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Promise: Yandere Godfather Hawks x Todoroki reader
This is a side story takes place in the YRHR series, after part 1, when the reader returns home, blind.
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"Y/n... Come on, wake up. Its 9 already." You heard him say, feeling the bed dip as he sat on it, gently touching the back of your shoulder. "Aren't you hungry? Mom's making your favourite."
When you gave no response, Shotou pulled the covers away from your face, his brows furrowing at the bandages around your eyes that had loosened up. You had did that, clawing at the meticulously tight knot Natsuo had done; you didn't like how it settled on your eyes.
"You're awake, right?" The only answer he got was you turning your cheek further away from him when he tried to caress it. Shotou didn't like your silence and he missed it when you used to ramble about almost anything to him. He missed when you were happy.
The door bell rang.
Shotou looked at his watch confused. Wasn't Natsuo supposed to come around at 11? He could hear Enji walking to the main door, and after a few seconds of silence, he heard footsteps coming towards your room. But then he heard some scuffling, and people talking- he recognised Enji's and Dabi's voices, his brother's getting louder by the second.
"I'll check who's there. Stay."
Stay? You would've rolled your eyes if, you know, you still had them.
A few more minutes passed and you could hear Dabi arguing with someone, and you think that Shotou is trying to calm him down. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, you got up from the bed. For the past whole month, Shotou would come to wake you up everyday, carrying you in his arms to the bathroom, never letting you walk on your own, claiming "you'll get hurt".
Taking one small step at a time, you stretched your arms out trying to reach the wall. Once you felt the cold, smooth surface, you used it to guide you towards the door.
No matter what you did, or how many times you told them to back off, that you can do this on your own, they wouldn't let you. Hell, you were pretty sure that if they could, they would breathe for you too. As if trying to instil in your mind that you're helpless without them, incapable of making your own decisions.
I'll show them how fucking capable I am.
After stubbing your toe only once, you finally reached the door, your hand gripping the metal knob. You placed your ear on the door, trying to figure out who and where everyone is standing. The corridor seemed empty and you think everyone is downstairs.
Opening the door, you used another wall to guide you towards the stairs. You hoped Shotou doesn't see you; he'd throw a hissy fit at you attempting to walk down the stairs.
As you took one careful step at a time, you heard the commotion grow louder. You could hear Dabi yelling profanities at the other person, certainly not Enji because Rei or Fuyumi would've stepped in by now to stop him. You used to stop him too, but ever since what happened, you don't really care anymore.
"Why the fuck are you even here?! She doesn't fucking want to see you!"
"And who is gonna stop me? You? I'd be happy to knock you down on your ass- its about goddamn time!"
You almost stumbled down the last few steps, but you needed to know- was he, was he really here?
You heard his wings flap before you felt him, the wind gushed at your body strongly, making you lose your balance. But muscular arms wrapped around you before you could fall, and the winged hero lifted you up and spun you around, making you burst into laughter.
Rei was the first one to cry.
You laughed.
Not a bitter, sarcastic one.
A genuinely happy laugh.
And she missed her baby's laugh so much.
Dabi's eyes widened slightly. His heart clenching up a bit as he realised how he missed that beaming look on your face. He realised how fucking naive you were, how you were his little sister that he needed to protect.
Shotou felt envy. Why- why didn't you laugh like that with him? Why didn't you laugh for him? Was he... not a good brother?
Fuyumi actually rushed out of the kitchen when she heard you, her hands coming up to her mouth to suppress the sob that was building up. Too long. It had been too long since you were happy.
Natsuo smiled. He smiled as he saw you chortle when the hero's feathers tickled your cheek. He wished you would smile more often.
Enji's breath hitched as he saw you chuckle into Hawk's shoulder. It was so natural, so lively, so radiant. He had been dying to hear that sweet sound again.
Your heart was beating fast and your stomach was doing somersaults as you felt the air rushing through your hair and cooling on to your neck, the soft feathers brushing across your skin.
He really was here.
But so were they.
And you could feel their eyes on you.
Keigo frowned when he saw you curl yourself into him, as if trying to bury yourself into his chest. When he looked around, he saw them glaring and that's when he puffed out his wings before curling them around you; shielding you.
"I'll be spending time with my goddaughter. Do not disturb us." And with that, Hawks flew you up to your room, locking the door before they could sat anything. He could hear Dabi arguing, but he trusted Enji to handle him.
He set you on your bed, chuckling as you didn't let go of his collar.
"Its okay, dove. I'm here, now- ow!" You cut him off by punching his arm.
"Where were you?!"
"In your heart- ow! Stop hitting me!" He caught your wrists.
"You said you were gonna visit me at home! Its been a whole month-"
"I know, I know. I'm sorry but believe me, I really was busy!" Sighing, he continued. "The hero commission sent me to Europe for a mission and things got a bit messy, so I got caught up."
Yanking your hands out of his grip, you scowled. "Would it have killed you to call?"
"I mean I wouldn't say kill, but I probably could've lost a limb or two-" He started laughing when when you began getting up to walk to the door.
Keigo wrapped his arms around you, smiling cheekily"Y/n- I'm sorry, I'm just kidding. Come back-"
"No, let go! I don't have time for your bullshit" He continued laughing, easily picking you up and dropping you back on your bed.
"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Come on, now. Stop being mad." You heard him shuffling. "Besides, I've got something for you!"
He dropped something in your lap. You picked an item, your hands feeling around it, trying to figure out what the rectangular shaped box was.
"Whats this?"
"Oh, here. Let me help you." He lifted the lid of the box and you were immediately hit by a familiar smell.
He hummed in confirmation"Your favourite ones too! They were always sold out! Luckily, I was able to use my charm on the owner."
"Charm? Oh, you mean where you pull that ugly smirk and do that half lidded look with your eyes, and you think that you look hot but you actually just look creepy?"
"Yeah- hey!"
And then the next 3 hours were spent like that, Hawks telling you about Europe and the bad guys he caught, you telling him about the way your family had been treating you.
"They don't let me do anything, they don't give me any privacy! Its like- its like they want me to be a doll!" You gave an exasperated sigh. "They- they act like they are being so generous. Like it was somehow my fault that my eyes got fried!"
"Oh come on. They can't be that bad-"
"They are! So much worse than before. Look, I'm a grown up- I need my space too! You know what Shotou said when I asked him to get me a walking stick? He said I don't need one since he can carry me everywhere. Do you know how embarrassing it is to get carried to the toilet every single day? Do you?!"
"Well, no-"
"And then Fuyumi cuts up my food and spoon feeds me herself! I know I'm blind but its not like I'm gonna stuff the food up my nose or something!"
The hero snickered at that.
"And then Enji reads me these novels or the newspaper and he skips over the parts he thinks I'm too "young" or "immature" to understand! They even monitor what I listen to! Fuyumi or Shotou would be quick to change the channel if something above pg 10 comes on!" You ran a hand through your hair frustratedly. "I asked Enji to get me a Braille and the first few time he pretended like he didn't hear me, before finally saying that I don't need one!"
"Don't worry, I'll sneak in a Braille for dummies the next time I visit."
"Hey-! Wait... what do you mean "next time"?"
"Oh come on! I promise I'll come earlier next time. Maybe in like 2 weeks-"
"No. I want to leave this place today. You promised."
"Y/n-"Keigo reached to place a hand on your shoulder but you pushed him off.
"You. Promised. You said you'll get me out of here when I leave the hospital" You inhaled deeply. "Well, guess what, Hawks? Its been a whole month."
"I know but you're not well enough-"
"I AM! If anything, staying here is harming me more!" Your tone was getting angrier. "You said- you said you would take me away from them."
"I can't do it right now. The hero commission needs me-"
"I need you! Or am I just not worth your time?"
"Please, dove- try to understand. How will I take care of you if I'm out at the agency?"He tried to pet your head but you smacked his hand away, snarling at him.
"You're a liar. A big fucking liar! Was this the plan all along? To give me hope that you'll save me, only to fucking crush it?!" The hero managed to dodge the box of chocolates you threw at him. "I don't need fucking chocolate or your stupid presents. I need to get out of this goddamn house!"
The hero began walking towards the door. "You're not thinking rationally- I'll- I'll leave." But before the hero could manage to take another step, you were leaping towards him, but since you couldn't see, you only managed to fall near his feet. When he grabbed your shoulders to help you up, you were quick to latch onto him, wrapping your arms around his torso tightly.
"No- no! Don't go. Please, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that. Please, don't be mad. I swear I'll behave, just don't leave me here!" Your hold onto him was becoming painfully tight.
Keigo felt like someone was breaking his heart piece by piece as he looked at you. The way your body shook from your pitiful sobs, the way you held onto his jacket as if your life depended on it- he was forced to remember how vulnerable you looked the night he brought you back to the this house. The same night when you begged and begged him to fly you away, that you'll do anything as long as he didn't dropped you back at the Todoroki estate.
"Y/n- darling, love, listen to me. I promised you that I'll keep you save, didn't I? I promise I'll come back soon-"
Hawks knew that bitch Rei did this on purpose, he knew and it killed him that he couldn't save you from her. He wanted to tell you that he believed you, and he was preparing a place for you. But the hero knows your siblings were eavesdropping, right on the other side of the door.
He had to be careful and play the fool if he wanted to get you out of this hell hole.
"Y/n please-"
You shook your head repeatedly, pulling him closer to you as you shrieked at him. "No. NO! I wont let you go! I WON'T LET YOU LEAVE WITHOUT ME! Keigo, I'm begging you! Take me with you, please! I'll die! I'll die! I'LL FUCKING DIE, KEIGO! PLEASE!"
Your loud screams had your siblings bursting through the door, obviously using a spare key. "Y/n, whats wrong-" You jumped away when they touched your shoulder, giving Hawks chance to slip away.
You instantly reached out for him, flailing your arms around to get a hold of him again. But the hero was already out the door and your siblings quickly pulled you back into their arms, shushing you, trying to calm you down.
But you were inconsolable. Thrashing around in Shotou's arms, you kept begging for Hawks to come back. "HAWKS COME BACK! LET ME GO! HAWKS, PLEASE! I'LL DIE! I'LL DIE! I'LL DIE!" It pained them to see you like this, so hysterical; Shotou and Fuyumi whispered sweet nothings but you payed them no mind. Natsuo knew you were going to hyperventilate soon, but he was more worried about you bursting a vessel in your head.
Thinking fast, he quickly brought up a tranquilliser- and the moment the sharp smell of the alcohol swab hit your nose, you were wrestling harder to get out Shotou's and Fuyumi's arms.
"Y/n, please calm down-"
"FUCK YOU! LET ME GO! KEIGO! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! COME BACK- STOP! STOP TOUCHING ME! STOP!" You screamed louder than before when you felt her cold hands gripping your arm, holding it still so that your brother could administer the dose.
As the drug began taking effect, your thrashing slowed down before you finally slumped into Shotou's arms. The tranquilliser numbed the headache that was forming, and you felt Fuyumi use a tissue to wipe the snot and the spit off your face.
"I'll die... I'll die... And you won't be there. And I'll die..."
Hawks was in a trance like state as he watched Shotou tuck you under the covers. He wanted to use his sharp feathers to slice off that cold bitch's hand that brushed the hair out of your face, before pressing a kiss to your forehead. Your daunting screams rang through his ears; his chest felt like some was shoving a knife through it slowly as he played back the image of you trying to wring yourself free from their arms, one hand still reaching out for him. It took everything in him not to grab it and pull you away from those monsters, but he had to remind himself of the bigger picture.
Lost in his thoughts, he didn't even notice the pyromaniac standing next to him until he spoke.
"This is all your fault."
Hawks looked at Dabi. His fault?
"You shouldn't have come here."
"She's my goddaughter-"
"Shut the fuck up." Dabi narrowed his eyes at the hero. "She's like this because you gave her false hope. Hope, that one day she'll get away from us. You and I both know that's not gonna happen." He sighed before continuing. "You call yourself a hero, but in reality, you're no better than us."
As Hawks turned to leave, not willing to let the villian get on his nerves, Dabi spoke again.
"Dont bother coming back. She won't forgive you. She'll never forget this betrayal."
Hurtful as they were, he knew the words he said were true.
Hawks was almost out the gates when he saw Enji sitting in the garden, looking at the koi pond. He should've left, should've flown away but there was something in Enji's eyes that had the winged hero walking towards him. He recognised the emotion as soon as he got close.
Or was it guilt?
Perhaps a mixture of both.
"Endeavour, are you... alright?"
The number 1 hero looked away from the fish and blinked at him.
"Hawks? What are you still doing here?"
The blonde chuckled nervously. "I was just on my way out." He gazed at him. "Are you okay? You seem to be in deep thought."
Enji only stared at him. Taking his silence as the answer, Hawks turned to leave.
"Why did you come here today, Keigo?"
He suppressed the urge to shudder the way his name rolled off his tongue.
"She's my goddaughter too. Why? Do you think it was a bad decision to come?"
"No." Enji sighed. "I just- she hadn't laughed like that in a long time."
Hawks stood beside him. "She's still traumatised from the kitchen accident. Its understable-"
"No. She hadn't laughed like that for a long time, even before this happened." Enji's eyes moved towards the night sky. The stars were twinkling extra bright tonight. How he wished you could see it. "Before she lost her sight, she used to look out the window, her eyes searching sky." He gulped. "She was looking for you, Keigo. You- you made her happy, you make her laugh. I don't."
Hawks placed his hand on Enji's shoulder. "That's not true, Enji. You do make her happy. She loves you. She feels safe with you. She sees you as her protector."
"She does?"
He nodded. "Of course. If you want things to return to normal, you need to treat her normally too. Just- just talk to her. Sort out the issues and wash away whatever fears she has." Hawks wanted Enji to listen to you, to really listen to you and protect you from Rei. He could only hope that Enji understood what he meant.
Hawks was right, Enji realised. Whatever delusions you have of Rei wanting to hurt you on purpose, of being the "bad person", they can all be cleared up if he just talked to you. Ever since the incident, the family avoided talking to you about Rei or the events that had occurred that day.
If he just talked to you, things will return to normal. You'll become happy again.
"Thank you, Keigo."
Hawks only smiled in return. "I'll be leaving now."
"Okay. When will you visit again?"
"I'll be gone for longer now. The hero commission is sending me on another mission again."
"Oh. Safe travels, then."
As Hawks flew away, he began thinking about the house.
The house where he was going to take you to soon. He just needs to add a few finishing touches before he sets his plan in motion. The plan to rescue you, and eventually Enji, from those sadist that call themselves your family.
He will not let his dove get hurt again.
He'll save you this time.
He promises.
Tumblr media
Idk how this turned out, angst wasn't the plan initially. Guess I'll write godfather Hawks fluff for another day.
Anyways, now that this is done, I'll start working on RE 8 fic now.
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the taming of the shrew | one
he is more a shrew than she
Tumblr media
penelope reveals her plan to get you and spencer together. unfortunately, her plan has a few hitches. 
A/N: again, big thanks to @homoose for being my helpful beta reader, and to YOU for reading it now. 
category: fluff, spencer reid x fem!reader, series
wc: 4.1k
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Penelope came back to your place the following night, bearing a new bottle of wine and a collection of materials she mentioned were integral to executing the plan.
Very quickly into Penelope’s explanation of this Genius Plan –– her words, not yours –– you remembered what it was she did for work. Officially, she was some sort of technical computer-y person for the Federal Bureau. As you knew her, she’s a danger to society and anyone with a traceable digital presence.
She managed to construct a comprehensive list of every place in D.C. and Virginia that her friend liked going to, along with the approximate times in which you were most likely to find him there. Approximate meaning, exactly which days he visits and the roughly time of day, down to a mere one hour margin of error.
You scanned the list over, shocked at its detail. Where he cut his hair, got his coffee, bought his books. His favorite restaurants, the chess clubs he’s a member of, his local hospital.
His local hospital?!
“I’m not going to need to know that, am I?” you paused.
“Probably not, but it comes in handy with this job,” she shrugged with a nonchalance that was rather alarming.
There had to be a dozen more places on the sheet –– ranked, in order of his (assumed) preference for them. Penelope calculated it based on the frequency of his visits, their average duration per session, and how often he’d mentioned about the place.
“What?” she tossed her palms up, taking offense when you asked her if she had evil plans to take over the tristate area. “Hang out with him long enough, you tell me if you pick up a knack for researching or not.”
Researching. Mining private data through questionable methods. It’s a small difference to Penelope.
“Remind me not to get on your bad side, Penelope,” you muttered under your breath, flipping the sheet back and forth. “You could ruin my whole life with ten minutes on a computer.”
“I wanted to be thorough,” she defended, shrugging. “And I’d only need five.”
You laughed through your nose, giving the paper one last scan. “You left out one important thing, though.”
“No, I put his home address on there,” her brows wrinkled together as she pointed it out on the sheet with one hot pink polished finger.
“His name,” you berated. “Jesus, you think I’m going to show up at his home?!”
“Again! I’m thorough,” she cried at your accusatory tone. “His name’s Spencer. You’ll like him when you meet him.” 
You didn’t doubt that Penelope’s friend was a likeable guy, but you weren’t exactly dying to go out of your way to meet him. You told her that you’d get around to it when you had a chance and left it at that.
And two weeks later, you found yourself in need of a caffeine fix that your tea kettle wasn’t strong enough to satisfy. You started on a new piece late the previous night, and midnight rolled into four in the morning, which pushed you into the arms of seven o’clock. Reinforcements were needed.
Throwing on a large sweater to cover up your messy clothes and grabbing the closest pair of shoes you could find, you originally planned on heading to your usual spot just around your street corner. Just as you were leaving, the list, still sitting untouched in the exact spot that Penelope left it in, caught your eye.
It’d been a while since you told Penelope you’d help her out. Enough time had passed that you now felt like there was an invisible deadline over your head.
Maybe it won’t hurt to try something new?
Besides, meeting someone at a coffee shop seemed like an easy, foolproof way to go about this. From all the movies and romance novels, you knew that cafes are the pinnacle of meet-cute situations. Or, in your case, a meet-forced.
Regardless, it should’ve been simple enough, and it would’ve gotten the favor off your shoulder.
You scanned the sheet for the cafe Spencer would be at on a Thursday at 8 a.m., and got there with barely five minutes to spare before he was expected to show.
It was just your luck that he had to pick a cafe practically as far from your home as he could get, and the transfer train had to have a delay that made you walk the last three-quarters of a mile there. Call it crazy, but you didn’t expect to actually have to put in work for this. You expected it better be worth the hassle.
You took a seat in the back of the cafe to catch your breath as you waited for him to show up. Sitting in the booth, with your head down so you coudn’t be seen, the plan started to feel stupid all over again. You were running around the city, spying on this stranger, and for what?
The silver bell hung over the door frame interrupted before your thoughts could travel down that path of questioning. It rang each time a new patron enters, and within the next twenty minutes it rang only eight or nine times. None of them appeared to be Spencer.
You were prepared to call this one a failure and leave, when you realized your colossal mistake. You only had his name, and no idea what he looks like. So unless he happened to wear a name tag around you could’ve already missed him. You realized then that there were more than a few flaws in this plan.
Keeping an eye on the door, you dialed Penelope’s contact as a swarm of new patrons flooded in.
“How am I supposed to know what he looks like?” you whispered into the phone, failing to cover it with a hand cupped over the speaker. Penelope was confused for only a second by the apparent lack of context.
“Oh! He’s tall, has mousy brown hair but he cut it recently. It’s like… missing on the sides, but it’s all there in the front!” she explained.
What the hell does she mean missing?
“Pen, brunette? That’s like all the guys in here…” You took a look around the full cafe; various men typing on computers, taking calls. All of them looked the same, from their brown hair to their khakis and puffer coats. “You’re going to have to give me a little more than brown hair.”
Penelope struggled to explain and with each new feature she gave you, your mental picture of him got more clouded. “He’s skinny! Dresses like a vintage teddy bear!”
“Does he have kind of like… a hot English teacher vibe?” you quirked your head, spying a man approaching from the sidewalk and drinking him in with your eyes. Tall, brunette, clad in corduroy head to toe with a plaid sweater vest underneath. Vintage Teddy Bear F/W 1978 collection.
“Yes! He teaches sometimes! And you think he’s hot?”
Your mouth gaped even though she couldn’t see you. “No, I - I didn’t say that. I said he had the vibes of a hot teacher.”
“And how different is that from saying he’s––”
“Pen, I gotta go. Your guy’s walking in.” You put the phone away before she could pick apart what you said.
The bell on the front door rang as he came in and you stared intently at his face. If this was like the movies, he’d turn his head right then, at the perfect time, and make eye contact. He’d fall madly in love from the first look, and your work would be done. You sat at the edge of your seat, burning holes into his skull, waiting for that moment.
But alas, he never looked up from the linoleum flooring as he walked up to the counter. With a groan, you slid out of your booth and quickly hopped into the line before anyone else could claim the spot behind him.
New plan: eavesdrop, order the same coffee as him, and pretend to go for the cup at the same time. Laugh about the coincidence, how if you share the same coffee order you must certainly have a lot in common, and have him fall in love with you.
But you overheard him rattle off his order and were absolutely horrified. Black coffee, extra sugar. Like, extra, extra sugar.
You were going to need a second change of plans.
You eyed him up and down, searching for something you could approach him about. He was donning black converse under a fitted pair of dark brown corduroy trousers, with a blazer to match, and a deep green plaid vest underneath. On paper, this outfit shouldn’t work. In practice, it… really did.
A little too well, given how good he looks in it. More fashionable than a federal agent ought to be as required by dress codes, right?
“Can I help you?” you heard, and it poked the bubble of your thoughts. Your head shot up to meet his for the first time, eyes wide as heat crawled up your face.
“Uh. No ––” Shit. You didn’t even realize how long you were staring at his legs. Long, long legs. And shit, why did you say no? That was your opening to talk to him.
The man –– Spencer –– nodded his head slowly, uncomfortably, and turned away with a forced grin. He grabbed the coffee cup placed on the counter and you thought now was the time to say something. But by the time you thought of it, he’d already picked up his cup and made his way to the door.
The stupid silver bell mocked you as he left.
The first attempt left you slightly jilted, but a few days later you found yourself in need of a few grocery items. You just happened to be in his neighborhood that day, and though it was very much out of the way of your own, you didn’t plan on it being a problem. He’d never see where you lived anyways, and he’d never need to know how unlikely this chance encounter really was.
You had Penelope text you the address of his regular grocery store, and upon arrival, felt immediate concern. It was not a grocery store. It was a convenience mart slash liquor store at the corner of the street, below a building of worn apartments.
As you walked through the aisles, the only things you found were a large assortment of wines that took up half the small store space, an aisle of candy packets and chips, a section for household supplies, and one measly aisle for canned and boxed foods.
Cereal, instant noodles, soup cans, pancake mix… nothing very fresh.
Spencer seemed like a pretty scrawny guy. You now believed it might’ve been from the fact that his food choices were so off-putting that he simply didn’t eat. It wasn’t your place to be concerned, but you decided that if you ever ended up taking him out, a farmer’s market might be good for him.
You loitered around for perhaps longer than necessary. The inquisitive shop attendant asked if you need help –– as in, why are you still here, get out of my store –– and you told her you were just really conflicted on which detergent brand you needed. Finally, the man you were after arrived at the scene.
“Hi, Dolores,” he greete with a small wave. The attendant, Dolores, greets back with a positivity that she sorely lacked when talking to you. Dolores has favorites, apparently.
An unexpected panic settled in your stomach and you quickly turned back to your selection of fabric softeners. You weren’t hiding, you just didn’t want him to catch you staring again. You picked up your two props, pretending to read the labels on the back and compare the chemical formulas on each of them, when you saw him out of the corner of your eyes.
He went into the aisle in front of yours, and over the short shelves you saw the back of his head sweeping over the modest food section. He turned around to inspect the other side of the aisle, and you ducked your head even lower. It was in vain. He spotted you anyway.
You fixed your eyes even harder onto the bottles, afraid to look anywhere else. He shuffled out of his aisle and turned the corner into yours. You started sweating a little.
“Uhm. Excuse me,” he said.
“Yeah?” You looked up from your bottles, putting on your best caught-off-guard face. Like you were a girl in a movie, reading a book on the beach (not detergent labels in a liquor store) and your romantic interest just noticed how beautiful you looked doing it, deciding he had to introduce himself.
“Can you… can you move…” he asked, gesturing to the section of cleaners that you’re blocking.
Never mind.
“Oh! Yeah, sorry.” You burned up, moving out of his way. He reached for what he needed and you peeked down to inspect the contents of his basket. Organic whole wheat bread, cream of mushroom soup, and somehow, he’d managed to find the only two apples this place must carry. At least there was light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel.
He tossed a bottle of Snuggle fabric softener and you raised your brows. Given that he was “grocery shopping’’ in a three-piece suit –– a good one, too, black trousers, vest and blazer with an eggplant purple shirt and lavender tie –– you would’ve expected him to simply send his clothes out for dry cleaning.
“Snuggle, huh?” you said. He gave you a confused look. “Oh, uh. I was looking at these. Couldn’t pick between the two.” You raised your two bottles of softener; Snuggle and Tide.
You needed him to know you weren’t just saying Snuggle to insinuate that you would like to do that to him. You remembered Penelope telling you he had a degree in chemistry or some sort of science field, and asked, “Is… is that one like, more organic? I was trying to read the formulas but I don’t… I don’t recognize the chemicals,” you trailed off. You could see yourself losing his interest the more you spoke. He barely looked at you as he grabbed whatever else he needed.
“I don’t know… I just like it,” he bristled. You looked down at the bottle and flipped it over to the front. It had a drawing of a teddy bear on it. How fitting.
You go to comment on it but yet again he’d made an escape, already at the checkout counter and unloading his basket by the time you looked up again. You rolled your eyes, wondering if it’s even worth it to follow him into line and see if he sparks up a conversation this time.
You could tell that he wouldn’t. So you gave him the space to buy his items and leave.
You didn’t really need the detergent, but Dolores gave you a pointed look before you could even think about putting it back on the shelf. You ended up buying the detergent, a loaf of bread, and two packets of sweets out of guilt.
As you took the train home, digging into your packet of sour peach rings, you began to doubt if you can carry out Penelope’s request.
After two failed attempts, you were prepared to tell Penelope that this just wasn’t going to work out. You didn’t expect it to be this difficult to talk to Spencer nor did you see yourself getting closer to him anytime soon. It would be best if she just found someone else to do it.
You caught her in the hallway, leaving her apartment just as you came home from the store. It seemed like as good of a time as any to let her know how unsuccessful your escapades were going. With your tail between your legs, you approached her with the intention of breaking the plan off.
But the second she saw you, it was like she could read through you. She clocked what you were about to say and before you could, she gave you a warm hug. It was the first one you’d ever received from her, actually. And she thanked you for trying.
It didn’t make you feel guilty, per se, but it definitely made you feel weird about telling her the news. So you bit back on telling her what you were really going to say. She didn’t need to know the details of your failure, or the fact that you were seconds away from giving up on her friend.
Maybe you didn’t need to give up right away.
After all, you did only talk to the guy twice. Don’t they always say the third time’s the charm?
You left the conversation at just that –– letting her know that you’re happy to do this for her, even if you aren’t really –– and slinked back into your apartment. The list, buried under the magazines and paint tubes and half-full cups of cold coffee on your table, called for you.
If by any stroke of luck you happened to share one interest with this guy, you promised yourself to give it one more try.
According to the list, that overlapping interest was the wonderful world of Gatsby Books –– a small, locally owned bookstore residing in the heart of D.C. ’s arts district. That neighborhood was smack in the middle of your’s and Spencer’s, and it was where the gallery you showcase at was.
You’d been meaning to get down there for a while now, anyways. It really was the cutest bookstore in the world; inside it lived a white, bushy-furred cat named Gatsby, and he was always there. After all, it was his bookstore.
It wasn’t such a burden to make your visit fit Spencer’s schedule, really. And it would make Penelope happy if you did. So on Saturday afternoon, you took a lovely walk through the sunny arts district of D.C., a smile on your face and a tote in hand for all the books you were planning on hauling back.
The smell of paper and coffee greeted your nose at the door, and you practically fell into a trance, letting it lead you through the aisles of the store without much thought of where you wandered. Not that it mattered, you could’ve roamed the shelves aimlessly all day long.
In the mystery and thrillers section, you found Gatsby. He jumped down from his perch on a step stool and weaved between your legs, greeting one of his long-time regulars. He was such a good shop owner.
“Hi, Mr. Gatsby.” You smiled and bent down to give him a little head scratch when he started running off in the other direction, taunting you into following him.
He rounded the corner and came to a stop at a pair of boot-clad feet; your eyes moved up to find your favorite employee (after Gatsby, of course) restocking the shelves.
“Miles!” you whispered, but he still jumped out of his skin. He turned around, hand still over his chest, and sighed when he realized it was just you. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,” you laughed.
“Hey, long time, no see. Back for some more recommendations?” You ‘ooh’ed at his offer.
“I was just gonna say, the ones you gave me last time were so good. I finished them in, like, a week.”
“Really?” He smiled, brows happily up his forehead. You nodded in assent. “Okay, well I’ll give you more this time, see if the list’ll last you a little longer than that.”
You grinned eagerly, following him to the shop counter where he pulled out a stack of bright green post-its and a pen.
“I’ve actually been waiting for you to come in, I already had these in mind for you,” he mumbled, scrawling across the paper quickly. He handed the note over, and it took a moment to decipher the chicken scratches.
“Okay, first you gave me Al-Shayk and Bradbury. Now you’re giving me Chaucer, Dickens, and Doyle,” you recited the note, giving him a teasing look. “Are we just going through the alphabet, Miles?” you joked.
“Honest mistake. But I’d be happy to give you all the other twenty-two letters of the alphabet if needed.”
“I might hold you to that.” You nodded, folding the post-it in your palm to prevent the sticky backing from gunking up. It’d make quite the good bookmark for later. “Thanks for these!”
“No problem, just a part of the job.”
Nonetheless, you thanked him again before disappearing back into the aisles. You found Miles’ books as well as a few of your own and nearly lost yourself in the rows of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, until you made a turn. Standing in the middle of the next aisle was Spencer.
A week ago, he was the whole point of coming to the store. That day, you completely forgot about it, and it stopped you in your tracks to see him there. He was just standing in the middle of the walkway, staring blankly at the shelf in front of him.
“Excuse me,” you grinned, “Could you move?”
You thought it was a cute reference back to the laundry detergent fiasco, a chance for you to turn the tables, but he had no reaction to it whatsoever. His face was straight as he merely pivoted his shoulder out of your way as you reached for the book you needed; The Narrative of John Smith.
His eyes narrowed at you and his nostrils flared, and you wondered if it was called for because you grabbed the last copy they had in stock.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want this?” you asked, waving the book in his face. He was just standing there for so long, you didn’t think he actually wanted anything since he never picked it up.
“No,” he said coldly.
Contrary to Penelope’s review, he didn’t actually seem that warm of a person. But you smiled tightly at him, letting a forced laugh fill the stale air.
