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#its all about the sad yee haws
kawaii-pigeon9 months ago
So as we visit T mobile I learn a few ... Surprising revelations. Thankfully mom didn't guilt me into dropping 700$ on the spot. (Especially since I still need to pay a few things.)
The sweet T mobile guy, he was very sweet. He tried to help.
But now I know why her t mobile phone bill is over 357$ a month.
She's got max credit at T mobile :)
She's a solid 1,000 in debt to the big T :)
So they're like 'sorry miss but if you want this thing you gotta buy it outright in full.
So not only will she be unable to get her tablet until she SAVES UP LIKE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT. (I can at least help halfway if she puts in some effort.)
It means none of us can upgrade including me TuT...
So now just 馃憖 at my old cell phone carrier cause maybe it wasn't so bad not being under the thumb of Big T.
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ukiyokki7 months ago
mars reads too much dreamnotfound fanfiction for their own good
a dreamnotfound fanfic recommendation list by your resident dumbass (me)
this took way to fucking long... i鈥檓 tired
below is a (very extensive) list dedicated to all my favorite dnf fics, ranging from quick one shots to 100k+ word monstrosities that devour the storage on my computer, forever incomplete masterpieces to ongoing works of art, you get the idea. i provided links for each fic/series for your reading pleasure. there will be no smutty/nsfw fics on this list, that鈥檚 just not my vibe lmao. this list goes in no particular order, and i鈥檒l update it from time to time when i feel like it. now, without further ado, let us begin.
Heat Waves (complete) by tbhyourelame
(wtf else did you expect, looking at a dnf rec list?) amazingly well written, and while it鈥檚 not my favorite dnf fic it鈥檚 damn near close. in the midst of a brutal heatwave, a suffering dream comes to terms with the fact that he is desperately in love with his best friend. everything i could say about this fic has already been said by nearly everyone who鈥檚 read it, so if you haven鈥檛 yet caved into the hype, just go for it. you won鈥檛 be disappointed.
Gonna be around (completed) by georgescatcafe
(mc irl) my favorite dnf oneshot to date. just read it, i don鈥檛 wanna spoil for you :)
Inferno in the Sky (ongoing)by zairielon
(star wars au) an ongoing star wars au currently clocking in at almost 200k words. need I say more? everything about it absolutely slaps, each chapter is amazingly written, and it鈥檚 just good. also, can we just appreciate dream and tubbos dynamic in here? 10/10, amazing, must protecc. oh right, a summary: george, an exiled padawan turned engineer, must return to the jedi temple after attacks on it from an unknown assailant threaten the safety of himself and the other jedi.
Like Magic (ongoing) by KangarooKen, NotGra55 (Gra55)
(harry potter au) the unofficial official dnf harry potter au. we watch the young unlikely wizard pair grow up together throughout their years at hogwarts as they battle good old fashioned wizard racism. beautifully written, incredibly fun and suspenseful, and just an overall blast and a half.
GeorgeNotFound, Son of Poseidon, and the League of Minor Gods (ongoing) by Clichewho_69, Cygnvs, Trash_Kinggg
(percy jackson au) percy jackson au? check. 鈥渞oad trip鈥 (technically quest but u get what i mean)? check. enemies to friends to lovers? check. this fic follows the plot of the lightning theif (albeit loosely), but everything is explained enough where you don鈥檛 have to read percy jackson to understand what鈥檚 going on. basically after moving to the usa, george gets taken to camp halfblood where he learns that a) gods exist. b) he鈥檚 the son of poseidon and c) he needs to prove that he didn鈥檛 steal zeus鈥檚 master bolt.
Protected (completed) by aenqua
(royalty/camelot au) my favorite piece of dnf media of all time. dubbed the official dnf camelot au, where dream is the heir to the throne and george is a servants son with a secret that couldp get him killed. these childhood friends grow up together and learn trust, love, and acceptance. (that summary did not justice to the masterpiece that is this fic) here鈥檚 the directors cut
The Hunter (completed) by HederEgo
(mc irl) a choose your own adventure fic with 13 different endings, where dream the hunter must kill george and stop him from beater the ender dragon. enough said.
The official dream team cowboy AU (series)(ongoing) by antsu_in_my_pantsu
(cowboy au) cowboys and outlaws horses and shit. and the big gay. it鈥檚 a cowboy au, what else did you expect? fucking yee haw (all seriousness this is a great read, i loved it so so so so much and i can鈥檛 wait for the final chapter to release).
This is a Drista moment, let's just accept it (completed) by Qekyo
dnf fic from drista pov. considering its unique perspective, it鈥檚 perfectly done. beautifully showcases a sibling relationship through drista and her memories/moments with dream, and it just works, y鈥檃 know? also drista supremacy.
Dear Dream (completed) by Qekyo
(wwii au) i don鈥檛 cry when watching/reading anything sad. translation: i鈥檓 a heartless bitch. however, this fic is the only exception. it caused me to cry so hard my mom walked in my room and asked if i was ok. 鈥榥uff said.
TECHNOlogical Wingman (completed) by Closeted_Bookworm
techno is the autocorrect ai on dreams phone, and he gains sentience. interesting concept, and the author fucking nailed it. great fic.
It Was Only a Fic (ongoing) by imagineitdear
dream starts reading a dnf fanfic (we鈥檝e all been there buddy).
Teacher鈥檚 Pet (ongoing) by niyuha
(teacher au) in which dream is a high school english teacher and george is the new comp sci teacher in room 297.
Saltwater Secrets (ongoing) by earlgay_milktea
(mermaid/high school au) a great example of the shear amount of variety in fics this fandom has to offer. when i started reading dnf fics i would have never thought i鈥檇 find one about a mermaid george hopelessly crushing on his human friend, who happens to be his schools star swimmer. yet here i am, and i am far from disappointed.
Smash My Heart (incomplete) by dontrollthedice
george and sapnap are commentators for duper smash brothers tournaments, and george develops a crush on an up and coming smash streamer named dream.
roleplaying in the dark is harder than it seems (completed) by Alienu
laser tag. 10/10
solar system (completed) by quartzfia
(mc irl) george vists dream in pandora鈥檚 vault.
Ramblings of a Lunatic (completed) by jungkooksfic
ahh communicating through a notebook left on a shelf in a bookstore- what a perfect way to start a relationship.
Paint me like your French Girls (It's Charcoal, Actually) (completed) by Turtle_ier
(artist au) george is an art student, and dream is a model.
00:00:00 (completed) by isleofdreams
(soulmate au) 00:00:00 is the moment you meet your soulmate, as indicated but the clock ticking down on your wrist until the moment you meet. i鈥檓 not a fan of soulmate aus; this fic is the exception.
Blue Skies Smilin' At Me (completed) by kivy
(artist au) i don鈥檛 usually cry while reading stuff, but this brought me damn near close. george is a painting conservator and chats it is with the ghost of the artist if the painting he is working on. they fall in a love.
Current Location (incomplete) by hendollana
(influencer au) george simps for a hot american instagram model. who knew he鈥檇 actually follow back?
The Withering (series) (series ongoing, 1 work completed) by App1e_Juice
(mc irl) lore and world building and fight scenes and everything i crave. what鈥檚 not to love? something starts making the plants and crops around dreams village wither, and must team up with new friends to find the cause of the mysterious disease plaguing the land.
Minecraft, But You Can't Leave (complete) by facadecake
(mc irl) dream and george are sucked into their own private minecraft world together and must beat the game to escape.
Free The Game, Beat the End (incomplete) by goatgoatwasfound
(mc irl) a glitch in minecraft causes thousands of players from around the world to be trapped inside minecraft, with only one way of escape- beating the ender dragon. first dnf fic i ever read, and it鈥檚 still 10/10 for me.
Why don't you come a little closer? (completed) by lifeofandoms
george gets stood up by a date, and Dream pretends he鈥檚 the date to save george from the embarrassment. simply adorable.
lightning bug (completed) by saintachesP
(band au) while on tour, dream realizes his feeling for george.
Hold me closer (completed) by Treesofmyheart
(mc irl/dsmp) i just,, really like this trope.
Dizzy on caffeine (completed) by GleamingGreenGoggles
(coffee shop au) best dnf coffeeshop au i鈥檝e read. periodt.
living a life of crime isn鈥檛 always easy (series) (completed) by itisjosh
(mafia/assassin au) stockholm syndrome except it鈥檚 not weird.
Inhibitions Make Interesting Situations (completed) by Ship_On_The_Sea
i pissed myself laughing. it鈥檚 just a dream and george being hilariously dense, flustered idiots. serotonin central.
thy eternal summer shall not fade (completed) by gracequills
(high school au) that moment when you recite shakespeare to your crush in your ap lit class instead of confessing (hate it when that happens).
All is Fair in love and Football (ongoing) by graciegirl2001
(college au) #1 favorite college au. in which george is a cheerleader, and dream is the football teams rising star player. this one gets extra points because of the amazing karlnap moments sprinkled throughout. *chefs kisses air*
online love (completed) by andbutso
(high school au) online classes go zoooooooom
Can鈥檛 help falling (completed) by isleofdreams
dream re-learns the guitar to sing to george on his birthday. beautiful. fluffy. amazing
dance in the rain and my arms (completed) by lazy_kitkat
george is a rain god, and dream is a wind god
Weather Boy (completed) by DaintyDiizzle
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy? (where dream can control the rain)
The color orange (completed) by anon
(mc irl) dream describes the colors of a sunset
Family Mode (completed)by Strawberry_flavoured_tears
they鈥檙e dads :,)
Breathing Room (incomplete) by papercranes
(band an) an amazing band au. the mad lad author wrote original songs for each chapter. above and beyond, mad props :). unfortunately, it鈥檚 incomplete
Piece of Clay (completed) by carbonbrine
(artist au) george is a sculptor and his sculpture comes to life- but oh no he鈥檚 hot.
Try (completed) by Not4typicalwriter
(royalty au) george must choose a suitor, but none of them are up to dream, his head knights, standards. or dream is hella jelly. also protective dream is perfect
When the Roses Bloom (completed) by HederEgo
(royalty au) close second for my favorite fic. go to royalty au for a quick serotonin bost. it鈥檚 all fluff and flowers and crushes, and i love it. criminally underrated.
Heavenstruck (ongoing) by dontrollthedice
george is dreams guardian angel, and dream want to find out more about him and his past life. bittersweet :,)
Bang and Burn (completed) by App1e_Juice
(spy au) george accidentally falls for target number 1 on sapnap鈥檚 secret agency鈥檚 hit list. this ones great, i love me a spy au :)
Can I get a uhh鈥 (completed) by lemonskies
dream keeps pulling up to the drive through mcdonald鈥檚 that george works at drunk.
Pretty Stranger (completed) by anon
when looking for dream in the terminal, george sees a cute guy and decides to flirt.
Take my Hand (completed) by latinbias
(royalty au) another royalty au? poggers. surprise twists? double poggers. love this a lot.
seconds, minutes, hours, lifetimes (complete) by meridies
ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP *inhales to compose herself* roadtrip au. unrequited love, ignored feelings, longing, pining, you know the drill. absolutely love this one, its the best roadtrip au i have ever read, in any fandom. (maybe cause i identify with it a little too much, but thats not important. whats important is that you read this fic. right now. im waiting).
Message redacted (complete) by justyouraverageloser
(text fic) dream asks for a girls number and realises hes been given the wrong number. however, an unexpected relationship starts to form between him and the stranger on the other end of the line.
the waves (completed) by anon
(mc irl) this fic was written by the same anon who wrote the color orange, which is up there on my fav dnf oneshot list. dream and george know they have a higher purpose. they don鈥檛 know where they came from, or why they are seemingly the only humans in the world, or how they feel about eachother, or even where the skeletons come from, but they are sure of one thing: they have to beat a dragon.
