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#its coming home
hldailyupdate5 months ago
Long Hair Louis celebrating England鈥檚 win! Oi oiii. (29 June 2021)
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sickohoran4 months ago
饾惄饾悶饾惂饾惌 饾惍饾惄. jack grealish.
Tumblr media
饾惏饾悮饾惈饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悹饾惉: angst? smut, swearing. not hate just angry. lil bit of desperation idk. arguing, tension, boyfriend! jack, yelling, build-up, lack of foreplay, unprotected soft sex (don't be silly, wrap your willy). make-up sex.
饾惉饾惒饾惂饾惃饾惄饾惉饾悽饾惉: quarantining with your fiance seems fun, until you realise that maybe you're not as compatible as you thought...
Three weeks. Three weeks you had been stuck in this house with Jack, and although it was fun at first, you had started to loathe the sight of him. You hated how he did nothing, he just sat there all day and night contributing nothing. Sure, he was out of work and it wasn't like his job entailed paperwork but surely, he could've found something to do instead of getting under your feet.
You loved him, of course you loved him. The ring on your finger showed you were willing to devote everything to him: to live and die for him, to give yourself to him. But right now, as you stood leaning against the living room door as he downed another beer and put his shoes up on your expensive mahogany table, you felt sick to your stomach.
An unintentional sigh fell from your lips, catching his attention. His head turned from the movie playing on the TV and towards your stature slumped against the wall.
"You alright?" He asked, putting the beer down and turning to face you fully. "You sound...fed up"
"It's nothing, don't worry" You laugh it off, walking into the living room and heading over to the armchair, pushing his feet off the table as you did so.
"Okay, somethings definitely up. Talk to me, babe" He stood up and followed you to the armchair, his stature towering above you as you curled up in the furniture.
"Jack, it's genuinely nothing. Just watch the film" Nervously laughing, you turn your head to the TV, pretending to take interest in whatever was going on.
"If you say so..." His voice trailed off as he backed towards the sofa, sitting down, ignoring how you tensed when his feet hit the dining table.
And it didn't get better after that. He would eat all the food, and drink all the beer, and not clean up after himself, and you swore it was like living back with your siblings again. An absolute pigsty. Like living in a swamp.
Everyday was the same. Wake up early due to Jacks fidgeting and sweaty body pressed against yours, go take a shower to realise that all the hot water was gone, pick up all the mess that he had left the previous night, and crawl onto the sofa like a lonely child and wait for his return.
However, today was different. Jack was in a bad mood after being awoken by the sounds of the neighbours and the noise of you taking your first hot shower in days. He was snappy, and tired, and you felt like you were walking on eggshells with everything you did. The tension for the last three and a half weeks had been unbearable, and all you wanted was to go have some time alone with your friends, maybe even swallow your pride and go see your siblings, but you just couldn't. You were stuck in this flat with a man you were growing to slightly resent.
"Jack, what do you want for dinner-" He cut you off before you could finish.
"Nuffin, not hungry" He murmured, sipping on a near empty cup of tea. "Had a snack not to long ago" He gave you a tight-lipped smile and put his mug in the sink, quickly rinsing it under the hot water for a moment.
"You sure?" You asked again, raising your eyebrows at him as you closed the fridge, deciding that if he wasn't gonna eat anything, you weren't gonna cook.
"Yeah, Y/N, I'm fine, stop pestering" He mumbled as he left the kitchen, his posture slumped and uneasy. You knew something was wrong, but it was best to leave him in situations like this.
But it was always back and forth. One of you would be upset about something but would never communicate. Everything in your relationship has become a game of halves, and since the thrill of your engagement has passed, you wonder whether it was a good idea in the first place.
And so, it stayed like this for a few more days, lock-down eventually hitting the month mark. Neither of you had spoken a full sentence to each other in days, Jack spending most of his time on the sofa. You couldn't even remember the last time you shared a bed with him, or even had any contact with him at all. Despite the phase of hatred for him you went through earlier that week, you had grown restless, and the only thing left to do was talk.
"Jack?" You asked, pushing open the living room door in the late hours of the evening. The TV was flickering faintly as some sort of faint noise echoed out of the speakers. Your fiance was sat in the corner of the sofa with a pillow on his lap, and once again, an empty beer bottle in his hands. He hummed softly in response to you. "It's late, come to bed baby"
"After this" He said, hardly even opening his mouth. He didn't even look at you, his eyes staying glued to the television.
