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#its ok to turn the screen off and think about something else
shinyzango · 3 years ago
Also I’m rewatching a playthrough of Chp4 again and I just noticed something else among the other things...
When “Alice” talks to you while “Boris” attacks you. There’s a specific part that sounds somewhat off to me:
"Ha ha ha! Meet the new and improved Boris! I took what I wanted, and in return, I gave him so much more! And this time, there's no Ink Demon, no escape. Boris, tear him apart! Leave nothing!" 
That one specific sentence to be exact. She may just be referring to the moment earlier where “Bendy” supposely saved Henry from the Projectionist... but, I’m just thinking here, what if it’s referred to him just in general?
Ok I’m just rambling again here... But I’m seriously starting to consider the idea that “Bendy” doesn’t want to harm us... he just wants us out.
Let’s recap here one sec:
In Chapter 1, “Bendy” only shows up after you turn on the Ink Machine (and probably starts moving after you turn on the pressure flow according to the noises you head).
In Chapter 2, “Bendy” only shows up once Sammy summons him, going after him first. The reason behind that could be either that “Bendy” got annoyed by Sammy’s call or he didn’t like the fact that he used Henry himself as a sacrifice. Then he pops out in the ink pool in front of you and chases you down the corridors, until he gets stopped by the door at the end.
In Chapter 3, things get a bit more intense. He roams the floors... but if you think about it, he doesn’t seem to be seeking out for Henry specifically. He just... walks by. It’s not like he walks in, stops to look around and then leave. He just passes by. And even whe he spots you and runs up to you... we do not know what he may do to Henry. It’s not like “Bendy” actively attacks you. The screen just goes dark when he catches up. It could just be a gameplay mechanic, but I still find it weird.
And finally in Chapter 4... he barely shows up for some reason. He just appears on the other side of the vent you’re crawling in, supposedly just taunting you (probably he can’t really reach you in there so he just leaves you be), and to fight the Projectionist. That battle sequence has quite a few things that makes its nature questionable... like, if the theory about the cutouts being his eyes is true, how did he realize we went in there and we were attacked by Norman if the entirety of the Maintenance area doesn’t hold any cutout at all? Also another weird thing is... he phases through walls to travel, as proven by the end of the battle. Then why did he find the necessity of smashing open the armored door? If you look at how the door is positioned, it’s clear that it got smashed open as “Bendy” entered the room, not as he left as a “here now you can leave”. Also he seem surprised when he notices henry in the miracle station, which seems weird if you think about it. Also that would be the perfect chance to kill Henry... but no, he just picks Norman by the leg and leaves.
So yeah... I’m seriously thinking that “Bendy” doesn’t actually want to harm Henry here.
But then idk I may be wrong about all of this. Just rambling at this point.
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rudystopit · 4 months ago
[Denki x f!reader]
summary: you've been friends with Denki since your first year at UA. one morning he makes a joke and it haunts your dreams. you slowly develop a crush and the daydreaming begins.
all characters are aged up!!
warnings: nsfw, oral, light quirk play, overstimulation, and praise kink.
wc: 3.2k
Tumblr media
You tossed and turned. Blankets thrown on the floor and pillow scattered around your bed. Every time you closed your eyes, that stupid scene played in your head. This morning you were hanging out by the third year bakugou’s desk with kiri and denki.
You joked that Denki couldn’t get any girl. Then the guys made bets. You can tell he was getting pissed. then he turned to you and grabbed your hand. He pulled you close and whispered something along the lines of “if you wanna know how I’m in bed, just come by tonight,” you instantly became flustered and walked away from the boys.
You sat in your seat and tried to think about something other than Denki. You could hear Denki and while Sero asked what he said. Bakugou told them to shut up and leave him alone.
Now its night and you can’t stop thinking about this stupid joke. It was totally a joke… right? You flipped over and faced the wall. You huffed and searched for your phone. 11:09. you scrolled through instagram for a little bit trying to thinking about something else. You saw cute dogs and other little animals. You watched the craft videos. You laughed at some memes and sent a few to your friends. Then you saw a stuffed Pikachu. You groaned and turned off your phone.
“Screw you Kaminari,” you whispered, staring at your ceiling. “I can’t even enjoy mindlessly scrolling through my phone without thinking about your dumb face,” you mumbled.
You stared at the ceiling for what felt like hours before your eyes slowly drifted to sleep.
You felt warm hands travel up your sides. Soft lips pressed even softer kisses into your shoulders. You smile and lean back against the person’s chest. his hands snake up to your stomach and he snuggles his face into your back. Your hands intertwine with his. You feel his head move away from your back. He shifts and plants a kiss on your cheek. His blonde hair tickling you face as he leans down. He whispers into your ear, “I love you,”
You snap up. Face beat red. the sun is rising. There’s no way you just dreamed about Denki. Nope nope nope. It didn’t happen. You swing your body off the bed and headed to go take a shower.
Nothing like a freezing cold shower and barely enough sleep to put you in a good mood. you dry your hair as much as possible with the towel. You flop yourself onto the bed and pick up your phone. Just your friends answering your late night messages and group chats saying good morning.
You open your Spotify and press the 2000s throwbacks. You toss your phone onto the bed as it tries to load the song on UA’s janky wifi. You start getting dressed for the day. Then it plays… Electric Feels by MGMT.
“Oh Fuck No!” You yell, running to your phone to change the song. “Not right now,” you slam your thumb on the screen to the next song. You sigh and go back to getting dressed.
after your very fun morning, you were dreading homeroom. You walk in and instantly head your seat avoiding the boys. You hear them laughing and yelling at each other. Uraka leans over her desk to talk to you.
“Hey y/n are you ok? I saw you weren’t hanging out with Bakugou and the others,” she sweetly asked you.
“I didn’t sleep much and those idiots will give me a headache,” you replied looking to the front of the class. Your eyes skim over the class. Yuga, Mashirao and Mezo were all sitting at their desks while kiri, denki, sero, and mina all crowd around bakugou’s desk who looks irritated.
They’re all laughing and you can’t help but to stare. You smile yourself. Denki looked so adorable laughing. He always had a goofy personality and it was easy to be yourself around him.
You catch yourself staring at him and mentally smacked yourself. “No y/n, he’s annoying and dumb,” you mentally scream at yourself. Then Aizawa walks in.
Class went by incredibly slow and you catch yourself drifting off. One time you zoned completely out… staring at him…
You walk to the lunch room with Mina and Tsuyu. They talked about whatever the hell Aizawa taught and making plans for the weekend.
“Hey, how come you didn’t sit with us this morning?” Mina turned to you snapping you out of the daze you were in. You shrugged and walked to the line. “Well, Denki made this joke I knew you would have loved,” she continued talking. “I wish I remember what it was.”
After getting your food you sat with them. You decided sitting with Mina and the boy so they’d stop asking you what’s wrong. It was getting super irritating. You sat in the middle waiting for the boys to get here. Mina chatting on about this cute outfit she saw last weekend and that you should go back with her to get it.
The boys came in a loud cluster and shoveled into the seats. You got used around a bit and when it settled, you were across from Kiri, who smiled and waved. He was next to Bakugou and on the other side was Sero. That means you stuck between Mina and… Denki…. You quietly ate your food and smiling when you needed too.
Suddenly you felt a hand travel up your leg and rest itself on the middle of your tight. You face goes instantly red and you push it off, only for it to return. You stomp on his foot. He yelps and everyone looks at him.
“Ouch y/n,” he whined, “what is your problem? Are you pissed at me?” He looked like  he was about to cry.
you push away from the table and leave. Not wanting to deal with the shitty mood of no sleep because you are developing a massive crush on a literal idiot.
You keep walking till you’re outside and you sit down. You feel like crying. You see Aizawa walking by. You run up to him and tell him your not feeling well and you’re going back to your dorm.
The walk back was peaceful and quiet. The dorms were silent and calming. Once you made contact with your pillow, you were out.
You feel your face pressed against someones chest. You pull away but two arms keep you close. You feel him kiss the top of your head. Your legs are tangled with his and he whispers how much he loves you. you move your arms to wrap around his neck and lean your head up. You look into his golden eyes. He gives you a goofy smile and kisses you.
You pull him closer and close your eyes. One of his hands slides up your shirt and rubs your lower back. You pull way from the kiss, foreheads pressed together, you whisper, “I love you Denki,” he smiles
A loud slam wakes you up. You see Mina standing there. “Hey are you ok?” She asks pulling her shoes off.
“Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night and im not in the mood to deal with the boys,” you move your feet so she can sit with you.
“Y/n, are you running a fever?” She asked putting her hand on your forehead. “You’re all red.”
“N-no, I’m fine,” you laugh it off and push her hand away. “I’m sorry about lunch. I hope Denki isn’t mad at me,” you sigh.
“He’s not. He wanted to come with me but I told him that he’d probably make it worse somehow,” she laughed. “Well, I’ll let cha get some more sleep. See ya later, y/n,” she waves and leaves.
You flop back down. you stare back at the ceiling. You pick up your phone and saw there was a few messages from Denki, Mina and Kiri. You tap on Denki’s notifications.
Tumblr media
You roll your eyes and toss your phone away. “Complete opposite Denki,” you whispered. you closed your eyes and tried to go back to that dream. You wanted to be with him. You needed his warmth. You needed his dorky smile. You needed him.
You tired to go back to sleep for what felt like hours, till you gave up and picked up your phone. 11:30.
Tumblr media
You make your way down to the third floor. You stood outside his door for a few minutes trying to collect your thoughts. You take a deep breath and knock. The door instantly flies open.
“Y/n are you ok?” He starts, “what’s wrong? Did I do something?” His voice is full of worry while you just stare at him. You slowly start walking in while he backs up still asking if you’re ok.
You had enough of the questions and you grabbed the collar of his shirt. He looked shocked. You look into his golden eyes. Suddenly, you body went into autopilot and you smashed your lips into his. he backs away in shock, but you still held onto him. It took him a few seconds to realize what’s happening, but once his thoughts cleared up, he kissed you back.
His hands found their way to your hips as he pulls you closer. Your grip on his shirt loosens and you fingers snake themselves into his blonde hair. His hands slide up your shirt. His cold hands make you hiss into the kiss. He smiles and pulls the shirt over your head. You had those two seconds to breath because after the shirt as off he back on your lips. His tongues grazing over your lips. You smiled but kept your lips closed. He backs you up against the door. He lifts his knee in between your leg. his tight makes contact with your clothed clit and the sensation makes you mewl slightly, which made Denki seize the opportunity and slipped his tongue into your mouth. He wasted no time exploring your mouth and his hands wasted no time exploring your boobs.
one hand slips under your bra. He massages your soft flesh. his index and thumb twist around your nipple and you feel a light zap. your eyes fly open and you pull back. Denki looks back at you with the widest grin. you shake your head. this is the man you fell for.
you placed you hand on his chest and pushed him off of you. he gives you a stunned look then quickly notices your moving to the bed. you flash him a quick smile and turn to his messed up bed.
his large hands grab your hips and he pulls them to him. his breath lingers on the back of your neck. he plants a chaste kiss on the pit of your neck as you pry his hands off your hips. you sit on the end of his bed.
his hand lifts your chin up to look at him. your hands move to the waistband of his shorts. you try to pull them down without breaking eye contact. you sink to the floor with his shorts and are met with a semi hard dick in the face.
you kiss his tip as his fingers lace themselves into your hair. you move to the base of his cock and you lick a long line along the underside of his dick. you hear him suck on his teeth.
“come on, babe,” he whines, tugging your hair slightly. you look up innocently as you bring his tip into your month. by the look Denki’s face was making, you can tell he was ready to bust just by that simple contact.
you swirl your tongue around his swollen tip. you make sure to give it a few little sucks to really get him going. the saltiness of his ore cum and the thought of reality of the situation makes your core tighten. you can feel your already wet.
“y/n, more,” Denki whines, after ‘waiting too long’ for you to add more into your mouth.
you sink your head slowly down his shaft. he takes a sharp deep breath and he grips your hair just a little tighter. you moan at the hair pulling which causes Denki to let out his own moan. sweet jesus it sounded like angels.
you wanted to hear more of his angelic moans so you start to bob your head more while humming. he lets out more moans and his fingers loosen on your hair.
“fuck, that feels good,” he moans, pushing you head back to looking at him. the slight of you on your knees with his dick thrusting in and out of your mouth sends a hue of red to his face. he quickly looks away and let’s you continue.
you knew he was getting close, so position yourself till his dick his hitting the back of your throat. you focus on your breathing throw your nose while he starts taking control. his hand is now on the back of your head. he tilts it up to get a better look at you and so his dick can get further down your throat.
his trusts become more frequent and quicker. his face twists in pleasure as his hot cum goes down your throat. he sloppily thrusts a few more times and pulls out. he grabs your chin. his thumb forces its way in and he opens it.
“good girl,” he says in a low voice. he leans down and kisses your forehead. “now get on the bed. it’s my turn to make you feel good,” with that you get up and sit on the edge of the bed.
he sinks in between your legs. this large hands grip your thighs and slowly moves them apart. he plants soft pecks on your inner thighs as he travels to your dripping heat. his warm breath hit your core and sent shivers down your back. his tongue drags itself through your folds. he gives your clit a few flicks and enjoys the sounds coming from your throat. your hands make they way to his soft hair.
he continues to suck on your clit while one of his hands slide from your thigh. he slips two into his mouth and pulls them out with a pop. then those two fingers into you. you take a sharp breath and your fingers tangle into his blond hair. his fingers thrusted in and out.
“denki~” you moan out. his fingers curl to hit that sweet spot. you arc your back into his fingers. he moves his lips away from your clit and gives your thigh a love bite. you thug his hair. he smiles against your thigh.
his lips moved back to your clit. his tongue swirls around your sensitive nub. he grazes his teeth across your nub. his fingers began quicken pace and soon you felt the knot in your stomach form.
he curled his fingers again, feeling the sponginess of your sweet spot. he rubs his two fingertips against it. his mouth removed itself from your abused clit and positioned itself at your entrance. he continued thrusting until the knot snapped and you arched your back. he removed his fingers and his mouth had taken the place. he lapped up your juices and listened to your sweet moans.
you came down from your high and released denki’s hair. he looked at you and smiled. he stood up and planted a kiss your forehead.
“gimme a sec” and with that he ran to the bathroom. you stayed laying on the bed. you tried to collect your thoughts. you were currently laying on your friend’s bed after he just ate you out. you blush madly and cover your face when denki reappeared into the room.
“what’s wrong y/n?” he rushed over to you. he pulled your faces away from your face. you were widely smiling and your face was as red as a tomato.
“i’m just happy,” you whispered, kissing his cheek.
“ok good,” he gets up and opens a condom. he slips it on and moves in between your legs.
he grabs your legs and moves them to around his hips. he drags his tip across your sensitive pussy. then he positions his tip at your entrance. he looks up to you for an ok.
“denki please i need you,” with that he pushes his way in. you inhaled sharply, surprised at the size. tears pricked your eyes. you knew he was relatively large but it feels different when it’s in you. you let out a moan when he bottoms out.
he leans down and peppers your neck with kisses. he cups your boobs as he waits for you to adjust to his size. after a few seconds of him kisses you, you roll your hips to see if you were ready. he feels you move and groans into your eyes, which makes you bite you lip.
you roll your hips a few more times before denki takes control. he slowly pulls out then slams back in. you scream in pleasure as he ruts back into you. he does this a few more times before falling into a pace. his hands grip your upper thighs as he thrusts in and out. you have your fists gripping on to the pillow as you let out beautiful moans of pleasure.
your moans fuel him to go harder and rougher. soon the room was filled with your moans, skin hitting skin and light pants from denki.
