#it's worrying tbh
whatisthisfuvkery · 3 months ago
Took a trip to the beach today and decided to ask the sea gods for an Our Flag Means Death s2 renewal
Tumblr media
Would've written out the whole thing but my arms got tired...
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navramanan · 2 years ago
I've been thinking for a long time now that kids born after 2010 are gonna turn out to be short sighted cuz everytime they make a noise their parents put their phone in their hands and those kids just play games or watch videos with the phone 20 cm away from their face for HOURS and god knows how little time they spend playing with toys or outside
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pyokeke-blog · 6 years ago
Okay, one thing I want to say, pyokeke is a super kind, amazing person and artist who did not deserve disrespect and hate like that. I really hope the person who did that to pyokeke learns from this and won't do it again.
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notallscorpios · 7 years ago
do people really fantasize about being bought by one direction
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mochathaircothrom · 8 years ago
Ugh the thing is I want Sean to talk to more people but he just has so many things holding him back he barely approaches others
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