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I’d like to bring attention to some fabulous fics I’ve come across this week. These authors are extremely talented and I’m thankful they’re sharing their gift with us!

The list below is in no particular order. Please check out their Master Lists and Read, Comment & Reblog if you enjoyed any of their works. A little love goes a long way!

Please heed all warnings.


Steve Rogers

Golden Boy by @angrythingstarlight

Neighborhood Watch by @threeminutesoflife

Alpha Steve Blurb by @sweater-daddiesdumbdork

HeadintheQuinjet by @xbuchananbarnes

Steve’s First Warm Spot by @drabblewithfrannybarnes

Toxic by @imdarkinme

Stucky x Reader

While you were sleeping… by @mypoisonedvine

Invasion of Privacy by @tropicalcap

Chris Evans

Chemistry Read by @lahyene

Honey & Sir by @evansweaters

Chris Evans x Reader x Henry Cavill

Your know you want it by @peachyteabuck

Henry Cavill

Henry Fingering HC by @punani

Not Now Kitten by @littlefreya

Super Baby by @angrythingstarlight

Captain Syverson 

Mesquite Grove by @sapphirescrolls

August Walker

More Than Temporary by @threeminutesoflife

Bane x Reader x August Walker

What Matters is our Plan by @threeminutesoflife

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I’m assuming you wanted soft Freddie so that’s how I wrote it, hope you like it love ✨💜

  • The boys did well tonight, more than we’ll actually, they won 5-2 over the Islanders
  • You told Freddie that you’d meet him at home, knowing he’ll probably be celebrating a little in the locker room
  • It’s been a long day so as soon as you get to your shares apartment, you walk to your en suite to get ready for a well needed shower
  • In the middle of rinsing the shampoo out of your hair, you hear the door creak open and turn to see your boyfriend, looking almost as tired as you are and giving you a small smile
  • You hum as he hops in, wrapping his arms around you in the process
  • “Good job out there baby…” you whisper and he places a kiss to your neck, “Thanks elskede.”
  • You both sway for a little while before he pulls away, “Can you wash my hair babe, please?”
  • You nod and grab some shampoo, lathering it into his scalp and allowing your fingers to graze over his head, loving how his eyes flutter shut and his breathing evens out
  • “You must be tired love, it was an intense game.” He nods and you smile down at his frame, admiring everything about him
  • You rinse out his hair and he hums against your chest, listening to your heartbeat matching with his
  • “C’mon big boy, let’s get you to bed.”
  • You help each other to exit the shower and walk into the bedroom, drying each other off with your towels
  • You throw him a pair of his boxers, putting on a pair yourself
  • Freddie climbs into bed and watches as you shut off the bedroom light, turn on both of your alarm clocks, and turn your tv onto a random music channel
  • He’s got a dopey smile on his face and as you walk over to the door, ready to shut the light off you notice his stare and playfully narrow your eyes
  • “What?”
  • He chuckles and shakes his head, taking a moment to just look at you,
  • “I love you.”
  • A smile is immediately crossing your face and you brush your hair out of your face, “I love you more, Freddie..”
  • You shut the light off and quickly climb on the bed, cuddling into his side
  • “Goodnight elskede”
  • “Goodnight Freddie”
  • You drift off to sleep and although he’s fighting his sleep, he can’t help but think about how lucky he is to have you
  • “I love you, so much.”
  • Kissing your temple, he feels you snuggle into him and he finally allows himself to fall asleep, content and happy.
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“Just a sec.” Luke called out as he pulled on the clean pants and grabbed a fresh shirt from the coat closet in his office. “Oh, hey, it’s you. I had a question for you. You ready for this?” He asked, motioning for her to sit as he buttoned up his shirt.

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So. The Kane Chronicles are going be adapted into movies by netflix and while i am excited as fuck bec TKC is my favourite series ever i know for a fact that netflix will absolutely fuck em up in some way and i am going to be livid when they do

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Anon. You come onto my blog? Come into my space? And you bring Tsu with you??

I LOVE her. She is absolutely fantastic. Easily, EASILY my second favorite character. I think she’s FANTASTIC. I love her design, I love her family, I LOVE HER. Her going against Ectoplasm? Mwah. The appreciation she deserves. Her quirk is also COOL AS HELL.

Romantically, it’s hard for me to choose. The most realistic is Midoriya and Tsu. But…I read a oneshot that was her and Shinsou and…It’s stuck to me. I love the ship way more than I thought I would.

Platonic OTP with her would be………Probs Midoriya and her. I like to imagine they are besties when they’re pros. BRO PROS.

I think her badass moments, while I did like them and they showed her character well, fell a little flat. Lowkey, I wanna see angry Tsu. Let Froppy go feral 👏

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