“shit y/n, you feel so good,” he groans pounding a little harder than normal. “you’re so good to me,” he whispers, watching his dick go in and out of you. “i love those little noises you make and those cute faces you make” he smiles looking at your face twisted in pleasure.
you feel his pace quicken and he biting down on his lip. he’s about to cum. one of his hands releases your thigh and moves to you clit. he rubbed at the same pace as his hips. soon the knot in your stomach reappeared.
“cum on his dick for me, y/n,” he moans about to come undone. his words fueled the fire and you felt the knot slowly coming loose. he quickened his pace even more and rutting even harder into you.
the knot comes undone and you moan out his name. he feels you cum and you pussy trying to milk him. he cums with a loud grunt and rides out his and your high.
his trusts slow down and he pulls out. he leans down and kisses you. he pushes a piece of hair behind your ear. “you did so good,” he said and rushed off to the bathroom.
you roll over to find your phone but found denki’s instead. he had three notifications.
Tumblr media
you giggle and toss his phone to the side as denki comes back. he lays next to you. you lay your arm and head on his chest while you leg is crossed over his body. he kisses your head.
“i was gonna tell you sooner, but i thought you hated me,” he says.
“i dont,” you answer kissing his chest.
“good,” he smiles.
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insainlymarvel · 2 years ago
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warning: Fluff
Summary: Everyone knows you have Bucky wrapped around your finger, everyone except you.
Tumblr media
Bucky knew he was screwed since the day he met you. He couldn't help but stare at you every time you laughed, smiled, hell he couldn't help but stare at you in general. You were so breathtaking to him and he couldn't control it. But you didn't notice it.
"Hey Buck." You said as you sat on the couch next to him while he flipped through channels not finding anything worth watching. When he heard your melodic voice he stopped and gave you his full attention.
"Hey." He said with a dazed grin on his face as he saw you.
"Anything interesting on today?" You asked as you took the remote from his hands and started flipping through channels yourself.
"Not that I could find." He said and you gave a disappointed look at the screen.
"That sucks." You said as you continued to look.
"We could just watch a DVD," he suggested, trying to lift your spirits. "I still haven't watched a lot of movies."
"Sounds great," you said as you thought for a moment. "We need to go to the store though."
"OK, what are we grabbing?" He asked as he stood with you.
"We need snacks, we're turning this into a movie marathon and snacks are needed." You replied as you both headed towards the elevator. He smiled at the thought of spending the whole day with you lazily watching movies.
You both returned with a mountain of snacks in Bucky's arms.
"I could have carried something Buck." You said with a laugh as Bucky craned his neck to try and look at you over the mountain.
"Its no problem." He said as you both walked towards the living room, Bucky dropping the snacks at the coffee table. You walked towards the DVD collection and scanned through looking for something interesting to watch.
"How do you feel about watching Harry Potter?" You asked with a large smile on your face. He practically melted at the sight.
"Sounds great." He said with a grin as he sat on the couch watching you put the DVD in.
You both watched the movies, during the first one you leaned into Bucky's chest while his metal arm was drapped across the back of the couch. You snuggled into him comfortablely, at this point all he could do was stare down at you with the movie completely forgotten.
During the fourth movie you began drifting off into sleep, Bucky smiled as you started to yawn and rub your eyes.
"You getting tired, Doll?" He asked with a sweet voice.
"A little." You said as another yawn erupted from your mouth. "OK, alot." You giggled and reluctantly sat up. You always had feelings for Bucky, he made you smile more than anyone else. Everything about him had your heart beating, it felt like you were flying whenever you were around him. But you were sure he only saw you as a friend, or sister. It tore your heart in two but you lived with it. "I'm gonna go to bed." You said as you stood. "Thanks for the movie marathon." You said with a chuckle as you walked back to you room waving him goodnight.
"Anything for you." He said quietly as you walked out of the room, his eyes followed you until you were out of sight.
"You have it bad man." A voice said to him as he turned and saw Steve grinning at him with his arms crossed.
"I know." Bucky said with a groan as his eyes instinctively looked back at where you retreated to. "You think she noticed?"
"She's oblivious." Steve said as he watched Bucky nod at his response.
"I'm heading to bed." Bucky said as he stood and started towards his room.
"Have fun dreaming of Y/N!!!!" Steve called after Bucky teasingly.
"I will!!!" Bucky said back with a mocking tone in his voice before he went to bed.
When you woke up the next morning everything was strange. Everyone was up and chattering happily which was unusual, usually mornings consist of most people still sleeping or everyone groggy and grouchily sipping their coffee.
"What's going on?" You asked with a worried look on your face.
"We had a great idea that we're doing this weekend." Nat said with a large grin on her face.
"What's the idea?" You asked as a plate of waffles and coffee fixed just the way you like it was laid in front of you. You looked up at the person giving them to you and it was none other than Bucky himself.
"Good morning Doll." He said with a grin. You smiled up at him with a look of appreciation.
"Thank you Bucky!" You said happily as you grabbed the syrup and started going to town on those waffles. You waved to Nat to continue since you now had a mouth full of food.
"A 1940s themed party!" She exclaimed with a smile. "Its gonna be great! You and I have to do some shopping!" You were shocked but excited nonetheless.
After you were finished eating you got ready and met Nat at the elevator. That whole day was spent shopping with the party being tomorrow. It was surprising that Tony could dish out a party with no real notice but you knew anyone who got invited was gonna be there, it was a Tony Stark party after all.
"You excited for Bucky to see you in your outfit?" Nat asked as you sipped on a soda. You about spit the drink out in shock to her question.
"What?" You asked as you loudly swallowed your drink nervously.
"What? Its so obvious you have a thing for him." She said with a smirk.
"Is it really that obvious?" You asked with a sigh as your shoulders slumped in defeat. You knew it was pointless to argue with Black Widow herself.
"To everyone else yes, to Bucky no." She said with a grin. "Steve and I are gonna try and change that tomorrow."
"What!?" You said, your eyes probably looked as big as dinner plates they shot so wide. Nat laughed at your expression.
"Look we're gonna set you two up and that's that, don't worry about it, I got this." She said but you couldn't help but worry.
It was late when you two returned, you both found Bucky sitting on the couch flipping through channels as you both walked in. As soon as the elevator dinged Bucky's attention turned quickly to it as he saw you and Nat walking through. His shoulders relaxed with an ache, he didn't notice how tense he was all day until he saw you. You were always able to help him relax just by existing next to him, Steve was right he had it bad.
"How was your day?" Bucky asked as he stood and walked towards you two, he gently took the bags from your hands. He was always doing gentlemenly things like that, but only for you.
"It was good, lots of walking." You said with a laugh.
"Well its late, I'm going to retreat for the night." Nat said as she waved us goodnight with bags filling her hands as she left.
"I'm probably going to follow her lead on this." You said with a grin as you went to get your bags from Bucky.
"It's probably a good idea that I do the same, I will walk you to your room." As he skillfully avoided your hands as you both walked towards the rooms with him still carrying your bags.
Going to sleep that night was difficult, you couldn't help but let your mind wander and thoughts of Bucky filled your head. So safe to say you didn't get much sleep.
The day of the party you and Nat got ready in her room. She was wearing a black dress that hugged her body but the hem flew out in an A-line. You wore a similar dress except it was bright red and the neckline was showing off some cleavage perfectly. Both of you had simple make up with bright red lips. Afterwards you both looked in the mirror and nodded at the results. Both looking like proper 1940 pin up girls you finally headed out to the party that already was in full swing.
(Listen to this playlist while party is going on)
Music was wafting through the air the sounds of trumpets and violins melodicly filled the room as you walked in. You quickly spotted a man with dark hair in a soldier uniform with his back towards you, he was very familiar to you and you walked up to him to confirm your suspitions. You put your hand on his shoulder, he turned and you were met with those blue eyes that made your heart soar.
"Bucky." You said in shock as you smiled looking over him. He wore what looked like his old uniform and he looked damn good in it. He had his hair cut and was completely clean shaved.
Tumblr media
"You look great!" You said with a smile on your face. Bucky on the other hand was speechless when he saw you, he had no words as he stared at the beautiful woman in front of him.
"Doesn't she look great Bucky?" You both heard Nat say and all Bucky could do was nod with a dazed expression on his face.
"Lets go get a drink." You said to Bucky with a smile, he grinned as he held his arm out for you which you took as he lead you towards the bar. You both ordered your drinks as you looked over everyone laughing and dancing to the music. "So did you use to dance Bucky?"
"Back in the 40s? All the time, going dancing was a usual date for me back then." He said with a grin as he took another sip.
"Come on." You said as you put your drink down and took his hand in yours.
"What are you doing Doll?" He asked as he let you pull him towards the dancefloor.
"We're dancing obviously." You said as you put your arm on his shoulder and other I'm his hand. His arm gently took your waist, you both swayed to the melody as your face nuzzled into his neck as you sighed with content. Bucky held a grin on his face that was plastered there since he saw you.
"What are you doing to me Doll?" He whispered
"What do you mean Buck?" You asked as you picked your head up and looked into his blue eyes, your heartbeat quickened as he stared into your Y/E/C eyes. His eyes shifted from yours for a few seconds as he looked behind you but quickly returned to you with a loving grin on his face.
"You wanna go to the balcony for a bit? Its hot in here." He said and you nodded as he took your hand and lead you outside to the cooling air. You stared out at the city lights, it was a very cramped city but beautiful nonetheless. You felt eyes on you as you turned and found Bucky standing close to you. His arms began wrapping around you pulling you closer to him, you felt your heart going crazy as you smiled widely looking down shyly with a blush creeping onto your face. "Do you know what you do to me Y/N?" He asked you, you looked back into his eyes with a questioning look on your face. He smiled at you as his eyes gazed over your face taking in every detail. "You don't have a clue do you Doll?"
"What are you talking about Bucky?" You asked with laughter in your voice. He chuckled with you as he thought for a moment how he was going to explain his feelings to you.
"Everything about you has me mesmerized," he stared deep into your eyes as he confessed himself to you, "and if I'm not near you I'm losing my mind. Ever since I first layed eyes on you I knew I was screwed. You had me wrapped around your fingers the second we met and I'm completely over the moon about it, about you." Your mouth was open in shock as he said this to you. "And who knows you may not feel the same for me like Steve and Nat say you do but either way they're right, I need to tell you this and take a leap of faith. I am head over heels for you Doll and nothing is going to change that." You didn't know what to say, it was your turn to be shocked. You stared at him for a moment before looking at his lips. It was your turn to take a leap of faith as you gripped the back of his neck and pulled him down to you, you stood on your tip toes as you met with his lips. He froze in shock for a moment or two before he tightened his grip around your waist pulling you closer to him as you both melted into the kiss it felt like fireworks were going off. You never wanted to stop kissing him everything was perfect. After a few moments you both heard cheering, you parted to see Nat, Steve, Tony, Bruce, and Thor clapping their hands while they shouted and cheered at you two. Your face was bright red at this as you turned your head away from them snuggling into Bucky he laughed as he held you, he kissed the top of your head as his heart danced in his chest from the amount of happiness he was feeling in that moment.
"So Doll, with you be my girl?" He asked as he stared down at you with an adoring look that you now noticed and it caused a blush to find it way back to your face. You had a feeling you were going to have to get use to this red burning on your face as you smiled at the thought.
"Yes Bucky, I would love to be your girl." You said, your face was in pain from all the smiling you were doing but you couldn't stop and you didn't want to. He put his hand on your cheek as he bent down to meet your lips once again. All the feelings came rushing back in that kiss as you felt everything disappear from the world, you and Bucky were the only two who existed at this moment and you were loving it.
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nepenthendline · 11 months ago
hey love ! can i request headcannons for like a pool/beach day (you choose) with lev terushima and tanaka thank you so much 🔫🧸🧃
Hey! I don't write for terushima so I'll just do lev and tanaka, I hope that's OK! 🔫🔫💞
Requests are closed!
Beach day - Tanaka and Lev
Tumblr media
Tanaka is so excited to spend the day at the beach with you, for many reasons:
1. Because its the beach and it'll be fun for you two
2. Because he gets to see you in a bathing suit or a cute summery outfit
3. Because he wants to show off his muscles to you, and his 'great' swimming skills
turns out his swimming skills aren't all the great - he can swim, but he often forgets to breathe and when he does, he chokes on seawater
as soon as he sees you in your beach outfit, he's smothering you in compliments, telling you how gorgeous you look and how you're the most perfect person on the whole beach
Tanaka is going to have his shirt off the whole time, so give him a little praise about how hot he is and he'll be over the moon
the two of you getting ice cream is a must at the beach - he'll get you whatever sweet treat you like to watch you happily eat in the sun
he will 100% get sunburnt - please remind him to put sun screen on, or even better, put it on for him (he'll melt in your hands)
he wants to show you off to everyone at the beach, but gets jealous when he realises people are actually looking at you
no need to worry about wandering eyes with Tanaka, all his attention is on you, he'd scold himself more than you would if he looked at someone else in their swimsuit
really wants to go in the water with you - he wants to carry you on his back as he wades through the water to show you he can protect you
if you go closer to the evening, he'll love a slow stroll across the beach front, he thinks it's really romantic
if he spots a pretty shell, he will 100% pick it up and give it to you, saying something that is almost as pretty as you deserves to be with you
he's horribly unorganised when it comes to going to the beach: forgets his towels, sunscreen, swimming shorts, money, literally everything, so it's up to you to remember it all
he loves the idea of a picnic on the beach, but definitely ends up getting sand in his food and later regrets the idea
he thinks you look so cute in your beach outfit, he can't stop telling you how adorable you are
goes really far into the water since he's so tall, the lifeguard is concerned
"Y/N, come further in the water!"
"I can't. I will DROWN!"
will also carry you to the deeper parts of the water, you both think its sweet and romantic until he trips and drops you
he loves looking for crabs - he prefers going to the beach when the tide is out so he can spot any creatures
you have to remind him many times that he can't take the crabs home with him
he's not one to lay down and relax in the sun, he wants to run around and play games so make sure you're prepared for that
he makes great sandcastles though, and decorates them with shells and stones
the two of you have a contest to see who can build the best one and he is extremely competitive
while he doesn't like to sit back and relax on the beach, he does end up tiring himself out and plodding back to you, laying on the towel with his head in your lap and falling asleep
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welt-verbessererin · a year ago
Tumblr media
I blame @zoyarose for exposing me to this amazing prompt.
Gendry plopped down on his hotel bed naked as the day he was born, not even bothering to slip under the covers. It had been a long second day of meetings, presentations and networking and he hated it but it came with the job. As did the four star hotel room so he decided not to complain (out loud).
He reached for his phone to check for any messages he had missed but there wasn't anything important.
As he was just about to put it away and turn the lights off to go to sleep his phone started buzzing with a facetime call from Arya.
It was two am for her so he was immediately worried something might be wrong. Or was she just butt dialing him again?
He answered the call.
"Arya, what's up, are you alright?"
He expected to see her face but was instead met with a blur of black and different coloured lights, music in the background and the sound of several simultaneous conversations. She was at a bar then.
"Sansa, gimme my phone, I need to tell him."
"Arya?" He tried.
"Arya, no-"
"Yes, Sansa!"
"You're not drunk calling Gendry. Trust me on this."
"Screw you- let go..."
There was thump and more blurriness and giggling and he was sure it meant Arya had fallen to the floor, but after another moment of starring at a mostly dark screen the picture finally stabilised and a very flushed, clearly drunk Arya smiled widely at him.
"Arya, what's going on?"
