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ㅤ𔘓 ─ ##. breeding kink with itadori yūji!
ㅤ— minors don’t interact.┊wc: 0.8K.
ㅤcontent + warnings: 18+, including: soft dom!yūji, breeding kink, nicknames, overstimulation, (un)protected sex, creampie, mention of mating press.
ㅤpairings: aged up!itadori yūji x f!reader.
request. | jujutsu kaisen masterlist!
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"Doll, please, can I...?", Yuji's voice was husky, interspersed with small sighs and gasps, his eyes fixed on the way you were moving down and up on his lap, taking him completely into your tight pussy.
Yuji liked to have you on top of him because he could both see you bouncing on top of him with your tits going up and down and see your face contorting with pleasure every time he reached a little deeper inside you.
"What, honey?", you asked leaning over his body with hands resting on his chest.
The two of your faces were close enough for his unregulated breathing to beat against your cheeks.
Yuji looked very cute beneath you, trying not to cum inside the condom because he wanted to ask you if he could finish raw inside your pussy, his cheeks flushed in a color similar to his pinkish hair that was now sticking to his sweaty forehead.
"Inside mhm, can I? Please-ahn?", from the way his dick was twitching against the condom and ypir walls, it was obvious that his climax was dangerously close, "R-Raw, no condom, wanna f-fill you, your pussy, can I? Please?"
An amused chuckle escaped your lips.
Yuji was so kind, docile, always trying not to bend over anywhere and just start pounding inside your pussy madly because he couldn't go more than two days without being in a room with his hands all over your body and your pussy serving as a cocksleeve for him.
And even after months of dating, he still felt embarrassed to ask you to satisfy his breeding kink, even though the first time you two slept together, you had tried to wrap your legs around his hips to keep him from pulling out in time and ending up cumming on your crotch.
Deep down, Yuji found it intimate and even a little romantic to cum inside you. He loved to feel your walls milking every last drop out of him and to see your entrance leaking out afterwards in piles because he always ended up cumming in large quantities; there were not uncommon times when his cock ended up getting hard again just watching your tight hole expelling his cream and you readily volunteered to use your hands to help him to get off.
"You could have just taken the condom off from the beginning, honey", you whispered in response resting the knees on the bed to raise your body and letting him out of your pussy to place your fingers at the round base of the condom cupping him.
"I like to feel your fingers pulling it out", Itadori stammered swallowing dryly and focusing his attention on the slow way your fingers dragged the condom up until his dick was free of it.
And you barely gave him time to properly reason out your next actions because you threw the condom on the floor and immediately sat back on his hard cock, now finally feeling every inch of his shaft, every vein around it pulsing against your walls.
Yuji gasped and forced his hips upward with hands digging the fingers into your waist and holding you still so he could finally thrust himself into you almost as if he were using your pussy as a fleshlight.
Itadori's loud moans mingled with yours and joined the mess of wet sounds coming from between your thighs from his dick fucking you.
On a stronger thrust than the previous ones, your lovely boyfriend ended up cumming deep inside you, filling you finally the way he loved so much, feeling you take every last drop inside your too-tiny pussy that ended up letting a few fillets leak out around the edges of your entrance even though his cock was still widening your walls.
You could feel his legs trembling beneath yours and see his totally fucked face with even more flushed cheeks.
But, Itadori knew that you hadn't cum yet and from the way your walls were massively squeezing his shaft and trying to keep all of his milk in, he also knew that you were too close to do it. So his hands forced your body back, you falling onto the bed and him getting on top now, pushing your legs against your tits and forcing you to stay in mating press for him.
Oh, how cute.
Him and his breeding kink and the need to fill you more, make you stay with his cum inside your pussy for the rest of the day.
"More, I wanna fill you up more", Yuji whispered starting to thrust into your pussy again, the overstimulation coursing through his body and making him at the same time want to stop and keep going until he came again, "Keep it all in, yeah? Don't let any drops leak mhm or I'll need to fill you to the brim again, lovely."