“I… I swear I’m not stalking you,” you laughed, rubbing the back of your neck. Technically it was a bit of a lie, but he didn’t need to know. It’s just something people say when they have the happy coincidence of running into a stranger so often.
“What did you say to me?” he bit. His tone was sharper than you felt like this conversation deserves.
“I mean, I’ve just been seeing you around a lot… it was, like, a joke? Like, ‘ahh watch out, I’m stalking you!’ you know?” With each second he stared you down, you felt your throat dry out, getting more flustered as you felt the need to over explain yourself.
“Maybe you should work on your comedy routine,” he barked, his voice just faintly cracking. He shoulder-checked you as he rushed out of the store in long strides and a brisk pace.
What in the absolute fuck.
You couldn’t stay in the shop for another minute. You dropped your stack of books at the counter with Miles, giving him a rushed apology for leaving them behind as you stormed out of the shop and headed in the opposite direction of where Spencer ran off to.
The air outside was now frosty as the sun disappeared behind the horizon; the wind nipped at your hot cheeks as you charged home. There weren’t enough words to quantify the anger you felt. Your mind ran rampant with how much you now hated this man.
Not only did he bite your head off for no good reason, but he publicly embarrassed you at your favorite place and had gone so far as to bruise your shoulder to make a point. And you know what? If he really wanted you out of his way, you were more than happy to leave him the hell alone for the rest of your life.
You reached into your jacket pocket for your phone and dialed Penelope.
“Hey! How are––” she cheered.
“It’s off.”
“It’s off. I’m not dating your fucking friend.”
“What happened? I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding––” she started in a panic. She pleaded that you overlook whatever went wrong and promised that she’d have a talk with Spencer about it. She’d try to encourage him into the direction that you need.
None of that registered in your brain, hot blood filling your ears instead of her words.
“He’s a fucking ass,” you spat. “The more I see of him, the less I like him, and… I’m pretty sure we’d rather kill each other than date at this point. So yeah, I’m done.”
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Secrets // D.M.
Request: CONGRATS BOO!!! Could I get a Secret relationship with Fluff 4 for Draco Malfoy pretty please at Hogwarts??? Also I was wondering if it could be with a Hufflepuff reader? (I love Hufflepuff x Slytherin pairings) THANKS AGAIN FOR DOING THIS BOO AND CONGRATS 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 - @herstory-study
Fluff 4: “Is that my shirt?”
A/N: The first of my blurb celebrations!! Thank you, lovely!! I hope you enjoy!! It could be argued that I got carried away but there’s a large chance I could end up writing full fics for each request 😂 Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff!Fem!Reader
Warnings: secret relationships, some kissing, some feelings, a whole lotta fluff, a cheesy ending and an abuse of commas and semi-colons
Word count: 2.7k
Tumblr media
There were some aspects to History of Magic that could be classed as interesting; the witch-hunts of Salem, for example or even the brief study dedicated to the founders of the very school you sit in. However, there was nothing remotely interesting about hearing the tale of the Goblin wars for the sixth year in a row.
You tap the feather of your quill to your cheek; jotting down a sentence every now and then to make it look as if you are paying the strictest attention to whatever Professor Binns happens to be mumbling about in that particular moment. You fade in and out of daydreams; letting your mind wander back to two nights ago when Draco had snuck you back into the Hufflepuff common room – stopping every few so often to draw you into another laughter-filled kiss.
You startle when a piece of parchment falls onto your desk. Folded like a paper crane, you only knew who this could be from. A sly glance over the blonde-haired teenager who’s attention is most definitely on the pacing of Binn’s ghost confirms your suspicions.
You delicately unfold the piece of parchment; smiling to yourself as begin to read Draco’s elegant scrawl: “Meet me at the Room of Requirement? 7:30pm?”
Anticipation curls in your gut like a ball.
A brief glance is all it takes for you to confirm. A brief glance in your direction from Draco; a subtle nod from you and your plans for the evening have been wiped clear and replaced entirely with Draco.
The bell rings. You stand, gathering your things together and placing them in your bag. A slight brush to your side is the only contact with the Slytherin you’ve found yourself head over heels for. A slight brush to your side and it feels like every inch of you is on fire; a reaction that only Draco has the power to elicit from you.  
The day passes by slowly now that you have something to look forward to. A day where short moments are stolen behind tapestries or on less traversed corridors. Five minutes each time between lessons where you can quickly whisper a hello before dragging him into a kiss by his green striped tie.
Keeping your relationship a secret was a mutual decision; the fallout on both sides being something neither of you could be bothered to deal with right now. Instead, you were happier hiding in empty classrooms where you could have your fill of the Slytherin Prince, and he could whisper sweet nothings in your ear without the risk of anyone overhearing.
There were times when it was stressful; when the week had been too long and there had been no time to see one another. It was only then that you questioned the secrecy of your relationship.
But when you came together after a long period apart; everything returned back to normal and a smile found its way back to both your faces.
Your excitement for the evening makes it almost impossible to eat; picking at the food on your plate as you think about finally seeing Draco tonight. From your position at the Hufflepuff table, you have an excellent view of him, and he knows it. All evening, Draco sends you subtle winks and smiles from his seat at the Slytherin table.
You clench your fist; your fingernails biting into the sensitive skin of your palm as you resist the urge to throw yourself across both tables to him. You resist the urge to simply kiss him in front of his housemates.
You resist it all; every single feeling and urge because you know that in a matter of hours, he would be yours for the entire night.
Instead, you send a flirty smile back to the blonde-haired teenager before returning your attention back to your meal.
The Room of Requirement is located on left hand corridor of the Seventh Floor. You knew from how he rushed out of the Great Hall that Draco would beat you to it.
With a large grin on your face, you walk past the section of wall opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy three times. The entire time, thinking of Draco and how you’d like to see him.
On your third walk past, the large, ornate door appears. You don’t hesitate to pull it open and duck inside.
It’s never a different layout; always the same one that Draco imagines. A large, almost cavernous room with a grand fireplace that’s already lit and warming up the room. In front of the fire sits a couch big enough for an entire Quidditch squad but you know from experience that it’s perfect for the two of you to lie down on comfortably. A great bookshelf covers one of the walls; filled to the brim with ancient looking tomes and books, all there ready to read. You’ve taken advantage of such an offer in the past; reading to Draco after a particularly bad day.
Finally, pushed up against the furthest wall is a four poster bed covered in a thick, downy quilt and topped with blankets – both green and yellow to represent both houses. It was the cheesiest section of the room, and you had brought it up to Draco before – teasing him, but he simply shrugged and distracted you from further conversation.
You throw your outer robes on the bed, leaving you in your blouse, tie and skirt.
Draco remains seated on the large couch; his gaze focused on the flickering flames of the growing fire. Your arms snake their way around his shoulders; your hands trailing down his chest as you lean against the back of the couch. Pressing a small kiss just under his earlobe, you whisper, “I missed you today.”
Draco leans his head back, kissing the side of your jaw, “I missed you too.”
Letting go of him, you take a seat on the couch. In times like this, you never stray too far from the blonde-haired teenager, worried about how long it’ll be until you have a night like this again. An arm opens for you; you automatically press yourself into his side, inhaling the familiar scent of cashmere musk and roses. It was heavenly.
“How was your day?” He asks, voice quiet.
“It was boring until a note landed on my desk. Then it started to look up.”
Draco smirks, “How odd. Mine was taking the exact same route until someone responded to my note.”
You shift out of his hold; resting your head on your elbow that’s perched on the back of the couch. Your other hand pushes his hair back; pulling it out his eyes. He’s grown it longer over this year and stopped using so much product; it’s nice, more natural and a lot easier for you to run your hands through.
You open your mouth; trying to think of something to say but nothing comes to mind.
It doesn’t matter anyway.
Draco captures your lips in his. One of his hands settling on the back of your head whilst the other pulls you across his lap to straddle him. You smile into the kiss as your hands brace themselves on the back of the couch.
Breaking the kiss, you ask, “What was that for?”
He shrugs, “Nothing. I just missed you.”
“You’re missing me an awful lot.”
He kisses the underside of your jaw, “Can you blame me?”
You hum, “I don’t think I can. I’m missing you more too.”
“Then let’s not miss each other anymore,” Draco murmurs against your skin. Lifting his head just enough, he draws you in for another kiss effectively ending all conversation for the night.
You wake up tangled in the sheets of the four poster bed; Draco’s arm heavy across your waist.
As your eyes get used to the brightness of the room, they focus in on the clock on the beside table. Your eyes grow wide as you take in the time.
You’d slept through the lesson of the day already.
You launch yourself out of bed, shrugging off your pyjamas and rustling around to find your uniform.
“Draco!” You shout, pushing your arms through a shirt, “We need to get up, we’ve missed the first hour.”
Draco rolls over, groaning. Fastening your skirt, you kneel on the bed, “Love, we have to get up before the bell.”
He blinks his eyes open, grinning sleepily at you. Your resolve almost breaks then and there; happy to say to hell with it and get back into bed with him.
“I’m free second lesson,” Draco mutters.
You roll your eyes, kissing his lips briefly, “I’ll see you later?”
He nods, stretching his arms above his head, “I’ll see you later.”
Grabbing your outer robes and your bag, you rush from the Room of Requirement, fastening your tie as you bound down the stairs to Transfiguration.
“Where have you been?” is how you’re greeted by Miriam, your close friend and dorm mate.
You shrug, biting your lip knowing that there was no way you could lie yourself out of this.
Miriam narrows her eyes at you, “You never came back to the room after dinner and then you didn’t show up at breakfast. I was seriously worried. Where did you go?”
You look either side of you; checking that there’s no-one listening to your conversation, “Can you keep a secret?”
Miriam rolls her eyes, “Of course I can.”
“I was with Draco Malfoy,” You rush out in a single breath.
Miriam’s eyes widen and she pulls you to one side, “You were with Draco Malfoy? All night?”
You nod your head. Miriam puffs out a breath, “Well I didn’t expect that. How long have you been seeing each other? Tell me everything please!”
You laugh, “It’s almost ten months now, and I’ll tell you more at lunch, I promise.”
Miriam bites her bottom lip; glancing between you and the now open door to Transfiguration, deliberating whether it would be worth skiving the entire day to hear about your exploits with the Slytherin Prince.
She sighs heavily, deciding not to risk McGonagall’s wrath, “I want to hear everything at lunch – do not leave anything out, promise.”
Laughing once more, you cross your finger over your heart, “I promise.”
Until lunch, Miriam sends you excited glances and knowing smiles. In between second and third period, she comments on the fact that she didn’t even think that you were seeing someone – not to insult you, but she just assumed that you holed yourself up in the library where you studied as late as you could.
Miriam practically bounces up to you when the bell rings announcing lunch. She keeps her questions to herself until you both take a seat at the Hufflepuff table, filling plates up with whatever took your fancy.
“So how did it start?”
You take a sip of pumpkin juice before beginning, “Over last summer, my family got invited to one of the many balls thrown by his parents. I don’t usually go to those things, but my parents asked me to join them this one time; I think they were worried because I’d spent too much time in the garden studying the plants. So I went with them and Draco’s father asked him to ask me to dance and it all stemmed from there.
“He sent me a letter the day after thanking me for an entertaining evening and wondered whether I would want to meet up again. I agreed and then from there it evolved into this.”
Miriam’s smile drops into a frown when she asks her next question, “Why keep it a secret? Was it his decision?”
You shake your head fiercely, “It was both ours. We were both equally as worried about the fallout from our families and our houses.”
“But surely if Lucius Malfoy asked Draco to dance with you, he wouldn’t mind?”
You tilt your head, thinking, “Perhaps not. He wouldn’t mind the blood status, but he might mind my being a Hufflepuff,” You shrug, “Anyway we haven’t gone public yet.”
“Ten months is a long time to keep this a secret.”
“It’s not like it hasn’t been hard and that there haven’t been times where I wanted to shout it to the entire wizarding world, but for now, it’s a secret.”
Miriam nods; the frown still expressed on her face. She reaches out her hand to yours, taking it tightly, “You’ve told me now though so that’s a shoulder to lean on should it get too much again.”
You beam at your friend, “Thank Merlin for you, Miriam.”
Miriam goes to reply but she’s distracted by someone approaching the Hufflepuff table. She lets go of your hand and nods her head to something behind you.
Turning in your seat, you find Draco patiently waiting. You smile at him, “Draco, how can I help?”
“I was hoping I could talk to you for a minute… about our last History of Magic lesson? You see, I didn’t take any notes and I was wondering if you had some.”
You smirk, “Why don’t we go outside? That way I’m not cluttering up the table for the others that are still eating.”
Draco grins, nodding at you understandingly, “Wonderful idea. Lead the way.”
Hoisting your bag on your shoulder, you send a wink in Miriam’s direction. She returns one with a laugh before beginning to eat once again.
Draco follows you from the Great Hall and to a less busy corridor. You lean against the wall with a smirk, “Now did you really want my notes, or did you already miss me?”
“More the latter than the former,” Draco admits with a small smile. He frowns though as he takes in your uniform, his eyes running up and down, “Is that my shirt?”
You look down at your clothing, only now realising that the shirt you had put on in a hurry this morning was indeed Draco’s. The arms being too long that you had to roll them twice before you could even start writing something.
You giggle, “I think it is.”
“I only wondered when I had to walk back to my common room shirtless.”
“No!” You shout, delighted at the thought of Draco running shirtless through the corridors.
Draco laughs, nodding, “I had my outer robes of course, but there was very little underneath.”
You clap your hands in sheer delight, “I’d give you back your shirt, but I’ve become awfully fond of it, you see.”
“Oh you have?”
Nodding, you say, “I have. It smells a lot like you which is great for when I miss you.”
Draco groans, throwing his head back, “If we weren’t in public, I’d be kissing you senseless right now. I didn’t realise how good you would look in my shirt.”
“Why don’t you?” You challenge.
Draco’s mouth drops open, “What?”
“Kiss me senseless.”
“Are you sure? We’ve kept this secret for so long,” Draco comments, a finger pointing between your two bodies.
You shuffle closer to him, “I’m sure. Ten months is long enough to keep you a secret, I’m happy to tell everyone now.”
Draco wraps you in his arms, not hesitating to kiss you. You gave yourself entirely to the kiss; pushing yourself off the wall and wrapping your arms around his neck. Your heart skips a beat when one of Draco’s hands starts to draw aimless patterns on the small of your back, sending heat rushing through your body. You sigh against his mouth before pulling away; repressing the urge to continue as the need for oxygen has become too great.
He presses one last gentle peck to your lips before grinning widely, “Are you really sure you want to go public?”
“Super sure. So sure in fact I’d make out with you again to prove my point.”
Draco raises an eyebrow, “Tempting but I say we go back to lunch. I think your friend had more questions.”
You grin at the thought of Miriam’s reaction to see you walking with Draco, “It sounds too good to pass up,” You hold your hand out to Draco, “Lead the way.”
It was all worth it when Miriam’s reaction to seeing you sit back down at the Hufflepuff table with Draco in tow was to spit out her pumpkin juice.
General (HP) taglist: @chaotic-fae-queen​ @obsessedwithrandomthings​ @harrypotter289​ @dreamer821​ @kalimagik​ @heloisedaphnebrightmore​ @nebulablakemurphy​ @the-hufflefluffwriter​ @figlia--della--luna​ @bforbroadway​ @idont-knowrn​ @summer-writes​ @big-galaxy-chaos​ @black-lake-confessions​ @annasofiaearlobe​ @imboredandneedalife​ @levylovegood​ @mytreec​ @haphazardhufflepuff​ @teheharrypotter​ @chaoticgirl04​ @accio-rogers​ @msmimimerton​ @izzytheninja​ @slytherinprincess03​ @iamobscuring​
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one more time | markhyuck
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"if i'm going to teach you how to fuck her right, you’re gonna need the best seat in the house, markie!" — lhc 
Tumblr media
warnings. dubious content, swearing, bondage, voyeurism, masturbation, exhibitionism, mentions of stalking, fingering, oral (f receiving), degradation, there’s a knife (but no knifeplay), a threesome, implied kidnapping 
disclaimer. i dont condone anything. this isnt a normal relationship. this aint love.
note. prolly going to hell for this but who cares. markhyuck for @nakamotocore​ i wuv ya ie please get better soon! TT and dom hyuck for my napaka kalat na mami @donghyukcore​
Tumblr media
against all rational thinking, haechan is getting bored from seeing the pathetic five feet distance between you and mark when he comes home. he tries to understand the other male in the relationship. truly, he does, even if he highly doubts that celibate little mark lee can pleasure you the way he can but everything's practically past that line now. donghyuck just wants to have some fun with you two, is that too much to ask for? at this point, he's blatantly ignoring the fact that you and mark don't even like each other.
but haechan cares for mark just as much as he cares about you and he won't just let his best friend miss out on all the fun things he can do to their little doll, right? what kind of a friend would he be? once haechan shoves him into a world of temptation and sin and pleasure, mark would kiss his self-induced celibacy goodbye.
plus, you've been awfully naughty these days.
talks about wanting to come home or getting at least a few rights to have gadgets were the only thing you said whenever you see him. it went as far as practically growling and running away from haechan when he tries to initiate something with you, screeching your lungs out and saying, "don't fucking touch me, you creepy little psycho!"
deflowering mark.
punishing you.
he'd be killing two birds with one stone.
he's fucked your stubborn little self into submission once, but all that overprivileged tv sessions might've put silly little ideas into your dumb little head again. alas, no worries, he'll just have to do it one more time. and maybe, now with the aid of his good 'ol buddy mark, they'll both be able to screw you up so good you'll never want to leave their clutches.
"gumdrop, can you come here for a second?"
haechan isn't deaf to the exaggerated groan you let out from the living room and it grates on his nerves how utterly brave you are for being passive aggressive. you reminded him of a little girl in a temper tantrum because they weren't given any candy - and when you show up in the master bedroom clad in your little pink dress, eyes upturned and sharp, a pathetic little girl was all he can think of when he saw you.
only now did he notice that you had even detangled your hair from the intricate braids haechan spent at least twenty minutes doing earlier this morning. where was mark all this time? why wasn’t he there to stop you? geez, you both are so going to get it, this time!
"what do you want?"
"can you give me a hug? i felt awfully stressed at work today. i need my little gumdrop."
this was obviously a test. don't get him wrong, he'll still punish you but if just this one time you learned to swallow that bitchy attitude and come crawling to him as the perfect lover should, maybe he won't be too harsh.
but he gave you too much credit, he thinks. of course his dumb cockwhore doesn't know shit. of fucking course, you wouldn't know it was a test. not when you scoffed, rolled your eyes at him, and spun in your heels to walk back to the living room.
"beat your meat with your own hands, creep."
haechan's reaction is immediate, his long legs allowing no delay in crossing the room to mercilessly fist your hair. he had pulled your hair so bad you thought it was going to rip right at the roots, all of his pent up anger due to your poor behavior channeling into that one grip.
you feel his scoff of disbelief against the curve of your neck as haechan pulls you flush against his body. "what the fuck did you just say to me?" he laughs patronizingly. "beat my meat with my own hands – aw, baby! that has got to be the best one yet!"
it truly was, though. he's not going to lie. out of every vicious snarl and hate-induced words you said to him, that particular offhand comment takes the cake. seriously, sometimes haechan thinks you're deliberately trying to make him furious – gumdrop, if you wanted to be fucked silly, all you had to do was ask.
he hurls you to the mattress, breath knocking right out of your lungs. before you can even sit back up and crawl away from haechan, he's already crawling over your body to sit directly on your stomach, fiddling with something on the headboard. you nearly scream in frustration, no matter what you do, you just can't throw him off of you!
"i don't know why the fuck you're behaving this way but it's gone too far. one more time. do i need to fuck some respect into you, one more time?”
a new wave of motivation surges through you when you hear the familiar click clacking of metal. your eyes widened just a fraction, the only thing that gave away the unease quickly seeping under your skin. if not for haechan's perceptive eyes, he would have missed it.
he merely used one hand to grip both your wrists in a vice. "no!" you squirmed, tossing and turning and trying with all your might to get him off of you. "no! i don't want that – not the cuffs!"
he loops the respective bands around your wrists with practiced ease. the last handcuffs he used had torn and marked your skin, something haechan wasn't fond of. only he can paint your bare skin with colors.
thus, he bought newer ones. the bands were a bright shade of red, connected to each other using a medium sized chain that loops around one of the steel wires of the bed, and the little bells attached to the bands ring with your every movement.
haechan knows the bells drove you crazy. its incessant ringing driving you up the wall as you couldn't keep your hands still whenever he fucked you to oblivion – he knew how much you loathed the sound of the bells, all the more reason for him to enjoy.
and mark, too. speaking of which…
you stubbornly pull at your bounded hands, glaring at the man before you as he studies your state. the corners of his lips curl up at the sight of you struggling. "you always look so good in red, gumdrop."
before you were given a chance to reply, he stormed out of the room with a sense of purpose bounding his steps. "lee donghyuck!" you screamed. "fucking come back and get me out of these, you pervert!"
he can hear you thrashing in your chains and yelling profanities from a room away. where was the demure girl he turned you into after only a week living in the apartment? though funny enough, the blood in haechan's sadistic side rushes in excitement at the prospect of wiping that glare off your face. it wasn't the fear, nor your submission that gets him off. it was the idea that he can and he will break you down no matter how many times you try to build yourself back up again.
he's not too sure whether he's going to eliminate that dirty mouth you've developed, though. because you did make him snort in the most unattractive way when you told him he can fucking jack himself off when he had been merely asking for a hug. this aggressive side you developed is… nice. he can work with it.
"can you ask your play thing to keep it down?" mark hisses, flinching and making an offkey sound with his guitar when a certain screech from you caught him off-guard.
haechan smiles.
"why don't you shut her up?"
it took a good few minutes trying to talk mark into stepping into the bedroom where he's got you chained to the headboard, but alas, haechan can be persuasive if he wants to be.
frankly, the younger man is sick and tired of hearing both of you bicker – it's no wonder you've developed a sharp tongue! it's all mark's fault and yet it's haechan that has to do the dirty work of setting you straight all over again. you're a tough cookie to crack, someone hauntingly immune to the violence and chaos.
and yet…
"you don't – don't seriously plan on doing this, do you?" your eyes go back and forth between the two males, primarily addressing the younger, devil-spawned male. haechan, ever observant, picks up the light tremor in your voice.
haechan had uttered a playful "if i'm going to teach you how to fuck her right, you're gonna need the best seat in the house, markie!" before forcing the older boy to sit by your side, mark's thighs grazing the temples of your head as your eyes awkwardly flutter up to the spectator.
mark couldn't deny he was intrigued by the emotion reflecting in your orbs. when your eyes met, it was a silent plea, he just knew it was. and unlike vulnerable and helpless you, mark, to some extent, still had at least some sense of freedom to him. he can choose to walk away, to stop haechan from trying to get him laid, maybe even talk the other boy into postponing your punishment.
but he'll do no such thing.
not because he has a moral compass (he doesn't, really) but because mark knew firsthand, there's no stopping haechan once he sets his mind into something – and right now, if that boy wants to punish you and use mark to fulfil his exhibitionistic fantasies then that's what'll happen.
your bottoms were the first to go, haechan's blunt nails digging into your skin as he pulled it down slowly, patronizingly, while watching bemused at your squirming. "this is how you know she needs a reminder," he says, addressing mark. "a good princess should take whatever's given to her like a good girl but if she's being an ungrateful brat –"
you flinch when he harshly smacks your thigh.
"– she gets what’s coming for her, right?"
there's a second's delay with mark's reply. haechan didn't mean for the question to be rhetorical, he wanted an answer from the other boy.
"right, mark?"
"r – right…"
haechan laughs, flipping the skirt of your dress up. "what, are you that excited for pussy that you're stuttering? that's cute."
you hear mark intake a sharp breath when haechan dives in to give you feathery kisses in your inner thigh. he always starts off this way, after figuring out this gets you wet way faster than simply kissing you.
as haechan starts talking, lips lazily grazing over your skin, you fight hard not to utter a single sound as you pull on your chains. "listen carefully, markie. do you hear those whimpers? she likes it," you feel the prickles of his sharp stare. "she's just too much of a fucking brat to admit it. go on gumdrop, your fighting spirit makes this all the more interesting."
you hate the patronizing tone he used as his hands trail higher, and higher until it's pinching at the bud of your clit. and against your whole being trying to keep your lips sealed, alas, it parts and creates a soft whimper that has mark stiffening next to you.
haechan lays his tongue flat against your folds. you weren't in the least bit wet yet to accommodate his size, but that's easy. he merely circles the bud with the tip of his tongue before pushing two fingers in. months of standing in the shadows outside your window had made him memorize the movement of your fingers whenever you pleasured yourself.
he felt the jolts of the bed as you shook your head side to side, trying with everything you can to hold your moans in. a corner of his lips can’t help but curl up. "what, gumdrop? too shy to lose yourself because we have an audience? don't worry our celibate little friend over here seems to like it. go on, give him a show."
too lost in the ministrations of his lips and fingers, you don't see haechan meeting eyes with mark, nodding at an object lying on the bed side table. you can only shudder when the cool tip of a knife presses against the base of your throat, hooking under the collar of your dress as mark slowly rips it off.
but haechan doesn't have the patience. "dude, give that to me. at your phase you'll get her naked tomorrow. let the tip cut her skin, the bitch deserves it anyway."
you scream when he drags it unceremoniously down your front, narrowly missed tearing at your navel. there are a few pricks of pain here and there for when the knife accidentally nicked your skin. he sure was ruthless as can be. why did you even bother acting like a brat, cursed him out, when it gave you no benefits whatsoever? did he unknowingly transform you into this sick little masochist that thrived on his sadism?
it was a defeated whisper. the last of your resolve turning into dust as the breath escapes your lungs. why did losing feel so heavy in your chest? you don't notice your arms slumping, nor your head nodding off to one side, the weight of your horrible reality sinking into you once again as if you had only been kidnapped yesterday.
but it had not been yesterday. it's been days. weeks. months. and the last time you sneakily got ahold of mark's phone and searched for your name, the last news clip or article published about your disappearance had been three months ago. that only meant one thing.
they weren't looking for you anymore.
just like that the world continued, other people's lives continued. all the while you're stuck here, rotting in the arms of your captors.
haechan's face emerged in front of you. he smiles and you would've believed he felt an ounce of guilt if not for that wicked stare in his eyes. "you've always been most beautiful like this, gumdrop. the hope disappearing in your eyes upon the realization that no one's coming for you anymore – i love it. i love you, my pretty girl."
he placed a chaste kiss on your forehead but he might as well have shot you straight in the heart.
there was no warning, nothing to ready you for the sudden intrusion happening on your bottom half and it was so bad, that it made you shut your eyes, hands wrapping around the chains as tears started falling across your cheeks.
rough fingers reached out and wiped them away.
something felt off.
the fingers were too calloused, opposed to the softness of haechan's nimble fingers. and while the aforementioned male had more length than girth, the person who's thrusting himself inside you is the complete opposite. he's stretching you out too much, not even bothering to give you time to adjust when he's already bucking his hips like an animal.
"shh, it's okay. i'll take care of you…"
this wasn't haechan.
and when you fluttered your eyes open to see mark's boyish little face, you can't help that look of betrayal painting your features. at least you only had to deal with one obsessive, sex-deprived freak. now, you're not so sure if you can handle both of them.
how foolish of you to think that mark's self-induced celibacy stretched far and wide when in reality, he was also just a boy with his own needs. a slave to his own temptations.
how cruel. so, so cruel.
in the back of your mind, you were thankful haechan cared enough to properly get you in the mood or else you would've been staining the bed sheets red by how deep and frantic mark’s thrusts were. it felt like he wanted to tear you in half.
"if i didn't know better i'd say you're experienced, markie! i wouldn't fucking know you're a virgin by how much you're humping her like a dog.”
curse him and his dirty mouth. his constant degradation is making it easier for mark to slide in and out of you, and a proof for that is the lewd slick sounds echoing in the room partnered with the older male's deep grunts – a complete opposite of the pitched, whiny sounds haechan makes.
'gumdrop, come on! be noisy with our first-timer here just how you're always noisy with me, yeah? don't be such a killjoy." the pout in his voice is evident, coming from the side of your ear.
you wish you had never turned your head, otherwise you wouldn't have to see him pumping his own dick in his hands right in front of you. the glare you shot probably looked pathetic, what with all the tears streaming down your face and your little theory proves true when you see his mouth quirk up to the side.
"i fucking hate you."
"mark, fuck her harder, wouldja? until she learns her fucking lesson."
the disturbed stare you gave him does not slip his notice, his hand's pace turning erratic, spurred by the slick sound of your walls, skin clapping, and mark's broken whines.
make him stop, your eyes said. please.
but haechan only shoots you an innocent smile before shaking his head. "didn't you tell me to beat my meat with my own hands?"
Tumblr media
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its-deputy-caleb · 8 months ago
hellllooooo amigo
so I was wondering if you could write a lil fic about Micah mentioning his birthday is soon but not expecting anyone to care about it but then the reader surprises him with a present and Micah’s like :O
I’ve had this idea stuck in my head for the past week lmao but if it ain’t your thing or if you’ve done something similar before then don’t worry about it my g :)
howdyy amigo <33 so i had all these good ideas and then i was writing and the creative block hit HARD so i high key hate this and its a mess but i hope i pulled through in the end and i kinda went a little off topic but oops enjoy anyway :0
Tumblr media
You never really gave a thought to Micah’s birthday. Not because you didn’t want to celebrate it but simply because he never mentioned it to you. It wasn’t really a tradition to celebrate a gang members birthday although the group would never pass up a chance for drinking. Mostly those celebrations were reserved for big scores.
For some of the special members of the gang however, there were celebrations. On Dutch’s the whole gang would practically feast and party for the entire week and for Miss Grimshaw Javier would perform while Sean gave a right old toast. Dutch even insisted on a party for Molly and you laughed at Karen and Mary Beth who whined the entire night about “Miss fancy pants needing her own royal party”.
Of course even for the other members you’d notice when it was their birthday. You’d seen when close friends of Arthur leave gifts beside your own at his tent and for Jack’s birthday John and Abigail tolerated each other enough to spoil the boy with gifts surrounded by family.
That’s why you thought it was rather odd when Micah, your sweetheart never told you about his birthday. You thought he may have damn well forgot it when you overheard him one night with Bill.
He was mumbling into a bottle of whiskey, half on his way to passing out when he mentioned he was getting too old with another birthday coming up in a few days. Of course the bastard wouldn’t tell you, for all his boasting he’d never been one for parties or celebrating.
So with that in mind you spent the rest of the night formulating a plan to at least celebrate his birthday between the two of you.
You’d learnt from Bill the next morning, who wasn’t nearly half as drunk (or hungover) as Micah that his birthday was in exactly three days.
So that left you with three days to formulate just how you’d surprise the man you’d come to love so dearly for his birthday.
Coming up with a celebration was relatively easy— he wasn’t one for crowds, he enjoyed your company and only yours alone and he loved a good whiskey so naturally you’d take him away from the gang’s camp and head down to the Dakota river for the night.