Trying very hard to sound and look serious and sober she said,
"I called because I wanted to tell you that I love you and I miss you," finishing her statement by blowing him a kiss.
Gendry's eyes went wide. Did she just- 
Was he dreaming?
"Gendry, baby are you ok?"
That pulled Gendry from his stupor and he groaned, the back of his head hitting the headboard, "Fuck baby, don't say that when I'm not there to kiss you right now."
Arya's alcohol riddled brain didn't hesitate to come up with a solution:
"Just kiss your phone and I'll kiss mine and it'll almost be like we're together."
Gendry chuckled, "Sure thing, love" and he blew her a kiss (without kissing his phone screen). She returned the gesture and proceeded to smile at him.
"You out with the girls?" Gendry inquired.
"Yes with Sansa and Marge and Ygritte" Arya replied and turned around so he could see the other women. They waved awkwardly at him.
She turned the screen back to face just her and that must've been when she noticed his bare chest because this time it were her eyes that went wide.
"God, you're so hot, I really wanna lick your chest right now."
He nearly lost it at that and barely managed to stifle the moan rising in his throat, only the knowledge that she was in public and intoxicated stopping him from turning the conversation into something else.
"Fuck, how drunk are you?"
She indicated with her thumb and forefinger "Just a liiiiittle. And it's really your fault for sleeping naked- wait, did I wake you up?” She clasped a hand in front of her mouth, “Oh no, sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up, I know you're there for work and need to get up early tomorrow. Shit, shit, shit." There was a sheen of tears in her big grey eyes and it made Gendry's chest ache so much more for her.
"Don't worry, I was still up."
"Wait, how do you know he sleeps naked?" Ygritte asked.
Sansa answered, "Because she walked in on him once."
"Three times actually," Arya corrected and held up four fingers.
"Okayyy, I think it's now time for me to sleep after all. You ladies have fun and we'll talk tomorrow yeah?"
She nodded vigorously.
"I love you," Arya said by way of farewell and she said it so fervently and with an exaggerated pout that made Gendry chuckle with endearment.
"I know, I love you too."
"Night night," she cooed and blew him another kiss and he reluctantly ended the call.
Maybe he should've been more apprehensive about a drunken love declaration, but he knew Arya and she always told the truth when she was drunk.
He had no idea how he was able to sleep with the big smile on his face and his chest brimming with love for his best friend but he did and when he woke to several texts from Arya about how much she loved and missed him, he knew he wouldn't stay at this fucking conference for another hour.
So he told her that.
I'm leaving early so I can see you.
Her reply came immediately.
But what is Mott gonna say?
Screw Mott, I need to be with you now
God, I love you so much
Be with you in a couple of hours, get some rest baby
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marchioness-caprina · 7 months ago
Love Scandal
Tumblr media
Pairings : Reader x Hawks
Writing Style : 3rd Person
Warning : Slight Yandere! Hawks ( If you squint Really Hard) , Cursing
Word Count : 2754
3rd Person's POV
" You have GOT to be kidding me! " Y/n yelled in frustration as Momo gave her a concerned Look.
" So.... Is what the Tabloids saying True--"
" Of course it's not! I just work under His Agency! And what happened Yesterday was Purely out of Defense and Nothing else! " Y/n cut off Jiro immediately venting out her frustrations.
Y/n along with the girl's of the Former Class 1-A were hanging in a small Cafe to catch up since things had been pretty hectic since they became Pro Heroes a year ago.
" So.... What are you gonna Do about it? " Uraraka asked as she read even further through the article and she gasped.
" Oh no.... Don't tell me it's something terrible? " Y/n muttered already seeing what's to come judging by the look her Friend gave her.
" Uhh... You could say... You two were caught in the... Umm.. Act? " Uraraka tried finding the right words so she wouldn't annoy her friend even further before showing her phone towards y/n who's eyes widened like flying saucers.
On the screen was a picture of Her and Hawks in the Alleyway. Hawks was turning away from the camera but he clearly had his hands on y/n's hips and from this angle it looked like they were kissing.
" Ugh! For crying out loud who took this picture !? Fucking Son of a Bit--- ugh! " Y/n fumed in utter irritation her red turning extremely red not because of embarrassment but because of anger and irritation.
" Y/n calm down, I think it's best if you talk to Hawks about this... Maybe he'll clear it up Kero " Tsu suggested and y/n had already bolted out the cafe in full speed.
It was silent inside the cafe before one of the girls began talking.
" Wouldn't they make a good pair though? " Mina muttered and the girls all gave a small giggle before agreeing.
____________ Meanwhile
Y/n was stomping through The Building and her hero co-workers could clearly see the growing irritation of her aura and they were genuinely scared to approach the fuming lady.
Once y/n was outside Hawk's Office she slammed the door open revealing a resting hawks with his feet on his desk. His face was covered with an old newspaper and y/n could hear audible and soft snores coming from him.
The man was clearly unaware of her presence when she literally slammed her way inside while stomping a aloud as she could... He was unaware or so she thought .
" Hawks! Fucking wake up! " She growled her to me seeping off irritation.
Hawks stirred in his sleep and with a groan he pulled the newspaper away from his face and opened one eye to see the figure of y/n who was menacingly glaring at him.
" Hey Kid what brings you to my Nest mphf-- Ahh shoving it to my face now aren't you?... Let me guess My fault? " Hawks smirked when Y/n had forcefully shoved her phone containing the article of their so called ' Love Scandal ' .
" No shit Sherlock! You Think!? Why the fuck did you have to shove me to the alleyway like that!? I told you I could handle it!" Y/n barked as Hawks's eyes trailed down to her phone lazily reading through the article chuckling to himself.
" Ohoho~ Looks like the headlines got the best of us Kid. Just look at all these Juicy details---"
" Which are False" Y/n immediately cut in glaring at the man who gave her a Bemused expression.
" Well you did decide to get involved with a scoundrel like me---"
" Only because you keep blocking other Agencies from Hiring me because you wanted me in yours" Y/n cut him off once again to which Hawks only gave a chuckle as a reply.
" You know Kid, you gotta let me finish my sentences. Now stop being angry you'll get wrinkles " That comment made y/n furious her hand immediately came clashing on Hawks's cheek with a loud slap.
" Ohoho~ ok I guess I deserve that one for not taking it seriously " Hawks Grinned eyeing the girl infront of him.
" You've really turned Feisty Baby Bird, it feels like Yesterday you were a polite and obedient Sidekick and now here you are slapping your boss like that. You know I really gotta give you credit for not taking my bullshit like that " Hawks yawned sitting down in a more comfortable position.
" Oh come on Hawks, we know I take all of your bullshit Every fucking Day and This Time it's Kinda frustrating... Oh wait let me rephrase that. It's Extremely Frustrating! " Y/n hissed crossing her arms over her chest as her glare became ice cold and the man before her only growing Amused by her reaction.
" So what do you expect me to do? Bullshit Rumors will be Bullshit Rumors and I don't give a damn about every single one of them... So let me guess. You want me to make a public appearance and Deny everything they claim here on this Article? " Hawks questioned and Y/n who seemed to be a bit more calm now gave him a firm nod.
" Yes, that is exactly what I am expecting you To do Hawks. I want this Rumor to Vanish immediately. You deny it and I Deny it too, let's explain why we were in that position " Y/n stated her tone was calm and collected , the opposite of the tone she used before.
Hawks nodded his head continuously in a slow and lazy manner his eyes never leaving the girl as his expression seemingly showing as if he was in deep thought.
" Yeah.... I could do that but" Hawks paused a playful glint displaying through his orbs, his eyes meeting hers that smirk on his face never seemed to falter.
" But what? " Y/n questioned clearly growing irritated again.
" But I won't " His answer set y/n off ten folds and she was so close to flipping his desk . She almost did but Hawks stopped her before she could wreck the whole place.
" Just Kidding. I will " He laughed and y/n was too pissed off to deal with her antics she just turned around and left.
" I'll call the press. You better clear this mess Hawks " She spat out before leaving.
Oh y/n, she has no Idea Hawks had cunningly planned all of this from the very beginning so he could slowly have his way around her. Hawks had been patient with her ever since the first year she had interned in his agency as a student. The moment he met this strange epitome of beauty named y/n he became a love struck desperate man who craved nothing but the affection of his most prized position. Y/n.
He Even went out of his way to reason or more like threaten other agencies who were more than willing to take her in as a new pro hero. He was so so selfish to let her go and he was desperate to have her by his side.
He even purposely pairs himself with her during missions so he could protect and watch over her. He had given subtle clues that he likes her but apparently his little baby bird wasn't smart in the love department . But he was patient. But the moment people started making rumors about her and That other New Hero Named Deku claiming that they would become a really ' cute ' hero couple if they ended up dating. He was more than furious. Dammit he wanted everyone to Know that His baby bird is Exclusively His. Only His.
So he devised a plan and even hired a photographer to take a picture of them ' in the act' and hired an editor to write something about it and spread it everywhere on the internet to cause a media wild fire that y/n and hawks are dating.
And everything was going according to plan. He knew y/n would come to his office to complain about this and convince him to deny it, he knew she'd be fuming in anger , he knew she was here the moment she stepped inside the building and all that's left is to face the press with his 'announcement' that is sure to surprise everyone including y/n.
________________ The Press Meeting.
" So is it true that you and Pro Hero Hawks are dating H/n? " A reported asked y/n to which she shook her head to.
" What is Taking Hawks so long? " She grumbled , the room was flooded with cameramen and reported and the flashes of camera light was starting to get to her.
And on Cue the winged Hero arrived in the room looking as smig as ever.
" It's Hawks! Make sure to catch this on Camera! " The reporter yelled and so on the area was Flooded with questions left and right and Hawks seemed to be unbothered by it.
" Hawks! End this already " Y/n yelled at Hawks who grinned at her playfully.
" You're so Impatient Baby bird " He muttered making the girl glare at him.
" Don't call me that " She grumbled but Hawks ignored her. Instead he picked up the Microphone and started tapping on it.
" Testing, Testing ok it's working. Can you all please be quiet and I'll answer your question" Hawks announced and slowly the room faded into silence and once everything has quieted down Hawks cleared his throat the microphone still in his hand.
" Ok, I know it caused a Dramatic Mishap to Ensue the Moment everyone saw the article and I would like to clear some things out regarding that Love Scandal... Me and H/n are Not dating! I repeat NOT Dating! " Hawks stated loud and clear through the microphone.
Y/n sighed thinking that it was finally the end but No. Hawks had other plans.
" We're not Dating Cause She's My Fucking Wife! " Hawks announced and everyone was silent.
Y/n was frozen in place unable to think clearly and her expression showed it all. Hawks had a victorious grin on his face, the whole crowd of reporters and camera men were quiet and it took them 5 seconds to actually let that information Sink in.
" WHAT!? " Y/n exploded and she rose up from her seat and soon the reporters started shooting different questions their way .
" Hawks what the actual fuck!? Is this a Prank!? ---" Y/n was caught off guard when Hawks scooped her off her feet and smashed his lips against hers silencing her in a short yet passionate kiss.
" How's that for a Picture show?! " Hawks yelled to the reporters before finally flying away from the commotion holding his baby bird in his hands who was now by the way. Fuming with anger once again.
Y/n was furious and when she's furious she gets violent and she started thrashing around forcing Hawks to land on the rooftop on a random building.
" Hawks! What the fuck was that!? Ugh! Why'd you do that!? Was that some sick Joke!?" She growled as she shot Hawks one of her menacing glares to which he wasn't affected to.
" Maybe it is... Maybe it isn't " Hawks answered the smirk on his face seemed to be permanent when he's with her.
" Dammit! You Fucking Asshole!. Shit! How the Fuck am I gonna clear this up now!? I should have gone to Fatgum's agency instead! You know what!? I'm going to request a transfer! Fatgum is way nicer anyways---" She was cut off when Hawks had swept his feet under hers thus knocking her on the ground. With a Yelp her back was slammed on the ground with Hawks hovering above her.
" Say that to me again Baby Bird and I swear.... Even if I have to .... I'll Destroy Fat Gum's agency into a pile of debris... Don't Temp me... I will do it.... You have no idea how long I've been trying to get you to notice me and my feelings... Yet you always seemed to bullshit it away every Fucking time! " Hawks yelled letting all of his emotions get the best of him.
And for the first time. Y/n saw Hawks at his Most Vulnerable state. Not the calm and collected Hawks who never seemed to break. Right now was a man who experienced hundreds of rejections from one girl... Y/n.
How could she be so blind? Now that she thinks back to the past she did remember every sweet and romantic thing Hawks did for her and how he asked her out on daily basis to which she thought was just a flirtatious joke. She was both dense and stupid when it came to love and she didn't notice that the man whom she had fallen for actually loved her back.
Hawks always kept his composure but today she's seeing none of it... Just Hawks. Not the Pro Hero Hawks... Just Hawks.
He was always joking when he's around her that she brushes off every flirtatious comment from him to be a joke too. But now that everything had come to light. It was undeniably obvious.
"... You really hate me that much? " Hawks voice was so soft and timid, it almost didn't sound like him at all.
Y/n was surprised at his sudden comment that she was pulled back to reality her eyes meeting with his but to her shock. She saw the eyes of a hurt and broken man .
Guilt overtook her . She loved him but she always pushed her feelings aside having the fear of being rejected because Hawks is incredible in every way and y/ y/n.
Her eyes widened when a single teardrop fell on her cheek and that tear came from Hawks who was trying his hardest to keep his shit together. How can you have this powerful affect on him? It's driving him Nuts. Does he have to kidnap her so she'd stay with him? Does he have to fake her death and keep her all to himself? He was close to that breaking point but that psychotic thought was immediately thrown to the side and forgotten when y/n had reached over to cup his cheeks and brought his face down inches from hers only to scoop his lips in her own for a long, passionate and loving kiss.
Hawks was unable to respond at first because. It was surreal. Y/n was finally accepting him! He felt her slowly pull back but he was having none of it! He waited so long for this moment!.
Pushing his lips down to hers he indulged himself in the sweet taste of y/n's lips, opening her mouth slightly she granted him entrance inside her wet cavern where his tongue explored every inch and claiming it as his own. Their lips danced in sync in a steady and passionate movement.
Once the two pulled away his eyes pierced hers as if asking if she meant it to which y/n replied with a laugh.
" Hawks you dumbass you didn't have to make a scene like that... I love you too honestly... From the start... I was scared to tell you... I didn't want to get rejected " She answered honestly making the man frown.
" Chickadee I'd be the biggest fool alive if I'd reject you.. And that show earlier was necessary.... Everyone needs to know that the beautiful pro hero h/n is Mine... My Baby Bird " Hawks muttered kissing her cheek.
" I love you, you annoying bird man " She chuckled attempting to push him off.
" Whatever you little brat... I love you too and don't push me away... I'm touch starved by you, It's your fault so take responsibility" Hawks grumbled making the girl laugh.
" But we're on a rooftop! " She protested but Hawks only rolled his eyes cuddling right next to his y/n.
" Don't be so picky. If you keep this up we might end up in my bedroom--"
" Hawks! "
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violetstar-writes · 2 years ago
As promised, here’s a prompt involving Soranort. I figured I might as well set the mood in a more...appropriate atmosphere.
...He was uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.
Years ago, he had told Sora and Kairi that Santa Claus wasn’t real. While Sora, being the gullible and naive dork that he was, immediately believed him, Kairi set out cookies for the jolly old gift-giver every night, ignoring what he said. She was good at reading lies, as well as people.
So when he told them Halloween was stupid and wasn’t worth celebrating...Kairi was quick to deduce that he was simply afraid of the holiday.