The Dream Doll (completed) by PeppDream (Pep_Pizza)
(voodoo i guess) i鈥檓 a real big fan of fics with really out there or unique concepts, so naturally this one makes the cut! i really liked it, it鈥檚 really sweet and made me think a lot about what matters to me in the world. george finds a strange doll in an antique shop, and would really like to just stuff it in a drawer and forget about it. sadly (?), the doll has other plans.
last updated February 6th, 2021
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cherrydreamer6 months ago
Billy and Steve are together.
Together together.
Have been for a while.
And while they still have the libido and the stamina expected of two teenage boys, things aren't always quite so excessive in that department anymore. Now they have meals together, ones that don't always end up with Billy kissing a dusting of sugar from Steve's lips, or Steve licking the sauce from Billy's fingers. Now they can go to bed and sleep together. Just sleep. Cuddled close, one of Billy's legs slung over the top of Steve's, and Steve's arms holding Billy tightly, but still just sleeping.
And now they have routines. Regular reliable routines聽
Like Tuesdays, when Billy comes round for family dinner, charming Steve's parents with his opinions on sports and politics and telling stories about his job at the pool that has Mrs Harrington giggling over her barely touched meatloaf.
Tuesdays are also the nights when they hang out in the 'den'- the one place in the house that never seems to change to follow the fashions in Mrs. Harrington鈥檚 glossy interior design magazines- sitting together on the old, slightly overstuffed couch, watching the old but perfectly serviceable television set while Steve's parents stay out of their way, preferring the more austere living room with the bigger television and the more fashionable but much less comfortable armchairs.
Most nights they watch something light, some cheery sitcom that requires no brainpower, something they can both laugh at as they hold hands and rest heads on shoulders and talk lightly about their day, canned laughter filling comfortable silences as they just revel in the joy of being together so casually, so easily.
But tonight there's been a shift in the schedule. Their old dependable sitcom replaced with a quiz show. Something with a charismatic host in a smart suit and glamorous assistant waving her hands over appliances, exercise equipment and pictures of white sandy beaches.
And questions. Lots of questions. All of which Steve and Billy throw themselves into answering.
The first round is some potluck thing, lots of quick questions about wide enough topics: current events, famous actors, books that even Steve has heard of, middle school level science and a few harder ones that have them both spluttering out random syllables and oh, oh, uming, and clicking their fingers in the air as they grasp for answers that are right on the tip of their tongue. It鈥檚 just tricky enough to be fun. So they keep watching.
Billy rubs his hands in glee when the host announces a sports round, his delight turning to annoyance when it turns out to be all about golf. But Steve knows the answers instantly.
"Shoulda guessed you'd know all about golf, rich boy," Billy nudges Steve with his shoulder, and Steve smiles,
"Yeah I used to watch it with my Dad and he'd tell me all about the best players. We even used to play a bit together at his club, before...uh...before he got bored."
The of me goes unsaid, and Billy rests a comforting hand on Steve's knee, rubbing comforting circles with his thumb,
"Mmm? You got some of those ugly-ass checked pants?" Billy鈥檚 smile turns wicked, and the hand on Steve's knee starts inching higher and higher, "maybe we could go play sometime?"
"Really?" Steve raises an eyebrow, "You into that? Spending hours walking around and whacking balls into little holes?"聽
Billy throws his head back with a laugh, squeezing the meat of Steve's thigh,"And you looking preppy as shit? Baby, hell yeah I'm into that. Maybe I could come be your caddy? Promise I'll take good care of your twelve inch wood."聽
He wags his tongue and Steve bursts out laughing, the spluttery, gasping one that only comes out when he鈥檚 really amused, the one that makes Billy鈥檚 heart leap and his wicked grin soften into a smile of fondness.
Steve鈥檚 still chuckling by the start of the next round. It's one about nature and now it's Billy time to shine, as he reels off the names of creatures that Steve can鈥檛 even picture.聽
"How'd you know all that?" Steve asks, mouth gaping in shock.
"My mom...she liked animals,鈥 Billy鈥檚 voice is quiet, and Steve softly strokes a thumb back and forth over his knuckles, 鈥淪he was a bit of a hippy, knew all about the ones that were endangered, used to tell me all about them.鈥澛
"That's nice," Steve hums, "She have a favourite?"
Billy nods, "Yeah, sea turtles. We saw 'em a few times. She usedta get sad about how they left their eggs on the beach all unprotected, used to say they should sit on 'em like birds and make sure the babies all get out OK."
He huffs out a laugh, but Steve hears the sadness in it and pulls him closer, pressing a kiss into his curls when Billy rests his head on Steve's shoulder.
They fly through the next few rounds, Billy whooping with pride when Steve matches up pictures of European cities to their countries even when Steve tries to shrug it off with, "got Mom's family or Dad's businesses in most of 'em." It's followed by Billy surprising Steve with a flawless identification of classical composers from snippets of music, shrugging just as casually as Steve, "They put in some dumb anger management thing at school back when I was younger. Had to listen to a fuckton of that stuff and say how it made me feel. Most of the time it made me feel even more pissed off that they were wasting my time with that shit but...yeah, some of it was good. Some of it helped."
They're both just as hot on the pop culture ones, only missing a couple about some musicals that Billy dismisses as girly shit even though Steve's definitely heard him singing along to Greased Lightnin' when he's been fixing up the Camaro. And then there's a food round, where Billy gets to sit back and watch in delight as Steve quickly works out which dishes the host is describing from an anagram of its name and a short list of ingredients.
"My Nonna woulda whacked me with a wooden spoon if I used bacon," Steve tuts dismissively, disagreeing with the host's description of a carbonara, "Should always be pancetta."
"Lotta knowledge in that pretty head of yours," Billy murmurs softly, pressing a kiss against Steve's forehead, but Steve shakes his head,
"Nah, just...junk. Nothing useful. Still too dumb to get into college, aren't I?"
"Not dumb." Billy's tone is serious, brokering no argument, "You. Are. Not. Dumb." He punctuates each word with another kiss, working his way down from Steve's head and ending on his lips, "All that college bullshit doesn't mean anything."
But Steve doesn't look convinced, looking down at his fingers as they worry at a hole in his jeans, "And knowing how to make a carbonara does?"
"'s not just that though, Stevie. It's more like鈥 like when I had that really shitty day so you made that mac and cheese with the tuna and sweetcorn in because I told you once, once, that that was how my mom made it. And how you bought copies of my favourite tapes for your car, cause you know listening to the radio makes me worse when I'm angry."
"You like knowing what song's gonna come next," Steve shrugs, "Something you can be sure of. Makes sense."
"Not to most people," Billy looks at him seriously, "But it does to you. Because you're smart like that, OK? Not-" he leans forward to kiss Steve again- "Dumb."聽
The last kiss lingers until a quiet knock on the doorframe sends them flying apart, both聽 turning round to see Steve's mom hovering there, a well worn notebook in one hand and a large glass of something with ice and lemon in the other,
"Hello boys!"聽
"H-hey, Mrs Harrington, I...we-" Billy's stammering, floundering for an explanation, but聽she cuts him off with a smile and a wave of her hand and her usual, "Elena, dear, please," before turning to Steve, 鈥淎m I disturbing you two if I stay in here? Your father is insisting on watching some utterly terrible Western and those fights are just so gosh darn rowdy that I can鈥檛 focus.鈥澛
Billy nods immediately, standing up to make room, but she shakes her head, "Oh no, no, you two stay cosy. I'm perfectly fine over here,"聽
perching herself on an old piano stool and sitting primly, ankles crossed, with her notebook held open on her lap. Billy sits back down, as far from Steve as he can, ramrod straight and trembling slightly, eyes flicking from the commercials and Elena as she alternates sipping at her drink with sketching intricate floor plans in her book.
After a few minutes she feels Billy's gaze and looks up with a smile as the quiz show theme rings out again,
"Oh you boys keep playing along, I don't mind the noise, really. It was just all that awful hollering and yee-hawing, kept making me jump!"
She sounds so casual, so relaxed, that Billy figures she didn't see anything, that they got away with it. He forces himself to relax, to breathe, and Steve moves a little closer to him, a subtle shift that he disguises as a stretch, managing to reach out a leg so that his foot can press against Billy鈥檚 thigh, a point of contact that looks innocent enough, but instantly has Billy鈥檚 racing heart calming and his trembling fingers stilling when he brushes them, just once, against Steve鈥檚 bare ankle.
They both turn their attention back to the screen. It鈥檚 apparently some kind of 鈥楳ega Mind鈥 round, and now the questions are even harder.
They fumble through the first two literature ones, Billy drawing upon an extra-credit essay he did for English and calling out The Yellow Wallpaper in a slightly hesitant voice, while Steve reminds himself to thank Robin for the classic film nights she鈥檚 been hosting as he comes up with Mildred Pierce.
And then the host reads out the third question,
鈥淲hich element is needed for the chlorophyll in plants to capture the energy needed for photosynthesis?鈥
"Ugh, science. I鈥檓 out," Steve groans, looking expectantly at Billy who looks just as blank,
鈥淒unno...oxygen? No that's what they give out. Maybe, uh鈥"
"Magnesium," Mrs. Harrington answers, taking a sip from her glass. She notices Billy and Steve looking at her, their eyes wide,聽 "Oh, sorry, what is magnesium?"
Steve blinks in shock, "It's not Jeopardy, Mom. And how the hell did you know that?"
She laughs, a little dismissively, sketching another few lines in her notebook, "Oh Steve, I do know a few things."
It turns out that's a lie.
She knows a lot of things.
She answers the next science one easily, some long Russian name tripping easily off her tongue, and then it's the Arts.
"Caravaggio, or, who is Ca- oh you should know that one Stevie! Remember? After that gallery in Florence when you had those nightmares about Medusa? He kept creeping into my bed-鈥 she directs this part at Billy with a smile, 鈥渂abbling on about the snake lady. It took me days to work out what he meant!鈥 she lets out a tinkling laugh, attention briefly flicking back to the television to call out a perfectly pronounced 鈥淒ie Walk眉re" before the host's even finished reading the question.
And she keeps going, initially only speaking up when Billy or Steve don't answer, waiting for a few beats of silence and not even lifting her eyes from her notebook before she chimes in with, 'Burundi' or 'Elsa Schiaparelli' or 'Arcaro on Whirlaway', but soon she starts getting more involved, answering almost every single question in the jackpot round, quickfire ones ranging from astronomy to zoology, almost as soon as they'd been asked.
She only stumbles a few times, umming and ahhing or scrunching up her nose in a way that Billy notices is the exactly that same as Steve's thinking face, and the boys step in instead. A few times they all shout the answers together, a chorus of voices and a trio of satisfied smiles when they get it right.聽
And then, all too soon, the quiz is over. The wide-smiling host and lucky winner Shirley-from-Nebraska waving happily to the camera as the credits roll.
Mrs. Harrington shuts her long forgotten notebook with a snap, looking over at Steve and Billy on the couch,
"You two are good together," she smiles,
"Yeah?鈥 Steve smiles, 鈥淪uppose we did alright. Maybe we should go on it?鈥 he turns to Billy who smirks back, 鈥淐ould win you a new car, Mrs. H?"
Elena laughs at that, her eyes crinkling as she smiles warmly at Billy,
"You're a sweetheart. But I mean you two," she points a finger at him and then at Steve, "Together. Boyfriends? I'm sorry, I don't...I don't know the word."聽
They both look at her, dumbstruck, and she continues,聽聽
"I told you, I know a few things. I see how you are and you're good together."聽
She looks directly at Steve for a moment, her smile growing, "You're happy now, I hear you laughing so much with him. I'd missed that."