It was finding a good gift that had you tearing your hair out. It was hard trying to find something that would be personal enough for Micah to appreciate when the man in question held few personal belongings, and naturally a new revolver was completely out of the question.
You decided to give up on your mission to find him a gift after nearly chewing Swanson’s ear off for singing while you were trying to think and rethink your gift.
So with a new formed headache you headed into valentine to purchase a nice and rather expensive whiskey for tomorrow night.
On your way out of the general store you noticed a beautiful Dutch Warmblood horse trot into the stable behind his owner. The horse had a large white spot over his leg and it couldn’t’ help but remind you of Baylock.
Smiling to yourself you put the whiskey in your saddle bag and walked into the stables to buy Micah his birthday gift, one you’re sure he’s going to love more over any new jacket or gunbelt.
Micah’s day went about relatively normally for the most part, waking up together with a kiss and a coffee but you couldn’t help be slightly more affectionate than usual.
You’d spent most of the day together, Micah talking with you while you did chores and you talking with him while he (reluctantly) sat on guard duty. All the normal things about the day went on and you kept your secret until the sun was just about to dip over the mountain.
Micah was leaning against a tree, sharpening his knife when you came up to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. You played with the ends of his hair, taking in the sight of him as he holstered the knife and wrapped his arms around you.
“I’ve got something for you.”
You leant forward and placed a soft kiss to his cheek, smiling against his skin at the curious sound he made.
“Hmm? You sure that something isn’t right here in front of me sweetheart?”
You giggle softly as Micah tries to pull you in closer for a proper kiss, deciding to indulge in his wishes for once. It was his birthday after all.
Pulling away from the surprisingly tender kiss, you give him a gentle smile as you untangle yourself from his arms.
“Common, let me show you.”
You take Micah by the hand, almost dragging him to the other side of camp by the horses which drew the attention from a few of the gang members but you didn’t have a care in the world as anticipation grew.
Leading him over to Baylock who is newly saddled, you watched as Micah stared blankly at it before tentatively bringing a hand up to feel over the soft premium leather.
The saddle was all black to match Baylock’s coat with white inlay in the seat and silver on the horn. All of it was the finest quality at your request and even the bedroll was a finer cotton than most.
Micah couldn’t help the smile that broke out onto his face and he turned to you looking like a kid on Christmas.
“You get this for little old me?”
Your own smile matched his as you wrapped your arms back around his neck once more.
“Well I thought since you’d never ever want another revolver and there isn’t much more you love than those guns and Baylock that you’d want a new saddle for him.”
Micah brought you in for a tight hug after that, managing to lift you slightly as you clung to him for dear life. He looked up at you from your new position.
“Sweetheart there ain’t nothing I love more than I do you—“
He sets you back on the ground, leaning in for a kiss but letting your noses bump and your foreheads touch.
“—worth more to me than any ol’ revolver, I love you.”
You close the gap between the two of you, melting into each other as you feel just how much Micah is in love with you.
“I love you too Mikey, and happy birthday— do you like it?”
The look you give him is one of hope and he can’t help but nod and wrap his arms tighter around your waist.
“Course I like it, but yer didn’t need to pay for this. Looks real fancy.”
Micah looked over the saddle once more, his eyes beaming as he saw how well it complemented Baylock’s coat. He was impressed, of course by the gift but because you had cared enough to get it for him and it only confirmed the feelings he had for you.
“Who says I paid for it?”
You saw Micah smirk at your comment and give a low evil laugh.
“That’s my sweetheart I know and love.”
Of course this time you had paid for the saddle, one of the few items you were willing to pay for but that didn’t mean the two of you didn’t steal practically everything else.
You pull away from Micah and hoist yourself up onto Baylock’s saddle, holding your hand out to a very confused looking Micah.
“Common you, I’ve got a nice bottle of whiskey and two glasses waiting for us.”
Down by the river you and Micah were perched up on a large rock that was floating in some shallow water by the river bank. You’d hidden the glasses and whiskey in a tree and the two of you were now laughing together as you drank through it slowly.
Your head was resting under his chin while his arm that wasn’t holding his glass was draped over your shoulder. The moonlight reflecting off the water was more than enough for the two of you to see as he topped up your glass for you.
“Gosh so how old are you now?”
Your words were light and charismatic, the two of you giggling about all sorts of things that night. Micah looked up in contemplation, humming as if he was trying to remember.
“Ehh must be close to forty now— thirty nine I think.”
You whistled, only to cut yourself off with a small laugh as you raised the glass to your mouth.
“You are getting old Mr.Bell, the next thing you know I’ll be able to outshoot you.”
“Sweetheart you can already outshoot me…”
Despite the lighthearted tone of the conversation, you noticed how Micah got uncharacteristically quiet.
“Micah? Are you alright?”
You sit up to face Micah, noticing the flush on his cheeks which wasn’t the fault of the whiskey and the way his attention was on sloshing the liquid in the glass.
“I am gettin’ old sweetheart, at least in terms o’ outlaws—“
“Micah what are you saying?”
You stare at him confused, completely unprepared for what he says next.
“— ‘m saying that i love you and yer the only one I’d ever wanna grow old with.”
Your eyes widen, in fear? in hope? You weren’t quite sure, maybe it was shock at the fact Micah Bell had said he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.
“B-but I thought you didn’t want redemption!? I thought you never wanted to leave the gang, this life!”
Micah shakes his head, putting down your glasses and taking his hands in yours as he squeezes them to reassure himself more than anything.
“I didn’t— I don’t. Oh hell I don’t know what I want but I would throw it all away for you, if its what you wanted.”
He seems to regain some of his confidence after a deep breath and he waves his hands in front of you as he tries to formulate what he wants to say.
“Ya’know have a house and all that…”
You smile gently, your heart melting at the thought that Micah would give up everything for you. You lean forward, taking his hands and threading your fingers before kissing him.
The kiss depends as you momentarily forget where you are and you both start to let your hands wander lower over each other until Micah knocks the glass of whiskey over.
Pulling back from where you’d almost crawled on top of him, you smile sheepishly and sit back down on the rock. This time you sit between Micah’s legs so his arms can rest in your lap and his head can rest on your shoulder.
“Well a house and all that can wait since I’m perfectly happy growing old with you robbing and thieving our way across the plains.”
Your head rests against his own as you feel him litter soft kisses over your shoulder and neck.
“Sounds like something I could get used to.”
Micah whispers his words against your skin and the two of you enjoy the peace and each other’s company. Your hand gives his own a reassuring squeeze, letting your eyes close as you relax and listen to the sound of the river flowing.
“As long as I have you and get to celebrate a hundred more birthdays with you, I’ll be the happiest person in the world.”
Micah squeezes your hand back, sitting up so you could get comfortable against his chest as he rests his chin on top of your head.
“Not sure ‘bout a hundred but you have me for as long as this world lets me darlin’”
You hum sleepily, getting closer and closer to sleep as you listen to his gravelly voice.
“I Promise”
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jeongvision · a year ago
pairing. history teacher! seo johnny ✗ english teacher! fem! reader (ft. english teacher! mark lee)
genre. fluff, slight humor, high school teacher au, non idol au
warnings. some cursing and super soft hours after this huhu <3 and not proofread but we can discuss that later
author’s note. this is an continuation to this blurb! this could be read as a standalone but regardless i hope this brought a smile to your face bc it certainly did for me <3
Tumblr media
You should’ve seen it coming. Damn it, it was right in front of you all along, so why didn’t you see it in the first place?
You and your students have been grinding nonstop for the past couple weeks to prep them for the AP English IV exam. There was a time where you requested two days off from work for emergency purposes (thankfully it was nothing too major) leaving you to ask your coworker- Mark, another teacher in your department -to help fill in your students on materials needed for the exam.
Everything was perfectly fine when you came back, your coworker going beyond your expectations in taking care of your students. However, one thing you failed to take notice of is the recent changes the college board made in their AP exams, including the course you teach. After reviewing some of the revisions they made, you felt your heart drop.
They’ve added three additional sections to the exam, meaning an additional two weeks is needed to cover the materials for your students to grasp some sort of mastery on those concepts.
You have four weeks left until the exam, and you’re already compacted those remaining weeks with other necessary materials for the exam.
“Fucking hell,” you murmured under your breath.
Running your hand through your hair, you let out a tired sigh. It’s already bad enough that you have to work overtime in making revisions to your lesson plans. However, it’s worse to see the crestfallen looks on your students’ faces when you dropped the news on them. They’re already tired enough from dealing with other classes and extracurricular activities. On top of that, you know most of them are stressing about their acceptance letters from their colleges.
You dropped the pen in your hand and rubbed both of your eyelids. Relax, y/n you told yourself. Don’t worry, you can do this. You heard the door behind you open, meaning someone walked inside the teacher’s lounge.
“Hey, y/n. What’s up- Woah, woah, WOAH! What do we have here?” the person exclaimed. You let out a chortle. You could distinctively point that voice out from anywhere, and you’re sure as hell that the state of your workspace is nothing short of hell. Taking your hands away from your face, you crossed your arms and leaned back a little in your seat to look up at the latter.
“Well, hello to you too, Mark,” you chuckled. You both gave each a fist bump before he sits down in the empty chair beside you.
“What the hell happened here?” He grabs some of the documents splayed out before you, eyes scanning through the materials that you’ve scribbled on in the past hour. “Wait, what? They added new things to the AP exam?”
You sighed and nodded dejectedly. “Yep. And somehow, I gotta squeeze all those materials into my lesson plans before they take it next month.” You rested your arms on the table and rested your head on top of them. “At this point, I just want to light myself on fire and call it a day.”
Mark lets out a cackle besides you, prompting you to smile. You’ll never mention it to him, but his laughs and smiles are always infectious. It’s what makes him so well-known and loved in the English department in the first place, both faculties and students.
“Please don’t do that. We love you too much to let you do that to yourself,” he responded.
Sitting back up in your seat, you take a glance at the clock. Just four minutes before the section ends and you have to go back to teaching your classes again. You heard your coworker clear his throat, bringing you to face him.
“Do you need help with any of this?” he offered.
You shook your head. “No, it’s fine, Mark. I appreciate the offer but I don’t want to bother you with my workload.”
“No, really. It’s fine, y/n. I only teach honors and they’re all pretty ahead in their assignments, so I have some free time if you’d like.”
Just like that, you swear you could see a halo shining above his figure, your world much brighter and clearer than it was this morning. “Oh my god, yes please.” You shifted through your papers, searching the remnants of the piles before handing it over to him. “Can you please go through these and grade them for me? Here are the answer keys for them.” After debriefing him for that stack of papers, you gave him another one. “And for these, can you make some copies for me? I need them tonight so I can plan for tomorrow’s class.”
He listened attentively to your commands, taking a mental note and nodding each instruction given to him. “Okay, got it, y/n. I’ll get these done and hand them over by the end of the day.”
You’re gawking at him, surprised that your coworker is willing to lend you a helping hand. You could honestly cry out tears of joy right now, but timing refuses to let you do so as the bell rings, marking the end of a period. You both stood up in your seats and grabbed the papers on the table into a neat pile. You let out a content sigh as you both walked out the teacher’s lounge.
“Thank you so much, Mark. You’re the best,” you exhaled. Outside your classroom, you already see some students entering inside as you left it unlocked, free for them or your coworkers to enter as they pleased. You both stood next to its entrance before he shrugs his shoulders at you.
“Hey, I mean it’s what I do best, right? Being the best.”
You rolled your eyes and gave him a playful shove, earning a laugh from him. Saying goodbyes to one another, you walked inside your classroom. You nodded to the students present. “Afternoon, class,” you greeted.
“Good afternoon, Miss y/n!”
“Miss Y/n, there’s a bouquet of flowers on your desk,” one of your students called out. You raised an eyebrow. Flowers? Looking over to your desk, your student was certainly not lying and neither are your eyes. Perched in the middle of your desk lies a vase filled with varying colors of tulips. Petals are in full bloom and the stems are clipped uniformly. You walked over and saw a notecard attached to one of the flowers.
“Who is it from, Miss Y/n?”
“Yeah! Who got you flowers?”
You looked up and realized more of your students are present, capacity almost at its max. Class was starting soon so more and more are rushing in to see the surprise gift settled on your desk.
“Is it Mr. Kim in the science department? I saw you two walking together in the hallways last week.”
That assumption piqued your interest. “Wait, Mr. Kim? The physics teacher?” you asked. The student, Krystal, nodded, causing you to huff incredulously. “Krystal, please. We’re merely just friends.”
Another student chimes in. “Friends don’t lock arms with each other at work.”
“Jongin, please. Your last girlfriend only stayed with you for a month and she started dating an upperclassman a week later.”
“Guys, calm down,” you interjected. “As much as I love you crazy bunch, I am still your teacher. Therefore, what occurs in my personal life stays private, and how much I am willing to share with you all lies in my discretion.” But unbeknownst to you, one of your students sneaks behind you to get a glance of the card, discreetly reading the contents:
‘The best deserves nothing less than the best.
Yours truly.’
The student, Luna, almost lets out a squeal. “Guys! Guys!” You jumped in shock, startled by her sudden presence and her high-pitched voice. “I think it’s Mr. Lee! The other English teacher!”
All attention is now on her, excitement filled in the air.
“Mr. Lee? The one that teaches honors?”
“The one with boba eyes?”
“The one that laughs at everything?”
Luna nods to each question, visibly thrilled with the subtle jump in her steps as she walked towards her classmates. “Yes! I heard Miss y/n calling him the best earlier and Mr. Lee joked about being the best! And in the card, it said ‘the best deserves nothing less than the best’.” The bell rang, marking the beginning of the period, but that didn’t stop your students from chattering with happiness, faces completely wiped from fatigue and stress of the upcoming exams. Some students entered your classroom late to the discussion, prompting other students to fill them in only to also be electrified by the ‘news’.
You run a hand through your hair again and sighed. Not this again, you thought to yourself. But just before you could jump in to stop all this chaos, you heard someone knock on your open door, diverting your attention and your class’ to the intruder.
“Well, good afternoon, class,” the person chuckled. “Why’s it so boisterous here? Did I miss a party or something?”
Of course, what better person to appear now of all times? It was none other than the infamous history teacher, Johnny Seo. You rolled your eyes before laughing. Coincidence, my ass.
“Mr. Seo! Someone gave Miss Y/n a bouquet of tulips! She has a secret admirer!” Luna stated.
He raised an eyebrow at her direction. “Oh, does she now?” He looks back at you with a grin. “Did Miss Y/n find out who this secret admirer is?”
“We think it’s Mr. Lee from honors English.”
“And what makes you think so?”
“Because we heard her call him the best earlier before class started, and the notecard called her the best.”
“Coincidence? I think not,” Jongin nodded.
All of the students followed along in unison, profoundly proud of their assumptions that left you shaking your head in disbelief. Surely, you had a smile on your face, but it’s surprising to know how your students are able to make such large assumptions based on groundless evidence. You sat down in your chair and turned on your computer, getting your lesson plan ready for the period as your students entertained themselves with Mr. Seo.
Johnny takes it all in, nodding to all of them before walking up behind your desk. “Well, I think it’s safe to say that you don’t pester too much to Miss y/n about it. You know how much she likes to keep her life private.” While you were browsing through your saved files and pulling up powerpoints, you felt the latter tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “Right, Mrs. Seo?”
And just like that, your hands stilled. Wait, did he just—
“Hold up..”
“Did you just—”
“Mrs. Seo?”
You squeezed your eyelids shut. Oh my god, here we go again—
Tumblr media
jeongvision’s milestone event!
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boldlyvoid · a year ago
Amoreena | chapter four
Tumblr media
Chapter Four
summary: Heaven is a real place and it's located exactly 14.6 miles away from the FBI, Quantico Headquarters. Off behind a small park, under a fantastical willow tree surrounded by wildflowers, in every colour young minds can imagine.
Don't forget, heaven also comes with angels.
Warnings: fluff, hurt/comfort, depressed spencer, reader has a daughter, falling in love, strangers to lovers, library smut, oral (female receiving) lots and lots of fluff
word count: 3.9k
from the beginning <3
Everyone at work was very understanding. Almost all of them saw it coming, he was taking more sick days than normal and he wasn’t putting up a fight anymore when the 30 days was required to take rolled around. They were profilers after all.
He arrives on Thursday morning to pack his desk. The team is finally home and all together to wish him well on his future journey, giving him hugs and kisses as they each visited his desk.
They had already replaced him, Will LaMontagne was giving the FBI a shot, finally. Spending more time with JJ, the kids were old enough now to accept both of them working. And Kate Callahan was back, now that her baby wasn’t a baby anymore either.
Even Penelope and Derek showed up, bringing a cake that said ‘happy retirement’ written across the frosting. They were happy for him, they shared the same excitement he had. There was a thrill in his eyes again as they asked him about his plans.
“Tell us about this Y/N you met,” Emily cut into the laughter to get to the serious topics.
“I’ve been going to the park a lot recently and I found this little reading nook by a pond. She was there with her daughter and they invited me over to their picnic,” he realized how fake it all sounded as he continued to speak. “Her daughter is wonderful and super smart, I took them to the Smithsonian on Sunday and I’m completely smitten.”
Everyone swooned, happy to see him finally finding someone that makes him gush like this. It had been a very, very long time since Spencer has told any of them about a person, let alone someone he was in love with.
“She is wonderful,” Penelope added, “she makes the best tea and she lives in a literal Disney movie.”
Spencer laughed, “yeah she does. They probably read more books than I have, they make so many references all the time and they even dress up for what they’re reading, it’s amazing.”
They were amazed by how giddy he was, unable to stop smiling at him, “here we dressed up for the museum, I was milo from Atlantis and she was the old man in Tarzan,” he pulled his phone from his pocket to show them the photo.
It was his background now, Y/N sent it to him when he finally went back to his place Monday night, knowing he’d miss them. Not wanting him to be alone.
He was beyond proud to show them the photo, beaming from ear to ear as they all complimented his attire.
“She looks like you,” Kate added, “must be the genius gene,” she added, making awkward eye contact with JJ as they both clocked it.
“She’s exactly like me, that’s why Y/N likes having me around, it’s good for Amoreena to feel normal with the way our brains work,” he spoke about her like she was his own. Forever grateful to have her in his life.
“So when are you proposing?” Matt teased him. Knowing the feeling of love like this all too well with his perfect wife and a handful of children.
“I’m not trying to jinx anything,” Spencer admitted. “I actually have a job interview at the Library she works at later, so I’ll be around here a lot more.”
“He’ll be moved in by the end of the month,” Tara smiled, proud of him and the courage it takes to follow your heart.
“I’m going to miss you guys,” he presses his lips together softly, nodding as he avoids eye contact with them. “But you can call me whenever you need my brain, I guess.”
Hugs were exchanged as Spencer had to leave, Derek even offered to drive him back to his apartment to help with 4 boxes of books from his desk, and to have a bit of a talk like they always do.
“It’s surprisingly easy to be a dad, all you have to do is be there and love them,” Derek shared a tidbit of advice
“She told me she doesn’t mind me being like Amoreena’s dad, but I don’t think I can yet. I want her to decide when she wants me in that role.”
Spencer explains his feelings the easiest to Derek. Like he was already in his mind and knew the thoughts before he said them, Derek was never mad or disappointed in him. He loved him fully, and Spencer loved him right back.
“Like when you chose Gideon?”
Spencer can only nod, it’s still too sad to think about him being gone. “You know what it’s like, you love your father but there are other people in your life who fit the role better.”
“Yeah,” Derek agreed. “You’re going to be great, regardless of the name she uses when she thinks of you.”
“Thank you,” Spencer smiled as they pulled up to his apartment, “you should bring Hank to meet the animals this weekend sometime.”
“He’d love that,” Derek smiled back at him, patting his shoulder lightly. “I’m really proud of you.”
“I wouldn’t have been able to do it if you didn’t first,” he admits. “You’re a strong man who decided to put his happiness first, I can be too.”
“You sure as hell can,” Derek wrapped him up in one last hug before sending him off to live that best life he was talking about.
The only person who didn’t know yet was his mother. He wasn’t sure how to tell her, he knew she’d be proud of him regardless but that anxiety of disappointing her never went away even now that he was 40.
“Hey mom,” he smiled when she picked up. “How are you?”
“I’m fantastic, Marge and I are going on a walk later to see some ducks that were born, I really love it here Spencer,” he could hear it in her voice. She was much more joyful when she was surrounded by friends.
“I’m glad to hear it.”
“you sound happy, what’s going on?”
She was his mother, after all, she could know exactly how he’s feeling from just hearing him breathe or being in the same room as him. It was like a superpower, she always knew what was going on.
“I met someone,” he can’t help but smile. “And I quit the FBI to have a family.”
“You’re kidding?” He couldn’t read her tone, not sure if she was surprised or disappointed.
“Her name is Y/N, she has a 7-year-old daughter named Amoreena who is exactly like how I was as a child, you’d really like them,” he explains and he can hear his mother's smile from his end of the phone.
“I would love to meet them, you can bring them to visiting hours next Tuesday?” Diana offered, genuinely happy for him in a way that made his heart burst.
“I’ll see if they’re free and I’ll let you know.”
“I love you, Spencer,” she reminded him. “It’s nice to hear you’re happy, that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you.”
“I love you too, thank you, mom, for everything.”
She hangs up before they can get too emotional, leaving Spencer inside his sad little apartment all by himself. Taking the opportunity to pack his overnight bag for Y/N and pick out some books from his collection to show Amoreena.
There’s an envelope sticking out of one of his books that manages to catch his attention, taking it out to see his name written on it in Gideon’s handwriting. He almost forgot he had this, how important the words were.
I knew it would be you who came to the cabin to check on me. I’m sorry the explanation couldn’t be better, Spencer. I’m sorry it doesn’t make more sense, but I’ve already told you. I just don’t understand any of it anymore.
I guess I’m just looking for it again, for the belief I had in college, the belief I had when I first met Sara and it all seemed so right.
The belief in happy endings. When you find that, never let it go, Spencer.
Don’t let this job do to you what it did to me, get out and get a life when you can. I have faith in you, till I see you again, take care, son.
He walked over to the window then, seeing a beautiful red and brown bird perched on his fire escape. He couldn’t help but smile, “I found my Sara, thank you,” he whispers to the bird who turns its head to the side before flying off.
Gideon always did have the best timing and the best advice.
“Y/N, your one o’clock is here to see you,” the receptionist at the Library said over the phone, hanging up and returning her attention to Spencer, “she’ll be with you in a moment.”
“Doctor Reid,” he hears her voice as she rounds the corner, appearing behind a stack of books in the most beautiful blue dress he’s ever seen. “Lovely to see you again.”
“You too,” he smiles.
“Right this way,” she can’t help but smile as she escorts him to her office.
“I don’t normally consider people who don’t send in a resume, but I have a feeling you’re going to be good at this,” she teased him as he sat at her desk.
“Allison is going on maternity leave in a few weeks, so you won’t start until she has the baby. If you’re serious about wanting this position, it’s only Monday through Thursday, 9 to 2:30.”
“You’re not going to ask me anything?”
“I don’t know if you know this, but the literary historian and I get to spend a lot of time together, I’d rather hire someone I know I already like,” she smiled again. “And it would be nice to see you every day without a 7-year-old taking all your attention away from me.”
“You just want to live out the fantasy of kissing someone in the encyclopedia section, don’t you?” He teased her right back, making her blush. “I knew it.”
“Sue me!” She laughed, and he finally understood what tinker bell meant when she said farries are born from the purest laughter.
He was in love with her right then and there, he was sure of it.
It had been under a week and yet as he stared at her, hearing her wonderful laughter and seeing her beautiful smile, knowing she wanted to spend time with him, that she genuinely liked him and none of this was one-sided, it made him fall harder than he thought he could.
“Come on then,” he stands abruptly, taking her hand and pulling her out the door.
She tries to giggle quietly as she follows him all the way back to the quietest section of the library. Most of the books on the shelves didn’t even have bar codes because they haven’t been checked out since the 60’s, no one needs them but they can’t seem to part with them.
She backs up against the shelf and pulls him into her space, he drops her hands and holds her face instead, looking at her beautiful eyes as they sparkled in the fluorescent lighting.
“I was expecting this to be hungrier than this when I imagined it all for all these years,” she whispers, biting her lip to force her smile back.
“You’re just so fucking beautiful,” is all he can say, brushing her cheeks with his thumbs lightly a few times before finally placing his lips against hers, ever so gently.
Her hands stretched around his back, pulling him in closer till their bodies are pressed together and then she’s kissing him deeper. Breathing in through her nose like she’s trying to keep him there forever, her fingernails dig into his shirt and he knows she wants more.
He slid his thigh between hers, opening his mouth to give her all the access she wanted and letting her take control of the speed. She wasn’t kidding when she said she expected it to be hungrier. She was kissing him like it was the first time she has had contact with another human being in years, and it just might have been. She said she was single for a while before Amoreena, probably the whole time since as well.
“Spencer,” she took a moment to gasp for air, breathing against his lips as he did the same. “Can we?”
He kisses along her jaw then, moving towards her ear to whisper, “do what? Use your words.”
“Anything, just touch me please, god it’s been 12 years,” she begged as quietly as possible, tugging at his hair as he nibbled on her earlobe.
He kissed down her neck making his way towards her chest. Holding her by the hips now, she arched her back into the shelf as he kissed all the way to where her dress started to cover her breasts but he didn’t stop. Kissing over her clothes as he dropped down to his knees in front of her.
He undid his tie, slipping it off his neck and handing it to her, “in case you need to scream into something.”
She held it in her hand for a second, registering what he just said and moaning softly in response as she held it closer to her lips, he took that as a yes and slipped under her dress.
She was wearing just a pair of regular cut pink underwear, not expecting this in the slightest when she got ready this morning. He kissed her over top of the fabric, spreading her legs so that he could kiss the insides of her thighs as she tried to desperately grind into his face. grazing his teeth against her skin as she shivers, thighs shaking in anticipation.
He kisses right where her clit should be under the fabric, knowing he’s correct when she whimpers around the tie he handed her. It's muffled and adorable as he kisses her again and again, knowing she wants more and teasing her gently.
He pulls her panties to the side, mesmerized by how perfect she is for only a second before returning to the task at hand. Being the first person to pleasure her in years, wanting her to have the best time possible.
With one hand he holds her panties back, using his other to slowly swipe a single finger through her folds to see just how wet she was. Smirking against her thigh as he’s able to slip right in.
“Please,” he hears her whisper, lifting the dress up so she could look at what he’s doing.
“Such a good girl for me,” he pressed the words against her skin.
He spreads her legs even further, resting one of them on his shoulder as he dives in, sucking her clit into his mouth abruptly as he pumps his single finger in and out. She jerks her hips at the sudden contact, stuffing the tie in her mouth and biting down as she whimpers.
He knows what he’s doing, where all the pleasure spots are and what feels the best on most women. Searching around and trying different tongue movements, memorizing the sounds she makes and attempting to hear them again and again, knowing it means she’s enjoying herself.
That’s all he wanted, to please her. Not even realizing how hard he was as he continues to eat her out furiously in the back corner of the DC Public Library. He forgets they’re even in public entirely as he moans against her clit, sending shockwaves through her body.
She’s quaking then, holding onto the top of his head with one hand as the other grips a shelf. She’s panting into the material of the tie, the hot breath making its way through the fabric and stopping the whorish moans he knew she’d make. It had been too long since someone treated her right.
He added a second finger then, wanting to push her over the edge as he curled them, finding her g spot and caressing it with every thrust of his fingers. She clenched around him then, a high-pitched noise left her mouth as she finished around him.
He couldn’t help but smirk, re-moving his fingers and cleaning them off in his mouth. Releasing them with a pop before dragging his tongue along her one last time. Gathering up everything she released and placing her panties back over her nicely.
He kissed over her underwear one last time before fixing her dress and standing up, “did I manage to fulfill the dream?”
She couldn’t help but laugh, looking like she was coming down from a real high, not just an orgasm. She pulled him in close and held onto him for dear life as she continued to catch her breath, and then her hand started to wander.
“Nope,” Spencer whispered, moving her hand away from his aching cock. “As much as I want to, I’d rather fuck you at home.”
“Home huh?” She teased him, kissing his cheek softly as she pulled back.
"I love you," he whispers against her ear, without a fear in the world that she didn't feel the same way.
"I love you too, Spencer."
They couldn’t stop smiling at each other, it felt surreal to be this happy. He kissed her a few more times, staying hidden in the back corner until the blood in his body let this dick and went back to where it was supposed to be.
She just held him in her arms, leaning back against the shelves as they kissed softly, running her hands through his hair gently, over and over. She whispered a few thank you’s to him, letting him know it was everything she waited for.
It was truly perfect.
Amoreena was so happy to see him back at the farm when she got off the bus, she missed him during the few days he wasn’t there.
She asked him to help with her homework, her teacher assigning them an “all about me” project to showcase their growth at the end of the year ceremony. It was almost June, she only had a few weeks left before she was off for the summer and free to show him around the whole kingdom.
Y/N brought out a box of craft supplies and a collection of photos. Showing Spencer every single moment of her and Amoreena’s life.
From her first sonogram to the first bump photo, she had and every maternity shot on the farm you could think of, to the day she was born, her first bath, first steps, chocolate cake shoved on her nose at her first birthday, everything. He felt like he watched her grow up in the blink of an eye, staring at all the photos while Y/N and Amoreena made a plan for her project.
She did look a lot like him, in some instances, she even looked like his mom. There was a look Diana would get when she was intrigued with something, or when she was trying to figure something out. She’d bite her tongue and tilt her head, and it was exactly what Amoreena did.
He never thought he’d see a child-like himself this early, he always expected someone to contact him at 18 and surprise him like Rossi. He really never, ever thought he'd have a child in his life who he was blessed with watching grow up. He never believed someone would have a kid so much like him and allow him to see the world through their eyes. He was amazed by how lucky he got, to be brought into an already happy family that wanted him, they didn’t just need him.
There was no need for a father in Amoreena’s life, she was happily living her life with her grandparents and her mother, explaining to him that she had a bunch of aunts and uncles, plus 15 cousins and they all lived close too. Her life was full of people to love her, and yet she wanted Spencer to love her too.
“Can I put the photo of us at the museum on here too?” She asked Y/N, looking at Spencer to see if he was okay with it too. “I already told my friends that you’re my dad.”
He felt like he couldn’t breathe, he didn’t want to cry in front of her so instead he just stopped all movement inside of his body and held it in. Looking at Y/N who was also a little emotional as Amoreena went back to looking through the photos.
Amoreena didn’t even notice how their expressions changed, she didn’t understand the weight of the words as she said them. She was oblivious to the hole in Spencer’s heart that she was filling with glitter glue, making him feel like he was whole again.
“Yeah,” he finally managed to speak. “I’d love to be on your project.”
“I know you said we don’t need dads but I kinda want one,” Amoreena’s soft expression made his heart melt even more. He was putty in her hands, willing to be whatever she wanted from him as long as he could.
“When did you say that?” Y/N asked softly, confused as to where she was when they had a conversation.