Sora refused to believe her, thinking that he was too tough to ever be afraid of anything...but he cracked and solemnly told Sora the truth when he saw how fed up Kairi was with their antics.
Even now, Halloween made him nervous. But Halloweentown was the only place they hadn’t checked when Sora suddenly vanished. Now he was stuck in the form of a werewolf, thanks to Donald’s magic. 
He jumped, turning his head quickly. It was just Kairi, disguised as a witch. He let out a sigh of relief.
“What is it?”
“Your phone is ringing.”
Riku blinked, then pulled the phone out of his pocket. Sure enough, the screen was lit up as the phone vibrated and blasted its ringtone. Was he that distracted by his thoughts that he hadn’t heard it?
“...Right.” Riku tapped the screen with his clawed finger and saw a familiar friendly face appear on the screen. He smiled a little.
“Hey, Mickey.”
“Riku!” Mickey exclaimed. “Are ya doing okay?”
“Of course.” Riku straightened his posture, trying to make himself look less anxious about the situation he was in. “Nothing I can’t handle.”
“That’s good to hear!” Mickey smiled brightly.
“Any sign of Sora yet?”
Riku turned around, staring at Goofy, Donald, and Kairi. The three of them shook their heads.
“...Not yet.” Riku looked back down at the screen, sighing. Mickey seemed to be concerned.
“I’m sure he’ll show up soon. Halloween is his second favorite holiday, right?”
“Yep. First place is definitely Christmas.” Riku rubbed the back of his head.
Mickey turned his head to the left, the sound of Yen Sid’s faint voice in the background.
“I gotta go for now. I think Yen Sid’s onto something. I’ll see ya real soon, Riku.”
“Alright. Thanks for checking up on us.”
Riku hung up, then put the phone back into his pocket. He approached Kairi, Donald, and Goofy.
“So.” he crossed his arms. “Any ideas on where to look first?”
Goofy scratched his head. "I reckon we oughta go and ask Jack!"
Donald nodded in agreement. "He's in charge of Halloween, and he knows Santa! If anyone knows where to look for Sora around here, it's him."
Riku hummed.
"...Ok, where can we find this 'Jack' guy?"
"Y O U  D O N ' T  N E E D  T O  L O O K  F A R."
"What the-?!" Riku pulled out his weapon, at the sound of a low, foreboding voice. His arm was shaking as the air grew colder. It sent a chill up his spine. He felt Kairi grab onto his arm.
The four of them screamed as a skeleton leapt out of the fountain, making a scary face. He then started to laugh hysterically at them, which made them calm down. Riku had turned deathly pale, almost as white as the skeleton itself. Kairi placed a hand on his shoulder, while Goofy and Donald started to snicker.
Riku shot them a death glare.
"You tell. NO ONE. OR ELSE."
Goofy and Donald went silent. They gulped as Riku's murderous gaze didn't seem to waver. Eventually, Kairi elbowed him in the ribs.
"Knock it off," she hissed.
"They started it...." Riku huffed, averting his eyes.
The skeleton gradually stopped laughing, wiping tears from his eye sockets.
"Oh, what fun! I haven't had such a reaction to one of my scares in a while! I do hope you four enjoyed it." He grinned at them.
"You almost gave us heart attacks!!!" Donald quacked, waving his fists in anger.
"A little warning would be nice next time..." Riku mumbled.
"Ah, but you two forget the thrill of the surprise!" The skeleton's finger shot up. "It's no fun if someone spoils it for you."
"...Who are you?" Kairi asked.
"Why, I'm Jack Skellington! The Pumpkin King!" He bowed.
"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Kairi." He shook her hand vigorously.
"Wait, you know who I am?"
"But of course!" Jack pointed at her, then at the boys.
"Kairi, Riku, Donald, and Goofy! Sora speaks relentlessly about you four. And what kind of Pumpkin King would I be if I didn't know the name of every boy and girl across the world? Sandy Claws does it too, you know."
“Wait, you've seen Sora?!?” Riku rushed over to the skeleton, clenching his hands.
Jack tilted his head.
“That’s strange. Did he not inform you he was assisting me in preparations for Halloween? Even going so far as to helping Sandy Claws with Christmas as well?”
“...No.” Riku frowned.
“Not even Donald and Goofy? He tells them everything, too.”
The four of them shook their heads.
“Hmmm....” Jack pondered this for a moment, tapping his skeletal finger against the side of his head. 
“...I know! Why don’t we go see him? He’s in Christmas Town right now.” Jack patted Riku’s shoulder.
“I’m sure this was all just a big misunderstanding. He was probably so very moved by the upcoming holidays this year that he decided to take action, forgetting to contact you all in the process!”
“...That’s a bit of a stretch.” Kairi curved her lips.
“Nonsense!” Jack spun around. “Anything is possible, my dear. You just have to believe it. Now then, follow me to the door to Christmas Town!”
Jack headed down the street at a rather hurried pace, towards the forest. Riku and Kairi glanced at each other as they followed behind him with Donald and Goofy.
“A door in a forest?” Kairi said skeptically.
Riku shrugged. “I’ve seen weirder things. I’ll buy it.”
They stopped abruptly in front of a tree. A Christmas tree was painted on it, and they noticed a doorknob. They looked around and saw that several other trees were essentially the same, with different symbols of other holidays on them.
Jack grabbed the knob, turned it, then opened the door. He took a step to the side and motioned with his hand towards the gaping hole in the tree. They could all feel a faint, chilly breeze emanating from it. Kairi and Riku were surprised to see a few snowflakes fly out of it and float gently down to the ground.
“After you!” Jack waited patiently for the two teens to make a move.
Riku was the first to approach the door. He looked inside, the biting air hitting his face. It was pitch black at the bottom.
“...Might as well. Sora’s not gonna hear the end of it from me.” 
RIku took a deep breath, then jumped. Kairi, Donald, Goofy and Jack went right after him. They all saw a powerful bright light as the tree sucked them in...
...Then spit them back out into a pile of snow.
Riku spat out a clump of snow that had entered his mouth. He stood up, dusting himself off. He gazed out into the distance in awe.
There was a large town further down the hill they were on, glowing warmly within the icy winter. Even from where they were, they could see the Christmas lights, hear silver bells ringing, and smell the faintest scent of holiday cookies. Kairi, Goofy, and Donald joined Riku to admire the view.
"So, this is Christmas Town." Kairi rubbed her arms.
"I'm starting to get cold..."
"You can hold onto me if you want. I've got all this fake fur. At least, I hope it's fake..." Riku bit his lip.
"My spells are only as real as you make them." Donald waddled past them. "Let's get moving!"
Donald and Goofy led the way this time, with Jack cheerfully humming to himself as he trailed behind them. Kairi hugged Riku's arm for warmth, careful to not make him trip. Riku was much less tense than before, especially with Kairi around.
...I'd take a little cold over guillotines and shrunken heads any day.....
"Mr. Sandy Claws! Are you home?"
After knocking a few times, Jack invited himself into Santa's Workshop. Riku was pretty sure that that was illegal, but the skeleton didn't seem to care. Neither did Donald and Goofy, it seemed. Relcutantly, Riku and Kairi went in after them. Kairi politely shut the door behind her, wanting to show some semblance of respect to the man who gave them presents every year.
Riku and Kairi stopped for a moment at the sound of two voices in the living room. One they didn't recognize, while the other was unmistakable.
"....I'm terribly sorry, Sora. But you ask for a kind of wish I simply cannot give."
"Oh well. It was worth a shot." They heard a disheartened chuckle come out of their friend.
"Sora!" Riku burst into the living room, startling Sora and Santa Claus.
"Sora..." Riku marched over to Sora and punched him in the arm.
"Where have you been?!?"
"Riku, calm down!" Kairi entered the room, sprinting over to her two best friends. She pouted at Riku. "At least let him explain!"
"Kairi? You're here too?" Sora gawked at her.
"Don't forget us!" Donald and Goofy said unanimously. Jack waved at Santa, who gave him a weary look.
"Jack, do you mind explaining what's going on here?"
"But of course!" Jack cleared his throat.
"You see, Sora's kindness knows no bounds. Helping with Halloween and Christmas is no easy feat. But unbeknownst to us, he failed to inform his friends of his charitable acts, or even his whereabouts! That, I'm afraid, is quite out of character for him."
Santa turned towards Sora, who was avoiding eye contact.
"...Sora, is this true?"
Sora appeared to be nervous. Riku crossed his arms, looking down at him.
"Four days. Four days we haven't heard from you. So you'd better have an explanation."
"It's not a big deal, honest."
Riku raised an eyebrow. "...I said I want answers."
"Why do you wanna know so badly, anyways?"
"Because it isn't like you to leave us in the dark, Sora." Kairi placed her hands on her hips.
"If it were Riku keeping quiet, I would understand. But not you."
"...." Sora rubbed the back of his neck. Donald and Goofy exchanged a worried glance.
"It's ok, Sora! We won't be mad!" Donald said.
Goofy nodded. "We just wanna know what's going on with ya!"
Sora closed his eyes.
"I just....I...."
He opened them, smiling faintly.
"...I...was gonna make presents for you guys. And maybe scare you for Halloween, since it's coming up first. I've been taking some tips from Jack."
Riku and Kairi looked at each other, perplexed. They turned back to Sora.
"...That's it?" Riku inquired.
"Yep. I...wanted to be a secret until I was ready.”
“Gawrsh, if that was all it was, ya coulda just said so!” Goofy patted Sora’s shoulder, giving him a reassuring nod.
“Sorry. I knew you guys would worry, considering...everything that’s going on. But I didn’t think you’d worry this much.”
“We searched every world for you, you big goof!” Kairi nudged him. “And that’s not easy to do in just four days.”
“...At least give us a little heads up when you’re going somewhere on your own next time. You don’t even have to say where.”
Sora nodded. “I promise.”
Kairi coughed, pushing Riku’s arm.
“Well? Anything you want to say?”
Riku scowled, turning his head away.
“...Just keep your word, Sora.”
Sora looked up at him, smirking.
“What? Were you scared for me?”
“No. Just irritated.”
Sora raised both eyebrows. Riku rolled his eyes.
“...Okay, maybe a little.”
Sora grinned, rubbing his nose. 
“Speaking of scaring...let’s go back to Halloweentown! I wanna use what I learned from Jack on you guys.”
Jack clapped his hands excitedly while Riku grimaced.
“Whaaaat???” Sora stared at Riku in disappointment. “Why not?!?”
“You know how I feel about that holiday.” Riku scratched at the (supposedly) fake fur on his neck.
“Yeah, he’s a big old scaredy-cat.” Kairi playfully stuck out her tongue at him.
“Am not.”
“Did you forget how Jack got the jump on you earlier?”
“We agreed to never bring that up again.”
“Then I guess my statement stands. You’re a scaredy-cat.”
“As if!” Sora exclaimed. “Riku, you always liked having a challenge. I’m sure you can handle it!”
“...I doubt that.”
“Aww, come on!” Sora’s shoulders slumped. “Then at least do it for me and Kairi!”
“Yeah! Do it for us!” Kairi chimed in. “Please?”
“...I don’t know...”
Riku eyed his two best friends, who were giving him puppy eyes. He groaned.
“That’s the spirit!” Sora patted Riku’s shoulder.
“I wanna see you scream, OK? Not just try to ignore what I’m doing. You always did that when we were kids.”
“Don’t let me down.” Sora winked at Riku, who turned his eyes away.
"Ladies and Gentlemen! I am pleased to announce the first-ever Halloween night hosted by someone other than myself! The Hero Of Light himself-and of course, he is a dear friend of mine that has my permission to do so-Sora!"
Kairi, Donald and Goofy clapped as Sora bowed alongside Jack. Riku smirked.
"...You do realize no one else is here besides us, right? It's not even Halloween yet."
Jack chuckled, ruffling Riku's hair.
"I'm well aware of that, my furry friend. I just wanted to add a little pizzazz to a momentous occasion! No one else in Halloweentown has attempted actually hosting Halloween like I do. Even if it isn't the right day, it's intriguing to see what will happen!"
Kairi looked out at the open field they were in, now with a large maze right in the center of it.
"Sora, did you get any help making that? Or did you do it yourself?"
"Um...Jack helped me." Sora rubbed his arm awkwardly.
"Just Jack? And in four days?" Riku shook his head. "...I don't really believe you."
"The maze was already constructed beforehand. It just didn't have anything inside of it. But with Sora's keen eyes and great creative sense, we were able to finish it in no time!" Jack put his hands on his sides, appearing satisfied.
"As a matter of only took us three days! He seemed to be in a bit of a rush."
"What did you do on the fourth day, then?" Kairi gazed at Sora curiously.
"...I, uh-"
"No time for idle chatter!" Jack interrupted. "I want to see how effective this maze is. Halloween is tomorrow, after all!"
"Right." Sora walked over to the entrance and gave them all his signature smile, vampire fangs included.
"Ok! The goal of this maze is to escape it first. The winner gets candy from Jack, and..."
Sora looked up, tapping his foot.
"...Well, I guess a surprise gift from me! I'll figure out what to give the winner when I see them, since you're all my friends and I know what you like!"
"Sounds good!" Kairi beamed at him, then turned to Riku, Donald and Goofy.
"What do you guys think?"
"Gawrsh, this might be fun!" Goofy chortled.
"Let's just stick together, Goofy!" Donald gulped. "It'll be less scary that way."
"...Can I go home now?"
Kairi got behind Riku and started pushing him forward. His feet dug into the ground.
"Hey! What gives?"
"Oh, don't be such a baby, Riku. You made a promise to Sora!"
"...I wish I hadn't...."
"Have fun, you guys!" Sora waved at them as Jack shut the entrance behind them.
Riku's heart felt like it was going to rip out of his chest. Even his knees were starting to get wobbly.
"Come on!" Kairi took Riku's hand and yanked him forward. "Donald and Goofy are already ahead of us!"
Riku ran alongside Kairi, still feeling a bit distressed by the the situation. Without even realizing it, he started squeezing her hand a bit. Kairi noticed this and sped up a little more.
“The sooner we get out of here, the better. Right?” Kairi glanced at him, smiling warmly.
Riku nodded, feeling slightly reassured by her words.
After getting halfway through the maze, Riku and Kairi stopped running to take a quick break. Riku had turned pale again from experiencing two jump-scares; one of an oddly familiar scarecrow leaping out at them, and another of a ghost dog barking ravenously and foaming out of its nonexistent mouth. It turned out to be Jack’s dog, named Zero. He ended up following them, much to Riku’s chagrin.
“...When we get out of here, I’m gonna kill him.”
“Jack or Sora?” Kairi sat down on the ground next to him.
Kairi giggled. “...You’re always so intense.”
“One of us has to be. You and Sora are way too cheerful and bright all the time.”
“Well, I’m glad you’re around to balance us out.” Kairi hugged him.
“...By the way, does this make you feel better?”
“A lot. Thanks, Kairi.”
Riku patted her arm, then stood up as she released him. His eyes dilated suddenly when he picked up on a faint sound.
“What was that?”
“Another scare, maybe?” Kairi straightened her witch’s hat. She pointed in the direction of the noise, which seemed to be getting louder.
“Over there. I’ll check it out.”
Kairi took a step forward, then stopped when she felt Riku grab her arm.
“Wait. I’m going with you.”
“Are you sure?” Kairi’s expression shifted to worry.
“Look, I know how you feel about the scares. I can handle them better than you. I’ll just trip this one and we can keep moving forward.”
Riku shook his head.
