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#it's the way they're going to change things up that's going to be a surprise
tea-cat-arts14 hours ago
Genshin Characters and what I think their type is + sexuality headcanons (part 1)
characters: idk. if they're tagged, they're here
you'll probably disagree with me on at least one of these
sorry if a character's type isn't you
nsfw mentions, but nothing explicit
I basically think every character is some flavor of aspec and/or mspec)
Theres gonna be a "characters that inspired this" section at the end of each of these, and I just wanted to specify that I don't mean those in a shipping way. All those sections mean is that the s/o character has shown that they like certain things about those characters (again, NOT INHERENTLY ROMANTICALLY)
Tumblr media
Just getting this out of the way- We can all agree he's bi, right (I'll accept arguments for pan as well)? We can? Good. Moving on
I don't think he has a gender preference
I'll be perfectly honest- I don't think he's nearly as much of a horny man-whore as the fandom makes him out to be
"I don't dress like this for the honry fandom's gaze, I dress like this for MY gaze, and damn- my tits look good"
Like, I know he flirts A LOT, but he also canonically has a good reputation among Mondstad's elderly people and is top candidate for son in law. I feel like thats just not the kind of reputation you get from sleeping around a lot (like, that shit gets around. There is no way
As for his type, I think Kaeya likes people who are smart, honest, and have a lot to say
I'm sorry, but I genuinely don't think he could be in a relationship with a stupid person. His mind works at a million miles per minute and if you can't keep up with that, he's gonna get bored very quickly
I think he'll feel more comfortable being honest himself if he knows that you are being honest. Just a "no secrets" kind of thing
this isn't exactly a requirement for him, but I think he also has a bit of a thing for shy/quiet people (he has fun getting them to talk)
he really likes being relied on (like, to the point it gets borderline obsessive if you don't set a firm boundary on it. He's not trying to be controlling, but I think his self worth is very much tied into what he can do for other people)
this isn't something he explicitly looks for in a person, but he needs someone who is patient and someone who will set firm boundaries with him. He likes to know where he stands
I dont think he has too much of a preference for temperment/personality. Like, as long as you have the three traits listed earlier, he's happy
Characters that inspired this: Amber, Rosaria, Sucrose, Albedo, Diluc *rest of the characters are under the cut cuz this list is long*
Tumblr media
"I love the kind of person who can kick my ass" -Childe, probably
simple man with simple requirements- Destroy him
I don't think this inherently means "be better at combat than him"
like, ya, he'd love it if he could spar with you, but as long as you're significantly better than him at something (could literally be anything- cooking, reading, jewlery making, under water basket weaving, idk. it does not matter), he'll admire the hell out of you
he's a big family person, so if you're good with kids, he may just have to go out and buy a wedding ring
Sorry sex repulse homies, but this man is horny 24/7 and sex is a big intimacy thing for him. Like, he'd be fine if you just werent AS into it as him, but sexual intimacy is a requirement for him
I hope you're a good listener because this man likes to talk
I think he would prefer someone with a more active lifestyle
he enjoys a lot of outdoor activities, and I think he'd be really happy if you could do those with him
He's had a lot of people (including his family) push him away, so I think you just letting him into your life, accepting him roudiness and all, would really mean a lot to him
speaking of roudiness, this man will still like fighting. That is not something thats going to change. He would never hurt you (physically or emotionally) without your explicit consent, but don't be surprised if he comes home covered in blood
As for his prefered temperment, I think he likes calm people
Childe simps, you're in luck- marry this man and you will never have to work again (I mean, you can if you want to. Just know the option is there)
oh, shit. forgot to put in the sexuality headcanon- I think he's bisexual, grey-aromantic, and has a preference for women
Characters that inspired this: Zhongli, his Master, The Tsaritsa
Tumblr media
ah yes, sweet baby Xiao
I think he likes people who basically have the same values as him (strong will, strive to do good, generally strives to do good, keeps their promises, ext...), but have the exact opposite temperment as him
like, someone who is generally calm, has a kind/gentle demeanor, patient, and willing to compromise
oh yeah, those last two things are VERY important with Xiao
this isn't supported by anything in canon, but I personally think he has a thing for doctors/healers. Like, someone who does a lot of good and helps others without being on the front lines (so, I guess theres actually quite a few carriers that could fit those requirements. Doctor/healer was just the first that came to mind)
He is not a big fan of talking (and not in the "he wants you to do all the talking" kind of way. He just wants to vibe in silence)
that being said, he does like having conversations with you, but only on his terms
Xiao is kinda like a shelter cat- if he says he needs to be alone, than he needs to be alone. Do not push this boundary. It is not negotiable
He is gonna have a lot of walls up once you're first getting to know him, but once he processes that you will respect his boundaries and are going to listen if/when he says no, those walls will drop very quickly and you will have the worlds sweetest, most loyal companion
REALLY likes physical intimacy (not inherently sex. cuddles and kisses also fall under this category). A little stiff and awkward, but boy is he touch starved
man has a dark sense of humor- make him laugh and he will love you so much
uh, I think he's demisexual, demiromantic, with a slight preference for men
Characters that inspired this: Zhongli, Hu Tao, Ganyu
Tumblr media
Beidou wants someone she can fight god along side
she will always be the kind of person who travels a lot, I can't see her ever settling down, so if you could travel the world with her and stand along side her, she'd love that
I don't think this inherently means she wants you to be on the front lines with her. Like, you could be the Crux's equivalent of a house-s/o as long as you're giving it your all
Being with Beidou means a lot of hard work, but boy is it worth it
She is easily one of the most loyal, caring people in this game
can and will take care of you
personality wise, think she has a thing for really sweet people
has a nack for bringing out the energy in people. Like, it doesn't matter if you're normally a calm, low energy person- if she decides its time to get hyped up, you're getting hyped up
enjoys surprises, so I hope you're clever
God she'd love it if you were a good cook. She can cook, but she doesn't usually have much time for it
She values her platonic relationships just as much as her romantic ones
like, the main difference between being her friend and being her s/o is just more physical intimacy
look, I know we all know Beidou is a total mommy, but she is not in a relationship to be your mom (I'm gonna assume most of you know what I mean)
like, ya, she loves and cares for you, but she is not going to cook for you and do your laundry all the time. She is going to treat you like an equal and fully expects you to do the same
as for her sexuality, I think she's bisexual, demiromantic, and has no gender preference
Characters that inspired this: Ganyu, Yoimiya, Xianling
This is taking a long time to write and I need to go lie down, so I'm gonna stop for now and just do a part two later (with more women hopefully). Idk, request characters if theres any you want to see
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jiral033 days ago
The romance subplot of How to Fight is hot garbage
This webtoon would be way better without the unnecessary romance subplot. Not even gonna be nice about it. Everyone falls in love too damn quickly. It was okay at first since it seemed like it was just for comedic effect, but this shit is getting ridiculous. I'm not gonna say anything about Mangi, since he was supposed to be a simp from the start & I can't take that from him. But seeing characters like Wangguk and Bomi that seriously fall in love within a day or less, now that's a joke. It's not even a crush, they think they're in love. Like falling in love is ok I guess, but there was no build up with Wangguk, it just came out of the blue. And it's weird how he immediately fell in love with Rumi the first time they talked, this guy was even willing to kill someone to protect her after that. It just seems completely out of character.
The development is either too fast paced, non existent, or most of it happens off screen. Oh and adding a random ass harem and one sided crushes just to hurt the characters for no reason. There's literally no point in it if the story makes it obvious who's gonna end up with the main character from the beginning, it's easy to do the math. This just makes me feel pity for the other girls, like seriously. They don't have a chance, why did PTJ even make them like Hobin??? Not just the girls, they even pulled that "in love with my childhood friend" clich茅 on Moonsung at the worst time, it didn't even contribute anything to the plot. This is just useless.
Also for some reason the girls always fall for the guys because of their oh so amazing personality, but the guys are always like "woah she's pretty, I think I'm madly in love 馃槼". Amazing writing. Hobin started liking Bomi just because she was pretty and he seriously thought about confessing to her the first time they hung out.
And now I'm gonna get to Bomi, which in my opinion is the least interesting character in the whole webtoon. The main problem is that the only reason she exists as a character is to be Hobin's love interest. Literally has no important role than that. It's funny to me how people think she is a good character when her whole being is based on being the protagonist's future gf. There are 2~3 scenes where she kinda affected the plot but she didn't even do anything, she just made Hobin feel like he had to protect her. She doesn't really care much about anything other than Hobin, in every scene she's in it just has to do with him, even when he doesn't physically appear there. Apparently her and Moonsung are friends but when he went to visit her after 2 months of not seeing each other she immediately tried to leave to text Hobin, what an amazing friend. Every time she's with him she just can't shut up about Hobin. She just constantly disappears and comes back when it鈥檚 convenient for romance moments.
I was surprised to see that people had praise for her after her backstory, which was nothing but underwhelming. I had high expectations about it, but it's just a spoiled kid going through a preteen phase like everybody else, what's so good about that? She probably would have turned out the same way even if she hadn't met Hobin. The only thing that I got out of her backstory was that Hobin had struggled a lot in his life.
I would see a few people calling her sus or saying that they didn't really like her because she had no important role, but they immediately changed their minds about her after her story. Her story doesn't change anything other than giving us the reason why she's so obsessed with Hobin. Was it really that serious for her? Not even gonna get into explaining her behavior back then, but she seriously stalked a guy all day, had only one short conversation with him, and concluded that he was her first love??? How the fuck does she expect him to remember her?
They literally just had one short conversation where he lectured her and after 3 years she still "loves" him. Even started working at McDonald's just because he worked there too, when she could've just talked to him. She probably worked there for a long time without even talking to him until he was about to quit. And as soon as they met after the backstory, Bomi was already acting jealous and possessive when she found out Hobin had a female editor. It's always Gaeul for some reason, how come Bomi hasn't seen Rumi's pranks on Hobin, aren't those way worse? Plus she was being a bitch in chapter 35, where she cursed Hobin out and almost slapped him because he was taking Jiksae to a restaurant instead of her. She always gets pissed at the smallest things when Hobin causes a small misunderstanding or does something she doesn't like. If the roles were switched I bet people wouldn't think it's cool. "They're still teens" isn't even a good excuse.
Her entire relationship with Hobin is immature and obsessive. Not even just her, Hobin actually followed her on a school trip, just because Yeonwoo was next to her in a group photo. This mf even thought about putting laxatives in the guy's drink because of that. And it was supposed to be funny or something.
It's even shown that these two obsessively text each other about personal things in their lives such as what they're up to, at what time they fall asleep and who they're with, to the point Bomi felt cheated because Hobin didn't tell her that he was gonna hang out with his friend(who happens to have XX chromosomes). They're not even dating, why does Bomi expect him to tell her everything? Can't tell if it's too much trust or a complete lack of it. That whole misunderstanding between them dragged on for too long and they made things overly dramatic when they could still text and call each other. You could just skip that part and the story would still make sense.
In general Bomi just seems like a joke to me. It doesn't even feel real how she has everything perfect in her life. She's the odd one out when you compare her with the other characters' internal and external struggles. You see all these well written characters that had to fight and work hard to even live a decent life and then there's this,, drop dead gorgeous girl from a rich family who goes to a fancy school and has guys turn around to look at her and compliment her beauty every time she's in public. She has faced no hardships that are worth mentioning, other than being too pretty, if that even counts. The most interesting thing that has happened in her life is meeting Hobin. The female characters are generally outshined by the male ones but at least the other three have desires, interests or things they're working towards, like Rumi wanting to be a beauty YouTuber, Gaeul who edits and is passionate about MMA and Gyeoul who wants fame. Bomi doesn't even have something like that, all she does is like Hobin.
I could explain her whole character with this:
Tumblr media
I'm not even saying Bomi is a bad person, there's a difference between a bad person and a bad character. She could've been written better, but I'm convinced that she has already reached her peak. She's just a copy of the standard love interest in every shounen story. Gyeoul is a far more interesting character in my opinion, and I'm glad that she hasn't been included in the romance subplot(yet).
Conclusion: This is some bullshit
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lovegilded2 days ago
Hermione Granger Smut Alphabet
Tumblr media
A- anxious (Do they feel nervous before and/or during sex? Or are they confident?)
Hermione is a bit anxious before sex but once she gets comfortable she is very confident in herself
B- before sex (What are they like before sex? How do they prepare?)
hmm Hermione is really into foreplay, especially clit play. Hermione gets very touchy-feely and likes to tease you sometimes
C- cunningness (Are they successful in pleasuring you?)
it takes her a few tries but after you've gotten comfortable with each other and talked about it Hermione successfully pleasures you every time
D- dirty secret (What's a secret fantasy they refuse to tell you about?)
she's always wanted to fuck you in her office at the ministry but she never says anything because she knows that it'll probably end up happening. but she's Very conscious about how people see her at work because she's had to work very hard to get where she is now and she cannot risk anything
but the whole idea of you coming into her office, locking the door behind you the trench coat you were wearing falls to the ground revealing your naked figure... let's say hermione thinks about that a lot when she's having a boring day at work.
E- experimentation (Are they down for experimenting with new kinks? Or do they like to stick to a routine?)
hermione is down to experiment as long as you talked a little before about boundaries and made sure you were both comfortable with it.
F- favourite lingerie (Do they have a favourite lingerie set they like to see you wear? Or is there a lingerie set that they like to wear?)
Hermione likes wearing her red garter lingerie set, it makes her feel so sexy and like she could do absolutely anything in it
G- goofiness (Do they like to make you laugh during sex? If so, how often do they joke around?)
yeah! sex with hermione is very casual and you'll even talk about your day. it's very often that one of you says something hilarious that distracts both of you from the task at hand
I- intimacy (Are they the type to be romantic during sex?)
Hermione is definitely more intimate during sex, and she likes to go out of her way to show how much she loves you
J- jack off (How often do they jack off?)
hermione doesn't usually masturbate, she feels awkward and off and would much rather prefer you there with her
K- kinks (What kinks do they have?)
Hermione definitely has a ma'am kink, especially after she starts working at the ministry
L- limits (What are their boundaries?)
Hermione doesn't really like pain play. she wont even consider knife play and doesn't enjoy degrading. this is all from things that have happened to her
M- mean (Do they like to degrade you during sex? Or do they like to be degraded?)
no, hermione has a bad experience with being degraded. but she has a big praise kink and needs validation during sex.
N- noticeable (Is it obvious when they're turned on? Or are they subtle about it?)
hermione is more subtle about it, but you know what to look for. the way she rubs her thighs to get some friction, her breathing changes.
O- oral (Do they enjoy oral sex? If so, do they prefer giving or receiving?)
ohhhh yeah! Hermione's favorite way to release stress is to sit down in her favorite chair and have you go down on her.
P- position (What's their favourite sex position?)
hermione can do any position but the one she has the most fun with is having you ride her strap because she has the bestie fucking view
Q- quickie (Do they like quickies?)
she prefers the bedroom or really just a private area but she's also down for a snog in the bathroom.
R- risk (Are they comfortable with taking risks in terms of sex?)
possibly a surprise, but it's actually hermione that suggests new things. a lot of the books she reads are pure filth and it'll peak her curiosity and she just has to try it
S- sexting (Are they the type of person to send suggestive messages or nudes?)
only if hermione was away on ministry business and she was desperate, otherwise i think she'd be a bit too afraid of them getting leaked.
T- toys (Would they include sex toys into your sex life?)
Hermione would most likely use a vibrator as well as a strap on.
U- unfair (Are they likely to tease their SO? If so, in what ways would they do that?)
Hermione would tease you "innocently". she didn't mean to look at you like that. she didn't hike up her skirt on purpose. it's not her fault you have such a dirty mind that you think every joke is a tease. she's very cruel that way.
V- volume (Are they loud during sex?)
Hermione's very embarrassed about being loud so she'll try to stay quiet at first but it doesn't really work out for her because soon she's screaming your name
W- wild card (A random headcanon about your sex life with them)
Hermione loves to dom you, she loves the control she feels, especially since she's always anxious during the day. so you submitting to her makes her feel so good.
X (female)- x-ray (What's their most attractive quality? Tits, ass or thighs?)
Hermione's ass <3 she likes to tease you by pulling it up and then bending over
Y- yearning (What's their sex drive like? Do they like having sex regularly or every so often?)
Hermione likes having sex regularly, she doesn't like going long without it because she feels a weird disconnect.
Z- zzz (How quickly do they fall asleep after? Do they give you proper aftercare before dozing off?)
unless she's Very tired, she doesn't really fall asleep after sex. mmm hermione gives the best aftercare, tender kisses while she cleans the both of you up.
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shotorozu4 months ago
hello! I hope you're doing well! could I request a headcannon and/or imagine for shinsou, bakugo and hawks where the reader has bad period cramps and they're taking care of her? just got my period today and my cramps are super bad :(
s/o with bad period cramps
character(s) : shinsou hitoshi, bakugou katsuki, hawks 鈥 takami keigo (bnha)
legend : [Y/N = your name] reader can have periods, they/them pronouns used, quirk not specific, aged up in hawks (no smut)
headcanon type : fluff, comfort (x reader)
note(s) : shucks, i hope you feel better anon :( period cramps are the worst, especially when theres other added side effects to it 馃様 i don鈥檛 write for hawks a lot, so im sorry if there鈥檚 incorrect characterization. but i do hope this helps!
Tumblr media
shinsou hitoshi
he hates seeing you like this鈥 i鈥檝e mentioned this before in my s/o with a stomach virus headcanon list
i mean, he definitely knows what period cramps are, he鈥檚 not an idiot. he can picture what it probably feels like鈥 so ultra respect
but he didn鈥檛 know that yours were THAT bad 馃槰
when he walked into your room, expecting you to be eagerly waiting for him on your bed鈥 he鈥檚 surprised to see you on the floor, in pain and not moving
almost panics and nearly runs out to call for help, but you grabbed on him鈥 explaining that it鈥檚 just your period cramps being the worst
sighs in relief sorta he鈥檚 just glad that you鈥檙e conscious and all
during times like this, he wished that he had a heat based quirk鈥 and he wishes he could do a lot more to help
but nah, it鈥檚 just him and his brainwashing quirk
鈥渄on鈥檛 beat yourself up about it,鈥 you weakly smile, as if you knew what he was thinking about鈥 and he sighs, moving to carry you off the floor
moves extra carefully, because hitoshi here, thinks that sound could trigger your cramps again 馃鈥嶁檪锔
insists that you stay in bed for the entire day鈥 excluding bathroom visits. still carries you to the bathroom, and back.
winces every time your cramps start attacking again, hates seeing you in pain, after all.
gets you pain medicines that work for you, urges you to take them鈥 and will use his quirk if he has to. it鈥檚 urgent anyway, and you鈥檙e not pressed if he had to use it for you to take them
but if you don鈥檛 prefer pain medicine, that鈥檚 fine. because that鈥檚 where solution 2 comes in鈥 a heating pad
fills your heating pad with water for you, and if you don鈥檛 have one鈥 he鈥檒l make a makeshift one, or he鈥檒l go out and buy one
king of back massages. those hands do wonders for the knots on your back
gets a kitten and gives it to you鈥 so you could be distracted from the pain. but, if you鈥檙e allergic, you could always hold him though
rubs your stomach when the both of you watch cute cat/animal videos together.
if you ask him to brainwash you to sleep the pain away, he鈥檒l be reluctant at first glance, thinking that it鈥檚 just your pain talking
but hitoshi always ends up doing it, after all鈥 how could he resist you? he鈥檒l do anything to make you comfortable
and thus, that鈥檚 how you ended up sleeping in his arms for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
knows what a period is, and cramps鈥 really thanks to health class. but i don鈥檛 think he knows the extent of how bad they could be
until he accidentally overheard a conversation that mentioned 鈥淵/N鈥, 鈥減ain鈥, 鈥渞oom鈥, and katsuki immediately bolted to your room
man was about to SQUARE UP
like,, who hurt you? tell him! because they鈥檒l be facing his wrath, now!
enters the room, and sees you on the floor. freaks out at first, since well,, you鈥檙e on the floor, and in pain
which forced you to explain what the source of your pain was, before he went out and fought someone he assumed caused your pain鈥 and his gaze softens
looks irritated, and it looks like he鈥檚 thinking 鈥榯hat鈥檚 all? wow鈥
but this is just him not knowing what to do. you just look like you鈥檙e in so much pain and he doesn鈥檛 have an instant solution鈥 compared to the usual.