“The other morning at breakfast, um, my father left when I was little. It was just me and my wonderful mother until I was 21, then I found someone to call Dad. His name was Jason Gideon, he was my mentor and he made he feel like I was smart and loved,” he smiled, letting her know he genuinely meant it. “There’s a big difference between being a father and being someone's dad.”
“What’s that?” Amoreena’s innocent mind running wild as she tried to figure out his meaning.
“Anyone can be a father when two adults make a baby,” he said softly, making eye contact with Y/N as she blushed. Knowing where he was going with this. “But dads are special, they’re the people who are supposed to make you feel safe and loved. A person who you can turn to for advice and know he’ll love you no matter what you have to say. Dad’s are supposed to love you forever, regardless of what happens in life. Just like your mom does already.”
Amoreena leaned into his chest, pressing her head against him softly. He wrapped his arms around her gently, giving her the tiniest hug he’s ever given. “I pick you then, you’re the best guy I know and I think that means you’d be a good dad.”
Y/N silently cried, getting up from the table and walking into the kitchen so Amoreena wouldn’t see her sob. Spencer tried to widen his eyes so the tears he was generating would slip back into his tear ducts. Not wanting to cry as she held him.
“I’d love to be your dad,” he whispered, kissing her head softly as she held him tighter. “But first I’ve gotta check on your mom,” he whispered into her hair. Watching her pull away and look for where she was.
“Okay,” Amoreena shrugged, returning to her project as he wandered into the kitchen.
She was leaning against the counter when he walked in, her dress pulled up over her face as she cried into the material. Wiping her face as Spencer walked in and looking at him with the happiest smile.
She was laughing into her tears then, shaking her head as she sobbed, “why am I crying?”
He laughed then too, pulling her into a hug and spinning her around gently as she kept laughing. Her face buried into his neck as she smiled, he set her down gently so he could pull her into a kiss.
Her cheeks were all wet as he held her face, peppering kisses to her lips as they both tried to stop smiling.
“I’m going to miss hearing her call you Spencer,” Y/N whispered.
“Me too,” he giggled again. “But dad does have a good ring to it.”
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isthataneren · a year ago
apologies ~ bakugou katsuki
request: hello! I was wondering if you could do a Bakugou x Reader (if requests are open ofc❤️). Maybe Bakugou said something he didn’t mean to the Reader, and she like leaves the middle of class to go to the bathroom to cry- and like some of the girls go to comfort her/ask if she’s doing fine. But that doesn’t help- so Bakugou ditches class and goes to comfort her in the girls bathroom, and the other girls are like “cUtE”. Sorry if this made no sense but I thought it would be cute 😳. love your writing!
a/n: Thank you! And of course! This is a really cute idea and I may have went overboard with it haha but I hope you like it! It kind of turned into a first ‘I love you’ scenario too...
∫ pairing: bakugou x fem!reader
∫ warnings: cussing, (too much?) fluff, slight angst in the beginning
∫ word count: 1.7k+
Tumblr media
Being with Bakugou had its ups and downs. Most of the time he was kind to you in his own way; pressing a chaste kiss to your head before class in the morning as he walked by your desk or shoving a drink in your hand when he sat with you at lunch. 
Occasionally he would say things that others would see as mean to say, especially involving you and your fighting. Nothing bad necessarily, just criticizing your form. You knew he meant well with his slightly harsh remarks but sometimes he would say or do something that would hit you deep. Even if you knew what he said wasn’t intended to be offensive, it still could affect you. This has only happened once in your relationship so far, and today was that day, unfortunately.  
You were sitting in the classroom, waiting for the next class to start. Today had been pretty bad so far. There wasn’t much reason for why you felt so upset but you guessed it was all of the all nighters you’ve been pulling to finish a project that you didn’t even want to do to begin with. The other people who were supposed to help you ditched so you were stuck with doing all of the work. Figures.  
The stress had been weighing on you for a while, causing you to be pushed to a limit you didn’t know you had. 
Of course, this was also a day when Bakugou wasn’t feeling too nifty either. I mean, he normally didn’t look like he was happy but today he was even grumpier than normal. When you went to greet him, he only grunted in response, which in hindsight you should have picked up on right away that he didn’t want to be bothered. Due to your inability to pay attention when you’re stressed, however, it slipped your attention.  
It only got worse as the day progressed. You would try to ask him something and he would still only grunt at you, not bothering to look up from what he was doing. This was causing you to become a little more upset than you already were. Was he mad at you? Did you do something wrong? Did something happen that he wasn’t telling you?
All of the negative thoughts were causing your head to spin so you decided to do the only rational thing (at least it seemed rational at the time) and confront him about it.  
The bell had just wrung to signal class switch. You had around five minutes to ask Bakugou what was wrong.  
You slowly approached his desk, taking a deep breath to steel your nerves.
“...” No response.
“Is something wrong?”
Biting your lip, you toy with your uniform slightly, trying to push down the tears that are starting to form in your eyes.
“Did I say something yesterday to make you mad?”
“I’m sorry but please, talk to me!”
He finally snapped; his voice sharp.
“SHUT UP! Holy shit you’re annoying sometimes...”  
It felt like a weight fell on your shoulders, causing them to sag slightly as the tears you were holding back began to fall. His words finally pushed you to your limit.
“Oh...okay...”, you cough slightly to cover up a soft sob, “I-I’ll just go then.”  
And with that, you ran out of the classroom, avoiding the calls of your worried classmates. You ran until you reached the bathroom at the end of the hallway a couple halls down. After running inside, you slammed the stall door shut, collapsing in the tiny space, finally breaking down into sobs.
Mina turned to Bakugou, glaring at him.
“Bakugou what the hell man?”
She, along with the other girls of the class, ran out to follow you.
Bakugou slammed his palm on the desk, before sighing heavily, dragging his hand through his hair. He could feel the glares of some of his classmates burning through his back.
A couple of minutes later Jiro came through the door, worry displayed on her face. Her expression caused the others to tense slightly. Kirishima was the first to speak up.
“Is she alright? Where is she?”
“She’s in the bathroom. She won’t answer us. I can tell she’s crying though.”
Bakugou’s heart drops into his stomach when he hears that, his face faltering slightly. Jiro turns to him, giving him a pointed look.
“Bakugou, I think it would be best if you talked to her instead. You know she’s been having a hard week, right?”
Of course, he had noticed you were stressed but you tend to clam up so as to not bother him when you feel this way. Usually you come around and tell him what wrong but you didn’t this time. He felt stupid for not trying to talk to you sooner.
“I knew it had been shitty but not this shitty.”
“Well, right now she needs some comfort and you need to apologize.”
He was already going out of the door before she could finish her sentence.  
“I know.”
The bell wrung as soon as Bakugou located where the other girls were at. They all turned to face him with varying expressions. None of them were happy, though they all looked a little relieved that he showed up.
Not saying a word, he brushed past them but paused when he heard Momo speak.
“Don’t hurt her again.”
He replied instantly, his voice firm.
“I won’t.”
And with that, he let the door close behind him.
It was silent for a couple of seconds until Bakugou heard a soft sob.  
You fell silent, not wanting him to see or hear you when you were an absolute mess.
“Leave me alone.”
His heart cracked a little hearing the tears in your voice.
“I’ll leave you alone if you listen.”
He sighed heavily. You could tell he was trying to figure out what to say.
“Fuck. I’m sorry.”
When you didn’t speak, he continued.
“I’m sorry for saying what I did. You’re not annoying. You never are. I was just frustrated about some shitty stuff that happened this morning and it had been bothering me to the point that it made me angry. I didn’t want to upset you which is why I wasn’t respondi-”
“You’ll miss class.”
He stared incredulously at the stall door that you were in. You really thought that was important at the moment?
“You think I care about some shitty class when you, the girl I love, are crying in the fucking bathroom because of me? Are you kidding? You’re more important to me than that.”  
His words made you tear up more but this time for a different reason. Slowly opening up the stall you look at him with eyes wide with surprise.
“You love me?”
Not moving, he stared back at you, defiant.  
“Yes, I love you. I know this isn’t the best way to say it,” he gestured with his hand at the fact that you were in a bathroom, “but you need to hear it. I want you to hear it. It doesn’t take back what I said, and that’s not what I’m trying to do but I mean it. I love you so fucking much it scares me sometimes. I thought the only thing I would ever care about is becoming the best pro-hero but then you walked through the door the first day of class.”  
He paused, closing his eyes and taking a breath to try to reign in his emotions a little. You just stood watching him, eyes still wide.
Opening his eyes, he continued.
“I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight because that would be a damn lie. But every day a little more of me seemed to become attracted to you until one day I realized that you were just as important to me as becoming a pro-hero. It scared me, feeling like this. When you ran out today, after I realized what I had said, I knew that I couldn’t avoid this anymore. I was scared that I was going to lose you. I still am. All because I can’t keep my shitty mouth shut.”  
His face was blushing slightly as he looked off to the side to avoid your gaze.  
Not even a second later a weight hit him.
Your arms encircled his waist as you buried your face in his chest. Once he realized you were hugging him, he relaxed slightly, wrapping his arms around you as well.
It was silent for a second before you mumbled against him.
“I’m sorry for being overdramatic.”
He scoffed.
“Don’t apologize, you aren’t being dramatic. I’m the only one who needs to apologize. I should have been a better boyfriend and talked with you instead of fucking snapping your head off.”
Pulling away from him slightly you gave him a soft smile.
“Let’s work harder to talk about our problems then, yeah?”
Chuckling, he ruffled your hair before pulling away completely.
After a couple of seconds of looking at each other you had a realization.
“Wait a minute...You followed me into the girls’ bathroom?!”
He deadpanned. 
“Really? Again, you think I care?”
“Well no but...won’t you get in trouble?”
“We’re both going to get in trouble for being late to class so I don’t think it matters much.”
You nodded at his reasoning, ignoring his amused stare.
“I guess we should get back to class then. Everyone’s probably worried...”
You walked to the bathroom door, opening it as you talked to Bakugou, who was close beside you.
“I wonder if they-” you paused, seeing that most of the girls were still outside of the bathroom, “uhhh guys? Why are you not in class?”
Uraraka smiled sheepishly while Mina eyed you both with a smirk on her face.
“We wanted to make sure you were alright...”
“Mic said he wouldn’t start until you guys were back. Jiro explained what was happening. We’ll probably get detention though.” Mina grinned. “It was so worth it.”
“EH?! What are you talking about raccoon eyes?”
“You guys are cute. You know that?”
“Shut it!”
Mina snorted before turning around waving slightly.
“Let’s go!”
The others followed while you hung back with Bakugou. He was grumbling under his breath about what Mina had said, causing you to grin slightly.  
He looked at you, raising an eyebrow in question. Reaching out, you took his hand into yours before you leaned up to press a soft peck to his cheek.
“I love you too.”  
Letting go, you jogged to catch up with the girls who were walking into the classroom, leaving a very flustered and speechless angry boy behind.
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multiyuta · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters: Vernon! x reader!neighbor
Genre: smut/fluff
Words: 2.008k
warning:unprotectedsex, blowjob, kitchensex, fingering,kinky,foreplay,riding,intimate
Summary: Vernon is your neighbor since you move into your new unit. You can always see him but never talked to him. An incident led you to ask for his help and casually having a thing that is not expected.
A/N: another memberxreader prompt piece I made. Inspired by the Attaca teaser photos I crazily thinksss. I cant sleep. Well, anyways hope u enjoy this one! ;))
It was weekend. You are already finishing all of your house chores and started to prepare for your dinner.
You went to check what it was, only to find out that your heater is broken.
"Oh.shit.. why is it now??ugh!." You groaned in frustration.
You immediately called the maintenance of your building but unfortunately, there is no maintenances at the moment that could assist you.
"The hell with this. What should i do?."
You called some of your friends, some of them didn't pick up. Well, its a weekend.. maybe that's why..
You suddenly remembered your neighbor. Youve been staying in that apartment for 6mos already, and yet you didnt have a chance to talk to him or greet him.
Should you ask him for help? Nah. Youre shy..
But then, the weather is really chilly. And without the heater, you might die in coldness.
"Nah, I have my last option, my mom."
You called and unfortunately, She's not at home. She went out of town with her bingo friends. You sighed.
You only have your neighbor as your last option. You mustered all your courage to ring his doorbell. You bought your dinner hoping that he wil let you in and eat him, with him..
You ringed the bell 2 times.. bit nervous..
He opened the door. He is in his pajamas. His top was unbuttoned. (same.as.the.picture.above.i forgot.the.exactwords.)
You were speechless. He was looking at you expressionless.
"uhm.. Hi. Im from unit 201, hehe." A bit nervous.
"uhm.. can I uhm.. have dinner here? Uh.."
"sure. Come in.." He said without hesitations. He acts like he knows what exactly you mean..
You both went inside his unit. His unit was fucking clean. It turned you on. He smells exactly the same as his room. So manly.. you suddenly became horny.
You immediately went to his kitchen. You heard him chuckled. Fuck?
"uhm. I brought some kimchi soup. You know.. h..hehe would you like some?." You genuinely offered it.
"Yes." You talk to each other like you already know each other.
"i..im y/n.. i forgot to introduce myself." You chuckled.
"Im Vernon." He answered.
"Hi Vernon! How long are you here in this apartment?." You asked trying to make the conversation longer.
"quite some time."
"Do you have a job? I mean.. i dont usually see you. H..hehe.."
"ohh I see.. h..hehe." Youre out of questions now. How can you keep the conversation going?
"i like the soup." Vernon said.
"ohh.. ahaha.. Thank you. I just made this because its really cold outside. Im so glad you liked it.." You said. You now feel that the atmosphere is a bit light.
You finished eating and you fixed the table already. You are at the kitchen sink when you felt a presence. It was Vernon.
He suddenly came to you. "Uhm... I wanted to wash the plates.. can I wash---.."
Vernon suddenly kissed you. You can feel him pressing unto you..
He started to undress your top, and his hand caressing your breast. You liked it. You only know his name, and yet here you are, kissing him. Letting him strip you and cup your breast.
"uhm.. wait-- uhh Ver..non.. ahhhhhh---" You cant think straight anymore.. Youre immersed in this feeling already. The feeling of being fucked by a handsome and mysterious neighbor.
You like a man who knows how to take charge. You also like being nude in front of a man with half of his clothes on. A good beginning is important.
He suddenly carried you in a bride style..
"I just wanna fuck you so bad.. Im sorry it got me turned on." sincerly apologizing to you. but, you dont find it wierd. You find hot. It made you more horny.
Then he got naked. His penis was huge. He didn't seem to be in any hurry. You love being french kissed in the nude. This is like one of your fantasies. Vernon decided you'd love it even more while being finger fucked.
He started to move lower unto your inbetween legs. His tongue and fingers were in perfect sync.
"aahhhh--uhhhnggg.." You kept on moaning that made him turned on more.
As you became increasingly wet, his attention shifted to your fully erect nipples. You liked the sensation of his tongue expertly probing and flicking your pleasure cherries.
You're proud of your breasts, and appreciated his serious attempt to lick and suck the pink off your nipples.
"uhhhhhhhngg.. s..shit.. how can you be this good Vernon.. uhhhh.."
He didnt answer.
He backed away and re-situated his body between your legs. His cock was standing straight up. He lifted your left foot and he placed your toes to his face. He began licking each one like a special morsel, and then repeated the procedure with your right foot. This was fun.
Vernon is such an expert. You werent expecting that a mysterious boy can be this good in fucking.
You wanted to be fucked. He spread your legs and ate you out. You always liked being licked. He tongued you like a snake, slowly edging near and around the clitoris but never quite making contact. You moaned longingly as he brought me to the brink of release with pleasure surges that kept increasing in intensity.
"ahhhhhhh..uhhhhh..nggg.." You heard him moan and it made you hornier.
You begged.
Vernon inserted his finger into your pussy and then withdrew it, wet and glistening with your physical excitement.
He anointed your clitoris and licked it that made you arched your back in pleasure..
Vernon re-inserted his finger all the way in, and slowly withdrew it. This time he drew a moist trace of pussy juice from the top of the pubis and up the abdomen.
You sat up on your elbows to watch. This was a show you didn't want to miss.
He reintroduced his finger and slowly withdrew from the nectar well. Brushing past my clitoris, he again traced a liquid glory trail further up your abdomen, and into the navel.
"ahhhh..fuck..your pussy's so wet..y/n.." Vernon said while playing your juices.
He had found your secret fetish, your only secret shame, and you were in heaven.
You watched his fingernail lewdly wiggle it's way back and forth across the belly knot, producing a gloriously painful pleasure.
You're lipbiting. You raised your tummy for more exquisite love punishment. You relished the idea of having a stranger make your navel so sweetly sore and red, and Vernon's finger didn't disappoint.
"You have such a sexy belly button.." he purred.
You blushed. You really like it when someone notices it.
"You like it when I say belly button, don't you?"
You nodded.
"Tell me how much you like my finger in your belly button." Vernon said.
"I..i like it..."
"No-- say it..."
"I like your finger...in my.. b..belly button.." You murmured.
"Say it again louder like you mean it!! Where do you like my finger?"
You hesitated before obeying his command. You managed to raise your voice, this is the first time that you heard his real deep voice. but couldn't find the wherewithal to look him in the eye.
"I..in my belly button."
"That's right!" he sneered. "In your belly button!" He said.
As his finger continued to probe, You felt yourself literally dripping on the sheet below. Of all your past partners, no man had loved your tummy quite like Vernon.
When his nail finally found the core of the birth scar, it made you cum.
"ahhhhhhhhnggg..s..shit..ahhhh.. s..shit Ver..non..im cumming.. ahhhh.."
Your body quivered all the way down to your toes. You felt like a naked little girl who had touched herself impurely for the first time, and then realized her mother was watching.
The delicious mixture of pleasure and shame overwhelmed your senses.
Before your pleasure ebbed, his mouth was back and slobbering on your breasts. He was so excited, and you are so ready.
You spread your legs wide open in anticipation of being penetrated. His penis was not only long, but had plenty of girth. You beckoned him while fingering your clitoris.
"Such a slutty angel.. i love it.." He murmured.
"Please fuck me now Vernon.. Use me any way you like.. I want it so fucking bad.. I want your dick inside me.." pleading like a slut.
Instead, he placed your hand around his shaft, guiding it slowly up and down. Without any coaxing you placed your mouth on the head of his penis and ran your tongue lovingly around the well-defined ridge. The circumference seemed to go on forever. You paid special attention to the underside where the seminal vesicle attached.
You licked the penis slit, and tasted a tiny dew drop of his excitement. You licked it again, and waited. Another clear droplet of lubricant emerged which you smeared all over the head with your finger. It felt so slippery, sensuous and sexy.
"ahhhhhhh..shit..aaaaaahhnggg.." Vernon moaned.
You spread your legs. He carefully inserted the head of his penis into your pussy, which caused you to spread even wider. That amazing ridge and penis head worked it's way back and forth in an agonizingly slow tease.
Your fully stretched crack barely swallowed the tip of his amazing cock which he tantalizingly popped in and out of your vulva repeatedly. If you had not been so lubricated, it might have split you in two.
With slow measured thrusts he achieved full penetration. He was as hard as a rock, and stayed hard as a rock for what seemed an eternity. If you both had stood up, he could have anchored you onto that sweet appendage without your feet ever touching the ground. Oh your going to be so sore for the next week, and it was going to be so worth it.
Without missing a beat you both rolled over which left you on top to ride him rodeo-style. Vernon remained still while you did all the work. He placed his hands at your sides.
"ahhhh..ahhhhh..shit..ahhhhh.auhhhh.." You both moaned in pleasure.
"That's right.." He purred sweetly.
"Give me a show while I fuck you. Keep me nice and hard like a good belly dancer." He said.
He placed his thumbs on your nipples. "Your titties are so big, so pink, and so hard. A naughty little girl like you loves a good fucking, don't you? You're as randy as a dirty little whore. You want every bit of pleasure you can grab. You want to be fucked like a dirty, filthy little whore, don't you?"
That sounded sexy to you. Its true you wanted to fucked like a slutty whore.
"Yes...oh God..uhhhhh..yes!"
You worked your vagina up and down every inch of his amazing human club. Your insides were turning to jelly. You never had felt so possessed in your life. A lightning bolt of pleasure surged through you, and repeated four or five times in rapid succession. You began to shake. Each surge brought on a new level of rapture. You could hardly catch your breath as he thoroughly stoked the needs of your sexual furnace. You fell back in surrender as he finished me off.
Both satisfied.
He slowly pulled out, still hard, and christened your belly button with his remaining seed. The sight re-ignited your arousal.
He slowly daubed his middle finger in the ejaculate pool, and coated your nipples with semen. He then lapped up semen with his index finger, and without warning, stuck it in your rectum.
Before you could fully react, the tip of his tongue lapped the tip of your clitoris like a parched dog. Your entire body clenched as you cried out in blissful agony,
"Oh.. ahhh..shit..that is so fucking nasty!"
You squirted in his face; once.. twice... three times.
He closed his eyes, and didn't move a muscle.
"I wish, you wouldnt hate me for this.." Vernon said.. You shushed him. You cant blame him thou.. You liked it too. Its just that the Vernon that you are expecting is a shy and nerdy one. It turns out, its the different one.
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Blue Moon - Part 1
A/N: See masterlist for prompts used. (And the list of amazing people who have helped me with this.)
I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.
Warnings: See Masterlist
Word count: 2,746
“So what’s it like living with a Hale?” Stiles asked, turning away from your locker after you shut it. Both of you fell into step with Scott as you made your way to your next class. 
You must have grimaced or made some face with a slight slant of your eyebrows only a Stilinski could read, because Stiles let out a snort. “That bad?”
You shrugged, sighing. “I mean, it’s not like I expected it to be a walk in the park, it is Derek Hale after all.” Scott chuckled with a gentle shake of his head, making you smile before you continued. “But I didn’t expect it to be this…. easy….. either.”
“Easy?” Scott questioned, making the same face you must have initially as Stiles let out another snort of laughter.
“Yeah, I mean, the first few days were awkward. If we weren’t training we weren’t doing anything. The man is silent, had no TV, or any of that-”
“Wait, ‘had’?” Stiles held out his hand, effectively cutting off your sentence and your steps, your shoes screeching on the floor at the sudden stop. 
“Yes, had. He now has a TV, streaming services- yes, Stiles, services as in plural, if you keep your eyebrows that high they may stick that way, and it’s not the best look for you…”
“So at least there is something to fill the silence at least.” Scott resumed walking, you followed a few steps behind, Stiles lagging, jaw still dropped in shock. 
“Well, yeah,” you agreed with Scott, and this time you felt your eyebrows making the face.
“But….?” Scott’s prodding was gentle, but his face held a smirk.
“But somewhere along the way we went from off handed comments during a news broadcast, or some show we were watching, to actually pausing it to have some discussion, or referencing some situation later and asking if the other had had something similar happen, or just opening up about random experiences and stuff. It’s…”
“Weird?” This time Stiles prodded, earning a glare and gentle whack on the arm from Scott.
“Well, maybe it’s because you’re…. new.” Scott opted for a more discrete word for ‘werewolf’ in the crowded hallways. “He may feel like opening up more because of the pack mentality and all.”
“No, it’s not because she’s…. new.” Stiles raised one eyebrow on the word as he addressed Scott, earning a sigh and eye roll from the young Beta. “The man is a brooding wall of leather and growls.” You chuckled at the description, making Stiles grin. “I think we finally found our miracle cure for our Sourwolf!”
“Woah, woah, woah, hold up.” You held up your hands as if to physically stop their words. “What?”
“Oh, come on, Y/N. We know you two like each other. It’s so obvious.” Stiles immediately closed his mouth, his lips a tight line, eyes wide and eyebrows in his hairline in his signature “I was not supposed to say that” face.
“What?” you deadpanned to your friend. 
The bell rang, and Scott, wide eyed and smiling too broadly, gave Stiles a shove on the shoulder in the opposite direction of your next class as Stiles muttered, “Oh, look. The bell.” They both began to walk quickly the opposite way. 
“Guys!” you yelled. “This is not over! But I am not responsible for you guys missing another class, what does that make, like fifteen already this semester?”
Your two friends stilled and turned on their heels, ushering past you quickly, avoiding your glare, Stiles looking at Scott and muttering, “See, Scott? I told you our class with Miss Blake was this way.”
“Ugh,” you mumbled under your breath. The sour expression stayed on your face even after you sat at your desk in the back of the class.
Chuckling, Stiles chanced a glance your way from beside you, hoping to change the subject from his ultimate fail in the hallway. “You still don’t like her?”
“I still don’t like her.” You overlapped his last few words, matching his gentle nod with one of your own as you stared straight ahead at the teacher’s still vacant desk. 
“What is it about her you don’t like?”
“I just have a really bad feeling whenever I see her. Something just isn’t right.”
Scott chuckled, opening his book to the proper page. “You’re just mad that she gives you a little bit of a harder time.”
“You mean she gives me ‘more attention’?” you asked, your words rising to a ridiculous octave as they repeated Jennifer’s words she had used when she assigned you some extra credit to help raise your grade so you could stay on the lacrosse team. Your friends chuckled at your words. “I’m sorry, not everyone can be amazing at everything, being a wer-” you stopped yourself, clearing your throat before continuing- “new-” you looked at Scott pointedly, earning you a glare and Stiles’ laughter on your other side- “doesn’t allow for a whole lot of extra studying time.”
“Oh, come on, Y/N. I know you feel that way now, but it will pass,” Scott said with a smile as Miss Blake walked in, setting things on her desk, and he chuckled as you glared at her. “This is all ephemeral.”
You looked at Stiles, your face blank, voice a deadpan. “You ever buy him a word of the day subscription thing again, and I will rip your throat out.” You flickered your yellow eyes at him discreetly. “With my teeth.”
“With your teeth,” Stiles mumbled, overlapping your words, both of you nodding in agreement again. “I asked what it’s like living with a Hale, and now I got my answer.” He looked at you, shaking his head mockingly. “You’re becoming one of them. It’s contagious. We’ll call it ‘Sourwolf Syndrome’.”
Due to your parents’ professions taking them all over the place constantly, like Allison, you were actually a year older than your friends, having to repeat a year a few grades back. But you wouldn’t change it for anything, because that’s how you met your best friends. 
It helped that your parents were away on business most of the time, so no one questioned your staying at Derek’s loft for so long. You stopped by every few days to get the mail and check on the plants around the house, packing some new clothes if needed, Derek sitting outside in his car the first few times, but lately he had taken to coming in and helping you do the few things you had to do.
You told yourself it was just because of the increased threat that he wanted to be closer to his newest Beta. He didn’t have too many of those these days, you thought bitterly, smirking to yourself. You stared blankly as you rinsed out your coffee cup in the sink, and a wave of sadness washed over you as you thought of Erica, her absence still fresh and raw. The two of you had never really been close; just acquaintances at school, then pack members briefly, before she was gone. 
Boyd had really withdrawn himself after that, and you didn’t blame him. You knew he probably felt how you did times ten. When Cora had been here briefly she mentioned losing a pack member was like losing a limb, and she hadn’t been wrong. 
Then Derek had kicked both Cora and Isaac out of the loft, claiming it wasn’t safe with the Alpha Pack around. Isaac was staying with Scott, but you didn’t know where Cora had disappeared to. Peter was a wild card, so you didn’t even try to factor him in, and Scott outright refused to be a member of Derek’s pack. He was an Alpha with Beta eyes, and an enigma for another time.
The point was, Derek was running low in the Beta department lately.
The only reason Derek had you staying at the loft and followed you around the house when you had to go was because you were the newest, or so he said. Deep down you knew he just didn’t want to be responsible if something happened to you. He wanted to control the situation as much as possible which, you guessed, you were kind of glad, being new to this whole werewolf thing, and admittedly not wanting to stay home alone again, human or werewolf.
At least at the loft, even in the times before Derek brought home the TV and stuff, the silence had been comfortable. You’d never admit it to anyone, but just being in the presence of another living, breathing being, even one as brooding and somewhat annoying as Derek Hale, was nice. 
And you sure as hell weren’t going to think about how he had helped you with your homework sometimes, especially with that English extra credit. He had a side he didn’t share often, and you were glad you got to see it. It was like a rare spotting of a mythological creature. 
You smiled to yourself, watching the water in the cup filling clear now, the mug long clean, and you let your feelings wash away down the drain with the water as you turned it off. 
Setting the mug in the sink, you took a deep breath, letting the feelings whirling around you fully roll off your back, rolling your shoulders back as they did.
Stepping into the doorway to the living room you saw him delicately watering some houseplant your mom babied. The first few times he had just poured water at its base, and you had to stop him, showing him how it had to be done, otherwise he’d over water it. And since then, though he had said initially that it was stupid under his breath, he took meticulous care to check if it even needed watering, and then watered it properly, like you showed him, even bringing books home to the loft about how to care for the various types of plants your mom had around the house. You found it endearing. 
Smiling softly, you gently shook your head. One second you were bitter towards him, the next finding little things that made him amazing. “I’m going to go grab some clothes, my stuff got torn to hell last week when we dealt with what’s his face,” you said offhandedly, starting up the stairs. So many baddies came through this town, you got them all confused. 
Derek chuckled. “Okay. You know you can always borrow some of my clothes if you need to.”
You stopped midstep on the staircase, each foot on a different step, and your grip on the bannister tightened, your knuckles turning white. 
This is why you had such conflicting emotions about this man. Wolf. Wolfman.
“Are you sure?” You kept your voice even, smiling softly. 
He shrugged. “Yeah, I mean, makes more sense then driving all the way over here.” His voice tried to be neutral, but it was evident he was trying to cover up something he had let slip before really thinking about it.
“Thanks. I’ll remember that next time.” You nodded once to each other before you took two steps calmly and then practically ran up the rest of them to your room. 
Holding a hand to your chest, taking deep breaths to try and stabilize your heartbeat, you slumped against the door after you closed it, sighing. 
You tried not to over analyze what he said, but failed. 
You knew he probably was making some underhanded comment about your abilities, “coming all the way over here”, really he wanted to say, “you suck at being a werewolf, you’re always getting hurt and your clothes destroyed in the process”. 
“You too, wolfman. You too,” you mumbled under your breath as you angrily rifled through one of your drawers, grabbing a few things. 
You chuckled a dark laugh. “But I’m an Alpha, Y/N. I’ll heal faster.” You mocked his deep tone, your search in your drawer turning into an aimless activity, the contents totally mixed up now.
He had never been around whenever you had gotten in a hit or takedown on the baddies you guys had encountered so far in your short time in this world. For some reasons you ended up on opposite sides of the battle fields, and he never said it directly, but you knew he probably thought you sucked. How else does one end up with torn shirts from claw marks and blood being covered by your jacket?
Everyone else had called you a badass, but Derek had yet to compliment or even comment on your fighting ability. But maybe, since he trained you, that spoke more to his ability and not yours, you thought with a smirk. Satisfied with the thought, you grabbed a few clothes out of the drawer before snapping it shut.
After a few steps toward the door, you slowed to a stop, absently staring at the clothes in your hand as your thoughts cleared a little from your earlier anger. 
