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End Of The Year Challenge: Week 2

This week I only did one of the two challenges, the song one. I focused on the song Bella Ciao for both my languages, but the Occitan cover isn’t a literal translation. I’m not sure we could say it is a translation at all, except for the start, and the “bella ciao” bit.

I’m not even sure I properly did the challenge because I didn’t learn the songs — but it was my first time listening to them, and singing along.

In Occitan I picked up some vocabulary, as well as learning some pronunciation things:

  • l'auba : l'aube : dawn
  • lo solelh : le soleil : the sun
  • la cançon : la chanson : the song
  • l'aura : le vent : the wind
  • la montanha : la montagne : the mountain
  • la campanha : la campagne : the countryside
  • lo camin : le chemin : the way, the path
  • la libertat : la liberté : freedom

lh is like the French -ill- and nh is like the French -gn-, so solelh and soleil are actually pronounced the same!

It was a very fun activity :)

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qualcuno vorrebbe essere la mia compagna linguistica per l’italiano? so che ci sono apps come tandem e hellotalk ma è diventa noioso… avendo apps molti diversi e anche è difficile a trovare qualcuno con cui puoi avere una conversazione buona. mentre se stai seguendo il mio blog, quindi forse noi abbiamo ancora alcuni interessi simili. e anche se vuoi, mi piacerebbe aiutarti con inglese.

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I’ve decided to take part in this week’s temauke! I chose to do a vocab list since I’m not confident enough in my Italian to actually write a composition :(

italian - english

l’animale (m.) - animal

il cane - dog

il gatto - cat

il cavallo - horse

la mucca - cow

il pollo - chicken

l’anatra (f.) - duck

il coniglio - rabbit

il capra - goat

il pesce - fish

il maiale - pig

l’uccello (m.) - bird

la farfalla - butterfly

l’orso (m.) - bear

corrections welcome!

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Don’t say “prego”

If someone thanks you in Italian saying grazie, the most known answer to that is prego.

The word prego means “I pray/beg” and, it is used as an answer to grazie because it derives from the longer phrase “ti prego di non ringraziarmi” (I beg you not to thank me) that no one says anymore.

For this reason, many italian native speakers, perceive it as just a recited formula, not very heartfelt. You can still use it in formal or semiformal environments, but there are more spontaneous alternatives for everyday use.

  • Di niente!
  • Figurati!
  • Ci mancherebbe!
  • è stato un piacere!
  • Quando vuoi!

These are different ways to express that whatever you are being thanked for, was not a burden for you, in fact it was nothing (di niente) or even a pleasure (è stato un piacere) and you would do it again anytime they want (quando vuoi)!

Much more effective expressions, aren’t they?

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Ciao!! I’m taking italian a1 at uni at the moment and the textbook we use is “progetto italiano” ☺ i can’t say much about it except that it moves from one subject to another really quickly and doesn’t focus on a single concept for too long, but dialogues/grammar exercises are quite good!

I’ve used way more online resources: memrise (i believe this one’s the best for when you’re just starting to learn a language from scratch), duolingo (i gave up on it at first because grammar was really confusing but now it’s got a lot easier!), i also started using lingodeer recently and this one’s really good as well!

Websites: - it has a few grammar lessons and some short stories! And i just use google if i want to do exercises for a specific topic, or to look up verb conjugations.

Music: some of the artists i’ve listened to: thegiornalisti, annalisa, francesco gabbani, mahmood, levante, diodato, elodie, mr.rain, shade, maneskin, gazzelle. If you want to listen to calmer music like me, i really love indie italia/indie triste playlists on spotify.

Tv shows i’ve watched - skam italia, baby, summertime

I’ve also been watching italian fairytales channel on youtube!

I think i’ve mentioned all the resources i’m using,, hope this helps and thank you for sending an ask, i’m always happy to talk about italian💞💞

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omg i just saw my duolingo card and apparently i started learning italian on 30TH OF DECEMBER which is so funny because i thought i started in 2019 but like 30th of december is almost 2020,, and when i say i started in 2019 it feels like it was such a long time ago instead of saying the start of 2020 ksdgkdskgsg

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Journey check in #1


So, I’m still on break from Deutsch. Ich bin…müde, aber gut. I’ve decided to pick up Greek & Latin, along side continuing Italian. I’ve decided to drop Spanish for now, but I may pick it up later in life. I had started learning the Cyrillic alphabet to boost my motivation for Italian, and to see if Russian in particular would be up my alley, aber I ultimately chose not to pick up Russian and now I have flashcards with the Cyrillic alphabet on them & a cheat sheet for it just laying around. I admittedly haven’t been regularly learning anything due to the depressive episode I had been going through, alongside the current mixed episode I’ve been in as of late.

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Saturday, 10 October 2020

I played Assassin’s Creed II in Italian, with French subs. It was a bit of listening practice, and I did at some point talk in Italian to the characters… “Sorella mia! Madre!” baby steps!