鈥測ou coulda texted me, y鈥檏now?鈥 he mutters, carrying your pained body and placing it onto the bed as gentle as he could
will tell you to 鈥榪uit whining鈥 as he caresses his hand on your cheek, trying to comfort you to the best of his abilities.
moving on to the next topic!
his quirk is perfect for a heating pad. used to hate his unusually hot hands in the relationship aspect鈥 since he鈥檇 be worried about hand holding
because y鈥檏now. sweaty palms, constantly. but! at least he knows that he鈥檚 useful.
goes stiff and his cheeks start turning red, when you suddenly grabbed his hand, placing it where it pained you the most
鈥,, i could鈥檝e done that myself.鈥 he states, a little quieter than usual.
similar to shinsou, he鈥檒l INSIST that you stay in bed, don鈥檛 even try arguing with him. he鈥檒l win the dispute anyway
either way鈥 you鈥檙e in too much pain, so that鈥檚 out of the question. you鈥檒l just do what he says
carries you to the bathroom, and back鈥 despite complaining that he even has to. nah, he鈥檒l do it either way. you know how it is
鈥渨hy do i even have to carry you?鈥 he says with an eyeroll, but if you insist that you walk there yourself, he鈥檒l give you an earful 馃拃
will glare at you, if you even move an inch, especially when he has his heated hand on your stomach.
鈥渨hat did i just say?鈥
鈥渋 barely moved, kats!鈥
鈥測ou still moved, now stay still.鈥
forces you to take pain meds, words strong鈥 but actions surprisingly soft for katsuki
will talk to your stomach with the usual harshness, but in a whispered tone馃拃 鈥渉ey bitch, stop giving Y/N a hard time.鈥 it makes you laugh
will act like he鈥檒l remove his hand when you finally fall asleep, but when you do鈥 he moves you closer to his body, hand still resting on your stomach.
carries pain meds everywhere he goes. the bakusquad tries not to ask why he has several packs of pain medication in his pocket
Tumblr media
hawks 鈥 takami keigo
kinda educated鈥 quite similar to how bakugou knows about this kind of topic
but knows a bit more than him because well,, man鈥檚 twenty three. and! he has female co-workers and friends that gave him some insight
was a little awkward, and lowkey tone deaf when it came to periods at first鈥 until an incident happened, which changed things forever
he accidentally pissed off miruko when she was on her own cycle, and the aftermath was probably one of the worst few days of his life.
he flies over to your place, standard routine. everytime he finished up on his tasks for the day, he鈥檇 fly over, tap on your window鈥 and you鈥檇 let him in.
but he knocked, and knocked, and knocked. but you wouldn鈥檛 answer. naturally, he was starting to wonder if you got robbed while he was gone
he鈥檚 worried, and he was going to call your phone鈥 thinking you were just asleep
but then he saw you on the floor, what it appeared to be in pain. this causes him to panic, red wings flapping almost violently鈥 nearly busting down your window
until he saw you crawl to the window, your hands reaching to unlock the window
鈥渉ey, kei. did expect you to come around this soon!鈥 and you鈥檙e still on the floor, which makes him wonder what has caused you this much pain
luckily, by the way you clutched your stomach, and the way you wore black sweatpants鈥 made him connect the dots
鈥渃ramps?鈥 he asks, just to make sure. oh, and it was definitely not because he wanted to crack a light hearted joke
鈥測eah, they鈥檙e really, really bad.鈥 yeah, by the sound of that鈥 there should be no more joking around here. he has to get to work
he has never called miruko鈥檚 number any faster.
鈥渨hat鈥檚 up bird brain? didn鈥檛 we just see each other like,, 10 minutes ago?鈥
鈥渁s someone that has shown me the period鈥檚 wrath, how bad do these period cramps hurt? Y/N鈥檚 hurting real bad now.鈥
鈥減eriod鈥檚 wrath??鈥 okay, first of all. you should definitely go to the store for some supplies. pain medicine, snacks, and a heating pad. try not to take too long though, i don鈥檛 wanna hear Y/N鈥檚 potential horror story, about how their boyfriend left them for dead for an hour.鈥
鈥,, got it.鈥
flies as fast he could to the store鈥 buying a large selection of desserts, pain meds, and two different types of heating pads.
鈥渃hoose whatever works for you, song bird.鈥 he says, when he picks you up and actually flies to the bedroom鈥 your surprised squeak when he picked you up, falling deaf on his ears
the king of massages too.
and definitely the king at comforting. has you in his arms, as his wings surrounded you protectively鈥 peppering kisses on your temples when you get another intense cramp attack
also uses his feathers to sooth you when you鈥檙e at the peak of your pain. it sounds like it doesn鈥檛 work, but trust me鈥 it does every single time. you don鈥檛 know how he does it.
will say random shit to make you laugh. it is practically fail proof鈥 and he kinda says the first thing that comes into his mind when he thinks of jokes
鈥渕y little ketchup packet, get better soon.鈥
鈥渒eigo wtf.鈥 still makes you cackle though, even though it hurts
watches over you to see if anything hurts鈥 like a hawk no pun intended and will move to defeat any cramp that wracks through your stomach
unlike the other two, he has his own tactic of getting you to take your pain meds.
鈥渙h, i guess i have to eat all of this by myself. your stomach would be in pain if you ate all of this鈥斺
鈥渙kay, okay! i鈥檒l take them.鈥
鈥渢hank you, song bird.鈥
if he has to leave, he will give you a feather to make you feel like he鈥檚 with you.
okay but, if you鈥檙e cramping鈥 and he鈥檚 not there with you, his feather will actually get some pain relievers for you. how convenient!
without a fail, hawks will always tease you when your period finally ends, and you鈥檙e no longer in pain. at least the man waits for a bit, before teasing you
Tumblr media
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it鈥檚 characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission :))
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interact-if4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month!
To celebrate this month we wanted to put together a feature on Asian and Pacific Islander authors. This month, you'll see interviews from these authors about their inspiration for their projects, what they're most excited about for readers, and how their identities influence their work.
If you yourself are of Asian or Pacific Islander heritage and would like your story featured, let us know! We will be putting together a separate rec list post including these stories and any new ones we get!
This Month's Featured Authors
Tumblr media
Parkerlyn, author of The Nameless
Legend goes when the world was formed, the mortal races, mortalis, were created with the gift of magic. But as time passed their hubris grew, and the sheevra were created to curb their pride.
When it comes to these chaotic and malevolent beings, the lands are full of cautionary tales. Though some would tell you that the stories are just that. To them, names have no power. There are no mysterious deals to fear, and the figure who seduces you into an alley at midnight is certainly no malicious spirit.
Which luckily for you means easy prey.
Read more about The Nameless [here]
Demo | Author's Ko-fi | Discord
Tags: 16+, Fey-inspired, Fantasy
Tumblr media
Cer, author of Snakeroot
There is something wrong beyond the trees. A curse infects these lands. They call it the Rot, a curse that distorts the lands and creatures around it. For years, its tide has been stemmed by magical barriers, dutifully enforced by hunters. For years, the strategy has worked... until now. Today is not your lucky day.
The barrier has cracked. Something slithers through.
Why now?
Why you?
Read more about Snakeroot [here]
The demo is currently going through processing from CScript to Twine!
CScript Demo | Author's Ko-fi | Discord
Tags: Modern Fantasy, Horror
Tumblr media
Bubs, author of To The Whistling Winds
You鈥檙e a pretty normal young adult living in the 21st century: you have exceeding amounts of student loan debt, a housemate, and a job that pays just above minimum wage. You didn鈥檛 exactly dream of being a tour guide for the historical Chester Theme Park, but you鈥檝e grown used to your every day life.
You thought you knew the park better than anyone, but as the friendly surface begins to crack and unexplainable events begin happening, you鈥檒l need help dealing with the vengeful Fae, who seem to have a bone to pick with you in particular. Fortunately鈥攐r maybe unfortunately鈥攖here seem to be a Covey of fae seekers that might be inclined to help you鈥
Read more about To The Whistling Winds [here]
Tags: Modern Fantasy, Magical Realism, Supernatural Elements
Tumblr media
Deers, author of Roots
You鈥檙e just a regular joe-schmoe who works at a diner in Hawaii trying to rub two cents together trying to make ends meet. When a mysterious pearl falls into your hands one rainy night, your life is changed forever.
Read more about Roots [here]
Demo | Discord
Tags: Mythology, Supernatural
Tumblr media
Jess, author of A Bard's Tale
It takes place on the fictional continent of Amaran, a high fantasy setting based on Asian and Pacific Islander cultures as opposed to traditional Eurocentric high fantasy.
In the wake of a terrible war, you are a young bard just starting your journey. Will you answer the call to adventure and embark to rouse the sleeping gods?
Read more about A Bard鈥檚 Tale聽[here]
Tags: High Fantasy, Adventure
Tumblr media
Nines, author of Orthall Bay
[鈥The name always stuck, regardless of how many foster families you fell under. It should be comforting that at least one aspect of you will always stay the same, but it鈥檚 a stark reminder of how isolated you are. A name with nothing to belong to, nothing to trace back to. Then again, you鈥檝e managed to get this far just on your own.
In Orthall Bay, an in-development interactive fiction, you play as a young adult who grew up as an orphan. You have no knowledge about your parents, or any form of family. That is, until you get a phone call about a recently-passed man claiming to be your grandfather. Two things are certain when you arrive in the maritime town. One, Orthall Bay is seemingly idyllic. And two, there鈥檚 no such thing as perfect towns.
The question is, how deep does its roots go?
Read more about Orthall Bay [here]
The demo is currently under development!
Author's Ko-fi
Tags: Supernatural, Horror
God of the Red Mountain
Mei, author of God of the Red Mountain
You are a spirit born of the Red Mountain鈥搕hough you鈥檝e run away from it long ago. You鈥檇 be content to stay away, too, if not for the mountain god who suddenly comes looking for you. But what purpose do they have? And what exactly is your end goal?
Based on East Asian myths and folklore, you play as a powerful, nameless spirit in a shifting world. As a being caught between death and life, you are connected to a stream of limitless power, and the more you are known, the more powerful you become.
However, your journey will not be so smooth. You have been cursed by powerful, malignant beings known as Foxes, and it鈥檚 only a matter of time before you fall from sanity yourself.
Read more about God of the Red Mountain [here]
Demo | Author's Ko-fi | Discord
Tags: Mythology, Folklore
Tumblr media
Salty, author of Love & Friendship
Do contracted nuptial arrangements fire up your loins? Have you ever wanted to experience the high-highs and low-lows of a lady in the prime of her marriage market days? Have you ever lain awake at night lamenting your birth in a time where divorce is readily available and women no longer need to marry as their only economic means of survival?
Why not come find your happiness in the Regency world of balls, debauchery, and a surprising amount of paperwork. Become an accomplished lady of many talents and impress gentle society or use your feminine wiles and wicked wit to flirt your way into scandal and, perhaps even, ruin. Play matchmaker and decide the fate of the ladies in your acquaintance. Pursue your choice of suitor; a dear childhood friend, a lord of dubious reputation, a wealthy widow with a heart of stone, or even, the coveted gentleman with 15,000 pound a year. After all, if you can鈥檛 find love, you may as well marry rich.
Read more about Love & Friendship [here]
Demo | Author's Ko-fi
Tags: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Tumblr media
Aster, author of Nevermoore
They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it won鈥檛 be satisfaction that鈥檒l be bringing you back. Again. And again. And again.
The simple act of visiting your parents turns into something much more than what you were expecting when your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and you find yourself right beside a small town that鈥檚 engulfed by the trees.
Some of the residents you met right away were welcoming enough, happy to try and lend a helping hand when they can. But their smiles seemed more apologetic than happy, and their eyes looked at you with regret.
You never really did understand why that was鈥
Until you died.
So now, you are an unwilling participant in an endless cycle of death and resurrection. And the more you learn about the bloodstained history of the town and the past of its people, the more you'll get tangled up in a web of secrets that threatens to keep you there forever.
So welcome, newcomer鈥 to Nevermoore.
Read more about Nevermoore [here]
Demo | Discord
Tags: Mystery, Supernatural
Additional featured authors!聽
@bouncyballcitadel鈥嬧, author of Citadel - A Medical Romantic Drama
Play as a first-year surgery intern at Citadel Health. Will you become the star intern and curry the favor of the chief? Or will you uncover Citadel Health鈥檚 secrets and break a story or two? This will be the best and worst year of your life. Don鈥檛 forget to save lives and break some hearts along the way."
@shai-manahan鈥嬧, author of Hollowed Minds
鈥淵ou will play as a disgraced detective, entangled in webs of conspiracies and betrayal as your character engages in a suspicious probation - with a whole lot of enigmatic hallucinations and explosions to deal with. It will be up to you to shape your detective鈥檚 (or Ripper鈥檚, if you prefer to call them that) perception and motivations. After all, Gaile City is a place full of secrets - some of them belonging to your own character鈥檚 family - and you鈥檒l have the freedom how to act accordingly.鈥
@prettyboyhowl鈥, author of Venatici House
Two years ago your world fell apart. These days you鈥檙e鈥 a bit of a mess. And, as it turns out, a soon-to-be criminal too- er, hang on let鈥檚 try that again.
In a 21st century world where abilities exist, attend university (for the 2nd time), fall in love (if you can), make new friends, and go on cute (potentially life-threatening), fun adventures with them (aww)!
@galengames, author of Dual Chroma
A thousand years ago dark magic destroyed half the world. Now the Ashen Lord rises again to destroy the rest.
As Prince Keldran鈥檚 adviser, your council will be indispensable in saving the world from ashen creatures that once again threaten his empire. But the Galens鈥檚 family鈥檚 past is more entwined with the Ashen than historians admit 鈥 and Keldran鈥檚 destiny is darker still. Will you help him save the world or allow it to be destroyed so that a new one can be reborn upon its ashes?
@herotome, author of Herotome
Your home base is Rhineway, a merciless metropolis where gentrification spreads like cold sores. Its wear and tear has been pushed to its outskirts, and the crime rate is higher than ever.
Meanwhile, the government-enforced superhero program聽draws mixed reactions among the populace.
While job-hunting, you鈥檙e unexpectedly recruited by a superhero. You accept the offer in hopes of an improved quality of life for you and your cat.
@mage-parivir鈥, author of A Mage Reborn
They speak in low whispers of the mage, of night terrors or a hero returned, a demon and a saint in the same breath. Heresy, said the priests; hearsay, said the lords. But the crown is silent even as the grapevines unfurl, and so the rumors swell and spread all the same.
Like wind passing through the trembling trees, certain as the coming of the dawn, the word travels through farmsteads and castles alike:
The mage lives again.
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wolken-himmel2 months ago
In which (Y/n) can't help but ask Malleus about the truth behind some of the rumours that are told about fae.
Malleus is amused by his dear human's innocent curiosity.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
Your curious voice cut through the silence of the night like a sharp blade, so sudden and unexpected that even the usually so composed fae beside you jumped at your inquiry. When he turned his head to look at you, he was met with a sheepish smile, one that he found so endearing that he couldn't help but smile himself.
Tilting his head to the side in a child-like manner, which was a large contrast to his intimidating appearance, Malleus asked, "Yes? Do you need something of me?"
A small hum escaped your lips as you tapped your finger against your chin in an attempt to speed up your thinking process. Malleus waited patiently for you to speak. "Well, I was reading this book in the library the other day鈥 it was about the fae!" you explained after finally having found a way to word your thoughts. "And well, I heard some interesting rumours about the fae some time ago... and what better thing to find out if they're true than to ask my fae buddy?"
Malleus' eyes lit up in amusement and curiosity, yet his expression always remained unchanged and calm. "How interesting, my treasure," he drawled, his voice slow and deep. "I shall entertain your whims. Go ahead and ask away."
The grateful smile you shot him made his heart flutter in a way he didn't think it could, and he attempted to scold himself because of his silly way of reacting to your gestures and words. Seemingly unaware of the effect you had on him, you opened your mouth to ask your first question. "I heard somewhere that it's dangerous to tell a fae your name," you murmured under your breath. "Is that true?"
The way Malleus paused for a long time caused you to grow increasingly nervous, waiting for his final answer with sweaty hands. Finally, it seemed like he had returned from his thoughts. "In general," he began in a rather ominous tone, "it might be a bad idea to tell a fae your name, correct." The frown that appeared on your face made him quickly put a hand on your own. "But do not worry. I shall not do you any harm, my dear. I could never."
"Phew!" Your concerned expression immediately vanished, and you gave his hand a small squeeze. "I knew I could trust you, Malleus!"
His eyes flashing a bright green, thus illuminating the dark night, he cooed, "You can depend on me."
Malleus' words caused a small stir inside your heart with how genuine and gentle he sounded. For a moment, silence befell you two, and the frontyard of Ramshackle seemed so tranquil and peaceful 鈥 only to be interrupted by you chiming out, "So... next question!" The fae's eyes grew in confusion at your sudden change in mood and topic, but decided to simply go along with it, nodding to urge you to continue. "I heard rumours about the fae stealing human children? Is that a common thing to do?"
Malleus seemed hesitant about answering this particular question of yours, and for a moment, you feared that you had ventured too far. When he simply shrugged in a casual and non-offended way, your shoulders visibly relaxed again. "Well, maybe you could ask Lilia one day," was his simple answer.
You furrowed your eyebrows. "Why Lilia?"
Your question caused Malleus to laugh, much to your surprise and confusion. Eventually, his laughter died down enough to let him speak in whole sentences again. Scooting closer to you, Malleus extended a hand to let his fingertips ghost over your skin chilled by the cool night air. You remained still despite the way his touch left goosebumps on your skin. "My dear," he whispered with a mischievous grin on his lips, "do you want to know why some fae like to steal human children?"
You jumped at the opportunity to agree, and immediately yelled out, "Yes, of course!"
Malleus grew even more amused by your eagerness. His voice died down to a small whisper, and his grip on your face tightened until you weren't able to budge anymore. "Some humans are just so adorable, precious, and bright that a fae cannot resist staying away from them," he explained while you merely watched him with big eyes, hypnotised and entranced. "You see, some fae tend to be quite possessive..."
Just as Malleus thought he had you fully under his spell, your own hand shot forward to wrap itself around his wrist. A large smile adorned your face as you removed his hand from your chin and instead took his pale hand into your own. "That's so very interesting," you replied and gave his hand a grateful squeeze. "Thank you for answering my questions so honestly, Malleus."
"It is of no problem." Malleus smiled, feeling strangely happy tonight. "Now do you care if I ask some questions about humans?"
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izu6ku3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#饢 饾悓饾惒 饾悆饾悶饾悮饾惈 饾悞饾悶饾惂饾惄饾悮饾悽 | 饾槳饾樆饾樁饾槵饾樁 饾槷饾槳饾槬饾槹饾槼饾槳饾樅饾槩
Tumblr media
# summary: no matter, what izuku always found himself getting rescued by you, his senpai and childhood crush.
# w/c: 3.4k
# c/w: mutual pining, reader is 19 + izuku is 18, porn with plot, izuku being insecure, fighting, bruises, slight angst (very slight), confession, izuku is a virgin, virginity loss, oral (male receiving), slight overstim, unprotected sex, smut + fluff.