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JJK guys when they get jealous
characters: Gojou Satoru, Itadori Yuuji, Nanami Kento, Fushiguro Megumi
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the generational divide
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saw NHW! The voice actor of Peter and Yuji is the same person in Japan, and I thought Choso wouldn't be able to finish seeing this film. ----- I don't allow reposting or using my fanart for whatever reasons. Please refrain from inquiries about them.
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anodyne (n.) serving to assuage pain; soothing
toxic therapist!sukuna x fem!reader - 4k words
A/N: a personal request from my bestie @yelzoldyck, the ultimate sukuna simp and she froths at the mouth for yuji content so we had to throw him in there 🤤 this is going to have a part four which is set to post on 1/25/2022, let me know if you want to be tagged when it posts 💜
CW: dark content, explicit smut, dubcon for the power imbalance, heavy yandere sukuna, manipulation, emotional abuse, unprotected sex, depictions of relationship abuse, toxic exes, mentions of mental health and mental healing, swearing/name calling
✨Masterlist | Tag List | AO3 Series Post ✨
➳ Part One | ➳ Part Two | ➳ Part Four [publish date January 25, 2022]
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The TV volume rumbles low in the background of your racing thoughts. The nail on your thumb was just about chewed down to the nub. A nervous habit you had recently picked up, especially when you were second guessing your actions.
He knew something was on your mind. He always knew. And he always was giving you space to come to him when you were ready to initiate the conversation, which you almost didn’t know how to process. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t challenge you when you brought the topic up.
Sukuna was… difficult. Demanding and unyielding under his protective and caring exterior. You had come to know that for a fact since living with him, or as you like to say, leeching off of him.
It had been months since he saved you from your violent home life, since he liberated you from the abusive scumbag you once called your boyfriend. Those months had been spent healing, putting the pieces together as you navigated a new life with Sukuna while finding the pieces you had lost of yourself over the years.
You laughed ruefully to yourself. You should be more grateful with everything he’s done for you. Clothed you. Fed you. Put a roof over your head. Gives you his love and attention. You feel guilty for craving more, for feeling like you were finally in a place to give back to him by trying to pay him back for that kindness.
But you can hear his stubborn attitude, his non-negotiable response already.
That’s what a boyfriend is supposed to do. Now let me take care of you.
He did take care of you. In every way imaginable to the point you depended on him.
“I’m home.” His voice jolts you from your inner thoughts as he approaches you. His frame towers over you as he leans against the back of the couch, forcing you to look back at him. You hum contently when his hand comes down to grip your chin pulling your face back so he can lean down to give you a soft kiss. “How’s my princess today?”
“I’d like to apply for a job.” You blurt out your request, unable to handle keeping it inside. Maybe he’d surprise you. Maybe he’d be okay with it. You watch as his eyes flare then lock onto where you chewed nervously on your bottom lip.
“Why do you need a job? Just tell me what you need and I’ll get it for you.” His brow furrows, you hold your breath, knowing that it's a sign he’s getting annoyed. “You need more than what I provide for you? This isn’t enough for you?”
“Of course it's enough…” You take a deep breath, calming yourself, clutching the TV remote in your hands. You know he doesn’t come from a place of malice like your ex, he just really cares about you. Sukuna’s just looking out for you.
“I just… I don’t want to feel like a burden. I want to feel like I’m contributing to this.” You motion between the two of you, leaning into his hand that moved to hold your cheek, knowing he likes the physical reassurance that you’re his. “And it’ll give me something to work hard at. You always say staying productive helps mental health.”
“Tch, Using our own sessions against me.” He frustratedly runs his hand through the tangled crop of his hair, trying to keep a teasing tone to his voice. “I meant a hobby. Like baking or reading…”
“How am I supposed to be there to help you if you need me? What if he shows up and I’m not there? You’re safer here.”