If it was a reflection on how he thought he was, that was kind of sad. Did he really think so lowly of himself and his abilities? 
You had only been in this world a short time now, but even you had to admit he was a good Alpha. A good wolfm- werewolf. A good man. He was a great person to have at your back in a fight and in mundane things like math, which was also a fight, but that was a thought for another day. He was a good friend to have, period. 
Shaking your head and chuckling gently at yourself, you wondered why your thoughts were everywhere. Glancing at your calendar on the wall, you saw the full moon was coming up soon and rolled your eyes. Of course. 
This would pass. This was ephemeral. You groaned softly as you made your way back down the stairs. Stiles was going to pay.
Derek met your eyes when you made it to the last step, hopping the last few inches to the first floor. He set down the watering can softly.
“Do I really sound like that?” His lips twitched upward slightly.
Screwing up your face in confusion it took you a second to realize he had heard your mutterings as you disorganized the contents of your drawer upstairs. Realization crossed your face before your palm slapped to your forehead, the groan passing your lips before you could stop it. 
Derek laughed, and you looked at him apologetically, to which he motioned with his hand as if waving it away and smiled at the floor where his gaze was focused. “Don’t worry about it. I just always thought my voice was deeper than that.”
He chuckled even more as you swatted his arm, laughing gently yourself. He grabbed your wrist playfully before you could withdraw your hand, and you found yourself pulled closer to him, almost toe to toe and having to crane your neck to look up and meet his eyes that looked down at you with some emotion you couldn’t decipher. 
That comfortable silence hung around you two like a blanket… Until his phone rang. 
As he fished it out of his pocket, you softly cleared your throat and took a small step back, feeling Derek’s gaze on you the whole time. 
“Hello?” His voice was gruff and annoyed, and he was still staring at you. It almost seemed like he was upset at whoever was on the other end for interrupting his moment with you.
But that thought quickly evaporated. 
“Jennifer!” He said it with a broad smile on his face, his voice a total about face from his greeting, and his eyes moving from you to the wall behind you. 
It couldn’t be who you thought. There was no way. That would be too much of a coincidence.
“No, I’m not busy,” he said, turning to the door. 
Grabbing his arm to stop him, he turned to look at you, eyebrows raised in question and, if you weren’t mistaken, slight annoyance.
“What?” he mouthed. 
“Who is that?” you whispered. 
“A friend,” he hissed. 
“Who is it?” you hissed back at him. 
“Your English teacher, Jennifer Blake.” He shrugged out of your grip and out your front door, motioning you to the car.
You seethed as you turned off the lights, grabbing your bag of clothes, and locking the door after you. 
Reason number five hundred and sixty two to hate Miss Jennifer Blake.
Tags: @mayahart02, @palaiasaurus64, @shydinosaurcandy, @lucyqueenofthestars, @c-breanne1999, @l4life, @ethereallysimple, @teenwolffan-with-nolife, @bellabadacadabra What’s This?
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unbreathable · a year ago
ride home  / S. Rogers
Summary : As a girl you were always told to never accept a ride from unknown men. You knew what could happen, you knew the dangers and heck, you`ve seen how it ruined some girls. But hey, he`s your teacher, nothing could happen. Right?
Pairing : Dark(soft)!teacher Steve Rogers x female Reader
Before you read, please understand that this is intended to be a dark fic. There will be noncon elements, rape, violence, manipulation and so much more. If you find any of these disturbing, please click away. 18+ only.
Warnings for this one shot : manipulation, noncon elements, rape, use of drugs, lost of virginity. This is some kind of au and Steve might be out of character a little.
Word count : 3.319
Credit : for the gif I used, the credit goes to its rightful creator.
Note : Don’t expect this to be any good. I came up with this over the course of a few hours and I’m still learning how to write one shots, as I find it much easier to write a series. Also I still suck at writing “smut”. I’m trying to perfect it, tho. Promise. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this one shot till my mind would be satisfied with the way the next chapter of “The Magpie” turned out and would let me post it. :)) Also, please excuse any mistakes I made. Have a great day you guys!
                   Also, to all the writers from this platform : thank you !
Tumblr media
Girl found wondering around without any memory of the last few days, claims she had been abducted and raped...
Your eyes narrowed as you stared at the case which has been all over the news for the past week. It was quite predictable, really. Young girl, too drunk for her own good woke up by herself in the middle of nowhere. You sighed. In a city as big as New York, cases like this happened almost every other day, but there was always something left behind. Fight marks, blood, hair. Anything that could help the police find the person who did it. This time though, there was nothing.
The poor girl. You couldn`t help but pity her. She must be terrified. All alone against a world that knows nothing better than to judge. You pinched your nose in exasperation.
Cases like this, it`s what made you choose to study law. You wanted to be able to help other women. To offer them a chance at justice. No one deserved to be told that it was their own fault for wondering alone at night or for wearing something more showing. No girl should feel like the law protects only the male population...
“ And what`s your opinion on this matter, miss I`m too busy scrolling on my phone to pay attention to class?”
You cursed in your head, as you put your phone away and lifted your eyes to meet your teacher.
Steve Rogers. America`s hero, savior of the world and an actual pain in your ass, was looking at you expectantly. You held his gaze as you forced your lips to form some kind of smile. Something about him always put you on edge and the way his eyes darkened as he stared at you, didn`t exactly help ease the feeling.
“I`m sorry, I was distracted.” you murmured, not wanting to give him the satisfaction that he caught you unprepared. ”If you would be so kind...”
You looked at him as you raised one eyebrow. It was always like this. No matter what you did he`d always find something to pick at you. At first you took it as a form of banter between a teacher and his students, but with time it became clearly that he had a problem with you. Your grades didn`t reflect the hard work you always put in. Your extra work wouldn`t be considered. Every time you would as much as look at your watch he`d find something to jab at you. He would also have something to say about every paper you handed him. It was a miracle you even made the grade for his class.
You cringed as you remembered the comments he would make about your life outside his class. You seemed to bump into him on a daily. There was also something, in the way he watched your every move, that it made the hair at the back of your neck stay high on alert. You really couldn`t understand what you`ve done that America`s sweetheart despised you that much.
”The women rights...” he smirked down at you.
“Oh, yes. I strongly believe that women should have got their rights the same time men did.” you smiled when you realized that he wanted to add something else. “I mean we know that every society of this world was built around androcentrism, but if we`re real the women were the ones that kept everything from falling apart.” you drew in a short breath. “Oh, and I believe that 1920 was a bit late for our women to get their rights, since women all around the world fought for it since the 18th century.”
You smirked, as for once in your life the bell rang exactly when you needed it. Forcing a smile his way, you stood up gathering your notebooks. You were quite proud of yourself, not because your answer was the desired one, but because you got on professor Rogers nerves. While he didn`t seem to have a problem with women and feminists in general, he sure had a problem with the way you choose to speak on the matter. From the corner of your eye you saw his jaw twitch.
At first you were afraid to even say your opinion lest you would upset him, but now you enjoyed to see that vein on his forehead nearly pop. You held back a giggle. Oh well, at least you won`t have to see him for the next few weeks.
“Professor!” you rolled your eyes when you herd your bestfriend use her sweet voice. “I was wondering if you`d like to come to our party tonight.”
You stood straight, narrowing your eyes at the one that has been your friend since the first day you came to the city. What the hell was happening. You knew she had a crush on him, everyone did, but she wasn`t the one to just go and ask someone out, especially not him. You watched her in confusion as professor Rogers made his way to the front of the class.
“You know, with everything happening right now, the uni council would let us hold the party only if there was someone that could take care of us.”
“Oh!” you supposed that made sense, but even so why did it have to be him.
“Of course professor Barnes already said that he`ll be there, but we`d be thankful if you came too. Please!” your friend bated her eyelashes at him as you rolled your eyes.
Professor Rogers had a pleased smile as he moved his eyes from her to you. You held his gaze, even going as far as raising one eyebrow at him. He blinked, before turning his head towards the rest of the class.
“Since you asked so nicely.” he said after a short moment dismissively. ”`I`ll be there.”
There was something sinister in his eyes. Something that you failed to see as you made your way out of the lecture class.
“I can`t believe you invited him!” you playfully jabbed your friend in the shoulder as she walked next to you.
“Oh, come on! It’s just tonight, and I bet he won’t be able to stay up that late since he’s like... the same age as history?” she bit back a laugh, as she took your hand. “It will be fun, you`ll see.”
You hoped she was right since you were never a big fan of parties of any kind.
                                       _ _ _
This wasn`t fun. Not at all.
You knew you should have stayed home, yet you still wanted to enjoy the last night with your class mates before break. But this wasn`t it. The music was too loud and you couldn`t even hear what some people were saying. Also you`ve never really been a techno fan. The food was crap and you were sure everyone came just because there were free drinks.
It was well past midnight and you have been there since the beginning, but you were already dreading it. You smiled as your only joy came from watching drunk freshmen being rejected by some of your friends. The girls were ruthless and that made you proud.
“Hey girl!” your bestfriend came by your side, holding two glasses in her hands as her body danced along the rhythm of the music. “Look at was professor Rogers sent us.”
Her words were slurred and you could see that she drank already too much. That`s why at first you thought you didn`t hear her right. While it wasn`t unusual for men to send women drinks, getting a drink from your teacher was something you never thought could happen. It was wrong in a way.
“What?” your eyes widened as soon as the word left your mouth.
You eyed the glass she handed you. It seemed to be one of your favorites, and after the sour taste the beer left in your mouth, that would have been like a desert. Still something made you suspicious.
“Come on, take it!”  your friend pressed as she smiled broadly. “He must have realized that he’s been an ass all year and wants to make amends.”
She was giggling as her glossy eyes drifted around the room. She didn`t seem to be able to focus on anything, but somehow her shaky hands found yours and brought the glass you were holding closer to your mouth. You weren`t exactly sure what came over you, but you opened your mouth and let the liquid go down your throat. Involuntarily, your eyes wondered around till you saw the back of your least favorite teacher. He didn`t even seem to care about anything around him as he was engaged into a discussion with professor Barnes. That alone made you feel safe, even though the drink left a bitter taste in your mouth.
You were too quick to judge, you resonated. This was probably his way of saying: “Sorry I tormented you that much.” You suddenly giggled. It was shortly followed by your friend`s laughter. She threw the glass to the side and took your hand leading you to the dancefloor.
You weren`t that much of a dancer. You knew just some basics moves and that was it, but now you didn`t seem to care. You let your body move, and only chuckled when your legs started to feel like jelly. It was a strange feeling. You suddenly felt like were floating.
You furrowed your brows as you started to feel that your body didn`t exactly respond to your impulses. Everything around you happened in slow motion.
You cursed. Just how much did you drink? Moving one hand to your head, you tried to get your senses back, but you found it too hard to do. Your head buzzed. For a second you looked around trying to spot your friend among the sweaty bodies on the dancefloor, but it was like you couldn`t recognize anybody.
Fuck this. You had enough of this party already, and the way you felt made you decide that it was time to go home. You moved between the sea of bodies as fast as you could. Your coat and purse were the only thing you spent more than five minutes looking for, but as you found them you practically run out of there.
The bus stop wasn`t that far, but just the thought that you`ll have to go home by bus, made you want to throw up. You didn`t feel well and there was  dizziness that started to overcome you. As you watched the empty street, you cursed again. Of course you`ll have to wait till the next bus came. Damn it! You should really get your license.
The sound of a engine from behind you, made you turn your head. Your eyes narrowed as you watched the Range Rover slow down and actually stop right next to you. You squinted your eyes, trying to see through the tinted glass, but as a wave of nausea hit you, you moved your head to the side. You didn`t exactly pay attention when one of the windows went down. You didn`t really care. You felt sick, and all you wanted, was to get home.
“ I saw you left the party early.” the deep voice said. “Are you all right kitten?”
You hissed when you heard the voice of the last person you wanted to see right now. What was he even doing here? Your heart skipped a beat as another wave hit. You took a deep breath and tried to steady yourself. Just ignore him and he`ll go away. You didn`t exactly knew why you choose to act like that but there was something in your head that told you it was for the best.
“Come on girl, I have to make sure everyone is safe and sound.” you heard his voice. “If you don`t feel fine, I can take you home.”
The idea of getting home sooner and in a nice car was looking really good right now. But still, you didn`t feel like it was the best for you. You choose to keep quiet for reasons not even you knew. You glossy eyes scanned the schedule of the bus that was right in front of you. Thirty minutes and you`ll go home.
You heard professor Rogers sigh.
“And here I thought you never shut your mouth.” there was a deep chuckle, fallowed by the sound of the engine coming to life. “Look kitten I can either get you home or I`ll go my merry way and let you here all alone... well not quite. But I`m not sure you`d want that kind of company.”
Confusion filled your mind. The sudden move you made to look at him, made you dizzy. You tried to focus your eyes, in time to see him pointing to somewhere behind you. You slowly turned.
A group of guys were eyeing you like a wolf would his prey. Your mouth fell open as they did obscene gestures at you. Your whole body freeze as fear took over you. You knew what could happen. Suddenly you were more sober that ever and as you heard the car start moving, you nearly threw yourself in front of it. On shaky legs you moved towards the door.
“Wait” you find it hard to speak. “Professor, I`m sorry I... please!”
You looked at him with pleading eyes, and didn`t even register the way he smirked as you got into the car. Everything was a haze. You only felt like you could breath when the car started to gain speed. You didn`t even remembered to give him your address or anything, but as the car rolled down various streets you were only thankful you were far away from them.
“It such a crazy world out there” professor Rogers voice made you move your head towards him, but as the fear was gone, you started to feel the dizziness again.
With unfocused eyes you watched him. America`s hero was giving you a ride home for free and you were acting like he was your biggest enemy. What was wrong with you?
“I have to say I`m impressed.” he suddenly said as the car started to slow down. “That was one of the strongest drugs that you drank, and you still have some of your conscious left. The other ones were down after a few minutes.”
You looked at him and simply blinked. You wondered if your mind was playing games with you. Surely, he hadn`t said what you think you heard. You must have imagined everything.
“E... excuse me?” you asked dully.
You drew in a shaky breath as your trembling hand went to the door. He chuckled darkly at your attempts to open it. You wanted to scream but as your movement became slower and slower you found that fear wasn`t enough to fuel your limp body.
The car came to a sudden stop. You closed your eyes as you felt hands pulling you back.
“Now, now honey.” you could feel his breath on the back of your neck. “Don`t waste your energy, you`ll need it.”
You turned your head and watched him through your eyelashes. Something in your head was screaming at you to fight, to run, to get away. You wanted to punch, scratch, hurt him in any way. But your body didn`t listen.
It happened too fast. In a matter of second your dress was ripped to shreds. And your found yourself pressed to the door. He was over you in an instant. Turning your head to the side so that he could stare into your eyes. He had a hungry look on his face. You`ve seen it many times but it never terrified you as much as now.
“Just as pretty as I imagined.” he said in a husky voice.
You squeezed your legs as you felt his hand moving around along your body. He tugged at your bra till the clasps snapped. Your nipples stood erect, you didn`t know if it was from the cold of the car or the heat that was inside you. One of his hands came forward at pinched at your nipples. You made to move, but as sensing your intention he tugged your head back by your hair.
“Don`t you even dare!” he growled as his thumb played with one of your nipples. “I waited a long time for this”.
He leaned forward kissing down your stretched neck. His mouth was hot against your skin. You gasped when you felt his tongue leaving wet traces along your collarbone. He tugged at your hair one more time before his hand went down.
“Always dressing like this world is your own runaway, always thinking that you know it all.” he let out a moan as he squeezed your ass. “Do you know what a face as pretty as yours and an attitude like that do to a man?”
You whimpered. You never meant to catch his attention in that way, you just wanted to feel good about yourself. You wanted to tell him that. To tell him that you were sorry, but your brain didn`t work anymore. There was no reaction even as he spanked you. You felt like you could pass out every second.
“Don`t even think about it!”
You closed your eyes when your panties were soon the same as your other clothes. Slick was going down your legs. Despite everything, you were aroused.
“So fucking wet already. Good girl!” he praised.
You felt his hand descend down to your very core, proding around. You bit your lips as tears filled your eyes.
“How many have been here before?” he gave a low chuckle the same time his fingers pinched your button.
“One?” he mocked as one of his long fingers entered you.
You held back a gasp. Non, no, no. This wasn`t happening. Nobody touched you like that before. Nobody even came close to it. That`s not how you wanted it not how you dreamt it would happen. You wanted dinner, roses, a man you loved... not him.
“Two?” he continued as another finger stretched you.
You felt your walls clench around his fingers, as he moved them in and out ou you, everything while his thumb circled your most sensitive part.
“Fuck... you`re tight!” his breath was ragged, it was like he couldn`t get enough.
There was a sudden pause. In a quick move you found yourself pressed to the door of the car, as he angled your body to have better access to your burning core. He drew in a breath.
“A virgin.” he moaned.
You closed your eyes as you herd him playing at his clothes. The sudden hardness you felt proding around your core, made you shiver. You didn`t dare to look back and see it. You were scared. It seemed too big. You were afraid it would split you in a half.
You screamed when he entered you. The pain blurred your vision. Your whole body ached and tears fell down your cheeks. No, no, no. You bit back a moan of pain when he started to move, not caring about you at all. His moves were rough, punishing.
“Shhh doll, I`ll take care of you.” he rasped. “You must have waited so long for this... saving yourself for me.”
Your body moved in rhythm with his. His cock dragged along your walls as every move sent a wave of pain through you. Soon though, you found the pain disappeared. A strange feeling took over you. It was almost pleasurable. You guessed you would have enjoyed it under any other circumstances. But now? Now you were just tired.
As you passed out, you failed to notice the feeling of something warm flowing through you.
                                          _ _ _
Steve smiled down at your sleeping form. So pretty, even after being used like that. You had a glow. Too bad you might not remember anything that happened. He chuckled. It`s a  good thing he planned to keep you. He`ll make sure you`ll never forget him.
You were his girl after all. The only reason he took that shitty job as a teacher.
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corruptedconfessions · a year ago
I am sliding in to request some yandere incubus Kirishima 👀. Maybe dubcon with a bit of a resistant darling who he coaxes and persuades into fucking him. Maybe uses incubus powers to have her be more willing and overstimulates her like crazy. Go as wild as you want, I don’t mind 👀
A full month and 5.3k words later...it is finished.  From now on if anyone wants an example of my writing at its best (and most selfishly self indulgent) I shall send them this fic. 
Warnings for this one: Dub con, drugging (kinda? magical drugging), some violence/blood mention, Delusional Yan Kiri at its finest. 
The house was still as he hovered outside of your window, peering inside carefully. You were normally asleep by this time…The redhead practically vibrated with excitement as he slipped his claws under your window, slowly pushing it up. He had broken the lock several months ago when he had first caught your scent, peering through your window and finding you in the midst of a wet dream, desperately rubbing your thighs together in your sleep as you gasped. You were just so tempting he couldn’t help himself from slipping inside and eating you up~
You had been so beautiful that night, arched out under the moonlight gasping and twitching around him. Every meal before you suddenly felt so lacking. He may have gotten a little…over excited and watched with guilt as you struggled to get through the next day, completely exhausted after how much he had fed off of you. Even despite the guilt he felt, he couldn’t help but feel a deep yearning towards you, the desire to take even more.
He had never felt the urge to eat the same meal twice before you. Yet he found himself returning to you night after night, every time hunger pains shot through him, whenever he felt his own magic and energy starting to fade yours was the first face that popped into his mind. He had tried to go to other food sources but they always felt…lacking. Bland and unseasoned, their noises and fluids did nothing to excite him the way yours did. He was left full and energized, fed to the brim after desperately taking and feeding on his new virgin meals, but it always left him antsy and unsatisfied, haunted by the memory of your scent, your taste, just you.
It had gotten to the point where he was…touching himself. Masturbating! At the thought of you! The shame was so deep he had wanted to rip off his wings and tail, ashamed that a high class Incubus like him would become so desperate over some random little human that he would lower himself to self pleasure was…horrifying to say the least.
He took a deep shuddering breath just at the memory of those dark times as he glided further into your room, letting your scent surround him as he purred softly. Your scent already had the stress from those memories melting away, leaving him feeling fuzzy and relaxed, as it should! His mate should calm him~
Mate…just the thought of the word had him warm and giddy inside. It had taken him weeks to realize what all the feelings he had meant, you smelling and tasting so good, he was left unable to feed properly. He almost felt ashamed that he had made you wait so long before he realized! Oh, he hoped you would forgive him! What was he thinking, of course, you would! The two of you were destined for each other of course!
Oh, it was so exciting! You would be only his to hold, his to touch! Your small, fragile mortal body would curl up against his, warm and soft against him, arching and nuzzling into his touches like a good little girl~ He would sweep you up into his arms, being praised as your manly hero as he takes you away from your pathetic human world! No one would be able to stop him or deny him of his claim.
He would kill them if they tried.
His hand was trembling slightly with excitement as he reached out towards your bed, pulling your blankets aside as he crawled into the bed, inhaling deeply as he let your scent wrap around him.
Oh…He was so giddy thinking of all the things he could do with you now! He had always dreamed of having his own little mate to call his~ Someone made to please him, to love him, to be with him. Every inch of you from your head all the way down to the tips of your toes was built to be perfect for him~ Would you feel the same about him? Already he ached for you, ached for your touch, as many Incubi did when they found their mates, but you were human. Still, he liked to think that you were just as drawn to him as he was to you.
He could already picture it, you looking up at him, teary eyed and sleepy, begging for him to crawl into your bed, wrap you up in his arms and wings and hold you so you could sleep. You would beg for him so prettily, whimpering that you can’t sleep without him. He would wrap you up tight in his arms, carry you to the bed and ravish you until you couldn’t stay awake anymore~ He gasped softly nuzzling your pillow, breathing in hard as he purred softly. How would he do it?
Maybe he’d bury himself between your thighs, lapping and sucking at your dripping cunt, drinking your juices and working you through orgasm after orgasm until you have no choice but to pass out from the pleasure. Or maybe he’d stuff you full of his cock, rocking slowly up into you, drinking up every noise of pleasure as he makes love to you; tenderly bringing you to completion as you stayed limp and submissive under him, falling asleep while still rolling in the pleasure he gave you.
You would be so good for him wouldn’t you? Let him take you over and over, let him please you and bring you to the heights of pleasure. You would never touch another ever again…too desperate and needy for him, so perfect for…
He moaned low and deep, his hand dragging over his dick that was straining hard against his loose fitting pants. Every nerve in his body felt on edge, even just the brushing of fabric against his skin sending shockwaves of pleasure through his entire body. Fuck…He needed you so bad.
He couldn’t stop the small unmanly whimper that came from him as he tugged his pants down just enough for his member to pop out, the cold air hitting it leaving him shuttering hard. His teeth ached, begging to sink into your sensitive skin, to claim you, mark you up as his. He had never felt like this felt so…desperate.
It was addicting.
You did this to him…made him feel. Something he had always chased, desperate for the escape from the apathy that came with his cursed existence, doomed to forever chase the hunger and high of feeding off the pleasure of those who could feel. Yet here you were giving it to him freely. It was so addicting, to have all these feelings, towards you!!
He could never go back to the way it was before. He wouldn’t let it go back. He would kill anyone who tried to take you away from him, who tried to take this away…
He groaned, his entire body trembling all the way down to the tip of his tail as he slowly wrapped his fist around his cock, pumping it in his clawed hand. He could already imagine stuffing you full, coating you inside and out with his cum, claiming you so good no one would ever even question who you belonged to.
Oh, he couldn’t wait any longer! He wanted so badly to be inside you, cock nestled between your walls, your cunt squeezing down around him as his mouth and hands dragged over your soft skin. Already he could picture his claiming mark painted on your skin…
Something was nagging at him, an itch deep in the back of his brain as he swiped his thumb over his cock, huffing your scent as he pressed his face deeper into your pillow. He was missing something but he was too drunk on your scent, too focused on the build to his release to pay attention to the alarm bells blaring in his brain.
At least until he heard the bedroom door creak open followed by a frightened shriek.
“What the hell are you doing in my house?!”
He panicked, flailing as he spun around and sat up at the same time, staring at you wide eyed. Fuck! He had gotten so caught up in his fantasy he hadn’t even realized you weren’t in the bed, which meant you clearly weren’t asleep.
“I-I um, oh man I didn’t mean for you to meet me like this…”
You stared at him in confusion, eyes slowly dragging down until they locked onto his member, hard and leaking against his stomach. Your face immediately flushed hot, a startled squeak coming from you. Despite his panic as he tumbled out of your bed, clawed feet hitting your floor with loud clicks that just seemed to frighten you even more. He couldn't help the curl of amusement that swirled in his gut over the fact that you had immediately averted your eyes. Humans were always such silly things, so shy about sex and bits. Incubi were much more…open. Something you were going to have to get used to since he had no plans on hiding his dick away from his mate. Hell, the only reason he wore pants is because he thought they looked hella manly and cool! Like those famous actors from human movies! But now that he had a mate, he couldn’t imagine having something stopping him from just immediately taking you whenever and wherever he wanted, even if it was only for a second.
“Don’t be mad! I know im a bit late but I promise I’ll make it up to you~”
He calmed himself, grinning at you as he held his arms out as if asking for a hug as he advanced on you. You found yourself stumbling back as you stared at him in horror. He looked like something straight out of a horror movie, skin dark and reddened like blood, blackened horns jutting out and twisting around his head grotesquely, with every move the skin stretched over them almost seemed to pulse slightly as his slitted eyes roamed your body with a shamelessly large grin. Disgust and fear curled in your stomach as jagged sharp teeth were revealed to you, tapering off into sharp points just like the claws that spurted from his hands and feet. You could see a tail sway behind him, brushing the bottoms of large stretched out wings that were already curling towards you, stretching out as you stumbled back.
What…was he? For the briefest of moments you had thought it was the man from your dreams, warm and handsome as he fucked you, stuffed you full and left you shaking and crying for more. Every night you dreamt of him you woke up feeling sore but sated, your entire body aching but feeling so warm, the flashes of red hair and a bright smile still behind your eyelids. Warm moans and sweet praises still echoing faintly in your ears. This…thing in front of you was far from him.
“Stay the fuck away from me!”
You spun around, grabbing the door frame as you tensed, trying to run. Run where though? To the phone? Out the door? Should you scream for help? Who would believe you if you told them this this…demon was in your house, jerking off in your bed?
You had just barely made it out the door, feet sliding across the wood floor and nearly tripping you up when he moved too. In a flash he was through the door, behind you, arms wrapping around your waist and lifting you off the floor. You hadn’t even seen him move from his spot standing next to your bed.
“Let go of me! You sick fuck! Pervert! Help!”
You screamed kicking and flailing in his arms as he easily held you up off the floor. You tried elbowing his head, biting, scratching, hitting him in any way you could with your back pressed tightly against his chest and strong arms restraining you by your waist. He just laughed brightly as you hit him, any strikes just bouncing off his hard skin as he turned around to walk you back to your room.
“Feisty! I like that!”   
Rage filled your chest when he laughed at your attempts to free yourself. He was left unaffected while you were left throbbing in pain, every hit feeling like you were trying to punch a boulder. It was hopeless attacking him, it was clear he was stronger than you. So you did the only thing you could think to do.
You grabbed onto the door frame as he walked through, clutching it hard enough it hurt, refusing to let go even when he tugged you lightly. The bright grin that had been plastered on his face faded slightly, and you took that victory and clung to it, clutching the door frame tighter.
”Come on, don’t be like that. I know you want to play hard to get but I don’t want to hurt you. Look, you’re hurting yourself. Let go.”
You clung tighter, ignoring the rough wood digging into your palms hard enough that you were sure you would have slivers and cuts when you did let go. You didn’t care.
“Hard to get?! I'm not playing anything! Let go of me!”
You twisted trying to kick him again, lips curling into a snarl as he sighed at you. He shifted you in his hold, one arm unwinding from your waist just to hook under your thighs as he stepped closer, holding you firmer against his chest.
“You’re just nervous~ Don’t worry, Im sure any mortal would be, you probably don’t understand it completely yet, do you?~ I’ll help you relax~”
Understand what? Did the man have some sort of delusional fantasy about you? Anxiety filled you as you squirmed in the new grip as best as you could, trying to shove him away without letting go of your deathgrip on your door. You opened your mouth to snap at him, argue even more, kick and scream, anything so he would let go of you when a sweet scent started pouring off of the beast. You were breathing hard, both from the yelling and fighting, you got a large lungful of the smell before you could even register it was there.
The effects were immediate. Your head spun hard, hard enough you had to squeeze your eyes closed to stop the way the room suddenly spun hard, your entire body instantly falling limp in his arms.
“There you go~ Much better…”
You forced your eyes open again once everything stopped spinning so hard, staring up at the demon holding you with wide confused eyes. What did he do to you? He had shifted you so he was cradling you bridal style, you reached up to push at his chest, to push him away. You tried at least, your movements were slow, your body feeling weak. You pressed your hands against his chest, but you couldn’t find the strength to shove at him, to resist the jolts of pleasure that shocked you when you touched him.
“Easy there~ You might rile me up even more.”
You felt your face grow hot as he grinned down at you, ripping your hands away from his chest through pure will alone. Your cheeks burned  even hotter when he chuckled down at you, sitting down on your bed and turning to settle you down in his lap.
You shook hard as he wound his tail around your waist, tugging you until you were in a position he liked, large hands pressing against your stomach and sliding down your thighs, exploring your body, your skin in a way that felt so familiar…like he had done it before. You felt painfully aware of how his chiseled chest felt pressed against your back, how in this position, with your legs spread wide to try and straddle his thick thighs you could feel his hard on brushing up against your panties. You could feel your tummy flip as your cunt twitched, clenching down on nothing with every brush against your clothed heat.
“Please don’t hurt me…”
You were panting hard, desperate panicked breaths just proving to intoxicate you further, the sweet scent pouring off of him twisting around your senses and filling your head up. Every breath you took drained more of your fight out of you, panic and fear slowly being replaced with something…warm. Something sweet. You couldn’t bring yourself to push him away or thrash and fight like you were before. You felt disconnected from your body, willing it to move but you couldn’t manage more than the weak twitches of your fingertips and toes. You wanted to jump, pull away, do anything. Shamefully you noticed you were getting wet, soaking through your panties as your entire body tingled, arousal coiling tight in your gut.
“Oh, no, no, sweetie~ I’d never hurt you…Well, not unless you wanted me to.”
He grinned down at you, sharp and dangerous, his jagged teeth glinting under the moonlight that poured in from the open window.
You were panting hard, every weak gasp for air just proving to drunken you even further as you breathed in his scent, unable to stop yourself from slumping against his body. You trembled mewling weakly as his claws trailed down your skin, even just the soft scrape of his claws against your skin sending jolts of pleasure straight to your throbbing cunt. You jolted against his chest when his fingers finally pressed flat against your abdomen, claws easily hooking under your panties, hand sliding in to cup your privates fully.