I also listened to some songs in Occitan. I think I’ll learn (and sing) Bella Ciao in Occitan, because I found a cover and nearly cried. Might do it in Italian too, while I’m at it 😅

☁️ Studyblr Community Challenge ☁️

Day 8 - What is the best thing about studyblr in your opinion?

In my heart it’s a tie between the supportive and lovable community, and the romantization (I think?) of studies — for a long time I’ve had a love/hate relationship with studies, and discovering a community where studies are talked about so positively, it’s what I needed.

Day 9 - What is the worst thing about studyblr in your opinion?

The idea that productivity is a must and defined your worth as a student??? Like hey you’re still a student if you study once in a blue moon, respect yourself and rest when you need too

Day 10 - What is one thing you wished you could change about studyblr?

I don’t know… The expectations of pictures? Like, that’s the reason I’m here and not so much on Insta — I work with text, not pics xD

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Target Language 90 days challenge by the @langblrgang

I am a complete beginner in Occitan but I think it’ll be nice to see my progress between early October and end of December, so I’ll do this in Italian and Occitan :)


Ciao! Mi chiamo Taël. Sono francese, parlo inglese e imparo tedesco, italiano e occitan. Sono diciotto ani. Ho due fratelli, sono la più grande dei figli. Mi piace il teatro e la lecture.


Adishatz! Soi Taël. Èi dietz e uech ans. Appreni l'occitan.

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Grammatical gender:

singular // plural

  • masculine: -o // -i (il cavallo // i cavalli)
  • feminine: -a // -e (la mela // le mele)
  • masculine or feminine: -e // -i (lo studente // gli studenti)

Definite (the) articles:

  • Masculine:
  1. il = singular nouns beginning with a consonant (il gatto)
  2. l’ = singular nouns beginning with a vowel (l’auto)
  3. lo = singular nouns beginning with s+consonant, z, y, ps, pn, gn (lo zaino)
  4. i = plural nouns beginning with a consonant (i gatti)
  5. gli = plural nouns beginning with a vowel, s+consonant, z, y, ps, pn, gn (gli zaini)
  • Feminine:
  1. lasingular nouns beginning with a consonant (la mela)
  2. l’singular nouns beginning with a vowel (l’insalata)
  3. le plural nouns beginning with a vowel or consonant (le mele, le insalate)

Indefinite (a) articles:

  • Masculine
  1. un = singular nouns beginning with a consonant or a vowel (un gatto)
  2. uno = singular nouns beginning with s+consonant, z, y, ps, pn, gn (uno zaino)
  • Feminine
  1. una = singular nouns beginning with a consonant (una mela)
  2. un’ = singular nouns beginning with a vowel (un’insalata)
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Ciao! Certo. Perdonami se ti rispondo in inglese, ma potrebbe interessare anche altre persone che non hanno una conoscenza dell’italiano approfondita come la tua. 

Meglio is an adverb. It’s the comparative of “bene” = well and it means “più bene” = more well, better. It’s occasionally used as an adjective or a noun in common informal speeches.
It’s also related to the verb “migliorare” = to get better, diventare meglio.

Mia sorella cucina meglio di me = My sister cooks better than me
Sta arrivando un temporale, è meglio andare a casa = A storm is coming, it’s better to go home. 
È meglio prevenire che curare = It’s better to prevent than to cure.
Meglio così = Better like this.
Il mio italiano è migliorato molto = My Italian got a lot better

Migliore is and adjective. It’s the comparative of “buono” = good and it means “più buono” = more good, best, better. With the add of an article, it becomes the superlative of “buono” (”il più buono” = the best). As all the adjectives, it can be used before or after a noun. It can be used also as a noun.
It only changes in number, but it never changes in gender (migliore = singular masc & fem.; migliori = plural masc & fem.).

Vorrei una vita migliore = I’d like to have a better life
La mia migliore amica si chiama Luisa = My best (girl)friend’s name is Luisa
La torta di mele che cucina mia sorella è la migliore (al mondo) = The apple cake that my sister bakes is the best (of the world)
Sei il migliore! = You’re the best!
Qual è la stagione migliore per visitare l’Italia? = What’s the best season to visit Italy?

Hope it helps. Scrivimi ancora se hai bisogno di ulteriori chiarimenti! 
Ti suggerisco di leggere anche i post sugli aggettivi e il loro grado che trovi nel masterpost di grammatica, qui tra i tagged post nella nostra homepage o nel primo post su @sayitalianohome.

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I was trying to talk in Italian and I bugged on one word — I speak roughly three languages, of which French, so I thought I can guess some words, but this one I couldn’t figure out, everything I was coming up with didn’t feel right. So I checked it up online. And oh boi was I wrong.

The Italian word for “German” is “tedesco”(?????) Why?? Esp. as the Italian word for Germany is Germania. Just. Why.

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Hey everyone! I’m trying to stay motivated with my Italian and Polish and I was wondering if anyone wanted to be duolingo friends for some friendly competition! Doesn’t have to be Polish and Italian, just to keep each other accountable and cheer each other on. 

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