“What about the bakery near your office?” You reason, trying not to sound desperate. You know your ex could stumble into your workplace, but you can’t stay inside forever. You’d never fully heal from what he did to you if you didn’t stop hiding. “You can pop in whenever you want between your clients or be close if something happens.”
You wait with bated breath, watching his red eyes scan your face, you don’t know what he’s searching for but when you hear a slightly defeated sigh leave his mouth, you can’t help the light feeling in your heart. The smile spreads across your face, making your eyes crinkle with joy.
“Under one condition. Promise me you’ll only smile like that for me, angel.”
“You catch on quick.” A coworker you hadn’t met yet compliments you with a wide grin. You look up to see him rushing through the door as if he were running late. You look up at the clock, 3:55 PM, it reads. He’s over an hour early. So why is he so excitable?
“Owner said you were impressive! I can see he was telling the truth.” He laughs easily, pulling on his apron, tying the knot quickly behind his back.
He must just be like that…
You don’t think you would have looked twice at him if it weren’t for his hair and the warmth he radiated. It was pink and ruffled as if he had just rolled out of bed, but somehow he pulled it off. The same shade as Sukuna’s, you mentally note. It was strange that the color that looked so intoxicating on Ryomen told such a different tale in someone else’s head.
He had a gravity that just pulled you to him, like he could make friends out of anyone he came across. You’d never had someone in your life give off such a positive vibe.
“Oh! Sorry!” He shoves out his newly flour covered hands out to yours in introduction, noting your confused expression, he realizes that you had no clue who he was. “I’m Yuji!”
“(Y/N).” You reach out your hand tentatively, this must be your shift relief for the night. At least you’d be able to leave with Sukuna on time. The two of you had fallen into an easy routine over your first week here.
You’d let him drive you into work, he’d park at his office and walk with you down the street to the bakery you applied to.
“I’ll be fine, Ryo.” You place a comforting hand on his chest, rubbing small circles into his button down shirt. “Come see me for your lunch, I’ll miss you terribly.”
He’d kiss you deeply before reluctantly letting you go to work your shift. Coming in each and every day on his breaks to spend time with you, making sure you didn’t forget to eat with how hard you’ve been working. And like clockwork, he’d be back at 5 PM on the dot to bring you home.
“How long h-have you worked here, Yuji?” Your question is hushed, quieted by your nervousness. It had been awhile since you’d talked to anyone but Sukuna, even withdrawing from your friendships since your ex contacted them one by one to get a hold of you. They understood of course, but you had missed their absence in your heart.
Maybe you could have work friends, no one who knew who you were or where you came from. They wouldn’t look at you in pity like your other friends did.
“A couple years now I think? I have tons of tricks, I'll show you the ropes. You’ll be a pro like me in no time!”
The hour left in your shift flew by faster now that you had someone to talk to. In between customers coming in to order, he told you about the plot to the most recent movie franchise he was binging, when another customer approached the counter.
“Oh! ‘Kuna!” You beam up at him, your mood was great but seeing him again just made your heart glow. “Is it really already 5?”
“It’s 5:15, actually.” Your smile immediately drops at his tone, his eyes dark and hard as he looks back and forth between you and Yuji.
“M’ sorry.” You whimper. You know he hates waiting. He values his alone time with you. “Let me grab my stuff and we can head home.”
Thankfully there’s no line as you go to empty out your locker for the day, throwing on a light coat and grabbing your bag.
“Hey, Yu, my ride's here. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You wave to him as you walk towards Sukuna, leading him towards the door
As you walk out of the shop, Sukuna slings a possessive arm around your shoulder, shooting a death glare back at Yuji who’s watching the two of you with a weird look in his eyes.
“Yu? Really?” He mocks you. You gaze up at him with a clueless expression. You were just being friendly. “Don’t look at me like that. I don’t like the way he looks at you, he’s bad news.”
The small voice of reason insisting Ryomen was wrong, that Yuji was the furthest thing from bad news, was quickly overridden by your conscious reminders you’ve built for the man walking you to his car. He loves you. He’s just looking out for you and being protective.