“Good girl~ So wet for me~”
You trembled in his arms, flushing bright red when his hand was quickly coated in your fluids, hyperaware of the feeling of it slowly dripping out of your throbbing sex. You were painfully focused on his touch as his middle finger dipped between your lips, rubbing at your clit and entrance all at once, smirking as you jolted hard, a loud startled moan bubbling from your chest before you could stop it. You shuttered in his arms, whimpering as you arched back against him as he kept moving, rubbing at you as a deep growl vibrated through his chest.
“That’s it~ Good girl~”
You gasped, keening softly as he pulled his hand out of your underwear, making sure to drag his finger across your clit the entire way. Immediately his hands hooked under your bare thighs, smearing your juices across your skin as he lifted you up. 
“Let's get you out of these~”
He purred as he maneuvered you, easily holding you up with one hand as he dipped one clawed finger under the band of your panties, easily shredding through the fabric and tossing it to the side. You gasped whimpering as cold air finally hit your heated flesh. God...it felt like you were burning up. You could feel wetness dripping out of you, coating your thighs and dripping down onto his cock. You wanted to feel shame, fear, but your thoughts were too fuzzy, too consumed by the overwhelming lust that filled your entire body. 
“Now you’re getting into it, such a good girl~ My good little mate...Fuck you’re so soaked for me~”
You shivered moaning softly at his deep voice in your ear as he picked you up yet again, moving you until you were face down on the bed, hips propped up so he could grind his swollen cock against your dripping cunt. You found yourself drooling into your mattress as you desperately tried to rock back against his cock with your limited mobility. Fuck...you just...needed. You whined high and loud, frustrated as he chuckled down at you, his claws brushing down your back, leaving goosebumps in their wake as he cooed down at you. 
“Be patient. I’ll give you what you need...”
The sweet smell got even stronger as he leaned over you, pressing his chest against your back, cock rubbing between his thighs as his hands moved up to cup your breasts. You found yourself melting into the touch, panting and mewling weakly as he rolled your nipples between his fingers, claws leaving shallow scratches across your skin. Even that felt good…
“Such a good mate! Look at you, so gorgeous...I could eat you forever, you know~”
He purred nipping at your ear as he drank up your sweet pleasured cries, rocking his hips between yours as he thrust blindly between your thighs. Low grunts and groans were panted out right in your ear as he rut against your pussy, blindly searching for your entrance. 
“Gonna fill you up so good...fill you full of my seed. Make you mine!”
He growled his cock bumping against your hole, nudging against it before sliding past. Growling again he slowly pulled back, keeping his hands around your stomach as he lined himself up before thrusting into you. Claws pricked at your stomach, drawing small beads of blood as he forced you to take him all the way to the base in one thrust. 
You cried out, trembling hard as you clamped down around his cock as he stuffed you full. Your brain was telling you it should hurt, you shouldn’t’ve been able to take him like that, but all you could think about was the waves of pleasure rolling through you as you moaned. It was like you were molded to his cock, made to take him, made to be filled like this. The overwhelming feeling of wholeness made your head spin as pleasure danced along your spine. 
“You feel so good around me, baby~ I knew you were made to take me like this...that very first time your pretty little cunt wrapped around my cock, I knew I loved you.”
He gushed eagerly, voice rough in your ear as he rambled between moans, rocking his hips inside of you. First time…? What did he mean by-
You didn’t have time to register that fully, let alone ask him. He pulled out, cock dragging against your walls as you twitched and clenched around him before immediately thrusting back in, leaving you arching back against his chest, crying out for him. 
“You’re so tight~ It’s like you never want to let me go~ You must love me a whole lot, don’t you, baby?”
He growled happily in your ear as he started a rough and brutal pace, hips slapping against yours, the force of each thrust hard enough you found yourself jolting forward, only held in place by the iron grip he had around your stomach. 
He fucked you like he was making a claim, the wet sounds of your pussy clenching around him with every thrust filling the room along with his grunts and growls and your desperate pleasured cries. All you could do was hold on, your hands balled into fists as you clung to the sheets below you as waves of pleasure rolled over you, unable to think of anything but Kirishima. Every breath you took was his scent, all you could feel was his cock thrusting deep inside of you, his chest pressed against yours, the way he was kissing and nipping at your jaw. 
You didn’t even realize he had never told you his name, the very one you were whimpering. 
“Look, baby~ I'm right here.” 
You could feel the toothy grin against the back of your neck as a large hand pressed against your stomach, pushing hard enough you could feel every single thrust all the more. You sobbed in pleasure torn between grabbing his hand and ripping it away from your stomach and pushing it harder against it. Anything to keep the pleasure dancing behind your eyes. 
You weren’t sure how long you stayed like that, long enough that your throat felt raw, that your neck and shoulders ached with the bruises and marks he had left behind. Your nipples felt rubbed raw and sensitive. Everything blurred together, you were left limp and submissive in the demon’s arms, as he fucked you, snarling into the back of your neck. Compliments and praises were still raining down on you but they rolled off of you before you could even begin to process them. All you could think about was that heat coiling in your belly, you wanted to cum so badly. You whimpered desperately clenching down around him as you bucked your hips backwards, trembling hard when he snarled, thrusting his hips back inside you hard enough you actually found yourself sliding forward. 
“Shit, I’m close, baby...Are you going to cum with me?”
His voice was warped, deep and gravely, sounding harsher, darker than before. It wasn’t a voice that any human could ever hope to have. Still you whined high in your throat, nodding desperately, anything! You just wanted to cum so bad! Every time you got close, teased with that release it danced away from you, denying you of it. Not this time.
You nearly sobbed in pleasure as he started thrusting harder, hips stuttering as his cock pulsed hard inside of you. It only took one...two...three thrusts before he was roaring, the sound loud enough it vibrated through your body, your ears ringing as he came. He kept thrusting as he spilled inside of you, cum spilling out your hole around his cock and flooding down your thighs. He kept thrusting hard inside of you until he grabbed your hips with both hands, yanking you back onto his cock as he thrust as deep as he could. You seized up, screaming as you came, vision whiting out as you spasmed around his cock, drool spilling down your chin as your eyes rolled back. Wave after wave flooded through you, leaving you shaking and sobbing through the pleasure, immediately falling limp like a marionette with its strings cut the second it started to fade. You could hear his and your heavy breaths filling the otherwise silent room, feel the cum dripping down your thighs and pooling around your knees. 
He waited until you both had caught your breaths, still shaking and sweaty against each other's bodies before he suddenly lunged down, teeth sinking into your shoulder. You screamed in agony as sharp fangs sunk into your skin, tearing through your flesh. The grip around you tightened as he held you still, slurping and lapping at the blood that flowed heavily from the wound.  
You dropped to the mattress the second he pulled away, hanging limply in his hold as he slowly set you down. It felt like your very life had been sucked out of you, leaving you weak and confused, unable to navigate the maze of your own mind through the fog of pleasure and lust and now pain that had filled it. Black crept around the edges of your vision as everything started to blur together. Your eyes felt so heavy...
“Hey...None of that now. Not yet.”
You whined low in your throat as he grabbed your hair, making your neck arch back as you blearily blinked up at him, your shoulder throbbed hard, protesting the new position as it pulsed in pain, blood oozing out of the wound slowly. Your vision was reduced to shadows and movements, watching as the blurry outline of the demon sank his fangs into his own thumb, pulling away darker. The same dark blur that covered his fangs dripped slowly down his hand. He slowly lowered it to your lips, thumb slipping into your mouth. You tried to cringe back as a heavy metallic taste filled your mouth, but the hand entangled in your hair prevented you from moving an inch. Instinctively you swallowed down the fluid that flooded your mouth, cringing even more as it coated your throat uncomfortably and filled your senses. You cried out pitifully around his thumb even as you suckled on it, wanting to squirm away but unable to find the energy to do so. 
“Shhh~ I know. You’re okay.”
His thumb slipped from your mouth, hand letting go of your hair, finally letting you fall limply to your mattress. Relief filled your body as you finally relaxed, aching from head to toe, faintly you could still feel your pussy throbbing with every beat of your heart. Your eyes slid closed, fully believing the hell that you had just been put through was over.
Of course you were wrong. 
It started small, a soft tingling in your back, slight warmth that you ignored due to the overwhelming heat of the demon still draped over you. You could still feel his gaze boring into you, waiting. You ignored him, pressing your face harder against the mattress below you, determined to either stay there until he left or you suffocated. 
At least until your back started burning. The subtle heat from before was gone, replaced with an inferno tearing apart your lower back, burning through your muscles and skin. Faintly you could hear agonized screaming somewhere far away, it took you a moment to realize that that was you screaming. You couldn’t focus on it, though, the pain leaving your mind floating as tears streamed down your face, chest heaving for air. 
And then...his voice cut through it all. Deep and rumbling through your ear it was like a soothing balm across the flames that were eating you alive. 
“Shh~ Just accept it, baby~ Don’t fight it. I know it hurts, just relax...It’ll be over soon~”
Your whimpers were muffled as he leaned back, claws dragging slowly across your lower back. You screamed again, agony shooting through you as he touched them, pain hitting your consciousness like a bus. You twisted in place as best you could, weakly trying to turn around to swat away at his touch, only to freeze at what you saw. 
The demon's face was twisted into a menacing grin, eyes practically glowing with delight as his claws dragged down your back, pain rocking you to your core. All you could see was a vague black shape on your back, similar to the one that covered the demon’s arm. Everything was too blurry to make out the details, pain and darkness made the edges of your vision fuzzy. 
“You’re finally all mine~”
His voice was soft, warm, filled with so much joy and happiness it didn’t fit him, it didn’t fit the situation you were in. Your ears were ringing, stomach clenching hard. You felt like you were going to throw up. The darkness that had been creeping along the edges of your vision started spreading. 
The last thing you saw was pointed sharp teeth grinning down at you, tracing over your mark with a dark possessive glint to his eye. 
You were finally all his. 
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tctskuroo · 11 months ago
synopsis: all you know is that the signs never lie. angst. 1774 words.
note: bon appétit, angst lovers. i'm still trying to find my writing style and rhythm,, so please do tell what you think! i was gonna try and avoid cliché themes but i think it still turned out as cliché fkdjfskdfl.
i wanna try writing unique themes so if you have any ideas you wanna share, please do! 😩
Tumblr media
meeting kuroo was probably the best moment of your life. and you’re not even kidding. you fell in love with him the first time you interacted with him—and it was during a volleyball meeting. you were the girls’ volleyball team captain and he was the boys’ vball team captain. his loud, charismatic, handsome, and brainy ass has caught your attention. and unfortunately, you’re now one of his fangirls. lowkey.
when he approached you during the conference, he was complaining about how boring the speaker was (even though he was still listening to what the speaker was saying). meanwhile your heart was already complaining about how handsome he is. he started talking to you during the conference and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 
after the interaction with him during the conference, you and kuroo started seeing each other and interacting more— he would greet you whenever you pass by each other in the hallway or the cafeteria, or even buy you a drink during lunch, and start exchanging stories. he’s just... tHE PERFECT IDEAL MAN.
this was your first and last year as a team captain. you developed passion for the sport once you joined the volleyball club; training intensely through the years. during the first few years, it frustrated you whenever other schools would reject joint practices with your team. unlike with nekoma’s boys’ volleyball team, they had connections with other schools and a pretty good reputation that gave them easy access to joint practices. it was the awakening of something in you. you trained harder and got better and better and better, achieving the position of team captain. and you swore that during your reign, you will bring light to your team. you will make your team a remarkable team.
since no school was willing to have joint practices with your team, you personally approached your coaches alone and proposed to have joint trainings with the boys’ volleyball team instead. much to your surprise, they agreed. it was the perfect training you were looking for. the boys’ volleyball team was strong and experienced, it will have a different level of intensity of training. and you were already craving the thrill and pressure of it. and kuroo’s handsome face.
just as you expected, the trainings were really on another level. your team lost countless times but this only pushed you and the others to do better. these training days also brought you and kuroo closer to each other. he often teased you that your team will never win against his, bought you more drinks, and even introduced you to his best friend and teammates. this honestly had you wondering if... he felt the same. so after that, you decided to observe him whenever he interacted with you to take hints! so far, you only had three signs.
prefectural tournaments were near and you were getting confident as days passed by since your team was now starting to win against the boys’ vball team. “i’d never win against your team, huh?” you smirked, approaching kuroo with two drinks from a vending machine. you offered him one of them and kuroo gladly took it from you, smirking back. “you cheated.” he said, making the two of you laugh together. 
once the prefectural tournaments came, it wasn’t easy on you. the stress, the exhaustion, and the pressure were trying to eat you alive during matches but... you didn’t train and work hard to just easily give up. your team started climbing its way to the top, winning every match before getting in the prefectural qualifiers for the nationals— for you, it was a big victory already. 
you successfully shone some light to your team and made it somehow remarkable.
kuroo excitedly made his way to you after the tournament, giving you a big hug with forehead kisses, exchanging congratulatories with you. any stranger would think that you two were a couple at that point. so... sign number four? 
after the prefectural tournaments, everything went back to normal. despite not having joint practices for now, your closeness with kuroo never dissipated. 
once the class bell rang, you immediately stood up from your seat to get yourself a drink from a vending machine, only to be stopped by kuroo by the classroom door. he smiled down at you and booped your nose with the drink he has in hand, “your favorite.” he said, “you didn't have to, tetsu but... thank you” you smiled, but before you could even reach for the drink, kuroo retracted his hand that was holding the drink, making you frown in confusion. 
“give me your number first.” he said, handing you his phone with a smirk. you raised a brow at him and chuckled, “geez, you want to talk to me more, huh? you got a crush on me or something?” you joked as you took his phone and typed in your number, naming the contact: y/n <33.
“so what if i do?” he asked, feeling your heart flutter. damn you, kuroo. you looked up at him and raised a brow while giving his phone back. the taller man only chuckled, “what? it’s just weird we’ve been friends for a while now without having each other’s number.” he said, handing you your drink. he looked behind you as he heard his name being called before looking back down at you and gave you a smile, “i’ll text you, y/n!” he said before jogging down the hall to his friend. uhm, sign number five?
weeks have passed and joint trainings are now a thing again, but not with the boys’ volleyball team anymore! your team’s plays during the prefectural tournament got the attention of other schools, making them reach out to nekoma to have joint trainings with your team.
your days were getting busier now that the nationals is nearing. and the joint trainings were considered the missing puzzle piece for your team— experience. your team lacked experience to be able to come up with new strategies and moves, and it was a great thing to have other schools reach out to train with your team. you and the team’s manager noticed this flaw during the prefectural tournaments. and despite winning most of the joint training matches, your team was still very thankful since there was a lot your team has learned, and new friendships and connections has formed at the same time!
you and kuroo are now closer than ever. now that you have each other’s number— the two of you would often send memes to each other, exchange selfies, send each other things that remind you of each other from the internet, and greet each other good morning and good night texts. there were too many signs to count now. at this point, you were confident that kuroo felt the same.
tomorrow is the day every prefectural qualifiers has been waiting for. the nationals. and you weren’t really that nervous or stressed for it— win or lose, you know you're gonna give it your best either way. instead, you were nervous because... guess what? kuroo offered to walk you home! since he found out that he only lives a few blocks away from you through text.
you were now sure that kuroo felt the same, and you have decided to tell him about your feelings on your walk home. you’re not sure as to how it’s gonna end but you know— you know that kuroo felt the same.
as the last joint training has finished, you excitedly walked towards the school gate to meet with kuroo. “hey, dumbass” you greeted with a lazy smile. kuroo looked up at you from his phone and smiled, “hey, angel.” he greeted back, “how was fukurodani’s girls’ volleyball team?” he asked, taking the backpack you were clutching so he could carry it instead. the two of you exchanged stories as kuroo walked you home, laughing together from time to time. it was nice to walk with him like this. and you wished this could happen everyday.
once you arrived by your street, you stopped walking and sighed softly. kuroo stopped walking as well, turning to you as he sipped on his empty juice box, making loud noises come from the box. “what? what’s wrong?” kuroo asked.
“tetsu, i—" you started, taking a deep breath first before blurting it out. "i’m not really good at confessions but... i’ve been wanting to tell you that i like you for a while now.” you said, face heating up as you gathered all the courage you had in you as you stood in front of the man you were madly crushing on. “i liked you ever since you talked to me in that conference meeting and you just make me feel... really special, you know? with your stupidly cute gestures an— and sweet words. i just feel that there's something special in our connection. i was confident to even tell you this because you seemed like you’ve also been dropping these signs and hints that you felt the same. i— i just... i like you, tetsurou. i like you more than just a friend.” you said, fidgeting with the milk box you were holding as you stared up at him, waiting for his response.
tetsurou held a shocked expression on his face. he stared back down at you with his mouth agape, taking his time to gather his thoughts and words. “i— i uhm...” he started, hand moving to clutch the strap of your backpack. “i— i think you’ve mistaken the ‘signs’, y/n.” he muttered quietly.
and with that, you felt your heart drop. no. you were sure that kuroo felt the same. you wouldn’t confess if you weren’t sure of it. “...mistaken?” you asked quietly, just enough for him to hear. kuroo sighed and scratched the back of his neck, “i like you too, y/n, but only as a friend.” he said, "i— i'm sorry but... i don't see you the way you see me."
you felt stupid. you felt like the dumbest person alive as you stood in front of him. of fucking course he won't feel the same, what the hell were you thinking?!
you looked away from kuroo and breathed a laugh, "how foolish of me... i'm sorry for making you uncomfortable, kuroo." you said, taking your backpack from him. "well, uh—" you started, clearing your throat as you looked around. "we're on my street now." you chuckled awkwardly, feeling tears start to slightly cloud your eyes. "thank you for walking me home. i wish your team a good luck for tomorrow's nationals." you muttered, giving him a small bow before walking off to your house, not even waiting for his response anymore.
stupid fucking signs.
Tumblr media
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supercorpkid · 9 months ago
The price of magic.
Supercorp, Kara Danvers x Daughter!Reader, Lena Luthor x Daughter!Reader
Word Count: 2210.
Turns out the price of magic was higher than you had anticipated. You’ve been away for more than a year, but for your family it was nothing but a week. Sure they’ve missed you and they were out there looking for you with no clue of where you could have gone. But for you?
A year in Storybrooke was experiencing your life as you’ve always imagined. Being yourself in its totality. No Luthor name hanging over your head, no hiding yourself behind glasses or a red and blue superhero suit. It was being both Kryptonian and human at the same time, with no fear of judgment or dislike.
Storybrooke was like going on a super long vacation; so long it made you forget all of your problems. But that doesn’t mean that your problems went away. They came back as soon as you stepped foot in National City.
The price of magic was feeling guilty for being happier somewhere else. It was walking into your bedroom and feeling at home but also somehow not at all. It was walking around the craziness of National City and feeling suffocated like you’re in a crowded room full of empty faces. It was missing the words ‘honey’ and ‘sweetheart’ when people were referring to you. It was having a crazy number of options of take-out food but wanting nothing except the food in Granny’s diner.
And you weren’t the only one to pay the price. You can feel how high it was for Kara and Lena too.
“Mom?” You sit up on the bed, looking at Lena standing in your bedroom watching you sleep. “What are you doing creeping over my bed at-” You look at your alarm clock. “3 in the morning?”
“I had to be sure you were still here.” Lena says, sounding small and scared.
“Mom, I’m not going to disappear from my bedroom in the middle of the night.” You say, trying to reassure her, but it backfires you.
“You can’t blame me for thinking that, because you did.” She holds your arm, and you hear the cry in her cracked voice.
“Would you feel better if you stayed here with me?” You make space for her. Lena hum in agreement, lying next to you. “I’m sorry.”
“I’m even more.” She kisses the back of your hand. “A whole year without us. You were probably so scared we weren’t looking for you.”
“I knew you were.”
“You got so tall, and we weren’t even there to see it!” Lena complains and you give her a sad little smile, even though she can’t see your face at all in the darkness of your bedroom.
“Well, I chose a weird age to have a growth spurt .” You joke, but you don’t get a laugh in return. You sort of always knew when you would get taller. It was the same with Kara. You were always very anxious to turn 17, because that was the age she actually grew more. But the weird thing is that you’re not really 17 now. Like Kara is not really 70.
“Come here.” Lena hugs you and you settle back. You’re almost drifting off to sleep when she whispers. “Don’t ever leave again.”
You can’t promise that you won’t. Stranger things have happened in your life, you don’t really feel like you have control over that anymore. And weird as it may seem, you also don’t want to have control over that. Because if you had, if you could have chosen, you probably wouldn’t have met some of the people that you love so much now.
“Hey!” You walk in the kitchen, to both Kara and Lena still having breakfast despite how late already is. “What are you two doing?”
“Having breakfast.” Kara explains, like it isn’t obvious.
You look at the clock. “It’s nine.” You raise an eyebrow at them. “And it’s Monday.”
“Yes.” Lena agrees.
“On Mondays you go to work, and Kara does her usual Kara’ stuff.”
“You were gone for a week. Even if L Corp burned down in flames I wouldn’t leave your side today.” Lena answers you, and you smile softly. You look at Kara next.
“Oh, well, if L Corp was burning up in flames I probably would have to go to put out the fire.” She says but adds in a hurry. “But I would be here five seconds later!”
“Ok.” You chuckle. “I thought I would go see Jamie and Maya on their lunch break, but if you two want me to stay-”
“No! Baby, no. Go see your cousin and your girlfriend. They were missing you too.” Lena hands you your phone. “There’s a lot of texts from them.”
“Oh, a phone! God I haven’t had one in a while.” You smile scrolling through your messages, ignoring your moms questioning looks.
“So, maybe you could tell us how was your life there.” Kara asks, but you’re too distracted with your phone to notice. You haven’t used one in a while, not because there weren’t phones in Storybrooke, but because you didn’t need them. It was a super small city, you could find anyone easily, and because Emma and Charming were sheriffs, you all used radio transmitters to talk. “Hey? Little one, helloooo.”
“Sorry momma.” You put your phone down. “What did you say?”
“We want to know about your life there. I mean, for us it wasn’t that long, but for you it was a whole year. You probably did lots of things.” Kara says and you agree with your head.
“Yeah, I guess.” You shrug. “I used to help mom Emma out with the saving, and oh, mom Regina helped me with my panic attacks. And I’m a lot better at controlling them! Henry and I used to watch this awesome TV show that I probably won’t ever know how it ends now. And grandma taught me archery.”
“Oh, that sounds-” Lena thinks about it for a second. “Fun.”
“Yeah. It was so great. And every night all of us would get together at Granny’s diner and talk about our days, and sometimes I would go hang out with Belle in the library, so I read all the books there. And if I had stayed a little bit longer and turned 18 there, then grandpa would’ve taught me how to use a gun.”
“A little bit? It would’ve been a whole other year!”
“For me, I guess.” You shrug again. “Just another week for you. And I would’ve been cursed anyway, so it wouldn’t feel so bad.”
“Wait. Wait. Wait.” Kara stops you, looking confused. “You wanted to stay?”
“No!” You think about it for a second. “Not stay. No. Just-you know-If I had perhaps stayed longer then yeah, it would’ve been fun to learn that.”
“You can learn how to use a gun here!” Kara says, and Lena furrows her brows.
“No, she can’t.” She looks at you. “No, you can’t. Maybe when you’re older.”
“Right. Moms wouldn’t let me touch a gun either.”
“We are your moms.” It’s out of Kara’s mouth like she hadn’t given much thought to it. But you know she has, because she looks stung. You’ve noticed how she flinched every time you referred to Regina and Emma as moms, but it’s out of your mouth before you can stop yourself to think about it. For a year that’s what you’ve been saying every day. It’s hard to call them just anything else. Almost disrespectful even. But you don’t want to make Kara and Lena upset, so you have to watch out for that.
You try to say something after that. But it’s like your mind keeps erasing itself. ‘Ok, fine, sorry, sure you are momma!’ are all things that almost make it out of your mouth. Instead, you settle for, “Can I have some M&M pancakes?”
“Sure, babygirl.” Lena gets up and gets behind the counter. You go back to your phone, too embarrassed to look at Kara again. She doesn’t say anything about it either.
You talk about other things. They tell you how crazy it was to find you, and what they did all week while you were gone. Apparently it was mostly crying and blaming themselves for your disappearance.
“Hey, where are you going?”
“To school. To see Jamie and Maya.”
“Where are your glasses?” Kara asks and you touch your face to realize that you haven’t been wearing them at all.
“Ugh.” You grunt and mumble right after. “I hate those stupid glasses. Can’t believe I have to wear them again.”
You run to your bedroom and find an old pair tossed around. Stupid disguise. Stupid glasses. Stupid secret identity.
“Ok. Can I go now?” You ask when you make it back to the living room.
Lena lets out a forced smile out of her lips, and Kara gives you the most awkward thumbs up in history. Well, there’s a lot to unpack there. So maybe leave it for later.
“No way in hell!” It’s Jamie’s first response when she sees you in front of your old school. “You grew taller in a week?”
“Something like that.” You smile finally looking down on her. Rao, it feels so good to finally be taller than Jamie. You’ve been hearing about it for years! “Hey, babe.”
“Holy fuck, look at you!” Maya says with the biggest smile on her face. “I don’t see you for a week and you show up here looking like a superhero!”
“Well…” You give her a little side flirty smile. “Is that a good thing?”
“You look great, babe.” Maya’s arms go around your neck and she tiptoes to kiss your mouth. You hold her by the waist, making it easier for her to kiss you.
“God, I’ve missed kissing you.” You let out after you part your lips.
“It’s been a week, stop being so melodramatic.” Jamie rolls her eyes, and you smile, letting go of Maya to hug her too.
“I’ve missed you too, dipshit.”
“Oh.” Jamie lets out a surprised sound. “I guess you’re not so dramatic then.”
You want to tell them, right there, about how it was not just a week. About your different life in the past year. But the girls from your school who used to bully you pass right next to you, and your heart beats faster anticipating the teasing.
But they don’t say a thing. In fact, what they say after they pass you, and you catch using your super hearing, is that you must be a new student. You smile, relieved. Getting taller and cutting your hair. You wish you had known it would make your life a lot easier.
“Ice-cream?” You smile at them and get positive responses at that. Two hours with them and it feels like you’ve never left. Feels good to be with them. It makes you remember that even though your life in National City is not always easy, it’s still pretty great. And that you shouldn’t take that for granted.
You and Jamie walk Maya home, and you’re not even scared of her parents' reaction anymore. It’s not like they’ll recognize you, anyway. And later, you fly Jamie back to her house. You say a quick hello to Alex and Kelly, then fly back home.
“Hey.” You throw yourself on the couch between your moms, with a smile on your face. You look at the box of donuts in front of them, just sitting there waiting for you to arrive and your smile grows wider. “Sorry I was gone for a while. But can I make it up to you both with some hugs and forehead kisses?”
“Oh! Me first!” Kara asks and you smile, throwing your arms around her, and resting your chin on her shoulders.
“You’re my mommy. No one will ever take that away from you.” You whisper in her ear, and feel Kara’s body fully relax in your embrace, while she lets out a relieved sigh.
“I love you more than words can explain it, kid.” You smile and let her go a little, just to look into her eyes.
“I know the words.” You rest your forehead against hers and smile. “You’re my heart.”
“You’re my heart, little one.”
“Can I get a sweet moment like this too?” Lena asks and you chuckle, pulling her close for a tight hug.
“You also don’t have to worry about anyone taking your place.” You say softly in her ear. “You carried me inside of you for nine months, and I’ll carry you inside of me for the rest of my life.”
“Oh God.” Lena says, choking up and wetting the back of your t-shirt with her tears. “I swear this is the loveliest thing someone has ever told me.”
“It’s true.” You smile and kiss her forehead right after. “I love you mom.”
“Oh, I love you, babygirl.”
“And we’re stronger together.” You say, and feel their arms go around you at the same time, in a family hug.
Sure you will miss being called ‘honey’ and ‘sweetheart’, but nothing beats being called ‘little one’ and ‘babygirl’. And nothing ever will. National City may not make you feel as good as Storybrooke did, but the people here surely make up for that.
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ethanesimp · 9 months ago
Pairing: Painter! Damiano David x Thief GN! Reader
Summary: You lead a secret life that has made you promise yourself not to fall in love with someone else to protect them. However, when a certain someone turns your life upside down, you let yourself get to know the cute painter you see every morning at a small café.
Word Count: 4.3k
Warnings: Swearing, stealing, mentions of death, slight bit of violence.
Masterlist // Taglist link in bio
A/N: So the idea for this story has been existing in my head for a long time and I finally got myself to sit down and finish the first part. I’m honestly very pleased with how it turned out and I hope you like it :) It’s going to be a little 4/5 part series because otherwise it would’ve been a painfully long fic for me to write and for you to read. Thank you @slytherin--aesthetics @perfectlyunbiasedobservation​ and @fandomfoodiedancer for being angels, proof-reading this thingy and giving the best feedback in the world. This wouldn’t have been posted without you three and all your support 
Taglist: @gretavanfleetlove @superchrystaldrug @reputationdamiano​ @ethaneskin​ @dont-let-me-drown-in-you​ @bidet-and-legolas​ @selenophiliaxx​ @tabi-toast​ @queen-of-brokenhearts​ @geklutst-ei​ @soraya825​ @juststalking​ @ohtorchio​ @ethan-torchio-angelo​ @everythingisdefinitelynotfine​ @its-afucking-mess​ @goldenpeaxh​ @vicsangel​ @marriedwithmarktuan​ (if you want to get tagged on the next part of this little series just lemme know :))
Tumblr media
They knew you never accepted jobs that involved someone else. It was your number one rule, the sacred rule. You'd gotten the fame of one of Europe's most dangerous criminals and it hadn’t happened for babysitting people who just made your job much more difficult than it had to be. It made the job messier and left loose strings that could lead someone right to you.
Midnight Death was what people liked to call you. You were what people would refer to as a thief, a burglar. Whenever you were tasked with stealing something valuable, you’d do it swiftly, quicker than the blink of an eye. You always passed unnoticed, unseen, and a few days went by before the victims realized Midnight Death had paid them a visit.
You never failed to do your job. You were agile, witty, and intelligent enough to never be caught. Your real identity was still a well-kept secret that no one in the theft business knew about. During the day, you lived a generic, almost monotone lifestyle, but during the night was when the real thrill started. You'd break into highly protected places of any kind, old castles, mansions, you name it. Although your specialty had always been museums.
It surely was a dangerous job and you knew that if you ever got caught, hell would break loose and you'd most likely be dead before you got to jail. You didn't like to overwhelm yourself with the gruesome fact that many assassins were looking for you and that one day or another you'd be found, and it'd be the end for Midnight Death.
It was quite disturbing to think about as you walked down the small town’s main street. The clock inside one of the shops indicated it was barely a few minutes past six in the evening. The sun was still shining brightly in the sky and the weather was warm, unlike the rainy and gloomy afternoons you’d had since summer started. You should be enjoying it while it lasted, but no, there you were thinking about getting killed. Although it bothered you, you couldn’t help it. Those were the thoughts that often clouded your mind hours before your next job. 
