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i done changed my swag 𔘓  ➢ to my besto @yatoraliv
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[Itachi X Reader] First Snow {Part 18}
Part 17 | Part 19
Pairing: Itachi Uchiha x fem!Reader
Note: Hello, I'm back :DD I'm still on a writing hiatus, which probably will end by the end of this week! This part will soothe your soul, especially for Kakashi shippers, so brace yourselves, folks :DD It ends with angst though :D Enjoy!
~~/ /“Maybe this is the best way out of this.” Itachi smiled and sat down in his chair. “Y/N never wanted our marriage in the first place, it doesn’t hurt if she...hates me more.”/ /~~
Tumblr media
After you stormed out of his office, you marched back to your shared house with tears brimming your eyes. He never saw you as a friend, he never did. Itachi put you through a roller coaster of emotions, lifting you up to where you felt delighted and airy, at the same time, managed to crush you down to purgatory with a single sentence.
You no longer needed to keep the peace between the two of you, for he who was the first one to disown your ties.
"An ally?" You asked yourself mockingly, dragging your fingers over the dried cuts on your arms. He made a fool out of you, telling lies after lies, putting in such a spectacular performance that for a moment, you felt like everything was reality, like there were no contractual obligations between you and him, nor reflecting off his smile that started to bloom so freely around you.
He would go great lengths to accomplish what would benefit the majority. You—a single person who tragically walked the wrong path—were never his peace to protect, even from the start. Itachi never changed, you were the fool who just realized his real self after all these years.
You kept walking aimlessly until your steps came to a halt at the familiar place, the flower shop that used to shelter you on a freezing morning months ago. Pushing the door open, the wind chimes played a musing melody, and your eyes widened by surprise.
"Kakashi-senpai?" You mouthed, realizing that you have not thanked him formally for all that he did. Regardless of whether it was because of the Village's order, he still saved your Clan. Hearing the wind chimes' dinged, he turned around and waved at you affably. You shuffled next to where he was standing, waiting for his chosen bouquet of flowers to be wrapped in a sheet of faint purple paper. "Thank you so much for what you have done, you know, with the Uchiha Clan and all. I'm...very grateful."
"Don't thank me, I'm doing it for a...friend," the silver-haired said, sounding subtly melancholic with the way his visible eye drooped down at the end of his sentence. "I'm just repaying what I owe him."
"Your friend, is he also a member of the Uchiha Clan?" You asked, your gaze following his hands as he carried the bouquet of fresh lilies attentively.
“An old friend,” he nodded, turning around to the door, ready to leave.
Seeing that he was avoiding the topic, you smiled stiffly, “I want to invite you out for a treat today if you have time.”
“Sure,” Kakashi replied, “you can tag along with me, too. I need to go pay a friend a visit and we can head to a restaurant in town for lunch.”
“If you’re okay with that…”
“I’m more than okay with that, Y/N.” The silver-haired reassured you and held the door open for you to come out first. “It’s just around the downtown area.”
You nodded, still pondering on the lilies in his arms as he led you through the streets of Konoha. It was a sunny morning. You figured that winter was wrapping up and spring was already dawning through the clouds. As opposed to the sanguine atmosphere that embraced both of you, yours and Kakashi’s mood was nowhere near exuberance, though each with a different reason behind. You took a glance at the Shinobi walking beside you—those flowers—could they be for…
“Rin was an old friend of mine,” Kakashi spoke gently as he laid the bouquet on the Memorial Stone. “She was a part of our trio—me, her, and Obito.”
Your eyes darted at the mention of Obito. You swallowed the words that were about to spill out of your lips to listen to him. The silver-haired stood up, pushing both hands into his pants pockets as he let out a small sigh. “Though they are no longer here, they are always watching over me from above.” He turned to look at you. “At least that’s what I think.”
You figured that he was referring to your parents and thinned your lips, pressing your whirling emotions down into your chest. “Yeah,” you mumbled and averted your gaze from the silver-haired.
“You don’t have to hide what you feel just because you’re afraid of being weak,” Kakashi said, his voice was distant yet insistent as if he was speaking from within your head. “The strong acknowledge their weaknesses and make them their strengths.”
“Kakashi-senpai—,” your eyes began to get watery listening to his words. Soon, you started to sob, wiping the tears that kept falling down your cheeks with the back of your hands. There was no need for you to know the story about his team to understand how deeply he loved them—the love that was carved into his heart and to be cherished for as long as he was on this earth. Kakashi pulled you into his arms, letting you cry all you wanted, wetting a large patch on his flak jacket. “I miss them so much,” you said between hiccups, diving into his chest like a drowning person holding onto a blank.