# a/n: I'm really glad how this turned out :) thanks for 200 followers in literal days, you horny fucks. I appreciate your support <3
Tumblr media
midoriya was a wimp. always getting pushed around and walked over, sometimes by people who seemed too tiny to be an actual threat, but he was just so pathetic, it made it so easy鈥 too easy 鈥攖o take advantage of him.
you always remembered the spiky haired boy from your youth who would never stop tormenting midoriya, always picking fights with him for simply looking in his direction. you saw the way he'd push the boy to the ground, midoriya's emerald eyes welling with tears as he looked back up to the blonde boy and his posse, begging them to spare him the beating.
you never liked the spiky haired boy. you never liked bullies.
so, you didn't think twice that warm summer day when you stepped between the group of boys, arms opened out wide as you defended the crying boy. the spiky haired blonde didn't like that one bit, and he certainly didn't like when you activated your quick, sending him flying back on the ground as the two boys by his side ran away from you. you still remember the irked look that appeared on his face as he got up, and ran back to his friends, but not before declaring that he'd 'beat you one day'.
rolling your eyes, your attention shifted back to the boy on the floor behind you, who was now too weak in the knees to stand properly. "t-thank you for s-saving me..." he said weakly as you held his hands to help him up straight. his eyes widened a bit as he studied your face. he knew you, he thought. you were the pretty girl who'd gently sway on the park swings with a pencil in your hand and a book on your lap, doodling the day away. "you're welcome," you say with a smile.
letting go of his hands, you placed yours on your hips and cocked your head to the side. "you shouldn't let them bully you like that!" you scolded, watching as the boy fiddled with his fingers. "i-i'm sorry...but they're just鈥 so much stronger..." he mumbled. you looked at him sternly for a moment. he did seem quite weak, you thought to yourself, before letting out a sigh. "fine then," you started. "if those meanies give you any trouble again," you pointed one hand to the sky, mimicking a superhero's pose, "I will protect you!"
the green haired boy's eyes lit up at your declaration, butterflies fluttering in his stomach and a smile plastering his face as he looked at you. you will protect him.
you got to know midoriya more after your first interaction; his interests, his hobbies, his aspirations, and he got to learn more about you. the boy even insisted on calling you his 'senpai' when he figured out you were a year older than him. 'it just feels right, senpai!' he said. eventually, the two of you became good friends, bonding with each other over your dream of becoming heroes, and many other little things that you had in common. you even kept your promise to him from that summer day, always stepping in between his interactions with the boy he called 'kacchan' before they could escalate to fights, which he appreciated dearly.
midoriya loved spending time with you, and you figured as much when he cried the day you and your family left Musutafu for a three day vacation, but could you blame him?
midoriya thought you were the nicest person on earth; you never bullied him, you never reprimanded him, you were just nice. even when midoriya mentioned that he was quirkless, you never made fun of him. instead, you motivated him, telling him to strive to be the world's first quirkless hero. it was no secret he liked you a lot, and those feelings grew more and more as time went on.
the two of you were now in your third year at UA and his feelings for you never ceased, even though you looked so different from the girl he'd call 'senpai' back then. your body became more mature as your full, perky tits threatened to pop out of your tight shirt, your small skirt barely fitting over your plump ass. you probably didn't bother getting a new uniform since your old ones could still fit, albeit, a bit tightly.
you were a lot more popular now too, laughing and giggling amongst people he swore he'd never seen before, your phone filled with unread messages and locker stuffed with unopened letters from guys and girls alike who tried to shoot their shot with you. it wasn't surprising that you were asked out daily by your peers, you were gorgeous, determined and strong, who wouldn't want to be with you? 'there's someone else I'm interested in!' he heard you say once as you were talking to your friends.
izuku changed quite a bit since you were kids as well. he'd gotten a lot taller, barely passing six feet. his curly green hair was shaved down to an undercut that suit his features, which were much sharper now, more mature. he'd gotten more confident as well, garnering his own fare share of followers and friends, but in his eyes, he was still plain, old deku.
honestly, he felt like he shouldn't even be near you, no less friends with you. he tried many times to leave you alone, so caught up in the fact that someone as great and popular as you shouldn't be hanging out with someone as boring as him, but you always found your way back to him.
at lunch, you'd abandon your friends and sit at his table, laughing and chatting with him and his small circle. during training, you practically begged to be paired up with him, always wanting him to be your sparing partner. you'd invite him to your friends' party, ultimately deciding that you wouldn't go if he wanted to stay in.
eventually, he realized that although you looked different now, you were still the same girl who promised to protect him all those years ago.
but who knew that your promise would still apply today?
"fucking bitch鈥!" a voice said, before midoriya received a sharp kick to his side. the trio of boys barked with laughter as he tried to look up at them from the ground, unable to move his body due to one of the boy's quirk. "I'll tell you again," a gruff voice said, "stay the fuck away from y/n." the world really had it out for him, huh? midoriya was just minding his business, walking back to the dorms, when he got attacked by a group of boys, threatening him to leave you alone. "and if I don't?" midoriya asked, a scowl growing on his assailants' face. "you fucking better if you know what's good for you." he spat, his tone cruel and violent.
"yeah, you think y/n wants a bitch like you following her around like a damn puppy?!" a different voice spoke this time. "and what makes you think she wants assholes like you on her ass鈥" the boy's foot collided with the greenette's face with a hash kick, the pain from the hit leaving his mind dizzy. "watch your fucking mou鈥"
their heads snapped in your direction, your presence shocking them so much that the effects of the quirk deactivated, leaving izuku gasping for air as the unbearable pressure was lifted from his body. "s-senpai..?" izuku choked out, holding his bruised side.
anger wracked through you body as the three boys stared at you, dumbfounded. "y-y/n! what are you doing here..?!" the one with the gruff voice asked. "cut the bullshit, tadashi. what the fuck are you doing?" you say far too calmly. izuku listened as tadashi stammered, trying to find something to say to you. "we were, uh, trying to get him to stay away from you.." another boy spoke.
you looked down at izuku for a moment, all he did was keep his head down, listening to the confrontation. sadness and anger clenched your heart at the sight. you stepped closer to tadashi before grabbing the tie around his neck, pulling his face downwards and landing a hard punch on his cheek that had him stumbling backwards. "leave, now." you say, your voice dripping in venom, watching as the three scrambled away.
you hurried over to izuku's side, your eyebrows knit in concern as you gently held his face in your hands, forcing him to look up at you. "izu..." you sighed as he didn't bother looking you in your eyes. "let's get you back to the dorms," you say, throwing his arm over your shoulder and lifting him off the ground, carrying him over to the heights alliance.
after giving your concerned classmates a brief explanation of what happened, you carried izuku up to your room, where he sat on your bed as you searched for your first aid kit. his eyes couldn't help but wander to a thick pile of sketchbooks at the corner of your room. you always were quite the artist, he thought. neither of you said a word as you observed his injuries. he had slight bruising on his cheek and to the side of his stomach, nothing that would kill him, but you had no doubt that it still hurt.
you finally broke the silence as you gently applied ointment to his cheek. "izuku...i'm sorry." you say, your voice coming out as a whisper. he stayed silent for a few seconds, "for what? this wasn't your fault." you frowned at his words. "but it was! i-i told them something about you and鈥 and they went out of their way to attack you!" you cried.
"you what?" you froze, realizing what you just said. "i..i mean鈥 i..." izuku looked at you coldly, his expression shooting fear into your heart. "what did you tell them?" he asked. he couldn't believe this. he thought you were his friend. he thought you cared. did you change that much that you were gossiping about him? where you really his senpai anymore?
"I鈥" you paused for a moment, swallowing thickly before speaking, "I told them I liked you."
"you WHAAAT?!" the boy exclaimed, his cheeks flushed red. "don't seem so shocked, you asked!" you said, covering your face from embarrassment. "w-well I thought you were going to say you hated me, not that you LIKED me!" you paused. "wait, why would you think I hated you?"
izuku rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "well, it's just that鈥 you've gotten so popular, senpai, and I..I just kinda thought you didn't like me anymore. I'm so boring compared to you," he sighed, "I just figured you wouldn't want to hang around anyone as plain as m鈥"
you cut him off with a kiss, his eyes shooting open in panic and shock before you pulled away. "you're not plain, izuku, you're so amazing," you say, kissing him ice more. he returned the kiss this time, inhaling sharply and relaxing his jaw, allowing your tongue to slither in and explore his mouth. your soft lips felt like heaven against his, his heart racing just from kissing you, just from being so close to you. slowly, your hands travelled down to his lower abdomen, and you fiddled with the belt around his waist before pulling away, a string of saliva lingering behind from your wet kiss.
a soft gasp left his lips from your actions, he could already feel himself getting hard. placing his hand over yours, your eyes met as he spoke softly to you. "do you really want to do this...with me, senpai?" he asked, disbelief painting his features. you nodded and smiled sweetly, giving him a small peck on his lips before unbuckling his belt, tossing it onto the floor.
you gently palmed the tent in his pants and he hissed, squeezing his eyes shut as he felt his cock twitch under your touch. "are you a virgin, 'zuku?" you asked, looking up at him. "y-yes.." he admitted shyly. so cute, you thought to yourself. you pressed a kiss to his inner thigh. "alright, we'll take this slowly then."
he felt a wave of nervousness overtake him as you began unbuttoning his pants, getting so close to pulling down his draws. what if he wasn't enough for you? what if you didn't like what you saw? what if you changed your mind right then and there? he'd die of embarrassment for sure! this was a bad idea, a bad, bad, bad id鈥
as soon as you pulled the fabric down, izuku's cock sprang free, and you can't help the soft gasp that came from your mouth. his length was a little bit larger than average, but he was thick, far thicker than any guy you've been with. his tip was an adorable shade of pink, a bead of pre oozing from the slit. the sight of him alone had your pussy clenching around nothing but air.
"fuck izu.." you mumbled. his eyebrows knit anxiously, waiting for you to say something, anything.
"you're so perfect."
...huh?! just how many times were you going to say something unexpected like that?!
"i- thank you.." he whispered, letting out a breath he didn't know he had. "you ready?" you asked, waiting for his permission. this was about him, you thought. from back then to now, it was always about him. "I'm ready," he nodded.
he whimpered softly as you slowly began stroking his length, his head lightly hitting the headboard of your bed as you passed your thumb over his tip, smearing the pre around his head. "f-fuck..." he cursed, his cock twitching.
"you're so pretty, izu," your praise going straight to his head, as if he wasn't already too enamoured by you. the pleasure you were giving him鈥 no, blessing him with was unlike anything he'd ever felt, and so much better than he'd ever imagine, his hips moving with your hand as you stroked him.
he whined as you stopped your movements, breath hitching as you kissed his tip. your tongue dragged up the underside of his cock and he moaned, slapping a scarred hand over his mouth in an effort to silence himself. you chuckled slightly, giving his tip one more kiss before you took him into your mouth, muffled noises coming from the boy as you took him inch by inch, the warmth of your mouth driving him mad.
his eyes rolled to the back of his head as you sucked him gently, the knuckles of his free hand turning white from gripping the sheets too hard, his other hand still over his mouth. your mouth worked wonders around him, and he knew he wasn't going to last long, tears already threatening to stream down his face. although they were mostly muffled, you loved the moans that came out of him, so desperate and pretty for you.
"s-senpai!" he choked out, his voice strained. that name sounded so pretty coming from him. " 'm close, s-so close..!" both his hands were now in your hair, trying not to grip too tightly as he trusted into your mouth. indulging him, you took in all of him, his pubes ticking your nose and his tip hitting the back of your throat. "fuck!" he wailed at the sensation, thick ropes of cum shooting down your throat as he forced your head down further on his cock, causing you to gag around him.
you pulled away, coughing as you tried to catch your breath, the slightly salty taste of his cum still fresh on your tongue. "o-oh my god, I'm so sorry senpai! a-are you okay?! i mean obviously you're not but鈥 ah, this is all my fault!鈥" he rambled on as you caught your breath, wiping the spit from your mouth before grabbing the boy's face, calming him in an instant.
"baby, I'm fine," you chuckled, your words making his stomach flutter. "I鈥 okay.." he says, before shyly pecking your lips once, then twice, before pulling you into a long kiss. lips still locked, you straddled your legs to his sides before guiding his hands under your skirt, his fingers playing with the elastic of your underwear before slowly pulling them down.
he was nervous, you could tell by the way his hand shook. breaking away from the kiss, you brushed away the green curls that fell in his eyes, thumb lightly going over the bruise on his freckled face. you were sure to properly kick tadashi and his shitty crew's ass for that next time you saw him. "relax, 'zuku, it's just me," you comforted and he nodded, "y-yeah, right."
biting his lip, he reached his hand under your skirt, fingers ghosting over your wet folds before lightly touching your clit, getting a soft gasp from you in return. "does that...feel good?" he felt so dumb for asking, but he wanted you to feel good too, getting a bit more confident when you nodded. he could tell you didn't bother wearing a bra to class as his other hand reached up to your chest, gently playing with your right breast and teasing your nipples as his fingers worked around your clit.
the pretty whines and breathy moans that came from you made izuku's mind buzz with desire, wanting to do more to you, wanting to make you feel good. suddenly, you grabbed his wrist, stopping his gentle attack on your cunt. "see how wet you make me, 'zuku?" you said, bringing his fingers, wet with your slick into the light for him to examine. a moan left his mouth as you pushed his fingers in your mouth, sucking his fingers clean of your wetness before kissing him, your flavor leaving him groaning into your mouth.
breaking the kiss, you reach down between your bodies, taking izuku's cock and aligning it with your entrance. "relax," you say, throwing your arms around his neck and pressing a kiss to his forehead as you noticed him tense up. slowly, you sank down onto him, soft whines coming from the two of you as his tip stretched you open. a breath of relief escaped you as he finally bottomed out, izuku's face buried in the crook of your neck as he took in deep breaths, his mind practically spinning from how tight you were, your walls clenching around him. "please, not yet.." he whimpered, his already sensitive cock still getting used to the feeling of being inside you.
you plaster kisses along the side of his jaw and down his neck, whispering sweet words of encouragement in his ear, reminding him to take his time. a choked moan left your mouth as izuku suddenly rolled his hips against yours, his hands gripping your waist as he lifted you up slightly, before thrusting into you, giving you nonverbal permission to move.
slowly, you began bouncing up and down on his cock, the lewd noises of your deliciously tight cunt squeezing him just right drove the two of you insane. "fuck, y' feel s-so good, senpai..!" izuku's cheeks flushed as he cursed. "not g鈥 not g'nna last long!"
"yeah? you g'nna cum again for me?" you asked, feeling his head nod against your neck. you brought his face up to yours, kissing him sloppily as your speed increased, moaning loudly when the tip of his cock hit the sensitive spot inside you.
"senpai鈥 I..!" he warned, pressing his forehead against yours. "me too, zuku, want you to cum inside me鈥!" you felt his cock pulse at your words. desperate whines and moans filled the room as he began thrusting into you faster and harder than before as you both chased your high.
your bodies felt hot against each other as you moved in perfect harmony, completely lost in each other's euphoria. with one last hard thrust, he came inside your pussy with a guttural moan, warm cum filling you up as you gushed around his cock, his legs trembling beneath you. a soft whine escaped you as he pulled out, your liquids mixed with his dripping down your ass, your pussy still fluttering as you came down from your high.
a comfortable silence settled between you as izuku gently kissed you, from your collar bone, working his way up to your temples. you looked up to him, a soft smile gracing your face as you admired him in his afterglow, his face flushed prettily.
"don't ever go around thinking you're boring ever again!" you scolded. he laughed, suddenly reminded of that one warm summer day. "you g'nna try protecting me from myself if I do?" he asked, grinning widely. "I might just have too," you say, lightly flicking his forehead with your finger.
your face was in izuku's hands this time as he pulled you into a passionate kiss, a kiss he'd been wanting to have with you since you were children. you giggled as he pulled away, 'love struck' written all over his face as you fell back onto your bed with each other.
"I love you, izuku." you say, tightening your arms around him.
"I love you too, y/n."
Tumblr media
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itachiyama8 months ago
can u pls do one where sakusa gets distant and cold, and then one day overhears his s/o on the phone with a friend that they're gonna break up with him and he gets scared and tries to fix things? angst but with a happy ending maybe?
You and Me
Tumblr media
The past two weeks had been kind of rough for you and Sakusa. Or at least, they had been rough for you. Sakusa didn鈥檛 seem to be bothered by his cold demeanor and unusual distance. He wasn鈥檛 a clingy boyfriend exactly, always a bit reserved, but he wasn鈥檛 afraid to seek you out when he wanted to. Except recently he seemed to never want anything to do with you, claiming he was busy or tired, rolling his eyes when you asked if he could spare some time to spend with you. So, your limits being pushed to the absolute maximum, you confronted him.
鈥淎re you seriously still on this again?鈥 He looked at you absolutely irritated. You didn鈥檛 like the way he looked at you like a nuisance.
鈥淲e鈥檙e supposed to spend time together. That鈥檚 the basics of a relationship. You鈥檙e the one who asked me out, so surely you knew and wanted that,鈥 you looked at him with narrowed eyes.
鈥淵eah well maybe I shouldn鈥檛 have asked you y/n, all you do is bother me anymore,鈥 he said rolling his eyes. You were crestfallen. He had said it so casually, with no hesitance, that you questioned if arguing was even worth it. You鈥檇 be fighting a one sided battle and in the end go to bed with tears while he would just grumble to himself and pass out. Slumping your shoulders, you simply sighed, too sick of his behavior to continue.
鈥淔orget it, I鈥檓 tired and I wanna go to bed.鈥 Walking past him, you went to the bathroom to begin preparing for bed. He stared at you, a little surprised at your sudden resolve to drop the issue, and watched as you closed the door behind you. That night you slept with a little extra space between the two of you, and the distance between you and Sakusa only seemed to grow from there.
In truth, he was having a stressful week and needed some alone time, resulting in taking out his frustrations on you. One week turned into two, and then the argument happened. He couldn鈥檛 bring himself to admit that it was his fault, that he was being selfish and not acting like someone in a serious relationship. His pride was getting in the way of admitting he was wrong, and it was easier to act like you were just being annoying. But he knew it couldn鈥檛 drag out any longer, or things would take a turn he really didn鈥檛 want them to take. He knew deep down, that out of the two of you, he was the more replaceable one. You were kind, warm, passionate, and weren鈥檛 afraid to show your love openly. Sakusa was the exact opposite, too shy and a bit difficult to be around, constantly causing you to accommodate to his preferences. You could easily find someone who would cater to you the way you deserved, and yet you stuck by his side with no complaints. He couldn鈥檛 take advantage of that, not when he so desperately needed your presence to ground him. So he came to the decision that today would be the day he swallowed his pride and give you the apology you rightfully deserved, and make sure you were aware that it was he who was the bother, not you. But his blood ran cold when he came home that day, hearing the conversation you were having on the phone with your friend, unaware of his return.
鈥淚t鈥檚 embarrassing at this point, I鈥檓 with a man who doesn鈥檛 even want me to be with him. What am I even doing?鈥
鈥淵/n you need to just leave him, what鈥檚 even keeping you there anymore? There are so many people out there who want to be with you, and even he knows it. If that鈥檚 not reason enough for him to cherish you, he鈥檚 a waste of your time. There鈥檚 absolutely nothing he could offer you right now besides an empty heart and a bruised pride. Pack your bags and forget him.鈥 He felt himself almost lose himself to insanity at the mere thought of you taking your belongings and leaving. The thought of someone else being with you and doing all the things he wanted to do with you made bile rise to his throat and he wanted to scream. He wanted to rip the phone from your hand and scream at your friend, tell them that they were wrong, cruel even, for ever putting the idea in your head to walk away from him. Scream that they were cruel for trying to encourage you to walk right out of him arms and leave him behind. But he knew your friend had a point, and more than that, they were actually somewhat right, and he hated that. But it only got worse, and he felt absolutely helpless when he heard you reply, comprehending your words in pure horror.
鈥淚 guess you鈥檙e right, we鈥檙e kind of dragging the relationship out at this point aren鈥檛 we? It鈥檒l end today or tomorrow anyway, might as well put on my big kid pants and get it over with now, at least then it would be on my terms. I just really thought he was the one you know?鈥 You sounded so tired, absolutely sick of him, and he just wanted to curl up onto the floor on the spot, never wanting to face reality again. He craved your soothing touch, cradling his face and telling him that it would be okay. He wanted to cry in your arms and have you whisper sweet little words to him like you always did, convincing him he was enough and everything you wanted. But he wasn鈥檛 enough, and you didn鈥檛 want him anymore. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard you end the phone call, and quickly made his way to the front door, pretending to take off his shoes and look like he had just returned. You walked out your bedroom and were shocked to see him, before collecting yourself.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e home,鈥 you said simply. He looked at you and gave you a shaky smile.
鈥淵eah, just got back. How was your day?鈥 You looked at him a little shocked, before settling to a look of confusion. You hadn鈥檛 expected him to talk to you so casually.
鈥淯hh, good I guess. Pretty 锟糽aid back锟. How about you?鈥 He tried to look casual, not wanting you to notice how on edge he was.
鈥淒ecent, practice was a bit tough though.鈥 Nodding at him slowly, you looked to the floor. An awkward silence fell between the two of you and he felt his heartbeat quicken. His hands were clammy and his throat was dry, stomach forming knots at the uncertainty that hung in the air.
