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#its me ya boi

bitches always coming back to Tumblr when going through a major depressive phase.

It’s me. I am bitches.

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Extra resin from a cup that I was planning on tossing till I realized that it would be a cool coaster. Used this to practice sanding and polishing and I think the final product looks pretty good.

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Do any other systems with hard to reach alters communicate through likes and favorites on various social media websites instead of like, words like on StickyNotes or memos on phones, which would be SO MUCH BETTER AND CLEARER? No? Just us? Ok then…😂😂😂

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Today I have:

1. Taken my anti depressant

2. Got blaze pizza for super cheap and AHA watermelon+lime.

3. Got high while i ate said pizza+ sparkling water.

4. Went and got Starbucks

5. Started watching “the other two”

6. Danced to “what U need” by jojo/did a dab/hot higher

7. Played animal crossing at some point

Thnx 4 reading❤️

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Wassuup I was tagged in a Thinggg by @xauroraxborealisx so heres kind of an introduction hello!!

Relationship Status: Spoken for

Favorite Color: Yellow

Three Fave Foods: gumbo, bbq sausage, beignets

Song Thats Stuck in my Head: Cabinet Man by Lemon Demon

Last Song I Listened to: Dota by Basshunter

Last thing I googled: “Guild Wars 2 Medium Armor Gallery”

Dream Trip: I wanna go back to Cowboy Cabin. Feel like pure shit just want it back

Anything I really want: Man I just wanna see my friends i miss em

Uhhhh if you wanna do this go for it idk who to tag!

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Hello and welcome to the shitpost Javid/Javey edit I just made. Yes I’m sleep deprived, so yes this is a flop and, incidentally, an accurate representation of my mind 24/7 with different ships.

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