A sigh escaped your mouth the moment you arrived at the familiar café you visited daily. Even the faint ding of the bell that announced you had entered was comforting, it gave you a sense of familiarity that you often longed for. You smiled at Helena, the woman behind the counter, and didn’t even have to say a word for her to start preparing your usual order. 
The coffee shop was a small yet cozy place to spend time. Its large windows always allowed for the sun to creep into the establishment while also making it warm enough that it somehow reminded you of the warmth of your bedsheets in the early morning. The plants and flowers that dangled from the ceiling or adorned the shelves behind the counter gave the place a touch of life and color. They made everything brighter and more pleasant. 
The large bookshelf that adorned one of its tall walls was filled with second-hand books Helena and her father had been collecting for years. The books, with their worn-down spines and yellow pages, drew every visitor in. No one could resist burrowing one of the little treasures and read as much as they could during their stay, even if it was barely a few pages.
You walked to your favorite spot at the very back after stealing an Agatha Christie book from the large shelf. It was a tiny booth for two people with enough space for you to prop your feet up on the soft cushion and rest for some time.  It also conveniently gave you the perfect view of the young man who always sat by the large window near the entrance of the cute shop. 
You were no stalker, but one day when you’d gone to the café to kill time before one of your jobs and needed a distraction—because never would you do anything related to your secret life in public, it was both stupid and dangerous—you found yourself looking at the handsome stranger.
There was something that never failed to make you so enthralled by him that everything else ceased to exist for a minute or two. Maybe it was the paint stains that were often on his tattooed arms and face, or maybe it was how freely and carelessly he moved his pencil and managed to create breathtaking drawings on paper. You liked to take a look at what he was drawing whenever you had a chance. The talent he had for it was fascinating.
You’d never spoken a word to each other, but you were already in love with his raspy yet sweet voice and his pretty Italian accent. Not to mention that kind smile of his that never failed to brighten the room and the ease with which he made people around him laugh.
It did catch you off-guard to see him on a Saturday afternoon when he usually was there only in the mornings, but the frown on his face and the fact that he’d already snapped the tip of the pencil twice since you arrived told you he’d come to the café to distract himself and let go of all the frustration that was radiating from him.
Your thoughts were interrupted when Helena placed a cup of hot tea and a plate of cookies on the table. The cup was deliciously warm to the touch, and the sweet smell of the cookies was enough to bring a smile of pure delight to your face.
You were about to look through your bag for some loose change to pay when she stopped you, “It’s already paid for, don’t worry.”
Your eyebrows shot up in surprise at her words, “By whom?”
She shrugged her shoulders, a smirk on her face, “Can’t say Y/N, sorry.”
“Oh c’mon Helena wha-” But before you could keep interrogating her, she walked away after she gave a nonchalant shrug. You looked down at your tea and thought about who could’ve possibly paid for your order. Your eyes wandered around the small shop and they briefly studied the faces of everyone present. 
There were only three people there besides Helena and you. Mark, an old man with kind eyes that frequented the shop just as much as you did, and his wife. Then there was the painter, too focused on the paper in front of him to let his attention be taken by anything else that wasn’t taking a sip of his hot beverage every once in a while. 
The thought was dropped after you concluded it must’ve been Mark. He liked to pay for others’ orders every now and then as a small act of kindness. You made a mental note to thank him for it before you left.
 Once the clock inevitably hit eight, you gathered all your things and got ready to leave. It was the dreaded time and you had no choice but to get up and collect all your things. You returned the book you’d been reading to the large shelf. You stuffed your phone and headphones back into your backpack.
You walked up to the counter and quickly said your goodbyes to Helena, but before you could leave, you noticed Mark and his wife playing chess on the table closest to the counter. 
You approached them both and smiled. His wife turned to you, “Oh Y/N, dear, hey. How are you?” 
“I’m doing good, Ness. It’s so nice to see you again,”  She’d fallen ill a few weeks back and Mark had been going to the café alone. It'd made you feel bad for the older man who evidently missed his wife. While he’d been sad on those days when he had no one sitting in front of him, but now he was bursting with happiness, “I just wanted to thank you both for paying for my meal earlier today. It was so nice of you.”
Mark smiled kindly and shook his head, “It wasn’t our doing this time, love. Some secret admirer perhaps?” He asked and winked. You couldn’t help but laugh and shake your head no. 
You excused yourself and noticed Helena mouthing something at you. Her mouth moved slowly as if she were trying to get you to comprehend every single thing she was trying to say, but you were far too distraught to process what she’d tried to tell you and figured it was something you’d ask her about later. Otherwise, you’d miss the subway and it wouldn’t be a good thing.
As you walked down the street, you couldn’t help but think about who it could’ve been if it wasn’t Mark or Ness. You didn’t talk to any other clients enough to be considered a friend of theirs, so you truly had no clue as to who it could’ve been.
Your mind wandered to the task at hand. Figuring out who paid for your dinner didn’t seem as important now that you had remembered what you were supposed to do in a matter of less than two hours.
This job was supposed to be your last. If you managed to succeed, it’d be enough to pay off the debt that chained you down to this life you so desperately wanted to escape. The stakes for this were high and you needed to do everything right. You couldn’t fail.
With that thought in mind, you kept on walking through the cold and busy street to get to the subway station that would take you to the museum that wasn’t too far away from the café. You’d already come up with the simple plan of getting down the subway a station before in order to draw as little attention to yourself as possible. 
The subway was crowded, as it always was. You just focused your attention on your phone as you mindlessly scrolled through pictures of animals on Instagram to keep yourself busy as you navigated through the crowd.
What caught your attention was the sound of a person cursing close by. There was a woman who’d accidentally dropped her book to the floor, but because of the baby in her arms, she couldn’t lean down to pick it up. You stood there for a few seconds, hoping someone would help her, but all they did was carelessly step on the book, even as she calmly asked passersby for help. 
You looked down at your wristwatch and cursed as you saw you were already late. You sighed and made your way through the crowd. You shoved a person that was about to step on the book and leaned down to pick it up, “Jesus, does it kill everyone to stop being assholes every once in a while?”
After retrieving the book, and someone almost stepping on your hand, you tried to carefully stretch out the pages that had been folded and handed the book back to the woman. She smiled gratefully, “Thank you so much.”
You nodded and smiled at her in return. The baby’s big brown eyes were focused on you and you couldn’t resist the urge to coo at them, which made the baby laugh. Your smile widened at her action. It reminded you of your brother when he was a baby. 
So distracted by the exchange, you seemed to forget that you were in the middle of a crowded subway station and were aggressively shoved out of their way. You scoffed at the rude stranger and tried to catch your balance before you inevitably stumbled to the floor.  
People weren’t normally that rude, however you held the disadvantage of it being late at night on a Saturday and everyone was more than eager to go back home to their families. Most couldn’t care less about others when they were in a rush to get to their loved ones after long days working. 
You caught your step and stood up straight, wiping at your coat. That was when you noticed a caricature artist drawing an elderly couple in one of the few corners where people weren’t constantly passing by. You couldn’t help but stop and watch for a few seconds. Watching people draw had been something you’d always enjoyed, it reminded you of when you were younger and your father used to give you drawings he’d make for you on your birthdays. All of them still sat inside a cardboard box that was always hidden underneath your bed.
You wanted to keep watching, so you scooted closer to the wall as a way to avoid being shoved or pushed one more time. You watched with a small smile on your face as the man kept on drawing the elderly couple. He exaggerated all of their features to fit the caricaturesque and unreal style he was trying to achieve.
It could easily be interpreted as a weird type of comparison with love, at least for you. What this artist did was highlight the most unique features of their faces by making them larger. In the same way, love and romance only seemed to highlight its prettiest parts while leaving all the suffering and loss one went through when they decided to give in and love. 
The agility with which he drew reminded you of the… the painter. The painter… He was the one person that hadn’t crossed your mind while you were trying to discover who had decided to pay for your food. He had no reason to after all. You were nothing but a stranger with a familiar face to him, so you didn’t see why he could’ve gone out of his way to do such a nice gesture for you, but maybe, maybe he had. Why? You had no clue.
You could’ve stood there and debated on why the painter had done it for hours, but one look at your wristwatch stopped you in your tracks as you noticed you were about to miss your subway. Your eyes went wide and any thought of the painter escaped your mind as you grabbed your backpack tighter and ran to the spot where it usually departed from. 
With each stride you took, your heart seemed to pick up the speed of its beating until it was beating as fast as you saw the different subway carts pass by. You couldn’t risk any mistake with this job, it was the most important of perhaps your whole ‘career’ as a thief and there you were about to fuck it up before it even started.
Your heart only slowed down once you finally sat down on the cold metal seat and sighed deeply. You let your head rest on the back of the seat as you wiped the few beads of sweat that had already formed on your forehead and the back of your neck. It wasn’t a long way from where you had been and you normally wouldn’t sweat from running for such a small amount of time. However, you were far too nervous that night. You hadn’t been able to concentrate at work and the thought of your mission hadn’t left your mind once. 
This time around, you had been paid to infiltrate one of the city’s most famous museums to retrieve an essential piece of artwork. You knew the people who had tasked you with the job well enough to know they had no ill intent and just wanted to recover a painting that had been in their family for centuries but was stolen from them during the war. They hadn’t been too explicit when it came to what was inside the chip, but apparently, it had something to do with a member of their family who had gone missing years back and they believed it was a clue to discover why she had disappeared.
You had to admit that your logic was quite twisted. You wanted to be an honest and maybe good person, but you were stealing things left and right again. To be fair, you did enough background research to make sure people were not bad and weren’t planning an intricate scheme to explode the world into smithereens. Besides, most of the time you only stole stuff back, so it was like karma.
That thought was what helped you sleep at night, that you were sort of helping others. At the end of the day, it wasn’t like you hurt anyone. On the contrary, you tried to stay away from people at all costs to avoid any collateral damage that could be caused. So, as far as it went, you were a good thief, if that actually existed. 
You tried to silence your thoughts as best as possible and instead get a few more seconds of relaxation before the job began. Once you got off the metro, there would be no opportunity for screw ups and you didn’t need to have your mind plagued with thoughts of the painter or everything that was on the line with this job. You only needed to focus on what you had to do and do it well, like you knew how to. 
You silently thanked the universe for the fact that the cart you were in was almost empty and there was nowhere around to disturb you as you plugged your headphones into the phone and played some calming music as you closed your eyes and tried to take deep breaths. 
In all honesty, you had no recollection of when exactly your life had gotten this fucked up. Sure, you had an apartment and a job stable enough to pay for your meals, but having to do illegal things to pay off debts so big that not even a lifetime of working would get rid of wasn’t exactly how you expected to spend your twenties. Not to mention everything you’d lost that had driven you to this point. Not like there was any use in thinking about it too much since you couldn’t change a thing about the past. Even if you spent all your days moping around and lamenting all that had gone wrong, it wouldn’t change a thing. 
Not enough time seemed to have passed before you had to get off the subway and make your way to the museum. From the moment you stepped foot off the cart, your whole attitude seemed to change in the blink of an eye. As easily as turning a lightswitch on, you drowned out every thought that wasn’t relevant to the task at hand and instead focused on walking around the station being mindful of always passing through the blind spots of the seven cameras that had been situated along your path. 
That part of your plan was simple enough. You’d be seen getting into the subway but not getting off at this station but rather your usual one. Even if somehow, someone decided to blame you for anything, there would be no proof to back up their claims. Besides, your record was squeaky clean, so you’d be one of the last people someone would turn their head to if they needed a suspect. You were basically a nobody who easily blended into crowds and you had always planned to keep it that way for as long as you were still on this dirty business. 
You left the station and stepped into the busy city. Even if it was already late, the streets were still bright and buzzing with life. People laughed and joked around, there was even a couple dancing to a slow song being played by a busker. It was a beautiful sight and, had it been any other day, you would’ve loved to stop and admire the scene for a minute or two.
Instead, you kept walking, your path illuminated by the faint yellow light of the streetlamps. You only stopped when you reached an intersection and quickly slipped into the street to the left. Illumination was scarce and it was a lot narrower and less busy. Only a few people were either seated on the sidewalk or resting their backs against the cold brick walls of the bakery that was facing the main street.  
You turned to your right one more time and encountered a completely empty alleyway. The sweet smell of warm pastries that could be perceived had now faded and been replaced by a sour and unpleasant smell, but you easily ignored it and stopped walking. You quickly took off your backpack and opened it up, then you swiftly unbuttoned your coat and crouched down on the floor. You fumbled around with the backpack and placed your headphones on your lap, along with your work uniform. The only thing that remained at the very bottom of the bag was exactly what you were looking for. A pair of shiny and clean back boots, the comfiest pair of black jeans, black leather gloves which had been a gift from your father, your black hoodie and black coat. Then, at the very bottom of it all, the last two items were a black beanie and a mask. The sight of it alone sent shivers down your spine, it made you feel uncomfortable. 
Those feelings were ignored as you quickly changed clothes, constantly looking around in case anyone walked by. You hid all your hair underneath the beanie and slid on the leather gloves. You stuffed all your things back into your backpack, along with the clothes you’d previously been wearing and closed it. You swung it over your shoulder one more time and kept on walking. The only thing you still hadn’t put on had been the mask. There was no use in it when you were still a few streets from the museum.
Thankfully enough for you, all the alleyways connected and you could get to the museum without stepping into the main street once. The government didn’t care enough to put cameras on any other place that wasn’t the main streets, so you were completely safe. Even if anyone saw anything, the people around those dark areas of the city would never tell, especially not when most were supporters of Midnight Death. 
Your step was quick as you walked down the last few alleyways and finally emerged onto the street closest to the museum. With a deep sigh, you placed the black and hard mask over the top part of your face. The lower part of your face could still be seen by others, but it was easily hidden by the shadows cast by your large hoodie, which was so big that if you put it on correctly, only left a part of your bottom lip and chin uncovered. 
Once that was done, you kept on walking for a few more minutes until you finally reached your destination. You stopped for a second to look at the large building from the narrow street you were standing in. Its tall walls and large windows made the museum look beautiful at night with the help of the lights on the inside along with the beautiful green garden at the front that was neatly mowed and colored by all the beautiful plants scattered around.
Museums had always been a source of interest to you. When you were younger, you’d beg your parents to take you to every museum they could. Whenever you did go, which was a rare occasion, you were used to skipping over the explanations and just staring at the paintings, looking at all the objects and wishing you could try on the clothes carefully kept behind the thick glass boxes. No part of your younger self could’ve imagined you’d be sneaking into museums and stealing things to help you pay for the debts that’d be left after everyone you cared for died. 
With a sigh, you moved on to the next part of the plan. You were going to get into the museum through one of the staff entrances situated in the back of the building. It was normally unguarded since they had deemed it impossible for an intruder to breach the security. However you weren’t just any normal intruder. During a visit to the museum, you had managed to steal an employee’s keycard that would easily grant you access to most of the rooms without alerting security.
You were aware of the fact that it was a dangerous thing because they could’ve easily deactivated the keycard if the employee had reported it as missing, but you were willing to risk it all. The only thing you were fighting for was your freedom. Other than that, there was nothing left to lose, so you’d do it all to try and get back the one thing that could still belong to you. 
You reached the service entrance by walking through the alleyways until you gave the museum half a turn. Afterwards, climbing over the back fence that led to the museum's small man-made forest was an easy task since the few trees that were placed in front of the place where you’d climbed the fence successfully blocked the view of the camera so you wouldn’t be spotted.
Getting in wasn’t such a big deal, you’d had to keep your eyes tightly shut as you slid the card through the slit by the door as you waited for an alarm to sound. Luckily enough, the only thing you heard was a brief high-pitched noise before a green light flashed twice on the screen above the keycard slit. Then the door unlocked. 
Now the challenge was going to be retrieving the painting and getting out. You calculated that you only had about twenty minutes to do the whole thing while the guards were switching with the guards in charge of the night shift. There wasn’t a second left to lose and you were ready to start unscrewing one of the vents in the room to get to the section where the painting was being exhibited.
However, before you could even take a step in the vent’s direction, you felt a cold and sharp object being pressed to your neck while someone grabbed you from behind in a swift move that left you with no time to try and fight back.
Tagging a few of my fave writers bc I just feel so proud of this thing (please feel free to ignore or let me know if you want me to remove the tag!) : @bethanysnow  @daddydamiano​ @mywritingonlyfans​ @oro-e-diamanti​​
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YEARNING FOR YOU. kang yeosang (18+)
Tumblr media
── summary. you’re just within reach and yet every time he tries to get to you, you vanish right before his eyes... again and again and again.
── roles. mage!yeosang + mage!f!reader (ft. poly!mage!ateez & other idols)
── genre. smut + one-shot + mages + magic shop + supernatural + mythology + historical to modern day + romance + eventual poly relationship + angst + drama + reincarnation (most of these are for the overall story not necessarily this one-shot)
── word count. 3.3k
── warnings. nightmares + language + sub!yeosang & dom!reader + kissing + little hair pulling + one moment of spanking + anal fingering + handjob + degrading + amazon position + y/n is mentioned to have tattoos 
── developer’s note. happy birthday @atiny-piratequeen​ !! this is just a small something that i’m working on that’s inspired by against the tide !! i figured that since i probably might not get the whole story done by your birthday bc i’ve already been working on it for two weeks and i’m only still doing world and backstory building rip then i would just share a small piece that included yeosang. i’m still working on characters and personalities so anything you read here is subject to change by the time i get the first official chapter out. 
Tumblr media
when the door to the shop chimed, yeosang didn’t bother looking up from his book he was reading. he knew that usually customers – humans at least – would just look around before leaving or come up to mindlessly flirt with him. it was the same thing every time the bell dinged. 
he could hear the customer’s shoes, heels to be exact, softly thudding across the old wooden floors as they strolled around the small shop. his hearing could pick up where exactly in the shop they were, so when they finally started nearing the back to where he and register were, he assumed this customer just wanted to flirt with him like always. 
“um, excuse me,” yeosang’s head shot up immediately at the sound of the familiar voice. you stood in front of him also with a look of shock from how quickly yeosang moved and his eyes flickered down to the canvas in your arms. 
“o-oh, um, hi. how can i... how can i help you,” yeosang says as he tries his best to relax, but honestly he doesn’t think he can, not when you’re here in front of him and talking to him. 
you smile softly at him before handing over the canvas you had in your hands, “this is the painting hongjoong asked me to paint. he told me i could find him and the rest of you here. is he, um, is he here by any chance?”
“huh? oh, yeah is he, let me go get him!” yeosang had never moved so fast before as he practically jumped off his stool and ran to the back to get the group’s leader and tell him you’re here. 
“y/n’s here!” yeosang says probably a bit too loudly and maybe just a little too excitedly but he hasn’t seen you in centuries. he has a right to be happy to see his missing lover. 
hongjoong isn’t by himself in the back, all the others are basically here too, except for jongho and san who had gone out to get information on how to help you remember your first life.
“she is? why?” mingi asks, a look of shock drawn on his face knowing you’re here just in the other room. 
“she brought the painting hongjoong asked her to paint,” yeosang says and hongjoong is quick to go to the front and yeosang picks up on how hongjoong greets you with a cheery tone. 
at first yeosang thinks about staying in the back and letting you and hongjoong talk for a moment, but his need to see you again overcomes that he heads back to the front of the shop. he hears the others coming up behind him as he does and he figures the others couldn’t wait either. 
a wave of memories washes over him as he sees you and hongjoong interacting so closely. all the times he would see you and hongjoong interacting on the utopia, all the lingering stares and touches you thought no one else saw, but in reality everyone saw.
he misses you. they all miss you. 
“wow, y/n, this is beautiful,” hongjoong can’t take his eyes off the painting you gave him and you have a proud look on your face as your eyes flicker between the male and the painting before you slowly look up and over at where him and the others are. 
“oh, i didn’t know you all worked here as well!” you say and greeted them all with a smile. 
“i actually own this shop,” hongjoong says and you turn to look at him in shock. “my grandmother ran this shop before passing it down to me before she retired.” yeosang couldn’t help but slightly snicker at how hongjoong called hyuna a grandmother. 
“really? that’s so cool! i had actually never been in this shop before until today,” you offhandedly as you glance around the shop some more. “oh!” you say catching the six males off guard as they watched you dig through your bag before pulling out eight envelopes. “siyeon is throwing a party and wants me to invite you all!” you say handing each other an invitation before giving jongho and san’s to wooyoung. “i hope you all can make it!”
“of course! we’ll do our best to be there,” hongjoong says, but yeosang knows that all eight of them are definitely going especially since you’re going to be there. “also, thank you again for the painting, it really is beautiful.”
“oh, of course! i’m glad you like it, i always enjoy painting sea related stuff, so this was a blast to paint,” you explain with a small laugh. “well, i should be going! i promised siyeon i would help her with party decisions, so... i’ll see you all around,” you say bidding the males goodbye before turning on your heels and leaving the shop. 
yeah, yeosang and the other are gonna have to work fast.
sometimes when yeosang misses you, he’ll find himself remembering the time when you all were together on the utopia. he’ll remember how you use to help him in the kitchen, acting as both a hand and taste-tester to him. 
all the heated gazes the two of you shared being the reason for his flushed face that he would blame on the heat in the kitchen when the others would question him. although he was sure the others didn’t believe because his magic dealt with fire, so some kitchen heat was nothing for him. 
but no matter what the same thought still comes to him. he just misses you. he thinks that over and over again until he falls asleep and you appear in his dreams. 
it’s silly he knows it, mainly using his magic in order to ensure that you appear to him. he has sweet dreams when you are with him and others all enjoying your time together; however, the moment he remembers that none of it is real and that you are living a completely different life without remembering them, without remembering him. it all turns into a nightmare. 
and its always the same. the same day he and the others are forced to remember and sometimes relive again and again for centuries. 
“yeosang, wake up!” 
his eyes snap open and he feels hot, his bangs matted to his forehead with sweat and his eyes are immediately trying to get used to the darkness of his bedroom.
that voice... he thinks as he brings his hands up to cover his face. huh? was he crying? 
“yeosang,” he hears it again and sounds so close to him. right next to him and he feels like he’s still dreaming. but he turns his head and his brown orbs meet your own worried eyes as you sit next to him in his bed. 
“y/n...?” he reaches out to touch your cheek, his hands caressing your face and he gasps when he realizes you’re real and next to him. 
“why are you crying, love?” you ask him watching as he sits up. you reach over to brush his tears away before he suddenly takes you in his arms. “did you have a bad dream, yeo?”
yeosang doesn’t trust his words so he just nods his head as he nuzzles his head into your neck. “it’s okay,” you say softly, rubbing his back in comfort, “i’m here and nothings going to happen while i’m here. i promise.”
yeosang has heard you say those words before and it only makes him cry harder. you said that to him the first time you woke him up from a nightmare. you would always take him into your arms and hold him and wipe away his tears and tell him it’s okay and it’s all in the past. 
when yeosang does finally calm down, tears no longer running down his face, he slowly pulls away from you to lay back down. you lay down right next to him, pulling the blanket up to your chins as you brush hair away from his face. 
“i love you,” he says as he feels himself slowly falling back to sleep. you smile sadly at him, a hand still running through his hair as his eyes finally close. 
seonghwa was jealous, yeosang was 100% sure of that. the ice mage’s glare could probably set someone ablaze if he had fire magic instead. and honestly, yeosang doesn’t blame his boyfriend for being jealous because he was as well. 
“and who the hell is that?” wooyoung was the one who spoke up, shocked like seonghwa and himself at the sight of you talking to this unknown male. 
well, unknown to them at least. you seemed to be pretty close to the male, too close if yeosang or any of the others could say anything. 
“do you think they’re...” mingi didn’t want to say it out loud, probably knowing how much chaos he would cause among them if he did. 
yeosang wanted to be upset. upset at you for potentially going and falling in love with someone that isn’t them, but he couldn’t. he couldn’t be upset at you because this you, the one standing not too far from him and his seven lovers, this you isn’t the same you he met all those centuries ago. 
you don’t remember the love you shared and it broke yeosang’s heart. 
his eyes flickered over to seonghwa noticing the furrow in his eyebrows before he looks over to hongjoong who is just staring at you with sadness. then his eyes go back to you and this male who are sitting closely next to each other. the guy looks at you with such a softness that it reminds the fire mage of how seonghwa looks at all of them, with love. 
the male plays with the ends of your hair, running it over your face in a teasing manner that makes you laugh and yeosang would be lying if he said your laugh didn’t make his heart flutter. 
yeosang misses you.
yeosang can’t help but sigh as soon as his body hit his bedsheets. he felt clean and relaxed after a long day of working in the shop below them and dealing with both humans and supernatural creatures alike. 
while he was staring up at the ceiling, he closed his eyes and started to doze off. he’s not sure for how long his eyes were closed, but he only opens them when he feels his bed dip. 
looking over he was greeted by the sight of you in little to no clothing and a warm smile on your face. 
“y/n, what are you doing?” yeosang was more than surprised to see you in his room. he was quick to sit up with a shocked expression as he moved so he was sitting right across from you. 
“what do you mean, yeo? i’m visiting you of course!” you say cheerfully. 
yeosang looked over you and he noticed the familiar tattoos that decorated your right arm. “you’re not real, are you?” he asked as he bowed his head so you couldn’t see his face. 
one of your fingers reached under to tilt his chin up and you looked at him with a gaze, “i’m as real as you want me to be,” you say with a smile as you leaned over and kissed him. 
yeosang immediately allowed you to take the lead. your lips guiding his as you ran a hand threw his hair and gently tugged on it causing yeosang to moan into your mouth as your tongue explored his mouth and while also teasingly play with his own wet muscle. 
yeosang was melting into the kiss, his hands coming up to your waist to pull you closer to him with your chest flushed tightly against his. when you pulled away from the kiss, yeosang tried to follow after your lips making you let out a small laugh at how cute he was acting. 
yeosang only looked at you with slightly dazed eyes, still not fully believing you are here in front of him which allowed you to push at his shoulders, making him fall on his back and into the softness of the bed. 
“y/n... please,” he whines as you hover over him slightly, both your hands caging his head to the bed as you look down at him. 
“what yeo? what do you want me to do?” you ask with a teasing smile, god, he hasn’t seen this smile in centuries. 
“p-please, please fuck me,” he chokes out and your smile turns into a grin as you trail your finger down the center of his body before it stops at the towel he still had wrapped around his waist. 
“want me to take it off?” he nods without hesitation, “words.”
“yes!” and the towel was unwrapped from his hips and now he was completely bare to you. his cock was only semi-hard when you removed the towel and yeosang watched as your fingers ghosted over the tip, just barely grazing it. “please touch me, don’t tease me,” he begs and you hum before wrapping your hand around his cock and slowly began stroking it until it was fully hard and an angry red, his pre-cum only just slowly starting to appear at his tip. 
he let out a string of whines and curses as you began moving your hand suddenly at a fast pace without warning. yeosang’s back arched off the bed, but your free hand came down to hold him still to the bed before you suddenly stop stroking him. 
yeosang watches you as you move in between his legs before grabbing the underside of his thighs, giving them a good squeeze before hoisting them up to his chest. when you let go of his legs, yeosang immediately went to hold them in place as his face was flushed a bright red. 
you cooed at him as you leaned over his bent body and kissed him before pulling away to look at his ass that was now on full display for you. his hole tight and pink as you played with it, wiggling just the tip of your index into him before pulling out. 
“you’re so tight yeo, does none our boys fuck you open enough?” yeosang moaned at the degrading tone you had laced in your voice. “that’s okay though,” you begin adding a firm smack to both his asscheeks, “i can just fuck you open myself.”
yeosang wanted to come with there and then at your words, but he only settled for letting out a few moans instead. he knew the minute he came then it would all be over. he watched you quickly stand up and go over to his bedside table and dug through the draw before pulling out a bottle of lube. 
yeosang watched as you squeezed the clear liquid substance into your palm before he felt you apply it to his hole. he moaned at the cold feeling it gave him as you rubbed it around his puckered hole before applying more to your fingers. fuck, he couldn’t hold his excitement as he felt your index probe at him before slowly slipping inside him. 
“f-fuck– oh god, please!” he moaned out, throwing his head back as you eased him open. your movements were slow, almost too slow as if you were messing with him and he looked over to meet your eyes. 
when you finally entered a second finger he felt his eye roll back as you started to pick up the pace a bit in your thrusting. yeosang let out a broken fuck as you slowly started hitting his prostate before grabbing his dick with your free hand and stroked him in time to your fingers thrusting in and out of him. 
“does that feel good?” you ask and yeosang can only nod as his head fell back onto the bed. you frown at his nonverbal response and quickly stop both your hands making his whine as you remove your finger from him. “i asked a question yeosang, so answer it,” your voice sent a chill down his back as if it was seonghwa speaking to him. 
“it does, it feels good,” he says, face burning red, “b-but...”
“but what? what do you want?” 
“please, let m-me... let me be inside you,” he says and you coo once more at him before you lean over him once more. your nose brushing his from how close you are. 
“do you deserve to be inside me? you may have a nice dick, but do you think you can use it to pleasure me?” you ask, raising an eyebrow and yeosang felt his dick twitch from between the two of you at you questioning tone. 
“p-please, y/n, please u-use me to pleasure you,” he says out of breath and you let out a small laugh as you sat up and slowly grind down on his dick. the fabric of your underwear slightly damp from your growing wetness and causes yeosang to moan at knowing how close he was actual to you. 
“do the others know how much of slut you are?” you ask with a small laugh, “i’m sure they know how much you like to be used. hm, don’t they?”
“t-they do,” yeosang stutters out as he watches you move off of him to take your underwear off and he feels a chill run down his spine as you hover back on top of him to take his dick in your hand a position it at your entrance. 
“is this what you want?”
“y-yes!” you smile as you sink down on his length with a moan. yeosang lets his mouth drop open as you start to bounce on his length, the sound of your skin meeting his joining the sound of his and your moans. 
“f-fuck, yeosang!” you moan as yeosang takes you all in. his eyes fall on your chest which was still covered and he lets his legs go for a moment in order to unclasp your bra. you take your bra off and throw to the side now allowing yeosang the ability to see you completely bare now. 
god, how he missed this sight and he was glad you were using his legs as support for yourself because this allowed him to roam his hands over your body.  
getting lost in his pleasure he accidentally thrusted up making you glare at him before stopping, “toys don’t move, so still or i won’t let you cum,” you say and yeosang nods letting out a quiet y-yes before you continued between bouncing and moving your hips in figure-eights. 
yeosang felt himself grow closer to his orgasm and you clenching around him doing nothing but bringing him closer. “i-i’m c-close! please y-y/n! let me–
he own choked moan cut him off as he felt you clench around him as you came with a loud moan and a whimper of his name. you coming was enough to finally send yeosang over the edge as he took in the sight of you climaxing, knowing you used him to reach your own pleasure. 
it took you a moment before you slid off of him and next to him. you were quick to get him to put his legs down which felt a little sore from the position he held for so long. 
while he caught his breath he felt you reach over and press different kisses all over his face making him smile. you pressed a final kiss to his lips before cleaning him up and helping him under the covers. 