鈥淜iyoomi, we should talk-鈥 but he quickly cut you off, trying to dodge what he knew you were about to do.
鈥淐-can we talk tomorrow? Maybe? I uh, have practice a little later tomorrow, so we can talk in the morning. I had a pretty bad day, just kind of wanted to lay in bed and watch a movie together, maybe order takeout? Is that okay?鈥 He was trying to do anything to get your mind off breaking up with him, hoping to stall it long enough so that he could convince you to change your mind.
鈥淵ou... wanted to watch a movie? Together?鈥 He nodded, looking at you hopefully. You sighed, not sure how to go about this exactly. You were finally going to do what you鈥檇 been dreading to do all this time, and here Sakusa was, magically giving you what you鈥檇 been wanting for weeks. A little time for yourselves. But you weren鈥檛 sure if now was the time to indulge in it, seeming a bit too late for it to do any good. But the look he gave you radiated waves of desperation. Whatever happened at practice must鈥檝e been rough on him because he looked like he was seconds from breaking down. You cursed yourself mentally for still being weak for the man who broke your heart before nodding, hesitantly holding a hand out for him to take. He latched onto it in a fraction of a second, grip tight as he practically dragged you like a rag doll to your room. Setting everything up before you could even lift a finger, he pulled you into bed with him, immediately finding your chest to lay his head on. He handed you the remote to pick the movie and looked at you with what he hoped was a convincing smile. You gave him a weary look before picking your favorite movie and pressing play. Over the course of the movie, Sakusa had moved your hand to play with his hair, ordered your favorite takeout, and placed small kisses to the hand he kept in his grasp. You couldn鈥檛 quite understand what had suddenly gotten Sakusa to flip a switch so out of the blue, but you would be lying if you said it didn鈥檛 feel nice to be noticed by him after weeks of feeling like a stranger. Your relationship was still hanging on by a thin thread, but you allowed yourself to hope that maybe this was a turning point. You definitely didn鈥檛 want to let him go, and even if it was na茂ve and wishful thinking, you wanted to believe that he was putting in an effort to change the course of which your relationship had taken. So you allowed yourself to bask in his attention for the night, telling yourself you鈥檇 give this another week or so to see if there was still any chance for the two of you to continue on as an item.
A week later, and he was still shockingly desperate for your attention. By now, you were almost overwhelmed by how out of character he had been acting. Always agreeing with every suggestion you made, always dropping whatever he was doing to please you, you watched him carefully over the last seven days and noticed that he wasn鈥檛 acting himself. At first you thought he had a bad day at practice and succumbed to his need to seek comfort from you, but you quickly realized that wasn鈥檛 the case after about two days when the behavior continued. You鈥檇 decided enough was enough and that you needed a clear explanation from him, his behavior was much too erratic for you, and you were growing tired of having to guess what was going on in his mind.
鈥淜iyoomi,鈥 you started as you looked over to him. He froze, the use of his full first name never meant anything good. Dread immediately filled his body and he hesitantly looked up from his phone.
鈥淵eah?鈥 His voice was small.
鈥淲e really need to talk.鈥 And that was it. That was all it took before he snapped, the water works finally coming in full force. Choked sobs racked his body, and he shook his head at you, eyes looking at you with absolute pain.
鈥淣o! Please, no! I鈥檝e been good! I鈥檝e been so good this whole week! Why are you doing this?鈥 He hunched over with his head in his hands, continuing to break down. You looked at him, dumbfounded, not sure what to do. Slowly raising your hand to place on his back, he flinched at your touch.
鈥淲hat do you mean? What鈥檚 going on Kiyoomi? I鈥檓 really starting to get tired of this, you鈥檝e been acting so strange for the past month. First you forgot about my existence completely, then all of a sudden all you knew was me, and now you鈥檙e crying your heart out. What exactly has gotten into you?鈥 He looked at you with an expression morphed with despair.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e leaving me, but I don鈥檛 want you to go,鈥 he whispered brokenly.
鈥淲ho said I was leaving you?鈥 You were absolutely lost.
鈥淭hat one day, you were talking to your friend, I heard you. They told you to pack up and leave, that there were plenty of people you could find that would give you more than me, and that I wasn鈥檛 any good for you. And you said you might as well end things with me, and I... I just... I don鈥檛 want you to go! Please don鈥檛 go, I can make it better! I can be even better, just watch, I鈥檒l be great! And then you can tell your friend that I鈥檝e changed and that we鈥檙e happy. I鈥檒l fix everything y/n, just don鈥檛 pack your damn things and leave, I won鈥檛 be able to take it if you do!鈥 He looked at you pleadingly, afraid of your answer. Your heart broke a little, seeing him like that. You鈥檇 never seen Sakusa cry like this, or be so worried about something, and it hurt you a little that while you鈥檇 been basking in his extra doting, he鈥檇 been plagued with doubts and fears the whole time.
鈥淗ey, come on now, come here,鈥 you reached out to him again, signaling him to come into your embrace. He collapsed against you, clinging to your side and gripping your shirt with an iron grip. 鈥淚 was gonna break up with you, that鈥檚 true, but only because I didn鈥檛 think you wanted to be with me. You鈥檝e been wonderful this whole week Omi, really you have. But you don鈥檛 have to change yourself to get me to stay, that鈥檚 not what I asked of you. I just wanted to you spend a bit more time with me, the way you usually do. You were pushing me away,鈥 you smoothed back his hair and he leaned into your touch.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, I鈥檓 really sorry, I won鈥檛 push you away. You鈥檙e not a bother, I am! I鈥檒l treat you way better I swear.鈥 Kissing his forehead, you pulled the two of you back to lean against the head frame of your bed.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not a bother sweetie, I wouldn鈥檛 have stayed with you all this time if you were. I love you how you are, and you treat me great. I just don鈥檛 want you to get distant like that again, okay? You can tell me if you need some time alone, I get it. But we can鈥檛 live together and pretend we don鈥檛 exist for days on end alright?鈥 He nodded against your chest, snuggling deeper into you. 鈥淚鈥檓 not leaving, so don鈥檛 worry about that. It鈥檚 always gonna be you and me.鈥
鈥淐an you tell your friend that? Just so they know? I think they should know,鈥 he looked up at you. You chuckled at him before ruffling his hair.
鈥淵es of course, I鈥檒l be sure to let them know.鈥
Hey everyone! How are we all doing today? This is my longest scenario yet! It鈥檚 almost 2.5k words. I hope you liked it though! I鈥檓 gonna be working on requests all day and knocking them out so I can open them back up again hopefully.
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saintzjenx4 months ago
@ What draw others to you? What kind of people are drawn to you and why?
Hey beautiful its Jenx馃 This is the surprise I have been keeping from you guys for some time haha. I'll also be including some astrological signs, if theres any question please leave me a comment below. I'm open to any feedback<3 Please keep in mind that since I'm reading for a lot of people, some would resonate more while the others might not with some specific details as I'm channeling certain images and different things:)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pick one of the images above, remember their numbers (1 鈥 3 from left to right) & scroll down to read your tailored reading馃グ As you pick between the images, think about yourself and yourself only, about all the past you you can recall, focus in the you in the moment and use your intuition to pick one.
馃獝馃Pile 1馃馃獝
People are drawn to you because of your stability and will power. I think you're someone who's very stubborn and nostalgic. You're self-reliant. You perhaps have grown up in a household where financial stability matters greatly to you so you work hard for it as you grow older. Yet I can see that at times, it is hard for you to let things go as deep down, you can be very fixed within your views. Despite looking very cold and even perhaps poise at times, theres a charm in your outer detachment. It intrigues others. For you I imagine a phoenix, burning and working til it can't anymore just to rebirth and spread its wings wide. While you do have a serious side to you, as people get to know you, I think they are drawn to how big your heart is. You care for your loved ones and have a heart thats loyal and true. I'm sensing a little sass here haha, you're never back down from a fight don't you? Yet at times I feel that others too can see that you're too good to be where you are right now? As in you're the most beautiful flowers in the garden yet it is only one garden. People see that someone like you should be out there exploring the world. You may love to change your residences a lot or go on journeys often. Conquests are your thing. Also, I think individuality matters to you a lot. Like A LOT. You might even work better when you're alone too, while I think you have a good deal of acquaintances you don't have that much of close friends, you prefer to keep it small. I think people may submit to you unconsciously as you just radiate this Leadership energy to you. Your ego and pride and I'm hearing "family"? So perhaps your background is something you take great pride in. Does the Moon or Luna spark a memory in you? I also just heard "mother". Regardless; while you have a very tough exterior, you are very nurturing and soft at heart. I think theres an emphasis on the importance of your family here. So for you, your childhood may have define who you are as a person a lot. People like this about you, they like how soft-hearted you are deep down and they are in awe as they watch you lead others in public yet also a softie in private. You may also have a secret spiritual side to you too and you can be skeptics haha, but people find this very charming!
As for who is drawn to you, I think the people that are drawn to you usually are not at all what you represent. While they're also very adventurous and are students of life, I think you are wayyyy more stable than the people you attract and you are in one way or another, more mature. These people love you as you give them a sense of grounding and purpose. You love them because they soften the child in you. Also, these people may come off as air-headed but they are nothing but that. They're in fact also very calculated in side and are very practical lowkey. You might have a distaste for their flightiness and lack of commitment at times but I think you prefer relationships that offer an equal amount of growth and healing.
As for who is drawn to you, I think the people that are drawn to you usually are not at all what you represent. While they're also very adventurous and are students of life, I think you are wayyyy more stable than the people you attract and you are in one way or another, more mature. These people love you as you give them a sense of grounding and purpose. You love them because they soften the child in you. Also, these people may come off as air-headed but they are nothing but that. They're in fact also very calculated in side and are very practical lowkey. You might have a distaste for their flightiness and lack of commitment at times but I think you prefer relationships that offer an equal amount of growth and healing.
You perhaps have an abundant of earthy energy and loads of fire. The people that goes to you the most will have a great amount of fire and water also. I feel that Cancer/Moon energy is prominent overall.
馃獝馃Pile 2馃馃獝
Tumblr media
Hi smarties. Hows manifesting going? Haha I'm joking. But you already know that didn't you? I'm seeing major Leo energy as well as Gemini and Virgo being present here, maybe even some Sagittarius placements. Loads of fire and air and some earth or very subtle Venusian energy.
I think people are drawn to you because of your passion and queen-like energy. I think you might have come from a very regal background or some of you might have ties with generational wealth. People can sense this almost immediately though, they admire your strength and beauty. Some even enjoy your teeny tiny hints of arrogance. Whats that? Its not arrogance its self awareness? I heard that just now haha. Nevertheless, you have a good balance between your mind and your heart. You can be very polarizing though. One moment you're passionate and fiery but the next you're cold and ruthless. I think regardless people still think its one of your strength, to do the hard jobs that people cant, to make the decisions others fear. You have a lot of divine protection I'm not going to lie. Are you also a spiritual worker/believer? You have angels surrounding you by the way, great ones and ones that you have yet to connect with all of them. Are you in a relationship or interested in someone at the moment? If that resonates to you, then side note they want more with you haha, they see a future for the two if you and they think you're truly unique. While I think at times, you may let your emotions take over you but you perhaps recently are trying to confront your demons. People think you're fucking brave by the way. And you're a smartie too. Do you have any prominent Mercury energy? or Gemini/Virgo? I just heard "no bad vibes here". So overall I think people love how laidback you are, but you're very well educated. You can let things burden you sometimes though, avoid focusing too much in your failure okay? You're so much more than that. Also I think you're incredibly transformative as a person. You never stop doing intensive self reflection and I think you believe in karma too. Charity? I just heard that all of the sudden hahah. You may enjoy going on journeys a lot and it seems like its endless growth with you. You are very upbeat and positive. Your angels are with you and ma'am/sir, you have some powerful spirits behind you. They want you to know that they heard you and you're slowly activating your chakras and soon enough, you will be opening doors again. Does that make sense to you now?
People that are drawn to you will usually match your energy in life. If you're the queen, they're the empress. You will always feel and have a mutual understanding with them. You guys together form a powerful ally and you may challenge yourself to work together in business. Be careful of over optimism and lack of concrete work. The reason why these people are drawn to you is because you guys both refuse to be ordinary, to take a break and to back down. You are all fierce and bold and very veryyy restless. They may also have major fire placements combined with heavy Venus energy and perhaps some Aquarius or Pisces.
Additional messages for pile 2 here
馃獝馃Pile 3馃獝馃
Tumblr media
The Leo/Sun energy is through the roof today. You probably have a lot of Leos in your chart or the Sun is a prominent planet for you! Also I'm seeing other fire placements too and heavy Taurus/Libra energy:) People are drawn to you because they can't stop staring. You radiate so much light and bright energy people are simply mesmerized by. You're a winner and when you want something, you wont stop at any cost to get it. Interestingly, I think people acknowledge that you also have a mind that always working. You have been through a great deal of hardships though so I do not blame you boo. In the past, perhaps you were dealing with serious personal issues that challenge your faith, your work ethic and everything you stand for. I'm hearing some kind of toxic patterns/relationships? Nevertheless, the key is it didn't take rainbows and flowers to be the you you are today. In case you didn't know, you have crazy charisma. People would literally tell you that you're the kind of person that others fall for at first sight. Straight up, I'm feeling that you can be literally physically attractive as hell too wow. Not only that, I think you know this too don't you? A lot of pride in this pile too. Very sure of yourself and very powerful. You have a lot of people that admire you because you receive so much public recognition and validation but you also attract hella envious people because of this. People with low self esteems would feel called to drag you down or kill your vibes. But dont bother, you have nothing to fear. Because look into the mirror, look around you. Look at how many choices you have. People know this. People know you have options. You're the art everyone wants and you have so many suitors that wants to pursue you. You may have a successful business or your finance is very put together and people think you're truly lucky yet only you know how hard you worked for it. Ah I heard it now, sometimes you can be a bit irrational? No patience now huh haha. I think you don't like waiting and once you want something, you will chase. Things come to your seemingly so effortlessly but only you and god knows all the nights you spent on it. I think you may have bangs? Very lovable faces regardless, a beauty thats always relevant but ouchhh, you don't like it when people just think they know you based of your look now don't you? My bad boo, I know you are so much more than that. People that are drawn to you a lot of them are admirers but also haters. But ignore these energy vampires, they don't deserve a minute of your attention. You are so so in your element and fun. All the sleepless nights you had are acknowledged love. I hear you. You have a mindset thats very "all or nothing" and people are fascinated by this. So so different are truly confident in your core. Everything you have now. I know you earned it.
I think people are drawn to you because they enjoy how you make them feel. You are a cheerleader and you ignite so much support in everyone. You can be very demanding but you know this is all for good intentions. People like your honesty and vulnerable sides a lot. But be aware, I see a lot of toxic people lurking around you. I think you will vibe the best with major Leo placements like you or any other fire, especially Aries. You might have a love hate relationship with water placements, especially Water signs as they trigger certain things in you haha. All is good. Your circle is one big fireball love.
鈥 馃
Thank you guys for reading it til the end馃 For more posts like this please be sure to check out my masterlist <3 be sure to reblog if you enjoy this too beautiful!!
saint jenx馃獝
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sukirichi6 months ago
Hello! Can you write one about Nanami where the reader is oblivious and they're really close to Gojo so he gets jealous often. Sometimes Gojo does things purposely to annoy him and one day he just lost his composure and accidentally admitted his feelings for you.
I hope u accept if you're not too busy. Thank you!!!
鈥 a little push
鈥斅爏ometimes all nanami needs is a little push.
Tumblr media
nanami kento x fem! reader
thank you for the request anon! i鈥檓 not sure if reader is oblivious enough but i hope you like it! there鈥檚 some thick pining here hur hur, i hope you like it! i never knew i needed an easily flustered and awkward nanami in my life also this is unedited as usual
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Tumblr media
鈥淒o you mind?鈥
Nanami sighs, silently praying to the heavens you wouldn鈥檛 hear the way his heart is absolutely panicking and beating wildly right now. You鈥檇 randomly pushed him inside the teachers鈥 office the moment he got back to the institute at work, and now he鈥檚 doomed to hide his feelings while you look up at him with wide, innocent eyes, a shaky yet excited grin painted on your face.
鈥淪orry, sorry,鈥 you wave your hands in front of you, although he can tell you鈥檙e not apologetic at all. Nanami clears his throat when you step backwards to give him space, unsure if he鈥檚 happy or sad about the distance. 鈥淚 was just really excited to see you back.鈥
Your carefree, lighthearted voice, along with that little jump in your toes combined with your statement 鈥 you鈥檙e basically asking Nanami to shrivel up already.
The stoic man remains composed, though, only shifting to adjust his tie while he stares down at you. You鈥檙e still somewhat bouncing on your feet, teeth biting your lip 鈥 a habit you had when you want to say something but contemplating whether you should. Tilting away to hide the slight flush in his cheeks, Nanami sighs again, pretending to be tired.
The last thing he wants to admit that even though he is exhausted from work, is that you鈥檇 never bother him. In fact, having you bombard him like this makes him feel like he didn鈥檛 deal with special grade curse by himself all alone just an hour ago.
鈥淚f there鈥檚 something you want to say, I suggest you get it over with. I don鈥檛 want to stay overtime and wait until the blindfolded creep comes around.鈥
You giggle at his insult, hiding behind your cupped palms. Crap, Nanami looks away and focuses on the birds outside instead, suddenly finding them so interesting despite never paying attention to them before. Maybe that was the curse of crushes 鈥 it had people acting differently and in complete contrast with their behavior.
鈥淎bout that,鈥 you begin almost shyly now, and Nanami practically bursts when he sees you tapping both of your pointer fingers together, gaze tilted away from him.
It makes him wonder you鈥檙e nearly on the same skill to Gojo, yet still somehow look like a small, innocent being that makes him want to protect you from everything 鈥 even if you were more than capable of handling things yourself. Well, Nanami concludes to himself, maybe you鈥檙e really just that paradoxical that it makes sense why he can never think straight around you. Maybe he鈥檚 really not supposed to understand the complexity of his feelings when you were a phenomena to begin with already.
鈥淵ou see鈥atoru asked me out.鈥
Nanami stiffens at your statement for a split second before his head whips to you so fast. You鈥檙e observant 鈥 of course you are, you鈥檙e a jujutsu sorcerer 鈥 and you easily pick up in his sudden change of demeanor. Your brow raises at his abrupt reaction, to which Nanami conceals by flexing his neck and rolling his shoulders back.
鈥淚 am simply tired from work,鈥 he haf-lies, 鈥淪o, Satoru asked you out? Will you say yes?鈥
His words and tone are monotonous, almost bored even, but deep inside he鈥檚 so close to beating the crap out of his co-worker. Well, not really, Nanami isn鈥檛 a man of violence, but he鈥檚 jealous. Of course he is 鈥 he鈥檚 liked you ever since Principal Yaga hired you.
He鈥檚 never told Satoru about his little crush on you. He would be stupid to do such; Satoru would tease him to no end and maybe even be as childish to go as far as pushing him to you. Typical elementary shit, Nanami cringes to himself, watching as you look down at your feet with a pout. Now that confused him. He isn鈥檛 sure what your body language means at all, but patient as ever, Nanami only waits.
鈥淲ell,鈥 you scratch your forehead, 鈥淚鈥檓 really flattered. I want to say yes because Satoru is a nice guy鈥斺
鈥淗e is not. I do not respect him.鈥
You roll your eyes at the way his eyes darkens, 鈥溾攂ut also I鈥檓 not sure if I should. I mean, Satoru doesn鈥檛 really date, you know? He鈥檒l be with like one girl and be with another the next week. I just don鈥檛 want to鈥ike, fall for that, I guess. Not that I won鈥檛, because he鈥檚 totally not my type鈥斺
鈥淚t鈥檚 just a yes or no,鈥 Nanami cuts you off, his words coming out a lot harsher than he intends it to be. It鈥檚 not that he鈥檚 annoyed at your rambling, he actually finds it so adorable when you get so lost in your train of thoughts that your mind just travels from one place to another, and seeing how your eyes just leave farther from reality is something he鈥檚 always find such an attractive quirk, but not now 鈥 not when his infuriating co-worker is intending to mess with your feelings. 鈥淒o you want to go or not? Yes or no? It鈥檚 as simple as that.鈥
You blink back at him in surprise, mouth opening and closing like a fish. Sometimes it鈥檚 hard to remember that Nanami was a no-bullshit man who hit things right on the head, a huge contrast to your happy-go-lucky self, but he鈥檚 right.
