey sis” nonsense, but it usually does. And Five’s kind of mental breakdown before he murders the Board in s2, that feels real. Vanya smiling at Allison during the final concert in s1. Ben in the empty room at Elliot’s place. Luther punching a hole in the wall. Diego knowing that Hazel can stop the fucking apocalypse and still trying to kill him, even if it wasn’t what Patch wanted, because it’s what he wanted. There are a lot of real moments, and, intentionally, they’re not always pretty ones.
TUA isn’t afraid to go hard. But sometimes, it’s afraid to go at all, which is why, even though we see a lot of characters of color on screen, we don’t necessarily feel them there. I get the intention, and it’s better than the blatant racism in many other popular works. TUA is genuinely trying to be inclusive, but it’s trying so hard not to make its characters of color bad (and props to them for avoiding the we have a lot of Black women but they’re all villains :)) oops trope) that it doesn’t make them much of anything. Let them be emotional. Let them be mad. Let them be petty and vindictive. Let them be assholes sometimes. Fandom doesn’t love Five because he’s nice and follows the rules, fandom loves Five because he’s a fucking New York subway rat of a little shit, but we get where he’s coming from and there are consequences of his actions, between getting shot and the breakdown he had over the vending machine. Why can’t characters of color have those ugly moments? In real life, bad thoughts are an unfortunate thing that happen to us. But on TV, bad thoughts, bad actions, and the consequences of those thoughts and actions is where the content is.
Let 👏 people 👏 of 👏 color👏 be 👏 real 👏 people!
That’s what I want TUA to do. More characters of color, more than just a few Black characters with few speaking lines and underdeveloped arcs. (What the FUCK happened to Patch you forgetful fucks.) Characters of color who have emotional, ugly moments. Characters of color who are friends with other characters of color, good friends, real friends. Latinx characters speaking Spanish or having a relationship with their language skills beyond “oh yeah I don’t know Spanish”. Black characters who are emotional without just being “sassy” and “angry”. (Lookin’ at you, Cha-Cha. I love the energy, but the writers cheated you.) Black characters with character arcs! Jesus fucking Christ!! Asian characters who aren’t one of 25 completely different ethnicities and we just have to guess.
I fuckin LOVE Lila, but she’d better not be the only character of color out of all the other people born that day, or I will treat the writers and producers responsible like they are wasps in a communal space and I brought Raid and duct tape.
@ people who make tua happen: ily’all but hire some actual writers of color ffs
@ white people reading this post: love y’all too, love when y’all make any attempt to not be racist even if it’s not perfect, just be aware, try to be better, listen to POC when they have advice, all y’all can be babey today
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nightswithkookmin · 9 months ago
Goldy I never thought I would reach out to any Jikook blog but after your last post I have to. I am an east asian american and trans. I have never spoken on this issue, commented or posted about this. I am a Jikook supporter but sometimes Jikook supporting blogs don't feel like the friendliest place. I want to thank you for changing my opinion on that. It is an insult to BTS to say Jikook don't know they seem gay or that they don't know what gay looks like. It is an insult to fans like me to say it would be OK to do the things they do if they were cisgendered straight men. I personally saw a few people say or dance around this and they got intimidated by big blogs for it. I would never name names because I beleive in free speech and the right of people to express themselves, as long as it isn't hate speech. Supporting lgbt people and making sure they don't feel endangered is MORE IMPORTANT THAN STANNING A KPOP BAND and I say this as a 4 year long bts and Jikook stan. So many people don't want to touch this issue and I understand why.
But thank you for supporting ACTUAL lgbt people as well as bts and showing stubborn people that BTS mean gay rights when they say gay rights.
I don't know why but this Ask made me cry...
Tumblr media
I've been reading it over and over for the past two days and each time I feel humbled by it. Thanks so much for sharing this with me.
I think the era of the obsessed 'kids' and '13 year old shippers' in this space is coming to an end. I think it's time for a more nuanced mature conversation on what it means to ship and stan our faves in today's sociopolitical climate.
Let's intellectualize shipping and use it as a vehicle for social change not just pleasure. Sabotaging political hashtags is a start. Trending and donating to BLM is equally important. Fighting for gay rights and recognition is the next step and a natural progression from here- and about damn time!
Gone are the days where celebrities and idols were immune to accountability and personal responsibility. We live in a world where everyone is required to be converstant in and sensitive to social issues. Awareness is woven into our collective consciousness and for some of us we cannot divorce that from our pleasure receptors.
