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#its the fucking lyric from fucking
hmslusitania · 9 days ago
it’s because if they get within touching distance unsupervised they will snap together like magnets
and that would be disruptive to their ability to function anymore
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karda · a month ago
'like the moon my chest was full' is so fucking raw its so fucking good why does it make my brain n heart go fucking judt fuckin #+($"+;"#)(";"((#+";'!(#+_;#-#+#($
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bambicambi · 7 months ago
Marinette, in the kitchen at 3 am, mumbling: Now I'm a witness...
Jason, walking down the stairs: ...
Marinette, looking towards the archway, hears someone approaching: to the 
Jason, appears in the archway:
Marinette, spooked: deatH OF A HERO—OH MY KWAMI.
Jason, also spooked: whAT? What's wrong?
Marinette, eyes wide: I thought you were Tim!! Why are you-???
Jason: I don't know-????
Marinette: wha-??
Jason: ?????
Marinette, exasperated: you scARED me!!!
Jason: that much is fucking clear!!!??
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aliensyndrome · a month ago
#i have such conflicting feelings about halsey’s record ugh#on one hand i really dig the theme that revolves around the darker underbelly of motherhood and pregnancy that runs throughout the record#and there are definitely moments that are striking/worth the build up#but…. on the other hand…. it just suffers from something i find it so much of halsey’s work: the inability to stay cohesive musically#it started out incredibly strong— and the first four tracks had me deliriously excited for the rest of the album#but once it hit its middle… it began faltering and it felt like weird choices to shove such overwhelmingly synthy tracks in between parts#of the album#it gave me whiplash to hear a grittier cinematic sound and then all of a sudden be hit with underperforming synth pop that didnt do much#for me and took me out of the experience imo?#what i struggle with the most regarding halsey is that her projects always start out with such a vengeance but they#can never keep up the momentum throughout the entire project— really underperforming in the middle#and even though it does pick up and feel better as the two closing tracks swell#it doesn’t save the album from its musical inconsistencies and all around ? to me with certain choices#i do believe the visual elements from the short film will cause the record to come more to life and possibly not feel so cut up#but from the initial listen i still have found myself only cherry picking a handful of songs to download instead of wanting to absorb#the entire album#which is a shame because the lyrical content is beautiful and heart wrenching and complex#and the songs that are good are fucking fantastic and truly keep the album interesting#i just wish that was reflected more in the sound as the cinematic atmosphere that was built from the first four tracks all but fade as we#get into the meat of the album sigh#i do think it’s halsey’s best since badlands but i still am not :/#10/10 impressed with its musical presentation#theme wise and lyrically? it’s magnificent#it just doesn’t stay that way in its sound unfortunately#regardless i’ll say it’s 7.5/10 rn#just my personal thoughts
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sakamotokaori · 19 days ago
whos ranking is benoit richaud trying to boost by nerfing kaori 🤔
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dopethronq · a month ago
Wait... ur url is a reference to Dopethrone by Electric Wizard???? I always thought is like a reference to the band Darkthrone lol
lol yea! it's one of my fav albums, like ever
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albatris · 2 months ago
hmmm time for another post with a target audience of Just Me
i know it's the fray but like. listen. listen
there's songs on the atdao playlist which address tris's various mental states and at least a few of my own personal psychosis vibe tunes are thrown in n lots of them are kind of. A Lot. like the overarching mood through this category of songs as a whole is some combination of confusion, isolation and terror
the exception to this is "trust me" and it is also my favourite one of the songs that fall into this category. do i have any idea what the song is actually supposed to be about? nope! but i have ocs and i am Willing To Reach
that's all! that's what this post is. I'm going to get some work done now goodbye
also I literally did not have enough space in the tags to go on the tag ramble i wanted to go on but i KNOW i have addressed at least the end point before in much better words so i will leave it at this for now
#''i know its the fray'' listen i have a bunch of leftovers from my high school music taste lmao you cant judge me#its not my fault some of them have extremely fitting lyrics..... leave me alone......#but yeah. it's the fray! but im very fond of this song and its role in the playlist#🎶🎵 we're only taking turns holding this world 🎵🎶#🎵🎶 it's how it's always been / when you're older you will understand 🎵🎶#songs for when ur a human vessel for apocalyptic forces that have been passed on from person to person since the beginning of time#songs for being the latest tired scared lonely person in a neverending chain of tired scared lonely people#whose souls are angry and restless and resentful and hurt and won't leave you the fuck alone#songs for being a house. you're not a part of this and It's Not You but it lives here and you can't look away#songs for shouldering a burden you don't want and never asked for and knowing it's completely incomprehensible to everyone around you#17 years old n having understandably a whole lot of different feelings about this including the confusion isolation and terror#addressed in other songs but mostly just an unspeakable endless ancient exhaustion#like. does any of that come across lyrically? absolutely not#emotionally though?? in my heart?? yeah#anyway. i havent explained any of this before#this little apocalyptic timebomb just gets handballed from person to person and life to life at random#in order for it to spread and continue its decay of the universe#is it a disease? is it the universe's in-built preprogrammed death? who knows#if it gets passed to you. you dont do anything with it. nothing you do does anything#its not conscious or evil its just Inevitable. just endlessly marchin on#you as a vessel or ''carrier'' dont channel it or anything honestly you're just a host basically#it can cause an acceleration of decay in the world around you#you may also find yourself on the receiving end of Communications from previous carriers#its a whole ramble i could go on. there's a lot to it. more than i can explain in the tag limit lol#is it real? no. i mean yeah? real is subjective? but no. it's not. though the story makes it clear that the point is#that it doesn't matter whether it's real or not because either way it doesn't change anything bc tris is still a good and kind#person whose life has importance and purpose blah blah#it's not a story about overcoming or eradicating this belief in the end it's just like. finding a way to exist alongside it#not accept it necessarily. just to find some solid ground to coexist with it without being in a constant state of guilt and panic#atdao
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