It is that simple 鈥 and you鈥檙e complicating things all over again.
When you give him an answer, Nanami has to muster all his energy to not deflate. He鈥檚 tired 鈥 but now his exhaustion and even the heartbreak comes crashing down all over him that he鈥檚 immediately weighed down and overwhelmed 鈥 so much so that all he wants is to go home.
鈥淵es, I want to go.鈥
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 his day off.
Like everything else in his life, Nanami plans everything down to the last minute of his day. His day off consisted of him having the privilege to sleep in until 8am, then breakfast with coffee from that great caf茅 a five minute walk away from his apartment, then he鈥檒l be reading books in his study for two hours. Comes after that is lunch, and he鈥檒l brows through some TV shows, pick up his clothes from the dry cleaning, get that special limited edition dinner of his favorite sushi, read books again and call it a day.
Simple, peaceful, no hassle 鈥 it鈥檚 the perfect day to relax.
Except it isn鈥檛.
Because it鈥檚 your day off too, and you鈥檙e out on a date with Satoru. He still remembers how happy you looked then upon accepting the white haired man鈥檚 invitation, your nimble fingers wrapped around his sleeve as you shyly asked him to come with you.
He doesn鈥檛 know why you had to bring him, but he doesn鈥檛 question it, nonetheless. Nanami wants to see how Satoru would react, if there could be any indication from the man behind his blindfold that he had ill intentions. Oddly enough, there didn鈥檛 seem to be any. Satoru only beamed and deflated into a chibi, enthusiastically nodding along with you while you planned your date together.
Nanami took it upon himself to leave.
With a silent scoff, Nanami placed his dinner down on the counter. Because it鈥檚 his day off 鈥 and mostly because he doesn鈥檛 feel like himself 鈥 Nanami went out to buy the limited edition sushi wearing a white shirt and some gray sweatpants, too forlorn and a little jealous to even bother dressing up.
It鈥檚 stupid, really. He鈥檚 been looking forward for this sushi for a long, long time, but now that he鈥檚 had it, he can鈥檛 even enjoy the taste. His mind keeps going back to you.
Were you having fun with Satoru? Were you enjoying your time? Was Satoru treating you well? What was Satoru鈥檚 intentions when it came with you? The last time Nanami checked, you and him got along really well and you鈥檙e mostly the one who whacks the taller man in the head upside down when he鈥檚 being stupid, almost like two peas in a pod, except you were the smarter one. He鈥檇 been so sure you鈥檙e nothing but friends and yet鈥t all lead to this.
Nanami pushes his sushi away. They no longer taste like anything, the texture like dried paper on his mouth. He wipes his lips with a napkin, staring longingly at well鈥othing. His walls were plain and empty, and suddenly, Nanami can鈥檛 help but compare himself to Gojo.
You both planned to go to the local carnival. There鈥檇 be lots of foods and even parlor shops, ferris wheel rides and photo booths to create memories. Of course you and Satoru would go there; both of you enjoyed loud, bustling crowds, claiming there was something amazing about basking in the 鈥渓ives of humans when ignorant of curses鈥 while Nanami prefers his peace and silence.
Had you gone out on a date with him instead, Nanami can鈥檛 guarantee he鈥檒l be any fun. He most definitely wouldn鈥檛 ask you to go to a carnival with him either. It was loud, cramped, crowded, and it鈥檚 too chaotic for him to ever enjoy your presence and enjoy it alone.
Nanami closes the sushi box, turns on the TV and lets is play on the background, a wet towel above his eyes to relax his tired eyes.
He hopes you鈥檙e having fun. He hopes Satoru is treating you well. Nanami just ignores the slight pain in his chest when he thinks of you, laughing and touching anyone but him, and he could picture it already. You鈥檝e always been so open and welcoming to everyone, he knows you鈥檒l have fun today, too.
That鈥檚 one of the things he finds most endearing about you 鈥 that your smile never fades and you never forget about the simple, little things in life to focus on to keep your sanity after facing curse after curse.
He鈥檚 fine, he tells himself. Satoru may be annoying, but he knows you could have fun with him, and you deserved to be happy more than anyone else.
Nanami is about to fall asleep on his couch when his phone vibrates on the coffee tables. Groaning, he flicks off the towel to his shoulders, grumbling about how Principal Yaga better be respecting his day off, but the last thing he expects to see is your contact name flashing on the screen. In the contact photo, you鈥檙e winking with a peace sign held above your head.
You look so utterly adorable Nanami just wants to kiss you. He remembers this photo was taken when Yuuji got bored and asked to play games on his phone. Upon finding that there was none 鈥 of course there was none 鈥 the strawberry-haired student opted for taking pictures of everyone instead. There鈥檚 one with Nobara growling, Megumi sipping his boba-tea with dead eyes as if he鈥檚 so done with the world, more than twenty pictures of Satoru flexing his muscles and posing like an idiot, and then there鈥檚 yours.
Nanami remembers staring at his phone for a solid minute, his gallery actually blessed with your face in it. The sun shines behind you on that photo and you鈥檙e absolutely shining. He thinks that鈥檚 when he truly fell in love.
And it just so happened the love of his life is calling, making his heart skip a beat because shouldn鈥檛 you be with Gojo? Why were you calling him? Did something wrong happen?
Nanami doesn鈥檛 waste another second before swiping the green icon, already standing up from the couch as he grabs his jacket. He had this weird inkling something is wrong, why else would you call him?
His theories are proven true when your voice comes out shaky. 鈥淗-hello?鈥
鈥淕ood evening,鈥 he greets stiffly, brows furrowed as he listens in on the way you seem to be shuffling around. 鈥淚s there something wrong?鈥
鈥淚, uhm,鈥 he hears you sniffle through the other line, 鈥淵eah, I guess there is鈥atoru just texted he can鈥檛 come because Principal Yaga suddenly sent him to a mission overseas鈥nd then I just realized that Satoru鈥檚 been summoned by the elders and he鈥檚 just refusing to show up, so now they cornered him, I guess鈥 anyways, I鈥檓 talking too much and I don鈥檛 want to be a bother, but would you maybe鈥ike to hang out with me?鈥
Nanami鈥檚 hand freezes on the doorknob. 鈥淗ang out鈥rofessionally?鈥
He immediately wants to smack himself in the forehead for that. Out of all things he could鈥檝e said, he just had to utter something unintelligent. He hears you snicker in the background and Nanami鈥檚 ears redden.聽
He quickly regains his composure with a clear of his throat, suddenly remembering that Satoru鈥檚 ditched you, so now you鈥檙e asking him instead. It kind of feels like he鈥檚 just a replacement, but Nanami buries this feeling down before it consumes him, wondering if he鈥檚 already regretting changing into better clothes because he actually agreed to go to a carnival with you.
Upon hearing your happy, 鈥淥kay! I鈥檒l wait for you then!鈥, Nanami realizes that he doesn鈥檛 actually mind. Especially not with you.
Tumblr media
The carnival is loud.
Nanami dreads the moment he steps out of his car, his body swallowed by the bustling crowd and defeaning music of banging drums and clashing instruments. There鈥檚 a hundred scents everywhere 鈥 smoke, fish, glazed apples 鈥 he doesn鈥檛 know where to begin or how to focus.
He nearly turns back to his hair, about to shoot you a text that maybe this is beyond him after all. His head begins to spin when he鈥檚 only pushed deeper into the crowd, people bumping into him with every single second and it鈥檚 so suffocating. It doesn鈥檛 make sense to him how anyone could possibly go on a date like this and enjoy it. He knows for sure this chaos won鈥檛 let him enjoy his date鈥檚 presence because he鈥檚 too busy trying to get away from it all.
Nanami staggers for a bit when a strong hand tugs him to the side. Soon, he finds himself pressed flush against you in a tight corner, your hips warm on his. 鈥淗i,鈥 you breathe out airily, lashes fanning and fluttering in that same manner that always made his heart do complete flips.
鈥淗ello,鈥 he greets back with a small bow out of faux respect, but really, he鈥檚 just keeping his head down because you look so beautiful in that moment he doesn鈥檛 even know where to look. You鈥檙e warm and soft next to his hard and stiff muscles, the scent of roses and vanilla mixing in with the street smoke and Nanami鈥檚 head grows dizzy, his hand around yours tightening for comfort. 鈥淵/N鈥 do not prefer this crowd. Can I take you back home instead? You must be tired 鈥 I鈥檒l prepare dinner for you.鈥
Nanami blinks back in surprise when he sees you nod, a slight grimace on your face, and you practically bury your face in his bicep as you groan, 鈥淚t鈥檚 too noisy for me too. Let鈥檚 just hang out at your place.鈥
So you end up in his immaculately clean apartment, admiring and staring at the boring furniture. Nanami changes into more comfortable clothes and whips out something to cook, not wanting to feed you measly take out when you鈥檙e probably famished. He watches with side glances as you pick up a photo of him with his parents when he was younger, cooing and giggling at the baby version of him.
鈥淣anamin, you鈥檙e so cute!鈥
Nanami scoffs and turns back to the heated water in the bowl, arms hard as they cross against his chest covered with an apron. 鈥淧lease do not call me cute. I am anything but.鈥
鈥淣o, you鈥檙e really cute,鈥 you insist, but after seeing Nanami鈥檚 flustered frown, you eventually give up and give the poor man a break. Later, you wobble next to him, watching with curious eyes and a small smile as he adds the vegetables into the soup, moving expertly as he diced up the onions to the side. The sheer focus and attention on his daily tasks makes him falter, and he suddenly finds it so hard to function now.
鈥淲hy are you staring at me? Is there something so interesting about slicing up onions?鈥
鈥淣o, not really,鈥 you say absentmindedly, the slight plop of the ingredients echoing. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just 鈥 I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever seen you this way. Domestic, I mean, but it looks good on you,鈥 you nod to yourself, and Nanami finds himself struggling to act as if your presence wasn鈥檛 making him go crazy while he proceeds to cook. 鈥淚n fact, everything looks good on you, and I find you really interesting!鈥
鈥淵-you do?鈥
鈥淵es, of course!鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know,鈥 you shrug, assisting him silently with mixing the bowl even when he didn鈥檛 ask you to. Unaware that he鈥檚 now focused on you, watching you cook with him with you pressed up against his side, almost as if it鈥檚 right where you belong, Nanami feels the same with you. You also look good being this domestic with him, and he suddenly blurts out, 鈥淲ould you like to stay with me? Like this?鈥
Your eyes slide over his in a slow fashion, slow enough that his brain hotwires at the fear maybe he鈥檚 said something wrong. But Nanami immediately swallows it down, huffing and turning away from you with that stoic expression again. 鈥淔orgive me. That was weird鈥斺
鈥淲hy would it be weird?鈥 you laughed to yourself before bumping your hips with his, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the one who invited me here. Of course I want to stay.鈥
That鈥檚鈥hat鈥檚 not what he means.
Nanami is left staring openly at you while you help him set the table and you proceed to talk about how you didn鈥檛 really want to go to the carnival but Satoru insisted you鈥檇 have fun, so you went anyway even if you鈥檇 much prefer to be somewhere else. He鈥檚 barely listening, too distracted by the way your lips move and how you swing the house slippers on your big toe, your legs crossed on top of another and your figure slightly hunched across from him.
You look so comfortable and welcomed in his home that it puts him at ease too, not worried that he has to impress you anything because it鈥檚 you, and Nanami could actually be vulnerable enough to laugh with you over a bowl of vegetable soup.
It鈥檚 fine, he lies to himself again, it鈥檚 fine that you don鈥檛 know he likes you even if he tends to slip and be obvious sometimes. Because at least you鈥檙e with him in that moment, and he lies to himself again that it鈥檚 fine, that maybe next time he鈥檒l tell you, but he doesn鈥檛 worry about. How could he worry about it when you鈥檙e snorting so loud over a lame joke he said that rice nearly came out your nose, and he鈥檚 so drunk over the sound of your bubbly laughter that something flutters deep within his belly?
When you help him wash the dishes and bask in the silence instead, comfortable over the lack of words and nothing but the sound of his faucet running and the slight rubbing of towels against dishes heard in the background, Nanami is unsure whether he鈥檚 glad that Satoru ditched you on your first date.
Tumblr media
It doesn鈥檛 stop there.
Nanami only keeps falling in love with you more. He鈥檚 been doing a good job of keeping his feelings to himself because the last thing he wants is to have you stay away from him, but Satoru was really getting on his nerves.
He鈥檚 just come back from exorcising a curse when he sees you and Satoru play-wrestling in the field with the other students. Megumi is grumbling to himself in the corner, Yuuji is laughing and cheering on you to tackle down his sensei who鈥檚 currently going down in high-pitched laughter, Toge pumping his fists and screaming, 鈥淪almon, salmon!鈥
It鈥檚 a chaotic sight 鈥 one that he usually doesn鈥檛 mind 鈥 until you finally pin Satoru down on the ground, your ass above his crotch. Satoru鈥檚 hands then come up to squeeze your ass and hips under the false pretense he鈥檚 struggling to push you off him, but Nanami knows better.
鈥淕ive up already!鈥 you tease the other sorcerer who鈥檚 still wriggling underneath you, and Nanami sees it before it happens.
Satoru鈥檚 legs bend beneath you and he tries to pin you under him in quick movements, but Nanami is faster, his reflexes taking over. Before he realizes what he鈥檚 doing, Nanami tugs you and pulls you forward until you collide on his chest. He鈥檚 breathing hard, eyes narrowed at the arrogant smirk painted on Satoru鈥檚 features. Meanwhile, you鈥檝e softened in Nanami鈥檚 grip, hands fisting his shirt that has him hardening up out of sheer protectiveness.
鈥淥h, Nanamin!鈥 Satoru beams while wiping the dirt on his hands across his uniform, 鈥淕lad to see you here. You wanna join training too?鈥
鈥淭his is hardly training,鈥 he retorts with a clenched jaw, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e harassing and disrespecting your fellow sorcerer because you can never keep your dirty hands to yourself,鈥 before Satoru could defend himself, he鈥檚 already all over you, his hand tilting your chin side to side to check for any injuries. 鈥淎re you hurt anywhere? Did this bastard do anything else?鈥
鈥淣o, not really鈥斺
鈥淲hy do you care so much, Nanamin?鈥 Satoru teases, and the students all huddle to watch the commotion. Everyone can feel the tension rising, and Nanami only stiffens up further when he feels you lean closer to his warmth almost absentmindedly. 鈥淪he and I were just playing around, no hard feelings, no foul play. We鈥檙e just having fun, right, Y/N?鈥
鈥淪he is not someone you can just have fun with, Satoru. You鈥檝e already crossed the line when you ditched her on your first date, and you didn鈥檛 even bother texting or calling back when I drove her home. It鈥檚 disrespectful, and she deserves better than that.鈥
鈥淚 was busy,鈥 Satoru sighs dramatically, 鈥淎nd if she deserves better than me, then who would it be? I can take care her of her, you know, she and I have been besties for like what, a year now? I鈥檒l be good to her,鈥 he smirks, and Nanami wants nothing more than to punch him square in the jaw. 鈥淏esides, it鈥檚 not like she鈥檚 dating anyone else. She鈥檚 single and ready to mingle鈥斺
鈥淢aybe she is, but I鈥檓 not,鈥 Nanami deadpans, his harsh tone shocking everyone.
鈥淲h-what do you mean?鈥 you squeak under him, and Nanami falls silent. He鈥檚 never thought of confessing to you, especially not this way, and Nobara is biting Yuuji鈥檚 jacket behind them to muffle her squeals. Panda is clapping his hands and whispers oh, here we go, followed by Toge鈥檚 salmon salmon.
It dawns on him now that everyone knows he likes you after all, and now that he鈥檚 confronted with the situation, he can鈥檛 run away from it. Not that Nanami plans on running away, for he is a man and his pride doesn鈥檛 allow him to evade situations like this.
He just wishes it could鈥檝e gone out better.
鈥淔orgive me if this makes you uncomfortable,鈥 Nanami releases his grip on you, loosening his tie that makes him feel like he鈥檚 choking both on air and his words. Through his cool stature, he鈥檚 actually sweating inside his clothes, and it doesn鈥檛 help you鈥檙e patient with him too, head tilted to the side curiously and so horribly cutely he might combust. 鈥淏ut I have always been, and I still am, utterly in love with you.鈥
Nobara and Yuuji no longer hold back as they scream to themselves, the former slapping the latter in his back while Megumi only shakes his head, muttering 鈥渁bout time,鈥 under his breath. Maki snickers to herself and Satoru is stunned, but it鈥檚 nothing compared to the way you shrink under his gaze for a moment.
He believes you鈥檙e going to run away from him because of his blatant confession; it wasn鈥檛 romantic at all, and the kids are still screaming too loudly for him to form coherent thoughts.
Nanami begins to form a deep bow, ready to apologize wholeheartedly and to politely ask you to forget this if you wish 鈥 he would respect your decision. But just as his gaze met the ground, he鈥檚 thrown off balance as you jump on him, soft glossy lips crashing into his.
The screams and cheers of everyone are suddenly drowned out when he feels your lips molding onto his, and he can feel you smiling happily, giggling while his hands tentatively run down your hips to hold you close. It鈥檚 unprofessional, displeasing, and downright horrendous to be kissing someone during work hours while the students are watching, especially because his clothes are crumpled from your eager touch and you鈥檙e on top of his chest, but Nanami absolutely doesn鈥檛 give a single fuck because he鈥檚 kissing you back fervently.
It鈥檚 what he鈥檚 always wanted 鈥 you鈥檙e the one he鈥檚 always wanted, and now that he has you in his hold, he鈥檚 not easily letting you go.
鈥淪ee? I told you guys,鈥 Satoru proudly puffs his chest up in the background, 鈥淎ll Nanamin needs is a little push.鈥
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hillarysss4 months ago
Astrology Observations 馃崉馃獝
Tumblr media
Do not repost, plagiarize, "reword" my observations. This work belongs to me and me only, I don't wanna see this posted anywhere else. @hillarysss
Check out my rules on reposting and plagiarism here 馃崸
This may surprise people but a lot of Scorpio Venuses do not like jealousy and possessiveness being projected to them in relationships, I believe this is because at their worse Scorpio Venuses can manifest this themselves and they do not need that influence in relationships. They glow the best when relationships have clear boundaries and mutual trust. (Also goes to Venus in 8th) They're also quite introverted and not always clingy.
While in the other hand, Leo Venuses & Taurus Venuses are similar in a way. They both like a healthy amount of possessiveness, they just like the "You're mine" attitude. They love protection but project jealousy on them and they'll run away. (Venus in 2nd & Venus in 5th)
Aquarius Venuses only ghost when you are being too clingy and putting labels too fast, these people need to know who you really are and do not like rushing into things, be their best friend first. (Venus in 11th)
Scorpio placements find it very hard to not get "obsessive" over their hobbies. They put a lot of passion towards things they're actually interested about and could be at times all they talk about.
If Moon is in the 4th house it will fade any aggressiveness / bold nature of the moon sign it's originally in. If one has an Aries moon in the 4th house it will be a little less bold and less aggressive, they may cry when expressing emotions for example. Having Moon in the 4th house makes the native very sensitive and more soft and also secretive with their emotions. They absorb a lot of energies. They tend to cry a lot as well, but check other placements.
Leo in the 3rd house will make the native get random fame for things they say, example; random tweets / memes popping up.
Uranus in 1st / Aquarius risings individuals change a lot when it comes to how they express themselves, they may change their aesthetics a lot for example. They like trying new things often and then get bored of it.
Leo placements may swear people are obsessive over them, yet they be flirting / loving anyone right away, they're truly affectionate people and I love them for that but c'mon don't be surprised when people literally love you so much. (Especially Leo Venus / Venus in 5th)
Cancer placements literally love cuddling, that's it. Especially Cancer Venuses they love cuddlinggg I can't stress this enough. Cancer placements love "protecting" their loved ones and friends as well, they're veryy affectionate in that manner.