Hate to quote my pastor but, 'As a kid, I spoke, thought and reasoned like a kid. As I grew up, chilee darling, I put my ghetto ways aside. You feel me?' Lol. Yea, my pastor hood like that. Lol.
The fact of the matter is, BTS has a higher mature demographics now. Majority of us grew with them, if not past them. They are not seventeen anymore, Jin is almost thirty, the youngest in the group is past twenty three and majority of their fanbase are breaching Young Adult well into Adulthood and beyond.
We simply cannot view them with the same lens anymore. If we did, we would be infantilizing them if not enabling them.
We ought to be able to have certain conversations that reflect our age, hearts, backgrounds, experience, values and beliefs.
Tumblr media
We can't sit behind our television sets and smart phone screens in this day and age and assume BTS sat through a performance like this and did not for a second think about what it meant, why the crowd cheered at certain moments or even understand the impact, message and intent behind it- especially not when Halsey, an openly bisexual woman and advocate for LGBTG rights is an acquaintance of thiers.
Tumblr media
I don't know how a fraction of this fandom can assume BTS would have a collaboration of this nature and not know anything about the gay rights discourse or what queer baiting is or not consider how their actions may or may not be contributing to the marginalization of persons as these- to not have agency and personal responsibility or empathy.
Tumblr media
JK cannot stan a gay artist such as Troye Sivan and divorce his music from his sexuality because it flows from it. Not when Troye has openly spoken about the struggles he went through as a closeted gay man, coming out and how that affected his mental health.
JK knows what gay is, he is aware of the struggles queer people face on a daily. His decision to cover, license and recommend songs by this artist is a deliberate act coming from a place of being informed on the matter.
Jimin knows. RM knows. Suga knows.
Tumblr media
BTS cannot prepare a speech like this while oblivious to the plight of the LGBTQ plus community. I refuse to believe that simply because it's not true. Anyone who says otherwise is a scammer. Lol.
And I think they are intelligent enough to have cognisance of the fact majority of the world view certain aspects of their home culture as problematic and non-progressive and that this same world is watching them and what they do in this space matters.
Tumblr media
They are part of the conversation. And it's in their interest to present themselves as queer a queer friendly band and company by distinctifying themselves from these 'traditional' Kpop bands.
I believe they know that being woke gives them a competitive advantage as MCs and advocates for the youth in today's world.
I believe they are aware certain things in their 'fan service culture' doesn't fly in the space they compete in and want to compete in. They are competing and rubbing shoulders with top LGBTQ plus advocates, sharing seats with them at awards, standing next to them- they best to look sharp.
Tumblr media
It's obtuse for anyone to fall on the 'culture' rhetoric to excuse certain behaviors of their idols when actual queer people from and within that same culture fight against it.
Most S. koreans I know and have come across complain about their 'culture' and some even harbor strong resentments against this whole fanservice culture.
Holland, an openly gay Idol from South Korea, has equally spoken out against the 'fan service' culture prevalent within Kpop on several occasions and laments how it depoliticizes queerness and affects actual queer people within S.K.
Tumblr media
And isn't it funny that the same conservative Christian population who strongly oppose homosexuality in S.K often lead online campaigns against Jikook for 'promoting homosexuality' because of certain fanservice and skinship they do?
If skinship is normal and fanservice is culture, why does conservative S.K keep pushing back against it? It's their culture uno?! Lmho.
Queer south Koreans and conservative Christians hate fanservice culture and yet here we are using their culture to defend it as if it's all black and white. Lmho.
Tumblr media
Did they or did they not see South Korean's reactions to this performance by Jikook? The mixed feelings most had about it?
Men can nibble on men's ear but God forbid they toss them in the air and catch em💀
South Koreans are not a monolith. Their culture is nuanced like any culture. It's not static and not clear cut black and white either.
It's one thing to respect other's culture, it's another to perpetuate it in ignorance. Perpetuating their culture and being religious about it does not allow for the dynamism inherent in their culture.
Troye Sivan talked about how he'd stop in the middle of his concerts and performances upon seeing the hyper fangirls in the front row and then think to himself, 'I know they know I'm gay, so why are they still here...'
And this was before he came out.
Jikook know we know they are queer or that we think of them as queer. When Jimin talks about 'those that love me for me' he knows exactly what he is talking about or rather who he is talking to- it's not these hets I'm afraid.
Troye also talked about being privileged because he lived in a rather queer friendly neighborhood where everyone is gay and so he'd always felt safe coming out.
