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“Hey If you’re comfortable can you do Reader with amazing regeneration power ( like deadpool lol ) For Yuji And Gojou? Like they don’t know about their power tought they’re dead but they just pop up back like nothing happens and explain their power to them? But if you’re not comfortable it’s okay! thank you” -anon

Sorry this took so long! I literally completely rewrote this like 6 times and decided in the end just to keep it relatively simple and not overly detailed. Gojo’s part includes spoilers from the manga (specifically the Hidden Inventory arc) only because thats the only time i could ever think of a situation where he would see and be near you when you get that injured.

Despite all these rewrites i still hate it-

Warnings: blood and injuries

Itadori Yuji:


Originally posted by jjkdaily

  • Gojo had arrived to the classroom 8 minutes late as usual
  • Instead of training, he decided to hand out some missions to you first years
  • “Nobara and Megumi, you two are gonna go clean up a hospital and the surrounding area in the xxx district. Meanwhile, Yuji and y/n are gonna go clear out curses from some buildings by a cemetery in the xxx district. Shouldn’t be too difficult”
  • “You’re not gonna tell us which buildings?” itadori asks and the blindfolded man simply shrugs
  • “Your lovely y/n can sense the curses out with the power of love” he explains
  • You sigh and get up from your desk
  • “Yeah yeah, lets go Yuji” you say pulling your boyfriend’s hand
  • “Aw, no cute nicknames?” “Shut up Gojo-sensei” you say making your teacher frown
  • Never should have let gojo satoru of all people know that me and yuji are dating’ you think to yourself
  • And so you and yuji went off to fulfill the mission
  • It took a bit to get there but luckily it didn’t take long to find the curses
  • You decided to stick together as you searched the empty buildings
  • There was a small handful of the usual low grade curses that you guys took out pretty easily
  • But just when you guys thought you were done, a high level cursed appeared
  • “Man, I really wished Gojo-sensei would let us know if theres gonna be anything thats grade 2 or above” you say growing nervous and yuji nods his head
  • “Don’t worry, i’ll protect you” he says giving you a reassuring smile
  • And so you guys got serious and fought the curse
  • You both received a few scraps here or there but nothing too serious
  • Its when the curse switched up its attacks that it got particularly tricky
  • Instead of throwing cursed energy around, it shot disc blades out of its arm
  • You barely had enough time to duck out of the way
  • It went clean through the wall
  • “Yuji leave him to me” you say but he immediately denies your request
  • “No way! I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if you got hurt when I could have prevented it”
  • You were unsure but continued the fight anyways
  • After both of you sustaining many injuries, Itadori went for the final blow and ended it
  • Sadly before it fully faded away, it sent one final disc out
  • Flying straight past yuji, you didn’t have time to react and it went straight through your neck, essentially decapitating you
  • Your body falling limp onto the ground, the pink haired boy could only slowly turn around to face you
  • “…huh?”
  • Eyes wide as they could possibly be he called out your name and fell to his knees
  • “You’re joking right? Theres no way this really just happened…right?!” he yelled, voice cracking as he stared at your ‘corpse’
  • “Ooh such a shame. See if you just swapped places with me they would have lived. Atleast they wouldn’t have died to some low level curse” Sukuna said, mouth appearing on his cheek
  • “Shut up!”
  • At this point he was bawling
  • Tears were flooding out of his eyes even tho its only been about 10 seconds
  • As his shaking hands slowly picked your body up he mumbled a bunch of apologies but stopped when he saw something
  • Your head was beginning to regenerate
  • And he has to admit
  • Seeing your head fully regen like that was kinda disgusting
  • Opening your eyes, the first thing you see is a teary eyed boyfriend
  • “Yuji?” You ask and he pulls you into a very tight hug
  • “I’m so sorry y/n, I let you…I-I thought you died” he choked, still shaking as he held you
  • You sighed and returned his hug with as much love as possible
  • “I realize i never explained my ability to you huh? So you know reverse techniques? Its like that but much more advanced. Unless im completely blown away, i’m pretty sure I can’t die. I do however still feel the pain”
  • He nods his head at your explanation
  • You guys sit there for a bit as you quietly reassure everything is fine while rubbing his back
  • You kiss his cheek and stand up
  • For the rest of the day he is stuck onto you, just glomped on as much as you’ll allow him to be
  • It really scared him
  • It happened so fast and if you really had died…he doesn’t even wanna think about how he’d react
  • When you returned to the school, you didn’t bother reporting back to the principle or gojo and instead spent the rest of the day chilling with Yuji in the dorms
  • You could deal with the consequences later because for now
  • Loving yuji and making sure he’s happy is all that matters

Manga spoilers for Gojo under the cut

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Carl Jung’s dreams. 

No, but really, it’s all Jungian. It’s the most Jungian story to ever Jung (not really, but it’s pretty close). Individuation, self-understanding, reconciling with your shadow, complete with a ton of Freudian imagery (and alchemical, too). If I had to sum it up in one sentence I’d say it’s about empathy, about learning to face the flaws in the world by learning to face the flaws within yourself. 

I could get into the alchemy about animus mundi and microcosmoses but i will save that for another time, when I’m not tipsy and half-dead from sleepiness; this is super rambly but– 

For example, Yuji. Our lovable dumbass lead. Don’t consider yourself better than others, Yuji, or the narrative will call your bluff and you’ll end up a mass murderer. 

Good job, narrative. Sorry, red shirts. 

Yuji’s convictions aren’t wrong–in fact, they’re good. Yuji’s got a great heart. But the problem is when he selects who to empathize with and whom not to (as much as I loathe Mahito and will never ever forgive him because he killed my fave just plain sucks, he’ll only defeat him when he empathizes with him). So, Yuji’s now in a pickle. 

Basically, Yuji: I want to stop cruel murders.
The narrative: cool story bro now pull the plank out of your own eye
Yuji: pikachu.jpg

We also have Megumi and the dangling threads of the Zoldyck Zenin family that will definitely not trip him along the path (my living fave donttouchmeimnotbitteraboutjunpei) and also how he too reflects the mindset of “kill the bad save good” but in an intellectual way as opposed to Yuji’s emotions. Megumi doesn’t think he’s good intellectually, but he behaves as if he is, and like, dude. Can’t wait for consequences for you. I swear I love him.

Oh and Nobura who’s currently facing some major consequences for her pride, Maki and Mai (whose being twins is used to call them to empathize rather than to just be like “Maki good Mai bad”), and Gojo, whose as much a child as he is a mentor. Good luck mentoring; you have to learn too. Anyways they all get called on their flaws in their journey towards self-individualization. 

I hope this makes some sense. 

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