Saturn in 3rd individuals could've been restricted in a way during early childhood, maybe parents didn't let them do certain activities other kids did for example. They've could been made to focus a lot on heavy things rather than having fun.
Don't stop a Mars in 11th person from doing anything they want, they'll just keep going and fighting for their dreams. Don't tame them down. They tend to be very independent in friendships / relationships trust me when I say they don't need anybody. A lot of people look up to them as well. They need friends who will motivate them and not bring them down.
Mars - Pluto people NEVER stop what they wanna do and just keep working and working and working hard, it goes unseen that this is a workaholic placement.
Whatever sign is your Midheaven represents what body part you could be known for. Example; Midheaven in Sagittarius; Nice butt/ Legs.
Sun in 7th individuals are attracted to very confident rather proud individuals and they need this influence anyway, they tend to be insecure and rely on others for validation. Leo placements could play a role for them.
Pisces moons tend to have a mother who could've been spirituality devoted / had unconventional interests like Astrology. They tend to have touched the child in very soft ways and there could be a spiritual connection.
People with Uranus in 4th may have had a mother who was always changing and couldn't rely on her.
Mercury - Lilith aspects tend to love testing other people's reactions with things they say and this could get them in trouble, they also have wild imagination and are prone to thinking really sexual thoughts often.
People with an empty 11th house tend to be very independent people. (And may not have a lot of friends or there is an ease with friends)
Gemini placements may have a habit of not finishing things. Example; Didn't finish a show and started another one. They have to be entertained 24/7
Sagittarius risings always look like they're gonna burst out laughing in a good way. They love spreading humor around and could be known for being really funny and light-hearted. They may have a hard time controlling their laughter in and have a contagious smile.
Scorpio moons (Moons in 8th) tend to be very direct & straight-forward individuals. Very blunt.
Mercury in 9th individuals love learning new informations all the time & growth is very beneficial for their thought process.
Taurus in 3rd (Pisces risings) tend to process information rather slowly but in a stable way and need to take their time on things like work. Could be slow readers and may avoid heavy paragraphs and may like things layed out for better concentration.
People with North node in 11th tend to always have very high hopes and always have dreamt and hoped since a young age.
People with North Node in Leo may have dreamt of being recognized for their talents and artistic abilities, may have wanted to grow up as a "princess" or "prince" when very young.
Tumblr media
Taurus stelliums may comfort a lot of people just by being present. A lot like like poems and poetry.
People with Uranus in 11th may have dreams come true out of nowhere. Uranus is an intuitive planet and a random planet. Friends may also leave them out of nowhere.
Moon in 8th individuals may experience their mother projecting jealousy on them.
Moon in 10th individuals tend to have a mother who have high expectations for them, chances are they didn't received much emotional support.
Mars in 4th individuals should be aware of dealing with any fire in their home since it's very possible for fire to start in their home / smoke.
Venus- Lilith Individuals tend to like darker aesthetics / grunge.
Moon in Gemini individuals may have short- quick witted arguments with their moms, maybe even debates.
Your Moon tells you what you need in a relationship emotionally obviously and it tells you what would be a deal breaker. Moon in Gemini = Them not stimulating you and not communicating well. Communication is very big in partnerships for Air moons in general.
Scorpio risings have a sparkle in their eyes and they tend to look very piercing, even if it's a darker color, I've noticed their eyes always stand out. Prove me wrong.
Cancer rising women may like bangs / have bangs, I've noticed this for a bit. It fits well with their round head-shape.
Uranus in 10th individuals may get sudden but short fame.
People with Saturn in 6th generally are prone to anxious feelings / thoughts and over-work themselves too much and their standards for themselves are very high.
People with Venus in 6th / Venus in Virgo tend to stay single for a while and they are not the type to be with someone else right after a break up. They really reflect on what happened.
Mars in 5th individuals tend to get a random burst of creativity out of nowhere.
Uranus dominants / placements may like cosplaying.
Scorpio in 2nd individuals may not like sharing and if they do share things then you're a very special individual.
Virgo moons may have a had a strict diet since young. (Healthy foods only for example). Their mother may have made them eat very healthily.
Lilith in 2nd house shows the native may be a sex worker or do sexual things for money. But this can also mean they tend to be very independent when it comes to how they get money & are secretive about it.
Cancer and Virgo placements are naturally drawn to each other from what I've noticed. Same for Sagittarius and Aquarius they have a natural drawn. (They sextile)
Aquarius moons naturally relate to Virgo moons from what I've noticed.
Libra placements are so easy to talk to literally. Just hit them up whenever, they're like a best friend to everyone. It doesn't matter if they're introverted, they know how to make people feel special
Venusians are naturally attracted to pink / red.
Mars in 3rd individuals could have a very competitive mind and may like having advantages. They could've also been very sporty since a young age / childhood.
Sagittarius moons naturally can be happy spirits, but a lot are prone to isolating themselves from the world to not burden anyone when upset.
North node in 12th individuals tend to be very spiritual and intuitive.
12th house placements constantly feel out this world and that they don't "belong", they're very unique and precious individuals and have a lot of unique talents they discover on in life. A lot love the night too & looking at the moon. (12th house rules ending and the day is ending at the night)
Mercury in retrograde individuals may struggle putting up boundaries and making themselves clear & why a lot of people tend to walk all over them.
Virgo placements can be very protective over their loved ones, especially the Mars. They always wanna make sure they're safe and always motivate them to a healthy lifestyle.
Sun- Venus conjuctions in synastry are very beautiful. The sun person sees "Venus" as beautiful and their whole world.
(Trine, Sextile, Conjuct) Moon- Venus individuals love beautiful women and they love uplifting women constantly. It's very fucking adorable.
Gemini placements are the type to remember the most random things from very long time ago and are the type to have catchphrases they never stop using or meme references.
Moon in Aries individuals could have a mother who motivated them to try out a lot of things for example sports early on. It does depend on how the 4th house looks like though.
Moon in 8th individuals may have mothers who hide things from them.
Uranus in 8th / 5th individuals may have quick random hookups.
You may have a fling or little romance with the placement that falls over your 5th. ( Especially if that person has it as their Venus) But again look at the whole chart.
Gemini placements love feeding off information especially the Moons, it can be a coping mechanism for them, they could re-read the same thing all over again and still be fascinated. A lot love books.
Rising - Juno positive aspects in synastry can make the Rising person see Juno as 鈥渕arriage material鈥 right away.
Tumblr media
漏 Hillarysss 2021 all rights reserved (Divine Hillary / Hills)
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sunnyfunerals25 days ago
Maybe some headcanons of yandere hawks with an equally yandere darling?
Tumblr media
Yandere Hawks x Yandere Reader
He's pleasantly surprised, to say the least.
Hawks is the best stalker there can be. He's been trained for spying, is good at it. Swift, fast, discreet, terrifyingly efficient. He snaps pictures like he takes breaths. Every single minute of his free time is spent looking at you, marveling at the cute smile that adorns your lips as you take your first sip of coffee in the morning, relishing in the sight of you while he peeks from your window as you change from your day attire to your pajamas in the evenings. The sight he enjoys the most is your sleeping face's, the one he can only observe from up close after using one of his feathers to open your window and break into your room during your slumber.
You, on the other hand, suck at it. Well, no, you're not that bad, but you're miles behind him in the stalker game. You try so hard to follow him discreetly during his patrols, do your best to take pictures as he flies over the city, but they're always blurry and Hawks almost dies when he sees the adorable pout of disappointment that pulls at your lips every time his speed ruins one of your pictures of him.
How can you be this cute. HOW.
Once he notices, he starts slowing down, letting you take as many pictures as you want while he pretends not to see your phone's camera always turned to him. You must think that you're so discreet, that he doesn't notice you, and Hawks constantly has to hold back his smile so you wouldn't realize he's purposely playing your game.
Once, you follow him home, hiding behind cars or street corners as he walks through the city. He's glad you know his adress, now, and he makes sure to conveniently forget to lock his door the next time he leaves his apartment. Then, he goes and waits on the roof of the building across from his, in the perfect spot to observe as you break into his apartment, rummaging through his stuff, stealing a few things for yourself.
His heart almost stops beating when you slip into his bed and he can see the shape of your hand reaching between your legs under the thin sheets.
Has to gather every single ounce of his willpower so he won't rush back into his room to pound you into the mattress like you deserve. No, he'll let you have your fun. You've worked hard for it, this is your moment, and you still think you're such a clever little stalker. He doesn't want to ruin your adorable little fantasies just yet.
Then, once you're gone, he goes back home, and your scent is all over the apartment. Sweet, intoxicating. He smells the sheets you touched, the closet full of clothes you've been rummaging through, and he doesn't want to wash any of them ever again.
That's what does it for him, the little push he needed to decide that your place is there, with him, in his house, willingly or not. Taking you shouldn't be too difficult; he knows everything about you, already. And he is perfectly aware of every single way to make a person disappear without leaving any hints behind.
But, what a surprise.
When he walks through his front door to go and kidnap you, you're already waiting for him, tiny syringe of sleep drugs tightly held between two fingers. As he catches your wrist before the needle can pierce through his skin, he takes a glance into the open bag hanging from your shoulder. Duct tape, ropes, so many other accessories, the exact same things he is currently carrying in his own bag.
Soulmates. No doubt.
"No need for all that, Baby Bird," he says, never letting go of your wrist, pulling you into his apartment instead. "I've got a surprise for you as well."
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missmirakell2 months ago
More Ghost things:
Ghosts who refuse to heal their Guardians when they're mad (in non-critical situations)
Ghosts who ship their Guardian and are *vocal* about it
Ghosts who get passive-aggressive about who has a better Guardian (grandmas at a knitting circle style)
Ghosts who insist they want to try out tons of ridiculous hobbies, or try to find some to do with their Guardian
Ghosts who sneakily transmat things they like back to the ship, much to the surprise of their Guardian
Cuddly Ghosts who press up against their Guardian while they sleep
Ghosts who like their own little cubby/space to spend time while their Guardian sleeps (it's fully decorated)
Ghosts who insist they're better than their Guardian at interior decorating
Ghosts who like to wander the City alone while their Guardian is on the Tower taking care of things
Ghosts who remind their Guardian to sleep/eat/hydrate/fix their posture
Ghosts that bonk their shells against their Guardian in frustration or playfulness
Ghosts who get sick of it when their Guardian is in love
Ghosts that hate each other, but their Guardians are best friends or lovers
Ghosts that are best friends, but their Guardians hate each other
Ghosts without Guardians silently choosing a Lightless who they get along with, pretending they're a pair for a while
Ghosts who stick with their Lightless friend until the end, hoping -- always hoping -- that it might change
Ghosts without Guardians that help look after the refugee children with/without parents, hoping to help in some way
Ghosts that are just. Really bad at reading the room, much to the chagrin of their Guardian.
Ghosts who don't care what their Guardian thinks, because who's been alive longer? That's right. It's Ghost.
Ghosts who made a bunch of friends (Guardian or Lightless) before they found their Guardian, so everyone forgets the new Guardian is there the first few times.
Ghosts who are WAY too proud of their Guardian, constantly embarrassing the Guardian who just wants to turn in bounties.
Ghosts who begrudgingly rate each new outfit/color as their Guardian plays fashion
Ghosts who are *way* too into the fashion show, and their Guardian is begging them to let it go.
Ghosts trying to sing with their Guardian -- who also can't sing.
Ghosts who adamantly want a pet
Ghosts who insist they can't have a pet, because it's already hard trying to keep the Guardian alive (and they get multiple shots at it)
Ghosts that get huffy when they're upset, but not vocally. You just see their shells twisting and puffing in and out.
Ghosts betting things between each other (Hey, I bet you this shell that my Guardian will get more kills than yours)
Ghosts that tut at their Guardian over every little scratch and bruise out of worry
Ghosts who always use some of their down time in the City to mourn those lost. Some of those that their Guardian never knew, because they lived and died before Ghost found their Guardian.
Original post here
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echo-of-soundsa month ago
their type
Headcanons on what Aizawa's, Toshinori's, and Hizashi's types are. Part two (with Tai, Kugo, Ryo, and Vlad) is coming either tomorrow or Wednesday.
Ah, it's been so long since I posted something! I'm so sorry.
And before people send in asks like, "You said X. Does that mean he wouldn't be interested in Y?", I want to clarify that these are just their general types/what they're usually attracted to. It doesn't mean they would never be interested in people who don't fall within these lines.
Tumblr media
Aizawa Shouta
Quiet. Calm. Relaxed. Shouta needs someone who isn鈥檛 constantly running in circles and stressing him more. So much of his day is spent around big personalities and scrambling, excitable teenagers that he鈥檇 have trouble with someone who is exactly like that all the time. He needs time to unwind.
Sho needs someone understanding of him and his personality. He鈥檚 gruff, a bit odd at times, and not a conversationalist. Many don鈥檛 think of those traits when picturing their 鈥榩erfect partner.鈥 He isn鈥檛 into PDA. He doesn鈥檛 want to change how he dresses. He doesn鈥檛 like getting forced into a lot of activities, especially if you surprise him with them. Don鈥檛 keep trying to hold his hand or invade his space or pressure him to dress a certain way. If you can鈥檛 respect who he is and what he鈥檚 comfortable with, he鈥檚 going to get fed up quickly, and he isn鈥檛 afraid to end the relationship if his wants and needs aren鈥檛 being respected.
Mothering, to a certain extent, is attractive to him. Now, he doesn鈥檛 expect you to do all the housework, clean his clothes, and have dinner on the table every night. He鈥檚 an adult. He knows his responsibilities and what should be shared when in a relationship. But when someone thinks of things he doesn鈥檛 do due to stress and exhaustion, it makes his heart just a bit lighter. Slip a protein bar into his gym bag. Bring him water when he鈥檚 on a grading spree. Throw a sweatshirt over his shoulders just before he leaves. The small things add up.
You need to have independence. His job hours are in no way ideal. They鈥檙e difficult for him and the people in his life. And so, he can鈥檛 be bothered with a partner who can鈥檛 take care of themselves. You must be able to function alone and make decisions by yourself. You鈥檙e an adult, and he isn鈥檛 your babysitter.
Honestly, the simplest one is: just be kind. Hold the door open for someone. Ask others if they need help. Show that you care for others and yourself. While he may not admit it, he thinks compassion and thoughtfulness are some of the most attractive things a person can do and be. The world is hard. That makes being kind even harder. And he respects those that make a sincere effort to do it.
Attitudes, impatience, whininess, and overt sarcasm are four things Shouta does not tolerate. He can handle them to an extent. Restlessness and feeling fidgety (Hizashi is his closest friend after all) are understandable, and he鈥檚 no stranger to the occasional snarky retort and brashness. But he cannot and will not deal with people who constantly pout, put their importance above others, and act immature. Don鈥檛 backtalk every little thing because you can. It鈥檚 rude. Don鈥檛 stomp your foot when you don鈥檛 get everything you want. Don鈥檛 whine because plans changed. Yes, it sucks. But don鈥檛 act a fool.
Tumblr media
Yagi Toshinori
Toshinori isn鈥檛 put off by any specific personalities or characteristics. His job required, and still requires to a certain extent, a high level of tolerance for every type of person out there. And he鈥檚 gotten plenty of hugs and compliments from fans and praise from the media, but none of that is what he wants: intimacy. He wants someone who can provide him with trust, warmth, adoration, concern, and understanding, and he wants to give all of that back tenfold. He wants to confide in someone at night. He wants affection. He just wants love.
When it comes to appearances, femininity is very attractive to him. It doesn鈥檛 matter your gender; soft colors (specifically pinks, purples, and creams), lace, frills, and florals always catch his eye. Delicate necklaces, especially when they highlight your collarbones, and charming hairstyles also draw his attention. Other than that, he鈥檚 open-minded. Quirks provide a wide range of appearances, and so doesn鈥檛 individual taste. He鈥檚 acceptive of everyone鈥檚 differences.
In terms of romance, he does tend to find himself gravitating towards more tender-hearted, genuine people. His life has been exhausting, filled with overbearing personalities who are ready to fight at the drop of a hat. Those who are softer, calmer 鈥 who just want to spend a few days relaxing on a quiet beach or spend their weekend indoors, watching movies 鈥 are beyond refreshing after a career such as his.
Passion and ambition are beautiful. Even if you struggle along the way to your goal, have bumps, and think of giving up, but you keep going, is everything he wants to see in someone. Toshi wants to hear your flurry when you prattle on about your favorite topic. He wants to see your excitement when you get a new book or puzzle or whatever interests you. It doesn鈥檛 matter how 鈥榣ame鈥 it is to others. Be ecstatic. Life is too short to not appreciate and indulge your interests and goals.
Being a listener is a must. If you can鈥檛 take the time to sit down and just listen, the relationship will never work. He knows you aren鈥檛 a therapist there to solve all his problems. He wants someone he can trust in with the difficult parts of life. His body isn鈥檛 healthy, and it鈥檚 only getting worse. Anxiety, nightmares, eating troubles plague him every day. The future, his life, isn鈥檛 guaranteed into the coming years. If you can listen, be there when he opens up, support him when he cries, it鈥檇 mean the world to him. Be his confidante. He doesn鈥檛 have anyone else.
To go along with that, communication between you two is equally as important. You don鈥檛 have to send daily reports spanning five pages. Toshi is just looking for someone willing to be open and share their feelings with him. If you had a bad day, tell him about it. If you can鈥檛 respond with words, emojis are just fine. Don鈥檛 hide from him. Let him be a part of your world like you're a part of his.
Tumblr media
Yamada Hizashi
It鈥檚 so easy for Hizashi to get along with many different people. Grumpy, bouncy, sarcastic, or quiet? He鈥檚 able to be your friend. What really captures his attention is when people show interest in his work/hobbies, especially music. Ask a few questions and he鈥檒l be blabbering on for hours.
For appearances, he has an interest in distinct hairstyles. If you experiment with colors, style your hair in cool ways, or just look different in some way, his eyes are following you down the street. Piercings and tattoos are also up there. Industrial ear, septum, and nipple piercings are his favorites. Sleek or distinctively designed tattoos are sexy to him. He just appreciates those with unique and altered appearances.
One big trait he looks for is adventurous 鈥 including sexually adventurous. Hizashi is mentally and physically regularly on the go. He needs someone who can keep up. He wants to try new foods, visit new places, go to concerts, attempt skydiving, possibly scuba diving, and maybe move when he鈥檚 older. And sometimes, a simple day at the zoo or beach is alright too. You don鈥檛 need to go with him everywhere. If you can鈥檛 make one or two adventures, he understands. All he really asks for is your support. Don鈥檛 chide him, call him childish, or berate him for wasting money.
Kind of going along with sexually adventurous, physical touch is also needed in his relationships. Cuddling, touching, and sex are important to him; he鈥檚 a physical guy, and it comes out in many ways. He knows everyone has different comfort levels of snuggling. And he understands if you two don鈥檛 jump into sex right away. Some people need time for various reasons. However, if you never want to cuddle and/or have sex, then he鈥檚 going to struggle. Physical touch is an incredibly important part of a relationship with him. He craves it, and if he can鈥檛 get it from his partner, then he鈥檚 going to end things.
Creativity! Hizashi recognizes and loves all forms of innovation and artistry. Baking, painting, writing, sewing, dancing (which he finds all styles incredibly beautiful), design, photography, and, most important to him, music! It doesn鈥檛 matter if you only dabble in it. Simply using your imagination to create something from nothing is engaging.
Hizashi typically finds it easier to understand and be understood by other neurodivergent people. ADHD is difficult to manage. It isn鈥檛 cute or quirky. He鈥檚 learned to hide and cope with most of the symptoms, but the inattention and hyperactivity are there every day, and they affect every part of his life. He needs someone who understands them 鈥 someone who won鈥檛 get angry when he asks you to repeat yourself seven times or frustrated when he鈥檚 a bit too jittery and annoying.
Take care of spiders and bugs for him.
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jae-ren5 months ago
It's eren's birthday and all I can think about is this:
they had a small celebration at home, just him, his son, the reader and a few family friends. The reader was wearing a lovely dress and eren couldn't take his eyes off of her.
Now it's late and all the guests already left. Eren's son got a little tipsy, he doesn't handle wine as well as he believes, and he's currently snoring on their shared bed. It's just the two of them now, eren and the reader, sitting on the couch and making small talk, unconsciously shifting their position until they're basically sharing the same breath, and eren puts his hand on her thigh, looking at her with nothing but burning desire in his eyes. She's trembling and eren is positive this time she's going to run away from her father-in-law and this forbidden feeling, but then...