“i love you, y/n, please don’t disappear,” he says as you hold him close to you under the covers of his bed. you remained silent, only slowly running a hand through his hair and lulling him to sleep.
eventually, yeosang closed his eyes welcoming sleep as he fell asleep in your arms. 
when he woke up the next morning he was greeted by an empty bed and yeosang can’t tell if what he experienced last night with you was even real or just a dream. with a sigh, he gets up and starts to get dressed before heading out of his room and to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for himself and the others.
“i love you, too.”
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Sweeter than Sugar
A/B/O au featuring the MSBY Black Jackals
sorry I was gone for so long
will get to smut in part 3
part 1 here
Kiyoomi Sakusa was in his own personal hell for the past few days.  He already had to get used to those knuckleheads invading his space, but now he had to get used to them invading his life.  And worst of all, invading his life concerning you.  Of course the big blabbermouth Atsumu spilled as much as he could to everyone, and now the Jackals have started frequenting the milk tea place you work at.  He started going more often, you know, to make sure those scatterbrained athletes weren't bothering you too much.  
"Hi welcome!  What can I get for you today?"  your voice rang out over the chimes of the bell at the door, greeting your first customer of the day.  Like clockwork, the tall handsome man came through, the man whose gaze always seemed to pierce your soul.  
"Oh!  Sakusa, just the regular today?" Having been there so many times, it's only natural you remembered his favorite order: sunset passion with less ice and quarter sugar.  Not many are fans of this drink, as the slightly sour tang of pickled plums put most people off.  But apparently Sakusa likes umeboshi, as he always asks for extra.
"Yeah just my regular, thanks (y/n)." he said, paying for his drink.  He watched as you wiped the machine down and washed your hands, being extra careful to not get any germs in his drink.  
"Just the way you like it, sir." 
The door chimed again, followed by the sound of excited hooting and heavy footsteps.  Not only did Bokuto burst through the door, but Hinata and Atsumu as well.  
"Is this her?!" Bokuto bounded up to you and grabbed your hands from over the counter, and you suddenly found yourself face to face with the most golden eyes you'd ever seen.  If his body and muscular build didn’t already let you know he was an alpha, his scent did for sure.  He smelled good, musky, but not too heavy, a masculine scent that spoke volumes.  
"Don't bother her." Ever your prince charming, Sakusa yanked Bokuto's shoulder back with a "tch" pulling him away from you.  
"Aww come on Omi-omi, let him have his fun, I know I wanna."  Atsumu smirked, leaning over the counter to unabashedly inhale your scent.  
"You are also not allowed to bother her."
"Wow you're really pretty!  No wonder Sakusa likes you!" The orange haired man came up to you with a big grin, ignoring the scene behind him, of Sakusa wrangling his teammates.
"Oh, thank you!  Can I get you a drink?" You blushed, unused to all the attention.  
"I'll try the summer mint!"  He beamed, subtly glancing at the blank canvas of your neck.  
"I didn't think any of you would get up this early since we don't have practice until this afternoon."
"Practice?"  you asked, curious to know more about your most frequent customer, as he was not one to offer up personal details.
"We're professional volleyball players, doll.  Why don'tcha come see us play?  I'll get a ticket for ya next time we have a game."  Atsumu wore a lazy grin, giving you wink.  It did not have its intended effect though, as any semblance of charm was eradicated by the fact that he was currently in a headlock from Sakusa.  
"She can just come to practice!  Coach won't mind right?  Hey hey hey when do you get off work?  I can give you a ride!"
"If anyone is giving her a ride it's going to be me.  She shouldn't have to be subjected to your filthy car."
"It's not that bad!"
In a whirlwind of events you somehow ended up at the MSBY black jackal practice, the sheer alphaness of the room was almost overwhelming.  On top of that, it was almost like they were all showing off for you, pheromones dialed up to the max.  Well, Bokuto and Atsumu were super obvious about it calling you to watch them every time they were about to do something, but you didn't miss the way Sakusa kept glancing at you.  And you especially didn’t miss the show Atsumu put on for you, taking his shirt off and flexing.   
The coach was amazed at their focus, and pulled you aside to ask you to come to more matches.  "It's the best I've ever seen them," he said, "it would be great if you could come to matches.  I think the presence of an omega gives them something a reason to compete."  
Such began your routine of stopping by practice after work to placate those rambunctious alphas. It wasn't until about a week later that something out of routine happened.  The suppressants in your purse had gone missing, and you could've sworn you packed them this morning.  Even your emergency suppressants were gone.  Practice kept dragging on and on, but every time you tried to leave one of them would stop you.  Excuses after excuses, promises of one more spike became another and another.  You could feel your heat start to build, temperature rising due to all the dominant scents in the room.  At this point you were basically a ticking time bomb.  An unmated omega in a room full of virile alphas was a recipe for disaster.
But what was a disaster for you was miracle for them.
A miracle they took from you.
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racheloveyunho · a year ago
Till Death do us part - 1
Tumblr media
Y/N grew up in a wealthy family, she always was seen as a beautiful and smart kid and was most likely to take her father’s place as the CEO of one of the most important companies in South Korea. However, after the death of her mother, Y/N’s family slowly started to break apart. Her father was always working to forget his uncalled pain while his kids were left alone at home.
She was 17 years old when her life took a sudden turn when she met him in a dark alley. He was a bloody mess, bruises everywhere but behind blood and dirt, she could see his beautiful features and his addictive gaze. Maybe she should have walked away, maybe she shouldn’t have helped him, but the moment his gaze locked with hers, she was already his.
Choi San was his name.
Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff, stranger to lovers
Words: 2486
 TW: Y/N is described as an OC. Please be aware that this story will contain a lot of triggering content such as smut, blood, death, murder, drug, kidnapping, etc. Do not read if you are under a legal age!
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
 I still wonder what would have happened if I didn’t meet him during this gloomy night? We were young and I was way too brave for my own good. Maybe it was my faith or maybe it was a sheer coincidence but now, I know that I will love him till death do us part.
 5 years ago.
 "Hey Y/N, wake up sleepyhead! It’s time to go to school and I will surely not wait for the princess to wake up" my brother yelled loudly from the first floor, waking me up in the process.
I groaned and shifted uncomfortably in my bed; it was too much noise at such an early time of the day. My long-browned hair was messy from the last night, as always. I was the type of girl to move a lot during my sleep and my morning head was always a funny one, swollen, with small eyes and with some of my lightly curled hair stuck in my mouth. After five minutes of rethinking my life decisions, I found enough motivation to get out of my bed and walked down the stairs.
"Why the hell did I agree to help other students during holidays, huh?” I asked my brother as I lazily rubbed my tummy.
“Maybe because you are too dumb to say no to your teachers?” he answered, his mouth full of food.
“Do you mind keeping your mouth shut while you are eating? It’s disgusting.” I shook my head disapprovingly.
I headed toward the kitchen to get a cup of fresh milk. Jin, my brother, childishly opened his mouth wide to show me the content of it. I let out a long “Ew!” before smashing his arm playfully.
“No, but seriously Y/N. There’s no use to be brilliant at school if that means you have to help your classmates with their studies during holidays” Jin said after taking a sip of his coffee.
“Yeah, but the teacher who asked me this favor told me that he will write a recommendation for me if I agreed to help him” I answered.
“You don’t even need a recommendation, we’re from a rich family” Jin mumbled to himself but it was loud enough for me to hear it.
 He wasn’t totally wrong and I knew it. We were born with a silver spoon in our mouth. We were “cake eater” as the other kids used to call us when we were younger, we never knew what it felt like to run out of money and everyone at school was jealous of me because of that.
But they didn’t know. No one knew how hard it actually was for me and my brother.
My mother passed away 2 years ago, and since then, my father didn’t stay at home with us longer than a week straight. He was always working, working, and working again, his job had literally become his life. He was one of the richest men in Korea and still, he was always eager for more and worked every day and night for it.
He wasn’t a good father for me and Jin. He never made any compliments to us, all he was able to do was to pressure us to be as perfect as possible or at least perfect enough to not ashamed him and his reputation. Unlike my brother, I wanted to hear my father say that he was proud of me, just for once. That’s why I was trying hard to be the perfect daughter, with good grades, good manners, and good appearance but even if I tried my best, it wasn’t enough for him.
 “Do you know why I’m working so hard, Jin?” I asked him, voice as soft as a whisper, almost not daring to tell the truth.
“Why?” Jin put a hand on the top of mine, a sign of comfort since he already knew my upcoming answer.
“I don’t want to follow his rules forever. I’m still a minor so I had to stick at them but when I’ll turn 20, I will leave this house and will never come back” I sadly stated, “I want to marry a man I’m in love with, I want to do a job I like and most of all, I don’t want our father to commend my life.”
 Jin tightened his grip on my hand. He understood me, he understood me too well. We were indeed rich but we were far from being happy. Jin was 6 years older than me which means he was already an adult. He wanted to leave this house as much as me but couldn’t bring himself to do so and leave me behind.
Unlike me, Jin has never been a good student, he always has been considered a failure to our father, and even if he finally was able to run away from here, he stayed there for me. I was really lucky to have a brother like him and I was well aware of that.
 I took my breakfast and came back to my room to take a quick shower and get ready for this day I knew would be exhausting.
My brother was already waiting in his car. Jin took me to school as often as he could. He was working on a supermarket he owned and even if he was pretty busy, he wanted to spend his mornings with his “sweet baby sister” as he liked to call me.
I am indeed lucky to have a brother like him.
Tumblr media
 8 pm, it was already late when I heard the bell ring for the last time today. I was the last one to leave the class as I helped my teacher with the preparation of some material for the next day. It didn’t bother me too much, I wasn’t in a hurry to get home since I knew my dad was finally coming back home from his work.
In all honesty, I didn’t want to see him. I didn’t miss him at all, even after all this time. I wandered here and there even though the street was already pitch black.
 “Oh! It’s been a while since I last went to the haunted alley!” I happily exclaimed to myself.
I knew every nook and cranny of Seoul, I grew up there after all. My favorite place was the haunted alley. As its name suggests and according to some beliefs, that path would be haunted.
It was an old story I heard with my friends when I was less than 10 years old. A grandma from our neighborhood scolded us and told us not to stay there because there was a woman who had been murdered in the walkway and that since then, one could hear her cry every night.
A simple way to scare naïve kids you may think, and you are more than right. However, this story is known by everyone, not just by kids. That’s the reason why I love this place, thanks to all of these rumors, no one uses this path except me. It was like my secret place.
 I walked around the alley with heavy steps, thinking about my father and his upcoming lecture about how to be a good girl. My thoughts were suddenly stopped by the voice of two men who seemed to be fighting each other. I stayed still for a moment, trying to figure out where the noises were coming from.
“You piece of shit! And you claim yourself as the Boss” son?” One voice laughed.
I hid in the dark and saw what could have been mistaken with a scene from a horror movie. Between two old houses, a tall man was beating up a boy who seemed to be around my age.
I felt shivers down my spine but before I could even think straight, my body started to move with its own will.
“Hey! Let him go!” I shouted, my voice betraying me by showing how scared I really was.
 I moved closer to the two men, I could now see them more clearly.
The young boy was sitting on the ground, badly bleeding, whereas the tall man was standing in front of him, blood on his hand and his nose broken.
They were watching me. The silence was heavy, the only thing I could hear was the beating of my racing heart and the shake of my knees that were begging me to run away from this place. The silence was soon replaced by an ominous laugh.
“Wow. What a beauty! Is she your girlfriend? Huh?” The tall man laughed and hit the youngest on his stomach before coming closer to me.
He came closer, until he was in front of me. I had a better view of his poor state. He wasn’t less bleeding than the other man, his blood was actually covering his whole face.
I don’t know what had taken into me at this exact moment, the adrenaline was rushing in my veins and even though my feet were stuck on the ground, unable to move, my hand reached the pepper spray I always carried in my bag. Before the man could react, I used my weapon against him.
When the chemical product had reached his eyes, he screamed and placed his hands on his face, trying desperately to soothe the pain. I took advantage of the situation and kicked him as hard as I could on his crotch before he fell loudly on the ground.
I quickly grabbed the boy by his arm and helped him stand up. He was badly injured but followed me without any complaint.
 I was panting when I reached a lighted street. We stopped there, trying to catch our breath.  I turned around to face the man I was still holding and my breath hitched in my throat, not from the run I previously had but because of how beautiful this man looked.
“Are you okay? What is your name?” I asked him but he simply stayed silent, staring at me with his piercing eyes.
I took a better look at his features, he was really handsome with a well-defined face. He wasn't older than me but he hadn't the body of a teenager either. His broad shoulders and his arms muscles could be seen without any effort from him. His dark hair was harmonizing with the dark of his eyes and his dimples were visible as the border of his lips turned upright in an inviting smirk.
How can someone like him be involved in such a fight?
“The sight is at your taste?” he giggled, his smile spreading wider.
I finally took notice of my staring when I heard him laugh. I must say it was the most beautiful laugh I ever heard, slightly high-pitched but almost bewitching.
“I wasn’t staring!” I shouted from embarrassment. Fortunately, the darkness of the night was covering the redness on my cheeks.
“Sure, you weren’t” He added, amused by my reaction “I’m San. Choi San. I didn’t need your help earlier but thank you, I’m glad you rescued me”
He came closer to me and gave me a sincere smile, showing even more his dimples.
My heart was going crazy in my chest. This boy seemed small earlier compared to the other man but he was way taller than me, maybe 7 inches taller.
“You’re welcome”
I was a bit intimidated by him but I dared not to look away. He had something special, an aura that seemed as dangerous as comforting. His gaze was intense and deep, it was like he was looking through me, memorizing every detail of my face.
He didn’t move and didn’t talk for at least 2 minutes and even if I was feeling uncomfortable, I did my best not to let him know.
“Where is your house?” he finally asked after what felt like an eternity.
He startled me with his sudden question, I didn’t expect him to talk this soon. Why did he want to know where I lived? He probably wanted to walk me home and I would have gladly let this handsome guy walk me home if I hadn’t met him in an odd situation.
‘But he is really handsome…’  I thought, sighing softly, making San arch an eyebrow.
“It’s okay, I live near here, no need to walk me home. You can go ahead…” I said “Go ahead to…the hospital, your house or…go murdering someone…whichever comes first” I added, lowering my voice at the end of my sentence.
His face changed into a surprised expression “I wasn’t going to walk you home, don’t worry”
I sighed in relief even if I felt a bit disappointed, maybe he wasn't that bad after all.
“I want to stalk you” he stared at me with his beautiful smile as if it was the most natural thing to say.
‘What the fuck?’
“Sure, stalking me haha, it was obvious, silly me!” I gently hit my head and laughed awkwardly, taking a step back from him.
He laughed sweetly and took my chin between his thumb and his index to lift my face up. His mouth came closer to my ear and he whispered a small “Just joking” before turning his heels back and leaving me, alone, in the dark street.
Tumblr media
  I was finally back home. Fortunately for me, my dad hadn’t noticed me since he was already sleeping on the couch.
I quickly went upstairs to my room and collapsed on my bed, my mind still processing what had happened earlier. It was scary to say the least but fascinating at the same time. I was still confused even after showering. This San had a deep effect on me, not only mentally but physically too.
“Choi San…” I muttered before closing my eyes and drifting into a deep sleep.
This is my first story, it’s bad but I’ll try to improve myself!
This series will be uploaded slowly since I don't have a lot of time.
Thank you for reading!
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ateezinmymind · a year ago
Tumblr media
my brother’s best friend (part 1)
word count: 4k
fluff, slight angst??
(series masterlist)
tag list: @brie02 @a-soft-hornytiny @reeateez @multidreams-and-desires
Jung Wooyoung, the boy who was irresistible, but off limits. Jung Wooyoung, the boy who just had to be your brother’s best friend…
Snapping your eyes out of the reoccurring unsettling thoughts, remembering you're still in the 1st hour. You guess the bell already rang, seeing everyone had their bodies turned in the teachers direction.
The class murmuring amongst themselves, the small episodes of laughter and whispers.
“You didn’t even hear!” Gripping your shoulder and shaking it around, you roll your head towards the boy sitting next to you. “The announcements said there’s going to be a school bonfire this Friday!! Aren’t you excited?” Not getting the ecstatic reaction he was hoping for, scoffing out Wooyoung leaned back into his desk.
Looking down at the ground you searched for a reasonable excuse to tell the guy you’ve been dreaming about, you weren’t going.
“y’know.. Woo I don’t think that’s really my scene“ bringing your gaze into his unamused eyes you continue without confidence, “a-and you know it.”
Flicking the loose bangs that fell to his eyes, Wooyoung looks at you with disappointment. “That doesn’t mean you can’t change.” Leaning forward in his desk once more, taking his chin to his hands, closing his eyes he whispers out “you don’t have to stay hidden away from the fun”
Why was he so committed to bringing you out of your comfort zone? It’s not like he actually enjoys being in your presence. He and your brother have always been picky about the terms of you hanging out with them. Yeosang loves you of course, like any brother would, it was indescribable and obvious. But once he graduated high school, last year. He had told Wooyoung to keep his intended boundaries from you and not spend as much time with you when he came over. But even during Yeosang’s senior year, you and Wooyoung actually came to become close friends.
October, 29th << Junior year
“Get off! Get off! I can’t breathe!” Spitting out fits of giggles and snorts, Wooyoung laid sprawled out on top of you. “No! I can’t, I’m sorry y/n.” giving a wiggle seeking comfort “you stole my spot.”
It was true. You did steal his seat on the couch. It was so tempting to lay your head down when he got up to use the restroom.
The three of you were having a scary movie marathon, which meant lots of snacks, blankets and jump scares. When the first movie ended you hadn’t realized you had clung to Wooyoung’s side until Yeosang gave a cold glare and a questioning “what the fuck?” And from there, was when Woo got the sudden urge to get out of the brewing situation by going to use the bathroom.
Rolling your eyes, giving out a huff, you lay yourself along the sofa. “Why are you acting like that Yeosang??” lifting himself up off the recliner he goes to put in the next movie, slumping down and ejecting the disk he quips out, “like what?” Giving out a small chuckle from annoyance, you stick your tongue out to the back of his head. “Like you’re going to have me banned from my own existence”
Closing the case, Yeosang turns around and tilts his head to the side. Plastering you a look of disgust, “I’m sorry, but I just witnessed my sister boggling my best friend. To which I might add, is off the table”
Lifting your head up and forcing it back down, you continuously hit it over the sounds of your groans. There was no wrong intention of being friendly and quite frankly seeking comfort from the scary movie, it was stupid. Right as Yeosang gets up off the floor and heads to the kitchen to refill his bowl of popcorn, Wooyoung comes out of the bathroom. In perfect timing.
“You little-“ he blurts, running towards you as evil giggles ignite within him as he plunges his hands on your shoulders. Rocking you up and down as he makes his way on top of your flat frame.
Hearing laughter and squeals come from the living room, Yeosang puts his phone down and peeks into the area. Observing the way your face is flushed, and how you’re literally being all up in Wooyoung‘s damn business, made his blood boil. Stomping back to the kitchen, the beeping of the microwave feeding his flaming fire of rage, gets feverishly opened and as he takes the popcorn out of its bag and into the bowl. He makes sure to slam it shut unnecessarily hard.
“Dude get off my fucking sister, that’s gross.” As silence blanketed the room, the tension before significantly increased. “Chill, we were just messing around-“ Wooyoung says almost defensively.
Propping your elbows up, swiping a hand over your forehead, moving the messed up hair. You look up at Wooyoung, who’s jaw clenches and unclenches, as the veins in his neck become prominent.
Tapping his arm as a gesture for him to release you from his trap, the awkward silence feeds your urge to leave this situation completely. “Please get up Woo” you practically plead out. So he does, he releases his hands on your waist and gives you a light apology. “Sorry-“
“Thanks.” Yeosang spits out. “Now we can continue on to the next movie…” looking over at you getting off the couch, he gives one last blow, “the reason why you’re even here.”
Your eyes become blurry with tears, from both embarrassment and the sudden anger rising within. Now standing, you quickly fold the blanket you were wrapped in just seconds before. Draping it over the cushion, you look at Yeosang who snidely smirks in satisfaction at the television. Then to Wooyoung who portrays himself in a stiff manner. His arms folded over his chest, left leg bouncing quickly, and wearing an expressionless face.
Quickly looking down to the floor, you make your way across the room and to the bottom of the stairs. Trying not to embarrass yourself any more, you try and sound the least bit affected by your feelings. “Goodnight. Thank you for letting me hang out-” leaving the boys to continue watching by themselves.
Making your way up to enclose yourself in your room, face hot and limbs jittery. Why did Yeosang have to humiliate you in such ways, you knew Wooyoung didn’t mean anything by it. Of course that’s not the same way you feel about him, because who wouldn’t have some intimate feelings for him. He was a charmer, and hell he knew it. Wooyoung never bent out of shape about it though, he had times of modesty and respect, especially when he was trying to get on someone’s good side.
There was that one week where he spent his entire day, everyday to help out with the junior class decorations for the school spirit competition. You’d never seen him so motivated before that, it still makes you chuckle to this day. He’s always yearning for affection, though he can be seen to come off as a cold hearted person, Wooyoung wants to please the people around him. He doesn’t like having enemies or people who look down on him, and he won’t risk his reputation of being ‘everyone’s friend’. It’s in his nature to be a comforting presence, and that's why you think you’re so fond of him.
Opening the door to your bedroom, getting welcomed by your favorite scent from the lit candle by the window, you let out a long sigh of exasperation. At least this was the longest you’ve got to hang with them yet. You could see this as a plus, though because this outburst had to happen today.. right when Halloween is around the corner. Your once exciting ideas flew out the window while insecurities sank their teeth in.
It was a stupid idea to begin with, of course you shouldn’t hang out with him, he wasn’t your friend. It’s not like you befriended him first, even though he’s been your classmate since the beginning of this school year, your junior year, you drew an interest in him when he made his way to introduce himself. He had been so funny, making the whole class laugh out from this one awfully corny joke.
Wooyoung being the new student was like a fresh start to a better experience. He wanted to put his past behind him, and change his former and darker days.
In all honesty Wooyoung didn’t share a lot about his life, which is interesting to consider— for he’s so determined to be a safe place for everyone else. You were clueless about how his life besides your home and school goes down. It’s not that you were suspicious about him hiding something, but if he in fact was even the slimmest bit of your friend, you’d want him to open up too.
Walking over to your nightstand, turning on the warm lit lamp you sit on the end of the bed and flop down on your back. “Thank you for letting me hang out??” Slapping your forehead, you give a cry of humiliation, “why did I say that-“ you shouldn’t have to have permission to be friendly with your brother, and frankly his friends! Why was Yeosang so picky when it came to Wooyoung but not the others?? You’ve had your times of fun with Seonghwa, why was he so different?? It made you angry to say the least.
The other boys came over a lot more before Wooyoung showed up. Mingi and Seonghwa showed you a side you’ve missed with Yeosang.. they brought him comfort and genuine smiles and hospitality. They didn’t hold a grudge on each other, they didn’t keep secrets, and he actually liked to talk about them in your presence. This year changed how things were..Mingi left schools when Wooyoung came, and Yeosang stopped hanging out with Seonghwa. Obviously it was a sensitive topic, but that only intrigued you more.
Getting up, quickly making your way to the bathroom, trying not to wake yourself up before you wouldn’t be able to sleep. You take care of your nightly routine of washing your face, brushing your teeth, etcetera. Hearing Wooyoung give a quick and loud commentary about the typical people in scary movies from down stairs, you rub your eyes with exhaustion. Today drained you, and in order for this Halloween weekend to be a success, there needs to be some time to sleep. Blowing out your candle, and then turning off your lamp, you hop into the warmth of your bed, and fall into a slumber.
October, 30th << Junior year
“KANG YEOSANG YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” opening your eyes, the screaming voice of Wooyoung does its job of erupting ears, and it makes you roll out of bed. Groaning with annoyance, once again make your way to the bathroom to wash up.
Going to your closet, picking out an outfit for the day you choose some casual leggings with a t-shirt. Another scream from outside your door makes you think of all the possibilities causing it could be. It’s only 9 in the morning and already they’ve woken the house.
Walking across the hall to your brothers room, you give a quick knock. “Yeosang??” you ask, but you’re only met with giggles and then a smack, ending in a “OUCH!” assuming it’s from Wooyoung, given his standards.
Turning the handle, you peek through the door to see your brother and his friend sitting on the floor, faces lit with blue in the dark room, and nudging each other repeatedly. They’re absolutely unfazed, and had no clue the door even opened. You roll your eyes, at the fact they woke you up with video games..typical—
“Hey!” getting their attention, they swivel their heads over to you immediately. In all honesty you didn’t even think they’d hear you, so a bit flustered about how much attention you had made you just laugh. “Do you guys want breakfast?” softly saying, and all they do is turn back to the screen and give a sigh of relief and a happy “YES PLEASE!” making you gently close the door and head your way down the stairs.
“Good morning mom!” stepping into the kitchen you sing out to where she is sitting at the table reading a book and sipping on coffee. Looking up at you, and giving a bright smile, she gets up and greets you in a morning hug and kiss, “Good morning my sweet y/n, how did you sleep?”
Giving a light chuckle and soft smile back, you separate yourself from her body and turn to the fridge. “It was fine...actually pretty nice. Since I didn’t stay up as long as the boys-“ then turning to playfully give your mom another roll of your eyes and finish saying, “but they DID wake me up!” making her laugh out loud, she sits back down and picks up her book and sighs out- but joyfully, “Yep, I heard” craning your head back to look at her face, you see she wasn’t mad, just wearing a smile sweetly.
There’s times where you think your mom needs help, with dad rarely being around because of work, you never find her complaining. She is strong, practically caring for three children, because Wooyoung is welcomed whenever he wants. It’s a problem, but it’s become a habit or probably more a lifestyle.
Taking out the carton of eggs, some bacon and fruit you start on breakfast. You thought just something simple would do.. there’s no need to go all out. Your mom kept trying to help you out, but everytime you insisted she’d relax instead.
After finally cutting and washing the various fruits and filling the plates of food, you give your mom her meal first. Setting it in front of her reading state, you kiss her cheek “here you are! I’ll go get the boys” you say and turn to set your way up the staircase.
Skipping two steps at a time, you reach the top and strut to your brothers room. Hearing the muffled conversation, knowing you shouldn't invade either of their privacy, curiosity took its turn in you. No more screams or fits of laughter spilled out through the crack, only the low inaudible stammers.
Softly placing your hand on the door frame, leaning your head in for better comprehension, the conversation clears up and becomes coherent. Not even needing to be in the room, you know there's tension going on. “But that's a whole different story Woo, I didn't feel that way with Seonghwa..it was just d-different.” you had no idea what was going down, why was Yeosang talking about Seonghwa? “sure, I get that. But i just don't understand why you are always so weird about me wanting to acknowledge your sister..you get such a temper when she's around.” then there was a long pause, hearing someone shuffling about, sounding like they're on the bed, the interesting conversation continued but a little quieter. “Wait..Wait!” hearing giggles come around, the grip on the door frame tightens, your whole body on edge for more information. Both of them erupting in a small fit of laughter, “so it was Seonghwa!! That’s why!!” you hear Yesang trying to rebuttal but unable through his annoyed groaning and small chuckles.
So this was all about something Seonghwa did? Or is it something you missed, having really no clue what this is about, you straighten your body away from your brother's private talk. You hear the muffled sounds of them again as you head to the stairs. Your mind thinks of a billion ways to connect something. Leaving them be, you turn to give a shout for breakfast once you reach the steps again. And with what little you knew, you never got the chance to figure out their meaning in that exclusive talk.
The morning quickly turned to evening, the day spent uselessly. Yeosang and Wooyoung ended up going out after you fed them, something to do with their “weekend plans”, whatever that meant. So you wasted time cleaning and being of help to your mom. When the boys came back, you all had dinner together and then Wooyoung went home. You weren’t even sure what this certain tension going on was about, and how Halloween hadn’t even been brought up at all. It was almost awkward, and uncomfortable to try and possibly bring up.
After you washed the dishes and wiped the counters clean, you made your way to your room for the night. Passing Yeosang’s closed room, you hear his video game playing making your body involuntarily knock on his door.
“Come in!” he shouts over the sounds. Entering in with his invitation, once Yeosang sees it’s you he pauses and softly smiles up to you. There he was, that was your brother. The sweet brother whom you love dearly, and whom loves you— even when it’s hard to tell. The brother who has always been there for you, your other half. Well that was the true him, at least how it used to be before.
“Hey yeo yeo— can I sit with you?” you feel yourself cheering back to his sweet expression. Earning a pat next to himself on the bed, you skitter forward and crawl to him. “You okay?” he gently says, throwing his controller to the side.
Nodding your head, you reach for his hand. Taking it in yours, you give him a reassuring squeeze and giggle. “Yeah, yeah~ I just want you to know that I’m sorry.” you say lowering your voice to almost a whisper. Actually really not sure what you were saying sorry for exactly, but in all this mishap you find yourself being the one the blame. Lacing his fingers with yours, Yeosang perks his head to the side and lightly sighs. “Y/n, please don’t..” he starts with a comforting tone, taking his other hand to tap your knee. “No apologizing, it’s over and it was stupid” he scoffs. “Okay and also— you didn’t miss much” he picks up his controller again after giving your hand one last grip “it was so predictable and not even scary-“
Finding his amusement enlightening, you give a laugh and slide your legs off the side of the bed. “Well, fine. But I love you Yeosang..” you say getting up, and turning to look at him lightly.
“And I love you dork, but let’s not get too sappy now okay?” he chuckles. “I gotta beat this game real quick so you can join in~”
And that’s what the both of you did that night, played video games, proving each other wrong, having little arguments, the tiniest bit of pushing and pinching but overall bonding again. The night couldn’t go on forever sadly though, it had to end at some point. Sharing laughs and love, everything seemed perfect.. that this would be your brother always.
But did he really mean it?
<< present day
That weekend had always left you wondering what you did wrong. The day after your evening games with Yeosang, he didn’t end up going out for Halloween. Wooyoung didn’t show up, it was interesting to say the least.. but there wasn’t really anything you could do.
After the bell rang, students flooded the hallways, the chatter rang through the building and you packed your things by your locker. School went by surprisingly quick, and throughout it all Wooyoung had pressured you further to go to the bonfire this weekend. His reasonings didn't really make you want to go, you didn't really feel the need to. It would be a night full of your annoying classmates, the screeches and shouts of people doing something unabiding of their safety, and the only friend you would be with was Wooyoung.
Closing your locker you feel your phone start buzzing in your pocket.
Before getting it out to answer you see Wooyoung at the end of the hallway leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets. Maybe he was waiting for you? He had said that he was going to stay after school for a test he missed. Because he didn’t show up at all last week, and came back like it was nothing, saying he got sick.
As you continue to walk to the lobby you answer the call not paying attention to the ID, “hello?”
“Y/n, hurry up I’m waiting..” the male voice sounded so familiar, you sped up quickly waving bye to Woo as he pushed off the wall seeming like he wanted to talk. “Wait.. who is this?” turning the corner you see Seonghwa standing there, wearing a smile
“it’s me..”
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