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#its a political choice
spectral-honey · 11 months ago
Guys it just really kills me how badly tubbo needs support and how little he gets it.
He didn't ever ask to be the president, and when he gave his acceptance speech he asked tommy to be his VP, to support him, to stand by his side because it was them against the world.
He needed the support of his best friend, he needed the support quackity and Fundy as his cabinet. He was always asking for their opinions and what they thought should happen and he kept saying he was trusting them to have his back, to help him make decisions too hard for him on his own.
And then when they were negotiating with dream everyone just kept comparing him to schlatt. The dictator. The guy who made Tubbo decorate his own execution. The guy who forced him to turn on his friends.
When he made a decision (that was, arguably I suppose, the only option that wouldn't put them in an equally bad if not worse situation) no one supported him in it, quackity and Fundy both actively told him he was wrong and were pissed at him for it.
Quackity is caught up in his own things with el rapids. After today's stream Fundy seems to be leaving for a 'long long time' as well. Besides Ranboo, who is doing his damnedest to be literally everyone's emotional support boi and therefore can't always be around, tubbo doesn't really have anyone backing him up.
In the end, it really is almost like Dream's been the most present support for Tubbo. And he's actively manipulating him for his own gain.
Tubbo's situation is as bad as Tommy's is, and no one seems to see it.
#dream smp#tubbo#im not trying to character bash at all or anything like that!#its just so sad to see tubbo constantly reaching out in little ways and yet never really getting a response :(#its like. he and tommy have so many parallels with their situation right now and i think its very obvious that tommys not doing well but i#--think its not acknowledged nearly enough how this is affecting tubbo terribly as well#i guess its sort of that people are like 'canonically tubbos the evil one for kicking out tommy!!' and i mean. creative freedom always its.#i just very much think its not canon at all and you are wrong? in the nicest way possible#tubbo has agency of course but hes in a pretty impossible situation too!! hes trying so hard please be sympathetic to the boy :(#ive been thinking about this for a while but the fact that fundy is going off with nikki and possibly ranboo as well (?) thats like.#literally almost everyone whose been allied with tubbo???#im so distressed about the boy#also like!! with the decision to exile tommy#they had a trade yknow? tommy exiled & dream having this invisible control over everyone being solidified#in exchange for the (at least for now) safety freedom and a solidification of tubbo as the leader of an independent nation#which like. it was NOT a good option but it was sort of the /only/ option besides being trapped inside lmanburg or everyone inside lmanbur-#-g getting killed.#which. i mean isnt this exactly what you would expect with this sort of political power struggle??#a choice that isnt really a choice that also causes about as much harm as it does help?#i guess i just feel like tubbos doing his BEST and he needs help too but no one is :(
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tubbowithagun · 4 months ago
hey man!! dropping by to say i adore ur dragon tubbo :D care to share some headcanons?
ahh tysm!!!!!! i love this ask lets gooo 😈
i dont rlly have any solid headcanons as to how hybrids work or whatever?? but basically in my mind hybrids r chill and rlly common, tho there are sometimes like. some predisposed ideas of hybrids based on the animals/mobs they r yk. like foxes r sly, dragons r scary, etc. (also also: in my mind dragon hybrids r also pretty rare)
id also imagine tubbo would never rlly try to hide his hybrid traits, even if dragons are scary to ppl, bc 1. i dont think hed spend a lot of time with ppl who would give a shit and 2. other than horns which can b covered with hats or smth, his wings and tail are too big n spiky to hide a lot of the time anyways. so he doesnt give a shit 😭 i do say!!! he might subconsciously (early on at least) make himself seem less intimidating.
idk where i stand on tubbo flying 🤔 i don't rlly draw his wings big enough to fly hypothetically, but its also in the cartoon world of my mind so it could go either way LMFAO
the angrier or more scared/defensive he gets the spikier he becomes .
Tumblr media
more in tags bc this is long LOL
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bill-gates-hate-blog · a year ago
“Americans are stupid” americans have spent their entire lives being indoctrinated against their own interests and have very little real political power, most of which has been condensed into an ineffective, gerrymandered voting system; while the image of activism has essentially been distilled to its least potent and most inoffensive form. 