Steve blushes, reaching over to take Billy's hand and smile at him as Elena stands up, looking at the empty glass in her hand.
"Another one, I think. Can I get either of you anything?"
They're still both too stunned to speak, Steve answering for the both of them with a shake of his head.
"Suit yourself," Elena smiles,"And Billy?"
Billy turns to her, a worried expression on his face, as she pauses in the doorway, "You're welcome to stay the night. Whenever you want." She looks away for a moment before turning back, a flash of something mischievous in her eyes, "Just try to keep it down if you're鈥 laughing."聽
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Tumblr media
Fave Albums: Roxy Music, Roxy Music (2/9)
Time for the second entry in my series (yes I鈥檓 calling it a series), and it鈥檚 another self titled debut album. It was only a matter of time until I talked about Roxy Music, so I thought I鈥檇 cut to the chase and do it now. I adore this album, so so much, so I鈥檓 buzzing to get into it and waffle about it yee yee let鈥檚 go matey (why am I a pirate ???)
The album:
Released on the 16th of June 1972, this bad lad is one of the most influential debuts in music history. New Wave, Glam Rock, pop and rock in general, this album and Roxy Music had an effect in shaping it. 10 tracks, 46 minutes of pure vibes. It鈥檚 definitely a strange one, so much so that I鈥檓 trying to limit how much I use the words 鈥渕ental鈥 and 鈥渞adged鈥, or else they鈥檒l make up 90% of this post. You can already hear everything in it that makes Roxy Music so special, their usage of synths and special effects was so pioneering and fresh for the time, Bryan鈥檚 distinctive style of vocals are on full display, and there鈥檚 a more typical, but still interesting, backbone with the guitars and rhythm section. The whole album just feels so cozy to me, kind of familiar but at the same time completely fresh no matter how much I listen to it, mental that.
Re-make/Re-Model MASSIVE TUNE opens the album with such a bang, one of my fave Roxy songs ever. One of my fave songs full stop.
Ladytron sounds a bit like there鈥檚 a horse galloping, another outing for cowboy Bryan yee haw baby. Does sound a bit countrified the whole album if you ask me.
If There Is Something send her to the ranch with this one because it feels a bit bluegrass. Such a cute song, I melt listening to it
Virginia Plain nicked the lyrics off this for my name, no regrets. Also the song is a banger and kickstarted Roxy Musics takeover of music
2HB am traumatised by the way Bryan says smoky but past that this is such a good example of the albums sound, warm and fuzzy.
The Bob Fuck do I know how to describe this, just listen to the song and you鈥檒l see (hear?) what I mean. This is what happens when you leave Brian Eno unattended.
Chance Meeting Running into someone youve not seen in ages in the supermarket be like. Bit of a sad sounding song, picks up in the second half to be vaguely unsettling
Would You Believe? Love this so much, I love whatever noises it is Bry starts making. Comes to life in the middle bit and Andy Mackay is a busy lad indeed with that saxophone
Sea Breezes sad falsetto Bryan is sad, and Brian Eno replies yes to the question 鈥渉ow many wave sound effects do you want?鈥 Pulls a U turn to make even the government jealous
Bitters End Lindisfarne type shit, makes me feel like a monk. Bit medieval, very weird, but it slaps so I鈥檒l allow it.
The Singles:
So only one track was actually released as a single, Virginia Plain. Maybe I鈥檓 a bit biased, but it鈥檚 a belter. It鈥檚 just so Roxy Music, always puts me in a good mood to listen to it. I鈥檝e never been to Rio, but if I ever do fly down to Rio I鈥檒l be pissing myself laughing the entire flight just for living out that iconic lyric. The songs got it all, our Bryan, other Brian fannying on with the synths, and a snazzy guitar solo from Phil Manzanera that was apparently improvised. I鈥檓 sure I overuse the word 鈥渋conic鈥 to the point where it has no meaning BUT... this songs iconic. Basically, I thought Remake / Remodel was a single - it wasn鈥檛 - but I鈥檓 going to talk about it anyway bc I want to now, and I do what I want. It opens with some lovely ambient background noise before launching into 5 minutes of absolute fucking chaos. Whole album summed up for you there. Very chaotic, but life without chaos would be boring as fuck. Everything鈥檚 going on in this one, bit hard to keep up, but that鈥檚 why I love it.
The Faves:
I am once again being indecisive, I really don鈥檛 know if I can pick favourites. I鈥檓 not even just saying that, genuienly I can鈥檛. I love its two bigger tracks, but the rest of the album is mint too. I think one track that really stands out to me is Bitters End. I didn鈥檛 like it at first, I didn鈥檛 know how to feel about that whole vibe, but once you get into it it鈥檚 acc pretty sick. I鈥檝e decided it makes me feel like an eccentric rich lady from a Charles Dickens book. Miss Haversham? This ain鈥檛 a Charlie D blog so I apologise if that is not the right character. It鈥檚 just sooo fucking weird, even for the album, but I love it. If There Is Something is another highlight for me, I鈥檝e talked about it before (what a surprise) but I do love it. I just think it鈥檚 so cute, I LoVe ThE wAy BrYaN SiNgS, which is my catchphrase at this point, and honestly the synths really make it too. It鈥檚 just so warm and fuzzy and soft and neat.
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queenabstracta year ago
Trolls x reader: Trolls reaction to their s/o telling them their gonna be parents. Please. Oh, and do you do Delta Dawn or Trollzart? Some don鈥檛 like to and I just wanted to be sure if you do.
Of course I can do Delta Dawn and Trollzart. I just haven't done them yet...until now.
Guys and gals alike are able to have eggs, you knew that. You sometimes had given the thought about you or Delta having an egg together, but you two never had that discussion. You used protection, that was for sure......but maybe not enough.
"Oh my gosh." You said as you stared at the positive pregnancy test, tears forming in your eyes. You had been feeling out of it for the past month. Throwing up and getting weird cravings for certain kinds of food that you hadn't eaten in years(how the hell did you even remember the names of the dishes). You walked into the livingroom and sat down with the positive test still in your hands.
"Hey, (y/n). Is aunt Delta back yet?" Clampers ran up to you and asked. Since you weren't feeling well, you decided to stay home and insisted that Delta let Clampers hang out with you so you two could bond.
"Not yet, sugar. She'll be here soon, though." You said with a shaky breath and laid a hand on your stomach. How the hell were you gonna tell her?
"What's that thing?" Clampers pointed at the test. "I saw my mom looking at those things a bunch of times, but they only had one line on it. She and dad get really sad when they look at them."
"Oh...well...uh....I don't think I should be the one telling you about it then. You can ask your parents later tonight about it." You answered and patted her on top of the head. "Now why don't you go to your room for a bit and I'll let you know when your aunt gets back." You said.
"Okay." Clampers shrugged and went to her room.
"I'm back!" Delta announced as she walked in as soon as Clampers closed the door to her room. She looked around, confused. "Where's Clampers?" She asked you.
"I sent her to her room for a few minutes so I could talk with you." You said nervously.
"Talk? About what? Something wrong, love?" Delta sat down next to you.
"I've been feelin kinda off for the past month, so I uh," you showed Delta the test with two lines on it. "I took a test to see if that could be the reason, and as you can see I-"
"Is this for real? Or are you trying to prank me?" Delta took the test from you and looked at you in disbelief.
"Prank ya? You saw me puking! That was because of the morning sickness you goofbaURMF-" Delta cut you off again by smashing her lips against yours.
"I still almost can't believe it.'re...we're gonna be parents. I'm gonna be a mama." Delta hugged your stomach and gave you a bunch of kisses.
"Imma be a cousin?" Clampers asked.
"Now how long have you been standing over there?"
You and Trollzart had been talking about it. You both had adopted a few children, but you were ready to have one of your own. You had already adopted two girls. One that played the triangle, and one that played the pennywhistle. You had played multiple different instruments in your lifetime, and you couldn't wait to teach your own bundle of joy how to play all the different kinds. And Trollzart was ecstatic to teach his future child how to conduct. Only problem was...the reason you two adopted in the first place was because you were having troubles conceiving. And once you did have an egg...the little one never hatched. It had been several years since you tried, and you were willing to give it another go. When you felt movement in your hair, you started crying out for your husband.
"What is it, my love? Are you alright?" Trollzart rushed to you.
"I'm better than alright, we did it." You said. You moved your hair out of the way to show the beautiful sparkling golden egg with curly purple hair at the top.
"Oh, beautiful." Trollzart gasped, holding your hands in his.
"We're keeping it in my hair this time. Its obvious that a nest isn't going to cut it." You said and covered the egg with your hair.
"Agreed." Trollzart couldn't stop the huge smile spreading across his face. "But we did it." He placed a kiss on your cheek. "I'm going to tell the kids the great news!" Trollzart said excitedly and went to find your other two angels.
She brought it up jokingly a few times. Especially when she was trying to sound seductive in bed. Neither of tou expected for you to each have an egg. Barb was an emotional train wreck the entire way through. She especially couldn't stop sobbing when you held your babies for the first time. You never saw her so overwhelmed with happiness.
He had gone on a trip with his brother back to their old home that they lost in an avalanche a long time ago. He didn't realize he left you with a little gift before he left. The trip was a long one to the place and back. It took him two months. By that time, your baby bump was starting to show and you were almost ready to lay the egg.
"Hey, gumdrop! I'm back. I hope ya didn't miss me too much." Hickory announced as he entered the house.
"I missed you more than you'll know, but next time, don't leave a surprise for me before you leave. It should be something we both get to enjoy." You yelled from the kitchen.
"A surprise? Whaddaya mean? Where are ya?" Hickory asked.
"In the kitchen! There's a bun in the oven!" You said. You put on your oven mitts and took out the large cinnamon bun and set it on the stove to cool.
"A the oven?" Hickory asked as he walked into the kitchen. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Hickory asked. You had you back towards him, now you turned to the side so he could see the baby bump. A huge smile spread across his face and he began tearing up.
"YEE-HAW!!!" Hickory cheered and spun you around in the air. "MY BEAUTIFUL SUNFLOWER YOU DID IT!!! WE'RE GONNA BE PARENTS!!!"
"Damn right we are! But next time, you're having the egg. Morning sickness sucks." You said.
"Next time!?! Of course! Anything for you, gumdrop." Hickory said and gave you several loving kisses.
God it took me a long time to type all that. I'll post a part 2 soon.
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lunasblipsandblurbs8 months ago
Hey! I would really love to see your ranking of all the boys. Favorite-least favorite kinda deal. You don鈥檛 have to explain your choices if you dont want too. Cause I know you don鈥檛 like to write for all 13 of them. I think it would be interesting to see which characters you enjoy over others!
And if you don鈥檛 want to rank all 13. Top 5. It鈥檚 whatever you want!
~鉁ㄢ潳锔弆ove ya, respect ya, and hope you have a great weekend!鉂わ笍鉁▇
Oh I love this!!!!
First we got Din, he's my boi, first time character of pedros of mine and I have not looked back since.
Second Pero Tovar, he's so grumpy and just hungry and ik he would hate me because I'm pretty chipper but idc LOVE ME.
Third is Ezra (prospect) he's just so morally dubious and in the grey area he's a favorite character of mine overall just for how he plays out getting to saftey.
Fourth Max Phillips, of course he's in the top 5 I love this asshole way to much for no apparent reason? Welp here we are.
Fifth Marcus Pike, he's so fucking sweet and deserved so much better than to be the sad ex boi toy.
Sixth, Javi, ik hes a lil low but I love this grump. He has the best shirts and the best sass. Also puppy dog eyes Pe帽a is everything, change my mind. I fucking dare you.