The situation is your fault. You should be more considerate of his feelings.
You were crying. Air shuttering out of your lungs as you stood just out of view of the customers, but where you could easily see if anyone walked in. You don’t think you’ve laughed this hard in ages.
The ache in your stomach from the lack of oxygen has you doubled over, wheezing out when his reaction makes the situation
“It’s not funny!” Yuji whined, staring in dismay at the flour that had exploded all over the floor. The explosion pattern that littered the floor trailed back to the epicenter of the accident. Yuji, as careless as ever, was carrying too many ingredients out of storage at once when an open bag of floor slipped from his grip and hit the tile with a dull thud.
“You’re r-right!” You slowly stand upright, recovering as you wipe the wetness from your cheek. “It’s fucking hilarious!”
He should be thankful that it only made a mess of his already ruined work shoes and not his uniform or his face.
Through your laughter you hear the chime of the door, signaling that someone had entered the storefront. You lean slightly to the side, just enough to see the last person you’d hope to be entering your workplace.
“Yu-Yuji?” Your voice stutters and cracks, betraying the fear mounting in your system as you try to keep calm, but the panicked look in your watering eyes says it all as you retreat further into the back of the store. “I need you to get that one. P-please.”
It's a blessing that he doesn’t question you, catching onto your distress with barely a half second delay.
“Hey, man.” Your ex greets Yuji with a grin as he rounds the corner from the back kitchen. “Does someone named (Y/N) work here?”
You feel your legs give out from beneath your trembling body, the floor rushing up to meet you as you slide down the wall you were hiding behind. Please let Yuji, get the hint.
“Hmm don’t know anyone by that name…” You hear him play dumb, trying to keep that customer service voice in place while the alarm bells went off inside his head, knowing if he gave any indication that you were out back, you’d both be in trouble.
“Come on, be real with me.” You don’t see how your ex slides a hundred dollar bill across the counter. “One of her friends said she started here a couple weeks ago.”
“You gonna order something or what? Otherwise you can get the fuck out cause I can’t help you.” Yuji grins, full of false happiness as he snatches the bill and shoves it in his pocket. “Thanks for the tip!”
Your form shrunk into a ball as you cradled your knees, fumbling for your phone, you quickly type out a message to Sukuna.
< please come get me on your lunch >
It wouldn’t be much longer. You didn’t want him to rush to you when his work was so important. You can use the tools he gave you through your sessions to calm down enough until he was able to come get you. You weren’t dumb enough to think you could leave without your ex seeing and following you.
In through the nose… 4, 3, 2, 1. Hold… 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Out through the mouth… 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. You won’t cry, not over him. Not anymore.
You hear shuffling near you, you lean your head against the wall, peaking an eye open to see Yuji squatting in front of you, his features screaming out his concern even as he remains silent, keeping his arms crossed so he doesn’t invade your personal space.
“What do you need from me?” He asks, giving the power of control back to you as you feel your heart crack. When was the last time someone let you take control? Not even Sukuna had done that for you, who always took charge and led you through your panic attacks himself.
“I just need a minute.” His eyes are filled with questions and you know you don’t owe him answers, but you knew in your gut that you wouldn’t be subjected to any judgment.
“Ex-boyfriend.” you stated simply, your voice raw. “He liked to throw me around when he was mad or drank too much.”
“Then I’m glad he’s an ex…” He offers you a small smile, reaching out to rub your shoulder, sensing your were calmed down enough. It was killing him not to be able to offer you any sort of comfort. “No one deserves to be treated like that. Especially you.”
He’d stay there for as long as you needed, you knew that, but the bell signaled yet another customer entering for service.
“I need to go get that.” He said, squeezing the flesh of your arm reassuringly. “You take whatever time you n-”
He didn’t get to finish the sentence as you look up to see that the customer decided to enter the back area of the store. It was Sukuna.