He patted your head, and you clutched his shirt tighter in your palms. “Let it out, Y/N, just let it go.”
Itachi’s feet stilled as he stood behind a tree, observing the two of you from afar. He was late, again.
After you burst out of his office, Shisui told him the conversations you had with his cousin, your feelings that you always hid under the mask of indifference. Shisui was raging when he said that you wished your relationship would work out but knew too well that Itachi only had his eyes on Izumi. Shisui said you asserted there would be no finish line for you the moment you stood at the starting point, yet you still stubbornly accepted Itachi’s offer for your hand in marriage. He told him the sleepless nights you spent practicing your tone and posture to appear worthy of your title as the Matriarch and your attempts to cater to his every need. You learned Itachi's favorite dishes, read his favorite books and winded yourself in the Clan’s constitution, all just to erase the impugning prejudice he held against you.
And went you gave up on your marriage, he began to accept you. When you tried to push him away was when Itachi realized he needed you more than anyone. He wanted to treat you right, but you already found another shoulder to lean on, someone better, someone who would never treat you the way he did.
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I'm sorry for this
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Hnnnnnng! Please draw Shisui + Itachi. Romantic, platonic, akatsuki au, modern au, it doesn't matter. But I'd love to see you draw them! Together! Because they're my boys and I love them.
Tumblr media
Here you go! This was so much fun, maybe I'll properly line it in the future. I too love them very much <3
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it’s missing itachi hour
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Finally someone's waiting for him......😘❣️
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some naruto doodles to celebrate gaara’s birthday
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Hi! :) I hope you're having a great day... I was wondering.... Is it possible that you write a fic or a head canon of how would be Itachi as a father? 👉🏻👈🏻 Ps: I really like your blog ❤️
Hello!!!! Thanks for the request and thank you so much! This one is going to hurt a little!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
WARNINGS; kinda sad but mostly cute and fluffy!!!!
☁️ when he found out you were pregnant, he was over the moon. The idea that he would have a child that could do amazing things to wipe away the shame of his clan elated him.
☁️he cried when he held his baby for the first time, already seeing similarities between himself and the baby.
☁️made him think about seeing Sasuke as a baby.
☁️absolutely wonderful and caring daddy. Fed the baby at late hours so you could rest, rocked the baby to sleep and held it any time he could.
☁️mans could kill an entire clan but could not change a diaper to save his life!!! Eventually got the hang of it but it still wasn’t the best.
☁️the older the child got, the more he realized he didn’t have much time left with them as his days were numbered.
☁️the worse off he got, he would try his hardest to things with the child like putting them in genjutsus that seemed like festivals, or going outside and playing together.
☁️laid with them every night until they fell asleep, cuddling them and holding them tightly in his arms.
☁️every time he would leave the room or a milestone would happen, he would secretly break down crying to himself. He never let you or anyone know about this.
☁️spoke about his little brother and how much he loved and missed him and how he would play with the child.
☁️lots of eating sweets together. Sneaky midnight deserts and stargazing.
☁️taught them not to fear the dark but be wary of it.
☁️did not leave, go to sleep, or wake up in the morning without telling the child that he loved them.
☁️trained with them from a very young age to prepare them for the world they live in.
☁️didn’t let them around anyone else in the akatsuki much except for Kisame who he trusted most.
☁️CROWS! Crows would always join playtime to amuse them, and he loved watching them be so gentle with animals.
☁️before he died, he laid his headband on their head and tied it tightly, giving them a sweet hug and a kiss on the cheek.
☁️ “I promise to be with you, always. Any challenge you will face, we will face it together.”
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what if once a month, at the insistence of Nagato, every Akatsuki member has to have a full scale medical checkup and examination, courtesy of Sasori, with Kakuzu being the first one examined then being Sasori’s “assistant”/secondary doctor for everyone else?
no real point to this, it just popped into my head and made me snicker.
because I can imagine hidan’s being a bloody horror-show filled with cursing and Kakuzu having to sew things back on or pop joints back into place.
and Itachi being very clearly sick but continually insisting he’s fine, he’s fine; the most Sasori can do for him is prescribe him some vitamins or maybe some special pills that he’s made himself to prolong his life a little bit more but that’s really it.
and Sasori and Kakuzu being scared to really touch Nagato because dude is just SO bony and SO frail; but maybe Nagato has a sense of humor and Sasori goes to like, do the thing where you tap a little hammer against the knee to test reflexes, and he does it and Nagato howls in pain and collapses to the floor and Sasori and Kakuzu panic thinking they’ve killed the leader but then Nagato pops back up saying “just kidding!”
and Kakuzu tries to act all gruff and no nonsense but when it’s Konan’s turn to disrobe he blushes and makes up an excuse to leave the room and just have Sasori do it, because Sasori has no attraction whatsoever to the female body and this is kinda like looking at another puppet to him. he’s giving her a breast exam and he comments about how they’re a little uneven and tells her if she ever wants that corrected to come to him and he can surgically fix it and she isn’t sure whether to punch him or say thanks.