Seventh we got Frankie! Another sweetie and like one of the only characters in Triple frontier that made any sense to me? Like pls next mission listen to the fucking pilot, I think he knows more about flying and weight more than you TOM.
Eighth we got Maxwell Lord, he's so much softer than I expected. Like yes. He almost caused another cold war BUT it didn't happen? Like will always side eye but he just wanted to be great for his son 馃ズ
Ninth is Marcus Moreno, he was in the movie for like 5 minutes BUT HE WAS SO CUTE. When he dropped off Missy at school and his surprised little jump when she called him out for not listening? Freaking adorable.
Tenth we got Dave York, he's such a mixed bag for me. Like do I think he's hot? Sometimes? Idk sometimes I see Dave and I'm like AH literally crocodile man! But other times I'm like...see this neck??? You wanna grip it?
Eleventh Omar Assarian, very minor role but he had spunk and some sass I could dig with. He's kind of an ass tho.
Twelveth Zach Wellison, while he's sweeter than Omar he was like....the equivalent to raisin brand cereal? Like its healthy and good for you but kind of bland?
Thirteenth Liam, he's a bit new to me but I like how he kind of has the Dave vibes of like omfg he's scary but also...馃憖
And coming dead last is....Agent Whiskey I AM SO SORRY TO MY BBYS WHO ADORE JACK DANIELS idk what or why but the country twang just....ain't it for me pal. The closest time I was into whiskey was because of Mama Z over on @zeldasayer but that Whiskey is cool and into weed and from the 70s, so thats hot. But canon yee-haw I hate that good green Whiskey? Nah, no thanks for meeee.
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incorrect-elitea year ago
you have been warned
Here is a run down of my thoughts while binging the season
(It might be hard to follow sorry in advance - I wrote these while watching it)
- oh shit polos dead
- Lus damn hair clip is the best thing I鈥檝e seen all day
- if Ander has cancer imma shoot someone
- Samu just got freakin owneddd what a noob
- I low key want both of polos mums to step on me
- I鈥檓 about to cry and I鈥檓 only 18 mins in
- Oh shot Rebeca will stop at nothing my lord
- Maliks energy is top tear
- Valrios 鈥淚鈥檓 being thrifty鈥 oml I love also sad boy hours for him and big butch hours for lu
- Guzm谩nnnnnnn y u gotta b like that to my sweet bb boy
- Carla you did not just say that
- Luuuuuuuuuuuuu :,((((((((
- Malik is fuckin slick dude
- Don鈥檛 have cancer please lord don鈥檛 have cancer please don鈥檛 have cancer :((((
Samuel and Guzm谩n
- Omar you douche y鈥檃ll don鈥檛 need to fuck every ten minutes - ya toxic
- Bubby don鈥檛 touch that knife
- lil polo bitch Ik why u lyin but pls don鈥檛 to guzm谩n he鈥檚 been through so much
- Kinda thriving for Rebeca supporting Ander tbh
- Guzm谩n what cha doing
- Nadia is not playing
- We love a queer queen
- Bro I鈥檓 crying if Ander dies like bro
- I didn鈥檛 know Carla could be nice and genuine wow
- Oh shit what he鈥檚 doing is kidnapping
- My heart is breaking like bruhhh Ander and Omar not being together is gonna end me but like it was kinda sweet how Ander ended it but like ahhh
- Is Valerio x Rebecas Mum gonna be a thing bc idk if I can handle that
- oh fuck oh shit guzm谩n has gonna sicko mode
- There is no way valerios straight
- Also I genuinely feel bad for him and his addiction + situation he should live with Samu it鈥檇 be good for him
- Oh fuckkkkk marinas dancing video is on its about to get serious oh shittttt polo polo no oh god guzm谩n has gone sicko mode times ten my lord what did I just watch
- Manipulation to fuel addiction is very disgusting I absolutely hate Rebecas mum now. Before she was a boss ass bitch now she is an abuse of power oh wait oh shit never mind she鈥檚 cool she鈥檚 cool she knows her place I still like her she鈥檚 in the right
- 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 make my life complicated you make it possible鈥 I鈥檓 gonna sob nadiaaaa why can鈥檛 you see how great he is
- Omarrrrr you did not ahhhh thanks for finally being not toxic
- Fucking called valerio being samus roommate
- Oh shit they fuckin
- Can someone give guzm谩n a break please he鈥檚 been through so much and everyone treats him so poorly. Some give him a cup of tea and a hug
Cayetana and Valerio
- woo ooh polos fucked
- Oh shit Cayetana and Valerio are going to end up together wot
- Malik has my heart oml
- Whats Samu gonna do x10000
- Mailkkkkkkk damn boyyyyy
- They do be having a meeting doe
- Bruh just let Ander live please my guy
- Yeray my man I love the confidence buddy but u gotta step it back a bit to get Carla - she likes the shy guys that look like they could go A wall at any moment (you know Polo, Samuel...)
- Anderrrr my heart
- #FuckCarlasdad2020
- Ok but I actually really like Carla and Yeray together
- Malikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
- Oh shit valerioooooo oh yikes everything is not coming up Valerio
- He do be smooth tho (and I鈥檓 pretty sure I鈥檓 right about him not being straight with what he said to Polo like it鈥檚 implied)
- Please give Ander a breakkkk
- Please let Ander and Guzm谩n be friends again they both need someone to lean on I鈥檓 literally about to cry
- And Omar looked so sad when Ander yelled at him omg I felt for him
- If Polo, Valerio and Cayetana become a thing idk how I鈥檒l react
- Oh yikes Samu
- Aw guzm谩n what a sweetheart
- That bite from cayetana my heart and I mean he isn鈥檛 the opposite of a murder but like still aw
- Oh shit cayetana why
- Rebeca is such a god
- And this is the season guzm谩n learns to be a genuine human being we love character development
- Malik could do no harm he鈥檚 just vibin
- We love a correct gaydar and I still don鈥檛 know how to feel about PxVxC like I don鈥檛 hate it but I don鈥檛 not hate it - they seem happy doe
- Omar I鈥檓 so sad for you bb
- Wtf just happened why the hell did guzm谩n do that like he works for yusef now tf like I understand why it happened but like my lord
- Malik you sly dog
- Omar does have a point about Ander tho like since season two but like the man has cancer. It does it validate it but like idk I see both sides ahhh I don鈥檛 even know how to think rn
- Luuuuuuu
- Spartacus tingz ~ like they can all be cunts but my god when they鈥檙e not it鈥檚 beautiful
- Fuck. Carlas. Dad.
- Aw Yusef does have his sweet moments I gotta say - closing the store earlier for Nadias study - my heart
- And than Omar with his dad and mum at dinner 馃ズ
- They鈥檙e trying theyre really t try I gotta like we love growth
- And than Omar saying Ander is his boyfriend and that he鈥檚 family and that he鈥檚 top priority I love and I mean at least he and his dad got a little bit but like ahhhh
- It鈥檚 party timmmmme and lu is not fucking around
- Lu in that suit goddamn this season is gonna kill me
- They鈥檙e gonna kiss Malik and Omar
- Oh fuck I was right - Nadia and Ander are gonna find out oh lord
- I鈥檓 never going to get over Nadia and Guzm谩n like they鈥檙e actually goood for each other
- No Ander awwwww I- and the Omar >:( y鈥檃ll I am not ok
- Rebeca is such a romantic wow
- Nadia calling Ander family - my heart - growth people growth
- Cayetana is now the boss my lord that slower and than lower and the tone of her voice when she said that - we love a woman in charge
- That LOOK that Samu and Carla shared
- Something big is about to happen and I can feel it
- Polo do not be vibin rn but like he do be looking out for his gf so
- she鈥檚 a business woman a mathematician maybe
- I am really vibing to 鈥淚 got bills鈥 rn like montage is actually thriving
- Valerio and his B+ is the best relationship in this show I swear to god
- Malikkkk I still like him but like he鈥檚 coming between Omar and Ander
- Omar shaving Anders head :,(
- Anders announcement about the chemo and his hair imma cry
- Anderrr my god this man is going to kill me
- If lu tells Nadia about Omar and Malik so that she can get ahead of her to go to Columbia I am going to throw my laptop across the room periodt.
- Nadia being the bigger person and apologizing my heart and then lu rethinking it
- Oop mamas making her bb a drug dealer isn鈥檛 she
- Samus gonna get caught
- Polooooo tryna make things right with Ander by drinking and smoking I can鈥檛 tell if this is a vibe
- Guzm谩n let polo make peace with Ander we know he killed you sister but Ander isn鈥檛 trying to betray you - he wants to just vibe with polo
- Why is everyone trying to buy Carla imma cry
- Polo + confidence = pretty good vibes tbh
- They kinda cute tho
- Oh yikessss the mums are back and they are feisty as ever just let em be
- Carla kinda do only be into Valerio doe
- he gets what he deserves ~ guzm谩n is low key a bitch like i love and hate him
- I love Carla now oml she vibing
- Omar and the water bottle is my mood
- Well what Anders been saying about death is hella depressing
- The fact that Valerio has been involved with everyone but Omar and Ander is something to point out I think
- Ander is making me so sad like he deserves the world
- How does Omar have so much liberty at work like I could never how is that realistic
- Lu is so confused she like 鈥渢his shif ain鈥檛 even black鈥
- Jesus the amount of shit black lights reveal my lord
- I am completely here for Nadia and Lus friendship 鈥渢hat鈥檚 my Bitch鈥 iconics
- The gang is back together again Ander, guzm谩n, and polo yee haw
- I swear every episode just starts with bad bitch or sad bitch energy
- Carla :/
- Omar with this energy is terrifying, Baby
- Aw Nadia and Omar鈥檚 sibling thing is so cute like even after he cheated with her boyfriend they could laugh about it
- I鈥檓 so happy for Nadia and so sad for lu at the same time
- MalAlexa and Ander be vibin
- No Anderrrr my guy
- Polo you dumb whore
- This episode is so not a vibe everyone is so sad and so mean and yelling and I just ahhh
- Yeray is like the oddest character ever like buddy can鈥檛 buy love
- Malik and Omar back at it again I wanna know how Anders gonna react like Ik her said it would be fine if he smashed someone else but then Omar was like naw you鈥檙e my rock so like
- Malik you scum
- Lu said women鈥檚 rights
- Aw Ander I鈥檓 going to cry
- That speech Nadia Judy gave was so pure I lover her
- Yeray is complicated but like yay for not liking drugs
- guzmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i love hate him so much he and Nadia need to get married but like only if she wants to
- 鈥淚 don鈥檛 need chemicals to be happy - I just need you鈥 my heart
- Anders comin and he鈥檚 got plans
- As much as I hate to admit it I kinda like Malik and Omar but like Ander and Omar oooo
- Ander lying about being with Alexis so that Omar could be with Malik because he knew that it was causing Omar stress and pain to be with him through this chemo is the saddest thing like he did that because he loves Omar so much and then for Omar to just call him a bastard even though he had been cheating with Malik I can鈥檛 I honestly can鈥檛
- And than polo saving Carla from drowning will Yeray did nothing my feeling are all over the place rn
Nadia and Omar
- sad butch hours right here right now
- This show is the CEO of having one place to party
- I will be expecting travel blogs from both Nadia and Omar on their trip to New York (also the Fucking 鈥渏ust hookups鈥 bitch please you basically told Ander you loved him)
- That not so epic gamer moment when four kids really close to graduating get expelled
- Oh shit oh shit oh shit
- Fuck it Ander smoking with his mum
- They鈥檙e all grown up and graduating
- And polo is still a Bitch
- And cayetana is still fake
- And Nadia looks like a pistachio
- That speech tho my lord the power
- Oh fuck Omar why you doing this
- Ander :( poor petit bebe
- Reporter lady sucks so much ass. I鈥檓 saying it. She sucks.