“It’s fine. I’ve gotta learn how to handle it. Otherwise my title as ‘The Intense One’ wouldn’t suit me.”
She sighed. “Alright, tough guy. But let me know if it’s too much.”
Kairi and Riku slowly approached the growing noise, cautious to not make too much noise and draw more attention to themselves. Once they reached the center of the path, they felt a breeze as something dashed behind them.
“Riku...” Kairi whispered. “...Something doesn’t feel right.”
“I know.” Riku gritted his teeth. “It...almost feels like...”
Kairi took hold of the small pearl necklace around her neck. She gasped and swiveled her body around, sensing an ominous chill. Her eyes locked onto two glowing red eyes.
“ definitely not part of the maze.”
“Kairi! Get down!!!”
Kairi ducked her head, hearing the faint woosh of sharp claws that threatened to tear her apart. Riku leaped above her, letting out a battle cry as he rammed his keyblade into the invisible creature’s face. It screeched, becoming visible once it shook Riku off. It appeared to them as a massive black beast enveloped in shadows. It would have been impossible to see without the eyes in the center of it.
Kairi summoned her keyblade. She yelled and charged towards it without hesitation.
“Kairi, wait!” Riku chased after her.
“You’re going to get yourself killed!”
“Not if I take it down first!” 
Kairi jumped high into the air, mimicking Riku’s earlier attack. She slashed at one of its legs, making it scream a second time. The monster retaliated by slamming its large tail into Kairi’s stomach, sending her flying back.
“Kairi!” Riku caught her before she could hit ground, gravity forcibly knocking him over. They lied on the dirt for a moment as the Heartless hissed at them.
“What were you thinking?!?” Riku sat up, rubbing his aching back.
“I’m...not dead. Am I?” Kairi clutched her stomach. She felt like throwing up after that hit.
“Are you OK?”
“My stomach hurts, but that’s it. I’ll shake it off.”
Riku rubbed his temple, letting out a small grunt.
“...You and Sora are gonna be the death of me.”
Riku and Kairi covered their eyes as a giant bolt of lightning struck the Heartless, killing it instantly. They peered through their fingers and saw the culprit was none other than Donald, waving his wand frantically. Goofy tripped over him and they tumbled over each other.
“Get off me, ya big palooka!” Donald kicked Goofy in the face and wriggled his way out of his friend’s heavy body. 
“What do you two think you’re doing?!?!” Donald shouted. “This maze is infested with Heartless! Stop wasting all your energy on a single enemy and RUN!!!”
“Infested???” Kairi and Riku said unanimously. They exchanged a fearful glance.
“” Kairi looked down. “After all the trouble Sora went through to make this for us, it should’ve been safe....”
“Oh, no....Sora!” Riku shot up.
“We have to get out of here!”
“But that’ll take too long!” Goofy said with concern laced in his tone. His eyes suddenly widened.
“What’s on your mind?” Donald asked.
“Well, maybe if I used my limit and my shield ta propel us over the maze...” Goofy frowned. “...But it only works with three people. One of us is gonna hafta stay behind and get out the maze the old-fashioned way.”
“I’ll stay.” Kairi looked at Riku and gently grabbed both of his hands.
“You go. Help Sora and Jack. You’re more experienced than I am, and they need that.”
Riku shook his head.
“No. It’s too risky to leave you in here. What if the Heartless destroy you? We actually need you, you’re a Princess of Hea-”
Kairi placed her index finger on Riku’s mouth, cutting him off.
“...We need you too. Don’t you ever think that we don’t.”
“Oh, for crying out loud!” Donald shoved the two teens next to Goofy.
“Just go! I can take it from here.”
“But Donald-!” Kairi went quiet when Donald stomped his foot.
“I said I can handle it! Just promise me you’ll help Sora if he needs you!”
Kairi and Riku looked at each other, then turned back to Donald and nodded firmly.
“Good. Now get outta here!”
“Don’t worry, Donald! I’ll come back for ya if I can!” Goofy gave him a thumbs up.
Donald waved back at them as Goofy cast his limit spell. He watched as it propelled them high up into the air, well past the maze. Donald started to sweat a little as Heartless began digging their way out of the earth and phasing through the thorned walls, targeting him immediately. Donald quacked in frustration as his wand sparked with magic energy.
“Come at me, ya ugly little Heartless!!!”
Goofy managed to direct his shield enough to send them crashing into a pile of bones. Still an uncomfortable landing, but better than hitting the solid ground nonetheless. Riku dug his way out of the pile first, darting back towards the exit to the maze.
Please be here...please be here...!
Riku skidded to a halt. Much to his relief, Sora was still there. He seemed to be waiting, tapping his foot rather impatiently as he faced the exit. Jack didn’t seem to be there with him. Kairi and Goofy caught up to him, panting heavily. Once she regained her composure, Kairi was the first to speak up.
Sora's foot stopped tapping. He slowly turned his head around. His eyes opened a little more in surprise.
"How'd you guys get out...behind me? And where's Donald?"
Sora eyed Goofy's shield. He looked between his friends and the weapon.
"...You guys cheated!"
"Sora, we had to." Riku walked over to him with a serious expression.
"...Your was filled with Heartless."
"We're really sorry...but it was too dangerous for us to stay in there. Donald even took one for the team..." Kairi looked down sadly.
Just as she finished speaking, a familiar scream echoed from inside the maze. Donald came barreling out from the exit, his bandaged white tail on fire. He dug his rear into the dirt to put the flame out, letting out a sigh of relief.
"Donald!!!" Goofy rushed over to his friend and hugged him tight, sobbing.
"Y-you're safe!"
"I can't breathe, Goofy!" Donald squeaked. "Put me down! Put me down!"
"Oh, sorry!"
Goofy set Donald down. He took a moment to take a deep breath. 
“Thanks...for worrying anyway...”
“Man, it must be pretty bad in there.” Sora hummed. “...But I guess that means you’re the real winner, Donald!”
“Nice goin’, buddy!” Goofy patted Donald on the back while Riku and Kairi clapped.
“I guess I better give you your gift, then.” Sora smiled at Donald, who’s eyes lit up.
“What is it??? Tell me it’s something expensive!”
“Even better!”
Sora kneeled down next to a bag that was on the ground. He pulled out a neatly wrapped Christmas present. He handed it over to Donald, who immediately tore it open. He poked his head inside.
“Hey, wait a second...” Donald turned the box upside down.
“There’s nothing in this thing! What’s the big idea???”
“I’ll let you guess what the gift really is.” Sora placed his hand under his chin.
Donald kept shaking the box, hoping for something to come out. Anything. But all that came out was hot air.
“I DON’T GET IT!” Donald’s face turned red. “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?”
Sora chuckled and rose up. He placed a hand on his chest.
“The true our friendship! Because that’s something you don’t have to pay for, and it doesn’t need to be wrapped up in a box. It’s real, and it’s with you all the time.”
“Sora...that’s so sweet!” Kairi clasped her hands together.
“Yeah. It’s so sweet that it makes me wanna gag.”
Riku laughed. “What? I know Donald and Goofy were thinking it too.”
“Actually, I’m with Kairi on this one!” Goofy turned to Donald.
“Whaddya think of your gift, Donald?”
They all stared at the duck in shock as he wiped some tears from his eyes. He approached Sora, gave him a quick hug, then let go.
“Sora, this was really nice of you.” Donald lowered his head.
“...But I wanted a physical prize....”
“Ha ha!” Sora patted Donald on the shoulder. “Sorry, but you get what you get! I didn’t have a lot of time to make anything with Santa, since I was so busy working on this I’m the gift for all of you!”
Riku rubbed his head. “...Either way, we’re glad you’re okay, Sora.”
“I’m still confused about a few things, though.” Kairi placed her finger on her lip, thinking.
“...Where did Jack go?”
“I told him I could handle the maze on my own, so he left.” Sora shrugged. “No big deal.”
“Okay. But what about those Heartless? Why were there so many in there?” Kairi’s eyebrows creased.
“...Do you think...maybe they came here because of me?”
Sora closed his eyes for a moment, shifting his feet.
“...Nope. I  brought them here.”
Kairi and the others went silent. The atmosphere felt more tense all of a sudden.
“I’m sorry. Could you repeat that?” Riku’s tone went flat. “I thought I heard you say that you brought those monsters here.”
“Yeah. That’s exactly what I said.”
Riku narrowed his eyes.
“Impossible. You can’t control Heartless. And I also don’t believe that you would willingly put your friends in danger.”
Sora smirked.
“...I knew you guys would find a way out. Isn’t that enough?”
Riku grabbed Sora by the front of his shirt, lifting him up. Kairi covered her mouth with her hands.
“Look me in the eyes and tell me that you did it.” Riku shook Sora, whose eyes were still shut.
“Look at me!”
He opened them. Riku’s blood ran cold, instantly regretting his demand. He dropped Sora and backed away. Sora kept his eyes on him, unamused.
“No...” Riku’s breath caught in the back of his throat.
“...When. When did this happen. Tell me!”
“I think you already know the answer to that.”
“The days that you were gone...” Kairi mumbled to herself.
“See? Kairi gets it.” Sora started pacing around.
“She wasn’t too far off about what she said earlier, either. I sent the Heartless out because of her. I wanted to see what would happen, but you, Donald, and Goofy got in the way. Just like you always do. It doesn’t matter now, though.”
Sora smiled from ear to ear, the moonlight seemingly making his golden eyes glow.
“...I’m pretty happy with the result.”
“....You....” Riku clenched his fists, trembling. He pulled out his keyblade and charged towards Sora.
Sora extended his arm forward. A blast of wind catapulted Riku backwards, crashing into Donald and Goofy.
“Riku! Donald! Goofy!” 
Kairi attempted to run over to them, but found that she couldn’t. There was an invisible barrier in between them that had been erected in a matter of seconds. She slammed her fists against it, yelling angrily.
She jumped and spun around, pressing her back against the barrier. Sora was very close to her face, which made her heart skip a beat. It was most definitely out of fear.
“Hey, it’s okay.” Sora gave her a thin smile she didn’t recognize. “It’s just me.”
“...No. You’re not you.” Kairi grimaced.
“Who could know that better than me?” Sora sneered. “...I did choose this, you know.”
“I don’t believe you!” Kairi snapped. “The Sora I know would never give his heart up to the darkness. The Organization.”
Sora’s smile faded.
“Then you clearly don’t know me at all.”
Kairi felt her heart twist at those harsh words.
“...That’s not true.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Then enlighten me, Kairi. Why do you think I would do this?”
Kairi breathed in shakily.
“...To....protect us...?”
Sora looked to the side.
“There’s...something I’ve always wanted to do with you in this world.”
Kairi glanced at him with a pained expression. Her eyes widened as he extended his hand to her. His face was stoic, his eyes cold and empty.
“...Dance with me. Before I leave.”
Hesitantly, Kairi reached forward and took his hand. Riku, Donald, and Goofy observed as they danced around in circles to the silence of the pale moonlight. Kairi avoided making full eye contact with him, while Sora was completely fixated on her. For a split second, the usual light in his eyes had come back.
...But once they stopped, it was gone again. He abruptly pulled Kairi in for a hug.
“Thank you.”
She sniffed, tears streaming down her face. She hugged him back tightly, despite knowing that it wouldn’t do anything. For the time being, his fate as a vessel was sealed. It all happened too fast, and she had no idea how to help him.
“And goodnight, Kairi.”
Kairi opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by a sharp pain in the back of her head. She blacked out before she could understand what was happening.
“No, Sora!” Riku struck the barrier with his keyblade, which bounced off uselessly. He dropped it and placed his hands against the barrier.
“Please...don’t do this. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth working for him just to keep us safe.”
“...There’s no other way.” Sora shook his head. “There was never another way.”
“Everything...everyone...has a role to play. So I might as well join their game.”
Sora picked Kairi’s limp body up. 
“Hmm. So this is your biggest fear.” He chuckled.
“...You’re afraid of losing us.”
Riku fell to his knees, punching the ground. Donald and Goofy stared at Sora with tears in their eyes. Sora opened a dark corridor, careful to not lose his grip on Kairi. Just before he went through, he stole a glance back at his best friend.
“...Happy Halloween...Riku.”
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A Succubus Tale (Series) Pt.4
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Reader x Steve Rodgers, Reader x Bucky Barnes
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rodgers, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda maximoff, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, basically the Avengers lmao
Warnings: I’m not the best when it comes to following writing rules. I pretty much write how I want to, so if you’re a stickler for grammar and what not just ignore it or don’t read loll (I’m nice I promise). Swearing, Anxiety, Kissing, Choking, Fluff, Light Violence  
( Word Count: 2631  )
Tags: @5aftermidnight @stevieboyharrington @sexysamsungl
Plot: You’ve let go of the events that happened with Bucky and began your first day of training with Steve only to find out that you’re currently in better physical condition than anyone on the team. Tony figures out how you managed to become so strong so fast.
Tumblr media
“Them.” Sam took a step back not wanting to be seen he pointed to Steve and Bucky.
My eyes widened in astonishment. “Maybe the timers broken?” Wanda shrugged her shoulders. “The reading is accurate.” I flinched. I had forgotten about Tony’s AI companion Friday.
“Ooooooh!” Sam was dancing, mocking Steve and Bucky reveling in the fact that someone was better than them at something. Steve smirked and led me over to the machines. Everyone else followed behind not wanting to miss a thing. We got to the bench press which didn’t require actual weights it was just a bar that change density based on the weight you enter. I’m sure it’s something Tony invented. I got in position under the bar gripping it in my hands waiting for Steve to give me instructions. “Ok Y/N I’m going to start of easy then gradually increase the weight.” I heard Bucky snicker behind me in amusement and my blood started to boil. Who does he think he is? You think this is funny I’ll show you funny. I thought to myself. I nodded giving Steve the signal. He turned the nod on the holo screen increasing the weight. “It’s too light make it heavier.” My words came out as more of a command than a statement. Steve turned the nod some more. I felt the bar become denser but it still wasn’t challenging me.
“More.” Steve looked down at me with a questioning look on his face. “Come on Steve I feel like I’m holding a pool noodle.” He turned the nob again twice this time. The room was very quiet now as if everyone was holding their breath waiting to see when I would hit my limit. “I’m still good” A smirk working its way onto my face. “Let me do it.” Bucky came up from behind Steve. He placed his metal hand underneath the bar to spot me while his other hand turned the nod four times. Now the bar was a lot heavier. I held it there for a moment before I lowered it to my chest and pushed it up again. I did this ten times before I placed the bar back on the rack. I sat up and turned to see Sam dancing again and I knew what that meant. Natasha sat beside me looking me up and down. “How?” She asked shaking her head.
“Honestly I don’t know”
“I do.” Tony said over the intercoms scaring us all.  “All of you come to the lab now please.”
When we got to the lab Tony had a grin on his face like he knew something we didn’t, which he kind of did. He walked over, took my hand and placed this weird bracelet on my wrist that beeped then he took it off. He read something off the screen. “I KNEW IT!” He clasped his hands in victory.
Steve scratched the back of his head. “Care to share what exactly is it that you knew?”
“Oh yea.” Tony stated pacing. “Well I saw the readings that Friday took from Y/N’s performance earlier and I had my suspicions but I needed to be sure and now I am.” Tony took a step closer to me a smirk on his face. “You fed on someone didn’t you? However, what I don’t know is who?” He walked a circle around me looking up and down analyzing my body. I shook my head and opened my mouth to tell him no but then a remembered what happened last night. The pink smoke like cloak, how I felt, my phone. Then I knew.
“What’s this?” Tony tugged at the material of my hoodie pulling it off my neck. “Is this a h-” I pulled away from him covering my neck again.