Kakuzu brings out his book on animal anatomy when it’s time for Kisame’s turn, and a gardening book for Zetsu.
Deidara is sweating bullets because he really likes Sasori and it’ll be the first time Danna sees him naked and he does a bunch of press-ups beforehand to try and showcase his “muscles” but Sasori barely notices, he just gives Deidara a straightforward exam like the others and notes his heart is beating a little too fast so he tells him to go lay down for a while, not at all realizing that HE’S the cause of the accelerated thumping. he also tells Deidara he has “a most perfect body” which Deidara goes beet-red over and he spends all night thinking about it, not at all realizing Sasori meant that he’d be perfect to turn into a puppet. Kakuzu got it tho and it’s the only time he laughs all day.
and Tobi?
man, Sasori doesn’t want to examine Tobi.
Kakuzu doesn’t want to examine Tobi.
so they just ask him to do some standard exercises, say jumping jacks, and Sasori goes to listen to his heart afterwards and … nothing. no beat, no pulse. nothing.
but Sasori just takes a deep breath and tells Tobi he’s fine, in great shape, gives him a candy and sends him on his way. the less he knows about him, the absolute better.
and yeah.
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Itachi and Sasuke
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Mention of Itachi in Boruto: Naruto next generations
ep 95
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A relationship with Itachi had he lived
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Itachi Uchiha x fem!reader
Genre: Fluff, NSFW
Synopsis: What a relationship with Itachi would be like had he lived. My headcanons on how Itachi is and would be as a boyfriend.
Warnings: Mentions of killing, blood, sexual activities.
A/n: listen i know i have alot of things piled up both here as well as irl but i had enough of y'all sleeping on Itachi. so i had to take matters in my own hand. I'm gonna post alot about Itachi these days.
Tumblr media
• Ok so like everyone always says Itachi is all mature, calm and collected person and no doubt he is! BUTTTT I bet Itachi has a mischievous side of himself.
• I mean when Itachi finds someone who he can fully trust and be himself around, he is going to be way more free than he shows himself to be.
• Imagine you both are chilling out so he would casually make witty remarks here and there which would either leave you dumbfounded with blinking eyes or you both would burst out laughing.
• I think he is the type to be more fun and would have a higher energy level when he is around someone who would not judge him or expect some kind of behaviour from him. Of course it would take some time because all his life he was told how to be and people always expected something out of him. So now having someone who he doesn't have to show a particular side of himself to, would be a surprise. But a welcome one at the same.
• As much as I headcanon Itachi being a more indoor person, I have a feeling he likes going on nature sprees with his significant other. He likes just roaming around with her and living in the moment. When there are no missions, no plannings, no constant threat to life - just him, his soulmate and the pretty pretty nature.
• Walking through the tall trees in the forest, sitting on the river banks against a tree, dipping their feet in the slow stream and the cool water or sometimes just swimming around. Hiking the hills or playing in the snow. Going to the mountain top and being surrounded by clouds. Or morning walks at 6 a.m. when there is little to no commotion around. Sunsets at hill tops, nights against a tree trunk with your head on his shoulder, cuddling together. 
• He likes laying his head in his soulmate's lap with her playing with his hair and spraying light kisses every now and then. He likes being pampered and cared for. He loves the fact that somebody loves him so much that they enjoy his company, want to be alone with him and show affection to him. It's been so long he has felt himself be this free. It's been so long somebody has handled him or rather he has handled someone so gently with his big ninja hands. He loves that for once he doesn't need to be on his guard, stiffened and stoic but rather someone else takes care of him and loves him, shows affection to him, supports him.
• Talking about hands, I highly headcanon Itachi has thin hands with long slender fingers. You know the type I am talking about?
• Ok Imagine this, Itachi and his soulmate just sitting in the living room with a cup of tea, not talking just reading books. I headcanon that Itachi loves reading. As he should! And if his soulmate is into reading too, it would be a great pastime as well as bonding time. 