“Some guy showed up.” Yuji starts for you, trying to help the situation, recognizing him in an instant. Someone covered in that many tattoos was hard to forget. “She said it was an ex-”
Sukuna doesn’t pay this kid any mind, ignoring him by whipping out his phone to dial into the office.
“Clear the rest of my appointments for the day. Something came up.” He presses the button to end the line with his secretary before she can respond before he hauls you up by the upper arm pulling you away from Yuji’s concerned form still on the floor where you had collapsed.
“Don’t put a fucking hand on her again.” He shoots Yuji an icy glare while herding you towards the door. “Or you won’t have one to use.”
“You didn’t need to rush out of work, Ryo…” You mumble, trying to fill the space in the quiet car.
The ride home was silent. All that met your ears was the sound of the tires rotating against the pavement. And all you could feel was the vibration of the engine which did little to fill the void that was opening in your soul.
Your heart was caught in your throat. On your drives home from work, he’d always have a hand gripping at your thigh, like he had itched all day just to feel your warmth. He never kept his hands off of you. Never denied you a singular request when your comfort or pleasure was concerned.
Your fingers find their way to the free hand on his lap as you try to intertwine your digits with his. Anything to reassure you that he was still there, still yours. You’re only met with a swat of his hand with the clear message, ‘Don’t touch me.’ The flesh of your cheeks burn in embarrassment, your chest muscles tighten, pulling together as a well of anxiety opens up within you.
What had you done? Where did you go wrong?
“Ryo…?” You trail after him, questioningly, trying to catch his attention as he escapes further into the apartment, making his way past the threshold of the bedroom, leaving you with an endless wake of silence. He hadn’t said a word as he parked the car, didn’t come to open your door, he simply walked away, leaving you in his wake.
The lack of response stings in a way fists never could. It was belittling to feel so inconsequential to someone who had come to mean so much to you. You could feel a wall building the longer he failed to acknowledge you, causing you to reach out in the only way you knew how, the way love had always been communicated to you.
A growl rips from his throat when he sees you cowering, your arms raised to defend your upper chest and face. It was an automatic reflex, he knows that someone who’s been through what you had can’t control it. But fuck does that tear at the leash he was holding on his anger.
“Do you think,” His voice drops, low and cruel compared to his normal tenor, communicating his displeasure. “That for one second I would think about laying a hand on you like he did?”
You feel your body start to tremble, the spike of unchecked fear finally settling through your body. The shape of the floor suddenly becomes very interesting as you try to manage the heat of his gaze.
“I’m going to skip right past the part where I say, ‘I told you so’ about your ex finding you and move to you letting that kid put his hands on you!” He snapped, the anger he’d been holding back breaking free. “Why do you think anyone else would comfort you like that?”
You remain silent, assuming it was a rhetorical question. Another lecture from your therapist to have you critically think and reflect.
His hand flies out, gripping your hair at the nape of your neck pulling your face to look up at him so he can make sure you’re paying attention to every word he speaks to you.
“Answer me. Now.” He growls, his patience wearing thin.
“He was just being n-nice. H’was making sure I was ok.” You groan, hating how the feeling of him handling you so roughly had you panting despite the seriousness of the situation.
“Wrong. He’s just like that scumbag you worked so hard to escape.” He moves to your ear to whisper, like he’s not trying to be the devil on your shoulder, guiding you deeper into the darkness with him. “He’ll do exactly what he can to make you feel accepted and use it as a one-way ticket to shove his cock into whatever hole he can reach.”
“They don’t give a shit about a useless, broken whore.” He breaths out, driving home his final message, knowing he has you slipping back into line with where he wants you. “But I care, angel. I’ve proven that to you, right?”
His hand descends to the panties covering your heat, lightly tracing a line along your slit. With barely a touch you’re already a whimpering mess.
“Remember how wet you got when you saw me break that shithead's face?” you moan out in agreement as he starts to press hard circles through the fabric, sending waves of shivers up your spine. “You were dripping onto his floor like a bitch in heat. Do I need to pay Yu a visit?”