"That's what you said last night. And the night before. And you ended up sleeping on the sofa and complaining that your neck hurt" You walked over behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder, pulling away when he visibly tensed up at the contact. The last thing you wanted was to make him uncomfortable.
"Yeah, well-" He sighed, looking down at his feet and then back at the telly. "Go to bed, Y/N, it's late"
"I'm not going back to bed until you do"
"Jesus fucking Christ!" He snapped, rolling his eyes and tipping his head back. "Just leave me the fuck alone. All you've done is get under my feet!"
You were silent, staring at the back of his head with nothing but rage behind your eyelids. "How the fuck do you think I feel? You've done nothing the entire time we've been stuck in this goddamn flat. I have Uni work to do, I clean the house, I cook you meals, I spend my money doing our shopping. You haven't fucking contributed. I don't even speak to you during the day because you're too busy watching whatever the fuck this is than speaking to your own girlfriend!"
"Yeah, have you ever stopped to think maybe there's a reason for that?" He stood up from the couch and faced you. "God, Y/N, you're so self-centred, I don't even have time to think because you're always nagging me for something or other"
"Maybe if you co-operated with me I wouldn't have to nag and we wouldn't be in this situation!" You shouted back, his face searing hot with frustration. His shoulders dropped as he looked into your eyes and then towards the bedroom door.
"I'll take the couch" He picked up a blanket and a pillow from the armchair and started to set up on the sofa.
"No, Jack, no" You took the pillow and the blanket off the sofa, watching as he held out his arms in confusion. "I don't care if we fucking hate each other at the moment, get in bed. I'm not having you sleep on the couch again"
"God, you're so confusing. One minute you're screaming at me and the next you're telling me to get in bed with you!" He said more to himself then you.
"Who said I was getting in with you? If you don't wanna sleep in bed with me, that's fine, I'll take the couch" You muttered, putting the pillow and blanket down.
"No, either we both take the bed or I sleep on the couch"
And so, another night of dissatisfaction and burning hatred was spent sleeping in a bed next to each other. Well, next to each other was an overstatement. With the pillow fortress you had built in between each other, you were essentially in different territories.
That next morning you woke up bright and early, Jack still asleep in his half of the fortress, his bare back facing you as his arm flopped out of the bed. You know how much he hates having any of his body out of bed, so you sneaked round his side and tucked him back in. His face held so much peace when he was sleeping, not even a flicker of anger from the night before still showing, much unlike you. You hardly slept due to the pure rage seething through your veins, and the red hot anger burning your lungs with every intake of breath.
Deciding to get an early start instead of wallowing around in self-pity, you wandered into the kitchen and flicked the kettle on, setting out two mugs to make Jack a coffee for when he wakes up. A peace offering, if you will. Asking to talk.
But before the kettle could even stop boiling, you felt two familiar arms wrap around your waist, a warm face nuzzling into the side of your next and scratchy hair tickling your cheek. This is how your mornings were supposed to start.
Jack pressed a light kiss to the curve of you neck, moving your hair out the way and resting his chin on your shoulder.
"I'm sorry" He whispered, closing his eyes and putting his forehead on your shoulder and swaying. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I was such a dick"
You tilted your head back, the back of your head resting against his shoulder as your bodies began to melt into one. He continued to press kisses to your shoulder, his hands clamping down on your waist in a sleepy daze. A grumble left his throat as he pressed light pecks up the side of your neck and to your cheek, eventually spinning you around to look him in the eyes.
He cupped your face in his hands, his dark eyes looking into you as your breath got caught in your throat. He parted his lips to say something, but paused as your eyes flicked down to his mouth. A signature smirk arose on his face as he slowly tilted his head down to yours.
Your mouths fit together like missing pieces of a puzzle as you melded together into one. The kiss was slow, and gentle, touching the water before you dove right in. His tongue grazed your bottom lip as you opened your mouth to let him in, your belly filling with warmth as he pulled you closed by your waist.
Your chests were pressed together as your hand run up his chest and cupped the nape of his neck, your hands running through his hair. A groan fell from his mouth and lander in yours as he struggled to kiss you with the feeling of your hands in his hair, a feeling he would never get tired of.
His arms wrapped tighter around you, holding onto the small of your back as he pushed you out of the kitchen and towards the bedroom, still kissing you with the same amount of love and passion he had been ridding you of the last few weeks.
