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andreasedae · 2 days ago
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The way that Thomas was a little bit too serious, until Damiano came on the scene, was brilliant.
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lupusmaxima · 6 months ago
being multilingual in latin languages is knowing everything that people are saying but having a mental breakdown when you try to speak because they’re all the same.
meu cerveau deja de funzionare; o cérebro andare brrrrr
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sayitaliano · a month ago
Tumblr media
Just a few types of pasta ;) Remember that for Italians, it's never just pasta!
it's PENNE (=feathers, pens) and not PENE (=penis, fines, pains)
it's PIPE (=pipes) and not PIPPE (=wanks, useless beings, dolts*)
*last two are a specific/regional slang I think?? e.g. "sei una pippa!" = You're a dolt"
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Language practice / pen pal game
I came up with a very simple idea to help me practice my target languages, so if you want to take part please hit me up !
What is the game ?
The goal is to find someone that is learning your native language and that speaks your target language.
Here are 30 questions. You should ask each other to answer a question (ex : number 18.) This gives you the opportunity to write a paragraph that allows you to search for more vocabulary and grammar than basic conversations.
Tumblr media
Ask each other all the questions (or agree on a different number if you feel like there are too many / not enough questions) before introducing yourself to each other (name, city, studies, hobbies, family…)
Hopefully having someone writing personal things to you about themselves will trigger your curiosity enough to help you write in your target language regularly, practice, and bond with someone !
How did I come up with this game ?
I have tried to practice languages forever and I think one of the best ways to practice it is through conversation with native people of the languages I learn. However I have always found it very hard to find a pen pal and bond with someone I don't know. Most of the time, the conversations I've had with "pen pals" did not go any further than basic information about ourselves and it did not help learn the language. With this game I wish to trigger curiosity in order to practice and bond with someone so we can practice even once the game is over !
Want to play this game with me ?
I am looking to practice Spanish and Italian (also would not be against English) and I am a French native speaker. So if you are a native speaker of these languages and are learning French (or just want to play the game and are willing to write to me in your native language), that could work !
Please be somewhere between 20 and 25 yo
I am willing to use snail mail or e-mails for that game as I think it is more convenient to write "long" texts ! Also, snail mail is more personal and triggers curiosity even more
We can discuss everything in DMs ! Please hit me up !
And feel free to reblog or repost the game if you want to do the same with other languages and/or your followers :)
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mrlontraman · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I saw Luca last night and it was so wholesome. hit me in the nostalgia
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aspiringpolyglot · 13 days ago
Links to PDFs of Italian Language Books
The Great Gatsby (Il Grade Gatsby)
The Little Prince (Il Piccolo Principe)
Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale)
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Harry Potter e la camera dei segreti)
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (Harry Potter e il prigioniero di Azkaban)
Catching Fire (La ragazza di fuoco)
Mockingjay (Il canto della rivolta)
Romeo and Juliet (Romeo e Giulietta)
Twilight (Twilight)
New Moon (New Moon)
Eclipse (Eclipse)
Breaking Dawn (Breaking Dawn)
Fifty Shades of Grey (Cinquanta sfumature di grigio)
Fifty Shades Darker (Cinquanta sfumature di nero) 
Little Women (Piccole Donne)
Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
Wuthering Heights (Cime tempestose)
The Notebook (Le pagine della nostra vita)
The Giver (Il Donatore)
1984 (1984)
Animal Farm (La fattoria degli animali)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Il buio oltre la siepe)
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damaged1997 · a month ago
“Questo mondo fa troppo chiasso, io non sento più quello che penso.”
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hoeliver · 7 months ago
Hello lgbtq community italiana di tumblr
scherzi a parte, ho bisogno di una mano: ho creato un form google che avrei bisogno venisse compilato da persone nonbinary/genderqueer o chiunque non si identifichi strettamente come maschio e femmina visto che si tratta dei pronomi e la lingua italiana.
Ecco il quiz Ogni reblog è super apprezzato
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the-golden-onion · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
esme showing up at the hospital at the end of twilight wearing an olive garden uniform: “bella! we made you Hospitaliano, I hope you’re hungry! :)”
edward: “mom she already ate it falling down those stairs”
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sayitaliano · 8 months ago
10- Vocab list: family | 1MonthOfLangs
Tumblr media
la famiglia - family
il genitore - parent (la genitrice -> mother, feminine parent) la madre, la mamma - mother, mom il padre, il papà - father, dad  la matrigna - stepmother il patrigno - stepfather il figlio - son la figlia - daughter il figliastro - stepson la figliastra - stepdaughter il fratello - brother la sorella - sister il fratellastro - half-brother la sorellastra - half-sister il suocero - father-in-law la suocera - mother-in-law il genero - son-in-law la nuora - daughter-in-law il cognato - brother-in-law la cognata - sister-in-law il nonno - grandfather la nonna - grandmother il bisnonno, il bisavolo - great-grandfather la bisnonna, la bisavola - great-grandmother il trisnonno, il trisavolo - great-great grandfather la trisnonna, la trisavola - great-great grandmother la zia - aunt lo zio - uncle la prozia - great-aunt il prozio - great-uncle il cugino, la cugina - cousin il nipote, la nipote* - nephew / grandson, niece / granddaughter *(yes, we have the same word for both the situations)
-> famigliare, familiare adjective and noun meanings: - domestic, familial (a.) (e.g. un ambiente familiare = a familial environment) - family, good for a family (a.) (e.g. una confezione familiare = a family size pack) - familiar, well-acquainted (a.) (e.g. una faccia famigliare = a familiar face) - informal, friendly (a.) (e.g. un ristorante famigliare = an informal restaurant) - station wagon car (n.)  - relative, family member (n.) (e.g. un mio famigliare = one of my relatives)
-> familiare originates (and is used more often) from the Latin familiarem ; famigliare originates from the word “famiglia” and is considered more popular: the versions of these kinds of words (there are more that you can use in two different ways) that originate from Latin, are considered more “erudite” and are the ones that are usually preferred. Neither of them is wrong btw (so you can use famigliare as well anyway).
[it’s so sad that some of these nouns -half-bro/sis, step-parent, stepchild,...- have the negative acception whithin them, as in fairytales]
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Sento la frustrazione, il sangue in ebollizione, piango in continuazione e senza motivazione.
Mr. Simpatia(Fabri Fibra).
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goemoncaps · 15 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Assorted Goemons from Naoya Hayakawa’s twitter
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