- Yeray is such a baller
- So is Carla
- #fuckcaralsdad2020
- Nadia and Guzm谩nnnnnnnn
- 鈥淗ey stranger鈥 I鈥檓 crying
- 鈥淪ee you around鈥 my heart is broken
- well this is it folks the big shabang
- Oh Jesus it鈥檚 all coming together
- Like omg
- Jesus
- Lu is super drunk like what a mood
- And they鈥檙e all looking for the bottle
- It was Lu oh lord
- Never in a million years would I have guessed
- Polo was bad but like did he deserve this tho
- Awwwww guzm谩n is letting him die with ease over Marina my heart
- The way he died why鈥檇 they make it so damn sad my heart can鈥檛 take this much
- Poor guzm谩n man he鈥檚 going through so much rn
- Oh my god they all know it was Lu too that鈥檚 why they threw the annoying lady off
- Now is not the time to be hormonal Samu
- Ok but they would just leave his dead body in the bar likeeee that shit would have be wrapped up already
- Ander omg he鈥檚 so selfless my guy like buddy you don鈥檛 gotta die in jail boo
- Guzm谩n is kinda smart doe
- I am feeling so many emotions right now I can鈥檛 process anything
- Ander is going to literally kill me with all of these talks to Omar about death please just explain that you did it because he loved him so much like he鈥檇 understand
- Hell yeah Lu tell off reporter lady
- 鈥淚 have feeling, bitch鈥 - an abso-lu-te icon
- Nadia and Guzm谩n are so freaking cute omg
- 鈥淒epends, will you bring macaroni鈥 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
- Ander needs a hug someone give him a hug - please
- Rebeca my dude I love u
- Cayetana we Stan
- The fact that guzm谩n and Ander just fucking sat on that random guys grave 馃拃
- Yusef calling Ander Omar鈥檚 boyfriend before he leaves is such growth I鈥檓 going to cry I am crying
- Omg why is their family so pure all of a sudden
- Guzm谩n saying he鈥檚 always gonna be there literally the last episode is everyone鈥檚 break my heartttttt it鈥檚 so pure I don鈥檛 want anything to ruin it
- Omar Omar Omar bb my guy
- 鈥淎ndres, right?鈥 馃ズ the throw back
- bro season 4 is gonna be lit tho like
Thank you. Someone please dm me none of my friends watch 脡lite and I will die if I go three weeks without talking to someone about it. I鈥檓 begging y鈥檃ll.
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howtosingit10 months ago
Things that make聽鈥淵ee-Haw鈥 a great episode of Lone Star:
The Bird Box Call - i.e. the best emergency of the season and Carlos Reyes鈥檚 big BAMF moment. Y鈥檃ll, I cannot tell you how much I love that scene. It is so. damn. good. Acting, directing, SANDRA BULLOCK. The best.聽
Actually, you know what? I鈥檓 giving the聽鈥淪andra Bullock鈥 joke its own bullet point because it tells me SO MUCH about Carlos Reyes and it鈥檚 one of my favorite moments of his. Rafa better get more comedic moments in the future because he does deadpan/dry-wit humor so freaking well and the writers need to play to that more. We deserve our sassy and sarcastic Carlos!
Also, I love that Paul and Marjan team up with Carlos to take the guy down! MORE OF THAT TRIO, PLEASE!
Judd鈥檚 PTSD therapy session with Grace. Y鈥檃ll, they are marriage goals AF and I love the way that they love and support each other wholeheartedly. That scene with him counting at the end? I AM SO FRAGILE AND THEY ARE PERFECT.
There鈥檚 a nice amount of Carlos in this episode. I mean, it鈥檚 still less than 4 minutes, but he at least doesn鈥檛 feel sidelined and they get a lot of mileage out of that time - he鈥檚 got the Bird Box scene, the聽curandera intro scene, the two tarlos moments. Rafa delivers on all of them.聽
鈥淪ure ma鈥檃m, but just so you know, I am a homosexual.鈥澛犫楴uff said.
I mean, the Tarlos hookup scene is just... fantastic. Sure, I wish it happened under different circumstances and was more of a lead-in to a relationship, but it鈥檚 still some quality visuals. I鈥檓 not about to complain.
TK with his quick thinking on the Overlord call - I love how both he and Carlos get key successful work moments in the same episode, it鈥檚 a nice parallel. (Lol successful at work, terrible at love - can鈥檛 have it all I guess...)
Judd is pretty damn great in this episode. That鈥檚 all.
I have a love-hate relationship with the Tarlos dinner scene: I love it because it is beyond well-acted and is such an important moment in their relationship (they say multiple sentences in the same scene, what a concept!) and I hate it because my heart breaks for them every single time (TK鈥檚 definitely a little harsh and Carlos did NOT have to go so hard on the sad puppy face and destroy my whole heart...)
Things that make聽鈥淵ee-Haw鈥 a not-so-great episode of Lone Star:
Owen鈥檚 incredibly self-indulgent hair loss storyline. Seriously, 7 scenes about it? An entire nightmare sequence? It鈥檚 the most Rob Lowe thing to ever exist -- well, until episode 5, I guess (that鈥檚 arguably more annoying) -- and I say that as a person who has watched a lot of TV featuring Rob Lowe. I like the guy well-enough, but not at the expense of the other 8 main cast members.聽
(Full-disclosure, I also skipped all the Iris-related stuff. That storyline has never interested me, and I thought it was another self-indulgent arc written just for the show鈥檚 other lead to have something to do. It is truly so weird to me how this season was written, not at all like an ensemble show...)
(Also, because I鈥檓 a little petty, I do not vibe with Carlos calling TK聽鈥淭iger.鈥 That never needs to happen again, truly.)
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hot-stickzza year ago
Colin gray x reader
Tumblr media
(Hello, so this is just something I've been working on, along with a smoldering amount of others I'm trying to complete, but as of now I present you colin gray! Enjoy, if you want to see more of him dont be afraid to request stuff for him!)
How you meet: You go to school with each other. You see each other almost on a daily basis and sometimes you and him make an effort to say hello to each other. The first time yall actually started to talk to each other and be sort of friends was after you had punched this one guy in the face for calling colin a 'fag'. Which felt amazing!
The first time yall met was when you two were paired up together for a project and it was about music genres and you both went with rock music. You had a week together to work on it and so during that time you two became 'friends' of sorts. When you stood up for him, you ended up breaking this guys nose and he asked you all the while wincing, why you would stand up for a guy like him? To which you just laughed at him and told him to fuck off before you broke more than just his nose. He scampered off and as you were about to walk the other way colin pulled you aside as everyone was going back to there stuff and asked you the same thing. You didnt have some glorious answer, not some thing that would make tears fall, all you had was that it's what friends are for and if non of his other 'friends' wouldnt do anything, you sure as hell would. For that little explanation you got a cute little smile and a invite to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror at the Bijou the next week, to which you gladly accepted. So from that moment forward to now, yall have an amazing friendship and he hope fore more....but we'll talk about that later!
Second meeting: You go to school together, your literally in each others presence all day at school and then most of the time after and over the weekend so that pretty much sums it up, yee-haw!
What he thinks about you: Well let's just say that he doesnt see you as a friend anymore but someone he wants to be with. He just loves you. Thinks you are amazing and wonderful and he loves everything about you. Thinks your very creative even if you think differently, thinks your beautiful inside and out. I mean how much better can this get.
When he realizes he loves you: The moment you punch that guy in the face and when you went to a movie this one time not rocky horror but a different one and you accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder. That was enough to make him realize how much he actually liked you, he told himself he'd tell you soon and that he did, he told you and was expecting rejection but instead he was tackled in a huge hug that was literally bone crushing. So I guess that means yes to being his partner, so good on you!
His favorite thing about you: Your personality. He loves how you make him laugh, loves how you have similar interests and thinks it's awesome how you love his fashion style. He thinks it's awesome and others think its depressing and sad, but you on the other hand love it and even help him pick out scarves for his outfits.
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some random klaus / dave / klave smut and affection and angsty聽hcs (as of: 8/25/20)
klaus *lost his virginity at 14 *his first time was non-consensual *he was very high but also had a level of awareness. when he tells people he doesn鈥檛 remember it鈥檚 a lie. he does remember. not all of the details but enough - images of a location, the feeling of hands belonging to someone bigger than him, the pain. the crying that left his eyes red and had his siblings rolling their eyes at him the whole next day, avoiding him because of course klaus was high. he never corrected them *started having sex in exchange for money / drugs / shelter mostly on accident. some guy pays you for sucking his dick in the alley behind that one bakery鈥檚 dumpster, where the wall is warm, and things just.. escalate quickly聽 *(it actually started when he was younger than that but he doesn鈥檛 want to get himself in trouble and he鈥檚 not a snitch so, for those reasons, it鈥檚 totally the time above that starts it. and it鈥檚 totally an accident) *he really is into a lot of kinky shit. there are things he isn鈥檛 into of course but he reaches a point where: if it鈥檚 something the person he鈥檚 with wants and they鈥檙e a client - if they pay enough there鈥檚 a good chance he鈥檒l go with it. if they鈥檙e a partner - he鈥檒l still go with it. because what he wants or doesnt want doesnt matter, as has been shown to him over and over and over again. people give him the illusion of choice, asking, but klaus knows better *so a lot of his kinks do come from trauma and things from his time on the streets that he won鈥檛 talk about but he doesn鈥檛 care. and if somebody tries to get him to talk about it because it鈥檚聽鈥渘ot healthy鈥 (side eyes ben) he will exit the situation IMMEDIATELY聽 *his biggest kinks, the ones he genuinely loves and doesn鈥檛 need to train himself to get off on, are choking, being told what to do, and getting his hair pulled. also: he has a daddy kink but he never brings it up. if whoever he鈥檚 having sex with does then fine - but he wont *a few of the ones he trained himself to enjoy and now actually does (usually) are hitting, degradation, humiliation, being tied up (until his kidnapping), getting pushed around and forced into position (he tells himself its like being told what to do only a little more aggressive. or a lot more aggressive. tomato, to-mah-to) *is very vocal during sex - not always genuinely *very good at talking dirty when he鈥檚 in the mood to *l o v e s sucking dick and is v pro at it dave *lost his virginity at 29聽 *klaus was his first.. everything *he鈥檚 been kissed before - once, when he was younger. he didn鈥檛 know her name and he鈥檚 pretty sure she didn鈥檛 know his. she didn鈥檛 ask before kissing him. part of him is still a little disappointed that was taken from him but he feels like admitting that would be pathetic聽 *he doesn鈥檛 really know anything about sex - gay sex anyway. living through the homophobic 1950鈥瞫 and 1960鈥瞫 doesn鈥檛 exactly give a teen or an adult a real way to learn anything. he has a basic idea, and sometimes as a teen his brain would get uhhh creative, but that鈥檚 all *listen.. dave katz has a big dick and we all know it *he鈥檚 also very sensitive. everywhere. it鈥檚 annoying and embarrassing up until klaus gets his hands on him *and he鈥檚 not super vocal but he isn鈥檛 quiet either - he鈥檚 a fun and sexy in between *discovers he really likes sucking dick - not great at it yet but his enthusiasm makes up for that easily *is soft but also a dom-in-training klave *their first time is the same night we see them kiss in saigon *dave tops their first time, and a lot of the time. it isn鈥檛 until after they get out of vietnam and to the united states, in that era or 2019, that they try switching *everything about dave makes him seem like a top but klaus finds that putting dave on his stomach really changes that vibe quickly聽 *the first sex act that klaus introduces dave too their first time is blowjobs. klaus loves having a dick in his mouth and dave鈥檚 is *incomprehensible noises* so he asks if he can blow him. dave admits to not knowing what he鈥檚 talking about and klaus is suddenly the cheshire cat *dave is the first 鈥榬elationship鈥 he鈥檚 had where the other person actually gave a shit whether or not he came at all, let alone every time. *unlike with all previous partners klaus is very vocal in bed with dave and he鈥檚 never had to fake a thing *鈥漝ave loves making klaus flustered to the point of begging, but it has the drawback of him getting hard whenever klaus gets whiny, no matter the location鈥 - hc brought to my attention by @anglophile-rin鈥 and i love its o much *they actually have a fair amount of semi-public sex and not all of it is initiated by klaus *dave doesn鈥檛 have any kinks that he鈥檚 aware of but he鈥檚 more than willing to try out anything that klaus wants to do *they find out together that dave is definitely into Some Things