His fingers played with the hem of your shirt, well, his shirt that you had stolen, as he pressed gentle kisses across your cheek and down your neck. His lips reached your collarbone, and your head tipped back with a small gasp. You swore you were already seeing stars and he hadn't even done anything yet.
"Jack.." you whispered, a small hum passing through his lips as he pulled your shirt over your head, your bare breasts being exposed to him as he pulled away from your neck to look at you.
"You're so beautiful" He whispered, his pupils dilating to saucers as he admired your half naked body in front of him. "And all mine" Jack smirked, rubbing circles with his thumb into your waist as your hands once again found themselves running down his bare chest and to the waistband of the grey sweat-shorts he was wearing.
"You've had me pent up all week" You murmured, looking his body up and down as his hand cupped your jaw, lifting your head up to look him in the eyes. His face showed nothing but love and adoration for you as his hands continued to rub circles into your body. "I missed you so much"
"Y/N" Jack whispered back to you, resting his forehead against yours, his hands finding yours and intertwining your fingers together. "I love you so much"
"I love you" You replied, your hands travelling down to pull down his shorts, you both now just standing in your underwear. His fingers played with the hem of your lace underwear as he looped his fingers round and pulled them down, leaving you completely naked and at his mercy.
He kissed you once again, this kiss being filled with longing and desperation as he pushed you back onto the bed and climbing on top of you, your chests being pressed flush against each other. You continued to kiss each other desperately, the pool in between your legs growing warmer and warmer. Your hands danced down to his boxers, pulling them down with the same amount of desperation he did you.
His cock sprung out and rested against his stomach as he chuckled gently into your mouth, you throwing his boxers somewhere across the room. The two of you lay there kissing for some time, your hands trailing across each others body, teasing the places you needed each other the most.
"Darling..." He whispered, pulling away from the kiss, his lips puffy and hair a mess. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were drunk on love for you. He was on cloud nine, and felt he would never come down. "Are you sure?"
You nodded, your hands taking solace in his hair, him closing his eyes gently and savouring the feeling.
"I need to hear you say it" He opened his eyes, looking at you as he sat on his elbows, his eyes scanning your face for any sign of hesitation.
"Yes, Jack, yes, I want this" You giggled, a smile gracing his face as he leaned down to kiss you again, his hands grabbing his cock and guiding it towards your heat.
A gasp tumbled from your lips as he pushed into you, his biceps tensing under your hands soft touch. You felt full, and a feeling of satisfaction you hadn't felt in a while filled you up, your eyes closing as you rested your forehead against his shoulder.
Jack pulled out of you, and pushed back in as your bodies melted together once again, his cock grazing that sensitive spot inside you straight away. A guttural groan fell from him as you clenched around him, your nails digging into his biceps.
"Fuck, baby" he groaned, his beard scratching your neck as his warm breath travelled down your body, sending shivers down your spine.
The euphoric feeling continued to take over your senses, nothing but pleasure and happiness coming over you as he continued to thrust in and out of you. A load moan left you as he hit your g-spot over and over again, his thrusts becoming more desperate as time went on. His head tipped back as a groan escaped him, his hands latching onto your waist, watching as your tits bounced with every thrust of his hips.
"Oh god, Jack, baby" you damn near screamed as your eyes rolled to the back of your head as his hips started to falter and his thrusts became more frantic the closer he came to his release. "I'm gonna"
Your orgasm cut you off, your senses exploding as Jack groaned in your ear, his release chasing him soon after you. His breath warmed your cheek as he looked at you staring at the ceiling, your chest rising up and down as you felt his warm cum filling you up.
"Y/N" he whispered, you moving your head to look at him next to you. You smiled lightly at him, your breath mixing with his as his hand cupped your jaw to stroke your face. "I love you"
"I love you too" you whisper back, pressing a small kiss against his lips as he struggled to kiss you back, the aftermath of his finish still flooding his veins.
And in this moment, despite the month of torture you had spent wanting nothing more than to be rid of the man on top of you, you found comfort in his arms. The beard tickling your shoulder and the breath going down your spine and the familiar feeling of the cold ring on your finger was comforting. For the first time in your life, it was pure happiness.