Isn't that what JK is doing?
Now this is a person who's without a doubt had a lot of influence on JK in his early formative years as an Idol right down to his decision to move into a much queer friendly neighborhood of Itaewon.
They know we know. Jikook is gay.
Thankfully, there are reports of a rising number of LGBTQ plus in South Korea, a lot of allies, a lot of queer folks coming out and a lot of companies opening up to working with gay idols and aspiring idols.
It's such a relief but a lot of work still needs to be done and I stand with them on behalf of Jikook and any queer folk in SK.
My sister is helping me reach out to an LGBTQ plus advocate from Seoul for an interview for my blog. If everything goes well, I'd love for her to share her thoughts on queer passing, queer baiting and fan service within Kpop and how that affects LGBTQ youth in South K.
It's a conversation I'm really passionate about and interested in.
I love me some ships, but I also love me some queer advocacy and human rights uno? Lol.
Thing is, I may quit BTS one day, but I can never quit being me. Being human. Always put the human first is my motto.
Oh and I hear people are plotting to cancel me? Chilee. Y'all do that but:
Tumblr media
Let it echo.
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tothetrashwhereibelong · 6 months ago
God every time people characterise magnus bane as a submissive helpless useless wisp of a man who needs alec to save him I lose a fuvkin life THAT'S THE HIGH WARLOCK UR TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!! especially when it's blatently written by someone who fancies alec
I think the main problem is that book malec stans big time infantalise alec and show malec stans infantalise magnus like how hard is it to acknowledge that they're both grown men?????? The amount of fics I've read which, depending on the source, stem from and the idea of x is smaller and therefore submissive and needs protection from big strong y like come ONNNN
lol remember when people got pissed at me for saying that the high warlock of brooklyn, son of a prince of hell, one of the most powerful warlocks alive, 400yo man with experience in training and combat, would make alec sweat in a fight
look, in general i agree with you that there is the whole "the shortest one is the fragile one in a relationship" trope and that it's annoying, but i reeealllyy can't agree that show malec stans in general infantilize magnus. i've seen my fair share of fics where magnus is infantilized and written as helpless, but they've never been anywhere near as common as the ones where it's the other way around or even where they are written as equals, tbh, and most of the time when people complain to me that magnus is being infantilized in my experience it's just that he's being written as like... human
like if magnus ever shows any vulnerability or insecurity or (god forbid) cries everyone acts as if he's being written as a shallow helpless useless creature, and that's... really not how it works. whereas alec is frequently written as the one who needs saving, who needs to be coaxed into having any conversations, who is always so insecure and afraid everyone will hate him uwu, especially the big bad brown downworlders, and half the time this is not considered as infantilizing as like, magnus having insecurities and talking to alec about it
and generally i just feel like for magnus if he is ever anything below superhumanly strong and competent (and sometimes even when he is written as that but ALSO as emotionally vulnerable) then he is shallow and useless and we gotta take into account that that's how characters of color are ALWAYS seen. brown and black characters are always seen as supposed to be superhumanly strong and competent, and never ever vulnerable or approachable in general. and if they have ever any softness or insecurity in them, people immediately lose interest. and i really feel like for a lot of people that's what goes on - the standards are SO different for magnus and alec that alec being treated as a baby and magnus being treated as human are seen as the same thing
like look, i don't know you or what you're referencing, and also i've been sick and tired of sh fic in general so recently i only read recs, so i'm not the best person to access what the general fandom tropes are, i'll admit that. but i'm just really tired of having this conversation while pretending that race is not one of the factors that is at play when we talk about the way people perceive and write alec vs magnus, when i'd argue that it's the most predominant one tbh
like if u wanna go with show fans are more likely to infantilize magnus (i still will never agree that it's as simple as "book fans infantilize alec and show fans infantilize magnus" cuz i literally hate the books and only read show fics and follow show blogs and EVEN THEN i see so much infantilized alec fic and posts i gave up on the general fandom and only read recs or stuff written by my - less than 10, only 2 of which are not in my direct circle of friends that i talk to on a daily or weekly basis, and only 4 of which are white/not black or brown - "trusted authors", but like, u can have ur opinion obviously), at least mention that in the show magnus is lighter skinned/played by an East Asian actor and not a Southeast Asian one and thus the racial stereotypes are different. (im not going to go into chinese privilege because im not sure how true that holds in the context of the US, particularly with the way china is their biggest enemy other than russia, but know that that is absolutely a thing in the asian racial context, especially when it comes to south east and south asian/brown people)
but acting like we don't live in a world where brown and black ppl are stereotyped to be strong and resilient to the point where they are literally less likely to get anesthesia in a medical procedure and that absolutely influences the way they are read and written in fiction and generally perceived by people, or where brown and black characters are always treated as emotional and physical support for white characters in fandom, is not it
like... MAGNUS IS A BROWN CHARACTER, malec is the #1 interracial ship on ao3 and the ONLY one in the current top 10 with a brown/black character other than finnpoe, can we please stop pretending that that's not a thing when we talk about fandom perceptions of him/them
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ohsalamanders · 4 months ago
☕️ + (sorry for what im about to ask) ZUKKA
flame why would you DO this to me?