“It’s nothing.”
“This is conformation that you did in fact feed on someone.” Tony looked at me with a smirk. He knew what it was.
“That’s why you’re so strong.” Wanda inched closer to me reaching for my hand. I pulled away. “uh uh nope don’t try any of that…” I wiggled my hand in the air. “Witchy stuff on me.”
“Y/N our powers are similar I won’t hurt you.” In truth, I wasn’t afraid of her powers at all I just didn’t want them finding out that Bucky was the one I fed off of. Plus, he didn’t remember it so if they started asking him questions that would be it. “Come on Y/N let her try to help you it couldn’t hurt.” I glared at Steve for encouraging the idea.  I started to feel overwhelmed. There were to many people talking at the same time. I started feeling like a could breath, I felt hot and tingly this time even more intense than the others. “Y/N are you ok?” Steve started to take a step towards but he stopped mid step his eyes wide. I noticed everyone taking a consecutive step away from me. I lifted my hands to my eyes and there it was, I was cover by this cloak again.
“What is that!?” Sam asked Tony still backing away from me. “I’m not sure. Could be some type of energy field? Does it hurt Y/N?”
I shook my head. “No, it doesn’t hurt. It is hot though and tingly.
“Has this happened before?”
I thought about lying but if I was ever going to understand these powers I had to tell the truth about this part at least. “Yea…last night but it went away so I didn’t think much of it.” Tony seemed to relax a little when he knew It would go away. “Ok, what happened last night right before you went all my little pony magic?” I rolled my eyes at him. “What? Pepper had a niece who loved that show.”  This is where I knew I had to lie. “I left for a while last night to see a friend of mine. You know to tell him that I’d be gone for a while. Things happened.” I looked down fidgeting with my fingers. Tony raised an eyebrow. “Things?” I sighed. “We messed around a bit ok.”  
I heard some snickers and coughs coming from the rest of the group. “Were all adults here.” I snapped at them. By this time, the cloak had absorbed back into my skin. Tony walked over to me again. “Well that’s who you fed on. Unintentionally of course. You fed of those feelings and now you’re all juiced up.”
“That makes sense I guess”
“Y/N I want you to stay here for a while. I need to run some more tests. The rest of you out. Go do whatever you do when I’m not around.”  Everyone filed out waving and saying bye. Steve gave me a sympathetic look before the door closed behind him.
After spending hours being poked and prodded by Tony it was a relief to finally be free. I took the elevator down to the living quarters and while walking down the hallway I hear…Celine Dion? I walked a little further to find the noise was coming from Steve’s room. I have to see what this is about. I thought to myself as I knocked the door. The music stopped and the doors slide open. Steve was standing there in his night clothes. He seemed a bit startled. “Y/N, Hey I see Tony finally let you go.”
“Yea. Why did I just hear Celine Dion blasting in here a second ago?” I stepped under his arm walking into his sitting room. I saw Titanic paused on the television. I turned to him laughing. “Really Steve you’re in here watching Titanic alone?” He walked over scratching his head in embarrassment. “Yea. Wanda told me it was a good movie and that if I ever wanted to have a girlfriend I better get used to watching it.”
“Not gonna lie this is one of my favorites.”
“You’re more than welcome to watch it with me if you want to that is?”
“Yea. Sure” Steve sat back down on the couch and pressed play. I pulled my hoodie over my head so I could be more comfortable and it was getting pretty hot under there. I sat with my legs crossed and grabbed one of the beers on the coffee table. After a couple of minutes, I went to bathroom to grab some tissues. Steve looked at me in confusion. “Trust me.” I laughed and went back to the movie.
Somehow through the duration of the movie Steve and I ended up in the middle of the couch together. The credits began, I wiped my tears away with my tissue. I heard a sniffle and looked up to see Steve all teary eyed. I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Are you laughing at me?” I fell over laughing my head resting on his chest. “Really, Y/N?” He said chuckling. I grabbed another tissue from the table and dabbed the tears from his eyes. “Awwww Steve I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because you’re so cute. Most guys wouldn’t show their emotions like this.”
He looked deep into my eyes and suddenly the world disappeared around me and it was just Steve and me. I felt him leaning in and I knew I should stop him but I was frozen. When his lips touched, mine they were soft and gentle. His strong arms wrapped around me pulling in closer to his body. He kissed me like this might be the last kiss he’d ever have. I melted in his arms. He pulled away abruptly getting off the couch and taking a few steps. “I’m so sorry Y/N. I – I shouldn’t have done that I don’t know why I did that. I was stupid.” He rubbed his hands over his face and took a deep breath. “I know you don’t feel that way about me but….” He stalled for a moment trying to find the right words to say. “I’m supposed to be this hero, this great soldier and you know what my first thought was when I saw you that day… I thought this is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I held onto your hand for as long as I could because I was scared you were going to leave and I’d never seen you again.” I wanted to say something but I was still reeling from his kiss and now he’s saying all this.
“Now you’re here and I can’t stop thinking about you no matter what I do. What I’m trying to say is…I like you Y/N.” He let out a heavy sigh like a weight had been lifted form his shoulders. He stood there waiting for my response. I didn’t know what to say all this was happening too fast for me first the thing with Bucky now this. I just sat there unable to speak. He shook his head. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’m gonna go down to the gym for a while. Stay here as long as you like.” I could see the hurt on his face and yet he still left the room with a smile. “What just happened?” I said to myself alone in the dark.
In the two weeks that followed I had gone through extensive combat and weapons training. My skills were better but no where near what they needed to be. My powers were more in check now. Tony figured out that they were mostly triggered by arousal or large amounts of anxiety. No one knew that I had fed on Bucky, hell he didn’t even know. Steve and I had become closer as friends, there isn’t any awkwardness after our kiss and his confession of feelings. He still treats me the way he did when I first arrived. I want to tell him that I like him too but how can you tell someone you like them when you like other people at the same time.  
Today I had combat training with Bucky and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Up until this point all my hand to hand combat training was with Natasha and Steve, Bucky was all about the weapons. I guess today they want me to go up against someone who wouldn’t take it easy on me. I went to the training rooms and stretched on the mat.
Bucky stalked in wearing his full tactical gear. I threw my hands up. “Oh, come on you can’t be serious? How am supposed to stand a chance against that?” I said pointing to him.
“Y/N, you’ve got to learn how to fight people wearing this kind of stuff. Sometimes you’re gonna be out and get ambushed randomly by trained professionals and they don’t care if you’re not prepared.
I sighed knowing he was right. He got onto the mat with me and took his stance. “You ready?” He asked with a smirk on his face. I nodded and he came at me. I managed to dodge most of his punches, he caught me few times to the body but I was juiced up on the feelings I had fed on earlier in the week so he wasn’t doing much damage. I tried to throw a few of my own and failed. He caught my fist in his metal hand spinning me around into a choke hold. I could feel his metal arm tightening like a snake around my neck. The feel of the cold metal made my body shiver. I could feel my thoughts drifting back to the armory but I couldn’t let myself be distracted. I gripped his hand using all my strength to pull it from my neck. My free hand went to grab his neck, I used his own weight to throw him to the matt. I quickly dropped down pinning his hands to the floor with my knees and before I knew what I was doing my hands were on his neck. I watched as his eyes began to blink rapidly. I immediately let go not wanting him to go unconscious. I left my knees on his hands because this could still be a trick to overpower me. After a moment, he stared up at me grinning.
“Damn Y/N. You didn’t have to do all this you know?
“What do you mean of course I did you’re not an easy man to take down.”
“Baby doll, if you wanted to sit on my face all you had to do was ask” He said biting his lip.
I rolled my eyes, slapping him in the chest as I adjusted myself to sit next to him on the mat. “Ouch!” He held his chest in pain. “Bucky stop kidding around I need to train so I can be better for missions!” I whined. He placed his flesh hand on my leg sliding it up my thigh. I bit my lip, I wanted him to touch me more but I knew this wasn’t the time. I put hand on his, stopping it an inch away from where we both wanted it to be.
His metal hand darted to my neck. He swung his leg over me pushing me down to the mat. “I knew it was a trick!” I spat out at him. He chuckled “Why so mad doll? He asked lowering his face to mine. “I remember the last time this hand was around your neck, you loved it.” He kissed me rough and passionately biting my lip a little. He released my neck and stood up offering me his hand. He pulled me up with ease. Once I was on my feet I punched him in the gut. He keeled over holding his stomach.  “Y/N, you have to stop hitting me.”
“You remember you jerk!”
Continued on Pt.5 Coming Soon….
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pudding-head-kenma · 10 months ago
For the mini hc event please? Hi! ❤ Could you please do Kuroo and his gf in a skincare noon date with a movie, kdrama or a videogame haha whatever you want, and if it could be and its not too much, like super romantic and fluffly please? Sorry, if not it totally ok! thank you so much!!
↪ kuroo would be a sucker for this type of thing, i just know it. he loves days like those where he’s just able to relax and hang out with his s/o with absolutely no worries. it’s also nice to have an inside date once in a while
↪ kuroo is the type of person who enjoys fancy dates, even more so in his adult life, but he always appreciates calmer dates where both he and his s/o can stay inside, dressed comfortably and just lazying around and being cute together without ‘society norms’ that being in a restaurant would require
↪ the king of skincare routine, i don’t care what anyone else says. he knows the best masks and he goes over the ingredients like anyone has any idea what he’s talking about. like he’ll be explaining how this or that component make a difference depending on a person’s skin and his s/o is just nodding along because they don’t have the heart to tell him they don’t understand
↪ kdrama enthusiast!! loves yelling at the screen. he does it ironically because he thinks it’s hilarious to act all high and mighty when he has a facemask on. he tries to act like your typical rich wine aunt for some reason, skincare dates just really shift kuroo into something else lmao. keeps going until his s/o is laughing uncontrollably, the plot of the kdrama long forgotten.
↪ but he playfully hushes his s/o if they make noise because ‘i’m obviously paying attention and trying to watch, be quiet!’ when they both know that’s complete bullshit. 
↪ super cuddly. he just feels so comfortable and relaxed and in such a calm environment that it’s not wrong to say he turns to mush. he just finds himself clinging to his s/o and pressing lazy kisses on their skin wherever he can reach. usually he has his s/o sit on his lap so he can cling to them from behind easily and still see the TV
↪ once they binged the whole season and are both extremely sleepy (and took the face masks off) he ends up getting into a really romantic mood. kuroo is blunt in a relationship, even if he’s a shy nerd, because he trusts the person he’s dating. however, when he’s tired, that bluntness increases and he just starts spewing all the romantic shit he’s constantly thinking about but usually holds back 
↪ he’ll be touching his s/o’s face, tracing it as gently as he can, while mumbling a messy arrangement of love confessions, compliments and promises for the future. he interrupts himself by kissing their face every so often, and then goes right back to being adorable
@tetsusbabe come get ur kuroo content
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demigod-kasatoros · a year ago
Request: “Dabi x reader, stealing his jacket? Or just his clothes in general. Thank you!” 
Ask and you shall receive!  (also i hope this isn’t fanart. is it is pls let me know so I can find the artist and credit them! It just looks very realistic to the anime!)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dabi x Reader
(also this is long lmaooo. I got lowkey invested in it.)
Warning: Language and a little bit of spice.
Summary: Y/N is on the verge of solving the mystery behind who the villain Dabi is. In order to further prove her theory she must steal an article of clothing for DNA testing. Too bad y/n wasn’t expecting to run into him. And my- she was going to find just how hot and dangerous he could get. (also reader is quirkless but is very smart but also a lowkey dumbass lmao). 
Y/N sat in her car staring out the window. Expecting the villains to be coming out any moment.
Shrouded in an invisibility cloak- Y/N wasn’t too worried about being caught. 
The smell of smoke hung in the air. The sky shrouded in a pitch black blanket. Twinkling stars managing to cut through the smog and blessing the city with its enchanted light.
It had taken Y/N weeks to find this place. Weeks of digging around, tracking, and sleeping in a musty car. Eating ramen out of a cup.
Y/N/’s screen flashed. The figures were leaving the hide-out.  
“Ok. Don’t panic. Hawk’s is counting on you. He’s counting on you.” Your best friend of three years was counting on you.
After all, he asked you to go on this mission. You couldn’t disappoint him. He gave you a job when no one else would.
After seeing that no figures were left in the hide-out, you slowly for out of your car. Scoping the perimeter to make sure no one was staking out.
After about half an hour of not trying to set anything off , you finally managed to sneak your way inside.
Was that, whiskey?
A small whiff of whiskey caught your nose’s attention.
‘Well they have money.’ Perhaps stolen. There didn’t seem to be any other way thy could accumulate wealth.
The hide-out was...plain almost. But not too shabby.
You walk around trying to find an article of clothing that belonged to Dabi. Finally, your eyes catch a long black jacket hanging from a chair.
‘Success!’ You whisper as your gloved hands pick up the garment.
“You could have just asked you know.” That deep, rumbling voice cut your thoughts.
‘Sh*t.’ You freeze. The damp air suddenly turning cold.
“Well, well, well. Look’s like we have a guest.” Dabi’s voice grew closer.  
You weren’t expecting him to come back.
That was probably your first mistake.
Dabi wasn’t an idiot. He probably figured out you were staking them out.  
“Sorry for the intrusion. But duty calls.” You nervously call out. Eyeing the nearest exit.
Before you could make a run for it, you found yourself pinned to the wall. His jacket still in your hand. His grafted skin slightly scraping yours.
He smelled like smoke.
Not that of a cigarette. But the smoke you’d inhale after lighting a fire out in woods. Perhaps for a bonfire.
“Now what’s a sidekick like you doing all the way in here?” Dabi purred.
“Uh- do I need to answer it? I think it’s sort of obvious.” You chuckle nervously. Gulping as he stared you down.
The air turned somewhat cold.
A chill ran down your spine.
His eyes practically seething and cutting right through you.
Why weren’t you moving?
He had a fire quirk- so why did you feel like he had you frozen in place?
“You gonna say something?” You blinked as he tilted his head.
Dabi lifted his lips into a faint smile, “He sent you here, all by yourself?”
You shiver. His words somehow sending goosebumps all over your body. He felt so warm against you- but cold at the same time. Like he wasn’t completely there.
His eyes searching yours for an answer. Perhaps the reason why a quirkless sidekick like you was able to make it this far without dying. Or why Hawks chose you to be his sidekick.
His hair brushed slightly against your forehead slightly as he bent down.
“Yes. You have a problem with that?”
“He could have just asked you know.”
“Asked what?”
Dabi looked at you dully, “What my name is.”
You purse your lips, “What’s your name then, Dabi?”
He laughs. Not a cold-hearted one but not one that made you feel comfortable. No. It sounded like he was mocking you.
“And why should I tell someone like you?”
“Oh is it because i’m quirkless? If you feel as though your better than me because you have whatever you think makes you special, then I hate to break it you. You aren’t.”
This time, the laughter was more light-hearted. He closed his eyes and threw his head back.
“You’re cute.” Dabi leans in once more, “Why are you working for the heroes anyway? It’s not like you're making a difference. No one even knows who you are.”
You wince. Those words ringing true to your distaste.
“And why should I tell someone like you?” You turn his own words against him.
“You think you’re so clever.”
“I don’t think. I know I am.” Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to challenge a villain that could light you up into flames. But you were so irritated. Your parents underestimated. Your teachers. Everyone that knew you didn’t have a quirk.
And this villain- this person that defies the law thinks he’s better than you?
Dabi grins, “Oh this is precious.” He releases you and laughs yet again.
“Ok you’re getting on my nerves asshole. Just kill me already.” You roll your eyes.