You feel your body shuddering as he gives you exactly what you want, heat flushing through your whole body as he bullies you towards release.
“No. I’m yours. P-promise…” You bury your head in his chest panting, shaking your head.
You’re well trained knowing exactly what he wants to hear from you. “P-please ‘kuna! I’m- I wanna cum!”
“I’ll let you…” You feel him grinning above you when you grind down on his fingers when he slows down. He wants you desperate and clouded so you can’t help but agree to his request. He was livid. At you. At Yuji. At your ex. But it had all worked out in his favor. “If you promise you won’t go back.”
“I w-won’t! I’ll quit.” You nod your head violently, yelping when he pushes through the hem of your underwear to drive you over the edge. His fingers home in on their target, the soft spot that made you see stars, as he moves his thumb through your folds to continue his assault on your clit.
White explodes across your vision when you fall over the edge, your body spasming against the hard muscles of his chest.
“Sit on the edge of the bed and lay back.” He pushes your body towards the king sized bed the two of you shared. You’re able to find the strength to stumble through his directions, sighing in relief when your body has the opportunity to rest when your back hits the mattress.
“Legs up.” You obey wordlessly, watching him through half lidded eyes as he takes his place in between your thighs. The buckle at the top of his pants holds in a painfully obvious bulge that he sets free as he undoes his belt, shoving his slacks and briefs to the floor to pool around his feet.
His hands deliciously run down the expanse of your thighs, settling at your hips so he can pull your center off the edge of the bed. You shiver in anticipation, clenching down on nothing as his tip trails through the mess he made of you.
“This is all mine.” He coos, circling his head in counterclockwise motions around your over sensitive clit before moving down to tease your entrance, never sliding into heat. “Who do you belong to, angel?”
“I- fuck…” You breathe deeply, opening yourself to more oxygen to clear your head. “I-I belong to you. I’m yours.”
“And what’s my name?” A grin spread across his face, seeing you debased and desperate for him was his favorite high.
“Ryom- ah!” You scream out as he slams into you, jolting your body up the mattress with the sheer force of his thrust. Your nails rake down the tattoos on his arms, leaving red welts as you moan out his name. “‘Kuna!”
“Never letting this pussy out of my sight.” He hisses, pushing one of his hands up the shirt he hadn’t bothered to strip off of you, pinching your nipple through the fabric making you clench down on his thick length.
“You like that?” he coos, rolling his hips into yours at a relentless pace, angling your hips so he slams into your cervix with every thrust. “Wanna be nothing but the little fuck doll I leave at home to be used whenever I please?”
“Yes, p-please! Fuck- More…” You feel like you’ll catch on fire with the heat that courses through you at his words. Your pussy drips around his length to make a small puddle on the ground. The legs that had fallen to the side to make room for his hips latch around his lower back, trying to pull his cock deeper, his body closer.
“You gonna cum just from my cock, angel?” He hisses, the harsh thrusts growing sloppy as he rushes to his finish. “You better cum fast, cause I’m about to ruin your cunt for good.”
Tears prickle at the corners of your eyes, the feeling in your stomach building back up to a fever pitch. When the knot finally breaks it feels like a freight train, like a riptide that would pull you away if you didn’t have Sukuna to latch onto.
The vice grip of your warm walls on his cock pulls him over the edge at the same moment your broken screams reach his ears. He presses his hips flush against your center, emptying himself with a groan.
His hand cradles your face, its warmth leaking into your skin as you both come down from your highs.
“You know I love you so much, right?” He places a chaste kiss against your lips, looking deep into your hazy eyes when your foreheads touch. “No one will love you like me, remember that.”