• Oooh! Imagine you both read books and leave small sticky notes for each other in there. Colour coded at that! Like pink notes indicate that this particular line or paragraph is dedicated to her and like neon green ones are what your own thoughts are about whatever is written! And this becomes your new form of communication. You share your thoughts and ideas through that. It's just so cute and intimate at the same time for you both. 
• Itachi loves cooking or baking with you. It's a smooth process too! I bet he's great at cooking and if you are into it too then it's a bonus! He loves making dishes for you. Like if you come from work, a mission or something else and then he has prepared a whole gourmet meal for you. It's intimidating at first but so freaking lovely. It shows he cares, he cares a lot.
• There are small dances, little jokes, pussy eating sessions and long hugs with light music in the background.
• I think his form of affection is acts of service and physical affection. It's very soft and gentle. And when he does it, it's kind of like you just melt into it and forget about the world around you. It's just you and him.
• Itachi has killed a lot of people and has lost a lot of them too, so he wants to cherish every single moment with you. Naturally he is grateful for you and loves you a lot! Nothing about this relationship is taken for granted. He has learnt that lesson long ago.
• He gets excited about little things sometimes. He gets bursts of energy out of nowhere when he finds or talks about something he is very passionate for. And then he becomes like an excited child but still cAlM and CoMpOsEd because "image". Bullshit.
• The crippling eyesight added with his disease puts a lot of stress on Itachi and he gets tired. Like really tired. He gets annoyed sometimes when he can't see things properly when others can. His chest aches as well as his throat burns from all the big heavy coughs filled with his blood. Of course they have reduced after Tsunade gave him medications but having chronic illnesses is stressful and saddening. 
• Well if you are a medic nin and very good at your job, I think you would do your best to find a permanent cure for this curse or at least find a better medicine to ease his life. 
• But anyways when he is having a hard time and he sees you there with him, helping him out and soothing him after all the mess that he has to deal with, he can't help but smile. He is happy to have you. He isn't alone in this. You are always going to be with him at all points. You are a constant in his life forever. That makes his heart ten times bigger.
• Itachi loves resting his head on your chest. Just listening to your heartbeat, basking in the warmth of your body, feeling relaxed when your fingers would scratch his scalp lightly and when they would run through his hair, smiling contentedly as you place a lingering kiss on his head. He enjoys receiving love from you.
• As his relationship with his soulmate grows with time and both of you become more comfortable and at ease with each other, it becomes more intimate.
• Itachi is a giver. I think that's a known fact and a lot of people on this site have said that. So naturally he enjoys giving his soulmate all the pleasure he can. 
• But when he is at the receiving end, he is a little… shy. Everyone has always taken something out of him and he is now wired to give. So when he sees his soulmate willing and enthusiastic about giving him something, giving him the pleasure which he always gives to her, giving him her affection it makes his heart beat a thousand times a minute. He becomes red and shy. He feels selfish, as if he is using her so he tries to deny it. 
• But you won't give up. You will make sure Itachi learns to love himself. You will make sure Itachi knows that he is deserving of all that you are willing to give him. 
• I guess Itachi would let out very pretty moans. I guess he wouldn't be able to hold back. He would let out cute whimpers and moans that are like music to your ears. Small huffs, cute moans, you know like "ah-ah-aaah!" Lmao.
• Itachi has a very high sex drive. Itachi has a very high sex drive. Itachi has a very high sex drive. Itachi has a -
• Ok now don't expect absolutely phenomenal and crazy sex with Itachi. Take into consideration he has a respiratory disease. It makes it hard for him to carry out physically exhausting activities. Be considerate with him, he's trying his best. I never said it wouldn't be good, I bet it would be enjoyable but not always a very smooth process.
• Man knows how to give personal space! I bet he sometimes needs alone time to rejuvenate himself, as most INFJs do (yes I am sure he is an INFJ). so give him some space. It's not necessarily you, in fact sometimes his 'alone' time might include being with you or just cuddling with you. He loves you a lot, don't worry. Everybody needs time to themselves more often than not.
• All in all 100/10 boyfriend. A very cute, intimate and mature relationship. You're lucky to find someone like him. And he is even luckier to have someone like you.
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You are everything I need to bare this fear
Babe I'd rather stay inside your dream
—The Marías, Only in my dreams
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The raging urge to be a villain’s favorite person.
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Wait y’all have morals?
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Sketches (01.09/03.09/14.09)
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Naruto: Favorite Cover Pages (ch. 101-150)
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