anyways, so like i never shipped zvkka, but at first i was fine with it? like, sure not my cup of tea, but it's existence didn't like. enrage me.
the key word is at first. bc oh my god.
first of all, so much gen atla content gets hijacked to be about zvkka and it's insufferable, and second of all, a lot of the fandom portrayal of zuko and sokka in zvkka content is so racist? they infantilize zuko, an east asian boy, and then make sokka out to be super hypermasculine. and this shines through in their fanon dynamic too?? sokka is always taking care of and protecting zuko and it's just. so gross.
zuko is not a goddamn baby. nor is he even that feminine. ofc, nothing is wrong with men being feminine, but like, it's just not zuko. and continuously portraying him to be so when he isn't contributes to the issue of east asian men constantly being emasculated in media. same goes for sokka. he's indigenous. why are you making the brown boy the caretaker for the lighter skinned one??
in conclusion, i wouldn't dislike zvkka sm if not for the fandom.
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tired-asleep · 2 months ago
The infantilization and fetishization of east asian men at the same time by the very same people gives me pedo vibes. This is disgusting and needs to stop.
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ofgentleresolve · 29 days ago
32 for the be honest meme
okay so let me be blunt- ( ft. be honest meme w/ this wonderful anon, @mythvoiced who wanted a hellfire, @temporalobjects who said leggo, and @lostsovl with a smiley face ) || no longer accepting!!
32. have you ever experienced discrimination?
content warning for racism
hi i got a gif for this occasion:
Tumblr media
the short answer is bc of my race, yes. the long answer is I’ve interacted with white people who dumped their white guilt on me ( and complain about being discriminated for being white ) and I’m pretty sure they did it bc they knew I was southeast asian and Asians are supposed to be docile and have no opinions about race whatsoever🙃 I’ve also interacted with white people who obsess over asian faces and bodies, using terms like ‘golden skin’ and feeling that it’s appropriate to talk with me about on the physical differences between Asian and white bodies. There were also white people who act like they’re gifts to the world for writing out asian ( ie k*po*p fc ) characters ( just stop. if you have asian characters, write them well, write them as people. don’t act like this is some grand sacrifice you’re making- it’s tumblr rp, at the end of the day who cares?? I don’t think any of this is too much to ask ). white people who outright ignore my southeast asian ocs ( and will ignore any non-east asian poc muse for that matter ) for my korean muses ( *cough cough* mana u deserve the world, calum will never associate with anyone who tries that bs on you again-) White people who infantilize my characters bc they’re asian and then say it’s just an ‘observation they’re writing’. White people especially in the k*r*pc who complain about being ignored by non-k*r*p blogs bc they write (east) asian characters- welcome to actually being asian. Except we don’t get a say in how we’re treated. and then they turn around saying I’m being prejudiced for being critical and wary of k*r*p blogs and blogs with predominantly east asian muses when they know how normalized the racism and fetishization is there 🙃
( gonna also note that most of these things? all happened while I was in k*r*p where the asian representation is supposed to be the ‘strongest’. this hardly ever happened when I was indie. burn it to the ground. Collect the ashes and burn it again so that it can’t be revived :/ )
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denpaprotag · 5 months ago
The fan reception towards the live-action Zuko and his actor is going to be so terrible it makes me want to punch something or throw up. He is already commonly sexualized and infantilized (which yes! Your soft uwu baby Zuko trope is racist!!) as a cartoon character, I can't imagine what it's going to be like as a real person. People get so obsessive over East Asian (which I'm guessing the actor is going to be since Zuko is heavily East Asian coded) young men, and I'm sure his character will get watered down even more and people will obsess over the actor.