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joshwilkz4 months ago
Tumblr media
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realphilosophytube4 months ago
i lost 200 twitter followers for tweeting about the football, presumably they were all Kasper Schmeichel鈥檚 alts
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brun-the-disir4 months ago
Absolutely made up Italy nt won against England nt. I鈥檝e got nothing against the English team I actually noticed they were a good and strong team but god their fans were so bad throughout the Euro 2020. The arrogance, the whistles, the lasers, the booing at the other anthems, the matches always played in London except for the Rome one (where they cause problems). No wonder Europe hates England. Well done Italy for being able to win this hard game despite all the odds against your favours.
And to the Italians in the UK, please keep safe and avoid big crowds. To English fans on tumblr, please make your friends aware of this problem.
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radicalgraff4 months ago
Tumblr media
Corrected Euro graffiti in London. Not really radical, but very amusing.
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inking-my-splatzone4 months ago
Please tumblr cancel me but reading about people complain about football and England on tumblr is actually so pathetic. Its clear so many people who post that kind of thing have no clue about football. Trying to say that England didn't deserve to win that game because of historical colonalisation is exactly the type of reductive politicising that doesn't need to come into it. Especially when the team, staff and FA are so vocal about raising awareness and supporting social justice causes because of how the nation's history reflects on the ethnic and diverse make-up of the team today and the society they represent. Don't make an issue over something not in their control when that kind of thing is something they are hoping to affect a positive change on.
If you want to talk about fans booing other national anthems, sure. But that happens elsewhere too. I've even seen people co.plain about England fans booing when the other team is in possession... so what!? It's just to give urgency to your own team to get back in the game, stop making problems over nothing. There is literally hardly any difference in the way England fans support their own team and jeer the opponents than other European countries. Why anyone has the idea that all mainland European countries fans behave like saints 100% of the time is beyond me.
I could guess a lot of people on tumblr who post those kind of stupid things are the same kind of people who watch eurovision with such enthusiasm and somehow got confused that a competitive sporting event was the similar to a silly song contest because it had "euro" in the name. If that's true, it might please you to know that the fans were clearly loudest when their voices are joined together in song and celebration, than they when chiding their opponent in good spirits.
In summation; Shut up tumblr, you clearly do not know what you're talking about. I'm shocked I've been driven to write this much over stupid people, but please post your hate down below so I can laugh. 馃憤
Oh also! England were obviously the better team. Denmark were terrific for much of the first half, but their resilience was out matched and over run by England across 120 minutes. They played a great game and had a wonderful tournament, considering how it started, but it wasn't to be. Soft penalty? Sure. But that's football sometimes, you just have to deal with it and move on. England have many a time been on the wrong side of a poor decision, this time we were lucky.
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gangstaguenther4 months ago
Lando, George and Lewis: ITS COMING HOME!
*1-0 England*
Lando, George and Lewis: You were saying?
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rohan-kishibabie4 months ago
Quick headcanons since Italy won the Euro Cup:
Isn't too into football but watches and cheers when they score, groans when they don't
Is happy to see the group sit together to watch someone so just takes in the moment
Could not care about the actual football, more annoyed at how England fans slander the Italians
Definitely drinking at the fact they've won to celebrate
Is over Formaggios shoulder telling him what to say to the English fans
Is actually into the football, keeps up on the updates on his phone
Cheering along, asking what's happening, asks questions about each player
Doesn't like how excited everyone is going to be over the next couple days, so mentally prepares for that
Similar to Formaggio just more toned down
Singing, cheering, has been drinking all night so definitely very drunk
Has the bases window open to scream out chants into the street
Running around screaming
Calling out all the England fans on Twitter
Swinging his shirt around
Has the Italian flag colours painted on his face and chest
Is trying to get everyone to calm down
Has taken this as an excuse to drink too, so he's not very effective
Is the one to go chase down Formaggio when he runs out into the street to sing chants
FURIOUS over the England fans calling out the Italians
Screaming his lungs out when Italy win
Has to restrain himself from kicking things in the excitement, it's very overwhelmed for him
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Okay so firstly why does tiny football car have a twitter account and secondly why the fuck am I crying
Tumblr media
Divesity Win: Tiny football car is gay
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rivercloak4 months ago
Those of you hating on 'its coming home' obviously havent heard the song and it shows
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sickohoran4 months ago
Hiya could you write a jack grealish smut ,
Were y/n is teasing Jack while he is training and he ignores them as he is with his team mates but he keeps getting turned on and he texts y/n back telling them to stop 鈥測ou better stop this now or I鈥檒l make it worse for you.鈥 And of course y/n doesn鈥檛 listen and sends a text back questioning him 鈥渨hat if I don鈥檛, you going to spank me?鈥 But little do they know that he is actually back home as he left earlier and he reads the text and answers out loud and it leads to like some rough hot sex where jack is just punishing them for teasing him in public. It ends with after care obvs and jack jokes about them not doing it again but y/n answers with 鈥 you know I can鈥檛 make promises I won鈥檛 keep Jackie鈥
If you鈥檙e not comfortable that鈥檚 completely fine <333 I also love your work<3333
饾惉饾惍饾悳饾悺 饾悮 饾惌饾悶饾悮饾惉饾悶. jack grealish.