Dabi regains his composure, his eyes lit up with a hint of...delight?
You couldn’t help at that moment then to feel something tingle. Your heart slightly race. Your ears flushing red as the blood in your body reacted to the villain in front of you.
God...even with the skin...he looked - hot.
You didn’t want to admit. No. But there was just something so alluring about him.
A darkness shrouded over him.
He was like the spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty- toxic but enchanting. Dangerous but tempting.
Dabi stands up to his full height- and looks down at you.
“Give me my jacket- and then I can consider letting you do.”
You hesitate.
“How can I trust you?” He was a villain after all. You couldn’t trust them.
“I haven’t harmed you or killed you yet, have I?” Dabi stepped closer, his proximity making your heart race once more. He leaned down and whispered harshly into your ear.
“If you want to go back to your family while you’re still sane- I suggest you do as I say.” His warm breath sending another set of chills down your back.
You gasp ever so slightly.
The sensation slightly overtaking your brain.
Were you that deprived of human affection a villain was turning you on?
Dabi notices your still composure, and brushes his mouth against your ear.
“What is it going to be princess? Your family or me?”
“Wait what?”
“If you fail to give me back my jacket- I fear I might have to kill you. Or worse- “ He brought his fingers to your chin and tilted you to look up at him, “You might actually join the League of Villains.”
Now it’s your turn to laugh.
“That’s ridiculous. Why would I?”
Dabi smirks, “Oh princess. There is so much more to your heroes than you think. You think they’re all full of justice and kindness?”
“Well they’re heroes. Of course they are!”
“Oh you poor thing.” Dabi shakes his head, “You don’t know a thing. See...this why you’re useless to them. You’re a quirkless sidekick that gets sent on a fools run while the heroes get to the real action.”
“I’m sorry?” Your heart dropped.
“Hawks already knows who I am, idiot.”
You blink.
he asked you to- 
“’re l...l..lying.” You stutter.  
Dabi shook his head again, “Oh really? Now why would I? Literally there isn’t any reason for me to lie to you.”  
You gulped.  
He grabbed your wrist and pulled you against him.
“You still haven’t given me my jacket back.” His hands traced your arm, a trail of steam in its wake.
“No. I haven’t.”
“Then I suggest you want to take me up on my offer?” Dabi’s eyes glinted with a hint of greed.
You were told to find out who he was.
Perhaps this was the only way you would.
A/N: lowkey might make a part two- but I had fun writing this!
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20hannahbear01 · a year ago
Maybe Next Time pt.2
I was asked to make a part 2 to my original fic where the master end up looking after a drunk and sad reader: pt.1 here
summary: its been two weeks and the master just cant seem to stay away.
warnings: drinking (again), the master being possessive  
“Hey, babe?” Kate twirled around your door. “what do you think?” she cocked her hip, showing off the new dress she had bought two days before.
“Definitely” you nodded as a smile spread across her face.
“So what are you going to wear?” waltzing into your room she threw open your wardrobe and started flicking through your clothes.
“I’m not”
“naked? That is a bold statement, I don’t think they’ll let you in.”
You rolled your eyes, getting up to pull Kate away from your wardrobe. “no, I’m not going”
“come on,” she twirled around, her arms full of your clothes “you didn’t come last week either what’s going on?”
“I just really don’t want to get drunk again”
“was the hangover really that bad?”
Truthfully it hadn’t been, a couple of paracetamols and you were good to go, but you could shake the feeling that you missed out on something that night. It made you realize that you couldn’t trust yourself like that, and anyway, you didn’t want to be a drunken mess when the Doctor finally turns up. But you couldn’t explain that to your friends, they didn’t know about the Doctor and wouldn’t understand. It was easier to let them think that you were a lightweight who would suffer greatly in the morning than tell them you were scared of getting drunk and missing a visit from a time travelling alien.
“I just don’t think there’s any point in going clubbing if I’m going to be sober.”
“good thing we are not going to a club”
You raised an eyebrow in confusion.
“a new karaoke bar opened up downtown, we’re going to check it out.”
“ok, I’m definitely not going”
“Y/N, babe… come on its just time to hang out with the guys, we missed you last week,” She held out a shirt and skirt “and you were away for so long when you were travelling.”
You huffed in amusement as she pouted up at you, her eyes going wider than before. The technique had worked on you too easily when you first met but soon became old, didn’t stop her from trying though.
“Fine,” you shook your head, taking the clothes from her. “I’ll be ready in half an hour.”
“Brilliant” she clapped her hands, bouncing up and down slightly. She turned to leave but stopped halfway “oh, one more thing, why does your room smell like Christmas?”
You pointed towards a candle resting on your shelf
“Cinnamon?” she read out “It’s April, didn’t they have any floral scents”
You shrugged, “I don’t know, its soothing, I like it.”
“fair enough, I’ll leave you to get ready”
The Master paced the floor of the TARDIS. It had been two weeks to the day since he had visited you and he was trying to keep his distance, focus on watching the other companions, but they were just so boring. They had all settled back into their normal lives fairly quickly, getting lost in the 9-5 rat race. So had you, he mused, but there was something different about you.
He’d checked in last Friday, not bearing to ignore you completely. It had been the early hours of the morning, everyone else had been fast asleep, not due to wake for hours, but you were awake. Awake and sat on your doorstep with a blanket around your shoulders and a mug of something warm in your hands. You sat there for almost an hour just staring up at the stars, and he had stood at the console of the TARDIS staring at you.
He knew it was wrong, he knew he should just leave it, leave you be. But that didn’t stop him from walking over to the console and turning on the visual display. The front of your house filled the screen, a familiar sight now after all the weeks he’s been watching. Nothing was going on, no sign of the Doctor, because that’s what all this was about. The Doctor, his nemesis, his friend, not some human pet she’d picked up along the way. He’d decided a long time ago that the humans didn’t matter, he didn’t care for them. But he still couldn’t pull his gaze away from your home.
He watched as the door opened, and a figure stepped out. It was just one of your roommates, he sighed in disappointment, all dolled up and ready to go out like every Friday night. He had noted that you hadn’t gone with them last week and it took all of his self-control not to visit you whilst you were alone.
He was about to close the screen down and leave, go on a trip somewhere, anywhere, to try and get you off of his mind, but his movements faltered as he watched you step out following your friends.
You were wearing a simple black shirt, tucked into a black a-line skirt that fell just above your knee. Black boots gripped onto your calves, a slight heel shifting your posture so you stood straighter than normal, and a red jacket offering a splash of colour that matched a tint you had put on your lips.
The Masters throat suddenly felt very dry as he watched you laugh and chat with the other humans, not a care in the world. His teeth ground together as one of them threw their arm around you, leaning into you as if you were theirs. A taxi arrived and the group squeezed in leaving the Master staring at an empty screen, his knuckles white from gripping onto the console.
Change of plans, the trip can be delayed he decided, now plotting in co-ordinates to find wherever you were headed to.
“So are you giving up drinking for good?”
You had all arrived at the bar and you had to admit it was better than you had previously thought. Tables, chairs, and loungers were spread out around the room, most of them angled towards a stage that was set against a far wall. The bar ran along the length of the club opposite to the side you had just entered from. It was classy, for a karaoke bar.
“Just for a while” you shrugged
“kill joy”
You laughed at that.
“you don’t need alcohol to have fun” Kate jumped to your defence.
“thank you”
“you just need to get on stage and sing” she smirked.
“What, no, NO” you yelped as she grabbed your arm and pulled you onto the platform in front of everyone. Lucky for you the club was still relatively empty, the major percentage of the occupants being your friends, who were now hooting and hollering as Kate passed you a microphone and began flicking through the available songs.
“ooh, you sing this one well”
You looked down at her choice “It’s not a duet.”
“I’ll do the next one then, and I’ll let you pick the song as payback”
“Kate, I don’t want to”
A chorus of ‘awwws’ and ‘pleases’ reached you from the tables where your group was sat. Rolling your eyes you took a deep breath and motioned for Kate to get off the stage.
She grinned at you, squeezing your hand once before jumping off and rushing back to her chair.
A countdown started on the screen in front of you, then the song started.
“Wish I may, wish I might Find my one true love tonight Do you think that he could be you?”
You glanced around the bar, people were chatting and laughing amongst themselves, a few were watching which made your heart leap up in fear but you just clenched your hands tighter to stop them from shaking. Crowds were filling out a bit more now but it still wasn’t too busy. Your eyes flicked back to your friends sat in the middle of the room, but a flash of purple distracted you for a moment before vanishing.
“If I pray really tight Get into a fake bar fight While I'm walking down the avenue If I lay really quiet I know that what I do isn't right I can't stop what I love to do So I murder love in the night Watching them fall one by one, they fight Did you think you'll love me too?”
Something tugged at your memory, purple was important somehow. Purple and cinnamon. You scanned the crowd again searching for the elusive colour.
“ Baby, I'm a sociopath Sweet serial killer On the warpath 'Cause I love you just a little too much I love you just a little too much “
You trailed off as you spotted him, sat at the very back of the room. He was reclined in a lounger nursing a small glass of something, his eyes locked on you barely even blinking.
A numbness took over you as you hopped off the stage and started walking forward, making a beeline towards him. No one else was in the room, they had all melted away the moment your eyes had connected. There was no way he could be here, he had died on Gallifrey, he had to have died. You were halfway across the room now. A soft smirk rested across his face as he licked his lips, he was staring at you like a predator would its prey, devouring you. But still you walked towards him even though everything should have made you run in the opposite direction. Run, just turn around and run, stop putting one foot in front of the other and turn around and ru-
“Y/N?” a hand placed on your arm snapped your attention away from the timelord. “Y/N are you ok? You don’t look so good.” Kate said softly, her eyes flicked in the direction that you had been walking. “what were you staring at?”
“yeah, you looked like a zombie.”
You hadn’t realised you were walking past your table. Your friends were now turning around in their seats, trying to see what it was you had been so focused on.
Words died in your throat as you followed their gaze, unsure how to explain this weird behaviour, only to realised that the area once occupied by one of the most dangerous men in this universe was now empty.
“I-I need to go.” You pulled your arm free from your friends embrace stumbling towards to door.
“Its fine I just need some air” you threw what you hoped was a reassuring smile back towards the group as you pushed forward, now desperate to get out of the suffocating room.
You burst out into the cool air. Darkness had fallen in the small amount of time that you had spent inside and the darkness lead to a crispness that bit at your skin. The freshness brought a certain clarity with it.
You were hallucinating. You had to be. That was the only explanation. There was no way that he could have disappeared in the short time that you had glanced down. There was no way he could have left Gallifrey. The death particle was supposed to have destroyed all organic lifeforms across the whole planet, so how could he be here now?
You breathed in slowly, filling your lungs and holding it for a few seconds before letting the air pass out again. This was insane, you were going insane. It had been a month and two weeks since the cybermen and loosing the doctor and you were going insane.
“Hello love”
You span around faster than you had ever moved in your life, coming face to face with the man who had tried to kill you. You tried to step back, to create some distance. But in the sudden flurry of movement your feet got tangled underneath you and you felt yourself tip backwards.
An arm snaked around your waist as you instinctively grabbed whatever was in front of you in an attempt to steady yourself.
“Miss me?” the masters smile split his face in an inhuman manner as he pulled you closer, your bodies pressed up against each other.
Your hands were grasping onto the lapels of his coat so tightly that you could feel your nails digging into your palms through the material. In an attempt to speak your mouth opened and closed repeatedly, but words failed you as your heart beat in your throat, adrenaline taking over your senses.
“really,” he tutted, pouting slightly. “you have nothing to say to your Master?” he purred out his own name tilting his head towards you so that his breath fanned across your cheek and down your neck.
A shiver danced its way along you back from the sensation, the smell of cinnamon wrapping around you. You let go of his jacket, flattening you hands across his chest instead as you tried to push yourself away. But his grip on you was too strong holding you in place as you wriggled in his grasp.
“you seem almost scared, and to think, last time you were so eager.”
This stilled you. “last time?” your brow furrowed in confusion. “I haven’t, we didn’t, when- “
You trailed off as the puzzle pieces slotted together, “you were in my room.” You mumbled a sickening feeling settling in your stomach “What did you do to me, why can’t I remember?” you shouted, hitting you fists against his shoulders.
The Master gritted his teeth as you knocked against him, “stop that” he snarled, shifting his grip on you so that his hand wrapped around your wrists. He pushed you slightly and you stepped backwards, your back hitting the cool stone of the wall behind you. He raised his arm so that your wrists were pushed into the wall slightly above your head his other hand resting against your throat as a threat to silence you.
He sighed, a softness replacing the menacing glare as his head bowed. “Nothing happened, I promise.” His words were gentle, almost intimate, “and as for why you can’t remember that night, I think that’s on you. I was going to wipe you mind but decided it would be a waste of time, you were too far gone anyway.”
“not completely gone.” You matched his tone.
his eye flicked up to meet yours, curious at this turn of events, “no?”
you shook your head. “I knew something important happened, I remembered… the smell of cinnamon, and purple. Looking at you now I think I know why”
“really, you’re judging my outfit again? What’s wrong with purple?”
“nothing,” you assured “don’t you just think it’s a little…” you trailed off
“what” he narrowed his eyes at you, making you acutely aware of the powerlessness of your situation.
The Master gasped in mock offence before letting out a breathy chuckle, resting his forehead against yours as his eyes fluttered closed.
“you’re playing with fire here sweetheart, right now you’re completely at my mercy.”
“I was at your mercy that night too; you could have done anything. Why didn’t you?”
“Careful love, you almost sound disappointed.”
“You hate me, you could have disposed of me so easily.”
His grip tightened on your throat as he breathed in sharply, “don’t say that.” He growled
“say what”
“I hate the doctor, not you.”
“but I’m her companion, you’ve tried to kill me before to hurt her.”
“you’re not hers” his eyes snapped open to stare into yours. They were dark, darker than normal, the soft brown looking almost black.
You didn’t really know what to say to that, for some reason the possessive tone caused your heart to beat faster, but you weren’t quite willing to process why yet. Instead you both stood there, his body looming over yours, neither of you daring to make a move. You stood like that for a least a minute before you finally broke the trance.
“why are you here? Why are you following me” you asked.
This caught him out, he released his grip on you allowing your arms to fall back to your sides as he backed off. For a moment he looked nervous, like a deer in the headlights before a nonchalant facade replaced it.
He shrugged “I saw you, I figured that I could mess with you a bit. You’re funny when you’ve been drinking.”
“I’ve given up drinking”
“I told you, I felt like something important happened that night, I felt like I should have remembered. I hated that I couldn’t, and I don’t want to miss out on anything else.”
For some reason this caused the Master to smile, but it was different than before. Gone was the psychopathic grin or cocky smirk. This was just a gentle smile as he gazed at you. You couldn’t help but think about how pretty he was when he smiled. It made you want to reach out and wrap your arms around him, but instead you pushed yourself back against the wall, the rough stone digging into you in an attempt to ground yourself.
“do you want to remember?” he held a hand out towards you.
You just frowned at him, causing him to huff in amusement.
“Timelords have some… psychic qualities. I could unlock areas of your mind that have been locked off to you.”
“You would do that? I thought you didn’t want me remembering, you said you were going to wipe my mind if the alcohol hadn’t”
“Change of heart, I have two of them so its allowed” he stepped forwards slightly bringing your attention back to his outstretched hand, “trust me?”
“given our history that would be reckless of me” you mumbled but stepped towards him and took his hand anyway.
He brushed you palms together, his fingers intertwining with yours for just a moment, before dropping it and moving his fingers against your temple instead.