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aimicoos · 3 months ago
hey!! i was scrolling through my, y’know homepage ig and i noticed the post where you said some ships you were into! and i noticed that you shipped xiao and lumine and wanted to know if you were aware that xiao is thousands of years old and lumine is underage???? sorry i’m not mad just genuinely confused
💬 — please base some of my answers from this post and also a few comments i have underneath. discourse (?) i think? under the cut!!
i have seen a lot of arguments on this, especially those who ships chilumi as well. if you were to base this on culture (as i dwelled into cultural studies myself) most of east asian countries depicts characters that look waaaaay younger than they appear to be.
you'd probably see like how most anime characters have younger features despite looking old, some manhwa characters that are in their 50s and yet they appear to be in their early 20s. with these, i don't want to emphasize that i am okay with the whole infantilization and fetishes revolving this matter. no, i am not okay with that. but you can't deny that these cases usually happen in fictions being based on the features from culture. although in some countries may find this weird but in most asian countries, even i myself, has features that doesn't really fit my age but we can't help it that we do.
so yes, if you were to base it on the whole lore in genshin, there's nothing wrong shipping lumine because of a lot of possibilities and theories behind her real origin and canon age. if you still find it bad for me to ship lumine with almost anyone that most of the fandom ships her with, feel free to unfollow or block 🥰🥰🥰
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infinitysgrace · 5 months ago
...Do you think some of fandom's "baby child can do no wrong" attitude towards Marinette has any root in infantilization of East Asian women because... man, some of the ways she's been described in fics make me REALLY uncomfortable as someone who is AAPI and is tired of having my ethnicity fetishized. Not saying this is 100% the case, it might just be coincidence, but it's something I've seen before in other fandoms and I'm just tired and wary :/
I’ma be real with you, I am not equipped to talk about this topic. 
But my general rule is that if you have to ask if something a fandom does is racist, it probably is. 
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katierosefun · 4 months ago
hey caroline!! unpopular opinions for the ask game? :)
hi nessa!!!! // sleepover
uhhhh,,,,okay, i guess an unpopular opinion i have (although not sure how unpopular it actually is?) is that i think kpop is good, actually, and people who despise kpop usually despise it for unsettlingly racist reasons or they just think hating the music = hating the fans, which...honestly isn’t how it works? 
like, i don’t care if people dislike kpop--it’s not for everyone, the same way country music isn’t for everyone. bro, i don’t even consider myself a hardcore kpop fan, but a part of me still gets super defensive whenever i see tumblr posts circulate about “lol it’s better to be transphobic than a kpop stan” or whatever because...??? seriously???? 
i understand that there’s definitely like...problematic behavior amongst kpop fans, and there’s def. non-korean kpop fans who make me uncomfortable (ie. intense infantilization of kpop stars, for starters!), and culture in korea is also super intense to the point where a lot of kpop stars can’t really publicly date without it being a scandal and etc. 
that said though, there’s a difference between disliking kpop fan culture and like...hating kpop itself and throwing a hissy fit and making fun of kpop stars. i remember when tumblr promoted twice (which is a good girl group, i love their music), there were some comments that were like “omg looks like tumblr’s promoting music from people who look identical ha ha ha” and that just made me uncomfortable because! haha, all asians look the same is very much racist rhetoric that’s definitely hurt lots of east asians, koreans especially included. 
so like. yeah. oops, this became highkey a rant, but like...i just despise how when people talk about how much they hate kpop, it’s stuff about like “god they all look the same” or “ugh why do you like them they don’t even sing in english” or “lmao they just look pretty they’re not actually talented” like. yikes. 
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pierregasiy · 6 months ago
re: your hot take on yuki
i'm east asian and while i can't speak for japanese culture i think generally that the whole "they are the enemy" talk isn't meant the way westerners interpret it?? it's more like, "they're competition i have to beat." though to be fair the only source i have is personal experience, and it might not be universal- i grew up taught to treat "smarter/better classmates" as "enemies" in that sense, and east asian upbringings can instill a sense of toxic competition in kids.
the thing about anger issues, idk, i can't speak to that. but i definitely agree with u on infantilization filtering the fandom's opinion of him
okay yea maybe that was just my interpretation through the lens of the culture i have grown up in!!! i just feel a bit uneasy about this when they are driving carbon fibre death machines around basically, it’s one of the few sports you can actually kill and maim people in yk?
i think the filtering is the thing that pisses me off most. people rightly called lando out for calling lance a cunt. when it’s yuki on sergio there was nothing. yuki is a grown man.
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