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konmari-dogs · a month ago
ok finished first game of road 96. i mostly enjoyed it in terms of the road tripping teenager facing hitchhiking challenges. i especially enjoyed the assorted mini puzzle games like playing the trombone, assorted arcade games, puzzles etc. they were pretty neat.
slowly spotting the connections between all the npcs across my assorted teenager travels paths was fun.
i downright disliked how much the election would be forced into the plot tho. not like that an election is happening but things be like. ur in a police car after being picked up as a missing teen.
asking questions about whats happening to u where u going normal shit like that.
then out of nowhere ur only conversation option will be to ask a random cop what they think about the election so it can force u to make some “world changing election influencing response” and this scenario tendency pissed me the fuck off. really threw u out of the story for it to just every now and then basically choose who u want to “win” in endgame without any connection to the story scenario ur in.
like really, my 14 year old kid being forced at gunpoint to rob a store is going to ask their captors about their election opinions? REALLY?
about the only end game election affecting choices i was okay with was how vandalism affected it. that made sense in terms of your runaway teenage character. outside of that i mostly picked the apathetic option in the forced election choices out of sheer spite.
the game also encourages you to play each teen with the same political ideology for endgame reasons rather than to play each teenager as their own contained person type. e.g. i had one be super friendly with everyone, one be super aggressive, one who stole cars at every opportunity etc.
anyway towards the end of my first game things started getting a bit tense, a few of my kids were murdered which was awfully sad. I appreciate they get recognised in the tv show at the end of their “story” but they dont really get brought up after that? while that one NPC that died at the start is brought up ALL THE TIME. so i thought that was a bit sad. sometimes your characters actions are referenced in other stories tho, just wish it was more so. like some of these nps are meeting runaway teens roughly every 2 weeks you’d think they might bring them up to another runaway.
overall 6/10 game. kinda reminded me of detroit:become human - Kara’s story.
#road 96#im gonna play it one more time i think#i want to see what happens if every kid tragically dies without ever reaching road 96#it shows i am getting older when i want to keep pointing at it going#wtf this is a child#why u putting the world onto the shoulders of a child trying to get to safety#wtfffffff#sometimes the adults use the child for adult agendas and#it makes sense for the criminals#but then the quote good guys unquote do it TOO?!#and only like twice does any of them acknowledged its fucked up???#there was one scene in particular i made my ONE SINGLE political choice#because it made sense for that characters but i was so pissed#they had just randomly brought the child into that decision process#it made no sense??!?!#that kid had earlier in story line yelled at the character#TO NOT MURDER SOMEONE#and this character#who had already acknowledged they had met this kid before#somehow just expects this kid to go along with them and this particular disconnect#in favour of pushing the goddman random kid affects endgame worldwide#pissed me off#this is not the butterfly effect this is endless push the tsunami buttons#much prefer world endgame choices where it doesnt tell u upgront what ur choice promotes#the choices might as well have (good) and (evil) ending tagged on the end its not subtle#i think there was ONE choice that flagged the#this changes things caption#that didnt have the icon indicating if its good or bad#what did that choice change? i dont know and i like it that way
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mattsharp · a year ago
a lot of people don’t know that here in canada we have a satirical political party called the Rhinoceros Party and, well... their platform really speaks volumes:
The Queen of Canada would be seated in Buckingham, Quebec.
Rather than awarding money as prizes in the lottery, the winners would be appointed to the Senate of Canada.
Rather than patriate the constitution by bringing it to Canada, as proposed by Pierre Trudeau, the Rhinoceros Party pledged to bring Great Britain home and make it Canada's eleventh province.
Burning all the standing barns in Canada to provide energy, under the slogan Burn a barn for Britain.
Counting the Thousand Islands to see if the Americans have stolen any.
Banning guns and butter, since both kill.
Ending crime by abolishing all laws.
By 2020 all citizens will have a job and some will even have two.
Green cars are not available in sufficient numbers in Canada. Car manufacturers would be forced to build more green cars: forest green, pale green, khaki green and neon green.