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
KLAVE SMUT?? HCS?? IDEAS?? (a few snippets from a discussion on the topic between myself and the angel, the yee to my haw, the legendary聽@cowgaykermit )
鈥渋 think for klave, a kink klaus didn't realize he had that is kind of tied into the daddy kink is a praise kink. he loves making dave proud of him. but he's never had someone he wanted to make proud before, not until dave鈥 - sara
鈥渋'm sad about dave's kiss too : ( i was originally going to go with 'dave has never been kissed at all', because he was at least kind of aware of his sexuality and didnt want to risk leading a girl on (cuz he's kind like that), but the 'being kissed without your consent' stuck out to me more. maybe its the angst, maybe it's the personal experience..s. plural. idk but it felt like it made more sense???鈥 - mace
鈥渁lso would any of his kinks change after the torture? like he's always been into being tied up but now when dave tries it he has a flashback and he swears he doesn't know where five is鈥 - sara 鈥渘o yeah if dave tried to tie him up, even if klaus suggested it (either not aware of the extent of his trauma mentally / emotionally or aware but thinking he could handle it) klaus would be right back in that motel room - beaten, covered in burns from lighters and cigarettes alike, cut, going through withdrawal as his dead brother stands in front of him and tries to lecture him - begging to be untied and let go, breaking down in a way he hadnt let himself during the real situation because he really doesnt know where five is. he really doesnt know anything - and dave would immediately untie him and try to bring klaus back from wherever he鈥檚 gone mentally that sounds so so terrifying-鈥 - mace
鈥渁nd YES!! 100% dave is down to try kinks and things. he doesnt know any but klaus suggests ones he thinks dave might enjoy, and ones klaus himself really gets off on. he offers up more intense ones, more advanced ones, later on - over time - not because he particularly likes them but because he wants dave to have the chance to try everything that sparks an interest in him鈥 - mace
鈥渁 supportive dave is the only true dave i think. like... can you imagine?? dave not supporting klaus in something??? unrealistic.鈥 - mace
鈥渓ike i don't mind fics where dave has some experience but yes klaus being his teacher and being nice and gentle with his teaching unlike when he was "taught"鈥 - sara
鈥渄ave asking klaus if whoever taught him was as kind and nice as klaus was to him and klaus not knowing how to answer that because obvi the answer is a resounding no but having to explain it, including his age and how he doesn't remember his first time fully and all this other stuff and he knows itll make dave sad and he can't have that because then dave is sad . also he wants dave to think nice things about him鈥 - sara
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Hi! I don't know if you are going to get this or not, but I just wanted to tell you this. I'm really sad you wont be on the blog anymore and I will totally miss it!! I shall miss all the talk of the yees and the haws and the random anons that send messages about toes and what not. I'm sorry you've not been having a good time on the fandom man, that totally sucks :( .Well, see ya when you come back, or if you don't that's cool too ;). I hope you have a freakin awesome day/week/whenever!!!
Hi anon! I just came back to snoop a lil and see if I have the post plus thing everyone is talking about (not that I'm going to start doing that, I doubt anyone would wanna pay for my shitty fics or whatever anyway)
Thank you so much though! It means the world to me that you support me and care about my blog! Honestly this was only ever meant to be some small little space for my interest in classic rock but I swear I have the best followers, and that never changed even as my following got a bit larger; for that I'm super grateful!
I might come back eventually, its just the toxicity of the fandom was really getting to me, coming on tumblr actually stressed me out ngl, and considering this space is something I curate for fun in my free time and don't get paid to do (although thanks tumblr for the option on that), I just didn't see a point in forcing myself to do something I wasn't having fun with. I'm still passionate about classic rock though and thats why my genuine return is still undecided as to if it'll happen or not.
I miss the 2019 fandom, when everyone was united over their love of the music. When everything was peaceful, the fandom had no drama and it wasn't some popularity contest. Sorry to vent on your kind ask though!!!
Anyway ilysm anon, and maybe I'll be back!! I hope you have an awesome day/week/ etc!!馃挅馃挅
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In this essay I will...
Talk about why I鈥檓 convinced that Taylor has Synesthesia. Yee haw.聽
I鈥檝e been thinking about this for a few years now and I figured why not type it up. I鈥檓 obviously not an expert, but my brother has it and I know a fair amount. He mainly sees dates / numbers / letters as colors. It鈥檚 super dope.聽
Thoughts below the cut because this post is really long.聽
What is Synesthasia:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From the (very basic) research I鈥檝e done I would guess that Taylor sees colors when she feels really intense emotions. She also could experience it in other ways as well, but this is the only subtype I have 鈥減roof鈥 of. It鈥檚 thought that people with synesthesia have enhanced memories, which would track with Taylor as well.聽
Examples of Synesthesia in Taylor鈥檚 Work
This isn鈥檛 a groundbreaking statement, but Taylor talks about color a lot in her lyrics. Below are some examples of Taylor using colors to describe emotions/feelings. I know this is not an exhaustive list and I also did not include any lyrics where Taylor is describing a color (example: ocean blue eyes). It became much more prominent the older she got and maybe the more聽鈥渋ntense鈥 her feelings became.
Blue (sadness, hurt): 鈥渄eep blue, but you painted me golden鈥 鈥渋ts blue, the feeling I鈥檝e got鈥 鈥渓osing him was blue like I鈥檇 never known鈥 鈥淚 blew things out of proportion, now you鈥檙e blue鈥 鈥渕y hearts been borrowed and yours has been blue鈥
Red/ Flames (intensity, passion): 鈥淟oving him was red, burning red鈥 鈥淚 once believed love would be burning red鈥 鈥淭his could go down in burning flames or paradise鈥 鈥淵ou see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night, burning it down鈥
Hella Colors (lively, happy) 鈥渢he rest of the world was in black and white, but we were in screaming colors鈥 鈥渓ike a rainbow with all of the colors鈥 鈥淚鈥檒l paint the kitchen neon, I鈥檒l brighten up the sky鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 shining like fireworks over your sad empty town鈥
Gold (dazzling, comforting)聽 鈥渋t鈥檚 like your eyes are liquor, your body is gold鈥 鈥淚 once believed love would be burning red, but it鈥檚 golden鈥 鈥渢his ultraviolet morning light below鈥澛 鈥渕ade your mark on me, a golden tattoo鈥 鈥渄eep blue but you painted me golden鈥
In Conclusion:
Tumblr media
I don鈥檛 have a real point to this except for the fact that I don鈥檛 think a lot of people know what Synesthesia is. Anyway this is my 鈥渢heory鈥 and that鈥檚 a loose term. I would bet that Taylor experiences this in many different aspects of her life and that鈥檚 part of the reason she is so freaking talented and creative. Let me know your thots, thots.聽
(Bonus: Listen to the song聽鈥淪ynesthesia鈥 by Andrew McMahon).聽
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julie and the phantoms live reactions: episode 1-4
ep 1
i know i made a post on how luke and declan (degrassi) look similar, but they even kind of sound the same
how big is this girls house?
wait, was the woman in the beginning her mom?
i think your cute, reggie
whats that cross doin to stop them. does it also have magic powers
also, where tf does she expect them to go? back to the hotdog car.聽
mighty microwave
why do they not like their aunt?
oh shit, secrets revealed!
mysterious man
she just knows every note and shit of this song shes never heard? like i think its implied she does know how to play piano, but she knows all the lyrics?
*takes hands off piano, music keeps playing lol*
wasn鈥檛 it night time when alex bumped into the mysterious man, but now its day?
her mom only used four sheets of paper for a three minute song? or was it not three minutes and im trippin
ep 2
ghosts <3
if they were real friends, not seeing each other every day shouldn鈥檛 be a problem -_-
bruh, like she was trying to tell you
okay, but like, why can she only see them?
ok, julie has had to had lived there for at least a year if not more, why is all their stuff there, did they just not bother to clean this studio out like ever?
was luke trying to threat reggie out of the band? lol
julie dropped out one day ago, and they already found a replacement?
are all their parents dead? they can鈥檛 be.
oh my gosh, alex鈥檚 parents were homophobes, and they all have shitty parents. i can鈥檛. why is this show so sad?
was alex always wearing a fanny pack as a backpack, or am i trippin
is the cliffhanger at the end of the show whether they sell the house?
but she never told them where the kitchen was
they didn鈥檛 move :)
wait, so does she not go to school because shes not in the program?
thems going to get caught
luke kind of sounds like niall horan when he sings
none of them look 17 (and idk how old julie is)
ep 3
鈥渁lgorithms and science stuff鈥
reggie dropping it like its hot
reggie your too good for those girls
so the whole music thing was a problem, until it wasn鈥檛
i keep forgetting they鈥檙e technically 17, and every time someones like聽鈥渢hey鈥檙e hot鈥 i get confused.
this girl is so dramatic. they鈥檙e definitely not friends lol
oh god, this trope. is this fucking camp rock.
so bobby was just dropped. c鈥檓on, they didn鈥檛 even try to look for him
i would also like to know the mechanic of being a ghost
oh shit, its jay from descendants lololol
accident=hot dogs
luke has no concept of personal boundaries and or space does he
聽is julie the reincarnation of bobby lol
the amazing race 18; unfinished business
luke needs to take a chill pill
ey ey ey, don鈥檛 bash my boi reggie like that
is it a default move for luke and reggie to sing into the same mic?
ep 4
is this a musical now聽
is luke the reincarnation of her mom? lol kidding
wait, did he want to jump the bench? because they moved it, and he didn鈥檛 jump it?
i support reggies dream of having a country album
is it about his dog?
oh shit!!!!!!!! bobby
they did not just roll up to this girls house
she just lets them have free reign of the house
oh no, i already know whats going to happen
they鈥檙e not going to show up...
ok im just going to not do this anymore because im not funny.
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Tumblr media
Oh by all means make fun of our state, it鈥檚 an easy state to mock! We鈥檙e the chicken hawk from the foghorn leghorn cartoons. Small, angry, surprisingly strong and has an annoying accent. The state is shaped like a phallus. Nobody is clear on if we鈥檙e in the south or north, and it really depends on the mood. Some days I feel like dropping an FDR accent, and some days i鈥檓 100% yee haw. Chlamydia is third only to white and black on our demographics sheet. Baltimore is rivals with every city on the eastern seaboard. We鈥檙e like聽鈥淚f it isn鈥檛 my arch-nemesis, Boston,鈥 and Boston鈥檚 like聽鈥淲ho... are you?鈥
Our state sport is Jousting! Would you like to know why? Because slave owners had a big chivalry mood in the 1800鈥瞫. Yet out of all the states, we鈥檙e the one who still is like聽鈥渙ur official sport is jousting.鈥 This isn鈥檛 a product of an antiquated past, like, Kennedy was in office when we passed the bill. When people petitioned Lacrosse to be our official sport, there was all sort of fuss and fury from the horse lords. That is fucking wacky.聽
At the same time, MD is like... I wouldn鈥檛 say I have pride but it ruins me for other states. I, a long hair cynic, will immediately go into聽鈥淲e don鈥檛 do things like this in the 410鈥 as soon as I see a restaurant chain that isn鈥檛 Giant. I鈥檝e been to other countries and if someone says聽鈥淚鈥檝e never heard of Mary - Land鈥 I grab that schnitzel eater by the collar and scream聽鈥淢ERLIN MOTHERFUCKER ACT LIKE YOU HEARD, ARF ARF.鈥 When the Ravens won the super bowl I remember seeing a BBC thing about it and was like聽鈥淥h boy British people are talking about our state! Our small, wealthy, entitled state with the best universities and jousting has finally made it to the big time.