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i can’t wait for yuuji to find him again after he’s possibly committed another murder and just be like
Megumi, casually covered in the blood of his enemies: hey
Yuuji, concerned: please tell me that’s ketchup
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this itafushi art has my whole heart🥺
Tumblr media
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• Bonus •
Tumblr media
I mean I don’t personally ship this one but it’s neat
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The Other Half
Ch 14
Links to previous chapters at the end :)
Summary: It is a Mikasa-Eren like situation. Y/n was taken in by the Itadori family and raised with Yuji. Once Yuji goes to Jujutsu Tech, y/n begs to come along. It turns out y/n is part of one of the most powerful ancient clans. yada yada
“Yuji?” You crawled over to his body. “Yuji! Please.” You shook him. “Wake up! Yuji. YUJI!” You started shaking him more frantically, tears flooding your face. “FUSHIGURO DO SOMETHING! Please! Fix him.” But Fushiguro just stood there, looking down sadly at you.
“Y/n. He’s dead.”
Tumblr media
Megumi was worried. No. He was a step past worried, whatever that was. It had been almost 23 hours since Yuji's death. After he insisted you see Shoko, you went to your room and hadn't come out since.
How is she healing? Is her hand alright? Is she hungry? Did she sleep? These questions plagued his mind all day as he went through his training. Would y/n want to join the goodwill event? Will y/n even want to be a sorcerer anymore?
"Fushiguro!" Nobara snapped, whacking him on the head with the bamboo stick they were sparring with. "Can you please TRY to focus?" Megumi scowled and rubbed the back of his head. He was trying his best to be patient with Kugisaki because he knew she was trying to get over Yuji, but she was really testing him.
"Yea. Sorry," he growled, getting tired of being nice. Ugh, having friends had made him soft.
"Ack," Kuisaki dismissed. "It's getting too hot to train anyways. Let's be done." Megumi sighed in relief and plopped onto the ground. Kugisaki came to sit near him. It was awkward. Megumi was never good with his words. By now, he considered Kugisaki his friend. A good one, even. After all, they almost died together. He could feel her sadness and anger, and he felt the need to comfort her. He felt the need to comfort you, too. He felt the need to make sure all of his friends were happy and safe. But he failed. Yuji was dead, Nobara was doing her best to keep it together. But you. You were- well he didn't know how you were doing. And the idea was eating him alive.
"Do you think she'll be ok?" Nobara asked, cutting through the thick silence as if she had read his mind. "Y/n, I mean."
"Yea. She's strong."
"Yea. I'm sure she'll be back in no time."
Megumi had been standing in front of your door for 5 minutes now, and the food he was carrying on the tray in front of him was getting cold. Did you want to be alone? Were you sleeping? Would you even want food? Did you like soup? Was it this normal to be nervous about visiting a friend? He gulped and raised his fist to knock.
"Megumi, just do it already." Fushiguro whipped around to see his white-haired sensei leaning against the wall behind him. "I've been watching you for like five minutes. What is the problem?" Fushiguro turned his face to hide the blush growing on his cheeks. Had Gojo really watched him try to muster the courage to talk to you for five minutes??
But before he could retort, Gojo reached across him to knock on the door and then pranced off. Megumi clenched his teeth. Never in his life did he want to strangle the white-haired menace more than now. But he couldn't. Not now, at least.
"Y/n?" He started, opening the door a bit. "Can I come in?"
There was no way. No way on Earth that you were just going to sit around and rest. Sit by yourself and think about him, wallowing in self-pity. So you left. Right out the window. It's not like anyone would know. You'd be back before they could worry. You just needed a short walk. Five minutes.
Well, somehow that five minute walk led to a train ride to Sendai.
At first, you just wandered the streets. Getting some air. Getting used to the feeling of only having one hand (which meant getting weird stares from onlookers). Getting lost in the sea of people almost felt nice. It made you realize how small you are. How small your life is. Every person you passed had their own grievances. Their own families, their own memories, their own stories. It comforted you. You were planning on heading back to the school until you saw the train sign and its departure to Sendai.