Tumblr media
饾惏饾悮饾惈饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悹饾惉: teasing, sexting?? idk horny texting, dirty talk, rough sex, f oral, voyeurism? teasing in public ig, unprotected sex (pls use a condom guys) female reader
饾惉饾惒饾惂饾惃饾惄饾惉饾悽饾惉: accompanying your boyfriend to training means a lot of teasing...and a lot of other things too.
Sitting on the sidelines of a small football pitch was torture. Watching your boyfriend run around in a vest and tiny, tiny shorts that clung to his thick thighs perfectly had you more wet than you already were. You planned on having some fun that morning, but by the time you woke up Jack had already showered, eaten and gotten dressed. He was completely ready for the day, and by the looks of it, didn't have a single thought in his head other than training.
He looked over at you from where he was standing with the boys, flashing you a sweet smile and a nod, asking if you were okay. You had been sat with some of the other boys girlfriends, chatting for the past hour, but you were getting restless, and you just wanted to go home with Jack. You gave him a nod, confirming that you were alright, and engaged back in conversation with the girls. However, you could still feel his eyes piercing you.
You glanced over at him, expecting him to meet your eyes, but his gaze was settled a bit...lower. You looked down, realising that leaning over the seats had pulled your shirt down a bit, your cleavage on full display for him. You pulled your shirt down lower, his eyes shooting away from you and towards his teammates.
And it was much like that for the rest of the afternoon. The sultry looks you would give him, stretching your back every time he looked at you, more and more of your cleavage being revealed every time. But no matter what you did, nothing seemed to rile Jack up enough. That's when the idea struck your head. Pulling your phone out your pocket, you opened up his contact.
Like what you see? ;)
He saw his phone light up in his bag, quickly jogging to the other side of the pitch to fetch it. You watched as his eyes scanned his phone, slowly going wide as he pushed his tongue to the side of this mouth and chuckled, furiously messaging you back.
You better stop this now or I'll make it worse for you.
Giggling to yourself, you text him back, ignoring the heated conversation going on between your friends next to you.
What if I don't? You going to spank me?
Slipping your phone back into your pocket, you pick up your bag and excuse yourself from the girls.
"Hey, sorry to cut this short but I gotta go. Places to be" you said to them, nervously giggling.
"Girl, we all know you're going to go get it on. We've seen the looks you and Jack have been giving each other" One of them said, sending you all into a fit of giggles. "Go, quick, looks like he's leaving too"
And just like that, you were off, bidding goodbye to the boys and speed walking down the stairs towards the car park, looking for your boyfriends car, but it was already gone. You smiled to yourself and ran towards your car, jumping in.
Returning to your apartment block, you head to your normal parking space to see that Jacks car wasn't there. Excitement coursed through your veins at the idea of him arriving home to you lying on the bed, wearing nothing but his favourite red lingerie. Squealing to yourself, you locked you car and ran over to the lift, pressing the button as you shot up to your floor.
The flat was quiet, and his shoes weren't by the door, confirming your suspicions that he wasn't home. You slipped your shoes off and hung up your coat and bag, running over to the bedroom, stopping when you hear a voice coming from the en suite.
"What if I don't? You doing to spank me?" Jacks deep voice rumbled through the room as you stood in the doorway, seeing his shadow moving closer to the door. He appeared in the bedroom, a smirk on his face as he held his phone in his hand. "Really, Y/N? You think teasing me in front of everyone is funny?"
"Jack" You looked at him seductively, slowly walking over to him as he turned his phone off and placed it on the side table. "Don't act like you weren't teasing me, too. Running around in those tiny little shorts, showcasing those thighs that you just know I love to ride" You were whispering by now, your hands running up and down his thighs, fingers tracing just where he needed you.