And look, we hate each other and we鈥檙e always talking shit. BUT, god help you if outsiders talk shit. I was at聽 O鈥檚heas when Trump released his minions to聽鈥淐lean up the city.鈥 Now the crowd there leans in all sorts of directions, and if I鈥檓 there I鈥檓 clearly聽鈥榯he leftist鈥 but I swear to god, conservative, liberal, white black, lawyers, bartenders, and all of the various聽鈥淐had鈥檚鈥 that always takes the seat closest to you, all wanted to kick their fucking asses. It was beautiful. It was America at its finest.
Columbia people act like they鈥檙e the shit but eat at Sbarro鈥檚. They always have a friend who is really big into poker. If I match 98% with a woman from Columbia on Cupid, it becomes a sad tale where love wasn鈥檛 enough.
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Twinnnn just... loving Kiro hours because he's a literal angel and deserves so much more than all this angst. Anyway, in order to spread more Kiro love- whst's your favorite Kiro cards you have? (You can also include Victor too!) Mine is the CNY one because it's SO perfect. Ohhh and I need to know what this queen would like to recieve, in case I ever want to spoil her! Love youuuu. 鉂ゐ煒 (BTW April is Kiro month, and I can't wait! So excited. =D)
KATEEE ALWAYS ONGOING KIRO LOVING HOURS AT ALL TIMES I SWEAR ;w; //I still need to play those chapters tho so expect my spam of absolute scREAMINg when I do聽
mANNN I really would love that CNY card!! just seeing the date got me soft and gahHH still sad I didnt get it //rip
So im gonna cheat because I love screaming talking聽about my boys 聽so I鈥檓 gonna choose one with him alone and one with MC
BuT without a doubt my fav solo Kiro card is this one:
Tumblr media
its so playful yet sad because thats the chapter everything changes and I just asdfghj they cant give him a break huh? Was also reeeeally tempted choosing the gaming one because its adorable or the cowboy for the yee haw鈥檚 but I am just too soft for this karma asdfghj
As for the one with MC I personally for some reason really like this one?:
Tumblr media
Like I have no idea why?? He just looks so soft and the way he looks at MC and just鈥.. everything? poetic? cinema?
As for Victor because ya know you give me the chance to scream about him too and ill take it xDD for his solo one this is my fav:
Tumblr media
tbh there are others I could choose but this is actually from one of my favorite Victor dates and I just love it for the meaning behind it and it just reminds me to that date and eye- ;w;
For his MC karma this one is no question my fav
Tumblr media
tHE POSE?? The hand holding?? the corny-ness about it?? yes????
You are the cutest queennn
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ourravenboys2 years ago
Why you should read the raven cycle
-it鈥檚 basically set in a normal modern world鈩笍 but there鈥檚 鉁╩agic鉁
-talking trees and ppl with powers and stuff
-it鈥檚 basically abt 5 teenagers searching for a sleeping welsh king who鈥檚 said to grant wishes (I KNOW IT SOUNDS WEIRD BUT ITS NOT)
-it鈥檚 more character centric than plot centric which personally I love !!!! (I saw smo describe it as 鈥渕aybe the real sleeping welsh king was the friends we made along the way鈥)
-history stuff!! Latin stuff!! Kings!! Welsh stuff!! Ley lines!!
-Morally grey hit men!! Psychics!! Rich boys!! Ghosts!! Mechanical bees!!
-found family (they have my whole heart)
-god they all love eachother so much wtf
-rlly nice single mother/daughter relationship :鈥)
-enemies to friends to lovers troupe (enemies is a strong word tho I鈥檇 call them grudging acquaintances)
-friends to lovers troupe
-canon bi/pan character and gay character
-canon Korean/Chinese main ish character in the last book
-it鈥檚 just teens being dumbasses and fooling around sometimes
-other times they make u wanna cry bc they鈥檙e so sad and so confused and so dramatic
-ugh brotherly friendships have my entire heart
-one character has a pet raven named chainsaw
-they say 鈥淵ee haw鈥 more than once
-three of the main characters share an apartment and u can imagine how amazingly it鈥檚 described
-(hint: their fridge is in their bathroom)
-they have inside jokes abt stupid shit (murder squash !!!!!!)
-the 鈥渂adass, edgy, mysterious鈥 character actually sang Irish jigs for competitions and wants to be a farmer
-some of the things they do are just hilarious I can鈥檛
-tbh one of the main things that sticks out to me abt this series is just the relationships between characters and their connections like,,,,they love eachother so much I鈥檓 cryinfifjnd
-u will fall in love with all of them by the end of it
-the way it鈥檚 written is so good everything鈥檚 described so nicely and it鈥檚 so elegant
-but also she has a way of making u snort with laughter at some lines
-a teenage boy wears boat shoes and is rightfully shamed
-there鈥檚 so many layers to the story and connections through all four books
-lots of foreshadowing!!!!! Symbolism!!!!!
-skskdkdfjjdjdjd i love the raven cycle so much like actually pls read it
-(just a warning: I find the first book-and the second one-pretty slow. It goes uphill from there!!!!! I personally think the last book is the best!!)
The raven cycle is essentially a story about love and friendship and the connections you make with other people. It鈥檚 magic-y but also realistic and deals with real people issues!!! The plot is really interesting and when u re read it u realize more and more things
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cadaceusa year ago
Here are my thoughts, notes and liveblogs for Campaign 2, Episode 85 of Critical Role:聽鈥淭he Threads Converge.鈥 This episode... had a lot of content. We got a fight in Pumat Sol鈥檚 shop, we got Jester speaking with the Gentleman, we got secrets from Nott and Beau, we got a return to the Empire, and then some hints at the end for bigger battles to come... it was a lot to take in, which is why there are a lot of (very spoiler-y) notes!
Tumblr media
- All of them crawling onto the table to try and avoid the Caedogeist is so funny but also relatable dfghjkl
- Uhhh thank goodness Cad cancelled that crit because that would have been bad
- Update: it was bad
- Matt implying that Nott had died from the Caedogeist Critical (before double checking the rules) scared me half to death, do not do that to me Mr. Mercer!
- 鈥淒o you know why I joined a Tharizdun cult? Just for the Hell of it!鈥 I am once again asking for a Hideous Laughter compilation sdfghjklh
- I鈥檓 so frustrated at this Caedogeist aaaaah. It鈥檚 not as bad as the forest fight in Episode 79, but this is pretty bad聽
-聽鈥淪ometimes found family鈥檚 better anyway鈥
- Tbh they are right,聽 it鈥檚 The Gentleman who has missed out on seeing how awesome Jester is, it鈥檚 his loss. I still feel so sad for her, though.
- Caduceus admitting (even if just to the Gentleman) that he鈥檚 lonely and that he has no idea where his family are, how they are... :((
- Nott:聽鈥淚 haven鈥檛 looked at another man other than my husband quite like that.鈥 / Laura and Tal: *immediately mime Minotaur horns*聽
- Anyway both Nott and Beau鈥檚 secrets... *eyes emoji*聽
-聽鈥淚t鈥檚 just a crush鈥 insight check because I think Beau鈥檚 lying, tbh... I think it goes deeper than that for her
- Beau, drunk and accidentally saying the most iconic line in all of romantic cinema:聽鈥淚 could be her beacon.鈥
- Okay, this conversation between Jester and the Gentleman actually makes me respect him more than I had previously, and I like how it does give some closure to it. Like do I forgive him, no :( But do I appreciate what he said about聽鈥渁ny man can have a child, that doesn鈥檛 make them a father鈥... yes
- Them poking fun at Matt for having the same voice for every crier聽鈥溾橶e all have a high bari-tenor voice! We were all raised in the crier鈥檚 pits to the West!鈥 asdfghjklhg SHUT聽
- Harvest Rise Festival?? We missed a festival?? I鈥檓 gonna riot
- Marisha and Liam鈥檚 reactions to there being a package for聽鈥淣ott and Brave鈥 at the Pillow Trove, possibly from Astrid (but mostly just putting it here because I think its cute):
Tumblr media
- Taliesin/Caduceus:聽鈥淕ood money if it鈥檚 just from the Cobalt Soul trying to sell you life insurance.鈥 / Marisha/Beau, new Cobalt Soul Expositor:聽鈥淚t鈥檚 actually not a bad deal.鈥 LMAOOO
- Caleb using the stone to record Jester鈥檚 voice and lip-syncing to the person at the front desk...... this is Peak Dungeons and Dragons and I can鈥檛 stop laughing
- Sam saying聽鈥淒o not kill Pumat Sol. I will kill you.鈥 is a mood
- Yasha鈥檚 conflicted look and Caleb鈥檚 conflict at seeing his city again... not yee haw anymore, I鈥檓 sad
- Caleb:聽鈥淚 should go.鈥 / Fjord:聽鈥淲here?鈥 / Nott:聽鈥淗e wants to scan the city.鈥 / Caleb (to Nott):聽鈥淐ome with me.鈥 / Nott, without an ounce of hesitation:聽鈥淵es.鈥 Sorry for being emotional over here but god the way she doesn鈥檛 even hesitate, I just love them so much okay
- Ooooof so many bad rolls tonight (this is specifically in regards to Caleb鈥檚 6 on the Persuasion check, but it retroactively applies to Cad鈥檚 double ones for Perception as well)聽
- Red and gold are the colors of the Dawnfather, which means Cardinal Respa may be one of the high clerics there, which means... Tharizdun鈥檚 Fane
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chatinexistante2 years ago
Block List
I went through each and every one of the blogs I have blocked and searched extensively for why they were worth blocking. The ones that I found enough reason for, I put on this list.
If this is a reblog, check the original post to see the updates.