“Close your eyes” he breathed.
You obeyed instantly, the gentle contact soothing you. It was a moment before you realised anything was happening. A gentle drumbeat echoed through your mind, a group of four beats repeating as it shifted through memories of this past week, finally settling on the fog from two weeks ago.
You gasped as the darkness was pushed away, a flurry of memories coming back to you. The two of you embracing, your lips against his throat causing him to shudder and groan before pushing you away, scared to take advantage of you. The way he had ushered you to bed, reassuring your worries about the doctor. The feeling of nuzzling into him after convincing him to stay, breathing in that scent that had become so soothing to you over past two weeks.
Your legs gave way beneath you, but instead of crumpling to the ground you felt the Master’s arms slip under yours, supporting you as you came to your senses.
“yeah, sorry, that can happen to humans when you mess about in their mind. Come on now, up you get.” He shushed you, pulling you against him once more.
“Master” you groaned.
He shuddered slightly at the way your rough confused voice sounded “oh my dear, you have no idea what hearing you say my name does to me, do you?”
You took a couple of breaths trying to bring yourself back to the present, the master was tracing his hand up and down your back, caressing you. You could feel his breath tickling against your lips, leaning in you brushed them against his. This was wrong, he was the Master, the Doctor’s nemesis, destroyer of worlds. But as he deepened the kiss you couldn’t bring yourself to pull away.
“Y/N?” you heard a distant voice call out your name.
The Master pulled away first growling slightly.
“Y/N are you still out here?” Kate’s voice echoed as she searched for you.
“shit” you cursed, of course she would get worried if you were gone for too long. Stepping out of the Master’s embrace you glanced in the direction that her voice was coming from. You turned back to the Master to ask him to wait for a second, but he was gone.
“Y/N! There you are, I was starting to get worried that you were kidnapped or something.” Kate ran up to you.
“uhh yeah,” you folded you arms around yourself “the air was nice, I was freaking out in there.”
“I shouldn’t have made you get up on stage I’m so sorry” she moved to give you a hug, but you stepped away.
“no, no its fine. I’ll be in in a minute; you head back I’ll follow.” You gave a reassuring smile, tilting your head it the direction of the door.
“I can wait if you want.” She sounded sincerely concerned for you, but you brushed her off.
“nah, like I said. One minute.”
She nodded, turning back to the club unsurely, but left you alone.
Once you were sure she was gone, you called out. “Master?” you waited but no reply came. “come on, stop messing about, please.” Still nothing. He really had left, you realised.
Blinking away the tears that threatened to fall you smoothed down you skirt and returned to your friends.
You pushed yourself to the front of the bar where the majority of you friends had migrated to.
“there she is!!!!!”
“hey you ok?”
“what happened back there?”
You plastered on a fake grin, “sorry about that. I’m fine now, never better.” You lied “do these belong to anyone?” You pointed to a group of shots on the bar top.
“they’re just for the group.”
“great.” You picked them up one after the other, the burning liquid coating your lips, removing the lingering sensation of the kiss outside. “next rounds on me” you promised.
“what happened to not drinking?”
“screw that” you shrugged. A roar of cheers erupted from the group causing you to burst out laughing. “right come on, what’s everyone’s orders?”
You groaned as your head thumped, it felt as if your brain was pushing against your skull and that someone has scrambled up your guts. You wanted to open your eyes but knew that if you did everything you be so much worse. Instead you tried to burrow deeper into the covers, cowering away from the day.
“ah you’re awake. Here drink this” you felt the covers being pulled away from you face and hand slipped under your head raising it slightly as a cool glass was placed against your lips. You let the liquid run down your throat. It warmed you as it ran through your body, instantly reducing the hangover.  
“good girl” they were stroking your hair, that voice…
You cracked open your eyes, hissing at the light of the room. A blurry shape came into view as your eyes adjusted.
Well, that wasn’t what you were expecting.
The Master looked down at you perched on the edge of your bed. Wait, no, this wasn’t your room. Where were you?
“how much do you remember from last night?” he asked, his voice was low as if it didn’t want to hurt you in this current state.
“not much after you left me.” You admitted,
“I thought you had stopped drinking”
“you left me.” You repeated, pouting up at him.
“I know,” he grinned “you reminded me of that multiple times last night.”
“What happened last night” you groaned, “where am I?” this was too much, your head was spinning and not from the alcohol anymore, instead you were trying to wrap your mind around the events the night before and two weeks before that. The events that had led to you lying in what you could only assume was the Master’s bed as he petted and cared for you.
“We were interrupted, so I left. A short-range teleport to the TARDIS.” He began “next thing I know you’re knocking on the door. You the proceeded to shout at me for the next half an hour about how rude it was that I had ditched you and how you, and I’m quoting here, ‘shouldn’t be left to deal my emotions alone’ and how I was the cruellest man alive because I kissed you” he was obviously amused at you antics, his tone light.
“I shouted at you, and I’m still alive?”
The Master shrugged “don’t ever say I’m not a forgiving master.”
“how did I even find you?”
“that’s something I’d like to know as well, the chameleon circuit is on, currently we look like a shed.”
With that he stood up, straightening his jacket. “right, you have 20 minutes to get ready.” He stated “wardrobe is through there” he gestured to a door. “Be ready soon, I’ve already been very lenient with you, I wouldn’t test my patience as well, I won’t hesitate to leave you here.”
“leave me here? Wait, are we going somewhere?”
“I’ve bored of this planet, its time to move on. Now hurry up, its down to 19 minutes.” He turned and walked out, leaving you shocked and confused.
Were you his companion now? You took a moment to think about what you had gotten yourself into, this was the Master, what were you thinking? But as you glanced towards the wardrobe you couldn’t help but smile. This was going to be fun.
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sieben9 · 2 years ago
“changelings” impressions
{Quick request to anyone reading: I’m watching OUaT for the first time, and I want to avoid spoilers. So, if you want to discuss something spoilery, I’d be grateful if you could start a new post for that. Thank you!}
Well, damn.
Where do I even start?
Tumblr media
Ah, yes, ridiculous fashion choices. Thank you, that’ll do nicely.
Seriously, what is up with this belt? Is there a funny story/deep significance I missed here? Did the Evil Queen get really into wrestling while off-screen? Is this a Fight Club thing?
So many questions, and neary an answer in sight…
…yeah, OK, I’ll get to the actual episode. Under the cut, though. Be warned, this wasn’t a happy one for multiple reasons. For one it’s so long and I am really sorry. I just kept going “and another thing…!” until we got to the current state of things. There are some “skip here” suggestions in the text, though. For another… yeah, just go ahead and read the thing. Short version right here: I did not like this episode, and its also a microcosm of this show’s issues with character continuity. (As in “which bits are canon this episode”)
OK, brief shout out to the whole scene at the barn house. Regina threatening the Evil Queen with crushing her own heart was deeply worrying, but also kind of badass. Good on her. Also, the conversation afterwards. It’s nice to have it all out in the open for once.
Tumblr media
Next up: the flashback!
Tumblr media
names displayed to silently accuse the guilty (not really they just happened to be in the shot)
Which was… alright, I guess? I mean, the Rumbelle dynamic was completely off compared to what we’ve seen from anything but their very earliest days (I’m thinking about the Robin incident, which was… maybe Belle’s second day there?), but compared to all the other nonsense going on in that area, this is barely a blip on the radar.
This had definitely the only moment of much-needed comic relief of the episode, namely Blue’s dress. I mean, she wears it with commendable sincerity, but that thing just doesn’t get any better with prolonged exposure.
So, Rumple can read Elf, but he can’t read Fairy? OK, I guess, but you’d think that over a 200-year-long rivalry, he’d have made the effort. Well, if nothing else, the “Belle knows Fairy” thing is a nice fanfic fact.
Anything else here…?
Oh, yeah. Rumple’s mom.
Tumblr media
Alright, it might be a little early, but I’m calling it now: viewed by quantity, Rumple has The Worst Parents on this show. Simply because both of them were evil, child-stealing assholes who abandoned their son. …you know, despite the very obvious irony in that sentence, I’m shocked Rumple turned out as good as he did. All praise the two spinning ladies.
By the way, how many parents do we have who didn’t abandon their children? Obviously, there are some, but I highly doubt we’d get as much as an even split. Yes, I realise that this is part of the show’s theme, but that is still a lot of absent parents.
He didn’t get much out of that conversation, though, did he? Well, looks like he’ll have another opportunity this season, at least… (If I sound a little underwhelmed, it’s just because of my general mood, I’m actually pretty excited to see more of her. “Sometimes you have to choose power over love”, huh?)
::long groan:: I don’t wanna do this. Because I feel like this should be a serious, in-depth analysis, when really all I want to say is “this episode hurt me and not in the good way”.
I think a large part of the problem is this: I wasn’t there with the story. I think Rumple and Belle’s actions both grew… sort of organically to the point they reached by the end of the episode, but getting there was such a janky, half-baked mess that I just. Didn’t. Buy it.
Right up until the end of that really, really disturbing scene in the library, there are some giant leaps of logic I’m supposed to just follow along with. Like “the best way to get my son to love me is to speed up Belle’s pregnancy” or “Rumple wants to cut our son’s destiny so that he can be corrupted ‘or worse’.” Also, what the hell is “worse” supposed to be in this scenario? What, exactly, did he think Rumple would do to his own child? Ugh!
Also, this didn’t happen until later, but “Just because he did the right thing today doesn’t mean he’ll do the right thing tomorrow”? Really, Emma? Isn’t hoping people who do the right thing today will do the right thing tomorrow kind of at the core of your entire moral system?
Tumblr media
::dons hardhat::
OK, outright: The library scene was painful, and deliberately cruel on part of the writers. Because there were so many options for this to play out that didn’t involve Rumple chasing Belle into the elevator that’s been an established “Thing” in the narrative of this couple. I’m not saying this is bad writing (I want to, but let’s face it, I’m hardly objective), but it’s definitely a deliberate punch to the gut. And then there’s the bit where Belle has to talk Rumple down, which…  ::shudder:: yeah, not a good look.
What annoys me about that conversation… OK, one of the things that annoy me about that conversation is that I can’t even properly analyse anyone’s character motivation here, because I have no fucking idea which bits of canon I’m “supposed to” remember this week!
Some canon dissection at this point, skip if you’re bored.
So. Belle told Rumple that “all she wanted [him] to do was try”, which is reasonable enough on its face. In an ideal world, I’d assume this refers back to his comment in s5 where he basically said that the darkness was irrevocably part of him and that he had no intentions of changing that. Which is a… bold choice of words for someone who was literally, straight-up cursed with that amount of darkness. But I digress. The thing is that I don’t actually know if that’s what Belle meant, because, like I said, there’s been a very clear trend of “please only remember selected pieces of established continuity” in recent seasons episodes, and if you’re going to play it like this, that makes any kind of analysis really hard.
Because here’s the thing: he absolutely did try after that. Right after that, you might say. He and Belle worked together (using Belle’s method rather than gunning for Hades directly) to get their child back from Hades. And when Belle decided to put herself under a sleeping curse so as not to risk Hades stealing their child (because Belle does impulsive shit when she feels cornered), Rumple not only got their child back, he also tried to kiss her awake afterwards—something he previously said would require too much of a change from him to even attempt! And when that didn’t work, he did what she’d asked and brought her to her father, who refused to wake her, because his child being worse-than-dead was apparently still better than her being with Rumple. (And no, words still cannot express how much I hate Moe French. He started out a shitty father and then got worse.)
And then he kept trying to wake her up, because that’s what you do for a person you love. I’d even say he was about to succeed in waking her up, when what I can only call a diabolus ex machina turned up to tell her that Rumple is bad and will “destroy his family” (in a frustratingly unspecified manner that was never elaborated upon). And I’d be happier with this if it was framed as the kind of self-fulfilling prophecy the season 2 seer girl made—that Belle trying to avoid a future where Rumple destroyed their family would put them on the path to destroying their family—but I’m not sure that’s what’s going on. And if it is, then the writing in that one bit of the show is certainly a lot subtler than everywhere else.
Tumblr media
I don’t care how cute a baby you are, adult!you is still a douchebag
So, at this point, Rumple has tried really hard to be a better version of himself, but somehow none of that work is recognised in narrative. It’s perfectly fine for Belle not to recognise it for several reasons (it’s also a bit weird, considering how she still seems to feel about him), but the narrative never acknowledges that all of this can definitely be filed under “striving to be better.” Which, again, brings me to the “so which bits of canon are canon today?” question. (Also, hi, I have a strong suspicion that the people involved in planning this show are a lot better at short stories than ongoing series with open sequel hooks. No pun intended.)
And then, like I said, things took a pretty sharp turn towards the end of last episode and at the top of this one. I’m… not even touching that any further. I’m tired, and not in the “I woke up early to get this writing done” sense.
::sigh:: Remember The Bear and the Bow? Good times, that, huh?
Alright. Deep breath. It’s uphill from here. Kind of. The hill is inside a hell-pit, so it’s not a great climb.
The post-library bit of the episode kind of works as far as internal logic goes. The episode had pretty much lost me by then, to the point where I was just relieved it actually wasn’t Rumple who spiked that tea. Because, let me tell you, I know I said I didn’t see myself quitting the show, but that version would have been hard as hell to watch. So. Glad I don’t live in that version of reality.
Still, at that point, Belle has no reason to think someone other than Rumple would have wanted to give her that potion. Which meant he was still after the baby, so sending the little bean away was… still not a great idea, really, but I can see how she arrived there. Belle does impulsive shit when she feels cornered. If she thought Rumple had really sunk that low… yeah, it’s still not a great option (and, again some really good acting in that scene), but not completely out of left field.
And Rumple was obviously afraid something like this would happen, which is why he tried to barge into the convent like that. Didn’t exactly make him look more innocent, but he was in a hurry.
Tumblr media
at least you’re pretty to look at, I guess
At least one person acted entirely consistent with prior characterisation, meaning the Evil Queen. Because that potion was such a classic move that I’m a bit surprised Rumple didn’t see that one coming. My guy, this is basically the same woman who convinced you Belle was dead before locking her in a cell for thirty years. She knows where to hit you and how to make it stick, and you should know that!
And this is not me saying that it’s Rumple’s fault, but he sure got a good hit from the idiot ball when he unceremoniously dropped the Evil Queen as his partner/”partner” without going “hm, could she possibly feel the urge to screw me over for this?”
And so, Rumple missed the birth of his second child, Belle had her first child without her husband to support her, and while Gideon is a lovely name, I can’t help but think that picking a name for your child is something couples should do together, playfully bickering back and forth for weeks that no, we are not naming our son Immanuel, why is this even a discussion? (…I had several friends get pregnant over the last three years and you hear some weird stuff. The little guy is called Immanuel now, by the way. Among other things.)
Oh, and speaking of the little guy’s name...
Tumblr media
WHY WOULDN’T SHE TELL HIM? Seriously, the name wouldn’t do anything to find him he couldn’t do with blood magic. Which he has readily available, since it’s--and I know this comes as a shock--his child. Seriously, that just seems... nedlessly cruel.
Also, to close this out with some (semi-)humour, I want to make this a callout for one Belle Gold, who decided that of all the people present this was the best person to hand her newborn child:
Tumblr media
I think I am on record for saying that I would not trust the Blue Fairy with taking care of a gerbil, nevermind a human being. Frankly, if she told me the sky was blue, I’d go outside and check, just in case the apocalypse had gone off while I wasn’t looking. That’s how little I trust her.
Now, I do know that this is not the story of how Blue has been evil all along, but there is a world where that’s the big twist at the end of this episode.
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