"Well, you must know how it feels now" His hand landed firmly on your ass with a smack, a small moan leaving your mouth and landing in his. "Now you know how it feels to see your favourite part of me on display, not being able to do anything. Not being able to please me"
"Who said that was my favourite part of you?" You asked, tilting your head to the side as your arms snaked around his neck, holding onto him with your chests pressed flush against each other. He raised an eyebrow at you, looking you up and down before his eyes landed on your cleavage, the rock in his shorts pressing more and more into your stomach. An animalistic growl left his mouth as he picked you up and threw you on the bed, ripping your clothes off your body mercilessly.
You were left in nothing but your bra and underwear as his hand snuck around your throat, choking you and forcing you to look at him in the eyes. He was breathing heavily as he watched you squirm beneath him, you hips bucking up at him searching for some sort of friction.
"You like when I use you like this, baby, huh? Is that the dirty girl you've become?" He chuckled at you, letting go of your neck and ripping your lace underwear off, his fingers plunging into you. A roar tumbled out your mouth as he curled his fingers inside you. "Yeah, who's makin' you moan like that?"
His fingers continued to work inside you, your body writhing under his touch, everything inside you exploding like fireworks. Moans dripped from your lips as he chuckled into your ear, kissing on that sweet spot beneath your neck.
"Oh God, Jack, I'm so close" Your release was chasing you, pleasure filling your senses as the world above you blurred, the only thing you could focus on being the sensational feeling flooding your body. Just as your orgasm was arriving, he pulled his fingers out of you, leaving you aching for him still.
"Oh, no, poor baby. You thought you were gonna get out of it that easy?" He laughed, grabbing your waist and flipping you over onto all fours, your ass in the air as he spanked you harshly, a moan escaping you as you gripped onto the headboard of the bed.
You heard him shuffling behind you, his clothes flying across the room. You felt his cold hands fiddling with your bra straps as he ripped it off you, his hands reaching forwards to grab your tits as he kissed up your spine, his hard on pressing into your folds as you begged for some sort of release.
"Jack, please baby, just fuck me already" you panted. He chuckled, his hands leaving you to grab his cock, guiding it towards your pulsating heat.
"Oh, eager, are we?" He dragged the tip of his length up your folds, teasing you, shallow breaths escaping you in anticipation.
All of a sudden, he plunged into you, sending your body jolting forward with the sudden action. A load moan flew out your mouth as he bottomed out of you and thrust back in.
Pleasure overtook you as he pounded into you, rough smacks being landed on your ass as you screamed in ecstasy. His cock grazed your special spot over and over again as your orgasm piled on you.
That familiar warm feeling filled you as butterflies danced in your stomach. You felt nothing but pleasure as the man behind you rocked his hips towards yours, his fingers squeezing into your hips as moans left his mouth.
"Close already? God, Y/N, you must really want this?" Jack teased, his hips pounding into you. He chuckled, hot breath being blown up your spine, another moan ripping through you.
"Please, Jack" You cried, tears streaming down your face. Your toes curled at the feeling of him inside you, pins and needles erupting in your legs as your orgasm came closer and closer.
"Go on, baby." Jack whispered as his hips faltered, his release coming close too. And just like that, you release overtook you, pleasure leaking from you as you felt Jacks warm cum fill you up. "You're so good to me" He said, his hips stopping as you flopped onto your stomach.
He pulled out of you, leaving you breathing heavily on the bed, your vision black as you recovered from your orgasm. Jack came back a few seconds later with a warm wash cloth, wiping you clean as he lay down next to you, kissing the back of your neck as your eyes fluttered open.
"Wow" you mumbled, rolling over to face him. His eyes were droopy, and his cheeks were glowing pink. He chuckled, his hand lightly rubbing your stomach as he leaned in and pressed a light kiss to your forehead.
"You should tease me more often" He smiled, pulling the blanket over you and pulling you closer to his body, your head leaning against his chest. "Joking, promise you won't do that again, else next time I wont be able to hold back"
"You know I can't make promises I wont keep, Jackie"
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threelionsgirl4 months ago
Tumblr media
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jasbaklonbri4 months ago
Tumblr media
So many peeps want us knocked out so bad 馃槀
Couldn鈥檛 care less 馃槀馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆仴鬆伄鬆仹鬆伩
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rashfcrd4 months ago
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ginerva-mollyweasley4 months ago
Three Lions
Tumblr media
鈥楾hree Lions on a shirt Jules Rimet still gleaming Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming 鈥
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mssifcb4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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