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People just starting to watch A:TLA for the first time: The bending is really cool, but couldn’t the waterbenders technically just bend the water inside of people? Like their blood? I’m pretty sure technically they could. Well I guess it’s a kids show so they probably won’t go into it haha.

People who have seen the show already and know what happens:

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i really haven’t put much thought into the zodiac signs of nart characters but the fact itachi is a gemini will never not be hysterical

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it’s 1 am and i just watched the “MOVE IT GIRL MEETS WORLD” video again and i can’t stop laughing im fucking shedding tears over here fuskdfhweu

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* this, i found while exploring the musical caves out by the diamond kingdom. trust me,
it was quite the roller coaster, but it was definitely worth it, thoughoh, oh! and this was…

ralsei continues, and he continues, juggling a windmill of an adventurers
hoard, heart-sewn eyes glint with a stirred passion; he was more then
happy to share the stories that lined these shelves. ever-growing, chock
full of this and that, thingamabobs and whatchamacallits; yet he recalled
each one no matter how small or insignificant the item seemed. a rusted
key, a bird’s feather, a broken marble, to most; his room is nothing but an
island for misfit toys, but ralsei, he sees them as so much more then that.

‘broken’ wasn’t a bad thing, ‘lost’ wasn’t a bad thing, or at least, it doesn’t
have to be. the dark, death, monsters… there was beauty to be found there.
but, instead of opening their eyes and looking, really looking, people flinch.
(he relates, he supposes; after all, people look at him in much the same way.)  


* oh, and this, this one actually has an super interesting story! you see…
[ralsei grins, big and bright; plucking a spyglass with a cracked
lens, spider-web lines shooting through the iridescent surface.]

* my friend, seamyou know, the salesman down the way?he
was actually the one who found it, about a month ago i’d say. it was
buried in clearing behind his shop, (um… seap?), weirdly enough!
* anyway! he thinks it’s pirate gear that got cursed or something, and that’s why
they got rid of it the way they did, a whole bunch of runes and even more seasalt!

* personally, i just think it’s cool because the lens, see, the crack makes
everything all weird and, uh. kinda, kaleidoscope-ywanna take a peak?

[as ralsei peaks he peers through the spyglass, he adjusts the lens to slowly zoom
it on the others face. biting back giggles he says, quiet; 'hi…!’, obviously amused.]

                                   *            /           open      starter         !

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