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Some thoughts :

  • I want to be much more cultured. Being fluent in ancient Greek and Latin, knowing history well, having a great diploma from a good school…
  • Italy is so wonderful, I live for it.
  • I’m so concerned over my hair health. I want it to be perfect, like really healthy, it’s a major concern in my life at this point.
  • I wish I could text my cat to tell him to come and have a hug.
  • I want a hotdog, a new Yankee Candle and a lapis lazuli.
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Trans!Nico Headcanons P.2

Part 1


Part 3. Part 4.

This is a collection of headcanons on his name, deadman’s and how he came up with his name

  • Nico’s dead name is ‘Chiara Rosa’, he was named after his great-grandmother
  • He stopped answering to it a little after he realized he was a boy (so around 5/6 years old). He chose the name ‘Niccolo Arturo’
  • ‘Niccolo’ is an old family name, and even as a little kid, he knew the importance of remembering the past. He also liked ‘Niccola’ after Nikola Tesla, but he ended up deciding that in a lot of counties, including Italy, names ending in ‘a’ are often perceived as feminine, and he didn’t want to be associated with anything feminine
  • ‘Arturo’ is after a Arturo Riccardi, who became an admiral in the Italian Royal Navy in 1931. Nico may have had a minor celebrity crush on Arturo, but we aren’t gonna get into that today
  • Anyways, he started using Niccolo Arturo as a name when he was 6/7, and officially changed it sometime in the Lotus.
  • Also bonus::
  • When the di Angelo’s moves to America, Maria changed her family’s names when going to America to help them fit in more, as Italians were really hated by a lot of countries at the time
  • She was accepting of Nico being trans by then, so she changed his name to Nicholas Arthur di Angelo

I hope you enjoyed this list! Please check out the other parts if you haven’t already, and thank you for reading this whole thing!

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Day 25 of lockdown

Today I baked yet another apple crumble. At this point it’s neither fun nor relaxing, it’s just something I do possibly because it’s ingrained in my ancestral dna. Like my peasant female ancestors who baked during war and pestilence because it was their duty to watch over the hearth. It was tasty tho.


I’ve finally seen Der Hauptmann! Ah, what a good film. It’s so aesthetically pleasing, in a grandguignolesque way. And Max Hubacher is beautiful. He has a perfect face. It’s probably the quarantine effect but I felt things.


As for the contagion, we apparently reached the peak and I pray it will decrease next week.

Status: not infected

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