Scientists predict that in the next 20 years, global warming will threaten the existence of human beings. The party says they can make it happen in 10 years!
To counter the shortage of doctors and nurses, all employees will be provided with steroids to increase their performance.
To increase the safety of Canadian children, the name of newborns must be at least 12 letters, including a capital letter, a number and a special character.
Tumblr media
this is not even half of it. more info can be found by visiting their website or wikipedia page. we stand on guard for thee.
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tovezza · 6 months ago
#I Don’t want to make this a woe is me moment for a massive international political crises that is so much larger than a privileged Jewish#Girl in galut but I have Been thinking of the ironies like#The specific choice to remain in a smaller portion of diaspora rather than move#And how that means living with a much smaller very conservative community with almost no large scale secular Jewish presence at ALL#To combat those ideas and movement to the medinat ive had to make piece with always being in really pro-isr@el communities and spaces#In order to have any and I mean ANY Jewish connection#Its just a weird vibe idk a lot of friendships and ties have broken down over this in the last year#I literally could not publicly declare myself against the state without loosing all credibility but also in lefty goyische circles can’t#Admit having any personal or familial connection to it without also loosing credibility. It’s this feeling of lying constantly. Who knows.#Which is not to say it’s the wrong path but if we want a functional Jewish community in Europe many things to think about#Furthermore I think all and I mean all goyische leftists who stand against the state and they SHoUlD but they all need to think seriously#And critically not about the historic realities of Jewish people in their counties but where Jewish people live NOW#Where they want them to live and how to support that#Cannot describe how alienating it is in leftist circles to see things like support your Jewish friends and then death to everyone in#The us and isr@el like we need serious conversations about modern Jewish demographics and where we actually live#In general I think the push pull between serious conversations about past grievances that MUST be addressed#And places where the isms and ideologies have become outdated or used to justify things already DOnE#How do we move on NOW
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gothelphie · 29 days ago
happy 1 in the morning im sitting here trying to understand why glinda did not end up with elphaba im really trying to understand
#or i guess mroe specifically why did she end up as the leader of oz#i mean ... could ? argue ? that she wants to be the ruler ? ?? ? ?#but looking at her beyond the surface level of her character that falls apart so quickly#yes she likes the attention from being a prominent political figure but more important she hates having to pretend to be someone shes not#and like yeah. im sure she somewhat enjoyed her time as Glinda the Good in the years between act 1 and act 2#because she could tell herself that she made the right choice and elphaba was probably alive and she had a fiance etc etc#but like. after a few years that starts to wear down (aka what happens in thank goodness where she starts to seriously have doubts)#now from this point forward we see her further doubt her place as a prominent political figure in oz#and like yeah. yes she sends the wizard away and yes she puts morrible in prison#and thats done away with the Main Reason Why Oz Was Politically Corrupt#but like at this point. what reason does she have to stay?#she doesnt have fiyero. she doesnt have elphaba. she doesnt want to be a political figure.#the entire town is cheering for the death of her ''best friend'' who she swore not to defend to protect herself#and even if she can do what she does best and Convince herself that shes happy and that she can rebuild oz and she can be Glinda the Good#as we see in thank goodness!!! thats not going to last!!!#and now its not just her dealing with 'oh no elphaba is out there alone and in danger'#she has to deal with 'elphaba and fiyero are dead because of me and now i have to be happy in front of the town'#'and i can never tell anyone else how i really feel or what really happened'#besties i dont think she would survive long under that kind of stress!!!!!!!#anyways this is my way of saying. if this musical is so hell bent on making elphaba and fiyero run away and letting glinda think theyre dead#then i know in my heart that after like. a year maximum. glinda would snap and go looking for them#especially after things begin to pile up like. wheres fiyeros body. wheres elphabas hat#and maybe theres been a couple of sightings of them. i mean. even if they try to be as remote as possible#if youre just passing by its pretty hard to miss a scarecrow and his green girlfriend#you know#WOW THESE TAGS ARE LONGGGGG#i can talk about glinda for so long#SHBDHSABDHSBABAHAHAH#well i had more to say but i think. i think this is enough#simon says
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