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#it's ugly actually!!!
scribbleboxfox · a year ago
Every now and then I think about that post I made in high school, back when I was coping with a mom who was lowkey an alcoholic. It went something like “if you need alcohol to have fun you should see a therapist” and everyone and their mother were all “um sweaty actually i use alcohol to cope so shut the fuck up and die.” Like. 
I was never wrong. Ya’ll shouldn’t need to get completely blasted to have a good time. Idc if it helps you “unwind” or whatever. It’s not a coping mechanism. Like yeah have a few beers with the boys or whatever, but if you’re getting drunk just so you can take it easy, you need a therapist. 
Anyways alcohol culture is toxic. Go to therapy.
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gh0st-patr0l · 4 months ago
Man... kinda wild how everyone in the mcyt fambase is So vocal abt nd positivity and ccs being open abt mental disorders, but the Second people like Karl display symptoms of their disorders (adhd in his case) that aren't Cute And Fun- recklessness, impulsivity, lack of awareness towards social cues, accidentally talking over people or not listening because of distractions, etc- a Good Fuckin Chunk of yall suddenly decide that hes actually a bad person who doesnt deserve anything. But no yall are so Woke And Accepting. Kinda Crazy How That Works
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Allistics: You can't call yourself autistic! You're a person with autism! The fact that you're a person comes first!
Also allistics: Puppetgate isn't ableist! It's okay to have autistic people portrayed by puppets! They're not really people anyway!
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