Why not? You asked yourself, turning off your cursed energy. You found it one of the biggest perks of your technique. Mainly for sneaking up on Gojo sensei, but it came in handy now, too. With your energy turned off, he couldn't track you. It's not that you didn't want to see your friends. You loved them. But you didn't think it would be fair without Yuji. Laughing without him. Crying without him. Sparring, chatting, fighting. You had a hole in your heart, a Yuji-shaped one, and You weren't for sure anything could ever fill it. So you just needed some time away to reconcile with your memories in Sendai.
But you weren't on the train for longer than ten minutes before you were knocked out cold, snoring softly into the seat cushion.
You awoke when the train stopped. In the train, there were only a small handful of people, and, out the window, there was even less. It had grown dark and rainy. You left the train, head in the clouds. Maybe you should walk to the school, where all of this started. Or maybe the house you and Yuji grew up in. But as you shuffled through the streets, you quickly realized they had all changed.
Wow, you mused. It's crazy how life changes. It feels like it's only been...wait
You snapped to attention. It had only been 2 and a half weeks. There was no reason for the streets to be changed. You felt panic grip your chest and you ran into the nearest open store.
"Excuse me, what city is this?"
"Osaki," the store clerk replied, giving you a doubtful glance before returning to his work.
"Oh. Thank you."
Oh, boy, had you really done it now! Why didn't you pay attention! How could you be so careless? You somehow managed to miss your stop in Sendai by four hours!
You ran back to the station, looking for the next departure. But there was none. The station was closed.
"Aw man, I fucked up."
Megumi couldn't tell if he was more worried or relieved when he found you were gone. It would have been so awkward. But Megumi kicked himself for thinking that. How could he be so selfish? You were out all alone! Did someone take you? Were you hurt? He pulled out his phone to dial your number, but your phone rang from the table next to your bed. Damn it. He scowled. This could be bad. Very bad.
"Gojo? Gojo!" He called into the hall, knowing that his nosy teacher wouldn't have gone far. "I know you can hear me. Y/n is gone!"
"Gone?" Gojo gasped, peeking his head around the door frame with a mouthful of candy.
"Yes. And her phone is here." Megumi watched Gojo lean back for a second, thinking.
"I can't pick up her cursed energy anywhere. Where do you think she could've gone?" Megumi didn't know you well enough to have a good answer. If only Yuji was here. He would know. Actually, y/n would've never left if Yuji was still here. But that didn't help at all. You were out somewhere, all alone, and no one had any clue where.
"I don't know."
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a/n: honestly i have been so excited to get past Yuji's death to explore what went on while he was gone so yea i hope you all enjoy also i just googled cities near sendai and Osaki came up so i do know it is 4 ish hours but we will just pretend it is a big city even tho it's not :) also (one more thing I promise) this is slowly turning into a megumi x reader and I'm just gonna flow w/ it for now and see where it take me
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"Ryman's Club"🏸|| Enoki Junya HOMINIS MEDIA Interview Photoshoot 📸
Enoki Junya san is looking great while wearing a suit again! 🤵🏻💙🖤
He was interviewed & photographed by HOMINIS MEDIA japan, for the lead role in the upcoming, New!! original badminton sports anime: "Ryman's Club". It's an original badminton business TV anime announced to premiere this January 23.
Many known seiyuus are in this anime,
Main Cast:
-Junya Enoki as Mikoto Shiratori
-Shinichiro Miki as Tatsuru Miyazumi
-Kaito Ishikawa as Souta Saeki
-Ryota Osaka as Touya Saeki
-Tetsuya Kakihara as Kouki Takeda
Additional cast are:
- Jun Fukuyama as Hayato Kirishima
- Taku Yashiro as Azuma Tachibana
- Yūma Uchida as Takuma Kirishima
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Interview is linked down below here:🔻
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pls pls PLS read “third time’s the charm” by altarrias on ao3, which is hands down one of my favorite fics, and showcases this adorable confession scene <333
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I love you 
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Yuji:1 -  Sukuna:0 This is probably the silliest thing I have ever drawn, no regrets 🌶️
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