"I haven't given you my present yet"
And with those words she stands up, and takes off that dress that looked so pretty on her, revealing lacy white lingerie underneath, like it's her wedding day again. So innocent, so meant to be ruined, to be ruined by him.
"Oh really? And what is it, baby girl?"
And then she climbs into his lap and her lips whisper those sinful words in his ear.
"I want to give you a baby, daddy"
the way my jaw dropped so damn wide at this聽(鈦 鈦勨⑩亜蠅鈦勨⑩亜 鈦) whoever you are, anon, you鈥檝e got s k i l l s i'm quaking in my boots (well actually my fuzzy slippers as i'm studying in my room right now, but still) takin' a quick break to support this thirst though in a slightly different way because i loved yours too much to ruin the original concept
sugar n slick, cont'd (II)
info: it's a certain father in law's birthday, and you're aching to give him a present. cw:聽dark content, pseudo-cest, infidelity, breeding kink, rough sex with gentle moments, degradation, praise, dominant, lowkey obsessive, older eren, daddy kink, brief lowkey choking, mirror sex, unprotected sex, surprisingly some fluff and emotion, and finally tbh a dysfunctional family dynamic bahaha an: don't ask how i accidentally put fluff into this dirty ass scenario LMAO it just happened ; also i swear i was trying to write this as a drabble. it just got longer bc of the fluff. so i guess this can double as my temporary eren b-day fic till i write what i actually planned.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"mr. jaeger, this birthday party was absolutely stunning," says the last neighbor on their way out.
eren laughs, a booming sound that makes his eyes crinkle, the dimple in his smile accentuating. he's tied his hair up into a neat bun, but by this point in the night, wild strands have begun to leave and are framing his face in a way that you're aching to move them out of his eyeline.
"thank mrs. jaeger," he says, placing his hand on your back. it's placed in a formal position, but the edges of his pinky finger rubs against your lower back. his touch is - as always - tantalizing. "it is stunning because of her." at the final word, his fingers press deeper into your flesh.
the neighbor smiles at you, before glancing at your husband passed out on the couch in the living room just past the entryway. they shake their head before saying: "your son married quite well. i'm sure you're very proud. any grandchildren on the way?"
you freeze, and out of the corner of your eye you can see eren's jaw clench.
"possibly," eren finally says, his usual charm oozing back out of him. "give it nine months time, and i'll have more to be proud of." he winks dramatically, and the neighbor laughs and stammers out a goodbye, flustered by eren's pseudo-flirting.
once the door closes - the atmosphere changes instantly. you can't describe how. just that it feels different. colder and hotter all at once.
"mrs. jaeger, thank you for oh so graciously hosting," eren drawls, undoing the tie of his hair. his shiny waves, the color of hazelnuts, flutters over his shoulders, landing atop his dark green blazer. he disrupts their neat fall by taking the blazer off quickly. he walks by your husband after he does, and pauses briefly, before laying it over him to serve as a blanket.
"so sweet," you say. "if only he knew you're fucking his wife." you feel a thrill at your bravery.
eren chuckles darkly. "like i said, darling, you belong to the jaegers, and i'm sure he'd understand. the apple never falls too far from the tree, and i'm happy to be receiving the same radiant sunshine he does."
eren's words are silky smooth, and his overly grand metaphors always fluster you.
"is sunshine a euphemism for sex?" you ask, stammering as you follow after him. the two of you walk into eren's bedroom, and then his walk-in closet as he undoes his tie.
"don't be daft," eren says, sounding his age for once as he admonishes you. eren is looking at you out of the corner of his eye as he begins undressing and undoing the buttons of his dress-shirt. he turns his attention back to his floor length mirror on the walls of his closet. "i'm talking about how much you love us. love me."
"l-love?" you feel like a fool.
eren has finished unbutton his shirt. it hangs open as he turns to you.
"love," he says simply. "comes in all shapes and forms."
you blink rapidly as you look into his green eyes, shining and abundant with a honesty you have never seen in them. you have seen humor, you have seen lust, you have seen an apathy that has scared you at times - but never this.
"e-eren, i-"
he sweeps in to be close to you. "unless - you'd prefer for it to mean sex."
you flush, a hot rush going over your skin. "i've only been - um -"
you huff at his vulgarity. "yes, that, with you!" your husband works late ... thankfully. otherwise he would have walked into way too many suspicious scenes. eren loved to take you all over the house: the living room, the dining room, the wine cellar, his office, the pool. name a room in this spacious house with money only the jaegers could have, you and eren had probably fucked in there by now.
eren leans down, licks a stripe up from the jut of your jaw to the lobe of your ear, his tongue wet and hot.
"darling, with the things we've done and the things you've said, fucking in this context is the last word for you to get all embarrassed about." he tugs your earlobe between his teeth gently before turning you around to press you into his body. you can already feel his bulging length; it surprises you each and every time.
"now," eren says, tilting your chin up to make you face the mirror. "let me show you actual reasons to be stammering."
"w-wait!" you say. you swallow tightly. "i never gave you your present."
eren frowns, hating to be interrupted, but also curious as to what your darling little mind had planned for him.
you take a deep breath, and release it as you undo the zipper of your long fitted dress. the smooth fabric, a buttery yellow, slips away to reveal the present you had been hesitant to reveal.
"ruin me," you whisper gently as your present is revealed: the bodice of your wedding dress.
well. not truly, as the romantic within you wanted to keep it intact. however, that romantic part of you was by and large overshadowed by the part of you that was always thirsting after eren. the part of you that had wanted him to rip it open upon the altar had gotten creative; had realized that you could use the copious amounts of money the jaegers had to commission a more revealing recreation of that dress. just for this purpose.
instead of the sweetheart neckline of your dress, here now it was plunging to reveal the swells of your breasts. instead of the swooping skirt, here now the bodice gave way to a garter belt. and best of all - it was specially made to have a hole in the crotch of the lacy thong part of it.
you're not sure what you expected from eren as a reaction. you're not surprised - but you are delighted when he pushes you against the mirror wall as quick as if he were being pushed by some force by the universe.
the cold of the glass pushes against your skin through the thin fabric, and the warmth of eren's body pushes behind your back.
"do you have any idea what you do to me?" eren breathes into your hair. he cups his hands over your ass, squeezing the globes with a painful force that still sends thrills of pleasure to your core.
"t-tell me, daddy," you say, looking into his eyes in the mirror. they are dark with lust, his pupils blown wide open.
he grins. "exactly what i'm doing to you, sweet," he says, running his fingers over your dripping opening. he makes eye contact with you in the mirror as he slips his slick-coated finger into his mouth, sucking like a man dying of thirst.
"sweet as sugar," eren says, popping the finger out. that hand now wraps around the column of your throat, the expanse between his pinky and thumb pressing into your collarbones as he squeezes briefly.
"e-ren," you begin.
"ah-ah-ah," eren says. "dirty whores use dirty names."
you gulp, feeling your cunt throb at the degradation. "daddy. just fuck me. please. i'm begging."
eren laughs, the vibrations in his chest rumbling against you. he unbuckles his belt and you turn your hands backwards to help him shove away the annoying material. you watch his face of glee grow, watch it transform into something wicked as overwhelming lust transforms it, and it stands in stark contrast against your face of a more innocent desperate desire.
where your lips are parted and glossy, eren's are twisted into a smirk. where your cheeks are shiny from perspiration, eren's carved cheeks are only accentuated by his expression. where your chest is heaving as you struggle to breathe, eren is standing as still as a beautiful statue.
"ready to take this cock, mrs. jaeger?" eren says, pushing your hair out of your face. "want you to look at yourself as i make you mine again and again."
you can only nod. and when his fat cock has your cunt filled - you almost forget his commands to close your eyes and scream.
"eren!" you whisper after, chest rising and falling. the sensations are far too great for you to say much else as he fucks you. it's rough - it's always rough with eren - but tonight feels almost gentle. like his hips are kissing yours. not rutting or fucking as usual, but ... something that makes your insides melt.
"still so fuckin' tight," eren says, groaning as he silkily thrusts in and out of you as you press into the mirror. "like you were made just for me."
you melt into him, leaning back into his every movement. the two of you are a vision in the mirror, shades of skin blurring as his brown hair sticks to your sweaty skin. the blurring, you realize, is on account of how trickles of tears have begun to build on your lash line.
when he finally does, he begins talking, too.
"my beautiful girl," he says. "taking my cock so well, time and time again. you should've been mine from the start."
you melt into him, leaning back into his every movement. the two of you are a vision in the mirror, shades of skin blurring as his brown hair sticks to your sweaty skin. the blurring, you realize, is on account of how trickles of tears have begun to build on your lashline.
"oh, 'ren," you say, voice pouring out. "i am yours." you know that you'd never say the words on your own if it weren't for the honesty sex provides you. they double as the "i love you" you had not been able to say previously.
"really?" eren says. "then prove it." the snapping of his hips gets faster. your brain short circuits.
"i'll do anything," you moan. maybe a scream, though all sound is heard the same to you now. "anything for you, daddy."
eren smirks, and you can feel the curving of his lips in the crook of your shoulder as he presses his face into that space. he whispers: "let me fuck a baby into you. c'mon, baby girl, let me."
you groan as eren lifts you up to hold your cunt higher against his cock, angling deliciously with every new forceful thrust.
"okay," you breathe. "okay." you won't lie ... you wanted it. you want it so badly you tried to ignore it by avoiding the conversation topic. it was going to be proof of your forbidden love affair. and what delighted you most: no one would know. your husband was a carbon copy of eren, just younger and softer. this baby would be yours and his and only yours and his.
and with that thought, of sharing something so secret and beautiful, you come apart on eren's cock. as usual, eren follows shortly after you, though this time, it feels almost instantaneous as if the two of you were coupled in every way but in name.
you close your ask, basking in eren's touch as he holds you up against the mirror, as he stays inside of you for longer and strokes your belly.
"huh," eren says. "look at that."
you furrow your eyebrows. "look at what?"
"jaeger junior's awake."
you turn to look at the doorway of the walk-in closet, and your eyes widen as you meet the eyes of your husband.
"i-i-" you want to say the classic "i can explain," but don't get the chance to.
he laughs, and the startling similarity of it to eren's throws you off kilter. "relax, wife. i knew. father does like to brag. and i'd have to be an idiot not to see your bruises."
you blink rapidly as eren hugs you tighter, his thick arms wrapping around your body.
"and brag he should," he says, smiling at you. "you look so pretty when you cum."
"w-wait! i'm confused!" you say, your brain unable to think of anything else besides this.
"how adorable," eren drawls. "didn't i say this before? your cunt belongs to us jaegers."
your husband rolls his eyes before leaving, closing the door to the closet with a click.
"now," eren says. "how many times do you think i can make you cum before you're delirious on my dick?"
you part your mouth to respond, but find that all you want is to lose yourself to eren's touch. "as many times as you let me, daddy."
eren grins, feral. "mrs. jaeger's learned her lesson. good girl."
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated. let me know whahert you liked and didn't like so i can be a better writer for you.
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neon-junkiea month ago
Ok first of all who said that you could make panty thieves Bad Batch a thing and why do I love it so freaking much! I just wanted to pop in and let you know I鈥檓 totally digging the idea, oh and to drop a little scene about the boys and reader going to a club and she just so happens to be a short black dress with some red panties on so let the teasing ensue! And whoever can hold the most shots gets her panties for the night. Okies now I throw myself out a window, love you and your writing 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Aaaaaah okay, you've encouraged me to write a part 3 to the pantie thieves trope!
Pairing: The Bad Batch x Female Reader
Rating: NSFW
Word count: 2.5k
Tags: Drinking, Teasing, Lingerie, Flirting, Gangbang mention, Strip tease, Nightclubs.
Part 1 is [here]
Tumblr media
For context, this is how you're all sat at 79's (because im too lazy to write it out properly.)
Tumblr media
Tension has been thick in the air ever since you flung your panties at the Batch, informing them that they can fight over who uses them next. They know. You know. They know that you know. You know that they know. And yet, nobody has spoken about it? Minus Crosshair, who called your move "brave," the next day, and Tech, who smugly smiled from across the Marauder at you.
It's been a week since that 'incident', and since then, your panties have finally began going missing again. Your underwear draw is no longer overflowing, shutting with ease, and the boys have returned to their flirtatious comments and remarks. Life seems fair, and after a smooth series of missions, you suggest heading to 79's to celebrate.
They agree, deciding that you'll all head out for the weekend. It's currently mid-week, giving you more than enough time to put your secret plan into place. A trip into Coruscant's flashy malls is in order, and despite Wrecker's offer, you choose to go alone, not wanting to ruin the surprise.
Saturday night arrives, and you're fortunate enough to be spending it in a hotel room. Two rooms have been booked, four double bed between all of you, and you're yet to have the 'talk' on who's sleeping where. The tension in the air informs you that the Batch also have a few surprises planned, and by the end of the night, you won't mind which bed you fall into, or who will be cosying up with you.
You finally have a proper station to do your makeup, rather than crouched over a seat on the Marauder with a pocket mirror pressed between your thighs as you attempt to plaster your makeup on. A shower is in order, and you decide to change into something cosy as you continue your routine. Before finally getting dressed, you shoo Echo and Tech out of the room, and inform them that you'll head over to the other room in a few minutes.
It's time.
This is the Bad Batch; they're a proud group of clones who take their squad's colour extremely seriously. Black and Red. A perfect colour combination, that is currently looking rather flattering on you. You're wearing a tight, skimpy black dress, the hemline barely covering your ass; you can feel the dress riding up whenever you bend down, revealing the flirtatious choice of underwear beneath. Wine red underwear has been brought for this specific occasion, a bra that can be seen when you bend forward, panties that catch the attention of curious eyes, paired with stockings, hold securely around your thighs by a garter belt.
You look lush, divine, and extremely slutty, more than a meal for your boys to enjoy. Once your heels are slipped on, you exit the room, shimmying across the hallway to where the boys are currently waiting for you. You punch in the code, and announce your arrival innocently. "Are we all ready to go?" you question, acting as if you're not the hottest thing to ever wander into their lives.
There's silence, their jaws dropping as they notice your presence. Every single one of them is reacting the way you expected. Wrecker has his mouth wide open, and his cheeks are swiftly turning pink. Echo is politely looking away, as flustered as ever. Crosshair has the smuggest grin you've ever seen, with a lustful glisten to his eyes. Tech is raising a brow, his rosy cheeks barely hidden beneath his glasses. And Hunter is attempting to look at you politely, despite the sweat breaking out on his forehead.
"Y-Yeah," Wrecker is the one to break the silence.
"Well, c'mon then," you signal, urging them to follow you out of the hotel room. There's awkward shuffling from the Batch, barely moving a pace forward, before Echo shakes his head, breaking the tension thick in the air.
"Is nobody going to comment?" Echo grumbles, gesturing to you. "You look... beautiful," he sighs, finally addressing the elephant in the room.
The Batch is nodding in agreement, chewing at their bottom lips. It's painfully obvious that they want to say more, but words fail them - or polite words fail them, seeing as they're spoilt for choice, but their choices aren't exactly appropriate.
"Yeah, you look hot!" Wrecker finally blurts out, his cheeks turning a deeper shade of pink the second he realizes what he's just said. You can't help but laugh at his eagerness, muttering your thanks through your laughter.
"Divine would be a more accommodating word," Tech suggests.
"The colours... did you pick them out... for us?" Hunter slowly questions.
You nod as you sweetly reply, "yeah."
"We're being spoilt," Crosshair comments with a chuckle.
"Not yet, you're not," you grin, having more tricks up your sleeve. "Now come on, I want to get a good table!"
On your command, the Batch finally exit the hotel room, sticking to you closely as you begin your journey to 79's. You're not the only person dressed up tonight; they're all sporting smart but casual clothing, ironed shirts, tailored pants, polished shoes. You've never come across this attire before, so maybe they also went out to buy something for the occasion whilst you were doing the same thing?
The taxi journey feels painfully long, but before you know it, you're entering the club. It's already busy - when isn't it? - but you manage to find a cosy booth tucked away in the corner. A few of the Batch head straight to the bar, ensuring that there's always at least one of them present. No doubt, if you're left alone, you'll be swiftly snatched up by any of the other clones, who have all had their gaze in your direction since you walked through the door.
The first few sets of drinks go down smoothly, relaxing your nerves, settling the tension in the air. By now, your ears have adjusted to the music, and your eyes can see clearly through the neon lights flowing overhear. Your boys seem pleasant, chatting as a group, coddling you in the middle of them, until you announce that you're heading to the bar.
"Let me accompany you," Tech offers as you slip out from the booth, following him over to the bar. His shoulder presses against yours as you rest your hands on the bar top, patiently waiting for your turn to order. Tech remains silent as you order, but a brow is raised as he overhears your request, chewing at your bottom lip smugly once the bartender goes to collect your drinks.
"Did I hear that correctly?" Tech questions.
"Maybe," you smirk. "What did you hear?"
"...30 shots," Tech clears his throat, his stomach already turning at the thought of having to do one, let alone five. "Five each, I assume?"
"Yes, but they come with a catch!"
"Oh? Do tell."
"I'll tell you when we're back at the table," you reply with a thick glisten in your eyes.
Tech's concerned expression slips onto the other Batchers faces when you eventually walk over, a tray of shots in your hands. You carefully place the tray on the table, remaining standing as you catch their full attention. "I have a challenge for you boys," you proudly state.
"We're listening," Hunter comments, his eyes flicking between you, and the liquor glistening on the table.
A soft sigh slips from your lips as you rest your hands atop of the table, bending forward slightly, half to get closer to them, half to catch their gaze of your breasts hanging playfully in front of them. "Whoever can hold the most shots wins a prize!" you instruct, grinning playfully.
"What's the prize?" Echo questions.
"I'm not telling! You'll just have to wait and see," you coo. You stand upright, your hips shifting as your body moves, and your eyes trail over the men before you as you ask, "are you all in?"
There's a mixture of expressions, but all of them say yes. Curiosity and uncertainty is present around the table, eager to see what the prize is. You shuffle back into your seat, huddled between Wrecker and Hunter. Most of the Batch look sheepish as they raise their first shot, minus Crosshair, who has experience drinking his brothers under the table. You join in on downing the first one, coughing once the liquor has run down your throat.
Tech and Echo are also coughing, Wrecker and Hunter are questioning their life decisions, whilst Crosshair is smugly picking up his next shot, commenting "giving up already?"
"No!" Wrecker grumbles, and swiftly makes a dash for his next one.
After that, the shots flow... reluctantly. Echo has to tap out after four, excusing himself to the restroom. Tech joins him, swiftly putting his fourth shot back on the table before he makes another mistake. Hunter taps out after three, feeling double the amount of liquor in his system thanks to his heightened senses. Crosshair is taking his time, chuckling to himself at his brother's low barriers.
"Awh, augh..." Wrecker grumbles, eyeing up the fourth shot, sitting on the table in front of him. "I dunno..." he sighs, rubbing the back of his head, his shirt tightening around his toned chest as his hand moves.
Echo and Tech return, a glass of water each in hand, and despite their drunken states, they begin encouraging Wrecker to take another shot. "Do you need some encouragement?" you suggest.
Wrecker's eyes turn wide, and a single brow raises as he asks, "what kind of encouragement?"
All eyes are on you. You smirk as you pick up Wrecker's shot, shuffling up onto your knees, giving you that extra boost to reach his level, despite him sitting down. You can feel the hem of your dress rising, your barely covered ass hitting the cool air of the club; Hunter, who is beside you, politely averts his gaze, whilst the others slowly tilt their heads in an attempt to view more. You bring the shot up to Wrecker's lips, and instinctively, he tips his head back, allowing you to pour the shot down his throat.
"Nice job, big guy!" you praise, placing the now-empty glass on the table. Wrecker grumbles in response to the flavour, but hasn't decided on if he's tapping out yet. It's just him and Crosshair, and given both of their current states, you know who will win.
As you sit back down, crossing one leg over the other, Crosshair leans forward to catch your attention, sitting on the other side of Hunter, two seats away from you. "I could do with some encouragement too," he smirks, and Hunter rolls his eyes at Crosshair's comment, stuck in the middle of you two.