Without the slashes:
auntie//wanda - TERF
sakura//stallion - Trumed
lexa//probian - ace exclusionist, 鈥渜-slur鈥
arachne//thena - ace exclusionist, trumed, exorsexist
theftm//transmed - trumed, anti-mogai, anti-sjw, meninist
sad-wh//ite-boy - thinks men and white people are oppressed
aphobic//entrapta - ace exclusionist
vampire//acid - trumed, aphobic/ace exclusionist, exorsexist/anti-mogai
antisjw//action - anti-sjw, exorsexist/anti-mogai
mysjw//destroyer - (Edgelord鈩笍) 鈥淣o safe spaces or trigger warnings used here.鈥, 鈥渁nti-political correctness鈥, 鈥淚 don't give a fuck about your feelings. I don't give a fuck about identity politics. I don't give a fuck about intersectional feminism. I don't give a fuck about you getting offended.鈥
jock//oppressor - aphobic/ace exclusionist, 鈥渜-slur鈥, anti-mogai
definitelygay//rpgideas or needle//defgay - aphobic/ace exclusionist, trumed
gay//hets - aphobic/ace exclusionist
traq//qot - 鈥渜-slur鈥/queerphobic, aphobic/ace exclusionist, anti-mogai
gives-t//u-shits - trumed, exorsexist/anti-mogai
that-alien//-from-mars - exorsexist, suicide baiting
ukrain//yan - nazi/nationalist/whatever
venus//transmed - uses retarded as an insult, trumed, ace exclusionist
based//doomguy - extremely transphobic, calls people faggots and degenerates, just an all-around asshole
littleven//icetehm - 鈥済ender critical鈥 (aka transphobe)
spill-the-g//ender-tea - ace exclusionist, trumed, anti-mogai, anti-feminist
xal//thus - transphobe
fusro//dyke - TERF
doppio//dominos - aphobic/ace exclusionist
yee//haw-trans - trumed, aphobic/ace exclusionist
truscum-shit//posting - trumed, ace exclusionist
height//privilege - trumed, anti-feminist
the-opinion//ated-moose - fatphobic, anti-sjw, anti-feminism, anti-mogai, 鈥淣B critical鈥 (exorsexist), trumed
turtle//0verl0rd - trumed
truscu//m-vivi - trumed, ace exclusionist
draconi//s-debates or sleepy//ferrets - trumed
cottcn//candyfoxes - trumed, ace exclusionist
transmed//miku - trumed, anti-mogai
radd-f//emme - TERF
transm//edfrog - ace exclusionist, trumed, anti-mogai, uses retarded as an insult
serp//blr - aphobic/ace exclusionist
some//girls-blog - TERF, 鈥淜ill all trans鈥
terfyd//onut - TERF, 鈥淜ill all trans鈥
Add your own or tell me if you think I should add anyone (and why) and correct me if my reasoning is false about that person or if I missed something about anyone!
EDIT: I put 鈥渜-slur鈥 because it bothers me as a QUEER person.
Also, just because two people are on the same blocklist, that doesn鈥檛 make them equally bad, and I have no idea where y鈥檃ll idiots got the idea in your heads that it does.
UPDATED: Dec 4, 2020
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coffeeandcalligraphy2 years ago
9 things finishing my 9th book taught me
Hey People of Earth!
Oh boy is that title real. Is this it. Have we reached the top of the mountain. I think yes?? The deed has been DONE, the book has been WROTE, I am in SHOCK.
I honestly didn鈥檛 think I鈥檇 be writing this post until June, seeming as though I figured REWIRED had another 3-4 chapters still kicking. I鈥檒l go into detail about how the end of this book came to be in a separate writing update, but in short: it was an accident! (The book actually ends with the last chapter I updated on for this blog--BAD HABITS. If you missed that update, check it out HERE.)
I鈥檝e been writing REWIRED since October of 2017 (lil munchkin was in grade 11!). That means I鈥檝e been drafting this novel for a year and a half! Out of all my books, this one has definitely taught me the most.聽
I鈥檝e done posts like this in the past for my other books, so in honour of the tradition, here is nine things finishing my ninth novel taught me!
1. What I like to write
Oh boy, this is such a big one. The start of REWIRED was really hard for me to write because I was transitioning between two styles: YA with dystopian vibes, to a more literary voice. At the start of drafting, I had no idea I would eventually start writing this novel as litfic, hence why the style on page one is so different from the style on the last page. I knew my literary voice and tastes were developing, I just didn鈥檛 know where this development would take me.聽
From October 2017-February 2018, the style was a more refined take on its initial YA dystopian predecessor. It was only when I read The Girls by Emma Cline in March of that year that I really realized where I wanted my style to be! I had struggled finding my voice in that four month period of the novel鈥檚 first draft, but reading that book really clicked everything in place for me. Whilst I鈥檇 incorporated more of a literary tone in the early chapters, I felt unsure about the voice. But when I read The Girls and drafted chapter 9 of the book shortly after (ironically, I later titled it Girl), everything really clicked in place for me! (so basically my writing advice is read the girls)
From playing around with my style in this book, I鈥檝e really solidified what I love to write: adult litfic is where it鈥檚 at for me currently! yee haw.
2. Who my protagonist is
Reeve, the protagonist of REWIRED has been a character that has been with me since I was in grade eight (age 13). I鈥檓 going to uni in the fall and turning eighteen this year (wILD), so I鈥檝e been in her head for five years. I talk about this in detail in the vlog I鈥檒l have up of me finishing this book, but for so long, I tried to make Reeve someone she wasn鈥檛. I had this idea of what the 鈥渞ight female protagonist鈥 should be: someone kickass, unflinching, generous, but also a fighter. I had the very tropey聽鈥榮trong female character鈥 idea stuck in my head for so many years. Instead of writing Reeve as who she was, I wrote her as this strong female character--the person I thought she should be.聽
For a long time, I couldn鈥檛 understand why I鈥檇 always get feedback that Reeve was聽鈥渟o dramatic鈥, or聽鈥渟o selfish鈥, or聽鈥渟o annoying鈥. I tried really hard to fit her into this mould: I made her selfless, I made her kickass, the list goes on. But none of this worked. She was still聽鈥渟o dramatic鈥 and聽鈥渟o selfish鈥 and聽鈥渟o annoying鈥 and even I got so fed up with her, I considered writing her in third person because I just couldn鈥檛 stand her anymore. After five whole books of being in her head, straight on, I couldn鈥檛 do it anymore.聽
But REWIRED changed the game for me. Even in the beginning of this book, I won鈥檛 lie, I made an effort to make Reeve self-aware and apologetic for her bad actions, but it never made her any more聽鈥榣ikable鈥.聽I鈥檇 literally wrestled with her for five books and nothing I was doing to make her likable was working. So I gave up! I stopped trying to make her this kickass protagonist that was well-rounded and generous and logical and just accepted her for who she was. For five books, I鈥檇 tried to make her someone she wasn鈥檛, and she literally didn鈥檛 care and kept up until I gave in and really accepted her and allllllll her (many) flaws.
And... that鈥檚 actually how I started to LOVE Reeve. Before this, I鈥檇 never really loved her (I鈥檇 always preferred my boys), but book six Reeve said FUCK THE BOYS I'm THE BEST. Which. Fair. Because she really is. Reeve is arrogant, and selfish, and irrational, and manipulative, but I love her SO much, and I鈥檓 so sad I didn鈥檛 appreciate her this much until this book because she鈥檚 the best?? On top of this, I鈥檝e been absolutely blown away at the reception she鈥檚 gotten on this blog and within friends! I鈥檓 still sometimes shocked when people say they love Reeve because I spent so much time trying to fix her when she didn't need fixing. Now she goes around claiming she鈥檚 God and shit, and she鈥檚 never been more herself, oops. 聽
3. That writing buddies are important
Like for real though, this book never would have been written without my buddies. Literal extreme thanks to @sarahkelsiwrites for putting up with my ass writing this book. I was the worst??聽
This book was really difficult for me to write/keep up with. I鈥檇 experienced an overload of school, and tonsss of anxiety that really witheld me from drafting as I鈥檇 expected. Thanks to Sarah, this book actually got written? Sarah is basically my ghost writer? Sarah is basically my ghost?? Period??聽
Also a huge shout out to my moms @sssoto and @shaelinwrites who鈥檝e been cheering me on and like being so nice about the writing in this book since the start?? Like I鈥檓 sorry this is a cheesy Oscars speech, but I love you all?? Y鈥檃ll are the reason this book done got wrote??聽
My writing buddies are the best please send them all the love in the world!
4. That writing doesn鈥檛 have to be fast
I love going back to my writing updates from 2016 where I was like聽鈥渙mg guys I only wrote 500k words this month omg ahaha!鈥 and laughing because sis went from the goddamn HARE to the TURTOISE real quick with this book.聽
With the style + genre change, this was to be expected, but holy wow? I slowed down like 200%. But--I鈥檓 not mad at this at all. I think I learned how to actually take my time with writing because of this book. I wrote 70 words today? GREAT. I wrote 200 words this month? You know what--that is WONDERFUL, writing is not always about how quickly you鈥檙e putting out words! I used to get caught up in this mentality a lot when I was younger, so learning to accept that slow + steady wins the whole fckin race really helped.聽
5. That my writing doesn鈥檛 have to be morally correct
Lol I learned this so much, so so much. I had a huge habit of trying to correct the morally incorrect in my book, even when it was out of character. I did this a lot with Reeve (see above), where she鈥檇 say something, and then stiffly apologize for it even though she never would actually do that. This was my attempt at making everything morally correct, and ties into the whole聽鈥榤y characters must be likable thing鈥.聽
I call book six the book of making everyone bad people, and that鈥檚 what it BE. And I鈥檇 never want it any other way! I learned I love writing about bad people, and bad things, and bad people doing bad things. It鈥檚 my guilty pleasure, and I ain鈥檛 ever going to stop.聽
But I really stopped trying to resolve all the聽鈥榤orally incorrect鈥 content in my books like I used to (when out of character of course) and embrace evil?? like yesssss, welcome to the dark side.
6. I鈥檓 capable to push through struggle
Whilst I never felt this way during times of struggle, looking back, I definitely know I鈥檓 capable to fix my issues even when I feel they are unfixable. Even if I have to do this with a LOT of help (*cough* sarah *cough*), I know this is possible. I had a lot of lows writing this book, but I always made it out, no matter what. I鈥檝e learned to trust myself a lot more, and give myself time to sort through the mud instead of giving up entirely.聽
7. Everything is changeable
Ya girl done changed everything in this book. From resurrecting characters to changing Reeve + Darren鈥檚 relationship from *wholesome friendship* to *wild failed engagement*, to giving Emily an entirely new personality, I really learned to embrace change in this book. I think a lot of us get caught up in the worries of change. This can cause lots of self doubt etc etc. The FOSTERED series is a personal project, but even knowing that, I was so hesitant to change things at the start of the novel. But as it progressed, I learned that hey--I make mistakes. Sometimes something doesn鈥檛 go the way I thought it would, sometimes I think of a better way to execute something. It鈥檚 not the end of the world to change things. I鈥檝e embraced chaos, basically.聽
8. I don鈥檛 always have to stick to plans
This sort of plays into the last point, but I definitely want to talk about this! Whilst I鈥檝e pantsed this entire series, I鈥檝e also incorporated *some* level of planning. Whether that鈥檚 loose character arcs or plot threads etc, there鈥檚 always been a direction to follow. However, upon realizing even minimal planning sometimes was not working, I took a step back and just said it was totally okay for things to go聽鈥渙ff course鈥 (I like to think it鈥檚 being driven to a new course). I scrapped 50% of what the novel was supposed to be and let it occur as it was.聽
This is even relevant with how the book ended! The end came suddenly, and I鈥檇 had it written for a month without realizing it was the end! Plans are good, but not sticking to them is sometimes even better. This book turned into something completely different than intended, and I鈥檓 very happy about that! It allowed me to discover the story as I went, which is invaluable! I can鈥檛 stick to plans and you know: I dig it.聽
9. I鈥檓 a good writer
I impulsively want to put a question mark at the end of that, but you know, we are *confident* in this house *not really*.聽
This book made me really consider that maybe... just maybe... I鈥檓 a good writer. That doesn't mean I鈥檓 a perfect writer or never make mistakes--lol I make *many*, but I do think I really honed in on my craft through this book and wrote some good shit?? This book really solidified that I know I can write--not perfectly, but writing, nonetheless. I hadn鈥檛 really considered myself a good writer until this book, but ye, I def think I鈥檓 at least half decent!
So that鈥檚 about it for this update! THANK YOU for following this journey, folks, I can鈥檛 believe it鈥檚 over (like really I鈥檓 in shock someone help lmao), but unfortunately the party aint over til its over cuz I鈥檓 dragging you with me as I write the next book in this never ending series someone take the PEN out of my HAND. Your support has been so valuable to me! See y鈥檃ll in the next book what mess will I get myself into next, oh god !!
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