"That so?" you raise a brow. Shuffling onto your knees again, you pick up another shot from the table, and clamber across Hunter's lap. You're practically on all fours, ass on display, with Wrecker behind you losing his mind at the sight. Slowly, you feed the shot to Crosshair, who locks his gaze onto yours as he takes his time lapping up the liquor.
Hunter looks like he's about to burst when you finally move away, returning to your seat. There's a light layer of sweat forming above his brow, and his tattoo is failing to hide his flushed cheeks; no doubt, he caught more than enough of an eye full as you bent over him.
"You gonna let Crosshair win?" you ask Wrecker, who still hasn't taken his final shot.
Wrecker grumbles, a hand resting on his stomach, clutching at the thin fabric of his shirt as he thinks things through. "I guess I am," he sighs, not wanting to risk getting into a state.
Crosshair chuckles, his hands crossing over his chest as he raises a brow at you. "So, what's my prize?" he asks.
Your expression matches his, sly and mischievous, and you keep it on your lips as you slowly stand. The booth may be cramped, but there's just enough space for you to fit between the table, and Crosshair's legs. Your eyes remain fixated on his as you slowly lift the hemline of your dress, fingertips running along the lacy bands of your garters, soon reaching your panties.
You overhear each member of the Batch gasp, gawking at your bold display, minus Crosshair, who watches the show hungrily. With your fingertips on the waistband of your panties, you shimmy them off, the fabric falling down your hips. The hemline of your dress moves perfectly, not displaying anything, teasing what might come later.
Red, lacy panties fall to your ankles, and with your eyes still on Crosshair's, you step out of them. Using the heel of your heels, you pick the panties up, and bunch them up in your hand, a move that you definitely didn't practise whilst alone in the hotel room earlier. You take a seat on Crosshair's lap, who moves into your touch, pulling you tightly against him.
Your panties are swiftly stuffed into his shirt pocked, the red lace poking out of the top. "For later," you comment. Crosshair groans, his hands gripping at your thighs; the arm around your waist slips higher, dancing with the hemline of your dress that is threatening to flash your prize at both him, and the Batch at any possible moment. The Batch is on the edge of their seats, not bothering to avert their gaze; they want this, they want you, and the liquor in their system has helped their confidence.
"For later?" Crosshair softly chuckles. "Mhm, a sweet prize, but we had something in store for you too," Crosshair comments, moving a hand from your thigh to gently cup your chin.
Hunter side glances you, grinning smugly, softly chuckling at Crosshair's comment. Crosshair notices his Sergeant looking, and decides to give him orders. "Why don't you tell her, Hunter?"
"Hm, alright," Hunter agrees as he shuffles closer. One of his large hands finds your thigh, squeezing at it playfully, admiring the sensation of your stockings pressed against his palm. He leans in close, and keeps his gaze on yours as he explains, "we'd like to make a mess of you, once we're back at the hotel room."
You suck in a heavy breath, your back straightening, cheeks becoming rosy at the thought. All of them want to make a mess of you, all five of them. Just when you think things can't possibly get any more tense, Echo places a hand on your shoulder blade, shuffling in behind you as he joins in on riling you up. "Don't think that we haven't noticed the way that you've been teasing us lately," he chuckles.
"Yeah, it's time we got our revenge!" Wrecker chuckles, peering behind Hunter at you.
"Honestly," Tech sighs as he rests his elbows on the table, opposite to you. "It was... unfair of us to partake in explicit acts without your permission, but given that you've since been encouraging us, we can only assume that you're eager for more."
Your heart is thumping in your chest, riled up from the series of men who all have their hungry gaze on you. You should have expected this, for a group of men to finally snap at your playful flirting, and put you in your place.
"So?" Hunter speaks up, catching your attention as your gaze was flicking between each of them. "What's it gonna be? Do you wanna stay here a little longer, or head back already?"
[to be continued]
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tokyo-fukushu3 months ago
Hey, I love reading your stories and seriously? You're such an amazing writer! 鉂
Anyways, can I request a headcanon for Mikey, Baji, Kazutora, and Mitsuya with a s/o who's really insecure and with a slight dash of anxiety? She'll hear her name being mentioned in a conversation and wil immediately assume they're saying bad things about her and all? If it's not too much, that is. Thank you!馃グ馃グ馃グ
;;聽what will they do when their s/o overthinks and get insecure
馃 鈥 sano mikey manjirou,聽baji keisuke,聽hanemiya kazutora,聽mitsuya takashi
馃Ь 鈥 gender neutral, second pov (you/your), fluff, insecure reader, au - everyone lives / nobody dies, established relationship, headcanon
鉁 鈥 hello dear anon! thank you for this request and your comment! i hope you鈥檒l enjoy this short headcanons (鉂伮粹棥`鉂)
馃敄 鈥 [ 1 | 2聽]
Tumblr media
鈫 Mikey would pick it up from conversations and little gazes. He鈥檒l pick up from your tone or how you look at people and start frowning at yourself in the mirror.
鈫 He would observe you even more, worrying that he himself was overthinking and you were doing fine.
鈫 When he realizes that, truly, you were biting your lip and starting to eat less along with trying to change up your style to be more mainstream, Mikey would intervene and comment about it.
鈫 He鈥檒l start by whining and basically wrapping himself all over you. Then, he鈥檒l pepper kisses all over your face.
鈫 After that, whenever you start overthinking and getting insecure of yourself and your traits, Mikey will literally refuse to let you go and leave you alone.
鈥淲ho cares what others say? For me, you鈥檙e the best when you鈥檙e yourself.鈥
Tumblr media
鈫 No matter how guarded you try to be, Baji would notice every single twitch, wince, or even a quick flash of shame and worry in your eyes. He鈥檚 terrifyingly perceptive if he wants to be.
鈫 When those times happen, he would hold your hand and give you a little grin to comfort you, bringing something up to divert your attention.
鈫 When you鈥檙e in public and you get uncomfortable or triggered by what someone says, Baji would immediately change the topic while still holding your hand to know that he鈥檚 there with you.
鈫 Will immediately brighten your day back up with silly ideas and upbeat conversations.
鈫 Baji will encourage you all the time when he notices you start feeling down.
鈥淎re you feeling better now?鈥
Tumblr media
鈫 Kazutora would be oblivious to it until you say something or directly show that you鈥檙e starting to overthink about things.
鈫 When it finally dawns on him randomly one day, he鈥檒l nuzzle into you, wrapping his arms around your waist.
鈫 I don鈥檛 think Kazutora would bring it up unless you do it yourself, he wants you to come out to him as to not pressure you into talking.
鈫 He鈥檒l just stick close to you, either holding your hand or draping himself over you.
鈫 Kazutora can be someone you can fall back to if you think that your mind gets too loud and you feel overwhelmed. He鈥檒l make sure that you know he鈥檚 always an open option and he鈥檚 always free for you.
鈥淚鈥檒l be right here and I鈥檒l be ready to listen.鈥
Tumblr media
鈫 The thing about Mitsuya is that he has two little sisters starting puberty, the time when teens start not telling anyone older if they have any problems and start getting bratty- So, Mitsuya has experience in seeing little signs even without you saying anything.
鈫 He鈥檒l immediately know when something is off in the way your expression scrunches up and how you start avoiding people鈥檚 eyes. He鈥檒l just know.
鈫 Mitsuya will press a quick kiss on your temple, catching you off-guard.
鈫 When he knows that your attention is on him, he鈥檒l smile at you, a hand on your lower back. He鈥檒l encourage you to talk about it, gently urging you and knowing when to stop.
鈫 He doesn鈥檛 quite mind when you call him, silently looking for confirmation and comfort. He鈥檒l know it just by basing from your tone and surprise call.
鈥淒o you need anything, Y/n?鈥
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fushiguro-kyuuun3 months ago
Hi, how are you? First of all, I would like to say that your tumblr was a find, I spent a few hours comforting myself with your stories, thank you. 馃挋
I've always been chubby, but due to quarantine I gained a lot of weight and honestly I never cared about stretch marks (in the breasts and thighs), but recently I discovered some purple stretch marks in my belly and my days are depressing and I can't even look right in the mirror (I shouldn't care, I know 馃ズ).
Well, could you write scenarios with Bokuto, Daichi, Ushijima and maybe Sakusa comforting the reader who discovered new stretch marks? If it's too much, you can choose only one of them, anyway thank you.
P.S: sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
Bokuto, Daichi, Ushijima and Sakusa Comforting Their S/O Who Finds New Stretch Marks
鉃 characters: bokuto koutaro, daichi sawamura, ushijima wakatoshi, sakusa kiyoomi
鉃 synopsis: bokuto, daichi, ushijima and sakusa comforting their s/o who finds new stretch marks
鉃 warnings: insecurities, body image
鉃 a/n: hey nad, as someone who is chubby and have stretch marks i totally relate. remember we are all beautiful and so does stretch marks. your english is totally fine. *chefs kiss*
Tumblr media
鈻笍 Bokuto Koutaro
It was no secret that you got those insecurities. It's natural to have flaws. You're human after all. The stretch marks you have are marks that you're you. A functioning human being. You got them in your thighs, breasts and other parts of body but the new found stretch marks in your stomach made your heart dropped.
The discolored skin that had taken place in your soft tummy was enough to realize that you had gained weight as if it was not a new scenario to you. Years of trying to change yourself only resulted in self-hatred that's when you thought accepting yourself is the best thing you can do. Like how Bokuto accepted all your flaws and all.
Your mind had wandered. What will Bokuto think if he had find out the new stretch marks that accumulated in your stomach. You can only sigh in defeat and prepared yourself for the worst to come.
"Baby owl?"
Golden orbs look at you like they were studying something. Bokuto's routine included laying in your tummy but it seems like you were not enjoying it. A frown resting in his handsome features. Hair deflated at his mood.
Your gripped tightened at the hem of your shirt. Lips quivering at your thoughts.
"It's my stomach." You confessed.
"Your stomach? Does it hurt?" He asked worriedly. Eyes attentive to your being and his hand was quick to hold your shirt.
"It's just-" Your voice stuck in your throat. Unable to voice out on what's going on with you.
Bokuto didn't need to know what's going on. He knows you. It's the days where you really felt bad something about yourself. Bokuto's eyes softens at you. Gently holding up your shirt. There he sees the marks in your stomach.
You refused to look at what he was doing. Afraid of what he may react at the moment. Then something wet and cold was felt at your stomach. You gasped in surprised at the sudden contact.
Bokuto was blowing raspberries at your tummy. Earning a giggle from you. You can't help but smile at Bokuto's attempt for cheering you up.
"Don't you find them disgusting Kou?"
"Why would I be disgusted? They're pretty just like you."
You can't help but to cry at his words. Tears spilling down to your chubby cheeks. It looks like you didn't need to worry about the marks that littered in your skin.
Bokuto placed a chaste kiss to your forehead and then rested his head to your stomach. Smooching his face at the soft flesh.
You smiled while you wiped your tears as you played with Bokuto's hair.
"I love you baby owl." He said while looking at you. His chin resting on your tummy.聽 Letting out a wholesome smile that can melt everybody's heart.
"I love you too, Kou."
Tumblr media
鈻笍Daichi Sawamura
Daichi wasn't a captain for no reason. He was able to support his team physically and mentally. He was observant too.
He can't miss the way you how your eyebrows scrunched everytime you see yourself in the mirror. Daichi knew all your fears.
It's when you two started dating, he picked up all your insecurities. Whether a simple comment or scrunched from you, he knew something was up like today.
"I thought you're wearing the dress I've bought you?" Daichi asked while fixing his shirt.
No. You can't. That's what you told yourself about. Your stretch marks can't be seen. They have multiplied and you can't stand to see them. They're part of your body and you're used of it then why are you feeling so bad about them?
"I don't feel like it." You replied. Trying to sound cool about.
"That's it? I know you've been excited about trying it. You can tell me everything. Okay?"
Holding your soft hands and placing a kiss in your knuckles.
"The stripey thingy." You said. Placing your hands in to your lap and your head hung low. Embarrassed at the moment but Daichi sighed.
"What's wrong about them?" Daichi knew how much the streaks in your skin took a toll on yourself. There are times when you cried about them.
"They're everywhere and I found new marks in my shoulders. I cannot wear the dress you've bought for me. I'm sorry."
Apologizing won't do good to you and you felt pathetic.
Daichi held your chin and looked in to your eyes. You were met with his dark brown eyes that holds the most sincere and caring stares.
"Don't worry about the dress or the marks in your skin. All I want is you to be happy and comfortable. (Y/N) that's all I want. It's my happiness to see you being comfortable in your own skin. I'll love you always."
With that he placed a soft kiss in to your lips. A red hue dusting in his cheeks after kissing you. A tear slipped in your eyes but Daichi was quick to wipe them.
"Thank you Mura-kun. Thank you...I-"
Words cannot describe how grateful you was for having Daichi. A man who's ready to put you first than anything else. It didn't change even he don't have the team anymore he had in high school.
You quickly wrapped your arms around him which Daichi gladly returned. All for his best girl. It may take a long time for you to accept them but he sure is to be with you in that journey.
Tumblr media
鈻笍Ushijima Wakatoshi
You've been staring at yourself for hours now. Clad only in your underwear you continued to scrutinized yourself. The large mirror in your shared bedroom with Wakatoshi, showing the newly found streaks of discolored skin in your tummy and arms. They keep appearing out of nowhere like mushrooms and stays in your skin.
Too deep in your thoughts you were too late in putting your clothes on when the door swung open. There stood your tall boyfriend. Placing his gym bag by the door. Your eyes widened when you made eye contact with him in the mirror. You can feel the heat in your cheeks rising upon the contact and you wished the ground where you sat at will open and swallow you whole.
You hid yourself in your hands, too embarrassed at being caught at such an awkward situation. Biting your lip as you tried to muffle the sniffling sounds you were making.
Ushijima is no stranger to your habits. There are days when you're doing just fine and was okay with yourself but this time, it was something heavy. He was not familiar about those kind of insecurities. All he knows is about himself until he meet you. Warm and expressive. He can read you like a open book. He may took things literally but to you he understands everything you feel. It's like a natural instinct for him to assure you.
After placing his gym bag, he went straight to you. Gently prying your hands to show your pretty face. Eyes glossy, cheeks filled with your dried tears and lips trembling. Ushijima can feel his heart breaking at the sight of you. He carefully wrapped his arms around you and scooped you up.
Placing you in the bed. His huge body hovering over yours. You were a big girl but everytime Wakatoshi hovered your plush frame, you felt so small and vulnerable. You averted his gaze at you for it was too intense.
"Look at me. Please." Cupping your chin to meet his gaze. Olive eyes staring back at your (e/c) orbs. His eyes held much softness and adoration for you.
"I apologized for making you feel this way. I've been neglecting and letting you sleep with doubts. I-"
"Wakatoshi don't apologize it's my fault and you're busy. Please don't." You protested. Wakatoshi have been always feeling you loved all the time. Now you've felt bad. You're dragging Wakatoshi in your despair. You can't help but to let your tears fall again.
"It was never your fault. I want you you to know that you will be always beautiful for me. Scars or marks they're part of you and I love every single part of you." He said whilst wiping your tears with his thumb. His sight never leaving yours. He want you to know that you'll be always beautiful to him. Body and soul.
Ushijima moved away and meet your thighs that was decorated with stretch marks. His nose brushing the marks and gently kissed it. Then he had done the same to your stomach. Making patterns and kissing it. To your arms and then a kiss to your neck. Earning a slight shiver from you.
You never take Wakatoshi as an affectionate man. He was blunt and never did experienced any sort of affection from anyone. For Wakatoshi, you deserved all the good things in his life for just being yourself. He will do all the things to see you smile.
"You're beautiful." Giving you a soft peck to your forehead and pressed his lips gently to your lips. Lingering a longer as if he was savoring it.
After that, he grabbed a pillow to put under your head. Slightly shifting the pillow to your comfort.
"Rest. You're tired."
You have him a nod in return. Your eyes getting droopy. Sleep taking over you after from the crying.
Ushijima pets your head affectionately. Lulling you to sleep. Noticing you were finally asleep. He wraps his arms around you protectively.
All the things he can do for his best girl.
Tumblr media
鈻笍Sakusa Kiyoomi
"What's going on with you?"
Sakusa was getting fed up with your attitude towards him. You would always flinch when he touch you as if he was a carrier of some infectious disease. Usually you would return his affection towards you.
He was blunt in a good way. He doesn't lie for he finds it draining and he does not good in sugar coating words. He makes it worst than already it is.
"It's nothing Kiyoo."
Sakusa gave you a deadpanned look. He won't take any excuse from you. You've been acting that way for a long time and you know how Sakusa can be observant.
One look from his expression and you better be telling him the truth or else. You sighed.
"I don't like you touching me because I'm worried that you'll find my stretch marks disgusting."
Fists clenching about what you said.
"Disgusting? You really think I'll be disgusted by such marks. If you think that maybe we shouldn't have dated ay all. I'm not that shallow to be fazed by some skin. Besides, I love it. The way they feel under my touch. It's real and they'll always be pleasant and appealing to me."
You were dumbfounded when he had told you that. Did he mean it? Of course. He did. Sakusa is true to his words.
With that words of Sakusa, it wasn't so bad to have them. Discolored streaks in your skin will be always beautiful to him.
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ashxrsbeloveds3 months ago
Can we get barbatos and diavolo with an MC touching their wings/tail? Please?
ofc ofc anon! 馃挅 the description for barbatos' tail got me going 馃憗馃憚馃憗 but i tried my best to whack my brain to think of what it'll feel like if you touch it. hope you like this! 馃挅 (please excuse any errors, i wrote this at 1 am)
here's the original post!
touching their tail/wings! royals edition
The prince's wings have always fascinated you. You've always wanted to give it even just the smallest touch.
It's like Mammon's and Asmo's, but his was larger and had a different color than theirs. He has four bat-like wings, deep red in color and it has a black gradient to finish it.
Touching his wings was quite difficult for the most part. One is because Lucifer won't allow you to lay a finger on Diavolo's wings and two you're too awkward with asking the literal demon prince.
Thankfully, you've gathered enough courage to ask him if you can feel his wings. He chuckles, transforming into his demon form before turning around so you could freely feel his wings (which hit you as he turned around)
"I don't see why not, MC! Don't worry, it won't hurt me. Though I haven't gotten my wings touched by a human yet. So this'll be a fun thing to do!"
You gently tug one of his wings, they were soft, and the gilded tips shimmered, they're beautiful. His wings fluttered in delight, the edges had this beautiful shine that resembled glitter, not to mention how warm his wings are. Diavolo lets out a low giggle as you stroke his wing, who knew he was ticklish there too? He found it quite pleasurable, he can't help but laugh at some time though. Dude's got ticklish wings. The prince seemed happy with you touching his wings, and you were happy about it as well.
"Hahaha! I have to admit, this is quite the fun experience, MC! Ah, my wings are quite ticklish, but don't use that against me. I think you petting my wings is a nice way to pass the time, no?"
His tail seemed interesting, not only did it split into two parts at the tip, it also had this beautiful gradient! You also wanted to know what it feels like, it looked, smooth?? Is it scaly but it looks really smooth from afar? Or is it just like that?
Barbatos would most likely be weirded out or just awkward if you ask him directly, but it's worth the shot.
You come up to him, hands were ready to intertwine as you give him puppy eyes to let you touch his tail. You gently tap his shoulder, earning a polite grin from the butler.
"Ah, hello MC. What can I help you with? My... tail? I suppose I can't blame you for taking interest in it. Hm? I'm alright with getting my tail touched. Though I do have to confess, it'll be a new experience."
As Barbatos transforms in his demon form, his tail was still and it barely swayed. You gently stroke it, his back straightens and the demon's tail started swaying way more than before. He was surprised from the sudden touch.
His tail felt cold, it was also wet, it left drops of water on your fingers whenever you checked it. For some weird reason, it reminded you of slime, though it wasn' slimy. You gently run your fingers on his tail, Barbatos stiffens up a bit. You could tell his tail wasn't used to this at all. HE wasn't used to it at all.
"Well, you've got what you wanted, MC. Ket's have some tea for now shall we? Ch-changing the subject? No, no. I'm sure you'd love some tea right now, I must go back to serving my Lord later on. So please, choose some tea, and I'll make some for you."
masterlist 鈾
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